The Perfect Trigger For A Totalitarian Crackdown: ‘I Would Not Rule Out Assassinations Of Politicians… Or A Failed Attempt On Donald Trump’

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    The following article was originally published by Brandon Smith of


    Globalists Will Throw Antifa To The Wolves To Further Their Agenda
    By Brandon Smith

    In numerous interviews and articles, including my essay ‘Globalist Strategy: Use Crazy Leftists And Provocateurs To Enrage/Demonize Conservatives‘, I have warned leftists that they are being exploited by globalists as a means to drive conservatives towards greater centralization under Trump and the federal government and that if they continue on the path they have embraced, a totalitarian response may be imminent.

    I have also made it clear to conservatives that cultural Marxist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter as they exist today are paper tigers; they are not physically or strategically capable of backing up the viciousness of their ideologies. Meaning, a totalitarian response is not warranted (a totalitarian response is NEVER warranted) and would in fact only help the globalists in their long term efforts to destroy our Constitutional principles.

    To summarize, the goal of the establishment is to use extreme leftist groups like a short stick to prod the real tiger — conservative movements. The goal, I believe, is to enrage liberty champions to the point that they are willing to “bend the rules” and rationalize the abandonment of their morals in order to defeat what they think is a great evil. Like all morally relativistic shifts in society, there is always the claim that it is for “the greater good of the greater number”, or, “the other side is much worse, therefore we are justified in our tyranny…”.

    In the end, groups like Antifa will be thrown to the wolves, because the globalists do not intend for them to “win” any engagement with conservatives. This was never the plan.

    If you want to measure the speed at which our nation is destabilizing under this agenda, it is helpful to watch how quickly government institutions and politicians abandon or turn on the leftists. The faster they do so, the more likely it is that a major crisis event is in the making.

    In the past week alone, the entire narrative surrounding the mainstream relationship to Antifa has turned sour. For example:

    According to documents obtained by Politico, the FBI and DHS have now officially classified Antifa as a terrorist group. The DHS has stated that these documents were not meant to be made public.

    The mainstream media, the largest backers of cultural Marxist groups, must have received a memo, because their tune has quickly morphed to the negative when dealing with Antifa. The Washington Post chastised them for attacking “peaceful right-wing demonstrators” (did you EVER think you would see the words “peaceful right-wing protestors” in an establishment rag like The Washington Post?).

    The Los Angeles Times also admonished far-left violence, while The Atlantic warned of the “rise of the violent left.”

    Even crazed leftist zealot Nancy Pelosi has publicly turned against Antifa, stating that violent members should be “locked up.”

    This is a rather fascinating 180-degree turn from a couple of weeks ago when all eyes were on “white nationalist” groups as the primary threat to America. But does this mean that the establishment did some soul searching and realized who the real purveyors of violence and conflict are? No, it does not.

    As I have been predicting since before the 2016 elections, the left’s usefulness has a shelf life. If the establishment was interested in following through with the concept that Trump must be “unseated,” then they would retain full public support behind groups like Antifa. Instead, the establishment is playing the game of the hidden hand.

    Right now,it would seem that Antifa groups are to take on the role of the underdog — the battered but still active insurgency against an “increasingly fascist regime.” A few events need to take place in order for this narrative to hold any weight in the national consciousness, however. For example, while globalists may back away from support of extreme leftists in public, they will most likely continue with private support and funding as men like George Soros have always done. Leftists will also have to be inspired to even greater violence than they have already committed.

    As I discussed in my article ‘Militant Leftists Are More An Annoyance Than A Real Threat To Liberty’, published in May, regular Antifa protest organizations are not a true threat. That said, eventually there will be Antifa groups that are directly trained by government agencies to commit terrorist acts, much like The Weather Underground in the U.S. in the 1970s, or the controlled and well armed terror groups in Europe during Operation Gladio from the 1950s to the 1990s. In the end, all leftists will be associated with the actions of these false-flag groups.

    In the meantime, the Trump administration is playing its part by preparing the ground for a future martial law-style crackdown. Trump’s latest executive measure? Bringing back Department of Defense program 1033, which funnels considerable amounts of surplus military hardware to police departments across America.

    What happens next?  Well, in my view the next most logical step for the globalists would be to initiate an attack of some kind on a civilian or government target and ensure that leftists are involved or blamed.  With the fanaticism of the left today almost on par with the fanaticism of Islamic fundamentalists, I imagine it will not be very hard to find some useful idiots to carry out such an action.

    Most likely attack scenarios in my view? Leftist terror groups supported covertly by governments have often gravitated towards bombings as their preferred method. On a larger scale, I would not rule out assassinations of politicians or even a FAILED assassination attempt on Donald Trump. These would be perfect triggers for a wider federal crackdown on leftists, fueling even greater animosity for Trump by progressives and providing a rationale for martial law for conservatives.

    For some people uneducated on the finer points of false flag terrorism, this will sound like “conspiracy theory.” Some of it is indeed speculation on my part, but all of it is based on exposed programs of past high profile operations by various establishment entities to engineer civil unrest or to manipulate one part of a society to support more centralization and less freedom.

    Again, as I have said all along, the real target has always been conservatives. Conservative principles are the primary threat to globalism. In order to eliminate these principles, it is not enough to attempt to eliminate the people that hold them dear. This will only inspire the spread of such ideals; the globalists would achieve the opposite effect they desire. Therefore, they need to manipulate conservatives into voluntarily abandoning those principles of constitutional liberty and limited government. Conservatives must be made into tyrants. Only then will conservative principles truly die out.

    Leftist groups like Antifa are meant as a catalyst for this transition, much like their communist forebears were a catalyst for the rise of fascism in Italy in the early 1920’s. They will not be the only mechanism, but they will be an important mechanism. As we witness the mainstream turning on the extreme left, the temptation will be to assume victory — that we have won and that the fighting will soon be over. Nothing could be further from reality. Antifa is not going away, it is merely changing into something worse; something more useful to globalists like Soros. If we find ourselves distracted from Constitutionalism and our pursuit of the globalists by this new and more violent incarnation, it will be conservatives, not leftists, that will end up becoming the pinnacle threat to our own ideals.

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      1. With antifia being classified as a terrorist group. The politicians are simply doing their normal flip flop. They bend in whichever direction they perceive that the winds of political correctness are blowing. There isn’t any chess playing style agenda. Its just a dog and pony show. Folks don’t fall for the right versus left bullshit. No real difference between the democrap left and repuglug right. Its as fake as wrestling. Its a struggle of the blue collar middle class productive to keep the fruits of their labor and the goverment enabled parasites to robb them and use the term Fair Share as justfication. Mostly its a war on white folks.

        • It comes down to whether our local law officers are on board with this shit or not. Do they want to attempt to screw us over and get themselves and their families killed? Cause that is what would happen. Or, will they turn their backs on these scum government people and assist we the people in taking out the trash. I will not be blinded by a uniform.

          • Menzo, good points. The cops would be far better off joining us but even then I would still be watching them closely. Anyone who tries to screw me over would get killed no matter what they’re wearing.

            • There are good men like Sgt. here and there are some bad. I don’t know how we’ll tell the difference without being in serious harms way. Our country has become a f’d up mess.

              • Menzo, we can only tell by the other guys proving themselves to us. Once I settle in at the BOL, the only territory I’ll be concerned with is mine and the relatives nearby.

                • BH I don’t think they are going to leave people like us alone.

                  • Menzo, I have the same feeling. While we might not be at the top of someone’s list they’ll get around to us eventually. And when they do they’ll do so only at their own peril. I don’t submit to anyone with bad intentions toward me and my family doesn’t either. Let the mofos come to our turf and they disappear.

                    • Yes, the ones that come ain’t leaving.

                    • Actually I really believe there are so few prepped folks who are ready willing and able that the powers that be don’t care about us. Most I see are too fat. not mentally stable and not intelligent enough to worry the powers that be. when it is all said and done the really bad guys will be the rulers. Mafia types. you know those vending machines you see at rest areas and all around the country. They are hardly ever vandalized & robbed. because the mafia protects them. Mess with those guys and everyone in your family disappears. and they tell the neighbors and relatives that they are in the witness protection program. The good looking females are sold into slavery the males tortured and killed. The entire planets goverments are under the thumb of so called secret societies. Most leos judges ect belong to at least one secret society. Its a much bigger dog and pony show than you can ever imagine. Our only hope is that Hicks’s Nibiru is real.

          • The cops by and large are taking parasites who are revenue generating enforcement. They for the lions share are scum government people. just last week I was traveling and we came to one of those passing lanes on a hill. We where doing the 55MPH speed limit. And a line of traffic zoomed past us. And hidden around the curve set a State trooper. And he jumped out and pulled over the only vehicle with out of state plates. Ya know they gotta write their quota of revenue generating speeding tickets.

            • As Curtis says,”A ticket a day, keeps the sergeant away”.

          • Sadly, many, if not most Police are just people that looked for jobs from the same sheeple background and schools as everyone else.. They’re younger generations that didn’t benefit from the now defunct (since the mid sixties) Civics classes where the ‘REASONS’ for the Founding, and the systems of our Govt were created.
            Even more sad (dangerous)is that our Military is filled with the same !

        • “The faster they do so, (turn on the leftists),the more likely it is that a major crisis event is in the making.”

          I don’t agree. 🙂

          The mainstream liberals who have been pushing antifa now realizes that they have made a strategic political mistake in doing so. Their support from Americans has fallen to an all time low, while painting themselves into a corner from which they cannot escape the public’s negative perception.

          Major crises are building, but with recent changes in the law, continuing new investigations, indictments, and the consolidation of power by the TRUMP Administration, the worse of antifa is over.

          Nevertheless, other obvious crises are building but they will have no impact upon TRUMP’S ability to govern. And yes, this is the way I called it months ago; saying that there would be rioting in the streets in the summer, and that by the end of the year TRUMP will have consolidated his power.

          It’s in the archives, of course. 🙂

          • Then how did Smith predict this exact turn of events months ago? Answer – Antifa is a tool used for pushing conservatives into the arms of the controlled opposition of Trump. Now they are not needed for that purpose anymore. The bankers always play both sides of the chessboard. They’ve played you like a fiddle, Durango, with your man-crush on the Donald. 🙂

            • “Antifa is a tool used for pushing conservatives into the arms of the controlled opposition of Trump.”

              To suggest that antifa is a tool of TRUMP or Conservatives to build support among conservatives (Patriots) is completely irrational.

              Antifa are so far Left that they belong to Communist organizations with Marxist theory as their mantra. Do your homework. You are a complete idiot.

              What the fuck are you smoking ??? 🙂

              • Antifa is a tool of the banksters you fucking moron. This is what Smith asserted and he is absolutely right. Soros funded them. Trump is a bankster puppet too. He’s surrounded by them 24/7. So, a bankster puppet group attack a bankster puppet president, and conservatives flock into the waiting arms of the bankster puppet president. Ever hear of 4th generation warfare and controlled opposition? This is has been done many times in the past, but the concept seems to be going right over your head as usual, Durango.

          • It’s in the archives?!Well then,you seem to know where so,well….,bring it up/link ect.,hell,show me even one coffee can of moldy frn’s and I would believe you!

        • Old Guy, you’re right. Who will gain the most by all the money doled out from Harvey, Irma and possibly (Jose’-hopefully we can DACA his ass). We are going to have to raise the debt ceiling to fiat this money into existence cause we’ve neither the gold nor the cash on hand to cover our disasters. But you can bet on one thing, there’ll be no true accounting on how nor where all this money is going or went.

        • Old Guy, agreed. If any of the antifa scum survive what’s coming it would be a miracle.

        • Wrestling is an honorable sport with a great history practiced at the high school, college, and Olympic levels.

          It’s Wrasslin’ that’s fake (although my Grannie used to hush me when I said it..:-))


        • Exactly but look to AIPAC and the Zionists for the real enemy.

      2. This country is one gigantic steaming stew pot of shit, brought on by the politicians and those with an agenda egging on the unwashed and dumbed down masses. When these authors of confusion and masters of lies are eliminated, maybe, just maybe, the ship can be righted.

        • Should be “masters of confusion and authors of lies”.

      3. I’m kind of on the Old guy’s side.
        I’d be happy to kill all Democrats
        and GOPe, but I’m not willing to
        degenerate into some police state
        to do so.
        We supposedly have a Republic that
        is an agreed way by which moral
        people use a constitution as a
        framework to live together and prosper.
        If this was a Democracy
        Pelosi, Schumer, Schatz, et al
        would have been slaughtered
        long ago.

        • Amen to that
          every time I hear a politician say that this country is a Democracy , I really dont think they realize what that really means

          Because if they did, they wouldnt be saying it , at least not for long

          I’ve seen what a Democracy is like on the ground level .. and its really not what we want

          this country’s government is a Republic , and dam sure better get back to operating like one ,, because if it doesnt ,, soon the culling will begin and its those types that will disappear first ( i really dont have that big of a problem with that outcome )

          • I think our elected officials KNOW we’re not a democracy, but the average American has been dumbed down to the degree that they don’t know.In a democracy, your lying politician can convince you that a majority of your fellow Americans all agree that you no longer have certain constitutionally guarnateed rights–you got “outvoted”. How many people with iPods plugged into their otherwise empty heads, engrossed in watching the Kardashians, sports,TV game shows and updating their Facebook pages will even care?

      4. 4Chann exposed many communists shills of antifa as professors and students! STUPID SCUM!
        Attorneys need to make a pact and defend law officers who beat the crap out of antifa, whoopsie. Ask for Jury Trail and get venue moved to red pilled voter jurisdiction.

        Police State will make many folks PO’d! Will be worse than the battle of Fellujah!

        • so lets get this straight. your solution to fix the brewing totalitarianism is to…

          …enlist lawyers for help (first mistake..), and have them create an off the books agreement to defend law enforcement when they commit unconstitutional violent acts against protesters, then manipulate the trial process by stacking the jury with sympathetic statist sheep?

          …then you make a comment about how awful a police state would be…?


          • Marcus has a valid point. As much as I disagree with some things those antifia professors and students are attempting to promote. I will defend their god given rights to practice whatever law abiding disgusting activity they do. I advise to practice restraint. Don’t fall for their bait and do stupid actions. Just let those folks rant and rave. Give them enough rope and they will eventually hang themselves. they are their own very worst enemy. Judges Lawyers and Cops are not to be trusted.

            • Actually, guys,under certain circumstances, you no longer have the right to demand a jury trial–at the federal level, and possibly many states. When you do get a jury, the defendant can be required to shell out thousands of dollars to pay for the jury. Read more here:

      5. A good article and a warning worth heeding. Keep your eyes on Freedoms true enemies; progressive politicians (left and right) and the globalists (banksters etc)

      6. We ain’t seen nuthin yet. these scumbags continue to double down. We just need to double tap.

      7. I think the 3% are aware of who the real enemy is and won’t fall for the trap. It was only 3% of the population that pulled off our first revolution after all and I think we can do it again.

      8. Dead on article.

      9. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet.
        Now we have two hurricanes and a bunch of fires to distract us.
        It’s coming, sooner rather than later.
        Brace yourselves.

      10. More from the leftist fascists, a replay of the Night of the Long Knives, starring the late Ernst Rohm

        • You are correct sir! The article has already happened.
          First you need a black swan event (Burning of the Richchstag) the revenge is the .GOV setup. (Kristallnacht) Followed by the reprisal (the Night of the long Knives) where the upper eschelon of the brown shirts (Antifa/BLM) were disappeared. We are just waiting for the Burning of the Reichstag (“The Perfect Trigger For A Totalitarian Crackdown: ‘I Would Not Rule Out Assassinations Of Politicians… Or A Failed Attempt On Donald Trump”) “History doesn’t always repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes.”

      11. Antifa will end up being Lavrentiy Beria, Gen. Arnaldo Ochoa, or Trotsky. Look em up if you need a history lesson

      12. Please keep in mind the most important thing to ANY public employee, cop or otherwise, is the pension. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume they will follow any order issued by any corrupt, self-serving bureaucrat, at any level. Just look what just went down in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The “Governor” told the NG to go out and confiscate guns and ammo. Did the HNIC of the NG tell him no, it’s against federal law(since Katrina) and unconstitutional? I rest my case.

      13. So we are to ignore the left and focus on crushing the right for Soros That way we will be safe? If some Antifa thug punches you in the nose looking around for a Nazi is not the right response folks You must focus on the fist in your nose and who owns it. Following the sdvice in the article we would do nothing like usual Just an wait for the horrible nazis to arrive goose stepping down the street. Right. The nazis are paper tigers. Focus on the Antifa fist in your nose

        • “Antifa” ARE the Nazis, even though they’re so poorly educated that they are unaware of that fact. They espouse socialsim – as did the National Socialist Workers’ Party (a.k.a. Nazi Party). They are using denial of human and civil rights, as well as social ostracization, name-calling and physical vilence to silence dissenting opinions – as did the Nazi brownshirts. They want to overthrow the elected government of a republic – as did their forbears the Nazis.

          There are many more parallels and apt analogies, but the brightest flame to shed light on the matter is that their primary financier, Soros, WAS an actual uniform-wearing, Hitler-saluting Nazi back in the day.

          People whose educations deprive them of the ability to see through all this red-is-green and night-is-day horsemanure deserve to get their money back from the people who miseducated them or utterly wasted their time.

      14. “It’s never about the issue, it’s always about the revolution.”

        David Horowitz

      15. This is all nothing but a small group of rich (((trouble makers))) trying to stir up divisions between to extremes: communism vs capitalism, right vs left, white vs black (red & brown), and now to hide the white vs black (red & brown); they created a totally non-existent dichotomy called antifa vs nazi. There are no nazi statistically. The only antifa are unemployed desperates who will suck your toes for $25.00 per hour and two or three communist idiots and maybe one, rich globalist with a thousand silent globalist partners in crime.

        National Socialism is actually just a common sense alternative to egalitarian communism and corporate capitalism. It has nothing to do with nazi anything which is merely a Hollywood fantasy that does not exist. As an economic it is a system based on labor and industry. As a political system it is hierarchy with people of varying abilities placed according to ability and merit. It is not racist but it is racial in that it proposes that nations should remain separate and each nation should protect its borders and keep each race homogenous. The idea of diversity is misdefined. Diversity can only exist when races remain separate, otherwise the culture is lost when two or more races blend into one. It is difficult on individuals; and spells disaster for Nations.

        I have never met a nazi in my life. I met one former National Socialist. There aren’t one in half a million who know anything about National Socialism. And as for nazis, try a sanitarium, I hear they have two Napoleons and a nazi.


      16. There have been repeated attempts by government leftists to start chaos aimed at trying to manipulate American gun owning conservatives into violence.

        Obama and Holder clearly attempted this with operation fast and furious. It was their failed and false thesis that if they supplied thousands of weapons to criminal elements along the Mexican border, and they did that the ensuing crime and murder perpetrated against American citizens would have forced citizens to fight back, creating an environment akin to a civil war. The government would then step in and declare an emergency. Of course all factions would have to be disarmed.

        What Obama failed to grasp is that the primary criminal element was not ignorant gang bangers, but cartels who are in business to sell drugs, not lay waste to potential customers. The weapons have primarily been used in drug dealer feuds, and against US law enforcement. The rise in crime did spark the formation of civilian militia groups, who contrary to Obama’s plan worked with law enforcement and have acted with intelligence and restraint.

        Obama failed to grasp the psychology of a Maoist revolution. His narcissistic and psychotic tendencies are why he failed, but not for trying.

        This plan that was actually designed, funded and implemented was supposed to result in the senseless murder of thousands of innocent Americans. Over two thousand weapons including full auto-military weapons (not just the “military style” look alike stuff for sale in gun stores) were actually sold to criminal elements, who for the most part still have those weapons.

        Yes America, if Obama’s plan had worked many of you would now be dead. The constitution overthrown, and America converted into a globalist Marxist utopia full of poor people in a shattered deconstructed country.

        In my view the greatest victory in the election of DJT was a restoration of the Constitution in the SCOTUS and more important the globalist movement has been revealed, it’s no longer a conspiracy theory.

        Americans should always remember “operation fast and furious” for the crime it is. What we see in this article is another similar government psyop intended to kill thousands of Americans and create a situation where the government can disarm and subjugate Americans.

      17. Weather wars and Antifa are but TWO of Soros’ chess pieces.

        (Some others, but not all, include EMPs, damns being broken on purpose, underground explosions, hacked power grids, and more.)

        Protect your Queen = your loved ones, and your King (yourself). Don’t let either get maimed, captured, or killed.


        1- Observe, observe, observe. Make your situational awareness not just local, but both NATIONAL and GLOBAL!

        2- Watch your OpSec.

        3- Speak out when it is important and necessary. Otherwise, conserve your mental, emotional, and physical energies so you have them when you most will need them.

        4- Keep preparing– on all levels, including the Spiritual.

        5- Pray: it weakens evil, it connects you with the Great Source, the Great Spirit, Eternal Truth.

        6- Pray for the President.

        God bless you all.

        -the Lone Ranger

      18. Ahhhh, there’s the Brandon Smith I know. He just isn’t writing if he isn’t throwing Operation Gladio and False Flags out there. If Brandon Smith ever calls it right, it will be a first.

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