The Pentagon Is Building Technology That Would Allow Troops to Control Machines With Their Minds

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    Transhumanism is well on its way to becoming a reality in the United States military, as the Pentagon has announced that it’s working on a new “neural interface” technology that would connect human brains directly to machines as a way to control them.

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, also known as DARPA, says the technology, known as Next-Generation Non-Surgical Neurotechnology, or N3, will allow troops to connect to special military control systems using just their brainwaves. The technology will allow for humans to not only control military machines with their minds, but also the inverse – military machines would be able to transmit information to users’ brains as well.

    The goal is to combine “the speed and processing power of computers with humans’ ability to adapt to complex situations,” according to DARPA. It will allow people to “control, feel and interact with a remote machine as though it were a part of their own body.”

    “From the first time a human carved a rock into a blade or formed a spear, humans have been creating tools to help them interact with the world around them,” says Al Emondi, the program manager at DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office.

    “The tools we use have grown more sophisticated over time … but these still require some form of physical control interface – touch, motion or voice. What neural interfaces promise is a richer, more powerful and more natural experience in which our brains effectively become the tool.”

    Mark of the beast: melding humans with machines

    DARPA claims that the technology is completely innocent, as similar iterations of it for disabled veterans are already in use. “Revolutionizing Prosthetics,” as it’s called, is a program by DARPA that implants electrodes into disabled veterans’ brains, allowing them to control prosthetic limbs simply by thinking about it.

    But isn’t that always how egregious new forms of transhumanism typically start? Positive anecdotes about how invasive technologies are “helping people” almost always functions as the gateway to more government control over humans – in this case, military servicemen who are being told that implantable technologies stand to benefit humanity.

    DARPA’s rhetoric would have us all believe that combining man with machine is somehow beneficial and even “natural,” even though its true implications are more “mark of the beast” than they are revolutionary breakthrough.

    Consider that with N3, able-bodied members of the military would need to ingest “different chemical compounds,” according to reports, in order to activate external sensors that both read and write information to the brain. This technology has to be “bidirectional,” claims DARPA, though the agency has not fully revealed precisely why this is the case.

    It’s the type of thing one might expect to see in a sci-fi movie, except it’s now happening in real life. In the future, as openly admitted by DARPA, members of the military will be able to control attack drones with their brains, or deploy robot warriors using just brain motor signals and thoughts.

    The technology is even being designed to provide real-time feedback about events happening in the world, such as cyber attacks. Users will purportedly be able to “feel” these events inside their bodies through “sensations.”

    “We don’t think about N3 technology as simply a new way to fly a plane or to talk to a computer, but as a tool for actual human-machine teaming,” Emondi admits.

    “As we approach a future in which increasingly autonomous systems will play a greater role in military operations, neural interface technology can help warfighters build a more intuitive interaction with these systems.”

    For more information about the agenda of the military-industrial complex to combine man with machine, be sure to see

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      1. I’m sure this technology will never be misused by government.


      2. I don’t believe this technology will ever work. Dream on.

        • Whats the difference? Right now Israehell controls their minds.

          There us no benefit of the US Military for the American people right now. Its all for the bankers and wallstreets benefit.

          • As long as the P2B “Powers to Be” can keep fooling US Tax payers with illusions that the citizens still have freedoms, the fleecing will continue. Only after all liberty and freedoms have been completely stripped of the citizens, will they realize then been duped for 60+ decades. By that time, slavery will be the new norm as the masses are pushed into the cities to contain any uprising, then bombarded with 5G or 6G radiation to sterilize all women fertile eggs to eliminate all reproduction.

            If you actually want to go back to 1913 when the money supply was hijacked by the Jekyll Island family of Cabal Banking “Money Changer” criminals, that pretty much was the defining moment that America was sold off by that Traitor Pres Woodrow Wilson to this criminal family corporation called the Federal Reserve. And then the clever cabal in disguise of their theft, slapped “In God we Trust” on the money to dupe stupid Christians who pretty much believe everything they are told and read.

      3. Control machines with their minds. I think you got that in reverse.

      4. OFF TOPIC: Well you’ve got another turncoat in the Republican Party in Senator Jeff Flake who would not vote at this time for Judge Kavanaugh. Flake wants to go forward with an FBI investigation, and we know where this will be going. How anyone can put any trust in the FBI is a mystery to me. I don’t hear any other Republicans complaining about this. This is another farce promoted by spineless corrupted politicians. Watch as the Republicans give in to the Democrat POS.

        • And of course, now that the Progressive Socialist Democrats have both the Senate and the U.S. government right were they want them, Ford’s attorney is insisting on a full investigation, not the 1-week special investigation that was worked out between the two sides.

          Women do not negotiate in good faith. This is a divorce we are watching. A messy, vindictive, vicious divorce. These Progressive Socialist Democrat women are divorcing themselves from the “old white men,” the rule of law, the truth, facts, evidence, binding agreements (like the non-disclosure and confidential agreements made with these hookers, whores, prostitutes, strippers, Playboy Playmates, and the rest), good faith agreements count for nothing anymore, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, all of it.

          And how did Flake get cornered in an elevator by these crying, and weeping and tearing at their clothes women? Where were the Capitol police? Where was his security?

          This all smells. It reeks.

      5. We’re going to the end of the line. Get those vaccinations ready and they will line up like sheep for the shot to stay alive or so they will think. What, me worry? Technology all but rules out an appropriate citizen response. So we wait for the inevitable.

      6. So how does DARPA put in protocols that ensure that little voice inside everyone’s head that dreams of strangling the mother-in-law across the table or the soldier just wanting to pull the trigger on the target but told to hold off until otherwise instructed.

        We filter those thoughts, but exactly how can one teach a machine to filter out those as non-instructions?

        • According to some, the “Powers That Be” PTB are already doing mind control now. Some people wonder if WiFi isn’t causing every member of a family to have the same dream on the same night.

      7. Skynet has been here since the ’70’s…

        The Machines will be controlling their minds, not the other way around. Don’t take the Mark, and it’s relatives through which it work its diabolical evil.

      8. I wonder who will survive the first cut ????

      9. I dare the Pentagon to try mind control on these Progressive Socialist Democrat women. I dare the fools.

        • No machine or anything else controls my mind. I use my own discretion on how to deal with such situations.

      10. Stop the crime. Don’t allow Dr. Frankenstein to vaccinate your baby. Vaccines cause mental retardation and autism. Keep that knife away from your child’s penis. Circumsize the psychopathic physicians taught in Rockerfeller brainwashing schools.

        There is an agenda to end the lives of the majority of humanity. WiFi, is it true? Does WiFi cause irreparable damage to the reproductive capabilities of children? Is there WiFi in your child’s school, in your home? Why?

        Who control’s your mind?


      11. WHY WHY WHY




        Wi Wi Wi


        • Fifi pronounced fee fee


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