The Orwellian Vaccine Passport Agenda Relies On The Lie Of The “Social Contract”

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Experts, Headline News | 12 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at 

    There is a fundamental question that needs to be asked when examining the vaccine passport issue, and what I find is that almost no one in the mainstream is tackling it directly. The question is this:

    Is it legally and morally acceptable to constrict the rights and economic access of people in order to force them to submit to an experimental “vaccine”, or any other medical procedure for that matter?

    Furthermore, who gets to decide what medical procedures are acceptable to enforce? Who gets to be the all-powerful and benevolent overseer of every human being’s health path. I ask this because I don’t think many people realize the future repercussions of allowing governments or corporations (the same thing these days) to dictate covid vaccinations. It doesn’t stop there; in fact, we have no idea where this stops once Pandora’s box is opened.

    For example, the primary argument of the covid cult and the establishment in favor of vaccine passports is the “social contract” fantasy. They claim that because we “live in a society”, everything we do affects everyone else in some way, and because we are all interconnected in our “collective” we are thus beholden to the collective. In other words, the collective has the “right” to micro-manage the life of the individual because if the individual is allowed to make his/her own decisions they might potentially cause harm to the whole group.

    In case you are not familiar with this philosophy, it is an extension of socialism and cultural Marxism, and it stands at the very core of vaccine passport propaganda. I have actually had public debates with pro-socialist people in the past who have tried to defend the merits of socialism and every single time the argument comes down to one singular disconnect – I say that if a group of people want to go off and start their own little socialist community they have every right to…as long as it is VOLUNTARY. Then if it fails and collapses it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t affect me or anyone else who did not want to participate.

    The problem is that these Socialists/communists/Marxists/collectivists simply do not grasp the notion of voluntarism. They believe that people need to be forced into doing the right thing or helping others, and they are the people that get to decide what the right thing is and who gets the help. They are the people that get to decide what freedoms are acceptable and what freedoms are inconvenient to their agenda. When they say “We live in a society…”, what they really mean is “You live in OUR society, and WE will determine what is best for you.”

    When I argue that a socialist community should be voluntary, they inevitably argue that people will not commit to such a system voluntarily so they must be forced to do what is best for the “greater good”.

    In terms of vaccine passports, the collectivist social contract is a key element. They claim that being unvaxxed is not personal freedom because the unvaxxed are a risk to the lives of everyone else. The social contract is therefore violated because by making a personal life choice you are endangering the rights of others.

    It’s interesting though how the covid cult is made up of people that do not apply the same logic to other health issues like abortion. I mean, there is zero substantiated evidence to support the claim that unvaccinated people are any more of a threat to the lives of others than vaccinated people are, and we will get into that in just a moment. But, when we talk about abortion, we are talking about a personal medical decision that leads to the direct and observable death of another innocent human being with his/her own rights. Abortions end the lives of over 800,000 unborn people per year in the US, far more than covid supposedly does.

    “My body my choice” apparently only applies to killing babies, but not to people who do not want to become guinea pigs for an mRNA cocktail with no long-term testing to prove its safety.

    Imagine though if we reversed the scenario and applied the broad social contract argument to something like children and population? A collectivist/leftist member of the global warming cult could also argue that abortion should be legally mandated because having a child or “too many children” increases carbon emissions and this puts society “at-risk” even further (again, with no proof to support the claim). By allowing the social contract narrative to go unchecked, we open the door to horrific new oppressive measures and complete erasure of our autonomy.

    I think it’s safe to say that the “social contract” ideology is highly selective and hypocritical. The covid cult does not care about saving lives, they only care about their ideological narrative and the power to make people submit to it. But let’s dig even further into the reasoning behind the social contract claim. Who is actually dying because of unvaccinated individuals, which according to state vax statistics make up around 50% of the US population?

    The average Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of covid is a mere 0.26% according to dozens of studies and the government’s own numbers. Meaning, unvaxxed people are not even a remote threat to 99.7% of the population. Around 40% of all covid deaths are made up of people in nursing homes with preexisting conditions, which means that we do not know if they actually died of covid or due to the health problems they were already suffering from. The pool of people who might be affected by the unvaxxed grows smaller and smaller…

    And what about the ridiculous contradiction that arises when we talk about the mandate narrative verses the passport narrative? If masks and vaccines actually work, then how is an unvaxxed or unmasked person a threat to a vaxxed person? If the vaccines and masks don’t work, then why use them at all, and why demand forced vaccinations through passport measures?

    Mainstream propaganda asserts that the unvaxxed will somehow become Petri dishes for new mutations that will harm vaccinated people. There is no evidence to support this claim. In fact, there is more evidence that suggests it is vaccinated people that will trigger mutations and variants. The media says that this is not cause for any concern, but if it’s not then neither should we be concerned about mutations that gestate in the unvaxxed population, if there are any.

    The fact of the matter is that more and more scientific evidence is proving that the experimental vaccines are NOT effective and that the unvaxxed are actually safer from covid regardless of the variant or mutation.

    The true infection numbers within the US are impossible to know because up to 59% of people that catch covid and spread it are asymptomatic according to the CDC. They never know that they have it so they are unlikely to test for it. That said, it is clear that many millions of Americans have dealt with the virus and now have a natural immunity to it (I happen to be one of them). Establishment elitists like Anthony Fauci refuse to acknowledge natural immunity as a factor, and they say that ONLY people who are vaccinated are qualified to receive a passport. Why?

    Multiple studies are being released from countries with high vaccination rates like Israel that completely contradict Fauci’s narrative on natural immunity. Israel has a vax rate of around 63% according to government stats, but scientific evidence they have released shows that vaccinated people are 13-27 times more likely to contract covid and 8 times more likely to be hospitalized when compared with people who have natural immunity. It almost appears as if the mRNA vaccines make people MORE susceptible to the virus rather than less susceptible.

    Recent data released from the state of Massachusetts supports this concern. In the month of July, MA reported at least 5100 covid infections, all people who were fully vaccinated. Over 80 of them died, which is a much higher death rate than among the unvaccinated. In my county of 20,000 people, which has a low vaccination rate and no mask mandates, there were only 17 total covid deaths in the first year of the pandemic.

    This begs the question: Why take the mRNA cocktail at all? What is there to gain? Well, there is nothing to gain in terms of health safety. Even if you happen to be part of the 0.26% of people at risk from covid, you are better off, in the long run, taking your chances with natural immunity than getting the jab.

    The answer to the question is not about health, but about denial of access. Governments and their corporate partners are trying to make it so you MUST take the vaccine in order to participate in normal social activities or even to keep a job. Not only that, but the process goes on forever because every year there will be new variants and new booster shots. The only reason to take the vaccine is to keep at least a handful of your freedoms and to avoid poverty and starvation.

    Here is where we must go back to the original query presented at the beginning of this article:

    Is it legally and morally acceptable to constrict the rights and economic access of people in order to force them to submit to an experimental “vaccine”?

    The covid cult will say that private business rights trump individual rights so companies should be allowed to discriminate against employees based on their vaccination status. But then again, what we are facing in most cases are NOT private businesses but conglomerates that are funded by government bailouts and that are colluding directing with governments to enforce the passport agenda. So I would have to say no, these businesses do not have a legal right to feed on public tax dollars and then claim they are private entities that have the freedom to invade the medical privacy of employees and customers.

    And since when do collectivists actually care about private business rights, anyway? More hypocrisy…

    If we are talking about small and medium businesses with no government stimulus then the issue gets more tricky. In many states and other countries, the businesses are only enforcing passports because if they don’t they will be punished by the government. In this case, the private business rights argument goes out the window. The covid cult respects business independence only when it suits them.

    Frankly, it is small businesses that are being hurt the most by the covid mandates and the extra costs involved just in enforcing the passports in their own establishments are going to bury them. Any small business owner that voluntarily supports the passport rules must have a financial death wish.

    In terms of government, the covid cult will claim that there are Supreme Court precedents for legal enforcement of vaccinations. Honestly, I don’t care, and neither do millions of other Americans. A bunch of high priests in black robes do not get to dictate my independent health decisions; I make those decisions and there’s nothing that they can do about it. This is where we have to come to terms with the morals and principles involved – The lives of others are in no way affected by my decision to refuse to comply with vaccine passports. And just because a group of people has irrational fears about the threat of covid does not mean people with more discernment about the facts should be required to make them “feel better” or feel safer.

    The bottom line is this: Our freedoms are more important than your paranoid fears, and we will not comply. We do not subscribe to your false social contract, and you are in no position to dictate the terms of our “society”. Don’t like it? You are more than welcome to leave the country and start a vaccinated Utopia somewhere else. We’ll see how that works out for you in the long run.


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      1. I don’t think Brandon knows why we have to take the “vaccines”. It is not only because of Marxism’s fear and authority to control our behavior, It is to commit genicide on 2/3rds of the population.

        And in order to get there, they use Marxism, But it is only the GUN. It’s the vaccine BULLET they loaded the gun with is what kills. That is their goal.

      2. The concepts of a “social contract” are a marxist invention. A social contract is a propagandistic term that actually means State compulsion under the guise a social program is popular, necessary, or has public support, when in reality it serves not the people but the State. Basically, that all must subordinate themselves to the will of the State for the good of society. In the present case, the State says you must submit to covid vaccines, all the public health rituals, covid passports, etc. The concept of a “social contract” can be applied to any type of scenario where the State wants to impose its will in a more intrusive way. A social contract may be deployed with great publicity or through a less obvious manner, but always with a drumbeat of pure propaganda. Furthermore, that the measures the State imposes on the people may be irrational, useless, and even harmful is irrelevant, the important goal is to inculcate the belief that mass submission ultimately is the answer to all problems.
        The idea of a social contract is usually employed by the State when it has no legal basis to force one to comply to something in particular. Social contracts open the door to extra-legal methods of compliance, for example, the State cannot shut down free speech without it being obvious it is violating our rights, but it can have big tech do so on behalf of the State. Therefore, the State is always enlisting a number of different entities, based on the nature of a goal, to act as proxies, to restricts rights, disempower the masses, and support State policies, on behalf of the State.
        The State is endlessly contriving ways to increase its power, schemes to create ever more control over the people, and constantly fabricating reasons why our rights must be diminished. The State uses the MSM, “civil rights” organizations, teachers unions and public schools systems, big tech, and a variety of other entities to help it achieve its social goals.
        One may argue the many reasons and motives of the State and it minions, and why it and they are hell bent on fully imposing their will and control over the people. Some of you may resort to complex answers but it is not so. There are basically two reasons why: to disempower you and subordinate you to its will and purposes, and no less because the State and it’s minions literally and factually despise you.

        • Great analysis. The communist/socialist’s often fail to embrace INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. Our RIGHTS do not fit their quest for power, nor does it fit their all-important narrative to support that quest for power.

      3. I am not a socialist etc.. but the fact is, it’s the curveball or deceptive slider that will take you out, not the pitch that comes in slow and over the plate.. Compulsory socialism – the sort controlled and advocated by Neoliberals – is a bottom-feeder ideology that cannot establish itself in a functional society based on a people of common cause. Neoliberal ‘socialism’ specifically appeals to the hopelessly disaffected, so if you wish to avoid this menace, you only need to ensure that the society actually represents the exclusive interests of its legitimate members.

        For Socialism to present as a threat, you need an already demolished social structure, which – in our manifestation – was actually accomplished *not* by socialists, but by the policies of the Neoconservatives- in only a few decades of betrayal. These are the same folks currently lathered-up about the many needs of Afghan tribesmen, but with a notable absence of concern over the state of affairs of needy Americans.

        The focus on a society as an ECONOMIC construct – of any sort – is a good marker in of itself of a failed and corrupt society that has been re-invented to serve the needs of its controller class, sustained by dispensing this propaganda.

        The economics of FAIR-DEALING, alone, are a marker of common cause within a population preserving a common history and purpose. A high functioning and fair-dealing society is marked by the degree to which fraudsters, cheats, and scam artists are held in disrepute, and essentially cannot function.

        Determined cheats – conversely – tend to assemble a flexible dogma in support of whatever policies offer benefit to their schemes, as sacredly ordained, with a complicated, opportunistic set of cut-outs that apply whenever it is beneficial to their interests (too big too fail, anyone?).. which exactly defines both Socialism and Capitalism.

        Nothing about Socialism or Capitalism are historically ‘fair-dealing’, precisely because they are not tied to preserving common cause within a just, unified population.

        The socialist is dedicated to punishing those who run afoul of its class structure and social unity edicts, and the capitalist will merrily stock his sweatshops with the cheapest labor from the farthest reaches of the 3rd world, and throw them sadistically onto the public welfare system for support.

        A nation is specifically *not* an economic unit, and once it becomes merely a entity in service to the financial schemes of its elites and unscrupulous merchants, the outcomes are quite predictable, and always the same.

        The last free Greek residents of Constantinople, under the final siege the city was to face, demanded payment from volunteer Italian soldiers, to carry arrow screens onto their own city walls. As their wives, sons and daughters were later led off into slavery, they likely still failed to conceive of that fact that commercialism cannot preserve a people, but reliably plays the central role in betrayal and downfall.

        The eventual and certain downfall of crony crapitalism will be the same as always has been, not due to a spectre of invented socialist dominance, but because of its own determined betrayal in servicing the needs of its for-profit, trans-national speculator class instead of defending the fair-dealing that once defined America and its ideals.

        “Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.” – Thomas Jefferson

      4. Seems the abortion argument went out the window. It’s apparent neither side believes in “my body, my choice” as revealed in the Texas ban on abortion after six weeks. Other states are looking to follow this example.

        I’m against abortion. But the argument that one side believes in control over their own body, while the other doesn’t, is now moot.

        • The point went over your head. A baby has rights over their own bodies, too. A baby’s body is not the mother’s body and she has no right to kill it. There is a big difference between refusing to take an experimental vaccines and killing your own child in the womb. What about this do you not understand?

      5. Social contract theory is not a Marxist leftist creation, but a cornerstone of Western Enlightenment (1620-1781) philosophy. Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jaques Rousseau all wrote favourably of the social contract as necessary to protect individual rights.

        Not one of Brandon Smith’s better articles. COVID-1984 is the betrayal of the social contract by the elites. Under the social contract we all accept some limitations to our natural rights for the common good.

        Under COVID-1984 we surrender our rights for the betterment of ruling elite and debasement of the common good.

        The leftists totally misinterpret that the social contract requires giving up individual rights for the collective. This is not the case.

        The social contract disciplines individual rights so that the individual rights of all are strengthened and protected. For example, people can’t abuse the right to associate and assemble for the purpose of robbing others; that’s criminalized and policed under the social contract.

        The government does not have the right to abuse the social contract and behave like a criminal gang, a fact reflected in the enshrined rights written into the Constitutions nation-states.

        People who laugh at this and call it absurd idealism, threaten all of us by leading us away from the social responsibility to mind not only who gets elected, but who gets to be a candidate in the first place, and to always question authority and defy authoritarianism.

        • Lies. Hobbes never described the dynamic that is happening today and whatever he envisioned for the “social contract”, it obviously did not turn out that way. The social contract is now an extension of modern “democracy” (Marxism) and is exploited all the time by the political left to demand that people submit because the imaginary “majority” demands it. Hobbes has no bearing on the social contract of today, so stop trying to dig through obscure history to justify the failed idea.

      6. Sorry i just wiped my arse with the Davos Swiss flag and broke my smart phone. These morons do not understand that the majority of Americans do not want or will tolerate a passport system.

        Who is going enforce this BS and the flak workers will receive will be epic. Its bad for business and mankind. Fuck your great reset klaus Schwab and stick it up your silver spoon polished ass! We are not scaredy pants aussies dug in our holes! FU!!!

      7. The passport will also rely on an app from your phone. If this day comes I will not comply and I will throw my phone away!

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