The One Thing Doug Casey Is Very Confident Of: “We’re Going To Have Financial Chaos… It’s A Dangerous Situation”

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    Doug Casey is the founder of Casey Research and well known for his forecasting prowess, having accurately called the crash of 2008 and many other trends over the last four decades. In his latest interview with Future Money Trends Casey explains what a Donald Trump Presidency will mean for financial markets, economic stimulus, and geo-politics. As he’s noted previously, 2008 was just the first part of the storm and we are rapidly approaching the trailing edge of the hurricane. This time around it’s going to last much longer and be much worse than what we experienced before.

    In short, as Casey succinctly explains:

    The one thing I feel very confident of is we’re going to have financial chaos in years to come and that’s going to drive people into gold and to a lesser degree into silver.

    There’s absolutely  no reason from  fundamental point of view for bonds and stocks to be as high as they are right now… We’re in for a huge political, financial, demographic and military upset… these people might start World War III or seem like they’re trying to with the Russians… It’s a very dangerous situation.

    (Watch At Youtube)

    With Donald Trump set to take office in late January 2017, Casey believes his infrastructure initiatives will be a boon for the commodities industry:

    I really believe him. I think that they’re going to push for doing lots of infrastructure in the U.S. and that’s going to take a lot of metals, so that’s a favorable short-term influence for metals… I can be talked into buying a copper or zinc or cobalt stock, but I want to stick with gold… and also uranium… I really think that the future of power generation is going to be in solar related things…. but at the present moment, by far the cheapest, the cleanest and the safest form of mass power generation is still nuclear… that’s exactly the opposite of what everybody is told… but especially if we have a de-regulated environment in the future, nuclear is going to do well… There are about 150 new nuclear plants under construction around the world… most of them in China and India… I’m very bullish on uranium… it’s selling below the cost of production.

    But despite President Trump’s best efforts, says Casey, he won’t be able to stop the bloodbath coming in the bond market, a preview of which has been available for all to view in China, where the government halted trading last week following a record bond market crash.

    People forget that the last peak in interest was between 1980-1982 when T-Bills were yielding over 16%… since then interest rates have been in a 35 year bear market going to below zero, which i thought was metaphysically impossible… So, interest rates are going to go up… Low interest rates and negative interest rates are actually destructive of capital and civilization because it discourages people from savings.

    It doesn’t matter what these stupid governments do… interest rates are headed up… and I think they’re headed way up for a long time at this point… so if you own bonds sell them… hit the bid. 

    Ever the skeptic when it comes to information, disinformation and misinformation emanating from the mainstream media, Casey warns that the narratives being spun to divide Americans are dangerous to the stability of the nation and could lead to civil war:

    It’s extremely serious.. The real fake news is what you hear on CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox… I don’t trust anything I hear… the mass media is basically the mouthpiece of the deep state… these people that have the money and have the power and basically treat the rest of the country as peons… they’re very dangerous… I actually think that the U.S. is on the ragged edge of a civil war… because the people that elected Trump are hated on a visceral level by the preachers that are around the Democratic Party and the Deep State, and that includes Republicans…

    Visit Future Money Trends for more interviews like the one you just watched. 

    Doug Casey is the founder of Casey Research. His latest book is Speculator, a thrilling tale of international intrigue. 


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      1. In short, as Casey succinctly explains:
        “The one thing I feel very confident of is we’re going to have financial chaos in years to come and that’s going to drive people into gold and to a lesser degree into silver.”

        I somewhat disagree, Sure the Millionaires will go to Gold cause a Million Dollars with of gold (About 2 400 Oz Bars.) can be put in a drawer, unlike silver which a walk in vault would be required. However there is much less silver than Gold, and Silver has a Greater upside currently at 71 to 1 Silver to Gold Price Ratio, but its trading range goes to 47 to 1, so Silver has a much greater upside than Gold does on todays date. Silver also has much more industrial uses in electronics and solar panels, which there is no use for Gold other than intrinsic value and or Jewelry.

        People will flock to PM’s but silver will be easier to trade in a collapse for smaller items like $20 bill rather than a $1500 Bill. Just saying.

        • I would also say ever since about 2001 when the Dot Com bubble blew, there has been a whole lot more manipulation in the markets, and the PM’s Market today is a prime example. The stock market does not run on fundamentals any more. Price does not reflect supply or demand but just how much FREE QE Money can be pumped into stocks, to jack them up high enough the Pro’s can exit with a mass profit while the 401K holders are asleep until they get their next Quarterly Statement. Its like throwing your wealth on the Roulette Table’s Blind trust, and letting the local drunk play with your chips till closing time.. You deserve to be spanked for being stupid.



          • Was this a Muslim Attack? Or a West NATO attack to drag us into WW3?
            News Link • Russia
            12-19-2016 • The Sun
            Senator Frantz Klintsevich claimed today that Nato secret services were ‘behind’ the shocking killing

            THE assassination of Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov was masterminded by Nato secret services, a top Vladimir Putin ally has claimed.

            Karlov was gunned down by a member of Turkey’s anti-riot police while attending an art exhibition opening in the capital Ankara.

            A key ally of Putin claims the killing was a Nato masterminded attack

            Karlov pictured at the art exhibition opening moments before he was gunned down

            Killer Mevlut Mert Altintas, 22, was later shot dead after standing over Karlov’s body claiming it was for those suffering in Aleppo.

            Today Senator Frantz Klintsevich, deputy chairman of the Russian upper chamber’s defence and security committee, said: “It was a planned action,” the Mail Online reported.

            “Everyone knew that he was going to attend this photo exhibition. It can be ISIS, or the Kurdish army which tries to hurt Erdogan.

            “But may be – and it is highly likely – that representatives of foreign NATO secret services are behind it.

            “What has happened is a true provocation, a challenge. It is a challenge for Russia.”

            Footage taken after Altintas gunned down Karlov showed him chanting: “Do not forget Aleppo! Do not forget Syria!”

            • Remember, the Kenyan promised that the US would ‘retaliate for Russian cyber attacks during the presidential election at a time and place of our choosing’.

              The assassination of the Russian ambassador has the clinton/obama CIA fingerprints all over it. The power-drunk, insane hussein obama is doing everything possible to start WWIII.

          • Your ‘handle,’ means, “Iron Cross.” I spent some time in Germany…

          • Muslim attacks? Sounds like the standard narrative from the Zionist media conglomerate ABC-NBC-FOX-CNN. Islam is currently branded by Neo-cons and media as a religion cursed by intolerance and violence. This is not “real Islam” at all, and anyone familiar with a translated version of the Qur’an would realize this.

            Islam is a religion of peace and brotherhood, not one of AK 47’s, C4 vests and scud missiles. The latter is what gets the press but it’s not representative of true Islam.

            The Qur’an has been bastardized in the same way the Christian bible has. Don’t capitulate to media manipulation and the “Hollywood” version of Islamic law, for we all know who runs Hollywood.

            Watch: ‘The Greater Israel Project’ Explained by Ken O’Keefe

        • WOW, 50% of Silver is used for industrial Uses, like Solar Panels and electronics, and I sure don’t see any of that use slowing down.

          • Actually, new technologies and new materials will eliminate the need for industrial silver in a few years, DESTROYING DEMAND and thus the price of silver

            It’s a game changer. 🙂

            • Got a link DK? You know Facts or Proof? I say BS.

        • Hey Zeus, I am a Metals investor too, and I am so happy to read your comment today ! Thanks.

      2. one america news….the ONLY conservative news show on TV…i watch it on fios. the only HOPE of getting REAL news on the boob-tube.

        • I agree BCoD.. I get OANN on ATT U-verse.. Fox has become an “entertainment” channel, with just a little “news” thrown in between their prodigious commercials. They have forgotten what actually made them successful.

          • Agree with ouch and BCoD. Got OANN here on Fios. Only show on Fox that doesn’t make me want to throw things at the tv is Hannity. He consistently goes against the rest of the Fox News transition to liberalism. With that said I have to believe his days are numbered. And don’t think for a minute that his contract will keep the powers that be from canning him. Ask Roger Ailes how the Murdoch’s deal with unwanted personnel. Anybody have an opinion on Newsmax? Heard some good things but haven’t watched yet.

          • I agree, that the government doesn’t see gold or silver as serious currencies. They are just two more commodities to be manipulated by the powers that shouldn’t be!

            Silver especially has value in industry. There is no metal beside silver that can carry as much current on so small a wire. Without it semi-conductors (computer chips) don’t work. Without it photovoltaics (solar panels) don’t work.

            As the big crash occurs, go deeper and deeper into silver. It’s coming.

            98% of all silver produced is consumed by industry. Invest in the last 2%.

        • Yes left Fox a year ago for One AMERICA News , love Graham Leger

      3. Other Talk show Hosts, that call themselves Conservatives are Jackasses like Mark Levin & Schnitt. Rush Limbaugh is OK cause he tells the truth 95% of the time. These shills who claim they are conservative are Neo-Con, War loving, high deficit, market rigging, hate mongers, holier than thou. There is nothing conservative about strapping future generations with massive War Debt and paying off (aka: Rewarding) Terrorists like Reagan did. And Obama did too with Iran to get the sailors back.

        Conservatism is dead. Stop putting labels on yourselves, as it Boxes you in to a category. How about common sense with reasoning, based on Facts instead of Ideology? You know Just have American Values, wth integrity. Gee wouldn’t “Common Sense” for the Good of all Americans, be nice thing for a change? I think Trump is 90%+ dead on with common sense and reasoning based on facts. He is on a learning curve as to how the Swamp is run, so cut him a little slack for 6 months or so, and watch the water level drop and the scum emerge. Then Blast them from every angle.

        I look forward with Trump for 8 years. And we can give him a pink slip in 4, if he does not do what he said this last year during the campaign. He has a lot to accomplish, to destroy the controllers of America destroying us, so fasten your seat belts, and be awake and prepared for anything. EMP/ Grid Collapses, financial collapse, assassination attempts, false flags, chaos, Food supply disruptions, MSM lies, and propaganda, illegal aliens revolting and rioting, etc.

        • Many of the conservatives you mention are really just entertainers. They make a living whether the current admin is conservative or liberal. They are the devils advocates. Emphasis on the Devils.

          Levin is a sharp guy, but he is a sucker for the establishment. He has fought Trump for months. Never wavering from his support of a conservative NWO.

          It comes in many flavors!

          • Levin=War mongering Neocon

      4. What goes around, comes around: 4 Dem. electoral votes in WA. go against Hilary

        Three votes went to Colin Powell, and one for Faith Spotted Eagle (yes, really). No word yet if Crazy Horse of Sitting Bull got votes, but I have ZERO doubt those two would have a thousand times more integrity, and ability to uphold the Constitution, than Hilary (and I’ll bet they wouldn’t have the stupid leftist war against guns, either!)

      5. Bring it already

      6. I see the same old assholes slumming here and slapping each other on the ass.

        Goody. Not much of a real convo when all you do is slap each other on the back.

        Have fun Boyz. Slap another ass and chug another beer.

        • Satori?

      7. Trump received 304 electorial votes. I think the level of sore losers has surpassed historic poportions. Its kinda fun to hear the cry babies wine.

      8. Do not be deceived. It is not over. The left, anti-American/Globalist are going to give
        Donald Trump a hard time. It will be their mistake.
        Obama is going to live in Washington? Purpose, resume activities as a community activist/organizer probably.

        Be ready but do pray for peace.

        Having Gold and Silver in my possession is the last thing on my mind. I don’t think people realize the level of violence that could be released upon the citizens of this country.

        What has happened is that global plan to dissolve national borders and install a Global Government. economy and religion has been interrupted. The Bushes, Clinton’s Obama’s are all Globalists.

        There was a divine intervention in our election. No doubt, Hillary and the main stream media thought it was in the bag for her. Alt Media sunk her.

        For those who follow scriptures, The Anti-Christ will be a Globalist probably.

        Just my opinion

      9. Here is what’s Now Unfolding in INDIA. Read the entire Article from the Link provided below. This is why we prepare since this Tactic is spreading Global for all out can Bans. Got your Gold and Silver?

        Gold Bullion Is Now Effectively Illegal in India

        As previously reported in separate posts, here is a consolidated recap of the events as they have unfolded thus far in India. We also take a look at previous (more) disturbing actions PM Modi has engaged in trying to understand the end game in India- Soren K.
        Cash is being outlawed
        Gold is being taxed higher
        Modi believes he is India’s Saviour

        There are clear signs that in a very convoluted way, possession of gold for investment purposes will be made illegal”

        “The situation is getting worse by the day… people are desperate”-Jayant Bhandari

        [Editor’s​Note: As we are correcting our picture rendering module, pic usage will be at a minimum until the new system is implemented.]

        Article Contents

        0) Summary

        1) The Ban is Implemented and Banks are Closed

        2) Banks Open and Chaos Ensues

        3) Enter the Police State

        4) Gold Bullion Is Now Effectively Illegal

        Jayant Bhandari, advisor to institutional investors worldwide and founder of “Capitalism and Morality” recently interviewed with Maurice Jackson to update and elaborate on the situation in India. Jayant provides the clearest explanation of where India is (and where it is going) in the brief interview with’s Maurice Jackson

        Here is a summary of his multiple articles and interview excerpts sprinkled with our old and new observations.

        The rest of the article explains each phase in more detail:

        • typo. Can bans? lol I meant Cash Bans. BTW/ Gold in India right now is selling for $1700 an Oz in comparable US Dollars. True Supply and Demand.

          The Stated Reason for the Cash Recall
          The government believes that doing this will help eradicate corruption and push counterfeit money out of circulation. According to the Indian government, the counterfeit money tends to come from Pakistan and helps finance terrorism. This is not unreasonable. The idea is to flush out the black market money. But Gresham’s Law tells us: “Bad money drives out good money.”
          As previously stated:
          The “Stop Crime” Pretext
          Simultaneously it will be sold to government as a way to close criminal operations and black markets. Remember the war on Iraq that neocons were itching for was justified after Saudi bombers hit the USA. Ken Rogoff is one such Cash Neo-Con.
          “Paper money fuels corruption, terrorism, tax evasion and illegal immigration—so the U.S. should get rid of the $100 bill and other large notes” Ken Rogoff

          It is happening globally. The tactics may be different, but the strategy is the same. Individual economic freedom will be exchanged for the promise of safety by well intentioned and not so well intentioned centrists, fascists, and institutions most concerned with preserving themselves.

      10. Anyone who sees Gold going to stratosphere, has no clue how to read SP500 graph/chart.
        There is a super-duper sucker rally going-on right now on SP500 and it isn’t going to stop until it adds another 40% to the Index.
        My technical analysis tells me we’ll reach level 3130 in early 2017. We are now at 2200 level approx.
        This will not be an ordinary sucker rally. It will be THE MOTHER OF ALL OF THEM as it will never crash.
        No, it will leave ALL of us holding the bag following the EMP event.
        In the mean time Gold will be hammered…!!!!
        Nobody wins this time… NOBODY!
        The retired dude with 35 years of trading.

        • Bobane,

          So you are a retired dude with 35 years of trading. Congratulations! Ninety percent of the traders don’t make it past the first years. I likewise am retired and a position trader. I wrote my first successful position trading program in Apple BASIC code in 1980 (I was an Apple II plus dealer). So we started about the same time trading. My current code agrees with you that in the short term markets are up and gold is heading down.

          Your prediction is interesting about 3130 in the S&P in 2017. You must be a better trader than most of the rest of us because few traders I know or economists ever get the markets right in the longer term. I never try to predict intermediate term or longer term markets even though my technical analysis has been dead on many times.

          • The 3130 level is also a date; 13th of March 2017.
            But at this point it’s only a speculation based on several years of studies.
            I stopped trading and retired in 2009 after noticing the “strange” low of 6th of March 2009 lining-up horizontally with 11th of September 1996.
            Check it out and you’ll want to live-it-up too.
            I freaked out and I now live on a moderately remote Pacific island in Philippines.

      11. “I actually think that the U.S. is on the ragged edge of a civil war… because the people that elected Trump are hated on a visceral level by the preachers that are around the Democratic Party and the Deep State, and that includes Republicans…”

        I can say there are more protestors against Trump than Obama. Country is more stressed out than ever. Is the chance of Trump being hurt by an angry protestor higher than before? I believe so. Will the banks fail? Pretty much know that is coming. How will people react to either of these two events should they happen.

        Well they way people have been acting now, things will get crazy.

        On another note.
        Trump has to make it to D.C. BUT! Will Obama do something to derail the inauguration. I read Obama is letting more people out of jail. Why do we even have a court system. Let the bad people out of jail and keep the illegal criminals here. Does that sound like the democrats care for the people of this country. They don’t even care for the people of their own political party. Let the criminal out and the solution is more gun control. All about votes. I wish the rest of the states would give the illegal criminals a airplane ticket to New York City or San Francisco, since those cities care for them so much.

        • Anon, So who will be fighting in the civil war? Liberals vs Republicans? Who do I get to shoot?

          I think California State Officials needs to get their asses handed to them as they claim, we aren’t giving up our illegal aliens, and we are not obeying Federal Immigration laws, and We will keep our sanctuary cities.

          Well Trump can just cut off all Federal Funding to Cali for starters and their entire economy crashes as well as pension systems, which is a Trillion dollars in arrears. So yea collapse for Cali, and any property owner will see massive property tax increased to fund the scam. Also arrest the Gov Jerry Brown Admin, which is probably making a lot of money off of Illegal Immigration. Like lets see the Jerry Brown campaign donors list, like mostly Big Agriculture and Tech firms which hires HB Visa’s. Cali could play payback also, and stop exporting all of its food and starve the rest of the country. Lets play chess and see who wins, most will loose.

      12. WW3? Well this is a pretty funny Trump Response below. RE: Are you aware an unmanned US Sub drone was captured off of China by the Chinese? The US Obama Admin claimed or was mapping the sea floor. Yeah what ever.

        China – This is the most dangerous flashpoint, in part due to Trump’s own belligerent rhetoric directed at Beijing. The danger was underscored by the most recent incident involving the Chinese: their seizure of an unmanned drone submarine launched from a Navy ship that was in international waters. But where, exactly, was the drone itself seized? And which US government agency is in charge of the drone program? Wouldn’t that be the CIA?

        Upon pledging to return the drone, the Chinese accused Washington of “hyping up” the incident, an accusation that seems indisputable. Normally, US officials would want to keep evidence of their spying hush-hush. Which leads us to wonder why the Obama administration would hype the incident if this whole thing wasn’t staged for domestic political purposes.

        However, Trump didn’t fall for the bait, tweeting:

        “We should tell China that we don’t want the drone they stole back – let them keep it!”

        ***Another words, those drones were built with Crap Chinese Electronics, and Trump will build new Sub Drones with America’s Technology and Brawn. So yeah keep your drone. lol

        How about an unmanned drone with a Nuke to implode causing an EMP? Im sure that too is out there lurking.

      13. Obama just Pardoned 70 more convicts.

        One of them is:
        Roy Norman Auvil of Illinois, who was convicted in 1964 with possessing an unregistered distilling apparatus.

        Hey Genius, there is hope on the way.

        See the full list here and why they were convicts.
        ht tp://

        Uh… Hillary is pissed she did not make the list yet. Obama will probably save that for the last day, before Trump Takes over. Do you all think secretly, that Obama would love to see Hillary spend the rest of her life defending her actions in criminal lawsuits, while Obama plays Golf in Hawaii chuckling?

        A few more made the Obama Pardon List:
        *Ronald Lee Foster of Beaver Falls, Pa., was convicted of mutilation of coins and sentenced to one year of probation and $20 fine.

        *Cindy Marie Griffith of Moyock, North Carolina, who was convicted of distribution of satellite cable television decryption devices and sentenced to two years probation with 100 hours of community service.

        *Edwin Alan North, who was convicted of transfer of a firearm without payment of transfer tax.

        *Alfor Sharkey of Omaha, Nebraska, who was convicted of unauthorized acquisition of food stamps and sentenced to three years probation with 100 hours of community service and $2,750 restitution.

        *Larry Wayne Thornton of Forsyth, Georgia, who was convicted of possession of an unregistered firearm and possession of a firearm without a serial number, and was sentenced to four years probation.

        *Bobby Gerald Wilson, who was convicted of Aiding and abetting the possession and sale of illegal American alligator hides.

        Most of the others were drug possession, counterfeiting, and transferring technology to Iran.

      14. I woke up Sunday morning vomiting and shitting myself silly. I ended up getting dizzy from dehydration so I went to emergency room. While waiting to check in I blacked out slamming my face against the wall on my way to the floor. I woke up to people standing around me telling me not to move they put a collar around my neck and two guys picked me up and put me onto a guerny. Turns out I had viral diarea and lost a huge amount of fluids. I knew I was losing too much fluids to fast and it was gonna be a problem that’s why I needed to go to er. It got me thinking that most preppers aren’t prepared to deal with something like this. Not gonna lie I felt like shit stomach pain discomfort. No way would I have been able to defend or protect my property. Feeling better today but had I not gone to hospital er what would be my status now. I a shtf viral pandemic the last place your gonna want to go is hospital. What are you gonna do. Do you have ability to diagnose viral vs bacterial and do you have Iv drip to rehydrate a person suffering from uncontrollable fluid loss. Viruses are harder to deal with from what I understand you usually have to let them run their course. you have to get the person rehydrated quickly as possible before organs shut down. This experiance has been a real eye opener. If I suffered this and sanitary conditions are good when the sanitation condition is deplorable how will people fare then. I’d say far worst. Guns will be the least of your worries people staying healthy will be number 1priority. If you don’t have your health you have no chance of surviving.

      15. It would appear that the Cartoon News Network and the NY Times (see ) have reached yet another new low in stupid propaganda. Our local “liberal” Knoxville paper now costs $1.50 on weekdays, and the ads are shrinking by the month. NY Times is clearing out the top 8 floors to rent out the space. Sure looks to me as if the MSM is going broke rather rapidly, and good riddance. Huge drop in ESPN viewers also.

        Ted Koppel now calls for severe restrictions on “alt right” media, saying that Americans are ready for restrictions on constitutional rights. I wonder how long the Deep State will allow “alt right” blogs to remain active.

        I do hope all on this blog have the opportunity to have a Merry and Joyous Christmas.

      16. Blah blah blah gold and silver blah blah yap yap. Economic collapse yip yap. Conservatives and liberals are ALL PART OF THE SAME GANG, they may wear different gang colors.

      17. PREDICTION:

        Watch what happens after Orange Satan and his Corporatist Fascist Military Junta Death Squad assume power, and there is a protest like the DAPL somewhere in the country, requiring Orange Satan and his Military Junta to release the Police State hell on the protesters. You will then see programmed indoctrinated Trumpbot coward boot lickers turn into frothing at the mouth rabid dogs salivating for blood, who will scream and demand the crushing with Police State force and maximum violence of any protesters. I saw, read hundreds of comments on social media, and heard the left-wing Obamabot Corporatist Fascist boot lickers demanding violence and blood from the American Police State horror at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge PROTEST, and the left-wing fascist cowards got it with the assassination and ambush murder of the REAL AMERICAN HERO Lavoy Robert Finicum!!!! Now we will wait and watch for the Trumpbot Corporatist Fascist boot lickers to scream for blood, death, and the American Police State horror to be released on some other American victims with the boot around their neck.

      18. What Obama is essentially doing with the pardons is that the sentencing guidelines for the offences have been lowered since their trials. Meaning what once was a 10-20 yr sentence , is now a 5-10yr….and they have served over 5 years already, so let them out. He’s basically saying that all the convictions for marijuana in Colorado before it was legalized should be dismissed, because its now legal to possess weed. The other half of them are political in nature, rewarding DNC donors, etc…If he could get away with it, and he might just try B4 Jan 20th, he would pardon every minority in prison saying that they all received unfair trials/sentences because of racism and white privilege….give them DHS badges and guns, and the power to arrest anyone for being a “domestic extremist”. Then he’ll have the civilian security force he’s always wanted. GAME ON..!!!!!

      19. I think it’s great that there are educated people out there with these concerns. It is scary to wonder if we will ever really be able to save grace. The media is not entertainment but total manipulation. I am a firm believer, and I hate to say it, that the black lives/blue lives problem is being manifested and ruled by the media on purpose. It’s crazy to think either side won’t feel strongly for their cause, and we as humans play right into this trap. It’s hard to see what’s really going on when we can’t get past ourselves.. Just remember history is true to those who write it.

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