Teachers Train To Take Down School Shooters: “Tragedy Wakes You Up”

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Headline News | 171 comments

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    In what has become the nation’s first ever Armed Teacher Training Program, two dozen teachers selected from a pool of 1,400 applicants spent three days learning basic gun use, tactical maneuvers, and strategies for taking down crazed maniacs who may attempt to attack local schools.

    Jim Irvine, chairman of the Buckeye Firearm Association, said arming teachers is the best way to stop more mass murders, and gun control can’t help.

    “Gun control is purely political and has no place in this conversation,” Irvine said.

    This is why the Buckeye Firearm Foundation, a nonprofit with the association, paid $30,000 for 24 Ohio educators to learn how to react to a shooter in a school.

    The program was organized after the December shooting in a Newtown, Conn., school that took the lives of 20 children and six staff members.

    Deanna, an elementary-school teacher from central Ohio who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said she doesn’t know if she would have taken the training course had the Newtown massacre not occurred.

    “Tragedy wakes you up,” she said.

    Deanna said she feels better prepared to fend off a classroom shooter, but she does not think all teachers should have guns.

    “This isn’t just, ‘Let’s bring in teachers and train them, and then everyone’s going to be able to carry a gun,’ ” Deanna said.

    This is the only teacher-training program of its kind in the country, but school workers from across the nation have asked about future training classes, Irvine said.

    Columbus Dispatch

    Staff Heavily Armed

    Disarming law abiding citizens through gun confiscation will not stop a psychopathic mass murderer.

    A gun in the hands of a trained individual will.


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      1. 90% of teachers are BHO loving libtards. We have less than 10% that could be trained to protect children

        • I don’t know where you are getting you 90% fact, but I do believe you are completely wrong. Don’t go spewing incorrect statistics to try to prove your point. My coworkers and I do more on a daily basis for my students than their own parents do in a week and most of us (me without flinching) would risk our lives to save our students. So, Red Leader…back off on the teachers. You are definitely barking up the wrong tree.

          • Kynase, that sure don’t sound like a Liberal statement! My coworkers and I do more on a daily basis than their parents. Guess thats the reason the state thinks we should start them in school right out of the crib. Trekker Out.

            • You clearly haven’t worked with kids that are not yours. If you want to see the decay of society, start by looking at the morality and ethics of the family unit. The very people all of you complain about are the same people who have kids that are being brain washed into thinking living off the system is a great idea! Daily I combat this…daily I have to deal with kids whose parents are more interested in themselves than their children. Don’t try to tell me that I am liberal…I believe in liberty and I believe in democracy…I also believe in what the Lord has called me to do which is educate young minds. Don’t confuse me for a lib…but I won’t sit quiet and let people make up stats and bad mouth teachers. Walk a mile in my shoes then let’s talk

              • I HAVE walked a mile in your shoes. I quit teaching after one year and went back to my first field. Got tired of watching those little “sweeties” acting like jerks and worse, and then telling me “you can’t touch me, my mom will sue!” after beating another kid senseless. Yeah. been there. You are absolutely correct kynase. These “gems” are the reason I’m killing myself to save enough for private school, or if all else fails, homeschool. I’m endorsed in biology, mathematics, science etc. I’ve watched african-american kids score high on tests and be peer pressured to fail by other african-american kids. What do they say “lies, damn lies, and statistics”. I’m a research biologist and I have a T-shirt that says “when all else fails, manipulate the data.” How true.

                • The White House wanted to use dead school kids as a show stopper to promote gun “control” (banning) and it BACKFIRED! Hah. Now more people AND teachers are arming themselves for protection. And this is a direct result of their fake school attack. I really wish I could be a fly on the wall at the White House when they discuss those stats!

              • Democracy is for another country Not the US of A..educate yourself, this is a Republic and our government is a representative Republic..dont teach your kids lies

              • kynase;
                I think you are missing the point of Red Leader’s 90%/10% comment. The majority of teachers are liberal and pro gun control. I think everyone can agree on that. Maybe its not 90% but thats not the point. The teachers that do want to arm themselves are definitely not part of the majority (which is unfortunate).

                Regarding your “Back off of the teachers” statement… I must have missed the memo where we aren’t allowed to have a discussion about teachers. There are a lot of great teachers out there, I’m sure you are one of them. But lets be honest, public schools are not the ideal learning environment. Surely you see that for yourself. From the tone of your post I’m assuming you work in an urban or large suburban school. Everyone here understands the issues teachers face on a daily basis, but lets not put all teachers up on a pedestal just yet.

                • How do you know? Have you surveyed every teacher? I doubt that. As far as “everyone can agree on that”. Most Americans agree there is a God despite an astounding lack of evidence to support the belief ie that particular agreement. So, just because most agree on something is no basis for a factual conclusion, just an uneducated bias.

          • Sorry, but I’m calling B.S.

          • All it takes is less than 10% of teachers to be able to take out the psycho. I would think that most teachers that can at least have a firearm put the whole equation into a new shed of light because most of these monsters that would shoot a child are absolute cowards and afraid of someone that can fight back. The exception to this would be some muslim terrorist that the only way to take them down is to put enough holes into their carcasses. Either case it is far better than even a lousy shot can get lucky and hit the slime long enough to at least slow them down.

            At Sandy Hook the only recourse was for a teacher to bide a fraction of a second for a child by using their own bodies as a shield that would go down very quickly. Some sacrifice, to die, and then have the children you are trying to save die anyway. I don’t see how it can be wrong for a teacher to be armed protecting their students from whatever. These radical totally MINDLESS anti-self defense CREEPS would have even teachers totally defenseless, no TASER, no pepper spray, no baseball bat, nothing.

            The anti-self defense sludge values the criminal and evil more than any victims. The anti-self defense maggots portray themselves as peaceful and the good ones, yet they are part of and support and empower evil all the time. They are the evil. Those that support self defense for those that cannot defend themselves are on the side of the good and right. Those that go against the 2nd amendment are not only enemies of the U.S., they are enemies of humanity.

            • I am sure that they could have a x cop teach a class or two. He or she could be a assistant that floats between classes. No need to put that on a teacher. Just one x even could/would change the game.

            • BI,

              You are advocating a “Police State”? I thought you were smarter than that. Armed teachers are a “Police State, at least in the school. A school is a learning environment and fear is not the best way to learn to be an independent thinker. What next, arm the checker at the grocery store, the usher at the movie theater, the umpire at the softball game, the pastor at the church? That will solve the ills of our society? Guns are great, they have multiple uses but they are a tool and nothing more. You are counting on a school teacher, now armed with a gun, to conduct themselves as an educator? All I have to do is look at the police, who are the biggest gang in town and I know how this will end up. This has FUBAR written all over it. Good luck with that, treating the symptom and not the cause.

              • Your state just passed laws allowing CC in schools – you going to home school now?

            • Anti-self defense people value criminals and evil because it advances their agenda. A note though, most of the anti-self defense people have body guards, state-of-the-art home alarms and a gun in the drawer of their desks…the point is, there really is NO SUCH THING as an anti-self defense person WHO IS ARMED THEMSELVES. It is a hoax. A lie.

              “Anti-self defense” really means nothing more than elitist gun-grabbers for a totalitarian control government.

              If they were TRULY anti-self defense, they’d be trying to disarm the military and the government too. They’d be against war at all costs.

              • Anti-self defense people value criminals and evil because it advances their agenda.

                You obviously are an illiterate fool. I have yet to hear any liberal deny the right to self defense or encourage criminal activity. Get your head out of your ass.

          • what exactly do you do more on a daily basis for all your students than their own parents don’t do for them in a week? Please enlighten me. I cant wait to hear this.

            • Apache, I am not a teacher but I have been a high school coach. MOST teachers are outstanding people. I have been around schools and youth the better part of my life. That said, it is unfortunate but teachers do way too much when it comes to parenting kids.
              I coached in a middle class school and the way people parent (or don’t) was shocking. Kids often came to school hungry, dirty and in poor health. Teachers have to deal with kids who are distracted by their home lives. Kids who have had little sleep and few people modeling positive behavior at home.
              Teachers are the gate keepers concerning child abuse. It was common for a child to have bruises and injuries inflicted by a parent. It was common for a child to miss school due to abuse. Abusers would keep them out until the bruises (evidence) went away. Teachers were often the people who stopped the abuse.
              Not every teacher cared about kids or their job. Most do and most are put in the position of dealing with issues a parent should deal with.
              Like I said, it is unfortunate and a lot more common than people realize.

          • In the past we (teachers) protected our students and most of us would go to the wall for them. I personally have fed some my own lunch as they had none, went home with them while they dropped the big; Mom I’m pregnant bomb, and went to the law when I found out they had been molested. My using a gun to protect them is just a notch up on the stick from what I had always done for “my kids”.

            They have thanked me over and over maybe not in so many words but a quick hug in the Walmart, or an invitation to be their child’s Godmother said the words louder & clearer then the actual words themselves.

            If I were not retired heck yes I would be at the front of the line signing up for the classes, these children are placed in the schools and teachers care each morning as they get off the bus and it is our duty to protect them them with everything we have, carrying a gun for their protection is just another way of doing it. This was not necessary when we, and maybe our own children, were growing up but in todays world it is the norm, not the exception.

            • Good Evening mallardhen,

              I wish we had a million more of EXACTLY your caliber M’am.

              The highest expression of Love I can concieve of is to place oneself in the path of horror to swerve it from one who is the lesser, indeed we have all heard,

              “None hath greater love than those who will lay down thier life for another…”

              Thank you for the service you have rendered, thank you for demonstrating – to those who MOST need reaasurance – that they are in fact cherished. Much of the woe that we see around us today would be otherwise were it only the case that more of that were done…


          • I agree and disagree with Red Leader @ Kynase There is a strong emphasis on generalizing here .., possibly do to the perception of reality of one’s locale.

            Good day.

          • How are you going to save your students, mayonase?

            Give us a plan, with psycho killer/killers in your face.

        • Don’t know about the 90% Red Leader. Even if it’s accurate, imagine if 10% of teachers were armed. Or even just one or two per school. That might make a huge difference in the next Newtown.
          Plus, I suspect classroom discipline might improve, too, if the teachers were packin’
          -just a thought

          • Thank God for those brave teachers. What sucks ass is that some nice sweet young school teachers might have to draw down of some piece of shit and waste them and our so-called ” government “, who not only doesn’t have their back will probably label them criminals in some bullshit way. WHAT WOULD DIANE ( Feinstein ) DO?

            Thank you teachers for your bravery, and thanks to all the LEO who have been doing this for a while now and get no recognition or thanks.

            • I was a teacher, (see other comment) and we had a drive-by on our middle school. I always wore sweaters and am a big guy. I was asked to go out front during morning drop off and afternoon pickup. We, of course, were a “gun free zone”, so I wore a level three vest under my sweater. I figured I could at least get in front of a shooter. Another teacher saw me taking the vest off in the teachers restroom before class and put it into my generic gym bag. I was called to the principles office and was told to never bring the vest to school again. The exact quote was “if someone found out you were wearing a vest, what would they think?”. I took it home, quit doing out front duty and left at the end of the year. They WERE quick to fill in the dozen or so 9mm holes in the facade of the building!

              • Hey Legion7 (teacher??),

                You spelled principal wrong!!

          • Back in the day some of the teachers had pistols locked in their desks…and we had guns in our lockers….and guess what?…not one…count em…not one school shooting or incident….now nobody has a gun anywhere near a school and we have dozens…somethings wrong with this picture!

            • Oh yes. We all remember guns in schools. Back in the day of course. Why I remember watching two teachers yelling at each other about who had a bigger gun. It was very common. Very common indeed.

              • So it doesnt line up with YOUR small worldview?…doesnt make it untrue…crawl back in your hole ya troll…

                • I just know from my little world view that he is full of shit. What’s wrong with pointing out the obvious truth?

                  • I bet your world view consists of looking up the backside of one of your queer buddies homo.

        • Having taught a little, married to a teacher and knowing a bunch of them, I disagree with you. The teachers didn’t start this mess of no discipline, foo foo classes, and more administrators. Most of the ones I know will be glad to tell you exactly how to fix the schools. Fire 90% of admin; make 90% of the ones you keep teach some classes and look the students right in the eye and tell them: Pay attention or get out.
          Being a terrible person myself, I suggest a faster cheaper way: Give the teacher blanket permission to shoot two students per year, one wounded, one fatal. Or two wounded, Absolutely guarantee a MASSIVE improvement in SAT scores first year.

          • And a reduction in school violence

          • Want to eliminate drugs and crime from society? Have a lottery. Draw a date from a hat, out of 30 days, excluding Christmas and Easter, go ahead and add a few other religious days, but everyone who was convicted of any crime, from shoplifting or smoking a doobie, up to murder on that day during the previous month, is executed. I guarantee you the problem would reduce itself down to a manageable level in one year.

            • Just a few issues with your lottery idea. It would seem a little harsh to execute an 18 year old who stole a outhouse as a joke when he or she were drunk. Under your execution ideas, no one who has ever had a day of fun in their lives would be alive.
              What about a person with downs? What about a low IQ? What about an old person with dementia? What about a person with mental illness? What about a person fishing with live bait ten feet from the cut off? Put them in the lotto? Kind of a fun thing to say but a dumb idea. Won’t happen anyway. Smokey, you or anyone in your family ever do something stupid but a little fun?

        • You never really know what a lot of people will do when presented with killing someone. I have seen die hard prep types do well and some not so well. Watch the Youtube vid of the two survivalist who are shooting at targets. The gun goes off causing temporary deafness in one guy. The guy cries, and I do mean like a baby. The guy continues to cry throughout the video.
          My point being, you never really know and sometimes there is a disconnect between the way people talk and the way they act. Want to convert a liberal? Make them a victim of a violent crime and then they understand.
          I think a number of teachers would be willing and able regardless of their so called political beliefs. I also think there are tough talkers who cry when they are scared or hurt.

        • @Red Leader

          You may know me or not know: I, SonOfSam, try to post here pretty regularly. I am a schoolteacher of longstanding. I’d say the percentage of my collegeues who are out and out ObamaNazis is less than half. Many of the rest of us are patriots who do our best to awaken our fellows, as well as parents and even students. Please do not weaken our position by conceding the schools we work in to the enemy. That’s EXACTLY what you do when you fling around numbers like “90%”

        • Wait a minute. I thought several of you said Newtown was a hoax. Why arm teachers against made up shooters?

        • With respect, most of the teachers at my 80% black school support the kIng, but no matter what color, we all want to educate, help direct and protect our kiddos. There are several concealed carry teachers on campus but the state of La. says schools are gun free zones. We will do what we have to to protect our kids. Quit painting all of us with a single brush, Red. Prep and pray, the end has arrived.

        • Cite yoiu source for the 90%. Sounds more like you are blowing it out of your illiterate ass.

      2. EXACTLY! I talked with this employee awhile back, who was packing a gun. I had never seen anyone with a gun before and was curious why he had a gun on his hip… so I asked him about it. He said that every store in that shopping mall had been robbed two or more times except his store where he worked. He said his store was the only one that had never been robbed. He and other employees and the boss all wore guns. And they had never been robbed! (Hardware store).

        • If a criminal, or drug addict thinking about robbing for a fix, sees a weapon on or near their potential victim, I think they will definitely think twice and more likely will move along.

          I owned a country store/gas station/game room in the early and mid eighties. My brother helped out for a few years, and we both kept our 38s in plain view beside the register, far out of reach of anyone checking out.
          If anyone showed up that looked suspicious and there was no one else around, I picked my gun up and started putting oil on it. The suspects, usually had little to say and moved along rather quickly.

          A gun in the hand is worth ten in the safe, when necessity calls.

        • My coin dealer, his wife and a son all carry openly in their store. Most of the other stores in this particular strip mall, not located in a ‘bad’ area of town either, have been robbed at least once. They haven’t had a bit of trouble. Its easy to get them to ‘buzz’ you into their store ……. its the getting back out that would present a problem, especially if they were shooting at you and really wanted you to hang around and meet the en-route police vehicles. A well armed society is, by nature, a very polite and well mannered society.

      3. at least one of those “libtards” I know

        will fill your ass with a load of double ought in a New York minute !!!

        • I doubt that Satori! If your attacker was black, you’d be full of too much white guilt to shoot to defend yourself.

          • I just love it when someone foolishly says

            all libs are this
            all conservatives are that

            someone who thinks like that is putting
            themselves at a DECIDED disadvantage
            very dangerous way of thinking indeed

            • Satori–good point
              I’m sure the Army doesn’t ask a soldier whether he’s a
              liberal or a conservative when they stick a rifle in his
              hands and sends him off to the war-zone.

              • By identifying yourself as a libtard, you clearly establish the the boundaries.

                • Sterling- Yep, now the libtard is on report and this is will be on their permanent record. That will show them goddam right. Do you do anything other than say stupid shit? You are a small man behind a computer typing about people crossing your made up line.

              • Wakey wakey, folks. All this infighting is just what TPTB want us to do. Chill out. I like the comment above saying all it takes is 10% of teachers who are awake to do the job more than magically anyways. And as a teacher… whether a brain dead zombie waltzes into my home, my school, my community or any place near me….all I can say to him is go ahead, try it. But he’d only get one try…… period, paragraph.

                • BINGO!!!

                  Folks, Ranger has the ‘High Hand’ here! 🙂


                  • JOG, you’re too kind. Back at ya! We’re all here to learn from each other and help one another overcome TPTB and live the free lives we were destined to live. Cheers to you, amigo.

                • @Ranger

                  as a fellow teacher, I can honestly say that I am a weaker, extremely near sighted sort of guy, not exactly Rambo. Anyone breaks into my home, I’m not gonna wrestle ’em or try any kung fu or krav maga shit. I’d be way too afraid that they’d win, then get to use me my wife and my children for whatever fucked up purposes they had in mind.. No thanks: I’m gonna draw, aim for the center and keep pulling the trigger until it goes click

                  • Big mags = no clicks…. 😉

                  • ….and I’m not saying I’m like George St. Pierre or anything myself, but it’s just about always thinking one step ahead, being proactive, prepared, efficient, and even all around positive….and I like your idea too….. keep the sights on centre. All the best to you!

            • They’re both equally stupid. Convert to libertarianism you old bastards.

        • The snakeskin looks kind of cool!
          As for plastic guns- those are for shooting plastic criminals. Personally, I’m prepared for all types. Plastic criminals. Stainless steel criminals. Blued steel criminals. Hollow criminals. Full metal jacketed criminals. Double aught criminals. Whatever ya got.

      4. Bravo! Police can’t be everywhere at all times. Bravo to teachers doing what is necessary in this dangerous world.

      5. I hope it works, we will all be better off for it.

      6. http://www.amazon.com/Atlantic-British-Ltd-Jerry-Can/dp/B00ADLHN3S


        This is a NATO gas can painted a different color with a tag that says not for fuel use so the manufacturer doesn’t have to pay the regulatory fees for gas cans. This same exact can labelled for fuel use costs $90 instead of $40.

        • You can find the plastic vent caps for fuel cans on EBAY.

      7. Have you ever noticed when you fly somewhere that half of your ticket cost is taxes and fees? PRIVATIZE AIRPORT SECURITY. WE DON’T NEED THE TSA.

        • We all knew how it would go when Bush & co created TSA.

      8. NO MORE FREE TRADE. Tax foreign manufacturers 40% now. Force the American sheeple to spend a hell of a lot more on goods. This will collapse the class structures and create American jobs at a living wage.

        Remember the economists, the fucking “experts” that sold us free trade? These “economists” never seem to be right about anything, hmmm?

      9. 100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.

        Make every ballot count. Then reload.

        100 million American gun owners could eliminate the NWO gun grabbers overnight. And at 1000 yards. WE are all, SEAL Team America.

        Read Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots. The future of America is freedom because the future of Americans is armed. Victory is certain. Freedom is assured, if WE all do OUR part where WE are at.

        All politics are local. Engage.

        • I am done with voting. I feel abandoned by anyone with similar views and desires for honesty, integrity, and values. America is gone in my mind. Like a zombie country. Already dead just waiting to hit the ground. I can’t seem to enjoy my fellow Americans company anymore. I actually like fewer and fewer people as I realize that most would sell their souls for most cable channels. Hardly anyone I know has any true convictions about moral issues and life values in general. Just look at the majority of the children today to get a good sense of what the parents are like. I also feel I have no political party to affiliate with. Spineless, greedy, selfish politicians from all sides is all I see. Happy Easter. I will do my best to have one.

          • Keep voting. It’s all we have, right now.

            • You must vote for one or both:

              Die slowly.

              Die quick.

          • I feel like you about not voting but then some slime runs for office and I have to vote against them. I haven’t voted for anyone in a long long time. In the county where I live we voted out a number of the county commissioners because of an “in your face” violation of public trust. When the politics get’s any bigger than county level then there’s no accountability.

          • @ Gonetoolong I totally agree with you and it makes
            my heart ache with sadness.

            I could never be a teacher as I know I’d be wearing stripes and living in the “Irongate Motel” before the first grading period arrived. So many of the so-called parents should have been sterilized at birth.

            ~~~ gardenia

      10. For what it’s worth,went to the range today in Maryland ..most shooters had AR’s ,,and the talk around was very tense,almost on edge.maryland votes today on “assault rifles” and high cap mags ….I pray it goes our way,it could get very,very,ugly here..

        • Unfortunately, the States that carried the biggest burden in the last Civil War will have to carry the burden in the next one. Not that many commies or grazers in Arizona. A few too many but a new House Bill will ban Agenda 21 too.

          God, I love Arizona. preppers, patriots, and veterans welcome.

          • DK,

            You forgot to add drug smugglers and Illegal aliens to the Arizona welcome list!

            • SD Mule: For the most part (500,000) , they moved to California, which is why half of all welfare recipients reside in California.

              They also moved to Oregon, Washington, and Colorado where they are embraced by the commies in power.

              • DK,

                Gotta call bullshit on that! There are a lot of Mexicans in Arizona. There are one hell of a lot more Mexicans in Arizona than there are in Oregon.

      11. Bill of Rights and Second Amendment is being crapped on by the politicians but Homosexual Weddings is being heard by the Supreme Court. This country is toast.

        • Revoke all gun control laws. Begin with the Supreme Court.

      12. Mac, you must have been reading my mind! First, we have a new addition to the family (.270 cal, not mine, but a close family member who says it can live at my house). Then today’s artcle! It’s like 2nd Amendment Fridays!

        • Evening Okie,

          With ‘care’ and proper ‘feeding’ it might well grow up to be a BIG, strong, healthy firearm…What a joy! 😉


          • I’m hoping to be home for the christening in a few days!

            • Ooohh,

              Delightful…Ummm if you don’t already have a ‘Godfather’ in mind I’d LUV to help the little ‘tyke’ out;
              teach him right from wrong, baseball…lomg range target engagement…help me to wotk out those pesky ‘paternal’ urges that crop up intermittently….



      13. I have freinds who are “progressinve”. Eight of them are in a biding war to buy one of my pistols I offered up for sale.. a few are starting to get it. I have told them to “come to the dark side… we have cookies and guns”. Two are teachers and want to get this training and carry at school. We will see if our school district is smart and lets this happen. Times are a changin and some libs are starting to see the folly of Progressive-ism.

        • ANYONE with a working intelligent cell in their entire brain already stocked up on p-shooters and ammo. My question is, do we go with chocolate chip, peanut butter or plain ol oatmeal on the cookies? Whats the bible thumpin knuckle draggin’ red neck preference? I’m going macadamia nut cookies in hard times.

          • I shoot staighter after a couple of my wifes oatmeal and rasin cookies… saves ammo… and at todays prices…

          • Cells are not intelligent. You do not need to be home learnin your kids. If you does home learn them, make sure to hire someone to teach dem science stuff and writing stuff.

      14. HAH!!!

        NOW THIS is the responsse of an AWARE, CIVILIZED society protecting the most vulnerable amongst us. THIS is the appropriate resposne to those EVIL $%^^^&^&&*&*&* who would contemplate such as Newtown.

        AT your peril, enter herein to harm…BE so advised.

        Perhapos there IS Hope yet for Humanity…

        HAPPY JOG 🙂


        • Another good step to straighten this mess out would be to regain local parental control over the schools and get rid of the dept of mis-education!

      15. The education of teachers; what a concept.

        I appreciate the job teachers do and respect most, especially on the K-1 thru 12th grade levels. Most local community colleges have good people teaching also.

        I don’t think arming teachers is the way to go. Educating them about firearms and defensive tactics is a good idea. I have known some teachers that were not stable and calm enough to be handling a firearm around children, especially my children. I’ve known some women that were teachers, and when they went into a pre-menstral psycho rage, I wouldn’t want my grandkids anywhere near them, much less with them armed. Menopause can have some devastating effects on women too.

        I think the protection of our little ones at school should come from trained professionals and not some Barney Fife security guard character. For all the money wasted on bailing out banks and Odrama-care bullshit, people should be demanding a professionally trained and fully vetted armed guard at every school. They don’t have to be a LE officer, just trained as one. I think their salary should be included in every schools budget.

        • don’t tread
          I agree with you wholeheartedly.

          • Well, as you observe the police state, I’m sure you’ll agree that the “trained professionals” are just as prone to menopausale rage and the effects of psychotropic drugs as teachers are. I’d call it 6’s.

            I got kids in public school (will start home school next year) and I’d trust crash coursed teachers with guns to the goons wearing badges…so called “professionals”.

            • Have the armed special forces team, teachers, coaches, janitors, etc., in addition to their side arms, access to arms lockers, lockers like we had aboard ship in my day. However, have flak jackets with markings such as, PSYCHO SCUM KILLER, on the jacket.

              Kevlar helmets optional.

              Bring back firearms training in schools and the rifle team. Every school graduate a rifleman.

              Remove the bastards, with predjudice.

            • Done “got” kids in public school huh? Isolate your kids as soon as possible and you do the learnin thing yourself.

            • Sterling. Do you know what a police state is? You are being histrionic and silly. You need to get out more. Yep by god I would take what some posts describe as a lib tard teacher over a cop in a gun fight any day. Hahahahahaha.

            • But sterling you posted that you would trust teachers with guns. How on earth do you reconcile the psyco teachers having guns?

        • My wife teaches. She would not be the right person to give that burden. She has enough on her plate. It needs to be a trained professional. They could hide this person as a TA, janitor, bus driver, asst. coach. What our are kid lives worth?

        • {I have known some teachers that were not stable and calm enough to be handling a firearm around children}

          I’m gonna go out on a limb here and bet that the 12 chosen of “””””1400″”””” applicants weren’t ‘those’ unstable, erratic teachers you mention.

          • Note that there were 1400 applicants. I predict that some “Weapons free zone” signs will come down.

        • In an active shooter event, it may take just one shot fired by some Barney Fife guard or Mr. Peepers math teacher, to get the crazed killer to stop what he’s doing and shoot himself. So let’s not buy into this concept that we need some SWAT team-capable Deadwood Bob the Shootist, just an ordinary person with the means to fight back is sufficient.

          After all, isn’t that what most of us CCW permit holders are? We feel the need to protect ourselves, so we carry. We do a good job at it, and so will the teachers that choose to do this.

          • I know that’s right Smokey. Can’t figure it, seems everybody hates Schumer and Fienstien and Polsie because they don’t trust us below average citizens with a gun, and then all of a sudden 2/3 of the people on this site don’t trust anyone to protect our kids in school, unless they’re a cop. Guess all these people that are blowing about how great teachers are, really don’t mean what they’re saying. I think teachers do a great service and would do a good job of protecting our children, with the proper training.

        • No cops in schools. That’s just another FOP jobs idea.

      16. This Truck Powered By Detroit Diesel…and Fruit Of The Loom

        A while back I was running down I-29 north of Kansas City. It was getting close to dusk and my alternator light came on. I pulled over, opened the hood, and found the belt had broken. Called our breakdown guy back at the terminal and he said:
        “Can you make it to the truck stop?”
        ‘I doubt it. I’m 30 minutes away. It’s getting dark and if I run the headlights, it’ll drain the batteries. Plus, what about the water pump and the engine overheating.’
        “Nevermind that. The water pump is gear driven.”
        ‘Oh, yeah. Right.’
        “You got anything you can make a temporary belt out of, like maybe a bungee cord? Anything to turn the alternator and at least put some juice back to the batteries?”
        ‘Only bungees I have are those black rubber kind. They wont work.’
        “Got any rope with you.”
        ‘No. We may have to call a tow truck if I can’t get there without totally draining the batteries and losing headlights.’
        “Wait a minute! I got an idea! What kind of underwear do you wear?”

        That seemed like an odd question, so I said:

        ‘Uh, whataya mean? They’re white…. Well, mostly.’
        “No, I mean boxers or briefs?”
        ‘Uh, briefs. Why?’
        “OK, good! Now, here’s what you do. You sacrifice a pair of undies and make a belt out of the waist band. Just rip or cut the rest of them away. But be careful not to cut the waist band. Then slip it over the main pulley and the alternator. It might work!”

        I tried it and, believe it or not, it did! I got to the truck stop with no problem. When they pulled my truck in to work on it, the mechanic called me over. He looked at the temporary belt and said:
        “Driver, would you mind removing your, uh…homemade belt?”
        I suddenly realized- he wasn’t about to take it off himself! Axle grease, hot anti-freeze, even dry roadkill in a tire tread is one thing. But a drivers old underwear? There are some things even a truckstop mechanic won’t touch!

        • Thats a good one bud, two thumbs up!

      17. Hey Smokin! A proper prepper would have had 3 extra pair of undies in their glove box to take care of such emergencies! Good call anyway.

      18. Classroom teachers in Isreal carry assault rifles. Full auto. Trained in use and deployment of. Ever heard of a “school shooting” there? Oddly enough, kiddies all seem well behaved too. Hmm?

      19. I agree that “SOME” teachers should carry guns to protect our children from a very bad situation.

        But, also.., some (few) of these teachers are unable to keep there gun stayed tucked between their legs around female students.
        I didn’t forget female teacher with male student.

        So., do we get a mental evaluation on a teacher before issued a gun?

      20. Earthquakes on the western Nazca plate today, Easter Island and southeast of it. Everytime this happens in the past either around Chile or the area around Peru, Argentina, Bolivia gets hits with a big one, usually within a week or two. Also on the target list, AGAIN Mexico and Central America. This means the Nazca plate is on the move or being pushed by the South American plate, which means a big earthquake is definitely on the way. The past has a 100% hit ratio on this before.

        • BI
          Heres a question,
          Here in the islands we have had Kilauea erupting for a long time, seismic activity, at least big shakers have been almost non existent, wouldnt all that magma pumping to the surface eventually cause a settling or collapse of the surface crust eventually? All the islands have cliffs on their north or east shores indicating an uplift or tilt of sections of the surface crust. Just curious what your input is on this, a geologist buddy of mine thinks were over due for some sort of extreme movement.

          • @ Kulfarmer. Your geologist friend is correct, Hawaii is overdue for a mid to high 7 range. The Pacific Ocean is shrinking and eventually areas through most of the Pacific are going to feel this, especially the hot spot that Hawaii is sitting on like Yellowstone. I saw an article recently about the amount of Magma that has been “piling up” between the Kermadec Islands and Hawaii that will eventually result in horrific volcanic eruptions like in India about 65 million years ago, about the same time the asteroid hit the planet.

            Really, anytime you have a lot of heat and a build up of mass, you are going to have some readjustments going on. Hawaii is indeed a place in which the tallest mountains in the world are, as more than half of the mountain is under water. The base to to top is higher than Everest. Anytime you have mountains this tall you have a lot of potential for earthquakes. The strain and tension are different from some of the other plate boundaries, but there is the possibility of a low 8 in Hawaii. Tsunamis have occurred from nearby undersea quakes. Fortunately Hawaii has one of the best early warning tsunami systems that there is.

            I actually would be more worried though about some of the super faults in regards to Hawaii like in eastern Russia and up through to Alaska about tsunamis. There also exists the possibility of a major eruption. Kohala volcano as mentioned on Volcano Live had a flank collapse of Mauna Loa 110,000 years ago and lead to a tsunami that reached almost 200 feet tall and ran up to almost 4 miles inland. I am still lloking at the New Zealnd region and Kermadec Islands for the next super event that wallops the planet. The Australian plate is so warped right now and will only get worse as time goes by.

            Truly the uplift and tilt you talk about has to do with a much broader picture of what is going on in the Pacific as a whole, rather than something that is “just” localized. The hot spot will cause this movement on the north and east shores. Over long periods of time most of Hawaii will be reduced to atolls or seamounts as the hot spot and the island building of this leaves the region and erosion takes over. Until that time Hawaii remains in danger of major earthquakes as long as there is heat to fuel the stress.

            • The tsunami potential from the Alutian fault line is huge, people dont believe me when i tell them you can see the fault or cliff that is under the ocean if you look at google earth, that baby is huge and if it slips itll wipe the north side of the islands off the map, i feel that is a when, not an if, i have seen the destruction from just localized tsunami action back in the late 70s when a section of mauna loa along the ocean sank, killed one of my folks friends and banged up a bunch of boyscouts, quake hot in the middle of the night and the peninsula they were camping on broke up and sank into the ocean. Pretty horrific, but real small event considering.
              Anyway, enjoy your analasys.
              The geology of this place fascinates me, always makes me wonder what gives when you find sand and shell deposit layers at the 1000-1500′ elevation, have seen that on more than a few construction digs. That stuff got there somehow and i dont think it had anything to do with man!

              • Reposte…

                Howdy BI,

                “Kohala volcano as mentioned on Volcano Live had a flank collapse of Mauna Loa 110,000 years ago and lead to a tsunami that reached almost 200 feet tall and ran up to almost 4 miles inland.”

                Friend, MANY thanks…I lnew of the ‘event’ in the context of what paleo-geologist had discovered along the West coast of the US and Canada but I had never heard of WHAT the genitive source was. All along the Pacific coast there was conclusive evidence – via displaced sedimentation and large boulder-sized displaced rock – but I had never heard a pronunciation on the actual cause. Excellent, another mystery laid to rest finally. When something is NOT in one’s fleld it is often the case that it’s much harder to ever get the whole story.

                While I’ve got you here…there’s an unusaul amount of activity in the magnetosphere today – and also – tonight….cause not neccessarily known. The CHSS that swept us previously was not modeled to be this strong. For whatever reason, a large amount of the particles of which the solar wind is composed succesfully became injected into the Van Allen belts (where all such end up) and produced an unexpectedly large response. I posted in the last part of the previous forum thereon. Kiruna was seeing deflections nearing 1000 nT along the North-South channel…that is very large.

                Oh, thanks also for the entirety of the Hawaii explanation you gave above…very illuminating Friend!


          • Good question! Poor answers, God only knows. The Hot spot that feeds the Big Island is way deep. Much deeper than most volcanoes and much bigger. Most volcanoes have a magma chamber that fills, overflows, collapses and starts again. Your Big and Ugly seems to be fed from an upwelling way below the surface and doesn’t seem directly related to a typical magma chamber.
            That said the Island does indeed rise a bit when it starts to go off and subside a bit when it stops. The BIG sea cliffs are the result of some HUGE landslides, you can see the remains of some of the land blocks miles out in the ocean. The tidal waves must have been enormous. There is a reason we have a large research station there. (Burned down by the volcano years ago, I don’t know about the new one.) Beyond the fact that: THERE SEEM TO BE SOME OTHER LIKELY LANDSLIDES DEVELOPING THAT COULD SEVERELY DAMAGE THE WEST COAST. Your guess is as good as anyone’s. PS my info is 30 years old, newer would be better.

      21. HA-ha!! Good one SmokinO ! Ya know yer ‘panty hose ‘would have worked Better! But then yer secret would have been OUT ,and you would have to endure th Ribbin at all th TruckStops!!And YES give th Teachers GUNS!! (except for my 6th grade science teacher ,he was a friutCake!!) Prepp.ON mm~

      22. BI, good evening, and once again you’re right on target. [no pun intended] I have to say this again: ANYONE WHO INTERFERES WITH ANYONE’S NATURAL, GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE PLAYS WITH FIRE AND WILL GET BURNED. THAT IS A RED LINE THAT SHOULD NEVER BE CROSSED BY ANYONE, PERIOD. IT IS THE SAME AS TAMPERING WITH HUMAN LIFE ITSELF. I totally disregard any and all restrictions on self-defense. I carry certain self-defense items in my truck everywhere I go. I’ve been doing that since the Clinton era. Any situation I get into I will survive it even if it means violating any law regarding self-defense and i don’t care about any possible consequences. Force your way into my home and you will die. It is that simple. I think the idea of training and arming teachers is feasible only as long as you get people with the right mentality. Not all teachers are liberal-minded. There are some who live in the real world and know what the score is. handling firearms is not for everybody. braveheart

        • @ braveheart. I think one of the worst feeling about Sandy Hook was when these teachers sacrificed themselves for no reason. Even someone that can barely hold a firearm can make the difference between hundred people dying and one or two, or no one. It only takes a hit in the right spot to make the maniac run away or drop the gun they are using. Even cause some nut to hesitate a bit. The good guys have the firearms, the good guys have at least a chance to stop it. Someone that is unarmed has a near zero chance of stopping it. The anti-self defense creeps are either too incredibly stupid to understand this or they are part of the evil and everything that is wrong.

          The majority of the population has become so ignorant it is a sight to behold and to be sickened by. I can’t wait until Mac puts up the refined article I sent him for everybody to read, it really nails down the shear ridiculous thought pattern of most of the masses big time. Mac is a master of organizing thoughts of an article like this and I am anxious to see it also. I know you will like it a lot because it truly pins down the lame way so much of the population “thinks” about preparation and being ready.

          • There have been cases where, when these murderers are confronted by another armed individual, just commit suicide on the spot. There was a recent case in California when this exact thing happened. It was a mall shooting I believe. Someone with a gun confronted the shooter and he ran into a staircase I believe and shot himself. Of course, you heard nothing about that from the MSM.

            These murderers are cowards after all. And when confronted with someone willing to face them, will take the easy way out.

            All of the gun-grabbers, if they were willing to be honest, have to ask themselves why these murderers always choose places like schools and malls…where they believe that they can commit their slaughter without resistance, instead of attacking something like a police department, where the victims can shoot back.

            But the gun-grabbers are not really interested in saving lives. They are just interested in control and having the populace be dependent upon government for protection.

            It is antithetical to freedom and self-reliance. And their philosophy is one of slaves and sheep. They don’t have the right to call themselves men. They are wimps.

            People who will not defend themselves….and would deny others that right, deserve the violence that will be inflicted upon them.

            • Assault weapons are inherently evil. Note the unbridled carnage you always hear about when gun shows come to town.

              • Aside from the accidental shootings gun shows are great.

                  • Hi Walt. Pissant? Really. Walter Mitty? You are tough in your head.

                  • And what are you missy? Skip your Midol this month?

      23. We the People!

        Whether you agree or disagree with the Second Amendment, the Second Amendment is the Supreme Law of the Land as it stands right now! We The People’s Founding Fathers placed the Second Amendment right there into We the People’s Bill of Rights.

        Now We The People have a serious problem on our hands with tax paid government employees who swear solemn oath of job employment to serve and protect We The People’s Constitution which includes The Second Amendment!

        Written within the U.S. Constitution is a process for making amendments to the Constitution. We The People’s tax paid government employees who beg, borrow and steal for the opportunity to become a tax paid government employee are utterly and deliberately ignoring their own oaths of job employment and therefore are engaged in acts of treason folks!

        We The People hire these tax paid government employees to be servants to the U.S. Constitution. If there are aspects about or if they have issues with We the People’s Constitution…then these treasonous tax paid government employees should never have applied for the job in the first place and not waste We the People’s time and money!

        We the People…We Need to Talk! About what we are going to do with all our tax paid government employees, that have turned their backs to We the People’s Constitution!!!

        It is time for We the People to do SOMETHING.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Way to go bud, tell it like it is!

        • The second amendment is simply the recognition of the basic right of self-defense. It is God given. Not something that can be granted or revoked by any government or any vote.

          Where there no second amendment at all, we would still have the RIGHT to keep and bear arms.

          That is why any attempt to disarm us should be met by whatever resistance is necessary to secure that right.

          This is a line that must not and will not be crossed without the shedding of blood.

          • Pisses me off when some schmuck who wants to voluntarily surrender their own rights also insists I surrender mine as well.

          • Walter Mitty. There you go again. Typing tough and like sterling, making imaginary threats. What ya gonna do bad boy?

            • Question is…what are YOU going to do pussy?

              I’m waiting nancy boy.

              I’ll bet you don’t even have the equipment to do your own fornicating.

          • Walter Mitty. You have confused the bill of rights with the 10 commandments. God given implies the commandments. Not the bill of rights.

            • And you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

              Why don’t you try looking up ‘natural law’, dumbass?

        • Yack yack yack. Do something and quit yack yack yacking. moron

          • @MOMO…

            Ok. F.O.A.D troll.

            I bet you’re a FED aren’t you, you little POS?

            Why don’t YOU do something. Go on. I dare you.


            • Hi Dar. Yep I ama fed. Fed up with posts about gonna and woulda and shoulda and it’s a commin and no action. No suggestions about how or when. Just vague typing talk. Just a constant call to arms. Just a bunch of empty typing threats. Just people constantly calling out the fed on the site. Walt is a great example. I am not the constant call to arms guy. Why would you ask me to do something?
              Walter needs to think before he writes. When all else fails, say stupid shit. Walter, by god you are one tough action taking son of a bitch. Or maybe just a hysterical little bitch.

              • Again….you are a pissant. Just another slimy little troll.

                No….you’re not a “call to arms” guy. You stand for nothing. But if you are one of the government trolls who monitors this site, you are attempting to provoke people into committing acts that are illegal. As such, you are an agent provocateur. Much like the other pissant little cowards who entrapped people like Randy Weaver. You are worse than scum.

                I’m not going to bite. I’ve dealt with your kind before.

                Let’s put it this way. You don’t scare me you little punk. And if you are one of the little pissant folk who monitor this site….then do your worst. You don’t scare me.

                • Nope. I actually believe in doing not threats. Pissant and punk? What are you 10 years old? Didn’t mean to scare you. Seem a little jumpy. If I were monitoring the site for the boogy man government why the fuck would I post? Why would anyone monitor your bullshit? Get over yourself. You are nobody. Well maybe a piss ant, typing, loud mouth.

                  • What? Break up with your boyfriend, did you? Is that why you came on this site just to mouth off?

                    One day, your mouth will write a check your ass can’t cash.

                    As for doing…like I said…you don’t even have the equipment to do your own fornicating.

                    Run along little boy. Your bridge misses you.

      24. Hi my name is Steve Bullock .

        I’m the Governor of Montana and I love to suck Zionist Marxist Commie Schlonges .

        I just love em’ !

        ~Steve Bullock – MT Traitor

        • Repos…

          Howdy Satori,

          Umm, I think that whole thing may be a forgone conclusion at this point; the whole ‘loss of Face’ thing is going to pressure ‘Lil Round Boy’ to do SOMETHING…if not, well, he might end up an ‘accident’ victim…as a gift from the NK military.

          In an odd sort of way you can almsot see the problem he’s got…perform or DIE. I don’t ENVY him the basket full of choices he’s got in front of him at this point, what with the pschotic ‘Machine’ his father created standing behind him EVERY step of the way. Could be he ends up in a boat out at sea waving an ‘ASYLUM…ANYWHERE’ sign…


          • I just hope he doesnt shoot anything at my neighborhood.

        • Didn’t we do this North Korea/South Korea thing back in the 50’s? They called it a police action, maybe someone needs to get in that snotty nosed kids face and tell him the facts of how it turned out the last time someone got a wild hair.

          I read he is planning attacts on the west coast, Hawaii & Austin, Tx. I can almost get the part about the west coast & Hawaii, but….Austin how does that come into play. I’m wondering if he knows where Austin is.

          • Samsung factory in Austin – that is what I read……

      25. Look at the money spent on the Air Marshal program. If that kind of funding was spent on training school personel, and it was known that they are in place, and totally anonymous, I believe it would have the proper effect. I know of one female teacher’s aide, who is capable of out shooting 75% of the men I know. I’d trust her judgement and skills anytime.

      26. Icebergs Disappearing? Is Al Gore right?

        The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulafft, at Bergen, Norway.

        Reports from fishermen, seal hunters, and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes.

        Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm. Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well-known glaciers have entirely disappeared.

        Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds. Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.

        * * * * * * * * *
        I apologize, I neglected to mention that this report was from November 2, 1922, as reported by the AP and published in The Washington Post – 90 years ago.



        “It will happen here. Do not keep more money than you need to pay your monthly bills in any bank. It will happen over a weekend when you won’t have the ability to get your cash. They will disallow electronic transactions for the good of the country. The time is approaching. Why keep money in a bank or money market. The bank fees total more than the interest they pay. Your money isn’t safe in a bank. It is inaccessible in a bank.”

      28. Wonder if they can take down the hired guns the government uses to commit these attacks?

      29. gold and capital controls


        Germany is bringing its gold back home

        why ???

        “The Bundesbank said the purpose of the move was to “build trust and confidence domestically, and the ability to exchange gold for foreign currencies at gold-trading centers abroad within a short space of time.”

      30. JustOneGuy and everyone else. I was thinking about that little porky over in North Korea and any other dictator and their main goal in life, to rule and not lose that control. The recent regrime changes; Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, even Afghanistan had one issue in common, the dictator did not have the ability to hit outside the region with a true weapon of mass destruction. Porky in North Korea DOES, and it is not so much nukes on missiles. Like I mentioned eariler it is bio-weapons.

        Let’s say you are a fat little plump dictator under attack, your head will be chopped off by those rebels working with the country(ies) attacking you. Or you will lose everything that you have and end up being tried for war crimes in the Hague. Your military cannot stand up to the more advanced forces chopping your forces down slowly but surely as they hide in the swiss cheesed out tunnels of your country’s mountains. What do you do? You can’t surrender. The only answer is to inflect enough damage on those countries that they stop attacking you . Your missile forces are gone to hit those countries thousands of miles away. However you have plants in every major city with something worse than Ebola and as contagious as the flu.

        This is what is so ugly and so horrible to even think about. Porky from North Korea has all sorts of cells set up to go to major public gatherings and contaminate the public with an Andromeda Strain type virus that all his troops have completely been vaccinated against. Could they take dead North Korean bodies and get a vaccination in time for the public, no. Porky could literally hold the whole world hostage with something like this. Or that nut job could just release it before war even started, a pre-emptive strike.

        Few people talk about the critical biology formula of North Korea, they only focus on the nukes. It ONLY takes ONE person, patient zero to infect almost the entire planet with a fatal pathogen. Viruses and bacteria have the fuel that is only exhausted when there are no more hosts. A nuclear bomb exhausts its fuel at the most in a few seconds. A virus just keeps going and going jumping from host to host, victim to victim.

        Here is the thing. When you are an isolated CRAZY country, you are going to look for the most efficient way of killing your enemy. Disease is that way, and the cheapest for a poor country like North Korea. After decades of tinkering scientists eventually come up with the most horrible viruses imaginable, likely with fast mutating strains. Just look at the USSR. It takes one cell, one person, to end civilization with the wrong germ. It makes me sick to even think about this, but everyone needs to understand that this CAN happen and the likelihood is far from being remote.

        This is yet another reason why it is so important for people to have supplies they need right NOW. Whether it is a terrorist attack, an attack from another country, or nature letting loose with a doomsday type germ, you DON’T want to be out in the likely infected crowds trying to purchase or take what you need from the store shelves after the news comes out that a plague is ruuning rampant. There are so many other reasons to have your supplies ready NOW. This though is a true potential nightmare in the making and certainly something to think about. Adding some nice N-100 filter masks are an item for anyone planning to expose themselves. Having a well stocked up supply house is what someone does to plan to avoid contact with death from a cough or sneeze.

      31. great post and analysis Be informed

        no telling what that little chicken shit is up to

        a biological weapon is the way to go
        I’m not real worried about any nukes he might have

        and that country is so secretive and closed
        God only knows what they may have cooked up

      32. First the cia puppet prez builds a private “BLUE SHIRT” army (DHS), arms it with tanks, MRAPs, 2+ billion rounds of ammo… then They collapse the western financial system. Then declare martial law. Cancel the constitution. Then end ALL elections. Then they start cracking heads of anyone who protests the coup!


        Steve Bullock-MT a NWO AmeriKan Traitor

      33. Be Informed, I just got back into town and found your comment #1383325. I’ll say again; when anyone tampers with self-defense it’s the same as tampering with human life itself. you play with fire and you will get burned. Anyone who comes to my place with evil intentions, it won’t end well for that person. anyone who interferes with my efforts to defend myself, it won’t end well for that person, either. On your comment #1383809, I have no problem nuking NK if they try initiating the scenario you outlined. Considering the nature of NK, that may be the only way to stop them. braveheart

      34. Most teachers think this is a democracy..I see even one of them on here thinks this way too..

        shame they didnt take their education seriously, and continue to lie to our kids like that

      35. I hope some of the targets they use are kids with guns to better prepare them for what they might face. Seems all those targets people were complaining about a while ago make more sense.

      36. The assault weapon ban is nothing more than political porn for the left to distract you from the real issue, crushing poverty with little to no chance of getting out.

        Look up how many people are murdered on average each month in the US and then add up all the assault weapon shooting spree victims for the last 30 years, the numbers aren’t even close. The vast majority of those are committed with handguns, not assault weapons. You just don’t hear about the others because they mostly involve the inner city poor.

        Guns are not the issue, poverty is. Fix the poverty problem in this country and the number of gun deaths per year will plummet and the left and right in this country will need to find another issue to get their supporters whipped up about

      37. Instead of applauding this action, you idiots should be weeping that this country has degenerated to the point of making these actions necessary. Instead of shouting the moronic “more guns” mantra, you also be working to change our culture so that these actions are not necessary. But, you will not do the latter because the latter because you are stooges for the gun and ammo industry. You are part of a conspiracy to enrich the gun and ammo execs through fear mongering which has lead to the recent irrational panic buying of guns and ammo with the consequent run up in prices. Your involvement in said conspiracy is no different than the conspiracy of the PTB who are attempting to oppress and impoverish the people.

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