The Obama Legacy: “Crippling Debt, Massive Unemployment, Welfare-based Society, Deteriorated Infrastructure, Massive Inflation, And A Worthless Fiat Currency”

by | Dec 30, 2016 | Headline News | 148 comments

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    Rapacity performed by an outgoing Democratic president is intentionally downplayed or simply ignored by the mainstream media.  We saw such unbridled rapacity in the atavistic way the Clintons left the White House when they departed in 2000.  They stole and/or vandalized furniture and furnishings of the White House and left it in a deplorable state.  From a perspective of his official actions, Bill Clinton did things such as pardon Tommy Rich and closed a few loopholes to ensure his Clinton Foundation deals did not fall apart after he surrendered the Oval Office.

    The Obamas are not following suit in the manner of the Clintons with pillaging the White House for three reasons.  Firstly, although he committed dozens of offenses that would have merited it, Obama was not impeached, whereas Clinton was.  For those who may hold askance with the conditions of impeachment for Obama, let us remember that under the parameters of the National Defense Authorization Act and the tenets of more than half a dozen overlapping executive orders, the United States (and the world) were “redefined” as a “battlefield” in the war on terror.  The emergency status has never been lifted: that status was affirmed and inculcated under the Bush administration shortly after 9/11 that categorized us as being in a state of war (against terrorism) and a continuous state of emergency.

    Under such “wartime” conditions, the words of Obama in 2012 were clearly treasonous and constituted an impeachable offense.

    Obama declared on television to Dmitri Medvedev his intention to unilaterally exercise his powers (exceeding his authority) as the President to reduce American missile defenses in Europe (not a “treaty” action for later ratification by the U.S. Senate) without prior Congressional approval.  This was a promise specifically directed to a foreign leader (indirectly through Medvedev) that would weaken America’s defensive capabilities and circumvent Constitutional Law and Congressional approval during wartime.  This is treason.  “Tell Vladimir I’ll have more leeway after the election” is nothing less than treason, as eloquently revealed by Obama’s “hot mike” in 2012.

    This is merely one example of dozens, but as previously mentioned, all those dozens of examples are merely thrown eggs, which do not stick to Teflon.

    Secondly, Obama is the primary candidate for the Democrats to run for president in 2020. After the inauguration of Trump, there will then only be 3 years and 7 months to go before the next presidential election.  Obama’s campaign for “Yes We Can…Again,” will begin in about 2 ½ years.  If he had been able to run in this last election, he would have won hands down and smoked Trump in the manner of a cheap cigar.  We know it, and he knows it.  If anything, his popularity has risen substantially now that the election is behind us.  The media are now portraying him and his wife in that glowing “Hallmark” type of picture with mist around the gold-leaf framed portrait.

    Such a Pravda-like portrayal completely dismisses the torments of the past eight years: the Holodomor-like starvations of Michelle Obama’s enforced school lunch malnutrition crusade inflicted on American children while her daughters dined carte blanche at the Friends Private school on taxpayer dollars; the crippling of the U.S. economy and planned destruction of the manufacturing base; the weakening and reduction of the military; the enrichment of an army of Executives and Oligarchs who fawningly marched in lock-step with the administration’s policies while outsourcing the entire U.S. economy; the continuous onslaught of moral depravity inflicted on families, businesses, and social structures through Draconian edicts and “color of law” rubber stamping by the kangaroo supreme court.

    In eight years, Obama has taken the United States of America to the level of a third-world country with crippling debt, massive unemployment, the fostering and increase of a welfare-based society, a deteriorated and ramshackle infrastructure, massive inflation, and an almost worthless fiat currency on the brink of collapse.

    On March 23, 2010, he cajoled, pushed, back-doored, and forced the legislative enslavement of every citizen of the United States under the (Un)Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare.”  Barack Hussein Obama II has made every citizen beholding to the State, and dependent on the State to certify that person as being in “good standing” and “paid up” under the law – the law that he created.

    To digress: any other country’s citizens (Egypt is a prime example with the ousting of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to reverse the Obama administration’s actions) would have risen with clubs and pitchforks, burned the capitol to the ground, arrested and imprisoned every lawmaker, and forced the leader either to flee, to later be captured and tried or to be ripped to pieces and never make it to a courtroom.

    But the legend of Obama’s “legacy” is being created by the mainstream media even as we speak, setting the stage for “the statesman” to return.  Do you know when he’ll return?  In a couple of years, akin to MacArthur striding through the surf and onto the beach…campaign time of 2019/2020…after the Oligarchs and the Marxists have sabotaged Trump’s efforts and derailed a recovery…all the while with the media to support the sabotage and foster it.  You don’t think Alec Baldwin (who absolutely hates conservatives) will stop portraying Trump, do you?

    All of this falls in line with crisis manufacture, the subverting of public opinion, the creation of public dissent, and then the rise of the messianic figurehead to lead the crying, helpless public out of the doldrums.  Obama will be that figure.  He already is.  They don’t even have to create him; the media simply needs to rekindle a longing for him as a “Father” figure/Mr. Goodbar among the majority of the non-working, non-taxpaying public…a longing to return to “Good Times,” when the administration gave those who produced nothing everything…at the expense of those who produced everything while the administration left them with nothing.

    Thirdly, Obama hasn’t left office yet, and he has been actively fostering the passage of “minute to midnight” legislation and actions, such as a no-fly zone in Syria, the demonization and potential criminalization of the alternative media, the solidification of his already-crafted executive actions enabling the EPA and other bureaucracies to continue in theft (I’m sorry, misappropriation of taxpayer monies…commonly termed “reallocation”) and enforcement, and the placing of the United States in precarious positions in numerous theaters where war could commence in the blink of an eye.  He hasn’t left yet, and a lot can happen in a month.

    Bill Clinton knew he would not return to the White House.  He was a major “negative” in the cap of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and in true trailer-park fashion, they vandalized the White House and stole furniture.  Keep in mind they would have done more if they could have gotten away with it.  Clinton and his lovely wife stole billions of dollars, sold military secrets to the Chinese (read the book “The Year of the Rat” for further insight into this), and enriched themselves on taxpayer dollars while murdering and destroying people along the way.

    But Obama is smarter than them…both he and his wife are quieter, more purposed, more cunning, and more effective.  They are also more patient.  This cycle has happened before.  They just have to stand back and allow Trump either to be derailed or for Trump to make a mistake and derail himself.  Then they will return to campaign again.

    The basis for such a possibility is the success that Obama had in destroying the country while ensuring (even with Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and the comment to Medvedev as a few of the many examples) that nothing even came close to touching him or threatening him with removal of office.

    A 100% success ratio. He just didn’t have enough time to finish.  But he will have another opportunity in 2020, and you better believe that he’ll take that opportunity when the time comes.  He may leave the White House, but that doesn’t mean he will not return to it again.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Johnson, you left out the part where the republicans helped with this mess.

        Obama should be in prison for war crimes, and a whole bunch of republicans should rot with him.

        • yup! it was george bush that presided over the housing bubble that absolutely DESTROYED our economy….when we got our home equity loans at triple what our homes were worth, it destroyed the banking system, and it’s even worse now…chisel it in stone….nothing trump can do to save U.S. now…….oh, BTW, we make LESS MONEY now than before we blew the bubble, inflation adjusted. but the HNIC sure didn’t do ANYthing to try and make U.S. better.

          • They are all like peas in a pod,,, pretty much every last one of these turds in DC should be swinging from a yardarm

              • Donald Trump inherits an economy that is deeply troubled.

                The Shocking Truth About How Barack Obama Was Able To Prop Up The U.S. Economy

                “But by propping things up in the short-term, he has absolutely demolished our long-term economic future. But like most politicians, Obama has been willing to sacrifice the future for short-term political gain.”

                When Barack Obama became president, the U.S. government was 10.6 trillion dollars in debt. When Donald Trump takes office, the U.S. NATIONAL DEBT will be OVER $20 TRILLION.

                (This does NOT include state and local government debt, corporate debt or household debt.)

                “What is going to matter is what Donald Trump decides to do about our exploding debt.

                If Donald Trump wants the U.S. economy to continue to remain at least somewhat stable in the short-term, he is going to have to keep piling up debt like Obama has.

                Because if Trump and the Republicans decide that they want to get our debt under control, that will plunge us into a horrifying economic depression almost immediately.

                But if Donald Trump continues to steal money from future generations of Americans at the same pace that Barack Obama has been doing, he will literally be destroying the future of America. It will be a crime on a scale that is almost beyond words, and if they get a chance to do it, future generations of Americans will look back and curse him for what he has done to us.”

                “As a nation we have been consuming far more wealth than we produce for a very, very long time, and the only way that we have been able to do this is because we have been able to go into so much debt.

                But now a day of reckoning is fast approaching, and I am not sure if Donald Trump even realizes that he will soon be faced with some incredibly heartbreaking choices.”

                ht tp://

                • KY Mom

                  ““But by propping things up in the short-term, he has absolutely demolished our long-term economic future. But like most politicians, Obama has been willing to sacrifice the future for short-term political gain.”

                  That has been the practice since August 1971 when Nixon stopped USD / Gold convertibility thus reneging on the Bretton Woods Agreement. Every President, those considered good or bad has followed the practice of benefit now and pass the bill until tomorrow. The magnitude is increasing requiring the debt to increase for diminishing results.

            • how about a street lamp post on the beltway in DC so all can see them and learn to fear the people!! for a change!! only way to fix our country is reset the debt and remove ANYONE that has EVER had ANY political ties!! new blood and new thoughts NO getting rich from being in office!!

              • And no pardons for any of them. That these fools can be held accountable for their actions is the only hope he gave me. The Benito Mussolini treatment seems too benevolent, I prefer heads on pikes lining Wall street. We have been hurt bad, real bad. And it has yet to stop. Audit the Fed and it will. Then we can debate benevolence.

              • I expect the media will soon start reporting on the real (weak) state of the economy and will blame Trump. The economy has been on life support for the past 8 years. The powers that be will let it collapse under Trump.

                only NOW they admit…
                Top Ex-White House Economist Admits 94% of ALL NEW Jobs Under Obama Were PART-TIME
                “We find that 94% of net job growth in the past decade was in the alternative work category,” said Obama’s former top White House economist Alan Krueger.

                In other words, nearly all of the 10 million jobs created between 2005 and 2015 were not traditional nine-to-five employment, but low-paying temp, on-call, contract workers, independent contractors or freelancers.

                ht tp://

                Remember this… Inflating the “new jobs” numbers, hired in the morning, unemployed only hours later.

                95% of May Jobs Created are Temporary Government Jobs – June 4, 2010
                “Something that isn’t being reported/covered by the main-stream media is the hiring practices of the U.S. Census Bureau.

                Census Bureau workers have blown the whistle about the fact that they are hired, temporarily laid off and rehired, each time counting as a job created.

                Just your typical government fraud that the taxpayers will have to pay for.”

                ht tps://

              • Sounds good to me apache54. Our POS politicians need to be shut down, permanently.

            • Today I raise my glass to toast the president.
              No, not Obola; I make a toast to a real president.
              Cheers to Putin!

              • Black Moe
                This I don’t get…
                Peeps are all to willing to jump on the 9-11 “inside job” theory but rarely an utterance about the Buynaksk, Moscow and Volgodonsk bombings.

                Make no mistake about it Vladimir Putin is a war criminal.
                Anyone that has attempted to investigate the apartment bombings is either dead or in prison.

                If you think I give a rats ass about Putin invading Chechnya you’re wrong. But killing 268 innocent people and wounding more than a 1000 other’s to get the green light is bullshit.

                Two key members of the Kovalev Commission, that attempted to investigate Putins involvement in the apartment bombings..Sergei Yushenkov and Yuri Shchekochikhin were assassinated.

                The Commissions’ lawyer “Mikhail Ivanovich Trepashkin” was arrested for illegal weapons possession and sentenced to four years in prison.
                OBTW… Putin is a lawyer too.

                Putin also carried out a long term vendetta passed from Kruchef to Yeltsin… Get paybacks on the Chechens for fighting on the side of the Nazis (it never happened) in WWII and you will be president my son.

                Neither probably ever imagined he would murder 268 innocent people to do it.

                • *Khrushchev

                • Those 268 are in his country, not ours. How many never testified before the Warren Commission or were silenced shortly afterword? 43 I believe and Loyds Of London had their Actuary compute the odds of that not being caused by nefarious means in the trillions. An accident? Hardly. 911 was not only here its aftermath set in motion the US using military force wherever and whenever it desires under the pretext of fighting terrorism all the while it funds and trains Islamic terrorists. Thats 5000 Americans dead for Iraq which was an outgrowth of 911. The order of magnitude is 268 verses over 10X that with just 911.

                  Interestingly the US claims to have a monopoly on wearing a white hat when the US isn’t even governed by the American people. That was lost decades ago and we are presently attempting with this election to get that capability back.

                  Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

                  h ttps://

                  • We’ll be damned if I’m gonna become a Putin boot licker because he only killed 268.

                    • Nomadic

                      Certainly one must look at every angle and then decide the lesser of evils. From that perspective I don’t see Russians in this hemisphere and yet the US is on their doorstep. The knowledgeable understand that ISIS in Syria is being funded and supplied by the US. How many have they killed and for what purpose does the US back them? Looking at the Ukraine the US once again overthrew a sovereign nation, this is a very common practice as Kermit Roosevelt did it in Iran in 1953 and the list of nations since then is quite long. How many died facilitating that? The commonality of Syria and the Ukraine is Russian natural gas sales. From that perspective your licking the boot of globalist multi national corporations that would, and have sent Americans into wars under false pretenses to enhance their power and wealth.

                      As USMC Major General and two time recipient of the Medal Of Honor Smedley Butler stated, “I was a bully boy for Wall Street”.

                      How does Mr Rockefeller’s boot taste?

            • what the people allow …is what will continue

              • So what if Putin killed 258 people, the brave and smart US military killed over 1 MILLION people in iraq. Good job guys, don’t forget your masters also killed 3000 in the trade center. Thanks for making us the #1 enemy of the world idiots!

            • Anyone who thinks Trump can save the country should realize that he has most of the same Congress that got us into this mess. If this were 1996 I would give the USA a chance. But we have been globalized, institutions and the rights of individuals have been torn apart by liberal courts, and the level of corruption in Washington and big banks is beyond comprehension. Add in $20 trillion of unpayable debt, and the entitlement mentality, and the USA is in for pain.

        • So JJ thinks Obama can run for Pres again? Stupid is.

            • Mac, From your article link: The Twelfth Amendment, on the other hand, says “no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President.” So does the two-term limit-

              Ain’t happening.. Unless Obama throws a Coup and becomes a dictator. Ain’t Happening.

            • ObamalovesISIS would be assassinated if he tried to run for a 3rd term. And the revolution would start. This POS is anti-American and anti-white and is a fucking traitor to our country AND it’s citizens. He should be hung for treason.

          • ObamalovesISIS would never run again. I have no doubts if this POS traitor ever ran again, he would be assassinated.










            You could use some anger management Acid.
            It was TPTB (think you know who that is), not us.

          • Not to worry Eisenkreutz, President Trump will change all that. These POS negroes ARE terrorists and should be shipped back to Africa. Blacks are out of control in this country. And you know as well as I do that if whites called for black genocide whites would be shot. Fuck these cocksucking jungle bunnies.

        • using the polarizing mode of ‘left vs right’ is a bad idea, and anyone who buys into this is a moron. both sides are owned by the Israeli polack turd Mileikowski and his buddies, Rothschilds.

          so it’s a bad idea to say anything to polarize.

          divided, we are so very conquered.

        • Agreed! However, I’d like to include the bushes, clintons and ohomos to be brought up on crimes of treason and, when found guilty, to be hung by their necks until dead.

          • Omg Me, yours is the best idea ever! I’d love to see these traitors swinging in the breeze!

        • Let me guess … Trump supporter??!!

        • this man called obama, is the worst, and i mean the worst president america had in history…i am surprise this man is still walking…what a ultimate failure…..nothing good ever came from this president…utter failure….period

          • AGREED!!! except on ONE point!!! NOT sure if you CAN call him a MAN!! LOL

            • I don’t even call him a president! With all those fake social security numbers who knows who he really is. Can’t call him black either for that matter. Mother was caucasian, he’s half breed.

          • Couldn’t agree more yep. He belongs in the jungle swinging from a tree with his ape wife in high heels.

          • This monkey called obama…..there fixed it for ya.

      2. JJ, another good article. Obama’s legacy is trying to destroy our country. Since he’s NOT a native-born US citizen, he was never qualified to become POTUS, so everything he’s done, EOs and so forth, ARE NULL AND VOID, NOT LEGITIMATE. Trump has said he’ll undo what the ape has done.

        • Breve1776:

          Can Trump undo this. CAlifornia made sex trafficking children legal !! Pandering and pimping is still illegal. The idea is to protect children by not making criminals out of them.

          The problem, of course, is that now law enforcement is restricted in their ability to intervene when a child/teenager is loitering.

          This is suspicious as it seems, weki-leaks was ready to expose pedophillia at the highest level.

          The Podesta files were released, not the Clintons, which are said to contain criminal acts with children. Clinton seems to have killed many in this cover-up. It just never stops getting more bizarre.


          • those teens DO have their snivel rights, after all.

            • Commie Obama says “F-You America!!!” one more time:

              Obama Drops 502 Refugees on Nebraska in Final Weeks Before President Trump

              12-30-2016 •, by Michael Patrick Leahy
              The refugee resettlement rate for FY 2017 to date is significantly higher in Nebraska than it has been during any other year in the more three decades the state has participated in the federal refugee resettlement program.

              The highest previous annual resettlement of refugees in the state since FY 2003 occurred in FY 2016, when 1,441 refugees were resettled. The highest previous annual resettlement of refugees in the state since FY 2003 occurred in FY 2016, when 1,441 refugees were resettled.

              President-elect Donald Trump promised on the campaign trail that he will pause the resettlement of refugees from Syria and other countries that are hostile to the United States, so the current inflow will likely drop after his inauguration as the 45th president on Jan. 20.

              On a per capita basis, Nebraska has resettled more refugees than any other state in the country during the first three months of FY 2017. With an estimated population of 1.9 million as of July 1, 2016, 26.3 refugees have been resettled in the state for every 100,000 residents during the period beginning October 1, 2016 and ending December 29, 2016. (With two days left in the third month of FY 2017, the final numbers are likely to be slightly higher).



              CALIFORNIA – DMV licensed 800,000 undocumented immigrants under 2-year-old law
              12-29-2016 •, By Tatiana Sanchez
              Two years after the implementation of AB 60 on Jan. 1, 2015, an estimated 806,000 undocumented residents have received driver’s licenses, according to Department of Motor Vehicles statistics this month. About 14,000 of these licenses were issued in November alone, the DMV said.

          • B from CA, everything remains to be seen. We’re all wondering what Trump will do on all of these issues. The first 100 days will give us a good idea of where we’re headed. Nobody can really pass final judgment on Trump for a long time yet.

        • And thank God Trump will. That pos Obamalamadingdongpanzee turned our country into a phucking cop killing ghetto. Trump is our POTUS now and things will change in our country. Payback’s a bitch! It’ll be fun to watch! And we must never ever ever ever ever let a democrat take office again, EVER!!!!!

      3. Had enough yet? Think ‘Donald the duck’ is gonna be our savior? Might get a little better initially but keep watching. I think the Big Top circus is still gonna be in town for some time. We still got those pesky treasonist basturds in congress and the senate. They’ve got an agenda and so far ‘we the people’ apparently don’t.

        • Obama is a piece of shit and has thoroughly proven it.

          • Beyond that, his supporters are all POS.
            That is America’s real problem. Progressive
            Democrats and the idiots they create in
            government schools. WMD’s let loose in all our
            Democrat cities would be a blessing for the
            world. It may sound un-patrotic, but
            there are millions of Americans that are
            my worst enemy and I’m tired of letting them
            screw up our lives. I don’t know what to do,
            you can fix ignorance, but you can’t fix
            I’ll just hide from them as best as I can,
            prepare for the worst, and watch them die.

            • Rellik, I agree. I’ll do the same.

            • Yup,
              Personally am cool with everything coming unglued, got some trash that needs a dose of instant karma

            • rellik

              Pray for War.

            • rellik

              Here’s the plan.

              I have read that the Fire Goddess Pele does bad things to people who take stones from her volcano. Does it work if you send them to your enemy. Like a few democrats that are on the mainland. ;0)
              Better than throwing a few young ladies in the lava.

            • You’re absolutely right rellik. Democrats have turned America into a violent, cop killing ghetto. ISIS loving liberals should be deported or executed. I prefer executed myself. Would make an excellent pay-per-view too!!!!

              • Maybe the dems will change their mind when the muslims start chopping off their heads eh?!


      4. There’s your hope and change. Hope you have fiddy cent.
        I have never been so poor in my entire life.

        Can you spare a McNugget Massa ?

      5. PO’d Patriot, that’s exactly why I keep saying keep all your options open and your powder dry. My ‘liberty tools’ are ALWAYS within my reach.

        • Absolutely ‘ol boy mine are either tucked in a pocket or waistband. “The Devil goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour”. Keep safe!

      6. Got gold?

        • Don’t know about the Massive Inflation, I just got a letter about my retirement board and I’m get a COLA increase of 91 cents a month. Trekker Out. Where Will I Spend It???

          • MT
            That is great I just got a 3% increase on my pension. Then they tell me that they are having to take almost 4% out of it to pay for Obullshit care. Deductible went from $1500 to $3000 last year. So if you don’t want that $.91 you can send it to me. LOL Right now I’m looking at paying them $1.65 to them??? WT########

            Have a Great New Year!!!


      7. I’ll support the ignorant Alec Baldwin the very first time he opens up just ONE room in just ONE of his mansions, vacation homes, cabins, condos etc for just ONE night to just ONE illegal immigrant.

        Just another Learjet leftist Hollywierd hypocrite. This jerk’s 15 minutes of fame is LONG, long gone, and he is now just a caricature of himself.

      8. O like it or not you were selected by powers greater than you.

        You were just part of the agenda.

        Now your work is done, and HA HA Hilery you are not going to pick up the ball.

        O you just got a few more weeks.
        But one last thing right? PARDON HILLERY????? barf! barf!

        Then you will have a good retirement PENSION.

        Then you go on the circuit like Billy C. did, and get a few more ducats in your pocket.

        I will say one thing O at least you got that turd BIN LADIN
        a LOT of guys, and gales died getting him.

        THE END orrrrrr is it ????????????

        • Uh, that was NOT bin laden; it was a double; hence the burial at sea and no one saw the corpse.
          AND why the Seal Team was killed in the plane crash.

          • “Seal Team was killed in the plane crash”

            Ever see their funerals on TV? They never existed. They need to be able to recruit more SEALs. Its difficult if they think the’ll be killed off to facilitate a false flag.

            OBL was greased at Tora Bora. He was worth nothing dead, “hay we won and were going home”. He was the poster child of terrorism and with the help of some advertising alumni and technology he cut an audio just before the Iraq War vote cementing a non existent relationship between him and the Iraqi people. How convenient as the SNL Church Lady would say. He was used in subsequent video’s until he no longer had sufficient dramatic fear effect to rally the masses. Obama got to “cash in” on his “capture”.

            We’re fed 100% unrelenting bullshit. “All the world is a stage”. Yes it is Mr Shakespeare.

          • I never believed Bin Laden was dead either. He’s probably hiding out at Hitlery Clinton’s mansion.


        • Talon,the long term attack about a hour and a half was last night,the ironic part is Drudge carries a lot of msm lying articles,and yet,still a target of govt!I suppose one could say the govt. really is trying to stop fake news!

      10. It is always the waiting game. Have to wait and see how Trump’s inauguration goes on Jan. 20th. How much of a disruption the Democrats cause during the ceremony.
        Maybe the Democrat protestors will burn down D.C.. Move on over to Georgetown and across the river to Alexandria VA.
        My oh my, would that be a News Headline for the Washington Post.

      11. No, I don’t think so. Obama is finished. He couldn’t get elected again, now or in twenty years. That’s why he is pulling out all the stops in an effort to derail President Elect Trump.

        The only problem I forsee, Obama sent tanks to Europe. He is prepping for and instigating war with Russia. He is ruthless, not smart. He is just the spokesperson for the CFR appointees in his staff. These dual citizen traitors want to punish white Christian America. Obama is being set up for continuation of tyranny. The CFR 666 trilateral may nuke a few American cities and blame Russia and Putin. They would prefer mostly white, Christian cities, but don’t care if others get burned in the process. Start taking potassium Iodine/iodide to protect yourself from radiation. Our own ZOG is possibly going to start WW3 by a false flag nuke job on us. Got preps. Maybe I should have bought that gas mask. Well, I have beans and a flashlight.

        God Bless America


        • obamma is the worst, ya know if it wasn’t for alternative media we as the people would not be informed about any of this thats going on today, we us to have to depend upon all the multi media moguls with there lies and bull shit stories.Trump has a lot to do in 4 years, if took us 50 yrs of none participation of the American public in our affairs in government .we trusted our future to them,BIG Mistake, Huge mistake , you see w here we are at with that and in our own affairs. our incentive is to Be involved with whats going on local and federally, if Trump get a second term and he is doing good , for the people not for the government good deal.We need to clean house in the senate and congress, new people not the same old shit,

      12. The old saying is certainly true about Obungler:

        “NO person is completely worthless – one can ALWAYS serve as a bad example.”

      13. Don’t forget the special rights to promote the perverts in America.

      14. National emergency? Yes. That and bankrupt since 1933. Here’s a link that I like to post every couple years to show newcomers the state of the state. It is a speech posted in the Congressional Record on March 17, 1993 given to Congress by Representative James Traficant.

        The US has been foreclosed on by the international banks.

      15. 22nd ammendment restricts presidents to 2 terms, consecutive or not.

        • Thank God someone else knows

        • True.
          But new bills (amendments) are always introduced to change this every couple of years. So far, none have been passed.

          That doesn’t mean Obully won’t be back to try again.

          • An Obsolete Man,
            YOUR correect as Obutthead was NOT legal to be president in the first place !! so how do we know it won’t happen again!! of course that WILL set ogg a civil WAR!!

            • “OFF” ,not ogg!!

          • No, I don’t think so. If Obamapanzee tried, he’d be assassinated.

      16. Government sucks period

      17. How convenient that Trump named Exxon-Mobil CEO as secretary of state and gas at the pump jumped over fifty cents directly thereafter. The gouging won’t stop.

      18. Got your names mixed up on who Baby Balls pardoned. He pardoned a corrupt Wall Streeter named Marc Rich. Tommy Rich was a professional wrestler.

      19. Aljamo,feel it will drop quickly,especially as Trump will allow more drilling/opec goals yet again failing/letting Russia sell more oil on market.

        Longer term the solar getting better daily,not replacing oil but will cut down on oil demand along with other alt energy.Short of a huge economic boom world wide do not believe oil will go up much the next few years but actually down,well,unless we have another world wide war,then,price of oil not along term issue.

        As always,fuck obola,let him fade into history or perhaps be tried on many different crimes while potus.

        • Warchild Dammit

          I agree with your assessment of increased oil coming to market. Higher efficiencies of its and natural gas use is also greatly increasing. Fracking and horizontal drilling have opened up energy supplies that did not previously exist. The conversion ability of natural gas to oil to power automobiles and prime movers along with increasing supply from former energy starved nations puts the viability of the oil peg in question as it depends upon global transactions. If nation after nation becomes increasingly energy independent they have no need to use the USD to buy energy.

          The above is just one of many events that will reconfigure the worlds economic landscape and no army or invasion will stop many of them. No cheap form of energy goes unused.

      20. The 22nd Amendment states that no person elected president and no person to hold the office of president for more than two years is allowed to be elected more than once more. It makes no difference whether the two terms are consecutive. … A president can only be elected twice.

      21. Obama in 2020 ?

        prepare for it nw.

        all of these things may come crashing under trump and Obama could come back as the savior

        • obama is not the anti-christ, but he is also NOT a “savior” in ANY definition of the word

        • Omg, what in the hell kind of weed are you smoking? Intelligent Americans would NEVER EVER EVER EVER let this unintelligent POS jungle bunny run again. He’d be assassinated.

      22. Obama is the standard modern President, owned by globalist multinational corporate interests. He inherited a crashed economy and let the very people that caused it walk away unscathed. He let the band aids build up which did temporarily stabilize the fall but did nothing structural to reverse any causes that put us where we are. Obama did avoid a direct US confrontation in Syria which, “chairborne rangers” ,chastise him calling him a coward, no balls and the like. Newsflash, the war in Syria is our doing, its over natural gas export, its to benefit the multinationals.The chemical weapons use was a false flag and ISIS is being supplied by the US and allies. I did not vote for Obama but I thank God nut case McCain and Establishment Romney aren’t in the White House.

        • Definitely was the lesser of the evil at that time, sorta like Trump, again not much of a choice, for Rellik and Me it didnt really matter who we voted for as the dummocrap always gets the votes here in lala land

      23. The talking heads on fox said the higher gas price isn’t nessasarily a bad thing. What the fuck kind of logic is this. Any commodity people use daily going up in price is bad news. this is the same as Obummer telling people they didn’t build their business that the gov helped. Your ass they did. problem is corporations and gov are so used to stealing people labor they feel they are entitled to it. Needs to be a nationwide labor strike but pussy cowards will never do it.

      24. Obozo was in over his head from the start.

      25. Evil is evil, regardless of how it is packaged. trump is not the “savior” some believe…lessor of two evils? YES. Basically, all has been foretold, and prepping should be increasing now. Pray and have SISU

        • Trump certainly was NOT the lesser of two evils. The intelligent citizens in this country chose Trump as our POTUS. And it was the right choice, the intelligent choice.

      26. Preparing people for socialism. Wage cuts to make skilled people equal with unskilled. All for the greater good. The more desperate people become the more accepting of socialism they will be. we have sold freedom for a civilized fantasy life. So weak. ?

      27. Trump will have to eliminate many in the current government as they are spies for the NWO and possible Islam terrorist to destroy our government within. We must demand that our government gets cleaned up. In the meantime we must continue to prep.

      28. We all know Trump isn’t gonna fix anything. nothing short of Divine Intervention will stop the collapse. Maybe space rock 2017?

        • Old Guy,
          YES, what we really need is a reset NOW, we can never repay the debt so get it over and start new!

      29. Why, sir, do you assume he will leave office in January when that would be the very first act he would perform consistent with our Constitution?

        America got the government under Obama that it voted for – or in the case of 2012 allowed him to steal – therefore it is the one we deserved. And as for the future, RINOs including Ryan, his weepy predecessor, and McConnell who have simply rubber stamped every single wish of this criminal and – who like Woodall (GA) – have been greatly angered at their constituents for the very suggestion of impeaching a politically popular president, we’d better learn that God honors our choices.

      30. This guy had an agenda to bring America down and has basically said so in so many words. Just in the last week he has shown us his hand in domestic and international settings how he has always thought. Karma will get him. I expect info will come out on him after he leaves that will have people hunting him down. He nearly destroyed this country.

        • Jim in Va

          “He nearly destroyed this country.”

          I didn’t vote for Obama but I don’t view him as evil personified, just more of the same. The Bushe’s and the Clinton’s are tough to beat as their combined contribution, Free Trade, wars on false pretenses, evisceration of the Bill Of Rights with the Patriot Act fundamentally altered the US.

      31. Just like after the 8 years of Bush 2. New boss same as the old boss

        • Bingo!

      32. My expectations for a better New Year are higher but no Super Bowl Status for sure. I can’t put aside how much damage Obama has done to the Nation and half the people love the jerkoff. The resentment between people as to how they voted is as bad as the resentment between Yankee and Rebel. North or south or what have you. Would not take much to see other people being a threat if they are beating older people for having a TRUMP sticker on their car. Tired of being under a constant threat of a riot, a mall fight, getting shot and someone damaging my property.

        I would just like to pick a spot and fight it out and get it over with.

      33. The World War II generation has been called the greatest generation of Americans. If America is to survive, the current generation of Americans will have to be much greater. The same is true for the current generation of the British people. The Obama legacy is a disaster. Donald Trump overestimates the power of the POTUS. I was surprised to find myself agreeing with Harry Reid on something. The leadership of the Democratic Party has grown too old. Add in stupid and crooked. Both the parties should be focusing on the economy.

        • Brian

          “The World War II generation has been called the greatest generation of Americans”

          That generation made one huge mistake, they pretty much blindly trusted the government post WWII. That set the stage for where we are today.

      34. Actually Anon,Eppe made a great post(RIP Buddy)in that the difference between a rebel and a yank was a 1000 miles.We both tend to be anti govt./get things done ourselves/common sense kinda people.

        • “Be well all” I miss him already. He really enjoyed the posters here on this site. I feel the same.

      35. 94% of the new jobs Obama claims he created are identified as part-time and low paying. That’s from his own bureaucrats. It would seem that he was creating that Marxist workers paradise we hear so much about.

        • The root cause is the Free Trade agreements which were proposed by GH Bush, signed into law by Bill Clinton and used to eviscerate US manufacturing thereafter. Obamas legacy is doing nothing to stop it despite frequent promises to stop outsourcing while campaigning.

          Obama is no saint but he was preceded by three devils.

      36. Prices can’t continue to escalate across the board. But of course they will. Sold out by wealthy greedy scumbags. Now they are hot to privitize social security and rip some more gains away from struggling seniors and kill this life saving contract with the American people. Only guaranteed funding for outlandish outlays for warmongering, a never ending cycle of tyranny. Waiting for the people to unite a response seems like a pipe dream. Push has come to shove, the collective response is way past overdue.

      37. All part of the plan. And only the “deplorables” are not falling into line as willing subjects..

      38. I’ve owned a computer for only a little over a year, and I’ve only been reading this site for approximately one year. I did subscribe to the local newspaper and watch ABC news channels, but yet I could see by Obama’s actions during the first four years and years there after that he was trying to make a third world country out of the USA. I can’t understand how someone can be so ignorant as to vote for Obama. My brother and his wife voted for Obama both times and will vote for him again if given the chance. In 2020 if Obama runs the same ignorant people will vote for him again. In 2020 more people will have to turn out to vote against Obama than in the 2016 election that voted against the witch HRC. And hope then there is no illegal stealing of the election. It’s looking more and more like the Patriots are going to have to set up their own government and fight another revolution. Obama was not even born in the USA and has no right to be POTUS. This is all still being controlled by the POS globalist. It’s coming time to eliminate them from our country and try them for treason. Why do you think the Kenyan did not want the victims of 911 to sue the Arabs for war crimes? Because he knew it would set a president, and the same could happen to him. Yes, any other foreign country would already have been up in arms over the Kenyan overstepping his authority; and what makes it worse is the fact that that POS congress let him do it…. yes the republicans are guilty too. They’re all traitors to this country. Paybacks coming.

        • I do not think obingo can run a third term!!!

      39. Not gonna happen. Webbot ALTA reports (which continue to become more and more accurate)show the current government and media complex as being irrelevant by 2018 and taking a back seat to the earth expansion and weather changes that will be wreaking havoc for the forseeable future.

      40. Now that we the American People are armed to the teeth (thanks to Obama) with 40 million new firearms…..we can take this country back by armed and bloody revolution. We will give Trump a chance for non-violent revolution…..if he fails or refused to lead that revolution, then we will take up arms in bloody revolt.!!!!! Or will we?

      41. The Obama Legacy: “Crippling Debt, Massive Unemployment, Welfare-based Society, Deteriorated Infrastructure, Massive Inflation, And A Worthless Fiat Currency”

        Well the Sheeple got just what they wanted, and would have gotten more if our election was just on popular vote. Just think it could have been worse with Hitlery or just a carry over from Obullshit.

        So I’m ending 2016 on a positive note. IT COULD BE WORSE, BUT IT IS NOT! My God bless the USA again and we get back our Republic. Just think what you have been blessed with over the year and how it looks like it going to get better next year. We all could have woke up sometime this year living our SHTF life style, but we didn’t THANK YOU GOD! So to all here Happy New Year, My it be a Great and Blessed year for you and yours.


        • Happy New Year Sarge, stay safe

      42. JJ that makes sense . I always did wonder why Bin Laden was buried at sea….he wasn’t a sailor. I bet those sailors could tell us some stories, but would probably end up dead. Obumer seems to be following in Killery’s footsteps.

      43. time to break out my favorite movie “mars attacks” .

      44. After the first black president, how do you feel about the Dixie Battle flag now? Never forget. All races of all colors have been slaves during times past. This insult to our history I blame on him. I am searching in vain to forgive that which he allowed. History must be taken with a good dose of perspective, not prosecution. His legacy will bend our knees. He should have thought more about that prosecution of history mod come 22 Jan 2017.

        • has a good article about more american slaves were white

      45. Happy New Year

        One shot is good cheer, two shots are more, three is pushing it, four is past the limit, five is drunk, six is sloppy drunk, seven is losing heaven, eight is fishbait, nine is a crime, ten your in the pen.

        __”The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”


        • While I hung out with alcohol for many years I can say in retrospect that while its never been an enemy, it’s also never been a friend. Ended our relationship years ago save an occasional single glass of vino with pasta or beef. I don’t miss a hangover or getting up to drink a 1/2 gallon of water. While it would put you to sleep you didn’t sleep well. I always thought of the New Years partiers were rank amateurs.

          I would say one of the best preps for survival is rid yourself of unhealthy, costly vices.

        • Vigilance is a dead end without the watchful committee of the vigilante. And therein lies the problem. A red line Sam will not let you cross. Redress was designed to act in real time so that line would not be needed. Redress was another little bite taken long ago. The vigilant noticed it gone. The only thing eternal is the attack on freedoms. Bottoms up B. May we both remain vigilant with no need for an e.

      46. I hope the New Year will bring an end, to ever show the faces of Bill, Hillary, Barrack or Michelle on this site again. Bad enough we may still have to read about them.

        • Amen!

        • I second that Amen!

      47. And he gets a lifetime pension for this and 24/7 secret service security. The shit house is going up in flames.
        I feel a false flag coming.

      48. you are fukd

      49. When the system makes you a number *k*72*9*. then that very same system spits you out of their sick control-freak system because you no longer comply! then… you know you are free.
        HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL… Jesus Christ is Lord. Lord of ALL, amen.

      50. let us not forget about “o” (that is little o) taking down our southern border missile defense in 2013. Giving away 7 or nine islands up by Alaska to putin or signing the deal for a train across the bering strait to alaska from russia. I have been wondering who is in cahoots with who. All our aircraft carriers are supposed to be in port in USA as we speak and will all be here for a week. Isis across the border of el paso, a one hundred mile corridor on the southern border. Giving away billions to enemies and everyone but us Stealing state land and demoralizing the country and our military. It seems like the only allie not dumping the dollar is britain, Not to mention all the counts of TREASON. and still no birth certificate. How do we get q NULL AND VOID campaign started. I read 5 articles that said Congress stripped his powers but nothing seems like that happened. powder dry and steel sharp.

        • Also attacking first amendment is against protecting and defending constitution also taking second away from disabled that have a payee is against second. Psychology book now lists conspiracy theorists and non-conformists as a mental condition. Whose guns do we think they will come for next. He also took the right to protest. Everyone that went along with usurping the constitution should be tried and sentenced accordingly GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

        • mangledman,

          good comment!!

      51. Kevin duce drinking is one thing I never really got into. I was always a smoker and not tobacco either. But gave that up 8 yrs ago because it was keeping me from getting a good job and I was letting my family down. To me anything that cost you $ and keeps you down is a scam. Best move I ever made. I don’t look back now. All I can say to anyone is you don’t need to do things that keep you down. Life is hard enough. I bet I’ve saved thousands and added years to my life. The lord does change your life if you let him in it.

        • Asshat

          Wackytobacci was out as my job paid white collar money with a formal blue collar education. Since retiring and quitting smoking altogether my lungs deplore any respiratory irritants. The “roll another one just like the other one” is the ghost of the 1970s for me and resides next to the 8 track player. I kinda like thinking and breathing.

      52. the real question is,

        How many people will be shot in Chicago tonight?

        • I feel for the true children and good people shot, wounded often crippling or killed.

          No one does an accounting of how many that are shot are good riddance cases of dope dealer criminal A killing dope dealer criminal B. I only hear how someones son had such a promising future never that they were employed in street pharmaceutical sales.

          • Approaching the 800 mark

            793 so far.

      53. Should old acquaintances be forgotten, and never thought of again??? If that refers to Obama, I am okay with that.

        I have a visceral sense of foreboding right now that I cannot shake. I think he is desperate to start a war…

        Regardless, I dressed up for tonight’s sojourn to a little Trattoria here in the Austin area (we are visiting daughter and co). Had cut my hair short during the summer and now it is getting longer again- looking pretty spiffy for my vintage tonight. Even broke out the bling- well, some of it, anyway.

        This is going to be an interesting year. Best of everything to all the SHTFers. You already are ahead of the curve no matter what comes round.

        From Austin, Texas

        Two is One

      54. Politics in general has destroyed our country.One of the worst mistakes the American public ever made was allowing government too much power and control.Our government was put in place to serve and protect,not rule and control.As long as this continues we have no future and things will continue on a downward spiral until this country resembles a war torn,3rd world country.It’s no coincidence why we’re witnessing all this race baiting and anti-gun agenda campaign.It’s a well known fact the easiest way to rule and control a country is by Dividing the public and Disarming them.The ONLY hope left for our country is if we UNITE and stand our ground.Unfortunately even though we still have millions of loyal,hard working red blooded Americans,who would fight to the death,we still have millions that would gladly hand over all their rights for the “promise” of protection from the government.The one’s i truly feel sorry for are the young kids of today,they are the one’s that will end up paying for all this..

      55. What happens in Venezuela gives us the best indication of what could happen here. Food distribution was put in the hands of the military but the military is selling the food. Even dedicated people who are sworn to “serve and protect” will put the well-being of themselves and their families ahead of the general public (big surprise?). They are denouncing hoarders as the villains and claiming they are the source of the problem. Never mind that you legitimatly and wisely prepared using your own money. Rather than buying luxuries, you prepared! This means nothing! In order to get food or get into a hospital, people are crossing national borders(it is now against the law!). They are playing with the currencies which are virtually worthless! Nicholas Maduro and the socialists are worthless so the new currencies should be named after Maduro instead of Simon Bolivar (give Bolivar a break!). Conditions are better in some parts of the country; it’ll be the same here in the event of collapse. Some states will be better than others but which ones? Suppression and control of the news media. Confiscation of privately owned firearms. Venezuela is demonstrating the accuracy of prepper fears.

      56. Frank-Todd is still killing America. And it hasn’t been repealed because Barney Frank is gay, and GOD FORBID you attack a gay dude. Libtard D-Bags.

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