The Numbers Are Quite Profound: Debt, Devaluation, Diversification and Gold

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    With the global economy, financial markets and political sentiment seemingly on the brink of a major paradigm shift, concern about how to protect wealth is growing exponentially. Billions of dollars are being transferred out of bank accounts across the world by people who are looking for safety assets where they can secure their life savings and get out of the cross-hairs of governments bent on destroying private business, accumulating unimaginable levels of debt, and impoverishing the middle class.

    There are few investments that will remain safe once the masses realize they’ve been conned by their respective leaders and financial authorities.

    Whether your strategy involves holding physical assets to preserve some level of value and wealth when the next bubble pops, or if your aim is to reallocate investment capital from existing retirement funds or savings accounts and grow that capital over the long-term, the following interview from Future Money Trends is one you don’t want to miss.

    Amir Adnani, chairman of  gold mining company Brazil Resources, and David Morgan, of, share a wealth of knowledge and insights about gold fundamentals, investment strategies, effects of monetary policy, managing a successful business, avoiding government nationalization of key industries, and the broader economic outlook going forward.

    What excites me the most about the long-term, if we want to look five or ten years out, is that the supply-demand fundamentals, which is the only that I can try to use as a long-term guide of how things are going to go, are really on the side of higher natural resource prices and commodities.

    When you look at the population trends in the world, when you look at the sovereign debt issues in the world, when you look at the organization themes of emerging markets… these themes are very long-term trends. These are not going away.

    …I think supply-demand fundamentals over the next five or ten years definitely favor higher prices for commodities…

    Amir Adnani (

    Amir Adnani and David Morgan, with Daniel Ameduri (Two Part Interview):

    Watch at Youtube: Part 1, Part 2

    Despite the inevitable disaster to come, there are strategies that can help you to not only preserve wealth, but grow it during a time that will see the majority of the world’s population further impoverished.

    If one of your primary objectives is to protect your assets during times of uncertainty, then consider some of the analysis from one of the world’s top junior mining CEO’s.

    The fundamentals for gold:

    The fundamentals for gold have never been as good as they are right now, because from the physical side of things the mining industry and the majors keep spending more money every year on an accumulative basis on exploration, and each year they keep finding less gold than the year before or ten years ago. And so it’s becoming tougher and tougher to find economic gold projects… So clearly, just on the pure mining side of it, the pure supply expansion side of it, it’s more costly to find gold. They’re finding less gold, and mining costs to get it out of the ground are rising.

    Meanwhile, we continue to achieve record levels of debt in the Western world, so that continues to drive the monetary aspects of it and further underlines that end of the argument as to why the fundamentals for gold are strong.

    Look at the latest issues in Europe. Look at the latest issues in Cyprus. The sovereign debt issues are not going away. Everyone is racing to try to devalue their currency throughout the world. 

    How can we not look at this picture and say to ourselves that the fundamentals have never been better… the numbers are quite profound.

    Amir Adnani (Chairman, Brazil Resources)

    When developing a strategy for asset diversification, consider your individual needs, existing capital, and your specific goals (preservation vs. wealth creation):

     Is just owning physical a good idea or a bad idea?  I think the real answer to that is the individual…

    I think there’s more opportunity in the mining sector to build wealth than just owning the physical.

    I think that it’s an individual choice. I’m not against it. I understand the reasoning. These people believe that all paper markets are going to crumble at some point and the only left standing will be physical.

    I don’t hold that view. Personally, at my age, I think that about a 50-50 mix is about right. I feel very comfortable with 50% spread out between top-tier, mid-tier and up-and-comers, and the other 50% in the physical realm.

    Just to be clear, I don’t advocate 100% of your assets invested in the precious metals sector. I have recommended 20%, but again that’s an individual choice.

    David Morgan (

    For more interviews from leading financial minds, analysts and influential business leaders visit Future Money Trends.


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      1. Tangibles, tangibles, and tangibles

        If you cant touch it you don’t own it.

        Divide your portion seven ways, even eight for you know not the troubles that are coming upon the land.

        • Great, if you can afford gold. All my money is tied up in my business and in this market it’s for sale but no one else has money to buy it.

          Like so many others on this board, I believe in survival type items first for what ever may be coming our way, then worry about PM’s.

          • This is not for AZ, but the day or the hint we here about big business in the USA moving money out is the big warning for me. please someone who can access or knows to write or put a link on that please do.
            I have some silver and tons and tons of ammo. Plenty of area with generally good people in my area where I live so that is a plus. I just wouldnt wanna be in a large city, and those in NYC or the ladies better get a gun or a knife and learn how to kill someone with it. I dont want you to get raped when all people turn to savages in the big cities if you have no protection ladies.

          • @ AZ- The top of this page on the left hand side under ”Preps and Solutions”,click on ”Gold and Silver Coins”. It will take you to LIBERTY CPM. I found them from this site,and have prices closer to spot than anybody. They are awesome to deal with on the phone,no minimum order. So if you have an extra $28.62 you can get 1oz. of silver.It’s a start. Best wishes to you and the sale of your business.

            • @AFI-Thanks for the suggestion. Didn’t say I don’t have any, just not at the top of my list for things to get.

              • ships physical and takes debit/credit cards for those who don’t want to screw around sending cashiers check.

          • What is cheap today and has been used for “currency” in the past:
            Salt, Rice, Dry beans, whole spices(not so cheap) and “ammunition” (spear/arrow heads, bullets(US civil war).
            You can’t eat PMs.

            • I should have clarified, the list above is for people who have limited “means”.
              The list grows as one can afford higher priced items for barter, such as manual tools, instruction books, and “reproducing” survivor essentials (seeds, animals).
              Never forget that knowledge has always been regarded highly, except today, when “feelings” are all important…… can’t eat or barter “feelings”.

            • What is cheap today and will be used for currency in the Present??
              toilet tissue and matches??

          • Your Not alone AZ-R

        • I cannot remember how many end of the world books I have read. Out of all of them only one or two of the stories that I can remember did PM’s come into play. It always come down to Beans, Bullets, and Bandages in the end that had a worth. And in only one of them was gold a factor. Silver was also important in two of them because of the ease of exchange for smaller items. Not saying that PM’s don’t have a place but not in the top items needed.

          Sorry, tangible assets, are the only way to go. I have also noticed a common denominator in any after the collapse successful survival situation was the ownership of land.


          • Howdy BigB,

            Perhaps there is a way to view this as if it were cut from ‘whole cloth’ as it were.

            You might ask, “Why do I need PM?” Were it the case that ALL you might ever need were already situated in the place to intended to be post-facto…eveything, many, many tons of the material ( and Yes, ity IS TONS) that would serve to promote and provide for your life in time to come then would you NEED PM at all? Probably not!

            In that case you would possess and have situated all that would be needed…except only YOU, there. On the other hand, were it any other case then you would BOTH have to transport yourself (and loved one’s as well) to that place and either take WITH you or THERE secure (in the passege of time) that which was needful). The question then becomes, “Is it practical to consider moving – many tons – of material, to include equiptment to your chosen locale?”

            If NOT, then what are you going to entice another to part with that which YOU need; what motivation will serve to effect that outcome in your favor? Unless you’re already contemplating trade ‘at the end of the barrel of a gun’ you will certainly need SOMETHING which will convince those with whom you are trading to participate in that ‘trade’ willingly, Hmmm?

            In this it’s becomes easily seen that the situation is “situational”…dependent on a variety of things, all of which stem from your proximity to your selected location and what additional tangible’s you might require. Historically, Gold has one of the highest values weight for weight of anything available…easily transported on your person…such can not be said for an equivalent amount of Silver IF the quantity is large. Again, it depends on your specific circumstance, does it not?

            My personal approach is to have EVERY thing (tangible) which is needful, but you already know my path and I am NOT intending to go through the transport during uncertain times…a potential disaster, as it were

            Food for thought…


            • Most months im happy to get my bills paid,
              Right now an extra 1600 would go to a new set of BFG Km2 tires for my jeep,
              That oz of gold wont get as many miles as the tires,
              Bugging out, yeeaaa notsomuch,
              Trade? Think i can keep growing and trade veggies for other stuff i might need, witch honestly, isnt much, or maybe veggies for silver coins,
              Note to neighbors, will trade veggies for pre 65 dimes and quarters

              • Kula….I will trade two boxes of potatoes for one box of pineapples and one box of coconuts….

                Times have changed. The dollar game is won by the elitists, leaving others with dollars in famine.

                But they hate us. Soon barter will be a crime. They want those greedy slimy little fat hands and fingers on everything. If not, then we go.

                What is wrong with the honeybees?

                If no jobs, then barter is all we got–just like other Nations.

                Thanks Americans for being alseep. When you wake up, you may think it is a bad nightmare.

                • Howdy Ug,

                  “What is wrong with the honeybees?”

                  Indeed, we might NEED to get BigB involved here so as to understand what is going on there…THAT is making me NO little bit nervous.

                  For those of you who are not familiar with the current state of affairs be advised there is a MASS die-off of honeybee going on in this contry. Whether it is confined to North America or not I do not know, but the implications are profound…a HUGE amount of what we raise in the ways of crops yearly is DIRECTLY dependent on pollination by those…without them WE will all starve in short order…this one is serious folks…

                  …and that is in ADDITION to NOAA JUST having come forth with an extended outlook on last years drought that indicates that it WILL in fact probably pick-up and continue this year…

                  Oh Shit…

                  BIGB, Ya out there Bro!! can you ‘shed a little light’ here Friend…HELP?!


                  • The causes for the die off of the honeybee are two fold based upon reports that I have read: first, pesticides, specifically Round Up by Monsanto is stressing the bees immune system like HIV in humans, and then they are not able to fend off a parasite that kills them.

                    Monsanto will be the death of US one way or the other.

                  • JOG….

                    What has happened to the honeybees?

                    I know bee-keepers are very busy in California.

                    Some say it is pesticides? But dont know. It could be that we are spraying too much from home-owners to farmers to cities and golf courses.

                    But could it be that male honeybees are becoming more and more sterile for some reason? Are chemtrails doing anything?

                    Something is wrong. I just don’t see them like I use to. Even honey from local beekeepers does not taste quite the same. I have 16 fruit trees in my backyard. I will keep watch and report.

                  • DK, UG…lets pick his up at the bottom of the page…out of respect for the other readers, and also Mac…so we’re NOT hijacking the prime real-estae here at page-top…


                  • I watched a fantastic video for its presentation was one I actually understood.

                    Electromagnetic Signals seems to be the culprit…but not just cells and their towers.
                    Much more.
                    If I could find it, would share.

                  • The bees are dieing here too, not good

                  • RE: Bee Die Off

                    Please see my comments at the bottom of the page regarding the honey bee’s die off.


            • ” Is it practical to consider moving-many tons- of material, to include equipment to your chosen local”

              JOG: Brilliant post.

              This “bug out bag”, “get out of dodge” is shit. Where your living now is where you will meet your maker.

            • Suppose the alpha person in your affinity group fractured a leg. In addition to being severely painful the injury makes him/her a net liability to the group’s future prospects. By happy accident or answered prayers, there is a qualified medical/veterinary/dental surgeon in your immediate neighborhood. Having enough TP, she doesn’t want any of your surviving FRN. But she will operate and set your fractured leg, so long as you understand that it being SHTF and grids down it will be done under War Between the States conditions. Fortunately, her survival stash includes some general anesthesia and antibiotics. Between your group’s good enough nursing and your own strength, you recover to about 90 % of your former fitness. Lacking the PM, your alternative would be the neighbor’s kid who earned his Eagle Scout merit badge in wilderness first aid. That’s what gold bullion coins are for.

              • Exactly, I have a doctor and a dentist that will accept gold and silver now and in the future. Big Sis. don’t need to know everything!

            • JOG,

              Good post. Precious Metals (PM’s) come into their own after the currency collapses when faith is lost in its use. Such an event is inconceivable to 99% of the people, but just ask anyone in Argentina or Zimbabwe how important gold or silver becomes and they’ll tell you.

              Today in Argentina many people who lived through the 2000 economic meltdown will not put money in the banks because that is how the government decides what taxes you owe. In addition to fears of bank holidays and savings confiscations by the government. Inflation is running at 26% annually in Argentina, they are well on their way to another meltdown.

              $100,000 dollars or Euros is pittance when hyper-inflation sets in. Under hyper-inflation $100,000 dollars may not buy a dozen eggs, so any federal deposit insurance isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

              • Howdy YH,

                I have mulled this over for a bit…and this is what I SEE…

                In nearly any catastrophic collapse – either slow or fast – there would likely be a pattern of ‘utility’.

                By that what I mean is ‘that which could YET be ‘utilized’ to best effect’. It is the case that the Fed has – apparently- ceased to print new bills for some time. A previous poster here (whose name/handle I can’t recall) spoke to this directly and said that as a small business person he had been watching – for unspecified reason – the bills passing through his business and had NOT seen any printed since 2009.

                It is always the case that intermittently the FED ‘disposes’ of damaged bills as they are returned to the banks, yes…but there is more. Some few here have noted – as have I myself – that the seminal number which tracks this…M7 I think (IF I’n wrong here DK you can kick my butt!) has been steadily declining for a couple of years. I could not here tell you what the ‘bills in ciruclation’ figure is today…”half-heimers”, perhaps today, but I do recall that ZH posted on this some few months ago and that they there indicated that the figure had SHRUNK by near to 30% in the year previous.

                Much could be said about the FED’s motivation’s for doing so, but I’ll leave that for another day. Suffice it to say this: IF the SUPPLY of CASH is dwindling and it came to pass that ‘something’ happened, a shock to the system, the market…and YOU were a merchant in uncertain times, offered a credit card by one customer as peyment, while another was standing there with CASH in hand, both wanting the SAME article…which would you take FIRST? WHO would you ‘Sell’ the item to? In truth, were sucha thing as I have postited to occur I give the ‘value’ of credit cards to be be only hours, Cash, possibly as little as a week until NO ONE would take even that…at it’s root – here – is the human psychology of FEAR.

                To be sure, once there is a MAJOR dispruption of the faith of the People in the governemnt the value of fiat will be equivalent to toilet paper…maybe less as it’s doesn’t look to be as absorbent as Charmin’. That said, it’s still the case that what you are currently retaining in fiat (CASH) you should not hesitate to use if things appear to be going all ‘Pear-shaped’…use it up…GET what YOU need….THAT IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT.

                After that things get ‘thick,’ quick inmasmuch as after the initial period there start to be SHORTAGES roundly, Why? Because everyone who had “Eyes to see and Ears to hear…” has already STAMPEDED to the local Wally-World, Lowe’s, and etc to GET what THEY needed. Hopefully by that point you have secured MUCH of tha balance of all you need to ‘make it through to the other side’, if not, THAT’s when you MUST invoke the ‘allure’ of PM in your transactions with others to convicne them to trade with you.

                Make NO mistake about this one point. AT THAT POINT the FEAR will be wide-spread…it had happened many, many times in history, it IS not a ‘new’ response. People looking about themselves will be getting NERVOUS and whatsoever they have to themselves trade for other things they wil hoard unless properly incentivized … with PM. In thier minds, seeing it all fall apart, they – who may NEVER have given PM a second thought in thier entire lives, will JUMP at the chance to transact trade – for what they CAN trade – to get such knowing FULL well that such as that have always had SOME value, Yes?

                So it is…

                Beyond that point ‘Interregnum’ is nigh at hand…and in that case it may be that ALL the GOLD in the WORLD will not secure to you what you need and do not have. Furthermore, THAT state of affairs MIGHT go on for a while…possibly a VERY long while. Even PM are a ‘token’ for REAL WEALTH….not the Wealth itself.

                What in those days would make you WEALTHY would be those things that would KEEP you alive…and FED and WARM and ABOVE ALL, SAFE!!!

                At that point no one yet in possesion of thier wits would , could be convinced to ‘trade’ for anythng that they did NOT desperately need since there would simply be too much uncertainty about ‘tomorrow’…and about what would come. NO ONE WOULD TURN ANYTHING LOOSE for fear that THAT might be the very thing which would leave them subject to death, starvation, predation.

                I pray you, when the moment comes, use thsat FIAT to best effect…it won’t have ANY worth afterwards.


                • They do not change the dates on bills like they do on coins, When a plate wears out they make a new one with the same date, unless the Sec of Tr, or Head of Mint changes, They kept the series 1928, $2 Bill plates for decades.
                  As a matter of fact it was not unknown for the Mint to make coins for a long time with the same date, that’s why 1964 K halves are so common. they made them for more than a year. Now they change stuff to get the collectors to keep it and they make money.

                • >>”That said, it’s still the case that what you are currently retaining in fiat (CASH) you should not hesitate to use if things appear to be going all ‘Pear-shaped’…use it up…GET what YOU need….THAT IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT.”<<

                  Spot on correct JOG.

                  In a post collapse future, people will commit wanton acts of violence for things they take for granted today. Little is understood about the relationship of precious metals as the ultimate backstop to wealth and value degradation.

                  The Founders understood this concept to a "T" which is why they included it in the U.S. Constitution under Article one, Section ten, paragraph one.

                  We now have many clear examples of exactly what you have laid out very well above, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Cyprus and more to follow soon. No one can claim ignorance for being caught off guard when the crap hits the fan in a few years.

                  It's good to keep cash on hand for the transitional period when confidence is lost in the currency, but as you said it must be spent quickly to obtain what is needed since its value will unravel very quickly.

                  I'm over here in Tokyo on a business trip at the moment and I am stunned at how quickly the Japanese Yen is weakening against the dollar. The exchange rate is 96 Yen to the dollar, and some here are saying the recently announced "suicidal" Japanese stimulus plan will drive the Yen down to 200 Yen to the dollar just to maintain dwindling control of their growing national debt interest payments. The very same event is occurring in the U.S., however The Fed Reserve and Treasury department simply have better public relations departments and a fully captured main stream media machine to keep the bad news off the headlines compare to the Japanese.

                  The race to the bottom seems to have entered the final stages JOG. The remaining time to prep is growing short.

                  • “No one can claim ignorance for being caught off guard when the crap hits the fan in a few years.”

                    Indeed. I havve been watching – with some small bit of horror – at this evening’s actioon in USD/JPY…words fail me…

                    A ‘Yen-pocalypse’ is enroute, NOW…


          • when things get ugly and we fall on lean times (and we will) there will only be one thing of value , basic resources (those thing that would sustain yuor life),it will be the the only thing anyone wants ,and the only thing you wont be able to get, so to me its easy , the only thing you need is two things ,basic resources ,and the means to defend them

            • BTW im not saying there is no place for PM’s ,but if your funds are limited and you have a family put your money in long term storage foods ,and ammo ,keeping your family breathing needs to be your first priority ,you can worry about your finacial well being later ,if you make it out the other end alive

        • PMs may be a sound investment, and I would invest, if I had the capital. But, never forget, PMs can be banned at the stroke of a pen. It can be made a crime to trade with them. The parasites want it all, and PMs are part of what they want, they will not alow you to trade without thier control mechanisms.

          • They have done it before and they can and probably will again. It is all a power trip. Just when you think you have some security they try to knock it out from under you. The confiscation and or manipulation of what we think is of value is only what “they” want you to believe. If what you have can be construed as power there is some one out there who will find a way to take it from you or make it worth less.

            I know that a bunch of people on this board have put a lot of their faith into the values of PM’s and will once again red thumb me because they think they are to far into it to change course at this point. But it is not to late to get out now just like it is not to late to get out of the stock market or your 401K, IRA’s and the like. But time is running out.


            • I’ve said many times times that when the SHTF and it all collapses, a box of macaroni & cheese will have more value than any PM especially when you are bartering or trading with a hungry person.

              Also with regards to PM, unless you or the person you are trading with has in depth knowledge in PM they may feel you are giving them a worthless shiny coin.

              Most of my money right now is going towards food and ammo (whenever it’s available). Later this year if the SHTF hasn’t happened yet I plan on buying with cash a cargo van I can use for my business and use as a getaway if things get too crazy.

              • Rodster: Food is for feeding your family and ammo is for protecting them, not for trading. During the coming long-emergency the learning curve will be very sharp and most folks who don’t already know about PMs will learn quickly, or die off. Besides, just about everyone knows what “junk silver” (.90% silver) is. It was ‘real’ money before our government began to debase it. There will be lots of goods and services that folks won’t trade for because they don’t need them for one reason or another, so a medium of exchange will come into play. Besides, only a desperate person would trade food, ammo, or some other daily necessity for any other needed good or service. Small gold, silver, and junk coins will be traded almost from day one of large collapse. Good luck.

              • This scenario is the very unlikely — the big kerplop when all vestiges of civilization simply disappear, and all media of trade are empty of value overnight. Mad Max stuff. That’s a fantasy, it won’t happen, and even if it did some level of exchange would quickly reemerge and PMs would be a natural medium. Far more likely is a massive hyperinflation driven by currency collapse, in which prices double every 12 hours like in Romania or Zimbabwe. Or a long slow social collapse. In those scenarios, PMs will hold their value and even explode in value. If you truly think the sh&^ will fit the fan, PMs are a great and easily transferrable and transportable carrier of value, period.

            • Not too late to get out of precious metals into what?? Dollars?

              • No Larry1356, not dollars. If you are following the thread you will see that any one who says that PM’s have a place, tangible assets such as beans, bullets and band aids are what you need to survive.

                Other items that would be worth there weight in gold:

                gardening tools
                bicycle tires
                fuel, any type
                lanterns (with oil)
                canning equipment
                air pumps
                water filters
                bic lighters
                toilet paper

                The list can go on and on as many people who have made up these lists in the past have noted. Just look in any drawer
                in your home and say to your self: Where would I get this from in a SHTF scenario? These are called tangible assets. They can be traded for PM’s down the road and when the dust settles PM’s may have a place in rebuilding your life.

                But you know what? I could very well be wrong about the whole thing and in the end it is a choice that every individual has to make. I just ask that you consider my view and take it for what it is. Like everyone else who has an elbow they also have another view.


                • And if you are wrong? You can use it or pass it on to someone tax free!

                • You’re certainly not wrong. Spending your money at today’s prices to get what you may not be able to afford tomorrow is sound advice. And yes, the list is endless. I think your response was perfect because inflation is a fact.

                • Accumulating your “tangible assets” has nothing to do with getting out of PM’s. If you put everything you have into seeds, bicycle tires, and the rest of your list, you might be well prepared for some situations but what happens if things don’t go completely the way you predict.

                  I think having backup wealth in a form that has been recognized forever is a good idea and I don’t think people should panic into “getting out” of PM’s.

                  For the record, my “tangibles” list is quite different than yours. I concentrate more on being able to provide for myself or making do in any situation that may arise rather than storing up things like toilet paper. PM’s are an important part of being prepared for some possibilities. As such, have no desire to “get out” of my meager collection of PM’s.

                  • I took my 10 year old grandson to a coin show this past weekend, the dealers were so blown away by the fact that a 10 year old was more interested in coins than video games that they were selling him anything he wanted at very cheap prices, some were lower than what they paid for it. My grandson knows his stuff about coins and he knows how to stike a deal, and alot of the dealers were just getting rid of thier collections because they are getting up in years and just wanted to get it out of the way. So if you have any coin shows in your area, take the grandkids along. It helps your wallet and its quality time well spent.

                • I play a “what if” game…What if I cannot leave my property for 9 months, do I have what I need to keep the family & animals alive, treat human & animal wounds and illness, repair equipment, have guns/ammo for hunting and protection, materials to build/repair house/sheds or vehicles, make clothing, shoes, or blankets, grow & preserve food, etc. Books to explain and show how to do just about every survival task. Also a collection of trade and barter items: I don’t drink, but I have alcohol, I don’t smoke, but I have cigarettes. I have extra copies of the Bible and scriptures because my daddy taught me there are no atheists in war time; non-believers will seek the Lord Jesus Christ in time of trials.

              • I just ordered two packs for my goats, if I have to bug out, the goats can carry extra supplies. That could be a little more precious than gold.

                • And if I don’t have to bug out, they can carry the dog food when we go backpacking.

                  • Really, using goats as pack animals? I have made packs for and have made my dogs carry their own food but goats? Llamas, donkeys, mules but never heard of using goats. Very cool. Hell is they are milkers you got cream for your coffee and cereal that won’t spoil. Again, great idea.


                  • BigB if you think about goats for a pack animal then you realize that they’re quiet, they eat wild food so you don’t need to pack any food along for them, they’re sure footed, easy to control, can carry about 1/4 their weight, if they are milking you can keep them milking for over a year and they make a good emergency food. There’s goat harnesses for hooking your goat up to a cart or small plow. They’re herd animals and like being around you.

                    The buck that hasn’t been castrated is the exception, he stinks and it’s a strong smell. It’s not pleasant to be around.

                  • >>>they’re quiet

                    you have got to be kidding me. what breed of goat?

                    i had swiss alpines and nubian mixes and they were the noisest buggers on the face of the earth. and keep them away from your cars, they like to stomp on top of the roofs.

                  • Hey Figment,

                    Mine are La Mancha/Nubian mix. The only time one of them has tried to jump up in the hood area of my rig was when I had the hood up and was working on my truck. She jumped up there for my attention. Compared to my dogs, they are very quiet and compared to my chickens, they’re mute.

                  • BigB, I don’t have any cars, just trucks, a van and a lifted jeep. Maybe thats why I haven’t had any problems with them jumping on my rigs. Besides there’s plenty of other things around here to keep them occupied. Now watch, tomorrow they will be on the hood of my truck.

                • Rick, pack goats–brilliant!!

                  • Thanks JayJay,
                    My property is too small for horses and mules, goats just make sense.

                  • @figment and Rick,

                    I have also had goats and the first thing I thought about was the jumping on the cars. LOL. And the stink of the Billy goats is really bad. And you know they want to rub against you. Also have to not turn your back on the as they will butt you into next week. Plus no man can build a pen or enclosure that a goat won’t find a way out of. You could put razor wire on top of the fence and they can figure out a way to get past it. They are almost as smart as a pig and that is saying a lot. But they taste good and provide milk and like you said Rick they will eat anything up to and including rattle snakes.


                • @Rick and BigB

                  um, maybe we should mention for those who aren’t in the know that the billy goat stink is from them peeing on their own heads?

                  boer goats are big around here, but they are only for meat.but like you said that advantage is that they PREFER things others won’t eat like sticker bushes, poison ivy and such.
                  however, I’ll stick with my steers and chickens and I have a mustang and a riding/pack/driving mule.

          • Damn, I hope they make it illegal…

          • My dad told me about when FDR told people to trade in their gold for paper. A lot of people didn’t do it of course and held on to their gold coins and ingots. Gonna be difficult to do today because it’s hard not to leave a paper trail. Seems to me that buying gold and silver on the internet or even using a credit card will lead the revenuers to your front door whenever they feel like it. Cash works and you have to carry a lot to buy gold. Just don’t get tossed by the Police because they’ll take your money and not even give you a receipt. A lot of cop wives look like sluts not just because they are loose women, but it’s because the cops take your money and give it to their wives to go to the dollar store and get makeup and cheap perfume. Cigarettes too probably.

          • @ JustMe.
            If it is advantages to them and a detrement to us, they will make EVERYTHING a CRIME. They have had it so good for so long they think they can do anything to us.
            I am sure they will whipsaw the hell out of us till the majority is paralysed with fear. Already the majority is mostly dependent on Government.
            As the song goes. This is no wrong, there is no right, and I sleep very well at night. Because they have No Conscience. The only way to cure this is to beat, “Fear” back into them.

            • Howdy slingshot,

              “If it is advantages to them and a detrement to us, they will make EVERYTHING a CRIME.”

              Let em’.

              At all times past in the history of this country it WAS the case that SOME measure of fundamental respect for the ‘Government’ and it’s agency’s existed…I ask you what is the circumstance now, today?

              Allow me; what we see broadly about us today is little more than blatant THIEVERY by the “Gov” and it’s minions…all for the benefit of a few, those at the ‘Top’. Futhermore, many – though certtainly NOT all – are waking up to what is happening around them…in some sense. Even the most dim-witted of those here in this land are becoming painfully aware that what they make just doesn’t ‘stretch’ the way it once did…and that an ongoing process of the diminuation of the whole of thier existence is progressing…steadily, daily.

              As all know, historically, the ‘playbook’ for desperate governing institutions is remarkably rigid, fixed and unchanging and much of what see today seems strongly to suggest that THAT is already well engaged by those who think of themselves as our “Masters.”

              I HAVE BAD NEWS for such as those…

              Do you REALLY beleive that this can be supporetd much longer, that you and your’s will remain PERMANENTLY outside the reach of JUSTICE forever?…do you REALLY believe that governmental edicts will henceforth seperate “We the People” from those things upon which we depend fot life, upon which our Children and Grand-Children depend?

              Allow me: NO…THEY WILL NOT…

              Some few days ago I posted in on the visions of the Hopi…I am just one guy..just like everyone else here. I certainly DON’T know it all..some, yes but not NEARLY ALL, and it is the case that we see in the long passage of times ‘things’ which we can not explain…those that I put forth here are eerily accurate…and may be where this will all go…I don’t know.

              But IF we look arond us now, carefully, then I ask you, “Where then do YOU think it will end up at?”

              Them who have taken…and taken..and taken…what charity will exist in the Heart’s of “We the People” for those in the days to come?

              Dwell on it…


              • @JOG

                When there is no Faith, it will diminish Hope, and put an end to Charity.

                • “When there is no Faith, it will diminish Hope, and put an end to Charity.”

                  The truest words I hasve set eyes ‘pon in a while Friend. Rememeber though, the question I have posed here – repeatedly – “WHAT will we do Afterwards…Who Are We?”


                  • @JOG.

                    The answers to those questions are as many as there are stars above. What we will do afterwards is dictated by what we have done, what are are doing now, and what will or has happen to us. Because we are so diversified, by race,politics,religion and ethnic background, continuity will only be obtained if we all experience a
                    disruption so terrible that it binds us all together. An experience that turns us back to the Supreme Being.
                    We have had two major World Wars and we still have not learned to live in harmony and created the most destructive device ever. Does is bode well that we ever obtain peace?
                    When we ask, Who are we?, is that the individual or Mankind as a whole? As an individual we would like to think that man is inherently good and strives to do so, but History points that we gravitate to evil. Therefore we are a creature that oscilates between good and evil determined by his Free Will. In times of good we have peace and in times of evil we have wars and other plagues that we for the most part bring upon ourselves with eyes wide open.
                    Peel away our skin to remove all facial and body recognition and you will see what we really are. We are all the same. With all the same needs.

          • Just Me, if things have deteriorated to the point where people are using real money as money (the nerve of some folks!) they’ve gone far enough to tell those who would be our masters to go F themselves. And back it up with force of arms if need be. We become free people when we stop petitioning them for their permission. “Mister Bernanke, Sir, I”m a day away from starvation. My children are hungry. Do I have the FRB’s permission to buy food with silver?” When the swells make normal everyday things a crime (you have to get a license to brush your teeth) are we going to be free people or worry about violating “the law?” The only legitimacy the law has is to protect ( an individual’s) life, liberty or private property. When it becomes a tool for the tyrant to loot and oppress us it cries out to be violated. Sheep will obey. Free people won’t. CATI

          • JustMe: TPTB can ‘stroke’ their pens all day long but that doesn’t mean squat here in the rural southern county where I now reside, and most others I figure. Most folks around here couldn’t care less what those ass-clowns in D.C. want or decree. Besides, were small fish out here and TPTB will have their hands full with just the major cities WTSHTF and won’t have the time or resources to bother with us. Good luck.

          • JustMe, I’m not investing in PM’s at this time. I remember the 70’s when the economy sucked and there was a threat of war. Gold spiked then there was a change in administrations and gold crashed. I remember hearing for the first time the saying “If you want to make a small fortune in commodities, then start with a large fortune”. I personally don’t know enough about the gold market and I don’t have a personaL relationship with anyone on an internet site for them to have earned my faith and trust and so recommendations to buy PM’s goes in one ear and out the other. For me and my limited knowledge, buying gold would be a speculation move that’s base on emotion. I chose to use past performances for my current purchases.

          • JustMe

            They might demand your first male born child too. If things get that bad what “they allow” or disallow will have little bearing. If the money they allow has little or rapidly declining value following orders regardless how conditioned to do so makes no sense. The very people “they” employ to enforce “their” rules (Police) will be readily bribed with those PMs.

            Regarding “they will not alow you to trade” in the absence of a functioning economy a black / grey market develops in it’s place that historically takes gold, silver or diamonds. Read “Surviving in Argentina”.

        • Hello All! I just think the best route is to think “What would grandmother do?” Those amazing folks that came to this country from Europe with nothing but a big heart and willing hand. Most with do it yourself and agricultural skills. Get as self sufficient(with God’s help)as you can and pray the situation doesn’t evolve into chaos. Simplify is much as possible and have a means of protection.
          PM’s might be nice but for the huge majority, having the basics of shelter, heat, food, water, is a large task and sometimes an insurmountable one. God Bless, James

        • Mordecai, I agree. If it is not in your hands it doesn’t exist. Anything on paper is subject to confiscation or devaluation by the government. Ditto physical gold, if they know you have it from sales records or just talk. Stocks will not be worth the paper they may be printed on and if they only exist on the internet, they will not exist when the SHTF. Ditto bank accounts. Ditto ‘retirement plans’. All of those will be nationalized in the last days of every country. Democracy only exists as a myth. Ditto for Capitalism.

          What do you do? Buy farm land, trade goods, necessities, hand tools, barter items. Form friendships with your neighbors. Learn skills that will be needed after the collapse. Hint: stock broker/banker will NOT be one of them. Remember, if it is not in your hand, it does not exist in reality.

      2. One of the investment opportunities will be in resources that are becoming scarce. For example, some people think there is about 30 years of helium available based on our current usage rate. Much of the helium used escapes into the atmosphere and is lost. There are other resources that may become scarce as more and more people begin using them. Even if we don’t run out, the prices are likely to escalate.

        • Helium is ubiquitous in the Universe as it is one of the primary elements created during the Big Bang. If memory serves me right, I believe the soil of the moon contains copious amounts of helium that can be extracted.

          The universe is for all intents and purposes, infinite, with endless possibilities. The stars are within OUR grasp if WE will but reach for them.

          • DK–just asking

            How does that help us with the task at hand in 2013?

            • OutWest: A 30 year supply is not a shortage. If SHTF in 2013 WE won’t need helium either. LMAO!

              Pun intended. 🙂

          • Yes the universe is full of helium but the earth is not. The point of my article was not to say we all need to be investing in helium. The point was that it would be benefical to look for things that might become scarce and hold onto them.

            • “The point was that it would be beneficial to look for things that might become scarce and hold onto them.”

              Yes Merree, you are correct, but that would probably be hand tools, nails, screws, nuts, bolts, washers, solar cells, and battery chargers.

              • Sewing needles.

                • “Sewing needles” Great advice. Let me add to that. Get some spools of quality fishing line. This will double as thread and for fishing. I used to restore old treadle sewing machines and I kept one of the old Singer “Red Eye” machines in case things go way south. You can use monofilament line in these instead of thread also. Having one of those hand awl sewing devices is good for heavier things like canvas or leather.

                  • If the belt ever breaks on the treadle sewing machine, you can get by with a rag tied in a loop. My mother said that way back when she was in home ec, the school machine’s belt broke. They were going to do without until the teacher could get another. My mother fixed it with a rag. It worked fine.

      3. Hard assets are the way to go. Food, Water, Weapons, ammo, and gold/silver. I’d be nervous to hold any paper assets.

        Those who use the “can’t eat gold/silver” philosophy must be envisioning a “Mad Max” type scenario only. Not saying it can’t or won’t happen but to plan for one single scenario and nothing else seems to defy the prepping logic that got them started.

        The only thing I’m not understanding by the column is if precious metals are so certain to keep rising, why only 20%?

        • If we are prepared for a “Mad Max” type scenario, then
          we are also well covered for any lesser type of event

          • Not really. Mad Max implies a total breakdown of social order where everyone uses force to either take what they want, or defend what they have. There is a big gap between failure of the economic system and all out social disorder. Of course if what you mean is that you are just preparing to take what you want by force, you probably won’t be around long enough to need much preparation.

            • Larry—Huh!
              You don’t think a failure of the economic system won’t
              bring all out social disorder? WOW!

              I sure like your sanitized version of when SHTF much
              better than what I had in mind. Please, tell me more

              • Maybe he hasn’t thought about 300,000,000 guns in the hands of drugged up Americans? Americans consume 40% of the world’s prescription drugs and who knows how much of the illegal ones. Most are used to just get through a ‘normal’ day without losing it. What happens when those meds aren’t available and the day is NOT ‘usual’? THAT is the Mad Max world we may face. Gangs will rule the cities and roving bands may rule the other parts.

                • It is like the old IRS joke in the 1980s….

                  The IRS has a new form with only two questions:

                  1. How much did you make?
                  2. Send it in.

                  I know its old. It was funny then. But more true now.

                • You left out that most of the 40% are Stalinist commies. They are also for gun control.

                  Revoke em, with predjudice.

                  • About 50 % don’t pay income tax. Any

            • Larry, an all-out social disorder is exactly what many are expecting. When the trucks stop, and then the food stops, and the gas stops, people will get desperate in a hurry. There will be blood in the streets, as people see survival at another’s expense as right in their own eyes.

              • it only took two days for those on the stalled cruise ship to start living ‘lord of the flies’

        • 10% is the typical professional allocation for precious metals in an investment portfolio, so he is advocating twice the typical amount.

          Personally I think excess capital should be allocated much heavier towards pm’s than 20% once your preps are certain, and your ammo stacked.

          You cannot be too rich, too thin, or have too much ammo. They won’t be making any more of it after the Changes.

          • I would much rather have another 500 gallon propane tank with 500 gallons of propane and another couple hundred gallons of gas in my bulk fuel tank.

        • Easy and real answer, He’s not stupid. Anyone that bets 100% is playing Russian roulette and will soon lose. IF PM are really the right thing you can realistically expect them to go up 5 or 6 times, perhaps more. If true, at 20% you have kept your wealth intact; even if the rest goes to S””t. If wrong, even a drop, in half, will only cost you 10% of your wealth, anyone with the money to buy PM’S can tolerate that. God gave us a brain,use it.

      4. What about owning nickles, guns, ammo, garden seeds, land…You need to own something that will benefit others when the economy collapses.

        • That’s what the ammo is for:to protect your family, friends, and neighbors.

        • Saving nickels is a scam.

          Save lead.

        • I do not need to own things to help others when it hits the fan, The big problem we have in this country is helping people that should have been told: “Work or starve”
          One of my ancestors was Gov Bradford of PA, his claim to fame, was when the colony was failing due to communal sharing, was to say; “Don’t work, don’t eat”.
          My motto is slightly different: “Stupid and Lazy have their own rewards.” Helping people who aren’t stupid or lazy is tough; I’ve done it a few times,they are hard to find because they are out working their butts of and don’t stay needy long.

      5. Based upon current street prices my armory is worth more than my survival retreat cost. Of course I have a lot of sweat equity in that.

      6. David Morgan, metals bull, recommends 20%. Diversify is the answer. After you have secured water, long term food, protection: shelter and defense. Then add items to barter. Invest in yourself with skills training. Some land to grow food, if you can protect it! Hell, I can’t even protect my garden from the damn squirrels! LOL

        • Peter, rat traps with Skippy Peanut Butter works great.

          • Skunks beat me to my strawberries every time.

        • You should try growing sweetcorn in Missouri,specially in the country. Coons will beat you to it. Soooo Shoot all the coons. You may want to eat some of em. Trekker Out. Live Free or Die!

          • We eat our sweetcorn, but we use a double hot wire.

            • Shoot Yeah, goes good with BBQ coon. Trekker Out.

          • DeLurking…finally. Try a tablespoon of fly bait in a saucer of beer. So deadly they won’t make it out of the patch.(Be sure to lock-up your other critters)If you are anti-poisen string a hot wire works pretty good too!

            • As I’ve said before, I just love this site. Just pick a subject and throw it out there, and someone will take it and run with it. One minute were shooting Feds and the next were running rabbits. And to think, this all started cause Peter can’t even protect his garden from squirrels. Now Green Thumb is going to kill some poor drunk with fly bait. Trekker Out

              • That’s funny Trekker…and a hearty welcome to Green Thumb.

              • Haha good one Trekker!

          • Try the “three sisters” planting method to protect your sweet corn from the raccoons. If you Google that phrase you will find many articles about it. I tried it last year and it worked well for me. Basically you plant your corn in hills, interspersed with beans (to trelace up your corn stalks and help stabilize them against wind storms) and squash. Raccoons don’t like walking over the prickly squash vines to get to your corn.

            Good luck.

        • David Morgan couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the directions were on the heal.

        • Sprinkle bloodmeal all over the perimeter of the garden. All “prey” animals fear the smell of blood and will stay away. This worked well in my city garden against squirrels and bunnies.

          • Just thank you lucky stars you do not have wallabies.

            The little f..ers have become a plague down here in Tassie after the plantaions scams collapsed, and have to be fenced out. Only problem is we also have wombats which are like small pigs but with fur and a better grip on mother earth so they push under fences unless they are electric. Womabats make the hole in the fence and then the wallabies turn it into a 4 lane highway.

            The up side, wallaby stew, wallaby patties and roast saddle of wallaby. Great with spuds, carrots and all the other home grown veges, plus the native pepper I pick off the bushes growing wild.

            If one gets real brave, one could also go down to the creek and serve up the largest fresh water lobster on the planet.

            look here for a $10,000 meal (dont get caught, thats the fine)

          • For a few years, I used blood meal and bone meal when putting in new shrubs, trees, etc.
            Great starter and feeder for the first few months.
            Then, it was gone; off the market.
            Kids and animals were eating it??
            I did find it at a store near here last summer.
            Will also check Tractor Supply since apparently it is available again.

            • Tractor Supply–Nope.
              But Ace Hdw. has it.

      7. BUY PM’S

        every investment guru has their own interpretation of the future for investments …

        bottom line is at true inflation monetary rates

        gold should be around $8000. an ounce and silver should be $533, an ounce !

        at a 15/ 1 ratio silver to gold .


        add in china india russia brazil plus africa coming boom growing middle class commodities demand are going to boom in next 5-10 years for those countries . not to forget the brics are going to a gold back currency !

        gold will boom as will silver over the next 5-10 years there’s no way it can’t .

        the brics now control the global markets !

        buy pm’s !!!

        or loose 40-60% of your saving value as the dollar dies and is replaced by the brics basket of gold backed currencies .

        BUY PM’S !!!


        • Heavy on the lead. Gold bullets are too purdy to shoot.

          Semper Fi

      8. Two key things to watch is physical delivery and the premium for physical vs paper. One is drying up and the other is increasing. Like pulling on a party cracker…boom.

        • I ran across this right after I posted. “Based on a letter to clients over the weekend, it appears Dutch megabank ABN Amro is changing its precious metals custodian rules and “will no longer allow physical delivery.” Have no fear, they reassuringly add, your account will be settled at the bid or offer price in the ‘market’ and “you need to do nothing” as “we have your investments in precious metals.” Credit to Zerohedge for this. It appears to be getting late in the game if you want physical.

          • aka default.. They don’t have it..

          • Yeah and I’ve got a bridge…

      9. Interesting test results on AR500 body armor on, Paratus Familia Blog. Check it out. Trekker Out.

        • I saw that last night!! The photos speak for themselves.
          Awesome results!!

          Keep preppin’


        Every prepper who reads this site should think about creating a garden / community garden 1 to 2 acres .

        Get yourselves out of the cities onto land you can grow NON-GMO CROPS on , raise NON GMO food live stock / fish for yourself and family .

        Even I am seriously actively looking for land to do the same on a grand scale deep in the Rockies .

        That is where the true wealth is and will be for the next 50 years !




        • Right on focus. You will be begging us farmers to take your gold for a few small potatoes when your wife and kids are starving. Get those permaculture long term crops in NOW and have your chickens for eggs, meat, FERTILIZER. Sustainable B O L is all that will matter in a very short future. Gotta get back out in the garden bye now.

        • Is it possible to live off the land without working? Somehow you will still need to earn some money, don’t you think?

          • When the SHTF, there will be NO place to work except at staying alive. Do you think the local McDonalds is going to be open? Walmart? The button factory you work in? The local Grocery store? Gas station? 7/11? LMAO

            • Well said. lmfao also…

              People just don’t get it…

            • Working a garden large enough to feed a sizable family, let alone “truck farming” on a profitable scale, is TONS of MANUAL LABOR. Suppose grid down. No internal combustion motors. No electricity. You’ll use your family’s horses or mules? For how long? Major effort vegetable gardening is a calorie deficit activity. Suppose you burn off 2500 calories in necessary human labor every day. You couldn’t eat enough lettuce, carrots and squash to cover your calorie output. The local winged and four-footed thieves will get to your veggies before you do. What about shtf raiders? Are you going to post an armed guard 24/7 to guard your garden? If so, who is guarding your home? Do those guards take turns doing the manual labor? The romanticism behind “we must garden” makes me smile. It conveniently ignores certain facts that make it a pipe dream for anyone who isn’t already doing it on a commercial rather than a recreational scale.

              • True…However, we must try. Potatoes are pretty good calories and not too labor intensive. Eggs from free range are just about free and lots of protein. More of a problem for us with heating needs will be the chopping, sawing and splitting of firewood without the ICE. I try to keep a 5 year supply of firewood cut, but if fuel is unobtainable I truly believe we will die of exposure eventually unless we can make some sort of community effort to keep us all stocked up.

                • @ JRS:
                  we have been buying 100% wool sweaters at thrift shops while they are still cheap. Also, get thermal polypropylene long underwear online at something like Campmor (discount) and stock up. Also, snow/work boots are still avail at thrift shops.

              • So it sounds like you given up already…

                Get your garden areas ready now while you have the advantage of a bit of mechanization…create a compost pile or piles…leaves, grass clipping, wood mulch, old moldy hay, etc., etc…

                Have you ever seen old fencing laying in someones field? Ask them for it. If you have money buy some and stash it.

                Sounds like your one of them…lazy and “romantic.”

          • @ Razorback:

            Grow tobacco. It is ridiculously easy to grow, pretty easy to cure and make into “chew”, cigars and cigarettes. Use it for barter, “cash crop”, insecticide.

          • Barter your cream, feed the skim to the hogs.

        • Good luck with the Rockies. If Land if for sale it is for a reason, Water is short, no electric, heat must be delivered, Winters can be long, Soil sucks, and everything is up hill.

          • You have no idea wtf your talking about.

            Those of us here in the Rockies have it all.

            • Will you be quiet! He’s right: Bad weather, wolves , Indian attacks, liberals, Blood sucking ticks (same kind of thing), it’s all bad here. Abandon all hope anyone coming to Wyoming; plague everywhere; that the Cholera don’t get you.

              • Now that was GOOD!

              • @Paranoid … Respect !

                Awesome Post ! ;0)

                You forgot to mention the 1200 pound Grizzly Bears ripping open your cars for that peanut butter sandwich wrapper nightly , yearly fire storms forest fires , the minimum wage is only $5.00 an hour and the mandatory Cannibal Religious Cults all must join or suffer the consequences of Local Cult Members Hazing you by throwing sacrificed goats blood on your home and vehicles .


              • The weak don’t survive here P…and they are easy to spot.

                Quit being paranoid…yikes…maybe i was being sarcastic.

                or maybe shootit was…

                …I’m so confused now!

            • Boycott Colorado. Full of Stalinist commie gun controlling scum.

              Don’t buy, trade, travel, hunt or fish in Colorado.

          • Shoot, not much sweetcorn nor many coon out here in the Rockies, have to eat bear and pine nuts. And everything is up hill! But since your at the bottom, just remember there’s a saying about something!!!! that rolls down hill, might want to keep your head up and your eyes open. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

            • You are right. We are flatlanders. Someone up the chain missed my point. I said “If” the ground is for sale…. There is a lot of great self sustaining locations in the Rockies, but they were bought up long ago or you will need really deep pockets.

              • Shootit, your right about, you better have deep pockets if you even start to think about having a place in the Mountains that is self sustaining. The Rich own all those kind of places, and they don’t even live near here, and could’nt get here if and when the shtf. One sad thing on this site is, that so many (not all) are either vicious or they have such thin skin that when it comes to comments, that they can’t even enjoy and share info. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

                • I have noticed the coon in a trap syndrome, others take their football and go home, some are supremely nieve from the land of fruits and nuts, but the majority of those that post come with a pure heart willing to share and learn. If/When the day comes when this site is over run with the Minority like the CORP. I will now it is time for phase 3. The final hour will be near.

        • Working on it. Hope the money system holds together long enough for me to get to where I’m going…

      11. When the SHTF:

        With both guns showing on one another,

        Scenario 1.

        I’ll be glad to trade some toilet paper to wipe your raw puckered ass and I’ll even provide some cream to use to clear up your ass for a couple of oz. of silver…

        Scenario 2.

        I’ll trade you a 10/22 with 50 count .22 ammo for 1 gold oz

        and the list can go on and on. Point being, from a dollar cost avg./ ROI, I’m leaving the PM’s for the bankers and the rich. My intention with three kids is to stay low and act as poor as hell.

        Don’t you see, the poor will be the last to suffer. I am not a PM hater, Silver was probably the reason why I’m a prepper now. ( the history behind it / inflation )

        I’m retired from the arms services now, so Im not planning on living like RAMBO! If think your going to trade PM’s on a daily basis for simple goods with KIND and FRIENDLY people, better be able to have a RAMBO switch!

        puff puff pass

        • Agreed on the Rambo switch.. and Silver.

        • Good dube, good point too man,
          Puff pufff puffff puffff hack hack

          • Just trying to keep it real. With all the bullshit going on in this world, maybe picking up the habit again would feel comforting….

            Well again, I’ll wait until kids are out of house

            • Im thinking some of these seeds should be in my shtf seed bank

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        • In all honesty, you are VERY seriously mentally ill and in desperate need of significant professional psychological intervention.

          Did you have some unfortunate incident with a large Hebrew National dinner frank when you were a kid or something ??

          I can understand someone hating a single person, maybe even a family of people; but to hate a whole race of people is insane and truly evil.

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            This Declaration will include collaboration with the US Department of Homeland Security now working with Canada concerning “security issues” with respect to the pending NAFTA Super Highway. Over 20 US States to date have signed formal agreements with Israel to utilize Israeli police technology.

            Here Are The Jews Of US Homeland Security Who Will Police Americans:

            Michael Chertoff: This Jew is the Secretary of US Homeland Security. Chertoff is a Talmudic Jew who looks upon Gentiles as sub-humans. A dual citizen of Israel & the US, Chertoff has a primary loyalty to Israel since Jews serve their own interests before those of their host nation.

            Paul A. Schneider: This Jew is the Deputy Secretary of US Homeland Security.

            Fred L. Schwien: This Jew is the Secretary of Operations of US Homeland Security.

            Jay M. Cohen: This Jew is the Secretary for Technology of US Homeland Security. (This Big Brother Jew is the one who will embed a micro-chip into your wrist or forehead).

            • EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT Homeland Security but no one has the guts to say who’s really running it.

              No, it’s not “Big Sis,” alleged lesbian Janet Napolitano, as Alex Jones would have us believe.

              Nor is it “power elites” that those fearless ‘truthers’ like Gerald Celente at infowars are telling us.

              JEWS, not lesbians and fascists, are pulling the strings at Homeland Security.

              And besides, with Napolitano being honored by Abe Foxman of the ADL for fighting “extremism” (shortage of “terrorists” means the Jew-controlled DHS has to go after us) is proof enough that she’s a pawn of the Jews.

              The Southern Poverty Law Center, a Jew-intensive “special watchdog” for the DHS, has compiled an extensive list of ‘extremists’ INCLUDING many Christian organizations now in the crosshairs of the Christ-Hating Jews who run Homeland Security.

              • At the top of the list of the Jews behind DHS is:

                Michael Chertoff – Former head of Homeland Security. Current principal of The Chertoff Group, dubbed as a security consultancy company.

                The Chertoff Group is the primary consultant to Homeland Security, staffed by former DHS officers with Jews holding the highest positions as principals, senior advisers, top staffers, and ‘experts’ on national security.

                Indeed, all of these JEWS at the Chertoff Group are current advisers to DHS.

                And, of course, there’s all the Gentile shills like Michael Hayden whose fat paychecks signed by Chertoff are solid evidence that they’ve sold their souls to the Jews.

                At the same time, loads of Jews staff Homeland Security itself. Noah Kroloff, a Jew at Chief of Staff was just replaced by another Jew, Amy Shlossman.

                The chief diplomatic officer at DHS is the Jew, Alan Bersin.

                And two Jews: David Heyman and Alan Cohn, are heads of policy. Yes, “policy” at Homeland Security is led and shaped by Jews.

                So NEXT TIME you hear all the ‘truthers’ at infowars complaining about Homeland Security’s “policy” then quickly chime in with: Did you know that JEWS shape the “policy” at DHS?

                (Jones will likely BAN you from ever posting again on his site for simply stating the facts.)

                Chertoff enjoys the dubious distinction of being awarded a multi-million dollar contract by Congress to put hundreds of RapiScan “porno-scanners” in TSA lines throughout our nation’s airports.

                In 2012, Chertoff was appointed head of the US division of BAE Systems, Europe’s largest weapons-maker, seeking via his influence a bigger piece of the Pentagon’s budget pie.

                As the primary consultant to Homeland Security with advanced weapons now at his disposal, we can clearly see the fruit of Chertoff’s consulting services.

                Owing to Chertoff’s counsel, Homeland Security has purchased enough bullets, weapons and armored vehicles to wage a 7 year war on the American people.

                Don’t be fooled. Janet Napolitano, an alleged lesbian who Alex Jones calls “Big Sis,” is nothing more than Chertoff’s puppet.

                Chertoff and his fellow Jews along with high-ranking Jews within DHS wield all the power necessary to grease the gears at America’s Cheka Unit known as Homeland Security.

                And these same Jews who run the federal police are slowly but surely absorbing the local police as well…all in the name of fighting extremism NOT ‘terrorists.’ And that’s scary…

                • I suppose this is to be expected when you have a .gov full of dual citizens and Zionists. Even Joe Biden is a self avowed Zionist. Here’s how he was introduced at last month’s AIPAC conference by AIPAC president Michael Kassen…”I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. These are the words of a man who began his pro Israel journey in 1973 sitting in the study of prime minister Golda Meier(sp)…” The country is riddled with these people who have taken over by way of the central banking system and have NO allegiance to America. In fact, most of the western world is now being controlled by Zionists through the central banks. Hang some bankers.

            • I’m pretty sure you’re my brother. And his kids are half Jewish. Crazy

              • This is about as sick as a broke-dick dog.

      13. I agree. If you can’t hold it in your hands, the bastards can take it. The idea of growing wealth during these times is impossible for me to understand. The only way to grow wealth is in the garden. If you think you can grow a portfolio then that must mean you have money invested. If you have it invested then the guberment can take it and will. The wife and I went to Sam’s Club today and bought $400.00 worth for our portfolio.

        • Solid mindset. I wholeheartedly agree on tangible assets, (including land).

          But.. Gold and Silver have been money for thousands of years and has survived the collapse of every society as well as the going to zero all other fiat currencies have done.

          I just need it explained from someone as to why this time for some reason is different and folks wouldn’t benefit from owning them.

        • I like that Bill; a portfolio on shelves, not paper!!

      14. On Drudge.. Portugal is considering paying government workers in treasury bonds rather than cash.. nice…

        • Also read in an article early last week that Argentina would possibly announce that they could no longer pay their loans to the banks. Never heard any additional word about that.

          • I heard that too.. also, China has made a deal with Australia, to compliment the one they made with Brazil and numerous other countries to allow for trades to be settled ( paid for ) in their own currencies without having to convert to the greenback first.

            Not much in the news about Cyprus, Italy, Spain, etc. etc. Everything is either drivel or N. Korea.

            Look over here.. not over there.. look..looky look !!

            • Looks like the Netherlands may me the next BIG bust in the EU.. DOT )de/international/europe/economic-crisis-hits-the-netherlands-a-891919.html

              This article says people having debt to income ratio of 250% is common there.. sheesh..

            • I wonder if China is printing those currencies.

            • Interesting, in the news here in OZ a big thing is being made about this being the third currency after the $us and the yen.

              Our witless bimbo of a state premier is getting her knickers all sweaty about the Chinese leader wanting to visit our small island state. Myself, not so much. He will probably buy it lock stock and barrel with his expenses allowance. Hell, they already own half the mining companies.

            • China owns Australia.

              • China owns the United States.

      15. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Invest in hard assets; food, guns, hand tools, gardening/farming equipment. You can’t eat gold or silver.
        My survival meal of the day.
        Breakfast – Homemade bread from fresh home ground grain, toasted to perfection over a charcoal fire, fired with home made charcoal. Poached home grown eggs from my chickens that range all over the place around our home. Scrumptious hash browns from home grown (home canned) potatoes. Fresh cracked oat cereal with a side bowl of home canned grapefruit/oranges. Coffee.
        Lunch – Homemade bread slices sprinkled with locally harvested clover honey. Fresh picked, cooked collard greens with home grown, home canned corn, and bass filets seasoned with home grown thyme, rosemary, parsley and the juice of one homegrown fresh squeezed lemon. One nice cold bottle of Pinot Grigio. Mmmm good!! Although I hate to admit it, I did have to buy the wine, coffee, olive oil and sea salt but for the most part we grow, catch and prepare our own food the old fashioned way and have been doing this for many years. Many of our acquaintances and a few neighbors probably think we are a little eccentric but they sure salivate and love it when my wife gives them a fresh baked loaf of bread and a quart of pickled beets!! We started prepping before prepping was cool. Back in the day, most of the people I grew up with did it and it was known as living off the land. By the way, coons and squirrels are fairly easy to catch, and good to eat if you know how to clean them. Coons take a little practice but squirrels are easy. Just saying.

        • Now that’s a post worth reading..



        • I hate coons. They are as filthy an animal as a dammned possum. Both will eat about anything and their excrements stink to high heaven. I trap and kill as many as i can. The darn coons kill chickens and eat a few bites and spread the rabbies to other animals.

          Now squirrels and rabbits are good eating. I wouldn’t hesitate to eat groundhog if I needed to. They are strictly vegans.

          • racism… 🙂

            • Bill what do you mean racism, any body knows a coon can out run a possum. Or was you talkin about the squirrel and the rabbit? Trekker Out.

      16. If the goal of the elite is to reduce world population by 80%+, I don’t think they will mind losing a few insignificant thugs of their own along with a few patriots. Seems like a fair trade for their agenda. So from the perspective of the elite, the casualties are acceptable. From the perspective of the Thugs, it is a workplace hazard and I doubt anyone would want that job. The founding fathers were British citizens so what they did was fight their own countrymen and military. I hope we have the spinal cord to do the same when the time comes. the killing of millions innocent people overseas with efforts funded by our tax money, the millions given away by the USA to other countries, the rape of the public treasury for bankers and corporations, using USA assets to guarantee the debt and the forced servitude of our children and posterity in a future tyrannical government should make the people rise but I’m not seeing it.

        Keep the FAITH

      17. If you believe that SHTF is a real possibility in either the near to medium term, the last place you would want your capital is in stocks.

        Normally I would respect the insight of these two guys, but times are not normal. Normal is long, long ago; or far, far away. Don’t buy stocks.

        Remember Mushroom’s advice: crisp ten dollar bills in number ten cans. Keep you pm’s close and your fiat closer.

      18. Off topic here, sorry Mac but
        Anyone notice how there really isnt much info on NK?
        Everyone has their limits, maybe Kim is going to flip the bird at all these arrogant world leaders who have been blackmailing the DPRK for all these years forcing them to eithe capitulate or get squeezed.

        • Kula

          Could be…..

          The recklessness of youth isn’t usually put behind the

          wheel of great power—and for just this obvious reason

          • Alexander was only 22 years old when he conquered most of the known world. Just a thought. By 22 Jack Kennedy had written “Why England Slept”, winning a Pulitzer Prize …

            And DK had transcended this world for the next without the aid of magic mushrooms. Anything is possible for those whose curiosity exceeds their courage.

            Just saying.

            • JFK was a commie and a pervert, but then he’s got a lot of company.

              Stalinist commies everywhere.

            • GAH! Why would you hold up a Kennedy for any reason? The lot of em are scum bags.

        • This is the only thing I have seen that is outside the AP marching montra.

          Most U.S. troops ‘would die’ in N. Korean onslaught
          trunews com/most-u-s-troops-would-die-in-n-korean-onslaught/

          • Korea was the first of a long string of undeclared “wars.” Many millions of civilians killed in the name of “democracy.”

            Bring our boys home and post them to the mexican border and then disband the standing army. Replace them with the unorganized militia and if mexicans cross the border, declare war on mexico.

      19. I would spend my capital(if I had some)on ammo and farming tools. Both are good barter items. The gov banned PM in the 30’s, they can do it again. some states already are trying to pass laws to require registration of PM’s. Sound familiar? reg=confiscation. Guns and ammo ALWAYS increase in value and people always need them to survive.

        • Good thing that nobody is talking about registering guns and ammo, huh?

      20. 1. Withdrawals of more than $2500 cash now produce suspicious transactions reports to the Fed.

        • Then withdraw in increments–$500 today, $1000 tomorrow..etc.

      21. I remember my grandmother sitting me down in her bedroom when I was a little girl and showing me her jewelry. She told me that it was very important, not because it was pretty but because it could help you during hard times.

        She and my grandfather put a lot of their money into gemstones and precious jewelry over the years. I suspect it was a habit carried over from their parents who were Old World Immigrants…portable wealth was vital to starting a new life in America and jewelry was something that could be easily moved and hidden.

        Today, my family still has some of my grandmother’s jewelry. the pieces I have are treasured, and I would never part from them unless I had to. But its comforting to know that their value is there if needed. Although my grandparents have now passed away, I appreciate their foresight in putting wealth into a tangible (and mobile) form. And I’ve continued the tradition by adding to my own jewelry stash. One of the side benefits is that you get to wear pretty, sparkly things on special occasions (this is a great way for husbands to get wives “on board” with PMs).

        • My grandparents took me down to the basement/cellar and said look at all the hard work we did over the spring, summer, and fall. It’s all in those jars of canned veggies and meats. It will keep you alive and you won’t have to depend on others or worry about thieves carrying off your gold and silver.

          The thieves may get to the canned goods, but only once.

      22. I was in town, running some errands, and pulled into the Taco Hell drive-thru. I ordered a Gastronomical Gutbuster Grenade and the voice on the speaker said, “Do you want fries with that?”
        I was a bit startled, said “No” and pulled around. There, at the window, was Kenny, a 30something, nice young man from my Sunday school class. A decade ago, he was a rising star at Amalgamated Financial Mismanagement, Eenk. Now, he’s pushing tacos? There was nobody in line behind me, so I asked, “What’s up with the ‘do I want fries’ question. And, more importantly, what are you doing here?”
        ‘Long, sad story, okie. In ’08 our business hit the skids. Then, a year later, the auditors came in and that was the end of Amalgamated. I’m one of the few who wasn’t indicted.’
        “Sorry to hear that. Now, what about the fries? Taco Hell doesn’t serve fries…”
        ‘Oh, that! I got two jobs. Day shift here, and nights at the Burger Barn. I sometimes forget where I’m at.’
        “You got TWO jobs like this?”
        ‘Yeah. It ain’t much, but, since my unemployment ran out…well, it beats sleeping under a bridge.’
        I wished him well and drove off. It wasn’t much of a surprise to hear about Amalgamated. They once called the house and tried to sell me some Nigerian municipal bonds, claiming they were ‘Every bit as safe as, say, bonds from Stockton, California.’ I hung up and had my number changed (and unlisted).
        Next, I drove by Morton’s Shoe Shop. Old Mr and Mrs Morton are still there, hanging on somehow. And, it’s the only place I know of to get shoes re-soled. I went in and there was Mrs Morton, smiling behind the counter. Same place she’s been since about 1880 I think. She got my shoes from the back, and, as she was punching the cash register, she said, “Do you want some fries with that?”
        She stammered, ‘Oh, forgive me, okie. I got confused for a minute. Thought I was at my night job.’
        “Don’t tell me. You’re working at Burger Barn at night?”
        ‘Yes. Business has been real slow, and Harold and I decided one of us had to get a part-time job. Just till things pick up, you understand.’
        Just then, old Mr Morton came up front. He said, ‘I didn’t want her to, but one of us has to work extra. And ever since that nitwit of a manager at Taco Hell fired me for open carrying my .38…well, it fell to her to help keep us afloat.’
        We visited a bit, then I left. I made a mental note to call every one of my sons and tell them to stop at Mortons and buy a pair of shoes (even if they don’t need them. mrs okie is going in tomorrow and get two pairs, and she HATES buying shoes).
        Next stop was the car wash. Then, I remembered how the change machine rarely works there, so I pulled into the the bank drive-thru for some quarters. The girl behind the glass took my $10 and as she was sliding the roll of coins back out, she said, “Would you like some fries…oops! I mean…uh…never mind.”
        I smiled at her, “I understand. Two jobs. There’s a lot of that going around lately.”
        She was still blushing as I drove away. I washed the car and went back home.
        Later that afternoon, I called my dispatcher to get the line-up for the next day’s loads. He said something about a warehouse in Ft. Worth and a delivery in Wichita. Then, he paused and added, “I guess that’s about it. Oh! One more thing. Would you like some fries with that?”
        I hung up on him…

        • Good Evening Smokin’,

          Up to your usual ‘Best’ I see, thank you Brother.

          Your point is NOT lost ‘pon me…

          ….I REMEMBER a time when a HUSBAND made the ‘living’ for an ENTIRE Family…I’m sure you do as well. Now, it takes BOTH Parents to make enough to supposrt a SINGLE Family…both oftimes working MULTIPLE jobs?

          Oh God, Smokin…WHERE did it ALL go SO wrong?

          You know I’ve aske’d that question, here…before.

          Of late, when I ‘look’ into the ‘What Is To Come’ I can not bear to look upon what is there…my ‘eyes’ turn from it…I can NOT look…

          I tell you Brother…I tell everyone here, UNLESS there BE found another way, ANOTHER solution…I do not have any great hope for civilization…

          …or Humankind.


          • Good evening, JOG.
            It is good to hear from you. My sincerest wishes that all of yours are well and safe tonight.
            To your question, ‘WHERE did it all go SO wrong?’ I know you already have as much of the answer to that as anyone. It starts in the human heart. Been that way forever. It’s just that, with the advancement of technology, so advances the ability of dishonest men to manifest their greed, their lust for power, and all the sick, twisted, desires of a fallen soul.
            In our grandparents time, a con man had to meet his victims face to face. Or, he at least had to employ a printing press. And his victims had to read it. So there was a limit to how many he could scam.
            Our parents generation saw the beginnings of radio (and early televisiion) as a new means of spreading hate and lies more effectively. And it wasn’t just Lux Soap or Lucky Strikes reaching the masses to peddle their stuff. Governments quickly learned how to do it as well.
            Today, of course, any person (or organization) has virtually UNLIMITED means to spread propaganda. They easily spread lies to make huge numbers of people hate someone. Or buy something. Or believe something. Truth becomes irrelevant as far as selling an idea.
            The sad fact of our day is that, even as fewer people put forth the effort to verify anything, the means to spread the lies keeps growing. And the sheer numbers of available victims grows exponentially.
            We probably have already reached the point of being able to start and end wars based on nothing but lies. Oh, wait, we may have reached that point a while back! And to create bubbles, and crash whole national economies. And sell a so-called ‘Idol’ to millions of Americans. And the rest of the world does the same thing. With our idols or theirs. Or both. It really is sad…
            And it does wear us down sometimes. Some days, I feel like throwing up my hands and crawling into a cave. Just give up! But, like you, and many of the folks here, I don’t. I trudge through those days sort of like I’m on auto-pilot. And, like the rest of y’all…I eventually come out the other side. The world is no better, but I’m back to a point of hope.
            And there IS hope! Not gonna go all Bible-thumper on you, but I’ll just say- 1st, it’s that part of us that is “Inner Integrity”. We demonstrate it (as much as we can, in spite of our own faults) and we pass it on to the ones who come after us. It’s more important than a family name, our ethnicity, even our nationality. I say that, even as I admit that America is, to me, the most God blessed nation in history. (yeah, we’ve squandered the blessings of late, but it’s been blessed nonetheless) Our Inner Integrity is more precious than any of that.
            2nd, even above the Integrity, is the unshakeable faith of those who know God. Not that my behavior always impresses Him (It doesn’t), or that MY faith is all that strong (often it isn’t). But the firm belief that He loves us, IN SPITE of what we do. He loves us even as we are living wrongly. He loves us so much that He paid the Ultimate Price to get us back! THAT’S what I stand on when all else fails. That’s my rock when the entire world is quaking. And, JOG, I know it is your Rock too!
            We’ll all do our best in the days to come. We’ll survive the crash. Provide for our families. And pass along the Integrity that every generatipon so desperately needs. OR, maybe we won’t. Maybe we’ll fail at all of that. But we will have tried…
            And, having tried and failed, or tried and succeeded…either way- we’ll leave this spinning rock called earth and be eternally joined to the ONE who loved us all along. Now, THAT’S gonna be awesome.
            Just One Guy, we may never meet in this life. That’s ok. When I see you in Heaven, we will embrace. And rejoice! And love one another like brothers were meant to.

            End of sermon. I shall now vacate the pulpit. Sorry for the excess sentimentality, but sometimes, things just need to be said. Plus, I ain’t passing the collection plate tonight! It’s a Sunday night freebie!

            • Good Evening Friend,

              First, My Thanks…the latter part was NEEDED this eve.

              some here – of late – have noted that ‘lookin too long into the ‘All That We See’ around us does ‘wear ‘pon the Soul, the Heart’, so it seems it is such for me, tonight.
              As said, and thus your response is appreciated Brother.

              A long time ago, one eve, when Kindle was also having such a night I relayed a vision that had come in time previous that seemed appropriate…so each of us helps those who are next to us on the road…were it not so, few, I think, would make it very far indeed. And it is also the case that as we help, so too later we come to be helped. In no small part, we have forgatten this as a people…along with very many other things as well.

              Soon, the ‘seperating of the Wheat from the Chaff’ will come..

              May the Lord be with Thee and Thine, in the World…and may you and your’s dwell in His House Forever…in the World to Come.”

              “Behold, In my Father’s Housr there ARE many Mansions…”

              Should He find me meet and fitting, I will see you there Brother.

              Good Night Friend,


              • Thanks for the laugh, Oak.

                JOG, you asked, “Where did it all go so wrong”?

                i guess we could discuss the innumerable possibilities of that until the cows come home.

                It could be put into a discussion of topics as broad as those of an old friend an i had at work in the eighties. We would take a smoke break every 45 minutes or so from our job as maintenance workers at the local hospital and get into some of the wildest conversations.

                His wife asked him what we could possibly find to talk about that kept us so interested in our work/breaks, and his reply was this; “We have, and do discuss every subject from the single cell ameba to the last chapter of Revelation.

                • Where did it all go so wrong?

                  I think I began to see the writing on the wall about 2004. Which was good, because I was slow to get into the full prepper mode. Luckily, i paid attention to signs and happenings and made some strategic financial moves in ’06 and ’07 that set the stage for an easier transition into full out prepping mode in late ’08.

                  We aren’t full on bunker based survivalists, but do have the means to support ourselves in an all out SHTF scenario.

                  The SHTF march to the point of no return, began in early 2008.

                  The Big alarm clock rang in mid ’08, and the world slept right thru it.

                  • We won’t live in a bunker either…there is a point that I will not pass.

                    We grew up old-school and can live self-sufficiently.

                    We just want to be left alone.

                    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      23. I’m one of those poor souls who lives from paycheck to paycheck, so PMs are out of the question for me. I’d love to have a few acres with a cabin but the banks won’t let me get a mortgage even with a co-signer. Since I’m debt-free, I can but more preps at one time than I would be able to otherwise. Storable foods, water, water purification items, guns, ammo, cleaning kits, camping equipment, medical supplies, heavy-duty clothing and footwear, etc. are the things I invest in. The dividends they pay me are peace of mind and knowing I can survive whatever the world throws at me. They’re also things i know will help me to stay alive. Just like everyone else here, I want to make it all the way through SHTF as long as I have a fighting chance. I’m on razor’s edge about NK right now. Seems like anytime now numbnuts will make one wrong move and it will be game on. Braveheart

        • @ braveheart. You are way better off than 99% of the population, you have what those imbeciles that have not prepared for will try to die for WHEN the time comes that they need it. You have wealth that so many can’t understand, true real tangible wealth. You and most of the people on this site also have something that is considered true wealth and true prosperity, INSIGHT and INTELLIGENCE to see what is real and what matters. I guess all I can say for all those others that just don’t get it; PITY THE STUPID.

        • Reposr…

          Howdy braveheart,

          “I’m one of those poor souls who lives from paycheck to paycheck…”

          Many are Brother. THAT is not the central point though. As what is evolving around us proceeds it becomes – daily – more and more a matter of being near to your prepared place and stores of stock. The PM thing comes in – as someone posted above – when you HAVE to ‘incentivize’ someone post-SHTF, presupposing that your ‘preps’ are in order…PEOPLE are just NOT getting how god-awful important THAT is becoming now that things are visibly beginnning to ‘fray’ all around us.

          PERSEVERE Friend…without fail…as BI mentions, you already have much ‘in-hand’ that others do not…and might never will…


        • Braveheart. you are 95% there. If you had a pickup with a commercial camper type shell without the windows, and a 100 gallon aux fuel tank in the back. You would have a perfect set up to bug out if needed. There is a lot of open country that is sparsely populated with water. For instance..north east nevada, southeast oregon near jordan valley. Mid state Idaho (elk city), Northern Idaho(above priest lake ), Eastern Montana(Yaak river). I have looked around these areas for years. One thing to keep in mind is that nobody (very few) lives there because it is rough, tough, with deadly winters. The average non prep type would last less than 3 days in the winter. It is unforgiving with little to no gas, food, lodging, power, or medical. Its all up to a individual to provide those, or die.

        • If the russians thought the Afgans were a bitch wait till they are up against millions of arme Americans, all those NATO standard firearms will come in real handy,
          Everyone will die some day, question is,,
          Will it be defending the homeland or as a prisoner of of old age laying in a hospital bed???

        • Putin’s grandfather was a summer home cook to the Soviet prime minister. In his youth Putin became a city wide judo champion. Graduated from law school. Married a flight attendant who almost died in an auto accident; he drove her to the hospital. Perhaps with political pull climbed the KGB ranks. He is a fervent Russian nationalist. My guess is he has the deepest of contempt for BO and our power elite. Most of the Russian population was born since the fall of the USSR. (from his autobiography) They have seen the worst of war in their own nation, orders of magnitude worse than we have. They love their kids and have the usual human ambitions. I am deeply skeptical of unattributed, unsourced claims that they can’t wait to invade the US. To go one step farther, that’s bullshit. They are nationalists and will fight to defend Russia but last time I checked they don’t have bases in 150 nations. We have more to fear from run amok FLEA and militarized LEO than we do from Russia. I don’t claim to know anything about China. Cite some sources because otherwise your statements are warmonger propaganda.

          • Also worth noting they have passed laws greatly discouraging abortion. One has to be educated by watching video and discussion before abortion is allowed. And also some anti-public sex display laws too from what I understand. Wierd cause it doesn’t sound like athiestic communism to me. In fact, read an article a few months ago about mennonites from Mexico setting up a colony in Russia. Apparently their population had grown and they were not welcome in Mexico or something.

          • U.S. people aren’t putin commies, they are Stalinist commies. 60,000,000 stalinist bommie commies voted for bommie.

            I agree, putin doesn’t like bommie. bommie likes stalin.

      24. Surely this is not the Change we had Hoped for? I’ll take the fries and super size them. Thanks SO for keeping it Real. Keep smiling.

      25. I am going to say something to EVERYONE, people are losing in touch with reality, and by what I mean is that the physical world is becoming a set of numbers. People don’t even have any idea where there bank accounts are anymore, this paperless world of pure HORSE MANURE has put so many in the position in which they are no longer in control of their own destinies. People are now stupid enough to believe that buying stocks in precious metals are just as good as having the raw metals in your hands. In many cases they don’t even have a piece of paper that says they own a certain amount of gold, only on some computer screen. This is beyond stupid and FINANCIAL SUICIDE WHEN, “WHEN” SOMETHING HAPPEN TO FLATTEN THE ELECTRONIC WORLD.

        The people are being corralled into a world like some Total Recall movie in which everything works on screen that is tied into BIG BROTHER. All the while BO and these other f’s that are trying to “MAP” the human being, not to heal and help people, to control them. When they figure out the chemical sequences of the brain they can IMPLANT anything command into a person’s brain and control their free will. That science fiction Borg on Star Trek is NOT SCIENCE FICTION, it is freaking real. A better word for it is chemical lobotomy.

        Everytime ANY of you out there allow yourselves to LOSE control, physical control of your physical world, THEY WIN. Everytime you lose a physical record of any part of yourselves YOU LOSE. When you don’t get a reciept for a transaction, you CANNOT PROVE that transaction actually occurred. Everytime you TRUST the phantom world of electronics for your physical protection YOU LOSE. This is what THEY want, for you to TRUST something that can be erased and lost within an instance. I SAY THIS TO EVERYONE THAT HAS BEEN SEDUCED INTO THE WORLD OF CONVENIENCES: YOU TRUST THE WORLD OF WORDS AND NUMBERS THAT HAS BECOME THE NORM FOR 99% OF THE MASSES FOR WHAT YOU NEED TO EAT, DRINK, HAVE A WARM SHELTER TO LIVE IN, WHAT YOU NEED TO PHYSICALLY LIVE, AND YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING.

        I hate to be this blunt, but we all have very little time left before the sh&* doesn’t just hit the fan, but gets an economy sized dumping on the world. Too many people have let this ease of paying your bills on line, purchasing what you need without a clue what someone could be doing with your money, not even having a feel anymore for cash money, depending on a piece of plastic to live each day with not even a physical statement mailed to you anymore in many cases. Too many people depend on the stores, the delivery man or woman, or someone else to feed them, without even a single can of food in the home. Too many people have been smoothed mind f’ed to even have touch with the reality of the real physical world that will come crashing down WHEN there are NO real food and water and other necessities there for them. They can’t eat and drink some type of hologram, yet this is exactly what the majority of the people are not living with, something not physically real.

        IF you can’t hold something in your hands that has real physical substance to it, then it is NOT REAL. NO ONE out there allow themselves to be caught in the trap that of the FAKE world of illusion that the governments and those in control are trying to herd the masses into. Just my ranting and suggestions for tonight to protect anyone out there from THEM, that are leading the masses into a virtual reality where no one owns anything.

        • BI This is so true people have gotten so complacent about whats going on that it won’t dawn on them until its too late They sit on their duff and peer into an illusion on a screen and think its virtual reality and not until they send them the plastic food for the plastic money will they ever get that its been a deception every since we were born.
          Just look at the people that are like a bunch of zombies trying to put on a happy face just to get through the day.Not until we stop being apart of the matrix is anything going to change .We all better start being responsible for ourselves and families without government interference or we will get what we deserve by them.


          • @ Thinker. You just made my night a little bit better, “Plastic Food for the Plastic Money”. This quote deserves to be in an archive of shear brilliant common sense footnotes before the collapse of a brain dead society. Ten thumbs up.

        • Thanks BI,
          Excellent analysis, but as Thinker said, its not just plastic food and plastic money, but plastic politicians, plastic bankers, and plastic people in a plastic reality.
          Its a plastic world, and we are caught in the matrix…
          Unfortunately or fortunately, I have quit arguing about it…
          Those who can’t see it are hopelessly caught in the blue pill mode, after the latest missive from Jim Willie, I see that the Chinese now have their Alternate System almost ready to go, when they turn on the Dollar Kill switch, all our plastic people full of hope are going to melt down into puddles of pure rage. Unless, the PTB can pull off the biggest con job in history and convince everyone its all China’s fault.

          This will end in tears, and blood. Don’t come to my house unless you’re one of the shtf community of brothers and sisters, when you’ll be welcomed with open arms… and a plot in the woods.

        • Nice post BI…thanks for keeping it real.

      26. RE: The Bee Die-Off

        I have been bee keeping now for about 19 years. Not an expert in any way but here is my take on why there is a die-off going on.

        Most of the bee’s that pollinate the fields around the United States are from the Minnesota area. The companies who manage them take them from one area to another as the season in different parts of the country are staggered for the most part. Say tomatoes are grown during the summer months in Northern California and down in Arizona during the latter part of summer and fall. Orange trees blossom at different times depending on altitude and climate. So on and so. I guess you could say that the bee’s follow the crops as immigrant workers. They just don’t get paid as well. 🙂

        So these bee’s do not stay in one place for very long and then they are rented out to another big agriculture company in another area which has crops that are starting to blossom and need cross pollination. Companies transport these bees around the country. When they do the bees get stressed. This stress makes them more susceptible to getting sick just like any other animal.

        Then you add in the factor that if they get what are called mites they do not have a natural way of combating them. Those mites spread to bee colonies indigenous to one area through bees from several colonies hitting the same blossoms at the same time in a competition to collect more pollen. The bee companies use a dust on the infected hives which I personally do not think have been tested on the effects of the honey that is produced.

        At the same time as DK pointed out above there are pesticides that are applied to the fields that the bee’s bring back to the hive and will kill of a hive very fast. I personally have not had a hive die off on me nor have I heard on any private hives being affected. Mostly it is the big bee (no pun intended) companies that are having this problem.

        So remember when you buy honey from the large well known suppliers of pasteurized honey you are probably getting a little bit of the insecticides that are being used in the fields around the country. That is why it pays to buy the local honey produced in and away from the large farms. Honey is used to treat allergies. 1 teaspoon a day of locally grown honey is supposed to keep pollen related allergies away. But remember and this is very important. Do not give unpasteurized honey to children two years old or less. Can be deadly!

        Hope this answers some of your questions.


        • Also, tests on Chinese honey have shown as little as 1% actual honey in the bottle!!!!

          • @IMO_Rod_Ansell,

            I think what you are referring to is royal jelly which is a product produced in a hive that is fed to future queens. It is reported to have some great qualities but is very hard to cultivate. To be honest with you I have never figured out where it is or even what it looks like. But when sold commercially even here in America at health food stores it is said to only contain 1-2% by volume.


        • Thanks for that info…

          To much man ‘intervention’ in nature.

          That is the problem.

        • Honey is used to treat allergies>>>>>>>>>>>>>

          And I read one should use honey made within 50 miles of your residence to affect the allergies??

          • Yep, local honey is made from the same pollens that give you allergies. And IMO_Rod_Ansell I may have misspoke as I did some re-searching on what you said about the Chinese honey. It would seem that what you said may be correct. I don’t understand why as honey is so easy to cultivate and harvest. I probably have 30 pounds of it sitting around that I have run out of friends and relatives to give it away to. When I harvest here at the end of the month I will have another 25 pounds at least. Maybe I need to start selling it.


        • have you heard of the white nose syndrome of bats?

          been following the bee die-off (zombie bees as well as colony collapse disorder) for awhile and someone alerted me to the die-off of millions of bats. While bats may not pollinate crops in N. America they DO major pest control, which in turn, with their numbers dwindling INCREASES the amount of pesticides that will be used to kill bees and possibly causing the fungus in bats. the poor barn swallows, warblers can’t keep up with the bugs.

      27. Many Thanks, Friend,

        On the face of it, the headlines are terrifying…most people do not realize what an ABSOLUTELY critcal Treasure those little fella’s are!

        I gather that this then is a problem more on the ‘commercial’ level? Alternately, do you know if any others – such as yourself – are having problems?

        The reason I ask is that I was one of those people who – years ago – read the book “Earth Abides”, wherein a tale was set that told of a global die-off of grasses and all things grass-like…the conseiunces of that were at ELE level (Extinction Level Event)…so to might it be if your ‘little Friends’ were taken out of the great equation of life…

        …Yes, this is ONE of the things I keep my ears perked up for at ALL times…also, did you see above the hint that this might be related to the Monsanto angle?


        • Ola mi Amigo’s,

          I would not stay awake at nights about the whole thing. I don’t belong to any club of bee keepers so can’t really say what is happening around me. The only contact I have really is with the local bee keeping supply store where a couple of nice ladies work at. Believe it or not I think there is only like 4 bee keeping stores in all of Northern California. And as luck would have it I have been in two of them and they were both run by a couple of ladies who have been doing it for years.

          Bee Keeping is such a simple hobby and you almost never need anything to do it. There is only one thing that you have to restock once in a while and that is a wax based sheet that fits on panels inside the hive that has dimples on it like a golf ball. The bees use each dimple to make a cell for honey or broods. My point is that although there are few places you can get bee keeping materials none of these people know of any major problems other than what they read same as you and me.

          The stores are not being rushed by people ordering a new set of bees to start a colony. Bee’s swarm and that is a fact of life. For no reason in the world that I can see a hive will split on it’s own or just say screw it I don’t like it here and find a new home. And then just as mysteriously a few days later a new hive (or old one, hard to tell and I know this sounds racist but they all look alike to me) will re-populate the hive.

          Is this all a ploy to manipulate the honey industry? I don’t know but have noticed that honey sure has gone up in price since the last time I bought it which was about 20 years ago and what hasn’t? Or it could really be a problem stemming from some thing as simple as the Monsanto pesticides which is really just another nicotine based weed killer that has been used for over a 100 years only this stuff is jacked up with who knows what. Or it could be some thing really stupid like a new type of chlorine people use in their pools or a new building material of some kind that puts off a chemical trail that makes bees sick.

          I will wrap this up by saying that nature is a delicate balance. We humans are playing with it in many ways such as new chemicals, playing with earth harmonics such as HARP, super colliders that may be putting off sounds and such that we have no idea of or have discovered. For every action there is a ying and for every ying there is a yang. That stuff is for people like you, BI and a whole lot smarter people than me on this board and around the world to figure out.

          For now I will just lead the simplest way I know how and in the end it will all work out the same. We are born, we live and then we die. It does not get more simpler than that.


      28. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. We have a huge supply of okiebucks available. They’re backed by the full faith and credit of yours truly. And, since I’m $16 Trillion LESS in debt than the Yoo Knighted Staytes Gubmint, you can be sure they still have value.
        You can trade them around town for great tasting barbecue, banjo strings, shine, live chickens…lots of things. These okiebucks are fully convertable into PMs as well. You’ll recieve, dollar-for-dollar, the same value in ‘oakster’s gold certificates.’ (no actual metals may be involved, but you can trust me on this one)
        We’re even rolling out a new electronic version. They’re named after an ex-girlfriend and are fully transferable on the internet! Look for Bitchcoins to debut in your area soon!
        All okiebucks are redeemable for FRNs at Bugtussle Bank & Trust. Bank hours are somewhat sporadic during hunting season, (which is year-round in this area), so call before wasting a trip to the bank.
        At okiebucks, our motto is “Bernanke Has Nothing On Us” and we stand by it!

        • Reposted…


          You’re absolutely right Smokin’…you ARE 16 TRILLION less indebted than the wind-bags ruining , oops … ‘running’ America… 😉 Please disregard that tinny wee slip O’ the ‘tongue’ there..just seems to pop out that way…naturally…wonder IF anyone else HERE ever has that problem…

          Based on that….hmmm, let’s see here …divide by 4, carry the two, then multiply by…well…just SELL me about $32.54 worth of Okie-bucks..and since they ARE actually backed by something that I – or any OTHER right-minded person – could ACTUALLY TRUST, then I should be able to BUY Tasmania tomrrrow with just that sum…

          …Gee, it a GREAT World…ain’t it?! 😉 🙂


      29. I was trying to think of something really profound to write…

        Oh, do not fade,
        Yon dying light,
        For yet to come,
        Is the mud wrestling tonight.

        But somehow, the mental faculties betrayed me. So, I tried again…

        The hope of man,
        For security eternal,
        Is oft betrayed,
        By the Revenue Internal.

        Still, I just couldn’t get it together. So, I figured, how about a love sonnet? Those are a dime a dozen, if Nashville is to be believed…

        Your twinkling eyes,
        Your tender touch,
        For a big fat gal,
        You don’t sweat much.

        Doubtful if that’ll be on the Grand Ole Opry anytime soon. Still, there must be something. How about politics? maybe…

        The tall granite columns,
        Of the capitol’s porches,
        Bear witness of mobs,
        With pitchforks and torches.

        Naaaahh. Still nothing. There’s gotta be Something inspirational rolling around in the old noggin…

        I shake my head,
        As collapse grows near,
        But a hollow clang,
        Is all that I hear.

        Nope. Not gonna cut it. Finally, in desperation, I resorted to the tried and true method of re-writing the words to a familiar song…
        (to the tune of Folsome Prison Blues)

        I hear the crash a-comin’
        It’s just around the bend,
        And I ain’t had a job since,
        I don’t know when,
        I’m stuck in unemployment,
        And time keeps draggin’ on,
        They say the rate is lower,
        But that’s just smoke that’s blown.

        When I was just a young man,
        My Pap was growin’ old,
        Said never trust a bank, son,
        Just keep it all in gold,
        But I didn’t pay attention,
        I got a four oh one kay,
        Now I just saw the headline,
        They confiscate today!

        (with apologies to Mr Cash, may he rest in peace)

        • One of your best!

          • The love sonnet brings back some bad memories of long ago times when I had a moment of weakness or compassion, or maybe a little of both. I guess I’ll just write it off to “dumb luck”.

            I think the time was 1985, after the divorce, and i was just enjoying the single life. Dating whichever gal i wanted to and for only as long as i wanted to. I did pride myself for having an ability to always have a good looking fox on my arm, if i wanted to.

            I was invited to a party at one of my so-so friends house. He said his wife would have many of her single co-workers there so I could play the field if I wanted and not to worry about drinking and driving cause his oldest son was staying with friends and i could sleep over.

            As the party and the booze ran out, I was too far gone to drive and a beautiful brunette was coming back by from taking her girlfriend home, so i was sitting there, drunk as a skunk, waiting and barely listening to my buddy having a converstaion with the only girl left. A friendly gal that had recently moved to the area and worked with his wife. She was kinda pretty, i think, and would make about two of my usual dates, unless she had brought her own pillows with her and had them tucked under her dress in front and rear.

            To my dismay, ole buddy decided to turn in, after she related to him that her former husband had left her for another “man”. Yep, another man. Upon the departure of the host, he said we would have to fight for the couch and spare bed. No worry mate, she can have them both and I’ll sleep in the car.

            After 3 am and the brunette hasn’t showed. Small talk with the big girl and I’m ready to be home but too intoxicated so I suggested she have the bedroom, at what point she suggested I receive a little bj for being so kind. At which i replied, “no that’s allright I’ll just ….. well if you insist we better go to the bedroom where we can close the door”. Upon following her oversized posterior down the hall I was thinking, “what the hell am i thinking”?

            All the statements were streaming thru my head: Big women need lovin’ too. More to love! Oh thats just extra cushioning! More heat in the winter and shade in the summer. She is so sweet and it’s just left over baby fat. More to hold on to. …….

            Well, as she was preparing to… you know, she says I’ve been so alone and haven’t had any sex in two years and you are so …… I’m thinking just please get it over with already so i can go to sleep and pretend this was a nightmare. Anyways, one thing led to another and before i knew it we were pulling a Richard Simmons and “sweating to the oldies”. I never knew a girl of her size could move so much body around so fast without someone getting hurt.

            As i woke up with the birds chirping outside like a house full of roosters crowing in my aching head, I realized she was cuddled up and laying partially on my shoulder and my right arm. I remembered the phrase “coyote ugly” and wandered how bad i would miss my right arm. if only i was left handed. It took about 15 minutes to get clear of the sweaty parts and as i brushed across the dry parts, the salt just peeled off and fell into the bed.

            With my shirt on and pants on one leg, she moaned and rolled, and the bed creaked and groaned. As i tried to ease by a big arm snatched my leg and i just about pissed my self and tripped over the dragging britches leg. She said to come back to bed and i said i forgot I have to work today. Before she had the time to say “On Sunday?” I was out the door, with shoes in hand and holding up the pants leg with the other. i didn’t slow down to put my other leg thru in fear of being t-boned by the rump roast. As i saw freedom in the form of my car door I turned just in time to see the neighbor standing in his drive in his robe and slippers with a look of utter amazement. he never even closed his mouth to say WTF as i pulled off with my shoes sitting on top of the car. At the stop sign, i realized my shoes were not in the floor so i retrieved them from the car roof, minus the socks. Screw the socks, I’m heading to the mountains as fast as i can go and I’m not going back to town for another ten years.

            • don’t tread- that’s one heck of a story! Have you been reading my diary?
              And speaking of the good old days (which get better as the various statutes of limitations run out) did you ever wake up and wonder “Who is this laying next to me? Whose bed is this? Come to think of it- whose house is this…screw that! “What TOWN am I in?!” Not sure I’d even survive that kind of a good time nowadays…

            • That’s funny and a bit nasty…

        • Man Smokie you are on a roll this morning. New brand of coffee? Bitch coins, lol, gotta love it. Okie bucks, hell for only a few hundred of them I will sell you some of my personally guaranteed treasury bills. There is a shipping and handling fee of course but that must be paid in Chinese or Brazilian monies, of course. You all have a great day!


          • BigB T-Bills. Sounds good to me! They GOT to be more secure than the ones we have now!

          • LORD forgive me, but till you take me home, I ain’t preppin or shootin. Just put me in one of those FEMA camps with Okie and DT. Trekker Out.

        • Yep,

          I think r’was JayJay who said it first here…

          ….there’s ENTIRELY TOO muuch fun living inside THAT head! 😉


        • wow! wonder if the author would have rode out katrina in the 9th ward and still published that article? satori you need to put a serious “kool aid” disclaimer on this link.

        • Satori

          Yup….I don’t have a leg to stand on

          They described me to a “T”

        • Satori, this one was hard to stomach. The elitist, holier than thou piece made me want to throw up. Like peppers are all Republicans with narrow minds. If only it were that simple. But I rest at piece with myself on this one and feel sorry for the author.

      30. Wonder why society won’t make it? Watch the Today show for 5 minutes.

      31. Bill of Rights Summary of Current Status

        I have wanted for several months to compare the Bill of Rights to what is really going on in America

        I knew it was bad, but this makes it clear how bad. Here is the summary, and in the below links are the full texts of the amendments and the supporting information on how the amendments are being raped.

        Summary of the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1 through 10)
        Amendment 1, Freedom of Speech, Raped
        Amendment 2, Guns, In process of Being Raped
        Amendment 3, Soldiers in Houses, Not applicable
        Amendment 4, Unreasonable Search and Seizure, Raped
        Amendment 5, Without Due Process of Law, Raped and Droned
        Amendment 6, Criminal Prosecutions, Raped
        Amendment 7, Right to Jury Trial, Raped
        Amendment 8, Cruel and Unusual Punishment, Raped and Tortured
        Amendment 9, You have all the rights that aren’t mentioned, No Data
        Amendment 10, State Hold all Power Except that Specifically Granted to Feds, Raped

        The full text of the Amendments and the rational basis for the judgement above are located here, please check it out and pass it on. What does it take to wake up the sheeple.

      32. Guest Post: Your Kids Don’t Belong To You

        We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities. Once it’s everyone’s responsibility, and not just the household’s, then we start making better investments.

        ” simply amazing .”

        ” AMERICA IS A LIE !”


        • Thanks for this information link about taxes. I wonder what would happen if every prepper sent this link to their congressmen and senators as well as every local and national television and radio station in the country over and over again for a year.

          All Preppers Stand To!

      33. I thought about this yesterday while I was kicked back sipping on a big glass of wine and I’m still trying to figure out exactly who “most people” are that posters (including myself) keep talking about as not having a clue. Most people this, most people that, or most people the other… Then I think about all the different people I talk to about this, that or the other and they all seem to have more than a clue as to what’s happening it’s just that they don’t have a clue of what they can do about it. Most of them are closet preppers, the rest are open about their preps. Since we only see the open preppers and seldom see the closet preppers, I think “everyone” tends to include “them” in the “most people” category. I think when SHTF most people will be really surprised… See, I did it again. I think, “most people” are divided into different camps and are looking at the world through different colored lenses. If we think “most people” are everybody else but us then the perception is that there are more of them than there are us. If, on the other hand, “they or them” think of us in the same way, then there are probably more of us than there are “they or them”. It’s an illusion. However, there absolutely are more of “us” than there are bankers and politicians. I think the bankers and politicians have us confused with them when they talk about the American or “most people” just like we are all confused as to whom “us”, “them” or “they” actually are. There are “good people”, “bad people”, “most people”, “sheeple people”, “them”, “they”, “us”, “we”… Who exactly are we talking about when we speak in terms of “most people”? If “most people”, are the brigands we see running amok on black Friday’s then I think our perception is being seriously manipulated by MSM because “most people” I know did not participate in black Friday nor do they run amok when natural disasters strike. Think about this… every time there is a disaster somewhere, a stupid newscaster always seems to take pictures of the most damaged property, the most vocal, stupid, or outraged “them”, and they keep playing it over and over and over until “we” look around thinking that “most people” are fucking nuts when in fact, “we” are actually the “most people” and have been tricked into believing that “most people” are some one else. Man!!!, this is some twisted shit. I think I’ll go back to sleep.

        • @ CrabbeNubulae. Your idea that there are a lot of closet preppers is something that is very optimisitc, and we can ONLY hope. However I live in an area that has experienced lots of power outages and what I found during this was extremely disturbing. I enjoy proving a theory or some speculation as fact, so during the past power outages I would go for very long walks to see just how many people had prepared for this, especially from past experiences. The findings were awful.

          First I tried to listen for generators going and found that less than 1% of the homes had electricity from any source. Then I looked up and down the streets when the power outages occurred during nights, very few people had ANY light coming from them. About 1 in 25 homes had the slighest bit of light. I mean how much do candles cost? Each time this occurred 24 out of 25 homes were dark. I checked about 1000 homes to get a decent unbiased reading of what I saw in all fairness. Now I admit there is no way of checking whether people put away food and water and other necessities, but when a houshold doesn’t even have any light after several power outages it is very discouraging to think that they have done much of anything to prepare for what is coming. This is just one of different tests to see if that 1% of preppers is accurate, and may someone help the stupid that have not prepared, that 1% is pretty close to reality. This is very sad and pathetic at the same time.

          • BI your not alone, well yes , yes we are alone.. I found what you say to be true in my area too.
            My area has gone thru many power outs, some a day or more, some a week or more, depending on the situation.

            I took it upon myself at night to see how many people were prepped for this and found it to be like you noticed too.

            Last year in my area we had a severe ice storm that brought down trees, powerlines , tranformers etc..
            many left their homes for hotels, friends and families homes to find heat and light..I was one of 2 homes in my area with light, heat, and tools to deal with the downed trees and branches..

            this has not been the first rodeo on the power outs, yet, they still dont freaking get it.

            and it aint getting any better.

          • Your numbers resemble what I see in the small towns near us in a power outage. We live in the country and most of my neighbors are large farmers/cattle rancher types. 99% of our country neighbors have large fuel barrels, good looking daughters, propane tanks, very large tractors, large generators, big dogs, hard working wives, wells, great home made bread, guns, large gardens, and good looking daughters(did I say that already?). Once my country neighbors get their generators out of the shed and flip the switch the country side lights up like a Christmas Tree. Towns are still dark.

            • You guys are right on, if not even a little optimistic. I live in a small town and we don’t have power problems. In 50 years, if you don’t count an hour here or there, we haven’t been out of power more than 2 or 3 times. The problem is is that many people have generators, but they’ve never been used. Or people might have a gallon of gas for the mower, but nothing else. And on a side note, I get into a lot of people’s houses and I can attest that no-one preps. I’m saying way less than 1%.

              When the shtf and power and supplies don’t come back online, it’s gonna get ugly real fast.
              molon labe

          • last freakfest about a nor’eastern had people at our Tractor Supply in fistfights over the last gas cans. same at the hardware store.

            Heard this from a trucker while I was filling up my 6 gas – cans at the station and we all chuckled, while a few people drove up and got this look on their faces of panic —

            as far as “several outages” go, I have noticed a definite interuption in the financial system, 3 days in the last 6 months our credit card machine didn’t work, so the last one I drove out to the local grocery store and their EBT/credit machine was also down, as was the internet, yet the provider had no clue of what was going on.

            not saying this is purposely orchestrated but how many people turned around and went home because they didn’t have cash? I had to myself that day, but I always buy TP when I shop and throw extra cans in the cart.

        • Crabbe…since I am not working this afternoon(other than cleaning the shit out of the chicken coop)and I have a nip or two of Canadian spirits in me, I think I’ll give my two cents on this subject. “Most people” are the ones that don’t share your own thoughts, beliefs or conclusions on any number of subjects. For example, “most people” don’t share my view of the reason for the current financial and economic crisis. “Most people” don’t believe we have a crisis of dwindling cheap hydrocarbons like I do. By the same token, I am one of the “most people” when it comes to not believing in being wiped out by pandemic or nuclear bomb. The common thread we have here is knowing we need to be prepared for whatever we believe is the future even if “most people” don’t agree with it. Time to get back to the coop cleaning.

          • JRS

            Do you call that “Scoop Coop Poop”

          • BI, JRS etal.. Actually, my diatribe was a thought provoking play on words that made me think about what most of the people in my area would do in a true SHTF scenario. I discovered, trying to define “most people” is like trying to define what something good tastes like. However, historical precedent and known facts have assisted me greatly to have such an optimistic outlook. I keep telling my wife that we are truly blessed despite all the evil shit that is going on around us in other parts of the country and world. I cannot speak for anyone else, I can only speak for myself based on what I see, hear and have lived through. Forgive me if I provoke others to think either positive or negative or maybe you might reassess what “most of the people” in the area around you will or won’t do. I live in a semi-rural area about 20 miles from a large metropolitan area. Many homes are on lots from 1 acre to 5 acres. Some people I know have 20 to 50 acres and one farmer down the road has almost 2000 acres under cultivation. I have about 12. Most of the people in my area are blue collar professionals (not an oxymoron like white collar professional politicians and bankers who contribute nothing to the stability of society). These are blue collar professionals like welders, pipefitters, carpenters, plumbers, machinists, equipment operators, oil field workers, brick masons etc… They build, create and repair things. They do not leach off the rest of society like so many white collar professionals. Granted… some are on disability, some are retired, some are on unemployment, some are on food stamps and we have our share of dead beats. Most of the people in my area are hunters, fishers or gardeners and many are all three. (I had leftover collard greens and venison burgers for supper) I was incorrect to characterize many of them as closet preppers because after I thought about it for awhile it occurred to me that most of the people in my area are born and raised to take care of themselves and help their neighbors just like I was. They don’t talk about prepping because being prepared is just something one does and they don’t talk about it any more than any of us would sit around and talk about wiping our ass after we take a shit. It’s just something you do naturally and you don’t have to talk about it. Most of the people in my area take care of themselves and help their neighbors. I’ve lived through a number of disasters in my area throughout my life where the power was out for two weeks or longer. The day after the disasters, there were so many generators running it sounded like an industrial park and the neighborhood had lights although we didn’t have all those annoying street lights and that was nice. Most of the people in my area were out cleaning up the mess, tearing down or rebuilding what had to be done. They didn’t sit around waiting for the National Guard, FEMA, Homeland Security, Obama or some dumb ass insurance adjuster to tell them when they could repair their home or property. It was very easy to tell who the dead beats were after the last major disaster because after three months, they were the one’s that still had blue FEMA tarps draped all over their homes waiting for some government agency to give them some money or fix their place for them. Most of the people in my area had already cleaned up their mess and moved on with their life. There is really only one thing I can guarantee and that is that one day I will die. Having said that, I can just about 99% guarantee that if a major SHTF disaster were to occur where hoards of brigands and gangbangers left the city searching for booty, about the only booty they will find in my area are lots of locked and loaded .308’s, .270’s, 30-06’s, AK and SK variants and lots of AR’s. The yellow hoard will not survive in my area. I say all these things after thoughtful reflection since most of the people in my area appear to reflect a different attitude thus bodes a different outcome, different than that I so often read about on these survival blogs. I’m quite confident most of the people in my area can and will survive anything a stupid politician can throw at them and probably most of what mother nature can too. More people need to reflect on the positive side of doom and gloom since their attitude about “most people” may very well either do them in or save their life. Just saying.

      34. “once the masses realize they’ve been conned by their respective leaders”

        I’m not so sure the sheep will ever realize it.

      35. Priced out of gold long time ago, priced out of silver, now priced out of bullets.

        The time to buy gold silver was years ago when everyone was buying the stock market.

        Ammo has doubled and unless you need it right away, buying now is buying high same as gold / silver.

        Now you will probably flame me for this but in the short term, stocks look to break 15,000 by this summer. With a reasonable correction or two worked in. Is the stock market a gamble not an investment, yep, but so are most others.

        It took years for the housing bubble to burst, it won’t take that long for stocks, but you don’t have to literally bet the house, and there is still alot of play in it.

        Although beans and rice are probably still the best investment, what you can’t eat you can feed to others, or with beans, sprout them or grow them. And the more you have the less for kim jung unholy, let that fat turd eat his uranium.

        • Based on what Hornady had to say in the following article ammo and prices should return to “normal” in the next 6 months. The new “normal” may be higher than before and may have more to do with the FED printing of FRN’s.

          “Hornady, an ammunition manufacturer located in Grand Island, Nebraska, offers answers to concerned customers on the FAQ page of their website:

          Q: Have you stopped production, or has the government forced you to stop?
          A: Not at all.

          Q: Since we can’t find your product you must be selling it all to the government.
          A: Nope, less than 5% of our sales are to government entities.

          Q: Why can’t you make more? Ramp up production? Turn on all the machines?
          A:We’ve been steadily growing our production for a long time, especially the last five years. We’ve added presses, lathes, CNC equipment, people and space. Many popular items are produced 24 hours a day. Several hundred Hornady employees work overtime every week to produce as much as safely possible. If there is any question about that – please take a tour of the factory. You’ll be amazed at what you see.”

          • After this post I was talking with a friend whose wife works at Hornaday. He said that for months they had been on mandatory 53 hour work weeks, hers had just been cut to 50 hours. The other thing that I found interesting was that they have a backlog of more than 1 million orders. It may be longer than 6 months before they catch up?

      36. Buy. Buy more now. And…be happy.

        – THX 1138

      37. I keep buyng ammo but it seems every time I try to get it home the boat sinks and it’s gone again. Stuff is to durn heavy

        • I’m kinda having that problem with them (gold coins), everytime I buy some, I have to sell them cause every time I go to the City I have go by one of those Indian Casino’s and lose all my money , so I have to dig out another gold coin and buy some more chips. Trekker Out.

        Get out of all paper assets.
        Buy “Physical” Gold & Silver.
        Do NOT use bank deposit box!!!
        You are almost out of time to prepare.

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