The Nightmare Of Collectivism: “A Society Built On The Lowest Common Denominator Is A Society Destined For Collapse”

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt Market.

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    The Tools Collectivists Use To Gain Power
    By Brandon Smith

    While many divisions within our society are arbitrary or engineered, there is one division that represents perhaps the most pervasive and important conflict of our time; the division between collectivists and individualists.

    Now, people who do not understand the nature of collectivism will often argue that individualism and collectivism are not mutually exclusive because individuals require groups in order to survive and thrive. However, a “group” is not necessarily a collective.

    For some reason the core fundamental of collectivism – the use of psychological coercion or physical force to compel participation – goes right over the heads of many skeptics. A group does not have to be collectivist. Any group can and should be voluntary. Collectivism is NOT voluntary. Therefore, collectivism and individualism are indeed mutually exclusive. Collectivists and individualists cannot exist in the same space at the same time without eventually coming into conflict. There is simply no way around it.

    From the position of the liberty minded (or the average Libertarian), collectivism is by far the inferior of the two philosophies. Collectivists often boast of the social and economic “harmonization” collectivism creates, as well as the mobilization of labor to “streamline progress.” The reality is that artificially rigged harmony is no harmony at all. If people are forced to homogenize and get along through fear, then peace has not truly been accomplished.

    Human beings must come to their own conclusions on cooperation and tolerance in their own time. They cannot be manipulated and shoehorned into a “utopian” framework. Problems will result, like genocide, which tends to erupt during almost every attempt at collectivist utopianism.

    Economic harmonization is even less practical, with government force inevitably used to confiscate resources from one group to give to another group, essentially punishing success or frugality. This creates an environment in which achievement becomes less desirable. When people do not have individual incentive to pursue achievement, they see personal effort as wasted. Innovation and entrepreneurship fall by the wayside, and society as a whole begins to diminish in prosperity. Without individual accomplishments and ingenuity, the group is nothing but a hollow mindless ant hill.

    Another argument which usually arises is that individualism leads to “selfishness” and the dominance of wealth devouring machines like corporations. I would remind collectivists that corporations exist only through the legal framework and protections of corporate personhood created by governments, and without government protections and favor, corporations could not exist. It is by collectivism, not individualism, that corporatocracy thrives.

    At the same time, collectivists consistently blame individualist “free markets” for the numerous ailments of nations.  Yet another misrepresentation considering America has not had true free markets in well over a century, and most other nations have never had true free markets in their history.  Feudalism and its child Socialism have always been present to plague mankind.

    There are no merits to collectivism that are not accomplished with greater success by individualism and voluntary community. In fact, collectivism only serves to enrich and empower a select few elites while destroying the future potential of all other individuals.

    Given the disturbing nature of collectivism, one would think that attempts at collectivist societies would be a rarity, shunned by most people as akin to inviting cancer into the body. Unfortunately, cultures based on individualism are the minority in history.

    The average collectivist is not usually much of a beneficiary of collectivism. We call these people “useful idiots” or “sheeple” who unknowingly serve the darker machinations of elitists while under the delusion that they are changing society for the better. The reason useful idiots participate in collectivism are many, but I have found that across the spectrum these people tend to be weak willed, weak minded, and by extension, possess a rabid desire for control over others.

    It is perhaps no coincidence that “intellectuals” (self proclaimed) tend to end up at the forefront of modern efforts for collectivism. While the poor and destitute are often exploited by collectivism as a mob to be wielded like a battering ram, it is the soft noodle-bodied and fearful academia that acts as middle management in the collectivist franchise. It is they that desire the power to impose their “superior” ideologies on others, and since they are too weak to accomplish anything on their own, they require the cover and momentum of collectivist movements to give them the totalitarian fix they so crave. In other words, they believe in humanitarianism by totalitarianism.

    Individualism is under constant and imminent threat as the collectivist obsession with control grows. The ultimate end game of collectivists is to derive submission from individuals, to corner people into handing over their individualism willingly.  It is not enough for them to merely apply force, the greatest power is in the power of consent.  Here are the most common tools used by collectivists to obtain power and manufacture consent from the masses.

    The Illusion Of Consensus

    Collectivists rely greatly on the force of a well-aimed mob to convince the general public they have the consensus position; that they are in the majority. Appearing to be in the majority is the single most important goal of a collectivist movement, even if they are in reality a small minority. The anonymity of web activism gives the force of the mob a new potency. No more than a dozen collectivists working in tandem can wreak havoc in multiple web forums or harass numerous individualist publications while giving casual readers the impression that their ideology is “everywhere.”

    The key here is that collectivists understand that the average person does not want to be seen as too contrary to the majority. They understand that the majority view matters to the public, even if the majority view is utterly wrong. If collectivists can convince enough people that their ideology is the majority view, they know that many people will blindly adopt that ideology as their own in order to fit in. The lie of consensus then becomes a self perpetuating prophecy. This problem will remain forever a danger as long as people continue to care at all about the majority view.

    The Destruction Of Core Institutions

    Those institutions people consider “core institutions” are sometimes vital, and sometimes not. That said, it is the openly admitted objective of collectivists through socialist-style movements to destroy core institutions so that there is no competition to their new system. A collectivist society cannot allow citizens to have any loyalties beyond their loyalty to the group or the state.

    So, individual liberties must be degraded or removed, as per the constant reinterpretation of the Constitution as a “living document.”  Religious institutions must be painted as shameful affairs for stupid barbaric cave-people. And, the family unit must be broken apart. This is done through economic depravity so pronounced that families never see each other, through state influence over children through public schooling, and through identity politics and propaganda which create sexual and racial conflicts out of thin air.

    Dominating Discussion

    This coincides with the idea of artificial consensus, but it goes beyond the use of the mob. In our daily lives we are now bombarded with collectivist messages — in mainstream news, in television shows, in movies, through web media and print media. The money behind these outlets belongs to a very small and select group of people, but through them the collectivist worldview is injected into every corner of our society. I would call this propaganda by attrition; an indirect but steady insertion of collectivism creating an atmosphere in which the ideology becomes commonplace even though it is being promoted by a limited number of people.

    Exploiting The Youth

    When we are young, most of us spend a great deal of time and energy working to be taken seriously. The question is, should we be taken seriously?

    In my view and the view of the liberty minded, it really depends on the person’s actions, experience, efforts and accomplishments. Most younger people have little to no experience in life and haven’t had the time to accomplish much. They are still learning how to function in the world, and what kind of goals they want to pursue (if they ever pursue any goals). Because of this, it is hard for those of us who have gone through considerable struggles in life and reached a certain level of achievement to take them seriously when they decide to stroll into a room and pontificate on their moral and philosophical superiority. It makes me want to ask; what the hell have you ever accomplished?

    This is not to say that there are not ingenious young people out there, or ignorant and lazy older folks. There are. But collectivist movements seek to exploit younger generations exactly because of their general lack of experience and naivety, as well as their feelings of entitlement when it comes to respect.

    Collectivism almost always utilizes a theory called “futurism” in order to appeal to the young. The theory, which was a leading philosophy behind the rise of fascism, proclaims that all new ideas are superior in their social usefulness and all old ideas and beliefs should be abandoned like so much dead skin. According to futurism, those who cling to old ideas and principles are an obstacle to the progress of society as a whole.

    The funny thing is, the ideas usually expounded by collectivists are as old as time — elitism, feudalism, totalitarianism, etc. None of these methodologies are “new” by any stretch of the imagination, but collectivists repackage them as if they are some grand new secret to Shangri-La. Younger adherents of collectivism latch onto futurism almost immediately. For, if all new ideas are superior, and all old ideas are barbaric, and younger people are the purveyors and consumers of everything new, then this means that it is the youngest generations that are the wisest, and the village elders that are naïve. By default, the young become the village elders without them ever having to struggle, make sacrifices, learn hard lessons, suffer loss, rise to challenges, or accomplish anything.

    The enticing nature of this sudden groundswell of cultural respect is simply far too much for the average person college age or younger to ignore. Collectivism gives the young what they think they want, then uses them as tools for greater conquests.

    Forcing Society To Accept The Lowest Common Denominator

    Collectivism requires the homogenization of society, to the point that individualism is frowned upon and success is treated as negligible. Whether it is public schools lowering standards to the point that students with little or no reading comprehension graduate, or businesses being forced to lower standards in the name of “diversity” while rejecting employees with superior skill sets because they do not belong to a designated victim group, or government institutions like the military lowering physical standards to accommodate far weaker candidates in the name of “gender parity” while putting every soldier’s life at risk in the process, we are constantly being asked to accommodate the lowest common denominator instead of reaching for the highest level of excellence.

    This makes the concept of success a bit of a joke. For “success” within such a system is easy as long as one follows the rules; excelling as an individual is not a factor. And by success I mean being allowed to survive, because that is the best you are going to get in a collectivist structure. The only way to fail is to not follow the rules, rules which may be arbitrary or idiotic at their core. Individualists are immediately punished for thinking or acting outside the box, when this is exactly the kind of behavior that should be encouraged. A society built on the lowest common denominator is a society destined for collapse. Individuals are systematically weeded out in the name of homogenization and all of their potential achievements and innovations disappear with them.

    The nightmare of collectivism is the defining battle of our age. It is in this era that we will decide whether or not individual liberty and freedom of thought are more important than the illusory security and “harmony” of the collective.

    I, for one, long to see a future in which individual enterprise is allowed to thrive and voluntary participation is the root principle on which our culture functions; a future in which state power is reduced to zero, or near zero, and government force is no longer an acceptable means by which one group can seek to control another group. I may not see this world in my lifetime, but the liberty-minded can make it possible for newer generations by avidly defending ourselves against collectivism today. As pointed out in the beginning, collectivism and individualism cannot coexist; confrontation is inevitable. Recognizing this, and preparing for it, is our duty as free human beings.

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      1. Law enforcement is some of biggest collectivists of all as they blindly follow orders for their “pieces of silver”. They have no idea what life, liberty or my pursuit of happiness means.

        As for the youth, they can be forgiven for their views after 12 years of brainwashing about the Empire and the so-called “heros”. They will eventually wake up.

        Unfortunately, the Empire will try to get them to “see the world” before they do.

        USA! USA! USA!

        Convince your children to reject the call to sacrifice their blood for today’s Anglo-Zionist Empire.

        • Collectivism is another way of saying Communism.
          Communism is another way of saying Leftism.
          Leftism is another way of saying Democrat Party.

          If you don’t vote because you saw on the internet that your vote doesn’t count, you’re helping the Democrat Party/Leftists/Communists/Collectivists to gain power.

          “But…but…but…it doesn’t matter who you vote for, they’re all the same!”
          No they aren’t. There are still some right wing candidates who want to try to stop this rush off the cliff.

          As I’ve said before, if you can’t fine a candidate to vote for, then at least vote against the Democrat Party/Leftists/Communists/Collectivists.

          • “If you don’t vote because you saw on the internet that your vote doesn’t count, you’re helping the Democrat Party/Leftists/Communists/Collectivists to gain power.”

            Voting only encourages the bastards. The political process has FAILED. The election process is rigged and the winner has already been appointed just like Vince McMahon gets to decide who wins and loses in the WWE/WWF.

            Both parties are one and the same. Your choice is between the Demicans and Republicrats, Diet Coke vs Diet Pepsi. Any 3rd party has NO shot at winning the election because the both parties control the media.

            So go ahead and vote, at least you’ll better thinking you’ve made a difference. I know better and i’ll stay home.

            • In email correspondence, Brandon was crystal clear to me that he has the same plan for Christians who oppose usury, price gouging, and wage gouging as he has for “globalists.”

              If you are a Christian who believes Luke 6:32-36, then do not turn your back on Brandon.

              His pretense of a big tent for individualists does not include those who have a truly Christian vision of decent society.

              • No I didn’t. Citation please.

                • In your email of April 24 that you also copied to Mac, Daisy, Doug Owen, and Michael Snyder, your point 8 read as follows:

                  “…8) I have had many Christian zealots try to quote scripture in rather abstract fashion to defend their own zealotry. The problem with religious zealots is that they are more than happy to loosely interpret scriptures to support any number of evils. Even if the Bible did actually support the philosophy of zealotry, zealotry would still be utterly WRONG. It defies every aspect of natural law, the law of inherent conscience. I would treat a Christian zealot seeking oppression the same way I would treat a globalist zealot seeking oppression, with opposition up to and including the use of deadly force…”

                  Your email was in a sequence responding to my original email stating that Christ binds Christians to oppose usury, unjust prices, and unjust wages, hence, by Jesus’ own standards we must oppose a “free market” that allows/encourages usury, unjust wages, and unjust prices. You used the terms “zealot” and “oppression” to describe those of us who actually do our best to adhere to the teaching of Jesus Christ, specifically Luke 6:32-36.

                  If you want to pursue this, I would be happy to share the entire series of email correspondence with interested readers.

                  • By all means, share the entire exchange. Where in that statement did I say that I “have the same plan for Christians who oppose usury, price gouging, and wage gouging as I have for “globalists.”?

                    Christians who oppose usury, price gouging and wage gouging have every right to do so. I oppose those things as well. However, if your goal is to set up a theocracy to impose your worldview on everyone else using your own version of government force and collectivism, then I will indeed be compelled to shoot you, just so my position is clear to you and all the readers here.

                    • “…I would treat a Christian zealot seeking oppression the same way I would treat a globalist zealot seeking oppression, with opposition up to and including the use of deadly force…”

                      Here is my original email. Note there is no suggestion of setting up a theocracy, merely indicating the moral bounds common to Christians. We may not establish a society that rejects the moral bounds set by Jesus Christ (otherwise we are not Christians, but lukewarm and vomited out—Apocalypse 3:16). I will post the rest if Mac allows:

                      Brandon says, “…FAR too many Christians on the wrong side of this fight. Belief in God is not enough; one must also believe in liberty. I am more than happy to fight alongside any man that believes in freedom, regardless of whether or not he believes in god. Religious orientation at this point is utterly meaningless. If Christians are not willing to work with non-Christians to defend liberty,…”

                      Not “meaningless” to US.

                      CHRISTIANS believe in LIBERTY, FREE WILL to do right or WRONG. That does not mean Christians will bleed to build a society that is WRONG, that tolerates, even encourages, EVIL, so the question remains for US. Do we CHRISTIANS want to work arm-in-arm with ANTI-Christians?

                      A detailed reading of Von Mises and Rothbard identify a pervasive and vicious ANTI-Christian philosophy. This has been well-documented in Chris Ferrrara’s book “The Church and the Libertarian: A Defense of the Catholic Church’s Teaching on Man, Economy, and State.”

                      If Brandon and his confreres cannot discuss the problem, how can they reasonably expect to attract Christians, practicing Christians, to fight arm-in-arm with them? Usury, abortion, perversion, unjust wages, unjust prices, genocide—these are serious problems for PRACTICING Christians. If they can’t talk to us about these problems and instead ignore or delete our discussion on these issues, how can they reasonably expect US to fight arm-in-arm with THEM?

                      I submit that Brandon’s evasion and censorship on this topic is his (and their) Achilles heel. I say that as someone who admires Brandon’s work and analysis except for his unwillingness to engage on this sticking point. Of all the commentators in the liberty movement I would have least expected that Brandon would be the one to evade discussion of a serious moral and intellectual problem in our midst.

                      “Your way or the highway?” Is that the “Austrian” offer? How then is that different from Obama or Putin or Rothschild?


                    • Brandon’s response:

                      I think [JQP] makes my point for me. Who is “US”? All Christians? Because anyone with any sense can see day to day that not all Christians are supporters of liberty. In fact, many of them would like nothing better than to trade globalism for theocracy – one tyranny for another. I know this because I deal with numerous such people in my work.

                      Being a Christian does not automatically make one honorable or trustworthy, unfortunately. Some of the greatest monsters in history have claimed to be Christian. Beyond that, the primary issue here is ZEALOTRY, which I will not tolerate on my site. You displayed an attitude of zealotry and a strategy of divisiveness, attempting to portray Austrians economists as intolerant to Christians (as if the philosophy has anything to do with religion at all), and libertarians as “anti-christian” (I know many libertarians that are also Christian, and many that are not). Your goal seems to be to build a false paradigm between Christian and non-Christian liberty proponents. Clearly, you do not like the idea of these two “sides” working together for a common goal (freedom).

                      Christian zealots are not Christian, not in the manner that Christ taught, anyway. They are only interested in elevating their own ideology at the expense of everyone else. THIS is why you are not welcome on my site. Don’t like it? Go start your own site, then you can bitch about me from your pulpit anytime you like.


                      Brandon Smith

                    • Brandon Smith, what you are saying needs to be said and is certainly NOT anti religion or Christian ! Many are blinded by their control mechanisms and still very much connected to thheir own illusions.

                    • Brandon,

                      Glad to have started a “dialog.” I hope—and pray—this bears good fruit.

                      Firstly, I have admired your mostly perspicacious analysis (perhaps because I agree with most of your analysis) as I have appreciated you calling attention to the need for moral underpinnings of what you call “the liberty movement.” Especially in view of your own call for moral underpinnings, I call you to reconsider the morality of usury, unjust wages, and unjust prices.

                      (1) “All Christians?” I made a point of using the phrase “practicing” Christians to identify those whose well-formed consciences understand what the Gospel forbids—usury, unjust wages, unjust prices, perversion, extramarital sex, sins that are coddled by many libertine and “free market” libertarians. Thankfully many libertarians oppose some sins that sadly are dear to many nominal “Christians,” “Christian” Zionists, genocide and race hatred.

                      (2) “…anyone with any sense can see day to day that not all Christians are supporters of liberty.” Excepting the case of anarchists, most libertarians are not entirely opposed to laws regulating behavior—for example, laws against murder and sex with minors. Do we then say, “Anyone with any sense can see day to day that not all [libertarians] are supporters of liberty”? I think not. It is not that libertarians draw no “line in the sand,” It is simply that libertarians draw their “line in the sand” in a different location from practicing Christians. The location of that line is an important issue among parties living together.

                      (3) The territory between those two lines is what deserves discussion among “Austrian” zealots and Christian “zealots.” A hypothetical—You, Brandon, may argue that there is no such thing as usury as long as the contract is “voluntary,” but “voluntary” has been a matter of degree for millennia—a starving child or impending foreclosure may be as compelling duress as a gun to the head. Powerful tools seduce consumers. Where are the bright lines between “duress,” “seduction,” and “free will”?

                      (4) “Being a Christian does not automatically make one honorable or trustworthy, unfortunately. Some of the greatest monsters in history have claimed to be Christian.” If one is TRULY Christian, one is indeed honorable and trustworthy and not monstrous. Since we are all imperfect, far short of being Christ-like, what’s your point? That we should not strive to be better? That no Christian is honorable or trustworthy? That we should be happy to be “free” in an aborting, usurious, libertarian successor to the Anglo-Zionist Empire? What is your point?

                      [I messed up the numbering so there was no “5” in the original]

                      (6) “attempting to portray Austrians economists as intolerant to Christians (as if the philosophy has anything to do with religion at all), and libertarians as “anti-christian” (I know many libertarians that are also Christian, and many that are not). “

                      (a) I accurately and incontrovertibly identified SPECIFIC, NAMED, LIBERTARIAN LUMINARIES, Von Mises and Rothbard, as viciously ANTI-CHRISTIAN. I have cited Ferrara’s thorough compilation of the pervasively ANTI-CHRISTIAN philosophy of Von Mises and Rothbard. Ferrara’s book is FULL of documentation that I could not possibly summarize in a readable format in this email. Who is convinced by your gratuitous denial? Here again is the book for the intellectually honest:

                      (b) I made no general claims against libertarians except that usury, unjust wages, unjust prices, and other sins are against the Gospel and not at all Christ-like—whatever one calls oneself. Serious food for thought for anyone who calls oneself a Christian.

                      (c) In their points of incompatibility, the libertarian philosophy does indeed have something to do with religion. I reject your gratuitous denial that there is a nexus.

                      (7) “a strategy of divisiveness… Your goal seems to be to build a false paradigm between Christian and non-Christian liberty proponents. Clearly, you do not like the idea of these two “sides” working together for a common goal (freedom).” Au contraire, I am engaging you not for divisiveness, but for introspection, moral and intellectual honesty, and rapprochement—and I said so. Far from a “false paradigm,” there is a REAL GAP between practicing Christians (not to be confused with those who ignore Luke 6:32-36) and “Austrians.” The gap is no “strategy”; it is a FACT. I do not oppose “freedom”; I oppose predatory behavior masquerading in the guise of “freedom.”

                      (8) “Christian zealots are not Christian, not in the manner that Christ taught, anyway. “ Since, the Word of God warns that the lukewarm will be vomited out (Apocalypse 3:16), by what authority, by what standard, do you pontificate “another Gospel” of the lukewarm? Cite authority from natural law or scripture or the Magisterium that Christians should be lukewarm… or have your gratuitous assertion gratuitously rejected.

                      (9) “They are only interested in elevating their own ideology at the expense of everyone else. “ And, of course, you are no zealot. You are not elevating your own ideology to chastise and reject Christians who oppose usury, unjust wages, and unjust prices.

                      (10) “THIS is why you are not welcome on my site. Don’t like it? Go start your own site, then you can bitch about me from your pulpit anytime you like.” Indeed, you are FREE to take your bat and ball home, cranky, pouting, disallowing any discussion—and worse, disallowing any challenging study or honest introspection. But if you do, be known as a hypocrite for decrying divisiveness when I approach you and you make the divide.

                      Lastly, I reiterate. I have admired your mostly perspicacious analysis as I have appreciate you calling attention to the need for moral underpinnings. Now I ask you for more than lip service to moral underpinnings, to actually give due consideration to the morality of usury, unjust wages, and unjust prices.

                      My very best regards,

                      P.S. After considering what I have written here, please do let me know if I remain unwelcome on your site.

                    • Yes, and I stand by EVERY SINGLE WORD in that exchange. It is the same message I have ALWAYS presented openly and publicly.

                      Your assertion was that Christians should “oppose a free market” (I disagree, and nowhere in the bible do the words “free market” ever appear), yet you danced around the issue of how you plan to do that. The only way you could accomplish stopping the free market is through collectivist force, or theocracy. You weren’t simply talking about Christians not participating in a free market, you were suggesting that they not allow a free market to exist. So, I’ll say it again, if your intent is to use force through government, theocracy or otherwise, to impose your worldview on others, then I will fight you, and I will kill you.

                      You have every right to NOT PARTICIPATE in a free market, but you do NOT have the right to stop other people from participating in a free market.

                    • Another line of inquiry about “collectivism.”

                      How do you propose stopping murder and pedophilia in your “free” society?

                      Will you simply “not participate”?

                      Or will you oppose murder and pedophilia? If so, will you personally investigate, try, judge, and punish the alleged perpetrators? Will the victim or survivors send you smoke signals to come down from the mountain to apply your final solution?

                      Or will you employ a “collectivist” solution? …fair trials, fair juries, just judges, humane prisons, and, in the most dire of circumstances, reluctant executioners?

                      You see, there are means of punishing murderers, pedophiles, and usurers, that do not require your bogeyman, a zealous theocracy.

                    • Another comment that didn’t seem to sit well with the censor was posted at the usury link above, but I will try again here.

                    • This one:

                      As one of many possible examples, grinding a man and his family into poverty/insolvency through 100% compounded interest of payday loans in a “free market” (or any market) is AGGRESSION. A decent society has the duty to STOP such aggression. Another example, killing babies is AGGRESSION. Abortion stops a beating heart. A decent society has the duty to STOP such aggression.

                      The word “pedophilia” does not “appear in the Bible.” Is that an excuse to allow pedophilia in a “free” society? The Bible does not name every sin, but Biblical principles like the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes allow men of good conscience to make moral judgments.

                      “Usury” does “appear in the Bible.” In fact, usury is damned in the Bible, so it does not even require a Christian to make a solid leap of logic to oppose usury. And there are also Jesus’ admonitions of Luke 6:32-36.

                      “Anything goes” in a “free market” is not a moral solution. Christians have a duty beyond non-participation to ensure that such things do NOT exist in society.

                      As you have seen, there is no shortage of lukewarm Christians with poorly formed consciences who are willing to leave Jesus at the door of the “Austrian” temple. Jesus, as His Father, made quite clear that He will “vomit out” the lukewarm and the disobedient (Leviticus 20:22; Apocalypse 3:16).

                      You, as an “Austrian” zealot, have made quite clear your “final solution” for those of us who will OPPOSE the financial and other aggression of the “free market.” I, for one, appreciate your clarity lest Christians aid you or unknowingly turn their backs on you.

                      Lastly, I once again draw the attention of Christians to the explicit and vicious anti-Christian rhetoric of the founders of the “Austrian” school. Even for Protestants, Ferrara’s book, linked above, is an excellent compendium of the evidence against “Austrians.”

                    • Pedophilia and murder are trespasses against the liberties of another individual, participation in a free market is NOT. You hypothetical comparison is wildly ignorant.

                      Beyond that, a voluntary community punishing a person for violating the liberties of a member is NOT collectivism. If a person violates the individual rights of others then they forfeit their own individual rights. Justice does not require collectivist bureaucracy in order to function.

                    • Many pedophiles end up being priests so it is hard to say what the establishment church REALLY thinks about it. If you don’t like usury , then don’t participate in it. No one can force you to borrow or lend money at unreasonable high rates of interest (which is what usury is), someone can potentially force you as a child to have sex, which is why your comparison is idiotic.

                      The problem is, if you believe that it is justified for YOU to apply your own obligatory definition of usury to other people in order to stop them from lending or borrowing money, then you are an enemy of freedom, and therefor you deserve to be removed as a threat.

                    • Largely non-responsive, Brandon. You have conveniently-for-you truncated your definition of AGGRESSION.

                      Murder and pedophilia are, as we agree, AGGRESSION, so why do you avoid discussion of the murder of babies in utero? Will your “voluntary community,” as you have already, turn a blind eye to the murder of babies in utero? Your failure to recognize that the aborted baby is the defenseless victim of force, AGGRESSION, makes me an idiot???

                      Similarly you avoid discussion of usury as AGGRESSION—abuse of working people, the poor, and the weak is AGGRESSION. To repeat a point lost on you, paying an unjust wage to a starving working man (excusing it with “the market”) and seducing a foolish man into destructive consumerist debt using advertising seduction (excusing it with “his own fault”) are AGGRESSIONS.

                      When a family’s “participation in a free market” is a choice between starvation/homelessness/penury and usury/unjust wages/unjust prices, that “participation in a free market” is indeed a “trespass against the liberties of another individual,” AGGRESSION.

                      Why are doctors and lawyers punished for seducing patients even when it does not involve forcible rape? Answer: Because of the imbalance of power in the relationship. So too, the employer who pays an unjust wage to a starving man, the businessman who seduces the weak to buy at unjust prices, and the usurer who seduces a desperate man in dire straits all abuse their imbalance of power, AGGRESSION.

                      So, just as a “voluntary community” properly punishes murderers and pedophiles (yes, including priests, ministers, and rabbis), that same “voluntary community” should properly punish financial crimes against humanity.

                      You condemn some murders, but not others. You condemn some aggressions, but not others. If you pause to reflect deeply, notice that your “idiot” and “zealot” name-calling and final solution threats are coupled to your own failure of vision, your own doctrinaire zealotry, and your own inconsistent and morally-crippled analysis.

                    • To be clear—

                      You define usury as “unreasonable high rates of interest.”

                      The Bible defines usury as any profit (“increase”) on a loan of money.

              • John Q…

                Oops & beware…sorry bro, thou speaketh the truth unto the unlearned & ignorant..thine message will ignored.

                …and cast unto the ‘bit-bucket’…reserved for the truths of GOD…per his intent, of what / how ‘we’ were originally intended to conduct ourselves…

                …for HIS sight (realm)!!!

                -(thumbs-up, pal…you “GET IT”)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Exactly how long have you been suffering from your state of mental deterioration cunter, you’re sounding more like a whining baby combined with a braying ass with every idiotic post you make. Check yourself into a mental health clinic while you can still walk upright, that is to say, IF you can walk upright.

                  • How completely stereotypical for “anonymous” to use name-calling and to characterize political and religious opposition as mental illness.

                    Since you raise the topic of mental illness, which advocacy is mentally healthy:
                    a) a dog-eat-dog “free market” that grinds the poor with 100% compounded interest payday loans, debtors prisons, high prices, and low wages
                    b) an economic system that encourages the widespread ownership of private property and that prevents men from grinding down their neighbors or seducing the weak into penury?

                    • AAAAAWWWWWWW, is poor johnny q gonna cry himselfs to sleepy because I smacked his little nazi hero cunter upside the head? Any fruitcake who claims hitler is persecuted like Christ was is a delusional old basket case whose gonna get nailed whenever he gets stupid. And no, the idea that he’s bad and scary is pure bullshit, all he did and could ever do is talk big, that last refuge of the feeb geezer.

                    • You are shooting blanks. Lots of noise, no impact.

                • LOL TY

            • Then how come Jeb Bush is at the back of the pack…isn’t working for him.

              • Good question Jim –

                (A) Bush does not have the support.

                (B) Hillary, on the other hand has a lot of support and backing.

                Trifling, psychotic, murdering cunt will be our next President.

                • Are you listing her good points for a reason?

                  • In other news ….. I told this community more than a year ago that robots were coming. In fact, I said that if all of technology were brought together in one place a “DATA” like android could be built, and would probably be built within five years; and ubiquitous in ten.

                    I was wrong. They are here, now. 🙁


                    • Calm down DK, we all know you’re out there.

                      I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the topic of this post.

                      Being a big fanboy of the fascist state collective, you surely have an opinion on collectivism.

                      Care to share that opinion with this community?

                  • Trifling, psychotic, murdering cunt

                    Not at all … but just in case a person here or there may have forgotten about Hillary’s truthful and honest qualities about herself. I didn’t want them to forget how wonderful this devil woman truly is.

            • Rodster, post some proof that the election system is rigged. As Jim says, why is Bush losing? The Republican Party hates Trump. Why is he ahead? He’s an outsider.

              Tell me how the rigging is kept secret, with hundreds of thousands of poll workers “in on it.”

              If it’s rigged, who’s in charge?
              Name names and show proof.

              • Vic, google is your friend (sometimes) look it up yourself! Ever hear of the dead people voting and people voting multiple times? Ever wonder why you have electronic voting machines? Ever a complete moron knows you can make a machine say anything you want. Like they say “It’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes”. Are you old coach under a new name???

              • They don’t have to rig the vote count when the leadership of both parties is controlled. By the way, Trump is close friends with the Clintons and he has been a long time supporter of the Clinton Foundation:


                He’s no Ron Paul, but he is good at telling us conservatives what we want to hear…

                “…The argument of two parties should represent opposed ideas and policies, one perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinate and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. The policies that are vital and necessary for America are no longer subjects of significant disagreement, but are disputable only in details of procedure, priority, or method.”

                Carrol Quigley, member of the CFR and mentor to Bill Clinton, from ‘Tragedy And Hope’

                • I was involved in the Republican party for most of my life. When Mccain got nominated most every prescient I was in contact with wanted Ron Paul. Somehow miraculously McCain got the nod. I called everyone up and they were as shocked as I was. I was eventually told by smeone high in the party that “The party wont survive if an outsider is elected”.

                  They dont need to rig the vote if they supply you with their candidates.

                  I would be happy to see Trump Elected only for the simple reason that the Republicans dont want him.

              • Vic – no reason to be lazy – type in “voting machine rigging” in your search box. Tons of articles for you to click on.

                I know what you are saying – “if it’s not on FOX or CNN, it can’t be true.”

                • That reminds me of Micheal Tsarions sayings lol. But Fox is fair and balanced and always tells the truth and CNN never fakes news stories or uses CG images lol. FOX, the neocon zionist propaganda channel for the right wing asses 😛 The chances of Vic looking into anything out of his norm are about .0000000001%

                  • Still waiting for proof.
                    I don’t suppose “genius” has any? By the way, conspiracy theories from the internet aren’t proof.

                    • Like I said you stupid lazy fool, get off your knuckles and look into it YOURSELF. There’s more than enough proof for even the dimmest bulb. (crickets chirping)

            • Many people have woken up in the last 8 years. Friends of mine who voted independent or democrat and finally starting to look at the candidate instead of the party.

              About forgiving the kids. My daughter was home schooled.
              She is in public school for 12th grade so she can get a diploma. She thinks that the kids she goes to school with are dumb and do whatever the teachers ask of them whether it is right or wrong. She says opinion isnt allowed and disagreement with whatever the status quo believes gets you ostracized. She dosent think there is any hope for them.

          • Like my T-shirt says “Groupthink, It’s a no brainer”.
            Very good article and explained well. It fortifies my saying “If you can’t tell your surrounded by idiots, your probably one of them”.
            Why people think they have to fit in with the crowd is beyond me. Trying to get them to see otherwise is like talking to your hand. We are going over the cliff and I see no way of stopping it. People in masses are just too stupid to be free. They never have been nor will they ever be. If you got rid of all the people who want to tell others what to do, you would have 500 million or so people left and freedom would have a chance. How has voting in the last 100-150 years worked out for you? Like Mark Twain said “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let you do it” And George Carlin “They only let you vote to give you the illusion that you have a choice”. It is going to be what it will be and everything on this planet will pay the price for human greed and overbreeding and apathy and ignorance. I’m sure glad I’m not 18!

            • Genius.. They should sell lottery tickets to win a safe card into the half billion survivors group. That could rack up billions.

              • Ya but with a lottery ticket a lot of idiots can win. They should do a critical thinking test and a test for psycopathy. Also a test for those who wish to have too many kids and a responsibility test. A true intelligence test (not academia) and a creativity test. Many other tests to see who is fit to be free and responsible enough to handle it 🙂

                • It is like that rock song 15 to 20 yrs ago by, was it AD-DC perhaps(??) called “Bang yer Head! that’ll Help Us drive ya Crazy!”

                  Now with that song in mind…Go watch a few jutube videos of EVERY Prez Candadit wearing skullcap and Banging their collective heads against that “wailers wall” in the jewish state of israhell, where one third of the controlling joomuda triangle perps reside.

                  The Other Two ruler domains of that insidious evil zio rulers domestic domains are located in are Jewyork usa and City of London, England…When combined all three create the dreaded Satanic empire of the Jewmuda-Triangle..Where not ships nor planes disappear forever..But rather where so Many polititions and various other Shabozz Goys has forever Lost their entire Soul’s to Lucifer Satan!

            • Fantastic comment, I agree.

          • This shit again Vic? …VOTING … seriously?

            The Political Structure in America is beyond corrupt.
            Voting for the lesser of two evils is still giving consent for them to continue their illegal activities.

            So … if you still want to see our Government continue it’s illegal Wars, disobeying the Constitution and the Laws of this land, while creating chaos within and outside of our borders.

            Then I say to you … fucking vote then.

            When you vote, you do not have the option to complain, because you have given them consent to continue their illegal ways.

            I and others on the other hand, have plenty to complain about, because we see our Government for what it is.


            We already recognize that our Government does not represent the people of this country, they only represent themselves and those who contribute to them in the form of Bribes and Payoffs.

            It’s ok Vic, you are not alone in this ideology that somehow we have some kind of stable, functional form of Governance. Somehow people like you think that some majestic person is gonna come out of the shadows, and this same magical person is going to fix everything?

            You can not Vote out a Dysfunctional Government.

            My conscience will not allow me to vote for known habitual liars and sociopaths – but … by all means, have at it – it’s the kind of thing you and voters seem to support.

            • I never said the government’s “stable”.
              I never said anything about “some majestic person”.

              Your non-vote is the problem. It has gotten us where we are today.

              • When Hillary becomes the prez she will have that
                whore called the statue of liberty torn down and
                scrapped out for the copper.

                Whores don’t like competition.

              • Headlines on Drudge right now:
                – Michigan town elects country’s first Muslim-majority city council
                – More than 81,000 Illegal Alien Children Places Throughout US Communities

                And you dumbass conspiracy-theorists would rather believe ridiculous bullshit from the internet than mark a simple ballot.
                Really, you’re stupider than the socialist/Marxist Democrats, whose well-thought out plan to destroy America is proceeding unhindered.

                You bitches keep pissing and moaning on here about how awful things are becoming.

              • Constantly voting for the “lesser of two evils” when all major candidates are equally evil is what got us where we are today. Refusing to vote for evil is the only vote worth casting now.

          • oh dear God
            not this left wing,right crap AGAIN

            my state is owned lock stock and barrel by the Republicans

            they doubled the tax on electricity
            put a tax on movie tickets,hair cuts,auto repairs
            and a whole slew of other things


            it’s a real freakin’ paradise

            and now the Governor got busted givin one of his friends
            a multi million dollar contract in return for a generous campaign donation

            there’s a real difference

            • It’s because you don’t vote, shit-for-brains!

          • I hate to say it but I do agree. We are already at a fatal point of decisions and most do not understand what is before us. Even on sites like SHTF many still do not understand the magnitude of circumstances because most of hem have NOT played out quite yet and come to fruition because if the many illusions we all live under here in USSA today !

            That is why it is critical to realize the illusions mand very few actually do !

            • DET, Yup and when you finally realize everything around you is a fraud it is paradigm shattering! These bastards are pure evil geniuses. I commend them for how skillfully and ingeniously they have crafted reality for the masses even though I hate them. It’s amazing how people love and serve the ones that are killing them. The website that appears when you click on my name explains it very well 🙂

          • Collectivism (socialism) appeals to:

            A) Slackers who thing they will get something for nothing

            B) Ppeople who think they will get to redistribute SOMEBODY ELSE’S wealth.

            C) Psychopaths who think they will be in charge of the whole show.

          • By The Burning Platform;

            “Isn’t it interesting the mainstream media makes barely a peep about the ongoing and worsening Obamacare debacle. Healthcare premiums, co-pays and deductibles are soaring, while doctor and plan choices contract to a minuscule level. Recent surveys reveal the hardship being inflicted upon families across the nation. Those who are willfully baffled by the lack of consumer spending need look no further than Obamacare and its impact on the budgets of hard working Americans.”


        • The problem with most of you Americans is that you are so simple minded, you think in such childlike two-dimensional ways. You all live in the make-believe land of “Either-Or”. Life is far more complex and often very subtle. Many of your precious institutions are just that, “Collectivist”. Let’s start with your own family: Families are formed for the protection and betterment of each member and each member has to share in the work and the rewards. In your “Dog-Eat-Dog” fantasy world of social Darwinism (Perfect Capitalism) everyone would have to fend for themselves like a pride of lions where the males get the meat first, then the females, and the cubs get what’s left over, if any. Anyone human coming from such a dysfunctional family like that would be pitied. No one is an island, we all rely upon the goodness of others to get us through each day.

      2. There is only one place on earth where everyone is treated equally. Where everybody gets 3 meals a day and a warm place to sleep…..A PRISON !!!!!!

        Marxism is built upon sin, coveting what another has, and stealing it from them. Often it leads to murder too.

        Watch out fur dem hogs!

        • Yes the Dems are pathetic, but the Republicans are pushing hard for the TPP, which is global communism, or perhaps fascism. Each party is messed-up, it’s a catch-22 either way.

      3. WAY off topic

        some of you are aware that Ted Koppel just published a new book entitled “Lights Out” that has to do with the VERY real threat of a cyber attack on the grid

        the Raleigh News and Observer had an op-ed piece by Koppel
        let me give you one quote from that article

        this is from a confidential letter that was sent to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce

        “the electric grid”is extremely vulnerable to disruption by a cyber or other attack.”
        “timely reconstruction of the grid following a carefully targeted attack…would be impossible” and could “result in widespread outages for at least months to two years or more”

        • Yes it is all a very real potentiality and would be far worse than most consider. It would also be a source of martial law immediately and perhaps no future elections, dear leader and all ?

          I have written about it as well in great detail for 5 years now, because I know it will be a serious game changer we likely cannot fully imagine. The deaths within the first month would be staggering and change the face of what we call America forever.

        • Satori

          I have to read that book. I’m pretty knowledgeable of the generation end but light on transmission. I know that the protective devices (interlocks) are hard wired. I can see where the system could be shut down but damage should be prevented.

          I seriously can’t see how any significant damage could result from a hack of the system.

      4. “And, the family unit must be broken apart. This is done through economic depravity so pronounced that families never see each other, through state influence over children through public schooling, and through identity politics and propaganda which create sexual and racial conflicts out of thin air.”

        If you read nothing else in this article…

        I mean. Just… spot on.

      5. Don’t know about a Anglo-Zionist Empire, however I do know about a Chinese Communist Empire, a Cuban Prison State, a North Korean prison state, just to name a few.

        As Comrade Putin said, “The fall of the Soviet Union was the biggest tragedy in History”, which should show you where Mad Vlad’s head is at.

        • If you “don’t know” about the Zionist Empire, then your powers of observation and your judgment are both impaired.

          • John Q – the people who are not familiar with the Zionist Empire, that is the best damn sentence I’ve seen for one to ponder on.

            If you “don’t know” about the Zionist Empire, then your powers of observation and your judgment are both impaired.

            There is always more going on behind the scenes, then what the average person may know or has been exposed to.

            • FTW>>>


              • I’d bet that “if” that Putin quote was posted IN full context…It would likly show that what Putin really meant was his lament on how terribly the entire nation of Russia as well as the satalite nations of former ussr were TOTALLY Raped and Swindled by the Many Jewish Oligarchs from mainly Elsewheres who Pounced upon the newly disolved ussr states like starved Vultures!

                And with the help from the russian Prez Yeltsin at That time frame, and all of his soviet ziojewish kommie pals acting as frontmen and guards of the Vulture Oligarchs…Those globalist teams of jewish vultures were able to Rob & Steal almost all of whatever Lands-Resources-Cash-GOLD and valuable Art works etc their grubby self worshipping & Mammon/shekels worshipping filthy hands could grab.

                But I do Not think Putin desires a return to any form of the jew run soviet kommie system at all as was implied in that posting.

                Kommies and especially Christ hateing jewish khazar soviets would Never rebuild hundreds of the 40,000 churches jewish communists destroyed thru their kommie leadership etc!….Yet Putin Has rebuilt several hundred so far and vowed to restore every church blown up or demolished by the former kommie jewish soviets.

                Ironic those we were always taught was 100% Atheists-Kommies never destroyed one single synagouge of Satan aka Their Own places of worship eh?!!

                Wake up! What we got told as kids of how soviet russian kommies were like us here in usa…IE: Soviet russians wre also White Folk, but spoke different language and of course were atheists and THAT Lack of God was main reason they turned into mass Butchers!

                WRONG Answer!….Somebody forgot to teach Us in usa back then that the Real true soviet leadership and Inventors of communisim were Jewish…And 100% of all what matterd in Russia and eastern euro nations under it…was all run entirly by at least 90% jewish persons…

                This is documented FACT! And Most difficult to digest for many/most folks who prefer a life under Denial as compared to Truth like Christ taught Us to seek and do.

      6. Perhaps:
        when the lowest common denominator of society is common you no longer have a society.

        to repeat the often asked question from the back seat; “Are we there yet!?”

        And the answer from the front seat, “we’ll get there, when we get there.”

      7. Great article. But I am still preparing for war.

        Are you having fun yet?

        • Sling,

          Me too. Even if war does not come now, what is going to happen in 10-20 years when the nuclear powers of Europe/NATO get taken over by Muzzie Savages?

          • Them Hogs.

            The lowest common denominator is war. When everything fails we go to war. You would have thought as a civilized society, therefore the world, we would not have as many problems as there are now.
            Man has dropped the ball for hundreds of years. Why now change?
            How much of your gear will last 10 to 20 years? Every gave that a thought? Low tech – Low Maintenance -High Durability.

      8. I know most of y’all are “red teamers”. I guess you know they passed an open ended debt ceiling for the blue team.

        Well, the blue team just spent 340 billion in one day. That’s one third of a trillion dollars in ONE DAY. Good job “red teamers” on the head fake.

        Most people have no idea what one trillion dollars is. Rand Paul puts it like this…

        If you stack one thousand bills in your hand, one MILLION dollars is four inches high. If you stack one TRILLION dollars up, it will reach 63 miles high.

        • JRS, Yep and they use theyre paper and digits to buy up and control everything that is real on the planet. Meanwhile we work our asses off for pieces of paper and digits and trade some of our fed notes for property they still own and control. Sheer evil genius!

        • Living in Texas, there’s a real easy image; cowboy stadium; it cost 1 billion dollars and it’s huge on any TV that shows it.

          every time the govt goes up in debt by hundreds of billions; just relate it to anyone that the govt just spent enough to build hundreds of cowboy stadiums but instead did nothing with all of that money.

          • lena, you mean the fed notes the govt. stole from the taxpayers at gunpoint to fund their wishes?

            You mean the armed robbery they committed against the residents for a useful football stadium?

            Armed robbery is a crime no matter who does it! If you think sports stadiums are a good idea then I suggest YOU pay for it. Same with your kids schools and every other robbery scheme you agree with.

            • Speaking of Nukes and wars…it is 100% Illeagle for the fed usa govnt to give away even a single Dime, let alone over 1/2 of ALL foriegn Nations cash payouts to ANY Nuke owning nation that refuses to sign the global wide Nuke NON-proliferation Treaty etc…

              And being that EVERY Nuke owner nation HAS agreed and Has signed that treaty…EXCEPT of course for the jewish state of Israel, which has continued to refuse to ever sign onto the treaty….EVERY USA Prez and Reps and Senators Et Al whom promotes and Funds Israhell is and Has been commiting Treason at worst, and at best enough fed crimes and international criminal type crimes against humanity, that they all need be rounded up Via RICO-Laws, and prosectued to the Fullest extant of said combo laws.

              And as for Rabid jewish state Israel?…They need be forced to Pay Back every fuckin Penny usa tax monies has lavishly provided them with with which they use in every type or sort of evils and planned evils known and as yet unknown of by most people.

              Of course as long as israel’s top political leadership and its top Pharisee Rabbi Leaders are allowed to continue their “Samson Option” Nuke threats to european nations…IE: They have repeatedly stated that if Israel don’t keep getting whatever They want etc from the global-Goyim “others”….They have 300 or more Nuke missles pointed at and Aimed at every Major euro city and can even send a nuke flying to destroy…ROME!..which is an obvious attempt to stiffle and silence Christianity which they consider their number One main object in their way of the JWO they so desire rulership and Onwership of and over.

              JFK wasn’t killed due to he had usa treasury dept begin to print us dollars backed by silver etc…Yes it was a small part of his death of course…but the REAL Main major reason #1 the rabid blood thirsty synagouge of satan had JFK whacked was because of his Abject total objections and openly public objections to the jewish state of Israel ever being allowed to own ANY Nukes!

              And that current stockpile of 300+ israel nukes AIMED at every major euro city and rome is a Must if the tribe ever is to obtain dominance globally aka a J-WO nwo.

              So JFk Had to go….So all but three or four of the total of Caught Spies in the usa since WWII ended, and whom was spying to steal mainly NUKE secrets etc, by some strange coincidence happened to be numbered at aprox 295 spies caught=jews or israel jews while the Rest or 3 to 4 spies were NON jewish Goys!

              But its them Muzzies we must be more worried of right?

              Look up Talmudic “Noahide Laws” for gentile goys and RE-think that main problem folks…Yes Muslims are a huge problem for all non muslim nations or peoples..

              But they got to the Game very Late! For the Talmudic antichrists has had at least 2000 to 2500 Years head start on their plans of goyim destructions!

      9. Both the Dims and the GOPs are collectivist.

        They are two wings of the Demopublican/Republicrat One Party System.

        Both wings believe that individuals are not sovereign and independent, but merely involuntary members of a collective obligated to obey and pay a well-organized gang that calls itself “The Government”.

        • yep, the day after the republicans gave obama a free ride and blank check for the rest of his term, new house speaker ryan says it’s a clean slate and put the past behind.

          if anyone i was in personal buisness with just made a move like that, i’d either have beaten them up or be suing them or both.

          • So can I beat the shit out of and sue people that steal my currency to pay for their kids shit and parks and stadiums and decorations and golf courses and parades and landscaping and rec centers and the endless shit they rob me for?

            • Genius..

              Nope! ..ya can’t sue!!!!!

              Stick w/ the ass-whupping / physical vengeance / knee-capping scenario (or whatever)…you’ll get much faster results…satisfaction wise, mind you!

              …BTW, should anyone here…happen to know ’bout George Soros where-abouts and / or his travel itinerary…

              I would be “very appreciative ($$$ for you)”..for said info.


      10. To sum up the article, sounds like he is referring to the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters, the **real** haters, namely the book burning radical homosexuals, who – to quote ultraliberal Bill Maher on Real Time, said “I think there is a gay mafia. I think if you cross them, you do get whacked,” and the BIG GREEN MONEY cult of Al Gore and his fake “consensus” which – in case anyone is interested – is where, according to WSJ, the former director of the University of Delaware’s Center for Climatic Research David R. Legates, examined the evidence, and came to a very different conclusion: “…’only 41 papers–0.3 percent of all 11,944 abstracts or 1.0 percent of the 4,014 expressing an opinion, and not 97.1 percent–had been found to endorse’ the claim that human activity is causing most of the current warming.”

        Not only that, but several of the scientists surveyed, including Dr. Craig Idso, Dr. Nor Shaviv, Dr. Richard Toll, and Dr. Nicola Scafetta, complained that their work was being misrepresented. Popular Technology interviewed Dr. Idso, and he said: “It would be incorrect to claim that our paper was an endorsement of CO2-induced global warming.” They also interviewed Dr. Scafetta, who said:

        “Cook et al. (2013) is based on a straw man argument…What my papers say is that the IPCC [United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] view is erroneous because about 40-70% of the global warming observed from 1900 to 2000 was induced by the sun.”

        In essence, the study upon which the climate change alarmists at the Sierra Club base their idea of a 97% consensus is utter BS. A final nail in the coffin of a “consensus” is the Global Warming Petition Project, which bears the signatures of over 30,000 scientists, over 9,000 of whom hold PhDs. The petition states, in part: “There is no convincing scientific evidence that the human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing, or will in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the earth’s climate.”

      11. My work is a victim of this they are forced to do the diversity thing and paying for it with lousy and lazy help. They deserve it this is what happens when you cut pay 15 percent and rape the pension system 75 percent the best help left there is a few just about to retire left and they don’t give two shits anymore. It’s a damn shame too this company has a rich 90 year history some guys dads worked here too. Word is it used to be damn near impossible to work here and if you did you did the bullshit stuff for years. Just a shit show now due to corporate cutthroats and backstabbers just the way it is.

      12. I’ve worked with several people from the former Soviet Union, and Communist China.

        They were often baffled as to why capitalism worked so much better than communism. I said, Communism is a very seductive philosophy that exploits our expectation for perfect fairness. The problem with collectivism is it is a poor match for human psychology. You’d think greed would be a bigger problem in capitalism, but greed is just a motivator to work hard in a capitalistic environment. Greed in collectivism results in criminal activity since the rules of collectivism require greed a natural human emotion to be suppressed.

        A good capitalistic system has and enforces rules that prevent greed driven abuse like monopolies, and corporatism. Notice Obama has promoted big business monopolies and corporatism at the expense of small and private business. He is in essence converting western capitalism into a corrupt collectivist society directly. That corruption is incredibly destructive, which is why Obama has promoted it.

        The environment of Soviet corporatism that existed just prior to their collapse is exactly what Obama and his regime are converting the US into. Failed capitalism becomes failing communism, with always degrades to totalitarianism. This is Obama’s final destination for us.

        • Sounds like You are saying that Hobammy has drank his share and then some of the Kosherized Koolaid eh….

          If you read the Protocols of the zion elders, you shall find that according to the protocol writers it was Their very Own tribe members whom invented BOTH Communism AND Capitalism…Both of which at some future point They planned to Merge as One in their final games of total controlership and total deeded Ownership of planet earth and All it contains…including People!

          So far with crony scam capitalism being all we have seen our entire lives (I am close to 63 years old now) it seems those elders of zioni protocols and those who have used it since first discovered in aprox late 1895 ad era, has proven this to be fact.

          If I recall correct the protocols are a grand total of just aprox 22 chapters, sub divided into sections etc so yes a person seeking real answers as to the many whys and hows and especially the WHOMS responsible can read and research it quite eaisily now…Plus it seems every week now another two dozen new pro-truth/facts websites come online and many contain the actual full protocols as written, but of course in English….Just do Not Fall for the many numerous whinny crys that those protocols are just a “Forgery”!!!!!…..That word forgery is akin to Rayyyssssist and antisemite and used likewise as Weapons to Stiffle truth seeking and truth Speech at all costs!

          One issue is 100% certain and it is that once you read it…You like everybody before you that read it will be amazed and baffled at just how close to 100% as wrote has Happened since wrote!….it is almost as accurate and true as prophesy spoken by true God prophets….Excpet it was totally Inspired not by God but by Satan and that too becomes easy to comprehend once you read it.

          Read the zio elders protocols and you too will know in advance of every tiny detail of whats been done and whats comming Next!

      13. The poor sheeple he says are battering rams for the elitists collectivism?? The poor sheeple put them there in those positions from those collectivists buying votes(welfare, entitlements, etc). They don’t seem to suffer because they always get a bail out in some assistance or other, keeping the dependency in perpetual motion, teaching generations of poor to stay poor, stupid and lazy, and vote democrat.

      14. “It’s not the voters that decide elections….it’s who counts the votes”.
        Don’t ever forget that. Americans will overwhelmingly reject the democrats and vote for an outsider like Trump or Carson, if they overcome the GOP machine and win the nomination. BUT….the vote counters will steal the election again as they did in Obama’s re-election. Thru ballot stuffing, re-districting, non voter ID, illegals voting, dead people voting, multiple voting, etc…the winner by a nose will be a Democrat, and likely Clinton.
        Next year at this time you will finally realize that America is FINISHED.!!!

        On the Brink of War and Economic Collapse | Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneux
        The r vs K reproductive theory explains Collectivism

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