The Next Generation of Surveillance: “Everything That Is A Moving Object Is Being Automatically Tracked”

by | Feb 13, 2013 | Headline News | 375 comments

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    The following video highlights one of the scariest surveillance technologies you’ve ever seen.

    With Congress having recently authorized 30,000 drones to patrol America’s skies by 2015, this technology will soon become available to law enforcement officials all over the country.

    It’s creator, Yiannis Antoniades, says that it’s the next generation of surveillance and as you’ll see, it’s capabilities are so advanced that it can actively scan an area encompassing 15 square miles – about the area of a medium sized city – from an altitude of 20,000 feet.

    Moreover, it tracks every single moving object in its field of view, streaming the high definition video back to monitoring stations on the ground.

    With 1.8 billion pixels it is the world’s highest resolution camera. ARGUS fits inside the belly of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

    Also known as Wide Area Persistent Stare, Argus is the equivalent of having up to 100 predators look at an area the size of a medium sized city at once.

    Everything that is a moving object is being automatically tracked… You can see individuals crossing the street. You can see individuals walking in parking lots. There’s actually enough resolution to be able to see people waving their arms or what kind of clothes they wear.

    You can pick the location of where you produce these images anywhere in the entire field of view.

    Antoniades can open up to sixty five windows at once and see objects as small as six inches on the ground.

    ARGUS streams live to the ground and also stores everything. One million terabytes of video per day.

    ARGUS may be mounted on an armed UAV, a long range platform, or a developmental craft called the solar eagle that may some day stay aloft for years at a time.

    We’re moving towards an increasingly electronic society where our movements are going to be tracked.

    If you’re not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about.

    But, with hundreds of thousands of laws on the books and definitions for terrorist activity expanding to everything from minting your own silver coin to bringing a toy bubble gun to school, just about everyone is a terrorist or criminal in America today.

    Now, consider this technology in the context of extra-judicial drone strikes initiated by artificial intelligence assessment parameters that automatically determine if you are a threat or not, and you can see how dangerous drones armed with these imaging systems will become.

    How long before these military grade assault weapons of mass destruction are used on American citizens right here at home?


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      1. I hate Nazis!

        • One Second After was scary as hell and sobering when I thought about what I was actually preparing for and what it meant but with the neverending sursurveillance state increasingly encroaching on our liberties with insane technology a part of me feels an EMP or solar flare is what we need to set us straight, level the playing field and be free once again.

          • I asked several months ago what it would take for EMP to be considered a blessing? A non-prepper friend of mine laughed at N. Korea’s nuclear test. After all, what could they possibly do with a few Nukes that would prevent us from turning their soil to glass? One Second After answers that question.

            I’ll take my odds surviving without power, modern medicine, etc. over becoming a slave. I know how the latter option turns out. My only request is that God allows me to be with my family when it happens.

            • And my only request is that God lets me take out some of the mother fuckers that are creating this “technology” in the first place, that has gotten us to where we are. If our society doesn’t come together NOW, during the era where our guns still have a purpose, then this so called “new technology” will snuff out our chances forever. It’s now or never folks.

              NOT ONE MORE FUCKING INCH !!!!

              • It’s a Pakistani version of Myles Bennett Dyson!! (Terminator 2 reference).

            • Since Congress failed to pass cybersecurity legislation, Obama issued a executive order yesterday…

              Executive Order — Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (2/12/13)

              The executive order puts DHS in control of the new agenda. It includes new information sharing, establishing a new ‘system for tracking’, additional ‘regulatory requirements’, establishes an ‘Independent regulatory agency’ and more…

              www dot whitehouse dot gov

            • ……The bad part about an emp is that power plants only store enough diesel to keep them running for two weeks. If refineries can not power up to make the fuel the power plants will be unable to keep cool. Then after about a month ,you will see that rainbow flash in the sky and there goes the environment. Little house on the prairie seems like fun,but reality bites.

          • Wolf359,

            That was the first book I read about survival great reading but full of ideas. Patriots was ok for the rich preppers. Lights Out could not put it down, another book full of great ideas.Enemies Foreign and Domestic I hated it the first time I read it, re-read it after sandhook and its a real eye opener. I may need reading rehab. Also read odd’s book beyond collapse I have not finished yet but very good reading.
            But just the thought of a EMP should scare the hell out of anyone.


            • DPS

              Sir, have you checked your ‘quiet’ account recently?

              • Will do right now brother.

                • Off topic just a tad but

                  It seems every country hates us, communist countries hate us, iran and north korea hate us, blacks hate us, jews dont like us, our own government doesnt like us, liberals don’t stand us, gays and lesbians want us gone, neanderthals and cro-magnon man really hates us. So who is on our side? james wilkes booth? anybody?

                  • It’s 75, 000, 000 armed Constitutional Patriots against the world.

              • you have mail..

              • Whats a quiet account?

                • A quiet account is an account with a silent partner.

                  • Silent partner?

            • DPS,

              Wow, are we on the same path. I started with Rawles Patriots, One Second After and then “karate man”. The ending played out awesomely.

              I’ve just read Enemies Foreign and Domestic too. That trilogy gave me a pit of dread in my stomache as Bracken details how the country and the people move so willingly to destroy the constitution in the name of security and social justice. Specifically the final book and how the people and more so the military just stand by and allow an out of control Marxist globalist government to destroy America.

              EFAD and OSA are my favorites. Theyre also not so happy endings.

              • Wolf,

                The worst part about EFAD is the gun control.. Its now almost being played out in real time. Reports have came in from alaska that BATF has been going to the gun shops and coping all gun sale records. That is against the f–king law.. But that is also how it begins after the staduim shooting (SandyHook) in the book.. Also pick up a copy of V for Vendeta and watch it again.. Hard to believe that shyt was written 10 yrs ago and now here it is. Right in or damn face…



                • DPS
                  I agree. Its just too similiar how the gov is moving. Makes you really think if they had all they’re moves planned out just waiting for a crisis. I just watched that again a couple months ago too. Clearly history has shown us how freedom is lost because it’s evident throughout many films and books but what a shame so many people just can’t see it.

                  • Wolf,

                    I get the feeling we are not the only ones who read those books.


                • DPS: and others have reported that the BATFE has “asked” for the records because they can’t just copy them unless they have a warrant as part of a criminal investigation. It seems that the BATFE may have lied to the one store owner who said no about getting them from others. Some gun store owners may be stupid enough, or easily intimidated, into doing the wrong thing. But in any case, it’s cause for concern. Congressman Young, the one and only congressman from Alaska, has called the BATFE and demanded to know why they are conducting this illegal action. Rep. Young is also on the Board of Directors of the NRA. This could be the beginning of something bigger, only time will tell. If it is we may see an outbreak of small fires (records section only) at many of our favorite gun shops. We live in dangerous times.

                  • I heard of BATF doing the same thing in the late 80s–early 90s era. Remember, making false statements to any .gov agency is a crime, but they can lie to you with impunity.

                • DPS – I don’t think the ATF is just doing that in Alaska, I believe they are doing it (illegally) all over the country.

                • @DPS,
                  Do you have an author or a link for the V book? I looked on Amazon and there are a couple of authors and I wanted to get the one you are recommending. And the movie?

          • Read “Lights Out”…..frightening and informative….very well written


          • That’s what I said a couple of months ago, and I stand by that.

          • Is One Second After that “Christian” book about the end times?

          • After USA goes bankrupt as a nation, most of this equipment will be sold off for pennies on the dollar. USSR will be the model.

        • 88

        • 3 Libtards so far.

        • If these are the specs made public, you can be sure reality exceeds them. If they can take sharp pictures of star systems across the galaxy, they can see your face, or read your license plate from this toy. No more nude bathing in your back yard. Big Brother is watching and taking pics. ^_^

          • Makati1,

            Screw them they can take all the pics they want.. Maybe I’ll moon them that should take out that drone. Thats it everybody flash them you white shinny winter ass that will blind them all….LOL



            • All this stuff to worry about: North Korea, Debt, Economy, Gas and Food prices, plus it just occurred to me I have no idea what NOMI means.

              • Lee,

                NOMI Not One More Inch brother.

                CATIMF Come And Take It M——F—-

                Now you know


                • More and more people using those acronyms, I love it!!!

                  • Me too!

      2. What are their flaws, their weaknesses? everything has a weak point…just need to get to the belly of the beast.

        • Dunno?

          I’m guessing its all about false alarm rates. Automatic detection systems often become useless when you see what they think are good “hits”. Then these get fed to a human observer who realizes its a false alarm. When you get 1,000 false alarms for each real “hit” then the human on the other end stops paying attention and the machine gets scrapped. Think about car alarms in cities and suburbs when that false alarm rate is substantially above hits (a car thief is actually there) human minds automatically tune out such warnings.

          How is something from 20,000 feet overhead supposed to recognize me versus my other dark haired friend also wearing a red shirt? And what about when I put on a ball cap? Or its cloudy. Even if they correctly find you 99% of the time you are out and about if the false alarm rate is too high the system can still be worthless – those car alarms might go off 100% of the time when a car is burglarized, but with all the false alarms we have already tuned them out.

          Finally if you know where they are based from, brave souls can always sneak in and trash a multimillion dollar piece of DARPA high tech optics with a $5 ball peen hammer when its on the ground.

          • In WW II our code breakers had the data in the Jap attack on Pearl, but it didn’t get decoded until after the attack. They had to much stuff to look at it, Yep, they can watch every square inch of the country, good luck. If it’s one guy, one place, will work. for millions, nope. Gov has to learn, they are pissing off the country.

            • Paraniod,when your guilty of treason,it really don’t matter what you do cause when your caught they hang you,every member of obamas government is guilty of treason,NOW KNOWING THAT,americans should be madd as hell and very worried at the same time, cause in this case it means war,THEY have 1.5 million foreign troops here and there all eating and drinking,PLUS collecting a pay check,VERY soon they will get tired of waiting for americans to attack and will attack us,and you can take that to the bank,get ready,they can’t wait forever……………….

            • You are right that they can’t watch everyone in real time…but if one of these things is overhead when an act of sab0tag3 is done. they can & will have video that can go back and check and follow the cu1pr1t all the way back to their house

          • Good points, DD.

            There have been satellites up for quite sometime that can zero in on people on a sidewalk waiting to cross the street and identify who’s toes are hanging over the curb.

            Trouble is, in one second a person dressed almost identical and wearing the same sandals can move in that spot.

            I wonder if there is a fine for toeing over the curb?
            And, would it be called jay-toeing?
            Heck, if there is a way it can be fined, the liberals will write it up, and send someone a satellite image with a ticket.

          • Basically, I wondering how to take them down…or take the
            them out, however you want to put it. It seems like they will be a real nuisance to our Freedom and Survival.

        • Time to study the Viet Mihn and Viet Cong tactics and those of the French resistance during WW2. Both organizations went up against superior technonogy and firepower and survived for the most part if only idealogically. This looks like it could develop into a serios situation. Time to heighten your OPSEC .

          • If this technology existed in the 1960s Giap would have had a hell of a time moving supplies down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. That being said IF (big word) they wanted to put this technology to good use the US / Mexico border could be secured in relatively short order once this was deployed. WHERE it is deployed will determine who and what is considered a threat. It’s more than a reasonable bet that the Southwestern Border will not be the main deployment. It’s also a reasonable bet that the Southwestern Border will be the most news worthy deployment because the body politic will deem it acceptable if not necessary.

            • Helicopter pilots and/or owners are used as private contractors to monitor the Southwestern Border now, in 25 mile increments.

              Anyone crossing the Southwestern Border anywhere other than at a valid check point should be shot. They are obviously a terrorist.

              A shoot to kill zone should be applied to the Southwestern Border. Anyone crossing illegally should be shot on sight. It wouldn’t take long for the word to get out.

              Zero Tolerance for drug smugglers and illegals.

              • Oh, Eric will not be happy with you

              • dk, didn’t you get the memo? They aren’t muleing the drugs across land anymore. The cartels have gone hi-tech with submarines. Odrama traded them a few of ours to re-up his stash. Most of it he keeps in a mountain bunker in your neck of the woods. You know, for when the SHTF.

              • DK that is what should happen….But under this Admin and the last one, you were prosecuted for even pointing a gun at border crossers…

              • DK

                My bet is 95% of the illegals are just looking for a better life working in a lawful occupation. How to stop them is open for debate. Personally I don’t believe in killing people unless their trying to kill you. State sanctioned murder for whatever political purpose is still murder. Soldiers in war are legitimate targets even if you get them in their sleep with their back turned. A mother holding a child is not. Mexican civilians, American Civilians or Mexican / American Civilians are Civilians. When the day comes that the US body politic tolerates the mass killing of people in the above a line of morality would have been crossed. A piece of their humanity will die along with those people. Human life is then cheapened which puts us all in peril.

                The geographic deployment of the drones will be quite telling.

                • K2: Read SHTF Illegal Immigration. It doesn’t matter what THEIR motive is, the Sovereignty of America is at stake. Every Illegal is another nail in OUR coffin.

                  30 day notice, “Shoot to kill”.

                  • DK

                    Don’t sub contract the duty. If you think that is valid you sight in on some mother, child or unarmed man and pull the trigger. The State has far too much power to murder already; lets not add to that capacity.

                    I don’t have an answer but I do know that murder is murder.

                • DK is right. After about 2 hits, you couldn’t hire people to cross illegally. These people are invaders, nothing less. They kill Americans every day. Make no mistake about it. They hate your gringo guts.

          • In afghanistan, our adversaries have used bombs, the most expensive component of which is a cheap call phone, to make Americans drive million dollar trucks. A thousand cuts.

        • Find the control center, then you find there weak point. Plus, block the signal that goes out to drone or satellite that relays signal.

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • The operator is the weakness.

          Take that any way you want.

          I would not want to be a drone pilot if things get nasty.

          I’m just sayin’…..

          • my thoughts exctly. The pilot, they live some where. They would probaly mention what they do to some one they are comfortable around. Hell get smart and infiltrate the organization that is responsible for the program. It will take a little time, but get inside and get intel of employees. Take them out at their residents. Expose their command center and make a move to disable it.
            I’m just sayin’…….

            • Pilots follow orders. The orders emanate in DC. Ultimately the people who give those orders are the same ones who have orchestrated the gun grab using their conspirators at LSM as paid shills to spread their propaganda.

              These are people like Wolf Blitzer and Piers (I need a hole in my head) Morgan. Eliminate the gun grabbing globalists and the problem is solved.

              WE are all Seal Team America. Remember Washington’s Vision. Lock and load. Engage.

          • Not to mention that it has to land for fuel and maintenance some time.

        • You are going 0.5 mph over the speed limit. That is a deadly weapon you are driving. You must be a terrorist.

          God in heaven. Why.

        • They fly so high and far away you would need a radar system equipped with surface to air missiles or a fighter jet to take them down.

          They do fly relatively slow and operate poorly in windy and stormy weather. The only weakness I can see is that they have a short flight time and they’re range is limited. So you can bet on a nearby base to be housing the drones and operators. That would be the only place to take them out. And that presents another issue, infiltrating and destroying a military base.

          Only If people could develop localized directional emp weapons directed at specific targets.

        • The enemy’s weak point is information/data overload!
          Never doubt!

          Imagine if 100k or 1M folks were to light two fires(in their locale), with a 1/4 mile separation distance between said fires & they did so all at the same time(w/ time zone allowances)…nationwide & at night.

          The fires need not be ‘arson’…just a couple of used up vehicle tires set alight and close to something somewhat important or maybe even urban garbage dumpsters or whatever…figure a 15min time-frame for nationwide synchronization.
          Call it “background noise”, writ large…American style!

          Suddenly, the enemy is monitoring something between 200k & 2 million fires nationwide, with a limited # of airborne drones…’cuz there’s no way the entire fleet will be “UP”….as they do not have that many remote pilots/control cubicles and I doubt they’re able to multi-plex…multiple airborne platforms, per operator/pilot…too risky & expensive for them. After all, they wouldn’t want one to get lost/forgotten, crash and end up in our hands, would they?

          —(visual cut to control central & multiple screen displays)—
          …fires everywhere &…damn…nationwide too!!!

          The cubical commander/watch officer…eyeball scans the manifold overhead displays of ‘his’ sector…unable to assign priority…or if he does, its highly probable he will be erroneous in his decision making process. An obvious plus for our side!

          Download data transmissions rapidly exceed system processing bandwidth & sorting/prioritizing software capabilities…thus overloading occurs & a mega-data backlog begins…choking the system!!!

          Ditto, after an additional 20min., some hardy/adventurous folks decide that the local fed building isn’t an asset to the community/county anymore…or maybe its a branch office building of BOA or Wells Fargo…whatever, it gets torched also!

          Within a 45minutes of ‘zero-hour’…the system will be swamped with data/info overload…and thus, it grinds to an impotent HALT!!!

          …at that point, 5-10-15k or more “real patriots/Americans”(in small teams)…scattered across this land, make their move…& execute their individual missions, they attack & eliminate/destroy/incapacitate their targets verbatim!


          The secret to victory…in the above scenario…would be eliminating…TPTB & their hangers-on!!!!!!!!!!

          Our objective…is to identify them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          …’tis merely something to ponder/think about, per DK’s SEAL TEAM AMERICA idea.
          Use your imagination….


          • Gunsmith,

            Nice plan bud. My first thought was power. lol


            • I like my suggestion better. It eliminates the source of OUR grief once and for all. Its coming.


          • Well heck Gunsmith, there’s 200,000 plus camp firs every deer and elk hunting season here in Oregon alone, who knows how many there are country wide.

            • Rick

              That’s a given sir & I agree, per the hunting season camp-fires.

              My point was intended to stress attention getting blazes…in close proximity to “something important”!
              …say a refinery, chemical plant, electrical sub-station, water plant, govt storage facility, office building…etc.

              Thus, most fires would be URBAN…on a simultaneous/nationwide scale.

              The reference to the banking houses, was merely to illustrate the concept of…negative economic ‘fringe benefits’….you know, a play on 1/2 of the old axiom:…

              …”to each according to their needs”.

              They ‘need’ their arrogance & greed dropped a notch or two…& what better way to do it, than causing their insurance premiums to sky-rocket?


              In truth, the entire concept is purely hypothetical & merely something to nudge folks, to think for themselves…& maybe employ as a ‘plot’ for some…fast paced, shoot ’em up fiction novel.

              Good luck to all the ‘writers’ here….

        • I didn’t ask or vote for all these drones to turn America into one big prison camp. Frack the government and it’s wasteful spending.

          Solution. Point red, green, blue, and IR LASERs at a spinning multi mirrored cone pointing skyward at a 45 degree or higher.

          I suggest you save these for post collapse. As you wouldn’t want to be responsible for an airline crash.

        • Grasshopper, the weakness is that those who are watching us are also being watched. Cue the double-agents!

        • Maybe we need to recruit a specialist from Iran. They seem to know how to take control of one, land it and decode the information.

          Has to be a computer geek on this site that has some good information on how to do it. Computer Geek is not a derogatory name in my book. It is nowdays a badge of honor. 🙂

        • The Achilles’ hell is the mountian of cash needed to run the system daily.

      3. Ok trolls what do you have to say about this? It is at a point where no one in their right mind could deny that big brother is watching, very closely, in your face and in your life. They want to own you and put you on a short leash. If you bite back then you know what happens to poor little dogs who don’t conform to their owners wishes. How else could they control so many people, especially if the people are armed.

        Does this mean if you bring more than two bags of groceries into the house that you are a potential terrorist? If you target shoot on your own land are you a terrorist in training? Just use your imagination!

        • Everyone with a clue to all of this technology knows plain well it will be used against society. We know it will be used illegally with punitive damage to those on the receiving end. It is only a matter of time till we start hearing of mysterious explosions. Why did that building just go up in a huge fireball, that crater in the crop field wasn’t there yesterday, all the trees in a football size field area are gone, where did that sail boat go too? You think it, it can happen.

          World police state!

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive
          FREEDOM is under attack.

        • Ah, don’t worry about it til they fire live fire at ya

      4. Scary stuff..More eyes = More control

        • My wife has been telling me for years not to take a leak outside in the yard because the neighbors might see me, even after dark. Now I believe her.

          • No more spanking the monkey.

          • Screw that!!!!

            As a real man…I take it for granted that…the entire outdoor world is my urinal.
            As do other like me!

            …tell your wife that you’re merely…marking your territory!

            Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Why should I walk 75+ feet each way, when I can just step outside my door to an endless urinal. At least I wait for the traffic on the road to clear. Don’t want to cause any accidents.

        • I watched the video with admiration at how fast the technology is developing. But the portion of the video where little boxes appeared around moving objects and tracked them reminded me of the opening of Person of Interest each Thursday night on TV. The “Machine” exists.

          • Why have civilians when you can have robots?

        • What are they lookin for, bunch of fuckin leprechauns lookin for gold, assclowns.

        • They only let you know about a tech when they have it replaced with tech that’s a couple of generations ahead of it.

        • Wasaaaaaaapppp
          never seen anyone from the islands on here before,,,

          • Don’t know what you mean, but my husband was born there.

            • Yea but his names not kuuuhaaaaaawaiian
              Just looking out for other locals

              • Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono, O Hawai’i Nei!

                • @Kamakani
                  Howzit, good to see local friends here,
                  Have a good Aloha Friday

      5. Right or wrong, Regardless of what happens with this system, everyone in the US is within 10 years of being tracked/account for 24/7/365 IMHO.

        Think about it, every phone and car coming out today either does or can tell you exactly where you are.

        IMO, it’s only a matter of time before government or employers issue IDs with a tracking chip. Some schools already do. Just get the younger generations to buy in as this is normal and its bye bye individual freedom.

      6. “If you’re not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about.” The problem is that the government is the judge of right and wrong. That judgement keeps becoming more and more intrusive on our civil liberties. For example, today I own a handgun that holds 15 rounds in the clip. In a few months, I may be a criminal for not handing it over. I’m the same good moral person who is no danger to anyone except criminals, but the government will consider me dangerous simply because they redefined what a law abiding citizen can do. I guess I’ll be a terrorist in their eyes.

        • REDNECK,you miss the point,Hillary the whore sold america to china last summer,thats why china is demanding Obama take our guns,they will attack us soon,there spending money like a drunk sailor on leave,they got 1.5 million foreign troops here,they can’t wait much longer,keep your eyes open and your weapons ready,its coming soon………..

        • They ALREADY consider you dangerous…that’s why they want your guns.

      7. Damnit, not first…….LOL

      8. Terminator has arrived ! All privacy eliminated,no where is private. My only hope is people start shooting these things down.

        • They won’t.

          Sorry to burst your bubble. I thought they’d break the stoplight cams and that never happened. That was considerably lower risk than what you’re talking about.

          • Those traffic cams are one of the first things that need to go.

            They should be hitting the ground right now.

            They can use those live feeds to boost the efficiency of the drones, but giving them a place to go look at, for cheaper than the 100gb resolution feeds. Call it “networking”.

          • Sometimes “They Do! 🙂

        • Helicopters have been flying–LOW!– all morning. Scary! Keep thinking of that movie in which millions of Americans are being killed from pilots above and the ones killing us are supposed to be the heroes!! The producer makes us look like ants, scum or whatever…

      9. George Orwell was a freakin’ optimist.
        Just sayin’….

        • We’re f’ed. Escape velocity is sounding better every day.

      10. “Everything” and “Automatically” are the scariest part.

      11. Everyone had better get a few underground caches set up now. Bury a few sealed 5 gallon buckets and make sure they can’t surface if the ground gets saturated. Once our skies are taken over it will be near imposible to set these up, and by then anyone seen burying stuff around their property will likely end up being considered a domestic terrorist. A space blanket and a dark night would be the best way to retrieve them. Better yet, make sure you have tree cover for your chosen spots. The world is changing fast, better to change with it than be left behind.

        • I think it would be wise to add an indoor or covered shooting range in a barn or storage building so that you can’t be seen practicing.

          • Don’t waste your ammo. Make every shot count.

            • DK,

              I only practice with what I can reload. Gotta keep in tune..


              • PPD sends its brass to Wisconsin to be reloaded. You will know when the Resistance has begun in earnest when shiploads of brass from LEA around the country are “lost in transit”.

                Just saying. 🙂

                • DK,

                  Yeppp my thoughts. But preppers still need to be keeping all brass!! And buy some primers when you find them they just might be the next gold rush..


                  • DPS,thats funny my cousin who’s a the army says,ammo will be the only money that you can buy anything with after the war starts cause the food will be gone right away,and NO ONE will trade for gold or silver after that,ammo or weapons and anything else will be laughed at……………..

                • ARIZONA,

                  I saw this coming a few yrs back and just started buying a box or 2 here and there. Really kicked it up a notch las winter when I started reloading. Between some of my buds and myself we could sure load up some rounds. Like your cousin said it might be the new gold rush.. And just what war would he be talking about???



                  • I wish I had a progressive press, I’m still using the old single stage. Oh well, it still gets the job done, just much more slowly.

              • I’ve been doing a lot of practicing with my air rifle and C02 pistol lately. Much cheaper and more stealthy. I’m getting so I can hit running squirrels with the scoped rifle, it’s a lot of fun!!!

            • What if instead of Moving persons are whats recorded, they see what looks like 5000-10,000 NON moving persons laying all over the public sidewals and streets and every one of Them is a member of the “Traitors” groups.

              I bet That scenario would rattle them.

        • Plus, they now have armed guards blocking National Forests, won’t let people enter… A good thing about forests– those damn drones would probably couldn’t see you.

          • Find ways into where you want to go…dont even let them know you are there…they can only block so many places!

      12. It is not just the drones, it is everything. Everything you do, every move you make is tracked.

        Every website, every purchase with a credit/debit card, every airport, every parking lot with video cameras, everything you do and every move you make is tracked. Now with the advent of the electronic medical record, even your health, all your prescriptions, etc is not tracked and accessible to the government.

        There is no privacy anymore…it is gone and there is no getting it back.

        • Sorry the next to last line should read “Now with the advent of the electronic medical record, even your health, all your prescriptions, etc is now tracked and accessible to the government.”

      13. Send in the drones…
        Don’t bother their here.

        Collumnated MW Gun.HERF

        Commercial Microwave Owens, Electrical Know How, and soldering guns are a viable modern prep.

        I see a revival in 12v marine radar sales, and stainless steel tubing (horn).

        • huh? tell more please….don’t play around with half speak and code talk, just come right out and say it.

        • The Drone (st)Rang(l)er…

          Agreed sir!!!

          …the X-mitter frequency is the key, plus target lock-on!
          The amateurs may miss that little factoid…the professionals won’t.

          • Stainless tubing = waveguide. Right?

            • Yes, the tubing is a (waveguide) “barrel.” Also called the “horn.”

              There are plenty of sites and torrents that offer instructions. Of course most of those instructions are pretty lame and make outlandish claims… Such as burning (wet) wood at two miles. You will have to wade, and use discernment.

              The hardest part is making a proper (AND SAFE – for the user) collimator… For longer shaped beams a magnetic collimator is needed.

              Look up. How to

              Microwave weapon
              herf gun
              magnetic collimator

              EMP cruise missles (basically are flying microwaves!)…

              From what I’ve read, a basic anti-personel/pain weapon is very easy to make. Just take the door off a microwave, and disable the safety. This way, it’s like a very-unchoked shotgun. (More like a hammer+nail+shot-shell, in your hand… If it reflects back at you!)

              A waveguide makes it into a BIG rifle. Waves have no ballistics, but they do dissipate. That’s why a magnetic collimator is needed. Think of it as a laser beam that spreads out the farther it goes.

              The waveguide is the hardest part. And it’s big and semi-complicated, you will need an electrical engineer, or someone that’s almost as electrically smart.

              It’s as expensive as a “Modern Sporting Rifle” (+ some bulk ammo!), semi-dangerous for the user, and hard to aim without a targeting system.

              Of course you would probably need it to be a remotely operated system because it won’t exist for long. (=BOOM! …from the drone(s) that you missed…)

              It would take a VERY smart person (with resources) to do all the math, and hook it all up safely. But it can be done.

              I’m just sayin.’

              My affordable plan is to disquise myself as a harmless peasant. I need to get a “heated baby doll” and a carrier, to act as a psych-defense from the “pilots.”

              These drone machines are basically like that sunday comic… “Can you spot the differences?” You know, the one with two drawings and one is different in little ways…

              Stack wheat.

              • But could the waves reach the target? Seems like would be too far away

                • Grasshopper…

                  You’re not attempting to ‘fry/cook’ the target.
                  The idea is to disrupt the Sat-downlink control comms to the drone itself.

                  If you scramble/interrupt/jamb the control link comms, the cubicle pilot loses control over the craft’s flight systems…and it will wander off course & hopefully crash!

                  • I read parts of an article few months ago said drone maker and fed gov gave a grant of aprox $2 millon to some univ prof and his class students to attempt to design a system to take over the drone controls etc.

                    It appears it was orig planned to show how secure drones are that nobody can take control of drones. Well it backfired big time because that prof and his studen class was able to design a failry simple computer program with internet hookup in fairly short time that was able to jamb pilot of drone control, take over full control and land drone at some site in desert area where the test was done at.

      14. I wonder if they can see me flipping them the bird?

        • Let’s hope they can…I flip them off MANY times during the day 🙂

          • Southern Gal,

            I thought I was the only one who did that. LMAO.

            Some students down in Austin have already figured out how to take control of these drones. And when the SHTF then open season on every video camara I see. Lets see how much $$$$$$ it will take to replace the shot up camaras..



            • Bad part is this thing flies at 17,500 feet and the predator and raptor fly at 30,000 feet. Short of a fighter jet you aren’t touching them.

              • right now they got to land, and be refueled…their operators are still on the ground for the time being at least…

              • ECM

                • @knightowl77,

                  Maybe some “socially conscious” newspaper will print the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the operators, and maintenance crews????

                • They use spread spectrum for information transfer over satellite links. To jam them, you would have to jam the entire band. At that point, the satellite controllers would shut off the portion of the receive antenna that is being blasted and the satellite would not even hear you. Also, the controllers could be on the other side of the planet. Just wanted to say ‘good stinking luck’!

            • DPS, LMAO…..I do it too 🙂

          • I shook my goob at ’em the other day when i was marking my territory in the yard.

          • And when they stop you to ask why you flipped them off, tell them, “Because if I hollered FU, you wouldn’t of heard me.”

          • me too.

      15. As usual, Virginia is leading the nation on the moratorium on drone flights. Go Charlotteville! Va isn’t saying that we don’t allow them to fly, just that they aren’t supposed to use information from and LEAs can’t use them…

        • First to fight, last to lose…

        • Yeah, lets just hope Va. doesn’t cave in. Hope it doesn’t turn out like the National ID card thing.. Several states refused to go a long with the Fed’s demand that drivers license be turned into ID cards, UNTIL the price was right. After that, suddenly all those states were willing to go along with all the Fed’s bull__!

      16. i dont like it but im planting trees and have been for awhile, sure thats a ways off but its action taken on my part, we shoot at sundown, the garden is split and one half is hidden farely well by huge oaks, some things are spray canned and i know are hidden well, there are things you can do to really seem nonexistent,the night is your veil, dont light up your property unless neccessary, you can get tons done once yer eyes adjust, its usually cooler too,dont be discouraged by this shit, we have to be vigilant to succeed in this new day, i believe it can be done

        still amused


        *that which has been built engineered by man can be un-built reverse engineered by man .

        go under ground . disable all ground camera’s systems with infrared laser .

        use ditches , large buildings , malls , ditches , culverts , bodies of water , utility tunnels etc etc to cover your tracks , change your appearance hair hat glasses and change how you walk cane crutch wheel chair , use multiple vehicles switch off’s in hidden none camera places under cover from the air .

        an intelligent individual can beat this system with a little brains and money .

        use your minds its your greatest weapon to beat the nwo zog gestapo police state .


        • We once used a truck and a lead-lined job box. We pulled it into a garage and a person got in the box. The truck was driven 23 miles and backed into another garage. Infra-red did not detect the passenger. UV did not detect the passenger. All cameras were rendered useless.

          It was, at the time, a completely covert transport.

        • Yeah, but what if we’re protesting, coming at them, (like in Spain) and they use the drones? We won’t stand a chance.

      18. a lone gun man with just a .22 can control a whole city .

        if you take away their electricity supply most of their ground systems will not work .

        a lone man with a silenced .22 rifle can take out a whole city in a night buy just shooting out the transformers .

        he can use that same silenced rifle to take out camera’s and microphones on the lamp posts and buildings traffic lights .

        use your imaginations .


        • And a Vietnam Vet with a really big knife,rag tied around his head, and an M-60 can destroy a small town in Washington State….oh wait that was Rambo, First Blood….never mind.

            • This name is to boring. When will you go to your next one. Jazz it up again.

              • you first ;0P pssszzt

        • AtC


          …if you’re gonna shut-down a city, you talking about taking out a sub-station.
          Those type of X-formers are as tall as you are…& they’re stout indeed, per construction.

          A ‘very quiet’ 22lr w/ suppressor necessitates a projectile velocity of less than 1100fps…ideally, 950fps or less depending upon local atmospheric/temperature conditions!
          That means you must use “sub-sonic” (specialty) ammo!
          …ain’t gonna work, dude!

          ‘Cuz you’re only talking about double digit foot/lbs of energy, for penetration purposes.

          Most mid-sized X-formers have a minimum of 12ga. steel & up metal thickness, for its exterior casing & cooling array/fins.

          My advice…use a 30-30 or better & do do it at +100yds, in the wee hrs of the a.m….then haul ass!!!!

          Success is assured w/ a respectable center-fire cartridge…or a heavy-weight hitter(magnum) at 1/4 mile distances!

          Trust me on this…I am right!

          • maybe the transformers themselves are strong. Consider a padlocked gate. The military krypton lock might be too tough, but the loop on the HASP isn’t!

          • @gs ;0) good to know .

            • AtC

              Copy that, recognition is affirmative now.

              Btw…the camouflage was nearly undetectable!
              I never noticed….

          • insulators

            how many do you think they keep on hand for those big special order transformers

          • So would a .308 HPBT 168 gr at 150-200 yards do it?

            • .308 = ideal!!!!!!!

        • A .22 rimfire won’t even make a dent. Get a life.

        • AtC,

          Those 22 rnds are hard to come by brother, I picked up a little Gamo pellet rifle Damn sure leaves a hole in a truck fender, But silencer is no good it shoots at 1240 fps no need to tell you why the silencer doesn’t work..



          PS I still say your a crazy MF……LOL

          • why silencer no work?

        • You are just an uninformed, uneducated, idiot….with some sort of axe to grind….for yourself? or someone else?
          cannot believe the thumbs up to this crock o’shit

          • Or You don’t like him due to his outting of zionist jews swindles etc.

            • Angelo M…..

              Thanks for having my six, bro’……

      19. There’s an old chinese proverb that applies to survival. It goes something like, don’t be like the mighty oak. It will attract all kinds of danger. People will come by and chop you down, creatures big and small will take up shelter on you. Instead be like the ugly tree that one passes by without notice.

        I thought about this the other night while watching Doomsday Preppers. There was a man who had a business selling large boulders. He was in the process of burying a shipping container for a bunker. The bunker was well thought out and he had spared little expence. He had over 2 feet of concrete for it to sit on and even had a deeper pit dug next to it for a septic tank.

        The thing that urked me is that after spending $45,000 to build the ultimate buggout shelter, he had the ‘bright’ idea to use his large boulders to build pillboxes surrounding his shelter, in case he was attacked. They proceeded to use a forklift to place the boulders in stacks, leaving picture perfect (albeit large) spaces from which to fire out of.

        I’m betting that most everyone seeing this would go along with his assumption as well. After all, what not better protection than 20,000 lb’s of rocks to shield yourself with in the event of a gun battle? The old chinese proverb kicked around in my head for a split second before I yelled at the screen, ‘you dummy’.

        If it were me, I’d leave as little trace as possible and cover the sight with scrub brush and weeds. Nothing to see here folks, move along. Just an ugle tree, nothing of value here. With the giant rock pillboxes, he might as well post a sign, ‘Prepper lives here’.

        I don’t know what type of SHTF scenario is more likely than the next but I do know that there are 3 types. The first is what we are experiencing now, or the Slow Boil. Things are not getting better and my preps have already been a vital lifeline, a way to survive without any income for a few months. Yes, it has arrived for some of us.

        The next scenario is the WROL, (without rule of law). The gov’t goes broke, EMP takes out electrical grid and shuts stuff down, etc.

        The third, and perhaps the scariest is WTML. Yes, I just made that up, but it means Way Too Much Law. Big brother. Martial law, gun grabbing, starting a civil war, or perhaps something that starts out like a dollar collapse, but ends up being an excuse for total lockdown and sending the sheeple off to the FEMA camps. Hopefully we will never see this one.

        The advantage of prepping like the ugly tree, is that if #2 or #3 comes to pass, it pays to go unnoticed.

        • The good book says that in the end days, people will seek shelter in the mountains. It makes sense that one would be less likely to be noticed there. Drones will mainly fly over the populated areas, controlling the many instead of the few. In the hills, they would find wildlife and little else. It seems that, once again, the good book has wisdom within.

          • “The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the Word of God goes on forever.”

          • Read the rest! yes folks will take shelter in mountains. But even when they cry out for mountains to Fall and for rock to fall on them to Hide them from the Wrath of the Lord…None will succed in avoiding the Lords eyes which see all things everywheres….And His wrath will destroy them and teir evil ways.

            But if what you meant was where it says 1/2 of folks will see the threats and flee jersulem and head to mountains for Safty?….That already happened back in 70 ad. when Rome armys surrounded the jews there, and the only folks to escape to safty was the Christians resideing there.

            Because They the christians heeded the warnings Christ gave when he said This temple and its walls will be destroyed, and not a single stone will remain standing upon another. Well Christs prediction/warning did occure in 70 AD…When the Second jewsih temple(sinagog of satan),was fully destroyed and sacked and over one million jews was whacked by Romes armys.

            Only the Christians survived due to belief in Christs words. Smart Christians eh.

        • Good post. I agree with you completely. Funny, I thought the exact same thing when I saw the preppers.

      20. The only people who object to this are terrorists.

        You aren’t a terrorist are you

        • @Jason

          Depends on who you talk to.

        • You’re breathing right?

          Contributing to global warming I see. Terrorist.

      21. Wow..Stories like these are really starting to scare…..Hey…Wait…Honey Boo Boo is on…

        • @ JRS….priceless!

      22. I was worried there for a moment!!!! good thing it does not have infared.? DOES IT???

      23. It may be tracked now, but this shit takes money, lots of it. Once the US is broke and can no longer pay or print it’s own bills, we will once again be free. Freedom will return, just got to go through Hell to get there.

        Then again, once we hit that point, another government may step in and decide they will foot the bill for the surveillence of their new “used” country.

        • Beheheh yeah right.

          #1. You’d be wallowing in shit before the US was broke enough for it to matter. They’ll start with your standard of living first.

          #2. This is a cost SAVINGS to them or they wouldn’t do it. Think of all the cops they can lay off. You just need responder teams now, of like 5 guys. No more patrols necessary.

          • Todays MSNBC Stock market shows said usa top corporations, Just the Main top ones, had a combined cash reserve on hand they been holding on to waiting to invest was a whopping $6.3 Thats SIX Point THree TRILLION in CASH usa dollars. Thats the top companies only!

            Now does anyone really believe if the fed gov or america is soon to go “broke” these sucessfull companies would actually hold so much cash reserves?…They made mention also how the cash holders werent makeing any intrest or gains on all that cash neither. yet still were holding it till proper time in their opinions to REinvest into american buisness etc….Seems they has decided to soon reinvest it and in buis here if I heard correct.

            6.3 TRILLION CASH us dollars…Lot of cash no. Wouldn’t do so if real threats was broke america anytime soon I think. Broke as in us dollars aint worth their ink etc.

        • GONETOOLONG,your not paying attention,the us government hasn’t been footing the bill for quite awhile now,OBAMAS soul purpose is to get america ready for transfer to the new owner,THE new world order (aka british bankers)sold america to china,awhile back and their screaming,when are they going to be disarmed???WE’RE READY TO TAKE OVER,and they still have there guns!whats the holdup,china is paying for all these foreign troops and it costing them a fortune,WE HAD BETTER BE READY ,they’re not going to wait a lot longer……..

      24. Hope the make an app for my Obamaphone!

      25. You can mint your own silver coin. It just can’t say “dollar” or “United States” on it.

        The video from those drones can be stored. Individuals can be tracked backwards through time to check every place they’ve been and everyone they’ve talked to. Case in point:
        on December 23rd somebody at 123 Main St is arrested for terrorism. They could go back and identify anyone who visited them over the last year. You went to their house to buy something from them on Craigslist? A likely story!

      26. I just researched it. It was predominantly republicans that voted for this crap! I just contacted my congressrats (both repubs) and asked them WTF?!

        • jwoop66,did you notice almost all the people at the top aren’t americans,there all foreign nationals,and they don’t give a dam what you want,you’ve been sold out!!! do you understand????NOW GET READY,WE GOT A WAR TO WIN………

        • repub, democrap, same thing, the problem is the politician and the word elite in the same sentence,, ALL of the politicians and the people who work for the federal government are the problem, and most of the state and local governments as well, these people are all working together, and not for the benefit of the people,
          To government employees WE are the problem and the people who are beholden to them,,,

      27. We need a way to track them and then a hand held or truck mounted pulse device that will put them on the ground.

        Not One More Inch!

        • Nope, not one more inch.

          One more MILE. Different story entirely.

      28. There is no way for a civilian to bring down this technology…so we must neutralize the pilots, operators, maintainers, suppliers, etc.

        • Nobody,

          Explain that to Iran…



        • Neutralize the NWO. Terminate with prejudice!

      29. Dam, we could have used those in Vietnam. Don’t really care if they watch me. I’ll write F*CK Barry the Fairy on the roof of my house and sun bathe in my speedo.

        Have you ever seen a 250lb 65 year old guy in a speedo? It will make you go blind!

        “Will the last American leaving Dallas please turn off the light and take down the flag”.

        • Thank you Last American for giving me a really good laugh!!

        • You have just scarred me for life sir!

        • Im picturing it now,,,
          only thing missing is the big plastic above ground pool and Honey Boo Boo as your next door neighbor

          good one,,, need a laugh every now and then

      30. New from “Ronco”….Drone Busters….They drop all drones
        on sight. No intrusion/s into your Private Life ever again. But wait there’s more…………………..

        Coming to a Radio Shack near you !

      31. Write you state legislature and demand a statewide ban on drones.

        • Eisen, while america was watching football and drinking beer,THE BRITISH BANKERS were making a deal for america with CHINA,the only catch was,china wanted america”DISARMED” now they’er trying to figure out a way to get the guns,DO YOU UNDERSTAND???????writing letters is a total waste of your time,start getting ready for WAR,or you and your family will surely die……………..

        • Eisenkraut “your” not “you” MT

      32. well i guess this beats my local bunch that are putting up cameras on high elevated poles, and a shit load of digital signs, up and down the freeway..probably face recognition type cameras up at about 60 or 70 feet.
        well i guess it all factors in once you

        • oops hit enter in typing..

          my ending statement was to be

          I guess it all factors in once you step back and look at the whole big picture of what were dealing with and where this is all going.

          We say, “not one more inch”..but they are stepping miles to us daily

          • Everytime I see “Not one more inch”, I keep thinking, “Thats what SHE said”.

      33. “If you’re not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about.”

        With pretty much everything being illegal in the US now, It’s no longer clear what is right and wrong in the government’s eyes. In the movie ‘Beyond Rangoon,’ Patricia Arquette asks a tour guide of a particular act, “Isn’t that illegal?” to which he replied “In Burma, everything is illegal.”

        It’s becoming easier to relate to that statement.

      34. I like the closing statement

        “How long before these military grade assault weapons of mass destruction are used on American citizens right here at home?”

        who’s to say it hasent already?..we were just all told something else when it happened..oh like, house exploded and took out an entire neighborhood from a..yeah ah thats it a natural gas exposion, faulty furnace,,,yep thats what we’ll call it.

        • VRF,I sure wished that was all they planed to use on americans,but the truth is,they know “TREASON” is an executionable offence,LOOK at your government,they are prepearing for WAR,and not overseas,their going to NUKE AMERICA,30 cities and counting,this is going to be a demon bloodbath,by the BRITISH BANKERS,and they don’t plan to lose,when this is over,america will be living in the 1850’s again,they plan to DESTROY AMERICA,they sold us to china,like it or not the shit is about to hit the fan…………

          • Arizona, why do you keep saying “British” bankers?!

        • VRF – I have been thinking the exact same thing. When the drones start dropping bombs, the idiots in the media will report it as a propane explosion or a meth lab gone bad. Everyone here knows we will never, ever get the truth from our govt or the media.

      35. Lots of mylar balloons.

        spark gap radio.

        kill the head, buh-bye snakes.

        piss in their punchbowl.

      36. The singularity is closer than we think.

      37. “Ok, we’re gonna go forward with the plan, with the burn … like we talked about.”

        “Seven burners deployed and we have a fire.”

        “Copy. Seven burners deployed and we have a fire.”

        These purported police commands come from 5 minutes and 17 seconds of audio allegedly recorded off law enforcement radios during Tuesday’s tense standoff between SWAT officers and suspected serial killer Christopher Dorner.

        they Waco’ed him

        so this is becoming SOP?

        what chew hidin LAPD?

        • As I’ve said…the situation in So. Cal with this Dorner guy is instructive.

          Watch and learn people. Watch and learn.

          • Let’s assess what the MSM-dot-gov is allowing us to witness:

            A month ago: school building, group of kids, psycho with guns shot kids. End result: dead perp, example for society and excuse for gun control.

            Last week: underground bunker, crazed guy with 5-year old child as hostage. End result: dead perp, example for society, future legislation bunker ban possible.

            This week: isolated cabin, crazed ex-cop. End result: dead perp, example for society, future legislation pending.

            Are we learning lessons yet???

          • Hannity tonite as per usual tried to scam us all by saying “Burners” is cop-code talk for tear gas cannisters!!!!! And we should not think cops meant They was burning it down!!! what a class A fuckin shill for cops eh.

            Cops-&-jews& isreal can do NO wrong folks…because Hannity always says so!….Stay tuned to FOX-Jews…Daily jews- Nitly jews-Breaking Jews reports!…With every hourly fox show featuring 90+ % jews as show host-commenters-Experts-Strategic Analcysts(dem and repub) and frequent “contributors” Alamost All jews….Welcome to FOX Jews tv.

        • They’re militarized with fully automatic weapons, armored vehicles, night vision and body armor. Why not issue them surplus flame throwers and mortars?

        • Got what he deserved, killed another cop and wounded one before he shot himself in the head. The truth will come out, he was a murdering coward who just loved Charlie Sheen. What a freeking psycho.

          • LIVE FREE OR DIE,man are you brainwashed,1.he took an OATH to protect against commies taking over america,2.he was a whisle blower on a rouge police gang,3.shooting up every truck in town,does not justife anyone to do that ,much less LAPD,who have always been terrorists,and should have been rounded up 20 yrs ago for treason,the reason america is in the shape its in right now ,is because no one stands by their OATH OF OFFICE,and LAPD NEVER HAS,their terrorists and the poor disarmed people of southern california hired them to protect them ,NOT KILL ANYONE THEY WANT………

            • ARIZONA,

              Dorner killed anyone he wanted. You are the one brainwashed.

          • Where’s George Zimmerman?

            • Trial moving forward with Jury selection. Had some other procedings in court this week.

        • Surprised?

          Shit I would not even be surprised if it was just some random guy and they did all this to cover the total FUBAR job they did with the media sensation and the $1M.

          • Saw the so-called raid on the cabin this psycho Dorner was “supposedly” in. Now if I’m called to duty in the freakin mtns. where there is cold and snow, I’m wearin’ boots. Most of these idiots were wearing tennis shoes with a foot of snow on the ground. If this is the mentality of the Calif. cops, they are in for a world of shit when SHTF.

        • They have a choice: burn ’em alive alla Waco, or shoot ’em in the back alla Ruby Ridge.

      38. Since the Emperor in Chief was elected there have been almost 65 and half MILLION GUNS bought in the U. S. Now that has got to tell the clowns in Washington D. C., something. So I feel that they are going speed up whatever plans they have already set in motion. If you do not have ammo you won’t get any for some time in the future.
        Things well be very shaky by MEMORIAL DAY, if it gets that far along.
        Keep prepping and picking up all the ammo you can find.

      39. After Dornor allegedly tried to steal a boat, the LA times reports, “After authorities interviewed the boat captain early Thursday, they found Dorner’s wallet and identification cards “at the San Ysidro Point of Entry” near the U.S.-Mexico border.” But now, they’re saying his wallet and ID were found in the burnt out cabin. Ummm..ah, so..Which is it again?..the fuck sticks need to get their story straight before pulling this shit or no one is going to believe a shittin thing they ever say..oops too late

        • This is their Achilles heal… arrogance. It makes even the powerful stupid.

        • @VRF
          Didn’t Dorner have a Glock and a Sig, no wait, a shotgun, or was it one of those evil Bushmaster Assault rifles in the trunk of his car? Wait, was his name Chris or Adam?

          Sorry, it’s getting hard to tell what the facts are about anything. Also why did an ex-Cop from L.A. named Chris Lamza shoot up a school in CT., or did he burn up a school full of kids in Waco?

          (This is not ment to be funny)

      40. Is it just me or does 1984 sound familiar – again.
        And old George was just teasin’ wink, wink…. nice fiction to keep the kiddies amused and well, the rest of us thinking – that just ain’t right. ‘Damn skippy’ was heard from the thinking crew!

        …Zoo attendants, please report to the main pavillion for a staff meeting.

        ~..~ TG

        • 1984 was not meant to be an instruction manual!!!

      41. It gives new meaning to the old jingle. “When you least expect it, your detected, your the star today”; “Smile, your on candid camera”!

      42. We the People are going to have to start questioning everything that is done. i.e. What is the source of your authority to enact national gun laws, spy on American citizens, name the abuse of the day. If it isn’t constitutional you have no authority so any “law” you enact is null and void. It is going to take all of us standing up to them. NOMI

        Wonder if the slimy bastards ever thought it could catch them in their hanky-panky with the little boys and girls? Of course, they would be exempt.

        • “Everything that Hitler and Stalin did was ‘legal’, too.”


      43. “If you’re not doing anything wrong….”

        Ok, then let’s put cameras and sound recording equipment into the offices and homes of all members of Congress.

        • Make it so.

        • I’m not sure I really want to know what our politicians
          do in private

          I’m sure a lot of it would make my skin crawl

      44. Scout Motto, your first sentence in your post sums up law enforcement’s attitude toward the public in a nutshell. They have ALWAYS looked at the public that way as long as they’ve been in existence. people who attend LE academies get their minds PROGRAMMED to be totally against the public. They serve the government, not the public, according to certain federal and state supreme court rulings. They have no obligations to the public, period. Protecting citizens is not part of their job description, period. The public cannot and should never trust law enforcement under any circumstances, period. I’ve had relatives who were cops and have told me this point-blank, straight from the horse’s mouth. Now THAT speaks volumes! It’s considered normal when cops look at the public under the light of suspicion, but when the tables are turned against them and their wrongdoings are exposed under that same light, somehow it’s considered a taboo subject. I don’t recognize the concept of any subject being taboo as legitimate. On the surveillance equipment, these items are not invincible. They do have weaknesses. Anyone who can figure out those weaknesses and exploit them can defeat them. Plus, their electronics and the equipment that control them can be affected by an EMP. If there’s ONE GOOD THING to come from an EMP, it would be taking out the control grid. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • Dorner was a great man. Fearlessly taking on those dirty pigs. Im going to have a candlelight vigil for him.

          • Eisenkreutz,

            You are a vile piece of shit and a sick one to. Dorner was a psycho murderer.

            • “too”, not “to”

              • Eisenkraut, you make by belly hurt. From laughing, that is.You remind me of one of those angler fish, you know the one with the lure on it’s head. It wiggles it around and when another fish comes in to get it, wham, it gets snapped up. Trekker Out.

              • LOL, this from someone who can’t spell his own moniker.

            • you remind me of one of The Bruce’s Nobles


            • Eisenkreutz and BJ,

              I’m sick of pigs like the two of you; praise a murderer and spew your vile opinions. This is a sick world and when I read about the inhumane treatment of kids and animals, people like the two of you come to mind. You praise a monster who killed someone’s kid and her fiance, so the slime lost his job, yea that’s a good reason to go on a killing spree. Shut the f up you slime balls and go read a bible. I bet Charlie Manson is one of your heroes. Tell you what filth, going on this site and reading your rants is disgusting and I think I have had my fill. It just takes a few rotten apples to spoil the bunch and you Eisenkreutz and Blow Job are rotten to the core.

              It’s pigs like you who are ruining the moral fiber of this country, you have also ruined the credibility of this site. Your hero is a cold hearted, cowardly murderer and you idolize him and make excuses for his murder spree. Since when does anyone have the right to kill because they lost their job? You will be on a fast track to hell following your hero when you leave this world. This goes for all you Dorner defenders, look in the mirror, you are all sick and evil.

              • Live Free– I really liked what you said about the awful things being done to kids and animals– I agree wholeheartedly! this is one of the most important issues I care about.

                However, I felt for that guy (what’s his name–Domer). I don’t know all the details– maybe you’re right about him, but from what I did read, I felt bad for him because he was a vet and vets are constantly being “taken out” (one way or another!) by the U.s. government. Also, he looked so happy at one time– just an ordinary guy. Keep wondering, what happened??! Also, the whole thing shows how utterly POWERLESS we are against the Gestapo here in US. It would be nice if somehow, WE could win just for once, instead of the government.

                • Grasshopper,

                  You sound like a prety decent person and I do understand your questions but there is a history about this guy. Dorner was arrested for abuse, he was served a restraining order because of it, he was a loose cannon and again, you don’t go on a killing spree because someone screwed you over. Thanks for the post, it was nice of you.

              • LFoD, my NH neighbor!! I totally agree with your assessment of who and what Dorner was, but I cannot agree with what was done to him. The cops absolutely cannot be judge, jury, and executioner. He deserved due process and a speedy execution, not to become martyred and Waco’ed.

                • MXLord327,

                  I’ll go along with that neighbor.

        • Your just a bum from Frayser braveturd, So just STFU and pay your light bill and remove the extensin cord from my garage outlet.

          • If its hispanic and its female my extension cord is all up in your garage outlet, baby.


        I can’t help but wonder how many American must now die in their own home country of once free America , before we are able to stop the nwo zog and their freemason zionist jesuit minions from making America into “AmeriKa a NJO NEW JEW ORDER UN AGENDA 21 Red Commie Sheeithole” .

        The American Civil War, America’s bloodiest conflict, cost nearly 1,100,000 casualties and claimed more than 620,000 lives .

        This upcoming 2nd American Civil War due to modern day weapon systems currently deployed by the military dhs and police departments I’d gestimate we’re looking at a couple of million of deaths this time around .

        What is your Real Freedom worth to You America ???

        Are You willing to make that Sacrifice ???


        • YES….I, and many, many others WILL make the ultimate sacrifice….where will YOU be atc?

          • He will be hiding in the woods. Trying to get to Canada.

            Daisy has a room set up for him and all the others here that are going to abandon this country when they may have to back up all the slime they spit out here.

            Daisy was their advance scout. To set up house for all the nina lovers out there.

            • FBP –

              Why, when I completely ignore you, must you always try to draw me in with your ridiculous comments? I want nothing to do with you – you are the reason that kids are warned about stalkers on the internet.

              You harass NinaO when he ignores you too, just trying valiantly to get a rise out of him. When that doesn’t work, you start harassing me.

              LEAVE ME ALONE. Leave me alone with ALL of your identities. Shoo. Scram. Begone with you.

              • @Dear Daisy, first off, Happy Valentine’s Day. Secondly, “you are the reason that kids are warned about stalkers on the internet” is the very best put down that I’ve ever read!..really great.

                Please don’t stop the fight between Nino and Facebook, it’s just too much fun to read how these idiots destroy each other.

                • Hi, Last American. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day to you also.

                  The thing is, NinaO isn’t doing anything. FBP has been stalking him for a solid year – perhaps he has some kind of unrequited man-crush on NinaO? I enjoy NO’s posts and have learned a great deal from him. Perhaps I don’t always agree, but that is true with many who post here – we are all here to learn from one another and most of us are good enough critical thinkers that we can research and verify what we are told. The fact remains, NO provides some excellent links and information.

                  I really dislike the fact that Stalkerboy is constantly trying to shut people up through belittling insults, trying to stir up arguments between the community, and instigating discord in the group. He does this so consistently that it makes me believe he has an agenda, that he has ‘infiltrated’ the comments section in order to cause problems or distract from the truth.

                  There is a trend with him attempting to discredit and silence certain people. Something is wrong with this picture.

                  Have a great day, LA! 🙂


            • hey fagbook, What is your agenda? Why don’t you just tell us right now what it is?

              • I’m sure he/it gets paid by the post and response from some 0bama govt agency….

      46. Just thinking out loud here, but isn’t there so much underground infrastructure already in place, ready for use? Wanna bet that some of that infrastructure leads right into the place the operators operate out of?

      47. Just need maps.

      48. Don’t Worry; Be Resilient

        At some point, absorbing more information about the unsustainability of modern society yields diminishing returns. It becomes emotionally draining and thus counterproductive.

        Part of this exhaustion results from recognizing our powerlessness within the Status Quo, where independent thinking and structural innovation are intentionally winnowed out as threats to existing institutions and industries.

        Another part arises from the burden of knowing that the supposedly permanent Status Quo is far more vulnerable than generally believed. I have described the psychology of knowing what lies ahead in The Burden of Knowing.

        • Why don’t you really state honestly and openly who you represent? WE already Know for whom you post….so…just cut the crap and just get it out there.
          What do YOU THINK YOU WANT?


        S&W: Running at Full capacity making 300+ guns/day-mainly M&P pistols. They are unable to produce any more guns to help with the shortages.
        RUGER: Plans to increase from 75% to 100% in the next 90 days.

        FNH: Moving from 50% production to 75% by Feb 1st and 100% by March 1.

        Remington: Maxed out!

        Armalite: Maxed out.

        DPMS: Can’t get enough parts to produce any more product.

        COLT: Production runs increasing weekly…bottle necked by lack of bolt carrier’s.

        LWRC: Making only black guns, running at full capacity…can’t get enough gun quality steel to make barrels.
        Springfield Armory: Only company who can meet demand but are running 30-45 days behind.

        AMMO: Every caliber is now Allocated! We are looking at a nation wide shortage of all calibers over the next 9 months. All plants are producing as much ammo as possible w/over 1 BILLION rounds produced weekly. Most is military followed by L.E. and civilians are third in line.

        MAGPUL: Behind 1 MILLION mags, do not expect any large quantities of magpul anytime soon.

        RELOADERS: ALL Remington, Winchester, CCI & Federal primers are going to ammo FIRST. There are no extra’s for reloading purposes… it could be 6-9 months before things get caught up. Sorry for the bleak news, but now we know what to expect in the coming months. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted…

        Related commentary from Bob Owens:

        They didn’t know when they’d be getting anything back in stock, from magazines to rifles to pistols. Manufacturers are running full-bore, but can’t come close to keeping up with market demand. It isn’t just the AR-15s, the AK-pattern rifles, the M1As, and the FALs that are sold out. It really hit me when I realized that the World War-era M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, and Enfield .303s are gone, along with every last shell. Ubiquitous Mosin-Nagants—of which every gun store always seemed to have 10-20—are gone. So is their ammo. Only a dust free space marked their passing. I’ve never seen anything like it.

        Every weapon of military utility designed within the past 100+ years is gone. This isn’t a society stocking up on certain guns because they fear they may be banned. This is a society preparing for war.

        Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein and the rest of the Statists have done more to promote gun ownership than the NRA ever did. Well done, Democrats!

        • perfect example of an informative, here you go, right to the point comment, very interesting, coincides with current events, take a note BI

          • @amused….you do not state anything of import but yet, you feel the need to attack Be Informed? He has, many times, given valid info regarding the earthquake status in the world…because of his posts, I am a frequent visitor to usgs for earthquake updates….I, myself, have very little to give to this very large community of Patriots, but I appreciate everything they give to me…

        • Ummmm… no. My local shop has 500 packs of .22 for $20, loads of 7.62 and 5.56 at 40 cents a round, and around a dozen sub-$1,000 AR’s and AKs. The gun craze is over and the speculators and profiteers are racing to the bottom cutting prices. Granted at ammo has yet to peak in many areas, but it too will be on the downslope soon.

          • What shop is that? Every website that sells ammo I have been to is sold out for the next few months. Every auction site is increasing daily. How is that your shop is stocked and everyone else is out. Been to three guns stores in the last two weeks and all are sold out. I’m calling BS on that one.

            • Nope… I’ve bought over 10k rounds of bulk .22 locally in the last 7 days at $20/500 ($35 to $60 per 500 for Minimags and Stingers) and shipped them around the country for 50 to 60 percent markup plus shipping and people are thrilled to get it. My local suppliers are smart buyers and only sell at retail… they aren’t online stores.

          • 22winmag,

            I’d take another 10,000 rounds of 22lr if they have it at that price. Are you close to TX?



            • Go armslist and type 3,000 into the search box if you want to find me. I buy .22 for between 4 and 12 cents a round (basic bulk on up to CCI Singers), add 40 to 60 percent plus UPS, and people can’t get enough. I just shipped 6k to TX yesterday. I’m also swimming in quality 9mm (28 to 32 cents my cost) and quality 5.56 (40 cents my cost).

              • Correction, type in 3,350.

              • 22winmag,

                I really don’t need them bad enough to pay 40% to 60% above cost. Once again I saw them coming 2 yrs ago and have plenty of stock. But hey if you can sell them make it while you can, very soon ammo will catch up. Just like the guns the market is already falling. And I too am swimming in high quality 9mm and 5.56 reloads that cost me far less then what you get them for.


                • Gotcha. That markup hardly covers the gas, time, and effort to put these .22LR care packages together, but people are happy to pay around $40-45 per 500 shipped… more for CCI Minimag and even more for premium.

                  • 22winmag,

                    Wasn’t disrespecting you at all, Just stating that I have plenty for now. What you are doing is helping the people that did not see this coming. And making a few bucks for suppling them with a product well hell thats just American buddy.



                  • Sad, when I was getting 666 rounds at Walmart not long ago at all for 24$

                    How long before you see ammo going back down to normal prices?

              • Do you have a way to contact you?

        • Pale Rider,

          Bob Owens site is very cool, look back and read his wite up on the power grid. He also has some great tactical articles. The man has studied history. Plus he shoots some very guns.


        • I gots mines! I’ve been on the last 30 year(s) plan.

      50. It is a sick government that feels it needs to spy on their own citizens. I can understand something being used to prevent a nuclear bomb from be smuggled into the U.S. How can it ever be justified that the U.S. spy on citizens that have done absolutely nothing criminal? The police got in big trouble many times over wire taping innocent people that were in no way affiliated with any criminal activity. When you think about, the absolute worst places to live in the 20th century were police states that you had no privacy or any rights to just be left alone.

        There is something in this country innocent until proven guilty. With these f’en drones you are guilty until proven innocent. You are walking out of your house to pick up the morning newspaper, why does some creep need that image transferred back to some data base? It is always the not guilty that are victimized by this sort of crap. All of a sudden a couple of pigs, not poilce, arrive at your place, because some idiot misinterpreted some video feed and the pigs bust down your door for whatever reason. An event that absolutely NEVER should have happened because no warrant was issued with REAL evidence to justify such action.

        I can imagine all sorts of ways of combating drones, but you can’t do it 24 hours a day. The real issue here is that Americans are now and even more so under attack of suspension for no other reason that they COULD be doing something illegal. God, this sucks. What even stinks more is that every single president and most in congress have not only allowed this to occur, but encouraged it against their own citizens. What is even worse than this is that the government actually considers Americans to be more of a threat that foreigners and other countries. Boy are we screwed.

        • BI

          Seems to me you would be the guy to figure out the easy way to deal with the drone problem.


          • @ DPS. The simplest way would be to blind anything trying to spy on someone that has done nothing. I know some countries sell much more powerful lasers for one thing than here in this country. I just wonder how much light could be generated from a type of parabolic disk when the sun was out directed at one of these things trying to see you mowing your lawn. Then there is always microwaves directed at such an object. I have read about Tesla experiments using sound waves or radio waves narrowed into a type of beam. Of course the equipment to even build yourself would be rather expensive. I kind of like using the sun’s light into a focused area. The Science Channel talked about this somewhat, not though against drones. The government simply does not have the right to spy on someone without a warrant issued by a judge. There we go again with the trashing of the Constitution.

            • BI

              Interesting keep digging brother if anybody can find it you can.. And Goverment doesn’t care about right or wrong, they don’t care about the Constitution, They don’t give a damn about the people so f– them. And that will be their downfall..



              • Probably don’t work well in the rain or on cloudy days? So probably overall just a transfer of wealth from taxpayer to drone companies. With up to 6% of hispanic children suffering from chronic hunger in my city, sickening. Also, there’s some pure, natural colors digital cameras cannot see. Just like you and me with ultraviolet.

        • BI….you sure must be on to Something cause they have peeps here to harass you…thank you for all you do..

          • @ Feisty Old Broad. I have thought about what you said, probably true. The thing is, I want what is best for the people here and the country and Constitution, and there are a lot of evil individuals that want the country to fall and all of us to be imprisoned like some slaves of some pharaoh. It is disgusting to even think that the government would turn on their own citizens. The government is ‘suppose to be’ fellow countrymen.

            I have found that the governments of the world don’t want anyone free thinking because they consider them disruptions to the mass control. Instead of trying to expand on earthquake prediction for example, the government would want people to remain ignorant of upcoming quakes. Earthquakes have patterns, just like the weather, but science and control factoring measures have taught the public that quakes can’t be predicted. This being proven wrong puts someone like me or Stan Deyo into the zone of just how much more do these people know. Well, a hell of a lot more than they realize.

            I like to share what I know with others here that can appreciate free thought. I also learn much from the people here, as there are truly so very bright light bulbs here. The one major flaw I have is that I let these trolls and what you call peeps get to me way too much. This is allowing them to make me play their game and waste my time on them. Time is way too short for this misdirection, everything seems to be coming to some proverbial head. I just hope all the information and ideas that everyone has shared will mega help us all when true SHTF and there is no more communication on the internet. The time is coming, and we should all prepare for it profusely.

            • BI…I concur….absolutely
              I truely wish that I could be “in the loop” for aid for those in need …in the future…

            • honestly, i just lost my cool with you, your ego appears to ooze from your name, that made me skeptical of you instantly, also i get somewhat aggravated with your very large comments, sometimes yer fine, sometimes its ridiculous, i get a lot of this quake stuff from other guys and ive honestly just had enough is all, same with the comets, i agree that its a shtf scenario for sure but there is nothing to do about it, it is interesting but we need to consider after shtf, the long term, thats all, your tips were a lot of learn to and go buy and be aware blah blah same shit we’ve all heard a hundred times, and you discard my shit no sweat, its gonna be rough man, i hope you are truly informed and ready, there arent many, its fuckin sad, maybe im venting some serious stress on you, i got a kid, im scared man, and sometimes the battle cries and good info on here makes me feel better, just never got much of that from you

      51. One day, someone is going to hijack a drone, and send it right back at them.

        • Buy a three D printer. Make dozens!

      52. Once again, the “sheeple” are easily herded into the “fear corral”. “They see everything WE do, think, say, and plan”. NO, THEY DON’T! But THEY would like for you to believe the propaganda. WE OUTNUMBER THEM BY GEOMETRIC RATIOS THAT “THEY FEAR”. Any BS THEY can utilize to “defuse” that FACT will be propagated as “the all seeing eye, ears, and REASON that YOUR resistance is futile.

        And THEIR “track record” subduing Iraq, Afghanistan, and every other “undeclared war” is a testament to THEIR superior toys/intellect.

        Wake up and strap “your balls back on”!

      53. I’m not skerd. If it really came down to us vs. them in a shooting match, we would have way more motivated boots on the ground than “they” could ever muster. All of this “but, but… they have smart weapons” crap evaporates when the operators go awol or have to duck for cover.

      54. I’ve been telling you idiots for years that you cannot be a conservative and support law enforcement. Is it finally starting to sink in?

        • Eisenkruetz Aka Sybil,

          What the hell are you talking about this time.. Years??? I can’t remember you being here a month ago unless you have been using another name… OH WAIT that explains it..


          • I have nothing to do with Sybil or anyone else. I only post as Eisenkreutz. Why would I have several names? Stop saying that. Its a stupid conspiracy theory.

            • Eisenkreutz,why do you go by the name of Sybil? And stop calling me Mountain Trekker, my name is Julie. Sometime I think maybe your Mac, because you seem to be the only one that can make a comment, and when someone responds, you can come back with a post, and get right in place next to who ever responds to your post. You may not be Mac, but Sybil, your sure not Julie. And this ain’t no conspiracy. Eisenkraut Out.

              • LMAO

      55. Would be very scary if they weren’t such great people and only wanted what’s best for us.

        • The only thing that needs to be said on a tri-met is “Hey dipshit, that’s my stop”!

      56. Coordinate everyone to wear a “uniform” of a red tee shirt and black baseball cap. See how easy it is for a drone operator to track one out of a crowd

        • so that’s why everyone was dressed like V in “V for Vendetta”!

      57. Almost all of you are innocent. Be proud. Once you cross, you can’t go back. Think about that. Dorner.

      58. Patriots need to find out where they manufacture/harbor these drones and either destroy it or hack it. I prefer just to remove it from existence. The United States of America is now an active police state. Patriots need to unite and resist the tyranny. Before we know it, the military will patrol the streets while we will be labeled terrorists for not giving up our guns. Stay strong and never back down.

        Stay frosty, my fellow patriots

        Romans 13:4

        • Just like everything else, they are probably made in a foreign country….

        • Don’t waste your time or your life on destroying drones! Drones are a SYMPTOM!

          Attack the disease!

      59. BI, those are my thoughts exactly. I’ve said this before and it bears repeating. NOTHING THIS GOVERNMENT DOES NOWADAYS HAS ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS TO IT WHATSOEVER! ZERO, ZILCH, NADA! I, and I think everyone else here,am really stressed out over everything this evil government has planned for us, especially over the gun issue. This same organized criminal enterprise makes it clear EVERYDAY through words and actions that they have some of the worst intentions imaginable towards we the people. All throughout history, going back to the Roman Empire, people have been brainwashed with the idea that they must obey their evil manmade governments REGARDLESS or face certain consequences. One of the best examples I can think of is Russia, where the Bolsheviks have slaughtered untold millions of people. I, for one, will not go into this dark night without putting up one helluva fight. I won’t submit to any of these barbarians. I won’t take orders from ANYONE who has evil intentions toward me and I don’t care if they’re in a uniform or not. It’s only a matter of time before we’re all facing hell on earth. All the issues this nation is facing right now will become meaningless when the REAL SHTF finally hits. All that will matter afterward is survival and fighting to take our country back from the scum who have been ruining it. NOMI CATIMF braveheart

      60. ATC, your analysis is correct but I’m afraid your estimate of casualties is WAY TOO LOW. If we’re hit by an EMP, it’s been estimated 90% of the population would be gone in less than 1 year. Check out “One Second After” by William Forstchen. There’s a very plausible scenario outlined in that book. I dread what’s coming as much as anyone else. After the REAL SHTF hits, life in America will never be the same again. NOMI CATIMF braveheart

      61. I forgot to answer a couple of questions to the earthquakes in Nevada. This swarm is nothing but aftershocks to the 5.1. Sometimes very rigid type faults will continue to try to adjust themselves and you will have dozens of these small quakes 3-4 range. Other faults are the smooth transaction type faults that you might not even have one quake above 3 after a 5 pointer. Nevada is filled full of these type of faults that when they move you have lots of aftershocks, nothing to really be concerned over. The energy from the polar quakes is still pointing towards the international dateline area more than the regions. Probably within a week there should be a decent size quake here, about a 75% chance of one 6.5+ by Feb.26.

      62. This is brought to you by the same career politicians who insist they’re going to “protect the American people.” This is what your votes for the democrats and republicans have brought you. These people are sponsible, once again, for invasion of your privacy and your constitutional rights! These are the same people who authorized the proprietary electronic voting machines, which means they cannot be inspected by anyone other than the manufacturer. Does that make any sense? I think not. These are the same people who passed legislation that prevented Medi-care from utilizing the power that they have to negotiate on prescription drugs! How much clearer can these evil people make it that they are not interested, really, in the American people! It’s time to really think about how and what measures it’s going to take to turn this whole mess around! Time is a wastin!

      63. U.S. Army drills in Texas City, La Marque, So here they go again, this is getting out of control fast…Full write up at fromthetrenches.


      64. Madness, Architect of the New America!

        • Knock knock…
          “Who’s there?”
          Hellfire, and it don’t matter if you open the door or not.

        • I’m from the govt and I’m here to help………BOOM!!!

      65. Alert to all M.O.O.s…
        John has a long mustache.

        The Gorgon Stare is not for simple real time monitoring. It goes much deeper.
        With both visual and IR look down in combination with the new data center in utah, they will have archive history and path analysis capability…

        IOW, Get yourself some IR clothing, and move inside tree lines as much as possible. They will be able to track back all individual heat source paths from the incident point back to YOU.

      66. I always thought something significant would take place this year….but I wasn’t sure what. The elites themselves said it was a ” 100 year plan ” that started in 1913 on Jeckel Island to bring in this One World System. Here we are now and it’s 2013….and what do you know… walks PETER THE ROMAN.

        • That’s a good observation bpd.

          That reminds me of a deal a friend of mine got in to with the (power) Electric Utility Co. in our state back in the early 90’s. To make a long story short, he was suing them because they were not honoring/accepting a Federal law towards consumers rights(to save us billions). When the fight got the CEO of said Utility Co. involved, he made the comment to my friend, “you have no idea who you are dealing with, we can change the time of day if we want to”. That’s how they think.
          As with all cronyism, the last resort is have some legal manuever by a team of lawyers and the governor and it all gets “swept under the rug”.

          My point is, the thugs in control, will not release any of their power,control, or money, until it is wrenched from their grubby little hands by God Almighty Himself.

          The day is soon approaching when that will happen. All the talk in the world about “taking back our country” and revolutions/rebellions won’t work at this point.
          Don’t get me wrong, I’m with you all and if I thought for a second we had enough numbers, I’d be packing now.

          The majority have already been brainwashed and are too lazy anyway. About all we can do is speak out like we do, to open ears; and hold on for the bumby ride ahead.

          As Mac says; “don’t say we didn’t warn you”!

      67. The End of The Current Fiat Monetary System Is Coming, And A GOLD BACKED CURRENCY Will Replace The Fiat Petro-Dollar.

        GOLD plays a pivotal role in the currency war games.

        The end of the current fiat monetary system is coming, and a GOLD BACKED CURRENCY will replace the fiat petro-dollar.

      68. @ BI,

        VERY large deflections at Kiruna ~ beginning around 23:00 UTC last night as well as the Northern Alaskan monitors; especially Kaktovic…There is nothing extra-planetary active currently to account for this…’eyes open’ here.


        • @JOG,

          Could this have anything to do with a 6.9 in Northern Siberia?

          • Howdy NP,

            Umm, yep…I’ma thinkin’ it JUST might be…

            Deep Earth dynamics are unfortnately a near total mystery to science, broadly. We KNOW a few detail’s but unlike the Sun which is – in several ways – ‘transparent’ to a variety of the techniques we use to measure same, the Earth is actually a MUCH more difficault proposition…at least in terms of the semsory data we can collect.

            HAVING said that, it is still the case that ‘as above, so below’ WRT basic physics. Last night, without any apparent extra-planetary influence being evidently operant we saw LARGE deflections actoss the range of the northern hemisphere magnetometers….Alaska, Sweden, Thule (greenland). Molten rock is NOT an especially good conductor of electricity…ergo, when large volumes of magma move from point a to point b they might well carry with them excess, localized charges, since they are insulators (effectively that charge cannot redistribute itself independant of the motion of the magma itself. If so, then this constitutes a ‘current’ just like in the wiring in the walls of your house when you flip the switch ‘on’. THAT is what we seem to have seen last night with nothing ‘else’ going on to confuse the issue.

            How’s it going on your end of things Bro? I hope well. We’ve got the durndest weather here in MO lately …the stuff can’t seem to make up it’s mind WHAT it wants to do…70 one day, 10 the next…Sheesh, WE’LL never get used to THIS! 🙂

            • @JOG…Thanx again to you (and BI) for your efforts…and sounds like “losing a bit of sleep too!”….

              I noticed you said MO….I have a sister in Independence…..I usually get down once a year, but don’t look like I will make it down for awhile……I love the KC airport….so easy to get around!! take care, CC

              • Howdy CC!

                How’s ‘hubby’ doing lately? I’ve been following on as best I could from the comments…HOPE everything’s “OK”.
                YOU are in my prayers. 🙂 BTW, I think BI’s losing more sleep than I lately…Solar has been zilch-zero recently and so I DO get a bit of sleep here and there, but BI has SURE had the ol’ hands full lately with all the seismic that’s been going on! Lot’s a luck Friend! 🙂


                • @JOG…thanx for asking, dh is”on the mend”…looks like it will be some time yet b4 he can get out and about….but it will happen.

                  Yes, and I agree with you about BI…sometimes I think you guys stay up half the night, and I always check both of your posts first thing in the a.m….along with a few others….they know who they are!!

                  Got the canner out this am….did a bunch of chicken and pork….found a great sale on the pork yesterday..take care, CC

      69. “Judge Death Drone” coming to your town real soon …

        Do people really think the U.S. would not begin using drones against it’s own citizens on a regular basis?

        Why they need to ban semi automatic guns. It is the planned technology to be used against the people. We need to watch the “Drone and Dorner” carefully.

      70. In all fairness the guy killed innocent people. Assuming it was him that they cornered and he had no hostages fire beats loosing another officer.

        The suspect that his original gripe of police brutality did get him fired for crossing the blue line. That being said it certainly does not justify murder. The police shooting up innocent civilians and playing it down is actually more wrong because of their ability to hide behind the badge and the law. If you can’t count on law enforcement to administer the law as written there is no law.

        • we dont know if they were innocent, and due to how this was handled by LAPD we never will

      71. Looks like Kunstler really grew himself a new set….

        “… in a world where fantasy has replaced analysis, the propaganda channels brim with false news of America’s coming “energy independence” and the rebirth of domestic manufacturing, the coming electric car fleet, and space tourism. There is also chatter among the paranoid that an imagined elite has deliberately engineered American collapse for fun and profit, with sideshows about the Department of Homeland Security promoting social upheaval in order to make a show of putting it down. This is all bullshit concealing the futile machinations of people so unfortunate as to hold political office in an unraveling they can’t control. Where control is no longer possible, paranoid fantasies fill the vacuum of wishing for control…”

        (New post at kunstler dot com, link to follow)

        • Hi Zoltanne,

          Ahhh, I KNEW you were a person of ‘taste’…a fellow “Kunstler-er”, Eh. I was kinda shocked at his ‘latest’ blurb, HE’S reaaly gettin on it…ain’t HE!


          • Hi JOG!

            Don’t know what he’s up to with those comments but I suspect he’s going to get slammed. When he grandstands like that, I wish he’d grant his readers the full depth of coverage instead of taking a writer’s swipe at it. I’d like to know why he thinks like that!

            I do appreciate his stance on the importance of returning to a more agrarian society. Like it or not, it’s coming….unless something more sinister destroys our second chance — or as he puts it, a world made by hand.

            • @ Zoltanne,

              Umm, good question,

              Perhaps, like many others (us included) he’s getting both fed-up with the BS we’re being spoon-fed daily and also, the same applies – I think – as per the thinkers out there seeing things just going further and further downhill…at the bottom of which is that 15,000 ft cliff…as we all know….I’m sure that THAT is part of his current set of ‘motivations’, it’s hard NOT to see ‘it’ coming now, isn’t it?


      72. BI,

        Big’un, “Polar Bear”…6.9 Druzhina, Siberia

      73. The tweaker and junkie scrappers will make short work of the infrastructure for this kind of technology as things get worse. You can’t guard all the communication towers and power systems. Hungry and dope sick people may,in this case,be your friends. The bigger and more complex the systems are,the harder they are to maintain…especially in this time of energy constraints.

      74. @Be Informed, 6.9 in Siberia. Any thoughts?

      75. So the Antoniades can see 6″ on the ground?

      76. hmmm

        a 6.9 in Serbia today

        • Hi Satori,

          Actually, Siberia…USGS simply typed in the wrong text when it first listed….’Siberia’, ‘Serbia’, yep, it an easy mistake…we’re ALL just Human, they corrcted it later…as well as downgrading it to a 6.6 magnitude.

          Did you see Kunstler’s latest rant? Zoltanne pointed it out above…WHOA, is he gettin’ on it THIS week!!


          • thanks for the correction !

            and yeah
            I did read Kunstler
            great column as usual

            there are always at least a few truth tellers in every society

            they don’t get listened to much
            but at least they try

      77. In the news. Local that is.

        The local news station reported that at the nearby Air Station is constructing a training and operational drone
        facility. Not only to be used for the military but could be used with Law Enforcement.

        Now I’m going to those things flying over my house.

      78. :: floats an air-biscuit :: We need to be floating more air-biscuits in these peoples faces folks…it’s THAT simple.

      79. Possible Repost, first didn’t sem to make it…

        BTW Y’all, for reference here, so as we don’t have to keep going back to look it up,
        BI posted the following during the last round of Siberain activity:

        Be informed says:
        Comment ID: 1049668
        January 20, 2013 at 11:18 am

        @JustOneGuy. It is funny because I was just going to comment on this. That 5.5 is extremely rare, ONLY 5 earthquakes of over 4.5 have occurred there for the 40 years of

        recording keeping. Like the Antarctica earthquake of 6.1 last week, this 5.5 was the largest ever experienced in this area. These following earthquakes ALL were either in

        Indonesia, China, Japan, Vanautu, and central South America. Just like the Antarctica area and the Carlsburg Ridge and a couple of other areas on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, these

        areas are favored for big earthquakes coming. No coincidence here, NO WAY.

        Something very terrible is coming, as these other areas all had smaller precursor quakes before getting hit with high 6′s and low to high 7′s. I really am standing by the

        following areas to get nailed badly: one or more:

        Indonesia, probably the western area is more likely
        New Guinea to about Fiji, maybe Kermadec Islands
        Chile to Ecuador
        Central Mexico to about northern Columbia

        Other possible areas just because of the other polar quakes:
        Cascadia fault
        Iran to Pakistan
        Greece, Black Sea region

        I would still say China and southern to central Japan have the biggest bull’s eye on them. Then South America a very close second tied with Indonesia.

        I orginially said by Jan.24 90-95% chance, and near 100% by Jan.30. I would say by Feb.4 it has to happen. I truly though last night might be the night, and I turned on the

        radio several times during the night to hear the breaking news from Fox News. It is so close right now. I would not at all be surprised at a super quake rivalling the 1960

        Chile quake, the largest one ever recorded. I think it will probably range 7.3-8.3 though.

        People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 16 Thumb down 1

        Be informed says:
        Comment ID: 1049714
        January 20, 2013 at 11:44 am

        @ JustOneGuy. One other little tigbit to add is that this area of the Siberia quake is the plate boundary between the two heavyweights of the plates, The Eurasia and North

        American plates. These two plates really have no rivals in size and density, they are both very continental crust based. The Pacific plate is huge, but mostly less dense

        oceanic crust. The African plate is soild but not nearly as large. The Antarctic plate is smaller and mostly influnced by the other plates. The Australian plate and South

        American plate are driven by what the two heavyweights are doing.

        When you see earthquakes along the plate boundary of Asia and North America, it means there is a true pushing war going on and that means big earthquakes, really big

        earthquakes. I suppose the Kuril Islands and the Kamachatke Peninsula could have a 9 pointer from what is going on, but all other indications point more to the areas I

        mentioned above. Watch and wait, not watch and see because it is coming. Too many times in the past this has happened and big earthquakes have followed. This time though two

        of the largest earthquakes in these areas have occurred and almost 20 earthquakes in the Carlsburg Ridge, a true swarm for the records.

        People like this comment. Do You? Thumb up 11 Thumb down 0

      80. Got Ammo ???

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      81. Although it was not widely announced, there is a new “task force” set up to target people who aren’t in lock-step with the socialist regime. In other words, anyone who stands by the Constitution and questions governmental infringement upon those rights, overstepping their powers, irresponsibility, corruption, and dismantling of the founding principles. The Interagency Working Group to Counter Online Radicalization to Violence is the name of the group that has not been established to root out domestic Islamic terrorists but so-called violent “sovereign citizens.”

        This is us , people

      82. First of all, Daisy, Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Second, Facebook Page, you back off Daisy before I do something to you. Third, heads up everyone: california- to-ban-all-semiautomatic-guns-confiscate-firearms-and-limit-ammo-sales/ Communist California, no surprise here.

        • They said to NY, “I see your 5 and raise you 5 more.” I can’t wait until someone calls their bluff.

      83. Far-left Cornell West says Obama is a war criminal. Wait’ll he finds out US drones will track his every move.

        “I think we have to be very honest, let us not be deceived — Nixon, Bush, Obama, they’re war criminals. They have killed innocent people in the name of the struggle for freedom, but they’re suspending the law, very much like Wall Street criminals. The law is suspended for them, but the law applies for the rest of us. If you and I, brother Tavis, if we kill an innocent person, we’re going to jail.”

      84. Okay…their dangerous,they can and will kill you,in any way they can and they have some neat toys…BUT…its what they want us to believe…they show somthing in a movie or ten and get people to think they are oh so powerful and we are oh so wimpy…using our head,not getting cocky/careless we can dance this dance and win…they know it too or theyd not be so keen to debate it…if you know you can kick some guys butt you dont have to waste the time trying to convince the room that you can…you just do it if you have to.
        Just dont get overcocky and watch that the little wimp doesnt bring a hand cannon to the fistfight…

      85. It’s over folks. Over.

      86. Surveillance drone spotted SAT 2/16 by hundreds of us at the AZ state capitol rally for 2nd amendment! Drone traversed parking lots and then hovered several minutes above speakers and crowd.

        Time to stop paying taxes and funding our own enslavement.

      87. Creepy.

        If the government is letting us see this technology, then they already have something ten times better that we can’t see. I presume we all have our own, personal drones spying on each of us 24/7.

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