The MSM Is Not Giving Up “The Second Wave” Narrative

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    Government puppets, the talking heads in media, are not giving up on the “second wave” of the coronavirus narrative. This is something we should all be aware of because if we are not, they will try to use this to further decimate the livelihoods of people and lock everyone down again.

    Many have said that there will be a second wave of infections, and the MSM has ramped up their reporting on this lately.  The right is blaming the protesters of police brutality while the left is blaming the protesters of the first lockdown. Regardless, there is a lot of blame and the only thing media can agree on is that there will be another wave, and more force, violence, and interference in lives will be necessary to control the public.

    The media needs your focus to be on “fearing the second wave,” and they’ve started the propaganda machine early. Maybe. Unless they try going to blame the protests for the “second wave” to get those on all sides of every issue ticked off and further divided.  We know they operate on a “divide, conquer, and rule” dichotomy. This is a massive psychological operation. A massive game of chess.  The only way to win is to not play. If we all stand up, their little game is over.

    As the rioting narrative dies down, the media is going to have to pull out even more tricks to convince people to continue to stay on their knees subjugated tot he government. In fact, CNN said the second wave is the biggest threat to the economy. That’s a bigger threat than people obeying the commands of politicians? Hardly.

    Other sites are saying there’s a “huge spike” in COVID-19 cases and it’s sparking “panic” in a hotspot. We’ve been inundated with articles declaring the second wave is coming.  It could be coming in sooner than we expected. Some in the liberty-movement have been expecting “plandemic 2” around September, but the dismantling of the system is going forward at breakneck speed. We need to potentially expect governments to remove the few teeny things you are allowed to do even sooner and accept contact tracing and vaccines in exchange for what was left of your freedom.

    We’ve seen the media do this.  They put out pieces like this one from Yahoo titled Former FD Commissioner Gottlieb Sees ‘A Lot of Risk of 2nd Coronavirus Wave.’ This is intended to panic and make people fearful while priming them for another lockdown. Not as many are interested in the coronavirus narrative, however, now that there are worldwide protests.

    Gottlieb, an appointee of President Trump who ran the FDA from 2017-2019, warned that because these public demonstrations tend to include large numbers of young people, many of whom are more likely to appear asymptomatic even if contagious, those exposed to the coronavirus at a protest could have no idea. –Yahoo

    This is mostly a test, says Berwick. “But they’re coming out with the next one soon. And it was actually in the…UN document, we reported on that, it probably got tooken [sic] off YouTube already. But, saying that they’re gonna do two sort of tests. Sort of trial runs this year. So we have the next one coming. If we’re going to have any chance, we have to wake up lots of people.”



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      1. I do not believe that they will attempt to lock down the country in a second wave, because the medical community has acknowledged that it was wrong to lock the country down in the first place, and that coronavirus is no more life threatening than the flu.

        The deep state keeps gettng busted for being involved in illegal activity, and so does the government, financial sector, and corporations. The corruption is finally getting sunlight! That is a positive step in the right direction!

        Defund Wall Street!

        They are trying to distract everyone with the Floyd murder protests. There are more things to be outraged about than the Floyd murder by police. They would like everyone to focus on the protests right now, so that they can try to crawl back into the shadows.
        -Andrea Iravani

        • Same here lady. For more info, go on Youtube and watch the videos of Brendon O Connell and Vigilante Intelligence.

      2. The WHO, China, CDC , did not experiment with the Black Death plague in Africa last year for kicks. They have already bragged about releasing a new wave in October. Wonder what it might be.

      3. They will fake “second wave” numbers in the media to continue pushing for mail-in voting. Their attempts to steal the 2016 election failed – we can be sure they’re pulling out all the stops this time to insure their cheating asses win this time.

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