The Mother Of All Bubbles: “This Unsustainable System Will Falter And Then Proceed In Collapsing On Itself”

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    This report was originally published by Adam Taggart at


    What To Do With Your Cash?
    By Adam Taggart

    Have you moved a material percentage of your financial portfolio to cash? Have you become so concerned about the meteoric ramp upwards in asset prices that you find it wiser instead to move to the sidelines, build “dry powder”, and wait to re-enter the markets at saner valuations?

    If so, you have my sympathies.

    The past 5+ years have been brutal for savers pursuing this strategy. I know this well, as I’m one of those folks, too.

    The Mother Of All Financial Bubbles

    As we’ve chronicled for years here at, the global central banking cartel started flooding the world with liquidity (aka, money printed from thin air) in response to the arrival of the Great Financial Crisis in late 2008. And they never stopped.

    The chart below shows how the combined balance sheets of the major world central banks (Fed, ECB & BOJ) are 3.5x higher today than their pre-crisis levels less than a decade ago. (And if we included the PBOC in this chart, the cumulative total would be 18.8 Trillion!):



    All that liquidity has to go somewhere. And, as hoped by the central banking cartel, it has found its way into the financial markets, pushing the price of nearly every asset class to record extremes. And then higher still.

    Equities have shot the moon, and are now nearly twice as high as they were at the apex of the past two stock market bubbles, as this below chart of the S&P 500 shows (in fact, the S&P price/revenue ratio just hit the highest level in history, aside from the week of the March 2000 bubble peak):


    Similarly, bond prices have continued their 30-year march higher, powered by record-low interest rates around the world:



    And home prices have returned back to the same level seen right before the last housing bubble viciously burst (in many high-demand markets, home prices are well in excess of those 2007 highs):


    We’ve written numerous articles about the dangers of the current central banking policies responsible for today’s nosebleed asset prices. But the gist is this: we are currently living within the mother of all financial bubbles. These prices are in no way sustainable.

    Why not? While the reasons are legion (and we’ve spilled plenty of ink writing about them all), the big reason is revealed in this chart:


    To support the current level of asset prices, we have been growing our debts more than twice as fast as our national income (GDP). Any household knows that you can’t do this for long before insolvency occurs. Nations — even those with a printing press — can’t escape this same fate in the long run.

    See that little wiggle in the debt line from 2008-2009? That’s the wiggle that almost destroyed the world during the Great Financial Crisis. Look at those asset price charts above again. See how much higher we are today than we were back in 2008?

    So… are you one of those people wondering how much more painful the next downturn will be, when we fall from even loftier heights this time? Are you one of the few folks who haven’t already forgotten that the S&P declined over 50% in the short time between the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2009?

    If you are, and you’ve decided not to participate in today’s Ponzi scheme markets and instead build cash, it’s been a painful ride watching the prices of nearly every other asset vault higher year-over-year while your cash pile simply sits there.

    And if the feeling of “missing the rally” isn’t bad enough with the mainstream media and your brother-in-law constantly rubbing your nose in it, there’s a host of new threats besieging cash these days.

    The All-Out War On Savers (aka Financial Repression)

    Again, as we’ve written about often here at, those running today’s economy are doing their utmost to keep prudent savers like you from keeping their cash safely on the sidelines. They desperately want your savings pushed out into the economy so that their over-leveraged casino can continue operating a little bit longer.

    We discuss this in depth in our recent report Less Than Zero: How The Fed Killed Saving, which explains how the Financial Repression playbook is very intentionally designed to transfer the burden of the government’s orgy of debt onto the public. It seeks to do so in a way that is just opaque enough to just enough people that the general public doesn’t catch on to what’s happening.

    The key elements of Financial Repression are:

    • Negative interest rates: These reduce the servicing costs of debt, allowing the system to take on even more. They also destroy any incentive to save, as cash parked in the bank actually loses purchasing power on a real basis. This pushes capital out of savings and into the riskier assets (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc) that all the built-up debt is supporting.
    • Capital controls: These “ring fence” domestic capital, making it difficult for prudent money to avoid the measures of financial repression. Restrictive legislation on international holdings like FATCA and the higher taxes placed on “safe haven” assets like precious metals are examples of these. Other manifestations are bank bail-ins, banking restrictions on withdrawing more than $10,000 (and oftentimes substantially less), civil asset forfeiture, and outlawing bank notes as part of the “war on cash” and the move to a “less cash” or “cashless” economy — all of these serve to thwart and/or penalize savers who would just rather sit out the current insanity of the markets and accept no return over the risk of substantial loss.

    So, with the reckless investors all around us gloating at their returns, with our banks paying us nearly 0.0% on our savings and treating us like criminals if we have the temerity to ask for access to it, and with the government talking about taking it all from us eventually anyways (replacing with Fedcoin, perhaps?) — is it time for us cash savings holders to throw in the towel?

    Hussman’s “Choice”

    In a word: No

    We have to remember that we are living through a massive bubble market that has no precedent in history. Bubble markets are nefarious, as they prey on our mind’s hard-wired greed/fear drivers. It is very easy for us be manipulated into thinking “it’s different this time”. Even the genius Isaac Newton fell victim to the mania of the South Sea Bubble:

    John Hussman has done perhaps more work than anyone else demonstrating that today’s elevated market pricing is due to pulling future value into today (through debt), and that the BEST investors can hope for going forward is a decade of 0% gains:



    But I think his real masterwork is his very succinct summary of the situation we are all in at this moment in history:

    The problem with bubbles is that they force one to decide whether to look like an idiot before the peak, or an idiot after the peak. 

    2008 is not so far in the past that we can’t clearly remember the panic in people’s eyes as they watched their retirement portfolios and home prices get cut in half within a matter of months. That’s what looking like an idiot after the peak feels like.

    As oddball as it may seem to others, as uncomfortable as it may feel as the central bank liquidity party rages on, as painful as it may feel as the system tries its best to separate you from your hard-earned savings, there will come a time when this unsustainable system will falter and then proceed in collapsing on itself.

    When that happens, those who decided to look like an idiot early on and refuse to join the party (i.e., positioning their capital defensively), are going to look like geniuses. They will avoid the heartbreak of loss, and they will have capital to deploy when the dust settles, purchasing quality assets at (potentially historic) bargain prices.

    It’s not an easy choice to make, or to remain steadfast in. It takes foresight, courage, and resolve. But it’s a smart choice.

    Of course, cash savings is just one of a number of options for positioning your financial wealth defensively right now. For those looking to learn more about other ways to do so, we recommend the following progression:

    1. If you haven’t yet ready it, read our free report The Mother of All Financial Bubbles to understand the full nature of the situation we’re living through today
    2. Read our report How To Hedge Against A Market Correction, to understand the most common strategies for protecting your portfolio from downside risk
    3. For those interested, I’ve shared how my own personal portfolio is positioned (Note: this is not intended as personal financial advice, but as an example to evaluate)
    4. Schedule a review focused on downside risk management with your financial adviser. If you’re having difficulty finding one experienced on this topic, we can suggest one to consider.

    It’s unknowable exactly how much longer our unsustainable markets can remain at their record levels. But there is one thing we know for certain: we’re closer to their day of reckoning than we’ve been at any point over the past seven years. A recession is due soon by historical standards, and long overdue by fundamental ones.

    When it happens, do you want to look like an idiot? Or would you rather choose to look like one now, so that you can look brilliant then?

    Choose wisely.

    This report was originally published by Adam Taggart at


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      1. And how long have we been listening to this type of fear porn? And things keep moving along. However, on a long enough planning horizon guys like Adam will eventually be right.

        • “And how long have we been listening to this type of fear porn?”

          It’s not ‘fear porn’ … A day will come when the Fed/Central Banking will not be able to continue to pump more phony money back into this propped up ponzi scheme System.

          In due time, the ‘Rigged & Manipulated System’ will be exposed for what it is!

          • This article brings up a very important topic for Preppers or anybody really. Get your financial house in order. If you are a dead beat, fail to pay your bills and have to live off of Cash only because your credit report is a friggin disaster. You are going to live a life of misery until you get your credit back in shape and can handle being responsible in life with your finances. This is where a few losers on here chime in and say I never apply for credit and pay cash for everything. Its because you have no choice loser and choose to be a degenerate dead beat.

            I just pulled my annual Free credit report, and it is Flawless with 13 lines of credit history, including multiple mortgages, multiple car loans, multiple credit cards all with a perfect credit payment history for the past 7 years. No late payments period, And all but 2 credit cards accounts now, with some balances yet today, everything else is paid off in full with zero owed. This is how you can leverage your great credit history to obtain credit and opportunity to build wealth and able to invest more using other people money, to increase your wealth and leverage.

            You can go here to this website and get a FREE Copy of your credit report. And start cleaning up your act.

            2017 Free Annual Credit Report
            Go here to fill out the form:
            ht tps://

            I am now in the position to put on an addition to my BOL Cottage and still run it all off the grid. Instead of taking out a mortgage, I can borrow as much as $18K off my vehicle since it is fully paid off, and get a loan from my local Credit Union at just 2% interest right now, way cheaper than any mortgage, because of my awesome credit score. I can also use my Lowes Credit card with an available balance of $10K in credit to buy all my building materials, and save my cash reserves and My big stash of PM’s if I need to as a back up to pay for this building addition in full if I wanted to. Really, this is what you can do if you have a good credit history and not live the live of some deadbeat, bragging you only use cash, which that all you got. So get your financial house in order ASAP. Or just be a deadbeat like a few on here and have to shack up at your Cuz’s shed in her back yard in GA when SHTF.

            • So if I can buy what I need with-out using credit and build what I want with-out any help, does that make me a deadbeat? I’m doing just fine with my investments using cash secured trades, because I don’t use margin to overleverage myself and incur losses.

            • Never owned a credit card. We even paid cash for the place we now reside. We own paid for property in three counties. and by your definition Im a deadbeat because I don’t like debt ? We avoid debt like it is the plague. Gold is the money of kings. Silver is the money of the wealthy. Debt is the money of slaves. When you buy on credit its not really yours. Until you make that very last payment you are nothing more than a glorified renter. Crack you remind me of a saying. A million dollars aint nothing to a liar Because they can have as many millions as they want.

          • I don’t believe it’s fear porn either. I think sooner or later it will all crash. Being held up artificially now.

      2. Who has any assets left? Inflation has eaten everything. Pension buys little,Social Security buys little. Thank God I have no debt but something catastrophic could wipe me out.

        • Jim, I have no debt either and still prepping with whatever FRNs I have leftover after paying bills.

        • “Who has any ass(ets) left? Kim K

        • Good thing i got things a few yrs ago, cuz now i can’t really afford to! I want to top things off, but can’t afford to. The people in the cities who did not prepare are so screwed!

      3. “A word to the wise is sufficient, but for a fool not even a stick helps.” How many times do we have to be at the end of that stick?

        The Mother of all Bubbles is about to become the Mother of all Bombs. The Mother of all Bubbles isn’t going to give birth to a bunch of smaller bubbles, it is going to explode!

        Louisiana Eagle

        • laegal, as you know, there are several different asset classes, each is in an over-valued condition (ie Bubble). When one of these pop it will act like a domino and push the others over because everything is so interconnected and over leveraged.

          People don’t realize how fragile businesses and national economies have become, when the bankruptcy of one Brokerage Firm (Lehman Brothers), can almost bring down the entire world economy like in 2007/2008.

        • Gives birth to a son of a bitch.

        • with over a quadrillion in dirivitives out there, it’s gonna be SOON, and it’s gonna be EPIC! meantime, i’m partyin’ like it’s 2007! we got millions of homeless people in america, and they will need houses someday, when they are back to half-price, maybe even a third of what they are now, MAYBE then we can afford them again……take a look around next time you’re in a parking lot….take a walk…..MANY of those people sitting in their cars can be found day after day….sometimes they move to different lots….not talked about, but when i ride my bike 15 or 20 miles, i see ’em by the DOZENS. fear porn, inDEED!

          • Ya know, it’s sorta funny, but i sit in my van alot too. I park at a market place, eat in there, read, and take a nap, and i got a home. I never did look around to see others, but maybe i should.

            • survival 101 is knowing what’s around you…situational awareness will be critical.

      4. Laeagle, I only know for sure I won’t be at the end of that stick. I’m prepped and still stacking. Hope everyone else is still doing the same.

        • DBH,

          Good for you! Better start rotating those preps if they are not freeze dried and good for 30 years. Grains and Beans need to be rotated and eaten more frequently. I have slowly been working on the “three is two, two is one, and one is none” principle and adding more equipment and tools that are redundant. There is a place for ‘fiat’ currency. Coins and PMs will not be readily exchangeable for needs and supplies in the immediate aftermath of an event.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Laeagle, you’re preaching to the choir. I’ve been rotating all along. I’m currently putting more emphasis on food, water, etc.

            • Water yes! After living here in the country for 17 yrs today i finally got a hand well pump put on my well. Cheap. Cost $75 for the pitchur pump, $97 dollars for two ten ft metal pipes, handyman said pvc could crack in winter, and a connector. Just finished it today and it pumps. Now at least if the power goes off for two months i have water. I could not afford a better pump. The pitchur pump will pump water up 20 ft so has to be a shallow well which mine is. I do have to buy extra leather for it and the valve, and prime it every time i use it, but won’t be using it much, but will pump it anyway once a wk as the handyman told me. Got the pump from Lelands. May not have spelled that right. I have to leave the handle up so the water drains out of it so it does not freeze in winter. Fits right in with the electric pump as the pipe is only 1 and a quarter inch. Just barely tho. I will cover the whole pump with a large tote container for winter tho just want to keep it dry.

              • I built a pump from PCV pipe and two check valves. I have two pipes down in the well. the larger has a 1/2 inch schedule 80 for a sucker rod. It has a snug seal attached to the sucker rod. near the bottom is a T fitting below the T is a check valve. When the sucker rod is pulled up the well water is pulled into the larger pipe. when its pushed down the check valve forces the water to exit the T fitting. attached to that T is a 90 degree elbow. right above that elbow is a second check valve. The water is forced past that valve and into a smaller pipe to the surface. This pump never needs priming. It rams water upward every downstroke. and just keeps stacking water as high a you want. It will work in a very deep well or a shallow well makes no difference. It takes very little effort to operate. I designed it myself . I built a small prototype and worked out the bugs in a barrel of water first. I found a expandable automotive rubber freeze plug that worked really good for the seal at the bottom of the sucker rod. It has been in service over a year and not one problem. Its in our backup well. I use it often to pump water into the stock tank.

      5. Before the Final Solution is enacted and the power is cut by the psychopaths, and before you are walking around in a zombie like state from starvation wanting to eat your cats and dogs like starving Venezuelans….I offer my 6 years of knowledge and experience in SUSTAINABLE EASY ORGANIC FARMING, using only handtools and organic material from your property, to any family, group, club, organization, town, city, country, state, or country, who wants to actually survive the collapse of America and the ongoing Chemical Culling. Your cats and dogs will appreciate it if you learn the easy way to grow your own food with little effort before you have to start eating them.

        See our YouTube Channel-AHRENS ORGANICS SUSTAINABLE FARMING, and view the short video titled “2017 Surviving the American Holocaust. Grow and Organic Garden”, and your cats and dogs will be safe when the psychopaths enact their coming Final Solution. Thank you.

      6. Off Topic: Fresh Eggs (Cheap) vs. Powdered (Expensive)

        Eggs are an important ingredient in many recipes, but No 10 cans of dehydrated eggs are prohibitively expensive to stock up on. So what’s a prepper to do?

        How To Freeze Eggs – Eggs can be frozen, but not in the shell:

        It is best to freeze eggs in small quantities so you can thaw only what you need. As with any frozen food, it is best to thaw eggs in the refrigerator and use them as soon as they are thawed. Only use thawed eggs in dishes that will be thoroughly cooked.

        Following are some easy instructions for freezing eggs:

        Whole Eggs: To freeze whole eggs or yolks crack them into a bowl and gently stir to break up the yolk somewhat. Try not to incorporate air into the eggs. Label the container with the date and the number of eggs. They can be kept frozen for a year, and should be thawed in the refrigerator the day before you intend to use them.

        Walmart has Augason Farms Emergency Food Whole Eggs Dried Egg Product, 33 oz on sale $9.00 off. ($25.99 was $35.00)

        h ttps://

        • I just ordered these Freezer Grade Containers. At the least when I buy a large container of eggs at Costco I can freeze what I can’t use. They can be washed and re-used. But these will greatly increase my egg storage capacity. Chickens are not an option for me.

          Reditainer Extreme Freeze Deli Food Containers with Lids, 16-Ounce, 36-Pack for $15.25

          • thanks for your contributions, justice!

        • If you have chickens in your backyard laying eggs you have them fresh on demand for life, also if you get fresh eggs from a local farmer or your the one growing them if you just wash the egg with water and your hands or don’t wash at all the oil on the shell allows refrigerator storage for up to a year

        • Or dehydrate your own and store in sealed mason jars??!!??
          A child can do it; it’s that easy.

          • JayJay, I did not know that. Which method below do you use? Do you cook them before you dehydrate them? I AM GOING TO TRY THIS!!

            Scramble Them

            Whisk or blend the eggs so their smooth, as if you’re going to fry them
            Pour onto a “fruit leather” tray
            Dry at 145 degrees F until they’re dry and brittle
            You can grind them in a blender to make powdered eggs
            Store them in glass jars or plastic containers

            What about salmonella?

            You can also cook your eggs before dehydrating. You might be worried about salmonella not being killed at under 160 degrees, so frying them up in a nonstick pan is okay. If you use oil, the oil will go rancid while drying and in storage.

            Make sure to note how many eggs you’ve used up, so you can record that on your storage containers. That way you’ll be able to make the correct substitution when cooking with eggs.

            When you’re ready to rehydrate for cooking, add water at about a 1:1 ratio. Then use them like you would fresh eggs.

        • Might want to road test those powdered eggs. My wife could eat them, but I almost blew beats when I tried them. Scrambled that is. I posted something on EE about how crappy they tasted and a guy from EE actually emailed me and told me that powdered eggs were mostly for baking, etc. That I should check out the freeze dried egg crystals from Ova-Easy. Bought some and ran them through the skillet. Fresh would obviously be better, but they were not too bad.

        • Why not just get a couple of chickens???

          • You can get chicken to lay eggs in winter. You need to put a light in the coop to make them think the daylight is longer. feed them a mash that has hot peppers in it. They eat that hot mash and their combs get bright red! We grow Black Pearl peppers just to use the little black fruit for chicken mash.

        • My neighbor told me i can freeze the eggs in the shell. I did, and when thawed only cracked a tiny bit and i just fried and scrambled them. I think it works in the shell for lazy people that is, but functional.

        • My bantams lay lots of eggs during the spring. and we freeze the excess exactly how you instructed.. half of the packages we add a 1/4 teaspoon of salt. we label and date them. the salted eggs make really good scrambled eggs. The unsalted are great for cooking other stuff.

      7. Yep the shit has slowly hit the fan and we’ve got nothing left so how are we to buy some substance that the high pubar deems of value. Here Is my insider tip when thing go tits up totally I will not accept gold or silver for anything, the only metals I will accept are lead and brass/steel we can do a batter with that or if your feeling froggy we can do metal exchange lead for lead(ie:shootout)and I’ll take that sweet little daughter or wife you have, You can see that maybe gold and silver isn’t the best idea in shtf but if your looking to feel like you have some value go ahead and waste your money on money

      8. The mother of all bubbles is in my Fruit Of The Looms after a few cans of PBR.

      9. “Good news for the Middle East … bad news for the West”

        CONFIRMED: Iraq signs military cooperation agreement with Iran

        America’s plan to divide and conquer Iraq continues to backfire spectacularly as Iraq’s Defence Minister arrives in Tehran to sign a memorandum for future military cooperation.

        ALSO …

        BREAKING: Iraq seeks Russia’s military and political alliance

        Iraq is embracing Iran, Russia and Syria while actively distancing itself from the US and its multiple bases in the country.

        The Duran
        Adam Garrie
        July 24,2017

      10. Justice:

        You can extend the life of store bought eggs by rubbing the shells with oil. The eggs come out of the chicken with a natural cover but it is washed away during the processing cycle.

        I would not freeze more than a dozen eggs. Are you going to be able to eat dozens of eggs in a grid-down. When the electricity goes off frozen eggs will rot and stink to high hell. Better off keeping most in the shell or dehydrate yourself like Jay Jay suggests.


        • B, my solar set up (plus 2 gas generators) will keep one chest freezer going. Also, frozen eggs are applicable for SHTF situations where the grid stays up.

          A grid down event is/remains very unlikely. I still regard an economic collapse of much more likely. In every economic event I studied they made sure to keep the power on. There may be brown-outs and rolling black-outs, but they keep the power on at all costs.

          • I have invested a lot to keep that chest freezer going during a SHTF event. Without it my quality of life goes way down. 80% of my pure butter and cheddar cheese goes if that freezer goes.

            I will look into dehydrating those items myself, because store bought is very expensive.

          • Finally, I know a lot of people cannot afford to store 1 years worth of dehydrated No. 10 cans and do not own a Excalibur type dehydrator. For the cost of 1 No 10 can they can Freeze 15 Dozen eggs. That’s a sh*t load of eggs.

            I hope that people on a limit budget don’t get discouraged because you CAN prepare on a shoe string. Do what you can, when you can!

          • Justice
            I live on a far away (in Philippines) pacific island because I am convinced that grid-down scenario is 100% guaranteed!
            Just think for a minute; how is DEAGEL.COM population forecast for the year 2025, getting only 54 million surviving Americans?
            That is something like 280 million dead in only 8 years!?
            Do you grasp the horror?
            I don’t think so!
            Sudden and catastrophic cosmic event with cascading cataclysmic consequences?
            Very likely!

        • Water Glass also keeps eggs without refrigeration. Sold as Sodium Silicate. Google away……..Prepper Tip #1057

        • I have duk eggs and i never wash them until i am ready to use them. They are good in the fridge for a month or more.

        • So far We have been able to eat the dozens of eggs we freeze. We put six bantam eggs per baggie. And in winter if the electric went off and it has. We simply place the freezer’s outside and hook them to the generator for a hour every day. In summer the generator would have to run a lot more. we do know how to can stuff and cure and smoke meat. And we would & could do so if necessary. However that’s a lot of work. And we aint going to sweat to death in a hot kitchen during the summer to can stuff in glass jars. Much simpler to put it in the freezer. We have been freezing tomatoes today. and I processed 8 rabbits early this morning. We had a family of coons bothering the tomatoes and corn. I set steel traps and live traps. I caught three baby coons in live traps. The steel traps where set off but not catching anything. I was bedding the traps down placing waxed paper over the pan and sifting dirt over them. I decided the mother coon was trap wise and was finding the chain and pulling up the traps and setting them off. So yeaterday I boiled the traps in water that had melted wax on top. when I drew out the traps the wax coated the traps. I had a bucket of soured milk set out for the pigs. So I dunked the traps in that curdled milk. I had a baby coon in a live trap. So I set a steel trap on each side of the live trap. placing the chains under the live trap. just set those big double spring traps right on the ground. them I placed a piece of wet newspaper over the traps. And it worked this morning I had old momma coon caught by both hind legs. Her chicken killing garden molesting days are over. Now in a real SHTF situation those coons could become food.

      11. Vent in progress,
        I abhor PMs.
        I was going through my safe and I found
        6 silver dollars dated 1921-1922.
        It is a long story but 45 some years ago
        I was paid in silver dollars for a job,
        and this is all that is left. My parents
        lost a lot of my stuff when I went into
        the military.
        Aside from the stamped value are they
        worth more than 6 dollars?

        • Rellik, In 1921 and 1922 they made Morgan and Peace silver dollars and they are worth a lot more than their face value. How much more depends upon their respective condition.

          I don’t understand the problem?

          • Not really a problem.
            Other than I have for years
            ranted that PMs are a waste,
            and that now, Ironically
            I now have some.
            I guess if the SHTF
            I’ll find out if you
            PM guys are right.


        • they are worth approximately 15 times face value, but dollars are typicly worth a little MORE than junk silver coins….i’m ASSuming yer not being cynical here?

          • I, too, was confused by this. A joke? Being cynical. If it actually is serious, weigh the darned things and google spot price for silver. You will be JUST a tad over face value…. y’know, like those gold coins that have 50 or 100 dollars stamped on them. If you want to sell them to me for face value, or your silver coins, please let me know! I will buy them immediately.

        • If they are 1 ounce Silver coins, they are selling for about $22 to $25 ea maybe, but that includes a few dollars of commission added on. Do a search online. I stay away from junk coins as they may not be .999 pure. They have more intrinsic value than real PM spot price value. I buy 1 Oz Silver Rounds .999 fine. Cant go wrong there.

        • Gee, when i think about it i get sick. When i was ten back in 1958 my mom went to bingo a lot and every time she won they paid her in silver dollars!! We had a lot of them in the cupboard. Of course all spent. Who knew back then? I coulda been rich now……

          • i had paper routes when young, and dad saved all silver or old coins. he accumulated 73 silver dollars, and in about 1975, when silver and gold went to the moon, he was offered 100$ for them, and he SOLD….it was only a few months later he could have sold them for 25 times face value….at least he still had his lesser coins.

      12. Like all Ponzi Schemes, it will eventually fail.

      13. The central banks are all in collusion, and they are holding this mess together. The might of the Federal Reserve’s printing presses are still holding strong. They have no shortage of paper or ink so to speak, and they are experts at adding zeros in cyberspace.

        Grandma just blessed us with her wisdom stating there will not be another collapse in our lifetime. This statement and the timing of it was no accident.

        The system should hold together at least until her departure, at least that’s what she is hoping for.

        The Feds are using highly sophisticated software programs that constantly look for ‘holes’ in the financial system and plug them with fabricated cash.

        These programs operate 24/7 and are highly technical in their analysis. Computing speed and power are the fastest they’ve ever been in history of course.

        Something very very big is coming down the road, and they are holding the system together until that time.

        We all are seeing and feeling it at some level.

        And here’s the rub. They don’t know what IS coming. They are simply doing their best to maintain this fake recovery.

        I however do know what is coming. The total financial and economic destruction of the United States.

        When this episode has finally run it’s course, this is what will occur:

        1. The dollar will no longer be the reserve currency

        2. The Kings of the East, Asia will rise one final time as the global economic and financial superpowers

        3. With the demise of the US, a new massive global government will rise from the ashes of the dollar’s collapse. It will seek to consume the whole Earth

        4. Technology will collapse without the US leadership. With the US gone, Russia, China etc. will no longer be able to steal and copy our technology. If it was not for the US tech being stolen/given away, the rest of the world would still be at the technological level of the 40s or 50s.

        5. With the remaining moral, economic and military leadership of the US destroyed, the world will rapidly degrade even faster than it is now.

        6. The world will be like during the time of Noah, filled with violence and immorality that will be far worse than anything we are seeing today.

        7. At this point, the world will be ready for The Revelation to begin

        I don’t know what is going to happen to the US. WWIII? The bubble finally blows? A civil war thanks to the progressives/socialists/communists pushing racism?

        Or maybe, a combination of these things destroys the US.

        Everyday I wake up and nothing happens, I”m thankful for more time to prepare for what is eventually going to come.

        Today was a good day.

      14. It sure could happen “but” if it does everyone loses. And loses big time. Even if you have no stocks, real estate will be blown out, employment rates will rise to depression levels, all pension plans will default, the dollar would be worthless thus the social security net will fail for millions and millions of senior citizens. The list goes on. But the ending status will be very, very bad for all the people in the world.

        But I have been saying this would happen since 2008 and jack nothing has so……..


        • Ok say real estate will be blown out. And unemployment rates are already at depression levels if they would do a accurate accounting. Now if nobodys working and My S S Ponzi check is still being deposited. Why couldn’t I use those Worthless Ponzi Dollars to pay my taxes and buy some of that blown out real estate? At present I have 8 grand worth of those paper dollars saved up. Later this year I plan to attend some of the COSL tax forfeture auctions and try and buy more land.

      15. Blah blah blah…….

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