The Middle Class Is Getting DESTROYED!

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Youtuber Jeremiah Babe tells it like it is, and doesn’t mince his words.  The middle class is getting eviscerated and it’ll be so much worse once the economy comes crashing down again.

    In his recent video, Babe says far too many Americans are staring the boogeyman in the face and yet they still ignore the “dangers that are coming with this [economic] collapse.” He added: “I’m absolutely dumbfounded by the lack of common sense here in America in regards to what is happening to this economy.”

    While average people are continuing to relate the health of the overall economy to the stock market, they are missing the underlying currents and the destruction that is coming like a tsunami at all of us. So many are simply unwilling to prepare or have put themselves in a financial situation that makes it almost impossible to even begin.  But at some point, it’ll be too late to start…

    “The stock market…and mainstream America are so far detached that there’s no way they’re even related at this point,” says Babe. We’ve made this connection before as well. Wall Street and Main Street are two entirely different beasts. “The Fed’s job now is to kick this can as far down the road as they can and keep this thing alive for as long as they can until this thing implodes.”

    The American Public Is Over Leveraged: Bankruptcies Are Up 5%

    Babe describes this phenomenon as a destruction of the middle class, and so far, it has been. Bankrupcies should be down during a “booming” economy.  People should not be going into debt to stay in the middle class and people wouldn’t be using their credit cards to buy food if everything was fine and the economy is expanding as we’re being told.  Babe also points out that while wages likely aren’t completely stagnant, they certainly are not keeping up with the cost of food, housing, healthcare, and other expenses.

    The sad truth is that far too many don’t want to face the reality of what the central banks have done.  They’ve transferred the wealth of the middle class to the elitists through inflation, money printing, dollar devaluation, and taxation and it’s impoverished people. The elitists have done this right before our eyes and are still getting away with it, as people blame each other instead of the monster that’s manipulating them. Unfortunately, it’s going to take something drastic for most people to wake up and realize the damage of having others control their lives and currency.

    The reason we harp on this and Babe continues to make his videos is so we can enlighten and perhaps help a few people see what’s coming.  It’s better to have too much information and an understanding of what’s going on than it is to not have enough.  If you haven’t yet started, now is the time to prepare your personal finances for what’s coming. This will be a SHTF incident and making a plan is your best bet!


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      1. It is happening here in the South as well. Every two weeks our church does a Farm Share feeding for the poor and needy. Each week the number of families gets higher.

        Met a guy last week who told me that there is a network of Militias forming throughout the deep South as people see that our Country’s Middle Class is being destroyed/replaced.
        Typical for Marxists, destroy the Middle Class

        • “They’ve transferred the wealth of the middle class to the elitists through inflation, money printing, dollar devaluation, and taxation and it’s impoverished people.”

          DUH !!! Exactly “how” did they do these things ??? In a word: “Globalization”.

          This has been going on for DECADES. It’s nothing new, at all. “GLOBALIZATION” was instituted into the American Economy by our own elected officials at the highest levels: both in Congress and in the Oval Office, to enrich the Uber Rich Investment Class as they facilitated the systematic offshoring of 70,000+ American factories and many tens of millions of American jobs; while simultaneously encouraging the invasion of America by 40 million ILLEGALS, and forcing the American worker, family, and taxpayer to subsidize them while they suppressed American wages and took American jobs.

          The poverty, homelessness, and destruction of American society that you see on the streets of this Nation is the DIRECT result of the policies that facilitated GLOBALIZATION.

          “FREE TRADE” has been a euphemism used by the NWO Elite to mask MANAGED TRADE.FREE TRADE IS NOT FAIR TRADE !!!

          TRUMP is trying to reverse those results by reversing the policies of GLOBALIZATION. Imposing TARIFFS on China is the one thing that he can do by executive action without the consent of the NWO in Congress.

          TARIFFS, while artificial in themselves, level the playing field between Nations by emphasizing the basic economic Principle of Substitution as a market force to correct the imbalances in Trade with China and other Nations caused by near slave labor, quotas, manipulated currencies, and tariffs on American goods by other nations.

          Google the “45 Goals of Communism” and the “Eight Point Plan of Saul Alinsky, HRC mentor. They will tell you everything you need to know. 🙂

      2. More book selling doom porn.
        Off subject;
        Took my steer “Tenderloin” in for harvest on Monday.
        I generally name all my animals after food or a cooking method.
        This was the easiest harvest I’ve done in some 20 plus years of doing this.
        The trick is to make them tame. I don’t have a horse to force them where I want them to go, My Mule has turned out to be un-rideable. I use a bucket, cheap COB
        (Corn, Oats, and Barley) to get them where I want them.
        Downside is I had to corral him overnight and he almost destroyed a gate trying to get out. The gate held, barely.
        I had to use a ratshit strap to secure it.
        Ratshit straps is a prep most people don’t mention.
        I have a couple of dozen of them. 1 inch wide cheapies.
        Anyway, we walked him into and out of the trailer with virtually no effort. Filled out the kill list,( way different than shopping at your local store) and I said goodbye.
        Next time I see him I’ll be loading him
        into coolers to take home. I’ll probably
        have close to #1000 or more of meat and bones.
        Total cost about $1.70 per pound all things considered
        including a new gate.
        Organic, grass fed, other than the COB training food.
        I also made arrangements to breed my heifer
        when my friend puts a bull out in one of his fields.
        Does this sound like the Hawaii 5 Oh you see on TV?
        BTW I’m way out of being middle class( I’m considered to be lower income by most government standards). It is not cash, it is how you use what little you do have.

        • “More book selling doom porn.”

          The person in the illustration is the S to our M.

          Perhaps, some leather outfits…

      3. Using GDP and to some extent the stock market as a gauge of the health of economy is flawed.
        GDP is measured by spending which can be levered up. A descent amount of consumers spend using credit. If anything it’s a gauge similar to consumer sentiment. The stock market is a little better since most have some of their wealth tied to the stock market.

        A better metric might be median household net wealth.

      4. Ought to end all forms of hand-outs, welfare, entitlements and force them into personal adult responsibility. If you don’t work, you don’t eat, you must not multiply.

        All those pooooooooor people, we got to feel sorry for them and honor all of their excuses on why they refuse to work.

        Same “give me everything for free victim hood, YOU OWE ME” excuses the 80 million American obese people have on why they can’t keep their bodies in perfect shape. Their #1 possession they will ever have and they feed it sugary garbage and blame the doctors for not giving them the cure to their obesity in a pill. I don’t feel sorry for the poor. It is their fault, all by their choice.

        • I would agree Bert, but if you read my post above you will understand that the US Government under the control of the New World Order has systematically impoverished Americans for 30 years.

          You can feed the poor or the poor will feed on you. Survival is a powerful force. 🙁

        • I’m poor and I weight about one-hundred and thirty pounds. I collect a check and I worked for twenty-three years, idiot, and you’re not paying for it. Get a clue.

        No, the WORKING class is getting destroyed.

        No, the WORKING class is getting destroyed.

      7. Maybe I’m just an out-of-touch old coot but I don’t see any generation building wealth. And when we get together with others of our age the topic of conversation generally leads to the COST of medical care and the bail-out of adult children (which in many cases appears to be ‘enabling’ irresponsibility).
        Using ShadowStats’ calculations based on the methodology in place in1980 we have averaged about 9% inflation for 20 years. Do the math. We have been bled out and ready for the take-down.

        • If you have been a voter, you are the problem. “Working within the system means to become a part of the system. When you go into the voting booth, the only meaningful significance that your action will have is to show that one more person supports the state”. ~Mark Davis

      8. Nice try, but they’re cowards. They get what they deserve.
        “Most people prefer to believe that their leaders are just and fair, even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which he lives is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one’s self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all.” ~ Michael Rivero

      9. There is little pushback from the public at the unfolding reality that has been emerging now for decades. People see what is happening but feel trapped into nonaction to secure a better future, aka full spectrum dominance.

      10. I’ve watched a couple of these aholes literally open a literal news paper, and they shout the articles at the dumfounded audience.

        If you put in a certain amount, at a certain date, you should expect a to get out a certain amount, at a certain date. Certainly.

        Rich people have not gambled in a glorified casino. They did not pay some stock guru to babble in strange tongues, or to whip them, erotically.

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