The Massive Debt Bomb is Going to Explode: “We Are Reaching a Limit”

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Headline News | 119 comments

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    Debt now defines us.

    Personal and household debt is at unprecedented historical levels. Many Americans are stretched many times past their limit with no hope of getting out of the black. Student loan debt is its own huge bubble, waiting to burst, and perhaps big enough to trigger another crisis in its own right. Dozens of states and cities are on the verge of default, as are places like Puerto Rico.

    Then there’s federal government debt. The next round of drama in the debt ceiling charade is coming up this fall. Partisan politics will be showcased, and programs targeted for cuts, before Congress once again rubber stamps putting the country into further rounds of endless debt. The Fiscal Times reports:

    In July, Lew warned Congress that the government’s use of “extraordinary measures” to continue to finance the government on a temporary basis without breaching the current $18.1 trillion debt ceiling would last through Oct. 30.

    Fears of provoking yet another debt ceiling crisis that would threaten a first-ever default on U.S. borrowing have hung over Washington for months.

    The American people will never escape this debt, and it may even cause another government shutdown/showdown.

    How bad will it really get? What will happen if individuals and governments just can’t make payments?

    Will America ever be like Greece, Argentina or other unfortunate nations?

    USA Watchdog’s Greg Hunter speaks with David Morgan of about the impact of the massive debt bomb looming over all our heads:

    The main problem America and the world has is what Morgan calls “the debt bomb.” He says the debt is at the center of the black hole of our problems. Morgan explains, “We are reaching a limit. All systems reach a limit. No tree grows to the sky.”

    In March, Morgan predicted September as a time of increasing turmoil in financial markets and thinks it’s downhill from here. On the continuing turmoil, Morgan says, “It will be ebb and flow, but the trend is increasing, increasing and increasing. It will, unfortunately, in my strong opinion, it will get worse before it gets better.”

    Watch this crucial interview:

    Read more:

    Analyst: “Millions Upon Millions of People Are Going to Die on a World-Wide Scale When the Debt Bubble Bursts”

    The Invisible Chains of Debt Slavery: “Americans Are More Dependent Than Ever Before”

    Specter of Debtors’ Prisons Looms Over Americans Who Just Can’t Pay: “You Can’t Squeeze Blood From a Turnip”

    Federal Report: The College Debt Bubble Is Collapsing Now: 33% Of All Student Loans Are Delinquent On Repayments

    Swelling State Debt and “Pension Tidal Wave” May Engulf Economy

    Five complete lies about America’s new $18 trillion debt level

    Debt: “Some Forms of Slavery Have Been Outlawed, But Most Insidious Form is More Pervasive Than Ever”


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      1. Tick tock, Tic toc, Tik tok.

          • It is probably government agents staging false flags in order to manufacture fear for their communist fascist gun control campaign or a muslim who is doing that.

            problem reaction solution

          • Oh…I’m sure it’s happening. This is not a “non event”. I would not put it past the NWO anti-gun crowd to actually be behind the shooting. Just another of their false flags to further their agenda.

          • John Q

            I have still yet to hear what kind, if any calibers or fragments were recovered from these vehicles. I know on report I heard they were saying “projectiles” or even potentially a bb gun. Didn’t know if anyone has verified yet, or if they are intentionally leaving out info so as to be able to hype the control debate

            • right…one story said trucker with “hole”…same story says BB gun on i think 3 occasions….sounds awful fishy to me too

        • tic tic tic tic tic tic tic…

        • so, this is the umpteenth time this article has been recycled over the last 8 years and it STILL gets the doom porn faithful salivating like Pavlov’s dog every time. Yeah, I know, ” someday” the whole damn thing will crash to the ground like Manfred Mann’s calliope but I won’t waste a minute worrying about it. Why not? Tell me a time that worrying about something ever helped or changed anything, especially when it’s inevitable.

          • Not someday for the last eight years almost every Christian on the right has not only let their enemies attack them, they spent their hard earned money on their products and agendas. How much money would everyone have if we bought only American goods, only live and spend in states, counties, towns that are conservative only. If California can do the opposite and burn to the ground then we can shun all non conservatives. Inevitability is for modern progressives that finally since Woodrow Wilson are creating their utopia. The 1950’s conservative society that worked hard and saved and fought the progressives gave everything to the new entitlement hypocritical conservative generation. The nineteen eighties conservatives spent every dime that was passed on and stole from the next generation. Now their kids are spoiled, non spiritual and believe in progressive ideas that became the norm.



        I not sure if anyone wants to participate, but i have to ask you guys? We are the the SHTF EVENT HORIZON now.

        Yep, the ecomomic cluster F….K Has finally arrived. This is some really serious sh….t. Looks like it’s almost time for the feds to throw in some QE laxitive in blender to cool things down, while they exit to the DUMBS.

        Also, i need to comment on women preppers. I know that my comments are serious ones, its the truth, and i am being realistic. I want to welcome to Kysase and Dk, to the board. We need more women preppers commenting on the board to spice things up. You women preppers are high on the evolutionary scale and i have to give you all credit. Dk, mentioned something on one the previous post that made we look at a situation to show us the level that most of preppers are really at.

        Tier 1-most advanced, have land, outside the city
        Tier 2-city prepper, may have a get away, may have land
        may be stuck in the city.
        Tier 3-just woke up, just stared, busy getting ready,
        live in and apartment, condo, etc

        Tier one preppers have land away from the major cities, these preppers have more money than most preppers and are top Tier.

        Tier Two preppers are like most of us. We live in subdivions or apartments, and have lots of preps and are ready to clear out and fight it out. This level is most of us.

        Tier 3, borderline Tier 2, Damn. This was the Tier i was at being homeless when i graduated from this tier to Tier 2, then took it to the next, level, i am really a Tier 2.

        Tier 2 preppers are ready, most Red necks, verterans, cops, everyday citizens, the average prepper, who have plans, allies, with other preppers. I think that this is the most of us.

        The question is am asking is, for most of us, what tier are we?

        Its almost time for Mr. Buttcrackofdoom to post, we are literally on the precipiz now.




        • well, you asked for it…so here it is….
          eww that smell
          cantcha’ smell that smell?
          eww that smell
          the smell of DEBT surrounds youuuu
          they were sooo prophetic, weren’t they?

          • the debt is only possible to be serviced because interest rates are so low….when they return to “normal”(6%), we WON’T be able to pay the INTEREST anymore….KABOOM! so, is there ANYONE out there that thinks we can keep interest rates so low indefinitely? an idiot,….MAYBE even a congressman could see we are in deep doodoo here. oh, BTW, what do you think happens to HOME prices when interest rates go UP?…..thaaaat’s right, they go DOWN!
            i will post a link to patrickdotnet’s housing crash page if you “don’t get it” yet on home prices/interest rates.
            how did lynyrd skynyrd know SO MUCH, way back then? hope y’all got popcorn,….and a great seat to watch it all from!

            • That is exactly why interest rates will never be raised.

              • never?….i’ll give you 7 to 1 odds you’re WRONG on that one.

              • The corollary is there are industries that absolutely need normal interest rates to survive.

                The insurance industry lives and dies on selling you or me a policy, paying salaries, electric and other bills with the premium and then buying an annuity that will pay the claims. Those annuities have historically paid about 7 or 8%. Without that return they are bankrupt, they can’t pay claims…….. The entire industry it’s toast!

                Without insurance nothing moves! Trucks don’t leave the docks, stores don’t open, ships don’t ship, trains or planes stand still. The insurance industry is woven into the fabric of our litigious society!

                Leave interest rates at near zero, and the Western World collapses! Raise interest rates and the western world collapses!

                Timing is everything!

            • Got the popcorn and sasparilly soda ready to go, just gotta get the lawn chairs out when we hear the POP!

              • I like you. I think you and I are tier 1. Most my neighbors are millionaires, if not more. I warn them when I shoot the cannon.

                • Thanks, i got a few neighbors in the high m medium b range,
                  Tier 1 huh, thats pretty good! Doin better than i thought!

                • We live far enough out that we don’t have to warn the neighbors when we shoot stuff. I used to worry it would scare the cows, but they don’t mind at all.

        • We will be too busy trying to defend ourselves from the ussa gestapo(DHS), the islamic savages(scum muslims), not to mention the scum illegals(scum brownies that snuck in) to worry about much else. All out war is coming and nothing less.

        • tier 2 for me….or maybe 2.5……………….can’t move away from my kids and exwife, now can i?

        • Women are offended by what the Trumpler said about Fiorina.



          • This female did not see any movie about a billionaire abusing women. I’m clueless about pop culture. I can barely keep my head above water with prepping, homeschooling, and just started Classical Literature class.

            Who has time for trashy flicks. I sure don’t.

            • 50 shades of grey you ‘tard.


            • Anon 1970~~me neither.

              I don’t understand how people have time to watch movies
              they should be canning meats and anything on sale at the grocery store.

              Get to prepping peeps. Time is short.

            • Me either. I’m too busy with my homestead to care…

          • And most women ignore .02 cents worth of Acid’s shitbag derogatory comments, saying women all want to be dominated. Bwhahaha.


        • Trumplestiltskin wants us to let all the fucking Moose limb refugees in.

          But he’s against illegal immigration even though he was for it in 2012.


          HE’S A FUCKING FAKE FLAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • Trumplestiltskin?

            LMAO, awesome!

            • We have the winner for the day!

          • Most likely quite a few more times, unless the HNIC decides he doesnt want to abdicate his post, seems like the dictators from africa all do that.

        • If 50% of Israelis do not believe in God how fuck all are they claiming rights to the land??????????

          • There will be a moment when Israel realizes whom they pierced. Let them have that moment.

            If the rest of the Christian world sees that moment, and ignores it they are dead. Should they see it for what it is, they win!

            We live in an amazing age!

            • Prep once, plan twice, pray thrice.

              • OK, plus five stars for that one!


          • I don’t normally reply to you.
            Jews have a big problem.
            We call it God.
            We have an even bigger
            problem called Jesus.
            I’m OK with both.
            I’ll go with history.
            The world has done it’s
            best to kill off the Jews
            They are still here irritating
            you. Do the math.

            • The land of Israel was given unto the Israelites, about 1400 BC, by the one God of everything. Even though it was inhabited by several other peoples, mostly Canaanites that controlled Jerusalem, the Israelites allowed many to stay on the land.

              In about 970 BC, David bought the land from the Canaanite/Jebusite, Araunah the King of the Canaanites, for 50 shekels of silver. ( 2 Samuel 24:24) This land of Jerusalem was originally given to the Israelites and the Canaanites were supposed to be removed, but because Joshua did not do as God commanded, King David had to buy the land for the Holy Temple site.
              This land of Jerusalem, and all the land in and around Israel, the Nation, to this day, belongs to God and the descendants of the original 12 tribes. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He never changes.
              He never intended for His land of Israel, to be taken over by Gentiles, nor be divided among them for desecration of His Holy Temple site anywhere in those lands, especially by the unholy Muslims. It never was their land and never will be theirs, in God’s eyes.

              Why is this important? Today, the United Nations is setting up the Palestinian State, and dividing the Land of Israel. They approved for the Palestinians to fly their state flag at the UN headquarters in New York, just this week. America has the final say on this matter. If the land is divided, and Palestine is given full statehood and ownership, God will divide America, literally and figuratively. The stage for divisions is in place because of minority migrations and America’s policies.
              The hammer of spiritual judgments are coming upon American people no matter what happens with Palestine.
              However; the hammer will fall ten times as hard for dividing of His land in Israel.

              • You are obviously a Zionist idiot who does not understand the bible or current history.

          • Well Acid. It’s like the illegals do here in America. Ownership by proxy. If your sitting on it you own it. Of course Israel is an established country so they actually own it.

        • We Women who are prepared are not necessarily prepared in the manner in which you describe….if you are not right with GOD,then ALL of your preps are a complete waste of time and money….this is not going to be a matter of how much food and water you have stored…it WILL be a matter of Faith…and what YOU are willing to do in the coming Battle….basically, are you on the side of GOOD? You WILL have what you need, when you need it in the days to come…IF you are on the side of GOD
          Have Faith and Have Sisu

          • There is a balance in all things, trust in The Lord, and the scales will be in perfect balance! Praise Jesus!

          • Amen and AMEN.

        • I’m Tier 2 though don’t have lots of preps; I have enough for about a fortnight.

          No-one knows that I have them and I wont be disclosing that I have them to anyone. I’ll just stay at home with my radio on, candles lit and my word search book at recently bought.

          I don’t have family close to where I live so would be unable to assist them. It would be all about myself and my security and safety.

          Sleep tight; Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

          • Tier 4 – Religious hucksters relying on jebus to save them.

            ~WWTI =Tier1 And the Turkey crossbow season starts next weekend and I will be assembling the Oklahoma Joes Charcoal and smoker gas grill combo early this week. 165 degs temp for ideal turkey wellness. Hickory chips.

            Get out of the Cities now people.

        • I am a single female that is probably a Tier 2 or a little less. I have enough preps to last me about 6 months. Still need a little more water though. I live in the South and my entire family lives up North about 1,000 miles away. I don’t really know to many ppl where I live and the ones that I do know believe everything is fine with the world! I have some family that live in a very small town (less than 2K ppl) in the mountains up north. This is where I would try to get to. My question is this, do any of you think there will be enough warning for me to pack up my things and get there or will the SHTF all of a sudden and I’m on my own? I need at least a day to get there.

          • you should already be gone, but if you’re like me, i got things here i gotta do. and my kids live here, along with my ex….nobody can tell you with any certainty just how long it takes to go all to hell! it depends on WHAT happens, how severe the threat is, how BIG the threat…but one thing’s fer sure, if power goes out for everyone, it’s gonna be ON…no more gas, no more EBT cards, no more mood-altering drugs(the 10% of americans ON them will freak the F*** OUT)…it will be a couple hours at MOST before the killing starts….but then, it’s already started, hasn’t it?….on the other hand, we have had NUMEROUS situations that would have caused a full-on crash of the markets 20 years ago, and the markets just kept going higher…………nobody can say, just pay attention, and keep SOMETHING with you at all times for protection….i know one thing, i’m not going to make one of those “it’s happ’nin’ real soon” predictions, because i don’t want the trolls, fags, bedwetters, and dipshits flamin’ me….but it IS COMING, and it will be MUCH worse than if we took our ass-beatin’ 10 or 15 years ago.

          • One technique to evaluate this question is to list every disaster/emergency that you can think of, then place them in order of how likely you think they are to happen. Now rate them by how likely they are to impact your ability to travel as well as how much warning you could reasonably expect to have.

            It would be prudent to be prepared to bug out within the time frame of one of the more likely scenarios. If you think you might have only 24 or 48 hours then that should be what you plan for.

            The other key is to have in your mind what is the proper warning for things like economic collapse or civil disorder and the point that you will leave while you still can. Too many people who are prepared to leave, for say a hurricane, wait until too late to leave. We saw this with hurricanes Opal and Katrina, it’s only been on every channel on tv and radio for 3 days and now people are stuck in traffic?

            Another thing to consider is pre-positioning some of your preps to the location you are considering going to. There’s not as much question of welcome when they’ve already agreed to let you store stuff there.

            Best of luck.

            • Thanks to you and BCOD for your replies. This helps a lot. Gives me additional things to consider and things to do. Like getting things packed in boxes and/or plastic bins already to go. Will save time when I have to leave.

              • as long as you got all this stuff, you’ll be fine…I just reworked this list. it’s much more useful now that I have taken out some things, not a lot of redundancies anymore…but it sure aint in ORDER of importance! let me know what i’ve left out. this used to be in order but i’ve added to it so many times i need to rework it….irregardless….i’m SURE you’ll find something here you didn’t think of!
                GET CASH. get GAS!!!!!!!!!!!
                water….sugar….flour….powdered milk……….t/p………………top ramen….pancake mix….candy, rock…..DOG FOOD…VEG OIL…rice…..beans…………macaroni…………bleach…………benadryl…..wipies….garbage bags…….plastic cups,forks,spoon,knives .
                22 rounds….12 guage 9mm …45….5.56. 308
                photo albums, identification (birth certificates, social security cards, financial documents, wills/deeds, and medical insurance information), proof of address, as well as items for a 72 hour bag.
                brillo pad makes a good fire starter with jumper cables
                extreme cooler (use it to carry water, if needed)
                antibiotics from the vet supply store ampicillin, amoxacillin, penicilin, and others
                Storable Food
                An Axe
                Lighters Or Matches
                Hiking Boots Or Comfortable Shoes
                A Flashlight And/Or Lantern
                A Radio/Communication Equipment
                A Swiss Army Knife
                Personal Hygiene Items
                A First Aid Kit And Other Medical Supplies
                Extra Gasoline (But Be Very Careful How You Store It)
                A Sewing Kit
                Self-Defense Equipment
                A Compass
                Hiking Backpacks
                A Community
                A Backup Plan
                Extra Batteries
                A Camp Stove
                Heirloom Seeds
                An LED Headlamp
                Calcium Hypochlorite
                Maps Of Your Area
                rifle For Hunting
                Extra Socks
                Gold And Silver Coins For Bartering
                citizens band radio and/or ham radio
                battery chargers and phone chargers
                kool aid
                bike tubes
                2×8’s for crossing obstacles(3 feet long)
                wasp spray
                hunting knife
                water and purification stuff
                dutch oven
                coffee/water filters
                Gun Cleaning Kit & Supplies
                Wire and Wire Cutters
                Fire Extinguisher
                hacksaw………GOOD pair of wire cutters….butt connector pliers and wire connectors ….11-1 screwdrivers-not some cheap-o
                6 foot Pry bars-lift heavy items, pop open doors, break locks, move hot objects. harbor freight
                sandpaper/crocus cloth…………….. file for sharpening tools……….. hammer
                bailing wire
                box of bolts/nuts/hose clamps
                1 stanley pocket saw
                3/32” E-6010 welding rods. These can be used with three 12 volt car batteries and some jumper cables to make an emergency field repair.
                peanut butter and crackers makes a great shtf meal
                vise grips
                fix a flat/air compressor
                Tarp (2) and 550 para-cord (shelter) You want two tarps, one for shelter above the head and one for the ground under your head
                Ponchos to protect from rain
                A folding saw and shovel.
                A handheld chainsaw (they are about the size of a mans wallet)
                Lightweight hatchet
                Army survival manual or others
                2 pairs of socks. One pair of our socks is a thermal type(wool is best) that will keep your feet warm in up to zero degree weather. It all depends on where you live and where you will be traveling. Cotton socks tend to hold moisture so you might not want cotton.
                good pair of warm gloves/work gloves. Mine are a combination of both.
                A pair of good boots or hiking shoes
                A pair of long pants. I prefer not to have jeans. They are heaver and if they get wet, they stay wet for a long time.
                One pair thermal underwear/pants and shirt, at LEAST for everyone in family.
                dogs and dog food …small dogs hear EVERYTHING, and eat less!
                deck of cards
                food…pepperoni granola bars…..
                first aid book… where there is no doctor book
                paper plates
                ziplock bags
                aluminum foil
                butane stove or some other way to cook
                eye drops
                chap stick
                plastic wrap
                powdered milk will be HUUUUGGGGEEEEEE ..have a LOT of it!
                Bug Out Bag Contents
                The Pack – I have a LC-1 “Alice” pack but any quality pack with enough capacity will do. Stick with camouflage, dark green or other natural colors that blend with the terrain.
                Water – A canteen with cup and cover for your belt, water bottle and a good filter.
                Fire – Waterproof matches, a magnesium fire starter and tinder.
                Food – Pack enough to last 5-7 days. Rice, oat meal, beef jerky, energy bars etc. Another option is MRE’s and the freeze-dried foods. Choose foods that are light weight and a suitable shelf life.
                Stove – A small stove is essential it you want to stay hidden. Smoke and noise from the cutting and burning of wood would be undesirable if you are in hostile territory or being pursued. I have a Peak-One backpackers stove, there are others but this is what I have and can recommend.
                military 4 part sleep system…protects to minus 30 degrees if you know what to do with it…and at LEAST have the bivy bag part of it in your car in case you get stranded….if you are dressed for the climate you’re in, it might only take that bivy to save yer life. randy
                Shelter – Rain poncho and tarp or compact tent, stick with natural colors that blend with the surrounding area.
                Cooking – I have a Stainless Steel 5-Piece Mess Kit, that I ordered from but any lightweight kit will do.
                First Aid – It’s best to assemble your own kit, tailored to your needs, or if you are lazy you can buy a ready-made kit. Don’t forget to add personal medications.
                Light – I have a 2-AA Cell Mini LED Flashlight Mini LED Flashlight and a 9-Hour Candle.
                Tools – A folding saw, Swiss Army pocket knife, and fixed blade knife. A light weight shovel and Machete are nice, but add extra weight.
                Clothing – At least one extra pair of socks and underwear add other items if you feel the need and have the space.
                Fishing – Line, hooks and sinkers and a few small lures. I also have a small gill net for catching fish.
                Snare wire – I make my own from copper wire. Don’t forget to include at least 50 ft of parachute cord.
                Plastic bags – Two or three large lawn bags and several zip-lock sandwich bags, can be used for a number of tasks and to keep things dry.
                Binoculars – See game and enemy before they see you.
                Sewing kit – Needle and thread don’t forget to include a few extra buttons.
                This n’ that – Head net, electrical tape, face paint, gloves, sharpening stone etc.
                Firearms – This is where feathers get ruffled and wounds opened. Everyone has their own idea of what the “perfect” survival firearm is or should be.
                I am not going to get into all the choices here, which would be an article in and of itself.
                Coffee, sugar, and chocolate.And salt. Buy these items in bulk. Store in baggies for trade.
                coffee filts for straining water and bleach
                digging bar
                tow straps/shackles/chain with pipe for towing
                BULLETPROOF VEST
                loadbearing vest
                pain reliever
                Children’s pain reliever
                First aid book
                Prescription medications (keep copies for records)
                Cold/flu medicines
                Blood clotting
                Sterile gauze
                Dressing bandages
                Dressing rolls
                Medical tape
                Bandages of all sizes
                Alcohol wipes
                Hydrogen peroxide
                Eye flushing solution
                Anesthetic solution
                Hypodermic needles (for the antiseptic solution)
                Electrolyte tablets
                Cold Packs
                Antibiotic ointment
                Skin irritation creams
                Suture needles/string
                List of medical contact phone numbers
                Medical history file (if needed)
                medicine cabinet…take the whole damn thing
                giant channel-lock pliers and crescent wrench
                vitamin c…scurvy

      3. A Military Coup in the U.S.? A Surprising Number of Americans Might Support One

        ht tp://

        this is kinda scary
        as disgusted as I am with the government
        there is no way in hell I could ever support a military overthrow
        of the government
        it would truly be the end of us

        • Satori, are you full of it? Didn’t you ever read the Constitution of the United States of America? Pretty sure it says there can be no standing Army outside of national defense. We have multiple standing armies in the USA. If you think a military coup is shocking, what do you think those armies are doing in show of force, control, and in effect?

          • One terrorist loose in Boston, state of emergency, police busting down the doors of everyone that says come back with a warrant.

            Yup we are screwed!

            • We’ve already had an international banker coup.

              • Absolutely.

        • I wish they’d all die.

        • Satori,
          You might wish to reconsider a military coup! it might be the ONLY way to clean out the scum in Washington, AND begin to remove the infiltrated scum that Obutthead has done to our military leaders!
          IF something does not happen and HAPPEN SOON, we are DOOMED!!

          • There will never be a coup, there will never be a return to our founding principles. Our constitution is dead and we let it die on our watch, and it will never be resuscitated. The problem is, is that so many “americans” fundamentally misunderstand the Bill of Rights and the idea of and the guiding principles of liberty. Not to mention the amount of voters we are shipping in at record speeds who will vote to take more and more of it away. There is a website I recommend called (ChristianMerc. BlogSpot. com), the blogs author is T.L. Davis and I always enjoy his writings, and in a recent piece he said it best

            “By importing aliens who have no expectation of liberty or freedom and value neither, we are packing the electorate with enemies of this nation, or at least of what it was, of what the Constitution designed. Enemies of political processes that have been the American tradition. We have gone too far in this evolution of America to find our way back to the Constitutional values of laws ruling over even the most powerful.”

        • Thats interesting , especialy the comments .

        • I would’ve supported the military overthrow of King George and would probably support another one. Especially one that wanted to return to rule of law, repudiate the federal government’s debt, end forced wealth transfer programs, etc.

      4. You obviously mentally challenged White Goyim still don’t get it do you?

        We the Supreme Zionists will simply just continue “Quantitative Easing” creating “Zog Dollars”, trillions “MOAR” fake Amerikan fiat currency, till you All are in debt for the next 5 generations.




        Muah Muah BwaaaHaHaHa!


        • Capitol prick.

        • You don’t own me. I have No Debt and live off the grid and own PM’s I am also usually armed and ready to spread hot lead at a moments notice. So crawl back in your hole you came from.


      5. Yep, thats why i came up with the prepper Tier levels. The question is this, How do we preppers fair when the so called plug is pulled. I work with real Estate Investors, and to my supprise, they are still buying properties like there is no tommorrow.

        The propery values is Texas and in Houston is high at the moment, and i suspect it will take a rapid nose dive, as interest rates fluctuate, from the fed QE Laxitive, vitamin boast to offset the crisis, with more QE, resulting in a loss of bladder control and dirrea, into the financial resuling in cluster f….k Greece & Argentina result coupled with the to be determined outcome of some type, literally boggles the mind of a prepper. As i look into my tier Level, the question is how bad will it get and wtf? will we do once it reaches us up close and personal, as we feel the temperature literally rip off the top our frickin skulls.

        As the people from other states rush to Texas to by homes, most of them cash purchases, while the dollar is still good, as the fountation cracks, and bust below our feet and then its a head dive in the sh…t creek down hill.



        • I’m near Katy. Tier 2. Thoughts on affordable, arable land for retreat BOL to the west. Off the beaten path.

        • I know housing is in trouble. Every body and their brother is flipping houses again. Just like last time.

        • In a depression, real estate crashes hard.

          Be very careful.

          Undeveloped real estate does the best.

      6. 18.1T used to be 13T used to be 9T….
        What’s the problem? Won’t they just raise it to $25T or something? Why not just use math and set an automatic raise on the limit to (1+i) * (Last Limit) each October? Or maybe it needs to be (1+i)*Last + 2.5T^n where i is the interest on the debt and n is the years of kicking the can. I mean, why even bother having a Congress if they are a rubber stamp on irresponsibility. Drunk designated drivers.

      7. All the crap is coming to the top now and soon the smell is going to over power a lot of people. Very few are prepared and many will die shortly after the over flow MANY. Are you prepared???

        The night they drove old DIXIE DOWN!!

        • At the Last Straw.

          Let me tell you the rules. We are going inside and open up a locker. Then you’re gonna get five minutes to look around. You can’t open or touch anything and the one with the most money in their pockets can own it today.

          ARE YOU READY!!!!!!!!!!

          Dan on Storage Wars.

      8. Let it crash and burn down to the ground. Only problem is, before it does the criminals running the shit show prior to escaping to their secure hideaway’s will blow everyone and everthing up to prevent the survivors from coming after them. Start from scratch, create a more subservient slave class, history repeats itself.

      9. Looking at how these crisis have played out before I’m always shocked at how long they take to happen- generally months can go by with all the banks shut, the government paralysed, presious time waisted by most, time to bug out, time to plant.. then the riots, still time to get out, but most don’t, then either things really get bad or the government folds to the bankers, give them what they want and comerse can start again, keep that time in mind, plan for it.

        • Good observation. I said something similar earlier about people not leaving in time for hurricanes or being prepared to stay. Shocking how many people stayed but didn’t have chainsaws, gasoline, a generator, and so little food and no way to cook it without electricity.

      10. Hey Kike power, you handle is and insult to good everyday Jewish people. I got jews in my bloodline, you taking sh..t to me you f..k.. your nobody around here asswipe…let see how your jihadist, russians, Cubans and Chinese soldiers fare around here you elite list prick, the jews in America and the whites won’t be putting up your genocidal threats anymore, those days are over you zoinist piece of sh….t. The founders of America and the framers f The Declaration of Independence gave us safe guards and the second Amendment and the third for a reason, it’s to make sure that the document of our Constitution survived for us to reference the future and to enforce among ourselves the right to bare arms, you usurper piece of sh…t turd..



        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        • Damn Dude pet a kitten or something you going to blow a gasket!!!!

      11. Debt is truly slavery in the modern age.

        I am debt free. paid off house, paid off cars, no credit card debt, no notes. it is truly freedom.

        I owe it to a program called “Handling Money God’s Way”

        It was a video program we took in our Sunday school. After the program it took only three years to be totally debt free. It was by Crown Financial Ministries.

        Look at your bills. if you minus the car note, house note and credit cards, just see the money you will have available to you.

        • Funny how they teach this in Sunday school, the Martin Luther posted on the Catholic Church so the Protistants can become bankers like the non Jesus believers.

        • Got any of these?
          1. Car Insurance
          2. Homeowners/Renters insurance
          3. Healthcare insurance (Obama extortion)
          4. Sales tax
          5. Liquor, cigarettes, (bad stuff you do gets taxed you know)
          6. CCW, Hunter safety, Handgun safety, certification for jobs, etc.
          7. Social security extortion
          (If you participate in the legal econmy)
          8. Driver’s License

          Sorry to tell you, you’re not really free, your just a less indebted slave….

          • You forgot property taxes. You can’t own a home in this country, try not paying the government rent and see what happens. Try not paying them tag fees to drive that paid for car.

            My grandparents lived in their home 50 years, without any debt for the last 20 of them, and almost lost their home because the property value had gone up so much their pensions no longer covered the taxes. It broke their hearts, and mine, when they had to sell the home they had owned for 50 years.

            Don’t think that our government can’t just take your home anyway (See Kelo v New London) if it suits their purposes.

            You think that a slave that gets the collar off isn’t a slave anymore? Just try to insist that you are a free person and want to keep all of your wages and not pay your master anymore.

      12. I wish America would be like Greece.

        Greece’s money still has value because it is part of the Euro.

        When America crashes it will be like the Wiemar Republic with drastic hyperinflation.

        • I actually wish America would just be like America again,,,,,,,

          • Kulafarmer

            America will never be America again. You now it and I know it. Hell they can’t even sing the National Anthem correctly.

            Artistic Expression my ass.

            • America never was like America.

          • United States?? or America?

      13. These cities are bankrupt because of low interest rates. Pension funds are going broke because no money going made. The FED has no choice but to raise interest rates to enslure these pension plans remain solvent.

        We are in a deflation cycle here folks, very scary. Wait until all government benefits are reduced because of the deflation in cost of living. Look at most jobs, decreased wages across the board for the worker. Cash is becoming king while prices drop.

      14. Are legal tax-paying USA citizens going down the toilet along with un-documented “citizens?”

      15. Don’t be surprised at how much and how long they can drag out the dollar as the reserve currency thing.

        China was stepping up to bat to pose the Yuan as a reserve currency to replace the dollar, but then it crashed? Their markets, their currency all crashing! Oh yeah the whole world just wants to trust a loony communist state with the global economy!


        The Powers That Shouldn’t Be are trying to plan a way out. The dollar is dead, everyone agrees. But, what to replace it with? The competition is stiff!

        The dollar will be king, until the plan is hatched. Then it will happens it will happen overnight. The shift between the British pound Sterling and the US Dollar as reserve currency took decades, don’t imagine it was a slam dunk from the start. When TPTSB decided, it was done! If you were not alert, you got screwed.

        • They’ve already decided.

      16. I know John Stiner I’m debt free no mortgage or car payment and no credit card debt. I’m pinching penny’s everyday. The goal is get out of the workforce ASAP. I grew up eating humble pie so I don’t need new vehicles especially at the prices of vehicles. $40.000 trucks and SUVs no thanks I’d rather drive junk and have $40.000. If I got laid off right now I wouldn’t care I’d go back to school and get a better job and pay cash for my education. If anything being employed is keeping me from doing this because I’m committed to ten hours a day minimum so how would I go to school too. See my job is keeping me from training to get a better paying job. I don’t subscribe to the idea that I am lucky to have a job. That attitude is for unskilled workers that believe the corporate fear mongering. I’m not a good participant of the consumption economy. Hate corporations and only want to take $ from them in the form of paycheck. I live minimally don’t need a lot of junk waste of $ IMO. Still got the same $20 in my pocket from last week. People around here are still spending $ they don’t have on cars and other shit. It’s their problem if they wanna be in over their head. Your only a slave if you want to be. I’d rather be a drain on corporations and keep my $. Simple man

      17. Communist China is THE creditor, thanks to Americans’ immeasurable purchases of “Made in China” for “American” Big Business and the mortgaging of America to that Communist government to pay off the rich investors who should have otherwise become street people due to the failure of their Big Business in America. Communist China has its own collection (“humanitarian assistance”) agency. It’s called the “People’s Liberation” Army.

      18. I believe one day it will go K-Boom! but if you think it is going to do it while Obullshit is still in office, You had better believe it.

        The P.O.S. POTUS has set it up to boom in some time in the next few months so he can declare Martial law.

        I think he is planning on staying in office, and become the Supreme Leader. There are enough IDIOTS out there that would like this.

        • The army would do something about the supreme leader.

        • He’ll be on vacation when it all goes down.

          • Golfing no doubt

        • I agree- the NDAA is proof enough to reveal that plan- crisis, remove congress, remove constitution, martial law, place Barry on the throne and let the wars commence… these days I get the feeling his moment has passed, I think his handlers are looking for a new face for the monster..

      19. Everyone keeps screaming the dollar is collapsing if this is true how come everybody still takes them happily. Folks survival gear and food and water are not going to pay property taxes insurance electric. Right now $ is worth something so people should be focused on getting$ picking up survival gear and supplies is secondary. If you don’t have the supplies to cover your ass your a fool period this should not even be a matter of discussion on this site. Any new ways to make a buck or save a buck or new techniques on how to do something survival related should be shared liked and subscribed.

        • Picked up some gate parts today, the store had to go get change for my Hundred dollar bill. The clerk said everybody today is paying with $100 bills. So are people russing to trade these fake large fiat bills for real hard assets? May as well spend them while they still reflect value.



      20. “I’m from the government and I am here to help”

        well maybe not help !!!

        US Military Admits It “Misplaced” Black Plague Samples

        ht tp://

        these idiots didn’t manage to start a pandemic with anthrax
        so now they’re gonna try the “black death” ???

      21. Yupyup, they can fix the problem but don’t want to. Fixing the problem means that the people improve and tb canal looses power. What a mathematical cluster F….$#?k



        • to TPTB there is no problem. They grant themselves trillions at 0.25%. What’s the problem?

      22. Tomorrow is September eleventh- 9/11. It is fourteen years since that day. Today is September tenth. If I knew that something monumental was about to happen that would change the way America exists. If I had tried to warn people, chances are that I would have been ignored. If however my warnings were so accurate as to be undeniable; I would most likely be arrested. I remember the morning of 9/11. I had an eerie feeling that something awful was about to happen.

        • I had a conversation a couple hours ago with a friend of a friend that told me he had taken a bus home from vegas. on the bus were ten syrians that were heading to L.A. there were 1500 of them when they left N.Y. all along the way some were dropped off in different states, and as I understand it, they have “sponsors”, syrians that are giving them jobs. good thing there’s no possibility of any of them being muslims, spreading their terror across america. I’m sure they were all screened thoroghly at the border…..right?…….RIGHT?

          • BCOD.
            The whims of the Bilderberg elites coming to pass.
            No friggin’ good will come from this or them.

            • funny you say TURDS, anon. the last thing the guy said about them was the stench on the bus, he mentioned everyone was complaining about the smell.

          • SILENCE INFIDEL! I keel youoooo.

            • Hello Achmed.

            • makes me wonder…why hasn’t dunham been targeted………

          • BCOD

            Yah aint it great, and now when in a few months “ISIS” attacks, they will have more public will to go to war against assad in Syria…..crap did I say assad I’m sorry I meant to say “ISIS”. Can people not see who our real enemies are and how we are being blatantly duped. How do we continue to fall for this same evil bullS**T. Sometimes I think we deserve exactly what we are gonna get.

      23. Who exactly does is the debt owed to?
        I really do wonder if the Govt could just “wipe” it clean.
        What are you going to do, fight America’s army? Take them to court? hah.

        Wouldnt that be a way out of it?
        (Govt debt, not the other loads of debts)

      24. Syrian cowards they won’t fight for their land. Let’s let the cowards into America. Just what we need more useless eaters. When Isis is fully operational in the U.S. Where are the coward sheep gonna run to then. America has been sold out to corporations for cheap labor. People think trump is so great he doesn’t care about you. He will blow smoke up your ass and once elected do what he wants anyway. Only aggressive public rebellion will be heard but the coward pussies will do nothing so we are doomed period. Fucking shit hole merica.

      25. If anyone needs help getting out of debt, Money Management International can help. I used them, and it worked. They will take all your debts, negotiate lower interest, and pay the debts for you as they deduct money automatically from your checking account each month. MMI is a non-profit organization.

        ht tp://

      26. The Asian markets were all down last night, and the European markets are all down this morning. The DOW was headed down yesterday afternoon. So I will be watching the numbers on MarketWatch when the NYSE opens.

        ht tp://

      27. Wont congress just vote to increase the debt ceiling again?

        I remember in 2011 the debt ceiling being $14.7Trn and they increased it to (I think) $16.3Trn.

      28. I think we all know it is going to crash. I think it will be so bad that the only seemingly sensible solution will be a one world currency.

      29. I got a question for any really informed prepper out there. I live in Los Angeles, And yes I know I am in potently one of the worst places in the country for a SHTF. Anyone who has thought about this prior what do you think would be the right play for a SHTF in the LA area. I just moved out here from AZ so my gun and ammo situation is good, AR15, 308 bolt gun, HK USP, and a few others along with a couple thousand rounds of ammo. I’ve also worked in Law enforcement so I know my way around firearms. I’m in a house with a mediocre supply of food and water as well as a couple hundred oz’s of silver. From the research I’ve done it seems as though I’m boxed in with the desert being east, ocean west, and Mexico to the south. Only logical play seems to be to head north into the more sparcely populated more fertile central part of the state. There is also the Sierra Nevada mountain range for resources. There is also places like the Azusa canyons, and Mt Baldy that reside in LA county. I would think a lot of other people would have the same idea to head to the local mountains if it got really bad so I’m not sure how safe it would really be or how quickly the resources would be depleted. Anyone with some valuable insight it would be much appreciated. I also don’t have the resources to move back out of the state so that’s not an option. Thanks

        • You willingly chose to move to the most oppressive, lib-tard infested, population-dense location on the west coast, and you’re looking for advice to bug out planning? No offesnse but you jumped from skillet to fire in that regard.

          At least AZ has some semblance of personal liberties, (but no where near enough water outside four-corners, which would be the only sustainable region of AZ without power to pump water, and run AC.

          Now to be fair, I’m in the northern area of Sacramento, and it too is a kill pit in every regard that counts. Which leads to two choices for shtf planning – 1. Stay and fight/die in place or 2. Bug out to a nearby location which offers somewhat more plentiful resources. Your observation of the hills and the exodus that ensue is spot on, although having a group to co-ordinate and withdraw together with would make such an action possible. Lone wolfing it is not possible as a nomadic or non-permanent location dweller any more than staying in one location would be.

          I suggest taking stock of you and your family situation, and evaluate their abilites to live from a back-pack if cut off from the bov, or caches you emplace ahead of time. If something precludes a bug out endeavor, (Like young children hiking it out on foot.) my opinion is a well-known area you call home is far better to die defending than a 9sq. ft postage stamp of land you stand on in someone elses’ home….ymmv, and good plans last only until first contact with the enemy.

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