The Markets Are NOT Buying What The Fed Is Selling; Here’s Why

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    The markets are not buying what the Federal Reserve is attempting to sell in terms of their claims about the strength of the United States’ economy. In fact, more fears about the global economy have surfaced after the Fed’s recent shift in gears.

    A surprisingly dovish turn by the Federal Reserve and intense new worries have rattled Wall Street, sparking more recession fears and concerns about a global economic slowdown. But it’s nothing that a week or two of good news can’t cure, right? As long as you listen to the Fed, who is promising to take care of all of us in the event of an economic meltdown.

    According to Market Watch, some good news may fix the skittish feeling about the economy, but that good news is also not likely going to surface this week.  Especially considering there’s speculation that the reports trickling in about the U.S.’s economic state could still be effects of the partial government shutdown.

    Everyday Americans base their understanding of the economy on how well they can see things around them going. Certain economic indicators, such as home sales and new construction, can be symptoms of the steep drop in mortgage rates since last October. The housing market has been hanging on by a thread, however, which doesn’t go very far with alleviating worries about the economy.

    Even though Fed Chairman Jerome Powell described the U.S. economy as being “in a good place,” the decline in inflation can’t be disentangled from a slower growth in the U.S. and abroad. The Fed itself cut its U.S. growth forecast to 2.1% from 2.3%, compared to 2.9% in 2018. –Market Watch

    Central banks are also preparing for the upcoming economic slowdown. The Trump administration’s war on free trade has also stomped on the economic growth potential.  The tariffs have affected most Americans at this point, and have hit that 78% who live paycheck to paycheck hard in the form of higher costs for goods and services.



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      1. The Markets Are NOT Buying What The Fed Is Selling;

        I’m not buying what the Fed is selling either…but as long as he thinks I am …well that’s useful resources wasted.

        • Hold the line my Brother.

          Leviticus 20:23-24, 26 (KJV) And ye shall not walk in the manners of the nation, which I cast out before you: for they committed all these things, and therefore I abhorred them.
          But I have said unto you, Ye shall inherit their land, and I will give it unto you to possess it, a land that floweth with milk and honey: I am the LORD your God, which have separated you from other people.
          And ye shall be holy unto me: for I the LORD am holy, and have severed you from other people, that ye should be mine.

          • Yes, Jesus is coming to clean house and it’ll be spotless when He’s finished. I’d hate to be on the other side and so will all the mockers.

            • Just going to nail his hippy ass to some wood again. You guys keep praying and wasting time, the rest of us will be working.

      2. The markets always buy what the Fed is selling. That’s why there is a saying on Wall street – “Don’t fight the Fed”. The Fed always wins.

        • The Fed is insolvent and WILL BE sent packing within the next 2 1/2 years.
          They are not the barnacle some people think they are. Realm of new money coming.
          Get hard assets with that worthless fiat, NOW.

      3. What the Fed is selling is printing money to pay for the flooding of displaced Muslims and Africans into the Western world. Look around: have you noticed a lot of Muslims where you live in the past 10 years? Serving you coffee, lounging around the streets, most of the kids at the local school? Well, that’s the Feds plan: to print money to pay for the importation of a cheap, third world workforce. And it is working to plan.

        The Fed wins both sides of the trade: the print money for their friends on Wall Street and in the weapons industry; and they print money to pay all the welfare for the imports. All those life jackets and human traffickers bringing them across the Mediterranean. And who will pay for all of this? The tax payer, whoever is dumb enough to pay their taxes.

        • We don’t need cheap third world workforce, we exported our manufacturing to asia and mexico. The USA is no longer a producing nation, too many citizens for fewer and fewer middle class jobs. They got rid of the jobs first, now they are working on getting rid of the middle class. Guess which way (on the economic scale) middle class members are going as the “middle” gets squeezed – not up, I can tell you that.

      4. The fed is selling shit that ain’t worth a damn and everyone knows it. The old house of cards will fall no matter our military might.

        • What would you rather speak Chinese or Russian ?

          • China absolutely (though I love Russian women!). China has amazing infrastructure, hi-tech, some of the best food in the world, stunning and beautiful women everywhere in many different ethnic origins. Their history is wonderous and Chinese women are smart and hard-working. Ask yourself this: would you want to be stranded on a desert island with some obese Detroit ghetto girls, or a bunch of slim Chinese women with PhDs?

            • You, my friend, would do well to travel rural China or Russia to substantiate your views. In truth, the opposite of what you believe about the infrastructure in China and Russia is true (get out of the major cities to see reality), and the history of both is a centuries-old stain on humanity, even today, never mind that all you’re looking at is the women – no argument there.

          • I won’t be speaking either because I will be killed defending my family and freedom.

            • Menzo, same here. I’ve never bought what the fed has to offer and never will.

        • My whole fund is tied into Gold and some Silver. Itll always be worth more than the USD anyway.. These online retailers make it so easy for me too – peep for yourself. Click on my name. THE FED CANT PRINT GOLD!!!

      5. Menzo; You hit it on the head….

      6. As this house of cards collapses, expenses will continue to have to be cut. One of the first expenses that can and will be cut is cable and internet. I did a test several months ago of what it will be like not to have cable and internet.

        I learned a few lessons:

        1. It really helps to have DVD/Blue-rays of your favorite movies and TV shows. I didn’t miss current TV and Movies since it’s all garbage social engineering anyway. Did you know that you can get used DVDs for up to 90% off list price from places like SecondSpin, E-bay and FamilyVideo.

        2. It also helps to have movies and DVDs in digital format. There are multiple ways to get these.

        3. Download all your favorite YouTube videos to hard drive/Disks using VideoGrabby.

        Prepare NOW for the EXPENSES that we WILL have to cut as economic conditions worsen.

        • P.S. Preparing for life without cable/internet is what I’m doing right now by downloading my Movies and TV from VUDU and putting them on MicroSD cards. I just finished downloading “The Office”. Pam sure is a cutie pie!

      7. High cable TV bills? Who else is going to pay for half content commercials with continually higher fee and tax hikes? The other half re-runs.

      8. Some civilizations take centuries to crumble. Some, just a few (months weeks days) I think USA is in the latter…Our motto…LIVE FAST. DIE YOUNG. LEAVE A GOOD LOOKING CORPSE.

      9. Problem is the American workforce is lazy. Wages are based on the least productive worker. So there is no incentive to work hard because your already underpaid. The free shit welfare bums have everything working people have working for it. Oh don’t forget your paying inflated prices for everything and food is on its way up. All this while your not getting any raises in pay to account for inflation. We are fuckin doomed we haven’t begun to feel the pain. i figure I need $10 more an hour just to have the same lifestyle I had 5 years ago when things were a little cheaper. Stock pile food now while it’s cheap cus it won’t be soon.

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