“The Market is Uniquely Crash-Prone”: Experts Fear Financial Collapse Imminent

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Commodities, Headline News | 145 comments

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    The following article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder, founder of The Economic Collapse Blog and author of The Beginning of the End.

    Editor’s Comment: The writing is and has been on the wall for some time. Expert after expert has pointed to the hollow, illusion that is our global finance system, and has directed people to look down at the invisible and imaginary floor beneath them all. Yet most have, if glancing down at all in a stupor, continued standing around, pretending to listen while the music plays on.

    Is the system so cracked and fractured that it is about to collapse? Perhaps it depends entirely upon when the powers that be decide to officially acknowledge “the problem”… but don’t be too impatient, for they are cooking up “the solution,” too. Anyone buying?

    8 Financial Experts That Are Warning That A Great Financial Crisis Is Imminent

    by Michael Snyder

    Will there be a financial collapse in the United States before the end of 2015?  An increasing number of respected financial experts are now warning that we are right on the verge of another great economic crisis.  Of course that doesn’t mean that it will happen.  Experts have been wrong before.  But without a doubt, red flags are popping up all over the place and things are lining up in textbook fashion for a new financial crisis.  As I write this article, U.S. stocks have declined four days in a row, the Dow is down more than 750 points from the peak of the market in May, and one out of every five U.S. stocks is already in a bear market.  I fully expect the next several months to be extremely chaotic, and I am far from alone.  The following are 8 financial experts that are warning that a great financial crisis is imminent…

    #1 During one recent interview, Doug Casey stated that we are heading for “a catastrophe of historic proportions”

    “With these stupid governments printing trillions and trillions of new currency units,” says investor Doug Casey, “it’s building up to a catastrophe of historic proportions.”

    Doug Casey, a wildly successful investor who’s the head of the outfit Casey Research, is predicting doom and gloom for the global economy.

    “I wouldn’t keep significant capital in banks,” he told Reason magazine Editor-in-Chief Matt Welch. “Most of the banks in the world are bankrupt.”

    #2 Bill Fleckenstein is warning that U.S. markets could be headed for calamity in the coming months

    Noted short seller Bill Fleckenstein, who correctly predicted the financial crisis in 2007, says he is one step closer to opening up a short-focused fund for the first time since 2009. In the meantime, Fleckenstein says the entire market could be heading for calamity in the coming months.

    The market is uniquely crash-prone,” Fleckenstein told CNBC’s “Fast Money” this week. “I think the market is very brittle because of high-frequency trading, ETFs, a lot of momentum investors. I don’t think there’s going to be any painless back door.”

    #3 Richard Russell believes that the bear market that is coming “will tear apart the current economic system”

    From my standpoint, this is the strangest period that I have gone through since the 1940s. The Industrials are declining faster than the Transports. If this continues, at some point the Industrials will touch the Transports. When that happens, I believe a bear market will be signaled, as both Industrials and Transports accelerate on the downside.

    I expect a brief period of higher prices which will draw in the amateurish retail public. This brief breather will be followed by an historic bear market that will tear apart the current economic system.

    #4 Larry Edelson is “100% confident” that a global financial crisis will be triggered “within the next few months”…

    On October 7, 2015, the first economic supercycle since 1929 will trigger a global financial crisis of epic proportions. It will bring Europe, Japan and the United States to their knees, sending nearly one billion human beings on a roller-coaster ride through hell for the next five years. A ride like no generation has ever seen. I am 100% confident it will hit within the next few months.”

    #5 John Hussman is warning that market conditions such as we are observing right now have only happened at a few key moments throughout our history

    In any event, this is no time to be on autopilot. Look at the data, and you’ll realize that our present concerns are not hyperbole or exaggeration. We simply have not observed the market conditions we observe today except in a handful of instances in market history, and they have typically ended quite badly (see When You Look Back on This Moment in History and All Their Eggs in Janet’s Basket for a more extended discussion of current conditions). In my view, this is one of the most important moments in a generation to examine all of your risk exposures, the extent to which you believe historical evidence is informative, your tolerance for loss, your comfort or discomfort with missing out on potential rallies even in a wickedly overvalued market, and your true investment horizon.

    #6 During a recent appearance on CNBC, Marc Faber suggested that U.S. stocks could soon plummet by up to 40 percent

    The U.S. stock market could “easily” drop 20 percent to 40 percent, closely followed contrarian Marc Faber said Wednesday—citing a host of factors including the growing list of companies trading below their 200-day moving average.

    In recent days, “there were [also] more declining than advancing stocks, and the list of 12-month new lows was very high on Friday,” the publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

    “It shows you a lot of stocks are already declining.”

    #7 In a previous article, I noted that Henry Blodget of Business Insider is suggesting that U.S. stocks could soon drop by up to 50 percent

    As regular readers know, for the past ~21 months I have been worrying out loud about US stock prices. Specifically, I have suggested that a decline of 30% to 50% would not be a surprise.

    I haven’t predicted a crash. But I have said clearly that I think stocks will deliver returns that are way below average for the next seven to 10 years. And I certainly won’t be surprised to see stocks crash. So don’t say no one warned you!

    #8 Egon von Greyerz is even more bearish.  He recently told King World News that we are heading for “the most historic wealth destruction ever”…

    Eric, there are now more problem areas in the world, rather than stable situations. No major nation in the West can repay its debts. The same is true for Japan and most of the emerging markets. Europe is a failed experiment for socialism and deficit spending. China is a massive bubble, in terms of its stock markets, property markets and shadow banking system. Japan is also a basket case and the U.S. is the most indebted country in the world and has lived above its means for over 50 years.

    So we will see twin $200 trillion debt and $1.5 quadrillion derivatives implosions. That will lead to the most historic wealth destruction ever in global stock, with bond and property markets declining at least 75 – 95 percent. World trade will also contract dramatically and we will see massive hardship across the globe.

    So are they right?

    We’ll know soon.

    And of course they are not the only ones with a bad feeling about what is ahead.  A recent WSJ/NBC News survey found that 65 percent of all Americans believe that the country is currently on the wrong track.

    Also, Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index just plunged to the lowest level that we have seen so far in 2015

    Americans confidence in the US economy dropped sharply in July to its lowest level in 2015, according to a new US Economic Confidence Index rating released by Gallup on Tuesday.

    “Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index declined to an average of —12 in July from —8 in June. This is the lowest monthly average since last October, and is a noticeable departure from the +3 average in January,” the polling company said.

    Gallup said that “unsettled economic” conditions, including tumult in Chinese markets and uncertainty in Europe over a Greek debt deal, as well as US stock market volatility are factors driving lower confidence in the US economy.

    These “bad feelings” are also reflected in the hard economic data.  U.S. consumer spending has declined for three months in a row, and U.S. factory orders have fallen for eight months in a row.

    The numbers are screaming that we are heading for another major recession.

    But could it be possible that this is just another false alarm?

    Could it be possible that the blind optimists are right and that everything will work out okay somehow?

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Ok when it comes I’m ready or as ready as I can be!
        Got my food, meds, water, ammo, guns, ECT, ECT, and most importantly my Faith in God!

        Those that have laughed at me over the years will be at my door wanting help. TO BAD! One day of food and water and told to leave. Then told if they return I will consider them as a threat, and deal with the threat.
        That is if they can make though the BOOBY TRAPS! Not set up yet but it won’t take long.

        • They won’t even be able to get 50 yards from my front door in all directions without dying after shtf. Vietcong were good for something after all.

          • My salute to fellow vets & patriots !!!

            ZERO – I was just repeating to wife last eve, “”Charlie” was a good teacher”, because we are going to need every lesson I have learned when the “moocher debit” cards fail and King Putt destroys what ever he can.

            No nation survives such an invasion of “immigrants” without first being conquering by the invaders military. Then again…a Trojan Horse takes many firms. This time Charlie is WITHIN the perimeter.

            Bien Hoa 67-68,

            • Choi Oi Juliet6 and Zero. TET ’68 ring a bell? Tan Son Nhut, Cholon, Bien Hoa, etc. What I saw I brought home with me. They are now operational here. Black fishing line works wonders. Even better than motion detectors. And don’t require power.

              • MOVIN – You numba one GI ! Yep, 122mm rocket frag is on my dresser as a reminder that even when it seems sooooo calm…all hell can break loose in a millisecond when the feces hits hits the vortex generator.

                Everyone maintain situational awareness, as the “Condition of our condition” is FUBARed. Thank you King Putt!

                Salute to all, and a tip of the Glenfiddich glass.

              • Movin on, Juliet6, and Zero,

                Kilo 1-6 here. Recently, I was at the VA hospital in Temple, Texas and saw a young man with both legs gone almost to his hips standing in line, with those new springy looking feet and legs, at the pharmacy. I walked over to him and extended my hand and said, “Thanks for serving your country.” He eagerly shook mine with a huge smile. He asked if I was a Vietnam veteran and I said yes. What he said next shocked me. “You know why they (VA) want all you Vietnam vets dead?” “NO”, I said. “Because you guys can do all the stuff we did in Irag and Afghanistan without all the electronic equipment. That scares ’em”. I turned to my wife who just nodded her head that she had heard what was said.
                Just thought I would pass that along. The brotherhood of mud and blood is one fraternity you cannot buy your way into.

                • Can’t buy your way into: What a farce, we all bow to your omnipotent superiority, oh great one!

                  • I have so much respect for those who have served our country. My grandfather was in WWII, uncles in Nam and Philippines. My largest regret is never to have served and upheld our family’s commitment to freedom. While I don’t have that hands on experience, I’m as ready as a concerned civilian can be.

                  • If I’m interpreting your comment wrong, I apologize before hand BUT I don’t think I am SOOOO get over it–YOU should bow asshat–what kind of comment is that–while the merits of the war as with any war are debatable–the valiant efforts of those tasked with and having no choice but to carry out that war is deserving of nothing but respect—RESPECT. PERIOD. You got an issue–point it at the politicians and the military industrial complex–not the foot soldiers–YOUR OUT OF LINE–AND them old vets–may save your life one day if your fortunate enough to know one. You have a nice day now which by all accounts you should be able to have because of all the old vets that are still with us.

                • Thank you guys, happy to stand with yall

                • Similar here in south africa. Time to dig in? Or hit n run? Learnt both in angola against russian backed cubans and local. All used by system. Time to bring them down.

            • “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”
              Proverbs 22:3

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              The LDS site offers the LOWEST prices I have seen for long term food storage.

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              *New items…
              They have also now added white beans, black beans, carrots, onions and refried beans.

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              Prices and shipping are very reasonable.


              • Thanks for the link, excellent!

              • I have made many purchases from them up north. If you can find a local store, all the better….

        • Well this fall should be fun. If it really happens then, the people, in colder climates, who are not prepared to heat their homes without alternative means will be the first to go to the camps.

          • This country gets more bizarre by the hour, Stay safe and aware everyone

          • First, they’ll all show up at my door wondering how to get in a warm, fully stocked home!!

            Be prepared for anything people.
            molon labe

        • Agree with you totally. We were never “in the market”, per se, and after 2008, I’d never consider it again. If things are going to fall apart, I wish it would hurry up. We’re getting older by the minute and I don’t want to have try to get through it as a really old person.

          • yep.

        • what types of traps do you recommend?

          • https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Article/181076-2015-08-04-why-you-must-dump-microsoft-now.htm?From=Newse:

            Re: OPSEC Microsoft 10 is full of spyware. Stick to an older version like XP. Read the article link above, and how Mr Softy is going to hold everybody hostage with random licensing fees. If you dont pay up, they disable your software and make bad things happen to you. Like all your passwords, banking credentials, etc, they store everything you click on in this Win10 version. Back up all your data now… Spooky sh!t coming just around the corner people. ~WWTI – Prepare!!

            • I run a proprietary version of XP that I built myself. It does everything 7 does, and also can function like Mac OSX. I can open almost ANY file. Best of all, unlike versions from Vista on, I have full control of the entire OS. I’ve created my own installation discs for my special version, and I have backups from hell.

              My custom firewall and anti-virus apps protect it as best that any can, but as we know, nothing is safe…but mine is a little harder than average. That’s all I can do is my best.

      2. Its funny how the “experts” are wrong 99.999% of the time.

        • I well remember seeing plenty of warnings before the financial crash of 2008
          the blogs I was following predicted it down to a 2 month period

          I moved all my retirement money out of the stock market
          and beat the crash

          sometimes the sky is falling !!!

      3. The so called experts are repeating the same shit over and over to sell something and their pig masters are still making billions. Or maybe this is their version of foreplay for those of us wanting for reset so we can settle the score!!!!

        • And who are you? Mr nobody.

          • Hers a video just for you anonymous! ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U38_buPdNiI a perfect fit 🙂

      4. I’m sure Mr. Snyder is knowledgeable…but could SHTF.com find some other people to write articles about the future of the stock market? It seems like every day I read something he wrote and honestly in this day and age I don’t plan on listening to one voice…..we have enough of that crap going on in Washington DC!!

        • Well most of this is garnered from what is put up on King World News. I go there everyday and read and it pretty much has been saying this for at least five years. But I will say this, it is seeming that things are starting to slip financially as the Bandits in DC (Dark Country) tighten up politically on its citizens. Something’s afoot. Don’t know when it’ll all go down but you’ll either be prepared as best you can or not.

          • Keep your eye on Iran…it’s the eight ball in the side pocket and we won’t even see it coming.

        • @Semper,
          Have you tried zerohedge?

        • sure, semper…you can find “other people” all day long on CNBS, telling you to invest in this or that. so michael found a few people to say the market’s going DOWN? PFFT! it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the pump-and-dumpers telling you to put your money IN the market. the markets are rigged, and art cashin said it best MANY years ago, when an anchor asked him what he thought the market would DO that day. well, “it will do whatever it takes to take the most amount of money from the most amount of people”…and that’s what it DOES,…take from the poor and give to the rich(those “connected”)

      5. One DOES NOT need to be a “financial expert” to SEE that for decades now, these so-called (same) “experts” have ALL been diddling the stock market to their personal advantage.
        Any fool who has any part of their “portfolio” in any market position which they cannot legally access immediately, deserves what is going to happen, when the market “corrects”.
        If you do not physically control it, you have NOTHING. Your back accounts are going to get “bail-in” haircuts that you will have zero control over. Personally, I’ve never been a “fan” of the Euro-trash “hair cut” styles at all.

      6. Will there be a Financial Collapse? …. YES!
        It will happen on their Terms and when they decide to pull the plug.

        Regurgitating NEWS of this nature week in, and week out on this site does not do anybody any good.

        Is there anything new in this report, that has not been said in the last 5 years? ….. NO!

        Only thing different is the date, time, and year.
        Other than that, business as usual …. carry on.

      7. ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AqoaP0aQqQ this should explain it.

      8. Another theater shooting in Nashville…

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-08-05/another-theater-shooting-active-shooter-reported-nashville-cinema-suspect-dead

        • Eppe
          I just read this on the news. I hope and pray that the bad guy was capped by one of the people in the theater. The report is that the turd is dead.

          I don’t want the police involved in any more of these. It is time for us to take our lives, security, and country back for turds like this.

          Aim Small Miss Small!!!!

          • So good to live in a place where there are tons of CCW holders. You can bet your ass if someone tried that shit here another movie goer would splatter his brains all over the place and if not, the theatre management would lol.

            • I live in a place where it is nearly impossible to get a CCW.
              I’m looking into doing a “Qui tam” with
              Title 18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law.
              I want my county top cop in jail! It is a possible death penalty if a such cop deprives you of your rights of self protection and some one dies. This is known as a “whistle blower law” but it has been used to great effect.
              Mean while I’m trying to find a 26.5 MM flare gun. I can carry that loaded and in public, after all it is just a safety device. If I shoot you in the face with it you will not like it. I just have to let someone get closer than I like.
              Prep on!

              • It might solve most of our problems with crazies and mass shootings, if we get rid of the anti-depressants and psychotropic poison that big pharma shits out by the billions. They quit talking about all of the psychotropic drugs these shooters were on, which result in mass shootings and suicides. The last one I remember drugs being mentioned was the batman shooter.

                THE PILLS ARE THE PROBLEM. Not the guns. Not the laws, Not the law-abiding people. IT’S THE PHARMACEUTICALS, STUPID!

          • @Sgt.Dale…

            No doubt, the theater was a “gun free” zone.

            • Name 2 people that were shot in the head in a theater:

              1: Abe Lincoln

              2: the guy in front of pee wee herman 😛

              • G, did Lincoln tell his wife, “I need to go to the theater like I need a hole in my head?”

                • And the pee wee guy could take a shower afterwards…
                  Great joke…

              • Police say shooter was armed with a pellet gun. Sounds like suicide by cop.

              • Classic! I bet nobody gets that joke.

          • Hey Sgt. Dale–The man was killed by a Nashville police officer who was working a wreck on the road next to the theater.

            He was alerted to what was going on by some by standers, dropped his wreck paperwork and went straight to the theater. He boldly went in, confronted the man who attempted to escape out the back and was then taken down by swat who came on the scene.

            We used to live in that area 16 yr ago. It happened at the Hickory Hollow Mall which we have called Hickory Harlem Mall for some yrs now. This area used to be the rural part of Nashville. If you lived there, you were a “hay seed”.

            The whole of Antioch, where this took place, is now inhabited by Asians, Mexicans, blacks, and Kurds (the second largest Kurdish population in U.S.)

            I never liked the area, but it was all we could afford at the time and the Civil Service made all the firemen (Hubby) live in county until 1998. We left as soon as the restriction was lifted.

            Nashville and it’s suburb, Antioch, have been going down hill for a long time. I was ever so glad to leave.

            • I live North of Nashville in ky. We go to the opry mills mall occasionally. I hate malls except for food and the gun/hunting stores. I was surprised at the number of immigrants and muslims in opry mills! Seems they have lots of cash to spend also.
              Glad you was able to leave.

          • sgt
            “I don’t want the police involved in any more of these. It is time for us to take our lives, security, and country back for turds like this.”
            i agree sarge, SOMEbody gotta have guns in the country…we just gotta decide if WE want to be responsible for our lives….or do we want the cops and/or army to be responsible….the first-responders(us)….or the second-responders(cops)……i’m just afraid the dumb-masses aren’t ready to be adults just yet…..actually, they’ve already PROVEN that.

        • Eppe, from some of the comments section on RT, there were indications that the perpetrator was shot *NOT* by police-but by a theater goer-going to have to clarify that intel. However, if he was then it won’t be reported as such by any worthy news outlet here in the USA.
          Be well, stay safe. And remember to register your hatchets.

          • Eppe and Cat.

            MSM news is saying that he was killed by a WSAT team Bullshit, it takes an around an hour to put a team together. I know I was and still am on one. They are saying he attack people in the theater and then shot it out with a SWAT team???? If he was going after people in the theater and he only hit one person with an ax when he had a gun and an ax, why didn’t he take out unarmed people at the theater? Answer a person in the theater took his ass out, before the Cops and SWAT arrived!!!!
            I’ll bet a Dollar to a Doughnut!!!!!

            • Been looking for ‘doughnut colonge’ for a gag gift for my bro-i
              n-law who is a LEO…

              • EPPE
                What a great gag gift!!!!

                • If you wore said colonge to a theater, would it deter some shootings???

                  • Here it is! Donut cologne ht tp://www.saveonscents.com/product_info.php/products_id/202562 ha ha ha 😛

                    • Or to feel even better try some obama toilet paper 😛 ht tp://www.obamatoiletpaper.com/

            • TV news interviewed a movie goer. She said she left the theater to go out to the bathroom and a cop was there ..she said he told her to “go Back INTO the theater and if she saw a man with a back pack, that the man had a gun”. Why would you send someone back into a theater that may have a gunman. If she’s headed into the lobby get her ass out of there. Smells like a false flag to me. And I’m not one to shout false flag.

            • I was driving around town recently.
              The SWAT vehicle was being moved.
              Had I been and was disposed to do so,
              I could have eliminated three SWAT guys.
              and got a really nicely armored vehicle.
              They were driving
              with all doors open due to heat.
              When SHTF, Cops had better realize
              they are vastly outnumbered, and we
              only tolerate them because they
              presently serve a useful purpose.
              I happily pay their wages, today.
              Tomorrow maybe not.

              Prep on

            • Sgt. Dale, I had similar thoughts as well. Didn’t speak of them until more was known-and sooner rather than later it’ll come out.
              Be well.

          • John Wilkes Booth,a American hero!He souted out”Death To Tyrants”after killing dishonest abe!

            • Its funny that Obama idolizes Lincoln. Lincoln wanted to put all the black slaves on reservations like the Indians, but the northerners wanted to punish the south so they divided up the plantations and gave each black 40 acres and a mule.

              The US landscape would look much different today had Lincoln lived.

              • Well, Obama wants to put all white people into FEMA camps, that’s why

            • Other than that, I really did enjoy the show. It went out with a bang!

      9. Thanks for the alternate view of the world economic situation, Mr. Snyder.

        I watch CNBC and FOX business news and read Financial Times and Business Insider web sites every day.

        They seem to chuckle at Marc Faber, Peter Schiff, and Jim Rodgers after they do their interviews. The stock market will never fail and gold is a (nyuck, nyuck) fool’s investment…so they claim.

        Hey…..Are these guys just feeding me bullshit to keep me in the market? I’ve made close to 20% return on my munis in the last ten years and my public pension says they are in good shape and will get taxes raised if needed to keep solvent.

        What’s not to like…all us .gov “workers” are doin’ fine, thank you.

        Now, shut up, and pay yer taxes…


        • JRS, You can snicker now. Wait till President Trump fires half of the Goverment smartass Freeloader idiots like you, his first week out of the gate.. You’re Fired!!!

          • Assuming he don’t get trumped by a bullet to the head, from one of his own security guards. If Trump really tries to put this country back on track, they will assassinate him.

      10. Things to consider if you are worried

        Add usual prefix

        • Says website not available, hmmmm

          • Your machine, is there, just checked

            • USCrow a awesome site,read it daily and converse there occasionally,great recipes for the cooks on the forum!

              • Yea, been reading there since you mentioned it,
                They seem to be on the same page as i am regarding BS!
                And there is an overwhelming quantity of BS out here in interwebland

      11. “I watch CNBC and FOX business news and read Financial Times and Business Insider web sites every day.”

        I remember when the 2008 crash started
        Faux News financial “expert” Neil Cavuto said not to worry that it would
        “all blow over in 6 months”

        I remember thinking “that guy is a f_cking idiot”
        and he was

        • True…I was making a snarky comment about .gov pensions.

          Also true is the fact that if you started investing in 2008, after the crash, you are way up in fiat “investment”.

          Timing the top, or bottom, is a fool’s errand.

          Food, water and shelter are all that will matter in the coming starvation.

          • Well then i should be ok for a bit, sitting here looking at 90k gallons of h2o, burned weeds off about 500 potato plants this morning, then going to seed another 25 trays of various vegetable seeds,
            So broke i cant pay attention, but i eat well!

        • @Satori
          Isnt everything wonderful?
          Arent we all making three times what we did in 08?
          Doesnt every American have a new home with a new car and cheap healthcare?

      12. Everyone of those fear mongering mama’s boys listed above have been saying this crap for years. This time they are probably correct, but not because they know anything we don’t know, it’s just because they have been on the hamster tread mill of fear porn so long that sooner or later they had to be correct. I’m as prepped as prepped as a retarded redneck can be, but I never prepped one ounce of my hard earned money while banking on anything those 8 had to say. God bless and with baited breath I’m waiting, with common sense and reasoning for the teotwawki that’s soon to arrive.

      13. Just keep doing what preppers do best…stay ahead of the curve.

        • I’m already there Jim.
          Only thing I do now is pick up some odds and ends for the most part. I suppose prepping for over 10 years has helped me to the point where I am now.

          • Same here…have everything in place. Now I add trinkets here and there. I just got the Solo Stove and Kettle in the mail today. What a nice little unit. Building another bugout bag and I wanted something that would work without gas. Will try it when I’m “camping” soon.

            I support the advertisers on this Blog and those at SurvivalBlog as well. I did buy the EK Knife directly from Kabar a couple of weeks ago. It’s a beautiful version of the WWII Commando Knife. Check it out at Kabar.

            Another water filter is next and then more reloading dies. The more time they give us the harder their job is going to be. A prepared mind is a terrible thing…for them.

      14. What will things look like if these predictions occur?

        • YZ,
          Imagine Somalia ,

          Semper Fi

      15. I call it the SHTF EVENT HORIZON. Yep, September is just around the corner. You all should get the new HPH Alta report from halfpasthuman.com. This webbott, is lining up to what the scientist. Its states that millions of people in the US is going die over the next 3-5 yrs. Now the webbots picked on it. Told you guys, this is real. These idiotic people in the cabal think that by arresting preppers is suddenly going to make us throw away our food and supplies just to look good for them. Totally f….kin.. laughable. From the moment the people loose all of their jobs, run out of food and water, spot Planet X in the sky, its all over. Its pole shift time and the mass extinction commenses. Is it not the bible that mentioned that we will see signs in the heaven that will indicate that the end is near? I am already dead and i know it, hopefully i will be in the 3-5,000,000 shtf survivors.



      16. False Flag Alert.
        Now they are saying the three guys in N.C. where plotting to attack units involved in Jade Helm 15. Three Frigging guys are you kidding me.
        False Flag False Flag!!!!!!

      17. I’ve been hearing about a collapse for years now, but this time, I’ve never heard so many people all agreeing that it’s going to be in September. I don’t know if it will be or not, but I’m doing what I can just in case.

        • I prep for peace of mind. I don’t really care who’s right or wrong. It just makes me feel better. I can sleep knowing I’ve got all this neat stuff available if and or when I need it.
          It makes me happy.


          • That’s one of the nicest things I’ve read today.
            Thanks “the cookin’ mom”, and you are right.

            Doing things that makes you feel better, is why you know you are doing things right.

          • Same here,,,
            Peace of mind, priceless!

          • Cooking Mom, prepping is a state of mind of being ready for
            that comes about, multide of things.
            With that said, how prepped are all here???

            Hope the best for all..
            Everyone thank Mac for this site…this is my adduction…

      18. Isn’t the stock market just pure evil in itself, greedy gamblers looking to strike it rich while driving up the cost of everything across the board? All of the grossly overpriced goods reaching never before seen costs, a pyramid scheme to fleece lower rung investors. The way I see it, if one has money to invest in these markets, they have gambling money to lose. Only they don’t just lose themselves, they drag everybody down in their finagling.

        • I just love it when the Stock Market can take a -400 point hit, and the following day recover from it or gain +150 points.
          Nope, there certainly isn’t any Insider Trading going on here. No fraud or deceit nor manipulation…. This is 100% honest trading. The Government says so, it has to be true….`drool~~~~~~~~~

          • Bingo! We have a winner. That’s what the pundits above miss. There won’t be a “crash” in the traditional sense. There will be free PPT money to keep it up. Where will the free money come from? More massive debt. Dilution of the dollar. Its different than Rome and Zimnutjobs did it because so many people have their wealth tied into the system (retirement funds and more)! So, it’ll be a slow bleed and maybe a fast bleed. We’ve had a reprieve while oil cartel tries to kill competition; but, — maybe Septemeber — as market tries to head down we’ll see gobblers use massive inflation as a way to “save the economy” (ergo, their rich pals.)

      19. Collapse now or collapse down the road it going to collapse period so get off all this collapse crap. You can only write so much about it and it’s been covered to death. Good Lord there so much other stuff to cover out there that needs to be, like the UN’s take over, the cover up’s by our elected officials, a foreign born President, etc. etc. etc., the list grows daily so come on people get off the collapse wagon, enough with the over kill. IMHO.

      20. $6 dozen eggs could be coming. With the recent culling of layer flocks from the avian flu epidemic the price of eggs could well top six dollars a dozen.(cnbc.com)

        Well, good…maybe my new flock that I incubated this spring will pay some dividends. The old girls are slipping in their egg-laying habits and are headed for the soup bucket as soon as the others start laying.

        Hat tip to Satori for the heads-up on the avian flu epidemic earlier this year that pushed me to hatch some more layers.

        We mostly sell excess eggs to buy feed for winter, but if this happens we may actually make a profit.

        • We also have a couple old Barred Rock hens that are slowing down and we got a new flock of Austrolorps this Spring. They will be laying soon and when we take the turkeys to the Amish for butchering, they will go as well. You can’t beat the eggs…well, I mean their taste!

          • I just bought 4 turkey chicks to raise for Thanksgiving. They seller told me that there was a massive Turkey kill off because of the bird flue and she believed there would be very little available in the stores.

            I am also getting about 15 eggs a day from my chickens. I wind up giving them to my friends at church because we get too many.

            On this subject: little trick I learned:
            When your chickens stop laying eggs feed them about 3 table spoons of cayenne pepper. I mix the pepper with water and make a gravy then mix the gravy with the layer pellet. Do this for three days worth of feeding and on day 5 they will all be laying again.

        • F.W.I.W and JRS:
          I just added 6 more Easter egger hens to my flock. They are still Pullets but should be laying in a month or two at the most. That gives me 16 hens one roster. I like the look on peoples faces when I show them blue and green eggs.
          All my chickens are free range and boy they sure keep the bug population down.
          This gives me some good protein in there eggs and fertilizer for the garden. have not had to butcher any yet but if it comes to having to have meat the oldest go first.
          So if the market collapse there nothing I can do about it, but I’m ready to survive what ever comes my way.
          Through the grace of GOD and my family and friend we are going to do the best we can to make it to the other side and start all over again.
          To all my friends here. I hope and pray after this is all over we can have a giant picnic whit all of the leftovers and have one heck of a good time.
          GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

          • Picked up 20 RI Reds a few weeks back after polishing off the 4 year old birds I had. Should be laying by late October. Had to buy some eggs this past weekend @ 3.45 for GD-A (dozen).

            • At one point we had 12 Reds and 12 Barred Rocks all laying 1 egg a day. We had eggs in two fridges and were eating all we could. We even were selling them at $1.50 and couldn’t get rid of them all. We ended up selling some of the Reds a year later. Now we are building the flock back up to full house.
              The turkeys are getting huge and are only 5 months old. I think we’ll butcher them in early Sept. They won’t fit in the oven otherwise. The wife still thinks we should keep the pair and hatch the eggs when they are laid.
              It would be a longer term plan for a great source of meat. I don’t think we could feed them if the SHTF and would end up with old tough turkeys that I would have to cook over the pit on the rotisserie.

        • In SoCal we are already at $5/doz. My milk is finally a tad bit cheaper at $3/gal but an egg is almost 0.50 each! Luckily I have a friend with chickens. Now if I can just convince my other half that we need chickens. 🙂

      21. thankfully the spread of bird flu has stopped during the summer months
        however look for it to start back up as the weather cools

        scramble ’em while ya gottem !!!

        US Avian Flu Outbreak Feared by Poultry Industry as Fall Migration Looms

        ht tp://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/us-avian-flu-outbreak-fall-migration-duck-geese-iowa-strain-east-coast-poultry-egg-prices/51352558

      22. A bud of mine has a henhouse, says you can tell when there’s a new egg in there by the racket the proud hen that had it makes.
        Q: Is Foghorn Leghorn a Rhode Island Red?

        • Foghorn was a leghorn,i believe that is actually a breed. My hens also are proud of their eggs, they come out of the henhouse and raise hell, lol then the other hens join in… Hell a few weeks ago i uncoiled a 6 ft black rat snake from a hen, chicken lived, snake wasnt so lucky.

          • Bad joke.

            Why does a chicken coop have 2 doors???

            It would be a chicken sedan with four doors…

            For the newbies here…

            Thanks, Mac for a place to vent…

            • Lol, i love any chicken joke that does not involve roads, or the crossing of them.
              My fav is the old spherical chicken in a vacume one, lol

              • SS, please tell…

                • EPPE
                  What happens is it is a five door.
                  Can you say Hatch Back?

                  • Or a rumble seat…

                • Its a long one and late, ill post it tommorow, lol

                  • Amen bro, or can I even say that now???
                    makes one wonder what to sy.
                    As for opsec, they know us poster here at the plan.
                    What would expect???

                    Idig most all here, why can we all get together here and and make a difference???

                    • Sorry guys & gals… Few drinks deep…
                      Everyone thank Mac for this place…
                      Thank you Sir…

        • True,
          Foghorn is a white leghorn chicken.

      23. Well the meth head down the street tried to hang himself yesterday. After giving his mother a black eye, she tried to get away. The mother is no different, she is a pill popper, and also has come by wanting to borrow money. Anyway the meth head jumps on the hood of the car screaming, the neighbors called the cops. The kid then goes back home puts up a ladder and tied a rope to a tree limb and the other end around his neck. He jumps off the ladder, the tree limb breaks and the dumbass falls into the river with the gators. The neighbor grabs the rope and pulls the dumbass meth head to shore. The cops arrive and slaps the cuffs on him and hauled him off to jail. Lets see, domestic abuse, attempted suicide. Hell he’ll probably be back in a few days. Oh, he also stole money and the moms car the night before. Yeah, get your concealed carry permit. These freaks are everywhere. Another reason I put up the 350 ft of 6 ft tall barbed wire. The meth zombies will get really bad, when their food stamps quit working. Before I put the fence up, the kid kept walking on to my property asking to borrow money. I always told him “No, all my money is in the bank.” Ha!! Speaking of OPSEC the neighbor who pulled the kid to shore told me today how he has 3000 rounds of ammo and is ready.. ha. I told him we’ll have to sit down and share a 12 pack and talk about it. I’ll let him spill his guts, as I remain coy and act kinda stupid about it all. Let him teach me what he knows. LoL

        • After about 36 hours without meth, the meth heads will all be sound asleep for a couple of days. They’ll wake up weak and dehydrated. Not usually much of a threat. Same with heroin users. If they don’t get their dope, they dehydrate during their detox period of several days to a week, and often die. They won’t be menacing anyone either. Neither group worries about eating until after they’re too weak to do much.

          The time to worry about, is up to about 24 hours after their last hit. After that, they’re a mess of pitiful flesh.

          (Worked in a detox facility for a short while.)

          • on drugs?…PFFT! i’ve read at least 10% of all adults in america are on mood-altering drugs. wait ’til THOSE people find out they can’t get them anymore. now THERE’S sumthin’ to be worried about! the great american FREAKOUT!….it’s gonna be EPIC.

      24. How exactly is it that someone claims to have faith in God and in the next sentence state that they would basically kill anyone who would ask for their help?

        What God are you talking about? Truth be told, anyone who thinks that they are going to fight against What is coming will ultimately find then fighting against the band of God.

        I am speaking the truth. If you want to act like some type of hero by all means, have at it. But know this God is not on your side; you are deceived and do not know the Lord or his word.

      25. Folks,is it just me or are you sick of economic articles,WE GET IT!I need more survival/med ect. articles,have long ago accepted a man made natural disaster will change the country/world drastically!I would have left site long ago excepting the forum folks and occasional articals by Jerimiah/Brandon ect.I promise(fingers crossed if work goes hatwire longer!)we will have a chat room in a few weeks,my armies of zombie Goldfish are gathering as I speak!

        • Warchild;
          Yes we do need some more survival and medical and how to articles. We all could use some more lessons on how to do things.
          I think Mac does a heck of a good job here on this page.
          Plus I like the people here. Sometimes we agree and sometimes they don’t.
          Here is a question for YOU and EVERONE else.
          Which emergency food company have you bought from, which one do you think is the best as far as flavor and price goes?
          Lets get the ball rolling right here and now.

          • Northern Reb; I like Mountain House for the flavor. Cheap doesn’t get it if you don’t like the taste. I rotate it with canned goods and slip in fresh when I can.

            • Jim:
              Thanks for the come back. I buy veggies and fruit by the case every time we get down to 1 case plus 6 cans (18 cans) and make sure that the oldest get eaten first by putting a date on the can. I don’t go by the sell date on the cans. I have some stuff that is 3 to 4 months older than the sell date, they are just as good as the newer stuff.
              I what to find the best tasting freeze dried meat on the market. I have some Wise and some Mountain House and they are both good. After TSHTF the only thing that I’m going to have trouble with is meat. I can smoke and salt cure but who long will it last?? In the winter no problem the summer is another story.
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

              • Reb,
                Have you ever tried pressure canning some meat? It’s pretty easy. I keep enough jars/lids on hand to get all of my meat canned should an emergency arise.
                Just another option for you.
                Take care.

                • Same here Momma D.

                • Momma D:
                  Never canned meat , but have canned a lot of veggies and fruits. Just got done with the last 24 pints of beets.
                  that give us about 6 dozen pints.
                  4 dozen pints of beans (canned), plus 6 one gallon bag of green and yellow beans. (frozen)
                  16 one gallon bags of sweet corn (frozen)
                  4 one gallon bag of collar greens. (frozen)
                  6 one gallon bags of zucchini. (frozen)
                  1 dozen quarts of cabbage. (canned) and 3 one gallon bags. (Frozen)
                  and a verity of store bought veggies.
                  How do you do your meats??? Do you spice them up in the jar? Do you pressure cook them or do you hot pack It?
                  I would imagine that you are talking all meats?
                  S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • If helpful, informative, educational articles are what you want Warchild…better go to modernsurvivalblog or survivalblog.net like most of the long timers that have left. This drivel is getting pathetic.

      26. OK,for you chicken nuts!ht tp://www.mypetchicken.com/chicken-breeds/Leghorn-White-B65.aspx ,spaced to avoid moderation game,ya’s know the drill!

      27. here’s a little potential good news

        seems the Saudi’s may have made a bad mistake

        It is too late for OPEC to stop the shale revolution. The cartel faces the prospect of surging US output whenever oil prices rise

        ht tp://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/o…y-buckles.html

        couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of despots

        • Satori that’s a great article. Basically, one good war with Iran and those con artists and busted. Good riddance! They’ve raped the worker long enough.

      28. Off topic, I want to make a statement about vaccines and the push to make every American, regardless of age, be injected by the pharmaceutical witches brew of poisons to increase sickness in otherwise healthy persons in pursuit of ever higher profits. These death pushers are in lock step with the FDA and the entire medical establishment, likewise Agenda 21’s population reduction plan. I just found out that Monsanto is a division of the drug giant Pfizer, working overtime with the evil drug pushers to seek eradication of life through genetically altered food and debilitating needle shots. All the while with the bought off so called “elected” government is backing them in unison. If this agenda doesn’t wake the people into fury nothing will.

        • Did you notice you have to take a booster for Chicken Pox and also for Measles? LOL. So, if they work then why do you need a booster. LOL. People are sheeple.

        • New study out showing dementia more common in folks in their 40’s now. They’re blaming it on pollution. I say look at all the crap you started pumping into my generation in the late 60’s-70’s.

          Never mind fluoride, tsp and other chemicals in foods and cereals, the list goes on

          • and the shit they are spraying on our heads every day out of aircraft , most if not all those chemicals are dementia inducing

      29. Economic collapse is on the side of the preppers. It’s the elites who can’t live without being the only winners allowed in their money and Big Business-dependence game.

      30. Its good to identify problems. Sometimes we identify them and have the wrong understanding. That’s probably true here. There is no “crash” as in lower market. There is a crash in terms of dollar buying power. No doubt. Start shopping for any asset. E.g. I just did a deep study on land. Land prices are WAAAY over-valued. Why? Nearly free credit. We are in the most massive credit bubble ever known or ever dreamed. But there is no end to it. As long as humans cannot learn to conduct in non-fiat currency, then the credit will continue. It allows those that control the credit to have unlimited wealth.

        So, the market will crash up. Price will go UP! The pundits above are on the right idea; but have no understanding of the system. Price will go UP in DOLLAR amounts but really be down in terms of VALUE. The DOLLAR is truly the best horse in the slaughterhouse; but, those holding true assets can see it coming. Demand for value holding assets. I saw one piece of land at $30K tax assessment just over 10 years ago jump to $150K a few years ago and now $218k now. Tax assessment. The place is basically a wetland which will be a swamp after the next tree harvest or two. Its value is no more than the trees on it because of the tax man burden. But my point is people ARE buying inflated hard assets. Why would anyone over-pay by $150K for a place (well, nobody has bought at the asking price to be sure)? The point is EVERYONE knows the dollar and other fiats will be hyper-diluted.

        The market will go up because the gobblement will print treasuries and sell to the cartel which prints credit and the credit will be tossed into the market to hold up the traders. How long will this system continue?

        Either until real value producers learn to transact with a non-fiat. Or until the law of diminishing returns mean more free credit money just can prop up the market any longer. I think we literally have years on this. I think any attempt at plunge will be propped by gobblers. Look at China. They will not let their market crash. Neither will other nations.

      31. Great article, keep them coming.

        With robot trading on Wall Street there’s no way the average guy can move fast enough when the crash hits. You must be proactive in selecting investments that will protect you.

        In the 90’s, the tech boom encouraged people to chase the next best thing and put all their money on red 32. When the crash hit they weren’t diversified and millions of average investors got crushed.

        Here we are again, make sure you are diversified, but avoid bonds at all costs. Avoid risky investments. Investments need solid solid financials and a business model that is based on need and not elective spending. Companies that make necessities and have solid financials are always the refuge in a crash, though in a deflationary spiral cash is best. Cash in several unrelated banks and brokerage houses is best. Stay ready to shift investments. Don’t fall for the panic game. People must still buy toilette paper, food, heat electricity, water. Companies that sell toys and bling will be hurting.

      32. I like the part where they say consumer spending is down. The rich people are gaming on people consuming they want you to consume so bad they will have the gov give you free shit if you can’t afford it yourself. Food stamps cash assistance housing medical ins. If people stop the consuming and only focus on absolute needs the economy will not survive. Don’t buy new cars drive the old junk just keep patching it. Hoard your$ don’t buy into this you can’t take it with you when you die shit. I say you can’t take it from even after I die. Screw wasting $ on total garbage retail made to sell crap buy quality and do it once. The economy needs you work to keep it that way.

      33. As a Christian, a prepper, an Army Veteran, and a Special Education teacher who has dedicated over twenty years trying to help those no one cares about and getting totally screwed over in the process and losing everything as a result (House, most valuable possessions, etc.) and more over as a good human being I am truly ashamed of so many comments here.

        I am as prepared as I can make my family, guns, ammo, food, water, plans upon plans, gear, seeds, bla, bla, bla.

        I for one will be helping all that I can when the day comes. Don’t get me wrong. You threaten my family you will die, but I will help all the people I can.

        Not long ago I read a letter that I am sure many here saw as well. It was from a prepper explaining that while his friends were partying he was preparing and as a result if they came to him for help when the SHTF he would consider them enemies and kill them if necessary.

        Think about the insanity of such a belief. I am good, smart, and I prepared. Since my friends did not I will kill them before I help them.

        All of you “Anyone who comes to my door dies” people will not last long. Not only will the mob come for you and no matter how bad ass you think, and I stress think you are you won’t last long once everyone knows you are there and stocked. They will get to you and anyone who says different does not know what they are talking about.

        You have a right to feel that way. You prepared and they did not. However I do not recall Jesus ever saying, “Take care of you and yours and screw everyone else.

        Being a Christian, but more important being a human being, even after being destroyed by other people for no reason, I will still strive to help all I can when the time comes.

        It is morally right,

        it is tactically sound,

        and when I appear before God I will not have to answer as to why I turned away so many of his children in need.

        Ben Franklin famously said:

        “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

        Bottom line is we survive together or we will die alone.

        If need be I would rather die helping those in need when the day comes rather than living only for me and mine.

        How long we live is not as important as how we live.

        Good luck to us all.

        • similar situation here…similar outlook…hope i get to meet you somewhere along our path.

          • Tom,have been many who have discussed how to help others without risking themselves/loved ones.I was just asked here other day my idea about how to help others in tough times.

            I have said it before ad naseum,as I have no wife or kids unless others need me this rabid fisher cat will when crash happens whether man made or natural say hell with sobriety,hit one of bottles of Jack stashed while listening to Tull a final time and then figure I am good for one or two days,reason being I will see others being hurt and no matter what the odds will fight evil,whether in uniform or not!I will then take trip to the rock in hell.I have thought about this a lot and am comfortable with this decision,go out on my feet trying to do what I see as the right thing.

            As of Nordic bloodstock have many gods,somne with a bad sense of hunor and they will probably arrange to have me come across orphan children/pets and screw up me plans,tis patendly unfair but will then do the best I can till can pass em off to others better ready for em!

            As you are a religious guy,hell(pun intended)have a little faith in humanity!

      34. For those looking for good meat, survival cave has the best. It’s canned for the long term, not freeze dried. I have both kinds but this is really good.

      35. Worry about number 1 forget about the system it’s a joke and there is no hope in it. Just play the game get what you can out of it. Stick with your own agenda. People forget trying to help other folks most people aren’t worth the time and are totally dependent anyhow. Let the gov help them into a FEMA camp.

      36. “Could it be possible that the blind optimists are right and that everything will work out okay somehow?”

        I wonder how everything in this bad economy can work it’s way out without crashing…

        It was done with in 2 years in 1920-21 by cutting taxes, cutting gov’t spending by 2/3, and raising interest rates which after 18 months of pain brought on the roaring 20’s and provided a solid framework for sustainable growth with 2.4% unemployment by 1923. This gov’t doesn’t get it, they believe in Keynesian failed policies of 1929 which dragged us into the great depression for over a decade.

      37. Does anyone else realize that if the market does crash, the money doesn’t just disappear? It goes into fewer hands. While I am prepared for a lengthy time without income and the normal grid down situation, I also look forward to the next crash as I also have cash stashed away to buy the surviving stocks when they do recover. A stock market crash is not the end of the world and the rich will need the systems in place to keep being rich. I just intend to make my nest egg when the prices are low

        • No, the money does disappear. That’s what a crash is, the acknowledgement that bad loans or worthless bonds are in fact just that – worthless. Unsellable to anyone at any price. What you thought was worth money yesterday, (and acted accordingly) is now not worth toilet paper today. Panic ensues.

      38. They have all been wrong before, and they can all be wrong now.

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