The Map the Media Doesn’t Want You to See: Nations With the Most Refugees Have the Most Terror Attacks

by | May 10, 2017 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    The globalists who run the governments and the media outlets in Europe will never admit the truth about the refugee crisis. They’ll never admit that there is a direct link between opening their nation’s borders to people from chaotic war-torn nations, and horrific terrorist attacks. They’re constantly reassuring their citizens that they have nothing to worry about from refugees who come from terror prone regions, and to suggest otherwise is racist and Islamophobic.

    In fact, rather than admitting that the refugee community is riddled with terrorist sympathizers, and that this is a problem that needs to be addressed, the globalist try to normalize terrorism.

    In Sweden, the government tries to rehabilitate and reintegrate ISIS fighters who have returned to their country. They give them free “housing, employment, education and financial support” rather than throwing them in jail. And in the UK, London mayor Sadiq Kahn has tried to convince everyone that terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city.”

    In reality, terrorism isn’t a normal part of living in a big city, or anywhere else for that matter, and it certainly shouldn’t be normalized. Instead, the source of these attacks should be addressed. And the main source of terrorism in the Western world is clearly the millions of unvetted migrants who have arrived here. The proof of this fact is in the form of map that you will never see in any mainstream news channel or publication.

    Below is an image that shows every attempted or completed terrorist attack that has occurred in Europe since 2012. Notice anything?


    The nations that have become the hottest destinations for refugees, are also the nations with the most terrorist attacks. France, Germany, Sweden, and the UK are brimming with terror incidents. Meanwhile, countries that didn’t take in so many refugees, like Poland, Slovakia, and the Baltic states, have very few terrorist attacks or none at all.

    If you click on the link provided above the image, and scroll around the map, you’ll find that there are only few European countries that have faced numerous terror related incidents, despite not admitting very many refugees. There’s Ireland, where most of those red and orange dots appear to be foiled bomb plots; most likely related to Irish dissidents. In the Czech Republic, the handful of attempted attacks were caused by leftist radicals. And in Ukraine, most of the attacks are related to that nation’s internal struggle with Russian separatists.

    Obviously there’s a link between admitting countless refugees from the Middle East, and domestic terrorist attacks. Our government knows this as well. For instance, a few days before FBI director James Comey was ousted by Trump, he stood before a Senate committee and admitted that 15% of his agency’s terror related investigations involved refugees. That’s a shocking number when you consider that the US admitted 85,000 refugees last year, and the percentage of the population that would consider themselves to be refugees is probably less than 1%.

    The solution to this problem is obvious, and it’s a solution that Western globalists will never consider. Either we thoroughly vet refugees who want to flee to our country, or we don’t let them in at all.


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      1. We don’t let them in at all, now or ever. The globalists are enemies of the people of America, actually globalists are enemies of all people everywhere. Globalists should be the target of our anger about these terror attacks and rape in Countries like Germany and Sweden. Every eight seconds, a German woman, girl, or boy is raped by one of these refugees; and it is the fault of the globalists who are bringing them in. To blame the victims does not account for the lies and brainwashing and the suppression of the people who have been occupied since 1945.


        • Speaking of brainwashing, follow the globalist money right to the central banks of central banks. The BIS stands to lose a few trillion on their bad bets on paper gold rigging so they spend a few tens of billions driving the physical price down with paper. Simple criminal mathematics. They ride off every night whoopin and hollerin. It is either them or the deep state driving the manipulation. A target rich environment. There needs to be a whoopin alright.

        • I bugged out because I’m in debt and there are no fucking jobs no matter how hard you work or how much education you have. I worked my motherfucking ass off and still couldnt get ahead. I need to fucking MAKE BANK OR ELSE and this is the only place I could do it. Life is hard here but I can have social status far above what I could get on the mainland, even if most of my shekels get spent on cost of living.

          Do I hate life? No. I live on a beautiful tropical island in a white enclave. Am I still prepping? Well, I gather supplies when and where I can. I bought an AR chambered in NATO and an AK platform shotgun. I want a battle rifle. I have no real external security here but you bet your ass I have some boxes with some things. My big focus now is learning skills. I worry over three things: crime, disease, and hurricanes.

          Even in a place like this most whites are still fucking sheeple. I’m surrounded by white French people who are all smiles over Macron. I’m not going to give up ever. We have to try our best to preserve civilization. You owe it to our ancestors. They faced trying times too.

          You move to a new location, you make all new contingency plans. That part has been a good exercise for me.

          Those of you who have lived in a majority minority area will know the truth of the matter. I am a single issue voter on immigration and demographics. Nothing, nothing, nothing else matters as much as this. Believe me, I have seen some shit that is not easily forgotten. Am I “hateful”??? 90% of the violence is black on white. You learn that shit real quick. Anti racists mostly live in all white neighborhoods.

          • Good luck. Though, I can’t imagine that place will be any better, when the real SHTF.

            Few White people will ever get the real race issues, they are heavily conditioned against such truths. Most won’t even comprehend it as they are being murdered.

          • Eisen, I’m trying to figure out where you moved to. Surrounded by white French people and yet you were able to buy an AR and an AK?

            I live in an icky part of Europe and while it’s relatively easy to fly under the radar here in general (they’re lazy and corrupt), it’s basically impossible to buy a gun. Which is why I asked…

          • Iron Cross/Acid etch – from the age of 15 my boy did odd jobs around the neighborhood. Now, at 21 he has a handyman business and employs 4 others covering most of the county.

            He’s always been a practical guy and knew that people are too busy, too lazy, or too dumb to do simple jobs themselves. He’d found his niche business whilst learning on the job. He never considered higher education. He was making way too much money doing “menial” work.

            You can’t blame the system for your failure. Keep on doing that and you’ll remain a failure. Running away from problems does not make them go away. Your “woe is me” attitude means that you are your own biggest problem.

        • I tried and failed to build a well. The aquifer is totally contaminated with salt water (forget about trying to desalinate that shit, more trouble than it’s worth).

          Salt water contamination is the most common pollutant of fresh water worldwide.

          The water wars are bound to heat up in the next few years. The fresh water sources worldwide are steadily dwindling.

          On a positive note, Saudi Arabia is losing its aquifer. I would kick sand into their wells if I lived there.

          • If the US ever banned tomato juice going to the Saudis they would be screwed.
            They love that shit and drink it like water.

          • Eisen, don’t know where you’re at, but in the US blacks commit 75% of all homicides and at least 95% of their victims are other blacks. I’ve been in a ‘majority minority area’ for too many years NOT to know where you’re coming from. I’ve been at the BOL since April 30 for vacation but am returning home this weekend.

            • I’m guessing he’s on Martinique.
              But the AR/AK stuff makes me wonder. The Frenchies would never allow that stuff on their island.
              Unless it’s from the underground economy.

        • B from Calistan: Good, they are getting what they deserve! Keep letting them in and blame others for your problems.

      2. Looks like Poland and Romania are the places to be in Europe.

        • Poland and Romania simply don’t let Muslims in.

          They are castigated for their exclusion policies by the UN and the EU buffoons, but alas, they don’t have a terror problem. EU nations won’t discuss their lack of terror attacks publicly, it’s not politically correct.

          The rest of the EU will ultimately need their own version of the Spanish Inquisition, when they come to the realization that they have really been made slaves of by the globalists.

        • And HUNGARY, man I wish I lived there, they totally get it…

      3. The purpose of globalism is to exterminate the White race and enslave those who are unfortunate enough to survive.

        • In Europe, the Kalergi Plan. In the US, Clowrd-Piven. Muslim Hijra is a big part of those plans.

      4. you can take a turd out of a shit hole but you can’t take the shit hole out of the turd. That is what they want to do to the rest of the world, make it a shit hole.

        One day very soon we will wake up and ask the other around us where are we fighting today? Keep bring the turds in and this what we will have. Just remember they haven’t played Cowboys and Muslime yet!!!


        • Sarge, agreed. Too bad I have to return home this weekend. We’ll get to play cowboys and turds before you know it.

      5. I’m a simple man. I always look for the simplest solution.
        Kill every Moslem you meet. Nothing personal, I’m just eliminating a virus. Moslems are not human and there is no way you can convince me that they are.

        • Can you be convinced that the US is funding and arming terrorist Muslims to overthrow governments so they’re easier for globalist corporations to deal with?

          Think through things not at them.

      6. Maybe if we stopped blowing up countries,there would not be a refugee problem.

        • Yep. We should have stopped blowing up muslim countries back in the 1700’s, then there would never have been the Barbary Pirates. And we shouldn’t have blown up Japan, so we wouldn’t have the Japanese terrorist problem. We also should never have blown up British soldiers, so we could continue to live the good life under the king.

          What, none of that makes sense? Which part, the Barbary Pirates, who have been terrorizing western civilization since the day that pedophile crawled out of the ground? How about the Japanese terrorists and refugees? Hmmm?

          We aren’t the cause of the refugee problem. We are simply, despite the marxists in our government and marxist trolls like you, going to defend ourselves from them.

          • Hammer’s Thor

            This isn’t Marxist its realist. The US is arming Islamic Terrorists to overthrow secular (non religiously ruled) governments so that their policy’s don’t interfere with the globalist business interests. ISIS is being armed by the US and is attacking Syria as a proxy force. Syria has 10% Christians in their population while ISIS cuts off Christians heads.

            We’re being played.

            CIA World Fact Book Syria:
            h ttps://

            Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

            h ttps://

        • af dad…you are so spot on. that simple logic
          fails 95% of americans

      7. @ Air Force Dad that’s the Good Generals 7 Nation Plan. Gotta keep the chews happy too. Balfour Treaty part II.

        Thor I know you are from the GWN but study up!

        No doubt all the bombing for what in retaliation for Nine One 1? I clearly remember W stating the conflict was over he sat on a flat top with banners claiming it.

        Oh wait, W left all the equipment and a few troops but O filled the banks with cash, topped of the fuel tanks and left the keys in the ignition switches.

        But that was after we sent troops into Jordan to train ISIS/ISIL Syrian Rebels????. Next thing you know there goes ISIS in US equipment robbing the banks and the starting trouble in Syria. I think is was about Arab Spring Time aka 7 Nations. Then we had Libya, etc..

        So that’s
        Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen (by Saudis) Afghanistan heck there are some many countries….
        I guess the folks ran out of places to live after all the bombs.
        So EU being nice and under the guise of Civil Rights (American style) told its citizens they had to accept the refugees.

        This my dear Thor is what AFD is referring to.

        • Okay. My ignorance is now on display. What does GWN stand for?

      8. Mohamed eats bacon!

        Bacon is the solution.

        Bacon is yummy.

        Bacon, ❤️bacon, ?bacon, ?bacon, ?bacon, ?bacon, ?bacon, ?bacon, ?bacon, ?bacon, ?bacon!

        I ❤️ Bacon, but when it comes to my bacon, you better just get your own!

      9. The nation with the most refugees has the biggest terrorist problem ? No . The nations with the most brown people have the most problems? Isn’t it obvious?

      10. duh

      11. And the denial of the problem gets people killed. The London mayor says ‘get used to terrorism’ while failing to acknowledge an increase in American tourists being killed by terrorists in his city. The tourists should be warned so that they are alert to the dangers, not told lies.

      12. @ FT

        Britain is no longer Great! Sad really, the Patriarchs are turning in their graves! Thank Rothchilds!!

        • oops, a short lesson on etymology:

          England is part of Great Britain, which also contains Scotland and Wales. The island Great Britain is the largest of the British Isles, hence it is called Great (which originally meant “large”). The nations that make up Great Britain, along with Northern Ireland and various dependencies, make up the United Kingdom. Nothing to do with being “great” you ill educated peasant.

          There, that explanation wasn’t too difficult for your one functioning brain cell, was it?

      13. Test everyone at customs at the airports……eat bacon or leave.

      14. Okay, so let’s suppose AFD is correct. In fact, he may be in some respect, and perhaps I should not have used the “T” word, and so I retract it. How long has the refugee crisis been going on at the level it is happening today? The Syrian crisis started about 2012. Who has been in power for the last 8 years? Totalitarian marxists.

        Obama has been the tyrant in power, and the actions of his administration, including a gross lack of action, in other cases too much of the wrong action, have been purposefully created to instill masive unrest in the middle east, secure an influx of refugees (future democrat voters) and wipe out any chance of conservatives regaining the reins and steering this country back in the direction it should be headed. His goal, supported by his actions, have been to remake the world into a muslim, marxist paradise.

        Islam is like cancer. And it is spreading uncontrolled now. Obama cut open the wound, allowed the cancer to spread, and now it is everywhere, and we are all likely going to die as a result.

        I am just tired of comments like “if we stopped blowing up countries” because it paints us all into the actions of our corrupt marxist leaders. I did not vote for obama, or his policies. I would like to see the man tried for treason, then punished according to our laws against treason.

        • Maybe we should have a Constitutional requirement that only Congress can declare war. Maybe we should have a Constitutional requirement that only Congress can coin money. Got a little paint on you there Thor but you are correct for all the wrong reasons.

      15. Eisenkreutz is right about water. If you are near a shoreline, pumping fresh water out of an aquifer simply causes saline water to come in and pollute the aquifer. Some aquifers don’t replenish with rain. A fresh water crisis is already on us but it can only get worse. Fresh water disputes might bring the next SHTF.

      16. You have got to respect Poland. Leadership matters.

      17. The Muslim invasion / War on the West in action….UNDENIABLE when you see it on the map.

      18. Well, keep allowing these invading scum trash into your various countries, i.e. France and see how the terrorist attacks continue one after the other you flipping liberal mental-midgets! Wake the fuck up people. And keep all of those shitty ass muslims OUT of the US or it will become like France and have multiple terrorist attacks one after another.

      19. Worst. Map. Ever.

      20. Why the assumption that all of these attacks were perpetrated by Muslims?

      21. There is a travel warning to all U.S. citizens, regarding traveling to Europe.

      22. Coming from Corsica (the french island with a lot of points…) I’m challenging the author to find ONLY ONE real terrorist attack(as qualified by the article). Should be easy for him as there are 11 events according to him.

        Not saying there are no issue with immigration… but qualify a fight between 2 persons in a bar can’t be considered like a terrorist attack for me.

        To be fair he will 2 incidents but not “terrorist attack” especially with one created by the local population

        • You can download the University of Maryland SMART database of terrorist attacks worldwide for free. This is actually a very amateurish and confounding map product.

      23. This is misleading news. Some common sense, logic and knowledge before writing dangerous misleading article like this. The countries that have received many terrorist attacks are because these are the countries that create wars, invade and killed people in the Middle East. It’s got nothing to do with whether those countries open their borders or not. If you keep killing and pillaging other countries’ then of course there will be revenge! To add Poland, Slovakia, Ireland never really invade other countries and created war and killed civilians in the Middle East. To the writer, if you can’t be a good writer or real journalist, don’t write please.

      24. good point you have. Finally it’s seems like news is not fact or misleading that.

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