Man Who Filmed Hillary Collapse Video Hailed As A Hero: “Turned The Election Around”

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    As rumors of Hillary Clinton’s health problems began to swirl in alternative media during the opening months of 2016, the legacy media fought back hard. Every claim suggesting that Clinton may be having serious health problems resulting from a fall several years prior were immediately dismissed by the talking heads on left-leaning news channels as nothing short of right-wing, deplorable conspiracy theory. It was as if the media was actively conspiring with the Clinton campaign to cover up Hillary’s health issues.

    And then it happened.

    On September 11th 2016, as Hillary Clinton left a memorial and stood curbside waiting for her car, a man paying tribute at the 9/11 museum happened to have his camera on as Hillary walked past. Excited that he was in the presence of the woman who could be the next President, he kept recording.

    The video he captured may have changed the very course of U.S. history:

    Now, Zdenek Gazda, a legal immigrant from the Czech Republic, is being celebrated as a hero for recording and quickly tweeting the video for the rest of the world to see.

    His actions all but confirmed what reporters and investigators in alternative media had been screaming from the roof tops for months – that Hillary Clinton was having serious health problems and was not fit to serve as President of the United States.

    Gazda, a firefighter from the Czech Republic who now lives in New Jersey, told he filmed the moment by accident. He goes to the museum every year on 9/11 to pay tribute to those who died that day and started taking pictures when he noticed Hillary passing by. He began filming as it was the first time he’d ever seen her in person. Seconds later, her security team had to help her get into her van.

    He did not hesitate to post what he’d shot. “I put it on Twitter immediately,” Zdenek, who says he was always an avid Trump supporter, said. “I don’t like [Hillary] because she lied. She’s sick … I was scared too because so many people like her. But I closed the door on her for the White House. A lot of people say with a 20-second video, I changed the history of the United States.”

    He believes that to be true. Though the tweet took off on its own, Zdenek encouraged any media outlet that asked to use the footage in their coverage. He also said he “tried” to make money off it and was successful – though he wouldn’t specify how much he’s made, he said he’d sold the video to Storyful. He has never regretted his decision.

    Source: Cosmopolitan via Yahoo

    His pivotal role in capturing the video and having the foresight to understand its importance cannot be overstated. After it was released, Trump’s campaign absolutely steam rolled over Hillary as they were not only able to confirm her health issues, but that the mainstream media had been covering for her for months.

    What are the odds that after all the talk about immigration from the Clinton campaign, it would be an immigrant who tanked Hillary’s chances at the Presidency?

    Hollywood couldn’t have written a better script.


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      1. You Da Man Zdenek.

        Your video put Trump on the path to victory. He should buy you a beer.

        • During his last hours in office, Obama defied Congress and SECRETLY spent over $232 million, including sending $221 million to Palestinians.

          That is $232 million in addition to the over $8 trillion the Obama administration added to the national debt.

          Despite the fact that MILLIONS of American families were struggling over the past eight years, the Obamas enjoyed numerous million dollar vacations, all paid by the American taxpayer.

          The national debt is now over $20 trillion. Charge the money on the U.S. credit card, but it is the American TAXPAYER that has to PAY the bill.

          US sent $221 million to Palestinians in Obama’s last hours
          “Officials say the Obama administration in its waning hours defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority…”

          “In addition to the $221 million for the Palestinians, the Obama administration also told Congress on Friday it was going ahead with the release of another $6 million in foreign affairs spending, including $4 million for climate change programs and $1.25 million for U.N. organizations, the congressional aides said.”

          • Bill him. Personally.

            He can suddenly find out what it financially feels like to go to the ER in this country.

            • My thanks to this man for making that video. I hope his American Dream comes true. Welcome to America.

          • How can he have done this without the approval of Congress?

            • Obama, that is.

              • I’d tell you truthfully but then Mac would have to kick me into cyberspace.

                • Besides I’ve got a huge bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup and biscuits callin’ my name.

              • Because he “has a phone and a pen”, according to the former DICKtaster from Kenya!! Look at all of the OTHER Executive Odors that he came out with over the years. Why didn’t the Congress, which is supposed to be the origin or ALL laws of this Nation grow a set of balls and just say no? It was because they all bow down to their supreme god called Political Correctness.

          • Americans owe Palestinians nothing. Israel was set up under a UN mandate and then attacked the next day by Arabs. What happened after happened under the rules of war.

            You can be sure that money was really Obama slipping terrorist funding into the Middle East to be used against Israel.

            • $221 million bucks buys a lot of rocket launchers.

          • Don’t forget the $90 Million Dollars of Tax Payers Money the Obamas spent on Family Vacations over 8 years. Obama will be known as the Vacation President.

            Somehow one of his rent a daughters is now worth $12 Million Dollars.

            And the $38 Billion Obama sent to Israel. That is Rape!!

          • No thank God that Trump interdicted and scraped the millions that Obuma had tried to give to these Palestinians. The Hamas runs the PLO and these are known terrorists and jihadist. Obama, being a closet Muslim didn’t get to give these monies to them so they could plot more evil treachery to obliterate our ally Israel and possibly us too! God save our nation from these evil demented fools who want to assist these crazy and depraved Muslims. If the good muslims can’t clean up their own backyard then I say lets get it on with these miscreants and finally do what needs to be done and turn that sand into glass. Then take their oil!

          • It’s the 1% that adds to the debt and everyone else is paying for it to make them even richer.

      2. I wonder if he will now suffer several self-inflicted gunshots to the back of his head when Hildabeast sends her henchmen for revenge.

        • That’s what happens when you let ” Legal ” aliens in the country!

      3. Grateful this guy got this out,he should though be very careful.I would say actually by going public with his actions might keep him from having a “accident”,then again,it may not.

      4. I think we just about pounded into the dirt the term and true meaning of a HERO. This man is no hero. What he did however could very well have moved many in the direction to vote for Trump. This man’s life was never in danger when he filmed Hillary and put it out on the net. We’ve got to quit with the feel good BS that everybody should win a prize or be a winner just because they crossed the finish line whether they were third or last. It’s really fecken gettn’ old.

        • Hmmph, he sure is a HERO to me!! And should be to you too, unless you get some kind of a perverted joy from having the boot of tyranny from the Klintons et on your neck!

      5. Mike “Monsanto” Pompeo, author of the Dark Act(DENYING AMERICANS THE RIGHT TO KNOW) what is in their poisonous toxic fake food garbage, pure disgusting shit food shoved on them by psychopaths from the inner bowels of the pits of hell in Washington DC….Mike “Monsanto” Pompeo, the most murderous, most criminal, most treasonous, most disgusting piece of pure evil vile filth this country has ever known, just appointed to the most murderous, most treasonous, most evil, most vile, most disgusting Intelligence Agency the world has ever seen……God help our poor doomed children victims.

        The American Holocaust and Chemical Culling of the American children, who drunken bum boot licking toxic dump fat ass dumbed down American cowards should of NEVER had, it will continue right on schedule, and pick up speed like never before….God help our poor doomed children victims.

        The doomed American children will get fatter, more disease ridden, more dumbed down, more Autistic, more depressed, more suicidal, and the poor doomed American children victims, who have no idea how their parents allowed them to be poisoned, will be dying like never before.

        The children of you disgusting drunken bum American coward trash parents, and every generation to come, will curse your names and piss on your graves for this murderous treasonous Military Junta Corporatist Fascist Death Squad you are giving the children you should of NEVER had…and all so you American coward parents can be “rich and great” again, which you NEVER were and NEVER will be.

        You better get down on your knees NOW American coward parents, you better get down and start BEGGING your creator for forgiveness for what you American coward disgusting parents have done, and will continue to do, to your doomed disease ridden dumbed down children, but I know all you cowards can do is keep getting drunk, popping your Big Pharma poison, and shoving that toxic garbage food in your toxic dump fat asses and your poor doomed children, all while pretending nothing is happening, and screaming “conspiracy theory”, “tin foil hat” and all your other coping mechanisms at anyone telling you the TRUTH, while you cannot even look at your poor doomed disease ridden children American Holocaust and Chemical Culling victims.

        • C’mon now, don’t hold back. Say what you really feel.

          Bottom line – words don’t mean squat. You up to doing something besides bitch? Yes? – then do it. No? – then STFU.

          • words don’t mean squat when uncivilized neanderthals fail to listen…however, words worked juuuust fine for the founding fathers.
            so the question is what are YOU gonna do about that?

          • Heartless, why don’t YOU STFU? I don’t always agree with Ron but he has the right to have his say. BTW, your moniker sounds right for you. So what will you do about that?

        • Well RA if the parents did all you said they should there’d be no end times. What kinda fun would that be. We gotta have some end times so we can “get us some”. I for one need to take a few scalps before I get the case of the ‘Joneses’. So don’t get disheartened if things don’t turn out the way you’d like to see it happen.

          • We are in the apocalypse now, which is the “lifting of the veil”, or the exposure of all the crimes of the treasonous criminal psychopaths controlling our Police State hell on earth… We are in end times now for sure, and this is when the creator takes a close look at next candidates to spend eternity in hell, and those candidates clearly would be the ones murdering, molesting, poisoning their children, and destroying their health, freedoms, and future, while they get drunk, stuff toxic shit in their faces, jerk off to porn, scream like deranged lunatics at “bread and circuses” sporting events, and then get drunk again, and repeat the cowardly boot licking cycle all over again, day after day after day in psychopath controlled Police State hell on earth America , all while their children become more obese, disease ridden, dumbed down, depressed,and dying early….Hell is going to be full in no time with these CINO’s(Christians in name only) and millions of other American boot licking toxic dump American coward parents!!!!

          • WHAAAAAAATT??????
            You’re “jonesing” for scalps??
            In a real shtf event it’s asswipes like you
            that drop first…what, fancy yourself as negan or something? wow.

      6. Too late to “eliminate” him by the Clinton machine. It got out B4 they could. They only “eliminate” or threaten to “eliminate” before the victim testifies, goes public, etc….The Clintons are still in absolute shock, and now there are too many ahead of Zdenek for retaliation. The only ones left for them to target for “elimination” would be anyone in the justice dept or executive branch(including Trump) that might initiate or call for an indictment.!!!!!

        • Think she’ll divorce Bill now that he’s useless to her?

          • hm…nah…but i’d keep my eye on the obits…

      7. Zdendk, The man at the right place at the right time.

      8. What we have here is NOT a coincidence.

        But the hand of God through Zdenek Gazda, a legal immigrant from the Czech Republic.

        Amazing how God does His work !

        Romans 13:1 …For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

        Daniel 2:21 …He removeth kings, and setteth up kings…

        John 19:11 Jesus answered, Thou couldest have NO power at all against Me, except it were given thee from above…

        Prov. 8:15 By Me (God) kings reign, and princes decree justice.

        Prov 8:16 By Me (God) princes rule, and nobles, even all the judges of the earth.

      9. Well, he’s a dead man. Look for him to have an ‘unfortunate accident’ sometime soon. Should have taken the money and kept his mouth shut.

        • So DW……you’re happy to sell out your fellow humans?
          DW = Dick Wit then.
          Go and crawl under a rock will ya.

          • Nuke em Duke, DW should be DH; DICKHEAD.

      10. This just in, Mr. Gazda has a “mysterious hiking accident”.

        Apparently someone left a nail gun… in the middle of a hiking trail, and he fell backwards on his head onto it. 16 times.

      11. Ronald Ahrens III%… I for one enjoy your posts. If the truth hurts, deal with it. The biggest enemy of this government is the truth. Shout it from the rooftops.

        • Thank you Patriot, freedom, and liberty lover not afraid of the TRUTH….Any intelligent rational thinking critically thinking REAL HUMAN BEING understands the following:


      12. Wait..i thought it was the russians…is he russian?

      13. This video did not take down Clinton, She had more than a few murders, pedo file stories, and Haiti criminal racket termed pay to play, while the people of the Island got little to nothing, and then there was Bengazi, the Leaked E-mails, and a lesbian affair with weiner’s Muslim wife. Fainting can be staged. A plea for sympathy or just caught off guard, this is not what caused the Clintons to fall from grace. The Clintons and their Goldman Sachs double (((citizens))) are too evil for their own good.


      14. I have never met even one immigrant from the former Warsaw Pact in Eastern Europe who supports the Democrat Party and their platform once they see what it is. Some of them have said this is what the Communists were.

        • Yes. Yes. Yes.

        • Yes, my experience also. Poles that I met who grew up under Communism universally despised Clinton

          • Just were in Poland have you been looking for Poles that did not like Clinton. Southern part of Poland did so like Clinton.

      15. i’m not convinced this video is what cost clinton the election.
        too many other factors to consider. like the the republicans stole another election and blamed it on the russians. “the electoral college put trump in office”. TPTB that we still don’t know who are, are still in charge and didn’t want her in office.

      16. A mere human questioned her highness, off with his head.

      17. Hillary sank her own boat stating she would eliminate the Second Amendment because it interfered with her plans for Gun Control, and would close all the coal mines putting coal companies out of business not realizing how big they really were and that Jimmy Carter ordered all power companies to switch to coal when he couldn’t get private gas into the Federal pipeline when HE was President.

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