The Looming U.S. Government & Private “Debt Trap” Threat

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Headline News | 200 comments

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    The signals from financial markets today indicate that we could be on the verge of a new credit crisis.  The looming debt trap threat has ensnared millions of Americans, and they firmly believe that their government (which is $22 trillion in debt) will somehow protect them and save them from themselves.

    There will come a time when no one will loan the government any more money. When that time comes, if you are dependent on the government for either welfare or a salary, you’ll be in a world of panic. But it won’t be much easier for those who are dependent on themselves either.  At that point in time, the government will attempt to steal more money from producers to try to make up for their horrible spending habits.  The economy will plunge into ruins taking society and the American standard of living with it.

    Debt has become a looming crisis, and in America, it’s a trap.  People borrow more money than they will ever be able to repay and more and more creditors are willing to loan high-risk borrowers more money. According to Seeking Alpha, the debt based system we’ve been forced to live under is a ticking time bomb, and no one can see the clock.

    Our best-case outcome of controlled price inflation is essentially that forecast by the Congressional Budget Office. Working from the CBO’s own figures, by 2023 we can estimate accumulated debt including intragovernmental holdings will be $26.3 trillion, including our estimated interest cost totaling $1.3 trillion.

    The CBO assumes GDP will increase by 48% by 2028 to $29.803 trillion, whereas our cyclical case is for debt to rise to $51.4 trillion. While both these figures should be taken as purely indicative, clearly, US government debt will increase at a faster pace than the growth in GDP and will strangle economic activity.

    If the purchasing power of the dollar declines more rapidly than implied by the CBO’s assumed 2% price inflation target, interest payable on Federal debt will in turn be sharply higher than expected, compounding the debt problem. The federal government will face a potentially terminal debt trap from which there can be no escape.

    Seeking Alpha

    As Americans struggle with record levels of debt in an economy they are all too often told is just fine and doing great, they face increased prices from trade war taxes and the costs of regulations.  It is a trap that is difficult to get out of.  Infamous financial guru Dave Ramsey has said: “you can wander into debt. You cannot wander out.”

    Unfortunately, not one politician in Washington is focused on the national debt, unless it’s on how to raise it even more.  The best way to prepare for this horrific apocalyptic economy is to store some essentials, such as food and water, and have things that can be bartered. Also, consider getting yourself out of debt. Do what you can to pay off or pay down what you owe and stop borrowing money. A financial crisis is looming and it will impact those who are not prepared more than those who are.

    “If we have learned one thing studying the history of disasters, it is this: those who are prepared have a better chance at survival than those who are not.” -Tess Pennigton, The Prepper’s Blueprint


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      1. I’m kinda disappointed no one would stand with me on that issue of pro-choice.
        Go back and check out the suggestion I left in the Alex Jones article
        March 1 11pm. 9 minutes of silence for the 61 million dead.

        • AB,
          I suspect you are preaching to the choir here.
          On my island if there were an abortion clinic,
          it would have been burned down long ago.

          • Does anyone ever pay any attention what the US would be like if we had not had abortions? Using some of the figures I have read–60,000,000 more people, very few of them commiserative whites, a huge % permanent welfare people voting Democrat, HRC no doubt president, no boarders. Completely bankrupt Gov and pensions. Be very careful what you ask for. you might get it.

            • I’m not against birth control I’m against killing the innocent.
              Into days day and age we have any number of ways to control populations.
              With all that choice ; why make the one that puts actual blood on the hand??

              • It’s not YOUR actions and Opinion of it, that’s the problem! Deal with reality, don’t bother me with “IF ONLY’S” Girls get pregnant millions of them. If you cannot deal with that everything else is just wishful thinking.

            • exactly, we have more than enough problems with the 13%. just imagine what 23% or more would be like. if truth be told enough times, it could be the truth.

            • There is a reason that there is a Planned Parenthood in every ghetto. That isn’t accidental.

            • Good thing your mom did not abort you huh?

        • Until the blacks understand that these 3 things came about because of republicans(the old party, not the fake one now), hate will continue, compliments of the democrat party.
          1)abolition of slavery
          2)citizenship of blacks
          3)right to vote

          How stupid do you have to be to not recognize genocide of your own race??

        • Well here’s mine then: anybody that would harm a child should be put to death. I’m not going to put an age cut off on it though cause some of those who are able body teens have shown that they can cause suffering and pain. And on your comments about tomahawks, I do have and nice forged one by a maker from Louisiana. All go hunting to you.

          • Meant to type, “All good hunting to you”.

            • Good hunting to you as well brother hawk thing I wouldn’t want to is come up against a hawk user. Brutal.

        • The $22 Trillion debt is the culmination of the annual Budget Deficit: which in turn is the excess of government revenues and expenses since the inception of the Nation.

          The US Taxpayer subsidizes China to the tune of $400 Billion a year; The EU $160 Billion a year; Mexico $125 Billion a year; Canada $25 Billion a year; and ILLEGALS $500 Billion a year (according to a Harvard Professor): totalling almost $1.1 Trillion a year. Thus the bulk of the National Debt, since GWB & Obama represents the cost of Globalism upon America.

          These numbers represent the funding of the GLOBALIST AGENDA ….. NOT Americans living beyond their means as the LSM would have you believe. Trump is trying to reduce & eliminate these cost burdens upon the American worker, family and taxpayer.

          Globalists owe US. Make them pay or seize their assets and through them in prison until restitution is made. If they don’t pay up in a reasonable period of time : ONE YEAR …. HANG THE BASTARDS.

          Multinational Corporations like GM & Ford have paid LITTLE or NO taxes on $100 Billion of revenue (each) over the past ten years. Clearly corporate tax law must be revisited …… eliminating loopholes and adjusting accounting processes if FAIRNESS is to restored in the American Economy. 🙂

        • They were all black babies, so nobody cares.

          • Seems Paranoid thinks population control is all right as long as it’s carried out through abortion. If that’s the case my preference would be to Eliminate Liberal Progressives, not little innocent babies, but then I’m not GOD so I don’t get to make that choice. For those that don’t believe in GOD the Great Lawgiver, kill whoever you desire because who is to decide what is right or wrong, every man can make his own laws. Why let some other man just because he is a politician decide for you what is right or wrong. Trekker Out


          This story from BlackListedNews dot com:

          The House Just Passed A SECOND Extreme Gun Control Bill
          Published: February 28, 2019

          Source: The Organic Prepper

          For the second day in a row, gun-grabbers in the US House of Representatives have passed an extreme gun control bill.

          Yesterday we reported that the House of Representatives voted to pass H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, which would require background checks for all firearm sales, including private transactions and purchases made online and at gun shows. Currently, only federally licensed firearms dealers, importers, and manufacturers are required to conduct background checks on customers under federal law.

          We also reported that the House would be voting on another gun control bill this week – H.R. 1112, the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019, which has been nicknamed the “Charleston Loophole” bill:

      2. Wrangler
        Model 1269-e

        • AB,
          Is that your chosen model of wood stove?
          Model 1269-e? Looks easy to hike it in.
          You probably think I’m nuts but Rush radio
          stream is a little boring this AM, so I’m
          checking thru my usual news sites.

          • Yup she’s loaded on the sled I pulled it around the block once it pulls easy.
            I don’t foresee any issues getting it in there the terrain is pretty flat.
            Take a day to like it in there , I’ll camp out for the night hike out next day.
            I’m gonna check out a few other goodies I came up with. Hillbilly barbwire 12 Ga trip wires. Ect. Been a while since I’ve slept out in winter should be interesting.

          • rellik, you have a reply to the article about “Former US official” (Stockman) after one of your posts.
            Sorry to see this site change into a version of zero hedge, trying to find a purpose.
            But the purpose, we know, is how many hits a site gets, isn’t it?

            • A mistake of some sorts!
              I don’t do that sort of thing.

      3. Good let it all go to shit cus the herd needs thinned. The ones who will not self sustain due to lack of ingenuity or most abundant affliction of lazy fooken pricks will succumb to natural selection. Make America great again!!!

        • But wait a minute… speaking of spending money that they don’t have, how about our politicians? And really I’ve pretty much got to the point that what’s gonna come about is what’s gonna come about. I just hope I get off a few rounds before I empty out. Other than my wife, children and family, I don’t really give a shit about much of anything else. I know that the founding fathers knew that it would come to this cause they warned us about it in their writings. They knew that the majority people can be corrupted and especially those who think that we need their protection. Hone your skills folks if you want a chance of surviving (if it means that much to you). And having firearms that you are proficient with is great but do yourself a favor, get yourself a good blade(knife) because it just might get to that.

          • I saw a very interesting documentary a couple days ago, which told the story of 189 Swiss Guards attempting to hold off 20,000 mercenaries who were storming the Vatican. Although it did not end well for the guards, they were able to inflict heavy casualties with highly skilled use of the halberd.

            Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good source for high-quality arms of this sort? There are a lot of them out there, but it’s hard to tell which are well-made and which are just cheap junk.

            • Well be prepared to put out some large coin for one of those. I suggest you locate a knife maker who knows what he’s about at a forge. Finding one who is well known and does good work could be a chore but then you might have quite a wait as these are sometime backed up with orders.

              • Anon ~ Yes, I know it won’t be cheap; but you get what you pay for. Thanks for the idea of asking knife makers — I’ll look into that.

      4. Not much going on here today either.
        I’ve been getting some equipment ready for Sat.

      5. It’s really irritating to sign in every post.
        What gives??
        I noticed posting falling off–same for all reading here??

        • JJ
          I’ve noticed the same thing having to sign in every post.its irritating.
          As for the comments and readers.
          We’ve had some issues with religious fanatics trying to hijack the site by posting wall after wall of TXT often exceeding the article lenth.
          Myself I find it very difficult to sift through the walls of scripture.
          They have been asked to stop but they just attack with insults and disparaging remarks. When actually challenged they go silent. I’ve noticed they have also been going back to arrival that we’ve stopped commenting on they go back and up even more.
          I suspect this is why activity has dropped off.

          • Affirmative.
            Maranatha spam posts, site censorship, DISQUS being blamed, when the web master CHOSE the censorship tool, No real time discussion, politital correct or your posts shadow banned, dubious fear mongering articles from dubious sources.

            Reason we go elsewhere. Fewer posts. Fewer buys to sponsors. But if the web site wants to continue course, go full speed just as Titanic did. Likely same results?

            • Believe me, discus is wau better than Vulke, what Infowars was using until recently. Vulke was actually favoring trolls and lefties, throwing out alt-righters. Management didnt even notice, I complained about vulke directly by email to infowars and others, they just changed and got a whole lot better. Discus is a paradise compared to that.

              I myself am religious and post as a Christian-Patriot-Dominionist-Prepper-Survivalist-Gun guy. I don’t argue or spam post or insult. I want to keep the peace and make friends. I consider all of us as alt-ers, pro-freedom people. We need to hold the alliance. If we don’t the Left will trounce us, for THEY are very united. Something to think about. Let’s not chew each other’s tails off. It’s just more spice in the pot here.

              Im sorry if a religious guy gets carried away. Ya gotta remember though, a lot of the lurkers are X-tians, they may not post.

          • thanks for spending the time to explain.
            I still find it irritating to sign in-even if fake mail address-every time.

   is new social network with no rules about being politically correct for the big boys censoring.

        • Well, Its not just here @shtf. I go on several sites and read. I do believe that the winding down is taking place. I don’t believe we’re at the eleventh hour but who knows. Right now, this minute, there appears to be still time to take care of needs
          .I sometimes feel that we’re near than later feel that there is still plenty of time.

          • I don’t worry to much about that.
            All one can do is carry on as normal till something does shake loose.
            Then do something about it.
            No sence I’d dwelling.
            As for the scripture believe how you want you want to believe.

            • That’s how I believe it should be.

              • NO. A Christian does NOT believe how he wants to believe.

                51 Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did , so do ye. 52 Which of the prophets have not your fathers persecuted? and they have slain them which shewed before of the coming of the Just One; of whom ye have been now the betrayers and murderers: 53 Who have received the law by the disposition of angels, and have not kept it .
                Acts 7:51-53

                A stiff neck was a description for livestock who refused to be led ie rebellious. Rebellion is the result of pride which is the beginning of sin.

                • Well Mar…..we do believe our own way.
                  Soooooo……… Ya. Tough shit.

                  • I know it…and that is condemned in the Bible as it is rebellion!


                    • Best take care of yourself you Jackabite.

                    • Moniker change fur me. Goin with my roots…

                      (You boys play nice now, don’t thump that bible too hard)

        • JJ,
          Only so many times we can comment on what we do to avoid the upcoming financial disaster Democrat and RINO run America is pushing us into. I thought the back and forth from Angry Beaver and Marathana about the stove/hearth was very entertaining. I learned a little bit. But agree with you that there is some fall off.
          I suspect that because of the public nature of the internet, the really fun stuff we would like to share, we don’t because of “Big Brother” watching us.

          • rellik ~ I don’t think we’ve begun to see how bad the surveillance will get. There is a huge push to saturate every home with “the internet of things” in which myriad devices communicate with each other –and, you can be certain, with third parties.

            As technologies continue to grow increasingly tiny, sophisticated, and inexpensive, I believe that spy devices will be embedded in everything from toasters to hiking boots. There is simply too much to gain by doing this… the big boys can’t afford NOT to do it.

            Imagine the insights that could be gleaned if your stove, refrigerator, and microwave oven used a number of different types of sensors to determine exactly what foods each person in your house buys, prepares, and consumes. This information, on a nationwide scale, would be worth billions to hospitals, insurance companies, and marketing agencies. There won’t be any way to opt out — all of the spyware will be integrated into the innermost hardware of the machines. If you want your fridge to run, you accept that it will monitor everything going in and coming out — complete with time-stamping and identifying every individual who opens the door.

            At some point, technology will become so miniaturized that we simply won’t be able to tell where it is. Is there a microscopic microphone woven into my new jacket, that will record and transmit everything I say while I’m wearing it? Power won’t be an issue… it can be powered by my movement while I wear the jacket; or perhaps by my body heat.

            GPS trackers in my boots? Tiny camera / microphone in my clock? Spyware in my bathroom scales? (Once again, imagine sensors in your scales that not only will transmit your daily weight…. but can also sense, through your skin, your blood pressure, heart rate, and also analyze your body chemistry specifics via minute amounts of sweat or gases emitted through your pores. Multiply this by millions of people, and it’s a bonanza of data for insurance companies, employers, etc.)

            It goes without saying that the authorities will always be interested in anyone voicing discontent with the status quo. Almost any normal citizen, leading an ordinary life, could face years in prison once every single moment of his life was recorded.

            How many times did you exceed the speed limit last year? Did you tell the IRS about every single dime you made at your yard sale? Did you utter any nasty comments about what you’d like to do to that politician who was yapping on a TV interview last night?

            All it would take is for the authorities to publicize a ‘show trial’ every week or two — giving everyone a good look at the poor wretches who are being used as examples — and the entire population would be scared to death, with everyone looking over his shoulder and afraid to say much of anything.

            This isn’t far-fetched science fiction. Most of what I’ve described either exists now or will exist within the next five or ten years. The day is not far off when we will all be leery of speaking our minds in the “privacy” of our own homes. It won’t simply be a single device like ‘Alexa’ or your cell phone…. dozens of devices will be recording and transmitting everything you say and do — and much of the time, you won’t even know where they are.

            For this reason, I plan on updating virtually all of my home appliances in the very near future, and keeping them running for as long as possible. If you wait more than a couple of years to do this, you may discover that everything on the market will be wired to watch you 24/7.

            Well…… you may not discover it — but rest assured: it will be there.

            • Karl, good post.
              The technological imperative marches on.

        • jj says, “I noticed posting falling off–same for all reading here??”

          Could they be reading this, literally, and making preparations, literally?

          • All the arguing is getting really OLD.

            Lets work together and share positive ideas and helpful tips

            • If someone comments negatively about one of my comments, I ignore, move on.

      6. ht tps://

        The Federal Reserve has been monitizing the debt since 2008 as there were insufficient buyers.

        The other classic shell game is nations buy each other’s debt instruments.

        It’s utter nonsense.

        Hey I am glad to offend anyone by talking about Jesus. It’s flat out weird because even some alleged Christians are offended at Bible passages!

        Hey do I try to stop atheists from bad mouthing Christianity? Do I try to censor pagans or Luciferians?

        We could have 5000 comments on every article but you want meaningless assent or dissent comments instead of substantive ones.

        • 22 Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company , and shall reproach you , and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man’s sake.
          23 Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets.
          Luke 6:22-23

          • 18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. 19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. 20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. 21 But all these things will they do unto you for my name’s sake, because they know not him that sent me. 22 If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloke for their sin. 23 He that hateth me hateth my Father also. 24 If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not had sin: but now have they both seen and hated both me and my Father. 25 But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law, They hated me without a cause.
            John 15:18-25

            • 17 This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind, 18 Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart: 19 Who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness. 20 But ye have not so learned Christ; 21 If so be that ye have heard him, and have been taught by him, as the truth is in Jesus: 22 That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; 23 And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; 24 And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.
              Ephesians 4:17-24

              • Sorry there isn’t a hole you can fall into.

                • 18 And when they saw him afar off, even before he came near unto them, they conspired against him to slay him. 19 And they said one to another, Behold, this dreamer cometh. 20 Come now therefore, and let us slay him, and cast him into some pit, and we will say, Some evil beast hath devoured him: and we shall see what will become of his dreams. 21 And Reuben heard it , and he delivered him out of their hands; and said, Let us not kill him. 22 And Reuben said unto them, Shed no blood, but cast him into this pit that is in the wilderness, and lay no hand upon him; that he might rid him out of their hands, to deliver him to his father again. 23 And it came to pass, when Joseph was come unto his brethren, that they stript Joseph out of his coat, his coat of many colours that was on him;

                  24 And they took him, and cast him into a pit: and the pit was empty, there was no water in it.
                  Genesis 37:18-24

        • Ya ya I got sucked into the rabbit hole.
          Happens to the best of us. Normally I just ignore those type posts.
          Think if it this way while it was arguing with me the rest of you were free to chat about actually prepping in acutel real situations.

          • Dammit! Now you guys woke her up lol. Go back to sleep M!

          • Site has been overtaken by religious fanatics and the “go along to get along group ”
            Nothing here anymore except for entire walls of quasi intellectual nonsense..

          • That’s why we all have a scroll button!!! 🙂


          • I aim to please the ELOHIM, not pretenders of the faith.

            • 12 Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: 13 But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy. 14 If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified. 15 But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men’s matters.
              16 Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf. 17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?
              1 Peter 4:12-17

              • 16 They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him , being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.
                Titus 1:16

          • (On the website named after a bodily function that makes a spectacular mess.)

            Go out in broad, daylight and be generically wholesome. Don’t make a scene. Don’t be patronizing.

            It will fly, in my experience.

            Do anything good, quietly, or, worse yet, make a nice name for yourself.

            Mr Rogers, Ozzy and Harriett would offend.

      7. d said, “You can wander into debt, you can’t wander out. You have to get really mad, really intense, and really focused to get out of debt.”

        Are you listening, sovereign countries and too-big-fail-monopolies? Get really focused. You can do it.

        North Korea (nominal estimates)
        $780 national debt per capita
        $1800 gdp per capita

        USA (nominal estimates)
        $60,400 national debt per capita
        $60,200 gdp per capita

        “Do you think Donald Trump is leading the country in the right direction?’

        The photo looks like a continuation of radical Republican Reconstruction, after the Civil War (aka reparations, affirmative action).

        So, how are these living standards explained, by the math.

        Debt looks pretty close to gdp, as per wolframalpha. All animus aside, that could be interpreted to mean that not one single person on either side of the cultural divide is paying their fair share, no matter who they are. You get paid $1. The country goes into debt $1. Have you “earned” it. Were you written in.

        I don’t have a palatable explanation for this. Sorry.

      8. The secret to printing more money by governments is to keep the inflation rate in “all” the major economic countries near equal. This allows the masters of the universe to slowly turn the heat up on the problem without the people realizing it until it is to late. It also allows the masters of universe to steal wealth. Let the printing presses roll! The way I see it this is going to be one heck of a ride down the hill. My problem with the whole ride is, the perps of this BS will not pay a price for the evil they have unleashed on the world.

      9. OK, Not really If you are so above us then why do you concern yourself of the things that men do. Didn’t Christ say let the dead bury the dead? Yet you are here concerning yourself of the things of men. I think you are a charlatan and a ruse. And so disbelieved.

        • Where did I say I am above you? I am glad to be a servant of Jesus Christ. I praise his name above all names.

          You are bearing false witness. Prove I am a charlatan and a ruse.

          • There was a time on the internet, prior to heavy moderation, and when websites would be more fundamentalist or extremist. So, the trolls would come out for battle. Used to be alot more of this about 20-25yrs ago, now.

            “Didn’t Christ say let the dead bury the dead?”

            pearls before swine… shake the dust from your feet…

            Don’t mind if I do. If John the Baptist can be found, so can I. Anyone asking me something in good faith, will be answered to the best of my abilities.

          • God already knows, do ye think you’re above him you Charlatan? You are of the Serpent who also can spout scripture to fool the unwitting. You and his minnions have been unloosed to sow misery and lies.

            • I am of the Serpent?

              I encourage people to prep, to learn ancestral skills, offer frugal ways to do so.

              I offer proof about military intel, gun control, abortion, outrageous illegal immigration, etc.

              YOU posted that you could believe what YOU want to believe. That actually is Luciferian thought!

              • Your encouragement is a fraud as is the serpents lies as they are easy from your lips But you are the master of lies but does not fool the king and the father.

          • Your haughty and proud both abominations in the eyes of our lord.

            • I am not proud nor haughty. Prove your claim. But you can’t.

              I don’t preach my virtues but praise Jesus Christ.

              Why do you care so much? Ignore me. It won’t offend me.

              • Cause I know you are a fraud and a Charlatan, One of the serpent who whispers in everyone’s ears..

                • So your accusation is the proof?
                  Hahahahahahahahahahaha 🙂

                  After thousands of posts, if I were a servant of the Devil, you should easily be able to prove it. Well…? Where is it?

                  • zrzMhU_4m-g
                    He’s a witch! He turned me into a newt!

                    But I got better…

      10. So where is the Scriptural basis for your heretical beliefs? Do some exegesis. Show me that evangelism is not necessary. Good luck as that is an essential duty of all Christians given in the Great Commission.

        • htt ps://

          While Scripture, and Jesus, are clear that we are to honor our parents ( Ephesians 6:2 ), we have to understand that Jesus is to come first, and this would have been especially so in this instance, that is, with a direct command from the Lord. Peter, Andrew, James, John, and Matthew recognized the Lord and followed Him at once ( Matthew 4:18–22 ; 9:9 ). The thing to which the man who wanted to bury his father was called was of more importance than any earthly consideration, and, for that time, Christ chose to require of the man a very extraordinary sacrifice to show his sincere attachment to Him.

          As regards the people of the world, nothing is more important than responding to the gospel. This requires that the gospel be preached ( Romans 10:14 ), so once we make the decision to follow Jesus and preach His good news, we must deny dead, worldly pursuits and comforts, and do the Lord’s work. Jesus wants followers, not professors, and those who are spiritually alive will be instruments in the Lord’s hands to call others to new life in Christ.

        • RABBIT HOLE.

          • Si’ Another snake oil salesman. And all who follows him.

            • Tell you what, Hoss. Post just one exegesis of a Bible passage that is cogent. Can you do it?

              How often have I done so? Face it, I know the Bible better than you but only because of countless hours studying it out of humility and to be a servant of the ELOHIM.

              Pretty weird way to serve Lucifer.

              • These things you say you need are neither needed nor irrelevant, as you are at a loss due to your service to the snake.

                • You do realize you are not only bearing false witness, but against a fellow Christian.

                  YAHWEH will severely punish that which is why I posted the Bible references.

                  You are only heaping coals on your head. Hey, keep it up. Every time you do that, those verses say I receive a blessing from YAHWEH. Thanks! 🙂

                • 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. 12 For there is no difference between the J ew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. 13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

                  14 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?

                  15 And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

                  16 But they have not all obeyed the gospel.

                  For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report?

                  17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
                  Romans 10:9-17

                  • Ya know… if we had an ignore feature you would be blabbing to yourself lol.

      11. Donald Trump is meeting with the North Korean leader. The meeting is taking place in Vietnam. I wonder if Trump will build one of his hotels in North Korea. That would sure boost their economy.


      12. Mac, with all do respect, if Marantha doesn’t control himself you ain’t gonna have anybody left.

        • MAC I have to agree.
          Its getting very divided in here because of those continued walls.
          Practical discussion has dropped to nothing.

          • Boo hoo. Christians making false claims, lack evidence, and offended by the Bible!

            • Rabbit hole

              • More like a Bunghole lol…

            • ht tps://
              Not only is site traffic up considerably, but literally there is no impediment by me posting. NONE.

              • Doooh!!!! You got me.
                You win.

                • Mara,
                  I checked your reference. hits have decreased, but I don’t think it is due to you or anybody else here. Looks like most the drop is from Brazil and the Aussies, it is summertime for them.

                  • Its not only in the positive for the US and Canada, but look at the chart where traffic has been higher since November 2018.

                    • THE HITS ARE FROM YOU M! The posts have gone up 4X since you started your nonstop BS. A lot of people left but you filled in the gap and then some!

                    • Really??? Have you seen the site traffic report? How could one man generate so many hits???

                      Not only that, Mac has site statistical reports by IP addresses so if one person was visiting the site by thousands of hits per day, it would be rather obvious.


                      I get a kick and routinely guffaw over your ridiculous puerile retorts. It actually fills me with delight because you are so impotent.

                      I have met a handful of actual geniuses while at university and by no means am I one. If you actually were a genius, you should be able to easily refute me.

                      You are a very silly man…practically a boy due to severe immaturity.

                      If I actually disliked any of you, I wouldn’t bother visiting.
                      I actually feel sorry for some of you. I hope you get better and become aware of the presence of the ELOHIM especially Jesus.

                      What brings me back is not the silly squabling but five or so wise folks making comments.

                    • You knuckledragging zealot, I have refuted you and so have many others only to get your standard response.. More buybull quotes, name calling, skirting the subject. You never give a direct answer. Like you have proven everytime, you have NO critical thinking and you are insane…. I can’t wait for yet another avoid the subject skirted reply now lol.

            • No, just jackabites trying to take over on decent info on whats going on.

            • See he thinks he’s in charge and know’s better but he is proud and haughty. He has no soul other than the dark one he has been cloaked in.

      13. Point to your valuable comments over the last month that significantly helped the visitors.

        I bet I have made HUNDREDS of these kinds of comments in just the last week.

        I don’t send people to a website to a personal website. I don’t try to sell products. I don’t ask for donations.

      14. I know where the off button is it’s right….

      15. What decent information was not posted? Supply proof of your completely illogical claim.

        Rather the opposite. I posted extremely valuable information and often far in advance of any media sources. I have consistently posted links so you could verify the veracity of my comments.

        What have you posted lately? How valuable was it?

        The Gospel of Jesus Christ is free. I am not selling anything. It’s yours free of charge.

        • Ok so what if some devil worshipper came on here and did what you do huh? It would be free of charge right? I think the concensus is we don’t want your FREE BS! Go push your crap on a religious site fool.

        • MARANATHA –

          You wrote “I posted extremely valuable information”

          If you are the only one here who thinks your information is valuable then that means it is not valuable.

      16. No matter how knowledgeable a person is, without the ability to interact with others, that person becomes more of a liability than an asset.

        There are people who infiltrate in order to disrupt and eventually destroy groups. If someone causes infighting, in real life they remain unknown and dangerous.


        • …says the person encouraging occult practices.

          • Without looking it up, what is the definition of occult? Also without looking it up what is the definition of anarchy? And what is the definintion of Apocalypse?

            • Hmm no reply? I have read you definitions and they are wrong. Only what you think your definition is matters as truth is forbidden and shunned by your micro mentality…

        • Genius.
          Did you ever check out the geographical area I pointed out a few articles back??

          • Sorry man I din’t. Can you get a good look at it with google earth free version? Do you have a close by Long and Lat?

            • Google Earth will get you there I’d use Google maps on your phone and turn on the satilite image.
              Check out the areas around Whitecourt, Barrhead, Fox Creek,Swan Hills Alberta.
              Notice the lack of fences signs roads distances between towns. Notice the 1000s of square miles of pure freedom.

              • I have only the cheapest flip phone that doesn’t even have text. I like it that way lol. But I can get maps on the desktop. I will def check it out. Ok I tried it and it wants me to download some shit from google. I don’t like google so I tried looking on the map that was there but I have no idea where it is. Lots of open spaces and wilderness in Canada!

      17. Genius,?
        Thank the Gods.
        The night shift is here.

        • I got ya covered bro! 😉

      18. OUT OF 71 REPLIES ONLY 12 OF THEM AREN’T MARANATHA OR PEOPLE ARGUEING WITH HER! hey man the hits are up… I wonder why??? 59 posts from or about M. Pathetic….

        • Yep. That clearly shows the impotence of my detractors.

      19. Time to search for a REAL prepper site that doesn’t cater to POLITICS and allow religious fanatics and the “go along to get along gang” to hijack the site by posting entire walls of quasi intellectual nonsense…

      20. Look in the mirror and if what I say offends you by talking about Jesus, then ask yourself why you converse with me?

        Why? It’s odd.

        You are assigning some huge superpower to me! It’s hilarious!

        • If you think that what I say is irrelevent, then post something relevent…if you can!

          This is confounding. Who knew I had a superpower?!

      21. Back a week or two ago,

        I counted 24 posts by one person.

        That is excessive.


        • Okay, who made you a moderator and where is that in the rules?

          • Moderator? Hell, executioner is what I’ld like to be.

            You keep quoting the Bible and I’ll start quoting Mein Kampf. You are no more a Christian than I am a rocket scientist.


            • ?? HONEYPOT.
              Go get em girl.
              Were with ya.
              Way to hold your own.

              • Ditto that HP!

            • Wait, you are threatening to execute me? Interesting. That’s a violent credible threat.

              • What kind of would be moderator, based on her own authority, then considers execution as a solution?

                Plus wants to quote Mein Kampf. Say, Honeypot, are you are neo-nazi?

              • “Wait, you are threatening to execute me? Interesting. That’s a violent credible threat.”

                Kind of like your wish to ahnihilate the entire planet the other day? Let yahweh sort it out? You are as insane as it gets lady! And a hypocrite from HELL!

        • Right now it’s 30!

          • Make that 31! Damm, her diaper must be getting pretty full now! 😮

      22. I’ve been coming to this site for several years and as yet haven’t commented. Who or what is a maratha? I’d be willing to bet that most of us here have a Bible and have read the scriptures. If I wanted a sermon from someone who seems obsessed and somewhat deranged, there’s plenty of religious sites available. I come here for shtf advice and information. You all can do what you want. Keep your powder dry.

      23. I noticed that you like to talk about diapers and crap a lot. Is that what you are into? Pretty weird, little boy. Do you always peek when you use the toilet and sniff it as well?

        • Hey, sometimes a dog will eat its own crap. Is that what you are into? It explains your bizarre behavior and comments.

        • I don’t need too, I can smell your bullshit from here!

          • You see! You are anally-fixated! How bizarre!

            • You never matured past age three!

              ht tps://

              The anal stage is the second stage in Sigmund Freud ‘s theory of psychosexual development, lasting from age 18 months to three years. According to Freud, the anus is the primary erogenous zone and pleasure is derived from controlling bladder and bowel movement. The major conflict issue during this stage is toilet training. A fixation at this stage can result in a personality that is too rigid or one that is too disordered.[1]

              According to Freud’s theory, personality developed through a series of stages throughout childhood. These stages are focused on erogenous areas. Freud believed in the libido, which he referred to as psychosexual energy. To Freud, the libido was the driving force behind all of human behavior. [1]

              In order to obtain a healthy personality later on in adulthood all of these stages need to be completed successfully. If issues are not resolved in a stage then fixation will occur resulting in an unhealthy personality.
              In general

              • Ohhhhh my god,
                Your poor poor kids and grandkids.
                I can only imagine the horror they suffered with those twisted sick ways
                Anyone that would know that level of detail about a childs anus in sexual terms ……
                I definitely think a line has been crossed here on shit hits the fan

                • DAMM! 😮

                • You Dolt! It’s psychology since it was written by Freud.

                  Every person who has ever studied medicine had to take classes on psychology and Freud!

                  Have you been living in a cave? My gosh, I studied psychology in eleventh grade.

                  Not only that, but every parent who ever read any parenting books, read a chapter about childhood development.

                  • htt ps://

                    My gosh, this is high school level psychology and basic parenting.

                    Too funny. How can you NOT know this? Do you not have any kids???

                    • So what your saying is you regularly inspected your poor kids anuses? Were you looking for klingons? I bet they ran away from home asap I know I sure as hell would if I had a freak mother like you! Maybe you belong in jail instead of the asylum?

                    • bFA0pHpR9Ug
                      Every teacher, RN, physician, med tech, respiratory therapist, etc takes at least some psychology courses.

                      This is so basic that it’s often taught in the first few weeks.

                      How ignorant can you be not to know this??? I’m incredulous.

                    • The majority of psychology has been proven to be bullshit. Is that why you are insane?

                    • Oh you’re quoting the atheist Freud. I knew it…another catholic

              • Oh wait! Eureka. You claim I am a woman every single day. Are you a secret tranny or wannabe tranny? You are into gender change, right? Somehow I offended you and thus I am a woman. But in reality, you wish you were a woman.

                How weird. How long has that been going on? Gee. I hope you get better.

                Hey, everybody pile on. No problem.

                • Hey, when you talk like a woman, act like a woman, I figure you MUST be a woman. Or a really fucked up wanna be man of some sort. And an expert on anuses? Wow, you need to go back to the asylum asap. Maybe they can retrain you how to answer questions without skirting them? I usually don’t encourage pharmacuticals but in your case…. I think you need them badly.

                  • Genius, I get it. You are a very sexually confused immature boy who never grew up. And now, you lash out while wearing women’s clothing like bras. You are obsessed with women’s lingerie. It’s been in your posts.

                    It all makes sense now. You are hopelessly mixed up. I hope you get better. Try opening a Bible.

                    • Touche! ha ha ha ha ha you made me spit beer out my nose lol!
                      Ummm where have I ever posted about womens lingerie? See your a liar and a hypocrite. It’s obvious to everyone except you. People aren’t as stupid as you think they are here. You bust yourself all the time. It’s actually comical and entertaining sometimes but then it gets old.

                    • Genius says that psychology is bullcrap. Well, I guess every teacher, pastor, RN, physician, med tech, respiratory therapist, nurse practioner, etc can just refuse to take the psychology courses.

                      I am sure that based on saying, “Genius says it’s bullcrap” that they all can skip multiple courses and will be certified in their professions.

                      I understand you are emotional due to taking hormone injections. How long before the surgery so you look like an ugly woman?

                    • You have been focused on bras this week. Is that because your hormone therapy is cause development? Are you proud or embarassed?

                    • Ok ok you win Mar I’ll convert we all will but for the love of Christ stop playing with your kids asses. Your ideology on sexuality and potty training smear in Sigmon Freud and wow lol I’d love to be a fly on the wall around your family gatherings. Notice I wanna be a fly not the human I’d fear for my ass.

                      The ol roids sucked themselves up damn near 2″.

                    • Bras? Show me where I have a fixation on that! You are so insane you make shit up too! SHOW ME IDIOT! But you can’t can you lol. Your such a freak ass lying insane old woman. Also I said MOST psychology not all of it… there you go again lying lol. I’m sure the psychologists have made up a disorder or 10 that fit you lol. Got any more lies or want to put more words in peoples mouths lady? It’s funny to watch you hang yourself lol.

      24. Sure wish they had an ignore button.

      25. ht tp://
        Genius talking about crap

        htt p://
        Genius talking about diapers

        htt p://
        Genius talking about toilets and crap

        ht tp://
        Genius talking about purses!

        • Ok you too lazy to copy and paste what I supposedly said: I just looked at the first thread, nothing about crap whatsoever…

          Ok no mention of diapers either! Wow you ARE insane!

          Holy shit just read the last one and NOTHING of the sort! I made 3 comments and not 1 mention of purses!

          Did you think I was stupid enough not to check your bullshit? NOW YOU ARE PROVEN BEYOND ANY DOUBT AND CONVICTED OF BEING A LIAR!!!! Good job stupid lol. I knew you would hand yourself ha ha ha ha ha, fuckin LOSER!

          • THE PROOF IS IN. MARANATHA IS A 100% PROVEN LIAR BY HER OWN ADMITTANCE. READ HER LINKS (NOT COPIED POSTS) AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! That is the end of it right there. A pathetic old liar and freak zealot. I need say nothing more as she has absolutely just convicted herself in front of everyone. Bye Bye Miss insane pie…. and good riddance 😛

            • High fives for everyone who is tired of this idiot! I knew she would bust herself! Back to our forum of truth now and cool ideas. Thank you all for pitching in and pointing out the truth! Like a breath of fresh air 😀

              • Angry Beaver, In response to your portable woodstove above, I bought a small woodstove from sportmans guide a couple years ago (Tess recommended) and it is so cool. it was about 75 bucks and has the vent pipe in sections that fit inside the stove. The whole thing weighs maybe 30 pounds. I love that thing, it is well made, compact, will burn 6 inch logs. I am considering using it as a stove (with the legs set in concrete) in an old turn of the century mining cabin me and some friends are restoring. Cheap enough and can make it theft resistant and might save a life someday for anyone lost in the cold. I wish you could see our project (pretty much my baby). I love the woods, I have since I can ever remember. With a little more planning… I will live there all the time after retirement. For now it can only be 6 months a year lol. People think I’m crazy… I think THEY are lol!

                • Not likely I’d ever go stateside or jump the border. Sound like your project is well worth any effort.the cabin I’m building is really out of the way my only use for it will be during moose elk season
                  I’m just going with a simple 8×10 trapper style. Enough for one guy. The spot I got picked out is beside the saquatama River
                  Hunting season for me is 4 months long.
                  Sept- Jan for moose elk deer. Most everything else I can trap or hunt year round.

                  • AB, you are the MAN! I don’t think I would ever want to do the wholly primitive thing but I sure can respect it! I could do a lot of things if I am forced to do them but I just don’t want to live that hard. My hat is off to you my man, you are a great spirit!

      26. ht tp://
        Genius talking about chewing shorts.

        ht tp://
        Genius talking about crap.

        ht tp://

        Genius talking about crap.

        ht tp://

        Genius talking about crap and eating crap.

        • Ok I fell for your stupid shit the last post and had to search it and read the whole fuckin threads only to find you lied about ALL of it. You insane old bat are you so stupid you can’t copy and paste what you allege I said? Here let me help you with your BS…. Maranatha put her bra and lingerie on and flushed herself down the toilet along with a huge crap she took prior and ate most of it and saved the rest in her purse. There ya go… I actually said it and it wasn’t make believe lol 😛

          • You are insane. You must be an anally-fixed tranny or at least a crossdresser.


      27. Maranatha, please stop, “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy”. Pray for your enemies, okay?

        Don’t throw your pearls before swine and watch out fur dem hogs Brother.

        • Why? They have been dishing it out for a MONTH and it has been unrelenting. How patient am I supposed to be? We are well past 70 times 7.

          We are well past Matthew 18. I am longsuffering but LAUGHING out loud! It’s just insane how fixated this immature twerp is.

          21 Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? 22 Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.
          Matthew 18:21-22

          They can dish it out, but not take it. Why?

          Just the other day, one dude said he was going steal from me, rape my wife and my sister, enslave me, and knock my teeth out. Believe it or not. That is some sick psycho comment.

          • Show them Jesus,

            • Nope. Every Christian has that responsibility…not just me. You try handling the abuse for a month, then offer advice.

              It’s impossible to have a dialogue with people literally focused on talking about crap. Or making wild psychopathic threats. Or making outrageously heretical beliefs from so-called Christians. Or being accused of weird sexual practices with zero evidence out of ignorance.

              You can shrug off some of it, but every violent threat I take seriously.

      28. htt p://
        Genius talking about eating crap.

        htt p://
        Genius talking about crap x 2.

        ht tp://

        Genius talking about buttholes.

        ht tp://
        Genius talking about crap.

        • Talking about buttholes? YOUR LYING AGAIN! Wow you must think I’m stupid or something! Not 1 mention of buttholes whatsoever! Some of it is me trying to set you straight but NO MENTION of buttholes! You delusional old bag, YOUR BUSTED LYING AGAIN! YOUR INSANE! Now kindly get the fuck out of here because we don’t tolerate liars. If you don’t I will be there every step of the way to remind you of how you are an insane liar….

      29. ht tp://
        Genius talking about behinds and crap.

        htt p://
        Genius talking about diapers, crap, and bras.

        You are very very fixated and disturbed.

        • Your reply is up there retard^^^ go read it. Lying nutjob lol.

          • Please stop, don’t you agree that we are all going to need each other pretty soon? A Genius would know better.

      30. ht tp://

        Here angry beaver accuses me of playing with children’s buttholes. Wow. What nerve. I show you two psychology links and a presentation on childhood development, and since she is totally ignorant, she translates this in pedophilia.

        Now that is twice in the space of three weeks people have made OUTRAGEOUS comments. And nothing is done. Nada.

      31. Wow!
        This almost reads like the Hill. Mac could make a fortune if he could get more exposure! I love a good philosophical discussion!
        I’m not taking sides, because when people here aren’t sniping at each other they have some really good SHTF advice. Personal ethics and beliefs are part of that advice. The hard part is to learn when faced with antithetical ideas to listen and evaluate. At university my Philosophy professor assigned me to chair a anti-gun debate, knowing full well I was a life NRA member and a conceal carry license holder. I got an “A” in that class and for that exercise. My university was founded by the Free Methodist church and about as liberal and anti gun as you can get.

        Keep up the flow of ideas and knowledge!

        • relik, it’s not about beliefs… it’s about getting caught lying. Nothing philosophical about lying and hypocracy.

          • Gen,
            I read all your comments. I’m going to use a Forklift battery for my solar system based on your input and my cross checking of facts and data. That is what SHTFplan is really all about.
            You have a good weekend and if AB reads this before he heads out to install his safe heating unit in his lodge be safe!

            • relik, I am glad I could offer you a solution. I would have the same thing except my system isn’t that big. That battery should last you the rest of your days and then some. Be well my friend!

      32. ” nothing gets done Nada”
        Tell us Maranatha what would you have fine about it.
        By the way Sigmon Freud is held in medical circles as an example NOT to follow.
        Sounds like a few posters are starting to enter you to tone down your reteric.
        I’ve looked at threads you’ve written genius is right your a LIER. You avoid direct questions about the very things you critize in others. You outright attacked honeypot for absolutely no reason.
        Yes I believe you cover up your pedophilia with your sick twisted concepts of faith phycology medicine and philosophy.
        And justify all of it because there is no room for any discussion when it comes to fundamentalism. It’s like the top tenant.
        I posted the top 5 tenants of Christian fundamentalism the other day as I said then. I read that and it sounds as intolerant as Islam.
        You are a very confused individual M.
        And seriously ill pray for your soul.
        And hope you don’t get the opportunity to physically inflict your beliefs in any children.

        • You are evil. I have zero doubt you will be judge for bearing false witness and with zero evidence.

          How can you be so ignorant?

          • A convicted liar has no future here… move on because you won’t ever live it down. I will make sure of it.

      33. I come here to read interesting info and maybe learn something. When two of you start arguing its wastes our time looking at comments that have no value to us. Shut up, please.

      34. I and many others will pray daily for your sickness of being attracted to children.
        Hope you get well soon

      35. Anybody remember the thumbs up-thumbs down from years ago? When a comment got enough down votes it disappeared from the page?

        Needs to come back.

        • A manual thumbs up.

        • Aaahhhh the good old day’s!

          • Let’s celebrate peace again! Great people and great ideas! A real pool of prepping things! No religion. No politics. No lies. Cheers! 🙂


            • Gen,
              At a certain time of the year, I can drive to a place where I can see the southern cross as well as the North star. It is on Mauna Kea. Officially the tallest mountain on earth measured from the sea floor.
              Thumbs up!

      36. Genius,
        My lifestyle is pretty modern for about the last 10 or so years.
        I grew up homesteading as a way of life being raised with my grandparents.
        Grandmother was your typical 40s June clever type worked in a sewing factory making Canadian uniforms whiles the old man was putting foot to ass in Holland France Dieppe Germany with unit called the Queen’s BLACK WATCH.
        Ol’man was gone 39-45
        Came home collected mother and they went back into the bush in North onterio trapping and logging.
        Point of that story is when the ol’man came home in June of 45 it stayed 1945 till the day they passed away.
        And everything was done according to that time period.
        So I come along in 71 and the first boy born.
        I was given to my grandparents at 4-6 months old.
        And grew up in a small homestead the ol’man started when they came to Alberta in 1956. I grew up learning skills and using tools of that time period.
        You should actually hear me talk lol I still have a Galic accent and use alot of terminology from that time period. I get some funny looks.

        • Ha! I knew there was something about you. Yer 10 years younger than me? I grew up in a small town and spent summers on my grandpas farm. Learned trapping and fishing and hunting, it was the best of times. My dad left when I was 2 but saw him occasionally at the grandparents. My grandpa taught me a lot of things, he was old school. What a cool place that was… 2 artesian wells and ponds with tadpoles etc. I would hide out in the hide shack with my BB gun and shoot magpies that landed on the carcass pile. I caught my biggest trout on the snake river Idaho. Shot a sage hen at 50 yards or so with a 20 guage out of the back of the truck. Had many a pheasant in hand and for dinner. Fresh asparigus from the fenceline. Helping grandma in the garden. Herding cows and sheep. Kicking back at the end of the day with the old coal stove for warmth while gramps had a snort of ancient age. Having a Shirley temple with him lol. I bet he would love my whiskey lol. Times were simple, times were fun, times that I hadn’t a care in the world…..

      37. I have a decent house I own in a small hick town a pickup flushing toilet shower.
        Hot running water everything you have.
        Im just rarely home during certain times of the year.
        Now is the time I start fixing repairing equipment finish processing any game , hides or furs. any house maintenance ect.
        Spring is time for either new projects ie cabin or spring bison Hunt up by wood buffalo park.
        Summer is time to relax go fishing pan gold grow potatoes.stick firewood (I have a fireplace) 6 full cords yes I split by hand but use a chainsaw.
        Fall is trapping hunting scouting
        After the first snows come in Oct we start the hunt all over again.

        • Thats cool. I spend winter mostly in a big city working to make good money so I can go back and fook off for 6 months a year lol. I have a great job but it requires city life while I’m there. I guess you have to pay to play. I have less that 2 years to go and I am OUT! That shit is in the rear view mirror. I have everything built pretty much (but I can’t resist building more lol). And debt free and stacking metals (I have everything else). I made my life what I wanted it to be. Simple, low cost, fun, but it took decades of working my ass off. This year has been a MFer as far as cold and snow. Im on my 4th cord of wood and usually I use 3.5 all year. Firewood is getting to be a backbreaking pain in the ass! I think I am going to look into a pellet stove next year. Any suggestions?

      38. Well, at the bottom of the comments my info is no longer available. Maybe I have been banned. You have a psycho on your website that posts copious amounts of stuff. I think the person is having a breakdown. Can’t you put him or her out of their misery? I still stop by from time to time but it is getting pretty awful.

      39. Maranatha stick with this.
        “Rather the opposite. I posted extremely valuable information and often far in advance of any media sources. I have consistently posted links so you could verify the veracity of my comments.”
        This is a prepper site, not a Bible site. Offer a PM to those who want to discus the Bible.

      40. Pellet stove will work I’ve never seen a modern commercial one.
        Firewood is a major pain in the tucuss.
        A whole lot of ; no fun.
        Myself with snow on the ground 7-8 months a year I burn about 6.5-7 cords pine Birch.
        I have an open fireplace. I’ll burn up a face cord in a week.
        2 suggestions if the wood collecting is getting you down.
        1.) Look into a high efficiency air tight wood heater not stove difference being the heater has no hot plates the stove does.
        I know a few guys here that heat 1200 sq foot homes with them. 2 armloads of wood every 24 hours.
        Second suggestion
        Hire up some help to do the hauling and stacking.
        If it’s easy access to wood your looking for.
        Is there a Lumber mill close by
        Construction sites 2×4 cut offs.
        Fork lift pallets many grocery stores give them away and it’s often Douglas fir.
        Check your local landfill in the fall of your city of town clears tress city crews will often let you haul it away.

        • Down here in Wyoming a lot of people just buy a truck load of logs from a logger and have them dropped off in the yard and then cut them up as needed. It’s a lot less work and almost as cheap (well not really) as buying a forest service permit and driving into the mountains and having to drop the trees and then cut them up and load them and then bring them home and unload them. Just go out and cut up and split a weeks worth, maybe a little more if bad weather is coming that way you don’t have to work yourself to death. Trekker Out

          • By the way Angry Beaver, I’ll be standing with you, 11PM March 1st for 9 minutes, and we’re both in the same time zone. Trekker Out

      41. Angry Beaver, I full filled my 9 minutes. Trekker out

      42. We (the United States) bait the trap of DEPENDENCY with promises of government goodies without the need to work. We shouldn’t be surprised that we catch ignorant & lazy people, illegal aliens, and lots of criminals.

        When your trappin’, don’t be surprised when you catch somethin’.

        • One thing thst hasn’t been touched on is that when everything goes online it has a narrower chokepoint, namely credit cards. When the cards go down, so does merchantilism.

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