The Lion Of London Bridge Who Fought Off Three Terrorists With His Bare Hands Gets His Own Beer Affectionately Named “Fuck You I’m Millwall”

by | Jun 19, 2017 | Headline News | 71 comments



When three Islamic terrorists drove a van into innocent bystanders on London Bridge and then proceeded to stab numerous others to death, most people (including the police) ran for their lives.

But Roy Larner wasn’t going to being a victim.

As the terrorists made their way across the area looking to spill more blood they came face-to-face with Larner, now known as The Lion of London Bridge, who rather than turning and seeking safety, decided to take them head on.

He told The Sun from hospital: “They had these long knives and started shouting about Allah. Then it was, ‘Islam, Islam, Islam’.

“Like an idiot I shouted back at them. I thought, ‘I need to take the piss out of these bastards’.”

“I took a few steps towards them and said, ‘Fuck you, I’m Millwall’. So they started attacking me.

“I stood in front of them trying to fight them off. Everyone else ran to the back.

“I was on my own against all three of them, that’s why I got hurt so much.

“It was just me, trying to grab them with my bare hands and hold on. I was swinging.

“I got stabbed and sliced eight times. They got me in my head, chest and both hands. There was blood everywhere.

“They were saying, ‘Islam, Islam!’. I said again, ‘Fuck you, I’m Millwall!’

“It was the worst thing I could have done as they carried on attacking me.

In honor of Larner’s heroic act a Swedish brewery has now created a special brew for the beer drinking Englishman.

Frequency Beer Works located just north of Stockholm has created a 5% English Bitter in Roy’s honor and they’ve given it a fitting name: “Fuck You I’m Millwall.”


The beer is reportedly a huge hit in Sweden, and now, even people in the United Kingdom want to get their hands on it:

“A friend of mine who is a Millwall fan in London sent me a link to an article about Roy and I thought it was an amazing story of his bravery,” 45-year-old David Mortimer, co-owner of Frequency Beer Works, told the News.

“When I read it I thought ‘that’s amazing, that really is something special’ so I spoke to the other guys at the brewery and we thought we could stick some money into the Just Giving campaign but that it would be more fun to tell the world about it.

“It just feels like it’s one of those stories you want to tell people about because it’s amazing – and it’s also a great name for a beer.

“The reaction and feedback we’ve had has been so overwhelming so we are looking at getting the beer over to the UK as soon as possible.”

Via The Independent

Now that Larner has his own beer, let us suggest that the Queen of England consider granting him a much deserved knighthood.

He may not have chain mail armor or a sword, but the Lion of London Bridge doesn’t seem to need any of those traditional knightly battle accessories.

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    1. laeagle

      I will definitely raise one to him and all the ‘real’ men and women stepping up to confront this abomination.

      Louisiana Eagle

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Odd,just keep prepping,if not one calamity man made will be a natural calamity,till it actually hits,we can keep readying ourselves supply and knowledge wise.Benn awhile since I said this but still true,”The smalls add up”.

          • Prepper1

            I’m with you War Child , still building up supplies. Going up to our groups BOL for some practice this weekend

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Warchild, damn right. I’m still stacking myself.

        • CrackSumSkulls

          Good, The US has no business flying any aircraft in or over Syria. And when they do, it is a threat and an act of aggression and war, and the Syrians and or Russians have every right to defend themselves from these threats.

          What if The Mexicans were flying drones or military bombers over America, Would we have a right to shoot them down. Absolutely!! WashingScum DC and the Neocons are obsessed with perpetual war. It keeps their coffers stuffed with bribe campaign cash and their portfolios stuffed full with war profits from the Military Industrial Complex Mafia fleecing Tax Payers via Wall Street Profits.

      • Gandhi

        Maybe he could have fashioned some sort of rudimentary canon like on the old Star Trek episode. I used to practice self defense with a can of baked beans,

      • MARCUS

        That man has some serious balls. Its about time someone did what he did: stopped, turned around, and said “this ends here.”

    2. Anonymous

      Love this guy. A TRUE hero who saved lives.

      If he had had a weapon he would have killed those animals himself.

      • Gandhi

        Lucky he didn’t get a tombstone named after him.

        • MARCUS

          Evidently he was more worried about the potential tombstones of those running past him, rather than himself. Some people are like that.

      • Gandhi

        That drunk would have shot himself if he had a gun. I don’t think getting chopped up counts as anything but being a victim.

        • Anonymous

          Yes. Of course you would have handled that situation much more rationally. Ok. Sure.

          • Gandhi

            Yes, when I was attacked by knife fighters in Puerto Rico, I won my fight.

        • Smokey

          OK, you’re a quitter. not a fighter. Don’t get in anyone else’s way.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Smokey, if Gandhi wants to go cry and hide let him. Let some REAL people like us take care of a situation.

        • Karl V.

          Perhaps you’d like to share that view with the families of the men who died on Omaha beach on June 6 1944.

          I don’t know Mr Larner’s blood alcohol content at the time of this incident; but regardless, it takes a lot of guts to charge barehanded into three killers with knives who are attacking everyone in sight.

          Your scornful commentary — which is so easy for you to express while sitting in the comfort and safety of your home — does nothing whatsoever to diminish the bravery of this man; but it certainly says a lot about YOU.

          • Gandhi

            I once beat a man senseless with a tightly rolled magazine, I think it was the Rifleman rag the NRA prints, that was the only time I needed the NRA. But again I won, I did not yell I am millwall and fall down with holes in my hide?

        • MARCUS

          speculate much?

    3. laeagle

      I would like to see a beer named after those guys on 911 who were overheard with the words, “Let’s roll!”. It definitely was not a joint.

      Louisiana Eagle

      • Jun

        +Louisiana Eagle, There’s still a lot of things that need to be settled regarding things that happened on that day. So, the “Lets Roll” beer is on hold for now.


      I want a CASE OF THAT BEER.

      Take a lesson from this you manginas out there.

      • Gandhi

        He admitted that he was drunk, no courage but liquid courage. He did not know what was going on until he fell down.

        • Anonymous

          So what if he had a few? He’s a real man. He’s Millwall. And you aren’t.

        • Anonymous

          And you’re a clown. What of it?

        • MARCUS

          ASSuming your ASSumptions are correct, … he still did what should have been done.



      • Gandhi

        Why didn’t he break a bear bottle and fight with that?

        • john stiner

          That is just BS you see on tv. You try to break a beer bottle and your cut your hand.

          Better to beat them with an unopened beer bottle.

          • MARCUS

            Gandhi is trolling.

      • Gandhi

        The queen wants the terrorists to win, she is one herself.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          The royal family have always had blood on their hands. Google ‘British East India Company’.

    6. lee

      What a man. Salute. U

    7. Warchild Dammit!

      Given the inevitable counter attack last night in London,how about”Van drivers U.K.”ale.

    8. Roger D

      Hey terrorists, I’m Glock Guy.

    9. TEST

      Note to the Islamofascists: There is more – MUCH MORE – coming from us Millwallites. In fact, we date all the way back to Charles Martel. Hint to the Islamofascists: Learn to pronounce not only “Millwall,” but also “Tours,” “The Gates of Vienna” and “Jan Sobieski.” You’ll be needing them.

      • Borodino

        Five Stars, Test! Blood and Beer– and the tide is turning. We are witnessing history, and we are lucky to see it.

      • MARCUS

        I’m %100 Polish, second gen American. Sobieski is my battle cry 🙂

    10. Brian

      Larner admitted to have drunk three pints of beer. Still he had courage. He was lucky to have survived against three armed assasins.

      • john stiner

        and drunk people BLEED A LOT.

    11. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      The older guy teaches a lot of special forces here in the US. His name is CEP CEP.

      That why you need SI LAT. Si lat is a health hazard.


      Warning to jihadist in Houston. Do not approach me I practice this shit.

      • Anonymous

        You still only practicing it? My 12 year old is now very good at it ?

    12. Robbie41

      Red Alert: Senators Grassley and Feinstein’s Plot to Take Everything You Own-This Is a Real Threat

      Sen. Grassley and friends (eg Feinstein) has introduced a bill which will make it illegal to store cash and crypto currencies without reporting the event(s) to you local bank!

      In the act, Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017. a citizen cannot possess cash or crypto currencies without reporting, in writing, to their local bank. Also included in the list of prohibited list is includes prepaid mobile phones, electronic currencies and even retail gift vouchers. Failure to comply does not only result in a stiff fine and 10 years in prison, it also involves the confiscation of all of your personal assets under Civilian Asset Forfeiture. In other words, if you store cash of engage in the business of crypto currencies, you are being labeled as a terrorist.

    13. Jim in Va.

      Let the jihadis read about the “Alamo” and Pearl Harbor. we like Millwall always come back harder!

      • MARCUS

        F’k that noise.

        didnt we lose those battles?

        I’d rather win up front than have to “come back harder”

    14. WarVet

      As Winston Churchill stated,
      rallying his Nation during WW11,
      “There will always be an England !”

      • FTW

        “There will always be an England !”

        Like the majority of politicians – Churchill was a P.O.S.

        The phrase above … I call it the “Devils Den”.

        There are a few Dens – most notably – Washington D.C. – Tel Aviv – and of course your favorite – London.

        Winston Churchill was no Saint … that is like the douche bags in America loving the hell out of Ronald Reagan … both of these two men do not represent themselves for the Men that they were portraying.

        Without a doubt … they were the Devil(s) in disguise.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          FTW, the one in London is CITY OF LONDON AKA THE ROTHSCHILDS. Their original name was Bauer.

      • MARCUS

        I dont recall world war 11. What year did it start?

        The english had another great quote about the sun never setting on their empire. Hows that working out for them?

    15. B from CA

      Does the Lion of London get a few shekels ?? It would be a better story if the hero made some money off the beer sales. Is that the wrong attitude? Well, F@@k you !! I’m Millwall.

      __ ?


    16. PretzelLogix

      Five or six pints in, this was just a horrible mistake by a soccer fan in London.

      But if it takes this to get Brits (and Yanks) up off their asses and into this fight, then I’m all for it!

      He’s lucky to have lived through the attack. We should all plan (and arm) properly from now on as this can’t be considered a one-time event.

      • Smokey

        He had three pints, not six.

    17. Babycatcher

      I think he should get knighted for bravery AND get a royalty off the beer sales, with some proceeds going to help the victims families. Because of him, there was a lot less casualties.

    18. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      Hey Patriots in Katy Tx. This is one thing you all need to pay attention to. The muslim threating that pig farmer has balls.


    19. Jim in Va.

      Millwall for Parliament!

    20. Anonymous

      Plenty of cowards out there hiding behind a mask. Then there are the real men heroes like Mr. Larner.

    21. Seminole Wind

      A hero for sure. Let one of them sand monkeys try that at a NASCAR race, at Yankee Stadium, or at Cubs Park.


      Mohamad was a pedophile, pimp!

      • Gandhi

        Go get some, coward.

        • Smokey

          You’ve already stated that you are a coward and a loser, so just STFU.

          Quitter. You’ll bow to Mohammed every Friday rather than take a stand.

          • Gandhi

            I never said I was a quitter but I am too much of a coward to lose, my fights are brutal choke holds and joint breaks.

        • Anonymous

          Who are you calling a coward?

      • FTW

        “Mohamad was a pedophile, pimp!

        … and I’m sure they would say something like … “Oh yea? … your Jesus was a queer.”

        Nothing would make me more happy … then to see the “Battle Of Religions” – Islam Vs Christianity PART 1,200 + and beyond –

        I’d be off to the side … enjoying the festivities.
        People who fight to the point of killing each other off based upon their beliefs … are those who continue to neglect history.

        If you have to kill another over a different Religious identity … then those certain people are no different then their “so called enemy.”

        Organized Religion is, and has been a problem for humankind … since the inception of fictional stories came into fruition.

        • W

          When the hoards of Christian serial killers show up let me know.

    22. FTW

      5% per Volume

      That may be good and dandy for the Ladies … but Real Men drink Stouter & stronger things then that!

      Gotta be at least 10% per Volume or more, anything else is a pansy drink. ツ

    23. Comanche

      He might like Schlitz High Gravity Ale ” The Bull” 8.5% …just like us like us east Texans…

    24. Smokey

      Someone is going to get some import rights to a beer, pretty soon, or a license to make in the UK.

    25. the Lone Ranger

      Please note this quote from Mohandas Gandhi: “If you cannot truly be nonviolent, best you be violent than you be cowards, because there is no hope for the cowardly.”

      Gandhi wrote that while he preferred everyone get trained in the potent force known as ahimsa or nonviolence he was realistic enough to know not everyone could attain that ideal, so he asserted that violence was preferable to a person or even an entire country capitulating, which he considered COWARDICE!

      That is PRECISELY captured in Roy Larner’s assertion, “F–K YOU, I’M MILLWALL!”

      Right on, Mr. Larner.

      – the Lone Ranger

      “Violence is that which violates, force is that which protects.” the late Rev. Edward Brady, S.J.

    26. ruckus

      Dude looks like Robert Irvine.

      • Gandhi

        He looks like a drunkard to me

    27. logicrazy

      Hell yea, if this guy gets money from the beer company, how do I order the beer?

      • Anonymous

        Sometimes actions are not dictated by cents and dollars. Sometimes actions are dictated by sheer bloody mindedness. This was one of those times when bloody mindedness came to the fore.

        His actions make all you tough talking keyboard warriors look like what you are….pussies!

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