The Leftist Meltdowns Continue: Therapists Report A Massive Spike In Patients Suffering From “President Trump Stress Disorder”

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Headline News | 77 comments

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    There’s only one thing that has been constant throughout the duration of Trump’s presidency, and that is the reaction of the people who oppose him. Time after time the Left has responded to Trump’s actions and words with unfettered fear, paranoia, and highly publicized meltdowns. His mere presence in the White House seems to leave them hyperventilating, sobbing, and lashing out at anyone dares to support him, or even refuses to denounce him.

    Believe it or not, the emotional vulnerability of these people hasn’t improved since he took office earlier this year. The New York Daily News recently interviewed several doctors and therapists around the country, and found that they’ve seen a huge spike in patients who have been freaking out about President Trump. Apparently, these medical professionals are referring to their anxiety as “President Trump Stress Disorder.”

    Therapists report that their practices are more robust than ever. Deborah Cooper, a California-based therapist said she can hardly accommodate all of her patients. “I have people I have not seen in literally 30 years that have called me to come back in because of trauma,” she said. “I am more than full. I am overworking.”

    She cited Trump’s lackluster condemnation of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville as one in a string of anxiety-inducing events that are “coming too fast and furious” for her patients — and her practice — to handle.

    Clinical psychologist Scott Christnelly said President Trump’s remarks Tuesday serve as confirmation that his patients’ anxiety is well founded. “This is more evidence they should be anxious. There is evidence the anxiety is real, and it’s not just something they are making up,” he said.

    The question isn’t whether their pain is real or not. It’s clearly real. It’s a matter of whether or not it’s justified. When Obama was in office, we didn’t see countless conservatives breaking down mentally and losing the ability to function, despite the fact that they were probably just as outraged with Obama as the Left has been with Trump. But what we’re seeing on the Left is an epidemic of mental distress since Trump took office.

    “I don’t think I have a patient that has never mentioned it. It’s remarkable,” said Sue Elias, a New York-based psychotherapist.

    Elias described a patient raised in a dysfunctional, alcoholic household whose past traumas have been brought to the surface by Trump. Her worries and fears now interfere with her day-to-day functioning.

    “This is so triggering for her, the feeling of every day, what is going to happen next,” Elias said. “It has interfered with her work and she is really struggling…”

    Talkspace, an online therapy service, also reported three times more traffic than usual in January. Demand for its services remains about one and a half times higher than usual, its founder and CEO Oren Frank told the Daily News.

    The article then goes on to give five recommendations from these therapists, for people who are having trouble coping with Trump. They include unplugging from the 24 hour news cycle, getting involved in organizations and political movements they support so that they don’t feel so helpless, exercising, and trying to understand Trump supporters rather than vilifying them. And if all else fails, they recommend therapy.

    So in other words, the solution these therapists provided to Leftists who are losing their minds over Trump amount to the following: Get a life, get off your ass, and stop being so close-minded.


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      1. LMAO…who brainwashed these people into thinking Hillary was worth supporting? In a uniparty election. Because she is a woman? Proof positive of the succsessful dumbing down of America.

        • aljamo Many of them didn’t like either candidate and are now seeing he was better but nonetheless not qualified. They know he’s not going to MAGA. He’s not right for the job not that she was either.

          • These people were fucked up long before Trump came along.

            • Menzo, you ain’t kidding about that one. President Trump Stress Disorder? ROTFLMFAO! How about LSD [LIBTURD STRESS DISORDER] LOL!

              • BH This stuff is beyond crazy now.

                • Menzo, it sure is and it’s only going to get worse.

                  • I’ve been buying a lot of ammo for my deer rifles lately.

                    • Menz,be careful,the deer are gathering in large groups and wearing masks!

                    • yep

                • Thats the understatement of the year bud


                hahaha now that is funny

                i gotta remember that one for future conversations with family memebers.

            • Trump could give them everything they demand and they would still hate him.

        • All these poor people need is an appropriate pacifier. A butt plug, preferably used, recently.

        • These “Doctors” are really cashing in on this.

          What a gig–Make up some “disorder” and charge people a fortune to “help” them with it.

      2. I have a simpler and cheaper solution for these snowflakes- off yourselves. This is absolutely PATHETIC!

        • DMONIC, I second the motion on that one.

      3. Elias described a patient raised in a dysfunctional, alcoholic household whose past traumas have been brought to the surface by Trump.

        It isn’t Trump’s fault these people are screwed up. The line above pretty much says it all. Their parents screwed them up and they are blaming their unresolved issues on Trump. These are people that have never been able to face reality without a drug of some sort to help them cope. Not Trump’s fault.

        • Exactly.. these fucktsrds can’t help themselves but to blame anyone not a libtard. If not Trump they’d be blaming McCain if he had made it…then again I would be too, that POS MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE…Karma hasn’t visited him yet..

        • Old Sailor, even with the drugs they still can’t face reality.

      4. Up against the wall with them. It will be more humane then watching them suffer as they claim they are

      5. No, its not because all of them are leftists or libtards, although no doubt some are–it’s because they can see Trump isn’t suited for his role and is not living up to his promises.

        Many of his picks (AG Sessions, Spicer, Scaramucci, and a bunch of others) all turned out to be poor choices, showing us that Trump can’t see the difference between the two because he has no ability and lacks the know-how to drain the swamp. To much drama and chaos in the WH preventing real work and change from occurring.

        He’s also in over his head and that is going to get us into trouble. These people in therapy largely for anxiety can see the crisis on the horizon. Some don’t or can’t see it. But they can. At this point so can I. Many are also angry with him and dealing with that as best they can.

        Yeah, HRC would have been 1MX worse but things being worse with her doesn’t make him fit to be POTUS. He reneged on promises and hasn’t followed through on some things. He’s not right for the job and many now sense that.

        They also know they were scammed when he said what they wanted to hear now they know he’s not going to MAGA. Except for the leftists libs they are rightfully so anxious and angry.

        Many people can see that and are freaking out. Some are nuts or leftists libtards but many others are very valid in their concerns.

        • Anonymous, uh, where have you been? Have you NOT noticed all of the opposition to Trump’s agenda, even from the WH staff? Way too many Obama/Hillary loyalists still in DC doing everything they can to undermine the man. Even his own DAUGHTER AND SON-IN-LAW who he appointed as special advisers are working against him. Jared Kushner has been bought and paid for by George Soros. All the opposition needs to be eliminated in order for anything to get done. No one even wants to give the man a real chance. You think the country can be turned around in just a year? What movie did you see that in? I need to check it out [SARCASM]

        • Yeah, because every other president has kept ALL their campaign promises. Heh. And every other president has made at least 90% perfect picks for all positions. HehX2. Given the opposition Trump has seen, including a segment of his own party, I am okay with where things are for the moment. Those opposing Trump from Trump states (including my own senator) will soon have to defend what they have done since the last election.

          I have zero sympathy for people losing their minds over Trump though. I survived Obama, they can survive Trump. Life does go on outside of politics.

          • Jaxx, good points. I’m not so sure Trump even made all the choices he supposedly made for certain positions like McMaster for National Security Adviser. He’s CFR and has ties to Soros. He’s already fired the handful of Trump loyalists who were on the National Security Council. All the rest are Obama loyalists.

        • These people are just fucking idiots,,,
          Nothing else, just idiots.
          Suck it up buttercup, lifes difficult

        • Get the bigger picture. Much deeper than snowflakes or picks. Plus so much going on behind the scenes, give Sessions and the other good guys a chance. Hear the truth…..
          Treason within the Trump Administration with Kevin Shipp
          ht tps://

        • Bravo Sierra, troll. You must have been deep into your cranial rectal inversion during the last administration.

          Reneg on promises? In 7 months with an administration full of Obamanoid Deep State operatives and Shadow Government criminals screwing him at every turn?

          You don’t live in reality.

          I would make it mandatory for all voters to speak English and pass a civics & government test from the fifties. That would get rid of a lot of these useless idiots who think emotions qualify one to vote intelligently.

      6. Pussy yep thats the word 4 em

        • Na, thats an insult to good pussy

      7. Just hearing of the ailments of these simple-minded fools makes me hope that Donald Trump just keeps pushing their buttons until they do themselves in…

        He may not drain the swamp but he is becoming at abatement program for the liberal mosquitoes that rely on the swamp.

        • Donald Trump in 2020, indeed.

      8. Is that a dude or a manly looking dyke?

        • Anonymous, you mean that damn thing in the top picture? Probably a dyke.

          • I know who that is. That’s Pat.

      9. A lot of them talked about leaving the country if Donald Trump was elected president. They didn’t! They’ll be cured of their depression if they move to another country as they promised. It’s called karma!

      10. The left is going to push this Country into a dictatorship,,,,,in which they themselves will become the first to suffer. A Hitler came to power, primarily as a counter-force to the communists that were doing in Germany the exact same thing they are doing now. Once the dictatorship gains complete control (and with the support of the Trumpers, Christian right, Nationalists, militias, veterans, etc…), the communist goons will be hunted down and interned, imprisoned, and executed; along with their pied piper politicians. Don’t want to see this happen, but when push comes to shove, I know what side I’m on…..and when I see the bloodshed, I will be saying “they had it coming”.!!!

      11. Psychotherapy is snake-oil for the irremediably unhappy. If the DSM-5 didn’t have some sort of bullshit name for their patients’ “conditions” that insurance will pay for, most “psychotherapists” would have to go back to selling swampland in Florida or used cars.

      12. The globalist Communist agenda is to get everyone tagged as a space case neurotic or worse so as to be able to strip them of their rights and lock them up as lunatics if they knowingly or unknowingly get in the way of a globalist personal or political ambition.

        The rise in anxiety is not because of Trump, the anxiety is caused by talk about nuclear war and economic collapse along with the degenerate culture which has been created to dehumanize these younger people.

        For anxiety there are some simple solutions. High glycemic blood causes anxiety. Switch to a high protein – low carbohydrate diet. This means cut out white flour, sugar, white rice and all sugar syrups including healthy maple syrup and honey. Eat once a day at the same time a home cooked healthy meal. Exercise with spurts of high, very high intensity. Get plenty of sun and take additional Vitamin D along with a multi-mineral supplement, kelp, lemon and vinegar water, protein, oils including coconut oil, lots of vegtables, berries, walnuts, and filbert nuts, detox teas, and relaxing herbal teas. No drugs, coffee, alcohol. Drink plenty of fresh, pure water. Go to sleep at 10:00 p.m. and awake at 6:00 a.m. Dress in the morning and take a stroll outside looking at the blue sky. Shower in the afternoon and dress for dinner. Relax in the evening and read before retiring to the bedroom. Remove all electronics or work related articles, papers, etc. from the bedroom. Keep the house clean and organized and make the bedroom very beautiful and designed for love and sleep, and nothing else.

        Follow these guidelines, you won’t need a shrink.


        • Therapy is just a FEMA camp.

          • Yep! That’s what the liberal “grown-up” babies don’t realize. They may get “treated”, if they don’t grow up and dump their childish world-view that is leading them to even more dependence on their adversary masters and making them increasingly captive and vulnerable to being inflicted with their own treatment.

      13. The Left was plenty disordered already, and well before Trump became our president.

        Put it this way. The left is a lost loafer, lying in the road, after a very sick Hilary Clinton has been whisked away, again — minus one shoe.

        • The blame-e, LOL! “The left is a lost loafer, lying in the road, after a very sick Hildebitch has been whisked away, again-minus one shoe.” That’s a damn good one.

      14. But, the Democrat Party has told them over and over and over that “you can’t do it by yourself”. “You need government to ‘help’ you”. No wonder they’re huffing and puffing when a grown up President of their beloved government, that they expect to coddle them, instead tells them to “get a life,,,,” They don’t realize, though, that mentally disturbed people are in danger of being “treated” for their illness. Maybe they had better straighten up on their own and cut it out.

      15. I agree 100% with B from CA. Just wait until 2020 when Trump is re-elected. People will be jumping off roofs

      16. They are trying to discredit Trump anyway they can. They really do not want to lose control. So sad.

      17. May they all O.D. on there meds.

        This isn’t nice, but this is just how I feel!!!!


        • Yup,
          Im willing to risk the dangers of a nuke if it means half the libtards get killed off

      18. Oh boo hoo… the witch didn’t win..
        My real thought is how are these idiots going to react when the real fighting starts… there are no safe spaces, lawyers or therapists in a combat environment..
        These idiots are picking a fight with people who have at least 8 billion rounds of ammunition and they cant even figure out what bathroom to use..

      19. Trump triggers decades of suppressed trauma in one patient. Not a bad thing at all. Now the patient can get to work solving her real issues. At the end of her therapy journey she should thank Trump for being the catalyst to her new found freedom.

      20. Sarge, Braveheart agrees with you 1000%. I’m not nice either when I see my country and people being threatened by those scum.

        • Brave
          Still looking. My wife wants to be closer to Murfreesboro than I do. I want to be at least 1 hour away and she doesn’t want to be more than 45 minutes. I found one at 1 hour away at the posted speed limit, but does anyone ever drive the speed limit?????

          Wish me luck!!!


          • Sarge, good luck. There’s got to be a piece of land somewhere you’ll both like.

          • hopefully you can convince the Mrs. to stay away from Mboro.

            Brother lives there.

            too big
            too congested
            too MTSU
            too much traffic
            too too everything.

            also located in Rutherford Co. the fastest growing county in middle TN. has all the problems that go along with the fastest, too.

      21. people who admit they have this disorder should be sent to reeducation camps

      22. I would say as 24 hour media has grown/can get news on phones and all the problems in the world not surprised folks stressed out.I have avoided the net for days to deescalate,perhaps one phone call a day,does a lot to relax a few and just be in your own world,even if just a short time.

      23. Drugs, even legal ones, will make those fgs more irrational and aggressive. If that’s possible. Lets hope it gives them the courage to kill themselves

      24. President Trump Stress Disorder. Funny, the acronym for that is PTSD. A bunch of suggestible, emotional peeps do not have anything remotely like PTSD. Whoever coined the term President Trump Stress Disorder should be ashamed of themselves. It takes away from the real victims who have real PTSD.

      25. Tell me what will when groups go after those who like to do the battle plans?

      26. Watched some , The Patriot Nurse. Videos. She’s a nurse by profession. Prepper by common sense.And has hands on medical skills advice . And she dosent take any crap from the PC crowd.

        • TH, spot on about The Patriot Nurse. She gives straight information and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. I’ll trust her over a doctor any day.

      27. Italian American parents had a time tested solution to a meltdown, it was called, “A dego backhand”.

      28. These paranoid people need to seriously develop a close relationship with Christ aka God. When they do these foolish grand illusions will vanish and they will see life from a more meaningful perspective.

      29. I hear many ask what will a modern civil war look like. Cyber bank attack. No more EBT pay off? NK EMP? We would group up into klans to protect our area. Neighborhood watch road block check points? Neighborhood watch patrols. Neighborhood watch community escorts to stores. You can’t be alone or leave your positions alone. Flash mobs . Open gang warfare. Police moving their families to protected areas. Overwhelmed fire fighters. And their refugees. Leaving your home to safer area.Sleepless gunfire nights. Monitoring the news for evacuations. That dangerous ride to work. Malnourished children. Boredom and fear.

      30. Can’t the patients just pack up and get the fuck out of the country. That would serve two benefits. It would help us Americans a lot, increase unemployment for whites and reduce the crime rate over all.

        This country has more mentally fucked people than I have ever come across in along time. I first noticed this when I used to employed by companies. They, management would tell me that sales are down, that its my unprofessionalism was the cause. So I told them to go fuck them selves, and started my own business. Even though the economy is still fucked, I am still increasing my customer base because I am strong and fucking aggressive and get shit done. The dumbfuck trolls on this site who call me a nut all the time do not take in consideration that one of us is stupid and its not me. A Hipanic woman that I met a month ago, who is friends with a lady I know did not look like she was in a good mood, and I was there to hear this horse shit because she works for a farmer that I buy my organic food from. She told me the reason why she was not feeling well was because the president is causing problems, that things have gotten worse. This is the stupid type of bullshit I have to listen, and these people have no fucking idea who or what is running America. Talk about totally complete stupid dumb fuck of a people.


        • I have heard crap like that from the woman im working for at the moment, bitching about how the medical costs are going up because of Trump,,,

        • HCKS, I just tune out anyone who wants to feed me their BS. You don’t have any obligation to hear any of it. that’s only part of what the libturd philosophy has done to people.

      31. Mandatory vacation maybe? But when the tell you your children must go to special government education schools because they are showing anti what they want tendencies. Then?

      32. I remember an article from the 1990’s where the author (can’t remember his name) that was very insightful for that time. He was able to extrapolate future events that would plague American and Western societies based on the current events of the time. He saw then exactly where we are now with the sexual identities issues, ultra leftists, identity politics, massive illegal immigration, social disintegration, destruction of patriotism and traditions, cultural Marxism, a dumbed-down education system, everything construed as institutional racism, etc. Eventually resulting in large-scale chaos; which which many are hard at work towards bringing it to fruition.
        However, there is a big snag. The vast majority of working people in this country are tolerant of many political views, but they have a limit when their culture and way of life is being eliminated, and are hearing others telling them what to think, how to live, their morals and beliefs being denigrated, constantly being labeled racist, bigoted, and sexist. I had to go to a work-related sensitivity training session a few years ago, the “instructor” actually made the comment “if only all whites, Christians, and straight people would just disappear we would have a just and good and peaceful world, they are the oppressors, they make everything worse”. Many of the guys got up and left, all the female attendees stayed however.
        These people are in denial, rather they are useful idiots. They believe they have a right to use any means to bring about their agenda. I can tell you ultimately they will fail. They may go far now, but it won’t be permanent, they and their movement will eventually be relegated to insignificance and obscurity and this generation of useful idiots will die out before they realize they wasted their lives, they were used as disposable by TPTB.

      33. There is only one way out and it is not therapy.

      34. My God, how many straight up limp-wristed pussy, ass bitches do we have in this country these days? The country is so full of Left-winged, sissy fags!! Grow some balls you queer, gator-bait bunches.

      35. Most of these male butt hurt snowflakes have sperm in their stomachs, not a good diet choice if you ask me….

      36. The lefties can’t get good jobs with the crap courses they studied in college. So they feign emotional and mental issues and apply for SSI benefits. Hey, it’s enough to pay for the pot and snacks.

      37. Clinical psychologist whose business depends on people being anxious says people should be anxious… yep, sounds legit.

      38. I think most of you are missing the point here. Each of these “ill” people now get a check in the mail for life from Social Security Disability! This is a scam of monumental proportions!

      39. That’s the funniest article I have read in a while. Snow flake disorder is reaching a pandemic. an extinction level event is about the only way to cleanse the country from the welfare disease, the snow flake disease, the race hate disease.
        All these folks are but dummies controlled be the ruling ventriloquists, who are funded by suck as Soros.
        Main stream media helps fan the flames of race hate and safe spaces, ect.
        So much interference to having a good life.
        Bring on the extension level event, I may also go but ore fellow countrymen that have turned traitor, will go also.
        GO TRUMP!!

      40. Every 50+ years or so a person runs for office with the testicular fortitude to tell the truth no matter HOW unsettling and disturbing.

        For me those three people were JFK, RFK, and DJT. Read or listen to JFK’s secret society’s speech. RFK had the poor and middle classes in his pocket which would have ended the undeclared Vietnam war. And Donald J. Trump, yes, most times he’s almost too direct.

        But I much prefer THAT to his predecessors’ stinking crapping lies and the last one’s cowardly silence when the heads of little Christian boys and girls were put on heads in an effort to intimidate those of us who believe in Jesus Christ.

        And yes, JFK and RFK and our current President was/is as severely flawed as you or I. The only perfect person got nailed to a cross.

        The Bushes, Obama, and Hillary disrupted my peace of mind. Donald J. Trump restores it.

        Note to BLAMEstream media: Trump is as much a racist as the Pope is atheist! Trump has been scapegoated continuously by you people. SHAME on you!

        You idiot so-called journalists, when the President said there were good people on both sides, use your brain: what he was stating was that of all the people on both sides, very very few were PURE EVIL!

        And to my fellow posters, TRUTH is a MORE potent weapon than your Glock, and that alone explains these people seeking therapy– it’s because President Trump’s Truth ROCKS the foundation of their MISconceptions and FALSE assumptions.

        Please don’t trash Therapists, they work hard every day, and please ignore these publicity-seeking ones.

        This article, and how the BLAMEstream media MIS-treats Mr. Trump show just HOW SICK our country actually is.

        A spoonful of Trump will NOT make the status quo = business as usual medicine, go down! Thanks be to God!

        What WILL make it go down is when people dedicate themselves at all costs to reality. Only then will they have their mental health and emotional wellness.

        A deluded life is a wasted one. Know thyself. Dedicate yourself to Truth.

        And PRAY for our President because they want him DEAD, and short of that, they are trying to MURDER his SPIRIT/PSYCHE.

        But we’re SMARTER than that because WE know the POWER of Prayer!

        So pray for Mr. Trump. And use the truth as much as you polish your Glocks. Truth is potent. And it’s free. ENDLESS ammo in that Truth! No wonder these dirt bags fight the sucking sound of the swamp sucking machine so much.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Mental health is an ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs.”
        – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

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