The Latest Attempt To Win The Afghan War: Replace The Soldiers With Mercenaries

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Headline News | 67 comments

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    One of the most controversial aspects of the Iraq war was the heavy use of defense contractors, who were in many cases paid vast sums of money to do jobs that you’d think an ordinary soldier could do. When it was all said and done, defense contractors had reaped $138 billion dollars by providing security, logistics, and construction services. Among the most notorious of these contractors was Blackwater, whose employees gained a reputation for reckless behavior that caused many unnecessary deaths.

    Fast forward to today, and now Blackwater’s founder, former Navy Seal Erik Prince, is pushing for a plan to win the war in Afghanistan by replacing the soldiers with defense contractors. Prince first suggested the plan last May in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, where he described this idea in colonial terms. The private military units would be based on units that were deployed by the British East India Company, and would be lead by a single person who he referred to as an “American Viceroy,” that would report directly to the president.

    As strange as it may sound, Trump appears to be taking the idea seriously. It’s hard to blame him. Afghanistan is now America’s longest running war, and no matter how many soldiers, generals, aid, or money we throw at the country, nothing seems to bring stability.  Which is why this radical new plan probably looks very enticing to Trump right now.

    Under his proposal, private advisers would work directly with Afghanistan combat battalions throughout the country, and the air force would be used for medical evacuation, fire support and ferrying troops.

    Prince said the contractors would be “adjuncts” of the Afghan military and would wear that nation’s military uniforms. Pilots would only drop ordnance with Afghan government approval, he said.

    Currently, troops from a U.S.-led coalition are stationed primarily at top level headquarters and are not embedded with conventional combat units in the field. Under the plan the contractors would be embedded with Afghanistan’s more than 90 combat battalions throughout the country.

    In addition the plan will supposedly cost $10 billion per year, which is a far cry from the $40 billion that is currently being spent. It would involve replacing much of the 8,400 troops who are currently stationed in Afghanistan with 5,500 contractors, and provide a privately owned air force of 90 planes that wouldn’t give fire support without the permission of the Afghan government.

    However, there is one problem with this plan. There’s probably a good reason why our soldiers aren’t embedded with the Afghan army in such a decentralized fashion. It probably has to do with the fact that our soldiers are routinely killed by Taliban sympathizers masquerading as Afghan soldiers (many of whom are severely demoralized, poorly paid and equipped, and lead by corrupt officers). Without separating the contractors into heavily fortified compounds (as our military does right now), and by spreading them thin across a vast and desolate country, these contractors would be extremely vulnerable.

    It’s certainly a unique plan that is at least different from what our military has been doing in Afghanistan since 2001, which has been more of the same, year after year. But it’s also fraught with danger and the potential for disaster. This is Afghanistan we’re talking about. When it comes to military operations led by advanced nations, disaster is always the safest bet. After all, they don’t call Afghanistan the “graveyard of empires” for nothing.

    Perhaps instead of asking how we could win the war in Afghanistan, we should be asking ourselves how we can get out as fast as possible and cut our losses. It’s been 16 years, and there’s no sign that the people in that country have any interest in becoming the kind of liberal democracy that we want them to be. And without that support, there is no military plan in the world that will ever give us a satisfying victory in Afghanistan.


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      1. let’s please re-view the 16 years of the monstrous u.$ genocide of the Afghan People.
        September Eleventh 2001 the D.C. Devils Obliterated the seven buildings of WorldTradeCenter in Manhattan. Two 110story skyscrapers were Pulverized in TEN SECONDS!
        Using Osama bin Ladin as PATSY/ Pretext, much as Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for J.F.Kennedy’s murder by CIA Allen Dulles et al 38 years previously,
        the Diabolical DeepState (“masters of the universe” lol) picked up the impoverished defenseless
        little country & threw it against the wall, to show the world just what the EvilEmpire is capable of.
        That’s yer “beloved” country, Brainwashed Sheeple!
        And the courageous Afghans still struggle to Expel the u.$ Demons.

        Please Russia & China, don’t wait for the u.$ First Strike, as you’re encircled by thousands of
        nuclear missiles…Hit First! U$ is a Malignant Virus.

        • The Afghans, as well as the other pedophilic followers of islam, one group in particular, taliban muslims from Pakistan that blew up ancient statues in Afghan Hindu Khush mountains after 911 and then proceeded to push their twisted sharia on the Afghan people are responsible for the ‘unfinished’ slaughter of muslims (notice mispelled and not capitalized – total disrespect) …
          islam will be demolished, and muslims will be dragged out of the 13th Century – or vanish from the world altogether .

      2. Isn’t that how ISIS started?

        Wouldn’t it be better just to get out?

        The CIA could pay them in heroin. That is their business, is it not?


        • What? We are still at war there? But we have been bombing those poor people since 1991?

        • Central Injection Agency

          • WTF? SOLDIERS ARE MERCINARIES! The only difference is the pay rate….

        • These have become Private Wars for the Fascists, and paid for, by stealing US Tax Payer Funding. Time to Sue the Government Big Time. The President is no longer asking congress to declare war, which is illegal. Obama leashed war on Libya, Yeomen, Ukraine, and many other countries and places in Africa, where there are Dozens of US bases, and NO Congressional Approval.

          Its all by design, perpetual war to bankrupt the US Economy. Every dollar they spend on War, they deny US infrastructure building, bridges, sidewalks, bike paths, health care, social security, medicare, etc.

          Time to shut it all down, and start hanging these fascists.

          • CSS, damn right. Time to GTF out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and any place else we have troops. Let’s bring all the troops home. They’d be a lot more useful overthrowing the deep state.

            • Our troops are too busy trying to not get raped in the men’s room to worry about winning a fight that does nothing to alleviate corporations taking over amerika.

        • Wash-rinse-repeat

      3. Ilhar Omar is a Somali “refugee” who is voted into our legislature. This 34 year old woman has put forward a bill to give insurance money to the families of suicide bombers from Somali. Is she going to be the replacement for Donald Trump? By law the President must be 35 years old and an American citizen born in this Country. This is war. The 3ews have drugged up the Americans so much that they have become unable to fight for themselves. We are being invaded by men in their twenties and thirties to kill us. We better get clean and sober, off sugar, off sex addictions, off football. Get ready the jihad is coming.


      4. Isn’t Blackwater, being a private contractor for the U.S. Military Industrial Complex, already a mercenary? Isn’t this like mercenaries hiring mercenaries?

        • A mercenary… is a person who takes part in an armed conflict who is not a national or party to the conflict and is “motivated to take part in the hostilities by desire for private gain”. Mercenaries fight for money or other recompense rather than for political interests.

          A private military company (PMC)… is a private company providing armed combat and/or security services.

          PMCs refer to their staff as “security contractors” or “private military contractors”. Private military companies refer to their business generally as the “private military industry” or “The Circuit”. The United Nations, in a convention so far ratified by 35 states, considers PMCs to be mercenaries and prohibits them; the United Kingdom, Russia, China, and the United States are not signatories to the convention,

          and the United States has rejected the UN’s classification of PMCs as mercenaries.

          • Being that the common denominator here is money, a “private contractor” like Blackwater is just a euphemism for a merchant of death, i.e., a mercenary.

            On the other hand, the Militias (something all together different from mercenaries), are in it for heart and home, kith and kin, truth, liberty, the “American Way” and all that. As we have seen in Iraq, both Blackwater and mercenaries deal in security and protection for themselves, death for the rest of us.

            The U.S. has quite the highly skilled and trained army residing right here in “Good ole US of A,” what with 20-percent of the homeless military veterans. Will they (would they or even could they), fight for either money or hearth and home — or is it all just bull sh*t to them?

            • I suggest make it law that all Congressional Politicians Children and relatives be drafted before any mercenaries be hired. Lets see where their hearts are and not our wallets.

              Lets see, is this conflict really necessary. NOT!!

              All the US is in Afghanistan for is the OIL pipeline and natural resources and minerals to steal when we install a puppet dictator who is a sell out to his country and people. The CIA is in Afghanistan for the Heroine trace to fund their black budgets. That’s the facts.

              They all need to hang for treason. The CIA is the worlds largest Illegal and Illicit Drug Dealer. That’s a fact also.

              • Crack

                You may have a point.

                VIET NAM = IRON TRIANGLE
                AFGHANISTAN = NOW

            • Blame-e, that’s right. All of those mercenaries are cold-blooded animals. If one of them pointed a weapon at me, he’d get ventilated.

          • Thank you. Now I don’t have to spell it out for everyone.
            First off I contract for three different companies. I spend most of my time with a team working counter human trafficking, so don’t bust my balls over being a contractor. Second, Blackwater hasn’t been around for a decade or better. Acadami, triple canopy etc are all owed by one company now. It’s almost a monopoly. 3rd, there’s already thousands of us in Afghanistan, Iraq,etc. We train our military, we train our law enforcement. As I’m texting this me and 16 contractors are in China Lake finishing a training contract with Navy Special Warfare EOD. Next week we are doing a free two day weapons course with a state militia. We believe in training our military our law enforcement and our responsible American citizen and I’ll speak for the 40+ operators that I work with, we will fight beside you as well. Stop demonizing contractor. Yes there’s bad people everywhere. We’re just dudes trying to make a living and take care of our families with the skill sets we have.
            My apologies for the rant. I’ve been up for 28 hours and havent pooped in 3 days.
            Have a good one.

        • If Trump is seriously considering this insane idea, then this is yet another example that shows how unbelievably stupid the guy is. BTW: I voted for Trump.

          Just today, has a lead story up that says Trump has endorsed Luther Strange in the Alabama primary to decide who will replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate. This Strange character is a huge RINO; a liberal Republican who is closely allied with Mitch McConnell and he sure as hell is not a tradition conservative. Mo Brooks is the legitimate conservative who deserves to fill Jeff Sessions vacated Senate seat – and Brooks would be 100 percent on board with the immigration agenda that Trump campaigned on – while, mark my words, Strange will side with the RINOs and the DemonRats to oppose it.

          Just like last year, after Paul the RINO Ryan spent the whole campaign season spewing venom at Trump and doing everything he could to prevent him from winning – and, then, when Ryan gets primaried by Paul Nehlen, who did Trump endorse? Ryan, and not Nehlen. Result? Ryan continues as Speaker of the House to obstruct and impede Trump’s every attempt to implement his agenda.

          Then, here we have the highly peculiar situation where Trump not only picks McMaster to be his NSA Chief – but, when McMaster demands that he have sole authority to choose his entire staff, Trump caves in like a gullible and naive idiot and says, OK? McMaster, who openly and aggressively opposes just about every policy position that Trump ran on and won on – proceeds to fire every pro-Trumper he can and replace them with anti-Trump RINO
          types and now Trump has an enemy agent inside his inner circle who is working to turn Trump into a neocon, war mongering, globalist infested copy of the Bush-Cheney administration?

          And, Trump whines that he can advance his agenda? Well, how about purging your administration of these enemy moles?

          I am beginning to get the feeling that either Trump is the stupidest guy to ever reach the White House – or else he is deliberately filling his administration up with people that he knows will stymie any action on the promises he made while running, so he can turn around and blame them for his lack of delivering on his promises.

      5. I’ll fight again if the hazard pay is good.

        • You mean lose again? I wonder what odds Vegas is giving for the USA to win the next war since we have been on a losing streak since WWII

      6. OFF TOPIC: Important

        This my seem really obvious but I just want to make sure that everybody knows about Walmart’s store pickup service. You order on-line and pick it up in the store. Food is often much cheaper done this way and not Amazon.

        As a prepper, I just ordered 50 cans of pie filing on-line (it goes great with oatmeal) and I picked it up at the closest Walmart free shipping. When I originally saw them at a local store they had six total on the shelf. They don’t have this item at Costco.

        This relatively new service makes stocking up on items so much easier. Does anybody else use this service?

        • my youngest daughter does, tho not as a “prepper”–just a busy working mom.

          I like that idea, however… that really leaves a record of purchases for authorities to see, know and then seize said pie filing.

          In light of recent N.Korea news I was thinking of what last minute shopping I might need to do. At first I thought to try it as my daughter does, but was worried about the trail I’d be leaving.

          If I buy my pie filling, I want to keep my pie filling 🙂

          • Good point grandee. I had not considered that, but God help the person or persons who comes after my pie filing!

            • Quick someone bake me a pie with a file in it. Sorry for the spelling mistake.

            • Justice, God help whoever comes after anything I have because they will be ventilated.

        • Gold and Silver took off this AM. Gold hit $1277 and Silver hit $17. Hope to see a good rally now, through the end of the year.

        • Thanks, Justice. Not off topic at all! This is what this site should be about – information that the fascist left lamestream media will never tell us, as well as practical info like yours. Excellent job! Grandees point about tracking the pie filling? I guess it all depends on what, and how much you are buying. If you buy 50 long tonnes of Spam, yeah, maybe.

      7. Use contracters? That might take care of the unemployment problem!

      8. 50 cans of pie filling. You people are insane to the brain.

      9. Defense contractors or soldiers of fortune — the blood runs the same. As a taxpayer, I am sick of paying for this unending “war.”
        Let the tea boys dance and the poppies grow without OUR blood. Get US out now. The Chinese can jolly well have a go at defending their copper mine(s) there.

      10. The employer of the mercs are responsible for their conduct…Or at least the used to be. Geneva Conventions don’t apply to mercs, actions wise or legal wise. Paid killers/murderers. A permanent nasty dark stain our countries legacy and flag by using them, but that’s who we have become apparently. The Empire has gone over to murder for hire to keep its hegemony. No surprise though, its not like human lives matter to them anyway, just shows the complete moral corruptness of TPTB.

        • and of course their defense for all their crimes will be ” I was just doing my job I was paid to do”.

        • ‘Geneva Conventions don’t apply to mercs, actions wise or legal wise.’

          That’s why I had zero sympathy for those Blackwater thugs who the Iraqis fire-roasted, dragged through the streets, and then left hanging from a bridge in Fallujah. I am pretty sure that those Blackwater mercs had earned their fate by committing acts equally horrific than what happened to them. Zero sympathy for hired killers, folks. These guys are not patriots. They are hired killers, period.

          One other point about the idea of turning over the Afghanistan war to private mercenaries. The private companies who hire these mercenaries are profit-driven operations. Which means, they have a vested interest in keeping those government / tax payer’s dollars flowing into their pockets for as long as possible. Which, in turn, means that it is not in their financial best interests to end their cash flow. “Winning” in Afghanistan, however one might define that concept, means their mission is complete and the money flow stops.

          Anyone on this website who is dumb or naive enough to fail to see that hiring mercs to fight a war provides a huge incentive for them to milk the tax payers for as long, and in as many ways, as possible, i.e., to drag out their mission and postpone their final ‘victory’ is dumber than box of rusty hammers. This is exactly what mercs would do, once Trump or anyone else lets them sink their vampire straw into the jugular (wallets) of the American tax payers.

          Remember the old Western adage about a town hiring an expensive gunslinger to be the sheriff of their town, to clean up the town and rid it of all of its bad guys? Well, that gunslinger sheriff decides he likes that big, fat, juicy paycheck the town is paying him and he realizes that, if he kills or runs 100 percent of the bad guys out of town, the town might decide they no longer needs his services and then he is out of a job.

          Incidentally, in many ways, the US Military – or, more precisely, the Military Industrial Complex in its entirety, has adopted almost the same mindset as that gunslinger sheriff that I cited in my analogy. These top ranked military creeps who are constantly begging for more and more and even more tax dollars, screaming for never ending, massive increases in their budgets, salivate over every opportunity that arises around the world where they can persuade whoever sits in the Oval Office to send them into ‘hot spots’ and engage in these endless foreign interventions – because they can use those interventions as an excuse for why Congress has to give them more money.

          Congress goes along with this scam because they are legally allowed to engage in insider trading on Wall Street and can cherry pick stocks in the companies who they know will be given multi-million dollar defense contracts to supply the military with arms, munitions, beans, tranny butt lube, and equipment needed to supply the military during those interventions. This is how a Congress cockroach who is paid $150k or so a year winds up becoming a multi-millionaire after 2 or 3 terms of office.

          BTW: A note to Neal Jensen. Didn’t some court of law recently issue a ruling that overturned a prior conviction of some of these Blackwater thugs for having committed torture or some other act that would have been deemed a war crime, had a uniformed military soldier engaged in it? I believe I have seen a headline about that recently. Here is the deal: This nation is being run by men and women (Nicky Haley) who are psychopaths. These psychopaths think that the regular laws that apply to Joe and Jill Sixpack should not apply to them, or to any of their jackbooted thug kwaps or merc killers for hire. This is why we keep seeing stories in the news about kwaps killing unarmed citizens for no legitimate reason and then being praised by the PTB establishment and getting clean away with it. That is why we see judges, appointed by the PTB psychopaths, overturning increasingly rare convictions of merc killers for hire.

          The PTB psychopaths are sending us a message and the message is this: “We are above the law and we can do any damned thing we want to you, legal or otherwise, and there isn’t a damned thing you lowly peons can do about it”.

          Like George Carlin said: They are saying: “We OWN YOU”.

      11. The roman empire ended when they decided to use mercenaries rather than have their own troops fight. The British king George was talked in using Hessian’s in our revolutionary war that created Washington’s victory at Trenton that turned the war. History does rhyme…

        • “Chinese” Gordon

      12. If you haven’t seen the Steven Gern Iraqi people Video He was a contractor and like our combat Vets. (I wish someone could calculate how many. ) Know what these people are like and can’t wait for some ethnic cleansing?

      13. Lincoln did it to help gain an advantage over Southern Americans.

      14. We won’t leave Afghanistan because of the minerals that were found in the ground.

        A vain of lithium worth billions, Tesela just stated that if they ramp up production they will consume the world’s mined supply of lithium that they need for their batteries every year.

        And the poppies, watch videos of troops fighting in Afghanistan alot of them show our soldier’s walking through fields of poppies.

        If you look at the heroin epidemic in this county there is a correlation between when we went to Afghanistan and the rise of heroin… Coincidance ….

        And the product is more pure, that means a better/ stable supply. Dealers aren’t having to cut the product.. why are so many people over dosing. Better stronger product, why the increase in narcan usage among first responders? More people overdosing.

      15. I wonder if we will soon realize how lucky we are to have Nutron bombs? The enemy out number us 10 to 1? We will have no other choice?

      16. I have no problem with a government using contractors. The French Have the Foreign Legion. The Spanish have their own Foreign Legion. Not sure if they still have it, though. Blackwater no longer exists. It morphed to Xe, then Academi. I think it was recently purchased by a larger company. Merchants of death? A little too melodramatic. Not all contractors are combat. Most are security.

      17. I’m back. Had to give a mechanic a hand. As far as Afghanistan is concerned, there really is no way to win the war. Unless you want to genocide all Pashtun people. All Taliban are Pashtun, but not all Pashtun are Taliban.

      18. Just get the hell out of Afghanistan, that makes the most sense. What, you think because you went in there and slaughtered innocent people that you own the place. Looks like the evil US criminals are never leaving. The Afghan people loved the Russians who treated them well and did much to benefit their lives. Pat Tillman saw the farce first hand and tried to expose it only to be killed by his own side. The heroin is actually grown for Great Britain, the seat of the worldwide banking swindle. This whole ordeal is an ugly example of NWO criminality killing life on Earth.

        • aljamo, I hope you weren’t referring to me slaughtering innocent people in Afghanistan. I’m way too old to be in there or Iraq. I was US Army 1966-69. Didn’t even get sent to the Nam. If you were referring to me, it suggests you have a very narrow mind. And are prone to jump to inaccurate conclusions.

          • Him…how could I be referring to you when you were not there? Trump tweeting he has upgraded America’s nuclear weapons is some funny stuff. lmao

            • Sorry.

      19. Again, the interruptions. I knew a guy that was a real mercenary. He worked in the Congo for Col. Bob Denard. The money wasn’t that good. Most of the volunteers were anti-communist. It was actually a CIA operation back when the CIA seemed to be anti-communist. The early and mid 1960’s. The pilots were Cuban exiles left over from the failed Bay of Pigs. In Rhodesia there were a lot of foreign volunteers. The pay for a grunt was $300 per month. Most guys were there because they were anti-communist. Not for the money, obviously. There are a lot of international security contractor companies. The people making the big bucks are the owners and operators of the corporations. The television version of “mercenaries” is a Hollywood creation. The former Navy Seals working for the PMC’s were making over $100,000 per year. Then the companies decided to outsource the work. They started hiring third world professional soldiers. Soldiers trained at the “School of the Americas” in the US. Didn’t always work out too good with those guys.

      20. In my humble opinion, after Dennis Rodman is done solving the NK issue with his BFF Little Kim, can we then send him to Afghanistan as well to bring world peace there? Maybe send him permanently? Perhaps we could have Rodman un-ably assisted by folks like the Kartrashians, Lady Kaka, Mahdoona, Miley Cysleaze and Kraty Perry? They could do a show before the Taliban and ISIS (the ones left after they are done killing each other, that is) called “Let’s all Just Get Along.” Should go over well… for about 2 minutes, before they are carted off as sex slaves for the Taliban and ISIS types.

        Hey! Don’t blame me. Just trying to be make a helpful solution here!

      21. Bill Buffert retired career Army officer was absolutely correct when he said, “The only just war is one fought on your soil to defend your own soil.”

      22. No. This is just another spread the money scam. The head of blackwater is the husband of the secretary of education.

        • JAS, correct. It is all about the money. And it’s a way to get around oversight.

        • Correction. He is betsy devos’s brother not husband. I had a stupid attack while typing. No different though. Typical big government business of spreading the money between their friends and family.

          • Eric Prince’ father, Edgar Prince, was the connection to the government. Edgar was a self made millionaire from Michigan. He was connected to the Family Research council. The Council donates to “conservative candidates”.

      23. OFF TOPIC;
        Mac if I may ;
        Fort whoopup 44th annual black powder shoot sept 1-4 2017
        Traditional archery shoot tomahawk and knife throw competition
        Flynt knapping course
        Pig roast
        And much more family’s welcome.
        With Mac’s permission I’ll post the coordinators contact info.
        I’ve been to this event before years ago
        It’s held in Crows nest pass just outside Lethbridge Alberta.
        It’s a hell of a good time.
        Maybe see some of you there

        • Love my BP guns

          shoot them regularly

      24. Eric Prince is a real POS.

        • He’s one of the main players. Share what you have on him. So we can spread it around.

      25. It’s simple. Pull all troops out of Afghanistan where they don’t belong and put them down on our border with Mexico where they do belong. And keep up a permanent military presence even after the wall gets built…if it ever does.

      26. these will be the pukes that will be firing on us in our own country”

        all for a buck

      27. It’s the resurrection of the British East India Company of the 1800s, a private paramilitary organization that had all the combat experiance when the Crimean war started. Officers transferred to the regulars were looked down on because they weren’t regulars.

        If the primary mission of Special Forces teams is advise and assist foreign armies why are we maintaining 5 active and 2 National Guard Groups and then suggesting hiring a bunch of retired SF guys to do the same thing for 10X the cost?

      28. The REAL reasons we are in Afghanistan are:

        1) To keep the gas pipeline safe (installed by Bush’s oil company and built by Halliburton).

        2) Ensure that the opium fields are protected so that the CIA’s source of “off-books money” (for “black” projects) is not interrupted.

        3) Protect the valuable deposits of minerals, so that they can later be exploited at the expense of the Afghan people (after political stabilization is achieved). [see:

        4) Enrich certain people who’s business models are tied to military conflicts– (weapons, ammunition, money loans, support personnel, etc.)

        Now, please understand, they don’t CARE how many innocent civilians get killed, they don’t CARE how many of our soldiers get killed, they don’t CARE what WE think– and they are going to continue with this agenda until there is nothing left in Afghanistan to exploit. Don’t be naive. It’s ALL about the MONEY. 9/11 (an inside job for certain) was simply a pretext to get us into Afghanistan and Iraq so that certain people could profit from it. Osama bin Laden was a CIA asset (code name: “Tim Osman”), and was used as part of this ruse to trick the American people into supporting the Afghan and Iraq invasions. I can’t believe how many smart people have been hornswaggled by all of this– all you have to do if follow the $$$.

        “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will…” make you REALLY FRIGGIN’ ANGRY !!!

      29. This stupid forum software changed a right-bracket into a ‘%5D’ in the link I just provided– remove that to see the web page. (note to self: do not use brackets in this forum)…

      30. Remember how the government propaganda machine convinced most people to support the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq? Well, now it’s working overtime on North Korea. When will the people catch on to this nonsense? Probably never. The head of the CIA, in the mid 1980’s, said “We’ll know how effective our propaganda is working, when everything that Americans believe is wrong”. It’s called creating consensus. Question everything. The government is run by criminals. Both parties.

      31. I’ve often wondered If the Apostles were thought by Jesus enemies as his mercenaries. His bodyguards? And how all of them ,under severe torture , would not say it was all a trick. How is that possible . People will say anything you want under extreme tortue? Unless they are absolutely sure of the consequences?

      32. Unwinnable. Just build a wall with defensive measure so the US drug companies can continue to continue harvesting the Opium. Got Americans to OD back home. Prioritize!
        Make the Drug Companies pay for the specialists!

      33. Prince is one of the scariest guys on earth and is a traitor, not a patriot. He will sell out the US and our Constitution for money and our politicians keep giving it to him. Remember his people on the streets of New Orleans after Katrina even though they hadn’t been contracted by any government agency; they showed up with machine guns and took control of many public areas. These are the future Robocop in our society.

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