The Last Time This Indicator Was At These Levels Gold Surged 485%: “At Today’s Prices It Would Take Gold Over $6,000 Per Ounce”

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    After a stellar start in 2016 investors saw their gold holdings get hammered into the end of the year. But the gold bull market may see a resurgence in 2017 after President Trump takes office later this month.

    As Future Money Trends highlights in the following video, there are a number of factors that will contribute to its next big move forward, including one particular indicator that has been so accurate in the past it’s impossible to ignore:

    The reality is there is only one single indicator that has always pointed to the rise of gold… one that is a screaming indicator to buy or sell gold… the last time this indicator was this bullish for gold it surged from $175 per ounce to $850 in less than two years… that’s a 485% increase… A move that at today’s prices would take gold over $6,000 per ounce by 2019.

    Watch the 2017 gold report:

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      1. meh……

        The real signal that will cause Gold to go up is dollar collapse.

        And right now the dollar is strong.

        • I am not an economist and don’t claim to understand the intricacies of all this, but would higher interest rates be a signal for a potential dollar collapse, or at the very least, a weakening of the dollar? With rates going higher, doesn’t that mean people or foreign governments don’t trust the currency as much as they do when rates are lower?

          Not sure about that. But what I do know is that there is definitely a cycle that these currencies follow. In the lead up to the 2008 crash the dollar was very weak. Today it is stronger than it has ever been. So, a year or two from now we could see the opposite. On the timing, I don’t know. But I do know that the dollar is eventually toast, which will mean hard assets is where you want to be. And that doesn’t just include gold, but land and food as well.

          • IF a person is holding gold and it soars to a real high, that would be a good time to use that value and purchase land, food and other assets that will keep you going, BECAUSE, gold and silver will NOT stay up OR if they do the cost of things WILL off set there value and your buying power will not change for the good!

          • rates are not going higher. Right now the FED rate to the banks is 0.25%. That’s nothing.,

            I remember in the late 1980s interest rates for homes was between 14% and 18%.

            Now they are about 4%.

            Rates will never go up to the 6 to 8% level (that is where they should be). The reason they will never again go up to that level is that would make the cost of paying the national debt unbearable and cause a default.

            It is kinda like paying a credit card. It is all good when you are maxed out but your interest rate is only 0.25%. But if the interest rate was 8% you couldn’t make the minimum payments.

            • I have a Zero 0.00% percentage rate for my Property because it was paid for all in cash. lol

          • “With rates going higher, doesn’t that mean people or foreign governments don’t trust the currency as much as they do when rates are lower?”

            Actually, the converse is true when it comes to dollars. Rising interest rates (a lagging indicator) typically signals a stronger economy with increased demand for goods and services and a higher demand for dollars in the form of loans and credit lines.

            Rising rates by the FED are designed to slow demand, reduce inflation,slow the economy, (even induce recession) reset markets, and the hidden agenda: facilitate the transfer of wealth (real assets) from the leveraged to the Uber Rich for pennies on the dollar.

            Rising interest rates in Dollar denominated securities provide a higher, safe return on excess cash held by the Uber Rich, global investors, institutions, and multinationals with this excess cash parked in US Securities; waiting for the pigs to get slaughtered at the trough and to pick up these assets for pennies on the dollar.

            The recent wave of bankruptcies in the oil patch is a good example of this phenomena. 🙂

            • Can you really believe anything they say? Raising rates because of this or that? Could be for a reason that they are not saying…

              How about raising rates to attract $$$ to the U.S., or keep it from flying away to other countries?

              Of course, they will never say that.

              • “How about raising rates to attract $$$ to the U.S., or keep it from flying away to other countries?”

                That is ALWAYS a by-product of rising interest rates at the end of a business cycle as global investors seek safety and security when instability (volatility) and uncertainty (risk) become more likely; by moving their excess cash into US Securities.

                I mentioned that certainty several years ago as I described the process and events of the end of a business cycle here.

                And yes, its in the archives. 🙂

          • Generally, when interest rates go up the currency strengthens. That’s the norm but then, are we in normal times?

        • $6000 Gold would take Silver up to at least $128/ Oz. Yep bring it on!!!

          On the other hand 1 Oz of Gold today will still be 1 Oz of Gold tomorrow, same with Silver. Back up the truck on PM’s while they are still cheap and legal.

          50% of the production of Silver today is bought and used for industrial uses. As more and more silver is used in the production of Solar panels, and electronics like cell phones, its a no brainer to buy .999. And, as some uses for silver phases out in older products, or with exchanged with new materials being used in place of Silver, more brand new products are rolling out far in excess for new silver uses, than being phased out. Solar panels are a prime example as solar demand increases.

          • “$6000 Gold would take Silver up to at least $128/ Oz. Yep bring it on!!”.

            Not necessarily. 🙂

            There is NO direct correlation between gold and silver in the “New Normal”. The new ratio could be higher or lower, silver to gold.

            I believe that it would be LOWER because $8,000 per oz of gold would bring the BIG MONEY into the metals market and these investors would go to GOLD, not silver, and they would prefer PAPER GOLD over physical gold if recent history gives US any clue as to their preference.

            Go figure. 🙂

            • $6,000 🙂

            • Wrong DK – This is true: “$6000 Gold would take Silver up to at least $128/ Oz. Yep bring it on!!”.

              The $6000 Gold is well within the trading range of 47 to 1 Silver to Gold Price ratio’s within the last 20 years of trading like clock work. So yes $6000 Gold, Silver could easily be trading at $128. Do the math first, then you have an educated comment. Like I did. Silver even hit a ratio of 31.53 to 1 which could make Silver $190.29 as was the ratio on April of 2011.

              Go to this Price Ratio History Chart which verifies my comment as Valid. Click on the 20 year chart for the Historical Facts.

              • I am not saying your comment is not valid: opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. I ‘m saying that there is no direct correlation now in the ratios, no one should draw that conclusion, and that past actions are no longer an indicator of future performance.

                Speculators in silver should tread carefully. 🙂

                Going back six years, my investment advice for metals has been consistent:

                “Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and horde your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes.” 🙂

                • hoard 🙂

                • Your comments are just that, opinions DK. I am going off of Defined Data and History Trend Lines or trading ranges over the last 20 years for the price ratio of Silver to Gold. More of a true indicator than just some anomaly or idiot opinion, in the last few years which doesn’t mean squat of your history. Once you grasp how stocks and metals trade and in the ranges, you will understand what I am saying here. Trading History Charts don’t lie, Just assholes with uniformed opinions with no friggin clue. Everything you buy can be treated as an investment, From Gold to Silver lead, guns, cars property and such. Buy Low and Sell high. This is basic stuff here, Get it?

      2. And the paper gold casino still rules. With our future dependent upon confidence only. In our garden this year our beets were eaten in the ground with only the skin and the hole remaining. Grandma called it the dollar bug.

      3. Gold holdings? What are you talking about? My gold holdings are exactly the same. X number of ounces right where I left them. More arriving tomorrow?

        Dolts. F paper ‘Gold’. When the rubber meets the road paper is for wiping yourself clean. OUNCES, real, solid, GOLD OUNCES will be the only thing that counts, not paper ‘gold’.

        Here’s something to try; how many ounces of paper gold can you print (ask the Comex…)? BILLIONS, actually unlimited.

        How many ounces of REAL gold can you print? NOT A DAMN ONE.

      4. Wait, a sales pitch? No way? (Rolls eyes…)

      5. No Gold but silver. I was just at my coin shop and picked up 6 rounds of silver. 112.00 If thing go south I have some silver.

        I didn’t see the article until now.


        • Good Job Sgt Dale. I would be selling all your Junk Silver Now for the .999… Make money selling it. And get the top quality. Buy online cheap for about .75 over spot depending on quantity. You paid about $2 over spot at the coin shop. Free shipping. Try this:

          You would have saved a dollar per round at this site over the coin store. Makes a big difference when buying quantity. Give it a look.

          • prices kind of high for generic rounds. they don’t even tell you what mint their from.

      6. I did give the sponsor a click though.

        I like SHTFPlan.

        Sometimes you just gotta call BS though.

        • Vote for the Top Prepper Site??? I did not know that SHTFPlan was a prepper site. lol I rarely see anything on prepping here. Just the adds.. Hint!

      7. Uhm. What has more value in barter/trade with today’s sheeple: A shinny yellow dime sized chip or a slightly used 5w Solar Powered Cell Phone battery charger?

        “Oh, Dude! Wow!”

        How about a funny looking thick quarter, or a 5 gal jar of home made beer?

        “Yeah. My man, now you’re talking.”

        PM is wealth preservation, yes? Then hopefully those in power of the paper will change their minds when they introduce the new and much improved paper? After all, gold is based on trust, and there’s a whole lotta trust in today’s society, right?

        “Bummer, dude. That sucks.”

        I’m sure those whom stack, stack more than just PM.

      8. Wow. I see now.

        Think Francisco Domingo Carlos Andres Sebastián d’Anconia copper mines in Atlas Shrugged. Now, replace Cu with Ag and hope for the best.

        -801 P/E Ratio. 80 cents a share today. Ag mines in meheeco. Good luck.

      9. Hard to build up enough silver and gold to protect your wealth – too many other things might be needed just to protect yourself and your family. Two decent goals – pick the larger of the two – (1) get enough gold and silver to pay your property tax (assuming you have your mortgage paid off) or (2) Depending on the size of your family, get enough gold and silver to let you escape to another country (you pick the escape route but airline tickets are a good guess). If things get bad, and/or the dollar collapses, you can at least stay in your home for a year – or get totally out of Dodge. You don’t want to hock your firearms to pay taxes, and your dollars may be worthless.

        • Norse,the property tax folks and their collectors will be dead or in hiding things go very wrong,will at that point use firearms before hawking em!

      10. I know a real estate investor. He looks for signs that say, “For Sale By Owner”. He goes in and asks what they want for it. He takes out his counter offer in physical cash and puts it on the table, literally. Using this approach, he buys properties below asking price.


        • I know that using cash is dangerous.


        • Your buddy is a friggin liar, because NO Closing Title Company out there accepts Cash at the Closing. He has to come to closing with a Certified Bank Check. Ask your buddy if he goes to closings with a suitcase of cash? If he says yes, he is lying to you. Lots of Big talkers out there. I don’t believe anything I hear and only half of what I see.

          When someone flat out lies to me, or exaggerates that much, I tend not to hang out with that person any longer. Just big bloviating bullshitters.

      11. Food, fuel and ammo is still best investments!

      12. Gold should be higher but it’s not. Thanks in part to paper fool’s gold.

      13. The only factor that matters in gold price is when the manipulators run out of physical gold.

        • When the manipulators run out of paper gold they go out an invade other countries like Libya and steal their Gold reserves. Where did Libya’s Gold disappear to?

          Google that:

          NATO Loots Libyan Gold As Tripoli Falls » Alex Jones …☑

          NATO Loots Libyan Gold As Tripoli Falls. August 22, 2011 Comments. As we reported 6 weeks ago, … he did reinvest much of Libya’s oil wealth back into the country, …

          More results

          Reasonable Person Conclusion: Libya’s Gold Reserves of 100 …☑

          Reasonable Person Conclusion: Libya’s Gold Reserves of 100+ Tons Have Been Stolen by Bankers Charleston Voice. Knology. Published : August 25th, 2012 …


          Whatever happened to the 144 tonnes of Libyan Gold? , page 1☑

          Whatever happened to the 144 tonnes of Libyan Gold? page: 1. 6. log in. join. … But did the gold go to the IMF or elsewhere … Yep that gold disappeared somewhere …

          Emails Show Hillary Clinton Briefed On Crimes Of Libyan …☑

          Emails Show Hillary Clinton Briefed On … many have wondered what happened to Libya’s gold for … the subject seems to disappear and none of the mainstream …


      14. I grow weary of the prolix babbling of “articles” like this one. If there is one unfailing indicator of an imminent rise in price of anything why doesn’t the author just say what it is in the first sentence? The only reason I finished this one was to confirm my suspicion that it is just another con. Anyone who KNOWS when the price of anything is going to move does not write BS like this feeble attempt to exploit the psychological theory of investment. And in a thoroughly (criminally)controlled market like gold, only the criminals know when that price might normalize.

      15. The last time this indicator did this nothing happened.

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