The Last Days Of ‘Normal Life’ In America: “We Are Moving Into Hard Times Unlike Anything We Have Ever Seen Before”

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    This article was originally pubished by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream. Michael is the author of The Beginning of the End and his latest book, designed to guide people on preparing for the inevitable, is called Get Prepared Now: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming and How You Can Survive It.


    If you have got family and friends that you would like to visit before things start getting really crazy, you should do so within the next couple of months, because these are the last days of “normal life” in America.  The website where I have posted this article is called “End of the American Dream“, but perhaps I should have entitled it “The End of America” because that is essentially what we are heading for.  The debt-fueled prosperity that so many of us take for granted is about to come to a screeching halt, and we are about to enter the hardest times that any of us have ever known.  And I am not just talking about economics either.  Based on all of the intel and information that I have gathered, we are about to enter a “perfect storm” that is going to shake this country in just about every possible way that it can be shaken.  So I hope that you will truly savor this summer – days like this will not come around again any time soon.

    Have you ever known someone that lived a seemingly charmed life even though that individual made foolish decision after foolish decision?

    In the end, reality almost always catches up with people like that.

    And in so many ways, we have been living a charmed life as a nation even though we have been making incredibly foolish decisions for decades.  We have cursed ourselves over and over again, and just about every form of evil that you can possibly imagine is exploding all around us.  As a nation, we now stand for just about everything that is foul, disgusting and wicked, and the rest of the world is absolutely horrified by what has happened to us.

    Once upon a time, we were one of the most loved nations on the entire planet.

    Now we are one of the most hated.

    The things that we have been doing to ourselves and to other countries are about to catch up with us in a major way.  We thought that we were getting away with everything that we were doing, but that was never the case.  When you do evil, there is always a price to pay.

    Over the past few weeks, some very strange things have begun to happen.  And in the months ahead, we are going to see some more unusual events.  But to be honest, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  For now, you are just going to have to trust me on this one.

    If my tone sounds ominous, that is good, because that is precisely the mood that I am trying to convey.  Right now, there are major things going on behind the scenes, and all of our comfortable little lives are about to get shaken up big time.

    I have often written about the global elite and about how they like to go about doing things.  Throughout history, they have always liked to create order out of chaos.  In other words, they will often purposely create a crisis in order to push through things that they would not be able to accomplish during “normal” times.

    I believe that we are about to enter one of those periods of time.  The problems that we are about to experience are going to be used to justify radical “solutions” that will further the overall agenda of the elite.  But because we will be in the middle of an “emergency”, a lot of people will choose to go along with those solutions.

    Sadly, most people don’t understand how the world works because they are so consumed with other things.  We live in a society that is absolutely addicted to entertainment.  Just recently, I wrote about how the average American spends more than 10 hours a day plugged in to some form of media.  If we are not watching television, we are listening to the radio, going to movies, playing video games, messing with our smartphones or spending endless hours on the Internet.  And more than 90 percent of the “programming” that we are fed through these devices is produced by just 6 absolutely gigantic media corporations.

    And who controls those gigantic media corporations?

    The elite do.

    And have you noticed how “the mainstream media” loves to divide us?

    Today, Americans are more divided than ever it seems.  Our news broadcasts endlessly fixate on “black vs. white”, “male vs. female”, “liberal vs. conservative”, “rich vs. poor”, etc, etc.

    Americans are extremely angry and frustrated at this point, but most of our anger and frustration is directed at one another.

    How can we ever hope to come up with any solutions for our nation if we spend so much time hating our fellow citizens?

    But this is just how the elite like it.

    They love to play divide and conquer.  If we were united, we would be far more difficult to manipulate.

    And even if we did find a way to come together, what values and principles would we use to rebuild this nation?

    The truth is that most Americans deeply reject the values and principles that the founders of this country once held so dear.

    Personally, I am very optimistic about the future.  My wife and I believe that the greatest chapters of our lives are still ahead of us.

    But am I optimistic about the future of the United States?

    No, I am not.

    Perhaps you are reading this and you have come to the conclusion that I am being irrationally negative.  If so, you are probably spending way too much time plugged in to the “propaganda matrix” that I described above.  The establishment wants you to believe that everything is going to be just fine and that the best days for this world are ahead.

    If you think that I am wrong, I challenge you to bookmark this page.  Then, after some time has passed, come back and revisit what I had to say today.

    I believe that you will be quite shocked by how your perspective has changed.

    The last half of this year (2015) is going to represent a major turning point, and we are moving into hard times unlike anything that America has ever seen before.

    Unfortunately, most of the “sheeple” are going to be completely blindsided by what is coming.  They just continue to follow their utterly clueless leaders down a path toward oblivion.

    But the good news is that once the “shaking” starts, many of these “sheeple” will begin to wake up.

    When that happens, who will those “sheeple” turn to for answers?

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End. Michael’s latest book, Get Prepared Now!, explains the coming crisis and how you can survive it.


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        • Cyberattack on U.S. Power Plants Could Cause $1T in Economic Damage

          ht tp://

          • Satori and Just Waiting just provided more useful news than Shemitah Boy Snyder’s rambling, repetitious, and vacuous opinions. Thank goodness we can scroll past him and the rest of the profit motive posters and agents provocateur.

            • I am not a fan of this man or most the other writers in this doomsday crowd, but you say Shemitah as if that in and of itself is a bad thing?

                • JQP,
                  I looked at your link and read, but could not find “Shemitah?”

                  • Read the entire verse carefully, BJ.

                    Matthew 5:18
                    “For amen I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot, or one tittle shall not pass of the law, till all be fulfilled.”

                    John 19:28-30
                    Afterwards, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, said: I thirst….And bowing his head, he gave up the ghost.”

                    Shemitah is part of the Old Law that has been replaced.

                    Once all the prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus, the Old Law was, as the plain language says, REPLACED, “MADE VOID,” “BLOTTED OUT,” “SET ASIDE,” “TAKEN AWAY,” “ANNULLED”
                    Further, an important sign that the Old Law was dead:
                    “And behold the veil of the temple was rent in two from the top even to the bottom, and the earth quaked, and the rocks were rent.” Matthew 27:51


                    Scroll to the thread entitled “God’s Covenants and Judgments in the “Hebrew Bible.”

                    Scroll also to the thread entitled “Which Torah?”

            • You just have to read between the lines….all i saw was” BUY GOLD….BUY SILVER….JM BULLION”

              FYI. …JUST GOT MY SILVER EAGLES FROM THE US MINT , WHICH I ORDERED AFTER they supposedly shut down.

              But what do I know.

              • Baloney. US Mint doesn’t sell Silver Eagles directly to consumers.

                • LOL. “…what do I know.” …NOT MUCH.

            • Yes, I’ve started skipping articles and going straight to comments, much more entertaining.

              • Sodbuster,

                I agree with you completely. The collective wisdom and knowledge of this site is astounding! I get a lot out of the comments.

                Louisiana Eagle

              • I’m getting really tired of the fear-porn articles like this. Been hearing the same shit for over a decade, yet nothing ever really happens.

                • Good point. Porter Stansberry addresses this in an interesting manner, noting, what do you mean NOTHING happened? Except for the bailouts in 2008, GM, Lehman, Bear Stearns, AIG **ceased to exist.** There are 100 mm NOT working right now; student loan is over 1 freaking trillion; total unfunded liabilities, according to Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff at Boston U, now equal 222 trillion dollars!

                  People accused Germans like Bonhoeffer of fear porn too. And it DID take some years to come to fruition. But when it did around 1939 it sure was a doozy.

                  I read these articles not as fear porn, just just as news sources to be critically examined. If there is merit, in my judgement, I take risk mitigation actions; otherwise, I do nothing.

                  • Porter Stansberry is as much of a con man as BHO is a Marxist.

                • RElax it’s all true and means very little. As in pish, tosh, and piffile. Only 5-10% of the people in the first revolution in this country supported it, and we kicked Butt on the most powerful country on Earth. I don’t figure we need more this time. As a matter of fact I hope the sheep are on the other side.

                  • PARANOID, glad to see your still here. I was just getting ready to do a roll-call, thought maybe that might have been you on Kit Carson Ave. Trekker Out.

                    • All well, Going to be busy the next 6 weeks but I’m around.

                  • The revolutionary war was against a country that had to make a slow voyage across the ocean to get to us with muskets. The civil war was a different story. The enemies were already here and the feds won that one. And today The enemy is also within armed to the teeth in possession of technology and weapons we don’t even understand. And who knows what they have we never heard of. Ain’t saying go down without a fight. But all these things need considering. This ain’t great grandpa’s world anymore.

                • why do you think they call this the SHTF blog ,its where you go to listen to people talk about bad shit ,so maybe the site you were looking for was “im so happy i could just shit site” ,if you guys dont like the writers that Mac brings on here then move along ,or hell start your own ,maybe call it “hey look at me im falling back to sleep”

                • Nobama,

                  Really? The crash of 2008 was just seven years ago. Is that over a decade? In 2008 were you right in there with Wall Street pundits that said Wall Street will only keep going up?

                  Hurricane Sandy was in 2012, just three years ago, it was the second most deadly and expensive storm in US history. Was that over a decade?

                  There’ve been whole towns in the Midwest destroyed by tornados. Major flooding in TX just this year. A massive drought underway in California and the Western US in general.

                  When it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, you don’t see a duck, you see “fear porn”?

                  You should look up the definition of “cognitive dissonance”, you might find they’ve inserted your picture next to the definition!

                  • I know nothing of war strategy but seems to me if the military doesn’t revolt we are f k e d. Maybe working on that would be the best plan.

                  • Frog in pot syndrome?

            • JQP and his hourly psychological projection onto others what he himself is egregiously guilty of on a daily basis Yawn. Now… back to his hourly pro Nazi Jew bashing and category mistakes

              • Hey test you windy old bible thumper how about another one of your long scholarly disinfo misdirection shill works of crap. I enjoy seeing you expose yourself for what you really are.

                • You need Jesus in yer life son.

              • Hey Test, I hear there is a bagle shop looking for a night Mgr. Move along…. or stay if you want the Truth which pretty much sucks for your tribe.

                • You and your sources are confused JQP. That link is man made crap from rabbis and talmud. Jews always have added to His laws and commands/word/s, and they always will. Unfortunately, the other side of the road, take away from His laws and commands/word/s.

                  Torah are instructions in righteous living and are found in the first five books in His word. Nothing more nothing less. Y’shua Himself taught Torah and practiced the Moedim and Sabbath. You and others seem to be confusing or painting anything Hebraic or Tanahk under the broad brush of jewish/rabbinical/talmud….big mistake on your part.

                  • 2 hours, eh? More like, 2 days later when the thread has been buried.

                    Karaites are the ONLY Jewish sect that rejects the Talmud and treats the Tanakh as authoritative. With about 30,000 Karaites worldwide and 13.7 million Jews worldwide, Karaites constitute roughly 0.2% of the worldwide Jewish population. As more evidence how unusual their respect for Tanakh among Jews, the Israeli government forces Karaites TO CONVERT TO TALMUDIC JUDAISM to exercise their “right of return.”

          • “But am I optimistic about the future of the United States?

            No, I am not.”

            WELL , We should all just crawl in a corner and cry then ?
            Stop with the defeatist bullshit , its the propaganda of the left.
            Your country is done , give it up.
            Life is over give it up.
            Only Government can save you , JUST GIVE UP !

            It aint anymore over than there is a real collapse , my personal agenda is to just continue livin life.
            BLAH BLAH BLAH……

            • AMEN

            • Amen

            • Hammerhead, Braveheart is right there with you.

            • Whats this “We” did it crap?? Its wastful military spending and useless adventures of genocide for the fascist corporations. It creates a lot of hate, chaos, dispare, hunger, refugies and its downright psychopathic. Then our foreign policy hijacked by the ZOG, backing the string pullers the Banksters. Im thinking “Piano Wire” for the culprets.

              • We have a history of turning our children over to the military even encouraging them to sign up. Then we allow the bankers and corporations to use ‘our’ military to impose their will on the rest of the world. Then we make heroes of them. And that is only one of many ways it is our fault.

            • Ironically in the sentence before that he wrote:

              Personally, I am very optimistic about the future. My wife and I believe that the greatest chapters of our lives are still ahead of us.

              How the heck can you write that you are optimistic about the future when in the next sentence you write that the future of the US is over. Considering that he supposedly knows the implications of what would happen should the US go belly up I wonder what future he is optimistic about.

              Maybe it is the one where him and all those who profess to be saved spend eternity dining on fine cheeses, meats cakes and sipping grape juice, while the unsaved are left to burn and writhe for all eternity.

            • Agreed, tired of the defeatist B. S.
              Bring it on, or dont, ill live my life on my terms regardless, lol


              • YO!

          • Silver being slammed again today. About $15 opening price. Back up the truck and load up. You know damn well those slamming it with paper shorts, to get physical Silver at a cheaper price. I called that months ago. Last chance before they crash their phony fiat dollar.

        • Yes, i believe everything government officials tell me too.

        • The power grid is not connected to the Internet. Not in any shape, fashion or form. If it were, it would have gone down years ago; this is a false flag fud factor spin doctored lie. There is a half million volt substation less than 10 miles from my house and it has ZERO SECURITY. This station could take out the entire northeast. Tell me where the power grid is vulnerable? In the minds of the spin doctors. The elite will pull that plug, not some Internet hacker.

            • Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but smart meters do not use “the internet” like what we’re blogging on right now. They essentially use wireless radio frequencies to transmit data to the receiver, but they’re not ON the internet at this point in time. They plan to do that when they evolve to the “internet of things”, which isn’t quite ready to roll out yet.

          • This is patently false. Virtually all generating stations are connected remotely via a SCADA system, which is operated over the Internet.

        • Run for the hills everyone! Run like your hair is on fire!!

        • During World War I the Germans said that being allied with the Austro-Hungarian Empire was liked being shackled to a corpse, that is the way it feels with the people of this nation

      1. I am going to a family reunion this coming Saturday. It is out of town and may be my last out-of-town trip for a long time. It also may be the last time I see some of my relatives.

        There’ll be lots of home-cooked vegetables, pork barbecue, fried chicken, and dozens of desserts.

        • Enjoy the event. Hope all goes well.

        • I have already moved into “Hard Times Unlike Anything We Have Ever Seen Before”… holes in my boots and everything I buy turns out to be useless, rotten doesn’t fit, or whatever…even my roommate poisoned me!

          Lost some loved ones, both pets, cops in cahoots with towing company stole the SUV I was sleeping in… I couldn’t imagine the “hard times” you are talking about. Any change would have to be better than this! (P.S. Screw family reunions– my family took advantage of me, stole my inheritance).

          • pray to God HE THE OLNY WAY OUT OF THIS BAD THING may God be with you I WILL PRAY FOR YOU

            • Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

            • I, too, will, will take a moment right now to pray for you.

          • Sounds like you got nowhere else to turn except to the Lord.
            Maybe, it is time, because if you had already, you sure would not be agonizing over the things you speak of.

            Good blessings can be yours.

            • The lord aint gonna fix the holes in the bottom of this man’s shoes, nor magically find him a place to live. Perhaps instead of telling him to pray you should offer to give him some money to help him out.

              How cold hearted even those who profess faith have become.

              Praying for someone is nice, but actually giving a helping hand is much more useful. Though it is easier to pray that someone else takes on another persons burden so we don’t have to step up to the plate.

          • ANON: Turn it into a country song …. and make a fortune. 🙂

            • Forget religion and cults. Go get a job and find some housing. Got holes in your boots, go work at a shoe store and get half price shoes. Get rid of the vehicle and get a bicycle. You get healthy and have more ambition. Look inside yourself, not some fantasy book full of phony hope and prayers.

              • The last ten minutes before you die, you’ll have to eat those words. You’ll cry over and over again, “Oh God, don’t let me die.” But since you have so ardently forsaken God, He will not notice you. And you will know this as your life goes dark. You will meet Charon, and cross the river.

                • Old Coach, Show me one persons that has ever been granted “Ever lasting life by your fraudulant cult.” Thought so, not one damn soul has beat death. Now STFU sroopid religious sheep. All you offer is nonsense.

                  • They will never shut up. They are mind controlled and instructed to recruit the entire world into their death cult. And that mind control is so deep that their mind rarely opens again. You might as well talk to a wall. They bible thump then consider you some kind of evil if you challenge them.

                • OK, any fish in the river?

          • My family did the same thing to me as far as inheritance goes. I believe that it will come to no good for them.

            Like the song says; “When God is all you got to lean on, thank God that is all you need!”

            It’s hard to plan without thinking about a worst case scenario. My wife and I did that, and there was a time when our worst case scenario was greatly exceeded. Just because you plan for Armageddon doesn’t mean that you won’t experience Armageddon 2.0.


          • Dang anonymous, only thing worse would be if your girlfriend shot you and stole all your gold/retirement$!

          • If times get bad enough buy a gun, then figure out what to do with it.

          • I have a nephew that went over and stole maybe $40k of silver from his grandmother (my mother). And he took it right out of the room it was in, that being th mentally handicapped son she has (my brother).

            It’s going to get worse.

            • There are countless people who will take your savings if you aren’t wise enough to secure it. From a spiritual viewpoint if someone steals something from you it means you had too much.

          • Really sad when a guy still has a car to sleep in but nobody will let you park on their property and will call cops if you sleep in it near their property. Wal-Mart usually let’s the big campers park there but not in a car.

            The system is designed to make it nearly impossible to drop out. And the majority of people despise those can’t adjust to being enslaved by an employer or the sick system they buy into.

        • I did the family reunion thing over the 4th of July weekend. I mentioned to my wife that it may be the last time we ever see those folks. Sadly, only one of them, my mid 80’s mother in law, had any sort of a clue what is going on in the world. Not only are they not prepared for what is coming, they seem to be proud of the fact that nothing bad could ever happen. Not only do they not have beans, bullets and band-aids, it is not even on their radar.

          I was told to come there if SHTF. LOL. I told my wife, if I did that, I’d wait 30 days so that they would all be dead by then and I could have the whole place to myself! She told me not to tell them that.


      2. This is an alleged hack/leak of a staged ISIS beheading. Not sure what to think, as the entire fake ISIS melodrama is so far out that “none of it could be real” – yet it continues. This is what accompanied the video:

        “We CyberBerkut received at the disposal of the file whose value can not be overstated!

        Dear Senator McCain! We recommend you next time in foreign travel, and especially on the territory of Ukraine, not to take confidential documents.

        On one of the devices of your colleagues, we found a lot of interesting things. Something we decided to put: this video should become the property of the international community!”


        The 3 ½ minute silent video appears to show infamous Islamic State executioner Jihadi John (aka Mohammed Emwazi) in front of a giant green screen, standing beside a kneeling hostage wearing an orange jumpsuit and a green screen hood. They are inside a lit studio with a production crew and can be seen rehearsing an “execution”. The desert scene of the set, complete with wind machine, are similar to that shown in the beheading videos of James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, and Alan Henning.

          • I don’t know, but I downloaded the video and did the following command:

            $ strings leaked-video.mp4

            That finds ASCII text strings within binary files. Here’s an interesting string inside the video:

            IsoMedia File Produced by Google, 5-11-2011

            • The Google string is probably there because the video was reworked by Youtube (owned by Google) to conform to some standards and delete metadata. Facebook does the same thing to videos and photos to delete metadata and standardize the formats. That’s my best guess.

      3. And I quote, “For now, you are just going to have to trust me on this one.” No Mr. Snyder I don’t have to just “trust you” because that sounds to much like, “you will have to pass it to know whats in it,” and “I am from the government here to help.”

        If you KNOW something then just say it loud and proud, or stop with the dam fear mongering!!! We all know “something” is coming, we all know that America the land we love is going to shit, and we all know that the red blooded American male has been turned into a bunch of metro sexual mommas boys with no balls. So if you sir have PROOF of things about to happen the tell everyone the FACTS, and stop using the same scare tactics the government uses everyday.

        • Not the men I run with here in TX. We don’t take their SH*T, and if they start something, we’ll finish it. Only call 911 for fire.

          • 911 is to get the chalk outlines done and crime scene tape put up.

            sodbuster-this is why Texas was designated “hostile” on the map. There’s no way to disarm us short of war and TPTB know this…

            America isn’t dead…we’re just relaxing before the show…

            • The reason Wyo wasn’t called hostile is if they come for us, they lose.

            • Must be why the outfitter I bought all my “supplies” from moved there.

        • He doesn’t KNOW anything. If he did, he’d be one of “them”, right?

          So which is worse? That he’s one of the machine or that he’s a fear monger?

          Or there’s that he’s just a bunch of hot air.

          From the article one would expect he’s out of the United States now. Putting his family out of harm’s way. Or maybe he’s like Alex Jones and not bugging out yet even though at least two “high ups” are asking why he’s still in the U.S!

          Somebody do a search on the location of this guy Snyder, okay?

        • CB,

          Mr. Snyder is using both inductive and deductive reasoning and making inferences that are reasonable and in other instances accurate.

          Let’s review:

          – The Shemitah (God’s Judgment) arrives in September;
          – Kidnappings, Gun Grabbing, and Exterminations by Jade Helm arrive even sooner;
          – The American Dollar will soon be replaced as the world reserve currency;
          – Our current President will pull one or more false flags so he can emerge as dictator under the guise of “protecting” us and there will be no more presidential elections;
          – 74 NASA Scientists have been killed in the last two years;
          – In fact, NASA denied that a giant asteroid, 2.5 miles wide, would hit outside Puerto Rico in September, so did these scientists KNOW this?

          So what Snyder and other posters here write is NOT fear mongering, my friend.

          You describe it as such, I suspect, because you feel powerless against not only ominous signs but things that you and I and many others have no control over.

          What we DO have control over is what we CHOOSE to do NOW in LIGHT of all these credible signs and KNOWN data/information!

          Why dismiss what is coming when we could all choose to prepare as best we can, especially spiritually?

          Don’t despair, my friend, prepare.

          – the Lone Ranger

          • Noah warned for decades before the flood actually came. As they say, “Time is relative.”

            • There’s always tomorrow—until there isn’t.

            • Noah? Who’s that? Oh the one bearded guy who built an entire ship in his spare time to house all the amimals in the world, including feeding them. Ever ask the question how did all the animals get to the Ark in the first place?? Did Florida aligators swim there. If they did why did they need to get on the boat. One funny thing about stoopid religious people, they accept everthing as fact and never ask the tiugh questions to tge preacher. Like oh yeah show me proof of that. How about get a 2nd opinion and do some fact checking, research. Stoopid people will be the first to die is SHTF. In the end when you die, one hand holds your faith, the ither is your dick. Which one is real?

            • yeah he read all about it in a book written long before the bible it was called….giglamesh and there were others too.

      4. A little shaking, a little tenderizing, down you go.

      5. I haven’t lived a normal life for many years. That is what many Sheeple would say. Being a survivalist and a prepper, and makes me not normal. Good! I will show them what is normal when TSHTF! I know that they won’t be ready. Too bad for them I tried to get them to Prep.

        I like other are staying close to home. Just got back from S.D. at the bad lands (Beautiful Place). This will be my last trip for a while. I’m going to wait and see from here on out. Things are getting crazy! The only place I might take a trip to is BOL#2 just to check on it.

        Damn shame that I don’t go anywhere anymore without my 45.

        If it is going to fall apart damn it get it over with.

        Got all of my prepps ready just adding on now. Going to get another solar panel in a few days. Power is one thing we will all need at first just to get by with a little comfort.


        • what do you recommend for a solar setup?

          • A
            I have a couple of types. Coleman makes a good one, Menards sells one I can’t think of the name but I was told by the guy at Menards it is just as good as the Coleman I bought. (I don’t know the name). Sportsmans Guide sells them, I have three of the 7Watt Units. I have one on my motor home battery one on the battery that runs my water pump in BOL#2, and #3 is in my basement window charging a deep cycle battery for here at my house.

            The one I’m looking at right now is a Renogy Solar. 50Watt or 100Watt. It comes with all the bells and whistles. I found it on AMAZON. 50Watt to 100Watt will get you by, but you can get bigger.

            Solar panels are great for charging batteries, but you need inverters. Just letting you know a300 Watt will run a small light and a fan. I have 2 of then. Got them at a rummage sale. I bought a 600Watt, 1,100Watt and 2,200Watt. the bigger the better I going to try out the 2,200 on a 5,000BTU air conditioner.

            I set mine on the ground and move them when I have to. Easier to clean and take care of.

            The biggest reason I have them is to run the Fridge and Freezer until We can eat the food out of them, before it goes bad, and to pump water out of my well. Then after that they will be use for lighting and fans. Also for use in the medical room when needed.

            Anon. Do some research There is a lot of INFO on these today. If you have any more questions let me know.

            Hope this helps.

            • I hope you bought a true sign wave unit and not the cheap modified sign wave inverters.

              • AT
                I got a BESTK it was rated #1 by Consumer report a few years ago.
                Do you know of a better one? If you do let me know.
                Thanks Sgt.

          • We live full time with solar so I have some experience.

            This site tracks the price of solar panels daily.


            They have Sharp American made 300 watt panels for $216.00, .72 cents a watt. I remember when it was $5.00 a watt.

            A simple system would consist of solar panel(s) charge controller and batteries. Batteries are the weak link, buy good ones like Trojan L-16s or Rolls batteries.

            You could have a 12 volt system and a small inverter if you need it. 12 volt LED lighting and 12 volt Sundanzer refrigerator or freezer. Very simple.

            Solar panels are very cheap now. They will be worth their weight in silver or gold if the grid goes down.

            Buy now while they are cheap.

          • I have 4 x 312 Watt Solar Panels, feeding a controller charging 8 deep cycle batteries. 3000 Watt Inverter continuous with 6000 Watt peak. It runs my A/C, Mini-Fridge, lights fans, internet router, power tools. Will also run my well and drive electric gate. Forget those over priced package from HD or Manards. The panels will never charge the power pack. May take a week to charge it. You need a bigger unit that will charge the batteries every day. My 8 batteries stay between 12.2 Volts and up to 14.3, about fully charged or even up to 15.3 V, the battery manufacture claims is OK for the batteries. The Controller is set and maxes charging up to 14.9 Volts. My entire unit by a family company cost $4500. I have about $5K in it with other parts etc. wiring.. That where some of the cash went I drained from them. Its not your money unless it is in your hand. I am walking the walk on the BOL. You got a few more months before all Hell breaks loose.. Are you gonna be ready when the shit goes down. There will be a lot of dead folks in the city gonna need burying. Get out of your lazy boy and get working at it.

            • Your batteries are your weak link. You should not parallel the batteries when ever possible. Buy Large batteries to get your amp demand and series them to get your voltage. If you run a inverter/charger rated over 3K wts, it should have a minimum of 24v input. 4k and above should have a input of 48v for maximum efficiency and longer battery life. you need to calculate your draw and size your batteries to have less than 20% draw down in a 48 hour period. This means you will have a very large set of batteries such as Surrette or Trojan brand in the 800-1000 amp hr area and probably 2volt cells. Expect to replace them every 7 years if you keep them watered and don’t draw them down more than 30%. With battery banks, parallel is fine, series is excepted, but not prefered as you will have the weakest battery setting the charge depth for the rest. Keep in mind that your panels (24v) are producing Roughly 30+ amps dc depending on the weather, so you are really only producing 6 amps ac out of your inverter.(Roughly for those with their calculator at their finger tips)

        • Lions and tigers and Snyders, oh my! Please, this is the umpteenth time he’s printed this stuff, and yes, eventually he will be right but we will all be long dead and buried. He wants people to patronize his advertisers, that’s all. He wishes to make money by regurgitating fear, remember we all die sometime, why make it the focal point of life?

          • AMEN!!!!!!!

          • To all of the skeptics out there, why not do what the author suggests…..

            “If you think that I am wrong, I challenge you to bookmark this page. Then, after some time has passed, come back and revisit what I had to say today.”

            All I remember hearing back in 2008 was “nobody saw it coming!” A lot of help that statement was!

            • All I remember hearing in late 2008 was ” the entire financial system will fall apart!” Then it was 2009, then 2010, 2011, 2012, there was NO WAY the economy wouldn’t completely collapse. So, after bookmarking all the years of the economy that HAD to fail SOON, somehow, 7 years later we’re all still here with gold at less than 1200/oz and silver at 15/oz. All the screamers who told you pm’s were the ONLY way to protect yourself from financial ruin, so buy them NOW before it’s too late! A lot of help THAT advice was!

        • Hang in there, Sgt.

          It is just around the corner. It may, or may not start off slow, but will definitely ramp up as the months tick by.

          Just heard that a major rift near the expected epicenter of the soon to come Los Angeles Mega Quake zone, is now spewing helium gas, and is an indicator that when it blows; it will be even bigger than it was originally predicted.

          If the San Andreas follows the North/South rift/ridge, it could spell disaster for coastal Cali. all the way up to San Fran.

          All these things are warnings to the people that are paying attention and have any sort of spiritual beckonings going on in their life.

          “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

          Although this verse is meant for those in, what I believe is, Mystery Babylon/ ny city; and for the very last days; it is very much relevant for those that are possibly in for a major judgment and destruction.

          That is the only reason I make such comments towards those that live in, near, or have folks there. Warnings have been given before in such cases, and they don’t have to be bill board size ones. A word to the wise be sufficient.

          • So God is pissed and he’ll snap his fingers and make earthquakes in California because everybody’s so evil there, right? It’s nonsense like that which causes people to ridicule religion, not embrace it.

            • IGNORE THE TROLLS! Their presence just serves as confirmation
              That we are on the right track !

              Don’t look to the left or to the right.

              Keep preppin’

              • YOU’RE RIGHT MOM! Keep cookin’, Armageddon’s sure to be a tasty treat for all the doom and gloomers!

            • You are a good sophist, Anonymous. And, unfortunately, not able to grasp your category mistakes. Nor is God capricious, which is specifically dealt with in the Bible, in contrast to surrounding “gods” in ancient Israel.

              On the other hand, God is just, and He does judge sin; otherwise one of his attributes, justice, would be meaningless.

              Clearly one cannot deal with the issue of theodicy in a posting section, but if you do have intellectual honesty, CS Lewis’ Mere Chritianity, or the Problem of Pain, or a current professor of math at Oxford, John Lennox at, orlectures/books by the well-known Dr R.C Sproul would help address questions you have raised.

              I am uncertain if you were asking a real question, but there it is. I am also unclear whether you are one of those people that actually has intellectual honesty or not, but if the former, there are some things to review, along with former lawyer Lee Strobel’s books

              But as Lewis warned! For an atheist, you can NEVER be too careful what you read!

              • Test, I’ll be glad to tell you what I don’t believe and that is somebody who makes himself out as the voice of God on any internet site. Sorry, but Bible reading mixed with human emotion for want of retribution for those who don’t believe ” Me” when I tell you what God wants. I hope that’s intellectually honest enough for you.

          • “P”
            Thanks for the words of comfort. I think!(LOL)

        • Exactly why is it a shame you don’t go anywhere without your 45? I just love the day I got mine and don’t feel right if I don’t have it. (Although IT is usually a 9MM Browning or 357 Smith)

          • PS the most important part of the American Dream will last at least as long as I have life, beyond that who can say.

        • Hey Sgt. How was your trip to Mt Rushmore?

      6. I’m in a wide open space. I’m staring…
        There’s something quite bizarre I cannot see.

      7. Very well written.. pretty much sums up my feelings as well. I’ve done all I can w/o drastically changing our lives. No debts, all stocked up, tons of actively producing food plants and in very excellent physical shape ( as far as I know ). And most importantly, Spiritually plugged in so I have a “foundation” that isn’t subject to the daily changes in philosophy and beliefs so prevalent in our unfortunate country. I have no true idea of what, if anything, is coming or what form it will take. All I know is that God will not be surprised by any of it and I have been feeling “urgent” for well over 10 years. Thank God I did not turn a deaf ear to those urgings.

        • It should be well written. This is only Revision 121.4 of this screed. Still fools a few newbies, though.

      8. What is very strange is the multi decade low in prices and demand for industrial raw materials, as if the world industries were planning a 75% shutdown in the next couple of months. Likely this debt party will go on forever unless there is a total stoppage in the shipping-transportation, credit-banking systems. Likely what will again happen, around October all of the online procrastinators will change their collapse dates out another year, and sell more newsletters, canned foods, seeds, and water purifier systems. And I too, will re- post the same old crap over and over next year. Repeat.

      9. JouTube is banning deleting all of the video’s showing ‘black’s’ chimping out!

        It’s ‘queer’ how they are just deleting the black ones!

        They must have a hidden agenda over at Joutube!

        • Not so. Go to Youtube and search for “chimp out” and you will find lots of those videos. I just now did that.

          • not true, go to the last few reports here and you’ll notice all the vid’s i posted of chimp out’s are gone, deleted at the source on joutube.

            • I learn something new everyday. Chimp Out. Funny. God bless America!

            • There are plenty of other videos. Maybe they overran their quota.

          • Best part was at 1:18 when the weave started flying. At the end there were weaves everywhere!

            No wonder why weave stores are always so successful.

            • LOL ;0)

              • May be a phantom memory, but didn’t he say “I want Fritos Corn Chips, I’ll STEAL them from you” in the original, then there was was a flap about a Mexican being stereotyped as a thief?

                • Nimrod

                  Goes way back. I think the word steal was used. Frito Bandito did not last long. :0)

            • Another of Mel Blanc’s voices.

              • I used to love that commercial. I can well imagine what La Raza would say about it.

            • OMG, I was just thinking about that commercial the other day! I think I read somewhere that they say that commercial is “racist”…LOL

          • Watching this video with all the yelling and threats it felt like I was in church.

      10. We live in a Corporatist Fascist Orwellian Police State nightmare NOW and have been for a long time, and that has now become “normal” to the brain dead dumbed down chemically altered coward pussy boot licking Zombies.

      11. Normal Life?

        Where have you been for the Last 100 years or so since the illegal Federal Reserve Act 1913 was instituted and Global Wars were created by the international zionist nwo zog bankers?


        What exactly is a Normal life in once free, now tax debt enslaved WAR PIG Zog Amerika?

        I’d love to know…?

        • AquaMan, I guess it depends on what you consider to be normal. Ask 10 different people and I think you’ll get 10 different answers.

      12. In this country what is normal????
        What is hard times, to the prepper it is one thing and to the Me first is another thing and to the you owe me zombie is another thing. I know who will survive….
        It is a shame that we are living in a country that is so screwed up because you have to be PC.
        So if and when the hard times do come. There will be some that will get through it and some will not. If I’m not mistaken, I think they called it LIFE at one time, if my memory serves me.
        Let the hard times come and you do what you can to make it through it, and let the Good Lord sort it out the rest of it out.
        Get prepared for what ever you think is coming because it is you that has to do it no one else can do that for you. I know I’m preaching to the choir.
        I’m getting to old to worry about it any more, but I worry about my children and grand children. that is the reason I’m getting ready.
        So If TSHTF the sooner the better and lets just get it over with.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Northern Reb, I was poor from the early 80s to the mid 90s. I’ve been burned out of a mobile home once and spent 3 weeks in a 1972 Dodge cargo van before I had enough money for another place. Half of the time my lunch at work was a can of Vienna sausages with a half-pack of crackers. I did eventually get sick of them and only rarely touch them nowadays, but back then they were cheap and kept my poor ass alive. I’ve had several personal SHTFs in life and survived every one of them. I knew tough times for many years and I’m not a stranger to them since it looks like I’ll be going through them again. I’m ready for the reset also. I’m a survivor.

          • Braveheart:
            I bet you could teach us all some things about hard time.
            Yes you are a survivor and I’m very proud to be able to call you friend, though we have never met. Hang in there and keep helping people on this site.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • Northern Reb, thanks for that. In fact, the only people I’m even willing to help these days are the ones who visit our site. As long as they’re willing to listen and learn, I’ll do what I can. On hard times, I graduated ‘with honors’ from the school of hard knocks. I didn’t get to where I am by being a pussy.

              • Braveheart:
                Hard Knock High, best school I ever attended. Learned more there than a man should, Oh by the way I did stay that hotel that makes you smart a time or two!;-}
                S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                • If you are having hard times, it is because of the thousands of bad decisions along the way that got you there. Were not paying attention years a go, to get your self set up for success later on in life. 90% of success is just showing up, groomed, alert, ambitious, attentive, prepared, and curious to learn more. If you don’t have any of those qualities then yes, you are living in a Van down by the river, wondering what happened and blaming everybody else but yourself. “3 types of people in the world” = Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. Now get off your behind and do something about it.

                • Oh that’s good, learn how to be a loser down and out to deal with hard times. How about learn how to survive and thrive, by being successful most of the time..prep and practice prepping. Have you tried to fire up your camp stoves lately, make sure they work for the real deal daily? Or are they still sitting in the store carton box, thinking you are prepped. How about that extra pair of wind shield wipers? Check the air in your spare tire lately? Got extra fuses for the fuse box? Flashlight in the car, are batteries fresh? Got a jack for your spare tire? Know how many people drive around with no spare or even a tire jack and lug wrench? Mindblowing!! Extra oil filters and oil? Extra Radiator fluid? What is going to kill the most people is the overwhelming stress of not being prepared during a crisis. Freaking out and laying in the ditch to die.

        • I’ve been trying to figure this out. We band of preppers have been denigrated as nut jobs etc. by just about every news media outlet over the years. NOW there’s a New Yorker article out about the Cascadia fault zone and how we’re all gonna die (I live in tbe zone). Now every tv channel and radio station is saying to be prepared with extra food etc.

          I’m confused. Are we (the prepared) “cool” now??

      13. Go look at the videos about Argentina’s economic collapse – there are a lot of them. Probably close to what we can expect here.

      14. anybody who lives anywhere near the Cascadia Fault
        might want to read this

        The Really Big One

        ht tp://

        • One in ten odds of the “big one”. I’m not holding my breath for that tsunami.

      15. So what does he think is going to happen towards the last half of this year? He spoke about it but didn’t mention anything??

        • Anybody wanna bet me that this ALSO will be yet ANOTHER false prediction , speculation whatever you wanna call it !!! Next summer WILL COME AND GO just like this year’s summer .

        • A Possible Global Reset

          there is talk of a new amerikan dollar fiat currency being introduced to the market in the Fall of 2015. also a world global currency has been introduced and is being tested right now at the world expo. which all signals a market reset for the world. which means their will be a global readjustment loss of negative -20% possibly -40% value of personal wealth, stocks and realestate!

          that’s a huge personal wealth loss for most saver’s and it will kill many pensioner’s and disabled who live on a fixed income.

          • Mastercard and Visa are introducing their RFID Credit Cards.
            The Magnetic Black Strip will be obsolete.

            It appears both companies are going to implement this in the Fall of 2015.

            I see this as a Trial Run for Implantable Human Chipping in the future.

            No more signing your signature on paper/documents.
            Just your 4 digit pin number will be needed.

            I see this as a complete disaster, and hackable.
            Which is why they’ll eventually push for the implantable chip and throw away the cards altogether.

            MAC – as of lately, I’ve been stuck in Moderation …….

            • Tony Montana, The facts about Visa&MC is the new EMV chip which is Euro-Mastercard/Visa. Banks in the US have been ordered to issue these chip cards since Jan 2015- the Oct 2015 is the deadline where Biz Merchants need to have the EMV Carrd reading terminals in place. You see it is a big scam to shift the liability for Fraud and theft from MC & Visa to the merchant for fraudulent charges if they do not have this new EMV card terminal in place. EMV us not full proof.. watch that scam play out. Watch MC & Visa stock price rocket as they eliminate their liability for fraud. There is more to this, but that is a summary of whats to come. Look on your cards for the chip and wrap your chip cards in tinfoil to stop hackers from capturing your card data signal.- WWTI

          • If that’s the worst of it then that’s not bad ….I could deal with that and move along

      16. My preps are done. Are they enough? Probably not, but oh well I am where I wanted to be by this time. If I get air holed before I deplete my stores, oh well. My soul is right with the Lord. Not looking forward to the SHTF, but I will make it the best I can and help however God wants to use me. Keep your head low, your weapons clean and adjust for windage and elevation. My prayers are with you all.

        • Right on Simon, spot on

      17. There hasn’t been normal life as it was once known since the 90’s, since NAFTA. Those just now catching on are a little late to the party.

        • Things for sure where going a lot better before NAFTA got introduced.
          Wait until the TPP gets put in full throttle. This will in due(short) time complete the Agenda of America joining the 3rd Word Status.

          Enjoy what we have now, …even though for the most part….. it is shit.

      18. I get much more info from the comments than the articles, thanks guys.

      19. What a bunch of pansies preppers are. Fearing an apocalyptic event that will never arrive “Don’t come crying to me when the planet splits into 15 squares.” “Don’t come crawling to me for food when the worlds volcanoes all erupt at the same time” “I tried to warn you people! Now that the sun has turned into a big yellow snowball, and a dreaded EMP is next, according to Preppers Daily, don’t come to me for a blanket and coat.” I actually feel sorry for you people. A larger group of collective simpletons and “Chicken Littles” on the (doomed-lol) planet.

        • Laughing at lemmings, “when the shit hits the fan, don’t say we didn’t warn YOU.” If you’re looking for pansies, go to MSM sites. they’re full of them.

        • laughing:
          Sir, Do you have car home and health insurance?
          If you do then you are a prepper also. All we are doing is preparing for the worst case scenario, what ever you think it might be. I have gone through 2 tornadoes 3 blizzards and had people from the neighborhood stay at the house and getting food, water a place to stay for a few days.
          So if you want to call me a pansy prepper that okay, but I will not have my children or grand children be cold and have to go with out food or water or shelter.
          So make up your mind what you want to do I’ll respect that If you let me do what I want, and I want to be a prepper.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Nailed it Reb,
            I prep for the stuff that happens, and it happens!
            Floods, hurricaines, fires, earthquakes,,,,,

      20. “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.”

        Typical freeloader mentality. Problem is, you DON’T die. Instead you wake up the next day with a hangover, a giant bill for the party and an upset GI tract.

        Any leftist hear what happened to Greece at any of your “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant-ins???

        • Test:
          They took the EU’s proposal, but there congress has to vote on it. I guess their NO means YES. Banks still closed and ATM only putting out 60 EURO’s a day. Lines are getting longer at grocery stores and gas stations.
          We’ll see if there will be any rioting in a couple days when they hick taxes and cut entitlements.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      21. Montana man sentenced in German exchange student’s death

        HELENA, Mont. – A Montana man has been sentenced to 70 years in prison, with no parole for at least 20 years, in the shotgun killing of a German exchange student who was trespassing in his garage.


        • First call 911 report the crime, retreat to a safe room and hunker down till the police arrive. defend your and your family lives by any means necessary.

          if you are going to confront a burgaler outside your house (which void’s the castle doctrine law) in exterior buildings such as a garage, load the first 2 to be loaded rounds of your shotgun with bird shot or rock salt.

          challenge the perps to “freeze and lay down, face down”

          if they charge you ‘shoot the perps’ center mass.



          * it simply isn’t worth it, throwing away your life, destroying your future and family, killing a man for invading your property, stealing a few hundred bucks of easily replaceable junk. if you must “WOUND THEM, DON’T KILL THEM!”

          • Move to Wyo, you find someone stealing a few hundred dollas worth of stuff, you tell them to stop and put their hands up.. They don’t, you shoot. Never Shoot to wound. Theves should be shot if they don’t stop. World would be a far better place. We hung Cattle Kate because she liked other peoples cows to much. Has not done another bad thing in over 100 years.

        • sounds like he forgot the three S response, to illegal trespassing….

          Shoot, Shovel, Shut tf up.

          Anyone capable of stealing or doing harm in the neighborhood, should be put on notice as to what will happen.

          Sorry to be blunt and sounding mean, but please don’t continue reading if you are a weak wussie, or too feminine to accept reality.

          A young punk in the neighborhood had gotten run off from his parents house, about four years ago, because he was a belligerent two faced thief, and rather lazy to boot. He had lived with several different families in the community that actually tried to help him, but he always would blow up over something and curse them and sometimes steal from them.

          This pattern had been going on for about three years and the boy was 20. He moved into a room at my nearby neighbor’s house, and eventually i got to know him a little and worked him sometimes. later i was told of all his escapades, and was warned not to trust him. He had seen many things in my tool sheds and work shops.

          One time when I needed help with getting up hundreds of bales of hay, he asked if his friend could help and make a little extra money. He should have said, “make any kind of money”, since he was as poor and stupid as this neighbor guy. Well, they came to my house after i told them I would pick them up at the place he was staying, and then started looking around at things like scoping them out.

          I told them; “here here boys, before we start i want to talk with you” and gave them the I hate thieves speech. It ended like this….

          “If I ever catch either one of you, or even suspect either one of you, of stealing from me, here is what will happen….
          see that fourwheeldrive fourwheeler with a 500 cc motor, it will drag a 175 lb deer up that steep ass mountain back there without any problem. So, if i catch you stealing, I will shoot your knee caps off, tie your mangey ass behind it, and drag you over into those mountains into a deep holler. Tied to a tree, the coyotes will be eating your flesh off the bone while you watch, and before sundown. So, before you touch anything around my property without my asking of it, you had better think about what being eaten alive would be like. Now, let’s go get hay”.

          The punk neighbor, has stolen from many neighbors since that promise, not a threat, from me. The latest was from a man that had been working him with small chores so he could have some money for food. His mother had been allowing him to stay in a shed,about a mile from where he had been doing some odd jobs. a He had threatened the step Dad many years before, and he would not let him in the house.
          While everyone was at church on Sunday morning, he went to the man’s house that he had been working at, broke into his work shop building, and stole about $2000.00 worth of tools. That just happened about two months ago.

          It might happen to me next week, but I had better not catch him doing it, or SSS.
          Just sayin’ people.
          Punks will be on the prowl like cats after a mouse or baby bunny. If you don’t want to shoot the neighborhood punk/thug, you might want to start thinking about putting out a warning.

          • Why not just have God throw him in your always threatening molten lake o’ fire instead?

            • I think you are a very unhappy person with no purpose that tries to find solace in mockery of the beliefs of those who are not and have a purpose.

              You can change that if you want, it is your decision to be how you are and not something imposed on you from outside.

          • Set up your game cameras, something flashless and infrared,

            • Bingo Kula, set up infared game cams camoed, the SD cards will have a time date stamp. Have several cards to swap out. Gaught the Ahole kid next door twice on film tresspasaing. He does not know what I know. I now have a 6 ft barbed wire fence up and you cant climb it since the square fencing is only 2 “wide by 4” verticle and that is 4 ft high, i then have 3 strands of barbed wire. The top strand running in top of the fence posts. Its also to keep poachers out. In FL you go on another persons property with out permission, with a gun ir bow, That is criminal Trespass in FL, classified as a Felony with 5 yrs prison attached. Your hidden Game cams at choke points will give you documented evidence if the intruder thieves. ~ WWTI

        • …… I have done no such thing AquaMan … oh..wait..never mind…. I see what’s going on with your post… my bad.

        • Yes. You can’t set a trap and fill it with beer in hopes of killing a young man.

        • Dumb bunny forgot the most important thing about self-defense : Don’t tell folks for days beforehand how you’re going to shoot the person, and don’t lure them into your garage by leaving the door open and your wife’s purse in plain sight.

          This guy got what he should have gotten.

          Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine laws are for self-defense, not murder.

          • Stay fit
            Stay calm
            STAY QUIET
            Stay proficient
            Stay liquid

            AND don’t tell your live in girlfriend everything that comes into your mind, a lot of our thoughts are best left unsaid.

      22. This statement caught my eye,
        “How can we ever hope to come up with any solutions for our nation if we spend so much time hating our fellow citizens?”
        I despise progressive Democrats. I’m sure they feel the same way about me. Stacks of their skulls may be the only compromise possible. Only then will we be free.

        • You do not stack skulls! You put a small eye bolt into the top, tie a string on and hang them up for wind chimes. Sheesh you have to tell everyone even the small stuff these days. Nobody eaches their kids even the little things.

      23. Regardless of WHAT happens, WHEN it happens, WHY it happens….be prepared physically, mentally and spiritually…THIS world is but a temporal one…

        • FOB – Best advice or simply a friendly reminder to anyone, thanks for posting it!

        • FOB

          Good one.

      24. I’m I ready not has fully as I would like, but enough to last for awhile. Still putting back. Buried my Grandson today he was one who planned on staying here at the bunker, but things have there own way of working out. I think the end is in sight now and is approaching fast. Please get ready to meet your maker if you do nothing more; PLEASE!

        • Copperhead, my condolences on your grandson. At least he’s in a better place now and can rest in peace. I’ve got a 2-year supply at the BOL and was working on another year’s worth but plans do have a way of getting changed. My supply run to GA for this month got set back to mid-Aug. That trip could still turn into the BUGOUT if the circumstances dictate it. we’ll see.

        • Copperhead.

          Sorry to hear that. Condolences.

        • Copperhead:
          My condolences, Sir. I am very sorry to hear about your lose. I will pray for you and yours. May God comfort you and your family at this time.

          N. Reb

      25. I guess we all think things will get worse, that is why we prep. Most of us don’t try to profit from it though.

      26. Snyder hasn’t been right since he started his crusade in 2007. Any day now….. Any day.

      27. Live with a smile, find Jesus and the rest is gravy!

        I am guaranteed freedom every single day of my life as long as I live, because I will never surrender my God given freedoms, no matter the costs.

        God bless the great state of Texas and those who would ride with her…

        • 1VET
          Count me in on the ride. I would be proud to ride along your side, any day.
          God Bless You and Texas!!!!


          • Thank ya SGT, we’d be proud to have ya!!!

            We may all find ourselves making the ride into battle sooner than we think!

            We can always fall back to the Alamo and regroup in mass-
            and make ’em pay 100 to 1!!!

            I’m flying my Union Jack and my Confederate battle flag now. Kinda like my calling card…

      28. EVERYONE CHECK YOUR PHONES!!! Every phone I and family have, local friends on different networks, family in other states and ppl I’ve never talked to on Twitter have ALL had their phones reset and remotely rooted. Check your security certificate’s if any say “root” your phone has been compromised.
        Asked the phone company for answers and they haven’t returned my call.

      29. ohhh… geee.. that picture with the sheep needs to be subtitled in big letters…
        “WHICH ONE ARE YOU?”


      30. It’s Official

        Michele Obama’s family in Chitcago has converted to kosher Jewish!

        Her first male cousin and his family from Chitcago has fully converted to Judaism!

        And is now the Leader of ‘Black Jews of Amerika!’

        * The Obama’s new Marxist Motto: “if you can’t beat them, join them!” … YOU JUST CAN’T MAKE THIS CRAZY NWO ZOG SHEEIT UP!

        • Just wait after the election when the president changes his name to:

          Barak Hussein Obamastien.

      31. Reason #1002 of Why We Prep!


        Russian SS-18 Satan

        carries 10 Nuclear Bombs and is unstoppable!

        • Aqua….I believe in one of the previous posts, Tony Montana gave the russians the perfect coordinate for free.

          • That is correct Stolz – there is a 10 mile radius on the north-east coast of America. It shouldn’t be a problem pin pointing a missile of that statue to it’s new destination.

          • I suggested the coordinates to the white house and congress once, to no avail. I’d much rather see a bilderberg meeting go up in smoke though.

            • six-pack….specific to bilderberg criminals may we please skip the technology and just use the bare hands?

              • Okay by me, but I strongly recommend latex gloves and disposable protective clothing – that kind of disgusting slime may never fully wash off…

                • sizpack…..Agreed 100% friend.

        • All of the ICBMs are unstoppable. Who has more or bigger really doesn’t matter when the discussion is nuclear weapons as even the lower level nuclear armed nations with ICBMs have the capability of putting the opponent into the stone age.

          Three hundred or three thousand really doesn’t make a difference and 100 kiloton or 10 megaton matters little too.


        The wherld is gerna end.

        It’s gerna herpin termerrow.

        • Derp. GO home, you’re drunk!

      33. This Zog False-Flag created Confederate Flag BullSheeit is Getting Out of Control!

        **BRUTAL KNOCKOUT!**

        Black Man Beats Down A White Man In Front Of His Bikini Wearing Girl Friend For Waving The Confederate Flag.

      34. Four years ago I collected some various hints from the internet that will let you know that:

        You might be a survivalist if . . .

        1. You have a cookbook all about Spam.

        2. You consider your extra large ham radio antenna as “broadband”.

        3. You know how to cook leather.

        4. You’ve ever been on a Soviet “Potential Threat” list.

        5. SWAT has ever asked to borrow a few of your guns.

        6. Your new girlfriend comes over for the first time, and when she walks into the living room, the first thing she sees is your CHL regulation Man sized target with 50 holes in the chest area.

        7. Your dog has more Emergency Rations than 95% of the U.S. population.

        8. You’re the first person at the gun range on Dec 26th to try out your new toys, and the clerk knows you by your first name.

        9. The local supermarket manager knows to go ahead and open up the back dock doors when he sees you on a shopping trip.

        10. Your home and property are more secure and better lit than Fort Knox or Area 51.

        11. All the local restaurants know to save you all their 5-gallon buckets on Mondays and Thursdays.

        12. None of your vehicles have electronic ignition or pollution control.

        13. You know the tail numbers of all the helicopters in your area.

        14. The magazines on your coffee table include American Survival Guide, Guns and Ammo, Soldier of Fortune, American Rifleman, Shotgun News and 4-Wheeler.

        15. You welcome a “mild” El Nino storm because you know it’s going to fill your cistern.

        16. The power fails in your local movie theater, and you pull your flashlight from your belt and show yourself the way out.

        17. You use your Gerber Tool to cut your steak at a fine dining establishment.

        18. Your knife collection has its own footlocker.

        19. When people ask about all those colorful maps on your walls, you tell them that you are planning a “Fishing Expedition”.

        20. You can recognize the sound of a generator from four blocks away, but you also can tell the brand, horsepower and kilowatts per hour that it is putting out.

        21. You have to kill a snake in your front yard, but then you skin and eat it.

        22. You stock up on kerosene and firewood in 102 degree summer heat.

        23. Your homeschooled children score in the 99th percentile on their SAT’s.

        24. Your “To Do” list includes changing the batteries on the seismic ground sensors surrounding your home.

        25. Your shopping list includes numbered items like .22, .308., .357 and 7.62

        26. Your shopping list includes body armor.

        27. Your scanner includes the frequencies of every law enforcement agency within 100 miles, including the ones that don’t officially exist.

        28. Those maps on your wall have every bridge marked in red, with an alternate path marked around it.

        29. Your paper boy throws the paper into the barbed wire just for the heck of it.

        30. You have a key fob that says, “What Would John Wayne Do?”

        31. Your fence posts double as range markers.

        32. The window shutters have firing ports included in their design.

        33. You have “ammo” on your Christmas list.

        34. You’re on a first name basis with every vendor at a gun show.

        35. You can’t put your groceries in the trunk of the car because it’s already jammed full with emergency kits, first aid supplies, and fully-stocked BOBs.

        36. You have emergency rations for your pets.

        37. You know the news three days before it hits the mass media.

        38. You have back-up plans for your back-up plans.

        39. You’ve ever bought antibiotics for human use through a vet or grains for human consumption through a feed store.

        40. You’ve got more than one grain mill.

        41. You’ve ever wondered how you might filter the used water from your washing machine to make it fit for human consumption.

        42. You have a kerosene lamp in every room.

        43. Your living room coffee table is actually a board with pretty cloth over it to disguise your food storage underneath.

        44. Your box springs are Rubber Maid containers filled with rice and beans.

        45. You save dryer lint to make fire starters.

        46. Your most commonly used fuel additive is Stabil, instead of Gum-out.

        47. You automatically choose the heavy duty flatbed cart upon entering Sam’s or Costco.

        48. You know the shelf life of tuna fish, but don’t know how long you’ve had that open jar of mayo in the fridge.

        49. Your basement walls are insulated with crates of toilet paper, from floor to ceiling, all the way around.

        50. Other people are saving money for new furniture or vacations, but you are desperately saving to get solar panels put on your house.

        51. You were excited beyond all reason when they came out with cheddar cheese in a can.

        52. You’ve ever served MREs at a dinner party.

        53. You can engage in a spirited debate on chemical vs. sawdust toilets for hours on end.

        54. You’ve ever considered digging an escape tunnel from your basement to the nearest stand of trees.

        55. You know how to use a vacuum cleaner in reverse to filter air in your designated bio-chem attack safe room.

        56. You’ve ever considered buying an above-ground pool for water storage purposes.

        57. You know what things like ‘TSHTF’, ‘BOB’, ‘GOOD’, and ‘TEOTWAWKI’ mean and routinely use them in conversations.

        58. You have different grades of BOB’s. And re-stock them twice a year.

        59. You know the names, family histories, locations, and degree of readiness of over a thousand fellow doomers on the internet, but you’ve never met your neighbors.

        60. The best radio in the house is a wind-up.

        61. You have better items in storage than you use everyday.

        62. If the SHTF, you would eat better than you eat now.

        63. Your significant other gave you a sleeping bag rated at -15 degrees for Christmas, and you were moved beyond words.

        64. You’ve sewn secret mini-BOBs into the bottom of your children’s school backpacks.

        65. Local food pantries have come to depend on donations from your larder when you rotate stock in the spring and fall.

        66. You’re still using up your Y2K supplies.

        67. You have enough army surplus equipment to open a store.

        68. The local army surplus store owner knows you by your first name.

        69. When you fill up when your gas tank, it’s already 3/4 full.

        70. You call Rubber Maid for wholesale prices.

        71. You have several cases of baby wipes and your kids are all grown.

        72. You carry a pocket survival kit, a sturdy folding knife, a Sure Fire flashlight and a small concealed handgun to church every Sunday.

        73. You start panicking when you are down to 50 rolls of toilet paper.

        74. You keep a small notebook to write down any edible plants you happen to see along the road.

        75. You shop yard sales, store sales, and markdown racks for bartering goods.

        76. You own a hand-operated clothes washer and a non-electric carpet sweeper.

        77. You have at least two of every size of Dutch oven (the ones with the legs on the bottom), and 20 bags of charcoal, although you have a gas grill.

        78. You have rain barrels at each corner of your house although you have a city water hookup, and a Big Berkey to purify the water.

        79. You have sapphire lights, survival whistle, and a Swiss Army knife on every family member’s key chain.

        80. The people in line at Costco ask if you run a store or restaurant.

        81. You require a shovel to rotate all your preps properly.

        82. You no longer go to the doctor’s because you can either fix it yourself, make it at home, or know and understand the Physicians Desk Reference better than he does, and can get the goods at the vets or pet store for MUCH less money anyway.

        83. You know that GPS has nothing to do with the economy.

        84. You track your preps on a computer spreadsheet for easy reordering, but have hard copies in a 3-ring binder, ‘just in case’.

        85. You’ve thought about where the hordes can be stopped before entering town.

        86. You start evaluating people according to ‘skill sets’.

        87. You view the nearest conservation area as a potential grocery store if TSHTF.

        88. You know *all* the ways out the building where you work.

        89. You have enough pasta stockpiled in your basement to carbo-load all the runners in the New York marathon.

        90. You know that you have 36 gallons of extra drinking water in the hot water tank and your 2 toilet tanks.

        91. You know which bugs are edible.

        92. You have a hand pump on your well.

        93. You have #10 cans of ‘stuff’ that the labels fell off of, but you won’t throw it out or open it because it, ‘may be needed later’, even though you haven’t a clue as to the contents.

        94. You know where the best defensive positions and lines of fire are on your property.

        95. You’ve made a range card for your neighborhood.

        96. Your toenail clipper is a K-BAR.

        97. The Ranger Handbook is your favorite self-help book.

        98. You’ve numbered the deer romping in the yard by their order of consumption.

        99. You must move 50 cases of food for the plumber to get to that leaky pipe, and you have your own hand truck in the basement to do it.

        100. You own more pairs of hiking boots than casual and dress shoes combined.

        101. You have more 55 gallon blue water drums than family members.

        102. You have a backup generator for your backup generator, which is a backup for your solar energy system.

        103. You go to McDonald’s and ask for one order of fries with 25 packs of ketchup and mustard.

        104. You have ever given SPAM as a serious gift.

        105. You’ve had your eye out for a good deal for a stainless steel handgun to conceal in the bottom of the magazine rack next to the toilet.

        106. You are single male over 40, but you still have an emergency childbirth kit, just in case you have to deal with that possibility.

        107. You have two water heaters installed in your basement, but one is a dummy that’s been converted to a hideaway safe.

        108. You’ve made bugout cargo packs for your dogs.

        109. You have a walking stick with all sorts of gadgets hidden inside.

        110. You’re a substitute scoutmaster, and you taught your son’s troop to set mantraps and punji pits, and haven’t been asked to stand in since.

        111. You’re on your fifth vacuum sealer, but you keep at least one of the worn out ones because you can still seal up plastic bags with it.

        112. You haven’t bought dried fruit in years, but you buy fresh bananas, apples, peaches and pears by the case and have three dehydrators.

        113. Your UPS man hates you because of all the cases of ammo he’s had to lug from his truck to your front door.

        114. You have duplicates of all your electronics gear, solar panels and generator parts in your EMP-shielded fallout shelter.

        115. You have set aside space for your live chickens in the fallout shelter.

        116. When the power goes out in your neighborhood, all the neighbor’s kids come over to your place to watch TV on generator power.

        117. You must open the door to your pantry very carefully for fear of a canned goods avalanche.

        118. You have a ‘Volcano’, you know you can cook anything, and you cast evil glances at your neighbor’s annoying, yappy poodle, muttering, “Your day will come, hotdog”.

        119. You’ve learned to make twine from plant fibers to be used for snares because you fear that all of your preps and hard work will be confiscated by FEMA troops or destroyed by earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear blasts, ravening hordes of feral sheeple or reptiloids from ‘Planet X’.

        120. The Police Chief calls you to find out what guns to buy for their officers.

        • OK. I read them all.

          Surprised at how many apply.

          But I wouldn’t eat my neighbor’s yappy dog.

        • 121 You find this list instructive not funnie.

      35. I have a feeling the balloon is about to go up. Can’t say when but it feels like soon. This could be an accurate feeling or maybe it is my acid reflux coming back. I bought 1000.00 dollars worth of emergency food last week and compiled a 37 item critical item list of things I don’t have that I will fill in the next month. Added some more heirloom seeds, bought a hand crank grain grinder. With all that said my 25th anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks. I am taking my wife on a VERY expensive trip to Cabo San Lucas for a week. Could the money be spent on needed preps, yes. But life is meant to be lived and if the SHTF next month or 10 years from now I will still only have once chance to celebrate 25 years of a happy marriage. I have to strike some sort of balance in my life. I also feel this may be the last chance me and my wife ever have to do something like this.

        • Congrats on the 25! Folks just dont stay together anymore,,,

        • A happy wife IS a required prep.

      36. Thank you FOB. That just about sums it up for me.

      37. I just sent this email joke to my grand dad. Hope it lightens up a few over here. 🙂

        Getting old can be enjoyable! (been around before):

        An elderly gentleman…
        Had serious hearing problems for a number of years.
        He went to the doctor and the doctor was able to have him fitted for a set of hearing aids that allowed the gentleman to hear 100%.
        The elderly gentleman went back in a month to the doctor and the doctor said, ‘Your hearing is perfect..
        Your family must be really pleased that you can hear again.’
        The gentleman replied, ‘Oh, I haven’t told my family yet.
        I just sit around and listen to the conversations. I’ve changed my will three times!’

      38. I came here as a reader, decided to “troll” simply out of boredom and to get reactions…You each have responded to my provocations with class and dignity…I no longer find it amusing and compliment this group on it’s maturity and purpose…God Bless all, regardless of what His plan may be and I’ll continue reading the posts and replies and refrain from stirring the s—. Thanks, folks!

        • Why would you do that? Just stirr with well thought out comments. Never yet was a plan that couldn’t use a bit of pokeing.

        • Why would you do that? Just stirr with well thought out comments. Never yet was a plan that couldn’t use a bit of pokeing.

        • Laughing:
          Good to have you on board. Fell free to disagree with me any time it is your right to do so. Please just be nice about it.
          By the way I think you will be a class act here, because of this post. Welcome to the site.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      39. eff u

      40. WE did this…WE did that…WE were this…WE are now that….Please don’t lump all of US together like that….I didn’t vote for these traitors…I didn’t ask for,approve,receive,or spend ANY of this money you say “WE” spent/owe….I support nothing foul….So you see…It’s not WE…It’s THEM… I am innocent of these crimes….there is NO WE….

        • Agreed.

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