The Joke’s On Us: Watch Obama and Romney Poke Fun at Themselves, Each Other

by | Oct 19, 2012 | Headline News | 118 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Amid one of the most hotly contested elections in U.S. history President Obama and his challenger Governor Mitt Romney take the night off from dirty politics and campaign stops to humor us a little bit.

    Poking fun at themselves and each other, the duo delivers a host of zingers and one liners to an audience of well-off New Yorkers, religious leaders, political insiders and business interests.

    While funny to watch, as it lightens the mood during this tense election cycle, one can’t help but wonder whether all of these people – including the Presidential candidates themselves – know that this whole thing is nothing more than an elaborate joke on the American people.

    Watch and be entertained this Friday by the latest episode in this year’s Election Cycle American Idol.

    Governor Romney:

    The president’s remarks tonight are brought to you by the letter O and the number 16 trillion.

    President Obama:

     In less than three weeks voters in states like Ohio, Virgina and Florida will decide this incredibly important election, which begs the question…. What are we doing here?


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      1. yes mac, the jokes on us but the joke is also on mitt and barry. its all a big scam. the jesuit order.

        • Hiring comedy writers will not make either of these guys funny. But you can bet they laugh behind our backs all the time.

          It is sad that many of the people will vote for a president based on their perceived ability as stand up comics. The destruction of our way of life is not funny.

          Why would anyone actually vote for either of these ass clowns? I would rather watch them get eaten by one of the tigers in their circus.

          • My Ron Paul sign is still in my yard.

            • mine too

            • Which part of this event was the funny part? While millions here and millions everywhere suffer under this scam, I’m still waiting for the punchline………

              Gold leader still waiting…I mean standing by.

          • Remember the old cartoon with the sheepdog and wolf punching the same time-clock at the end of the day?

            “Goodnight Ralph”

            • Well put. That simultaneously brought a chuckle to my belly and a tear to my eye.

              Good night Ralph indeed.

              Have a good one,

            • good analogy Rick funny but sad too

            • the last time in american history that a write in candidate got elected president = Never .

              any write in vote for the presidency HELPS Obama ……argue all you want about that , but thats how our system works, like it or not . The ONLY vote ( if you vote ) that will get obama out is romney . back to another lesser of two evils election . One step at a time folks .

            • Two boxers are in the ring and you vote for the referee ? thats retarded .

              I like Paul to , but its over . Its one or the other …..thats the way it is .

            • TR,
              That’s why it never changes!! You’re looking for someone else to make the change for you! Show some sack!

            • Nothing changes because the system is rigged , I got the sack to take up arms against it if need be , but dont delude yourself , the reason nothing changes is that nobody can agree , you have the constitutionalists , and you have now socialists , this country has for the first time in its history a very stronge socialist leaning population , who believe the constitution is obsolete . So how , pray tell , do you get the outcry needed to change things peacefully ? … this point ….you cant . I got my grey kepi , ready for the next civil war , because thats the only way it will be fixed . just sayin

          • Move to DC zoo.

        • Folks, take it for what it is: another popularity event. Don’t add or take anything away from it.
          When it comes to voting, remember what Obama said,you can tell alot about him from who he surrounds himself with. His staff is full of communists and criminals.
          As for not voting; how many rights will you give up? 2nd amendment or the 1st? They are next and probably sooner than we think.
          An average election only has about 23-26% voting and it is dwindling. They(ptb)take that as a sign of apathy on the part of the average American, meaning most don’t care what they(ptb-elected) do. Notice how the candidates are always going after the independants? Now if 60-80% vote and 60% of all voters are non party affiliated, then they have an even bigger issue.
          Everything about voting blocks(i.e. college students/young,gender,race,rural vs city, income groups,etc.) is about dividing and discouraging us.
          I vote more against an individual than for one.
          Voting to me isn’t just a right, it is a means to combat the greater of two evils. I’m not a Repub. nor Demo. by any means. I’ll give a Romney a chance verses what is presently there and his criminal staff.
          The only reason it doesn’t appear to make a different is because, as a whole, we are giving away our rights.
          Many on here know and understand the farce that is called a legal system and the judges. The elections may very well be rigged, but I’ll not go without fighting to keep mine and everyone else’s rights.
          United (as voters) we can reverse TSA,Homeland terror(Gov’t). It’ll take work, time and some sacrific, and with God’s help and guidance, a victory over these criminally thinking people.
          It is said “Evil prevails when good men do nothing”.
          I prep for the worse and pray for the best.
          I am one vote, yet one they can’t discourage.

          • If U vote for either of these 2, U are sanctioning illegal wars, debts, & saying “I want MY guy to destroy what’s left of the USA”.

            If U vote for either, just write “Sucker” on your forehead in big letters.

            • And if you don’t vote(exercise your right)? What are you doing other than piss and moaning? I know you are sanctioning apathy by doing nothing.
              Then on your forehead write: “Whinner”.

            • Obvious “U” are the “Sucker” . Your solution is just whine. Apathy is totally destructive.

              DRD5508 – You get a green for logic.

            • if ron paul had a chance i would vote for him, but he dosnt. if you vote for him its a vote for obama. he will only get 2-5 percent and thats it. your right obama and mitt are not washington but at least mitt likes america. if we get someone to slow down our destruction at least we have time to possibly get a better candidate (ron paul) in the next election. if obama gets back in then, we are in big trouble.

            • Why would anyone assume that Romney will be an improvement? For all any of you know he could be twice as bad as Obama.

              Bush brought us the Patriot Act. Obama signed the hideous NDAA. Has Romney given the slightest indication he will reverse these horrible codifications of tyranny? No, he hasn’t. So what the hell is the argument that justifies a vote for Romney? What is even close to being as important as this? If you vote, you legitimize a system that is actively planning to subjugate you and kill you for any or no reason. Keep voting, keep supporting the very beast that will devour you But, at least you will have the right to complain if you vote….wow.

          • DRD5508,

            How are you going to reverse TSA, Homeland Security,ect. when you are voting for one of the two, major parties and both parties have a hand in all of the items you wish to reverse??? I don’t think you can keep doing the same thing over and over, and expect different results, do you?

            • Mule, TPTB and in many places throughout the world, they think the average American is weak. How do you reverse the bs upon us? Repeal them and stay within the frame work of the constitution. In too many states, voting has been over turned by the courts (they have stolen the votes and violated the constitution).
              The out cry has to be loud and clear. I read where many say tar and feather em or hang them. What rule of law should be used? The CONSTITUTION. What we are voting or choosing is the speed at which the constitution is being eradicated/abolished. Slow the train and just maybe we can get more people willing to fight off this attack. I swore to defend this nation and constitution from both foreign and domestic enemies. We are not fighting foreign enemies but the domestic ones.

            • Mule, one other thing; Those off the grid(isolationist) are fooling themselves, just by being on this site we are monitored. Will they come after me with just cause? Yep, I fit the critera requiring them to classify me as home grown ttttt(can’t bring myself to say the T word).
              I refuse to be defeated while I’m still able to fight.

            • One other thought folks. There is a trash saying that goes like this: We’ll kick their butts, they’ll like it and eventually they’ll thank us for it. That is communism/progressivism/liberalism in a nut shell.

            • yes sdmule, they are insane. let them vote.

            • eeder,

              Thank you, you are correct.

            • Lol. To the commenters saying i was whining…
              Voting back & forth between parties and nothing changes is the definition of insanity and stupidity. People get mad when u point that out because they don’t like having to face the fact that they’ve been scammed and their belief system is based on obvious lies.

              Don’t shoot the messenger. Embracing your suckerness is the first step to recovery.

          • please, people…this was a charity event “Lighten up, Francis”

          • DRD Thank you for a wonderful post! I am with you on this and I will tell you why. I have NEVER voted nor even registered. I always believed our votes never counted that it was decided by the electoral college. BUT something happened to me yesterday. I was drivin on my way to the grocery store in my lil rural town. same route I take evvery Thurs to go to the grocery store. I noticed something. In a small area of the street are smale homes shacks really. Lower income families. They ALL had Obummer signs. I had something just occur to me. My hubby works his ass off so those in these homes that I know are paid off and have better cars than we do can mooch off of him. I felt a little agrivated. With a toddler in tow I diecided to make a turn to go register. Alond that road were normal middle class families with signs that read, I built this I am voting to keep it. Now I am not saying either is the best. But I KNOW if I do not make a logical choice I have not excersised my RIGHT that MANY died fighting to keep alive for me and YOU! I looked at my lil one and said well what the hell it may be a gamble or a childish bit of hope that something will change BUT it is my responsibilty to vote. It is my job as a parent. how can I bitch and moan if I pass on a right. how can I gove up what las bit of freedom we have. It may be that last chance this country may have. Yes I can write in a name but not enough people will be doing that in al reality to accomplish anything. I will do the same and vote against something. It is not perfect but I believe it can change history has shown that nations fall and rise again.maybe we are on the down swing but I will exercise what is left of my rights. I will at least know I tried my best. I will not just go quietly into the night without doing what I can. You can all say I am stupid. I know not one is perfect but I can not do nothing but bitch about it and write about it, I want to try to make a difference. I love this country, what it was and what it could be. I will enjoy every right I have until I have no more. As far as anyone who says they are both evil well you can just stay home or in your bunker and do nothing but waait for the hatchet to fall but I am not giving up hope, I have faith in God and my fellow Americans that we will ultimatly have a turnaround and something good will come from all of this. Pollyanna in me I guess or just the mom who will die trying

            • justincase, no, thank you. I pray that the Lord protect you and your family. I too am passionate about my love for this country. In 1962, as a child, I was at the cemetary in Hawaii and saw the 1,000’s of flags on each individual grave. I was in awe and have never forgotten it. All the young men and women who gave their lives for each of us. They held the torch and we must do the same and then pass it on to our children and grandchildren. The torch of sacrifice for others.
              Thank you again, enjoy motherhood and marriage, your sincere reply gives me hope and brought a tear to eyes.
              Love you all.

          • this is absolute nonsense. what you are saying is mitt romney is better for america than revolution. you are wrong. youll get your mutt(mitt) but what you dont understand is you will also get revolution. it doesnt matter if mitt or barry win, at all, they are one and the same. almost to a tee.

        • Jokes on us because the election is just picking if the left foot or the right foot gets to kick us in the balls

          • Well said ZX6R

        • These 2 clowns just show it is all a staged event..

          Laughing and joking all the way to the bank..

          The bank ,the very same banks, that launched and propelled them to their careers.and the very same banks that destroyed the rest of us worldwide..via their orders
          the very same central banks that financed wars through out the centuries as millions upon millions died to satisfy their lust for power..

          And now we are so detached that we laugh along them..

          How f’n sick it all is..


        • My 18yo son said it best when he was 14. In 2008 we were watching the debates with Obama and McCain and I asked him what he thought.

          He said, Dad, I think it’s like wrestling. They pretend to kill each other in the ring but behind the scenes they are best buds.

          I was blown away and whole heartily concurred.

        • And to think Americans are going to vote for one of these two parasites. What does that say about Americans?

          Thank God no one who posts at this site would stoop that low.

        • They are both jokes..but we will get the Last laugh!!

      2. it is literally the ponzi scheme to top all ponzi schemes. literally. it is setup in the exact same manner, with the same basic goal. one which is ultimately, unattainable.

      3. obama:which begs the question what are we doing here?
        AnonLegions answer: Fuckign the american ppl harder and faster then ever before.

      4. the scheme works like this, the jesuit order, oversees the mafia, the rothschild bank and the vatican. these all oversee 3 different streams of elite. the end result is almost total control over everything done on earth.we are seeing it all come out now. what we have right now is …. drip drop, dripdrop,…. what we are about to see is …. WHHOOOOOOOOOOOSH!

      5. If we are going to have a mob boss I guess it should be Mitt. I’ll take a high class white collar criminal over a shake down bag man like obama.

        • @woof we dont need any mob bosses. if you reckognize them , you can be hunted down too.would you like that?

        • Woof,

          Your ignorance knows no bounds!!

      6. Etch a sketch rombot and stink bug BO, what a combination. Here’s the thing, whomever wins, as both candidates are horrible beyond words, the loser is as big on a piece of crap or bigger than the other. A good candidate should be trashing BO, and a good president would be up 450-88 on rombot. Both candidates suck swamp water. Rombot’s track record is what people should see, as a tiger does not change his stripes. Rombot has to be a good alternative for those that are anti-gun as he has proven this well in the past along with his support of trashing good American jobs to China. BO stink bug is printing up money to pay for everything and his beliefs on gun rights are frightening.

        BOTH candidates consider almost all of us as pond scum. So we are all royally f’ed with either of these two. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore because the JOKE is on us all as we all lose with whomever wins.

      7. I have to admit, I thought Romney was hilarious and even Barry’s opening line about Clint Eastwood had me laughing pretty hard.

        Regardless of anything, gotta admit this was funny.

        Have a good weekend folks and as always, God Bless!

      8. I especially enjoyed Romney’s comments. Hilarious! 🙂

        • It is ok to laugh at or ridicule any/all republicans, but not the big “O” – the poster boy for liberalism

      9. Obama appeared on Letterman show last night, yukking it up, I flipped right by. The longer American’s wait to express themselves louder and angrier, these not funny clowns will just pretend all is well in lalaland, and get away with it. No humor in tyranny.

      10. I would have liked to see Gary Johnson get a shot at “Comedy Hour”

        • Gary has had his chance,at least on Comedy Central, and he nailed it. He’s the real only hope now that Ron paul is out of the race.

      11. We’re going to have an economic crash at some point. Europe will have theirs within the next year and that probably trips it on for the USA, neither of them is stopping that.

        The only good thing about Mitt is you can trust he wants to do the right thing. He may not win that fight over the real power brokers, but his intenstions are good.

        I don’t really want to experience the crash with Obama in charge.

        • Good points, lena. Obama shakes hands with anti-American convicts (Bill Ayers), bows to anti-American heads of state, sits in the pew of seething anti-American ‘church sermons’ and delivers caches for Mexican drug lords. Oh yeah, he’s on our side.

          Note to the Reynolds Aluminum Wrap brigade—stop enabling this freakin’ Marxist. Show up for Romney at the ballot box (hold your nose, if you have to), but make yourselves count at this crucial time of our lives.

      12. disgusting and sickening!

      13. Right now I just want to see Obama out and then we’ll take it from there. Doesn’t mean I’m a big Romney fan but Obama has to go.

        • That’s what was said about G.W. Bush and his cronies. You people will never learn!! The programming is too strong!!

      14. if you laughed at either of them you are still a sleeping sheep. millions of americans are suffering with little being done. those videos should make you upset, pissed OUTRAGED. joking about problems so large that most cant even comprehend is no joking matter to me. 16trillion is not funny. dont tell your grand kids that you were laughing at these jokes they will be pissed.

        • @Josh,
          I laughed!
          You just have to laugh at some things once in a while,
          or you walk around whining and crying about it all the time and that will ware you
          down quick.
          So…. I’m not gonna walk around crying like a little bitch all the time.
          I like a good laugh. Even from those ass clowns.

        • My thoughts also, anyone laughing while still thinking of the families that fall through the cracks living without proper food, proper heat, proper medicine/healthcare this week?
          I bet those there in those $2000 gowns aren’t..we are useless eaters here to serve these bankster criminals.

      15. Two words…prepare expeditiously!

      16. Mitt was pretty funny though, I’ll be honest!

      17. “It is the bane of men that they forget…”
        I hope – a month from now – that we aren’t all thinking back to this brief spot of humor, a brief lull in these otherwise increasingly chaotic times, with a terrible longing for “the good ol’ day’s” wondering where they went.

      18. Empty Suit vs Empty Chair

        .270 sounds about right

      19. Got a question for my preppers, if they already know who is going to win, who makes the decision to ban semi-auto’s guns or not. is it really they feel us out and know if things piss us off and they leave the law alone and same thing with gas, are they testing us to see how far they can drain and push us? And who exactly is this all control over who’s elected and stuff. I will never give up my guns you bastards.

        • clint hospo – NAGR is predicting that hillary will try to push semi auto ban as well as the UNsmall arms treaty through the senate while congress is out . they cant get it all passed but it is possible to get the ball rolling so it will come up for vote in spring.
          we know we cant trust obama , but would romney throw enough wieght at these gun control measures to kill them ?

        • quote for the day :

          “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing”
          thomas jefferson

        • You’re right about everything but the price of gas.

          It isn’t rigged. Gas is expensive because the oil being refined into gas is expensive and lower quality than ever.

          • Gas, like all commodities that are not being manipulated (i.e. silver) is expensive because the dollar is in a free fall!

        • Fine. And soon if they have their way you’ll be able to use your gun as a very expensive club to bludgeon someone and very little else.

      20. I’m rather miffed right now with some of the comment on this post. I guess I was hoping, when I found this site, that there would be a tad more support here for things that matter. I am DEFINATELY not a supporter of Obama and Romney was NOT my first choice, but, I do believe that the million dollar baby has a FAR better chance of *attempting* to save this great country than the muslim prince. All I see here is *vote for the guy who doesn’t have a chance in hell* so that our great and soverign muslim joke will be put back in office. I AM a firm believer in supporting the options that are best for US. I have been a prepper for quite some time and am devestated that so many lack the convictions that decency does still abound in man-kind. I guess that is where the differance between men and women is most profound. I do believe this country is doomed to fail at the rate it is progressing, but, I do have hope that the RIGHT change will come before Rome burns. Sorry for interrupting your fun guys.

        • Please.

          They are both the same guy.

          Sam health care policy, same domestic spying policy, almost certainly same gun ban policy although the jury’s still out on that one. Although what good your guns will do you 2 years after everything falls apart I have no idea. You can’t shoot rocks out of them you know.

          Same reckless spending too. They jsut ahve different guys they want to waste your money on, but neither of them want to waste it on you.

          Denial and bargaining are two of the phases in dealing with a shocking loss.

          We’re already there. The fact that these are our two choices at the same time that: our infrastructure is toast, our petrodollar is toast, our manufacturing base is toast, and our currency is about to go completely to shit…

          I mean the body’s still twitching but the head’s no longer attached.

          Do you seriously believe either of these people can solve even one of these items?

          Why wouldn’t you vote independent? You got something to lose? Whichever of these guys gets in the result is going to be nearly identical.

          • Whichever of these guys gets in the result is going to be nearly identical.

            one of the few sensible comments I have seen here.

          • Wow….So if I vote independent and you vote independent and he votes independent…..Obama wins because fact of the matter is, the independent vote has, for now, no merit…..Yep….lets vote the muslim prince in. Well doesn’t THAT make as much sense as a three legged dog in a sled pull. Thank you, but I believe I’ll stick with the Token white Christian guy this election.

            • Mormons’ aint zactly Christian………..

            • If an independent fails to get in I could give a shit who gets in.

              Let me be perfectly crystal clear.

              They. Are. Both. The. Muslim. Prince.

        • Preach it brother!

        • I seriously believe the only difference in Obama or Romney is that with Obama, we will not be here on the internet discussing these issues in a year or two, and with Romney, we will still be here discussing these same issues for a year or two.

      21. I said it was coming, and here are 9 states that are.
        Nine states with sinking pensions

        1. Illinois

        Pct. liability funded: 45%
        Total liability: $138.8 billion (6th largest)
        Total funded: $62.5 billion (11th largest)
        S&P credit rating: A+

        2. Rhode Island

        Pct. liability funded: 49%
        Total liability: $13.4 billion (10th smallest)
        Total funded: $6.6 billion (4th smallest)
        S&P credit rating: AA

        3. Connecticut

        Pct. liability funded: 53%
        Total liability: $44.8 billion (22nd largest)
        Total funded: $23.8 billion (24th smallest)
        S&P credit rating: AA

        4. Kentucky

        Pct. liability funded: 54%
        Total liability: $37.0 billion (24th smallest)
        Total funded: $20.0 billion (17th smallest)
        S&P credit rating: AA-

        5. Louisiana

        Pct. liability funded: 56%
        Total liability: $41.4 billion (25th largest)
        Total funded: $23.2 billion (23rd smallest)
        S&P credit rating: AA

        6. Oklahoma
        Pct. liability funded: 56%
        Total liability: $36.4 billion (23rd smallest)
        Total funded: $20.4 billion (18th smallest)
        S&P credit rating: AA+

        7. West Virginia

        Pct. liability funded: 58%
        Total liability: $15.0 billion (12th smallest)
        Total funded: $8.7 billion (10th smallest)
        S&P credit rating: AA

        8. New Hampshire

        Pct. liability funded: 59%
        Total liability: $9.0 billion (6th smallest)
        Total funded: $5.3 billion (3rd smallest)
        S&P credit rating: AA

        9. Alaska

        Pct. liability funded: 60%
        Total liability: $16.6 billion (13th smallest)
        Total funded: $10.0 billion (12th smallest)
        S&P credit rating: AAA

        • Make it 10 and add Kalifornia

          • Im sure its up there if not next and Detroit and Toldeo maybe a few more right there with them..

            their plan is for the recipient not to live long enough to use that pension, even if it means helping that along

      22. The Fed has dumped $29 trillion in loans & bailouts into the US & European economies & these guys are doing standup?

        The US economy is in a depression.

        Without the Fed dumping trillions into the economy, GDP would’ve lost 10%+. Simple, take the
        deficit & divide by the US economy’s $15 trillion per year. If U take the real deficit number
        ($4.5 trillion+) & divide by $15 trillion U get 30%.

        The government & Fed are replacing 30% of the economy with monopoly money borrowed or created
        out of nothing. This is not real demand. That’s a Depression.

        People don’t have enough money to drive demand & these imbeciles & Bernanke are trying to trick us
        into feeling wealthy, so we’ll spend more.

        They are charlatans. As a rich Skull & Bones member said when John Kerry was running against his distant relative (GW Bush), “It doesn’t matter who wins. The question is how much money I’ll make”.

      23. C’mon people, listen up! Better to laugh than cry.

      24. Shoulda been lighten up!

      25. The mailbox has been full of political mailers lately, urging to vote for whichever crony. Filed in round receptacle. Today I got a DVD “Dreams from My Real Father”, A Story of Reds and Deception, directed by Joel Gilbert. The cover says Obama’s real father was Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist USA propagandist, and therefore lies his agenda. The photo of Davis looks like Obama. I know Obama’s past is sketchy at best with gaps of unknown relevant facts. It’s known the Zionist entity got rid of the Tzar and installed communism in Russia. It’s not a stretch to realize the same agenda is being put into effect in America, mostly by the elimination of our civil rights.

      26. Sort of off topic,an old saying goes, “Fortune favors the prepared”

        I’m trying to come up with a plan as to how I should guide my preps should Barry boy win.

        We know that he has started his private, (heard it on Beck’s radio show today).

        Uncle Ben and his money machine will stayed plugged in.

        May make a play for everyone’s IRA/401K’s.

        Obama care.

        So are there any “sane” plans/ideas out there.

        • Rev Ike ~

          Everyone’s situation is different with respect to retirement funds, work, etc. So my suggestions are general, to be adjusted by circumstances.

          First, keep in mind that the most recent executive order that Obama signed was the “Iran Sanctions” one. Hidden in the language of that EO, however, was the clause that he and his cohorts can sieze ANYONE’S bank accounts. It’s on paper, it’s signed, sealed and delivered. If it’s in the bank, the law now states that the government can have it.

          ~ If you can get your retirement fund NOW, do it. Food has increased 13% over the past year based on government estimates. I don’t completely trust those estimates and would put the number far higher. So, let’s say 15%. Now, if you pay your penalty for taking the money out early, you will lose a percentage of what you have invested (I don’t know the number but others may.) If you consider that the price of food will dramatically increase again over the next year because of the drought, perhaps another 20%, have you actually lost money or broken even by taking your money out now?

          ~ Not only will the prices go up, but the value of the money will go down buying less of the inflated goods.

          ~ If you have money to spare after loading up on preps, invest in precious metals. I’m on a silver budget rather than a gold budget, but my silver will hold value far better than my dollars would in a savings account.

          My advice is, cash out and buy stuff. Food, weapons, ammo, other supplies and pms. Be as self-sufficient from the system as possible.

          ~ D

          • Many thanks D, I didn’t know about the new EO, but heck there are sooooo many, who can keep track?

            • This is from an article on the Daily Sheeple the other day about it. Link to follow.

              “President Barack Obama has signed an executive order (EO) earlier this month that claims governmental authority to steal money out of customer bank accounts under the guise of assisting Iran with “certain transactions” that would facilitate their ability to economize on their petroleum resources. This agenda is hidden within the EO that redirects attention to the sanctions imposed by the US and UK.

              Obama has empowered himself, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the US Treasury to use authority imbued to them by the President that the US government would impose any amount of sanctions on Iran for the sake of bringing the nation to its economic knees….

              In essence, if Obama, Clinton or Geithner suspects any American citizen of dealing with or for the benefit of Iran, they will have their bank accounts seized; property repossessed by the federal government and will face further suppression as defined by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).”

      27. “And it says something about who we are as a people that in the middle of a contentious election season, opposing candidates can share the same stage.” – Obama

        It does indeed.

      28. Well I dont find any of their shit funny, they are supposed to be respectable representation of this country and its policies, and constitution..they are both a fuckin joke and Im not laughing.

        I dont want a dam comedian as mmy representation,, If i want to hear jokes about the situation this country and we are in I’ll pay to go see a real comedian, not some stuffed shirt politician trying to act like one

        I feel they are both an embarassment to this country, and what we are supposed to stand for..not a dam thing funny about where we are because of these dam clowns

      29. Anyone ever see the movie “Brewster’s Millions?” For those who haven’t it starred Richard Pryor as a guy who inherits $30M dollars, with the potential of inheriting $300M, IF he can spend the original $30M without gaining any physical assets.

        Long story short, one way he devises to get “rid” of the money is to “buy” people’s votes in the run for mayor in the city he is in. “Re-Elect Nobody” was the campaign, and he paid people to NOT vote, stating that they were both crooks anyway.

        If I had the the money to burn, I think this would be a great idea for this election. Pay everyone to simply stay at home on election day. Send a message to the plutocracy that we know it’s all a sham, it doesn’t matter who the President is because you have bought and paid for Congress, and as has been done in the past, any attempts at righteousness are met with a bullet.

        RE-ELECT NOBODY! Does anyone on here know if there is a clause for such an event in the constitution?

        • That would be awesome.

          and blow thier BS figures on the airwaves live , have the data to prove them wrong.pull the entier thing underground with no inkling of what is really happining until their blatent lie is aired on all of thier media.
          and be able to find the legal passage in thier own game of cards that sends them all to the court of the people.
          the producers of this country (im going to say that again incase you missed it.. The Producers of this country)..than straight to their suitable punishment

      30. Sorry but I’ll take the unproven embellisher over the known failure in charge.

        • I’m not a Romney cheerleader, but he’s not exactly unproven.

      31. Freedomdogs, i understand your feelings, but the system we live under now going to go belly up eventually and NOBODY can save it. We are headed toward some extraordinary events in the form of SHTF and there’s just no way at this late stage of the game to prevent it. But as I’ve posted before, it’s possible for some good things to come out of it. We can rebuild this country into the kind of country God intended for us to have, but it will require all of us working together to make it happen. All the issues we face now will become history in post-SHTF. braveheart

        • I DO agree with this 100%….the “prepper chick” in me knows this. To lay down and take some foreign (across the seas or from the city) BS up the wazoo or to stand and fight for all it’s worth not only pertains to a preppers life but also has it’s place in the WH. I am pretty darn positive we are screwed….but Romney MAY….key word here….MAY be the vaseline that causes less friction. Those are my beliefs and I am CERTAINLY not here to be belittled for it. I’ve been coming to read and OK…hehehehe….troll… because I have learned more here than on ANY other site. There are few places to learn new things because, for the most part, people don’t like talking about this. I still have faith in mankind and *personally*….I’d *LIKE* to go back about 125 years and do it right! AND….this is/was the place I hoped to learn more from.

        • very telling

      32. WOW!!!!!!

        The joke is on the American people!

        You know Obama and Romney are working for the New World Order by just showing up and acting like fools here.

        Ron Paul would not have gone.

        • Hey Mac, I like the way this guy puts it to print, can I vote yes more then once?..

          • I don’t think it’ll let us… I’ve tried!

            • bummer

      33. this is a game we’re not gonna win in the conventional sense

        its sad to see so many people still LOCKED into the left/right paradigm

        STILL voting for the lesser of two evils
        DECADE after DECADE

        sometimes the only way to “win” the game

        • Satori,

          Wisdom! I think you are on the wrong site!

      34. The only thing missing from the presidential debates was the laugh track

      35. I love Ron Paul but I am going to vote my conscience this time.

        I’m writing in Jesus Christ, the source of my Freedoms.

        There are almost infinitely more Laws restricting my Life written by my “representatives” than my Lord and Savior.

        Come Lord, come.

        • Obama just dropped onto his prayer rug to thank his savior for your decision on a write-in candidate.

          Yeah, that’ll teach him. Don’t like more laws restricting your life? Under obama you ain’t seen nothing yet, brother. He’s without soul and your decision just enables him. Thanks.

      36. Ok I had a coworker that I hated! She was a lying nasty bitch. She brown nosed everyone. Could not stand her really. I had to attend meetings with her, share the ladies room with her and others, break areas amd many of bridal, baby showers and a number of office meetings and parties. I worked on many of projects with her. She aggrivated the heck outta me. You know what I joked around with her from time to time and was nice to her. I did it because it was part of my job. If other co workers saw us on projects and such they would have thought nothing other than we got along well. I needed and like my job so I mingled and respected and tried to make things lighter in my work place. So I do not get this whole they should be gouging eyballs. Oh and yea we were both up for a higher position…neither one of got it though. Should I have acted like a complete ass and been mean to her? These two men still work together …..just saying I think all presidents and the “other team” have always done this we just see it now cuz televison and internet. Not agreeing with it but c’mon really? You think this is sooo unusual? How many of you guyz pal around or are in positions or have ever been in positions to be chummy with somebody ya do not like at work? I just do not see it being this huge deal personally.

      37. mac if you want this site to have credibility, i suggest you get rid of the jesuit trolls that troll here and have comments removed at will.

      38. The so-called (lesser of two evils) is nothing more than the same evil. It’s not about the man in the big chair, it’s about the agenda of the elites. That will prevail no matter who sits there. Americans still don’t get it. All of DC has to be cleaned out, and I do mean all! Your wonderful Ron Paul was just playing out his role just like the rest. The only way to stop this evil cycle is to pray, fast, and stay home from your polling place. A clear message needs to go out to those crooks we don’t want any of them there – period!

      39. Creative ways to get out the vote…

        in California

        Free Pot Offered To Lure Residents To Vote


      40. Enough of the steaming pile that these guys are cut from the same cloth. They are not! One is an outright naked Marxist and that’s that, period.

        I wasn’t saying this 6 months ago, but Romney is clearly showing he’s better suited to navigate the financial hell and the social landmines that will break loose after the election.

        His monologue at the dinner was outstanding—crisply sharp sabres slashed deftly at obama (“The President’s remarks tonight are brought to you by the letter ‘O’ and the number 16 trillion.”) Love it! Touche!

        To the naysayers, cut the crap and let Romney market himself to the weak sheep who’ll otherwise unwittingly vote for the ‘cool’ Trojan Marxist or just stay home. But quit shoveling the stinkin’ pile that it doesn’t matter as you whistle past the grave. Give yourselves some kind of chance, at least. Romney.

      41. A good slogan for Romney “I sent your jobs to China, and I’m the only one who knows how to bring them back!”
        A good slogan for Obama “Listen to what I say, forget what I’ve done.”

      42. It would still do my heart good to read the paper the morning after and find that:

        Romney got 1,476 votes
        Obama got 1,477 votes and
        Write-ins got 298,486,265 votes

        That makes a pretty accurate statement about how we all feel about BOTH of them, doesn’t it?

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