The Human Race Could Be INFERTILE In 50 Years: ‘A Push For Depopulation’ Will Be ‘Global Crisis’

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Headline News | 51 comments

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    Male fertility is dipping, and fast. Humans are on course to be infertile in a mere 50 years. Sperm may prove to be the greatest casualty of modern life.

    According to The Telegraph UK, last summer, scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that male sperm counts had fallen by almost 60 percent in 40 years. In what was the largest study of its kind, they analyzed data from 43,000 men from North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, taking in 185 studies from 1973 to 2011. Its lead author, Dr. Hagai Levine, decreed the result an “urgent wake-up call.”

    Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple says it could have something to do with our over-radiated, over-vaccinated, and under-nourished culture, and he’s probably not far off. Dubbed “Spermageddon,” the results of this study could point to humanity’s extinction in the near future. Joseph says this isn’t just fear mongering.  This is something we should be concerned about.

    “Interestingly enough, we started to see sperm counts start to fall shortly after Margaret Sanger and the real push for depopulation,” says Joseph. “Not only do we have sperm counts that are down 60% in the last 40 years, but then through social engineering, we have changed the way society works, the way it’s constructed, the way that people make ends meet. Now, mom and dad all have to work full time in order just to have that “American Dream” middle-class lifestyle; and even then, you’re struggling.”

    We’ve become such a self-centered population that most have it engrained in their minds to not have children if they want annual vacations and the middle-class lifestyle. The birth rates reflect this self-centered mindset, says Joseph.  “This is a ticking time bomb…it’s been going on for some time and people have not been paying attention to it. I’m telling you, within my generation, from between now and my retirement…that retirement “age”…I’ll never retire…in that time, 25 years or so, watch. This is going to go from back burner stuff to a global crisis,” Joseph said.

    “I think it’s time to rethink, as humanity, what’s important.” -Joe Joseph


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      1. I don’t buy that its environmental because the underclass in the developed world reproduce like rabbits. DINKS (Dual Income No Kids) is becoming the norm and people with children are intentionally having fewer of them. Overwhelmingly if a couple is childless its a choice.

        • The world is going sterile? GOOD NEWS! Esp. in turd werld countries! Anyone who gets welfare of any kind should agree to be sterilized FIRST. Low income housing peeps should be sterilized before moving in (their kids too). Impliment a one child policy and maybe… just maybe there could be hope to save this planet for us a few hundred more years before it goes kaput….

          • Genius: Yuuup!!

            • Genius? Leonardo DiCaprio got it right when he said, “There can be no genius without some form of madness.” Madness is marked by a distorted perception of reality. The madness here is that what Genius says is not real and never will be.

              • rrrr, So you think truth and foresight and basic math is madness? Wow man, the depth of your thinking and math skills and reality is about as deep as a sheet of paper…

                • Since when in the past 7000 years was depopulation ever for “us” and not (enforced upon) “them”?

            • Another thing that pisses me off in this socialist country is how I am forced to pay for everyone elses kids! I am taxed up the wazoo for schools, parks, playgrounds, insurance, and a plethora of kid related shit! I pay the full amount of income tax so others can take a big writeoff for having kids. If you have kids… PAY FOR YOUR OWN KIDS SHIT! Do away with all the communist armed robbery to support peoples kids and see what happens…

              • Agreed.

        • Kevin2: Agree, besides traffic gridlock is getting “worser” every year,even in smaller towns. I hate to go out unless necessary now days, and shop/ do errands early in the day. Many I know have one or zero kids because of the expense, and most women work.

          • Remove having to work to support the children and you have the reason who the government dependent underclass breeds with abandon while the working class doesn’t.

            • Kevin, I’d mention that the lower classes and races will reproduce regardless of financial support. Just look at Africa, the Muslim world, the India/Hindu world, the Oriental, South American. 15%, 8%, 21%, 34%, 8% respectively more or less. The Causcasian – 16%. In other words, 5/6th of the world doesn’t seem to have much of an infertility problem. And the vast majority of that set of groups lives far below what we Americans call normal. Many, if not most, in what we term poverty conditions.

              • Heartless

                From my observation in the US once a certain standard of living by legal means is achieved people, regardless of race breed fewer children. I know of black DINK (Dual Income No Kids) couples or with two children. The 3rd world needs children to support them. The first world breeds lots of children when the government supports them.

                • The DINKS pay out the ass into this ponzi scheme and they deserve to be paid back.

        • ^^ this is exactly the case

          • OFF TOPIC: Ever watched show’s like homestead rescue etc.? Absolutely none of the people have any clue how to live off grid and self sufficient lol. These urban idiots think they can just buy some land and build a shack and live off grid. The failures of these transplanted morons is epic! They waste all the money they have then cry for help. No thought whatsoever as to feeding themselves, livestock etc. A lot of them don’t even have a gun or have never shot one lol. No construction skills, no farming skills, no hunting skills, no animal skills, etc. Just dumb assed liberals from town that think they are going to live in la la land. Pretty hilarious stuff!

            • Yeah because you can’t.

              Calculate the amount of food and firewood alone and then try to figure out how much land and perfect conditions you’re going to need.

              Yes yes we did it for a billion years we also died at 25 and got pregnant at fricking 12 so…

              Even the Old West had a goddamned General Store.

        • Look into bisphenal A and other chemicals, it’s put into the plastic water bottles and foods we eat, they are full with this chemical, it sterilizes the male with a reduce sperm count. Read The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin, he talks about how to reduce the population.

      2. This is a very curious trend to contemplate.

        I notice that the countries that are generally reported as having the sharpest decline in fertility rates seem to have one very interesting thing in common. They are historic White European nations. And, if you dig into those individual nations and examine these declines in the fertility rates when broken down by demographic groups within those White nations – you’ll notice that Whites have the steepest levels of decline.

        And, at the very same time we are seeing a mini-explosion in the reporting of these statistics – even by the mainstream media, the only ‘White’ nation that I am aware of whose government is officially taking steps to reverse these trends and to encourage White couples to try to have additional children – is Putin’s Russia.

        Outside of Russia, we see a deliberate agenda to either ignore outright the drop in the White birth rate or, if it is mentioned, the owners and controllers of the Western media cheer it and hysterically label it as cause for celebration – because if it continues, the ‘horrible’ White race will become extinct in a few more decades.

        Also, we see endless promotions of miscegenation between Whites and non-whites being shoved in our faces by Hollywood movies, TV shows, TV commercials and in every conceivable advertising venue.

        Now, one would think that, if the ‘Spotted Owl’ or the ‘Snail Garter’ or a wide range of animal species around the world were seeing their numbers shrink to a point where extinction of that species was a valid concern to environmentalists and anthropologists – why would it not also be a concern to those same people that White Europeans were becoming an endangered species of humans and why should steps not be taken to help boost their fertility rates and to increase their birth rates, as well?

        Unless this mystery of falling fertility rates is really only occurring on a large scale within White nations and that it is being deliberately engineered in some way by forces who crave to orchestrate the genocide and extinction of White Europeans.

        Hence, how could such a sinister deed be accomplished – without risking being exposed and blowing back on it’s perpetrators? Well, mandating acceptance of vaccines that have hidden chemicals in them that reduce fertility counts might be one technique. Adding chemicals that are proven to reduce fertility rates into popular food or drink products could be another technique. How about the water supply? Everyone has to drink water, right? That would be the simplest, but then a bit riskier – since many people will quite often have their water tested and if such chemicals are discovered, news of this would spread rapidly and backlash would be severe.

        As I said, this is a very interesting topic to think about. I have no doubt that it is not a natural development. Someone and some thing is causing it to happen, and knowing the evil nature of certain tribes of humans – I am convinced it is man made.

        • I think you have identified the problem. It’s not a coincidence or accidental but is probably intentional on the part of someone or some group. Group seems more realistic, because individuals generally lack the ability to achieve such changes on a large scale. And because one group in particular can easily be seen manipulating everything they can in their favor regardless of means or methods, it makes sense to consider them first, as the likely culprits. Seems to me we should be talking logistics.

        • I’m sure that others here have also noticed that whenever various cable TV channels show one-hour ‘documentary’ type programs with names like “HATE Inc” and “USA HATE” and so forth, the group being profiled is always, and I mean ALWAYS, a bunch of white people.

          The producers quake in terror of being labeled “racist” and “bigots” so they never dare profile the Black Panthers or any similar folks with murderous policies… only the Evil White People.

          This idiocy has become so bad that now people debate whether “reverse racism” exists. The reverse of racism is NO racism. What these functionally-illiterate morons are trying to express is really a simple concept: racism against white people, committed by non-whites. And there is actual debate over whether this even exists! I suggest the academics who pooh-pooh the idea put it to the test with an evening stroll through lovely Detroit.

          I’ve seen this get steadily more pronounced over the past forty years, to the point where I now simply tune out ANYTHING dealing with racial issues. I’m sick and tired of being told that I’m the Bad Guy simply because MY skin color is currently the one that’s out of favor.

          I get along fine with people of any race as long as they are moderately intelligent and have decent standards. In such a situation, I regard skin color as being no more significant than eye color. It’s when all of the social/historical baggage gets ladled in that you start having problems; therefor, I simply avoid the hysterical activist shriekers.

          • In what is a very clearly and easily proven ‘race war’ – one in which all the non-white races of the world, along with the one specific tribe who herds over them and teaches them to hate and despise the White race and seek to flood into their nations and dispossess them of their territory and financial resources – your approach and preferred reaction is to ‘tune out’ and remain unilaterally disarmed racially, while stubbornly clinging the lies of egalitarianism that can easily be traced to the ideologies espoused by the Communists and Marxists?

            There is old and commonly quoted adage that one does not bring a knife to a gunfight, not if one expects to have a level battle field and an equal opportunity to survive. I would contend that a similar rule applies when any unique and specific race of people find themselves drawn into a race war – even if they were drawn into it involuntarily. When the threat becomes existential, passivity and tuning out is the second worst possible reaction. The worst reaction is to surrender without a fight.

            I am certain that the ‘V’ in your name is not a reference to victory, Karl.

      3. White people are brainwashed.
        It is an intentional act of white genocide occurring.
        The NWO wants slaves. Period.
        Kill the best and most intelligent. The Communists killed thousands of engineers and intellectuals. An example is the massacre of Polish Officers at the Katlyn Forrest.
        Wars between white nations have been provoked in order to kill young fertile men.
        Civil rights in USA is white genocide. Affirmative Action is for white genocide.

        The only race facing extinction is white.

        The NWO wants to control birth, endoctrination education into willing slavery.

        All healthy intelligent white people must reproduce with families of 14, 15, or more to counter the suicidal lack of family creation over the last thirty years, otherwise the population of low IQ non-whites will simply fall like ripe fruit into full blown slavery, the NWO agenda.


        • I agree but we need to re-structure our society to have such high white birth rates. The way we live and work now can’t support more than 2 children if you are lucky. We need to have something like barracks where the children can be raised under military discipline and eat in communal dining halls. White ‘breeder’ women need to be celebrated and given a nice income and then men, like myself, can come in and fertilize them for the new generation. The Handmaid’s Tale shows how to do this.

          We need to atmosphere spray the third world with sterilant so that the West can buy some time to catch up in population numbers.

          • We don’t need to catch up to them, THEY NEED TO BE REDUCED drastically! We don’t need more mouths to feed we need LESS mouths to feed with the majority of the population higher IQ whites.

          • Frank Thoughts

            “We need to have something like barracks where the children can be raised under military discipline and eat in communal dining halls.”

            That is totalitarian communism completely UnAmerican in concept.

            GTFOOH is the most insane thing I have read in quite some time.

          • I think Monsieur Thoughts, that you are a piece of merde. It’s a great shame that Hitler’s madcap ideas are still alive and thriving on this web site. You should be ashamed of yourself, and others who hold the same vile viewpoints.

            • Piss off,loser!!

        • BfromCA, Thats because most white people are more responsible and like to live a higher standard of life. Low IQ and turd werlders are used to living in squaller and being poor so they just keep pooping out a bunch of kids without a thought. When I see those ads on tv to feed the poor starving children I think NO, STERILIZE THEIR PARENTS (the kids too. That would save them from starvation more than feeding them so they can shit out even MORE kids. I know my view sounds harsh but given the state the world is in, it is the only way to salvage it.

          • B, “All healthy intelligent white people must reproduce with families of 14, 15, or more to counter the suicidal lack of family creation over the last thirty years”

            That is NOT the answer. Besides, no intelligent person would put themselves through that poverty and hell.

        • B from CA: Agree w/ some of your points, but people choose their family size and many cannot afford more than one or two (or none) kids today. Women must work to pay bills. Farming back in earlier twentieth century needed large families (dairy farms, etc) to do the work. This is 2018 and even in Russia (unless they pay couples to raise kids w/ all expenses) no one can be told how many kids to have. Some that are well informed about globalist agendas, would not raise kids today.

      4. There certainly is no shortage of babies being produced in second and third world Countires. Living in the Dominican Republic, where the local Dominican and Haitian populations are popping out babies at a record rate, you see women pregnant again almost as soon as they deliver the baby they are carrying.

        No shortage of fertile females, many of whom are barely in their teens, and certainly no issue with the male sperm count.

        • Douglas, probably they are less exposed to the chemical craps that Tucker talks about ^.

          • We can almost be certain that there might very well be something that actually causes babies. If we ever figure what it is, we need to encourage more of it.

            • Well if you didn’t screw men in the butt you might figure it out. And NO we don’t need to encourage it …

      5. It’s become too expensive for the working class to have children.It’s no coincidence why the majority of kids born since the 90’s come from young,single,unemployed mothers that receive assistance.As long as young,single,unemployed women continue being rewarded for having multiple kids the cycle will never stop.

      6. I have always wondered whether autism was a result of a baby looking out on this world and saying: “F*ck This Sh*t.”

        Ever notice how there isn’t much autism in the euphemistically named “third world” or “developing” countries? You have to be a smart first world baby to be autistic.

        The adults, in their child bearing years, are paying close attention to the fact that “[t]he number of children diagnosed with autism (according to WebMD and the CDC), or related disorders has grown at what many call an alarming rate. In the 1970s and 1980s, about one out of every 2,000 children had autism. Today, the CDC estimates that one in 150 8-year-olds in the U.S. has an autism spectrum disorder, or ASD.”

        I mean, why would I want to expose any children I might have to this “shit hole” world?

        Anyway, I think that is part of what is going on here.

        • One reason you might want to expose your children to this world is because the only way humans can adapt to anything is by being exposed to it. Haven’t you ever noticed that the more you do something the easier it gets? That’s the whole idea. Life is hard because we are at a stage where we are encountering new things and new complications and that is what we need to conquer now. When we do this, the people that will be left behind will be like monkeys are to us now.

      7. It is difficult to believe that a low sperm count is a real reason. It is almost a misinformation campaign.

        Instead, I think there are deeper genetic/sociologic/environmental/governmental forces at play.

        A series a few years ago by Stephan Molyneux may be worth a view.
        R vs K

        Basically, sub-Saharan Africans (the r=rabbits) were hunter-gatherers, did not build cities or become relatively sociologically organized. They did not have to plan for the future. They lived day by day, and food was wherever they found it. Their innate biologic strategy for reproduction required only that they breed like rabbits and not worry about taking care of the young, as by sheer numbers many would survive where food was readily available, even though there was an ample number of predators. In fact, the strategy would be to reproduce even more, so as to “out reproduce” the predators. It was the availability of food that was the controlling factor.

        In contrast, the k= (wolf) strategy developed as the future white race migrated north, faced climate challenges, had to learn to store food for the winter, farm and therefore develop tools and more intelligence. They could not wildly reproduce because the issue of food was always uncertain. A better reproductive strategy was to have fewer young, teach and protect them. Obviously, offspring had to be able to learn more survival skills. Families were tighter knit and hierarchies developed. Although wolves are thought of as savage carnivores, the truth is that the wolf pack is very protective of their young, their territory, and a hierarchy with the alpha male is established in order to stabilize the clan. This is more of the white human race strategy. In fact, arguably whites (wolves) might instinctively have fewer babies if there was a perceived food shortage. I wonder if this process is subconsciously working in the minds of the white middle-class people today, perceived as cost of living increases which translate into fewer opportunities, more expensive food, job insecurity, lower wages, etc.

        The white brain has developed so much that it is now consumed with what I can only describe as “abstract thoughts of inadvertent self-destruction.” The higher principles of charity, giving to those less fortunate etc, has invited the Latinos, sub Saharan blacks and Middle Easterners, some with IQs of 70, into our western civilization where they can not possibly hope to cope/assimilate. (Of course, white politicians have capitalized on this influx simply for votes but that is another topic in of itself.)

        Because the white society has provided essentially “free food” for the non-whites, the R type reproductive strategy is alive and well, and the rate has dramatically increased.

        However, in the case of a SHTF scenario where free food resources were to suddenly get shut off, by this same R-K theory, these nonwhites would die off if they stayed in the nontropical climates.

      8. men have been neutered today not by removing their nuts no in over way being a man today is not allowed must not act macho,considered wrong boys are growing up to be like girls how long before they neuter new boy boy like all the dogs cat other farm animals ever thing about that how much society loves to castrate animals cat dog farms animals to take away being male they say need to do so no act aggressive and like male all wrong and not needed men are a thing of the past won,t need mens sperm anymore to make kids

      9. after seeing whats out there for humanity..this might not be such a bad thing

      10. The birthrate is lowest umoung whites.
        White women don’t want kids they want careers independence power and prestige.
        They don’t want to be married don’t wanna raise kids.
        I think I read a while back most people will be brown in the next 75 years.
        Yes whites are going extinct

      11. I use one bull for 50 cows. With artificial insemination his sperm could breed thousands of cows. The lower sperm count will not be a factor. And yes those WalMartians that are fat and obese might not be as fertile as a fit person. But they still manage to get bred. another Bullshit article.

        • I work in healthcare and would have to agree. I see fat, disgusting women – real heffers – all the time pregnant. These ugly, fat women who are in very poor health are getting pregnant and having children. So, these fat bitches are still fertile and so are the morons who shack up with them.

          If there was any sense, these men would not date these ugly women and instead buy a plane ticket to Asia and find a hottie there to breed with.

          • Did (((they))) forget to put the fertility lowering chemicals into doughnuts and twinkies?

            On the assumption that White men had high standards and most of them would not hit the sack with a buffalo heifer?

            At any rate, you are pushing miscegenation, Frank – which means you are cheerleading the further reduction of the White babies being birthed.

            Am I catching the aroma of roasting Matzo ball soup by any chance?

      12. Earth has had enough man.

        By the way stop dropping estrogen in the form of contraceptive pills and BPA into the goddamned water supply and just maybe this problem would solve itself. But that would require… you know… DOING something.

      13. not have children if they want annual vacations and the middle-class lifestyle.

        Well yeah THAT… or rather to have them taken away by Big Daddy State and Her Fucking Village… and raised by a homosexual tranny version of the Sergeant in Full Metal Jacket… yeah try and stop it…

      14. Yep

        Stuff in the food water etc.
        The rest will be rounded up or we will have a war.
        We already have artificial intelligence that can be CONTROLED
        So wake up and enjoy while you can.
        When its over its over

      15. FLOWER

        Do not forget feminism .

      16. What happened to my early reply ????

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