The Gut Wrenching Reality: One of the Best Bug-Out Strategy Guides You’ll Ever Read

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    SHTFplan Editor’s Note: At some point in the future many of us will be faced with a life-altering decision: To bug-in at home or to bug-out and head for the hills. In the following strategy guide our friend Todd Savage explores the former and discusses some critical considerations that must be made once you and your family come to the determination that it’s time to get out of Dodge.

    Todd knows a thing or two about survival retreats, perimeter defense strategies and what it will take to survive should the world around us collapse overnight. He is the founder of Survival Retreat Consulting and recently launched the Strategic Relocation For Sale By Owner web site which pairs like-minded people offering strategic properties with those looking for primary residence outside of densely populated areas or simply a back-up retreat in the event of an emergency.

    He has generously agreed to share his insights and recommendations with our community and you’ll likely find, as we did, that his analysis is right on target. In fact, we believe you’ll significantly improve your chances of avoiding dangerous situations and surviving just by taking the time to understand all of the components involved with a successful bug-out strategy.

    We all have ideas of how a worst-case scenario event may play out. Todd does too and he does an excellent job of filtering out the dream and focusing on the gut wrenching reality of what we’ll face. It will be a trying time for all involved, but success can be achieved if you a clear and concise strategy in place.

    Update: Part 2 of this series is now available here: Strategic Relocation Guide: How To Position Yourself To Survive A Major TEOTWAWKI Event

    Bugging Out: Dreams vs. Reality [Part 1]
    By Todd Savage | Strategic Relocation

    SR-logoDon’t be the Last Out without a Destination!

    Solar storm, nuclear EMP, or a derivatives crash; any one of these could trigger a national or worldwide socio-economic collapse on a scale nobody has ever seen, with the subsequent destruction of life, liberty and property almost unimaginable. Out of the smoke and stench of the collapse, one nasty fact remains; not living full time at a retreat will require bugging out, it’s just a matter of time. The journey for most will be long and treacherous, may take weeks, months or even years and may result in injury or casualties to the group. However, only those who are prepped, trained, have an up to date evacuation plan with a viable destination will be successful. We will try and help you create a bug-out plan and cover the basics of retreat selection by using an easy outline that forces you to really think through this critical aspect of survival.

    ‘Bugging Out’ may be one of the most discussed topics in the Survival and Preparedness world topped only by everyone’s favorite genre; firearms. Everyday there are new articles about bugging out; the best bag, fire starter, communications gear, flashlight, compass, et cetera, but rarely does the topic of the evacuees route planning and destination come to the forefront of the discussions. Why? It’s just not exciting, probably because you can’t put an ACOG, Magpul furniture, sling and a 40 round Pmag on your ‘destination’ and most folks just think they can make up the route as they go. Not so.

    Let’s take a look at what some Preppers dream about as they drift off to sleep at night…

    The Bug Out Dream: Buy a small parcel of land halfway across the country with all your friends. Build the coolest bug out bags ever conceived and wait for the mushroom clouds to appear. One day, it happens! In a magnificently coordinated evacuation everyone rides off into the sunset arriving unscathed at the fully self-sustaining retreat a few days later having fought through several zombie roadblocks. The group survives the collapse and all ends well. You write a book about your adventure and become famous the world over. The end.

    Now let’s wake up in a cold sweat when reality hits…

    The Gut Wrenching Reality: The lights go out for good. Too much time passes before realizing it’s not just another rolling blackout. The time to go safely has passed. Group members are scattered all over the city, with several key members out of town on business unable to make it back. Stress and panic reign as 2000 pounds of equipment fail to fit into an ill-conceived bug-out vehicle and trailer because there isn’t a destination with pre-positioned supplies. One member breaks down and decides to ride it out in their basement. Your own children tell you your crazy and sit in the front yard in defiance because you won’t bring the PlayStation 4, fear then turns to anger and rage. The next morning travelling westward towards no-man’s-land the truck runs out of fuel on a lonely back road trying to circumvent the next chaotic metropolitan area. After abandoning the vehicle and walking for three days, a hastily constructed checkpoint appears a hundred meters past the turn in the road that was not correctly scouted. Unfortunately, a ruthless street gang has set it up and the Preppers demise is all but sealed. The REAL END.

    It’s time to take stock of where you are right now. How many Preppers have built a bug-out or go-bag, retrofitted an EMP proof truck and have a basement full of supplies, a basic evacuation plan, yet no destination to strive to reach? If we took a survey, probably more than 95% are not fully prepared. This is not good. Is it the end of the world if your family doesn’t own a retreat? Of course not, the reality is that most Preppers can’t afford a separate fully operational retreat, and that’s ok. However, not having a pre-arranged destination of some kind, with pre-positioned supplies is absolutely not acceptable. This could be located at a fiends or relatives home in the country, or a group purchase of a retreat, even a small parcel with a stream and cached supplies is better than nothing.


    There are several aspects to every successful bug-out, the first of course is actually leaving your current location on time and travelling to your destination. The second is the destination itself. This article will cover the Basic Bug-Out Plan in two parts. This week Part I will cover the Plan outline and the following week Part II will cover the destination and survival retreat search and acquisition.

    PART I

    The Bug-Out Plan

    To cover the bug-out part we have coined an easy acronym. Use it so you’re never: LAST OUT.

    L ocation

    A lternative Routes

    S upplies

    T iming

    O bservation

    U niformity

    T ransportation


    Location and communication with family or group members when the SHTF will be key. The Dream is that everyone is in the same location and ready to go when the balloon goes up. Reality dictates otherwise. It’s always best to assume that the family or group will be scattered across the city at best, at worst members are out of town with limited or no means of communication. These factors complicate and unravel any good bug-out plan. Even the most decorated combat veteran will feel the gut wrenching pain when they realize that loved ones are possibly far away and unreachable if a sudden event arises. Communication or a complete understanding of when and where to meet will be required to keep order. If funds dictate the purchase of small HAM hand held radios for each member, then by all means do so.

    Alternative Routes

    It’s critical that two distinct routes are mapped with different rally points on the way to the final destination. The first route will be for an early bug-out, when the timing is perfect and all the roads will still be open, as mass panic has not ensued. These should still detail driving around major cities (but not smaller towns), as there is no reason to drive right back into a possible hot zone you have just left. Although this is a plan that may not ever be used, having it in place is required.

    The second route plan will detail how not only to avoid all major metropolitan areas but must circumvent smaller cities and towns, especially those with bridges (and tunnels) that cross key terrain (water, mountains and gorges). No matter where you live and your intended route, there will be at least one bridge. These might as well be brick walls. If the bridge is controlled and they turn you away (or ambush you) all bets are off. Do you have your route planned to cross over key terrain features well outside of town and have you driven your route at least once, all the way to your retreat? Planning this type of evac route may take days, maybe your entire vacation, twice, but not only would it be fun (unless you have young children screaming in the back seat) but will ensure you have a fighting chance. If you think you can pick the route as you go, good luck.

    Rally Points: Which rally points will be used? There are many factors such as the type and location of the event, wind direction (w/ other factors) and public reaction that will dictate which direction and rally point to use. Multiple rally points are crucial and they can only be identified as you pre-drive your routes. Everyone must understand routes to the main jump off point as well as additional rally points if any area is compromised.

    The best advice is to have pre-planned rally points and schedules vacuum sealed in a water tight packet and carried in either each vehicle, in purses or day bags wherever family or group members go. It’s much easier to open and read instructions during stressful events that were previously well thought out and arranged. Locations of cached supplies, rally points, times and step by step color coded flow charts directing certain actions will work well.

    These plans may be ever changing as members travel for work or vacation and should be updated to fit the itineraries of those that travel far and wide. It may be as simple as these out of touch members’ rally point is actually the objective itself, the retreat. You’ll see them if they make it, maybe weeks or years later. Period. If the travel is localized in the region, say within 100 miles, then standard rotating or floating rally points can be pre-selected and used.


    Your supplies will both hinder your movement and provide the means to keep moving. A certain pragmatic duality. Always pack your bug-out bag for dismounted travel. There are only eight basic mandatory items to cover in your bug-out bag to be ready. Remember, these packs are built light to allow you move RAPIDLY towards your rally points and then to the final destination where hopefully all your preps are waiting. You will have to modify these to fit your own unique situation, just ensure you pack them in dive bags to keep supplies dry and to use your go-bag as a flotation device if needed;

    1. Water Purification Equipment (w/ extra filters)
    2. Clothing for the anticipated environment
    3. Shelter for the anticipated environment
    4. Fire starter (reliable)
    5. Food rations (dehydrated) and game processing tools
    6. Personal Medical Kits (w/ Colloidal Silver)
    7. Communications (HAM) and Energy creation equipment (small Solar charger packs)
    8. Defensive equipment (lightweight and the ability to break down to hide in the pack)

    Your own needs will dictate how incredibly light, or heavy and burdensome this pack will be in the end. The Myth says you can carry an 80-pound pack and an M1a rifle with a full battle load from Florida to your retreat in Montana. Reality says your better off with a 25-pound pack and a lightweight carbine. You decide, either way you’ll likely walk to your retreat in almost any scenario, so tread lightly, very lightly. Water is heavy, but the purification equipment is much lighter, so carry less water between rally points / bivouac sites and fill up when you’re unsure of the lay of the land. Topographical maps of your entire route on paper will allow planned water recovery breaks and less of a load. For more information about what to include in a pack please refer to this article.



    Timing as they say is EVERYTHING. Timing will dictate who arrives to leave with you, the routes you choose on your way out, and of course if you can leave at all. Timing from the start of the event to ascertain when full public knowledge will hit causing the breakdown of local order is paramount. How many people sat and watched a few blocks away as the Towers fell on 9-11 and ultimately died because they were too close to the destruction and were hit by debris? How many more will perish in the next local, regional or national disaster by watching the events unfold, too in shock to move? Remember, it’s better to be a few minutes, hours or even years too early, than a second too late.

    Living in Baltimore and own a retreat in Montana? Congratulations! You better leave early, or be a pilot. Storing up sick and vacation days that can be used at the last minute can be key. There may be times that the handwriting is appearing on the wall, and those days are used several times over a few years on events that don’t materialize, thus allowing a return to life as normal without quitting a job after acting in haste. First, its great training and dry runs always pay off later. One day, it’ll pay off as the collapse deepens quickly and you’re a day ahead of the stagnate freeways filled with zombies, rather than seconds too late. One day, the event may be upon us in a spit second, but all that training pays off in a well executed bug-out mission. One never knows, but that’s half the fun of being a Prepper, right?

    Observation and Intel

    In conjunction with timing is observing your surroundings and intelligence gathering. It can be very hard to keep the big picture in mind, as the world appears to be crumbling before ones eyes. Step away from the here and now, relax and take a moment to ‘see’ the world around you. Observing everything from traffic flow to the actions of people on the street will help determine if this is ‘the event’ that requires activation and implementation of the bug out plan. In such, accurate intelligence from any inside sources working in various sectors of our society will be invaluable. Are members of the group law enforcement offices, firefighter/paramedics, ER doctors, on active duty, in the financial business or in other jobs that may receive inside information early on about certain unfolding threats? If not members of the group or close outside friends are there neighbors who may feel an obligation to let ‘inside information’ and warnings slip out? Are these neighbors quietly packing up and leaving?

    Pride in your network, group and plans that have been created can lead one to miss finite details that would otherwise warn of impending doom, keeping eyes and ears open so the boots can move fast when the intel points to the green light is key when living in perilous times and locales.  Remember, you’re not as good as you think you are, especially when the first bullet rips past your head. As you move along your evacuation route obtaining intel will be key, so try and converse with anyone that may look like they have information, if it’s safe to do so.

    What’s to be learned here: Fast and accurate situational observation/awareness and intelligence gathering is key to activating the evacuation plan and bugging out before the golden horde realizes what’s happening. The sooner one leaves the farther the final destination can be. Again, the sooner one leaves the farther the final destination can be. If only one fact from this article is remembered let it be that.

    Uniformity of Preps

    For the few readers out there that have ever felt that comforting feeling when a teammate throws a spare magazine over while pinned down under fire, understanding uniformity of preps is easy. However, getting two or more Preppers to agree to go to a Group Standard system of preps, as coined by James Wesley, Rawles in his first book ‘Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse’, especially when it comes to firearms, is akin to paddling upstream. It’s sad that this has to be mentioned, but the reality of this very serious key criteria is that it will be both the undoing of many small Prepper groups during peaceful times and the death of many more when the Schumer Hits The Fan.

    The best advice is for everyone in a small group to be willing to swallow their pride and make a change to a group standard list of preps. This should include Water purification equipment, Fire Starters, Medical kits, Communications gear, Energy creation equipment and finally, of course, Defensive tools. Utilizing the same style of packs with markers or tags to identify one another can also be of benefit. These can be sewn into the pack with IR reflective tape (with a cover) to use if everyone has NV gear. One of the most overlooked, but expensive preps, is the Thermal Monocular. Preferably a dual purpose so it can be quickly placed on a rifle for combat operations. These units can be a lifesaver, especially bugging out in urban environments, unsure of immediate threats. Then, in the countryside, seeing hidden ambushes or roadblocks may prove invaluable.


    How many of us have thought about multiple different and/or redundant modes of transportation, each with it’s own unique and targeted task in the overall bug-out plan? Each person is different, and we could spend hundreds of pages going through each unique bug-out plan, but for now we will focus on individuals or groups without young children, as these plans are the hardest to develop and even harder to execute successfully.

    Ground Vehicles: Don’t fool yourself. You’re probably not going to get far in a vehicle, at least not if you’re leaving from the depths of a big city, especially a few minutes too late. If you don’t have children to protect, then the motorcycle may be the best ground based vehicle to outfit. Maneuverable both on and off road with fantastic gas mileage, the only caveat is storage for gear and gas. If you can modify a dirt bike with saddlebags and an extra 5-gallon can as well as wear your bug-out bag on your back with your rifle in a scabbard, then you may be in good shape.


    For example, we will look at a group of friends that all have jobs in and around a very large metropolitan center in excess of a 500,000-population range. Let’s assume they have completed a group purchase of a small retreat property located in a small town about 800 miles from their location.

    Each person has access to a storage unit that allows vehicle storage with a bug out motorcycle at the ready. Since the roadways in most events will come to a screeching halt within minutes or hours depending upon the disaster event profile, having well equipped motorcycles fast at hand to quickly leave the city will be key for this group.

    Upon mutual agreement that they should ‘call it a day’ in the large metro area, due to an event such as the looming financial collapse or a Massive Causality Incident (MCI), the group members dawn their gear and utilize the motorcycles to move in and out of the standstill traffic on metro Interstate and then veer off on county roads for approximately 200 miles. This is the groups first rally point and well within a tank of gas for modified Enduro dirt bike carrying additional supplies. There they have stashed several mid seventies vintage 4×4 pickup trucks (EMP proof), each with the ability to carry a dirt bike or two in the beds, so they can bring them as back up transportation. The vehicles carry enough extra fuel and supplies to make the final 600-mile drive to the retreat location.

    Although the aforementioned example is bordering on a script for a survivalist novel, the bottom line is that thinking outside the box will ultimately provide what anyone in a survival situation requires, OPTIONS, especially in the transportation aspect of a bug-out plan. The more options the better, and of course half the fun of being a Prepper is thinking through your own unique situation and working with your family or group to put these plans on paper and work towards the goal of making them a reality.

    Boats: This is a widely overlooked transportation means for the Prepper, along with the Aircraft. Depending upon start and end points on the bug-out route a boat may be a key element of the escape. There are many retreats that are built on small islands on freshwater lakes not only in the U.S., but also around the world. Some are fairly inexpensive and are within reasonable affordability for most survival property buyers. A boat may be a necessary initial bug-out mode of transport to get over a small body of water such as a bay or across a lake that a large metro area is built on or nearby, especially in the Southeastern U.S.. I’m sure one may be hard pressed to hide a speed boat to leave Manhattan, but a small kayak might be the answer, who knows, just remember this is just another option in a world of chaos. The ability to have the bug-out gear all packed in separate waterproof storage bags (dive bags) in the backpack is also a great way to keep the gear dry and serviceable and to have a built in life preserver to swim or float across bodies of water if needed.

    Aircraft:If there ever were a mode of transportation that could get a Prepper out of a jam, it would be air travel. Of course, it helps to be a pilot. There are several types of aviators out there; the novice, private, commercial, airline transport and the military pilot. The novice will account for most of the potential Prepper ‘pilots’ today, including myself.

    A novice would fall into the first and easiest category; with fewer than fifty hours of training they could fly ultra-light platforms such as powered parachutes, gliders, trikes and small fixed wings (3-axis). The downside to these is their lack of an acceptable payload. It’s a great day just to bring along a small go bag with your rifle and one battle load of magazines and ammo. However, these types of ultra-lights can be stored very discreetly and enable the owner to leave the area of engagement extremely fast, hopefully not under fire.


    Utilizing these small units where no pilots’ license is required to own or operate is a realistic answer to making a fast and short evacuation. However, the fuel capacity and limited range will quickly show their drawbacks. These units require many fuel stops and landing near a freeway off ramp to get gas may bring undue attention. If the landing was successful, who will guard the plane while you barter for fuel? If you own a two-seat rig is it better to take another person of 150 pounds of gear?

    Planning for refueling will be a bit more technical than caching for your motorcycle or bug-out truck, and nightfall will certainly come at the worst time as well during your flight out of an affected area. For those of you that are pilots and reading this, you’re sure to be nodding in agreement. Being a proficient pilot (novice or licensed) is just the beginning of a huge learning curve that’s sure to provide more than a few ‘come to Jesus’ moments, so to speak. Thinking of using night vision goggles? Sure, until you realize it takes many hours of training to use them while flying. Being prepared means TRAINING!

    These small, portable and easily hidden in plain site aircraft will be great to make those first 100 to 200 miles, albeit most likely alone of course, but it gets you out. There may be a scenario where this is used to get from a highly densely populated downtown area (in place of a motorcycle) to your home in the suburbs where the family is waiting with the bug-out vehicle, who knows, but it’s an option for sure. Typically anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 buys one of these novice units, so they are affordable.

    When planning for this contingency don’t think for a minute that after taking a few lessons that you’ll just fly off into the sunset with your gear. If you don’t own a Cessna or similar type aircraft it’s highly doubtful that you’ll be able to run to the nearest airport to rent one. The owners will be using those aircraft themselves to get out of dodge, or the airspace may likely already be grounded, like on 9-11-2001. Remember ‘Timing’ as noted in this article.

    One last bit of advice from this ‘novice’; Keep paper maps at hand, as the GPS units and other navigation gear may be unserviceable. Always think about not having any sort of technology during the bug-out. For those professional or aspiring licensed pilots out there looking for a spectacular ‘destination’ in the American Redoubt, look no further than this Bug-Out Pilot property.

    Dismount on Foot: For those out there that are not in shape, the word ‘dismounted travel’ should scare the hell out of you. For many, if they make it out of the city, death will find them on foot, and only in a matter of hours or days. No more fantasy survival novel about walking from Miami to Montana, good luck. It’s time for another reality check. If you can grab your bug-out bag, rifle and vest and walk out the door to complete the following, then you might have a chance;

    5-mile walk with 100-yard sprints in between each mile

    100 sit-ups

    10 pull-ups

    This is not a Special Forces test; it’s a wake up call. Stop buying cases of ammo and new guns, save your cash and buy a treadmill. Seriously, if it takes such a wake up call to bring ‘Tactical Fitness’ and ‘Mission Readiness’ back into the limelight, then so be it. Ask yourself if the SHTF right now if you could defend your family AFTER a massive physical endeavor like the one above, plus ad the psychological impact of a societal collapse happening around you. If you’ve never been in combat, go find someone and ask him or her what it’s like. You’ll be surprised at what they tell you. Whatever it takes, get in shape, the success of your bug-out plan is riding on it.

    In The End

    In Part I we have covered the basics of how to formulate a better bug-out plan by thinking about options. The hardest part of the entire evacuation / bug-out operation will be deciding when to go. This may seem easy on the surface but indecisiveness in the group will ruin friendships if the order is given even once without the event propagating into ‘the one’. If you happen to make the right call and it really is time to go, did you start soon enough? Your entire life and the lives of your family and/or group will depend on Timing. The Right Event, Right Time, Right Routes, Right Supplies, Right Transportation and Communication and of course the Right Destination. Whatever you do as the mushroom clouds rise, don’t panic and never be the LAST OUT!

    Next week we’ll cover Part II, The Destination, the cornerstone of any true Prepper Bug-Out Plan, where we will take a close look at how to find the right Survival Retreat covering such topics as the correct Locale, Location of the Property, Land Attributes, Home criteria and of course Water, Food, Energy and Defense.

    Update: Part 2 of this series is now available here: Strategic Relocation Guide: How To Position Yourself To Survive A Major TEOTWAWKI Event


    Todd Savage is the CEO of the Strategic Relocation Group that operates Survival Retreat Consulting, Strategic Relocation Realty, Strategic Relocation FSBO and Strategic Relocation Blog.


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              • Iowa I hoped you would get a laugh out of the jokes. However their are good women . Ive been married to mine for well over 4 decades. the good greatly out weighs the bad. I think the trick is to find a happy person. If there happy it don’t matter what they have or haven’t got. Many women & men expect others to do things to make them happy. that’s impossible. There is a lot of give & take in a marrage. But most of all you must respect each other and be faithful. My wife is my best buddy. pick your battles let the little things slide. There are very few things you cannot forgive. Im hoping for the sake of your children you &your wife can at least remain civil and be respectful to each other. You thinks your having a bad time. Your children are likely having a much worse time. Good Luck to you.

                • @Old Guy…..

                  There is a wealth of wisdom in what you just posted.

                  • i knew i had to print it and hang it on the bathroom mirror
                    even before i FINISHED IT!!!!!

                • You got it Old Guy. Been married to my Best Friend for nearly 31 years. I echo your advice 100%. Been through thick and thin together, Mother of my two grown well adjusted children. She has my back and I hers.

            • Deer stew here tonight, all home grown! Amen!

            • When your wife starts bitchin you can also point to the door and remind her, that she is just a door latch away from being homeless. There is no room today to sweat the small stuff. Cause when the Big Stuff Hits, you will both have your hands full.

            • THAT’s the way, Old Guy!

            • I imagine she has no desire to sleep with you anymore, now. (just revealed yourself, wife gagging).

            • I want to know what kind of idiots would give you a down thumb. They must love misery and hate reality.

          • As they say, different strokes for different folkes. Some guys maybe sitting around on a pile of cash all by themselves when they get old. But as for me, I’ll be satisfied with a few preps, and some children and a whole bunch of grand kids. Trekker Out.

            • I hear that, 7 kids and 10 grand children here and enough preps to feed them for years.

              • There is only one RIGHT answer, folks: “Be there to get there”. been telling you that for four years. When the SHTF you are going … nowhere!!!

                On a positive note, Larry Klayman has filed THE lawsuit against O’Bummer for FRAUD and is asking for DEPORTATION!!!

                My hero, Larry Klayman!!! 🙂

                • I read that today myself. It will go nowhere. Everyone is too scared to be labeled a racist to step up and kick this lemon usurper out of the country. No matter how you slice it, us conservatives are now dinosaurs and this country is fucked. The libs got what they wanted…and now look at the fuckin mess.

                  • As long as your aren’t a conservative who isn’t a neocon. A lot that is wrong with our country is also thanks to the neocon warmongers that believe in big govt just as much as the libs, as long as the stocks they’ve got in Raytheon continue to grow. Often when I meet someone who claims they’re conservative, they are often pro MIC and pro big govt as long as the govt is smashing brown people.

                  • “The libs got what they wanted…and now look at the fuckin mess.”

                    Look at EVERY place that is run by libs. New York, Illinois, Detroit, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and DC come to mind. They are all complete s**t holes. Look at every program conceived by libs. They are all f***ing disasters. If liberalism is so great, where are their successes? Damned few, far between, and VASTLY more expensive than anyone not born immensely rich can afford.

                  • They are simply going to mass immigration us out of existence. The method is soft right now but once they get the numbers the gloves will come off and the knives will come out. Since no one has the courage to speak up there is not much that can be done. Anyone who thinks the Stupid party getting the Senate will help is brain dead.

                • the durango kidd says:

                  “Larry Klayman has filed THE lawsuit against O’Bummer for FRAUD and is asking for DEPORTATION!!!


                  How far do you think Klaymans “lawsuit” will get DK?

                  Given the fact that his lawsuit seeks redress from a government court, do you really think a government court will find for plaintiff???


                  This lawsuit is purely an academic exercise! It will end with nothing of substance!

                  “Motion to Dismiss…” Granted.

                  Petitioning those who claim the right to rule over you will get you nowhere in the USSA!

                  I suggest you try the ballot box.

                  Oops… that’s already been tried.

                  Better come up with plan “C.”

                  • YMWW: “Motion dismissed!”. LMAO!!! Klayman does not file a lawsuit that he cannot win. He has all the evidence (including the Sheriff Joe Investigation Data) and the USC to support him.

                    What are YOU doing ass wipe, in the fight for liberty? Hiding out in Idaho with your eight guns waiting for the FEDS to make you the next Randy weaver???

                    Send that man a check at Freedom Watch!!! 🙂

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “He has all the evidence… to support him.”

                    Since when does the FedGov honor “evidence?”

                    The FedGov has it’s own “evidence,” and it trumps all other evidence!

                    Haven’t you learned that by now DK?

                    Klaymans lawsuit is DOA.

                    The State you so love, will ignore the plea!

                    Best move on to plan “D.”

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “What are YOU doing ass wipe, in the fight for liberty? Hiding out in Idaho with your eight guns waiting for the FEDS to make you the next Randy weaver???”

                    Nope. I’ve taken a page out of your playbook DK.

                    I’m sucking up to the FedGov in a crony attempt to gain State favor while voting to screw my neighbor!

                    How you like me now… “ass wipe?”

                  • YMWW: What a fucking LOSER you are!!! You won’t do shit; or support anyone who is doing shit. You are willing to sit back, be a naysayer, and spread disillusionment and defeat; constantly!!! As negative as you are how do you manage to get out of bed in the morning???

                    The answer is simple.

                    The answer is that you are a government shill trying to sow defeat to all who will give you an audience. Classic Sun Tse. Nice try. It won’t work. The folks here are smarter than that. Why quit before you start???

                    I have a Franklin that says that Larry Klayman’s lawsuit will NOT be dismissed. Mac can hold the money. Put your money where your mouth is ass wipe, or shut the fuck up!!! 🙂

                  • You are out of order, this whole court is out of order, and the whole federal government is in contempt. Its time for the People to replace the Tyrants. The Feds have for decades been centralizing and consolidating power for the self appointed king.

                  • Klayman is a clown. He needs to go away but he won’t since his real purpose is to make anyone who opposes Obama to look like as big a nut job as he is. It is all a game like Issas investigations that never go anywhere. Looks like Gowdy has the same disease.

                • Super !

                  One person with balls

                  in a country of over 3 mi;;ion.

                  Larry Klayman is standing on point with what for support ?

                  You ?

                  • Jake: No he is standing “on point” with his education, experience, and skills; which are considerable. Klayman has been very successful. Check his website. Check his record. Verify his success or call him a liar.

                    He is doing what Patriots do. 🙂

                  • Durango, while your desire to support this man’s positive efforts is admirable, I would humbly suggest that your energies are being misdirected. I agree with YMWW; this lawsuit will do exactly jack shit to change the course of this country. It’s just a side show to keep people like you and me hoping, when what we actually need to be focused on is stacking, loading and reloading.

                  • Durango Kidd, yourmotherwaswrong is correct– the courts are stacked against us. Go read Chris Hedges’ essays on his website. He and others tried to sue Obummer and the courts upheld all the Unconstitutional stuff Obummer was doing…

                    As Chris Hedges said, “its over. Our only option left is Revolution– taking down the system”. Chris Hedges (a journalist) and other prominent people tried to sue Obummer over the NDAA and the courts upheld this shit.

                • Well well well



                  Just how far will this attempt go for fraud against Obama when the Supreme Court voted in favor of the ACA a bit back in time?


                  The damned fools in the GOP have less balls combined then Hillarah Clitton ..never mind anyone in the federal system allowing this to go forward..


                  I AGree with you on going some where else should the shtf at some point which I highly doubt at any time soon.

                  These mofos will perpetuate the system at hand til there is no money left to extract from the diminishing working class…albeit we are a minority now by all standards..

                  Most thought it would come tumbling down years ago and it’s still plugging along..sluggish at best..

                  All predictions of impending collapse have been proven dead on arrival so far..for years now!

                  Screw all this shit..

                  Yeah we put away all our provisions to stay the inevitable and they’re still there just in it personal survival insurance..

                  I ,for one, choose to still enjoy every damned day with a smile and embrace each precious moment of life with vigor and look forward to the next…

                  I refuse to wallow in defeatism and impending doom at every corner every day..I leave that to the rest of the doomers…

                  Fuck it all..

                  The best revenge is living every moment to its fullest..


                  I will continue to do so..

                  Screw the feds obama,gop, dems, isis, banks, nwo and all the rest

                  They can all go fuck themselves for all I care..

                  Should all hell break loose some day so be it..

                  Until then..

                  Enjoy the day


                  • Posse: Seriously! The GOP has been WAITING for the right time to spring the trap on O’Bummer. Sheriff Joe has had the goods on the Imposter N Chief for a long, long time and has been building the evidence against him. This case will go to trial and Klayman will win!!!

                    Klayman has had his hands full with other lawsuits against the Government, which he has won!!! His plate is clear now for the run at O’Bummer. The GOP will control BOTH the House and the Senate after the mid-terms.

                    With this control and the evidence submitted by Klayman and Sheriff Joe, O’Bummer will be toast. O’Bummer has expected this expose’ for a long time, but as long as the DEMS controlled the Senate, impeachment was possible.

                    Not anymore. But even if the DEMS control the Senate the lawsuit will fully expose O’Bummer and he will have to resign. I have been expecting him to resign before his term is up so that Biden can PARDON the SOB for all of his crimes.

                    Can you say, “President Joe Biden”? 🙁

                  • KNOW THE TRUTH OF THE DAY

                • The prez name is now Obola I hear. Let’s see if this lawsuit works. With very few exceptions, all politicians are bums and get paid for doing nothing to favor the American people or working towards their best interests. Everything they do favors the banker elitists/corp. greed top dogs. Even both Bush prez promoted NAFTA, outsourcing jobs, open borders, Bush jr trashed the housing mkt by forcing banks to loan money to deadbeat losers/foreclosure scandals.

                  • Laura M; For once I agree with you. The PETITION to DHS for deportation will be denied, even though Klayman has supplied plenty of evidence. That’s the first step.

                    DHS will decline the petition giving Klayman grounds to sue DHS and subpoena top government DHS officials, past and present, and ALL relevant parties and witnesses.

                    The depositions will expose O’Bummer’s Fraud and any cronies that try to protect him will go to prison for perjury. This will be the trial of the CENTURY!!!

                    Buckle up Folks, the fun is about to start!!! 🙂

                  • “Bush jr trashed the housing mkt by forcing banks to loan money to deadbeat losers/foreclosure scandals.”

                    He continued this crap from the Clinton regime. Not an excuse, just a clarification as to the source of the nonsense that came within a whisker of collapsing the US economy in 2008.

                • A few observations about the article:


                  “The journey for most will be long and treacherous, may take weeks, months or even years”

                  May I suggest that if it takes any longer than a few hours, or at most….a day (and a tank of gas)…to get to your bug out location, that you most likely will NOT reach it. Or if you do…someone else will be occupying it that you will have to attempt to evict. Good luck. You will need it. The only time a long distance trek to your location has the remotest chance of success is if we have some event that kills 90% of the population in short order. Then you MIGHT be able to make it because you can probably scavenge for supplies and there will be enough of a decrease in the population that you might be able to avoid being detected and ambushed. DK is completely right on this issue.

                  2.) Unless you are independently wealthy, you are not going to be able to afford half of the vehicles, gear, and other stuff that the author is recommending. A mid 70’s 4X4 pickup? Really? Ever try to find one of those? Those that aren’t already running drugs in Mexico are prohibitively expensive…IF you can find one in decent mechanical condition. Motorcycles in storage units? Airplanes? Are you kidding? What percentage of the population do you suppose are trained pilots? Much less OWN an airplane? As for an ultra-light? Do you have one for every member of your family? Let’s get real here. And face it…..if you can still manage to get a plane off the ground, then there is probably plenty of time to use ground transportation to get to your retreat. It is within a day’s drive, isn’t it?

                  And speaking of motorcycles….You still have to put fuel in the thing. Most motorcycles, while getting excellent fuel ECONOMY have a limited fuel CAPACITY. So any advantage that the good mileage gives you, is lost with the reduced range. Of course….you can always strap a 5 gallon can of gas on the backseat…and leave the wife behind. Or…you can get a trailer. Then….there is the noise factor of a motorcycle. If you have a trail bike, it’s probably going to be loud. Much louder than most full sized vehicles. There’s nothing quite like letting the bad guys know you’re coming so they can ambush you good and proper. And as for weaving in and out of stalled freeway traffic……is he assuming that all those stalled folks are just going to allow you to pass unhindered? That’s a laugh. All it will take is for ONE guy who sees you coming to open a car door in a timely manner, just as you’re trying to slip by him. Or…for a couple of guys to run a rope across the traffic lanes and then raise it to neck high level just as you approach.

                  Again….unless you get out of Dodge AHEAD of the event….getting out at all will be a roll of the dice. Once SHTF, you probably would have been better served spending very little on preps and investing instead in some kind of SERE training. If you are trying to bug out with a family…especially elderly family members or small children…forget it. You will not make it if you wait until the crisis begins. Highways will be jammed with panicked people trying to do exactly the same thing you are….get out of town.

                  The point I am trying to make here, is that bugging out when SHTF is probably about the WORST thing you can try to do. If you can get out BEFORE it all goes south…AND HAVE A PLACE TO GO…then your odds are much better and bugging out is a logical thing to do. But AFTER the event has taken place and the general citizenry is clogging the streets and interstates, your best bet will probably be to sit tight and wait a while. If you are in the city, you will have to get out eventually….but during the midst of the s—storm is probably NOT the best time to do it.

                  I am reminded of the old saying, “No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.” That principle can be applied to SHTF as well.

                  And remember one of the corollaries to “Murphy’s Law”….”If you have considered all of the things that can go wrong, and have done everything you can to avoid those problems, another problem will promptly arise for which you are unprepared.”

            • WOW Trek, this guy’s advise is almost as useful a a sterling silver tomato server at a pig roast.

              • My Redneck Camper is one of the most useful items I ever came up with. Its a four horse trailer that I enclosed with some metal roofing, I have a roll of carpet that I put down and throw in a cot and a sleeping bag and I then have a bear proof camper to park in the mountains during hunting season. As for a BOV its great, if I want to relocate. Load it up with my preps, containers of water as well as cans of gas and even put in a motorcycle, hook up the old truck and away we go. Now, if and when I can’t get gas for the truck or run into traffic that has reached an impass, just unload the bike and carry on. What is great about this setup is that it can be used as a shelter or as a trailer, or both. Trekker Out. Live Free Or Live Mobile!

                • Good idea to re-purpose.
                  On the farm our trailers have moved grain, bales, equipment,
                  pallets, family members across country, and the animals that they
                  were meant for. Scrape out the dried manure, it’s all good.
                  Why buy extra tools when what you have works for more than one job?

                • MT – And when you are going down the road you can stick your head out the window and lick the wind like a dog.

                  • WWTI ain’t you the guy that was always bad mouthing Eppe for telling jokes? Now this is your second attempt at making a joke. You really should leave that to the Professionals, your not really very good at it. Trekker Out.

              • Anyone who thinks there is a difference in the republican party and the democrat party is in delusion- you must be watching too much TV.

                Paul Craig Roberts and others have said, TURN OFF THE TV!!! Otherwise, if you continue to believe all the bs coming from the screen, you are simply part of the Matrix.

                • Actually, there IS a difference between the Demoncraps and the Repooplicans. The Dems want to take us all to hell in a hand basket quickly while the Reps want to do it slowly. While the destination is the same and inevitable, the extra prepping time allowed by the Reps could prove invaluable for those who care to make use of it.

            • Each to his own

              I have an ex and have custody of my 2 boys. Would not be where I am in life if it were not for the wonderful woman I met. She took on me and 2 boys. I of whom had cerebral palsy. It allowed me to take promotions and work a job that requires 12 hour shift work.
              I am blessed financially but would not be if it were not for the lady I met.
              I believe God put us together.

              No other lady would have but up with my stubbornness and took on 2 boys. Especially one who requires so much care. She had been divorced for 20 years, had purchased her own house, and did not need a man. She is also one beautiful sexy lady.

              I know God had to have put us together.

              • Your a lucky man. I finally met the right one and I might not have appreciated her as much if I didn’t hook up with the two head cases before her. A good woman brings out the best in you…a bad one brings out the worst. I like to hear people count their blessings.

                • WF
                  You are dead on. My first was a major nut job.
                  The Gal I have now is what I had dreamed of. Good looking, Hard working, Slim, loves to shoot, hunt, fish and camp.
                  She also knows that Shit is going to hit the fan, and she wants to be ready.

                  • I hear you man. My new lady wasn’t on-board with prepping and such and had never even fired a gun in her life. I took her to the range with my Glock 22 and within an hour she was shooting damned respectable….funny thing was she shot the crotch out of the target instead of the kill area. Me and others asked her what was up with that and she said she kept seeing her ex-husbands face on the target…true story…shes a keeper and Im damned lucky to have her. When you like someone so much that you accept the good with the bad then it all shakes out. My first two wives thought they could change me, which meant, sell my motorcycles…the rest is history….hehe

                  • Good evening, Sarge. My wife was the one who sold me on prepping. She was also as good a shot as I am. Never found another woman that could hold a MATCH, NEVER MIND A CANDLE to my wife. Never had kids. I’ve seen what too many other people have gone through with divorce, child custody, child support, etc. They were all an inspiration to me to avoid such situations. I don’t even date anymore. No one out here worth dating.

                  • Why are Marriages Like Hurricanes? Cause in the beginning there is a lot of sucking and blowing and in the end somebody looses a house.

                    There is a New Barbie Doll out there. Its called the “Divorced Barbie Doll” She comes complete with Kens house and his favorite sports car.

                    When we divorced we shared the house 50 / 50. She got the inside…I got the outside.

                    Our Marriage was Golden. In the end she got the Gold and I got the shaft.

                    The secret to investing and retirement is to keep the first wife.

                    After being married and divorced twice, and giving half my stuff away twice. Not much left for retirement.

                    When people first meet me and ask where is my other half? I reply, “My ex-wife got that in the divorce.”

                    If a man is walking out in the middle of the woods talking to himself with out his wife, is he still Wrong?

                    The only difference between Marriage and Prison, is occasionally the prisoner gets to finish his sentence.

                    My wife and I were happy for 20 years, then we met.

                • The saying behind every good man is a good woman is true.

                  • Some men are sucessful because of a woman, some…in spite of one.

                  • I am the man I am because of my Wife.
                    I thank her for being there, and I love her.
                    Truthfully I was lost before I was found by her.
                    And when I am really good she lets me borrow her rifle for hunting.

                  • I would a homeless, drunk, sad ass excuse for a human being if not for my wife. Everything good in my life flows from her, and everything destructive flows from me. She is a gift from The Lord, just like the Good Book says.

                  • Behind every successful man, there’s a woman who made it necessary.

                • i guess some time you get a good hand ,ive been with my wife 38 years and we still enjoy each other

                  • Many men are successful cause they work long and hard. Many have also told me they would love to retire, but when faced with either working long hours or sitting home all day after day listening to the wife bitch. Work is a good beautiful place to escape off to everyday.

                  • I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if not for my great and wonderful foster mom and other wonderful women role models– I learned from her that you don’t have to have a man in your life– indeed, you are a hell of a lot better off without one!

                    The Lord said to marry if you must, but its best to remain single…

                  • Nice one lower. Back when people got married for the love of each other not because someone got pregnant. I’m 38 and married my wife when we where 22 not because I knocked her up but because I wanted to be with her. Got married partied had some fun and made some money bought a house then had our first child. My generation and younger for the most part don’t get it.

              • This sounds like the advice my Dad gave me when I was about 17. He said, “Son, a good woman will be the best thing that ever happens to you and a bad one will be the worst thing that happens to you. Choose carefully”. He had one of each, so I figured he knew what he was talking about. Fortunately, I did choose wisely and have been with the same wonderful woman for the past 45 years, 2 kids, 3 houses, and 2 grand kids. Thank you, Lord! 🙂

            • trekker agreed. We don’t have piles of money. however I don’t regret the decision to get married. the grandkids are the berries. We spoil them rotten. Ive let them ride my Go kart all over the yard. they make a circle around the house. no grass just mud & ruts and when its dry dust. Im waiting on one to come today its gonna stay all week. I plan on taking the kid squirrel hunting.

          • i’m hunkering down. i knew year ago by choosing tio stay in a mojor city, Houston; if things go real wrong; there’s almost no where i can get to to avoid it. roo many people panic and will do wahtever they can imagine and make any escape unlikely.

            my only real option is having a stocked boat in the gulf ready to go and i hate the beach and saltwater and fish, so i’m just shooting whatever needs to be shot.

            • I, too, am staying put. I am a single senior citizen and all of my relatives live 500-2,000 miles away.

              If I leave, where could I go? My nearest relative lives in a large city 500 miles away and has no preps; I am in a small town half a mile from a river. I am much better off in my own home with my stored food & water, stored propane, candles, first aid stuff, water filters, toilet paper, clothing, blankets, etc. Here I have a roof over my head and a fenced yard. I certainly don’t want to go camping with just what I can carry — and no roof, no fence, no bed…..

              If things get really bad and there is no police protection, I will have to shoot my bi-polar neighbor first thing. None of my other neighbors would object.

              • I have a co-worker I’d like you to meet.

                • Why, who, where?

                  • The co-worker’s a bi-polar nut job. Probably like your neighbor. Don’t take it seriously, I was being a wise ass.

                  • My bi-polar is obviously worse than your bi-polar. Mine can’t keep a job — too too crazy.

                  • Daisy K: The co-worker has told a number of people about the meds she takes. Not wise in my opinion, but it explains some of her mood swings. She really blows up at people and cries a lot. On the job no less. And from what she says, she takes a drug “cocktail”. Valium and Xanax, for starters. There’s some other stuff she takes along with thyroid medicine.
                    I knew someone years ago who was bi-polar; she took Lithium and Haldol. I kid you not, her eyes would change color when the rage started to take over. It was like another person moved in and took control of her. It’s my understanding that Haldol is used to treat schizophrenia.
                    And it was my cue to get away from her. Friends or not.
                    With all of the potential side effects from the meds, I don’t which is worse. The symptoms or the “cure”.

                • MeatHead,

                  I really think the meds are the cause of most psychotic behavior we see.

                  My neighbor sounds just like your co-worker. He becomes irrationally angry. The look on his face when he flies into his rages is truly scary. He screams at people for no reason — often for just emptying their trash in the alley near his house or walking on the street in front of his house. He swings at people who aren’t there — demons only he can see. And he has weird ways to “get even” with people. Sometimes in ways only he understands. Right now, he has a sign in front of his pointing to my house that says “_______ lives to the south of me” and another sigh that says “__________lives to the north of me.” I have no idea why he thinks he is getting even with us. He recently filed a police report about the lady to the north. He told the officer that she had been pointing a gun at him. He said he knew this because he could see the red dot on his forehead.

                  • Daisy

                    Maybe he is Indian and has a red dot in the middle of his eyes. Oh I am sorry that are the women over there.
                    I have seen a red dot on my forehead before. I had to take medication for it. It was acne. lol
                    I now understand why your neighbor will be the first to be shot. I think you should have a special bullet for him.
                    The longer I live in this world the more I realize how many crazy people are in this world. Poor souls.

                  • The red dot is a “scratch and sniff” type thingy….

                    When an Indian girl gets married, the groom scratches off the red dot to see if the girl’d dowry is a 7-11 or a motel.

              • My immediate family lives 1500 miles away, thank goodness.

                I don’t miss spending holidays with the inlaws and outlaws.

                • I am sure they are also grateful that you live far away.

              • *** OFF TOPIC ***

                I read this post yesterday by Anon 1970 which got me to thinking:

                “I have found myself more than a little overwhelmed with all there is to do. Why with getting preps and keeping them organized, growing and storing grown food, keeping up with the news, reading for education so that I can have the head knowledge needed when it IS needed, homeschooling my kiddos, trying to lean about firearms when I have known nothing about them for my entire life (and it makes me feel young to be so naive at my 43 years), keeping my own home clean and organized (otherwise I am worthless, cannot function in disorder). I am trying my damndest to crap a lifetime of info in as fast as possible.

                Gosh I wish my husband would be interested in any of this. If he would take on all the firearms and some of the growing then I could really focus on learning more about herbs, etc. He is just not interested. Reads ‘Chive’ and sports crap almost exclusively. Any ideas how to wake the guy up? We could be a real dynamic duo if he would ‘get it’.”

                I have about 500GB of ebooks on just about any subject you can imagine, and am always collecting more. There are many top shelf books in this collection. A while back, I got the idea of organizing and sorting through it all and maybe creating a 3-4 DVD set of the best, most helpful books a person could ever want. As long as a person had a laptop computer with one solar cell to power it, they would have access to countless volumes of helpful information; and certain things could of course be printed out for offline reading.

                My question is this: how much would you (people of SHTFplan) be willing to pay for such a collection? I’m not looking to get rich and would like to keep it affordable for everyone, but then again it will take a ton of work to sort through all these books and I don’t have any income right now, so it would be nice if I could make a little profit while helping out as many people as possible.

                Thank you in advance for any and all feedback on this idea.

                If you want to contact me offline, my email is at, username ‘nathan.cline’

                • I forgot to mention: if there is any particular subject(s) you would especially like to see covered by this collection, let me know and I’ll see if I can find it for you.

                • Ask whatever price you want. People brought Pet Rocks.

                  Free Enterprise at its zenith.

                • You might want to educate yourself on copyright law before you take the time to tackle your project.

              • “If things get really bad and there is no police protection, I will have to shoot my bi-polar neighbor first thing. None of my other neighbors would object.”

                BLAM! And a cheer was heard across the neighborhood. lol

                Yeah, I can relate to this. I have known a few people who were like this… one of whom is a relative with no more sense than God gave a goose. I am POSITIVE that he will show up on our doorstep with empty hands, demanding to be fed and housed, when the SHTF. Not gonna happen. Not sure if I have everything that will be needed by my close and loving family members, let alone someone who only shows up AFTER the work is done but in time for the feed that those who worked have earned and deserve, and whose idea of prepping is packing a lunch for himself when he goes fishing. Sadly, his world is ALL about him and what he needs.

            • Selco is the info source for you then, the crap that went down in the Balkans is a good indication of what to expect.

              • Selco’s advice rings more true than any of the other “advice” I hear. No BS. No glamour. Just reality.

            • if you are outside Houston …ever notice the practice shooting after speeches …LOL

          • He was really stupid. Marriage is a great thing if you’re mature enough, know how to love, and how to pick a spouse. Too many people are too lazy to do those things.

            • Barncat, excellent points. Let me add that too many people don’t have the BRAINS to do those things. That’s the real issue.

              • Or they let their little head think for their big head

                • Gad … Yah, that was my problem, twice!

                • Hey Marriage is a good thing, for those who can’t think for themselves. lol

                  Now when I meet a woman I really like, I just hand over my keys to my house and car, and say lets just skip the 6 months of divorce and heartache.

                  My Ex-wife was a really good house keeper. After the divorce, she kept the house.

                  Its not true married men live longer, it just seems that way.

                  Marriage is Grand, and Divorce is about $10K Grand.

                  In marriage, you never really get to know the what the other person is like, until you go through a divorce.

                  Marriage is an institution, but who wants to live in an institution?

          • Younger brother, 54, the same way.
            Never been married and rich, but so alone and selfish.
            Problem with him is that he won’t listen to sound reasoning and has 90% of his fortune tied up in the stock market.

            Just one more dollar before i cash out……
            he may come up “a day late and a dollar short”.

            • “Problem with him is that he won’t listen to sound reasoning and has 90% of his fortune tied up in the stock market.”

              Tell him that he is not properly diversified if all he has are paper promises… and they don’t always work very well when the SHTF… which it does from time to time.

          • Hell yeh GR ,
            Learn the same thing from my younger brother 47 ( married 3 ! Times) LOL, learn from other peoples mistakes you will live longer and happier . 38 degrees this morning time to switch out the BOB for cooler weather.
            Time of the year to check all your electronic gear for function ( solar chargers , rechargeable batteries, NOD’s , Radios etc)

            For BraveHeart used that sawyer mini. filter was VERY impressed with its performance , I recommend this filter to everyone works just as well as my Katadyne and it has 100,000 gallon capacity! Takes up very little space in a pack.

            I have been very successful in bringing down the weight of my bug out bag the base weight is 15 lbs with out food , water and ammo , total loaded out about 38 lbs . With some of the new high tech gear and intelligent packing you can really get the weight down. Thing multiuse for your packable items . The new soft shell technology gear saves weight and is warm, the new climate adjusting schoeller tech nano sphere clima ware . I recommend the Vertx smock for a very versital bug out garment it’s also near infra red compliant ( NIR) , also Wild Things Military ECWCS gen III level seven primaloft parka PCU has pockets that can fit a nalgene bottle each side to protect from freezing it is designed for low activity use staic position in a dry extreme cold weather environment it is packable in Multicam.
            Another item is the sea to summit Thermolite reactor extreme sleeping bag liner it can add 25 degrees to your sleeping bag ( when used with a snugpack jungle bag and bivy it kept me comfortable down to 25 degrees F when used with an air mattress ( NATO SPEC) for ground isolation ,garbage bag of leaves dry would work just as well ) and out of the wind . ( ecwcs level III base worn in bag ) This combination is light and compact less than 5 lbs) .Hill people gear makes an item called the mountain serape combination ponch , tarp, sleeping bag insulated with combat I still recommend the MSS system for extreme extended conditions along with a heated tarp ( Kifaru Paratarp , para stove)
            A new item for those that have PVS-14 NODs is a handy accessory called the nightcap by CRYE precision when you do not need a ballistic helmet its a soft cap that has a bracket for mounting your NOD ( sold separately) and adjustments for fit also has Velcro for counter weights and unit identification. ( s**t Magnet patch is on mine along with a Gadsden Velcro on the right side) it fold up small enought to fit in a BDU pocket.

            In closing remember gear is no substitute for knowledge , use what you have , practice your plan
            Use common sense and DO PT , this equipment does you no good if you cannot walk at least 5 miles with it under normal conditions. YOU ARE YOUR PRIMARY BUG OUT GEAR.

            Mobility , speed and stealth are life in a hostile environment .

            Celer Silens Mortalis


            Semper Fi 8541

        • lol ;0) nice!


        • STDs are Mother Nature’s way of saying “yeah, right”..

        • REALITY is less than 1% are bugging out. It will mean certain demise for 99% of the people that do.

          Only as a last resort should it be done. Meaning to save your life or those you care for.

          Unless you have it made where you have emp proofed vehicles, gliders to fly away and an isolated retreat miles from neighbors stocked with years of supplies then forget about bugging out.

          Most people on this site will mow down those city dwellers running up into the mountains with or without preps.

          Been a few since ive posted, still haven’t seen BeInformed and many other on here…

          • I agree on the idea of bugging out. So many people spend so much time, effort, and money stacking the things that they will need during a SHTF time and then go on to talk about bugging out and leaving it all behind. Yes, bugging out should be reserved for the “all is lost if we stay here” scenario. Trick there is knowing that such a time is coming and letting go of the security that a well prepped place has to offer. Then too, some of us are too old to bug out and travel through primitive areas to get to the fishing or hunting cabin in the woods. We will just have to do the best we can with what we have and can do where we are. If that’s enough, that will be good. If it isn’t, well, that’s when our belief in God will pay off. 🙂

        • These comments are discrediting the SHTF site. I suggest that they be monitored for relevance and profanity before showing up. The comments give the impression that this site is for losers living in Mommies basement. I often read the articles, but the comments make me wonder if the site is serious.

          • @pavan,

            I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know how these people have time to do their preps. I try to participate by making 1 comment per article and that takes me about 20 minutes….maybe i’m just not that literate.

          • Pavel,
            You know not of what you speak! The comments are what really make this site unique. There is a lot of collective insight, wisdom, knowledge, and experience that come together in the comments that truly make this site a shining jewel of all blog sites. Sometimes comments can get crass and can sink to new lows but most of the time folks are very articulate and relevant. This site, thanks to Mac’s foresight, patience, humility, and understanding has become a true national treasure. I enjoy reading the comments, sometimes even more than the lead in article. Keep reading and you will learn things that you never, ever, dreamed of or imagined.

            Louisiana Eagle, from high atop a Bald Cyprus in the swamplands of Cajun Country

            • laeagle: A national treasure? maybe. My sources tell me that Sheriff Joe reads it!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

              • DK,
                I am glad I made you laugh. I do feel that you, BI, KF, KM, Soc, TRB, SP, Epp, Sgt., Hunter, Down Under, LAM and many others have made this site a true treasure trove. Perhaps I should have called it an ‘International Treasure’!

        • Lol…too damned funny

        • To everyone, over at the daily sheeple, Israeli news reports that the Ebola patient in Dallas has died. No mention in MSM news at this time.

          • In reference to my comment #3239618 from yesterday, there is still no mention of the Liberian ebola patient’s death on ANY US news sources. The Israeli source that reported it is

        • Wow, I am speechless. Almost. Not sure what happened to morality in the world. Not looking good for us.

        • Too bad your father didn’t live that life, eh?

        • just wondering…

          Am I the only one who’s noticed that the CDC seems to be doing all the Ebola testing?

          Negative, move along!

        • I like your style man.

        • So far it appears 162 men and 111 women have judged my joke?

        • I love you, this is great!

        • LOL sounds like my life before marriage…

      2. Voltaire on the Jews

        ”They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race…

        • God’s chosen. The ultimate arrogance ?

          • There are 12 tribes of Isreael. Read your Bible again, geesh.

            • Indeed. Amazed that otherwise intelligent people are myopic when it comes to who makes up “Israel” and who makes up “Judah”. If you profess to be Christian, guess what, you are part of Israel, according to the bible. Why the anti semetism? Also, Adonai chose his people, perhaps you know better than Adonai? Adonai, the ultimate prep!

              • “Adonai, the ultimate prep!”

                I always think of Noah as the ultimate prepper. 🙂

              • Christ was born and died a Jew. So shut the f-ck up with the Jew bashing. It makes us on this site look stupid.

          • I always wonder about God’s chosen perception. However the God that I worship doesn’t promote to steal money from others by forming criminal enterprises as called banking cartels, nor it does occupy land and kills innocent women and children.

            So chosen it out the door in my book and was replaced by the term parasites.

        • Speaking of stupidity…

          • Here we go again with Barb Kitty and his useful idiot logic.

          • Barncat:

            Please explain to me what you do not understand about this:

            “Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth NOT in the DOCTRINE OF CHRIST, HATH NOT GOD. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.

            If there come any unto you, and bring not the doctrine, RECEIVE HIM NOT IN YOUR HOUSE, neither bid him God speed; FOR HE THAT BIDDETH HIM GOD SPEED IS PARTAKER OF HIS EVIL DEEDS. (2 John 9-11)


            Because you are such a supporter of Jews, who do not believe in Jesus Christ are you, Barncat, not a partaker of his evil deeds? You might ask your preacher/teacher to explain those words to you if you still do not understand their implications.

            • I repeat Christ was born a Jew, was a Rabbi in life and died a Jew. So maybe all you senile old grannies should get a clue.

        • Voltaire wrote a lot of pungent stuff, but was also the Howard Zinn of the age. Reality was not his strong suit, to put it mildly. You would know this if you had read any 18th century French history at all.

          • Google what famous people throughout history said about the jews. People like Jesus, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and many others in the last 2000 years.

            • Read what the Bible says about the Jews.

              (Hosea 11:1 NIV) “When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son.

              (Ezra 3:11p NIV) With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the LORD: “He is good; his love to Israel endures forever.”

              (Psalms 98:3 NIV) He has remembered his love and his faithfulness to the house of Israel; all the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God.

              • glad you pasted this verse from Psalms 98:3

                Notice the three words “house of Israel”, totally different from the “land or Nation”, of Israel.

                What most people fail to recognize and understand, is that, there are two houses; one of Israel= the ten tribes (11 if you count Ephriam and Mannesah seperately) that split and were the first to migrate north; and the house of Judah (Judah and Benjamin, primarily) that “later”, dispersed and went north.

                Of the house of Judah (Jews) there are many subdivisions.
                In the days prior to Jesus, many infiltrated the tribe of Judah and called themselves Jews. And a majority of those same bloodlines have taken over the “Nation of Israel today”. Many of those same “fakes” are here in America (a larger portion of the Caucasian race) and are calling themselves jews, but are of the synagog of satan.
                They control government and economy.

                Having said that, there are many “true” jews, of the house of Judah descent, that are here in North America and throughout the world. A big portion within the “land” of Israel are also of the true bloodlines, but I would guess that they are a silent majority.

                God tells us in Ezekiel that He will bring the two sticks/houses back together again at some point during the latter days. it will happen and the “fake jews” will be weeded out; hence the parable of the good and bad figs.

                • Since it is Sunday, and most people do some sort of worship or civil socializing on this day; let me give up a little word of encouragement and peace.

                  For a little while, even if it is just for thirty minutes, lets all put aside the things that divide us and look beyond the lines of race and religion. Let’s put aside our own individual dislikes towards others for a little while.

                  Take politics and worldly affairs, and liberal agendas, out of the equation and see others as human beings without their ideologies. Let us wrap our minds with the concept that God may not always love what we do but by his grace he loves each and everyone of us the same. We are His children and He created us just the way he wanted us, and hoped we would only love Him back.

                  I know it seems hard to do but for just thirty minutes think how He must feel as we consider the other people in the world, just as brothers and sisters, and wish we could all be at peace with each other.

                  The feeling is like a breath of fresh air on an early spring morning. As i leave you with these thoughts, I also leave you with the words of a sixties song that is very much relevant to our world today.

                  Mother, mother
                  There’s too many of you crying
                  Brother, brother, brother
                  There’s far too many of you dying
                  You know we’ve got to find a way
                  To bring some lovin’ here today – Ya

                  Father, father
                  We don’t need to escalate
                  You see, war is not the answer
                  For only love can conquer hate
                  You know we’ve got to find a way
                  To bring some lovin’ here today

                  Picket lines and picket signs
                  Don’t punish me with brutality
                  Talk to me, so you can see
                  Oh, what’s going on
                  What’s going on
                  Ya, what’s going on
                  Ah, what’s going on

                  In the mean time….

                  Father, father, everybody thinks we’re wrong
                  Oh, but who are they to judge us
                  Simply because our hair is long
                  Oh, you know we’ve got to find a way
                  To bring some understanding here today

                  …Don’t punish me with brutality
                  Talk to me
                  So you can see
                  What’s going on
                  Ya, what’s going on
                  Tell me what’s going on.

              • Hitler describes Jews as being “like a racial tuberculosis” and that there needs to be an “elimination of the privileges of the Jews” and calls for an “Aliens Law”.

                • So you admire Hitler. Not surprising for a someone who is so irrational. Shame your mom did not leave you in the car with the windows rolled up.

                  • John W. How about I send you an “easy bake oven” for kicks.

                  • even I said boo at that one

            • Jane Fonda, Al Sharpton, and Hussein Obama all famous. Does that make them right?

        • Another reason why America is in decline. 2.1% of the ZOG population has done a hellova job bringing her down. Like a parasitic cancer to its host. Bankrupt and crippled.

          • Only Jews I know (and I know quite a few) are builders-up. Doctors, scientists, engineers…..

            No religious group would want to destroy the nation in which they have their being. More prosperity for all means more prosperity for them.

            Oh, right, I forgot the Spawn of Satan – the Moslems. But then, what with all the inbreeding that is advocated and practiced amongst them, who would expect any intelligence at all?

            • Old Coach. you live a a small world then. Just like your character.

          • Obama IS A Jew? The Clintoons? Al Sharpton? These people are sure doing harm to the country yet they do not fit your one size fits all. Why don’t you go back to the daily Kos and DU where they send hard core lefties like yourself to disrupt other sites with your irrational Jew hatred.

        • This Ebola “outbreak” is just another fear mongering propaganda game just like bird flu and swine flu were. It’ll eventually pass once the media and sheeple get bored with it.

      3. This planet is infested with two legged vermin.

        • took out the new vermin shooter today and tried the 69 grain sierra matchkings behind a new powder from hogdon called cfe 223. 24 grains which is just .5 over minimum loading shoots like a dream – 4 inside a 3 inch circle @ 100 yards with open sights and no rest. CFE stands for Copper Fouling Eraser and it seems to work as after 50 rounds a couple of pulls through with the bore snake with some Break Free clp on the end has the barrel shining like glass. Really like this Smith and Wesson m&p 15. Will be shooting some 55 grain pills tomorrow to see how they do. The 40 grain factory loadings shot low.

          • 02
            I like the 55gr on top of 25grs of WW 748. Works great for me. Keep looking you will find what you are looking for. Testing them is 1/2 the fun.

            • any decent group on a paper plate @ 100 yards with open sites is good enuff for me. the 40s were shooting and grouping low but still really good groups. I have a weatherby bolt that likes the lighter stuff as it has a 12 twist rate and a Ziess Rapid Z scope for long range work. I might go with some kind of dot sight with this ar or maybe just keep it stock and get these open sights to become second nature.. Then move into night vision.

              • .02
                How in the hell do you get a thumbs down talking about a load you found that works good in your 5.56/223?
                Trolls out tonight.

                • hell sgt, you got 5 so far.. seems maybe Mac is getting attention from the undesirables and they are trying to discourage us?

                  • .02, this site gets attention from undesirables ALL OF THE TIME.

                • I get a couple of red thumbs when I ask Iowa how he’s doing. WTF? I think someone is trolling up and down the comments and trying to stir up some shit.
                  Anyways, 30-30s aren’t mentioned a lot but I think that would be a good survival rifle. They’re compact, but pack a lot of punch up to 100 yds. And also relatively inexpensive depending on the brand. Ammo’s easy to come by.
                  7mm mags have a longer reach and are very accurate in my opinion. They are really loud and have a kick; but they work. I tried one (Remington) out for the 1st time this summer; it belongs to a friend of mine.

                  • Meathead:
                    You are right the good old 30-30 is a hell of a gun. You can even load it with black powder if you wish. 30 grans of FF powder behind a 30 cal. bullet that is how it got its name. 30-30. My wife took mine away from me and claimed it for herself, It broke my heart to have to buy a 2nd. one. (NOT).

                    I like the 150 Gr bullet in my 30-30’s I have been loading the Leverevolution and they have worked great on medium size deer. I also shot a 150 flat tip and round nose. I just no that they work. I tried 170’s but got much better results form the 150’s

                    As for your 7MM Mag. long range hard hitting. I believe they kick more than my 300 Win Mag. Also the newer Remingtons are getting the barrels shot out of them. I was told this by a gunsmith who has been replacing barrels on them a lot lately.

                    AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                  • Liked the old winchester, straight pointer.
                    You could bring that thing up and snap shoot anything out to 100 yards. Wanted to replace it but never happened.
                    Never hand loaded for it but used the factory 150 grn winchester flat points.
                    Personal law, If it works don’t mess with it.

                  • Sgt. Dale: Now that you mention it, I do remember catching part of a TV documentary that talked about Remington rifles having issues. In fact, owners were putting themselves at risk of injury due to misfires with the bolt actions. I’d like to pick up a pump action 12ga with a shorter barrel (not a sawed-off),but around 22″ in length. Again, to keep things compact. Anything shorter than that, well, you know what happens to the patterns of shot. I looked at reviews of the Remington 870 express and some owners were saying that the guns would jam. I’m thinking that Mossberg would actually do better, and I’d really like to get my paws on an Ithaca. I think they’re still around; at least I found a website.
                    Ever see a Western Field 30-30? Mossberg made it. It looks a lot like a Marlin 336. I got one; it’s a relic, but it works. The lever would hang up, but I think I solved that problem by tightening one screw on the plate of the lever. The loose screw caused the lever’s action to be slightly out of alignment when worked repeatedly. And by god, the stock of the 30-30 looks to be walnut, not the cheaper wood that comes with the newer rifles.

                  • @ Meathead : The first deer I killed with a shotgun, it was my Remington 870 express magnum. 3″ magnum, double oo buck, 15 pellets @ 65 yards. 13 pellets were in the front half of the deer. I have owned that shotgun for 20 + years now, NEVER had a jam. Buy any brand you want, but the Remington 870 is a fine weapon. The only way I would ever get rid of it is if I had 2 more on the way.

                  • The 7.62 x 39 AK round has ballistics that are similar to those of the .30-30. Also works well as a SHTF battle rifle with 30-40 round magazines. Not saying that it is better, just similar and more flexible in what it can do.

          • CFE 223 is a very clean powder, made for the .223 round.

            Also good in 6.5 Swedish, if anyone cares.

            • How about muzzle flash in short barrels? My pet loads are all Varget, since it doesn’t light up the moon when you fire a round at night.

              • The CFE 223 doesn’t seem to be too much flash to me, but my comparison point is a Mosin-Nagant M44 carbine in 7.62x54r. Three feet of forward flash and a foot in diameter !

            • O2,did you get a .223 chamber/5.56/Wylde?What kind of twist on it?Having and using a new rifle is a great time!

              • I picked up the Smith and Wesson M&P Sport. It is the cheapy, but a good platform for a newbie. I am having fun taking it apart and putting it back together. It has a 1 in 9 twist and the reviews on them are positive. It has a lifetime warranty and is backed by the Smith reputation and MADE IN USA!! I will be building my next AR in 308. Dang thing is sure light.. weighs in under 7 pounds. If i knew these “men’s Barbies” were this much fun I would have bought one years ago. Got a smoking deal on this one tho I think I bought @ the bottom!

                • Nice,the .308 is great platform,I love it.Yep,the AR is a fun/versatile rifle and many barreled uppers one can get like .300./6.5 the list is growing,can push two pins out and back in and a whole new game with same lower.A shame can’t be done with .308,they do make a 7.62 upper but have read they have feed issues with ar 15 lowers so have not tried one nor has anyone I know,happy shooting!

                • .02
                  I just built one last year about this time. I went with Rock River parts. I had it out with a couple of the guys in the group with their DPMS, Stag, and Bushmaster. It was pretty even in the shooting of the target as far as groups went.

                  When it came to trigger pill the Rock won hands down. the guys with the DPMS and the Stag put Rock trigger groups in there guns a couple days later.

                  What was really nice was I had like 20 mags setting on my bench and they only had 5. You see the Rock takes FN LAR mags the are cheap I can get about 4 mags to 1 mag for their rifles.

                  Have fun building your 308 You will love it.

                  By the way took my first deer with it in 2013. One shot one kill.


                  • I believe the Rock River is a 2 stage,have never been able to wrap my mind(I know,what mind Warchild!)around 2 stage,just doesn’t work with my wiring for whatever reason.I have though dropped the pull down around 4lbs.,that I love,kept hammer spring the same,just the trigger spring,really for whatever reason helped me a bit actually hitting what I aim at.

                  • ot but just got a eea witness in .45 10+1 loves it 150rds thru it only one stove pipe (I think cuz i’m hamfisted) but nice shooter good and accurate. any thoughts ?

                • The 300 Blackout is getting rave reviews as is the 300 Whisper. Get the Whisper and you van shoot the Blackout in it. Get the upper and put it on your AR platform and uses the same mags as the 556/223. I just read that some one just came out with a 30-06 on an AR platform.

                  • 30-06 with an AR Platform – Noreen Firearms Semi-auto BN36 30-06-

                    I saw one for sale for like $3000.

            • Marlin used to make a great lever action 30-30 with a side eject. And also owned H&K gun manufacture. Remington bought out Marlon company in Dec 2007. I think they stopped making lever actions, due to the lever action going out of style or less popular. Anybody know anything more about it?

              • There were some transition problems, but the Marlin 336 is still being made in .30-30 and .35 Remington. IMHO the .35 Rem in a 336 is still the crackerjack Eastern woods deer rifle. Mine will be among the very last I give up, if finances were to demand that I reduce my collection.

          • Since we’re talking guns and ammo in this sub-thread, I’ve been curious about how many out there do dry fire practice in addition to live ammo, especially with pistols.

            Personally, I dry fire my semi-auto DA/SA 9mm 15-20 minutes 4-5 times per week at ranges of 16-25 feet at ten one inch targets spaced randomly on a wall at heights from about 2.5 to 6 feet and lateral disbursement of about four feet. 90% of the practice shots are DA and practice both strong and weak hand. I also practice mag reloads and malfunction clearing during that 20 minutes.

            I use snap caps to lessen the likelihood of breaking the firing pin.

            I know that live fire practice is also good, but on a limited budget with other preps to acquire, dry fire works for me.

            Anyone else?

            • Me.

              I just put a fired case in the chamber, no pin breakage ever.

              • I do,though not enuff!It does keep my mind in the game when a safe spot not available to shoot,though probably not necc. do use a good snap cap,every little bit of practice helps I believe though really need more time actually shooting.

              • Smokey
                Be careful you might get a firing pin stuck in a spent primer.

            • NV
              As a firearms instructor I tell everyone to do this at least twice a week. I tell them to find a NIK NAK or a picture and practice coming up on the target and dry firing their weapon. I tell them to act like it was the last round and reload their weapon.
              I recommend snap caps when doing this.
              I also recommend room searches during their dry fire practice.

      4. just read an article
        where a truck load of ebola infected waste
        taken from the apartment where the ebola pt was staying
        is sitting in a lot,under armed guard
        why hasn’t it been disposed of yet ???

        cause’ they’re waiting on a permit

        WTF ???

        the authorities got this ???

        ha ha ha too funny

        they’ve bungled this from day one

        and it’s only ONE case !!!

        ONE freaking case !!!

        can you imagine if it was a hundred or even a thousand cases ???

        • The people they hired to do the cleanup don’t have a permit to haul hazardous waste on the highway to the disposal site.

          Really good planning on the city’s part, eh?

          • Satori and Smokey, government is exactly like a few people I work with. They screw up everything they touch.

          • The company may not have the permits.
            In the US you must have a dangerous goods training class and be fingerprinted with proper licensing to haul hazardous materials.
            Most likely the company was hired sight unseen because of lowest bid not because of qualifications.
            Not to mention that they may not be allowed to drive through the city as it has regulations about hazardous goods routing that must be approved by the fire marshal.
            In Dallas dangerous goods can only travel on the 635 without prior approval.

          • Since CDC claims it is not dangerous maybe they should take it down to the nearest federal building and ask them to sign for and take custody of it. Maybe the head CDC clown will take it home and let his kids sleep on it. All I know is that when someone sneezes sometimes a lot of spray results and according to the CDC that is what is dangerous mainly saliva. So then how can they say that this there is no danger of air born transmission. Could they be lying?

        • Probably doesn’t matter as the life of the virus outside a host is only a few hours.

        • This is exactly what happens when politicians put other politicians in positions where they actually have to know something practical to get the job done. They simply cannot do the job and it shows.

      5. Do many preppers really want it to hit the fan ?

        • No……..

        • Depends oon the fan.. Yellowstone eruption? Asteroid strike? Full Nuclear exchange? HELL NO! Tossing the Feds out of our life? HELL YES!

          • I’m betting that lots of people will survive the aftermath of whatever event takes place. Some will survive for reasons that would defy logic. This whole thing is a crap shoot; still best to plan and prep. But I have a strange feeling that something really fearsome will rise out of the ashes and destruction caused by the event. It may or may not be human. But what’s left of humanity may divided by this thing.
            I’m not a religious man-maybe I read too many Steven King novels over the years…..anyone remember a movie called the Forbin Project?

        • No

          I want everyone to have as much time as possible. I know there are a lot of people living off the taxes I pay but I don’t want anyone hurt.
          I truly care about all.

          It is going to happen though for sure. The more time we have the better.

          • Do I want it to hit the fan,no.That said,unless some real positive changes enacted in this country we are at a point that hitting the fan will soon be a improvement.I have never had to kill anyone and only once thought I would be killed,am comfortable with that,really,happy to have no more experience either way,unfortunately,believe the situation in our country unfortunately is going to put me in a position were no choice but to gain more experience(and hopefully survive).I believe many have tried being reasonable,it didn’t work.

          • Mike ,
            I think that time is getting really short , people must learn to prioritize what they need to outlast an event , I do not think its going to be something exotic , but it will cause it all to come crashing down , some here think it’s going to be a polar shift , this is not in a physical sense only a geomagnetic event where earth magnetic field lines reverse polarity harmless in this extent , but those in the know (geophysicists ) that this can occur at at bad time during a solar flare the van Allen belts that protect the earth from electromagnetic activity from the sun will be weakened for a short time when this occurs letting the radiation in , not harmful to people but may cause a planet wide EMP. Anything plugged into a long wires will be affected . This is what JOG had stated indirectly ( he used to work for NASA in the solar physics department) most of the science guys have left this site could be a clue , I brought this question up at our Monday morning Safety moment at work , I was rewarded by being involuntarily transferred to the EOD division I now drive a 2-1/2 ton bomb truck at least I am out of the office! This could be one of the many events that could happen , along with the current Ebola ,/ entero virus threat .
            Anyway the just in time delivery system is going to be our down fall . Make sure your personal electronic items are not pulled into the grid when you are not around and protect them when not being used in metal cans ( behrens ash cans with lids lined cardboard or bubble wrap . I also pack my stuff in EMP bags for added protection.

            The more time we have the better to prepare new technologies are going to be aviable on the market this is a net gain in our preparedness , but personally I feel time is just about up .
            Make peace with you maker , be kind to those you love , you never know what and how this is going to pan out . I am lucky in this one sense I am surrounded by good people who know what the odds are and are prepared for what may come , it’s not going to be easy , but the things that mean the most never are .

            I most likely will not be able to post until next weekend depending on events , I will try to keep all here informed to the best of my ability ,
            Til then PREPARE FORM TEAMS TRAIN

            LIVE HARD DIE FREE

            Semper Fi 8541

            • Night Breaker

              Thank you so much again for your post. I too don’t think this is going to last much longer. That bad gut feeling. I will be on heightened alert for the remainder of the year.
              I always look for your post because they are helpful to everyone on here.

              Stay safe my friend. If you are ever in need of anything feel free to call on me.

        • No.

          The sane ones, which is 97.64% of us, know that once things hit the fan, it’s uncontrollable, and the end result will be massive chaos and misery.

          There are some who believe that they can use the events to exact retribution, gain personal power, vindicate their beliefs, etc., who are looking forward to it, but they won’t last much longer than the roving cannibal looter gangs we like to talk about.

          • No, braveheart doesn’t want TSHTF, but he knows that one day it WILL, one way or another, and that is the primary thing he PREPS for. I do have a bugout plan and arrangements to be in a cousin’s BOL in north GA when the time comes. Since April of last year I’ve made several trips there to store supplies in her barn, the latest trip just back in Aug. I have another trip planned around Christmas if nothing happens between now and then. the distance I have to drive to get there is more than a tank of gas, but I have extra gas cans filled and always ready. I already have 80% of my total supplies there and what little I have left I can carry in the final trip to the BOL. The only thing that can make me hunker down in this concrete jungle would be an EMP, so let’s all hope that never hits.

            • @ the renegade braveheart : I don’t know what you drive and most folks can’t afford another vehicle, but you can go to a junk yard and buy all the spare electronics for your vehicle and store them in a fairday cage in your vehicle pretty cheap. Their is a lot of things people don’t prepare for that they should be. Transportation is a big one. If an EMP hits, most don’t have wheels.

              Now days, all vehicles are electronicly controlled, including cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, scooters, etc. You are not going anywhere without spare electronics.

              If you can afford it, buy an older points driven vehicle, or better yet, an older diesel. The older diesel is the best bet. In a BO situation I will leave my electronic pickup behind. I don’t need to stock up on fuel. Every vehicle sitting on the side of the road is potential fuel. An older, mechanical diesel, will run on automatic transmission fluid, motor oil, gear oil, every electric transformer ( on power poles are filled with oil ), and probably a few other things I didn’t mention.
              Good luck and keep prepping, You can never be fully prepared.

              • Fishandmud, thanks for the tips. one of my neighbors has a 1989 GMC Sierra I’m saving up to get from him. Needs some work but will be worth the money. There was supposedly some tests done on certain vehicles back in the early 90s to see which ones would still work in a post-EMP era and which ones wouldn’t. I’ve been looking everywhere online and can’t find any information on it. I know the older vehicles like you mentioned WILL still start and run after an EMP. On fuel, ALL vehicles made over the last 20 years or so have PLASTIC gas tanks. You can take a cordless drill or a good fixed-blade knife and put a hole in that tank to let fuel pour out into a can. Better yet, look around for one of the old mechanical hand drills. I found 2 of them at a flea market back in July for $20 and snatched both of them. I think they’ll come in very handy. They were a little stiff at first but after spraying them with some WD-40 they worked like a charm. I once saw someone take an old plastic gas tank which had a leak and drill a hole into it with a cordless drill then put another hole into it with a fixed-blade knife so I can vouch for those 2 methods. PS, make sure you have a gas can right next to where you make the hole. once the gas starts pouring out, you need to put the spout opening of that can under the hole quick. better to do it on a disabled full-size truck or SUV. you’ll have enough room underneath to work.

                • Braveheart – IMHO you don’t want that Jimmy. That was the period when that sleaze Lopez was running GM’s logistics, (purchasing), and was endearing himself to stockholders by buying the cheapest possible cast iron for engine blocks. Bore and ring life tended to be 80-90 thousand miles. I came into working for GM during the aftermath, in ’93, so I heard the whole sordid story right from the GM Powertrain engineers who had to explain to everyone why GM engines had suddenly become such junk. There were a lot of them who were pretty sore about it.

                  • Old Coach, I appreciate your concern; however, 1. I’ve been a GM fan since I was a teenager. 2. I know this particular truck and the man who owns it very well. 3. Engine and transmission have been replaced previously, just needs some front end work. 4. I’m getting a bargain on this truck. 5. My credit and income are way too inadequate to get anything financed, even if I wanted to go that route, which I don’t, and especially not in this crappy economy. 6. This truck will only set me back $1500. 7. the truck is older technology which I prefer anyway. It doesn’t even have half of the electronics the newer ones have and will cost less to maintain. I don’t have $30-50000 bucks to give up for a new one of any brand. 8. Every brand of vehicle has had its own issues over the last 3 decades or so. It’s a chance anyone takes. Life itself is a chance.

                  • No argument against older tech, BH. I’m of the generation that actually understood carburettors, (and spells the word correctly) and could adjust points and valves. If all else fails, my ’48 Ford tractor will still be running! That old flat-head was designed to run on 60 octane gas.

                • Oh, and my ’95 Ford F150 has steel tanks. I know, since I had to replace both of them. Previous owner stored the truck with empty tanks, and they rusted out.

                  • My 88 Silverado had a steel tank but the bottom half was protected by a thick plastic liner that the tank sat in. The 88 Chevy PU was a great truck. With a five speed 28 mpg was easy to get on the highway.

                • BH, you mean those Yankee push drills, with the bits stored in the handle?

                  Those are the handiest little tools for light work. Sure beats getting the power drill and cord out, just grab the Yankee, select your bit, and go.

                  The big chest augers work alright, but take a lot of energy to work.

            • Braveheart

              Not sure where you are traveling from but if you have to go through Virginia feel free to come by and fill up.

              • Mike in VA, I appreciate the offer, but I’ll be traveling straight thru TN to get to GA.

          • I think your estimated percentage of sane people may be a bit high there. I think I fall into the lot where a great reset wouldn’t be a bad thing. I’m not attractive, I’m short, terrible at lying, abusing people, and taking advantage of them. The current world destroys people like me. Can’t say I’d be so unhappy in a world where trueness to one’s self will matter. A world where your abilities and not just your looks or ability to bullshit will matter.

            But the older you get the less appealing that sounds as one of my mentors has said to be. You become invested, entered routine, have people you love and that love you. Some of us are just outcasts that never got that and probably never will. Only thing left we can look forward to is a world different than this one and hope it’s better.

        • ED
          NO But, If it does I want to be ready!!!!

          Just look around you. Who can you trust? Everything has to be PC and that is killing us. The Govn. is screwing you at every turn. Russia China just waiting for their chance. Muslim radicals cutting off heads. Ebola, D68,

          Do I want it to happened? Hell NO!!! Is it going to happen Hell Yes!!! You just have to know that there is a positive side to everything!!!

        • “Do many preppers really want it to hit the fan ?”

          No, most of us do not. If it does, everyone will be hurt by it, some more than others. It will be the worst experience of our lives if it happens. It will be MUCH worse for those who do not prep, however.

          Similarly, I do not want to get into a car wreck either but that does not keep me from buying auto insurance. Prepping is just SHTF insurance.

      6. True story. After a long search a friend of mine bought a cabin on a remote 20 acre parcel abutting a national forest. Stocked the cabin with two years worth of dried food for his family and much survival equipment and supplies. Came back a month later and…..someone had broken in and stolen it all.

        The bugout retreat is a nice idea but in practice is deeply flawed. You either won’t get there or you and/or your supplies are just fresh meat for the locals.

        • Without a caretaker, you’re remote camp is worthless. Basically, locals fear other locals. A crazy VET as a caretaker is a bonus. Meth Heads fear death, not law enforcement.

          • We call ’em pillbillies around here. One reason why I’m OK that my BOL is actually very visible from the road. Like cockroaches they also fear discovery. ‘Course the fact that the county sheriff lives down the road apiece and passes by twice every day the he works doesn’t hurt….

        • The preps should have been buried/hidden. There are plenty of free shit army regulars in the country. When a ‘job’ is too big they also recruit some irregulars to aid them. They will strip the wiring and plumbing right out of a house. I have a 19″ picture tube tv sitting in the living room in plain view from the porch. Even an idiot would not steal one of those and it should send a message that I have nothing worth stealing. All preps are hidden even if they did break in. People in the country still identify others by what family they came from. Good ones and bad ones. Their reputations last for generations. You are best served to listen to that advice.

          • My friend – the one who lost all his supplies – knows a small group of prepping families who have actually buried a shipping container at a remote location. I’m not sure even that is enough as you wouldn’t have to dig up the whole container to loot the supplies.

            I think the bugout only works if it’s fairly close, a family member or close friend already lives there and you already know your neighbors. For a city dweller the long distance bugout to unknown territory is mostly a fantasy.

            This article strayed well into fantasy when it talked about aircraft. Unless you’re already a pilot and own an aircraft, the aircraft idea is useless. The aircraft in the picture, btw, is not an ultralight and is also not a type of weight shift aircraft (side by side seating) found anywhere in the USA. Nice file photo though.

            My opinion is that for most people it’s prudent to prep for a 30 day power outage (hurricane or ice storm) or for a pandemic that may require social isolation for an extended period. Thinking in those terms has focused my efforts on what’s realistic and doable.

            • While Observing nature, I have seen a squirrel bury a nut and run away, and another squirrel go right over and dig it up, and rebury it someplace else. So theft occurs in nature. Nothing is secure. Also squirrels must have really good noses or can remember where they bury their nuts. Like they could run right out in the middle of the yard start digging in one spot and immediately and pull up a nut up in a few seconds. I have a few I hand feed, that come looking for me. Little do they know they are part of my emergency food chain backup preps. Also almost any and all birds can be eaten.

              • The funny thing about those cute little critters is, they are so silly they only remember where they bury ten percent of their stash is, boy oh boy do they taste good!

                • MommaD. That’s how the squirrels help regenerate the forest. They invest half their acorn nuts in future forest growth. I have seen the squirrels drop loads of nuts on my house roof then they roll off on to the ground. Later on in the day they scamper around on the ground burying them that they dropped earlier. Yep cute little critters.

            • RE Aircraft. You could have a remote air strip and all one needs to do is toss a few logs in the middle of the runway and you have no way to land into your bug out location. It’s a fantasy. Or maybe use a float plane on a big lake. No area will be secure. The more you got the more you can loose.

      7. frank setterlo .. you are so right… but why the goy don’t get it ?

        Could be the, media doesn’t tell em??

        Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner

        Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company

        Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd

        Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios

        Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc

        Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric

        Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

        Those seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records,

        • All media entities that are crumbling to dust. How much influence does CNN have anymore?

          • I have it on good authority that at Clown Collage, Clown News Network (CNN) is the highest rated news source.

            • By BOTH of its’ viewers, I bet !

          • Left out of any comments was anything pertaining to faux (Fox) news owner Rupert Murdoch.

            That Jew almost owns the world. A quick research of his empire would assure even a simpleton that his influence in the world is NOT on the wane. His zionist tentacles are everywhere.

            Who here believes that the majority of “asleep sheep”, the American public, do not suck up the MSM lies as truth?

            The Communist News Network (CNN) influence might be on the wane; but the zionist owned media of all types will be glad to pick up any slack.

            • Yeah, Israel gave Rubert Murdock oil drilling rights off of the Golan Heights and Syrian territory coast. I am sure the back room exchange is to raise money for Israel through the FOX Network. Whats the difference between these Jews or Muslims raising money for their terrorist acts? All of them need to be boycotted. Get the Facts People, Parasites are amongst us.

              Sunday, September 01, 2013

              Israel gave oil-drilling rights on Syrian sovereign territory earlier this year. Rupert Murdoch shareholder.
              As the system cracks, the system will try to crack down on us harder. Look at these ‘men’… lying is truth for them. Psycho-killers.

              “Rupert Murdoch (Fox News, Sky, The Times of London, etc) has shareholdings in a company that earlier this year was granted oil-drilling rights on the Golan Heights — sovereign Syrian territory occupied by Israel. Genie Energy, the company granted these rights to exploit the Golan, is advised by former US Vice-President Dick Cheney.”

              Business Insider:

        • Kurt – You forgot Joo Disney and all ESPN Sports media channels and a lot of sports teams. Ever wonder why the NFL has a Tax Free No Profit Status? Then do you notice how the Army advertises during the games, does fly overs with military aircraft propaganda and dominates the half time shows military related. The Military hijacked sports, its a trade for recruiting their next crop of gullible suckers to fight their future illegal wars. Same with NASCAR Tax free for recruiting. Army sponsored Race car, etc.

      8. PUTIN: From 80-85% Bolshevik Revolution members from 1917 were JEWS….

        I say, in Germany 1932, 90% of German government were controlled by JEWS.

        I also say, in 2014; 100% of USA government is totally CONTROLLED by JEWS.

        • Not true Frank. O Bummer is a Muslim and the Muslims now control the White House and CIA.

          The Jews and neo-cons are pissed because O’bummer is allowing Iran to get nukes. Another “Red Line” retreat in nuke negotiations.

          Therefore, and I may be wrong, but I expect the Crash to come BEFORE elections when the dual citizen GB’s trigger it to crush O’Bummer in both the House and Senate.

          The reckoning is coming for Barry O’Bummer for fining the GB’s with humongous fines. His political power is about to be stripped and without the political power to protect him, Larry Klayman is about to drive a wooden stake through his heart!!!

          Timing IS everything. 🙂

          • Obama needs to draw his “line in the sand” above high tide.

            • Hopefully he’ll get hung up in a sand trap holding only his putter.

          • DK

            “O Bummer is a Muslim and the Muslims now control the White House and CIA.”

            Hell the President doesn’t control the CIA. Just ask JFK. Muslim control? Nonsense, its corporate international banking / Finance & Industry that controls the CIA and other like agencies. Presidents are mere temporary employees of them.

            “Presidents aren’t elected they’re selected”.

            Franklin Delano Roosevelt

            • K@: Brennan, the head of CIA is a Muslim. Catch up!!! 🙂

              • K2: And POTUS? O’Bummer fooled everybody including the Jewish lobby. 🙁

        • I believe the Jews are God’s chosen people, and I support Israel. But, I also see what you are saying. The best I can determine right now is that there are CULTURAL Jews, who are fascist/leftists, and what I call “real” Jews, who are not worshipping the modern day Baal, the leftist state. The issue is the disproportionate representation of Jews in anti-God activities. We see this with Communism in the USSR, we see it with Hollywood, and – most disconcertingly – we see it with what people call the ‘banksters.” To wit: Not only Nathan Rothschild (“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.[Web of Debt, p. 65.]. Gary North says this is a spurious quote (see but whether it is or is not, certainly if we look at the past decades, Alan Greenspan, then Bernanke, then Janet Yellen are all Jewish. Yellen beat out Larry Summer who is also Jewish, and of course Jack Lew (Secty of Treasury) and Tim Geithner before him were Jewish. Zillion dollar Obamacare architect Zeke Emmanuel is Jewish, as is, of course, Rahm Emmanuel. Even Obama’s disgusting “Rev.” Wright complained a few years ago that “Them Jews won’t let me get near Obama.” I could go on, but you get the point. Now, it could be that immigration patterns account for some of this (viz., Jews commonly immigrated to NY, just as Irish to Boston, and given that NY was the centre of financial activity, it is just a natural progression for this to have occurred).

          The nearest I can make out is that this derives from real, practicing Jews, versus (practical or actual) atheist, leftist Jews (think evil, destructive radical feminists like Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, etc.). The Jew Norman Podhoretz once talked about Jewish refugees who left pogrom-ridden Europe, determined to “not let this happen again.” And like Luther’s drunk who fell of his horse, and in determining never to do that again, promptly fell off the other side of the horse, these Jews have latched on to radical leftism (think Saul Alinsky, or earlier, Leon Trotsky while within Europe). Thus, what we are seeing is an historical replay of what has happened throughout history, where indeed Jews are God’s chosen people in history, while many – as the 7,000 in the OT – have not bowed the knee to the now-renamed Baal called Gaia, Obungler, or Global Warming.

          This is the best I can reconcile what I see around me with what I read in Scripture. Finally, what I see in the Old Testament is that yes, God is committed to the Jews as his chosen; however, His paramount concern is justice and holiness, so – just like in the OT – where Jews thumb their noses at God, it is not “Jews right or wrong.” I support Israel, and I might gladly support the return of Palestine **as soon as soon as the Muslims return the STOLEN land of Coptic Egypt, Berber Algeria, Christian Syria, Constantinople, etc.*** I am open to correction, but thoughts from Christians here?

          • Nowhere in the bible does it say the jews are the chosen. It plainly says Israel is the chosen and they are the descendents of Jacob Israel. The news are descendants of Esau Edom who God said He hated. Read Revelations 2:9 and 3:9, John 8:44, and 2nd John to find out who the people known today as jews are and who their father is.

            • No, the Jews are who they say they are. They are the true Jews. We know from Ezekiel 38 and 39 that the Gog and Magog attack will take place in ISRAEL and God himself will defend HIS PEOPLE.

          • Christians are now his chosen people, his bride, that he will return to claim.

            • God has NOT replaced the Jews with the church. God still loves Israel. Israel will continue to be a nation. God still has a purpose for Israel. Jerusalem will NOT be trod upon by the gentiles.

              • The devil loves the joos more than any God. And has blessed them.

        • Is the success of Jews due to discrimination (Jews helping Jews) ?

          • The success of Jews is due partly to habits and customs that derive from the laws of God. If you do what God says to do, and stay away from evil, things tend to go much better for you than if you don’t.

          • No, it’s because historically they tend to live in cities and they value education. German Jews in Nazi Germany were at the highest levels of science, government, and academia.

            • @ Barn Katz —

              Ah yes, those Germans were supposed to let their betters (“the Tribe”) run Germany, for the sole benefit of the tribe. Shall we believe that 80 million Germans were just an animal infestation, and that Jews were their intellectual superiors? How then do you explain Bach, Goethe, Beethoven, Mozart, Schiller, Luther, Planck, Leibnitz, Robert Koch, Rudolf Virchow, Kant, Copernicus (who was enrolled as a PRUSSIAN a the University of Bologna in Italy), Von Braun, Clausewitz and multitudes of other German giants whose discoveries and cultural creations had NOTHING whatsoever to do with Jews?

              I can tell you’ve never actually been to Germany, Europe or even traveled out of your cultureless and barren USan shithole in Wisconsin, except probably to some Turd World mission where your judaeocentric superstition is preached to the unknowing savages. By the way, do you know how many art treasures, libraries, medieval cities and ancient CHURCHES (Jews played NO PART in creating any of it) the Jew-controlled US and Brit air-forces DESTROYED in Germany? In fact, on behalf of world Jewry, they destroyed more CIVILIZATION in just ONE city — Dresden — than the entirety of Jew-loving Murkans like you will ever produce in your entire history. Not having a culture yourself, you doubtless rejoice in the destruction of a REAL country’s culture, don’t you?

              The irony — the DELICIOUS irony — is that, if you are not a Jew yourself, but just another one of Judah’s deracinated and generic, white-bread non-ethnic, Anglo-Saxon Jew-worshipers (for douchebags like you exist ONLY in the Anglosphere, and almost NEVER in non-English speaking white countries), you will eventually be dominated and destroyed by the Third World hordes that Jewry is feverishly importing into Murka. “G-ds'” chosen have decided that Murka will become non-white. The armed Hmongs are already waiting for you in your Wisconsin forests.

              You above all better ENJOY IT, scum.

              • Ahab:

                Great post.

                History has certainly been skewed to suit our enemies, hasn’t it.

                Pictures of Germans killed by USA and British troops shown to be Jews killed in concentration camps. Americans believing “Ike” to be a hero; instead of the merciless murderer that he was.

                The holocaust being shown as the worst thing that ever happened to humanity, while, by design, covering up the hundreds of millions of human beings killed by communists. Somehow those people are never mentioned, like they never mattered. Why is that? What the Bolshevik Jews did to Russia makes the so-called holocaust pale in comparison.

                Where are the monuments and celebrations marking the death of those millions killed in Russia, China, etc.? Something is terribly wrong with the version of history that we are being taught. Somebody has done a good job covering up truth when most people call “Nazi/Muslim” the evil of all time; never bothering to look at the massacres beginning in 1918.

                You are surely right; the same thing is coming to America; brought to us by the new generation of Bolsheviks that have hijacked our government. At some period in time; everyone will get to discover who the real enemies of the world are.

                All historical information about the lies perpetrated on us are free to all of us. You just have to care enough to let your fingers do the walking. Choose to stay ignorant of your true enemies at your and your loved ones peril.

                Is it the goal of the One Worlders to wipe white people off the face of the earth. Article after article on the internet has even professors stating that white people have no place on this earth. What are they afraid of Ahab? Why are white people such a threat?

                • PO Granny, Exactly!! I agree with you 100%. Thanks. Glad to see you see the truth as well.

        • Is there a most intelligent race? Is it Jews, Germans,
          other ?

          • Statistically, it’s Jews and Chinese. Jealousy is probably why guys like Frank hate Jews.

            • Who do Joos have big noses? Cause Air is Free.

              • WWTI:

                Eppe and I are waiting with bated breath to hear your version of how life was originally created.

                Do you believe your ancestors were ooze and finally crept up out of the ocean? Please let us know; then maybe Eppe will resurface.

                You are a stand up guy with opinions on everything so please enlighten us on this………..

                • I answered that question back when it was first asked. Go back and look.

                  • WWTI:

                    My computer died for a while so I missed your answer. Please tell me what subject you replied in. I truly am interested in your view.

                • He’s standing up because the BS in his tank is up to his armpits.

                  • Old Coach:

                    Refresh my memory Old Coach. What synagogue did you say you attend? Be a stand-up guy; we will then understand where your opinions are coming from so we can judge them accordingly.

                  • I didn’t. I’m a lapsed Episcopalian. Lapsed because I don’t much care for avowed homosexuals as priests and bishops.

          • I tend not to focus on large racial or ethnic groups. Instead, I see the world as a sea of stupid people peppered with a few intelligent ones of all races. There is no master race, only smart people and dumb people of all shapes, sizes and colors. It’s up to you to find them.

          • Wealth accumulation by theft, occupation or murder is not blessed by any God, or somehow picked as the so called chosen people. You would however, by popular demand, be chosen for prison.

          • mac it would be great if we could have a religion free zone where they cd bash each other

        • By the looks of the red arrows these days the fed and jew lovers are taking over. Probably being paid to try to keep the internet PC. Good luck with that you ass hats.

          • No, it’s the Satanists that are taking over this site. Anybody who hates the Jews serves Satan. Their father influences them toward evil. Just like my Father God influences me toward good.

            • Your father is Satan only Christ has God for the Father. Through Eve you get the original sin of Cain, the offspring of Eve and Satan. You are born into sin, Christ wasn’t. Nice try tho. How many amongst us are free of sin? No, not BUT ONLY one. Christ. So you die because of the original sin of Eve/Adam./Cain. Your father is Satan but through the blood of Christ you are saved. This is why we have to accept Christ because if we were born of our Father like Christ tells the Jews of the time, we wouldn’t need to repent. When are you ever going to get the Word straight Barn Cat?

              • original sin- sounds stupid to me

                • Dna and genetics sound stupid also? All you have to do is look at the mess the world is and if you cant see the sin of greed and pride destroying our nest, you are blind. Humans are a flawed specie and without the blood of Christ we are doomed to our weakness of the flesh.

            • BarnCat been eating too may kibbles and Joo rats

      9. Nobody seems to mention horses/ponies for transportation, they have worked a long time, plus if need be they can be eaten and they can live off the land.

        • Most of these dipshits have no idea of how to handle a horse!

          • Could you imagine the sheeple trying to get a horse or a pony to move? I’m laughing whilst writing this!!!

            They would go to the trouble of fitting all the bags of clothing and essentials, get onto it and start kicking it to get the poor animal to move!!!!

          • Forget the horse. You are better off with a Mule, or even a Donkey to get you to your bug-out location. Slow and steady. You can even get a few goats to haul your bug out gear to the mountains, and then eat them eventually.

        • JS: Horses require 50 lbs of feed A DAY, not including Vet bills. Animal neglect could be even more expensive if you can’t afford to keep them healthy.

          Get rabbits or Dexter cows. Just saying. 🙂

          • Or Morgans. I have two, and between the two of them they only eat 3 lbs of sweet feed, and a bale of hay a day. They also have pasture to graze on. They are strong, shorter than average14.2 and15 hands respectively, and easily trained. I’m planning on training them to harness.

            • Years ago my Father started breeding shetland ponies.
              Thought he was crazy. I laughed at the little horses and told him that the fat little buggers will wind up on my plate.
              Now he is laughing at me, turns out they are very hardy and can haul a lot of cargo. Plus they are very easy to care for.
              I guess that i will still have to travel by shanks mare but at least I will not have to carry that much.

            • In the old days, pasturage was all a horse needed. Imagine, fuel is any decent patch of grass. But I agree with DK that managing horses is not childs’ play. The only people I know who can really manage horses as anything but playthings are my Amish/Mennonite neighbors.

        • That’s what I thought too, one prep thar shouldn’t be overlooked is a good comfy saddle to get there! We don’t use dirt bikes.

        • A goat can be trained to pull a cart that you ca ride in or carry supplies. Much more economical to feed and will thrive on vegetation that would starve a horse. They also provide milk. Just don’t expect to go anywhere fast, lol.

          • Too small and slow to be of consequence. I had harness goats. They are good for round the farm work, but if I need to really go somewhere, I take the horse.

      10. There may not be much of a chance to bug out best bet may be to lock down at home here’s why. A doctor that has just come back from South America and works with infectious disease says there is no stopping it. He has said he hopes he goes to his grave being called a liar, he will be the happiest man alive or dead if this outbreak is contained but he says it will not be. From the paperwork my employer is giving us ( I drive an ambulance) this is how Ebola works. When you get it you only need to have contact with one ebola particle, you absorb ebola. If it gets on your skin its the same as in your mouth. (hence the bio suits ) shoes can transport ebola. The symptoms start in as little as two days up to 21 days. When you absorb ebola into your body it starts to multiply right away. First you will feel weak and drained like you just got over a bad cold. You will develop a fever and sore throat. Then you become dehydrated and have a bad headache. The muscles in your body will become weak and sore it will hurt to move. Then the fun part. You develop explosive diarrhea and vomiting. you develop a rash that peels like a very bad sunburn. you start bleeding from every orifice of your body. Two weeks from the first symptoms of just feeling weak you die and in most cases it is from massive blood loss. Ebola was discovered in 1976 it rears its ugly head every few years and gets stronger each time. Watch the movie Outbreak. Ebola is named after the ebola river in the congo. No bugging out for me I will hunker down, seal my home and hope for the best. A note about the bio suits if you are thinking of buying one they only work for a few hours you will need plenty of them. It could take months for this to burn itself out. My own opinion that’s not worth much is that its going to get real ugly real fast. prep as best you can, pray as best you can.

        • Anybody interested in reading a really graphic description about how Ebola causes death in an infected person?

          The description was written by Richard Preston in his NON-fiction book “The Hot Zone” published in 1994. From Wikipedia:

          “Richard Preston … has written books about infectious disease, bioterrorism, redwoods and other subjects, as well as fiction. Whether journalistic or fictional, his writings are based on extensive background research and interviews.”

          Red Thumb = not interested, Green Thumb = interested.

          Again, this description is very graphic, which is why I’m polling interest instead of just posting it.

          • OK NV,that is @ moment 17 in favor with 1 opposed,enuff waiting,on with the horror show already!

            • I found this graphic description of how you die from Ebola in the comments section on an Ebola article on another web site a couple days ago. It’s pretty gruesome, so skip ahead to the next post NOW if you don’t want to read it.

              ( From Wikipedia ) FYI Richard Preston, the author, has written books about infectious disease, bioterrorism, redwoods and other subjects, as well as fiction. Whether journalistic or fictional, his writings are based on extensive background research and interviews.

              His book, “The Hot Zone”, from which this excerpt is taken, is a non-fiction work, although some of this info may be somewhat embellished. At least I hope it is.


              Copied without permission from _The Hot Zone_, by Richard Preston.

              Ebola Zaire attacks every organ and tissue in the human body except skeletal muscle and bone. It is a perfect parasite because it transforms virtually every part of the body into a digested slime of virus particles. The seven mysterious proteins that, assembled together, make up the Ebola-virus particle, work as a relentless machine, a molecular shark, and they consume the body as the virus makes copies of itself. Small blood clots begin to appear in the bloodstream, and the blood thickens and slows, and clots begin to stick to the walls of blood vessels. This is known as pavementing, because the clots fit together in a mosaic. The mosaic thickens and throws more clots, and the clots drift through the bloodstream into the small capillaries, where they get stuck. This shuts off the blood supply to various parts of the body, causing dead spots to appear in the brain, liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, testicles, breast tissue (of men as well as women), and all through the skin. The skin develops red spots, called petechiae, which are hemorrhages under the skin. Ebola attacks connective tissue with particular ferocity; it multiplies in collegen, the chief constituent protein of the tissue that holds the organs together. (The seven Ebola proteins somehow chew up the body’s structural proteins.) In this way, collagen in the body turns to mush, and the under layers of the skin die and liquefy. The skin bubbles up into a sea of tiny white blisters mixed with red spots known as a maculopapular rash. This rash has been likened to tapioca pudding. Spontaneous rips appear in the skin, and hemmoraghic blood pours from the rips. The red spots on the skin grow and spread and merge to become huge, spontaneous bruises, and the skin goes soft and pulpy, and can tear off if it is touched with any kind of pressure. Your mouth bleeds, and you bleed around your teeth, and you may have hemorrhages from the salivary glands — literally every opening in the body bleeds, no matter how small. The surface if the tongue turns brilliant red and the sloughs off, and is swallowed or spat out. It is said to be extraordinarily painful to lose the surface of one’s tongue. The tongue’s skin may be torn off during rushes of the black vomit. The back of the throat and the lining of the wind pipe may also slough off, and the dead tissue slides down the windpipe into the lungs or is coughed up with sputum. Your heart bleeds into itself; the heart muscle softens and has hemorrhages into its chambers, and blood squeezes out of the heart muscle as the heart beats, and it floods the chest cavity.

              The brain becomes clogged with dead blood cells, a conditions known as sludging of the brain. Ebola attacks the lining of the eyeball, and the eyeballs may fill up with blood: you may go blind. Droplets of blood stand out on the eyelids: you may weep blood. The blood runs from your eyes down your cheeks and refuses to coagulate. You may have a hemispherical stroke, in which one whole side of the body is paralyzed, which is invariably fatal in a case of Ebola. Even while the body’s internal organs are becoming plugged with coagulated blood, the blood that streams out of the body cannot clot; it resembles whey being squeezed out of curds. The blood has been stripped of its clotting factors. If you put the runny Ebola blood in a test tube and look at it, you see that the blood is destroyed. Its red cells are broken and dead. The blood looks as if it has been buzzed in an electric blender.

              Ebola kills a great deal of tissue while the host is still alive. It triggers a creeping, spotty necrosis that spreads through all the internal organs. The liver bulges up and turns yellow, begins to liquefy, and then it cracks apart. The cracks run across the liver and deep inside it, and the liver completely dies and goes putrid. The kidneys becomes jammed with blood clots and dead cells, and cease functioning. As the kidneys fail, the blood becomes toxic with urine. The spleen turns into a single huge, hard blood clot the size of a baseball. The intestines may fill up completely with blood. The lining of the gut dies and sloughs off into the bowels and is defecated along with large amounts of blood. In men, the testicles bloat up and turns black-and-blue, the semen goes hot with Ebola, and the nipples may bleed. In women, the labia turn blue, livid, and protrusive, and there may be massive vaginal bleeding. The virus is a catastrophe for a pregnant woman: the child is aborted spontaneously and is usually infected with Ebola virus, born with red eyes and a bloody nose.

              Ebola destroys the brain more thoroughly than does Marburg, and Ebola victims often go into epileptic convulsions during the final stage. The convulsions are generalized grand mal seizures — the whole body twitches and shakes, the arms and legs thrash around, and the eyes, sometimes bloody, roll up into the head. The tremors and convulsions of the patient may smear or splatter blood around. Possibly this epileptic splashing of blood is one of Ebola’s strategies for success — it makes the victim go into a flurry of seizures as he dies, spreading blood all over the place, thus giving the virus a chance to jump to a new host — a kind of transmission through smearing.

              Ebola (and Marburg) multiplies so rapidly and powerfully that the body’s infected cells become crystal-like blocks of packed virus particles. These crystal are broods of virus getting ready to hatch from the cell. They are known as bricks. The bricks, or crystals, first appear near the center of the cell and then migrate towards the surface. As a crystal reaches a cell wall, it disintegrates into hundreds of individual virus particles, and the broodlings push through the cell wall like hair and float away in the bloodstream of the host. The hatched Ebola particles cling to cells everywhere in the body, and get inside them, and continue to multiply. It keeps on multiplying until areas of tissue all through the body are filled with crystalloids, which hatch, and more Ebola particles drift into the bloodstream, and the amplification continues inexorably until a droplet of the hosts blood can contain a hundred million individual particles.

              After death, the cadaver suddenly deteriorates: the internal organs, having been dead or partially dead for days, have already begun to dissolve, and a sort of shock-related meltdown occurs. The corpse’s connective tissue, skin, and organs, already peppered with dead spots, heated by fever, and damaged by shock, begin to liquefy, and the fluids that leak from the cadaver are saturated with Ebola-virus particles

          • NV ,
            The hot zone should be MANDATORY reading for those on this site ,
            Really guys I think right now it would be advantageous to be sharing preparedness information time may be short and this goes a long way to helping other rather than a bitch a thon, ,
            To bad this site does not have a forum that allows posting of photos so we can share our bivouac / bug out set ups for information to others for educational purposes .

            Bugging in is the best option for obvious reasons , but a limited bug out for safeties sake might occur , think of this as only temporary returning when it’s safe to do so. Find a way to conceal preps, 5 gallon buckets with gamma lids are a good choice along with making your residence an unappealable forage point , ( simulated fire damage , looting , dead animal concealed for olfactory Deterance) red bag on deck bound with duct tape to simulate a body use your imagination.

            Remember the low hanging fruit gets picked first.

            Semper Fi 8541

            • You are right on target NB. Hope many are paying attention, I kind of like being with other people and do not want to be the only sane one left.

              • T,I like other people,that said,as only sane one,well,sanity is questionable with me in GOOD TIMES!I would say from reading the suffering a victim of obola goes thru would be willing to use the round and from a safe distance shoot them,hell,have had to do it for rabid animals,didn’t like doing it but knew was the right thing.

        • ht tp://

          Q: So the CDC was caught with its pants down.

          A: Around its ankles. It was claiming tens of thousands of Americans had Swine Flu, when that wasn’t the case at all. So why should we believe them now, when they say, “The patient was tested and he has Ebola.” The CDC is Fraud Central.

          Q: Let’s get back to the psychological factors involved here.

          A: A person has heard all about how dangerous Ebola is. He has a fear of some unknown invisible tiny killer, a virus. He has heard about “bad diseases” coming from Africa. Now, someone from the CDC stands up and talks about the threat of Ebola and says a patient with Ebola is in a Dallas hospital, and is sick. What’s the effect? Utter acceptance of the idea that the hospital patient has Ebola. “It’s Ebola. It couldn’t be anything else.”

          Q: And what did the CDC do next?

          A: Unbelievably, they doubled down and estimated there were 22 MILLION cases of Swine Flu in the US. That’s the level of lying we’re dealing with here. And now, the CDC says Ebola is loose. The diagnostic tests they’re running and relying on are useless. But everybody and his brother believes the CDC.

          Q: What’s the second problem?

          A: The antibody test doesn’t say whether a person was sick, is sick, or will get sick. At best, if there are no cross-reactions, it merely says the person had contact with the virus in question. So a positive antibody test for Ebola is far from saying “this person has Ebola.” That’s a lie. In fact, before 1985, the general conclusion from positive antibody tests was: this is a good sign; the patient’s immune system contacted the germ and threw it off, defeated it.

          • @ hmmmmm ~ Exellent, articulate post.
            Stating good facts. Thank you.
            I may not be as articulate.
            In mho –
            The CDC is a useless, gov. run piece of sh*t.
            That does not know its ass from a hole in the ground.
            I don’t like or trust the CDC.

          • Hmmmmm:

            Rappaports nomorefakenews FREE emails and his website is the best information I have found about the CDC, big pharma, vaccines, etc.

            It is certainly informative. He does not rely on advertisers to support his website; thus he is free to state truth that seems hard to come by at this time and date.

            I did an article on the appointed head of the CDC here at SHTF. It is worth everyones time to read up on his accomplishments. You will soon find him to be just another “lapdog”; furthering the agenda of “terror” to keep all our panties in a wad.

            • Granny tell us again how a woman was first made? Are you saying she did not have a belly button?

              • Nope, WWTI, Eve did not need a belly button. Only any offspring after her.

                Care to find a deeper answer?

                biblestudysite dot com. Even you, WWTI, would find it of interest and very informative. Might even have a profound effect on even you.

                • Granny, You still believe a woman was a stolen rib from a man and wrapped in flesh? When then was she eventually given a brain to think independently?

                  • WWTI:

                    Yep, WWTI, I still believe the rib story. Eve was given a brain at the same time she was made; unfortunately she didn’t use it wisely.

                    The Lord told her to stay away from Satan, that advice she promptly ignored. That is where Cain came from and from him came all those adversaries (Kenites) we so detest.

                    biblestudysite dot com

                    Truth lives there; best “link” gift I ever received.

        • Yeah, thanks for the info.
          Was thinking the other day about NBC training.
          Biological’s generally get into you by open wounds/injestion, or through the mucus membranes, or the worst and why we had the bunny suits, through skin. But particles that can get in through the skin are generally small enough and light enough to be aerosolized through normal respiration right?

      11. “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”… Ponce

        Get ready today for the way that you want to live tomorrow for tomorrow it will be to late

        “To be ready is not”.. Ponce


        • Ponce, When SHTF hits, if you can’t defend it, you don’t own it either.

        • Step 1: Always blame the Jews. The Jews are 14 million people on a planet of 7 billion but they obviously run the entire world.

          • Look at the top people in banking, media and government etc.

            I make no inference as to what their interests may be but there is no doubt they have a disproportionate amount of power.

        • Doris K Smith. Good Article. I did not know that Winston Churchill was Zionist Jew, which explains a lot now, of why America was dragged into war against Hitler, and fighting the Jews conflicts. We should have let Hitler finish the job, we would not be in the collapse we are in today.

          • Winston Churchill was a Jew? That’d be news to his mother, who was C of E to her dying day.

            How DO you people make this stuff up?

            • “Cunning no doubt came to Churchill in the Jewish genes transmitted by his mother Lady Randolph Churchill, nee’ Jenny Jacabson/Jerome.’
              Quote from Moshe Kohn, Jerusalem Post

              Leonard Jerome was the jewish owner of the New York Times. He was a close friend of August Belmont, Sr.,American representative of the Rothschild banking family.

              Jerome changed his name from Jacabson to Jerome. His daughter was Jenny Jacabson/Jerome mother of Winston Churchill.

              Truth can be found, Old Coach…….

              • Why do I bother refuting you people?

                For the same reason that I take out the garbage, guess.

                It stinks up the place.

                Leonard Jerome was a French Huguenot. Not Jewish. Calvinist.

        • Doris Kudder-Smith:

          I wonder how many of the 30,000 viewers on SHTF bothered to look at your link. Truth is posted there; hard to believe we have been so duped about what, who, when, and why. The enemies of America and the world have done an excellent job of covering up the truth.

          Many, many links have been posted here for people looking for answers. Your link is excellent. Thanks.

          • Yeah, everything on the Internet is true!

          • PO’d Granny – There are tons of links with Winston Churchill and Zionism. Again, W. Churchill was one of the first to be duped into War funded by the Rothchild Banking Cartel. The rest is history, WW1 – WW2- all the way through this ISIS crisis. Jews inventing conflict and false flags to drag countries into war and financing them has become quite a financial scam. Just Google The USS Liberty. which was attached by Israel to drag America into another conflict. That too was a coverup and they got caught.

      12. Unfortunately, I am stuck taking care of elderly and disabled family members, who will refuse to even think about this. I might be able to do more, except for a fat, lazy, semi-retired, wealthy government worker sister who’s only concern is her own pleasure, and refuses to get involved with taking care of said family members. Typical self-absorbed leftist/feminist. You know the type.

      13. I still say ‘bugging out’ is not a reality for 99% of the population, but a dream. First off, if you make it outside the roadblocks and checkpoints that *will* be setup to keep you peened in, you have a whole new set of obstacles to deal with:

        -Are you in top physical shape? When’s the last time you went even hiking in the woods and lived off just the supplies in your backpack or hunted/fished/foraged?

        -Have you done any of the above in the dark? How about the cold or rain or all three combined? No? Hmm…

        -What makes you think *you* are the only one trying to bug-out in that neck of the woods? Nobody else would think of doing that, you say? You are going to run into animals without guns and animals with guns…remember that.

        -Suppose you make it to your super secret squirrel location…you’ve got it made right? Nope. All those other migrating animals with guns are looking for a place…just like yours. And chances are they will try to take it. There are those who prepare…and those who prepare to take from those who did. Count on it.

        I actually know guys who do all those things I listed above and even they say they do not want to resort to bugging anywhere unless the walls are coming down around them. The very presence of all the weapons in the U.S. is going to make it very difficult to go anywhere. We re *the* most armed country in the world per capita as far as I’m concerned. Some things to think about…

        • I agree. Unless you can telecommute, if you have to live hear a big city, bugging out will probably not work very well. Yes, if you can get out ahead of time, with vacation time saved up, all well and good (I have land in Nova Scotia – NO ONE is going there in a collapse, yet it is fertile and not really cold – yes, NOT that cold… and if you you can’t stand temps around 30 or so, why be a prepper – just go hang out in the mall with the other Learjet leftists). Worse, Ferfal, who survived Argentina, explicitly states that the rural areas in Argentina were the MOST dangerous. Seems to me if you have something reasonably close, well and good. Try to live in the exurbs if you have to live in a large city (e.g., I live in the FAR west of the leftist hellhole of greater Chicago – west of me is just farm fields), so I can keep a job but am also not cheek by jowl in an urban area. I will probably try to make sure I partner with neighbors in a meltdown. Wish it were different, but there you have it. Wildcard is if for some reason all the nuclear reactors in IL have a Fukishima type event. Then, I will have to be one of a number of refugees. Thankfully, I am not within 50 miles of any one of them.

          • 30:30s a good deer round in heavy brush or swamp bogs. That’s where you will find them.

        • Socrates, you do make some valid points, but I have made 10 trips to my cousin’s BOL and back since April of last year and only God knows how many trips there in the years before I made the arrangement. I know my bugout route and some alternate routes like the back of my hand. I know the risks involved and I’m more than willing to take those risks. the risks are well worth it to get the hell out of the urban hellhole I’m in now. If I become stuck here, I probably won’t last too long. If it’s my time I’ll take as many scum with me as I can.

      14. Fat guys in the woods. A new show on the weather channel with creek Stewart. They go into the woods with 1 liter of water and stay for a week. Creek Stewart is the ‘guide’. It opens the eyes of these city slickers!

        • 10’s of Millions of people will die within weeks in the northern climates if the grid goes down. Unless you have a backup wood stove and 6 months of fire wood stockpiled up, its going to be a mass culling by mother nature. Ebola has nothing on mother nature an freezing temperatures. And you sure are not bugging ou in 3 feet of snow. And the millions of unprepared will be looking for the stove pipe kicking off smoke and heat for refuge. Wake up America get ready yesterday.

          • I would not want to be ANYWHERE within sight of a north to south interstate such as I-75. Using the paved roads will seem easier to them. I expect many to head south for this exact reason. Everything within a 5-10 mile radius of inter-state will be decimated by the south bounded hoards. 10-15 miles radius, a little less dangerous, but still dangerous. They won’t even be thinking of taking any supplies with them, they will just kill and pillage as they go.

          • @WhoWuddaThunkIt

            That’s why your BOL should have a RSHM (Rocket Stove Mass Heater) in it and *not* a regular woodstove or fireplace. Why you ask?

            A RSMH burns fuel extremely efficiently with a double burn chamber type setup and the only things that normally exhaust are CO2 and some steam. If you do an internet search you will find scores of videos, websites dedicated just to that type of heating. Zombies wondering through the woods will not even see or smell your awesome RSHM and keep on trudging along.

            Another upside of the RSMH is that it provides radiant heat for hours and hours with just small saplings and twigs for a fuel source. You won’t need cords and cords of split firewood, and that’s the fact jack!

            Add to the fact that the top of the double burn combustion chamber doubles as a cooking top, just like the old woodstoves and you have the unbeatable deal.

            Don’t have to take my word for it though, just check around and see for yourself what hundreds, if not thousands have said about them.

      15. My bug out location is only about 25 miles away. There is another group waiting for my group to show up. We have it worked out to get to there in a time frame. They will have scouts out waiting for us, and I’ll be sending out scouts to them, and the will notify the other group to back us up when we get there. I’m taking a small army of people with me. We have living quarters set up and many other things ready to go.

        I have worked out several different ways to get there. so if one is a no go I have another way. (or2).
        By the way the outer group is headed up by Twin brother. So I know that they will be there.

        This is all based on if things go to Hell by 2016, after that I have my last BOL set up, and will be there, with our group. This location is a much better place to be.


        • Twin brother,Sarge 2 I assume?

          • WD
            No kidding TWIN brother.

            • Sgt Dale: No twins are identical. I suppose he is the ugly twin??? 🙂

              • DK
                How did you know?

                • Sgt Dale: Lucky guess. I better buy a lottery ticket!!! 🙂

                  • No, you wasted your luck on that posting.

                  • Coach: I stepped out of my truck today and found a penny. I am back on easy street with my luck intact!!! 🙂

        • No place will be safe within one gas tank away from any major City like Chicago. Hords of negros will be stripping the landscape clean like swarms of locusts come harvast moon.

          • The more northern you are, the better your chances of survival.

          • WWTI, I doubt if even blacks can make it THAT FAR AWAY from any urban area. None of them will have any survival skills, such as how to purify water, foraging, fishing, hunting, etc. Without any of those skills to fall back on, they won’t last long outside a city.

            • Renegade. OK out of Chicago you don’t want to live anywhere near the last stop on the L Train, going west. lol Yikes.

              Major cities are a toxic cement dump wasteland. In a full Grid Down crisis, How will you haul water up 50 floors of stairs to your apartment cave? lol And many living in the Cities do not own any cars or transportation. They are DOOMED for DEATH!

      16. Is it dangerous to speak your mind ?

        • Going to be dangerous to speak the truth as soon as the Noahide Laws become the law of America and the world.

          Go to the jewish virtual library site to learn more.

      17. Im going to sit tight, our Island home is NOTHING like anywhere in the contiguous 48
        Been reading Expatriates by JWRawles, good book, gets you thinking about stuff.

        • Kula, not sure. Are we now called the Contiguous 48, or the Contagious 48. Trekker Out.

      18. I have always liked Creeks site(Willow Haven),some good practical info there.I rarely watch survival shows but do enjoy the survivor guy who films himself ect.The idea of taken clueless/out of shape folks and giving them some basic skills appeals to me,may inspire others in the same boat as they see themselves in that scenario i.e. basically clueless and out of shape,those who practice and have true desire to survive just might have a chance.

        • WD
          Very Very good point. I agree!!!

          • How the hell did your response become a “hot debate”?!Thanks for telling me you have a twin,I now have visions of being at the range with Sarge 1&2,one on each side saying as I shoot”aim small”,the other saying “miss small” and then swapping the lines back and forth!Dammit!,am going to a friends range down here this week,guaranteed to start giggling when shooting,luckily during the week have it to ourselves.

            • WD
              I happy it is going to make you giggle, That means I made you happy. That is going to make my day at work on patrol.
              Have a good time on the range and be careful.
              AIM SMALL —————————— MISS SMALL
              LEFT EAR RIGHT EAR

      19. AMEN WARFACE!

      20. I hope to stay right where I am. Surrounded by family and neighbor’s I have known all my life. All country people that have hunted and gardened all there life. Farms here as well.
        I do have options. My best friend who is one of my partners in prepping also has a place we can go. It is about 4 hours from here. If it starts and I stay then I probably will not have the option of going there. There are way more resources here where I am at. Food and water are not problems. Weapons and ammunition are not problems. one of my neighbors owns the local sporting goods store.

        I have one issue I cannot solve. My son with cp. If there are medical issues that is going to be a problem. We do have neighbors that are a doctor and a nurse. Medication and major medical issues are still a problem that is hard to solve.

        • Mike,sounds like your doing a great job with your sons challenges now,kudos.The only thing I can think of is improvising in a tough situation,perhaps any meds have a more natural equivalent you could stock up on,perhaps not ideal but we all just do what we can,any way to deal with the medical conditions in ways that may allow improvising,obviously,stock up on now used meds as much as possible.A tough situation this will be a challenge for millions on the med end.I am not a fan of pharm meds except when only real alternative,believe the pharm industry does try and crush natural/inexpensive treatments thru bribed legislation.I would say any who are on meds and lifestyle change will not eradicate need for em stock up and find any alternatives while we have time,disasters can strike both man made/natural,we can only do the best we can with what we have,at moment,we still have time.

          • Thanks Warchild

            We all have our major worries in life. When the crash comes my family is mine. I am sure most feel like that. I am very lucky to have my wife and sons. They are all blessings in my life. Thanks for the advice and I will do my best. I never quit or give up. Ever on anything. I learned that as a young boy. I quit a little league football team.
            Have never quit anything that mattered for the rest of my life. I will do everything possible.

            Thanks for the encouragement and compliment too.

            • Mike in VA, the north GA BOL I’m going to is my family and I have other family in the same area that are always looking out for each other. They all grew up in those mountains and learned how to shoot, hunt, fish, trap, forage, etc. from the earliest possible age. the women in my family are better shots than I am. They all have homesteads and I’ll have to learn all about homesteading once I get to the BOL permanently. They were all born and raised into that lifestyle. They eat, drink, think, and sleep SURVIVAL 24/7/365. Once I get there I’ll be just fine.

              • TRB
                You know when I get set up in Tenn. I will let you know where I’m at, and you are welcome there if you can’t make it to your BOL, or you can stay for a while and get some R&R and a full stomach.

                • Sarge, I will definitely keep that offer in mind. It’s always good to have an alternative.

              • Braveheart

                I hope you leave at the perfect time and get there safely. I put a post to you earlier. If you need gas and are in my area stop by and fill up.
                I too am surrounded by people who have farms. It is nice to have the knowledge of the old way of living. It does not mean you will survive but it sure is a comfort. You are another individual that I will help in any way I can.

                • Mike in VA, I saw that post and left a reply that I’ll be going straight thru TN to get to GA. All of my family in north GA are homesteaders and have their own gardens. Some of them grew up on farms so everybody can grow food in their sleep. Appreciate the offer.

        • Our little girl (5) has a rare disease and has no problems most of the time. But, when she does, it isn’t pretty. We have been able to handle it without resulting to another OR visit but so many other children have had great success, then hit a wall. So, I have stocked up on supplies but the one thing I do not have is sterile saline. If we had to flush her, we would need that. I suppose we could make it but I haven’t checked into it.

          Not sure with CP. Our friends son has CP and that little guy amazes me. He runs triathlons, at 11 years old! His father is a physical therapist and has worked with him tirelessly.

          I’m sorry you have some hurdles but I bet that dr and nurse could be a huge help. Maybe just stock the supplies they might need knowing the particular struggles your son might face.

          • First, you need to buy or make a still so that you can make distilled water. Then you need table salt that is not iodized. Look online to find out how much salt to add to how much water. Boil the water, dissolve the salt in it, and put the solution in sterile containers. Use canning jars and Tattler lids for large amounts. Date the containers and use the solution soon.

            Table salt is a forever prep, so you can buy a lifetime supply. The still, pot, jars, and lids should also last a lifetime. The only thing you have to resupply is the water. And that can be any kind, since you will be distilling and boiling it.

          • Anon 1970: Not sure if this is helpful or not….not sure which war it was but on the battle field when they ran out of iv fluids, they used coconut milk which saved quite a few lives.


          • Anon

            My son is in a wheel chair and does not talk. He is happy all the time though. We do communicate. He has seizures. He has crones disease. He also has a ventricular shunt which drains fluid off the brain. If that went bad he would require surgery. He also is fed through a g tube in his stomach. I have over time stocked up on tubes. I would have to give him powdered milk or regular milk from a cow instead of formula.
            Just tough problems to overcome.
            Have to have faith in the good lord and do my best.

            Thanks for the helpful post and encouragement.

      21. OK,time for a Warchild bitch rant!I will say the Colt Model 1911 with a 5″ barrel,series 70 with a slide that wiggles and sounds like a babies rattle my favorite firearm of all time!I like loose tolerances as originally designed for trenches and dirt ect.That said,the pic with pistol scabbard with some kind of 1911 with the hammer cocked back and pointing were your foot goes is just plain idiocy!I take umbrage(sorry)with any 1911 being used in such a idiotic fashion!I do not care if just a photo shoot and even a 80 series extra safety(hate em!),hell,why not a strap also over beaver tail to help keep it in scabbard!And that folks,is the last complaining I will do tonight(unless a article encouraging me to buy property I cannot afford pops up tonight!On a side note,though am all for keeping babies happy(smiling and drooling) rather then unhappy(screaming and spitting!)do not,repeat,DO NOT shake a 1911 in front of em as a baby rattle,just bad form!

        • I carry my 1911 just like that. cocked and locked.

          • Eh,and probably rattle it in front of babies!To each their own.

            • Nope, my Springer doesn’t rattle.

          • .02 no use in trying to educate them on cocked and locked, I’ve been through this so many times. Nothing more unsafe or slower then trying to cock a 1911 than when carried with the hammer down. When faced with a charging griz or a armed assailant, you better be cocked and locked. Hammer down? Why put a thumb saftey on a 1911, it can’t be engaged with the hammer in that position, guess the inventor didn’t realize that. Bet he did! Check and see how all of the Pro’s carry a 1911. Trekker Out. Condition 1

        • Oh boy…I got a Kimber Raptor 5″ 1911 and she is tight…don’t wanna make any sexual conotations because no one has a sense of humor tonight but she sleeps under my pillow and I have no complaints. We all know this but I’m feeling mooshy tonight, the 1911 is the most beautiful firearm ever made, right next to the AR15/m16.

          • Love my kimber 1911. My little ‘precious’

            • 1911’s to date.
              (2) Kimber(s) Classic Stainless w/sanbar stag grips.
              (2) Kimber(s) #1-Ulta CDP EliteII (discontinued in ’96) Custom Ivory grips by Dan Chesiak. #2-Ultra CDP Elite II STS, (discontinued in’96),Custom Ivory grips by Dan Chesiak.
              (1) Customized Government Model (Man. 1943)trigger work, Bo-mar ribbed sights, NM barrel& bushing.
              (1) 70 series Combat Commander. Satin nickel
              (1) Les Baer Custom, full sized.

              • My favorites….The ’43 Colt and the Commander.

                • Correction on the Kimber Ultra’s. They were Manufactured in 2002. There were 600 of the Ultra CDP Elite II produced and 650 of the Ultra CDP Elite STS produced.

            • Beretta PX4 subcompact 9mm with a 20+1 magazine. 124gr +P Hollowpoints My home open carry. That will get me to the 12g shotgun slugs or 000buckshot everyother round or the battle rifle Sig 556 Swat, 60 Rnd mag with steel penetrator green tips. Battle belt and satchel full of more mags. Die a free man on your feet than a slave victim on your knees.

        • WD
          One Kimber CDP 11 One Rock with all new stainless steal guts. Bo Mar sites, adjustable trigger. One Lazer Aim, One 1927, With Bo Mar sites. two USP 45’s.
          The good old 45 just can’t beat them!!!!!

          • Damn,PO& Sarge,you have some nice pistols!MT,understand cocked and locked,when on a scoot with a .45 I have pointed at my foot am not comfortable,plus,how will I grab it quick when riding/and,seems a lock on scabbard?!Come on,this pic bad firearm porn!

            • .45’s are really accurate out to about 15 Ft. lol

              • Not so. I use that ’43 1911 to break claybirds set up out on the 100 yard berm often. If I handed it to you, you could do the same.

      22. Sleeps in your bed,you have given it a sex and you called her tight,nope,no sexual connotations there!That,and no keeping babies amused with slide rattle!

        • i carried the old style Glock loaded for years and it had no external safety what so ever, just the little lever in the trigger. THAT made me a bit nervous, so I feel the locked 1911 is way more safe than that.

        • I always enjoy the gun talk here. I am not a gun nut but have always had several on hand. I took my wife’s 22/250 to a gunsmith the other day for a looksee and got to thinking as I was looking at the racks of long guns. As a kid I had several, and deer hunted with Winchester model 94 lever action 30.30’s. I never see them mentioned as a defense gun but they hold 6 in the mag and 1 in chamber. You can fire as fast as a semi auto and they have a 20in. barrel that would be good in close quarters. They are still cheap used from a private at a couple of hundred bucks. I think I am going to pick up a couple of them and a bunch of ammo. As far as firepower they might be on the light side but I sure as hell don’t want to get hit by one. For those with limited funds this might be a real good choice.

          • SKEPTIC
            Nothing wrong with the 30-30. I just wouldn’t use it as my primary defense weapon. Secondary yes. 30-30 is as fast if not faster than at 7.62×39 round with a heavier slug. It will knock you dick in the dirt if you are hit with it. If it will take a large black bear it will take out a Zombie or a Leach!

          • Try one in 45-70 or 444 marlin will stop anything on 2 feet or 4 feet .
            Be warned it kills at both ends !
            MACV used them in NAM to kill VC elephants on the HO CHE MIN trail .

            Would not want to get winged by one even with level IV armor on

            Semper Fi 8541

      23. Off Topic sorry its about Ebola..One of the news stations reported that a Worcester hospital has a person from west Africa in isolation they say they don’t think the person has it but are being cautious. That’s about a hour from me to close to home. If I remember correctly there’s a couple others guys from Ma here anyone heard anything..

        • DC,raised in Mass.,now a hampster(N.H.) but work a lot outside of Boston.I am about 30 miles right now from Worchester(friggin great!),will keep my ears open and search locally.DC,it is not about ebola,it is spelled obola!

          • DC,only one article so far,that said,a aid worker was cleared of obola and went home(Worchester)about a week ago,many articles/stories about him,if it is him,there is a problem as he was cleared and thus walking around in public/doing interviews ect.,will definitely keep a eye on this,hampster,may be coming back again sooner then I thought!I have plenty of stock down here,wheels up full bugout/accessories at a old friends home here,this could get interesting!I could possibly be writing a ground zero article for this site!I am a attention hound,that said,would rather not write aforementioned possible article!

            • OK DC and all,looked into it a bit more,seems it is the doc I mentioned earlier but as of tonight the reason in hospital is not obola but pneumonia,may have got that in hospital earlier,or,may be a friggin lie,will stay on this one.The doc actually lives in Holden and his name is public so folks from that region may want to keep ears open a little extra wide.

              • Yes I just came on to tell you to say. Thanks for looking put

                • DC,here is a local article most recent @ moment:ht tp:// ,space in http to avoid the dreaded”Moderation Game”.Warchild,your intrepid/cigarette smoking/coffee guzzling reporter is on the case!

                  • Thanks for the link

                  • Lol Warchild I’m trying to post ur link and didn’t see your last sentence

                  • Hey fellow MASSHOLES! This is all over the local news this morning. Between this story and the little girl in Cumberland RI who died of that new enterovirus, we really should have our guard up more than usual.
                    On another sideline, the full scope of the Mehanna, Abousamra plot to shoot up Emerald Square mall has us very concerned. Putting the Smith& Wesson .38 snubby away in favor of my old Colt 1911. Just want to be able to respond in proper fashion , that’s all.

                • The same not say fat fingers in the am

                  • Dammit Watch,am a hampster now just working in Mass.,am no longer a Masshole,just a migrating hampster who at times can be a asshole.

      24. Interesting
        Looks like trolls are thumbing down the locals, not that I give a crap, just thought it was interesting.

        • Kula:
          I noticed the same thing. I really don’t care either. It must be the moon.

      25. Does the human race deserve to survive ?

        • Half of the worlds planet population are useless eaters. I just don’t see the Government culling real tax payers or land owners who pay taxes. Its the other tribe leeches just taking up space robbing and stealing for a living that are marked for the extermination list.

          • You may very well be on to something. Do you know what Michell O’s job was before becoming first Lady? she worked for a group that managed hospitals. Her job was to secure ways/set up legal protocol for the hospitals to avoid taking in the poor who could not pay. Truth. research it.

      26. Kula,gave you a up thumb,now you can sleep easy tonight!

        • Don’t buy the whole hog- It’s cheaper by the pound.

          • Oh I raise my own, not some anymore, used to but the flavor of homegrown Ed is amzin’ !

        • Thats pretty funny, i was always the kinda guy who got a kick out of getting thumbs down from my actions, gave me a chuckle when i first found this site and figured out the thumbs up thumbs down system, wondered how that woulda worked back in school,,
          But thanks, i never sleep anyway, so certainly dont loose sleep over this minutia,,,

      27. REPORT

        I’ve been reading all these comments, are you guys a little off topic from the advertisement (most times)? Or do you realize it’s an ad and take liberty to communicate with like mined?

        I’m not sure why I would buy land in the middle of nowhere when that’s where I am. Are WE not intelligent enough so that we became dependent on someone to tell us where to move too and how to prepare our life’s. Is there a new class of experts coming? The prepper elite! There is something to be said about “whole brain” thinking. If you haven’t incorporated this in your overall plan brother/sister than you are not prepared, period. I’m sure most of you have considered every aspect of the coming events but can we ever be prepared for what ever our way come? Yes. THE UNKNOWN – IS KNOWN


        • Vt.,yes we notice,tis a weekly thing,read my Colt response,said would bitch IF a push to buy property I cannot afford and love my home anyhow.These articles though bring many different articles/discussions and ideas,we live with it as site owner needs to make a living.Oh.


        • VTFree
          Cant speak for everyone but for myself its a little distraction and entertainment,
          Plus is a little family of sorts, fun and interesting to see response to the various articles, plus i like using the links Mac has, lots of good reading and different sites,

      28. the national forests are the best place to bugout to.


        • I think a lot of people have the same idea.

          BUG IN

          Prep! Prep! Prep !

          • buggin-in will get you killed.

            where i live there will be a lot of experienced hunters and horsemen in the woods, they are already organized and have camps established in the national forest. i plan to shadow them. they and their camps will become my early warning system in the woods.

            you have to stay liquid and mobile to be able to move away from the threat or danger.

            establish a series of hidden shtf-caches away from your home base.

            so if attacked by a large force you can flee and have a life saver cache awaiting you in a safer area.

            liquid , quiet and mobile is the key.

            get a rugged mountain bike with kevlar tires and slime no flat inner tubes, learn how to escape and evade pursuers in the woods and urban environment, learn to move at night unheard unseen.


            • Get real people . Bugging out you are a refugee on the highway with the hordes most unprepared and your well stocked vehicles will be showing your hands to the unprepared. Many will become victims of highway robbery. One jackass throwing a big box of roofing nails at a choke point on ramp to a highway will be a slaughter house. And ripe for looters. You have no idea what many unprepared have in mind for you. Do you have CB radios to monitor an area prior to approach. Rogue roadblocks like spider webs trapping unsuspected prey. If bugging out leave well ahead of the masses. Be ready to leave your house in 15 mins of an event. Be aleady packed and the pile ready to be loaded. Or wait it out a month or 2 after many are already dead. Many times its the 2nd mouse that gets the cheese.

              • I agree whoWudda

                Keep a full tank of gas in one of the vehicles you will be using if you do have to bug out.

                Also a few 5 gallon jobs in the back.

                Remember all the JAILS and MENTAL HOSPITALS will be opening there doors when SHTF happens.

                And the ones that have been on welfare use your imagination.

                Have good commo too, if you can get a hold of a old tunny radio with am/fm mb sw that can also run on batteries that is good.

                Have a good rifle, shotgun, and pistol, with plenty of rounds.

                I recommended on the 7.62x54r Nagant for not a hole lot of money you get a hole lot of RIFLE, ammo is cheap too.

                SHOTGUNS You decision I like 12 ga.

                Pistols the same get one of the following

                .38/357 9MM or .45cal

                And a good .22 pistol or rifle.

                If you have not learn some brush craft real soon……..

                Most of all avoid CONTACT if you can.

                In other words DO NOT!!!! get into a FIGHT if you can.

                Get at least 20 miles off the road into the woods, or 3 mountain ranges away from everything.

                And have a spot where there is a good 360 all around preferable a high spot.

                Have a fire pit, or some sort of block so know one can see it, keep it low and, use dry wood.

                That is just my opinion.

                I am sure some of you can add to that……..

                B-17 on the runway.

            • O.K.

              But lets think about human nature.


              YOU DO.

              Someone wants your stuff because they are in critical need, and they have more numbers.


              I think you would stand a better chance in some kind of FORTIFICATION.

              THEN OUT IN THE OPEN ?????????

            • Rodeph,am with you on the mountain bike thing,would say though exposed ect. tis quite and needs no gas except some calories to burn,might be a good way for folks to get out of crowded areas they need to be in for work ect. if they hit that trail early enuff.

      29. Lets hear some good SOLID ideas on bikes and vehicals that are EMP PROOF. Would love to see a good converstaion on this. Please let YOUR KNOWLEDGE FLOW. Not to be off the joke topic. But it is getting REAL FOLKS and we need to help each out ASAP…. Keep the good information flowing. There are lifes that are depending ON IT ,,,,,, IF any one that could write a in depth artical or point toward some good information it would help a lot people out.. Lets stay on the task at hand. Saving our asses and loved ones.

        • Night,been a lot of discussion about that,many emps actually will fry a lot of comms but not the cars.That said,go with real old school point systems without any new fangled electronics and would be all right.I suppose one could also faraday cage a car but if on road,ooops!I would also say if a emp hits during day roads will be fubar,best have 4×4/enduro bike ect. at that point.I suppose one could on some older stuff that has a older school”brain”keep a spare emp protected in vehicle with basic hand tool kit to replace.

          • Hey war, pre 1964 tractor here, just say in’. 🙂

            • Nice,love old school stuff.I went to a state fair(small one) but of course they had a plethera of old tractors and the pulls.I will save really like the big work horses but would really have no idea how to use em as a team,mine would get a bit chunky till I learned that skill!That said,love the Heavy Horses!

              • War, half lingers rock! (Pull in’ horses). My fave, but the old clysedales are more well known, much better temperament with the halfs from my experience, but we all have our own experiences. 🙂

                • Dammit Mom,had to look em up and learn something!Did you know they were the first horse ever cloned successfully?Seems like a cool little work critter,my favorites from teams/solo’s have seen are Percheron s,saw a pair of black ones a few years back that got me interested in working horses a bit.On a side note,your tractor is older then me!

                  • Sorry war way we be older than you then :). Cain’t use no tractor on a mount side as PaPaw would say 🙂

            • Anyone here been making biodiesel for a long time that would be willing to share their ideas on the best system to put together on a small budget?

              • Skeptic,personally have not done that but a group in area got together and started a little club,there is a boatload of info. on net how to get started.For a short time instead of free some restaurants tried to sell waste,many though still willing to give for free so that nonsense ended for most part.I would go with the waste end and not on a personal level grow crops for it,do that for food,good luck.


          • Solar EMP won’t hurt cars, but nuclear EMP will damage electronic circuits and disable many cars. Some will stop, but can be recranked. Just a few disabled cars will jam up streets and highways, so it would be best to have an old truck, jacked up a little so you can jump curbs, take the medians or shoulders, and avoid the jams.

            • Arch,always a good idea to have a old 4×4 jacked up,end of the world or not!

        • The Yamaha XS650 motorcycle has a large following and parts are available. It was the first 4 stroke engine Yamaha made and copied Triumph design, but with improvements. They over engineered it and is very reliable. The earlier models have the mechanical points and I believe would be EMP proof. Light bike at about 450 pounds and gets 55-60 mpg. You should be able to get a good one for $1,000 – $1,500. I don’t know but the newer ones may be able to be retrofitted back to the mechanical points. They quit making them in early 80’s.

          • Another prepper fantasy. You’re going smugly to ride your hog past the crowd.

            • It’s not my bugout vehicle, but was just responding to info request of NightShadow. Post a rebuttal to the article making your points against his idea of using a motorcycle as a bugout vehicle. I would read it.

              • why not? Darrel does it.

                • Yeh and look where he ended up
                  TERMINUS ANYONE?

                  Semper Fi 8541

              • I don’t think “bugging out” is a very rational plan for most. You certainly should have a plan as to where to go and how to get there, if it came to that, and that would be ONLY if staying put would be impossible/deadly. No such thing as a “bug out vehicle” safely with a family. If your safe place is close by, people would just move there permanently beforehand. Not likely there would be much warning of shit flying, so overall, best bet is to be prepared, hunker down and be invisible until calm returns.

        • I do a lot of biking and am making a bike trailer out if a deer carry cart you can find on sportsmansguide site for about 59 bucks. Up to 250+ pounds carry weight. I also do a lot of kayaking in back water where it is so shallow no motor boats can get to and miles of swamps from the land side. The key of bugout is to isolate yourself from the human element

          • WWTI, I agree that a bike could be one of the best ways to get around and relatively fast as well. The Japanese used bikes extensively during WWII to move their troops through Indochina, Thailand, into the Malaysian Peninsula and into Burma. The VC used bikes effectively to move troops and supplies down the HCM trail. You would need safe corridors because you would be a lot more vulnerable. You certainly could get a lot farther on a bike than on your feet. I really like your idea of a bike trailer. One needs to be riding bikes all the time if you expect to go far. Can get ‘saddle sore’ mighty fast. Spare parts, tires, repair kits. I was hitch-hiking through Tibet once and met an Irishman riding his bike around the world. Over a couple of days, I actually met up with him twice before leaving him behind. Months later he caught up with me closer to the equator. It was something to see!

      30. O.K. I can”t express my thoughts well in writing, but got a lot of thumbs down tonight for making my supper, deer stew with all home grown veggies, and having an iron butt patch (if you ride 2 wheels you know), so this will be my last comment. I will not bug out unless there is no other choice, we were in younger days considered middle class, BUT, we both grew up with an outhouse, growing our own food, and old and have grandkids, are we well off? HELL NO! Go to work one day and gates locked with a sign, plant closed, six months later he goes to work and told the plants closing, we lived off our preps for two years and got thru it. We got 2 well manages acres to raise our food and hunt on friends places and a little acre eighty miles from here. We were raised old school and we raised our kids old school. Sorry if I offended folks, I will continue to read, but this old lady won’t post anymore. These new gadgets are hard to use any, after all, I took three semesters of college in typing on a. Real typewriter. And yes I ride horses too. God bless ya’ll, I will read the comments and articles but post no more.

        • MommaD don’t let the red thumbs get to you. There are gov and probably liberal trolls trying to do exactly what they just made you do! THIS REACTION to stop posting is what they want. They want all sites like this to dry up and die. Don’t let the bastards win, instead tell them FVK YOU ASSHOLES.. there now I feel better and you should post and not worry about what others think or do. fvkem.

          • Thanks O2 🙂

          • Mom,you mentioned you don’t use dirt bikes.I grew up with horses and dirt bikes,thing I loved about my dirt bike,could just lean it against garage wall for months at a time with zero attention and then ride it again,can’t do that with a horse.Do not let the red thumbs stop ya’s from posting,just a bunch of idiots or govt. trolls,either way,any who can’t handle red thumbs has the survival skills of a twinkie when it hits the fan/goes south/time up ,what have ya’s.

            • Well I know I will get a bunch of thumbs down, BUT I will eat that old horse before I would let him starve, that is a terribly way to die, just satin’ . I am old school, lol. Our philosophy is. ” don’t have more than ya can eat yer way out of”. We really do our life that way. Yep lots of thums down I am sure. The way i deal with it is this. I have never seen that lionesses on the wild kingdom cry in’ over a zebra as her cubs eat! Just me though ya all do what ya do, just get along and love each other!

          • Why so PC? Fuck those assholes.

          • .02, braveheart agrees and says the same thing to MommaD. Ma’am, don’t let these commies known as trolls drive you away. That’s exactly what they hope to accomplish. You make some good posts and I enjoy them. My message to the trolls is the same. They can go make love to themselves.

            • Thanks renagagade, I enjoy your post to!

        • We all got a bunch of red thumbs,,,
          Is all good,

          • Thanks K!

        • I think I need to say this again. I had to quit voting green or red
          (Never voted red)Everytime I tried to do thumbs up it put a red one.
          I couldn’t vote on being 44 & under(I am) I guess I just couldn’t vote
          Twice that day. Not sure. I’m on an iPhone. But y’all shouldn’t take
          Most of them personally. I’m sure the 3 that vote sixpack are just asses
          Wish BI was here.

        • @MommaD
          Now if your the type w/ real dirt under your nails why you going to let scrawny liberal punks get to you w/ a red thumb? Your better than that and Ill say you probably have more spunk than most of the keyboard trolls who come here. A while back, about half on here gave me a load of shit, called me a troll and worse. Sometimes we get into it. Consider it battle practice,right?

          Aint too many who talk of draft horses here, so keep talkin. Some of us will ride along, othersll learn what you share. Me, I love the looks of those haflingers but theres more belgians and percherons in this area. Dont forget the drafts from Ireland where theyre bred smaller. Might be just the horse for the smaller farms and homesteads in our new futures. Wouldnt mind my own team or at least a quarterhorse esp when the grid goes down.
          Me and the wife learned how to type on manual typewriters and we been looking for one to keep on hand. Saw a Royal last yr w/ a pricetag of $80 so we passed.

          • The problem with large horses is that they are costly hay burners. its akin to me trying to use my 55 chevy car with a dual carb 454 four speed and 456 gears for a daily driver. That much power simply isn’t needed very often. in very poor countries the burro is the preferred draft animal. you see them carrying and pulling huge loads.

          • Thanks Cal, you cain’t beat an old draft, I cain’t lie, I do love a good mini too, they can pull sooooo much, that is what they were bred for. I come from a family of proud coal miners! (Why they were bred) They don’t eat much and only need a small stall. Oh and when you have 2 teenage datin’ sons and an itty bitty cutesy putsey horse that takes 2 minutes to hook to a cart, and the little lady thinks that little horsey is the best, it turns you into a rockin momma after those nights 🙂

        • MommaD

          Please keep posting. There are just idiots on here. If they were starving they would eat venison like crazy. I don’t care what people think of me. I only try to help. They can give me all the red thumbs they want.

          We need your wisdom. A lot of people on here would love to hear how things used to be done. It is a dying knowledge and will be invaluable when this world goes to crap.

          Everybody on here needs to start helping each other. If you don’t have information that helps, encourages, or inspires then what are you here for. We are all preppers on the same team. We will have to work together one day. May as well set aside our petty differences and start now.

      31. “Dawn” their gear? “Your” screwed? Please,Todd, have someone proof “you’re” “righting”.

        • A few things I disagree with myself. If things go mad max and we are all on foot, why do we have to cover 30 miles a day 7 days a week? When I hunt I move about as fast as a snail, so when things are really dangerous I am not about to go power hiking across and over hill and dale. Low and slow will keep you ahead of the game compared to doing the 100 yard dash every 5 miles.

          • I see it as just conditioning,you may need to hike reasonable pace a long distance but then may find you are not scooting quick you are dead.I could see in some situations power hiking might be the way to go is done with radar on and observance tweaked.

          • Slow and steady wins the race, just keep in mind the old fable of the hare and tortoise,yep it is works.

          • O2, my best day was 12 miles in a day using the roads, just 2 years ago, I figure 12 to. 20 days on crossing the trails on the ridges for 80 miles and I know that is optimistic. Just my 1/2 cent. But hey I am no spring chicken. You

            • No Momma, my spring left the chicken years ago.

        • …I just thought he wanted it real clean…. bubbles, bubbles everywhere…

        • “Ad” something? It lowers your credibility when the words aren’t even used properly. If you have something important to say, this type or error just detracts from it!

      32. I will stand at home. In a 2 mile circle there are 30 homes, 28 are privately owned and just 2 rentals, all 28 are on board with what is happening and are prepared, the two rental’s will not last 24hrs. I feel I’m very lucky to live where I do. All have water that is off the grid for back up. We all have live around one another for over 40yrs. Yes we are all liked minded.

        • Vapor,you are soooo blessed!

        • Vapor, the BOL I’ll be going to already has most of my supplies stored in the barn, has a garden, a nice deep well with a hand pump when the power fails and one side of the property borders on a year-round creek. Game, timber for firewood, and water all around. Plus other family within a 10-mile radius. We all know how to survive.

          • BH: I think the PTB are over estimating here in fly over country, that the sheep (people) will just follow the shepherd (them); well they will find way too many wolves out here in sheep’s clothing for their liking. There are more out here than they realize. Stand tall, help likeminded and no quarter to the rest. The old saying around my part of the world is; it will all come out in the May Tag! Live long and be safe my fellow Patriot.

            • Vapor, thanks and the feeling here is mutual. I think the TPTB will be in for the surprise of their lives when the balloon finally goes up.

      33. thanks war!

      34. What will cause me to leave this site,the language people use to express themselves.No wonder our country is in the condition it is in,Stupid people.

        • My dad had a 6th grade education. He built houses BEFORE a contractor had to be licensed.
          I have a college degree and would trade that for just 1/8th the skill that man had.
          My house was so plumbed, I had not one problem in any corners of any room.
          A 24′ X 32′ room is hard to find that that can be said about.
          I could lay a marble on that hardwood floor and know it wasn’t going to go anywhere.
          He needed no plans also!!
          And that was just one of the talents he possessed. He raised pigs, grew gardens, did body work, and could make a 357 hum.
          He spoke like a man born in the 20’s raised on a farm.
          He said I seen, and done been, and many other incorrect grammatical remarks.
          But he was more up to date on current events and what was happening in the senate than I was.
          Proper grammar and college degrees won’t feed your hungry children when this collapse comes to our doors.
          So, you grammar police, give it a rest, puh–seeze!!!

          • Thanks for your post Hmmmmm……

            It needed to be said. Don’t like how someone spells or writes or posts? Is your scrolling fingers broke?

        • Fuck You.

      35. Back to the subject of the article for a moment! Like most of it, but illustrating the motorcycle option with a Hardly Ableto lowrider made me LOL. Loud, poor gas mileage, prone to costly breakdowns, utterly useless off paved surfaces, etc., etc. Being an old, OLD biker, my choice would be a well-muffled 125 to 250cc on-off-road bike with a large gas tank, tank rack, single seat with panniers and a cargo rack over the rear fender. Stealthy, light enough to push like a bicycle if you have to, gas mileage in the 50s if you are careful, able to carry up to 100 lbs of cargo when properly loaded. Been there, done that. But then I’m old enough to have hunted deep in the Maine woods before 4-wheelers.

        • A old Yamaha TT 500 would be a nice choice,a great hauler with a set of Metzlers on em,nice and quite 4 stroke.I remember being surprised at the 3 wheelers,but then,grew up on dirt bikes,was New England Trail Rider member and did some enduros(not too well!).

          • Damn! If you are old enough, I mighta known ya!

            I’d be thinking an XL-250 with a Baja tank, but that Yam would do fine. (I dealt in Hondas, so I’m biased.)

            I betcha you remember fat-tire Rokons, too!

            • Old,Hodaka/Pantera/Ossa/Maico/Can-Am,ring any bells?!The Honda MR’s were nice dirt bikes,the old XL’s good street/trail machines,was not Rokon the auto transmission,never road one of them.I remember the after market Baja tanks,back then oh…..,plastic!

              • Remember ’em all except Pantera. I used Can-Am fork parts on the only one of my Vintage road racers that I still have. A BSA for what that’s worth.

                The Rokon motorcycle (the one with normal wheels) had a Reeves drive like a snowmobile. One of the funniest scenes I ever saw was a top-rated AMA road race rider trying to pull a wheelie on one. You couldn’t tell him that you didn’t do that on purpose, because shutting the throttle off didn’t mean that the drive impulse stopped right away. He flipped the thing right over on the driveway at Boston Cycles. I rode that same bike at Myles Standish a few weeks later. It was an “interesting” experience. Great chassis, but entering corners fast was perilous.

                We found that MR-250 didn’t sell well at all. Pretty reliable, but much too heavy for the woods, and very limited top speed so not good on roads, either. One of Honda’s rare marketing mistakes.

                Those were the days…..young, immortal, and irresponsible as we could be. I’ve often thought that, given the outrageous things I did, that God must have been saving me for some worse fate. He’d better hurry up, given my advanced age and state of decrepitude.

                • Damn,Boston Cycles,that is old(as are we!).I never biked Standish but did 4×4 it a bit.We road all the RR tracks to different spots(metro west),in the late 70’s/early 80’s road our dirt bikes to high school which in the day had a smoking lounge!Yep,things have certainly changed,some good but a lot for the worse.Dirt biking where I grew up almost impossible though still plenty of open spaces,feel bad for the kids,was a good hobby that didn’t get you into trouble(OK too much trouble!).

                  • It was at B.C. in fact. And you may be able now to guess who that rider was.

                    We often rode old logging and fire roads in the western subbubs. A friend and I had matching (and noisy) round-barrel BSA Victors, which were great on those roads, but pretty much useless anywhere else. So, one day we were blasting along at about 40 MPH and came out full steam into some guy’s freshly seeded back yard. A new development in Carlisle I think it was. I’m sure we tore it up something awful making a fast U-turn to GTH outta there before he caught us!

                    (I still have one of those old Beezers, but not my original one. Great engine, good frame, terrible suspension.)

        • The motorcycle picture example was used because the 1911 mount was bad ass! Yes, an enduro would be beast.nthanks! Todd Savage

          • Fair enough. An eyecatcher.

          • Yeah all the dirt and grime flying into the 1911. Stupid idea. anybody could run up to you and take it. Mounting a shot gun facing forward below your handle bars would be a great tool.

      36. +1 Warface . Political correctedness can go fuck itself

      37. From the common cold to the most hideous disease going there is a cure already on the shelf; it’s called NUCLEAR FISSION (the bomb), will it be used at some point, YES man will use it.

      38. I’d just like to clarify… NOT ALL MOTORCYCLES CAN GO OFFROAD, this means nearly any road with gravel. I’d like to see one of these prolific Harley baggers navigate a 3 ft ditch lol. Everyone around here cept for maybe 5 I’ve seen, rides some BS Harley or Harly-style cruiser, they’re the fair weather fairies as I call ’em. They ride for style and ego, all 23k+ of it. It’d be a nice wake-up call to have the SHTF and as you’re buggin out or in, you look in the garage and see your 25k bagger collecting dust that no one wants now, realizing you could’ve done better if you weren’t so blinded by ego (seriously whats the point of a motorcycle if you get the same mileage as a Honda?!). Coulda done more with that money eh?

        If you want a motorcycle to get you somewhere ON-road then take you the rest of the way OFF-road, look at “Adventure Touring” motorcycles, like the BMW R**GS series or the Suzuki V-Strom (Huge following), or the Kawasaki KLR. Theres so many options and farkles to put on these bikes it’s stupid. Take a pavement princess down a trail in the woods, you’ll BECOME the road block.

        • Id like a KTM 250 XC-F
          Nice four stroke,
          Am hopeful we dont get wacked by an EMP, at least not one that fries all the vehicles, my JK crawler will be the wheels of choice

        • Khazic, so your saying buy anything as long as it’s not made in America. Most people I know would rather buy an American made product, shop at a local store instead of Wally mart or grow their own . It’s not ego comrade, it’s supporting this country. That’s where the problems started here with people bragging about their fine import cars, clothing and labor. Check out you tube and watch people ride those amercan bikes , they jump, go through mud and up hills just fine.

          • Walmart sells a lot of Chinese junk. Duck tape I got did not stick.

        • Go for the BMW if you can afford it/ find a nice used one. They are so quiet you can barely tell that they are on.

      39. K,one can have a cool street bike for well under 23 and also have a good enduro/street trail bike.All of life can’t be just about prepping,also need to enjoy it,and if that includes a street bike with a S&S 103 what have you,so be it.

      40. True story. The day of 911, a person working in a NJ suburb 20 miles from NY City was let out early, about 2:30 pm. They wanted to return to their home in Jersey City in NJ which had a view of the NY skyline.

        Traffic going East was terrible, but they were confident having just topped off the fuel tank. They crept for hours in traffic on major interstates until they were just a few miles from Jersey City. They ran into a police roadblock that provided no information, but simply demanded all traffic turn around and go West.

        They navigated to the Northern entrance to Jersey City only to be turned away by another police roadblock. The hours were ticking by. The police did not care that they lived there and Jersey City is still separated from NY by the Hudson River. None of the World Trade Center attacks affected Jersey City directly in any way! Never the less police just decide it would be closed.

        They worked their way south and tried to get in by the southern route, still the police turned them away. Hoboken, Jersey City, Bayonne etc. were all close, but not a word about this fact was on the radio!

        Totally frustrated they found their way to our house and spent the night. It was 10:00pm, they had been on the road for 7 1/2 hours and were nearly out of gas. They had nothing, not even a toothbrush. They were not allowed back into Jersey City for three days, pets nearly died.

        Moral of the story, expect police to just shut everything down, no travel, no information, no assistance. If in doubt they will just turn you around, and order you to just move along. If your car runs out of fuel, it will be towed and impounded. You will be told to just move along. In my friends case, they were ordered to just go in circles!

        I really suggest people have an array of friends and relatives that will take you in, and conversely, you will take them in during any disaster. Know where they all are, and have an agreement up front.

      41. Thanks for all the talk. Now we are rolling lol.. Older dirt bikes would be the way to go. 4 stroke due to no need for the oil. GAs will be readily found here and there make sure to include a good hose. If you have a hard time syphning then have a ice pick handy you can poke a hole in a tank. I think a person could probably fashion a small trailer for the bike either using a one of those good baby strollers designed for running. A trailer would make a world of differnce. If a EMP happens during the day then yes the roads will be a mess. Locate all pipe lines, electrical high lines and train tracks that lead to your desitination. A good pair of plyiers and bolt cutters would be needed. To cut fences and or cut lockes. My advice would be to ride slow and control. Stop at all hills before the crest or curves and scout before moving forward. Always good to stop for a sound check as well. Better to be slow and precise than fast and dead.

      42. You guys are a lot of fun to read.

        I can’t bug out as I’m surrounded by 2,500 miles
        of ocean, and I can’t walk on water. My neighbors for the most part are gun hating Democrats and the only mountains with trees to bug out to are spilling lava all over the place.

        Interesting comments, maybe you’all should concentrate on being neither seen or heard. If you saw me on the street you might flip me 2 bits for some food. I’d throw it back and say give it to Union Gospel mission.

        My point is for all of us to be invisible. Vote and prepare quietly.

      43. Made a couple of comments earlier that I thought were reasonable and fairly straight forward. I saw them both in moderation and now don’t see them at all. I don’t need the typing practice. I guess I get the message.

      44. @eppe, if you are lurking….this past week, my dad was laughing and joking and talking to his deceased wife. fri 2 am I’m wide awake and decided I need to say all those things I ever wanted to say to dad.i was praying I would catch him on a good day with a clear mind, well that day t lunch he was having one of his best days. I told him how much I loved him and how lucky I was they adopted me and he was the only father I’d ever have. I also told him I was sorry if I had ever done anything to hurt or disappoint him (ya see, he was the quiet type). Thank God I did, because tonight I called And he didn’t know who I was when he answered the phone. Less than an hour later he got up out of the chair, got dizzy and started having massive chest pains. I rushed to my office too fax do not resuscitate orders to the ER (I had just out them in snail mail this week). He held on until they rolled into the emergency bay (those DNr orders no good in an ambulance). Once they got to the hospital he passed. I will miss him so very much, but he is free of that awful disease Alzheimer’s. I will keep you and your mother in my prayers. Will be headed back to the mississip to handle family affairs. Don’t want to get on a damned airplane, but I don’t have a choice.

        Keep your loved ones close (and your enemies closer)

        • my Condolence, safe passage on your journey home.


        • @NoPittyPartyHere….so sorry for your loss, I have been following you and your dad’s illness since the beginning….Have a safe trip, and remember that your dad is now in a ‘better place’, take care, CC

          • NP,sorry about your dad,glad you had a chance to connect a final time with your dad.One thing I learned from having 3 friends die this summer only in their 40’s was time can be short.Someone mentioned at last service how we aall seem to only meet at funerals,am personally trying to pick up the slack on that and staying in touch with folks I care about.

        • npp … Sorry to hear about your Dad. Take solace that his struggle has ended and he’s in a better place.

        • NP

          I am so sorry for your loss. Sometimes it is amazing to see God at work. He gave you a special moment with your dad.
          You never know what to say at a time like this. Everyone says this but if you need anything let me know.
          He is in a place of nothing but joy now.

        • Nopity, my condolences for your loss. At least now he’s in a better place and won’t have to go thru what we’ll all be facing when TSHTF. My prayers are with you.

        • Thou. Are in my prayers tonight. That is hard, God bless you.

        • Npp, my deepest sympathies to you and your family. I will pray for you this evening.

      45. Hey Mac how about an article on making your BOV emp proof.

        • That’s too easy. Make it a pre-1970 machine. A nice WW2 jeep, for example.

      46. Off topic,
        But when I have been reading and hearing on the radio about that man hunt in Pennsylvania and that large areas have been declared off limits, with a 1000 cops searching for one man I have been wondering if it is all real?
        Blood hounds work. Why do they not just use low tech and loose the dogs? A couple dozen men could tree and kill this man easily.
        I hear that there is FLIR and metal detectors with other gizmos.
        Are they neutralizing preppers hide outs and caches?
        Just wondering.

        • Friend in nearby NJ says yes, it’s for real. All those cops, all that technology, and they still can’t catch one lone woodsman.

          I wonder, do they even have bloodhounds anymore?

          • Whoever that guy is, he seems to know his business. Back in the old days, you could usually find someone in the woods with far fewer men and good bloodhounds, no matter how long it took. This reminds me to some degree of that guy, can’t remember his name now, who was responsible for the bombing at the Atlanta Olympics and he managed to evade everybody by hiding out in the mountains of western NC for 5 years. the only reason he was finally caught was when he sneaked into a town and was going through a dumpster looking for food. But for 5 years, he managed to evade everyone who was looking for him. he knew his business also.

          • Maybe the guy pre made a false trail, got out on a motorcycle, grew a beard and is working at a car wash in Cleveland Ohio a block away from a Police Station. Then again he might be walking backwards across the Texas / Mexico border.

      47. For us it’s a case of bug out where exactly?

        Here in the UK we are on an Island overpopulated with fools so getting to the few tiny remaining acres of uninhabited land would be a fools errand in most instances.

        For certain types of disasters we have pre-agreed safe havens overseas with extended family BUT the safest, quickest way of getting there is by air. A busy international airport and an Ebola pandemic don’t seem the smartest mix in my opinion. Escape by sea is possible as we are close to the coast – but it involves going through a densely populated area to get to the landing area and travel that way is perhaps to slow for our intended destinations.

        If we stay home we have fairly sensible neighbors on both sides Between ourselves and our neighbors we have a reasonable skill set, tools and supplies ranging from defence and first aid through to animal husbandry and gardening. There is public land close by that could be turned over to cultivation easily for the long term & possession is 9/10th of the law. We already have the seeds and tools for this, and the climate and soil is what we already know. Perhaps we are not military standard,it’s true, but we certainly more than most families will have to hand in the event of an instant emergency.

        Being around people with that rare commodity common sense should not be underestimated either. (I subscribe to the theory of out running the bear). In an Ebola Outbreak staying right at home and being extremely antisocial to outsiders seems the ONLY realistic chance of survival. Leaving home means encountering the unknown – here we know who the 2 legged predators and ijeets are.

        I work from home and homeschool the brat, so we have no good reason to leave my property on a daily basis, apart from to go shopping and socialising. Those two activities would obviously stop soon as the first Ebola case is announced within 100 miles of our home & no I’m not relying on MSM for that heads up.

        Our 11 week old miniature poodle pup shows signs of being able to track so I have my suspicions about the man hunt in Pennysylvania being legit, or just more fear propaganda.

      48. A guy gets a call from the police telling him that his house was robbed.
        The offenders had also consumed all of his beer and had raped his wife.
        A moment of silence passes and the guy says, “I can’t believe they fucked my wife after only five beers!”

        Got this text from my brother recently.
        It read, “Can I stay at your house for a while?
        The ol’ lady kicked me out after she caught me measuring my cock.
        It just reaches the back of her sister’s throat!”


        Was banging this nice lady on her kitchen table when we heard the front door open. She said, “It’s my husband! Quick, try the back door!”
        Thinking back, I really should have ran – but you don’t get offers like that every day.

        My wife just came in and said, “I don’t know if I am coming or going.”

        I said to her, “Judging by the look on your face, you’re going – ‘cuz when you’re coming, you look like a fucking Downs Syndrome kid trying to whistle!”

        I saw a fortune teller the other day. She told me I would come into some money. Last night I fucked a girl called Penny – is that spooky or what?

        The missus asked me, “When you’re on a boys only trip away, do you think about me?” Apparently, “Only to stop myself from coming too quickly,” wasn’t the right answer.

      49. A person may like to take a look at goats as a pack animal. Smaller than a horse or pony and eaiser to handle. There is a bit of info on the web. For a older person they could carry the load that we can not any more. And folks thank you all for the info, I do not hardly ever post but read the site dayly.

        • ive got goats I don’t think they could carry very much very far. even my billy who is a pretty robust Kiko cross couldn’t carry very much. I have a pack burro. It can carry 250 pounds all day long. traverse any terrain a human could walk on. doesn’t cost much. can live on almost the same marginal browse that the goats do. In fact it stays with the goats and kills coyotes dogs who are about to try to harm the goats. If I were to pack up the burro and bug out the entire goat herd would follow.

      50. A school girl says, “Mommy, I know where babies come from!”

        Mom replies,”Where’s that then darling?”

        Girl says, “Mommy & Daddy take their clothes off & Daddy’s thingy sort of sticks out & Mommy puts it in her mouth & sucks it & that’s how you get babies!”

        Shaking her head, Mom says “Oh darling that’s so sweet, but that’s not how we get babies,…….that’s how we get cars, vacations, jewelry, clothes, shoes & all the decorating done”!

      51. What’s the point of surviving if you leave nothing behind. All the cash and crap in the world doesn’t compare to seeing your children learn how to take care of themselves and thrive.

        • what is the point? there are many folks who for many different reasons never have children. What they leave behind is the complied energy of every activity and everything they learned and built, produced ect. They gained knowledge. That all remains with them when they die. The soul weighs 21 grams. and when that sould reincarnates that learned knowledge ect is inparted in the new child. many gifted folks so called naturals are a result of things lived in a past life. The point is the only person you need to be better than and outdo is yourself. A persons soul has no race or color. God doesn’t judge you. You judge yourself. In order to progress for instance a rabid Jew Hater might choose to be reincarnated into a Jew family. As uncouth and racist as I am ive got a tough road ahead of me.

          • Very true old guy. I measure my success by the success of my children. Everyone has a different view of this life and that’s what makes this ride worth riding.

      52. Barn jew cat much do they pay you ?

        War-mongering Jews compare ISIS to “Nazis,” demand “boots on the ground”
        JJ Goldberg, a respected Jewish journalist who writes for The Jewish Daily Forward, just published an Op-Ed this morning comparing the mysterious “ISIS” group to “the Nazis,” and demanded that the Western democracies unite with various Middle Eastern states to wage war on the alleged terrorist group. Goldberg concludes his piece by stating:

        “Like the Nazis, ISIS must be confronted”

        The “Nazis”, in retrospect, really were the good guys.

        Like rabid animals, Jewish warmongers and the Zionist lair, the world’s most dangerous, super pain in the ass, organizers and perpetrators of the false flag terror attack against the USA on 9-11-01 in order to advance Zionist interests, “must be confronted.”

        “Make love not war.” Remember that slogan during the Vietnam war, Jew Jew, during the countless protests organized and led by your tribesmen? Why the change of tune?

        The United States, Great Britain, et al., had no business “confronting” the so-called Nazis. National Socialist Germany was not hostile to nor seeking any conflict with the USA, Great Britain, et al., nor had any plans to “take over the world”. Germany’s concern was a) ridding itself of its Jewish problem (no, not by any genocide but by eviction) and running close second b) crushing the murderous Jewish Bolsheviks and fellow travelers that were hell-bent on spreading this Jewish cancer called communism throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The United States, Great Britain, et al. should have joined forces with NS Germany and destroyed Jewish communism then Jewish central banking and arrest, try and execute those responsible for it from the Rothschilds on down. Unfortunately and tragically that did not happen and just look at where we are today.

        “War-mongering Jews compare ISIS to “Nazis,” demand “boots on the ground”

        The “boots” deserve to be up Jewry’s evil, treacherous ass! It is an insult to compare these amateurs (most likely funded by the MOSSAD to advance Zionist interests), to those brave and valiant Jew-and-communist fighting National Socialists, so-called “Nazis”, men amongst men with balls to stand up to and confront the international Jewish monster in its various forms and all the pain, misery, discord and suffering their tribe have caused European mankind.ever since their “emancipation” in the 18th century.

        “JJ Goldberg, a respected Jewish journalist who writes for The Jewish Daily Forward,”

        Respected? By whom? Certainly not by me or other Jew-knowledgeable, Jew-weary people. I spit at this viper.

        “just published an Op-Ed this morning comparing the mysterious “ISIS” group to “the Nazis,”

        That only works in the minds of those who are totally ignorant of National Socialists, National Socialism, the Great Adolph Hitler and the very good battle they were fighting and unfortunately, lost because of Jewry’s control of the western and communist powers (communism is Jewish) and the shrill, incessant barrage of anti-National Socialist lies and false propaganda.

        “and demanded that the Western democracies unite with various Middle Eastern states to wage war on the alleged terrorist group.”

        I demand warwongers like Jew Jew Goldbug be arrested and charged with “incitement” and “spreading hate” and for abusing their power they wield via the press. They are criminals in the truest sense for their propaganda results in incredible pain, misery and suffering, people getting killed, blown apart, disfigured and burned to death in the most horrible ways.

        “If the past is any indication, America and NATO will be fighting yet another war against a mysterious, undefinable enemy manufactured largely by the Jewish-owned mass media on behalf of international Jewry and the Zionist state illegally occupying Palestine.”

        John, I really and truly hope that your prediction is WRONG.


        “The Jews are our misfortune.”–Dr. Josef Goebbels


        • It all falls on deaf ears c smith as Barn Cat is probably jewish and we on these boards have been explaining these and other facts to her for years. Give it up.

          • Quoting Goebbels is not going to win you any arguments.

            Spew your tripe somewhere else.

        • Seriously, pretty tired of you stupid people who hate other races/religion. go to a feakin jew hating site and spew your hate there. Your hateful comments add NOTHING to the prepping conversation. Idiot.

          • T-town

            I agree. It is not helpful in anyway. We are not in this situation because of a particular race. We all have allowed this to happen over time.

            It adds nothing of worth to the site or fellow preppers. Actually all the fussing keeps a lot of people from posting.

      53. JJ Goldberg .. thank you
        War-mongering Jews compare ISIS to “Nazis,” demand “boots on the ground”

        let them go to put theire “boots on the ground”
        .. and never let them go back.. please

        • T-Town – Jews are cowards. They never put boots on the ground to fight their own wars. Did you see Israel in the coalition in Iraq or Afghanistan. Even in the slaughter in Gaza, Israel fired missiles aimlessly and dropped bombs on schools and killed many children and women. Hardly worthy of any honor. Telling the truth about jews is not attacking any particular religion. It just happens to be the religion and JEW World Order that is destroying America from within. If it were Green martians doing this we would be calling them out as well. Does that answer your rant T-Town.

          • Another insane hater.

            • Smokey:

              Instead of name calling why not some proof that what is being said about the real PTB is NOT truth.

              People need to find out the truth about who is really causing the downfall of America and the world. Even you, Smokey, seem concerned about what is happening; seems you would like to know just who/what is responsible for it.

              Seems money, greed, and world domination is behind it all; so who has the power and the gold to make the plan of the one world order happen? David Rockefeller comments would be a good place to start. Or maybe you would choose to believe him to be a liar too?

              Would like the name callers to supply information that shows a post is not true…..

          • When a cowardly piece of S$@T is shooting at and killing your family, It is a shame you must shoot through the woman and children the cowardly piece of S@#t is hiding behind to stop the cowardly piece of shit from killing your entire family.

          • So this site is called” who done it?” I thought it was about “When the shit hits the fan”. And believe me when it does hit, knowing who or what caused it aign’t gonna do ANYBODY any good. I do care why whats going on is going on, and I look for those answers at sites that specialize in that. Here, I am looking for insights in how to stay alive!

            • T-Town:

              It may not matter to you to know the truth about who is causing the frenzy called SHTF but to some of us it is just as important as the information you deem important to you.

              At some point in time we may be able to hold the real PTB accountable for their crimes which have brought us to the brink of disaster. If you don’t bother to find out who your enemy is how will you ever begin to combat them?

      54. Trending right now on drudge
        Marburg breaks out in Uganda

        Not good , really not good.

        Pay attention , be aware of your surroundings

        Semper Fi 8541

        • What the heck is Marburg?

          • Nopity, from what I understand, it is another hemorrhagic disease…


          • It’s similar to Ebola, Lassa fever, viral hemorrhagic fever, you get it, you die. Another endemic African disease.

        • Night Breaker,

          Thanks for posting your concerns/info. I also appreciate them ALOT! I wish you could say more regarding mode of take down.

          I am at full tilt prepper boogie but don’t want to divert VERY limited funds to EMP scenario from Ebola PPE preps unless I absolutely know I must. Suffice to say I get that either will lead up to ultimate SHTF situation.

          Will continue to focus on God, water/food and ammo – in that order.

          Also, why we might need a limited bug out excursion? Is this set in stone or a possible scenario?

          Wishing you and yours (Mac & everyone here too) safe journeys and the will/faith to get us through what wicked things come.

      55. Jihad terrorists are spawned out of muslim communities- that has to mean something.

      56. The North fought that terrible war- what did they get for it?- their cities like Detroit.

      57. I am amazed at man’s thinking to date on how the universe was formed.

        • Me too.

          Scientists try to say that in the beginning there was absolutely nothing, and then magically a pea-sized mass appeared containing all the mass and energy of the universe. Then it suddenly exploded, turning the darkness into light. Then this uniform, exploding mass flew every which way near the speed of light. Then, like magic, random pieces hooked up and made spiral galaxies, stars, planets, almost 100 different elements, etc. That seems to violate the rules of entropy. Things are supposed to go downhill, not get more organized when there’s no outside force making it happen.

          The scientists say this is how the universe was formed, but Hubble images showing the edge of the observable universe, which should be showing part of the universe as it appeared toward the beginning of time, show fully formed spiral galaxies in the same state of development and in the same concentration as those nearby. How does that happen?

          • The Big Bang Theory is coming apart, falling into disrepute.

            Intelligent Design is gaining favor, although there is a lot of ideological resistance to the concept.

            • Here’s a good story to check out:

              ht tp://

              The basic idea is that DNA contains digital information that could not just slowly evolve. It implies intelligence.

              BTW, DNA can be used for data storage. One gram of DNA can store 700 terabytes of data.

      58. When I was a kid and went to Sunday school- I just could not believe some of those stories- like the guy living in a whale.

      59. censorship stinks

        • I don’t think censorship exist on this site. Ive posted a lot of mean raunchy & unpopular controversial things and never once been censored by the site. now I do get plenty of red thumbs!

          • Old Guy:

            Sorry to say; censorship does exist on this website. I correspond with some people via email that have their posts disappear into never never land. Not my fight; but it should not be happening.

      60. Here is reality. If you are in an urban or dense suburban setting when something goes down, than good luck. If you chose your retreat 800 miles from your primary residence, then you already have made a fatal mistake. Your retreat should be within several hours of your primary location. If you live in Baltimore, you should be heading somewhere into WV or VA, not MT.

        Why should your retreat be so close you ask? You don’t chose the time of year when this happens. Could you make it half way across ND in Jan on skis? Maybe. Are you going to fly that glider through a sleet or snow storm from Baltimore in Feb. toward your retreat? I doubt it.

        Any limited movement vehicle like that glider would be just a stepping stone to get you out of an urban setting to another form of transportation. You would have to have well planned logistical dumps of fuel for an aircraft of any type. I would recommend just getting an aircraft. Dump the idea of the clunky, slow Cessna. Look at something like a kit plane like a Vans RV. I once saw a single seat Vans RV-3 that was for sale for around $25K. That beats the hell out a glider. The Vans also set a land record when the pilot flew it across the part of the pacific from some island off Australia into New Zealand. Just google it. Weight is everything in an aircraft. If you plan on taking someone else with, and that person is 40-50 lbs overweight, then that is fuel, so you will need to break the hard facts to them they need to lose weight, or they jeopardize everyone’s ability to get to the location.

        The author is right about the importance of being in shape. If you smoke, then stop. If you are fat and eat shit, then stop living like this. This is the single most important thing you can do to help increase the chances of survival. Plus, working out requires nothing other than shoes and some shorts, and a plan. You don’t need a treadmill. It is free to run. You can make weights and other exercise implements from garbage lying around.

        Bugging in or out is just an exercise of physics, potential warfare, and psychology. Think of yourself in a tribal manner. You may be trying to get from Baltimore to MT only to realize that you are immediately not amongst civil or friendly people once you make it into Ohio. They see you as an insider and a potential enemy, so this could cost you your life every step of the way during the trip. That is why it is so vital to have a retreat that you can realistically reach. Would you put years and significant cash into something that you may never see? For myself the answer is HELL NO.

        Lastly, you may question what I have said, but regarding human psychology, look no further than Ferguson or the LA Riots. These events occurred in times of relatively plenty. Imagine how savages will act in times of chaos. Of course there will be quite a few decent Americans that will be willing to help you on your trip, but quite a few who would more than happily kill you. Keep in mind that we no longer live in the Norman Rockwell America of 1950s, but a place filled with illegals, welfare goons, gangs, and immoral urchins. Bottom-line: If you live in Baltimore now and make great money (aside from that which is stolen from you via taxation), it may be a good idea to get a retreat in VA, WV and make the move to that retreat now. It will make this whole argument obsolete.

      61. A teacher asks the kids in her 3rd grade class:
        “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

        Little Johnny says: “I wanna start out as a Marine Pilot, then be a billionaire, go to the most expensive clubs, find me the finest hooker, give her a Ferrari worth over a million bucks, an apartment in Copacabana, a mansion in Paris, a jet to travel throughout Europe, an Infinite Visa Card, and all the while banging her like a loose screen door in a hurricane.”

        The teacher, shocked, and not knowing what to do with this horrible response from little Johnny, decides not to acknowledge what he said and simply tries to continue with the lesson . . . .

        And how about you, Sarah;
        “I wanna be Johnny’s hooker.” HRP

        • Hadda take a deep breath and wipe the coffee off the screen after that one !

      62. The lights go out for good. Too much time passes before realizing it’s not just another rolling blackout. The time to go safely has passed. Group members are scattered all over the city, with several key members out of town on business unable to make it back. Stress and panic reign as 2000 pounds of equipment fail to fit into an ill-conceived bug-out vehicle and trailer because there isn’t a destination with pre-positioned supplies. One member breaks down and decides to ride it out in their basement. Your own children tell you your crazy and sit in the front yard in defiance because you won’t bring the PlayStation 4, fear then turns to anger and rage. The next morning travelling westward towards no-man’s-land the truck runs out of fuel on a lonely back road trying to circumvent the next chaotic metropolitan area. After abandoning the vehicle and walking for three days, a hastily constructed checkpoint appears a hundred meters past the turn in the road that was not correctly scouted. Unfortunately, a ruthless street gang has set it up and the Preppers demise is all but sealed. The REAL END.

        Sounds like most marriages these days…

        Think she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! Ahhh her past doesn’t matter (and what a colorful past it is, all 23 of them)… and neither does the clap she gave you first time out… hey it’s curable right? And now you can get her the medical attention she needs!

        And the kids and the Playstation 4 and on and on from day 1. Then mysteriously the kids start hating you, saying you’re away too much at work (how can you not be, chick spends like the US Government on steroids), etc etc ad nauseum…

        Enter divorce papers. Because Guy #18 just made division manager, and now she gets your house, kids, half your income, and half HIS income. Sooooo what the f**k you think she’s gonna do, pass on it?? Aren’t societal incentives great? She’s always the poor victim, boo hoo. PAY HER. $$$$$$$$$.

        THE REAL END.

        More people need to be aware of this. I would suspect fully 30-50% of marriages at this point are near carbon copies of this. Yeah well don’t come to LA, that number pegs to well north of 75% here.

        Let the red thumbs commence.

        Bombs away.

      63. The comments on this website are becoming trash, almost none of the comments on this article had anything to do with the actual articles theme. Seems the same people jump on the wagon and start off some stupid argument or go off on a totally different tangent than what was posted in the article. Sorry for anyone coming on here looking for answers or ideas. All they see is white trash infighting, and stupid sick jokes!

        • Mr George from Texas- squash anything you think not pertinent- some of us think you are just wrong.

        • @GeorgefromTexas-most of the regular posters here on SHTF are veteran preppers, many of us before 2000. We know what to do and have done it, so the conversation turns to other topics. There are many sources from which you can get information is you need it, so try one of those.

          • lots of bullies in this world

        • george if you have questions or need a tip or two just ask us.

          we all are hardcore preppers at heart and are willing to help those who ask for it.

          “the only stupid question is the one not asked!”


        • If you search through the comments to past articles, you will find a ton of information and good ideas. This is a meeting place, not a moderated PBS debate. Would you go to a party where everybody had to talk about a single subject? The party wouldn’t last long. And most parties I’ve attended included at least a few jokes.

      64. Ambush, surprise, range, not being tied to a fixed location, are all overwhelming advantages. Even a single person can whittle down a prepared group with a $300 Remington and the skill to use it.

        All of this “bug out” stuff is just wishful thinking. You had better already be there, and it had better be so remote and dangerous to reach that no one would be likely to just “show up”.

        • Them’s my senniments exackly. Be there to get there. But I’m old enough to be retired, so being where I could work for money is not a requirement. Working to keep the “farm” together is another story. Five cords of firewood, starting with a truckload of large logs I got from a local sawmill, about did me in. Real rural subsistence living is a hell of a lot of manual labor, boys and girls.

          • Coach you spot on. Im retired also. and ive yet to get my firewood cut & hauled. Ive got my winters hay baled and put in the barn. Im 63 and we have been attempting to grow our own food. Its work and we are about 80% there. There is always something that need,s fixing. Just yesterday I blew a wheel cyl on my pickup so that’s todays chore. Its too hot in the summer and too wet in the spring so that leaves the fall & winter for outside manual labor like cutting wood. Ive got to get my pump winterized. get the rabbits moved from under a big shade tree and into the barn. Then I need to process a 300 pound pig. kill and process a few deer. then there are the daily chores feeding milking ect. I enjoy doing it but its no walk in the park.

          • Ive got one of those little Bellsaw M14 one man sawmill,s. I power it from the belt pulley on a tractor. it can handle a 12 ft log length. it,s very hard physical work. However its kinda nice if you need a board or beam to be able to produce it yourself. I mostly saw smaller logs. I have a lot of cedar it makes good lumber that you don’t need to paint or treat. There is a website (wwwsawmillexchange) there are lots of sawmills for sale at every price range.

        • Yeah. That scares me. Ever seen the youtube of the Crip gang member that says exactly that?

          His preps = his crew, his guns, and his years of experience using them. He likes the idea of sending up starving looking women and/or children to beg for help as a honey-pot trap too.

          There’s gonna be a lot of that…

          LA riots were contained by the National Guard. I say “contained” because that’s what it felt like… deploy a siege line, nothing gets in or out of those neighborhoods, basically anyone stuck inside can go full on “the Purge” on anything inside those borders.

          If there was no National Guard I supremely shudder to think what would have gone down. The neighboring communities first, no doubt. It wouldn’t have stopped there.

          Only way you’re getting out of this place is by boat or airplane. No joke.

      65. Im here in Jersey and I feel, no one is a prepper

        • I’m in the same boat my friend. I have one friend that has prepped extensively. I have never met any others in Jersey who have even entertained the idea. Everyone has the same “Our government will figure it out” attitude. I have my family on board. Our biggest issue is going to be hiding: disguising our location, traveling out only at night, covering our tracks, disposing of waste and refuge etc. Jersey has the most amount of people in the smallest area.

          We are exposed to everything here: harsh winters and harsher people (large amount of gang activity). I live near 2 hospitals in an urban area. I’ve seen helicopters passing overhead like crazy (I only saw one prior to this passed week). I was walking the dog on Saturday morning at around 7 AM and saw an ambulance pull up to an apartment around the corner. A woman stumbled out of her apartment with two men on her sides to stabilize her barely walking pace. The ambulance workers asked her what was wrong and she couldn’t reply. The men said she wasnt feeling well. If an outbreak hits Jersey, we would be screwed. A child died of the Enterovirus an hour South of me as well. I refuse to let me 1 year old go outside for now. I sanitize myself as much as possible when I come home from work or going outside. I make my girlfriend do the same. Our plan is to get to my parents house about an hour away up in Northern NJ. It would be safer there for at least some time. At the very least, it would be better than the chaos that would ensue in the city we live in now. I have a walking route, as well as a multiple driving exit routes to make our escape. It all depends on leaving early enough and noticing the warnings. Be safe my friend.

          • Same to you friend, i was from toms river area , now I’m in south Jersey.less people but , my plan is to hunker down if shtf .i stay quiet about in the service industry. I go to 10-15 home a day in basements. I never see anyone else prepping .

            • I don’t blame you. I won’t let anyone know about my preps either. South Jersey has some nice places to bug out to such as the Pine Barrens. You can easily slip away into them. It’s also far enough away from NYC. My hope is that the overflow of NYC residents will head North if the SHTF. However, many of NYC’s working class lives in Northern and Central Jersey. They will no doubt come back for their families.

      66. My Welch/ Haflinger pony is strong, smart, friendly, and does not eat much. I ride bareback and can mount my pony from the ground, and I don’t have far to fall if I do fall. Hehehhehhee

        I am an Indian but those Welsh many a great pony when they make the Welch pony.

        • Those things are great, sorta expensive, but can go almost anywhere

      67. Keep watching football it wil get you thru what is to come. Hehehehehe

      68. Lets get real folks once you lose your motor transport you are not likely to reach someplace that is 800 miles away. You will live or die where you are most likely. There for get out of the big cities and relocate now. In early WWII the American army in the Philipines had a bug our plan to go to Bataan and hold out until the Aide arrived from America. They planned to move their supplies there from depots all over the place once they felt they had to do so. Reality was they did not have enough time, gasoline or trucks to do the job They could not move food supplies fast enough into Bataan. There were other food sources but they did not think as war time leaders they let the lawyers interfer with things even at that point. Abundant rice existed but it was against the law to move rice from one province to another one so the rice was left for the Japanese. Manila had huge warehouses of canned food belonging to Japanese companies. How ever since it was private property the lawyers said ir could not be touched so it was left for the Japanese and so on down the line. It was a huge mess of a bug out idea that ended in disaster. You have to have the right mind set from the start and that mind set is survive period end of story nothing else matters

        • Rockman

          The Army troops were under the impression that a relief force would be organized so they fled to a defensible area which effectively trapped them. If they new what was coming or better said not coming disbanding large units into platoon size and into the hinterlands would have been the thing to do. An interesting book and movie was made about a Lt JG that happened to avoid capture. Living in that jungle and taking out a few Japs was preferable to the Death March with a roughly 50% survival rate in captivity.

          MacAuthur dropped the ball.

          • No, it was Roosevelt who dropped the ball. Due in large part to his right hand man, Harry Hopkins, who we now know was a Stalinist agent, and may well have deliberately maneuvered us into war with Japan to protect Stalin’s rear door. (Those KGB files are a treasure trove.)

            MacArthur was stabbed in the back. The war plan DID have a relief force to be sent out, but the resources were diverted.

            When FDR was dead, Mac is alleged to have said, “the man never told the truth if a lie would serve.” A fitting epitaph…..

      69. “People shouldn’t be so scared about this virus from Africa. He only has two more years of his presidency.”

      70. Sailboat.

      71. For those of us in the Southwest, bugging out has three requirements besides a viable destination (my house): a viable route, fuel supply for your vehicle, and water for the trip. Bugging out on foot (necessary if the chokepoints, such as the few routes in and out of L.A., are closed by roadblocks) requires being able to locate water. I have hunted the Mojave for many years. I know how to find springs, and have a guzzler map I obtained many years ago. You might wish to check out if you live in SoCal. You will find GPS coordinates for springs and guzzlers. Keep in mind that the ongoing drought has dried up many of these springs and guzzlers. Many years ago, I was hunting a ridge on the edge of a saltpan, when I saw a party on foot. I had a smoke as they approached. Two men and two women, they came up to me. They were lost and out of water. One of the women launched into a tirade about my hunting . . . and then asked for water. I pointed out that there was a spring within a mile, and that if they were in tune with the desert, they would be able to read the terrain and know where it could be found. One of the men flipped me off, and they proceeded further out, ignoring my suggestion that they head due west back to the paved road they had obviously parked along. Hope they made it.

      72. A rabbit one day managed to break free from the laboratory where he had been born and brought up. As he scurried away from the fencing of the compound, he felt grass under his little feet and saw the dawn breaking for the first time in his life. “Wow, this is great,” he thought. It wasn’t long before he came to a hedge and, after squeezing under it he saw a wonderful sight: lots of other bunny rabbits, all free, having fun and nibbling at the lush grass.
        Hey,” he called. “I’m a rabbit from the laboratory and I’ve just escaped. Are you wild rabbits?”
        “Yes. Come and join us,” they cried. Our friend hopped over to them and started eating the grass. It tasted so good, unlike his tasteless food he grew up with. “What else do you wild rabbits do?” he asked. “Well,” one of them said. “You see that field there? It’s got carrots growing in it. We dig them up and eat them.” This he couldn’t resist and he spent the next hour eating the most succulent carrots. They were wonderful. Later, he asked them again, “What else do you do?”
        “You see that field there? It’s got lettuce growing in it. We eat them as well.” The lettuce tasted just as good and he returned a while later completely full. “Is there anything else you guys do?” he asked. One of the other rabbits came a bit closer to him and spoke softly. “There’s one other thing you must try. You see those rabbits there,” he said, pointing to the far corner of the field. “They’re girls. We **** them. Go and try it.” Well, our friend spent the rest of the morning screwing his little heart out until, completely knackered, he staggered back over to the guys. “That was fantastic,” he panted. “So are you going to live with us then?” one of them asked. “I’m sorry, I had a great time but I can’t.” The wild rabbits all stared at him, a bit surprised. “Why? We thought you liked it here.”
        “I do,” our friend replied. “But I must get back to the laboratory. I’m dying for a cigarette.”

        • Old Guy

          Great story – I read it to the end!

          What exactly was the point about the cigarette? I think I know but would like you to explain……


      73. I am wrestling with a personal decision that might cost my life. I live in a valley that could support perhaps 50% of it’s population. I have watched kids in 4H working a plow behind a team of mules, and know there is hope for survival. I have a gentlemen’s agreement to provide night watch on a local cattle ranch in exchange for grub. Once we have finished shooting all the marauding meth-heads, that will be more like 80%. There will be those who starve in their houses, so soon we will have a stable population/sustenance situation. But what do I do about my loved ones in L.A.? Do I leave them down there to die? I have already decided I need to bug into L.A. to extricate them. I have killed in self-defense twice, but my loved ones have not had similar life experiences. Therefore, I must prepare a bugin before a bugout, a rather more complex situation. I have decided that I will count on obtaining no fuel either way, and am exploring safe fuel containers to carry in the shell of my truck.

        • Mongo Pissed.

          If you store fuel in metal containers like the military type, insure the screw top lid has a good seal. If you use plastic containers like the heavy red plastic, again check the seal and that they lock correctly. One other problem might be static electricity which can be generated by the rubbing of the plastic on the plastic carpet. Do not want a vapor ignition inside your vehicle. Slim chance of it happening but still a chance you do not want in your life. Also it can happen on plastic truck liners.

        • I would put a large toolbox in the back of the truck under the window, preferably the heavy duty metal kind. Then you can fill it up with plastic gas containers all the way across so they can’t turn over. Then you can lock the box. You might also drill a couple of ventilation holes near the top of each end so the fumes can escape.

          If your truck is old, I would try to find a used toolbox so it wouldn’t attract attention.

        • Take care of your family.

        • Should have added, you’re going to need more preparation than a few gas cans.

          1.) Store enough fuel for the return trip at your LA location.

          2.) Store additional food and arms for your family at your valley location.

          3,) Store one or more arms and ammo for your family at the LA location, if they don’t have any. They get to ride shotgun getting back to your valley.

          4.) If you can get a buddy to go into LA with you, do it. You may not be the only one there with LA responsibilities. Consider forming an entry/exit team to gather up people and possibly additional supplies.

          5.) Do make up a list of prep items, give it to the LA group. Whatever they have that is on the list, like tools or something, they should be packed up and ready to go.

      74. Explosion at Iran Nuke Site Kills Two, Iran Says

        “A large explosion at a suspected nuclear site in Iran has reportedly killed two people and prompted speculation of sabotage at a military site long suspected of housing Tehran’s clandestine nuclear activities, according Iran’s Defense Industries Organization (DIO), which operates under the country’s Ministry of Defense.”

        Drudge Report

      75. Time truly is growing short in so many way; Having said that: FEED JAKE.

      76. I’ve been on shtf , for a couple of years now.I never make comments. I keep quiet. But I haven’t seen BI on in almost 2weeks. Im wondering what happened, to him.if he went underground .

        • I asked the same question the other day. He disappeared a couple months ago I think. Hope all is well

      77. I hate to say it but Todd is mostly a pie in the sky idiot where a tenth of 1% could remotely hope to bug out.

        The truth is you dont EVER prepare to bug out right away. You focus on bug in with a plan to get home and defend for as long as you supply for and let the bulk of the people die before venturing out again.

        THIS you can survive. The rest is crap for Rambo wannabes that arent going to make it out to the bush.

      78. Ric,

        Survive in an urban setting when a major event happens? Yes Sir, I’m the idiot.

        Good luck Sir.


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