The Graphene Oxide Prison

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    This article was originally published by Matt at What About The Roads?

    When it comes to the safety and efficacy of the so-called COVID-19 vaccinations the public has been thoroughly divided and conquered. On one side of the carefully crafted argument, governments can’t get enough shots in enough arms to ward off a “pandemic” of unvaccinated people.

    The other side has as many excuses for avoiding these injections as it has members. So when a controversial study comes along showing that these injections may contain a toxic substance called graphene oxide the allowed spectrum of debate is quickly alight and the bigger picture is missed by all but a few.

    The story of vaccines containing graphene oxide broke in late June when Ricardo Delgado Martin, Founder, and Director of Quinta Columna, which calls itself a “free-thinking movement,” published the results of an analysis conducted by a Spanish research team at the University of Almeria. The analysis claims to have discovered graphene oxide in a vial of a Pfizer vaccine via electron microscopy and spectroscopy. The analysis can be read in English here.

    It took a few weeks for this story to find its way into the English-speaking world it would seem. Once it did, the mainstream media’s fact-checkers were all over this story. ReutersFull Fact, and Forbes among other establishment outlets have tried to debunk the study by assuring their readers that only an anti-vax QAnon conspiracy theorist would believe such nonsense. On the other side of the aisle, the analysis has been uncritically circulated which only adds to the problem.

    As usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The analysis conducted by the team at the University of Almeria has its flaws but concerns over the presence of graphene oxide in the Pfizer vaccines, and elsewhere in our environment, should be given serious consideration.

    But first, let’s address some of the issues with the analysis:

    • The analysis is an interim report needing further study.
    • The analysis was commissioned.
    • The origin of the Pfizer vial used in this analysis is unknown.
    • Graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide are, at times, used interchangeably.
    • Comparative images of graphene oxide are of different magnification levels.

    For an in-depth look at these concerns and others that arise from this analysis, we recommend watching world-class researcher, Whitney Webb’s recent appearance over at The Last American Vagabond where they dive into this analysis.

    Just because this study currently stands on scientifically shaky grounds does not mean that the theory that graphene oxide is in fact in these injections should be dismissed. The substance has also already been discovered in face masks in Canada and Spain while patents in China (12) that explore the possibility of using graphene oxide in COVID19 vaccines are pending.

    It is also curious graphene oxide can be made to have magnetic properties which would explain the countless videos circulating online of magnets sticking to those who’ve been injected with these so-called vaccines. More research on this phenomenon is certainly needed but a recent “statistical and sociological” survey conducted by the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance in Luxemburg found that 29 of the 30 “vaccinated” individuals interviewed showed attraction to the magnet at the site of injection.

    Additionally, it has been shown that graphene oxide can cause blood clots and damage the lungs. Does this explain why blood clots are such an often reported adverse effect from these shots? Is there a connection to this lung damage and surge in a supposed surge in COVID-19 cases in areas of high injection rates?

    These questions and many others surrounding graphene oxide, injections, masks, and the so-called pandemic need answering but if we just focus on these elements of the conversation we risk missing the bigger picture. Graphene oxide, its applications, and its impact on humanity are not limited to the so-called pandemic. The applications of graphene and its related materials are almost limitless and as they are introduced into the ecosystem, inside and out of the human body, they have the potential to reshape our relationship with the natural world by making it impossible to escape the digital realm.

    On the future applications of graphene, Alan S. Brown writes:

    Silicon electronics dominate the world, but engineers frequently turn to other types of semiconductors to do things that silicon cannot. These materials—ranging from silicon carbide to indium gallium arsenide—emit and interact with light, enable high-frequency microwave communications in smartphones, run at higher speeds, and handle massive amounts of power.

    Yet, what if a single material could do all that—if it could interact with electrons, light, and even magnetism. What if it could transmit electricity like metal and also behave as a semiconductor. Just for good measure, suppose it might make a good building block for quantum computers? And—most impressively—what if it could do all these things just by changing its shape?

    That material is graphene.

    By introducing graphene and other related nanoparticles into the human system, our bodies become cybernetic systems where light, microwaves, and other frequencies, or magnets could be used to control bodily and neurological functions. If some predictions are correct then graphene oxide will one day be as prevalent in our world as plastic is now. It is already raining down on us from above, polluting our soil, being laser printed onto food, and, in turn, is likely already in all of us. If so, it seems reasonable to conclude that, based on all that we know about previous medical experimentation carried out on humans, something similar is happening today.

    But why introduce material like this into the human body? Catherine Austin Fitts ventures a guess:

    So let me go through where I think he’s going. I think where they’re going—and they’re prototyping tons of technology, so I don’t think they have it yet—but where they want to go is they want to download a Microsoft Office system into your body, into your brain, and hook it up to the Jedi cloud contract and the Amazon Cloud contract at the CIA. And if they can get seven people seven billion people hooked up directly to their cloud contracts and use viruses—I mean, it’s very clever—use viruses to keep those updates coming. You know, just keep those updates coming.

    So you saw my most recent article, “The Injection Fraud.” I think it’s a fraud to call these vaccines they’re not vaccines, they’re not medicine. But I think it’s the exact same model you used in the computers and the ideas. Just like Bill Gates made it possible for the intelligence agencies to get a backdoor into our—you know, our data—and our computers. They want a backdoor into our mind and it’s very hard if you haven’t looked into the creepy technology, the Charles Lieber kind of technology, it’s hard to fathom but we’re beginning to fathom it.

    Experimental injections. Magnetic nanoparticles. A human operating system. Sadly, these are not the fever dreams of a lone, crazed scientist but technologies which have already arrived. The COVID-19 panic has accelerated the introduction of these and many more frightening technologies into the public sphere as Trojan horses for even more terrifying technologies yet to be revealed. The work from researchers like Whitney Webb, Alison McDowell, Catherine Austin Fitts, Rosa Koire, James Corbett, Patrick Wood, and everyone else which shines a light on this transhumanist agenda is becoming more important than ever.

    For too long we’ve narrowed in on all things COVID-19 just like the powers-that-shouldn’t-be hope for. There is no pandemic, only a psychological operation afoot. That operation needs as much resistance as possible but if we fail to see beyond this then their dream can be reached without a fight.  Beyond saying no to experimental injections and nanoparticle-laden masks we must start saying no to everything that is being used to create the graphene oxide prison being built around us.


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      1. Based on the kitchen tabletop science experiments, which I have witnessed, I can’t tell you any particular reason for these carbon-based meta materials to quit assembling themselves.

        • What have you witnessed? The devil is in the details.

      2. “So when a controversial study comes along showing that these injections may contain a toxic substance called graphene oxide ….. ”

        In a chemical analysis a substance is either there or it isn’t.

        And it will show up as such every time the same analytic methods are used with the same sample being analyzed.

        So who else has confirmed the analysis, and why would it be controversial and why would a word like “may” be used to present the findings?

      3. Please keep in mind, Graphene has ALSO been dispensed via Chemtrails for a few years, just in time for the 5G roll out!

      4. The key thing to worry about is COVID-1984 and our civil rights, and the key thing to remember is that vitamins D,C, K and zinc are the immune system’s best friends vaxxed or not.

        Winter is coming. Restrictions should have been lifted in the spring to let people gain herd immunity over the summer, but they don’t want people staying healthy, they want another wave of pandemic. So restrictions are being lifted in the late summer, early fall just as cold season starts.

        Magnets sticking to people isn’t credible. A bit of two-sided tape and little magnets stick to anything.

        Magnetized graphene is a very recent real science new discovery thought to have potential in a new level of electronics via superconductivity. As in, within the last few months hitting the news, conveniently for back-checkers.

        Nano and pico bots are controllable by magnetism, though. Perhaps its not impossible that people are being experimentally injected with some trace exotic material to make sure its long-term safe for the elites.

        That said, the threat remains COVID-1984. What’s in the vaccines are too late for the vaxxed. Vitamins D, C, K and zinc are the immune system’s best friends, vaxxed or not.

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