The Government WILL Take Your Supplies: Venezuela is Seizing Cattle and Inventory

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Headline News | 102 comments

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    This article was originally published by J. D. Martinez D at The Organic Prepper

    Something has been happening in Venezuela these last few days: the seizing of cattle, food, and staples from the production sites, by the so-called “authorities” that are not such. In the past years, factories such as GM and Kimberly Clark were seized by the government, and many other means of production have been taken from citizens. Then, they fell into disrepair and production stopped in many cases.

    As I mentioned in previous posts,  I have seen some small producers getting their production weekly in some like 3 or 4 cars, just for some money and buying the rest of the needed staples that they don´t produce, as anyone smart enough should do. I have been thinking of some ways to deal with both thieves, those who come with AKs and the other ones, and the answer seems to be concealment at levels never seen in the country.

    What would you do if someone came for your cattle and harvest?

    Do not think it can never happen.

    This is not unique

    I have read about some situations in South Africa with the Mau Mau movement, where violent attacks were executed on the farmers. As I am not getting paid for writing about South Africa’s apartheid, I won’t elaborate on this.

    The reasons for this attacks and what is happening in Venezuela are quite different: in this last one, the objective is social control, as well as personal profit of the guys toting the big guns. In South Africa, the Kikuyus were there before the Brits, so their rebellion should be reasonable for libertarians (their methods could be rather questionable, though).

    Anyway, let’s keep moving.

    How can you protect your livestock?

    I would like to elaborate now on how to deal with something that. Here are Let me elaborate, as a prepper, about some means to try to mitigate or give a twist to that awful situation.

    I honestly can´t say how to hide cattle in a way that they can´t be found and be totally protected from rustlers. I am a city boy so please forgive, but I promise to do my best.

    My days of visiting the customer´s farms with my dad are over. Perhaps some of you out there could have some better ideas, but here are some of mine that could be useful. And I truly hope that you never have to use them. It is likely that farmers could be forced to participate in a cattle census, or inventory of the herd or whatever you call it in your region. (Note: Remember how folks in North Carolina had to “register” their chickens for their own safety? ~ Daisy)

    Sort this out and have some means to bend this rules without breaking them. Make a map of your property and select a suited area where this cattle could be easily transported and would have enough resources. Once the seizures and confiscations start to happen, take one-third of the best of the herd. Or even half. Just leave those that are about to end their useful life. Once the thugs arrive, you have two choices. You can risk defending with deadly force what is yours, or play the smart game and live to fight some other day. I would prefer this last option because they will come back with more confidence, and in our case, being Latinos, with arrogance, and then…well, I just can imagine how pleasurable get rid of such thugs would be if the need is present.

    My point is, if the message is clear that there are no cattle in the farm, coming back cannot be tolerated because it would be the age-old story of the villains stealing from the farmers. Those who don’t know the history, are condemned to repeat it. A good way to avoid the thugs from coming back is to not give them any motive to believe that it is worthwhile.

    Now you have your cattle in a safe, semi-hidden location, with all they could need. Here is where technology can be useful. A good idea is a couple of guard posts, just in case. Now that every piece is precious, a broken leg, or a snake bite could generate a loss that can’t be tolerated. GPS, radios, your favorite commo toys will be useful. A live fence, that can grow up in a few weeks is absolutely a need. In the tropics, we could have an impenetrable fence in 3 or 4  rainy seasons (we don´t have such thing as winter) months, a couple of meters tall and 1 meter wide of bushes with zillions of daggers-like thorns. I already asked some friends there with farms and I gave them these very same ideas I am writing here.

    In the heat of the tropical sun, usually our cattle looks for shadowy, fresh bushes to hide in. This is an advantage because a ditch could be excavated around a decent plot in a couple of days with a payloader, and a live fence cultivated in the edge to avoid the cattle falling in (Imagine if all of this plot is prepared just in case beforehand, with all the needed level of detail). This would avoid, if the bushes are tick enough, the trespassing of any undesirable pedestrians. Even doors could be properly camouflaged. Underground water tanks within the tickest of the bushes with camouflaged rain collection systems and wisely made available for the cattle to drink are possible.

    Avoiding wire fences is smart: any presence of conventional restriction methods for cattle, will be a clear signal of its presence. And as it is unlikely that they use choppers for something as trivial, if some place is not easily accessible by land, it will be likely to remain untouched.

    An artificial pond I believe is another good method to conceal the access to a wide, but confined area, with the cattle being transported one by one in a suited raft. However, their access to the water should be restricted, and underground piping, if water of the pond is to be needed for the animals. Footsteps in the surroundings of the pond are going to call unwanted attention, as we should know.

    Hopefully, you will never need to know how to hide your livestock

    I hope these ideas about cattle concealment from the top of my head just remain as this, as ideas, and never have to be used by anyone in our time or our descendants’ lives.

    But, if that time presents itself someday, and someone remembers about her grampa or granny reading and laughing about this weird Venezuelan expat in something that existed called the Internet and his thoughts about hiding cattle from the roving gangs…and needs to do something similar, I will consider myself pleased.

    In whatever other virtual space, or whatever other places I could be? ?

    I will see you next week.

    Be safe, dear fellows, and God bless us all! Cheers!


    About the Author

    J.G. Martinez D (Jose) is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He has a small 4 members family, plus two cats and a dog. An old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela. Thanks to your help Jose has gotten his family out of Venezuela. They are currently setting up a new life in another country.


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      1. Cattle hiding?

        Well anyway we know Communists have deliberately starved millions of people. They searched and found hidden grain and seeds. They confiscated tools.

        Read about six to ten million white Christians starved in Ukraine by Stalin and his chosen thugs.

        This occurred before ww2. The Ukraine people were of the same ancestry as the Germans.


        • They will loose a lot of agents when they try this. And we won’t stop at the poor saps they send to confiscate. We will attack the source!

          • Noticing more and more ads and commercials with interracial couples and their halfniglets, raises my blood pressure more and more each time. The conditioning and ruining of America continues to grow with the new “norm” being contamination and dilution of the once superior white DNA. Makes me sick.

            • Yes there is a cold war being waged against the white race.

            • I said the same thing last weekend to the wife. Everything from cereal to pharma companies doing it. Can’t stand the “in your face” use of race normalization.

            • Infidel: Tell me about it my friend! I have been saying the same thing for well over 20 damn years and crickets from most it seems. This country is absolutely trying it’s hardest to FAIL and to fail BIG!! These apes. savages, he-she’s. 1/2 breeds, faggy fag fags and all of the other various deviant garbage all need to be dealt with once and for all. Open your eyes people, we are definitely under attack within the U.S. daily, walk around, open your eyes, think just a tiny bit and notice what you see all around you…nothing but mess, trash and a ton of Non-Whites and especially those vile filthy dirty nasty Muslims!!

            • War on West Euro Culture. See Couden Plan for a start. Barbara Spectre ,ovida yosef ,not nice.

          • Anybody trespasses on my property or steals from me, gets shot over and over. And we won’t call 911- They will just disappear forever.

            I choose not to be a Slave nor a Victim, therefore I carry daily. I’m telling ya all now, get your wireless motion detectors set up and in place at your most vulnerable choke points on your property. Those few extra seconds or minutes to prepare to jump them offensively, before you are ambushed are crucial.

            Even if my motion detectors goes off because of an Animal, it is a good practice alarm to stay prepared to fight at a seconds notice.

            I have the motion detectors at my gate pointing to the outside, so any one approaches my gate it goes off. Another one set up on my canal, so any water craft that passes it also goes off. And another one at the far end of my property that also doubles as my escape route.

            The unsuspected Ambush is the most deadly offense out there. Don’t be a victim.

            Also, always shoot the opponents leader first, who is pointing and giving directions, thereby eliminating their leadership and command will demoralize their minions and they will most likely the rest will retreat. The Flanking of the enemy is very effective as will and unexpected.

            • BlowIt: So killer, what are you going to do when say I don’t know, a few dozen come at once and pay your ass a lil “visit” should we call it?? Then what? ? They will burn you out or more likely “up” so to speak.

        • “How can you protect your livestock?”

          Basic predator control applies to both four-footed and two- footed thieves. Don’t hide your cattle. Hide the bodies of the predators or feed them to the hogs.

          Grind the bones up and feed the calcium to the chickens. 🙂

          • Goddamn right Kid !

          • Hahaha! I was thinking same thing. You think all the preppers have stored up ammo for what, hunting squirrels? Uh, no.

            • Great minds think alike. 🙂

        • I thought Ukrainian people were majority Muslim?

          • Most Ukrainians are Christian!! Hiding cattle won’t work bcz they’ll have drones;not only to find the cattle but to scout out any defensive positions. They will use infrared detectors to find anything that generates heat. Good Luck!

      2. They will loose a lot of agents when they try this. And we won’t stop at the poor saps they send to confiscate. We will attack the source!

        • Joe Schmoe;
          I have a screw loose! I sometimes lose my temper! No insult intended and it may be your spell check.

      3. Why are the people in the photo of the store wearing surgical masks?

        • reused stock photo from the SARS health scare.

      4. I am not much for hiding
        I would rather prepare with automatic weapons, lots of ammo and explosives.
        I would rather kill them all and put the fear of death into them.
        The best defense is a muderous offense.

          • Regarding the video…dang. They don’t fool around.

      5. That won’t work…At least in the West where a rancher will have hundreds (if not thousands) of mother cows, bulls, steers, and replacement heifers…It might work in the East and South where farms are smaller along with smaller herds…Those smaller bunches of cows are easier to move and therefore easier to work into a hidden corral, but only for a day or two…Cows eat a lot, and would have to be fed, and that movement would be a give-a-way…At least in the west, whoever comes for stock would be hard pressed to gather everything, given the size of the ranches and the fact that the stock is pretty darn wild to start with…It’s a chore for the guy that owns the cows to get them gathered twice a year, branded and shipped, even with good help….So I say if you want to save your stock, cattle, sheep, goats, horses, or whatever you raise, take the risk and defend them…Otherwise cut your losses and save your family.

        • Too many neighbors that are government informers to be successful in hiding your livestock.

          If you conldn’t hide a Jew, how could you hide a cow?

        • Most cattle in the West is chipped and tracked. 🙂

          • Not any cattle I know of….Not sure which part of the west you’re talking about, but in Colorado I don’t know of any ranchers that chip their cattle…We have brand laws however, so every cow critter wears a brand.

        • They didn’t seem to have all that much problem getting the Bundy cattle.
          I live in the Ozarks and here there are elements of both western ranching and eastern farming.

          East or west they will be hard to hide. Cattle bawl a lot esp cows with calves and mature bulls.

          Might be able to hide a small bunch of weaned calves or yearlings in an isolated valley with enough feed and water all year for them. Longer term you will have to have at least one bull.

        • Yep , My thoughts exactly.
          I could hide some in the woods or swamp for awhile , but you cant conceal cattle movement. wont happen .

          • LOL…..I sometimes have as many as 3 or 4 short little cedar trees per square mile, most people would consider them bushes…Not a lot of swamp on the high plains either.

        • The BLM got their asses handed to them at the Bundy Ranch. A citizen militia with AK’s and AR15’s had them all crapping their pants. Never again let these Government shills steal from you.

          BTW/ Just 1 OZ of Silver buys 6 Months of food in Venezuela today. If there is any food to be bought. Thank the US economic sanctions that Nation Destroyed Venezuela. Control a Nations money supply and you can destroy them. And why you need Silver and Gold as a back up. Stack it deep just like Guns, Ammo, Food, and your BOL off the grid. I run my BOL 100% off the grid. Nobody is cutting off my power or water supply. Or Money supply with 1 Oz stacked tall and deep. You can truly live Free or Be a slave to the grid or P2B.

          • Actually the BLM prevailed eventually. The Bundy’s cattle where taken from them. Deadbeat Bundy wrongly assumed the federal lands belonged to him because his family used the land for decades. He should of paid his grazing fees.

            • Deadbeat? Really? Sorry. I expected better from you OG. You don’t have to pay grazing fees when you the land. He had the damned deed. He agreed to pay the grazing fees if they did the improvements they promised. They did, then told him he could graze the land. BLM broke the contract. The land had been handed down within the family for over 150 years. BLM knew that and then they tried to take his land by a crooked scheme. People like you should shut their mouths until they know the facts so you don’t look like a moron. Too late for you but others might want to look into the REAL facts.

              • Sorry.Lets try that again. New computer. Touchpad sucks.

                Deadbeat? Really? Sorry. I expected better from you OG. You don’t have to pay grazing fees when you own the land. He had the damned deed. He agreed to pay the grazing fees if they did the improvements they promised. They did the improvements then told him he could not graze his cattle on the land. BLM broke the contract. The land had been handed down within the family for over 150 years. BLM knew that and then they tried to take his land by a crooked scheme. People like you should shut their mouths until they know the facts so you don’t look like a moron. Too late for you but others might want to look into the REAL facts.

                • Ok look at the End Result. Bundy in Jail. The cattle removed. Bundy ordered to pay restitioun. Does that sound like the Government had their asses handed to them? Folks like the bundy are greedy. The federal lands belong to all of us. But they would do things to discourage folks from gaining access to the land. So he makes some excuse as to why he believed he shouldn’t pay the prescribed fees. He was nothing more than a renter. It doesn’t matter how many decades his family had beed using the open range. It wasn’t his land. He never had any valid recorded deed. He wasn’t paying property Taxes on that land. In short It wasn’t his it did not belong to him. Ok you try and assert that it was Bundy land handed down for 150 years? Why then did the BLM do the (promised improvements) if it wasn’t the BLM’s land? If its the BLM,s land then they have the Say So. Its likely the Courts would rule that Bundy refusing to Pay the grazing fees is a Breach of Contract. Any Jury I was setting on I would do my best to convince that Bundy not paying fees was a breech of contract. The BLM is responsible to manage the Federal Lands for the benefit of Everyone. Not let some grandfathered squatter dictate how its used. Those grazing rights, Mining claims ect. They should be put up for bids every so often ad sold to the highest bidders. The high bidder should be required to Post a performance bond to Prevent environmental damage and cover any misuse.

                  • OldMan: Keep on having such blind-faith in this reckless, corrupt incompetent Gov’t and let us all know how that one works out for you…Fools born every minute seems to still be true folks.

                    • Its not any blind or any other kind of faith in the government. Its simply I see things as they are. Any action by so called patriots that run counter to the government mandates will in the end result in the government prevailing. Bundy Was a fool. Thinking he could dictate to the BLM what he wanted to do in regards to the federal land. He should of paid the grazing fees. Or quit grazing the BLM controlled lands. Back in the 1800’s what the big ranches did with the backing of English investors. They had straw men homestead the best 160 acre plots. mostly the ones with water. And any (Sod Buster) who dared to try and homestead what the ranchers claimed. They sent thugs like Tom Horn to chase them off or guys like the Pettis Brothers outright murder them. That’s the kind of ancestors folks like Bundy come from. And they still have the same wrong core concept that the old west ranchers had. It simply was not Bundys Land. He Didn’t pay the Rent. A no paying renter no matter what lame reason they assert justifies that action make’s them a deadbeat. Certianly the show of force delayed the action’s of the government agents. But eventually in the end they prevailed. Ive spent considerable time in the West and have dealt with the Likes of folks like Bundy.

      6. Registering chickens ?? Seizing livestock ?? I don’t think so. TPTB in this country had better chill out and think real hard about doing that here. Me thinks it is time to purchase yet more ammo.

          • Just wondering how come the guy that got hi jacked was wearing a camera. Trekker Out

            • MT,

              GO-Pro… Lots of people have them now.

        • Does everyone forget about NAIS? They wanted to RFID chip every animal from cattle down to chickens and rabbits! That ‘rule’ may still be around even though we shed a lot of light on it.

      7. I have a small herd of beef cows and have thought on this quit a bit. The problem with cattle that they bawl a lot especially cows with calves and adult bulls.

        Weaned calves and yearlings would be best in my opinion. At this stage they are pretty low maintenance and make less noise. Also the calves are generally not reported on the AG censes which we do every 5 years. I guess if you are thinking long term you would need at least one bull calf. cattle are herd animals and you would need enough so they would be satisfied and not bawl looking for other at cattle. At least 5 and 10 would be better.

      8. Nothing new with this article.

        A couple of years ago Venezuela required everybody to register their home gardens so the government could inspect them. The government went on to collect 50% of the food stocks in the garden for redistribution.

        Naturally, people stopped planting gardens. Now they are really starving.

      9. Drones and other aircraft will make hiding livestock almost impossible. Obama passed a lot of Executive Orders that gave agencies of the Federal government control of just about everything including food. E.O. 10998 gave food production and distribution to the Department of Agriculture. They do track food production & distribution and plan for martial law. I don’t know if Trump has rescinded the executive orders or not. In WWII, the British government kept careful track of their farmers as to production and tried to hold them to the same rationing as everyone else. Hopefully, some day soon the people running Venezuela will be held to account for what they are doing.

      10. I’d never heard of any chicken registration here in NC. I’m pretty sure none of my neighbors have heard of it either.

        Outlaw chickens on the loose in my neighborhood.

        Along with ducks, goats, and sheep.

        • Arch.
          I also have to deal with feral pigs and cows.

          • Its odd that in my region of the Ozarks. We do not have any feral pigs. I see videos of feral pigs on the internet. and it seems Texas and South Ark is over run with them. I think it is because of the baiting of deer being legal. Hunters feed corn and other grain in feeders with automatic timers. and shoot deer that come to eat. They use game cameras to monitor the feeders. And any pig would be shot as soon as it was detected. Now we do have plenty of deer. You have to fence a garden with 8 ft high fence to keep the deer out.

      11. I have put this thought up here before but will keep doing it for any new readers.

        if you have a trip youre saving for or some nice purchase that is a once in a lifetime thing and you will not go into debt doing it, you should do it within the next 5 years at max.

        we do not know when the usa’s finances will hit the fan, but when it does; the govt will have no problem taking your assets to keep itself afloat and you are not going to stop it.

        • Not sure we have five years before the economy tanks.

        • You are right but wrong, Why steal cash when they can print it? Why steal your old car when they can just nationalize new cars/? Why take your stock when they can take the plant? Why go take a farmers wheat? He has to sell it to the elevator, what does he want with a million lbs of wheat in Kansas, nobody even there to eat it. Heck, the Bank of Japan has bought half the Co’s in Japan and no one cares. As long as the dollar is good, the Gov can buy anything, the day it’s not they are done the country is too big for them to run; then it is guns and ammo in the cities and all over in 90 days.

          • Asset forefeiture laws …..

            • Not a problem in this condition. This stage is way past that charade.

            • If that becomes widespread, even the COP lovers will flip some shit. Never happen. Now, disarm America and you can only imagine what they’d get away with. Yeah, they know. We know. Sure, they push here, take a little nibble here but big bites get your head blown off. Americans still have guns and they will use them in the event of widespread improper government behavior.

          • I think Paranoid has a valid point. But they don’t even need to print any cash. Just create digital money out of thin air. That what they already do. Simply add billions and trillions to the National Debt. When the Fiat USA Petro dollar is no longer the dominate currency for world wide trading That’s all Folks.

      12. don’t remember which executive order after 9/11 it was, but they have the “power” to take any or all of your assets for the “national good”.

      13. “In South Africa, the Kikuyus were there before the Brits, so their rebellion should be reasonable for libertarians.”

        As I am not getting paid for writing about South Africa’s apartheid, I won’t elaborate on this.”

        The above comments certainly confirm that the author is NOT being paid to THINK about South Africa’s history.

        • When did you read the history of South Africa? It was almost uninhabited when the Europeans got there.

          • The Kikuyus were there before the Brits? Well, the Boers were there before both of them.

      14. Hm….
        Overpaid in my opinion.
        Didn’t tell us how to stop the cows from mooing, the chickens from clucking, the hogs from grunting, the horses doing what they do, the goats, the geese, the turkeys and so on…

        As for South Africa– bring those farmers here and let the Kikuyu feed themselves.

      15. APartheid was an Afro-Brexit movement. George Soros funded the anti apartheid movement and the Clintons were against apartheid. So i see that you Americans agree with globalism and George soros.

        Also, Nelson Mandela was complicit to pedophilia. His family publicly endorsed ukuthwala (the Xhosa word for child marriage)

        The S.African justice department has an awareness campaign over ukuthwala.

      16. Mau-mau and the Kikuyu were in Kenya, not South Africa. Robert Ruark wrote a couple of books about that era. One was “Something Of Value”.

        • And the Boers were in South Africa before most of the White people living in the US had ancestors here. So if the Boers have to leave, so does every White person in the US. Using the same logic. But that’s Marxist logic. And I’m not Marxist and I ain’t leaving.

          • Should have said, Marxist ideology. They are incapable of logic and reason.

            • RIGHT ON ALL COUNTS. You people must be ignored at all costs; imagine using real facts when you can use ignorance instead. You will come to no good.

      17. Commercial US food producers have been required to report their product to the US Dept. of Agriculture for decades. How many cows do you have, how many acres are planted in wheat, etc. The only purpose for such required under penalty of law questionnaires is to make it easier for the US Government to seize your food products.
        Panhandle Rancher

      18. If there is a SHTF WROL. I will hang any cattle thief that I can. Might have to shoot them first? Ive only got a few head. What I will do is graze them during the day in the wooded savanna type area. and lock them up at night. As far a canned goods. It is possible to puncture a small hole and inject poison. and seal it with liquid nail’s glue. hidden by the label. hide that stash and let them find it. If you plan to survive and keep what belongs to you. You are gonna have to be able to take a hard line.

        • I really like the pinhole/poison approach. Then a cryptic mark on the can for only you to decode. Smart!

      19. VP Pence calls Venezuela a “failed state”, cites recent “sham” elections, exhorts other countries to stand against Maduro and suspend Venezuela’s membership in the OAS. I bet ten bucks that our military will be operating there within one year.

        • Let me think,
          Worlds largest oil reserves.
          China, Russia, Cuba showing lots of interest.
          What would YOU do?

          • It really is a tough one rellik. Usually we go the tanks/guns/planes route with lots of bombs. I’m more of a carrot than stick kind of guy but it’s tough reasoning with socialists. Heck, we have one whole party full of them here who are impossible to comprehend. What do we have to trade with them that they need? I dunno, they’re hungry, we got plenty of good wholesome GMO food that maybe we could exchange for some of that there oil.

        • Next door Columbia is welcoming NATO with open arms. So yes, the deep state is prepping for an overthrow and confiscation of the oil for international oilcos.

          The spice must flow…

          • Give that Dune fan a cigar!

            • Movie stinks.
              Book is good.

              • The book “Dune” is prophetic. It really is marvelous.

                Beware the Benejeserate.

                • PTPO, so is another book by the same author: “White Plague”.

        • Venezuela is a Member of OPEC, and in direct competition with Saudi in the Global oil market. And Trump just asked Saudi to pump 1 Mil more Barrels a day to try and destroy Iran and Venezuela’s economy more. Freaking predators. Its disgusting our foreign policy.

      20. Hi folks:

        I do not believe anyone mentioned the use of osage orange trees (also known as mock orange or horse apple trees.) You may buy 2 yo seedlings from Musser Forests. Look these up on wikipedia. Once they get large I guarantee you that nothing bigger than a rat can get thru them. The branches are curved and the thorns will puncture a tractor tire.

        We’ve seriously thought about car/truck traps along one side of our 2.65 acre farm. Can make with a tractor and plow. A ridge next to a trench. Used quite effectively by Russians against German tanks and APCs and trucks.

        Once the grass gets high these will be all but invisible until you are right on them.

        And yes, motion detectors are a must. Also game cameras well hidden in camo in trees. We’ve thought about buying the now tiny security cameras that transmit to iPhones, but expect the cell phones to be rendered inoperative when TSHTF.

      21. There are already federal laws against “hoarding”, in a SHTF scenario, you can bet those laws will be interpreted in the broadest sense possible. Owning livestock and growing gardens will probably be interpreted as such. Federal laws also exist for gov’t to seize/confiscate any and all resources in an “emergency” as they see fit. The overwhelming primary concern for gov’t will be its own survival and maintaining power; you may assume ANY measure the gov’t deems necessary will be employed. This includes suspending or even eliminating civil rights.
        If conditions really deteriorate there won’t be much law; no right and wrong, no good and bad, and no fair or unfair, none of those things will matter, it will be who has power over those who don’t, just like now. For example; for some reason wealthy, powerful, influential people are not arrested or convicted for their crimes (likely one reason is because they all know about each other’s crimes, each one has the dirt on everyone else – yes, it’s a big club, but we are not in it). Oviously, there is a multi-tiered system of justice in this country, EVERYONE knows this, only the 99% don’t have the power to do anything about it – for now.
        Though going off topic, much of the 1% viscerally despise the people. One can find on-line what many of them think and believe and say about average people; it is the most vilest and basest innate unreasoning hatred.
        You must one, prep and stock, and hide what you can. And two, do not tell anyone except those trusted persons in your prep circle. The gov’t isn’t the only one who can take your stuff, the lawless marauding element will see what you have without asking (because they already have a sense of entitlement), and the relatives/friends/neighbors, they may be well-meaning now but if they get desperate there is telling what my happen. You must be careful who you admonish to prep, not everyone will prep, but everyone will remember you advised them to prep and if TSHTF they will quickly understand you may have stuff they need.

      22. I can’t help but think that one good man, with a quality rifle, could have ended Venezuelias pain long ago.

        Yet it doesn’t happen, sounds to me like the USA CIA is at work protecting these slugs.

        • That’s why authoritarian governments round up gun.

          Considering the US govt now controls 60% of the country and that’s increasing, those wanting increasing gun control are disappointedly stupid.

      23. What would Braveheart do! Where is Braveheart? Trekker Out

        • MT, here I am after a few days break from the net and other things I had to do. Anyone who comes for my stuff will get plenty of ‘hot lead’ flying into the and just get killed. THAT’S what Braveheart would do.

          • Just checking, hadn’t seen you comment for a couple of days. Glad your back. Trekker Out

            • MT, I’m OK, just had some thing I absolutely had to get done and that required being away from the computer. It’s actually a good thing to get away from the computer on occasion. I’ve actually been doing some of that this year. I’ve skipped a lot of articles on here since the first of the year.

      24. If I recall did not Obama sign Executive Orders that in a national emergency situation gives the Federal Government the ‘right’ to seize any and all resources.

      25. This is the last stage in the collapse. Up to now, the Government took what they needed and took care of the Maduro faithful. Their attitude was “to hell with everyone else!”. Now the Government can’t even take care of their closest followers. The people closest to Maduro are stealing on their own initiative without legal sanctions. I think Maduro will flee the country soon or be shot.

      26. Like, in the case of that Italian hotel and Walmart, which was forced to house migrants, I think that raided, Venezuelan farms and factories have been nationalized by a Communist govt.

        In theory, yes, private property could be raided, under the gun.

        But, these were probably examples of public property.

      27. They dont have to seize cattle, hogs or chickens.
        “They” already own them thru corporate contracts. My area is covered with chickenhouses full of millions of layers, and meat birds. Close enough to The Swamp to supply it.

        Maybe this will happen in other areas.
        But I am sure They will protect their investment.

      28. Back during the War of Northern aggression. So called Foragers both Confederate and Yankee. Roamed the countryside and took any food supplies & livestock they could find. Leaving the women and children to starve. Hardly a cow chicken pig or ear of corn escaped being confinscated. The folks made do with wild edibles. Nuts ,acorns and the occasional squirrel or fish and any rats they could catch. A woman told me her orphaned Grandmother was a small girl back then. And she walked on one side of the overgrown fence rows at nite. and her brother on the other. She had fashioned a sort of fan from thorn bush. And he flushed roosting birds and she swatted them. They pickled the birds in a box of salt with a layer of birds and a layer of salt. Its going to be almost impossible to hide anything. I think a Stone Age Existance is what’s in store.

      29. Way off subject, but guys here are a source of info.
        I just discovered my synthetic black power isn’t
        worth a darn, too old. I’m going to make my own
        black powder from scratch
        (you can’t buy black powder in Hawaii due to shipping)
        I’ve found many different things on the Internet.
        I’m not doing fire works, I’m shooting a 3″ cannon.
        Don’t ask, because I won’t tell.
        My front gate is well covered.


        • Hey rellik,

          How were you storing the powder in order for it to go bad?

          If you could do over, how would store it now?

          Thanks for the info. 🙂

          Y’all enjoy the week.

      30. Relik – You might think about caltrops which you place on the ground. They can penetrate the soles of most shoes. I don’t know about combat boots;their soles may be too thick. They’re good around windows. People might be too busy looking around to look where they are stepping.

      31. Input? Don’t mess with rellik’s front gate brah!

      32. Fritz,
        Just to be a good
        prepper and SHTF guy
        My father made Black powder canons.
        It was his hobby.
        He left them to me.
        I can blow the shite out of stuff.
        and it is in my front yard.
        I had to move one cannon because
        one of my neighbors wives as afraid
        of of where it was aimed.
        Us Hawaii guys are different.

        • Way back in the last century, I was stationed on Oahu for five years. I have daughters and granddaughters still there. I loved my time there but I never made it to the Big Island. You make it sound like I missed the best part of living in Hawaii.

      33. Guys: why do you think they are trying so, so hard to SEIZE and STEAL our Firearms?? If we are dumb enough to give up our guns, man, they will run us down like a patch of 1/2 dead, droopy wilted flowers. Do NOT give up anything, not 1 damn single thing. God it is so painfully obvious the sneaky, devious plan the Gov’t is trying so hard to implement upon our asses!! Think about it.

      34. CC, agreed wholeheartedly. If we give up our guns it’s all over and we would deserve whatever was coming to us.

      35. Shoot. Shovel. Shut up.

      36. “Government” and pirates–the same thing.

      37. Correction; the mau mau movement belongs to kenya and not south africa.

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