The Good News Is Consumer Spending Is Up; The Bad News Is…

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    On the surface, the latest consumer spending figures suggest that it’s not all doom and gloom out there. In fact, if you take a drive down to your local mall or strip center chances are you’ll see the parking lots full and shoppers filling up their carts with as many useless slave labored imported goods as they can get their hands on. According to economists this is a sign that the economy is bouncing back, and if we could just get more people to do the same thing we should return to booming growth in no time:

    Consumers are giving a modest lift to the economy.

    They spent more on trucks, electronics and building supplies in October to boost retail sales for the fifth straight month.

    The gains provide an encouraging start for the October-December quarter.

    “The consumer has to come through this holiday season if we are going to get back to more decent growth rates, and the early readings are those households have hit the stores quite strongly,” said Joel Naroff, chief economist at Naroff Economic Advisors.

    A rebound in consumer spending was the key reason why the economy grew at an annual rate of 2.5 percent in the July-September quarter. It was the best quarterly performance in a year.

    Economists said the October retail sales data suggest that the economy is growing at roughly the same pace in the final three months of the year. Consumer spending fuels about 70 percent of economic activity.

    Stronger growth has helped calm fears that the U.S. economy might be at risk of another recession.

    Source: AP

    That’s the good news.

    But if the global economic crisis is as bad as many of us in alternative media have claimed it to be, how is it possible that people are still able to spend money?

    It’s simple really. It has to do with a phenomenon we’ve discussed previously and it’s having a positive impact on consumer spending. While consumers are making less money and unable to acquire meaningful labor, they have yet to realize that the economic paradigm is in the process of a significant shift. As such, they are accessing whatever financial resources they can in the hopes of maintaining the lifestyles to which they have become accustomed over the last couple of decades – lifestyles driven by consumption rather than production. Most have failed to even contemplate the possibility that this is not your average recession and that we may very well be in the middle of an economic collapse that rivals, and likely surpasses, the global Great Depression of the 1930’s.

    The bad news is, that while the economy continues to fall into an abyss, the American consumer just doesn’t see it. To compensate for what many believe to be a short-term recessionary blip, consumers are maintaining their lifestyles by blowing through their savings and retirement funds:

    More from the AP:

    …economists worry that the spending can’t continue at the same pace. Over the summer, consumers spent more while earning less. Many had to dip into their savings to make up the difference.

    “Overall, the economy appears to be growing at a decent clip,” said Paul Dales, a senior U.S. economist at Capital Economics.

    Still, Dales added, “Consumption cannot grow at a faster rate than incomes indefinitely.

    This trend has developed over the course of the last 18 months, and for the time being, continues unabated. At some point the money will run out, and without job or income growth, consumption will come to a screeching halt. Further compounding the spending crunch to come are the problems in Europe, which is likely headed for a complete economic death spiral, and which will likely lead to serious economic growth problems here in the US. Combined with tensions in the middle east and recently rising energy prices, the cost of essential goods like food and gas may continue rise, adding even more pressure.

    People continue to walk down retail aisles with blinders on. Most have no concept of what is happening, while others simply choose to ignore the warning signs. Now is the time to be increasing, not decreasing, savings. Now is the time to be investing in essential goods, not iPads, Xboxes and new cars.

    Just as those who made poor decisions leading up to the real estate collapse of 2008 are feeling the pain now, those who have chosen to be consumers instead of savers today will soon be faced with an unprecedented financial upheaval sure to have them wondering why they didn’t see it coming and what they could have done differently.

    In the meantime, it’s almost Black Friday and this year retailers have taken the extra step of catering to those who are ready to take on some more credit or dig deeper into their savings by opening their doors after Thanksgiving dinner. Be sure to get your shopping lists together. We’ve heard 3D-Widescreens are going for around $500, so when it hits the fan you’ll be able to experience the collapse of society, food riots, hyperinflation and world war III in your living room just as if you were standing right there in the middle of it all!


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      1. Southern style turnip greens from wal mart are delicious. Buy tasty canned foods.

        • A turnip in your christmas stocking might take on a whole new meaning.

        • Just grow some collards, they’re great.

          • I grew massive amounts of turnips and turnip greens. I’m not too fond of collards. My Brussels sprout leaves and broccoli leaves are still going strong, even in the cold weather in Missouri. Greens should be in the biggest part of the food pyramid. What are some other greens you like?

        • I bought eight huge bags of kale at Kroger for 25 cents each and and canned them with tomatoes and garlic from my garden. I put up 32 quarts of that. They were just getting rid of Kale, nothing was wrong with it at all. Aldi’s had avocados for 39 cents. They keep for months in the refrigerator, so I bought 50 of them. I’ll freeze some guacamole if I don’t eat them all in a hundred days. When Aldi’s mushrooms are 69 cents, I buy them up and dehydrate them. During mushroom hunting season (8 months of the year) I dehydrate at least a hundred pounds of morels and chanterelles. Poke is there for the taking every spring and it cans well, too. You can make your own laundry detergent from Fels-Naptha or Zote soap. I also make my own dish soap from Colgate Octagon soap. Walmart sold 5 lbs of potatoes for 99 cents a bag. I dehydrated 6 bags yesterday, they are almost ready. I’m having more fun finding great deals on food than on big screen tv’s.

      2. “We’ve heard 3D-Widescreens are going for around $500, so when it hits the fan you’ll be able to experience the collapse of society, food riots, hyperinflation and world war III in your living room just as if you were standing right there in the middle of it all!”

        Its going to be live in their living rooms, better than TV!

        • If someone was an entrepreneur out there, they’d make it ‘pay per view’, LOL…

          • Restaurants are full. Co-workers are spending money like it came from a Monopoly game. POne co-worker is so far in debt the only way he and wife could take a driving vacation this summer was to have their guests pay for the gas. He’s living on the razor thin edge of solvency, yet he and wife can’t stop spending. It’s a disease…

        • willywonka , ain’t nothing gonna hit the fan and I wish you guys would stop with that crap. How many years are you gonna say WHEN the shit hits the fan and it never does nor will it.

          • Rich 99: My elders were saying this is the early 80’s when things were bad and hyperinflation. Many books were written about the collapse that never happened. Thirty years later, most these folks are dead or in nursing homes; their preps incl long term canned food, water purifiers, wood stoves, etc. were tossed out by heirs, as all was done for nothing. My inlaws died fifteen years ago, same story; much was donated to charity. I donated long term canned goods after y2k to local food banks. We prep light, and like others, don’t want the house cluttered with stuff, when most likely, someone will toss all this out someday…time will tell.

            • I’m guessing the canned goods that will be donated after I die will be worth all of $300 or $400. There are people wasting that on video games in 10 minutes. Hell my wife had to see Elton John in a concert once and it cost us $300. So what if I have a bunch of cans that have to go the church and feed the needy….not a loss at all.

              My other preps will be retained by my family, handed down to nephews, nieces, etc. Maybe their kids will sell them for drugs, but I doubt it. I look at the 21 nephews and nieces and see a few bad applies but the vast majority are good kids and will enjoy the peace of mind of what I left them.

            • i see all the negative ratings and those are the people who WANT the shit to hit and our comments are disrupting their little world of doom.

          • RICH, Yewaranidiot.

            Just because the PTBs have been able to forestall the inevitable turd/turbine interface does NOT mean it will not happen. It simply means it will be exponentially worse when it does occur.

            BTW, if you wish we “guys would stop with that crap”, WTF are you doing on this site????

            • I was just thinking the same thing Paddymac. Why are you here Ric?h Unless you’re out of work with nothing to do but sit around and be a troll. Tell ya what. Join your OWS buddies (pick one, any one across the nation) and GO THERE! As for us, we’ll continue to prep for the future.

            • because i am seeing lots of shows and movies lately on t.v. about zombies but i want to come here and listen to what the rabid doom zombies are saying !

          • RICH99……What if it doesnt then what have we (preppers)have lost? You could say the same thing about God(what if there isnt one?)then what would christians have lost?

            Remember they sell insurance for a reason and a lot of people buy a lot of it,car,house,health… us its just insurance that we hope we will never collect on.

            • rich99…prices are skyrocketing as we speak and incomes are not moving up and what was the supposed unemployment rate…9.1% according to the govt.. this article is correct in many aspects, particularly the one point regarding lifestyles…..lets say you eat a pizza from pizza hut every friday….add it up for a year and that is a minimum of $600 ( and for a family of four over $2000.00 a year just for pizza). this is money that could be helping you or a family of four get out of debt, or purchase more tangible and lasting goods that might actually help them survive further damage to the economy. rich99 you are an idiot and i dont know why you insist on torturing yourself by coming to this web site and picking stupid arguements that you are gonna lose.

            • Wow……look at the DOOM FAN CLUB……16 positive ratings………..ra-ra-ra

            • I have bought homeowner’s insurance for years and never made a claim. Was that also a waste?

          • It doesn’t matter if nothing ever happens because when I hit my golden, golden age, I am not going to buy groceries until my pantry stores are depleted and we are going to spend that food money doing something totally outrageously fun. The other preps are going to be passed onto the people of like mind in our Will…so nothing will be wasted.

            W.Wonka: We are training the squirrels around here to run in circles and are making tiny little generators for the TV so we can keep watching.

          • Rich99, I wish you would go play in the street, If you don’t like seeing anything about SHTF, then take your happy ass somewhere else

          • Rich 99 and Laura M – If I had my way, all the long term food I have accumulated would be donated to a food bank just before it reaches its expiration date in 30 years. I have the same wish for my life insurance, that I outlive the policy. I have the same wish for my car insurance, that I am never in an accident requiring insurance. I have the same wish for health insurance, that I am able to prevent serious chronic disease through clean living.

            Just because you prepare for something doesn’t mean you “want” it to happen. But because I am a serious prepper, if it DOES hit the fan, my family will make it through more easily than most others.

            I’m perfectly happy if the future shows my preps were wasted. In fact, that’s what I’m hoping for.

            • Said the same thing before Prepper. I hope ALL my preps will have been a waste of money and resources. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

          • Hey Rich99
            Why do you bother reading this?
            Go check the mailbox; your check may have come in today

            • I work for a living loser. Make sure you have your facts before you make an ignorant statement. Now i know why these sites are so successful in suckering people like you.

          • Easy folks…. on Rich99. We need him…. What!Huh? Yeah thats right. Got to keep that even keel and keep our ship a-right. Buy what you need and shun “what you want”. Keep the balance between your leanings of Rich 99 and “You”. It’s gonna be hard (it is for me too), but can be done. If you see something you gotta have, give it a day or two before you buy it and then ask if you really need it. Alot of times you’ll just smile at the thought and say, “No I didn’t”.

            • PO’d is right. Hell….I watch CNN and MSNBC every so often for comic relief. You need to know what the other side is up to. Keep your friends close….& your enemies closer.
              Montgomery County Texas

          • Don’t feed the troll

          • Is Rich 99 just an alter moniker to drive web response to the site?

            Just kidding..

            Hey Rich..I hear ya!

            Been hearing this shtf scenario now for 3 years and nothing is happening..a glut of overpaid snake oil salesmen pitching to the disenfranchised to increase web traffic and sales..

            Meanwhile..Europe is collapsing and the dollar has lost over 70% of its value over the last 30 years or so..and Americans will spend their last nickles on Black Friday sales next week..

            Meanwhile..I’ve purchased several fine armaments over the last few months in anticipation of another Black economic collapse..

            Enjoy the day


            We’re telling everyone to get out of the markets because we don’t like many money. We are just tired of doing business and think everyone should stop. There was no real problem with MF Global. President Obama said no crimes were committed. It is all good.

            Rich, you gonna share some of that free Buble-Up and rainbow stew?

          • Normally I would agree with you Rich, about 3 years ago. There are to many intelligent and qualified people with opinions to the contrary. I’ve seen it coming now for the past year. That is why I’m proud to call my self a prepper.My family counts on it.

          • hey rich, been to the market lately or noticed the price of GOLD DIDN’T THINK SO.

        • i want a saiga 12 for xmas. Anyone know who’s running that special for black friday?

          • Hey Ranger, i just got a Winchester sxp home defender for 290 dollars at bud’s gun shop. Could not afford a saiga, but the Winchester kick’s ass and cycles as fast as you can go.By the way , try Classic they always have deals on Saiga’s.

      3. We keep pushing back the problem,debt,when it explodes,will hit even harder!!I saw a commercial saying,'”buy more this year,make it even better than last year”I live on less and learming so much!!The animal kingdom only uses what it needs,maybe we will learn this lesson!

        • Is that you Gov. Brown?

        • your another one with the ….WHEN word. Nothings hitting the fan except your mind on all this doom crap.

          • your new name is…….SHEEPLE99……I crack myself up.ahahahahaa

            • Yea your right, I shouldn’t say those things and disturb your world of hope for doom.

          • RICH99:

            I used to be just like you, except for the asshole part, making fun of the preppers in the 80s.

            Anyway, who said we hope for doom? I hope and pray you’re right. I’ll gladly eat crow if you are. I love the idea of my kids growing up in a normal world.

            Unfortunately, there is a very good probability of an economic collapse. Has the debt to GDP ratio ever been higher here, or in Europe, or Japan? No. And once folks realize all those freebies the government promised them aren’t coming their way, there will be riots. The west is broke. And it’s never been that way before. I don’t see it ending well, so forgive me if I create my own insurance program.

            Probability of collapse? Probable enough to make me a ‘prepper’ about 18 months ago.

            Have a good evening,

            • @ Mal……” I used to be like you, except for the asshole part……Ha Ha Ha !! LOL I love it. I needed
              a good laugh today ! Keep it up.
              Montgonmery County Texas.

        • Side not here about your comment on the animal kingdom. You’d love the book “Ishmael”. Jus sayin

      4. Really no reason to try and save today. But don’t waste it on sheeple staples. Invest in non traditional investments; ie preps. I’ve been spending a lot more than I normally do. But not on video games and chrome wheels. You won’t need a 3D tv to watch WW 3. You’ll be watching it live and in real life 3D for FREE.

        Spend wisely.

        • Doubletap, I agree with you. I have spent more money on higher end preps this year then at anyother time in my life.

          I saved my money like a good citizen. But as I see the declining value of the dollars I have saved, I found that I will make more money spending those dollars on items that will help me and mine in the future.

          I have put more money into food, guns/ammo, medical supplys, clothing and garden tools as preps for the future.

          In the past I felt bad about spending my savings on foolish items. But today I kick myself in the butt if I don’t loosen up the hold I have on my savings and purchase future preps now.

          God bless and keep on prepping.

          • Me too Mona, my spending level is up a little right now, but I can’t think of a purchase recently that wasn’t a prep or needs (food/tp/meds) etc.

            My dog food for the great danes went down in price recently. I keep enough on hand to feed them a year and hopefully I can grow enough extra kibble for them in that time if needed. Pd $27.8 a bad for a 35lb bag of their “good stuff” this past week. I can get them cheaper stuff but they suffer when I do so I try to afford them the good stuff.

            • I am in the same boat. I up my spending on guns,ammo,survival utilities, can goods, etc. Me and my wife are on the same tune of preparing.

            • We have 2 danes and feed raw meat for 20 cents a pound from a butcher shop. A female breeder and fixed male, in a pinch we can feed the obama zombies to them when the SHTF. It costs us about 50 bucks a month for both.

          • don’t forget simple hand tools like a yankee screw driver. simple mechanical advantage toolswill make life without power a definite advantage. even mop wringer will make washing clothes a lot easier.

            • delr: We’ve stocked various better hand tools, good quality manual can openers, knives (hunting, various types), stuff that doesn’t take much room. The mop bucket w/ wringer is a must have. There is also a manual crank washing machine I saw online, and the mop wringer along with it will squeeze the water out (wash and rinse cycle). I get canned goods from Sam’s, etc and rotate. Long term food storage tastes like crap, lots of soy in it. Also, I grow sprouts for salads. Stock up on olive oil, spices, etc.

            • i do the sam laura.also grow my own spices.pepper grass,thyme,rosemary,sage, fennell aw heck you get the idea! gottaan extra carbfor the tiller already set for ethanol and one of those murdering hand plows. wonder if i can get the neibors dog to pull it. the chickens ain’t that big.

            • delr–I bet all of you forgot brooms…I have the swiffer floor dusting thingy I can make with a drying/cup towel put through those little holes on the back …but a broom?
              I have 5!!

            • Laura m..
              2– 5 gallon buckets, hole in the lids, and 2 plungers with holes in them..wash and rinse and I know my laundry detergent is low sudsing; I been using for a year.
              And we WILL learn a new phrase…WEAR IT AGAIN!!!

        • I agree with you. I have been spending more lately, but on wiser purchases. I also spend a lot more to take advantage of sales. This week’s grocery sales were good so I had a much higher grocery bill. Both my pressure canner and dehydrater are full right now. : )

      5. I love that last paragraph, Mac! Kinda like, ‘Hey! It’s world war 3. And right in our living room! Aint this cool?’
        I never really liked having to go out of the house to experience the full misery of the world anyway.

      6. In other news…
        The Western Wallawalla Washington Winter Wardrobe Wearers Committee on the Comparision of Compartmental Commissions has a new website! It’s at

        • I am so very glad I had set my coffee down and swallowed before I saw yer post Western WallaWalla……:)

          Wiping eyes….

      7. I asked my husband for a wheelbarrow for Christmas!
        Hope it’s not from China…

        • A wheelbarrow for Christmas! I love it! I’ve asked for a laundry wringer from Lehmans. 🙂

          • Would like to have their top of the line wood kitchen stove with large hot water heater. The laundry wringer is made in USA.

            • lehmans clothesline ratchets are fantastic ladies! every order i get from them is fantastic and does not disappoint.they are now carrying the reuseable canning lids now too.

        • Then he better head on over to Ace Hardware–about the only place I know that still carries mostly ‘made in the USA’.

        • @ Sandy : If you buy a wheelbarrow made by Ames True Temper….Jackson is the brand name…..they are still made in the USA…..everything but the wheel & tire….
          they are sourced from somewhere. The Jackson wheelbarrows cost more than the Mexico & China imports….but they are stronger in every respect. I have donedestructivee testing of all the brands….andtheeh Jackson always outperforms the others !
          Montgomery County Texas

      8. I know I am guilty of this very thing. Only difference is I can’t spend fast enough. Every day I have to resist the urge to spend more money on the things I want. Just can’t get enough supplies. Damn, it’s driving me nuts, I don’t think I will ever be prepared!

      9. Peeps are blind. When we buy, it is either for immediate daily needs, like food. Or, it is MRE’s to be put up. OR fresh veggies to be canned and put up. Or to buy vaccum bags to seal dry goods in. Or liquid smoke to use as flavoring in curing meat, as we have had the cure and recipe for years.
        I think I’ll purchase my wife and daughter some perfume for the holiday, but also give them a set of camo fatigues and camo backpack. And my wife will understand as she is the best and buys me firearms.


        • know what you mean terry my wife is so cool she bought me an RPK and a DR-200 she is so in to the preppin idea when i asked her about it and we both are constantly bringing something to stash in our “bunker” aka bedroom walk-in closet but its nice having a mate thats on the same page

      10. I’m certainly spending more–
        using FRN to buy long term food storage and anything else we might need when the shtf. Shop now avoid the riots. Maybe everyone is not so clueless.

      11. Much of the spending is attributed to the fact that many people DO REALIZE that the economy will collapse and that very soon the fiat ponzi scheme toilet paper we call the dollar will be worthless—–might as spend it now while it still has some value.

        The bottom line is people are stupid, but I think you may be short changing them on this one. Many people realize that the U.S. financial system is the most corrupt in the history of mankind. They also realize that it is based on “trust” and “printing” rather than real value, thus, to succeed in the U.S., you must think and act like a criminal and for those of limited means, spending other peoples money (via debt) is the only way they can join the crime syndicate.

        • I’m gonna have to differ on this one–I sat in the truck(broken toes) while dh went into Kmart for $4.50 and $5.00 canning jars this summer.
          Now, I am nosey..and started watching as the customers came out—junk, absolute junk mostly.
          One couple only had underwear for their probable grandkids..socks and underwear; just one. Went into a dept. store and bought only underwear.
          It restored my hope for a minute or two.

      12. Monetary inflation is destroying the world economy. There is no escape from it’s effects.

      13. What the Doctor said (and what he meant)

        We’ve stabilized the patients blood pressure (it’s 0 over 0
        We don’t expect him to get any worse ( but he’s never getting better)
        All his vital signs are stable ( he’s flat lined)

        What the politician said (and what he meant)

        Consumer spending is up (fewer products purchased but the prices were much higher)
        We’ve turned the corner on the economy (into a dead end alley)
        Unemployment is beginning to slow (there aren’t that many people left who even have a job to lose)
        Consumer confidence is returning (our propaganda is working great)
        The economy has stabilized (it’s flat lined)

        • The two that voted you down Okie are obese & demtards anyway.

          • And clearly lack a sense of humor!

        • Well put Smokie!

        • What the Doctor said (and what she thought he meant)

          An immigrant couple in the US is trying to get pregnant.
          Husband says “Vhy don’t you go to Doctor… see vhat Doctor say.”
          So, she goes to the clinic and after extensive examination the Doctor says “I’m sorry, but you have fissures in your passage and if you have a baby it will be a miracle.”
          Dejected, she goes back home.
          Her husband jumps up saying “Vell, vell, vhot did de Doctor say?”
          Tearing up she says “Doctor say I have fishes in my passage and if I have a baby it vill be a makerel!”

      14. A few thoughts concerning the continued spending and buying of goods.

        1) The Federal Reserve, by keeping rates near zero is RAPING the savings of tens of millions of Americans. Those who are playing by the rules and trying to be responsible and build a savings or retirement fund are the victims of this massive fraud. Why save when your real rate of return is below zero? When savings and retirement accounts are losing value by the day.

        2) IF there’s no benefit to saving AND there IS ongoing and growing inflation then what do people do with their money? They BUY what they need or invest in something tangible (land, PM’s, food, home and car repairs, tires, dental work, upgrade to newer more economical vehicles, buy clothes, tools, etc.). They buy items they will need in the future and today’s lower cost.

        3) There are still MANY people who have stopped paying their mortgages. Some because they have exhausted all other alternatives and some because they made a “strategic” financial decision based on having an upside down mortgage. Some of that money, normally going toward the house payment, will now go toward spending and buying.

        4) With 47+ million getting food stamps and millions of others getting goverment assistance of various types, it frees up some money (that would otherwise be used for food) to be spent on other things.

        All this is an house of cards. If all these government handouts were removed we would see the HUGE extent of the financial problem we are currently in.
        Greece and Italy on steroids.
        The difference is the Fed and the Treasury Dept can print money and the US Dollar is the world’s reserve currency. “They” can keep “printing” fake money for a long time. The longer they keep it up, the worse the collapse.
        America’s spending spree cannot continue at this pace.

        • 3) There are still MANY people who have stopped paying their mortgages. Some because they have exhausted all other alternatives and some because they made a “strategic” financial decision based on having an upside down mortgage. Some of that money, normally going toward the house payment, will now go toward spending and buying.

          I agree and excellent point……….This shoe has yet to drop…..people that do have jobs and live in a house that is 50-150K underwater, are doing this in droves….I know 5 familes myself that are or will be walking aways from their homes very soon.

        • NWF,

          1) I keep my retirement account in silver, gold, land, houses and about 25% high flying paperless stocks that I don’t expect to enjoy but hey….if it never hits the phan they will be there right.

          2) You nailed it. If money is to be worthless why have it when you can have a shinny new rifle, extra ammo, some long term food storage, a rain water collection system – all on my list – money isn’t.

          3) Pisses me off about the deadbeats who signed agreements not paying on their mortgages…I paid mine in full so now the government is going to take money from me and give to those who didn’t.

          4) 47 million on food stamps, maybe ironic 47% don’t pay income taxes either….shocking how well they’ve been bought off huh.

          • I hear ya Jim, Our mortgage is held by private bank and not Freddie or Fannie so we are part of the 10%, and never missed a payment. Americans in general have gotten into a mindset that when we make mistakes we just don’t take responsibility. Can’t pay your student loans don’t worry the government will restructure it so you owe and pay less, same for Mortgages, can’t find a job, can’t feed your family don’t worry the Government = you, and and most here, will feed and pay you for life. And, it will only end when things finally collapse, because those in power will never get voted out as long as the freebies keep flowing even if it is on your back and mine. Rant off.

            • Please keep ranting. It makes me feel better when I know someone else is pissed off that everything he/she worked for is being taken away and handed to the worthless nipple suckers. I am so pissed off I can hardly wake up and feel good about my nieghbors anymore. Yes! the one that hasnet paid his mortgage and just bought a new Subaru! 27k with options.

            • Claymation: I doubt very seriously that your mortgage is held by a “private bank”.

              Virtually all mortgages are sold by the originator, especially “private banks” as they do not want to tie up their working capital for pennies on the dollar (low interest rates).

              All of these mortgages are not sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Most are securitized by a major bank.

              I am willing to bet real money your mortgage was sold long ago and securitized by “Wall Street”.

              I have no doubt that it is now part of a “tranche” of similar LTV, and credit worthy loans, that have been enhanced by a CDS and sold to a life insurance company or pension fund.

              Your private bank likely services the loan and receives a 1% servicing fee for accepting and posting your payment.

            • Maybe, I am not an expert DK, You could be right. How does one go about finding these things out? I just know who I signed the papers with originally and their name is who gets put on the check with every month. When we borrowed the manger told us their bank held the note. I am the first to admit I am not a banking genius by any means. Peace

            • Claymation: Your bank may have held the note, initially, for a period of time to “season the loan”, maybe even for as much as six months or a year, (particularly if they thought mortgage rates were about to drop, because that would increase the value of the loan for sale), but I will guarantee you the loan was sold long ago.

              I would let sleeping dogs lie with respect to knowing who actually “owns” the loan as that question might only start a chain of title inquiry.

              The advantage that people have had in their foreclosure process is that the banks haven’t managed the ownership of the loan process very well through MERS.

              So when they have been challenged they haven’t been able to prove their ownership. Keep that potential advantage.


          • I agree Jim, this world is full of lazy, no good people who want a free handout. I am sick and tired of supporting those lazy idiots. It is gonna push my christian values to the test when the SHTF and these people come begging for food at my front door. Oh well, cross that bridge when I come to it. As for the prep spending, mine is way up also. The other day I went tot he fridge to get something to eat, and there was very little there. I then realized that everything I have purchased over the last few months has been put in the food storage areas. I had to go and raid my supplies for dinner. Kind of funny if you think about it.

            •’s like our personal Piggly-Wigly!!
              No gas wasted, no time need for shower, hair, and makeup!!…anything we want is there!!!
              Except that Dairy Queen chocolate sundae…it just isn’t the same homemade.

        • On point 1 & 2 – I see this very thing going on. I know a number of folks who have taken their money out of their savings accounts and had dental work/medical procedures done, completed home reparis etc. I’ve been told “there is no point in keeping the money in the bank now because it isn’t doing anything other than rotting” and they go on to state what their need is and how much the cost has continued to rise and so they figure they had best take care of it now.

          I think that people are hurting badly and the SNAP cards and other government interventions are simply covering up just how badly. The division of the haves and the have-nots is not over yet and foresee this growing even more.

          You are right, we cannot continue to spend at this pace.

      15. Lemmings…

        • your gonna find out that you were the lemming when nothing happens and i,m gonna laugh at all you doomers.

          • Why laugh Rich? Everything I purchase I will use. I will eat all the food I have stored away, I love to shoot my guns, the solar panels I am purchasing will cut down on my electric costs, the wood stove I purchased and the wood I am cutting will cut down on my propane costs, I have increased the size of my garden so I can put more food away, I dont buy junk anymore, I actually enjoy my life in the last year I have been prepping. And I sleep better knowing that if it does happen, I can take care of my family and some close friends. Life is good Rich, think of it as life insurance.

            • Rich is jealous of all preppers. He has a bad case of prepper envy.

          • hahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……im laughing at you now.

          • You’re #1!

            • Larry, Moe, and Curly live

          • if you dont believe it, why are you on a SHTF site?

            • he needs somewhere to go that hasn’t kicked him off. mac has a very kind heart. i on the other hand have got to get a better anti-troll spell. this one ain’t working too good. prep bro!

      16. So what happens when the Christmas shopping is finished and the winter of our discontent sets in? I will be doing my shopping just like everyone except it will be for more prepping supplies. It is the best gift for myself and family.

      17. “Let them eat iPad’s.”

        Hope and change you can believe in!

      18. Yeah saving is the way to go!! UNLESS————————–> your money is being put into banks, retirment acct’s, 401k’s etc..

        If thats where your money is being socked away……….FACEPALM……….you are giving more power and control to the bankster/zionist/rothschild/CFR/IMF turds…

        why save? spend it on FOOD, Clothes (getting more expensive), containers of fuel/gas(propane/diesel/petrol)
        , in a crunch those will be better than a DEPRECIATING VALUE money supply..or buy smokes, alcohol, ammo as investments..

        • Buy a multi-purpose distillation unit, good for water, good for antiseptic grade ethanol, good to 94%-95% fuel grade ethanol, and I’ve got a mole sieve in the design now to further dewater the ethanol to 99% pure. Also good for pure spirit beverage, but I do not imbibe.

          make your own

      19. Another shake out on metals today…

      20. Here’s my take on the higher spending. From July-September is back to school season. My husband and I do start spending more $ in around August thur the first two weeks in September for our kids ever longer school supply lists and new clothes, shoes, rain boots, jackets and backpacks. After back to school season is holiday season. We save our $ from mid September thru mid November for Christmas. So again our spending is higher towards the end of November sometimes up until Christmas Eve. We don’t use credit at all either. After Christmas and up until tax return season no extra spending. Most people have no extra $ during this time because they have ran up and most likely maxed out credit cards. So those payments are higher now and all they have to do is tough it out till they can get their taxes. So many people will pay off their cards and be broke again. Spending will be down until back to school season and whole cycle will begin again. Now this is just my take on things. I certainly do not claim to know a lot about most of this financial stuff. Just my observations ftomorrow when my family spends more and working in retail a few yrs ago.

        • lennea- It’s good you don’t rely on credit. I think you are right about some of the “trends” being dependent on school and different holidays. There are a lot of people surviving on their credit cards over the holidays and their tax refunds probably pay the bill. I’m no economist either, but I don’t think we need to be in order to use some sensible thinking and come to the same conclusion.

          • Don’t forget the stupidest holiday ever, halloween. Americans spend over 7 billion a year for a one day freak show.

            • Hehe, that happens to be my husband’s birthday… So I spend a bit more then as well… 🙂

      21. I am with most of the crowd here. I have spent more this year prepping then I probably did any other year so far and I still have one more big purchase this year a semi-automatic zombie stopper. It is already ordered and should be here any day. I will be getting it for xmas unless shtf sooner. Clay

        • what model?

          • I recently obtained my FFL/03 C&R and I ordered a Yugoslavian SKS 7.62×39 Rifle. If I like it I plan on ordering a second one for the wife. at under 400 bucks I couldn’t pass it up. I plan on picking up a ruger mini 30 as soon as I can scrounge the money together!I think I may have gotten one of their last ones but check out some of their other rifles the Russian 1891/30 7.62x54R Mosin Nagant Rifles may be exactly what some here are looking for at under 80 bucks and they have the ammo for it too


            • clay there’s a company in hartsville sc that makes a peep sight that replaces the cover pin. makes target aquisition faster and easier. they advertise in shotgun news. last time i bought was 35 bucks. well worth it. my two rifles only cost me 139.00 each. damned fine rifle. buy an extra trigger group to play with nudge nudge wink wink.

      22. Start saving up gold/silver and food/ammos! Been doing it monthly.

      23. The retail numbers continue to suck, without jobs retail spending can’t keep up

        • WOW! I just checked this site. If this dosent bring a tear to your eye.

      24. Meanwhile, oil is back to 100/barrel.

        Every time the economic outlook perks up the least bit, oil is gonna knock it back down, because production has flat lined, and the only thing holding back price is a weak economy using less of it.

        You can believe in peak oil or not, but your lack of belief won’t affect the effects.

      25. Meanwhile, oil is back to 100/barrel.

        Every time the economic outlook perks up the least bit, oil is gonna knock it back down, because production has flat lined, and the only thing holding back price is a weak economy using less of it.

        You can believe in peak oil or not, but a lack of belief won’t affect the effects.

        • Hmmmm….. must be an echo in here…….

          • damn. thought i shot and ate the last one this spring!

      26. GDP “growth” minus inflation equals people paying more money for fewer goods.

        GDP contracts by the amount it is exceeded in price inflation. If annual price inflation is 12%, and annual GDP growth is 2%, the economy is actually shrinking at 10%.

        Funny how that reality escapes the masses, and even many here.

      27. From customers to family members I’m seeing durable goods purchases, but only because they had to purchase. We are now in year 3, month 2 of the crunch and those cheap Chinese consumer products are shot. From the car, hair dryer to the washer and dryer, items are breaking down.

        Here is what I’m seeing though. People are trading in the Cadi for the KIA, the Lincoln for the Hundai, so just how is this helping America? Another trend is that those over 59 are dipping into the IRA to pay for the car. Those under 59 are doing 100% financing on the inflated price of a new KIA or Hundai. A new trend that we see is many of the cars are being returned to the dealership after 3 to 7 days because the financing didn’t get approved. I’m not talking a few, I’m talking like 37%. I’ll bet the governments not counting that.

        One last trend that happened to several customers and my own sister, is 3 days after she bought a new used car; her employer informed her she would no longer have a job as of Jan. 1.

        Personally I think most of the numbers from the government are being manipulated to the hilt. I see no real changes in housing and unemployment. In fact I see those numbers getting worse, a lot worse in 2012. There is only one way out of this mess and that’s to stop the spending now, deregulate and get America back into production. America needs to start making things again.

        • So, PO, do you think part of the NWO plan is to deceive the population into more credit and charging for big ticket items to help them crash faster, harder??

          I DO!!! I REALLY DO!!

          • Actually I don’t see people being deceived into more credit. Most of us have less available credit now then we have had in the last 10 years.

            Every 6 months now the banks are reducing my credit limits to within $500 of the balance. Any empty lines of credit have been closed by the banks. A lot of people have cought on to this and are charging up to their limit so they don’t lose the limit. Every time the banks reduce your limit, your credit score takes another hit.

            3 years ago I had about $700k in open unsecured lines of credit. Today I have less then $200K. If I had known things were going to get to this point I would have paid off a few properties with the unsecured lines. Then if I’m forced to default it would be unsecured and if I did’t declare bankruptcy all they could do was call me a lot.

            The credit game now is sovereign debt and as long as the government has the ability to tax they will keep running up debt. The government is sucking all the liquidity out of the economy, so its only a matter of time before we collapse.

            Good luck to all, stack it deep; your gonna need it!!!

      28. Mac, great paragraph (…phenomenon we’ve discussed previously..). As you’ve stated “not your average recession’, this is dead on. Talking with many people, I find that they really don’t understand the recession/depression part of economics. They either believe uncle sugar will correct it or they don’t care. Most of the spending is on credit cards where many feel that they’ll never have to pay it back. House foreclosures are high, we know, but so are vehicle repos.
        Mac, the article you wrote is simply put and as is normal, well thought out. Its tough to see the obvious when others continue to have their heads in the sand.
        Your fellow Texan.

      29. I’m asking for more night vision and armor for Christmas (seriously).

        • Tom, my wife and I have been having fun these past 2 Christmas’s and will this one also. As a prepper, you never run out of ideas for gifts for each other. We end up sharing the gifts. Sure beats the days of ‘ what shall I get her/him’ or ‘what do you want for Christmas?’.
          Now it is ‘what do we need?’.
          Peace and His grace be with you.

        • Sweet Tom!

      30. At least fast food will pick up when then allow food stamp cards. /s

      31. The increase in SNAP card users–the EBT cards formerly known as “foodstamps”, would more than account for the claimed half-percent month-to-month increase from September to October, as every penny is spent–and in my observation in the local grocery in southern Delaware, much of it spent by well-fed to obese shoppers who are pushing groaning overloaded carts, full of the meat cuts I can’t afford, paying for my own, and theirs, and many pricey convenience/packaged foods. To add insult to injury, they can be observed in the parking lot, in many cases, loading those free(to them) groceries into much nicer cars than my old-but-paid-for beater..
        My friend, a cashier at the Walmart grocery, claims that at least three out of four grocery buyers there use “Delaware” cards!

        • Curmy, I have ranted on this many times. You are not alone in your anger. In my opinion if you decide to use the Government as the provider of last resort for your food the Government has the responsibility to do so responsibly. I have always been in fave of a program brought up by one of the gubernatorial candidates here in New York State the last go round. He thought that the state should be buying things like rice, Fresh potatoes, carrots, honey, bread etc.. in larger then life bulk. and twice a month at local locations those receiving benefits would show up and get their two week allotment. They would also get lessons into how to properly prepare these items, as well. The savings would have been in the millions for the state. Well, in NYS one of the largest voting blocks are those on public assistance, so you can imagine how that went down, but still a good idea.

      32. I’m gonna go ot and buy as much recreational stuff as I can this year cuz I’m sick of hearing about shit that doesn’t happen

        • will you pick me up a few things while your out? 9mm ammo,water purifier,medical kit.

          • He needs a couple of fleets too. He is so full of $hit!

        • I’ll take one red monster box from Gainesville coins.

          • I clicked on your link.

            I don’t have a fixed limit on my credit card.

            Bankruptcy thoughts are running thru my mind, LOL.

            Damn, I want one !!! (or two or three)

            • POA, if you got one would you break the seal? Now that would be hard not to do! I’ve got some green ones that have never had the seal popped.

        • peddle tricycle or stick pony?

        • That tongue of yours is gonna get tired of laying in your cheek. I love it when the pot is stirred.

      33. hey mac my post are not showing up

        • FB, if you utilize your email address (even if it is fake) when you post comments and use the same one each time, the AKISMET spam moderation system will eventually mark you as a safe poster. Give that a shot and hopefully future comments will start being auto-approved once we have approved a couple.

          Thanks for your (and everyone else’s) patience with the moderation. Without it we’d have tons of spam. I am looking at our spam folder right now for the last 2 weeks and there are 20,000+ bot comments in there, so the moderation requirements are a necessary evil.

          • Hey Mac, is Rich99 the comic relief that you promised us? Grin

            • Im not the one waiting eagerly for the next SHTFPLAN article to show up so I can post how I’m ready for that precious moment of doom.

          • thank you there starting to show

          • How does Rich 99 get through?

      34. I just do…not…get…it.

        I went to a black friday site to check it out—NOT one thing for preppers.
        But, at the bottom, I read where someone had predicted the 2009 sales data for that was I think, okay, the 2010 had to be B- A- D… wrong!!!
        It was better than 2009!!!
        And they predict this year will beat 2010!!

        CLUE ME IN, PUH–LEEZE!!!

        • Simple JJ – CREDIT CARDS!!! People are going to have the holidays they want regardless of if they can really afford to.

          My family is going to have to settle for a fine dinner together, card/board games, singing carols together, made from scratch candy and baked stuff, etc. Sounds like we will just have to “suffer” together. :)If we are fortunate, none of the relatives will start dancing lol.

          • Well, I’m sorta going with the article here and the comments..maybe they ARE getting a clue and taking out their 401s, pensions, and savings…if I had any…well, why go there??


        • P-R-O-A-G-A-N-A

          • dang it ! Propaganda

        • JJ: 80% of Americans are still working and doing well. For them the Great Recession never happened and although they may have read about it and/or seen in on the LSM, they remained largely unaffected.

          Today, real estate, finance, and construction are still hurting but most people have adjusted from 2008.

          It was only the bottom 20%, or the most leveraged, that took it in the shorts. Not only that but people refuse to let reality interfere with fantasy (Christmas).

          If Christmas sales are strong the economy will likely get better. If not:


          • 80% still employed…. in my town I think they’re all part of the money club. (they get paid with our tax dollars)
            And does anyone else notice that the restaurants do not seem to have a lack of business? Any time I drive by the steak houses they’re packed! The $50 it would cost us to eat out (pizza probably) could buy a lot of TP & tuna.

            • Sandy: I live in Metro Phoenix. This is my town. I know it well. I have reported this to SHTFPlan before: people here are spending money like there is no recession, and AZ was one of the hardest hit areas of the country.

              The Malls are packed. The restaurants are packed. The Power Centers are packed. The night clubs are packed. The golf courses are packed.

              Europe experienced high unemployment for decades. Some countries still do. Europe has moved to the USA and there will be high unemployment going forward for a portion of the population while others do very well.

          • DK

            Even during the Great Depression 74% to 78% were still employed. Regardless of Christmas QE3 actually started last July (unofficially). QE3 was in full swing last month with more then $79 billion pumped into the markets. Do you really think we just had the best October, almost in the entire history of the stock market?

            My youngest brother thought, what recession? He actually asked my mother if I was a few cards short of a full deck. I just learned tonight he’s going to have to take a. 50% cut in pay for the first 6 months of 2012 and he has to cut 700 employees from his territory. We all know what happens after a cut in pay and terminating 35% of your employees, bankruptcy!

            Every year for the last 3 years I’ve hoped next year will be better. This New Years I’m bracing for a very bad 2012. When durable goods companies start to collapse like my brothers company. Get ready there a shit storm on the horizon.

            • PO: There have been a lot of casualties. There will be many more. This cycle is a bit different because the K-wave only passes through the economy every 60 years.

              Eventually the cycle will turn, it always does, but not before a thorough “cleansing” of the old and a new birth of “something”.

              Whatever that “something” is I don’t know, but I do know that LIFE is plastic and WE can put OUR stamp on it by collective action if WE WILL.

              There are 80 million gun owners in America. If these 80 million individuals donated just $100 each to say, the Constitution Party, there would be 8 Billion dollars to elect Patriots all across America to restore OUR Constitution and OUR liberties ….

              without firing a single shot.

          • Correct. The glass IS still mostly full. Use it wisely while it is available. I try to enjoy life while I can but not get too silly.

      35. Here is my christmas list


        thanks santa

        • You’ll shoot somebody’s eye out!

          • Hahhaha,

            A Red Rider BB gun would be sweet too

            Ho Ho Ho

            • And the Bunny suit!

            • And the old Davy Crockett coonskin cap! Ahh, the memories…small children with projectile weapons, leaded gasoline and cigarettes at 35cents a pack. Life was good!

            • Yeah, just remember that “Black Bart” is still in the white house.

            • I talk about getting my grandson a BB gun and my daughter glares at me. She knows I won’t do it because the kid is pretty much an idiot and he would shoot his eye out.

      36. ~~~We’ve heard 3D-Widescreens are going for around $500, so when it hits the fan you’ll be able to experience the collapse of society, food riots, hyperinflation and world war III in your living room just as if you were standing right there in the middle of it all!!~~~

        Not if they cut off your juice!! Damned idiots. And that’s no grammatical error–they are damned if they don’t wake the hell up!!

        • forget the tv 500$ will buy oh say a new AK-47 maybe 2 sks’s parts to build an AR gosh the list is endless

      37. I know the sheeple are buying crap but us preppers are also buying. Just we are buying at a faster rate knowing what is coming. I wonder how much of this spending is going for prep items? People are also buying PM’s. (great oppertunity today with PM’s down). How much of the spending is gun’s and ammo? Dry foods and dehydraters? How much on winter supplies? This list can go on and on. Also the goverment and cheap loans to the banksters via the FED! This is all part of spending. They talk about building materials. This is most likely the repair factor for empty homes and others doing much needed repairs. THE BIG ONE IS!!! People have not been paying their mortages! So in turn they keep buying junk to keep there spending habits up. They are in denial my friends. Keep prepping and yes that means spending.

        • i am amazed that those who utilize their foodstamp cards are not buying the stuff they may need later on…like canned goods etc.. instead i see them buying cereal, milk, hamburger helper and lots of crap…that is one reason their food stamps dont last the whole month..they are realy idiots when they shop.

      38. I think all the money I’ve spent on prepping has stimulated the economy.

        • Mr. B: Excellent response.

      39. “We’ve heard 3D-Widescreens are going for around $500, so when it hits the fan you’ll be able to experience the collapse of society, food riots, hyperinflation and world war III in your living room just as if you were standing right there in the middle of it all!”

        You know, it really hurts me when you say things like this to me………………

      40. America is in a stress test people are lost so they spend not knowing what else to do.

      41. I bought my Christmas present in early June…an unfired Marlin ’94 Cowboy gun in .44 magnum….Merry prepping..I mean Christmas to me…

      42. ….the Bad News is:

        Denver is looking to spend millions on a new train station.

        Los Angeles is looking to build a new sports arena….and

        on and on it goes! Our nation, and our states ARE BROKE!

        but we just CAN’T QUIT SPENDING, can we?

        • When the dollar goes to zero, we’ll still have our credit cards ……. right?

          • I can’t be broke…cause I still have checks left….
            Montgomery County Texas

            • LOL! It’s even better than printing money! you can just write however much you want on there… My son was disheartened when i did that to him once — i wrote him a check for $1 million dollars and he thought all his dreams were about to come true….

      43. I work at Cabela’s and sales are slower on playthings but ammunition, guns, reloading, deer processing and dehydratoes are going through the ceiling. We almost ran out of deer ammo and are having problems getting 7.62 x 39 in.
        Black Friday items are fitting the times, spotting scopes, rangefinders, and other shooting accessories are the big items. Luck all

      44. Wow. Reading this article makes me want to run out and start mindlessly chanting “Yes we can, Yes we can!”

        Or, perhaps more fittingly, “Yes we have no bananas, yes, we have no bananas!” Same diff

      45. I don’t know.

        Maybe this is the time to spend, while Dollars can still buy something.

        Putting money in the bank at 0% interest, and watching inflation eat it up year after year doesn’t seem too attractive to me.

        I have $0 in savings currently.

        Spent it all on silver and preps.

        Do the same with all my expendable income.

        “What if the crunch never comes” you ask?

        Simple. I will liquidate my real estate and precious metals holdings a bit at a time.

      46. We remodeled our home, bought some electronics and took a few trips. So…debt.

        We’re getting out by the “Set it and forget it” method.
        If you have a lot of debt…set your payments for a duration of time…cut up the cards and make sure you leave enough in the budget for your weekly cash spending….then live low and lean. It seems to be working. The key point…NEVER USE YOUR CARDS AGAIN.


      47. I’ve written MY letter to Santa.

        Heirloom seeds and a giftcard to the wholesale bookstore in time for their post-Christmas $2 book sale. Woohoo!!!

        We are shopping for PRACTICAL this year. And not doing much of that shopping, either. I just want to keep organizing and adding to my preps.

        Aside from that, we just don’t really spend much money.

      48. Dear Santa…. Nothing says MERRY Christmas like COLD HARD CASH

      49. I’ll bet some of the increase is from us preppers. Why else would there have been an increase in pickup truck and SUV sales? I wonder what other categories increased
        (guns,ammo,storage food?). Prepping is becoming mainstream as less and less people believe the government stats.

        • Steve you are definitely on to something there….im hearing guys i work with saying stuff in idle conversation about prepping…..i still dont say anything though.

          • It says something when Costco, Sam’s, et al are selling long term storable food. Five years ago you would not have seen such an item available in these stores.

      50. People do more window-shopping than actually making purchases.

        More left-wing millionaires testified in front of Con_gress that higher taxes be paid by the people/sheeple.

        No employer pays employees a million dollars a year. Some businesses might earn that much, just to cover their operating expenses.

        I have not seen any secretary or technician who earns that much money in a year.

      51. I’ve been ducking the shit for years now. Bobbin’ and weavin’. You’re gonna take your hits. Everyone does. Shit’s been flying around, just dumping on people. Splat! Stewed poop. People shitting on other people. There’s a lot of people too! With lots of shit.

      52. As I see it, you only have two kinds of people in the case of the SHTF; those who are prepared to live, and those who are prepared to die. Showing others that you took some measures to live when you had the chance will go a long way later on. Remember, preppers aren’t preparing to take care of you and yours especially if you didn’t bother to do it when you had the chance. Good luck.

        Twilight Zone – “The Shelter”

      53. True Durango, in the past, but we have come so far, so fast over the last 120 years I think we will have a decade or so before the next thing or industry.

        The two biggest drags on innovation are government regulation and debt. I don’t see any changes over say the next 4 election cycles.

        Now if we collapse, complete public, private bankruptcy I believe we can get out of this mess in about 3 years. In the new America if you don’t work, you don’t eat. We need innovation, let all remember the sliced bread invention and not make the same mistakes with taxes and regulation.

        • PO: I am not talking “innovation”. I am talking social change, political change, financial change, physical change.

          America is awake. Americans are aware. There is a new mentality, a new consciousness coming, and coming fast.

          Do you understand how quantum physics operate? In ten years you will not recognize this world as it is now. Each of US has a quantum IP address.

          What it is exactly I don’t yet know, but I can feel it. I can taste it. It is palatable. It is “change”. That change will manifest as OUR reaction to circumstances and events that are occurring.

          Changes. I smell “revolution”. Revolutionary Changes.

          Perception is everything. These Changes (physical, financial, social, political) will require everyone to re-think EVERYTHING over the next ten years. It will be too much for many.

          80 million gun owners willing to cough up $100 to the Constitution Party COULD change everything; reset EVERYTHING!

          Think about that people. Meditate about that.

          Whatever the “Changes” are that are coming, they are coming because WE are moving through a plastic time in the LIFE of the world, that will allow US to reclaim OUR heritage. What could be better than that?

          If WE embrace that heritage. If WE engage. America is OURS to win … again.

          • I’m sorry Durango Kid my quantum physics are a bit rusty.

            • PO: That’s ok, do a little research. In the meantime … let YOUR Barhardt out! 🙂

        • Iceland rejected IMF “help” after their crisis in 2008 and they are now about three years into recovery—FIFO (First In First Out).

      54. Meanwhile the Federal Reserve just passed China as the largest holder of Federal Government debt.

        • Coach: Let the FED buy all US debt for all I care. I would rather the FED owned OUR debt.

          At least half.

      55. It seems the protest movement is growing again. Two whole classes of kindergarteners refused to come in from recess and started an impromptu ‘Occupy Playground’ demonstration. They were so cute, their sticky little fingers gripping the swings and monkey bars, and refusing to budge. A few even had hand-made signs. One said ‘Free The Skool Lunches’ and ‘I Have A Rite To Color Outside The Lines’ and another: ‘Down With Nap Time.’
        A couple dozen of the kids started a chant “One, Two, Seven, Three. We can count, so let us be!” The school custodian showed up with a water pistol to provide security, but fortunately, no shots were fired.
        After an hour long standoff, the principal lured the little rascals back indoors with a box of Teddy Grahams and the promise of a double feature video (Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid) School administrators say there probably won’t be any charges filed…

        • Dandruff and boogers littered the playground.

        • Dammit! Where’s Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans when you need them?

      56. Can I have some of what you are smokin Oaki! Roflmao

      57. Mac – I drove by my local auto mall tonight and pondered upon its likeness to a ghost town. It was scary. It looked almost like a post-apocalyptical type scene. Granted, it was midnight, but the number of cars there was minimal, and the dealers space the cars as much as possible to create the scene of a “full” lot. One car dealer had cars spaced around the edge of their lot, and the center was empty.

        Six years ago these auto dealers were booming, and their lots were full. I could not help looking at these dealers and thinking “what F***ing recovery?” I also thought that these auto dealers are a true reflection of the economy – HORRIBLE! Grocery stores will always be busy – people have to eat. They will buy with cash or food stamps, but discretionary spending, such as that for new cars is in the toilet.

        We need a real man who will lead our nation and the world to TRUE RECOVERY. We need Ron Paul as our president in 2012. Ron Paul is a true American patriot, who stands for the Constitution and for liberty. And Ron Paul will lead us toward economic prosperity. Cain, Romney, Perry – none of them will do any good for our country. Ron Paul is the Thomas Jefferson of our era.
        See the hypocrisy of the other candidates below:

      58. As for consumer spending being up…I offer two causes.
        1) Regardless with what the Gubberment says with the CPIeverythingbg costs twice as much as it did 3 – 5 years ago.
        2) We are in tbeginninging stages of tWiemarmar Republic melt down. Folks see it is crazy to put your $$ in a bank to get 1% for 30 years. They are tired of getting raped by wall street & the stock market. They realize that they better by the big screen TV …or what ever they want …..and buy it now because it will cost more next month.
        My wife stopped at the feed store yesterday & the 50# bags of Horse feed are up another dollar a bag. This is an 100% increase in feed pricing in the past 6-7 years.
        Who here has had their paycheck double in the past 6 years?? I know part of it is due to the Gubberment interference with the corn market for ethanol & such….
        but I think it also illustrates the tanking of the value of the dollar. My spending for anything other than the monthly bills ( Mortgage , utilities, insurance, fuel )
        is going to prepping !
        Montgomery County Texas

        • Random Tangent–couple those you mentioned with increases in prop. taxes, homeowners and auto, propane and electricity, and gasoline…is it any wonder the economy suffers??
          Who has any left over for ballet-dance/dinners out/karate/sports/gym-exercise/movies/recreational weekend???
          I can’t even remember the last ‘pack your bags on Friday afternoon for weekend getaway’??

          My church donations are even gonna suffer!!

          • @ JJ : Exactly !! There is more month than money….& it is not getting better. Filling up my F-350 Diesel Dually twice a week @ around $130.00 per fill up is consuming a lot of what used to be the “extra money” after the bills were paid… take the Mrs. out for a Friday night. The weekend trips are pretty much gone. The “mad money” for entertainment or any recreation have evaporated. It is just pay the bills & try to prep. One good thing is my truck will finally be paid off in the next 2 -3 months ! That will be $600.00 dollars freed up for other uses. Need to put a roof on the house….paint the barn… some more ammo….
            Hang in there…..before long we will look back on 2011 as ” The good old days! ”
            Montgomnery County Texas

      59. The bad news is inflation is 11%. A 2.5% increase in sales is really a 8.5% decline.

        There’s no such thing as “slave labor wages” because slaves don’t get paid. Chinese workers are paid enough to earn food and shelter. That’s something a lot of Americans don’t have now.

      60. Coach: Let the FED buy all US debt for all I care. I would rather the FED owned OUR debt.

        At least half.

        The problem isn’t that China or the FED owns the debt. The problem is that the nation is in deficit year after year after year. The deficit is a spending and revenue problem.

        The annual deficit is the result of:

        1. balance of trade deficit to the tune of $700 billion last year due to “free trade”,

        2. no taxes paid by 30 of the wealthiest American multi-national corporations on hundreds of billion of dollars in revenue,

        3. subsidies to hydrocarbon producers to the tune of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS a year, every year, while oil is $100 per barrel,

        4. and welfare subsidies to illegals to the tune of more than $300 billion a year.

        5. Then of course the military budget is $700 billion a year,

        6. and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost American taxpayers an additional $1.2 trillion

      61. well, according to the MSM, they have already started pitching tents for the black friday shopping.

      62. Rich99 needs to shut the f up and stop worrying about what preppers are doing,none of your buisiness Bitch99.

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