The Globalist One World Currency Will Look A Lot Like Bitcoin

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    This week the International Monetary Fund shocked some economic analysts with an announcement that America was “no longer first in the world” as a major economic growth engine. This stinging assertion falls exactly in line with the narrative out of the latest G20 summit; that the U.S. is fading away leaving the door open for countries like Germany and China to join forces and fill the power void. I wrote about this rising relationship between these two nations as well as the ongoing controlled demolition of America’s economy in my article ‘The New World Order Will Begin With Germany And China’.

    I find it interesting that the IMF is once again taking the lead on perpetuating the image of a failing U.S., just as they often push for the concept of a single global currency system to replace the dollar as the world reserve. The most common faulty counter-argument I run into when outlining the globalist agenda to supplant the dollar with the Special Drawing Rights basket system is that “the IMF is a U.S. government controlled organization that would never undermine U.S. authority.” Obviously, the people who make this argument have been thoroughly duped.

    The IMF is constantly and actively undermining America’s economic position, because the IMF is NOT an American controlled organization; its loyalty is to globalism as an ideology as well as the international financiers that dominate central banking. America’s supposed “veto power” within the IMF is incidental and meaningless — it has not stopped the IMF from chasing the replacement of the the dollar structure and forming the fiscal ties that stand as the root of what they sometimes call the “global economic reset.”

    To illustrate how the IMF narrative supports the globalist narrative, I suggest comparing the 2009 “predictions” of George Soros on China replacing the U.S. as the world’s economic engine to the IMF’s latest analysis on the decline of America.

    The IMF cares only about centralizing everything, from currency to trade to governance. If the sacrifice of the old world system (the U.S. dollar) is required to create their new world system, then that is what they will do. If you have read my article ‘The Federal Reserve Is A Saboteur — And The “Experts” Are Oblivious’, then you understand that the Fed is also perfectly on board with this plan for a global reset. The central bankers, regardless of the nation they happen to reside, stick together and function as agents of larger controlling organisms like the Bank for International Settlements.

    The agenda is not really veiled in secrecy, as it has been openly admitted to on numerous occasions by globalist media outlets. Mohamed El-Erian, former CEO of PIMCO, recently praised the concept of using the IMF SDR as a world currency mechanism and as a means to combat “the rise of populism.” However, the most “honest” of these incidences of admission was, of course, the article Get Ready For The Phoenix published in the Rothschild controlled magazine The Economist in 1988; an article which announced the beginning of a new global currency mechanism using the SDR as a bridge starting in 2018.

    I have noticed in the past month that there has been a concerted disinformation campaign on the internet attempting to debunk the article from The Economist by stating that it “never really existed” and is merely a product of conspiracy websites. So, I will put that claim to rest right now, permanently, by pointing out that magazine and research archives completely unrelated to “conspiracy theory” have the Phoenix issue on record. It is undeniable — the article was indeed published by The Economist and does in fact exist.

    Moving on…

    Critics of the notion of a single global monetary framework tend to dismiss any evidence of the plan, usually due to their poor understanding of how currencies rise and fall and a poor understanding of the current monetary climate. They will argue that the SDR basket does not have the capacity to replace the dollar and that there is no other mechanism in the world with the liquidity to do so. In other words, “Where is this global currency going to come from?”

    The fact is, it already exists, and it is right under their noses.

    When The Economist wrote about a global currency being launched in 2018, they perhaps did not have a precise inkling back then on how it would come about. They do mention clearly the strategy of using the IMF’s SDR as a stepping stone to that global currency, calling it the “Phoenix,” as an example. They also mention the decline of the U.S. as being necessary in the wake of this shift into complete centralization.

    These two events are taking place right now, with the American economy in steady and ever steeper destabilization, as well as the rise of the SDR basket as a “stopgap” for nations seeking to decouple from the dollar as the world reserve. But what about the currency itself? The SDR might be the framework that will reign in various nations under one nefarious economic umbrella, allowing the IMF to dictate currency exchange rates at will until their one world system can be established, but what will the average person ultimately be using as a unit of trade and how will the globalists maintain monetary subjugation over the public?

    Cryptocurrency and the creation of blockchain technology is the answer.

    When The Economist wrote about a global currency being initiated in 2018, they were not making a prediction, but a proclamation — a self fulfilling prophecy. This does not mean that the new currency will develop in an obvious and open way. In reality, I can’t think of very many 4th generation psy-ops as clever as cryptocurrencies.

    Consider this; after 2007/2008, the weakness of globalism and economic interdependency is exposed for all the world to see. It is a sacrifice the international banks are willing to make, because through the credit and derivatives crash they can now enforce extreme monetary policies. These policies will do nothing to save the general economy, but they will jeopardize the very currency and debt frameworks of some nations, including the U.S. The stage is set for a new and even greater crisis, a crisis which will soften the public to the idea of a single world monetary system and a single economic authority.

    The massive flow of data which the globalists covet as a means of “total information awareness” is a double-edged sword. Sovereignty and liberty activists grow in awareness and in number and influence. Millions begin preparing to weather the potential crisis being engineered by the globalists. Methods of counteracting an economic downturn or currency implosion are fielded. Activists start bartering and buying up precious metals as a shield, and as an alternative unit of trade. The alternative market, at least the core of it, is born.

    What is a power hungry cabal to do? How do they stop the natural progression of the revolution against them? Well, they don’t stop it; instead, they attempt to redirect it to work for them. That is to say, they trick the liberty movement into helping them while letting us think we are poking them in the eye.

    Enter cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Bitcoin arrives seemingly from nowhere, conjured by a magical crypto-wizard by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, a label supposed to represent a person or group of people that no one has ever seen or heard from. We are simply meant to have faith that they don’t work for the NSA or a similar entity. But who cares who they are, right!? It doesn’t matter because bitcoin is such a work of art it is nearly infallible — the perfect countermeasure to a monetary world lorded over by the dollar and the Federal Reserve.

    Numerous libertarians and anarchists collectively orgasm. They join what appears to be a grassroots effort to bring bitcoin and blockchain technology into the mainstream. They stop trading as many of their fed notes for gold and silver as before and buy digital nothings instead. To question the validity of the idea elicits dramatic displays of indignance from the bitcoin cult bordering on zealotry. The “smartest guys in the room” know bitcoin is the solution to everything — don’t you want to be one of those guys, too? Bitcoin is the way, the truth, the life…

    Some of us are unconvinced, and even rather suspicious, and with good reason. For example, the advancement of cryptocurrencies into mainstream consciousness has been helped expertly by the corporate media, which frankly, does not make sense if they are a real threat to the central banking monolith. As they say, when the real revolution happens, it will not be televised. Bitcoin is televised everywhere.

    On top of this, nearly all major international banks are ingraining blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies into their business models, including globalist foundation banks like Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs LOVES blockchain technology; they even refer to it as the “new technology of trust.” Just take a look at their rave reviews on how it will change the world here.

    What is Goldman’s favorite aspect of the blockchain and crypto? The fact that every single transaction is compiled, cataloged and tracked in the blockchain “ledger.”

    For years, one of the major original selling points of bitcoin was that it was “anonymous.” It always surprised me that so many people in the liberty movement bought into this scam. Surely after the revelations exposed by Edward Snowden and organizations like Wikileaks, it is utterly foolish to believe that anything in the digital world is truly “anonymous.” The feds have been proving there is no anonymity, even in bitcoin, for some time, as multiple arrests using bitcoin tracking have indeed occurred when the FBI decided it was in their interest. Meaning, when the feds want to track bitcoin transactions, they can, and it does not matter how well the people involved covered their actions.

    The early promise of anonymity in cryptocurrencies was a lie.

    Thus, we have the reason why central bankers and international financial conglomerates are piling into bitcoin like it’s the hottest tech stock on the Nasdaq. Imagine a trade system in which every single transaction is compiled and nothing is private; that is the blockchain.  Now, anonymity might not matter much when you are dealing with regular people, but what about when you are dealing with governments with the tendency towards corruption and the power to imprison and confiscate?

    The loss of all privacy in trade IS the next quantum leap in monetary centralization, and cryptocurrencies achieve this in spectacular fashion. Not only this, but complete loss of privacy becomes rationalized, because without “transparency” the blockchain does not properly function.  This is what makes the blockchain different from all other digital trade mechanisms – with the blockchain, surveillance of transactions is no longer a violation of privacy rights, it is expected.

    While the fantasy is that crypto is about decentralization and freedom, it is actually a key to institutionalizing the opposite. I believe the incredible amount of capital being dumped into blockchain developments by major financiers and verbal support from central bankers is a signal that blockchain technology IS the basis for the currency system of the “new world order.”

    While there is something to be said for crypto and its potential to limit fiat money, I still remain skeptical. Mainly because anyone can create a cryptocurrency out of thin air. Just look at the confusion building over bitcoin vs. ethereum; which tulip is worth more, everyone wonders? Being that crypto is not tangible and is completely based on perceived value according to perceived demand rather than real demand, I think it is fair to argue that cryptocurrencies rely entirely on hype and fad in order to maintain market strength. Not that regular fiat currencies are any better, but isn’t that the point?

    So where does it end? If ethereum replaces bitcoin like Facebook replaced MySpace, how is stability in any digital currency provided? Through the force of government and the backing of international banks, obviously. And whichever cryptocurrency system the bankers choose to back or create, that currency will destroy the value of all other crypto around it. Again, perception, not tangible value, rules over bitcoin and its peers, and institutional power often rules over perception.

    The proclamations of The Economist of a world currency launch by 2018 are happening today, right on schedule, right in front of us. The blockchain is going to “change the world;” this has been excitedly announced by the very same banking elites the blockchain was supposedly engineered to defeat. When the next reserve currency system is established using the SDR basket as a foundation, I have no doubt it will be digital and based on the same exact tech that today’s activists wrongly assume will set them free.

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      1. IMF= incedious muther fookers. Got metals? (preferably junk silver coins). Thank you card tards for buying everything with cards instead of cash. I told you this was going to be the outcome. You support it every time you swipe that fooker or use cryptocurrency. Like I said also “man is too stupid to be free, he never has been nor will he ever be.”

        • I’m putting on a building addition with a 2% loan. Tell me how credit isn’t important. I also think Bitcoin is a Trojan Horse as an alternative payment. And a lure for the really ignorant to get our clocks cleaned. With a click of a mouse. My Fiz Silver today is the same silver tomorrow. You got real money or Pretend IOU digital fiat.

          • If you have a lien against your property with that 2% loan, then you are at risk.

            It is better to pay cash.

            Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants and debt is the money of slaves.

            • And $hit is the money of flies.

            • Lots of things are better than debt; but when I finally got out of school I had less than $400 bucks in the world, no car, no job. So Ya, I borrowed $2638.04 for a new Small Ford when I got a job because they said I had to have a car. 17 years later I borrowed $750,000 along with my brother to buy a 24 unit apartment house. In my life I have borrowed close to $3,000,000 It’s all paid for now, but the old adage is stupid. Today I bought 2 $5 old US gold coins. So which am I; Slave or King?

              • Yep, use great credit to leverage your wealth. Good Job

                • I heard Tulip Bulbs will make a comeback as currency. Bwhahahahahahaha I may use Pet Rocks as a new currency. Each rock will come with a letter of authenticity and a cute carrying case you can wear on your wrist for easy access.

                  • Sell them a recipe for stone soup with the rocks. A bunch of A holes are going to need it.

                    • Using credit for large things is fine. I’m refering to the slobs that buy a soda or a pack of smokes etc. with debit or credit. There’s a shitload of these idiots…

                    • Prepper Deal of the weekend. This is the cheapest I have ever seem this ammo even before 2010. I am averaged in at bout .35 cent per round, well look below.

                      5.56 Green Tip FMJ NATO M88 Steel Penetrator Ammo. 3200 FPS. .25 Cents per round. 1000/Box Just $249.99 after rebate.

                      @ Natchez – www.
                      2 Days Only Free Shipping On Federal 5.56 & 223 Ammo

                      When the AR15 Ban attempt went crazy in 2011 this Ammo was selling for about $2 a round.

                    • Genius; I agree but as much as I like cash; that 2% back when I pay off each month is a lot of money sometimes. My wife is taking her Girls to Scotland at the moment will cost close to $20K I told her to put it on the card I’ll pay it off.

                    • Brandon is correct to spotlight the problems with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that are not truly anonymous. The (((banksters’))) efforts to form cryptocurrency ETFs underscores (((their))) interest in paper-asset leveraging to manipulate digital currencies as they have gold, fiat, and other commodities.

                      There are however cryptocurrencies that are designed from the ground up to be anonymous—DASH and Monero, for example. If you do not make “meatspace” PERSEC errors, your “cyberspace” anonymity can be preserved. “Look before you leap.”

                      Cryptocurrencies are just one tool, not the totality of our efforts to survive the economic war waged on us. Food, water, lead, and gold remain most important.

              • Paranoid, I’ve ALWAYS been debt-free because I never had enough income to qualify for credit. A certain poster here claims no one can live without credit. I’ve lived without it my whole life because I’ve had no other choice. My cars come from private owners for cash only. They’re the only people that would put me in a car. Don’t tell me no one can live without credit. Been there, done that. Still there and still doing that.

                • Genius, I use cash anyway for all my personal transactions and get dirty looks everywhere I go. I’ve lost count of how many cashiers and other customers ask me why I don’t use a credit card. I tell them it’s simple, I don’t have enough income to qualify for a credit card. So it’s either I use cash or do without. Credit is nothing but a luxury, but that’s just me.

                  • BH, they hate cash because it makes them do math lol. Tell them it’s because it is 1000 times more likely to have your card hacked or shut down than it is to be robbed of your cash.

                    • Genius, that’s exactly why I use cash. Honestly, I’m terrified of getting hacked so it’s cash or nothing. I still pay my bills by check as well. Call it what you like, but there’s much less of a chance being hacked IF YOU DONT GIVE THEM AN OPPORTUNITY.
                      Stay quiet Be smart

                    • Jacknife, I have had cards hacked twice! I have NEVER been mugged lol.

                • Dep BH, If I am that certain poster, I never said you cant live on cash. Its just you cant build any real wealth without good credit. Can you save up $50K to buy a house for cash? May take you 20 years to do that. Having credit you buy the house today with 2-5% down. Finance the rest
                  That $50K house you buy today may be worth $250K in 20 years. By the time tou save that $50K in 20 years the house went up in value by $200K. You lost that investment opportunity with no credit.

                  My last house I paid $175K with about $10% down, 13 years later I sold it for $250K. Profiting about $75K. Thats how having good credit builds wealth using other peoples money.

                  Any improvement I do on my BOL property like a house added to my land will increase the value up expotentially. I win any way I look at it.

                  I bought some Silver on a Credit card at $14.99 including the sales commission. Silver Spot price was $13.85 I am up already 11% in profit today. I may be up 25% by the end of the year if Silver hits $20.25 as projected. Its an investment I control using 100% of other peoples money being able to buy Low Sell high with other peoples money borrowed with good credit. 2% loan cost is practically FREE MONEY.

                  • WWTI, damn dude what happened to you? Not long ago you were a hostile flaming asshole, now you’re making good sense AND you’re being cordial. I like both of you’re earlier posts and I think that 2% loan you moved on was just plain smart. You have to give BH credit, he’ll tell you why he doesn’t have/ use credit. He’s honest, and that’s the best credit score of all. My wife and I have great credit. A mortgage and 2 car pmts. is all we have financed. If we use cc’s they get paid off at the end of the month. People have no discipline, no self control. We bought a really big flat screen recently and paid cash for it. I think the store associate was kind of surprised but the other customers had looks, some looked jealous, some surprised, I could be wrong but why do people get angry at the guy who doesn’t get himself wrapped up in that mess instead of looking at themselves and fix it? People’s thinking amazes me.
                    Stay quiet Be smart

                  • Here’s an article on Newsmax about the death of cash.
                    Close the space between the ht tp, or go to newsmax.
                    The writer is in favor of this trend, but says buy real assets like gold , silver, land, etc.
                    My favorite line:
                    “What remains are merely tattered remnants of a flourishing society.”

                    My question is, what can we, as individuals, do to fight this trend?
                    When a store tells you, “no cash” I plan on walking out and doing business elsewhere.
                    When that no longer works, then what?

                    I will buy more silver, and maybe some more gold, but it will eventually run out.
                    The mark of the central bank beast is winning.

                    ht tp://

                  • I buy homes and land and pay cash. And I can get a fifty thousand dollar house for ten thousand. Im that guy that shows up at a forclosure or tax lien auction in a 60 year old vehicle and buys the place and pays cash. Back when the drought was happening in Texas and Oklahoma. I was hauling those big round bales of hay to Tex. I bought a cattle pot load of those starving Texas cows. 40 head at a average of $450 per head. Paid cash. Hauled them home and put them on a over grown farm that I get the use for simply bushogging it and managing it for the owners to hunt on. They had 38 calves within the next year that I sold for over $600 each. Then cattle prices skyrocketed the next calves brought over $2 per pound for 600 pound calves. The cows where bred back and I sold them and they brought between $1300 to over $2000 per head. After I sold I mowed my grass and sold hay. Cattle prices are now depressed way low than they have been in years. I know some who cattle farmed with borrowed money who are going to lose everything.

              • Paranoid If you actually achieved that kind of success with borrowed money. That makes you a Lucky Gambler. Its not unheard of simply a anomaly. I know folks who had success with borrowed money and I know a a whole lot more who lost everything. Now a days if you fail you cannot wipe the slate clean with bankrupticy. At present the creditors can obtain a deficiency judgment. And that debt follows you until its fully paid or your estate is probated. I never was brave enough to borrow great sums of money. Its simply part of my core concept. I don’t measure wealth with money anyway. The fact is whenever you buy on credit until you make that very last payment. Its not yours. Until its fully paid off your nothing more than a glorified renter.

            • Nope the 2% loan is on a vehicle I have that is free and clear, and it may be a 3 to 5 year loan only that I will take out, and I am applying that money to a building addition project. I am not placing any debt or mortgage on my land or property. And by doing this, I am avoiding any sort of Property Ins Requirement, And mortgage requirements and all that Mortgage cost BS. And I have a large stash of PM’s to pay off any Auto loan if I want or to at any time. Backups to backups. 2% is what I get with Prime A+ Credit rating. And I have a $10K credit line set up at Lowes for all my building materials if I need to tap into that.

              I have used the equity in fully paid off vehicles before, as deposits to buy other houses and property. Then pay off the Auto loan as soon as possible. That’s how I leverage debt to increase my wealth.

              • Don’t matter if you default on the car loan a deficiency judgment lien will be placed on your land ,property and future land property & earnings until that Lien is paid in full or your estate is probated.

          • The New Global Currency will NOT be anything like BitCoin.

            BitCoin can be manipulated. It is a speculator’s device like many of the other private cryptocurrencies. World commerce must a have a STABLE pricing mechanism; read a digital money set by the FX Markets (NOT BY THE IMF) where a lion’s share of the profit is generated for the major commercial banks from trade and currency transactions.

            ” then you understand that the Fed is also perfectly on board with this plan for a global reset. ”

            FALSE PREMISE !!!

            The FED is NOT on board with any “RESET” that undermines American (their) power. Anyone who believes so has no understanding of the FEDERAL RESERVE and has been reading too many theories from the 50’s. There will be TWO WORLD SYSTEMS at the End of Days: Gog and Magog. Meaning TWO similar but distinct MONETARY SYSTEMS.

            (Think Thunderdome: two go in, one comes out.)

            One will be controlled by the US and its Allies. The other by China. Granted La Garde, and Europe in general, want to be the dominant power because its population is third in the world behind India and China; and the Bible suggests that the dominant world political leader will emerge from Europe, the reality is that the USA owns the IMF, contrary to LaGarde’s aspirations.

            If it isn’t apparent to Brandon that the USA will not take down the IMF until it has served its purposes in subduing China financially, one only needs to look at the current situation in Asia between the USA and N Korea, to see that the USA will wait to the last minute to destroy it’s adversaries.

            LaGarde is no exception.

            For now, the IMF and LeGarde are useful tools. The FACT that Goldman has produced and patented its own crypto currency while JP Morgan is developing its own too should point to the reality that American Banking will control this space in the WEST as these banks control the majority of WGDP.

            China is developing its own cryptocurrency which will dominate in Asia; thus Gog and Magog. Brandon took the decades old IMF Theory, like so many others in the past, and has not been able to see the forest from the trees like so many others because he is TOTALLY unqualified to analyze global economic and financial reality without any education, experienced, or special expertise in the field.

            Can Brandon qualify as an Expert Witness by education, experience, or special expertise in Federal Court ??? I can. Sadly, Brandon is an Alt Media’s caricature of Cliff Claven. 🙂

          • Great. We have unGenious with his filthy mouth calling everyone stupid, and CSS with his incessant bloviations. Enough to make me feel really ill.

            • And we have an Anonymous above here, with an Identity crisis who can’t figure out who he or she is and filled with hate. You sound Jealous big fella. lol

            • You ARE ill, mentally ill lol. Skin as thin as rice paper…

              • As usual, the comment section is more interesting than the goddamned article…

                I was also skeptical about crypto-currencies, and I still am.
                But to stand on the sidelines is not something I am going to continue doing.

                I downloaded about 20 of the wallets and let them sync up.
                I observed them.
                I noted how much memory they used.
                I noted how much HD space they used.
                I induced a few catastrophic failures, and restored them from a backup – and noted which ones restored quickly and easily,and which ones were lame about it.

                I have been reading you guys for years now…
                I made my investments thinking about people like you.

                In short, knowing that most of you think and behave like my parents, I went with the ones that are very, very hard to fuck up.

                1) If it the cryptos or on a hard wallet in your fire safe, you are sticking it to the man way harder than you are by buying bullion. Mine is on the way, I will let you know what I think when it arrives.

                2) The ones that I like because you would still be able to restore you money, even if your house burned down (because the account is cloud based) are: Dash, Monero, Lisk, and Siacoin.

                3) The ones that I like that don’t act like little bitches when they live on your computer are: Litecoin, Peercoin, DOGE, and Noblecoin.

                I actually believe if you were to go in $1,000 now you could sell them all in a year for $10K…

                I stack.
                I do not believe governments can allow the cryptos to undermine their currencies.
                I plan to get out of cryptos, and I am not going in more than $2K

          • BitCoin is the sign of the Beast, the NWO Currency Trojan Horse and here is why. Notice how the Fed Reserve and the Elitists do not declare war on digital currencies like BitCoin. If you were Libya creating your own currency backed by Gold they Blow up your Country and Kill the leader. Nobody from the West or Elitists are declaring war on BitCoin. BitCoin is like being accepted world wide for some reason with no push back from Militaries.

          • I believe BitCoin is the Trojan Horse of the NWO Globalists/ Elitists for the new Digital Currency they seek and here is why. Any Country out there trying to create their own currency skipping the US Petro Dollar is attacked blown up in a million pieces and its leader Killed. You don’t see any US Military attacks on BitCoin or its leaders do ya? And who really controls the Bitcoin system anyway? It’s like a secret, and accepted like Master Card and Visa. BitCoin is EVIL, the Trojan Horse and THE SIGN OF THE BEAST. It’s a trick to con people into using it. DO NOT BUY INTO BITCOIN OR YOU WILL BE THEIR SLAVE FINANCIALLY.

      2. May look like bitcoin,but will be hacked/shredded by the same looking hackers,bless their computing little hearts!

        • I read somewhere that Bitcoin or something similar did get hacked and took around 5 million. Also drug dealers buy thru Bitcoin and ship directly to them from our local postal service.

          • Relax Bitcoin is as good as the gold it’s backed by. One day the slogan: “Solid as a computer Blip” will be viral.

        • World Digital Currency (WDC) will NOT be hackable. Quantum computers are just over the horizon and software to run them is under development.

          WDC will be implemented once these computers are available. Quantum computers will not be hackable, which SECURITY will be imposed in global banking for “Consumer Safety” as the Police State moves into the Financial Arena.

          With failsafe security, GOLD backed money will not be necessary. Digital Fiat will reign supreme. 🙂

          • And when the grid crashes and there is no way to trade or do financial transactions Digitally, because the Global Grid is down, Mass Population death will take place. People live in Cash flow just like any other business. If you have no crypto currency to trade for food, you will die. That’s how you control the population level, and the reduction of the population down 85% from where it is today. Its all in their plan. Drip drip drip boiling frog in the pot.

            • If the Grid is down, you have no cryptocurrencies to trade either. Do you know of a “cryptocurrency” that is not digital?

              I don’t.

              When the grid is down you dig up your number ten cans with ten dollar bills in them, and use your silver, and gold. 🙂

      3. X22 Report, spotlight, has a good interview with Jim Willie.

        I read this article by Smith, yesterday, on Zerohedge. I think he is right. I stepped into the BTC market a few months ago. Doubled my money, so far. It wasn’t anymore money than I would spend on a weekend out of town having fun. If BTC goes to zero, I am fine. If it goes sky high I am in, too. Of course I have PMs. Cash.

        • Good luck

        • Jim Willie makes more sense than the other so called experts. I like him. If it looks like digital currency is imminent it’s time to sell the house asap and move to the cabin. Spend the $ from the house on more years of goods and metals. Make plans D and E… and get an old tractor and a spark plug tire inflator!

          • Genius Caught on Tape fetching beer. Start this Video at the 4 minute mark. This is his road, and he just went for more beer. This is funny.


          • I recommend you get a letter series Farmall. They are tough and every part is available. I have a super A a widefront B ,a super C and several model M,s plus some parts tractors . At present I have 18 running tractors. The number varies when I buy or sell one. Im what they call a paper millionaire. The appraised net worth of our assets are worth well over a million dollars. However We have very little money in the bank. I do keep a sizable amount of cash in hundred dollar bills. That’s our seed money not to be spent on luxury’s or living expence’s. Its for buying sure enough bargains. Our money is made in the buying not the selling. If you buy a low enough prices you can quickly resell at a low enough price to leave room for the next guy. And that guy if he makes money from dealing with you will deal with you over & over. If I can buy at my price I walk away . I know something else will come along pretty quickly.

            • Mistake should read. If I cannot buy at my price I walk away

          • Jim Willie is a rummy living in Costa Rica who has been predicting the IMMINENT collapse and demise of the dollar ….. for 20 years.

            He has NO credibility.

            The dollar isn’t going anywhere without Yellowstone blowing or an immense asteroid strike, or thermonuclear war. Keep ten dollar bills in number ten cans and out of the banking system and you will be glad you did when the DEFLATIONARY CRASH comes. 🙂

        • Pyramid schemes are great as long as your not the last person holding the bag at the end.

      4. PD,gave it thought to getting say 500 a year back,eh,hindsight!That said,can you buy straight out a lot of goods with bc or do you need to sell it before spending it.

      5. Its comes down to this.

        (1) If the US dollar loses world reserve currency status the defense (Offense) budget get dramatically cut.


        (2)The Powers That Be lose their chief enforcer and they have no other reliable replacement to fill that void.


        (3)The Powers That Be will do everything and anything to maintain and enlarge (1) so they don’t lose (2)

        • K2, good point!

        • There is a big brain kept under a glass dome that decides.

        • The US dollar is still the best currency in the world.

          That means all the other currencies are really shitty because the US dollar is shit too.

          • That about sums it up as currency goes but the USD is unique with its fabricated demand. This demand is complements of a huge military force that is funded by the USD’s fabricated demand. Its a symbolic relationship of MIC and Globalists, requiring, enabling and benefiting both.

            • Stiner – Oh yeah the US Dollar is still the best currency in the world. Yeah right!! What you going to do about it when you have a gun held to your head to keep on using it or get wiped off the map.

              • CrackSummSkulls

                That is exactly why its the best currency in the world.

                • Kevin2 and CSS, you both nailed it. Best description I’ve ever read of the US dollar.

      6. HR. 3364 Says, Any country Nation That buys or sell to Russia cannot buy or sell to the USA. Will China stop all trade with Russia ? Or lose being able to sell anything to the USA? European gas comes from Russia? Will they cut off Russia to save their trade with us? If the majority of the nations cut off trade with Russia . Russia must go to war immediately or burn up their remaining inventory.? This can’t be true . It’s a total declaration of war against Russia?

      7. One thing I know for sure. I’m not taking any damn RFID chip or any of that other NWO shit. I’ll be gone to ground before that can happen.

        • When online payments for bill first became available on the internet I said I would never pay my bills online. I would always send them in the mail………… I pay all my bills online.

          • Well I still write checks for my bills. I mail some, and others I pay in person. I don’t pay a single bill online.

            • I bet that in less than 10 years you will be forced out of check writing.

              More and more retail businesses today hammer the checks onsite and give them back to you. So that is really an EFT, not a check.

              Even the old reliable Credit Union that I have dealt with for almost 50 years has ceased giving free checks to us hero members. And I bet the prices will steadily rise as check writing decreases.

              The industrial engineering involved in handling all those little slips of paper is a PITA and a cost that the businesses/banks don’t really want anymore.

              Lots of banks let you take pictures of checks to deposit them on-line which is a nice temporary work around for the paper shuffle.

              Long term the banks want paper gone – checks or currency.

              As we all know, the happy marriage of banks and government want this so that they both get a big prize – banks get to skin us on every transaction and government gets ultimate knowledge and then control of our financial lives.

              Sucks to be us in the future


        • Hey Dep Bravehart. Do you every buy tires for your wagon? Many Tire Manufacturing Co’s have RFID Chips embedded in the tires. They do that for tracking and shipping, sales etc.

          You drive through a toll bridge, any bridge, or highway on off ramps they can track your RFID Chips. Wrap that one around your head. Take 2 Asprins.

      8. Self employment and barter.

        If you have a product or service, you can barter. If all you have are products stocked up, when you run out of stuff you are up a creek.

        If you have a business making things, sell some through the system, and barter with a closed circle of family and friends.

        The globalists take their cut but you are never completely at their mercy.


        • Leathercraft would be very useful! Solar panels and equipment would be a good thing to trade. Learn to reload ammo, buy a sheetload of lighters (bic). Make guillie suits, learn blacksmithing, make booze, grow tobacco, stock rolling papers, open a backdoor casino lol.

          • Heck, sell drugs, open a whorehouse, have a bar, sell slaves (captured tresspassers), it would be like deadwood 🙂

            • I would say get a pile of lighters. I bought 400 lighters for like 80 bucks off of Amazon. I use them daily, best tool to have. Get the ones you can adjust the wheel to make a torch out of. Put that in your BOB for fire starting. With a sharpie write TORCH on the lighter so you don’t hurt yourself, they can put off a 10″ flame. Lighting everything from a gas burner stove to a cigars to melting the ends of your paracord, camp fired and a quick light.

              Lighters will be one of the best “Barter Trade Currencies” out there in SHTF. I already have traded lighters for labor. I gave this other chick as a bonus, for her working on my property and as a business lesson, I said now go sell these 50 lighters for .50 cents, for at least $1 each or 3 for 5. and double your money. I said you have 5 days to sell them. She sold them all within a few days and was smiling with a pocket full of money. She just took Business 101. Sell a product and make 100% profit. But since I gave these to her it was a all profit. That may be a new business in post SHTF grid down. Lighter Sales. lol I told her that to tell her potential customers that is in a contest and she has 5 days to sell them to win. People would help buy more lighters and cheer her on to win the contest.

              That’s sales folks

              • She would make more money as a whore in shtf. 100 % profit for her pimp.

              • Replacement footwear. Multiple pairs of your favorite hiking/athletic/ crosstrainers,etc.
                Even muck boots. Shoes are going to be worn the phuck out FAST. Unless you are the
                Joe Barefoot type, invest in multiple pairs. They will command high barter prices too.
                Most modern athletic shoes are good for about 600 miles. Beyond that, good luck.

            • I am already doing that….. Now what?

              • Collect old cannon balls in various sizes; when someone needs then you will have the only supply close. Got a fair supply of War of 1812 24# already. Working on 8# now.

                • FROM THE ARTICLE: it is utterly foolish to believe that anything in the digital world is truly “anonymous.” The feds have been proving there is no anonymity, even in bitcoin, for some time, as multiple arrests using bitcoin tracking have indeed occurred when the FBI decided it was in their interest. Meaning, when the feds want to track bitcoin transactions, they can, and it does not matter how well the people involved covered their actions.

                  The early promise of anonymity in cryptocurrencies was a lie.

                  ***EXACTLY !!

          • Genius:
            Excellent ideas.

            The Casino in the back is an interesting idea. If you decide to go forward with this some day my suggestion is go first class. If you attract the rich, you will get protection from their security and you never have to worry about being busted, you become immune to prosecution (above the law so to speak), which is desirable even in WORL. Someone’s grandfather owned a business during prohibition. He rented out the warehouse in the back. The renter was a big time underworld figure. He turned the place into a high class speak easy with the whole nine yards. It attracted the elite. Ladies in evening gowns and men in tuxes. The mayors and governors and on and on. The only way in was through the business for the customers. The children of the business and owner of the building got to watch the parade of dignitaries coming in and out.


            • Ya I like that idea too. Video record everything so if anyone thought about ratting you out you would have the dirt on them.

              • Lets start a “Speakeasy”!

                • I’m in! 🙂

                  • Ray’s Boom-Boom Room?

              • Yeah Video tape them, like the (((certain someones))) did to US politicians like Chucky Schummer who visited Lolita Island for pedophile romps. And when that $38 Billion welfare feed bag package was doled out to those (((extortionists))), all Politicians who are being blackmailef voted for the $38Billion package to the (((You know whos))). Again thats why we need term limits so we get rid of those who are blackmailed or carreers destroyed if the tapes get released. So they are blackmailef politicians destroying America.

            • A Trading Post, Barter, Casino with a stage and stripper pole. Wed Nts bring it. Poker in the front, Liquor in the rear. Redneck Golf Sat Afternoons. Shine contests Friday Nts BYOB.

      9. Only 4 words!!!
        It Will Never Work!!!!!!!

        • Sure it will, Sarge. People want a teet to latch onto. Dozens of Idols on the Dole will sing it’s praises on the world stages, in the movie theaters and on TV. Even the ministers will join in, while asking their flock to open their good books to Romans 13 “Obey the government, for God is the one who has put it there.”

          Then marketing will get busy, toss in some freebies, make’em in cool colors, rounded out with a few phone apps and connectivity to favorite devices, Then bingo! They’ll line up and hold out their hands in utter hissy fits for not being first.

          There will be chipping parties, sponsored clinics, mall pads and market stands. Everyone will want to get in on it.

          You know. I remember tagging farm animals, ringing pigs noses, and a thought occurred to me once that “what if that happened to people?” I shrugged it off as being a stupid thing. Well…

        • Sarge, I hope you’re right. You know? I’m so sick of this way of…. life? .. Digital is not real. Credit is self-authorized theft from one’s self. Waiting for the ‘it’ in SHTF to happen is wearing me down. But… I still hope for it. Some end to this madness. The constant shifting of the way we live to the latest paradigm of existence. Reading the remarks to this point I see all of us yielding, one compromise, one nudge down the line of adherence at a time… no,…. dancing, to the tune of people we all should detest. God help us all.

      10. Yes, the banks are most interested in both the ethereum and the ripple ledger, each for its own purpose.

        Do you want a look behind the scenes of the banks? You are not going to like what you see. Together with the UN and big pharma they are putting the final touches in place for a ‘biometric’ global registration system called ID2020. Except that they say that biometric is on the way out, and they stay silent about biosensor tech startups that are also into brain activity.

        Without ID 2020, people will not have access to their bank accounts, mobile phones, pensions or mortgages, health care, education, travel or documents like driving licenses. ID 2020, the digital legal financial identity will be on the blockchain. The UN is claiming ‘ownership’ of the project.
        Microsoft is taking care of the digital part of the system. GAVI, a vaccine institute, is going to bring the accompanying vaccines (the ‘Entry Point’ for this global digital identity) to the world.

        Read more about it here (from the UN’s and banks’ own documents and TV recordings)

      11. Sorry to interrupt———–


        Puerto Rico Blackout Enters Second Day – Entire Island Of 3.5 Million People Without Power


        Mandatory Evacuation 10,000 Tourists On NC Outer Banks, Power Outage

        Can’t explain, the local news said that The Utilities had no idea.

        From The SGT Report

        Ok—-here come Mr. Paranoia and Ms. Anxiety—-False Flag — perhaps a natural event that will severely damage both Locales

        Now, back to The Bitcoin story.


      12. I read that America controls Germany and Germany controls the EU. Also that Russia and China are allied with Iran. So Israel controls America and the whole shebang. It is confusing.

        • It is only confusing because you are wrong so don’t stress, save the thinking for the smarter people.

        • Israel also harvests the organs of the dead, for profit. So far, Israelis have harvested 18,000 organs from dead Syrians during the current Syrian civil war. Nice people!

          “The Damascus university medical doctor heading Medical Forensics department Dr. Hussein Nofal estimates that at least 18,000 Syrians have had organs removed during the war thus far.”

      13. Watch Europe,they are going cashless fast and we will be next. I see it now,most businesses preferring cards and a lot of people using credit for everything even for items less than a dollar. People prefer convenience. The only problem I see is if the grid goes down you better be able to barter or have gold.

      14. If we let those that engineered the economic crisis develop the replacement we will get what we deserve. It is basic strategy, if the bankers hate the concept of Constitutional sound money something very powerful lies with that concept. We must become the country we were supposed to be but alas we would have to lease PM’s from our Chinese and Russian friends to accomplish that now. One can see the intelligence of western bankers and their foreign policy on display here. What to do when those “friends” with the PM’s introduce their version of sound money? Going nuclear is not a cure all aspirin like solution. It is chemo therapy for the terminally ill. The choice is obvious, gold or nukes. One cannot deny basic physics, dense metals protect best against radiation.

      15. I saw an electronic currency call Data fail gloriously and people lost all their money they had in it. It is a complete and total fraud to rape the investor in the end. The head of Data made alot of money though He created money out of nothing and then used it to buy assets which he then sold for real money and laughed his head off

      16. Last week an article on ZH had the spokesman for Visa openly declaring their war on cash.
        Ok, we knew that already, but the point was they’re now talking it up publicly.
        So what happens after that, and “they” ban the use of gold and silver.
        New Federal Law now in effect:

        “Barter is now banned.
        Trade is now banned.
        You WILL pay for EVERYTHING with your chipped hand.”
        Or, being generous, they’ll let you use your smartphone.

        Like HCKS, says, we are so phuked.

        Genius, good luck with your Browning Strike Force trail cam. Mine lasted 6 months and it was under an awning pointed at the front door. Never rained on once!
        One day it wouldn’t turn on. And it sure wasn’t the batteries.
        Now it sits outside the front gate and looks like a camera.
        One thing about Amazon. It’s good to review products first. Then buy directly, or ebay.
        Wish I’d done that. Go read the reviews on the Browning. Not made by Browning, pitched out by some unknown crap co. in China.
        Moultrie makes a far better trail cam.

        • I keep my trail cam pointed up in the toilet.

        • Ketchup, I got them on ebay and read the reviews. They had like a 4.25 star rating thats why I got them. I hope I have better luck than you did, they have features I really like (tv output, 12v power jack, microsize).

      17. The appearance of the currency isn’t relevant. A one world currency can look different in different countries with bright colored birds and strange writing in nation (A) and historical portraits with a different language in nation (B). All that needs to be done is to freeze the exchange rates and have only one issuing authority. People in Banga Banga would feel comfortable with their Banga Banga money that in effect is one tenth of a US Dollar. They just have a US dime, made out of paper with different writing but of identical value. The man on the street wouldn’t even realize it nor for the most part care.


      18. If the Economist is right it will be the first time.
        So far they have only excelled at being a contrary indicator.

      19. Found , The White Wolf Order. A smart hick?

      20. Germany and China are going to team up against the USA? How many immigrants in Germany does it take to equal 1 working American when it comes to buying the crap that China sells?

        This article sucks.

      21. Kevin is spot on. There will always be a need and a demand for some sort of physical currency. Its all in the measurement or exchange rate. Look on Ebay the prices are X amount of US Dollars or X amount Canadian. As long a my paper dollars will be accepted to pay my real property taxes. Im not gonna worry about it being worthless.

        • Old Guy

          I never implied don’t worry. I only pointed out how stealthy this one world currency can be accomplished.

          Unfortunately your US dollars have value because they have the false demand of being the worlds reserve currency. This arrangement made at Bretton Woods NH in 1944 pegged it to gold at $35 / oz. It was abandoned in August 1971 making the USD pure fiat (currency by decree). The OPEC nations agreed to exclusively trade oil in USD hence creating a demand. Coincidently they tripled the price of oil which tripled the demand for US dollars. The US needing no wealth creation methodically de-industrialized and focused on money creation not wealth creation.

          If the USD is displaced as the reserve currency those dollars held overseas, which is 75% of them come home. A loaf of bread will be $43.50 in very short order.

      22. Kevin those overseas dollars are not the actual paper cash. they are digital dollars. The mint has beeem printing 24 x7 for decades. However paper money wears out and there are truckloads for it burnt every day. What in trying to say is the actual paper cash money doesn’t exist in great quantities like many think it does. Unless the mint starts printing bills I demonations larger the $100. There will never be folks pushing wheelbarrows loaded with worthless US dollars.

        • Old Guy

          We pay the prices we pay for foreign goods because out money has value because its desired. Its only desired because of its reserve currency status. Lose it and the USD tanks, prices rise dramatically, out “unique privilege” ends, our deficit becomes real. Things get real bad real quick.

          • our not out

      23. Ok those who think they are borrowing low intrest money. Check and see how much of your monthly payments are applied to the principal. Those banks tack on extra charges. Stuff like insurance service charges and anything they can get away with. And when you borrow money your suddenly under the gun. You have to work and hustle to make certain you have the money to make that payment. Me I like to take my own sweet time. Every day I do whatever I like. Not any finiancial worry,s. No deadlines to be met not beholden or indebted to any one or any thing. That’s wealth to me.

      24. ᏞIKΕ WHAT DADDY, TELL US, TELL US.? Both boys jumped up and down desiroᥙs to knoԝ how to maқe Ꮐood happy.

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