The Globalist Agenda Is Being Met: “To Collapse The United States Internally And Attack It Externally”

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    “An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a king.”

    Mel Gibson as Benjamin Martin, in “The Patriot”

    The rights of the American people have been, and are being trampled into the dust, as the pseudo-representatives glut themselves from the trough of lobbyists and oligarchs alike.  It could be proven, but won’t be proven: the investigating “authority” is not accountable to the people and there is no oversight.  The FBI, and any investigations under special counsel?  Look at Fast and Furious and how the Attorney General’s office covered that one up.  What is needed to prove it?  Something that doesn’t exist.  Here is what is needed:

    A team of spotless individuals with a leader of unquestionable character and service…with complete authority and impunity: unable to be hindered by any federal, state, or local police and army of “authorities.”  This Special Investigative Team would have the power to investigate fully any and all ties to Congressmen, Senators, and Supreme Court judges…to find evidence of bribery, kickbacks, and influence peddling…and then arrest them and bring them to trial.

    Everyone can jump up and down, desiring to boil in oil anyone making such a suggestion; however, without some kind of accountability, these elected officials are running rampant and trampling the rights of the citizens.  Who is going to stop it?  The courts?  The courts are the biggest pack of crooks of all.  Yes, “Your Honor,” and “The Honorable,” ad infinitum.

    I guarantee that a Special Investigator with impunity would have found plenty of coral snakes under Chief (in)Justice John Roberts’ front porch…if Obama and Holder had been made to step aside and an investigation had been done.  This should have been done after he cast his deciding vote on Obamacare.  Going back a few years, Obamacare would have never made it to the floor of the Senate if Olympia Snow (R, ME) had not allowed it to come up for a vote.  Who paid her off?

    In order to follow the money, you have to be allowed to follow it: or you’ll just end up arrested or dead.

    The special unit of investigators I suggested?  They need to be armed to the teeth, and they need giant, shiny badges that every human in the Western Hemisphere will recognize.  And why not?  It worked for Elliot Ness and his team.  This won’t be done, of course, for one reason:

    The method would work and the crooked politicos would be caught.

    In a system replete with corruption, we can’t have a group of investigators who are not corrupt and “untouchable,” because that would threaten the existing social, political, economic, and religious order.  We have a Supreme Court that selectively interprets legislation, effectively bypassing checks and balances under the Constitution and establishing themselves as lawmakers, or “law-breakers,” whichever you prefer.  But they are “jaw-breakers,” and in essence breaking the people’s jaws to prevent argument as they stick the rings in their noses and then recess for three months to hide.  There is no accountability fostered upon them, no recourse for their “Supreme Decisions” that affect 315 million people.

    The “Tyranny of the Majority” in action once more.

    McCain.  McCain is the epitome of the reason that term limits should be placed upon representatives.  McCain is the prime example of why a Special Investigative Unit is needed.  Really?  Champion McCain, just coming off of the deck from brain surgery in the 13th round, to score a knockout against the American people?  Who lined his pockets?  Who?  Was it the insurance companies, or was it Soros?  Where do we find the individuals who will not be bought to investigate this matter?

    We will never be allowed to have such special personnel to investigate a matter such as McCain’s “vote”: this is because the people are not in charge.  We are ruled, not governed.

    McCain was the one who orchestrated the ousting of the duly elected President of Ukraine, Yanukoyvich, who was elected under Ukrainian Constitutional law.  Is that in itself not a violation of the Logan Act?  Oh, but since McCain and company were acting on behalf of the American people as their elected officials, it’s all well and good, then.

    McCain is part of the bigger picture, and look at the titanic struggle that has already transpired for clarification: the struggle between the establishment to impose an individual mandate, and the public to resist it.  The vote?  It is scripted at this point.

    McConnell and Ryan all “ooh’s” and “aah’s” with the Don Adams/Agent 86 line: “Missed it by that much!”

    Wrong.  They didn’t miss a beat.  All of the Congress (in this latest vote…the word “vote,” what a joke) with a final tally of 49-51…making it appear to be a close one.  They only did it that way to not unseat half of Congress (Republican or not), and the Republicans who voted to repeal could point at it, “They voted to repeal”…when the failed vote was a done deal long before it came to the floor.   McCain did his job for the Establishment, and he’ll be on his way out of the Senate to retire soon enough…. and voila!  The individual mandate remains.

    The individual mandate is the prize they have fought for more than 100 years.  They will not relinquish that stranglehold from the throat of the American people.  The steppingstone to a single-payer system, the individual mandate assures that you will be accountable to the State whether you are a housewife or a homeless beggar.

    Of course, Congress, the Administration, the Courts, and the rest of the Politburo are exempt from the individual mandate, now, aren’t they?

    The President has no effectiveness.  I wrote a piece earlier this year, entitled The President Needs to Purge and Start Fresh: White House Staff Has Been Infiltrated and Infested.  Here is an excerpt from that piece:

    “…the President is beset by forces in Washington and in the White House who are determined to derail his “cleansing” efforts and continue with their own actions.  Those forces are spearheaded by the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) “5th Columnists” either working directly for and with the Democratic Party or independently of them but for the interests of the Globalist Network.”

    I also wrote another article entitled Trump Off and Running But He Can’t Do It Alone: Six Things Americans Must Do To Make Real Change Happen.  Please read this:

    “Around November [2017] the Congressmen and Senators will begin to campaign.  They will be a year out, and in order to keep their seats in the midterm election in November of 2018, there will have to be a good track record for the next year, with visible results within 6 to 8 months.  There is also no excuse, now.  The Republican Party holds the House and the Senate.  There is nothing from a legislative perspective that the President cannot accomplish, at least for the next year and nine months.  Of course, this will take solidarity within the Republican Party, and the Republicans have not had a very good track record in this department…”

    I also wrote about this , after the President was elected, but before his inauguration, with this article entitled Trump Can’t Stop It: The People Who Have Been Orchestrating the Collapse Have Not Halted Their Agendas.  This excerpt explains the entire point of this current piece, as well:

    “The globalists need the illusion of a two-party system to enable a “reprieve” in the minds of the people with the rise of a Bush or a Trump…but the reprieve is merely an illusion.  If these Marxist traitors forced their agenda on the people all at once, there would have been a revolution at its inception.  They alternate: destroy the society and the culture to the max under a Democrat administration, and then “scale back” a bit under a Republican administration while still nipping away at the edges with an “Act” here or a “piece of legislation” there.

    It may take them a little longer, but Trump will not be able to undo the current course toward the collapse of the United States and the relinquishing of national sovereignty in favor of global governance.”

    McCain just became the key player in the “it just takes one man” mantra…with the refusal to repeal Obamacare and negate the individual mandate.  In the meantime, the Cloward and Piven, Alinsky, and Van Jones methods employed to collapse American society are paralleled by the threats of war, either orchestrated by the U.S. or otherwise.  Bush Jr. was flagging in popularity and then decided to invade Iraq.  It gave him the election and another 4 years.  History repeats itself.

    War is right around the corner, and the globalist agenda is being met: to collapse the United States internally and attack it externally.  I stand by my prior statements regarding the latter:

    The next world war will be initiated by an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon detonated over the continental U.S., followed by a nuclear exchange and an attack by conventional forces.

    In the meanwhile, traitors such as McCain continue to collapse the system within and advance the agendas of their paymasters.  Can anyone honestly take one look at McConnell and say that he did not know of McCain’s vote prior to it being cast?  They are not representatives…they have misrepresented themselves and do not reflect the will of the American people.  Because of this, the U.S. has been on its deathbed for more than 8 years.  We all hoped that with a new President things would turn around, but that doesn’t appear to be very likely at this point in time.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Keep prepping and make the cost very expensive for new world order types.Guerrilla warfare comes in many different forms,violence a small component,many ways to starve and gum up the works of the beast.Keep practicing/learning new skills while remembering to take a minute and enjoy the moment.

        • “…while remembering to take a minute and enjoy the moment.”

          Indeed, prepping the soul as I go with:

          as I continue canning tomatoes and green beans from the garden.

          Life is good in my back yard 🙂

          • JJ, if you know what the solutions are then why not run for office? Trump did it, and he won bigly. This is more fear porn from you. Did you hear about the sanctions against N Korea? And china issued a strong “encouragement” that they stop testing missiles? You ain’t gonna talk about that cause it doesn’t fit your narrative. So I guess you have to change your narrative. Really dude, get a life. You’re a fraud
            Stay quiet Be smart

        • Where does McCain live? (Details, please).

          • ht tp://

            Best bet: 11455 E Hidden Valley Ranch Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336

        • “We will never be allowed to have such special personnel to investigate a matter such as McCain’s “vote”: this is because the people are not in charge. We are ruled, not governed”
          Maybe a better word is dominated. Dominated and abused.

          • Bring dominated and abused is bad for your health because it causes an enormous amount of stress and stress is a killer. Very, very important to fight back!!!!

            • Anonymous, if McCain showed up in my rifle scope…..

        • Re: The Globalist Agenda Is Being Met: “To Collapse The United States Internally And Attack It Externally”

          To forward their agenda, the “selected” candidates need to be in office.

          California Has 11 Counties With More Registered Voters Than Voting-Age Citizens
          “…the number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age…”

          Mail-in voter ballots provide a very easy way to get MANY votes. There have been numerous articles on the mainstream media bragging how Hilary got so many votes in California.

          Remember this…
          The mailman delivered the box of ballots to the wrong house.
          Nearly 100 Ballots Found Outside California Man’s Home – 11/3/16
          “California resident Jerry Mosna found 83 unused 2016 voter ballots at his home over the weekend — each ballot had a different name but were all addressed to his neighbor’s two-bedroom apartment — causing concern and serious suspicion of voter fraud.

          All the different names, none we recognize, all at one address.”

          “His wife, Madalena Mosna, noted their 89-year-old neighbor lives by herself, and, “Eighty people can’t fit in that apartment.”

        • Relax it;s BS. A little War between us and the Snowflakes isn’t going to help anyone do anything to the US. Quite the contrary, it would be more like a training session. Get things sighted in better.

      2. Globalist are Failures. Agenda 21 failed so now they call it Agenda 30. They failed to elect Hillary. They failed to ropple Syria. They will never bring down the USA. Armed American patriots will hang the Globalists. John McCain is a loser psychopath. Limpdick. Swings his little arms around like R2D2 robot looking for a happy meal shit sandwich.

        • CSS, LOL! Good one about McCain. Hell, I’d even take R2D2 over McCain anyday.

          • “…the 13th round, to score a knockout against the American people? Who lined his pockets? Who? Was it the insurance companies, or was it Soros? Where do we find the individuals who will not be bought to investigate this matter?”
            He needs to be caught and water-boarded until he TELLS THE TRUTH– WHO ARE THE PEOPLE who paid him off!!!!

            • From what I have been reading and watching, all you would have to do is catch him, threaten him with torture and he would sell out his compadre’s in a heartbeat.

          • I’m starting to to think I’d take Darth Vader over McCain. On the other hand what’s the possibility Hillary IS Darth?

        • “Globalist are Failures.”

          How so? Agenda 21 is well on its way. Time is on their side, they’re patient. They toppled Iraq and Libya and have so conditioned the US public and strong armed UN member nations to allow the US, their bully boy, to bomb who and where they desire with virtual impunity. The US economy is no longer fueled by the manufacture of goods but rather the manufacture of currency / credits that if need be are enforced at gun point. President Trump, bless him is a mere speed bump in their agenda.

          “Armed American patriots will hang the Globalists.”

          Utter nonsense. Ever see just the Bilderberg List of attendees?Maybe the Trilateral Commission, Round Table, CFR and who knows what else. Little in the world runs without them. You know what they look like? If you passed them on the street you couldn’t pick them out. Actuality you never would because their surrounded by security that records your every electronic written or verbal communication. They know what your doing but you have no idea what they’re up to. For the most part their “home” is anywhere on the earth and their reach just as far.

          • Kevin2;

            Well said you’re spot on.

          • Couldn’t pick them out or no clue what they’re up to?

            • Nope. If a Rothschild walked into a room they would not be recognized. The people you see and read about are EMPLOYEES of the power elite, not the power elite themselves. Yes they are up to general no good. Their goal is the equalization of wealth (except theirs and those doing their bidding) and the homogenization of genetics (once again, not theirs).

              • Birds of a feather flock together, easy to spot.
                They will be locked in down under or exclusive reclusive resorts. Airport monitoring would be a sure thing on someones list. Hopefully, they all leave and NEVER come back!
                The American People are PISSED OFF now, take out Trump, it will be a priority lists.
                SJW’s will burn there own town down, so no problem there. I feel sure dc would get a visit or two. Any resistance or lock down attempts will be met with an equal or greater force. I suspect those who voted against the people like Taxes/Obamacare will be arrested and tried by citizens or maybe not if really angry people get a hold of these folks. I would not want to be any type of government employee either.
                Medical centers should be o:k but lay low locking down, they have security and self sufficient. Food and other items total plunder! No gasoline!
                Americans are sick of sickos taking over there children with identity crisis crap, bad medicine, poisoned food and water I mean the list is long! People who lost in the housing crash, reverse racism, you name it… That Hollywood sign will be gone. CNN will be on their own! Celebrities better be in France.
                Plain ole Pay Back for many for soooo many reasons!

                I just hope that when the dust settles Americans will have the Good Sense to Restore the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Any Foreign Invasion would ensure that should it occur.
                Americans are not like any other people!
                McMasters probably taken out by his subordinates in Afghanistan!
                Sheriff Arapio and Bundy’s set Free! It could work out. Maybe, they will all leave and then we take it back and change the locks!

          • Bilderberg list: just a few recognizable ones: Lindsey Graham, Henry Kissinger, Sen. Tom Cotton, Gov. Terence McAuliffe, John O. Brennan, David Patraeus, Peggy Noonan Wall street Journal, David Cohen former Deputy Dir. CIA, H.R. McMasters, Robert Rubin co-chair Council on Foreign Affairs. The are many more from the USA and also numerous ones from foreign countries. Yes they are in every place and well connected.

      3. The commies still control the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. The Deep State controls most of Washington, D.C.. The Fed still controls the currency. The Bad guys control the media. The US is a violent, third world, socialist cesspool. We win?

        • WE win? Yeah only if we outgun and outlive the pheckers

          • I’ll drink to that! Ya gotta smoke I can borrow?

            • No but if I did I’d give it to ya! I got some lemon drop though (fresh).

              • Sounds yummy! Trade ya for some apple pie 🙂

        • Him, everyone and their mama in DC are against Trump. He needs to call on all of us patriots for support. I hate those f#$%ers more and more as time goes by.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Trump surrounded himself with Establishment types in a vain attempt to appease the GOP base into getting behind him. All he accomplished is a long list of individuals very willing to push him off a political cliff. Neither right nor left desires to have him upsetting the apple cart. Governor Jessie Ventura had the same thing happen to him. Trump could have used Ventura in a cabinet position and Senator Dr Rand Paul MD as a VP. I certainly wouldn’t have had a US Senator as AG. I would have found some obscure US Attorney that owed no one nothing and just did their job with integrity. Guaranteed someone that was never heard of because the power elite didn’t want them popular. Generally speaking if the Main Stream Media lovingly uses someones name you don’t want them.

            • Sounds like a plan, too bad Trump didn’t think of it.

      4. War is not right around the corner. Anyone that has walked the face of the earth for more than 30 years should be wise enough to realize this. The world is going through a reset of sorts where citizens are starting to become aware that their governments don’t have their interests in mind. There will be much internal wrangling but no war – no one is in the mood for that – just a lot of blustery talk. It will be rough for the next 10 years or so but ultimately it will all get sorted out with no war.

        • Anonymous

          The world came within one vote of three total as two said lets fire (it required a unanimous count) aboard a Soviet Submarine, an institution not known for democratic voting, off the coast of Cuba in October 1962, of firing a nuclear weapon armed torpedo. Knowing the oops in history I don’t have the intellectual luxury of accepting your hopeful analysis.

          h ttps://

      5. No heavy lifting required. Kick it down the road another mile or two.

      6. What a true f-ing monster MESS!!!!

      7. Know your local enemy. News Media libtard, Anti Constitutional LEO, Libtard politician, Hollywood liberal, etc.

        Know your enemy. Know yourself. And you will be victorious.

      8. SD, damn right. Libturds live in a fantasy world called the ‘brain-free zone’.

        • And especially, don’t forget the libturd professors feeding garbage to the young generation.

      9. Single Payer is Insurance and a form of socialized medicine.
        Insurance is how the parasites rob doctors and other health professionals.
        I would rather doctors are paid a regular fee directly. Then when you get sick or hurt they treat you. This would give doctors the incentive to actually cure you. As it is now, they only make money off you when you stay in need of more visits, and more medicine.

        Medicare and Medicaid work fine. If there must be insurance just extend these services to the working middle class. The truly wealthy can afford to pay out of pocket.

        Send home migrants from around the world, starting with the Somali “refugees”. We can’t afford to take care of ourselves. It is financially irresponsible to give benefits to every bum who comes here for a handout.


        Eight families are the Federal Reserve Cabal. Our tax money winds up in their pockets. How much does it take to take back our finances. I suspect it is easy. These criminals are like the wizard of oz. There is not much to them.


        • B from CA

          Fortunately medical care has come a long long way from the days when an appendectomy was about the most invasive surgery that would result in success that a hospital could perform. One way or another resources must be pulled for the care that is available today. I survived heart attacks that killed my grandfather. The unanswered question is how to keep the parasitic administrative costs down.

          • Medical care has come along way. Except for those pesky cancer rates. Wonder what the medical and pharmaceutical industry rake in from that disease?

            • I wonder myself but as long as uber wealthy die of cancer I figure its fight is on the up and up. I’m not implying that hands aren’t out profiteering but they are not holding back a cure.

      10. “An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a king.” Mel Gibson as Benjamin Martin, in “The Patriot”

        “Kings or Elected Legislature; hey all hang and bleed the same. Sooner the better, lets make America Great again ~CSS

      11. America is toast, not because of Russia, China, gay hippies, aliens, Germans, but because of Americans. Americans aren’t what they were; a poisoned populace of whiny morons, angry entitled so-called minorities, all trying to screw each other over. The Pentagon and the CIA just about keep it all together but even they can’t do much about the genetic mess that is today’s America. At one time, Americans used to look like Arnie Hammer, Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart; now they look like tattooed dip sh#ts with nose rings, pants hanging off their ankles with their butts popping out of their dirty underwear.

        • Post emp, how much will it be worth then?

          • Priceless after the useless are gone…..

        • Frank Thoughts

          While personal appearance is certainly lacking in modern culture the greatest impact upon rights has been an overly trusting population. The “Greatest Generation” weathered the depression and WWII but unfortunately put virtual blind trust in the benevolence of government. Globalists seeing this gave the US population post WWII wars for Wall Street, fiat currency (August 1971) and an eviscerated industrial base. They seen the Zapruder Film and accepted the Warren Commission over their own eyes and shortly afterword handed over their sons to MIC in the Vietnam folly.

          This sums it up from the classic movie Animal House.

          h ttps://

        • You couldn’t have said it any better Frank. Its always about me!, where’s mine?, what’s in it for me? cut me a check!

        • FT, AMEN to your post. Sadly, I see the same shit in my area all the time. Next weekend I’m back at the BOL and won’t have to see that shit for 2 weeks.

      12. How much will a bitcoin be worth in a post emp world?

      13. OK, so you hear a lot about the “deep state” and we can see that some invisible arm is pulling the strings preventing Trump from doing all that he promised. That’s the common story; however, how is it possible that Trump became POTUS? Let’s call him a distraction and think about that a little.

        • JasonQ

          They’re not infallible but they don’t repeat mistakes either. Trump was an aberration; it happens every 100 years or so. Theodore Roosevelt was the same. They buried him in the Vice Presidency and fate made him President.

          Trump if nothing else has brought the idea of a “Deep State” into mainstream discussion. That is something they did not want. They are vermin that avoided exposure. Their trying to do damage control with that calling these people “Obama carryovers” when The Deep State / Establishment goes back well over a hundred years, likely more.

      14. Wasn’t this rant published previously -??

        • Yes. As are others. But there are new bits to each posting.

        • Anonymous

          Great link, thanks

      15. The most amusing and amazing part is going to be when the Military Junta, now clearly in charge of the vile evil disgusting criminal treasonous United States Corporation Government, removes the vice peddling pussy grabbing psychopath Trump from office and the Trumpbot cowards do NOTHING except get drunker, get fatter, pop their Big Pharma, and run to their favorite golf course or bread and circuses event to hide out where the coward pussies have been hiding out since they whored out their children’s health, freedoms, and future out to the psychopaths long ago.

        • Ron Ahrens

          And Hillary who destroyed Libya and vowed to shoot down Russian jets over Syria was your first choice of rational sane stability?


          • You COWARDS will never be able to remove yourselves from your left vs right, con vs lib, and other “divide and conquer” paradigms will you????…Please COWARD, for once in your brain dead dumbed down toxic dump drunken bum life understand what the psychopaths have done to you and the rest of you programmed indoctrinated COWARDS…Please wake up for our children’s sake will you COWARD, and understand why you have whored out our children’s health, freedoms, and future, just so you can remain a programmed indoctrinated COWARD stuck in your insane “divide and conquer” paradigm you have been in your entire dumbed down life.

      16. Question: Why is it the worst crime imaginable that the Russians supposedly interfered with the US elections, yet Obungler was VERY open and explicit about sending senior level officials to Canada to sway the elections there? Hypocrisy much? See for one story.

        Whatever you feel about Israel (leaving the Jew baiting aside here), was if just dandy for Obungler to actively and overtly try to get Netanyahu dumped while at the same time whining about Russian supposed interference? And I won’t even start on the interference, say, with the Ukraine elections.

        Truth is, the left is always and everywhere HYPOCRITICAL. And therein lies the rub: Just like in Venezuela, just like in Zimbabwe, just like in the USSR, just like in Cuba, socialist HAS never worked, WILL never work, and CAN never work. That is why these people are always hypocritical – their nostrum don’t work, and they know it, so they lie, cheat and steal (can anyone say “Hilary,” or “Carbon Billionaire Al Gore?” This is also precisely the reason I woke up to the fascist left decades ago, and many, many others are. In a word, there is ZERO explanatory adequacy in anything they say or do

        • TEST

          “Why is it the worst crime imaginable that the Russians supposedly interfered with the US elections, yet Obungler was VERY open and explicit about sending senior level officials to Canada to sway the elections there?”

          Because the US is special.

      17. Simple solution – ALL federal elected positions are Limited to two 3 years terms, including the presidency and the courts. They all recieve a base salary, base health care (same as all other federal employees), and that is it! NO pentions, or any other percs. All money for campaigns is given out equally by the government, which imposes strict limits on spending. After your 2 terms of service, you are out, and may never run for, nor hold another federally elected office, nor work for the federal government in any capacity. The house and senate will meet on a part time basis, as there is no need for a full time legislative branch (as our current congress shows all too well). All lobbying within the federal system is to be shut down. Any one caught trying to buy or peddle influence within the federal system will be guilty of a felony.

        It aint perfect, but it beats what we got now! But it will NEVER happen. Just a thought…..

        • ” nor work for the federal government in any capacity. ”

          A major concern is both elected and bureaucratic government employees in regulatory positions working for the very same companies that they were enforcing law upon previously. The movie “The Big Short” showed it in action.

          Term limits are necessary but are by themselves no panacea to thwart corruption. Get elected, do a couple of terms and then out to pasture with a livable pension and no other allowable source of income. This will prevent the “payoff” post government service. How to prevent the situation with Joe Biden’s son put into a Ukrainian Natural Gas Company executive position when the nation was overthrown by the US? Beats me.

          Corruption isn’t in the system; corruption is the system.

      18. Kevin2 is spot on………..just look around.

      19. Never was andnever will be any political solution. Trump is only a minor irritant. The Agenda 21 is still creeping onward. The parasites out number the producers. The us citizens for the most part don’t really care. There aint enough patriots to fix anything. The only hope we have is Divine Intervention. God and Mother nature can defeat any army. They can wipe entire countrys from the face of the earth. I believe we are in the beginning stages of a end of an age Earth change. I haven’t any tangible proof. I simply want it to be so. Maybe HICK’s NIBIRU is the real deal?

        • A strong strategist would make sure to use all that mother nature has to offer, mans own psychology and some hard study about human society and infrastructure to see the weakest points of all that can be touched on for maximum results toward removing the problem. What does Mother Nature have that can be used and what human technologies can be used to unlock Mother Natures gifts, what factors of human behavior, can those gifts once unlocked, be aimed at for the desired reactionary effect, and what very specific human infrastructure weak points can also be used to facilitate the needed.movement to the end goal. That is what a REAL strategist looks at leveraging.

          • How do I touch the water at the edge of a pond and get that ripple to become a tidal wave at the far shore?

            That is the kind of “out of the box” thinking that gets things done.

      20. McCain is the TRUE Manchurian Candidate….

      21. Preferred career choice of the self-absorbed.

      22. So when exactly does it become clear and acceptable for people to take action? When its too late? What actions should have already been taken? Something tells me the complete demise of our country will just be watched and talked about. Sad

      23. “McCain is the epitome of the reason that term limits should be placed upon representatives.”

        McCain is the Republican Party’s Ted Kennedy

      24. The former USA is but a pale shadow of its former self.

      25. Ha! There is not enough real Americans left to do anything of substance to restore the fallen USA. Wake the hell up!

      26. Any SHTF situation usually involves some sort of fire for heating, lighting, or water purification. You can never stock too much burn ointment (usually with lidocaine). You need to check it periodically to make sure it is still good.

        • The aloe plant heals burns, rashes and bruises. Just cut a piece off the plant, slice the leaf and apply to the burn. The aloe plant is also a great air purifier in the home. Seems the government has quite an interest in aloe for radiation burns.

      27. The will of the people?
        You’re funny.
        The majority of “the people” want a single payer system.
        tegistered voters means absolutely nothing.
        Take a look at those 11 counties and how many votes were cast.
        Not a single county had above 60% of adults voting. The highest county was 56%.

      28. I saw a report that gun and ammo maker stocks are all down. Seems that sales are off. The talking heads on Fox Business attributed it to Americans not being terrified the government is going to shut down gun sales. It seems Trump makes many feel safer than Obama did.

        We’re talking sale prices!

        This is a great opportunity to add that extra rifle or pistol to your supplies at great prices, and don’t forget the ammo.

        This comfort Americans feel due to the Trump win is temporary. If efforts to remove Trump are successful it will be more temporary than we might guess. The deep state is massive and powerful. The moment Trump is out of the way by whatever plans the “Powers that shouldn’t be” have concocted, expect, them to move fast to consolidate power. If they need to wait for 2020 election, expect the globalists to be absolutely sure both party candidate will be on their payroll. Which ever voters support the deep state will win. We live in incredibly dangerous times, deals have been cut, the battle for the Western world, the Muslim world and the communist Asian world is about to kick off.

        If we are in a momentary lul, take advantage to round out stocks of guns, grub and supplies. You may never see such an opportunity again.

        • Plan twice, prep once

          And it takes money to do it. I made a great bump with SWHC (Smith and Wesson).

          Thanks for the reminder.

      29. Corporations are people, the people with the bulk of the money. Back during the Warren Commission two Congressional Aides working for the Commission were Rumsfeld and Cheney. I saw a video of former President Fords funeral, poppy Bush was speaking at the podium with the flag draped casket not far away. He was talking and mentioned the earlier incident in Dallas, he looked up and to his right with a smiling smirk on his face. Dead giveaway to his involvement in the whole ordeal. He was also standing in front of the school book depository proven by experts, though he claims he didn’t remember where he was during JFK’S death. Truth ignored for 54 years running. Like approaching 16 years of the crime of this century 9-11. American’s are so easily duped, divided and conquered, 100% neutered.

        • aljamo

          ” though he claims he didn’t remember where he was during JFK’S death.”

          I was six and can tell you EXACTLY where I was. I believe GH Bush when questioned said, “Somewhere in Texas”. Its not just that curt reply but rather that such a statement was acceptable.

          People desire stability. The Zapruder film showed this to your eyes yet the Warren Commission said that. People felt something is up, this isn’t right but it takes courage to go against the official dogma. Sadly they had so little of it that they couldn’t wait to send their sons to Vietnam. Better that then be labeled God Forbid “Unpatriotic”.

          • Kevin2…some people claim the Zapruder film was a CIA production and others that the original film was altered. Evidence exists that G.H.W. Bush made a call to police attempting to implicate another person in the assassination. He also claimed another agent named George Bushs name besides himself was found in another connected persons possession. I was 3 months from 14 years old when JFK died, very troubling, but being 18 years old when RFK met the same fate was to me horrifying. All downhill ever since.

            • aljamo

              The Zapruder film did the CIA no favors. Frames are missing but enough are there to plot the trajectory of the bullet that certainly exited the back of the Presidents head.

              The disinformation surrounding the JFK assassination is massive. Castro. Utter bullshit. He had zero cover up capability. Russia. Likewise. It was an internal job. Certain questions go unanswered. Oswald hired into the Dallas School Book Depository a month before it was announced that JFK was going to Dallas. Kennedy’s route put him into an ambush area. Ray Charles could see it.

              The public needs to believe. As long as they have a full stomach and basic necessities covered along with circus (worshipping the sphere, Dancing with the Stars) they just piss and moan, open a beer, cocktail or light up and forgetaboutit.

      30. Interesting Alert at Steve Quayle’s site last week describing how McCain could NOT have had ANY brain surgery because NOBODY gets back on their feet THAT fast!

        Maybe they indoctrinated him further or gave him a sophisticated implant. Anything is possible in today’s world, EXCEPT superfast recuperation from brain surgery. Not buying it.

        As for Mr. Johnson’s article above, he more than anyone should know that the way you defeat your opponent is to out think him/her, and that is what this Administration has done. Yes, the globalists remain a huge threat.

        But not factored in here is the power of Prayer. Nor is the will of God the Father factored in.

        Get right with God every day. Don’t let the devil, who is real, commandeer your soul. Avoid arguing, lies, untruth, falsities, greed, envy, etc. Do your daily duty, prep, pray, and love others.

        To the degree each of us follows the Ten Commandments, to that degree the Globalists weaken because doing so invokes the protection of God the Father. Read your Old Testament if you don’t believe this. Not abiding by those Commandments loses that Divine Protection. Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. We cannot and will not renounce Christ to accommodate Muslims’ Sharia Law.

        If North Korea’s threat is real and becomes realized, the Globalists lose with the rest of us as nuclear radiation will cover the entire planet.

        BUT if North Korea’s threat is merely a deception/distraction, as has been said elsewhere on the net, it is designed to keep everyone’s focus (including lamestream media) off of treasonous Clinton and Obama who should be tried for their crimes.

        Don’t underestimate the Spiritual power you wield when you obey God’s Ten Commandments every day. It pisses off and weakens the Globalists who worship Satan.

        Also, don’t underestimate the power of your individual prayer.

        Everything else the Globalists and their “agenda” do is distraction, deception, lies, and designed to keep you off your focus, your eyes off your six, and to deaden your hope. Truth melts lies.

        Don’t lose hope! Pray, obey God’s Ten Commandments, and refuel your spiritual center! Doing so will reap more benefits than the globalists can counteract. They DEPEND on your cynicism, your pessimism, and the gloom and doom tone in so many articles here and elsewhere on the net.

        Further, they want you and your attitude/psyche/soul to “capitulate” to the tone of Mr. Johnson’s article which is empty of all hope. I would have appreciated Mr. Johnson’s article more if he infused his article with solid hope of how the globalists’ agenda can be countermanded, weakened, defused. Not to do that is to sadly prop it up which I assume was not his intention, and which is why I write this post!

        Yes, we MUST be “aware”. But we must also guard our spiritual center against lies, manipulation, falsities, bravado, and everything else they cloak their agenda with.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Nice post, Thanks.

      31. its all over. America was a grand experiment and it failed. People are fed up. Thats why they elected a tough talking bully, like trump. But where is his backing, his support?…I see Wall street and military industrial cartel corporations, all around him?…How can he change anything if he is surrounded by the enemies of the people?…Instead of complaining…we must demand that trump “drain the swamp” in Washington, as he said he would. He must get rid of the biggest thieves in Washington, Pelosi, Reid and others ( read the book ” throw them all out ” for a list of the most egregious robbers in Congress)..We need REAL Change, not more BS…Instead of chasing The Clintons for wrong-doing…lets get with a program of American manufacturing again. Instead of listening to the sabre rattlers scaring us about N Korea and asking for Trillions for defense, lets bring American troops home. With missiles and planes we can dispatch US might to any where in the world in 12-24 hours. We don’t need the huge bases of Americans…and their families around the world. This is just a huge drain on the budget. We don;t need more Star Wars types of weapons. We have all we need…Lets use them against the N Koreans if and when they launch a missile at us…We need to be manufacturing goods and services and selling them to the two new and rising masses of people who will make up the next generation of consumers. I am talking about China and India. Thats TWO BILLION people.!! Imagine selling two billion of any usa product???….that would bring money and prosperity back to the American people. Instead of calling names…write this up and tell it to your congressman and two senators…send it to Trump and all his advisors….Lets DO SOMETHING…before its too late….its our choice..

      32. Anthony, just because you can’t SEE his backing and support does not mean it isn’t there.

        Don’t fall for the globalist-controlled media trying to portray him as ineffectual, etc.

      33. This guy cracks me up.

        The “plan” is to take out the United States with an EMP.

        OK…. So what is holding this up? Are they waiting for this asshole to alert everybody to the IMPENDING danger?? 😀

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