The “Global Systems’ Death Spiral” That Could End Humanity

by | Nov 16, 2019 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    According to one person who studies the “global systems’ death spiral,” if the elitists and ruling class don’t kill us off, something else might. Simon Beard is part of a team of researchers trying to figure out if, how, and when climate change could cause the human species to go extinct.

    A potential annihilation of 7.7 billion humans and all the unborn people who come after them could be in the future – that is…if the ruling class decides to let us live that long…

    Who Inflicts the Most Gun Violence in America? The U.S. Government and Its Police Forces

    According to a report from Vice, Beard, who does this work at the Cambridge Center for the Study of Existential Risk, described climate change as “a field with next to no data” and a lot of unsupported hypotheses. “Under what circumstances could climate change cause a collapse of global civilization?” he said. “When you start asking that question, then your already quite-limited literature gets even more scarce.”

    But Beard is appealing to the ruling class to make the changes necessary to prevent climate change. This seems strange considering the vast majority are already on board with the enslavement and death needed to meet the goals set out in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2020. Beard hopes to convince world leaders to actually do something about it though when they came up with the scheme to begin with as a means to control people. “That’s really what we’re aiming for at the moment,” he said. “I think this could be genuinely transformative—firstly for the science but also by implication for the policy and the way that these things are discussed in society.”

    Translation: In order to prevent humanity’s elimination from the earth, we need to submit to the complete enslavement of the political/ruling class.

    At some point, Beard fears that the stress on our food system could become too much. A collapse in one human or natural system could cascade into the others, potentially setting off a “global systems death spiral” that accelerates and amplifies the damage beyond our ability to control it. “That forms a feedback loop,” Beard said. “You basically get food security collapsing, political systems collapsing [and then] rising levels of environmental destruction. With this many people, that could be genuinely devastating for all of humanity.”

    In order to “save humanity,” Beard proposes studying what exactly could lead to the extinction of humanity when it comes to climate. But if we go extinct, it could be long before the climate has a chance to boil us alive. Researchers and governments around the globe are looking for ways to decrease the population already and bring about complete domination of humans under the rule of a few. Perhaps that’s a bit more daunting that the cyclical climate issue.


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      1. It’s going to be a fight to the death over Popeye’s chicken sammies. UFC at the drive thru window.

      2. Oh, most definitely there IS going to be ‘stress’ on the food system…sooner than most would believe.

        Since Spring of 2013 (March, specifically) when JASA, the Japanese counterpart of America’s NASA, released the mystifying data from it’s HINODE satellite indicating that Sol was become quadrupolar in it’s surface charge distribution academics have been trying to understand the significance of that hithero unwitnessed phenomena.

        The upshot here, given that in all previous observations which view our Sun in X-ray spectra wherein the solar charge distribution can be accurately assessed, never have we seen Sol evince ANY behaviour during the 11 year cycle it progresses though regularly that even suggested that it would assume any charge displacement other than neutral (solar minima) or classic dipole (most pronounced at solar maxima) varying continuously between.

        So, WTF, eh?

        Well, every so often, typically on the order of 300-700 years our Sun goes through a “Grand Solar Minima” during which times solar output wanes by a few per centage points and during which also sunspot activity on the visible disk effectively disappears. The last such occurance occured from 1645 to 1715 and the GLOBAL temoerature average droooed by more than 3 degrees Celcius. Bear in mind that the tropics varied by no more more than a fractiin of a degree through that period…but the Polar regions saw a FAR more pronounced drop in temperatures.

        As it happens, Sol is – virtually – the SOLE driver of all Terrestrial weather, contrary to the bullshit being spouted loud and broad by every component of the MSM over the last few years, the epitome of which is that poor semi-autistic Greta Thurnburg frothing st the mouth over the imoending climatalogical DOOM facing Humanity imminently.

        As it happens, the poor benighted thing might actually be right…but not in the way being propounded by her and all the rest of the mental midgets who subscribe to the current climate furor being engendered by our ‘Betters’.

        No indeed, the current analysis suggest – rather strongly – that we are in fact most likely facing anither Grand Solar Minima which is akready in progress now. Per that assesment we can expect to see few, if any sunspots as the cycle should be entering it’s 25th monitored cycle. IF that remains the case for roughly three or more years Humankind will indeed experience significant food shortages as growing seasons are truncated…possibly quite extensively. Did you think this year was bad for agriculture across the country? The deepening of the current solar minima represents a non-equilibrium change to the energy being inputted into the atmospere moment to moment (about 80 quadrillion watts) and THAT directly results in bizarre weather patterns…exactly as we see now.

        IF the PTB successfully pursue thier glorious ‘Carbon credit’ agenda then you may rest assured that more than HALF of Humanity on Earth currently will summarily starve to death IF the Sun is again entering into another protracted minima. Given that the PTB as the top rung of the data gathering/processing are very likely years – if not DECADES – ahead of everyone else how ironic would it be that they subtley convince everyone to lower thier ‘carbon footprint’ and radically reduce humanity’s production of greenhouse gases only to find the planet heading for another bona fide Ice Age…due in no small part to those exact reductions?

        Dwell on it for a bit…those axxholes surely intend to survive WHATEVER comes…how better to eliminate the competition for scarce resources than to get ‘them’ to do it TO themselves?

        Just a thought…it’s a Wonderful day in the neighborhood, a wonderful day for a neighbor….


      3. Beard is just fishing for grants in order to finance his lifestyle. He is only an average IQ academic searching for the feed bucket…

      4. “The wast majority is a!ready onboard…”. Where do you get this crap?

      5. HUH???????

      6. TEST…

        It appears that the current site filters are malfunctioning…hence the header above; let’s see if this post.
        Mac(s)…on posting here last eve your SPAM detector went into overdrive ans summarily dropped a somewhat long-ish, quite salient post that I had inputted relative to this article.



      7. “We need a new plague” – Dwight Shrute

      8. You mean Agenda 2030 Mac?? Agenda 2020 already passed us by. lol
        All the daily chemicals put into the air, water, food and everything we touch, breath or taste will be the toxic cocktail to end us all. Genocide by mass poisoning. Its chemical assault is already taking place for decades.

      9. I’ve read some bogus articles in my time, but this one takes the cake. Get a life, pal.

      10. Bull shit!

      11. According to one person…. !! Ought to ban Mac Salvo for being an idiot.

      12. Beard wants to “SAVE HUMANITY”. I hope he realizes that those two words and their offshoot “TO SAVE THE CHILDREN” have been used frequently during the last century to curb individual rights and to promote TYRANNY. Beware the politicians that ignore the Constitution & Bill of Rights. The Demonrats have no sense of RIGHT & WRONG. They want power and could NOT care less about the Constitution & Bill of Rights. Look at the current attempt at a “Coup de Etat”.

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