The Global Order Is At Stake: China, Britain And Clinton Warn: ‘Save The World From Donald Trump… Political Insurgents’

by | May 5, 2016 | Headline News | 92 comments

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    Having failed to derail Donald Trump from a Presidential race that has left pundits, analysts and politicos in a state of shock and bewilderment, Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton is now anxiously soliciting donations so that she can save the world from the scourge of the strongest anti-establishment candidate in American history:

    Hillary Clinton’s political team says that only the former Secretary of State can save the world from Donald Trump.

    “I don’t know how else to say it: The whole world is counting on us to win this thing,” wrote Deputy Communications Director Christina Reynolds in an email to supporters. “And we owe it to them to step up.”

    “Please give today and let’s start defeating Donald Trump right away,” Reynolds concludes, promising to send donors a bumper sticker if they kick in.

    Trump’s domination on the domestic political battlefield has changed the dynamics of the Presidential race to such effect that it’s not just Republicans and Democrats who are terrified of what the off-the-cuff candidate may do should he be elected, but global leaders as well.

    Following Trump’s de facto nomination this week, none other than the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a card carrying member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, has weighed in, closely echoing Clinton’s warnings suggesting that the whole world has a Trump problem:

    There are insurgent movements to the right and the left that are very populist, very charged with emotion. They’ve come out of people’s anger—they feel that the system isn’t responding to their needs…

    … Frankly it’s happening all over Europe.

    … The people feel the system is not responding to their needs and the easiest thing in politics where there is a lot of anger is to ride the anger.

    … There’s no doubt that it’s real, as it’s going on all over the world.

    … As a friend of America, what I would want to see is a President that is going to have America strongly engaged in the world… there are new powers arising… there are big challenges of security and geo-politics.

    Like a good globalist, Blair couldn’t have chosen a better word to describe the political outcry taking place in Europe, The United States and elsewhere. To the globalist establishment this is an insurgency

    But perhaps most telling of all as to how dangerous Trump is to the current and emerging world order is the response from the Chinese government’s media mouthpiece the Global Times, which claims that the Republican nominee’s trade and geo-political policies could lead to serious problems. As reported by Zero Hedge:

    If Trump really captures the White House, what will it mean? This scenario is becoming increasingly serious.

    The US traditional political elite and media have long ignored the drastic changes in US society. Rising against the repression of the GOP establishment and the mockery of US mainstream media, Trump will substantially shake the conventional US’ way of operation.Acquiring more authority from US society, he will be expected to bring in more reforms, that might change many established policies.

    According to Trump’s current policy proposals, a Trump-led US might be inclined to isolationism and attach more importance to “America First,” and American economy. Ideology will be downplayed. Washington might engage in more squabbles with its free-riding allies, and tighten up its immigration policy which as a result will upset the Latin Americans. After enjoying massive trade surplus from the US for years, China and Japan will be demanded by Washington to widen market access.

    It’s clear that world leaders, including Hillary Clinton, understand there is a massive change brewing in the global populace.

    From East to West the established order is under threat.

    But as should be clear from their speeches, statements and actions, the establishment’s intent is to maintain the status quo. And that means they must stop Trump, Sanders and anti-establishment candidates running for elections in other parts of the world at any cost.

    And should they fail and the anti-establishment insurgency takes hold, as China notes, things could get very, very serious.

    The people have had enough. Not just in America but everywhere.

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      1. It’s too late. The pieces are already falling and almost on the floor. There is nothing we can do at this point.

      2. They are the ones destroying the world.. any one who support Hillary is calling for their own death

        • They are both horses running for the same stable. No matter who wins, we loose.

          The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Ecc 1:9

          In other words… Same excrement, new rotation.


        • We have arrived at that point in future history described by Washington’s Vision. Its down the street and just around the corner now:

          The good news, is that we know how it ends. Sempre fi !!! 🙂

          • As you read Washington’s Vision, note how the Angel dips his LEFT hand into the Atlantic and pours it out over Europe; and dips his RIGHT hand into the Atlantic and pours it out over America.

            Notice then that a cloud immediately arises out of both county’s, merge together, then moves from LEFT Europe, to RIGHT America: just as the NWO was born in Europe in the 1800’s and moved to America with the European Professors who migrated here and brought their leftist, utopian ideas to the LEFT Coast of America, where they found fertile ground at our major universities (READ HARVARD).

            Keep stacking & packing. 🙂

            • “Washington’s Vision” was just one of a series of articles with similar titles written by a journalist. They were never meant to be taken as actual events, and people of the time knew that. In fact, there was no one around Washington at the time with the name of the old guy who was supposedly recounting the vision.

              • The proof of the pudding is always in the eating of it, and the proof of the prophecy is always in the manifestation of it.

                It looks spot on to me, but what do I know ??? 🙂

        • I love it, The entire Criminal World of GEO Politics Scam is about to be thrown overboard, and that slate wiped clean by Donald J Trump.

          I want to see Hillary Kliton Indicted, convicted, strapped to a Public Square Whipping Post and Publicly beaten like a Cinco De’Mayo Pinata’, then thrown in prison to lick her wounds.

          I would love to see a worthy US Justice Dept set up by Trump to throw most of these criminal bankers in Prison. And those who fleeced the public over the false Flag 9-11 attack and those who greatly profited. Trump wants the Federal Reserve Audited along with every other Government Department and suck out the 40% Slop and Fraud installed today. Bye Bye to Obamascare.

          Of course they are frightened to loose their gluttonous fiefdoms and feel threatened by Trump. Another reason to Vote for TRUMP to make America great again for all of us, not just for the Powers that wannabe.


          • Trump admitted to already speaking with Putin. I see Trump telling the NWO Fascist Cabal to pound sand with their creation ISIS & aligning with the BRIC nations.

          • AGREED!!!!

      3. If Hildabeast is for it, I’m against it. She stood in front of West Virginia and (gasp!) lied through her teeth. Hillary for prison 2016!

      4. I smirk with their seat squirming. This is gonna be one hell of a year.

      5. Obama’s Foreign Policy Guru BOASTS of How the Administration LIED to Sell the Iran Deal

        “As Rhodes admits, it’s not that hard to shape the narrative.

        “All these newspapers used to have foreign bureaus,” Rhodes said.

        “Now they don’t.

        They call us to explain to them what’s happening in Moscow and Cairo. Most of the outlets are reporting on world events from Washington.

        The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.”

      6. I don’t think so…. if the criminal elite were really scared, they would simply assassinate him like they do everybody else they don’t like… like the 2 Kennedy brothers, etc.

        • Because they haven’t done it yet doesn’t man the won’t try it.

          Assassination is a last resort when other things fail, something recognized by Machiavelli in ” The Prince”.

          And even then, if if fails it works seriously against you in the backlash of the attempt.

          There are many safer things to be done first, particularly since the entire Trump movement is more about the people standing up to the world’s ruling establishment than it is about the man himself.

        • The word on the street is that he IS destined to be assasinated, and it may well be The Clinton’s who arrange for it to be done, if not Obama and his hench-men (ISIS boys who are already stateside.

          Otherwise, the way I ‘take’ the article, Slavo sounds like he’s highly in favor of Hillary …the LAST PERSON IN AMERICA WE WANT OR NEED IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Vote for Hillary, vote for death of everything you know that is America …including YOUR life.

          Besides, name ONE DAMN THING that Trump has done AGAINST The United States, and then let’s see if you can ever stop naming the things that Hillary (and Bill) have done against The United States, and that alone should tell you who to be voting for.

          Even if Trump DID win …Congress would place Hillary in The Oval Office on a ‘technicality’ or whatever they wish to dream up and shove down our throats …as if we are gong to take it anymore (I guess I’m speaking solely for myself when it comes to that).

          • Equorial, I’m with you. I’m not going along with the NWO, period.

          • I think you need to re-read the article. Nowhere does it say that Hillary Clinton would be better than Donald Trump except for in the quotes from establishment world leaders. There are plenty of us who do not particularly like nor trust the Donald but will still vote for him to spite Hillary Clinton. I am in that camp. He says plenty of things that are easy to agree with but he also says plenty of things that should give you pause. Go ahead and vote for him. Most of us here, including those critical of the man, will be doing just that. However, don’t just give him a pass either. He’s not the messiah, so don’t treat every word that spews forth from his mouth as gospel. Analyze the man’s words objectively and critically so that you are not sucked in to the hype like so many millions were with the election of Barack Obama. Be ready though. If he gets in office he could end up being just as bad as Hillary Clinton and that may mean that certain unpleasant actions would still need to be taken to preserve liberty.

            • Winston Smith,

              Well said.

              Mac is not pushing Hillery, who will hopefully soon be behind bars.

              Louisiana Eagle

            • well said!

        • yes, and that (plus that his daughter married a zionist so he’s pledged to the satanists) pretty tells me that trump isn’t really an alternate to the NWO at all!

      7. Can you imagine if Trump starts telling the truth about what has really been going on behind the scenes in D.C. or the world once he is POTUS? It could be nasty…

        • And that is what they are afraid of even before the election. Hence, now Republican Party is supposedly OK with Trump being the candidate. Finding out Cruz’ father is/was probably a CIA asset, Cruz had to suddenly drop out and the party goes to Plan B

        • Can you imagine if Trump admitted all his lies to his supporters to get him elected? It would be nasty

          • sure, he’ll admit right after o’bama and shillary and …. admit their lies

          • You are an idiot!

          • Would you rather have Hitlery?

            • Nobama
              At some point you may find that Trump is worse than Clinton for the same reason Bush was worse than Obama. Bush killed our Constitutional protection against illegal search and seizure. Obama failed to kill the right to keep and bear arms. Trump will kill freedom of speech. Clinton will fail to kill the right to keep and bear arms.
              As for the NWO… Trump will go straight down that path with the rest of them… he is a billionaire CEO and his only complaint about NWO is he might be left out. Corporate structure is inconsistent with democracy. It is modeled on oligarchy. Trump is an oligarch.

              • Well stated. By the time we are done, the only freedom we will have left is in our own minds and I’ll bet they are even working on technology to take that away from us too.

      8. things that make you go hmmmm

        Trump Picks Former Goldman Partner And Soros Employee As Finance Chairman
        h ttp://

        Trump not what he seems ???

        • 101 reasons why total colapse and chaos is a better option

        • Putting a joo in charge of the money is like having the fox guard the hen house.

          • Jew haters are the worst haters of all.
            It could also be true, that putting this particular JOO in charge of the money, means, he is sure the money will be managed properly?

            Just FYI, every Jew I’ve ever had dealings with, has been totally and completely honest… hardnosed as hell and not very likable, but honest.

        • Satori, thanks for that link. Very interesting article. Somehow I just knew Trump wasn’t the real deal. Ol’ Donnie boy has some explaining to do. I also go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

        • As I am an ‘ex’ Big Pharma employee…
          Does that make me one of the bad guys?
          Or, the fact, that I found out what they were, and went Galt 25 years ago, made me my own man?

          Things are never what they seem, and around here, the slightest little factiod is used against somebody.
          I will give Trump the benefit of the doubt, and hope, that he has found somebody who talks ugly crap about Goldman and Soros behind the scenes.

          • PM, as long as you woke up and smelled the coffee, then left them, you’re NOT a bad guy. You’re all right with me. I had no idea you were with Big Pharma. I’m sure you could give some ‘interesting’ stories about them.

      9. Im not gonna hold my breath. I fail to see how even if he where sincere? how Trump being elected to president will make any difference? I think now is the time to get supplies to last as long as possible. We don’t need to become complacient. Keep your eye on the ball remain vigilant. Ive been out running the garden tiller the last three hours. planting some root crops today & above ground crops tomorrow.

        • So right, i think it will be business as usual and gridlock
          You will have dems refusing to work with anyone, repubs refusing to work with anyone, no clean legislation at all, and trump vetoing everything that comes across his desk,
          Business as usual,

        • Three more weeks before anything can go into the ground here, but the stuff that can be has been started indoors, or under ‘outdoor windows’ (an old Maine trick for getting taters going earlier than usual). Corn too if memory serves…

          • June 8 is my last frost date

            after that I can plant

            • Da Yooper
              June 8! And I am whining about May 8. I already put in cool season stuff, but will wait more time for warm season. I got lots going.

              • yep June 8

                yesterday as I was driving home from town it was snowing today it was 65 . The weather up here can be extreme at times & you best be prepared to deal with it.

      10. The kennedys just reaped what they had sowed? Hillary and the clintons got theirs coming! The people are just fed up with the crooks of Washington? Look how bad the nation has got in obamas term? It’s sad!!! I hope and pray trump will change things for the better?!! If Hillary gets in we are done as a nation? Sad but true!!! Look at her record? She and bill should be under the jail!!! Our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they could see how the nation is today!! We have turned our back on God, and he is going to turn his back on us? Trump may be a good start? He sure talks the talk!! He sure has opened a lot of eyes? He can’t do any worse than Obama!!! He has just about destroyed this great nation!!!! Let hope not?!!! God help us all!!!

      11. The “Established Order” is a F-ing mess. Hillary Clinton is insane..

      12. What if this is all just a circuis act to give the people the illusion that their vote matters and last minute trump says or does something that assures hillary the position?
        What if?
        TPTB love manipulating everyone and pulling their chains, why would this be any different?
        Dont think it will matter who gets installed, i would be surprised if we make it to the generals without something going horribly wrong.

        • Kula, that’s right. Doesn’t matter which sock puppet get ‘selected’. Time for the ‘reset’.

        • Kula, we have a Muslim for a president who is arranging for our destruction, no matter WHO becomes president.

          Given that: Which one would you rather see sitting in the Oval Office? IF Trump stabs us in the back, they’ll be a Revolution.
          IF HILLARY gets it and starts HER SHIT – THERE WILL BE A REVOLUTION …

          So, pray tell, what’s the frigging difference?

          • Equorial, same thing if the chimp-in-chief cancels the elections and declares martial law, there will be a revolution.

            • Equorial and Braveheart1776

              We have so much to look forward to.

              If Trump does good. That’s a plus.
              He screws us over. That’s a plus cause we are prepared.

              Hillary can become President and we would be still ready and prepared.

            • Hi Bh…
              Oh, there will be blood, regardless.
              If Trump gets elected, the Left will revolt and riot.
              If HitlerII gets it, the Right will begin locking and loading, cause the twit’s already said she’s gonna “get the guns”.
              Me, I’m planting ‘taters, onions, corn, tomatoes, and looking at adding a root cellar to the chicken coop.
              (There will be a hidden ‘dry cache’ in the root cellar, for storage of ‘contraband’.)

              • PM, a month from now I’ll be back at the BOL on another supply run or it could become my final trip there if circumstances dictate. Most of my goodies are already there. what little I have left can be placed in the van in just minutes and I’m off and running. I’ll be in the revolution regardless.

                • Good luck BH.
                  I hope, sir, one day, to shake hands…


                  • PM, I think it would be great if I ever get to meet any of the posters here. I’d love to be neighbors with them. Oh, the fun we could have…..

        • yup, it’s all a charade to keep the sheeple’s heads spinning (which doesn’t take a whole lot to accomplish)

      13. The dumbasses should realize that this is nothing short of a revolution. For the moment we’re making our voices heard, loud and clear, through the ballot box. Keep poking at the bear and we will switch to bullets. It’s time to throw off the yoke of a tyrannical government. This is exactly what Madison had in mind when he penned The Second.

      14. Trump may or may not live up to his promises.

        What other option is there? None. Vote Trump and pray a lot or if you are not inclined toward prayer, just leave it to time, because ultimately only time will tell what Trump will do. But don’t let the risk stop you from voting regardless of who or how the votes are tallied. And when elections end, keep up your interest in the political sphere. We need to be part of the process or they will lead us in any direction that pleases them. Harder to do when the people pay attention.

        • George Carlin – On Voting

          “You may have noticed that there’s one thing I don’t complain about: Politicians. Everybody complains about politicians. Everybody says, “They suck”. But where do people think these politicians come from? They don’t fall out of the sky. They don’t pass through a membrane from another reality. No, they come from American homes, American families, American schools, American churches, American businesses, and they’re elected by American voters. This is the best we can do, folks. It’s what our system produces: Garbage in, garbage out. ….I have solved this political dilemma in a very direct way: I don’t vote. On Election Day, I stay home. I firmly believe that if you vote, you have no right to complain. Now, some people like to twist that around. They say, “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain”, but where’s the logic in that? If you vote, and you elect dishonest, incompetent politicians, and they get into office and screw everything up, you are responsible for what they have done. You voted them in. You caused the problem. You have no right to complain. I, on the other hand, who did not vote — who did not even leave the house on Election Day — am in no way responsible for that these politicians have done and have every right to complain about the mess that you created.”

          Ahhh the genius of George…

          Same stuff, new solar event in the east.


          • GMAFB, George Carlin was my ‘alter ego’. He and I both awakened about the same time frame in the early 70s. And yes, he was a genius. RIP George.

        • B from CA
          I have been paying attention and fritzing with tptb since the late 70s. You can see how that worked out. I wonder if 5 million people wrote in Mighty Mouse would msm even report it?

      15. Trump is the real deal; I hope he makes it.

      16. The Whole Damn World Has A Trump Problem.

        Except Putin?

      17. How can you seriously put “Hillary Clinton” and “World Leader”, in the same sentence??

        • anon.
          That puts you one up on me.

        • She previously held the title of secretary of state. No matter how inept she may have been at that job, it still puts her in the exclusive club of world leaders. She may not currently have official power, but it is all but certain that her former positions as both secretary of state and first lady mean that she has the ear of multiple world leaders in numerous countries. Like it or not, that influence will continue, whether she holds an official office or not.

      18. Im gonna pin my hopes on some clatyclismic event. Pole Shift, Earthquakes ,volcano eruptions , EMP. Allof those things at once it don’t matter. If not we are headed to civil unrest- Martial law, Race war, ethnic cleansing and just horrible aftermath. No matter who is elected. There isn’t a viable political or ballot box solution.

      19. Old Guy, there’s nothing wrong in doing what you wish to do, and that goes double when you believe in ‘things’ such as that …meaning, the real ‘values of life and living it’.

        We may not have any GREAT ballot box choices this time, but we do have the choice between life and death …so why choose Hillary unless you wish to die?

        Is everyone going off the deep end or what?

      20. I love the way the article starts. It places Hillary right up there with fucking COUNTRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        WOW!!! What an impressive woman yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh. That’s just we want is Bill and Hillary Clinton basically in charge of the world.

        How long will Putin put up with that shit? A month? A day? An hour? Or pre-emptive strike to prevent the whole fucking mess?

      21. Trump over Hillary every time.

      22. The only problem I see is that the people that need to be shot are so deep you can not get to them unless you shoot all the plebs first.

        • Shoot all the suits and wingtips,
          you’ll get there… eventually.

      23. Trump may be a genuine change agent like Obama professed himself to be before being elected. It’s hard to really tell. Either the elite status quo fear him for a reason or it is all a big psych out, he actually being the choice of those outwardly shouting no way. I read that the M-I-Complex are going to put forth a General James Mitta to challenge Trump. Trump has made references to going after Iran in his campaign. Iran presently is complaining about US unauthorized presence in the Strait of Hormuz. US replies that global trade will not be hindered. To me there is little doubt that Trump will follow the war agenda, also touting torture such as waterboarding and worse. Both candidates are scumbags, not for the American peoples interests. Clinton is a proven criminal, I prefer Trump also but do not trust him even a small amount. The New World Order will not be stopped. Above the law is just that. I can’t cast a vote to approve either of these horrible candidates.

        • There is a simple rule in politics…
          Follow the money.
          Trump is using Trump’s money.

          When I was a young’un, we had a saying;
          “We got the best government money can buy… 🙂 ”
          ’nuff said.

      24. I was just reviewing oil imports to the USA.
        Most imported oil comes from Canada, that is OK.
        I like Canadians, I received most my education
        from Canadians. Stupid gun laws, but they have
        more guns per capita than America.
        About 11% comes from the middle east,
        mainly Saudi Arabia.
        About 9% comes from Venezuela, what is wrong
        with this picture? Venezuela has the worlds largest
        oil proven reserves.
        We need to focus. I have more in common with
        a south American MS 13 thug than any Moslem on
        the face of the earth. I have more in common with a
        Mexican dirt farmer than any African, even the
        American inner city ones.
        I’d rather brush up on my Spanish than on my Mandarin.
        Buenos notches, mas cervesa, por favor? She’ she’
        jung wa?

      25. UN + NWO = 666

      26. If the world and hillary are against Trump, then I will be voting for Him in 2016!

      27. They are right, you know. They want to make sure and save the world from Donald Trump because they think THEY own it and they don’t want him to give it back to us.

        You have to study the Trump family to understand them like I do. They are not elitists. They’re common people and they have respect for common people. They are the farthest thing from racist or all the horrible distortions the media puts out. They’re also very honest. VERY!

        We will not regret putting Donald Trump in the White House. This is why they are so scared of him: He’s going to kick ass and take names *AND* fingerprints!

        When we elect him, I’ll be back here in a year after than and all you Trump haters must promise me to thing:

        1) If he’s a lousy president and is screwing over the country, you have to remind me what a dumbass I was for believing in him.

        2) If he’s Captain America in a suit, you have to promise to allow me to public: I TOLD YOU SO!!! …and you’ll have to admit it and apoligize to me.


        I have a feeling that this man, Donald J. Trump, may possibly make Reagan look like an amateur. I just have this feeling. So, far, I’ve been right about every president since Reagan. After I helped elect Carter and the disaster that was, I started paying real good attention. With Trump: We’ve got a live one! In his 8 years he will set us back on our feet and even you libtards will STFU because we’ll all be living large and enjoying life.

        Read “The Art Of The Deal” if you want to know how Trump thinks. All his principals are in there. In 40 years he turned a 1 million dollar loan into a 10 billion dollar empire. Thats a 10,000% gain in 40 years. If he’s 10% as effective with government as with his own business, we’ll be thinking that heaven has come to earth.

        Trump 2016: Because Not All Heroes Wear Capes.

        • Amen NetRanger.
          Mr. Trump was in military school, and became a platoon(?) commander. He was a stickler for the Cadet Honor Code.
          Those who knew him then, stand by him because they said he was the most honest man they ever knew.
          Even when he has given money to democrats, he admitted it, and explained it very simply…
          ALL businesses HAVE to donate to the democrat party in NY, or, you won’t be getting any permits or contracts…
          Unfortunately, the Black Caesar, is probably going to do his best to screw things up completely before Nov.
          If he does, and tries to pull some third term BS, I would like to hear how many of you would join me in Lafayette park, locked and loaded, and demand he exit OUR HOUSE?

        • Deal I really hope im wrong about Trump and have to eat crow.

      28. Trump is the strongest anti-establishment candidate in American history? You mean to say, our history started post 1837? Andrew Jackson was the strongest anti-establishment candidate in American history. The snow job about Trump is textbook. He runs with Prince Charles (Pilgrims Society) the Astors (Pilgrims Society), Ivan Obolensky (Russian royal ancestry, Pilgrims Society) Trump & Rockefeller Finance is based in Amsterdam
        Trump recently said something that sounded like Idaho Senator William Borah speaking when he blocked USA entry into the League of Nations—a magnificent snow job. But, Trump was on the committee to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. It may be Trump’s actual mission is to get Clinton elected.

        • Charles
          that would be my guess.
          every once in a while he looks like he is having a twinge of conscience. Naw… can’t be.

        • Not only that, but Trump offered his services-for free- to the UN when it was time to deal with significant renovations to the UN complex a few years back. He thought they were getting ripped off and so he was in a sense offering to act as a general contractor for them.

      29. I’m not concerned yet if Trump has lied. We need a person in the White Hut who will be as ruthless and conniving as Little Barry Obama. If Trump has to be a dirty son of a bitch to push forward a conservative agenda, I say go for it. Beat them at their own game, hell, deem him President elect and damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

        • I don’t know how many here have owned a business….. it doesn’t matter how large or small the business…..

          If you lie to your customers you WILL NOT be in business long….

          You will have to be a tough SOB to survive in a cutthroat business but you have to be fair and honest…..

          Trump is my idea of the ideal potus…

          You cannot stay in business and have anything, much less build a large going concern with good sense, toughness and honesty!!

        • Trump is not as conservative as you think. He’s actually pushing a very middle of the road social agenda with elements that are both liberal and conservative. The only real exceptions would be that he chose to side with the pro life camp and pro second amendment camp for the sake of political expediency. He’s not very strong on things like private property either, having sided with the government being able to use eminent domain to strip property from private persons to then resell it to private businesses so long as the owner is compensated. I haven’t researched his stance on marijuana legalization either, but if he plays it safe I think he will be on the side of legalization as that is the way the political winds seem to be blowing.

      30. The establishment GOP hate Trump just like they hated Ron Paul. That’s good enough a reason to vote Trump. That same GOP establishment love Hitlery, protection and scads more money.

        • Aljamo
          Trumpster is not equal to Ron Paul.

          • Nope. Not even close. Trump is an authoritarian while Ron Paul was a conservative libertarian and a strict constitutionalist.

      31. Is the conversation about to change? Between the Brexit and Trump along with ‘Skull and Bones’ now getting exposed, the NWO crowd may have to do something drastic and soon:

        Obama Plans a “RED WEDDING” for America

        OBAMA gives the ” 2 FINGER salute” To ALL AMERICANS

        Obama Mocks Us Again!!!WOW

        Although Kleck’s assertion in a past video that the 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed also on 9/11 may be mistaken (11th of AV, Hebrew; AV is the 5th month, not the 9th according to other sources) and Kleck says Revelation 18:15 (below) is NYC and “her burning” refers to the Statue of Liberty, but Shoebat has another much more convincing argument that it is referring to Mecca, Arabia and the Kaaba, the weirdness of these Obama videos along with too many numerical and symbolic cross references to be coincidental, together with the timing of so many things geopolitical and geological coming together may indicate something big is coming.

      32. I read a story about a man in the 90s who sent a fleet of planes to the middle east to bring home our troops after gulf war 1. He supplied the planes and the staff to fly them free of charge. He only asked that the government pay for fuel. That man was Donald Trump. I believe he is a true American and that he really wants to do what is right by America. Hillary admits how she’s gonna stick it in our ass.

        I’m willing to let him try. The alternative is civil war that lasts a decade or so. With many dead Americans.

        I’d really like a little more time with my grandkids before I have to lace up my boots and do what has to be done. But that’s just my opinion.

        • Citizen I hope you right and im wrong about Trump. And I also would like more time with my grand children.

      33. citizen says:
        Comment ID: 3559271
        May 6, 2016 at 11:55 am

        I’m willing to let him try. The alternative is civil war that lasts a decade or so. With many dead Americans.

        I’m willing to let him try. The alternative is civil war that lasts a decade or so. With many dead third world invaders of America. (There fixed it for ya!)

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