The Global Conspiracy to Ban Cash: “Regulated, Restricted and Phased Out” Of Existence

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If you’ve ever wanted to live in a world where bankers hold all the power, not just over money but over people too, then you have a lot to look forward to.

They have planned the future in secret, and cash is not in the plan.

The future will hold plenty of new gadgets and technology to play around with, and the digital revolution will created new developments even Ray Kurzweil can hardly dream of.

But the future will hardly be free. With the going trend, cash is about to be a thing of the past, apart from underground transactions and black market purchases.

By its very nature, the digital system tracks nearly every purchase that is made, and virtually nothing is secret or off the books. The need for payment authorization, through a debit, credit or purchase card, means that accounts can be frozen, hacked or compromised and people can be cut off whether there is a good reason or not.

Withdrawing more than $5000 or $10,000 is now banned, or severely monitored, in countries around the world. Other harsh capital control rules are coming down. But even more significant is the speed with which people are voluntarily going cashless for the convenience of being on-the-grid.

As the reported last week, the trend is bigger than most realize:

But all of these stories, reported piecemeal here and there over the years, don’t give the full story about how this “war on cash” is being waged on every continent and in every country by the same banksters that stand to benefit from a cashless world. Let’s fix that by compiling a list of examples from around the world of how cash payments are being regulated, restricted and phased out. The list below will be updated as new stories come in.


Banksters and (bankster-controlled) governments have openly lusted after a world of completely trackable, completely bank-controlled transactions.

James Corbett rounds up actions in dozens of nations across the globe to restrict cash, or work towards ending its use.

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Ecuador, EU, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Phillipines, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Uruguay, UK

With cash in the crosshairs, Corbett interviews Kerry Lutz of on the efforts to portray cash as dirty, with old notes being less frequently replaced, and unappealing to use:

In the end, bankers are attempting to force everyone into the system with the trendiness of their digital platforms.

Using cash will soon garner the same looks as people with “too many” kids in public, or unkempt “crazy” people on the streets.

Because cash is liquid, private and readily desirable as a currency alternative, the banks want it limited, and have scheduled it for destruction. And not long after that, it may well become illegal.

Will freedom, once outlawed, continue with other forms of physical currency like gold and silver? Are you willing to risk being arrested in order to continue trading freely off-the-grid and under-the-radar?

Does your prepping strategy include barter items and/or gold and silver? What other ideas would work.

Read more:

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Expert Says “Banning Cash” The Only Solution to Negative Interest Market Problems

Inflation is Running at 40-Year Highs!

Negative interest rates are taxing savers, creating food shortages, and making life miserable in the United States!

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    1. eppe

      Firstly, 10 dollar bills in #10 cans.

      RIP Mushroom…

      • maddog

        Will freedom, once outlawed, continue with other forms of physical currency like gold and silver? Are you willing to risk being arrested in order to continue trading freely off-the-grid and under-the-radar?


        The majority of sheeple will do nothing but whatever they are told. Its the me-me society now. As long as they have a place to park their ass, an Ocommie phone, EBT food and the ultra liberal NFL propaganda their satisfied. To sum it up fat, dumb and stupid.

        • sixpack

          From Argentina to Uruguay, all countries the U.S. govt has bombed, sanctioned or regime changed and the big banks are in complete control of them. US vassals.

          Notice that Russia, the middle east and none of the ‘stans’ are on there. No Syria, Ukraine, Iraq or Iran…Cuba, NK, Haiti doesn’t have anything yet, but if they are ever allowed to rebuild, the U.S. has their thumbs on them too.

          It’s about our turn. Glad I won’t live to see this in full swing.

      • Caucasian

        Coffee and liquor should trade well. I’ve concentrated on these for that purpose.

        • Philosopher

          The video talked about improving your skill set. I am thinking learning how to make beer would be a good thing. I grew up reloading so that is also on my list.

          • Acid Etch

            Stefan Molyneux has the largest philosophy channel in the world.

            Why don’t you watch “the truth about south Africa”.

            Then watch “why we are afraid a 1400 year secret”.

            • Philosopher

              Go to hell swinging dick.

          • Caucasian

            This is my 7th year gardening and I’m still learning. Lots of trial and error.

            • Rebecca

              Caucasian, this is my 50th year gardening and still learning. First learned to eat native plants, then grew a few things, then went for exotics, then back to native edibles. I am creating landrace varieties now. It is good to have all of them in my yard.

              Since I am learning to make wine from my garden, that might be popular one of these days, ya know, when I get a permit….

              • sixpack

                I’m at the stage where I’m ready for a bigger patch.

        • Muddy

          I have plenty of coffee for my significant other. God help us all if the day ever comes when our stash of coffee runs out!!!!!!

          I read this article while caressing a stack of American eagles. They make such a nice clunk as I drop one of them onto another.

          • Living in th USA

            Oh man, I always bust a gut laughing when I read about how people think they’re going to be king of the hill with their gold and silver. Yeah, of course, the masses with their worthless paper money will all make way for you to pass through them safely with your silver and gold and family on your way to safety and security. Sounds like a good bedtime story for small children more then reality, doesn’t it? Do you REALLY think that if there is ANY type of governmental control around anytime they will simply allow people who just simply accumulated some piles of metal coins to become the new elite? Really? Don’t think they’ll try to devalue it or confiscate it or deem it unusable for commerce?

            Think you’re gonna buy food with it when nobody else can buy any? Think gold will go up to 100k per ounce while everybody else goes broke? Boy, I think if you believe those bedtime stories you’ll really be in for a major shock if there ever is a major economic collapse. You’d be a lot better served buying survival items then shiny metals if it ever gets to that point.

            • Anonymous

              Gold has been around since the dawn of time. Hasn’t lost it’s glitter yet. The wealthiest in the world have storehouses full of it for a reason. The most I believe gold will get to is 5k and silver a few hundred. In my opinion gold will be worthless only when the history book says THE END.

              • Philosopher

                Anon: and others: there is reason the British have a currency called the British pound, Sterling.

                Think about it. I own pounds of silver. For a reason. I am guessing the same reason that the lords and ladies of Britain found the stuff worth keeping. A pound is 16 ounces. 16 ounces of silver only costs about $250 US FRNs. (FRN: Federal Reserve Notes).

                Cheap. For now. There is going to be a day when that $20 FRN won’t buy jack, let alone an ounce of silver.

                • Anonymous

                  Well, if we proceed along that line of logic, then your ounce of silver will only buy a loaf of bread or a can of pop, not the kingdom you think you’ll walk into because you own some shiny stuff called silver. And your silver will only be worth something to those who are willing to accept it as payment. Ever stopped to think that if it’s that bad then ammunition or gasoline may be a lot more desirable,{ as well as in demand} a lot more then a shiny metal coin with nice artwork on it. What if the county government doesn’t accept your silver as payment for your real estate taxes? Do you sell your silver for worthless FRN’s? And how do you know how much your silver will be worth? Remember the USA seized gold once, then devalued it. They can do the same thing with ANY type of monetary commodity they want to. It might be somewhat difficult to cash in your silver if it’s been declared illegal to own any, nobody will be willing to give you anything in return for an illegal commodity they can’t use in return for commerce so simply owning silver or gold is NO guarantee for anything if the economic system gets that bad. Don’t think it couldn’t happen? Neither did people who saw their gold confiscated and made illegal to own by one of America’s favorite presidents, Franklin Roosevelt.

                • Karl V.

                  FYI ~ A pound of silver, gold, platinum, etc consists of twelve (12) troy ounces of 31.101 grams each.

                  Gold is not the same as beans or cotton or oats; the former is measured in troy weight; the latter in avoirdupois (avoir) weight.

                  A troy pound consists of about 373 grams.
                  An avoir pound consists of about 454 grams.

                  It’s a wise idea to have background knowledge of such matters when buying/selling PMs.

            • Dave

              I always find it amusing the comments the “I flunked history class” people make in response to gold and silver as a means of exchange.
              It often makes me wonder….is this an educated opinion or am I feeling a bit of ENVY in this?

              Don’t fret gold and silver folks, the ones who have always defended the dollar are in for a very rude awakening.

              • sixpack

                Just a little green around the edges, I think.

                • Living in The USA

                  For both of your information, I own gold and silver, probably more then both you combined. But that doesn’t mean I’m stupid enough to think that when the economy gets as bad as the doom and gloomers here always say is ” right around the corner now, any day for sure, we CAN’T keep going much longer” ever really does happen that I’ll be the new rich guy on the block because I simply stockpiled some metal.

                  Maybe the truly educated here can explain why silver went from a high of 50 bucks per ounce 5 years ago down to less than 15 bucks an ounce now despite the yearly hype that there’s always an acute silver ” shortage” that’s ” guaranteed” to get the price to ” skyrocket” any day now never seems to quite materialize. You can make money in gold and silver but you can easily loose money to. And for all the ” history” buffs out there, when Argentina went belly up in the early part of the 21st century, did you hear of any newly minted ” gold and silver” investors there that became fabulously wealthy, because I never did.

                  Like I said before, if it ever gets that bad, you’re going to find out that the angry masses are not going to part like the Red Sea for you and your bags of silver to waltz into safety and prosperity like some simpletons here seem to think. So if you ever find yourself in that position, by all means tell everybody to get out of your way because You are the only guy in the room who has purchasing power and see how royally they treat you . I’ll bet the response you get won’t be what you’re expecting, but then I was never big on ” history” either so you’ll probably be treated like a king by all those desperate people surrounding you who wouldn’t DREAM of ever doing any harm to you. Yeah, that’s how it’ll all go down, what in the world was I thinking that it would EVER be otherwise?

            • sixpack

              “deem it unusable for commerce?”

              I don’t follow their stupid rules most of the time now – got no plans on starting after SHTF. They can “deem” or decree whatever they like.

          • Jacknife

            I love that sound

        • Jacknife

          And weed

      • Nels

        We see eye to eye. Images of wheelbarrows of cash for a loaf if bread run through my mind. Commodities not deemed unaccessible will be valuable (tp, pablum, ammo, salt, pepper, electricity….). For some reasonable deductions I’ve figured you know that. Others have the task.

        • Philosopher

          That photo reminds me of pictures of the old Soviet Union. Also of modern-day Venezuala with all those empty shelves.

        • Anonymous

          Others have what task?

        • Anonymous

          Are you saying you’ve got this all figured out but those that have some silver or gold don’t?

      • Anonymous

        Yea, but if it goes to digital currency, that 10# can of 10$bills will be good for TP and firestarter,,,,

        • eppe

          It was a saying from a poster long ago.
          Heard he died, as we all will one day.
          I say ” Be well rounded”.
          It will let you not worry as much…

    2. Ishk

      Cash, once a means of controlling the population, has been surpassed. Those who would control have far more influence using digital currency than they ever had with cash. Digital currency means tracking. Purchase analysis provides clues as to your character, awareness level, and potential future awareness. With digital currency, they can erase you. Make your money disappear. Why wouldn’t they want it.

      The time to shift to an alternate market is now. Make your relationships with other productive individuals. Attain the means of production along with the respective knowledge and supplies.

      Brandon at has many suggestions. Learn from him as we learn from others. And do.

    3. Godsoldier

      All dried up. Here in w indiane have local bosrd for posting guns for sale trade is dried up not hardly anything just 3 months ago was all kinds of ar ect now nothing not even high points and what is is crazy priced 3 yr ago on same board i traded a pocket 25 auto 100 dollar gun for a spam can 550 rds of steel core chinese 762 39 and yesterday was posted a can 550 rds for sale for 400 bucks the ak47 used to be numerous 3 yr ago now nothing not even any sks alot of people wanting but not getting

      • Philosopher

        There is a site online where you can buy / sell / trade guns locally:

        • Godsoldier

          They shut it down

          • Philosopher

            Nope. Site is still up and live.

          • Philosopher

            Site shows stuff for sale in Indian so I don’t know WTF you are talking about.

            • Philosopher


              • Godsoldier

                My bad ya its up it was facebook sites they are stopping guns ammo

              • sixpack

                Doesn’t matter, since you have to go through a ffl, the govt can keep track anyhow. Need something a little lower key.

      • Thomas

        Speaking in tongues?

    4. Philosopher

      50% of the population doesn’t have $1000 in an emergency fund. The wealthy can afford to move their money to other places. This will affect the ever-shrinking middle class.

      Just got a delivery of silver today. Had to sign for it with the UPS guy. I joked and said, “heavy, huh?” And he said, “yep, is it silver?” And I said “yep, the price right now is great!” He smiled. Made me wonder if the UPS driver is a silver stacker too.

      Spot price of silver is still under $15 an ounce.

        • Philosopher

          I am not old but thanks for the link.

          • sixpack

            LOL, did you notice they claim the “list price” was $395 for this $20 lamp? What a DEAL, huh.

        • Nels

          Please don’t say where you are because you’re not safe. If anyone did know you and your opinions, you’re as good as gone: so you lay low white trash, really really low, because you’re opinions will not benefit you much. Especially since you hold such disregard for other races. I guess I should just say “Bye” now, because if SHTF, you’re gone.

          • Acid Etch


            Lets get something straight. Racial views are protected freedom of speech. Death threats are not. If you threaten to kill another person then your little ass belongs in prison. Don’t you ever threaten me again.

            And it’s “your” not “you’re” you dumbass. Bye should not be capitalized either. I can always tell a thug by his poor education.

            • Philosopher

              Swinging dickhead is scared!

            • Nels

              Hey switch, I’ve no idea who, where or anything about you but what you post; from what you post it sounds like you’re on your own. Notice I didn’t have to curse or capitalize. Howz doz apples boy?

              • Acids Bitch

                You dumbass.

            • sixpack

              “And it’s “your” not “you’re” you dumbass. Bye should not be capitalized either. I can always tell a thug by his poor education.”


              Uh, no. Nels is grammatically correct in his usage of your and you’re. Nothing like trying to correct someone when you’re wrong and they’re not.

        • babycatcher

          this is true. I wouldn’t even tell my children, seriously! Only hubby and I and God, that’s it! 🙂 or 🙁 depending on your perspective.

      • Ishk

        You’re on the list. His at least.

        It was fitness equipment. Remember what happens to those who don’t maintain OPSEC.

        • Philosopher

          LOL! Fitness equipment! Box was a little too small for that but good suggestion!

          You made me laugh, thanks!

          • Ishk

            Bet it would make him laugh too, and it’s unlikely he’d ask you a second time. So he’d be gone without confirmation of what you purchased.

            Sometimes it’s good to come up with ‘out of the box’ answers. And have fun at it. Why not eh?

          • Nopitypartyhere

            A lot of home fitness videos use weighted gloves for the ladies. You could also say your ordered lead to make fishing weights.

      • JAS

        Or just noting your address for future needs. I would never acknowledge that it was silver, but then again everyone knows that I am just paranoid.

        • Philosopher

          The return address is on the box. Company is well known. Besides I am a terrible liar.

          • maddog

            Better start practicing.

        • Archivist

          I got some by mail a while back. She drove around to the back door to deliver it rather than using the front door.

          • Philosopher


      • Acid Etch


        This is the best baselayer on the market right now.

        Merino wool is much better in cold wet weather than nylon or polyester because it absorbs sweat whereas the other two just spread it out and keep it next to your skin.

        However, we are only talking about using wool as a baselayer. Wool is obsolete as a midlayer. Fleece traps more air and is therefore a much better insulator.

        The only color you should buy is black. Black has the most thermal retention. Maximize efficiency, bitch.

        • Philosopher

          Hey I have my own personal shopper now! Awesome!

        • Anonymous

          I wear a cashmere sweater and real fur. Very warm.

          • sixpack

            All you need is a string of Jackie Onassis pearls, to get mugged! LOL

      • Kurt

        Keep stacking. My UPS guy supposedly left 150 ounces at my front door and signed himself (signature required as well) and it went missing. Lol. Insured and being re-shipped. It comes out of the ground at 9 to 1 vs. gold but is trading at 60 to 1 to gold. That screams to buy more silver! Keep stacking bro.

        • Da Yooper

          just so ya know

          1440.90 / by 14.77 =’s 97.55 not 60

          97.55 to 1 oz gold

          • Kurt

            Even better. I was ball parking it.

        • Philosopher

          Dang the UPS guy signed for you? Wow! I am a chick but, yes, the price and ratio are still a bargain. I agree.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Philo, I got a UPS delivery today too. And I said heavy,huh? and he said “yep,is it silver? And I said “nope,00 Buck, the price was right! Trekker Out. Mostly True, lol!

      • Eagle

        Or…maybe the UPS guy now knows who to sack to increase his own horde.

    5. Acid Etch


      You should have stoves that burn alcohol, propane, butane, coleman fuel, kerosene, and gasoline. In addition, you should have a fire pit, if available.

      Dont store the fuel and the stoves in the same box just to be safe.

      Fuel should be stored separately in a fireproof cabinet.

      • babycatcher

        and preferably outside. We have a shed that is fuel only…

      • Mountain Trekker

        Coleman Fuel, what a ripoff, $13 a gallon. All my laterns and stove are old just like me, but I do have a fire pit. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

    6. Old Guy

      There is a entire off the books black market barter economy that trades in cash. And the government is a big player in the drug business and it is all cash. Any way I don’t have enough cash or digital money to worry about.

      • Philosopher

        Zerohedge posted a list of current black market prices around the world. The list had everything from the cost for a cornea, liver, kidney, heart, AKs, the cost for various drugs. I didn’t save the link but people can do a search. Interesting list.

        • sixpack

          I wonder how the CIA will pay it’s black-ops and proxies without being able to make cash drops – by govt debit card? Talk about a paper trail.

          Would payment for a black market kidney be considered a “charitable donation”?

          How is the CIA going to sell their dope to the people who buy it, if they can’t pay for it without being busted? People will only fall for that a few times, before everyone says “no thanks” – then the CIA black-ops money is severely limited, without the income from illegal drugs and arms, which is a substantial part of their black budget.

          Hey this cashless society might have a few perks after all, it’s just harder to see. How’s that for looking on the bright side?

    7. SylantBill

      Provident Metals ships with a Provident Bearings label.

      • sixpack

        I THINK you can request plain packaging.

    8. orn

      Trouble with gold coins/bars the government has confiscated them in the past. They will do it again.

      Bullion government issued coins, Eagles, Maples, Phiharmonics etc. ,gold or silver, all have a monetary denomination stamped on them. Because of this a mint/government could confiscate them by saying the coin, legal tender, belongs to the mint the value belongs to the holder.

      I’m no expert just passing along stuff on the ‘net…so you know its gotta be true.

    9. slingshot

      Use the cash now to buy insect repellent.

      ZIKA is on the rise! Hahahahahaa!

      • Mountain Trekker

        Bring back DDT and we won’t have to worry about ZIKA. Just like everything else they blame for bad health, kids use to run behind those spray trucks in the cloud of DDT they were spraying, by the way, really how many kids did you ever know that died from eating lead based paint. Now we haven’t had LBP for decades but every kid is either bi-polar or autistic or some kind of attention disorder, leather applied in the right place use to cure alot of those problems. Trekker Out.

        • sixpack

          I’m sorely familiar with that application.

          • Mountain Trekker

            Well phrased, Six.

      • Trailblazer

        Baltic Dry Index 303

    10. bb in GA

      One of the prime weaknesses we all have is that nobody really owns any land. We all must pay real estate taxes. If we fail to pay, the local government will run us off our own land.

      Poor people living a subsistence, non-monetary, lifestyle cannot continue to live on their own free and clear land without paying their taxes. Further, to pay your taxes in the NWO coming you will have to be in the digital grid.

      The only chance I see to avoid this taxation strangulation is a quick, complete collapse. Anything that allows the Digital World Order to continue functioning during the collapse will eventually get us right where we live. 🙁

      Anybody see any way(s) out of this ditch ? Of course, you can resist and ‘Take some with you’ but that is GAME OVER on this earth.


      • Godsoldier

        Thats why last resort i figure boat and s america

      • Anonymous

        If someone lived underground, in a cave or extreme remote area they would about be the only ones overlooked.

        • sixpack

          Only for a while.

      • Rebecca

        bb in GA,

        Anonymous hackers could bring it down.

        just sayin

    11. the Lone Ranger

      First, no goods are being transported any longer by ship between Europe and the U.S.

      (No, mainstream media will NOT report that yet, if at all. Gosh forbid it would incite people to start questioning all their elected leaders!)

      Second, cash, also known as fiat currency, continues to LOSE its value, so a hundred dollars in SILVER will RETAIN its value whereas a can of 10 ten-dollar bills will NOT, (and not even be clean enough to use as toilet paper.)

      Third, food shortages are being reported on our Continent (Canada and the U.S.)

      Fourth, with no goods being transported, cash declining in value, bankers suppressing cash, and food shortages growing, this all paves the way for the Mark of the Beast.

      Yes, it’s very apparent we (that’s you and me) are living in the Book of Revelation.

      It is not any longer some book set in the distant future, rather, it is happening/unfolding NOW!

      (And yes, the Antichrist will be declaring himself shortly after the declaration of Martial Law: www dot johnleary dot com)

      So here are some suggestions:

      a- Pray, get right with God, trust God;
      b- Withdraw all (surplus) cash not needed to pay bills;
      c- Use that cash to store away (hide) nonperishable food, water, flashlights, batteries, etc.;
      d- Use some of that cash, if you have “enough”, to purchase silver (Canadian Silver is .9999 percent pure, American silver is less pure.)
      e- I would avoid gold as it is likely it will again be outlawed as it once was before during an economic crisis (but I could be wrong);
      f- Pray again, get right with God, trust God– preferably do these every day because you never know when today or tonight will be your last day.

      Whatever unforeseen, horrific, and tragic events should occur, yes, have your feelings!

      But above all, trust God, and keep your head and wits about you, because survivors will be those who deliberately think or calculate carefully, and who keep their cool. Listen to the God within speaking to you, because if you make the mistake of listening to your own personal ego– as opposed to your intuition and to sound reason– you and your loved ones are likely to suffer, and even lose your life.

      – the Lone Ranger

      “I have come to help you see that obedience to Holy Love is a refuge and a protection against evil. This obedience helps the soul to recognize evil and to oppose it. Obedience to Holy Love is like placing yourself under My Mantle of Protection and securing your moment-to-moment decisions in the Divine will. This obedience is your key to salvation.

      “Of course you are challenged by those who will not and do not believe. Realize that standing up courageously for the Truth does not win for you popularity. In fact, your belief and support of Holy Love encourages opposition from the enemy.

      “This is why you must strengthen your prayer lives. …”
      – the Blessed Mother, February 1, 2016, to the Holy Love Visionary in Ohio, recorded at

      “Do not say, ‘I will repay evil!’. Wait for The Lord who will help you.”
      – Proverbs, 20:22

      • Gonetoolong

        Superbowl is on Sunday.

    12. Ghost

      My barter items include water, ammo, medical supplies, flashlights, and things of that nature. I tried to get into silver stacking I made my first purchase for 20oz but can’t get away from stocking ammo instead.

      I feel like silver wouldnt do much in a handful of SHTF situations.

      • Godsoldier


      • sixpack

        “I feel like silver wouldnt do much in a handful of SHTF situations.”

        You could say the exact same thing about lead. Contrary to common banter, lead will not solve all problems.

        This is why most of us diversify our preps.

    13. Gonetoolong

      I’ll give 5 9mm rounds for that loaf of bread.

      • sixpack

        What if they don’t have any bread?

    14. Nuke em Duke

      UREAKA!!!!! (“I have it”)
      I think I might just have the answer to ALL OF THIS…..ALL OF EVERYTHING WE SPEAK ABOUT HERE AT SHTF.
      It’s overly simple….but just think about it….
      We SHORT CIRCUIT the Banksters…..GLOBALLY.
      We REFUSE to use ANY of their “money”….ANY OF IT.
      Phuck ’em…..let’s all unite GLOBALLY, take ALL of OUR money out of the bank on the exact same day….and refuse to spend it.
      Get your 6 months of preps….and hunker down.
      Imagine 6 months of 400 million people GLOBALLY not spending…..not “bending over” in the New World Order’s Bath House!!
      They’d be PHUCKED.
      I know, I know….my theory is CHOC FULL OF HOLES!!!!
      But….wouldn’t it be nice, just to stop and say NO MORE?
      Talk to me, Brothers and Sisters!

      Nuke em Duke
      East Coast, Under Down.

    15. Kinta Kunte

      Well the best currency still is Pb, aka as lead (in form of bullets…

    16. Sheep Dog

      No one is taking anything I have without a fight.

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