The Geography of Recession

by | Feb 6, 2010 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    An interesting graphical representation of the recession playing out from January 2007 through December 2009.

    Unemployment Rate Color Key:

    unemployment_color_keyGeography of Recession Video:

    View most current map at the Bureau of Labor Statistics…

    Hat tip Tess at Ready Nutrition


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      1. That was amazing…kind of looked like a disease taking over.

      2. The unemployment isn’t the disease but one of the symptoms.  The disease is debt-driven hyperconsumerism as national economic policy for the last 60 years.

      3. From the east side of Mississippi River ALL  THE WAY to the Atlantic ocean looks dismall, more like dire. and the bordering states just west of the Mississippi River are no better. and all the border states from the Pacific Ocean look the same way.  including Arizona. Texas looks 50/50. probably going to get worse in Texas.
        A  very interesting graphic indeed. Reminds me of the walmart store expansion.

        Then note the correlation between unemployment and walmart stores popping up.
        Pretty much the same areas the have unemployment over 10% are the same places walmarts popped up. also note how rapid the stores popped up during the Clinton years.  

         I am not here to slam former prez clinton, it’s just an observation. Just remember Clintons relationship with China, and before prez, when he was Gov of Arkansas. Coupled with Hillary’s legal background. Again, this is just an observation.

        We’ve seen unemployment by county (nationwide) and an expansion of walmart stores.  Now if only we could superimpose/overlay this national map with a debt to income  ratio.

      4. Found this: 


        DissentFromDayOneDOTcomNovember 7, 2009 at 8:51 am
        As a lifelong DC metro area resident, I can tell you that the Federal government workers there, on average, are very very spoiled and do. nothing. for society.
        Nationwide, Fed workers average salaries are $70k/year (more than $100k/year if you include benefits—-and my oh my, they have the best there too).
        Average non-Federal worker salary? About $35k/year.
        They are greedy at the Federal trough for sure but it’s the system that is broken and well beyond repair. The irony is that they are mostly a bunch of one-world-government, globalist types, who are killing themselves through their agenda to incorporate the planet.
        The only jobs (in bulk) being opened today are for the military and for any agency which can be used to control the populace (DHS, FBI, FEMA, etc.).
        They know what’s coming…. “official” (deceptive) unemployment is 10.2%. That’s what’s know as the U-3. Useful only for comparison purposes to other U-3 numbers. The REAL unemployment rate is the U-6, currently the gov’t (are we getting it? not your friends!) has the U-6 at 17-18%, BUT, even this they fudge. They use an unrealistic component to it (death rate I believe) to make it “softer” than it really is.
        Bob Chapman of has current U-6 as of this past Friday (11/06/09) as 22.4%.
        Folks, that’s a GREATEST depression number.
        This all by design by the globalists and their international banksters. Watch for pandemics of the strange kind (look at Ukraine now…something bad happening there, and it ain’t the flu.)
        Pandemics, martial law, it’s all coming BY DESIGN.
        Have you read “Atlas Shrugged?” That novel is the globalist’s “esoteric” message (meaning a message for them, the “elected”…NOT for you and me) to their fellow travelers as to HOW America will be destroyed. All by design. All on purpose.
        If it feels depressing and overwhelming, that’s because it is without the armor of Lord God in Heaven. The globalists have their god lucifer that’s why they they are winning the “battle” so far.
        We are not fighting flesh and blood….we need to put on the armor of God to be saved from the evil coming, the evil that is HERE….
        Please don’t dismiss this warning….your eternal soul is at stake.

        GabeNovember 5, 2009 at 10:23 am

        Point being: people get it. the people are armed, they are pissed off and it’s almost time to lock and load!

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