The Game Will End Quite Suddenly – All That Will Be Left is the Real Wealth That You Have in Your Friends, Skills, and Assets *Video*

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    Paper is poverty, and merely the ghost of money.
    Thomas Jefferson

    The majority of Americans, and citizens of the world for that matter, have no concept of what money is or how it actually works. For most, money, whether in a paper roll or represented by digits on their computer screen, means wealth.

    That the very issuance of money is creation of debt is simply not something most people can understand, or want to. For if they did, their entire world view would necessarily change.

    Chris Duane of Truth Never Told explains the difference between modern money, wealth, and real assets:

    The men that own this world know that in order to maintain control they must keep all the wealth to themselves, and have us chase after illusions of wealth.

    This process has taken nearly a century to detach humanity from understanding what real wealth is.

    Today there are very few that have ever even held a gold coin, much less owned one. Many of the objects that they have are merely consumer products that are almost worthless the day that they buy them.

    The criminal elite first replaced real wealth of gold and silver, with paper receipts for them in the form of gold and silver certificates. They then removed the claim of the real wealth by creating fiat paper backed by legal tender laws and the threat of violence.

    We know right off the bat that if someone has to threaten you to use it, it’s probably something you wouldn’t do willingly.

    Now our money has become so detached from reality that most never even touch the paper claims on wealth that does not even exist.

    At the end of all these schemes there will come a time where it is no longer profitable to maintain the illusion of wealth, and the game will end quite suddenly.

    It will send shock waves through every aspect of our lives and nothing will ever be the same again.

    All that will be left is the real wealth that you have in your friends, skills, and assets.

    When the paper currency schemes of elite bankers come crashing down like they did this month in Cyprus or last month in Argentina, you’ll be positioned to thrive in a society that will be in a state of hopeless panic, as everything they believed to be reality is exposed for the illusion that it is.

    Watch: You Will Never Look At Money The Same Again (via SGT Report):

    It’s time to prepare for an environment where money as we have been taught to understand it no longer exists. Position yourself now with post-collapse skills and  assets that retain real value when the system goes belly-up.

    Once they ‘tax’ your personal deposit or close your bank for a ‘holiday’ it’ll be too late.

    The ‘event’ will come suddenly, when no one expects it.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. The game has been ending suddenly for about 5 years now according to you guys, and longer according to others.

        • Lets all just go to the beach. I have ran into some thing in the last week that has shown me that 99.99% of all Americans have no idea of what is coming. At some point in time.

          And I am sure now that most will lay down and give no fight even for their children’s survival. They won’t care until it is coming though the door. And this includes all of the newly awaken. It all talk. It just the new trend to them. Well Fuck everybody.

          There was a time I though if I was in a tree with my 50 and saw bad people doing bad things to people who just wanted to be left alone. I would put a bullet in the neck just to help. Now I not even I would go to the effort of a flare.

          • When this happens it is going to be horrifying even for those who are prepped. I think about the line from The Dark Knight. The Joker says, “When the chips are down, these people will eat each other”.

            In Stalinist Russia there were reports of mothers eating their own children. I don’t think the best thinkers here can really comprehend how bad an event (financial collapse, EMP, etc.) will make things. “One Second After” or “The Road” probably get close.

            Get as prepared as you can, then appreciate every day you get. Don’t obsess on the “how”. If none of this happens in your lifetime, great. It still won’t have been time or effort wasted and you will have developed some rare and useful skills for your children and hopefully their children as well.

            Esse Quam Videri

            • @Southpaw

              “Get as prepared as you can, then appreciate every day you get”

              Words that sum up my reasoning to the fullest. I cannot agree more with that. Well said.


              • “Bank Robbery” now has a Double meaning!

                • Someone a know. Who is a good man and is their for his family in his way. Use to look at me and my community as we were leapers. We were a joke. But he had to work with us because we had the money to do the projects.

                  Well just recently he became a awake full speed. Started asking for advise and ideas. I actually stood up and told him to fuck off he was to late and we had enough (His Profession) here and walk away. I would of never of done that a year ago. I am sick and tired of being beat on and then hearing about the support and then the day of the vote most that talk the shit didn’t even vote.

              • Hot debate? Hah! More like “paid sayanim.”

                It is exactly as I predicted, the “international” (Jewish) banksters were not going to get away with stealing the money of “Russian” (Jewish) oligarchs and “Russian” (Jewish) mafia in Cyprus. I predicted that there would be either a sweetheart deal or blood would be spilled.

                The tribe got their sweetheart deal:

                The “Russian” (Jewish) money is safe and the goyim will pay the price… as always.

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                  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something really creeps me out about how all those guys from the old World War II film always marched around in their tight black uniforms with all of their limbs stuck out ramrod straight, as if they had a broomstick up their… I think I know what it is now.

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                  I’ve also seen a clip from a Nazi propaganda film that shows a couple of the Hitler Youth soaping each other in the showers. Maybe it was all perfectly innocent.

          • Feel ya Facebook… back in the day we used to get a rush waking some lump up… now, most the reality crew i know just want to see the mindcontrolled suffer as we laugh— sure, its nothing more than a reach-around, but its better than not…

          • Facebook, what you are trying to say is:

            Why did nobody warn us?

            Me got no food,
            Me got no job,
            Me got no freedom,
            Me got no money.

            When will the govt help?

            Then the 70% of people will turn their ire on the US citizens who had tried thru paying bills, investing honestly, prepping, and warning others with true intentions.

            We will be hanged like Jesus while they release Barabbas. Good will be called bad, and bad will be called good.

            Can a prepper really be ready for what is coming in the near future?

            • If your faith lies in christ you will be more than ready!

          • the beaches are still quite chilly and snow covered around here right now Facebookpage, but i think i may just take your advice for once. the beach.

        • And every month the mortgage payment comes due. Again.

          BofA and I are in a staring contest.

          • 30 Years!!? 30 Days Maybe…. But don’t listen to me, I’ve seen this coming since the early 70’s and told everybody it was going down in ’08.

            Still, I say it’s show time.

        • Good point Allie. I too share this feeling. I know that it will end but I don’t know when. This has been brewing since the 30’s. It might be tomorrow or it might be in 30 years. I am prepared for it to end tomorrow but I hope it is in 30 years. Until then, I am living my life with my family and friends.

          • To wish for peace in your time, so that you may have an untroubled life is only wishing for those very same family and friendsto fight the good fight you should have. I leave you with the immortal words of Thomas Paine God Bless, Clay

            I once felt all that kind of anger, which a man ought to feel, against the mean principles that are held by the Tories: a noted one, who kept a tavern at Amboy, was standing at his door, with as pretty a child in his hand, about eight or nine years old, as I ever saw, and after speaking his mind as freely as he thought was prudent, finished with this unfatherly expression, “Well! give me peace in my day.” Not a man lives on the continent but fully believes that a separation must some time or other finally take place, and a generous parent should have said, “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace;” and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to duty -Thomas Paine

            • …looking into my grandbabies eyes Ive prayed to God let it happen whilst I am strong enough to do somthing about it ….dont leave it to grow and linger for these little ones or their babies…wish it didnt have to happen at all but theres no way it wont most likely….time to finish this business!

              • Amen!

        • come on people , are telling me that you remember a time in your life that it was like this, really ,when almost everyone you know is living in a bubbized world ,and wants instant gratifacation ,who is happy to sit on the couch and watch a show on TV of people being kicked in the nuts ( REF: idiocracy)then most of you must have been born in the 80’s or 90’s ,i remember the carter years and thinking nothing could be this bad ,those days wouldnt even make a good pimple on tne times were’re living in ,when i was groing up people cared about other people ,and about the future ,not just yours but others also ,now it ,i want it all and i want it now ,if you get in my way ill steam roll you ,i dont givr a shit if your my child or not as long as i get mine ,so if you guys think its the same old same old ,then you just woke up

        • Yup and somewhere in Cyprus last week not 5yrs ago someone just like you said those exact same words.Same thing happened in Greece and Spain last year and Italy too. The reason your not grasping the warning my fat little bald friend is because your a govt lacky and you have been bought and paid for.

          Sorry I fed the troll I couldnt help myself, their just so adorable at that age

        • I smell an O supporter.

        • Mac, how did the troll get its comment before mine

          • Drew faster

        • Allie, sushine I sure hope it comes sooner for you since it pains you to have to wait.

        • All good things to those who wait…muhahaha.

        • No, it’s been in a managed collapse for a little over 5 years now and it’s ok that you haven’t the intellect to see it. It’s a trait common to the low info left.

          People like you are going ride out the collapse on your back and then become an indentured servant of the state. So just repeat after me, ‘yea I will let you do that to me for some food.’

        • allie: Well it’s good to see that you’re consistent-in your ignorance that is. You didn’t know squat about military vehicles and tactics and you don’t know spit about economics either. Since it appears that you’ve never studied math, economics, or history, I’ll do my best to explain it to you. I know it would be eaiser for you to understand if I had some crayons, but I don’t. Just try and keep up anyway. In 1913 when the Fed was created an ounce of gold was around $20.00 which bought a good business suit of the day. Today gold is around $1600.00, the cost of a good business suit. You with me so far? That means that the value of gold hasn’t gone up but rather the value (purchasing power) of the dollar has depreciated by around 98.5% over the last 100 years. As for what’s been happening in the last five years is people (banks mostly) placing too many bets (derivatives) with too little cash to back them should they go bad. That’s a simple as it gets. Many banks and companies have lots of toxic assests (unsold houses, buildings, and other inventory) on their books but as long as they hold them in the plus side of the balance sheet they appear to be much more solvent than they really are. It’s called false prosperity and sooner or later when they have to pay off the counter party isn’t going to accept any of their toxic (dead) assets as payment-they’ll want cash and that’s what the Fed has been doing to support them by pumping up the cash supply so that these banks don’t crash and burn. But the net effect is the continued devaluation of the dollar. We’re just waiting for someone to call in some of the bets and it all comes falling down and the world gets flooded with billions upon billions of newly printed, and far less valuable, dollars. We’re fast on our way to becoming the new Weimar Republic/Zimbabwe of the world. So there’s your economics, math, and history lesson for the day.

        • G’wan back to your mailbox, wait for your check while drinking your Kool-Aid…idiot

        • Sorry Alli but you are wrong. IT has come To Cypress, Greece, Ireland, Iceland. It’s knocking on the door in Italy, Spain’ Portugal and some others. If you are one of the 50 million dependent on the Gov for food it’s here, If you live in Detroit it’s here, Camden, lots of places it’s here.

      2. I feel that’s the way it should be now.

      3. Game ending suddenly? Again?

      4. The big question on everyone’s mind. How and when?

        • No one knows when as TPTB keep kicking the can down the road. But you are now starting to see things unravel. Look at Greece, Spain, Italy and now Cyprus. The collapse is picking up speed while the Lame Stream Media is out to lunch. Yes they continue to fiddle while Rome burns.

          Interesting how the rat “Ben Bernake” wants to leave his post. Maybe he sees the wall and the can hitting it. 😉

          • “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…”
            – Thomas Jefferson

            • Thats when we people unite and get crap back in order. but it wont happen and here’s why I think. We got people on here in common, good people that are smart and prepare but we have to many mixed races that will look for same races to bond possibly and religions etc if all falls. Some wont but liberals and anti-gun people will bond and all sorts of division I think. Too many people have way too many different views how things should be and in power. Thats why I think it will never be the same. Theft and attacks from gangs of people. I could be wrong. But the biggest one is fires!! The fire dept wont come when a collapse on a nation scale would happen, I say this all the time, if 2-3 house in a large neighborhood catch many and many will catch and fuel the blaze even bigger. it will be super heated and hopefully peoples things dont burn. thats my fear for others and my stuff.

              • Very real fear, quite justified, same goes for armored troop carriers and tons of ammo bought by the PTB, not necessarily to hold us down but to protect their personell when SHTF.
                The fires and discord in urban or sub urban areas are going to be incredible, the cops and fire ,emt etc can barely keep up as it is, throw total chaos in there and you have agencies just trying to reconnoiter and help if they are able, fall back and defend if not. The same will be true for almost all of us too.

              • I agree 100% with you, well said. The reason it won’t work is because the Govt over the past 40-50 years have systematically chiseled away at many of the foundations that civilizations need to be cohesive and to properly function.

                The nuclear family is in tatters, religion is scorned at and made fun of, and what is usually right for a functioning society is now wrong and what’s wrong is the new norm. And I did not even mention the financial nightmare we are facing.

                If you look throughout history, civilizations imploded for these very same reasons and it happened from within. Unfortunately we were to arrogant to believe because we were America, we were the exception. 😉

              • You are right. It will never be the same.

              • Remember the private fire department of the duress buyer/real eastate tycoon Marcus Crassus, from whom we derived the term “Crass”.
                Sounds like we need to prep a fire fighting plan. Alongside a security plan.
                Reponding to other posts:
                +1 on medical supplies. DoD found 80% antibiotics still good after 15 years (something like that). Thieves oil. Motrin for uncontrolled cough as its anti=inflammatory and normal sensory deadening as with Tylenol.
                > Spain? Not sure what is happening in Europe. Cashed out my tiny 401K’s because its good to get out near a top in the market. You can’t time it but the market is high.
                > On topic. We don’t know when/if EOTWAWKI is coming but IMO SHTF is here. China and others are moving off the dollar. Iran’s been trying to for years. The answer from PTB is to print more debt out of thin air. Sure, it makes their buddies richer; but is dastardly for Americans. The are the anti-thesis of the Thomas Paine quote: “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace;” and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to duty -Thomas Paine
                They are creating a collapse and asking our children to clean it up. In their minds, however, it is OK because they and their friends are profiting enormously. Soon there will be no middle class and they will effectively control 90% of the wealth in the nation.

            • Thank you for the reminder Ms. Kentucky. Nothing ever said was truer.

            • This is not a real quotation.

          • It is only a matter of time, but that time is a long ways off. There is no profit in collapse and those that run the show will always find a way to dangle just enough carrot to keep the donkeys chasing.

          • Has anyone looked at Spanish banks in the market since mid March.

        • When and how only matter if you aren’t ready.

        • Better to die for something, than to live for nothing.

          • -John Rambo 🙂

          • Better still to live for something

            Let your opponent die for nothing

            • Cowboy45: Touche’ Sir!

              • wasnt trying to be ornery
                just thinking out loud

                • Cowboy45 I didn’t think you were being ornery, that’s just my way of saying “Good call!”

        • By “Command and Control”… and “When you least expect it”

        • I don’t need to know how rain falls, or when it will fall again, I just have enough sense to go inside and shut the door when I start getting wet.

      5. Yup its gonna be Cyprus a la USA, Im convinced that this whole Cyprus thing is nothing more than a test. Just to see if the herd is going to stampede or comply. Thursday will be interesting when/if the banks open their doors.

        Run Forest Run

        • Cyprus has restricted the amount folk can withdraw from their ATM’s, I presume ona daily basis. Not sure what that amount is in Euro’s per day. Someone will know/find out.

          • 100 euros per day, or about $130 US.

            • What’s interesting to note here is that the Euro was, generally speaking, based on the approx value of the Deutschemark. I believe…
              In the spring of 69 …4.12 DM = $1…
              Oh my, how things have changed…

          • I read they can withdraw 100 euros a day= about $146 dollars

            • Well, forget that answer– seems to be confused–three different answers so far.
              I guess it depends on which bank in Greece you go to?? (wink-wink)

              • I have read that the subsidiaries of the Cypress banks in UK and Russia are open for business and the smart people are already withdrawing their money even though those in Cypress are unable to do so. Has anyone else read about this?

      6. “Paper money is liable to be abused, has been, is, and forever will be abused, in every country in which it is permitted.” … “Paper is already at a term of abuse in these States, which has never been reached by any other nation, France excepted, whose dreadful catastrophe should be a warning against the instrument which produced it.” … “The unlimited emission of bank paper has banished all Great Britain’s specie, and is now, by a depreciation acknowledged by her own statesmen, carrying her rapidly to bankruptcy, as it did France, as it did us, and will do us again, and every country permitting paper money to be circulated, other than that by public authority, rigorously limited to the just measure for circulation.” … “When I speak comparatively of the paper emission of the old Congress and the present banks, let it not be imagined that I cover them under the same mantle. The object of the former was a holy one; for if ever there was a holy war it was that which saved our liberties and gave us independence. The object of the latter is to enrich swindlers at the expense of the honest and industrious part of the nation.” —Thomas Jefferson To J.W. Eppes, 1813

        • Shifty…

          While I like Jefferson, was it not Jesus that ran the money changers out of the temple First?

          Y’all play nice. 🙂

          hillbilly SC

          • The JEWISH money changers at that.

          • I think the second time he did it, he was crucified days later.

            • Crucified by GOD as part of his plan of redemption and rose 3 days later!!! With POWER and GREAT GLORY!!!

        • Paper money schemes always ends up impoding. Amazing how many times that lesson has had to be relearned.

      7. I should be careful of what I wish for, but hopefully soon.

        Cypress and the statement about it being the template for the whole EU wiped out confidence in the banking systems in Europe, and is probably affecting people here.

        Russia is getting it’s wealth out of EU banks.

        China and Brazil just signed a 30B per year trade agreement that bypasses the dollar.

        It’s speeding up remarkably quickly, and I really do expect this thing to completely blow up this year–and actually well before the end of this year.

        The central banking system supports the NWO. So it’s a mechanism for (and this is trite–please forgive me) evil. and it’s prbably best in the long term that they go down.

        • I’m having trouble figuring out why any country would choose to keep it’s wealth in a bank in some other country to start with. It makes no sense to me, when they can have it on their own soil in perfectly good banks of their own.

          It has to be a globalist con.

      8. “The errors of that day cannot be recalled. The evils they have engendered are now upon us, and the question is how we are to get out of them? Shall we build an altar to the old money of the Revolution, which ruined individuals but saved the Republic, and burn on that all the bank charters, present and future, and their notes with them? For these are to ruin both Republic and individuals. This cannot be done. The mania is too strong. It has seized, by its delusions and corruptions, all the members of our governments, general, special, and individual.” Thomas Jefferson To John Adams, 1814

        • @Shifty,
          How interesting that they had it figured out at the founding of this nation. They knew that it was an absolute imperative to have sound money. If not; Slavery to banks, “Working for the company store” would result. Where are we today??? Slaves to the banks, and every one with a credit card balance, mortgage, car loan, etc etc etc, ” Working for the company store”. Sadly, I do not see this ending well, and because of that I prep.

          Potato out

      9. Same fear mongering articles, yet nothing ever happens. Since 2008 people have been saying wait for it, wait for it. I am tired of waiting and tired of reading.

        • Anonymous I am with you. But that is how it goes isn’t’ it? Have you ever been fishing? You tease and taunt until it’s time to set the hook and then you land the big one. This is a slow motion lure, so slow that we don’t notice. But then one day. . . you’re on the grill. . . or I should say, we all are!

        • Be thankful, Anonymous- that it hasn’t, yet. On the other hand, when it does unravel…. as it is doing for other parts of the globe where despair is all the rage.

        • @Anonymous

          If your prepped properly, its just another day. Ive been prepping since the mid 2000’s – it took that long to complete the plan and then begin working the plan. If you ready for it – theres nothing to wait for

          I saw this coming in in the 90’s. have watched Clinton, Bush and now BarryO REALLY F**K things up.

          ANYWAY – The nay sayers can believe what they want – I’ve watched this show for a long time and it is getting progressively worse. The Cyprus thing is a real eye opener. Banks taking deposits to save themselves, In first world countries – not 3rd world back water dictatorships – Really telling about how far down the hole things have gone.

          Complete your preps and quit waiting – It’ll get here PDQ now – Either financial collapse, WW3, or both.

          • Just another day? Really?

        • You won’t be tired of waiting by 2015 but you might be tired in other ways.

        • Are you tired of waiting to die too? Count our good luck that this financial house of cards has not yet imploded. I have a hunch that year after year of trillion dollar deficits will finally take their toll.

        • You must be blind. It is here, and it is already unraveling. What more must happen to get your attention? It is happening in small ways every day. The pantry that our church supports is barely keeping up with demand. Record numbers are on welfare, unemployment ins, disability, food stamps, every kind of govt. assistance possible and you say “nothing is happening”.

          Everybody talks about cyprus and greece and spain but we forget that it all started and will end here. Talk about asleep at the wheel, Geez!

          • You said it right, Highspeed. It is here and unraveling. Only the observant, and wise, see the writing on the wall.

            It won’t “completely” implode anytime soon, unless a major calamity strikes. TPTB will keep chipping away and try to maintain controlled chaos in European countries along with the Middle East.

            The drums of WAR are getting louder everyday. Notice the newscasters/politicians are saying the dreaded “chemical weapons” in Syria scenario? Remember, Iraq war and “weapons of mass destruction”? The only group that came out on top, after the dust settled from that war, with all the trillion dollars (plus) spent; the “Industrialized War Machine”.

            They want it again, and they will get it. “Specialized” troops are being deployed to the region right now. Kerry (longdevil), and Odrama (serpent), were over there just last week doing the pre-war meetings behind the scenes, while making nicey,nicey small talk on the broadcasts for the sheeple. The war machine beast in USA is hungry and TPTB are setting the table. Soon the feast will begin.

            Then a few will begin to see the reality of just how bad things are; but only a few. Most are too deep into their pitiful little lives, that they can’t see the forest for the trees.

            The Good Book says it all; “My people are destroyed, for lack of knowledge.”

        • These situations follow an S curve. The time leading up to change seems to pass slowly then it enters a rapid growth phase. Then it reaches a peak followed by either a new plateau or a crash downward. It is very common in all kinds of biologic systems.

          The lead time is very slow and may not be very obvious. When this occurs in economics, there are the early adopters but the masses do not come on board until the rapid portion of the cycle. I suspect we are just starting into the rapid phase here in the US. Other countries such as Europe are ahead of us on the curve which is why they bear watching.

        • Yet you have no comments for those who predicted the 2008 crash and were right.

          You are a troll.

        • your an idiot

        • John Q. Public: Not everything is a Jewish conspiracy. Are you related to Mel Gibson, the other anti-Jewish Catholic crakpot? And no, I’m not Jewish. I’ve done the genetic testing and all of my ancestors are from the British Isles and northern Europe. The map doesn’t even come anywhere close to the middle east or north Afica. But even if I were, I wouldn’t be ashamed of it. How about you? Or are you affraid of what you may find?

          • Don’t listen to him! We are all-knowing and all-powerful. We faked 9/11, faked the moon landings, assassinated Jack and Bobby Kennedy, poisoned Marilyn Monroe, delivered Germany to the Nazis and Russia to the commies, framed O.J. Simpson for his wife’s murder and engineered the Columbine, Virginia Tech, “Joker” and Newark shootings! It was only the most carefully crafted and orchestrated master plan for Jewish world domination ever, ever!

      10. You can die from diarrhea in SHTF. You need plenty of loperamide, hand sanitizer, soap, alcohol wipes, antibiotic ointment, and topical anesthetic.

        You need to think about sanitation.

        Night vison scope.

        • Thanks Einstein, for all my preps I am deficient in this category. I will be shopping in the morning.

          Can you recommend some good night vision, I am interested.

          • I can’t afford good night vision, BUT, for about $75 I got a Sony handycam with ‘nightshot’. I can see the print on a business card on a telephone pole down the block with it. I can take it with me, or put it in a window and monitor everything out there, day and night. I can even record it for later. You don’t need a $900 camcorder, an older, cheaper model will do the job, and the brand doesn’t matter.

          • There is a small company that sells on . Equipment exchange section the owners name is victor . He has good rep and fair prices. Night Vision is critical, I will say this again, night vision is a must have. Most or should I say 95 percent of modern engagements happen in darkness.. If you can’t fight at night you WILL get rolled up fast. The next thing to get would be a suppressor for your primary long gun. That is if your state regulations allow. I would not disrespect any experience of a combat veteran from the past wars, but the modern battlefield has changed. I have seen first hand what could be unleashed. The US military is deadly, but not unbeatable. I pray for everyone here. 2 ounces of gold or 1 nvg?

          • Hey SF, you struck on a better handle for him, “Eisenstein”. Only fitting since he likes to blame jews all the time, (as well as gun rights advocates,anti-abortionist and anti-queers; oh don’t forget the baby boomer(old farts) generation which he wants to see die off.) With 10,000 of us “old farts” reaching retirement age every day, he may want to remain mum on that offensive tone. in other words; “Don’t fuck with old people”!

            • The reason I blame Jews for a lot of this is because Jews ARE responsible for a lot of this. You need to become more educated. I oppose all gun laws and never blamed any gun rights advocates for anything.

              • The reason I blame Jews for this as well as anything and everything even remotely right-wing is because I’m a CommuNazi bugfuck who’s trolling this board flinging shit in every direction hoping some of it will stick.

            • Sergei Eisenstein and Albert Einstein were Jews, so what do you mean with that?

        • Some people are very sensitive to the hand sanitizers on the market. It’s inexpensive and easy to make your own, plus you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. I found some recipes for it last year and we’ve been using the “mostly alcohol free” version, with tea tree oil added,ever since. I think in an SHTF situation I’d go with the 3rd recipe – it’s stronger.

          Link to follow.

          • my reccomendation, whiskey. Dont be playing with tree oil and that when you are talking about what eisen is talking about which is for medical applications. whiskey is a good thing to use. other than that, overuse of hand sanitzers and leaning hands all the time has made us unable to fight germs naturally. these are facts. just the truth.

          • Just so everyone will know, tea tree oil really stinks. I can’t stand the odor.

      11. It is somewhat amusing how some here still insist that “this day” is actually years away. In most cases, I don’t consider such opinions as intentional “trolling”…but “that day” will be inflicted upon ALL OF US before this year ends.

        The “signs” have become too numerous to count and keep up with. This illusion absolutely cannot continue…without a World War to cover it. Draw your own conclusions.

        • the nibster will have its head well poked into this part of the solar system by fall of this year. life as we know it is about to change.

          • my advice in the past has been for you people to move to a rural area. We are quickly approaching the point where moving will no longer be an option. If it isn’t possible now, you must start consider hunkering down in your positions with authority. Good luck to you all.

      12. Lead ia always a valuable asset. When it comes crashing down and the A-holes in power are hunkered down in their little hidey holes eating the peoples food, lead will be indespensible. It’s coming and there is not a thing we can do to stop it. All we can do is try as best we can to survive it. Those hidey hole people have to poke their heads out of their holes sometime and I hope that there are more than a few patriots waiting.
        And as far as the money-wealth thing, ain’t never had much anyway. What does it profit a man to have all the money and wealth and lose his soul. I for one would rather have a clear conscience and a good nights sleep than have all that wealth. Someday soon it will all come out in the wash. I wouldn’t want their eternity.

      13. well isn’t this interesting ?

        Scientists: Big Okla. quake in 2011 was man-made

        and for how many years did the frackers tell us this wasn’t possible

        and in my state they want to start fracking in some counties
        but pump their TOXIC waste into the ground in my county

        gee thanks
        nothing like turning MY drinking water into a toxic witches brew
        just so a corporation can make a few $$$

        • And our government and representatives are enabling them, bring the ropes boys n girls

        • yahoo news is part of the MSM.
          Drinking water is less than 1,000 feet deep.
          Fracking is done at 3,000+ feet deep.
          Finally: When was the last time a homeless guy gave you a job ?

          • seth borenstein is the AP science writer and a rabid “environmentalist”

        • Yep Satori…Big oil will destroy the resources because,after all, that is what the people want as long as it is “NIMBY”. We have squandered the world’s wealth of cheap energy by driving 2 ton hunks of metal around in circles from gas station to gas station for the last hundred years. If you want to see what is the main cause for the current worldwide meltdown, just look out in your driveway.

        • hmm
          isn’t this interesting
          EVERYTHING in my post


          and it gets a bunch of red thumbs ???

          very telling…….

          • I noticed that too, Satori.

            Seems we have a little Infiltration of the Red Thumb Bandits.

            The truth hurts. They think if they holler loud enough that by sheer volume they can shut us up.

            Sorry, RTBs. The cat is out of the bag and there is no sway to shove it back in.

            ~ Daisy

            • Speaking of Red Thumb Bandits, this is sure to get a good amount.

              Are you talking about the ‘truth’ that frakking polluted the ground water and caused it to catch fire?

              Surely you’re aware that the idiots claiming this want you to ignore that the same ground water was catching fire over a hundred years ago.

              Exactly what truth do you think you’re the keeper of regarding frakking?

          • @Satori

            One line in the article says “Oklahoma’s state seismologists say the quake was natural.”

            So what group of scientist are presenting “ABOSOLUTE FACTS” ?? Its easy to find “experts” on both sides of any argument.

            You can’t post a biased article and expect thumbs up. People with eyes open are too smart for that !!

            BTW – I’m not in support of fracking. I’m preppared for SHTF which includes peak oil and major dieoff – BUT – IF the conclusions you draw are true – It’s not the oil companies – It IS government allowing it all !!

          • @Satori,

            With respect because you are one of the more think ahead posters on this board and I always pay attention to your posts.

            With that said, few people want to know the truth about anything. Kind of like where meat comes from in the grocery store. It just is.

            Oil and cheap oil at that is what makes an economy grow. If you want it to grow faster then you have to sacrifice ecology. It is that simple. I don’t agree with it all that much either but it is what it is.


            • The article here on this said it had nothing to do with fracking. It was either natural or due to pumping of waste liquid, but not fracking.

          • Ya.

            A team of scientists determined it was man made

            seismologists said, not so much

            So it’s absolutely factual that you just picked whom you want to believe.

      14. Yes, it will come quickly, that’s why it’s called a ‘collapse’. A bridge collapses within seconds, it doesn’t take days or weeks. We’ll wake up one morning with news that the dollar is now worthless. People will panic and rush out to buy food that they should have been storing but didn’t. They’ll run out of fuel for their SUVs, but gas stations won’t have any. Your once-friendly neighbors will not be so friendly when they get ravenously hungry and they know you have a little food somewhere in your house. Then there won’t be any electricity or running water. You can’t get to your little hideaway in the mountains because the highways are plugged with everyone else wanting to get away and vehicles stranded because they ran out of gas. International borders will close immediately, you won’t be able to get home to Mexico or Canada if you are unlucky or unwise enough to be visiting the USA, and no American will be able to get out. Be prepared and get ready, this will be a nightmare of gigantic proportions.

        • Wow, that sounds exciting! Who do you have in mind for the lead role of the scrappy and resourceful lone survivor? ….Heh. There won’t ever be a big ‘Collapse’, we will all just get progressively poorer and poorer, civil society will get less and less civil… and then one day you’ll find yourself shivering next to a crappy stove and eating some cold rat, telling your unbelieving grandchildren about how the US was once prosperous and educated, a free and happy place.

          • Change we can believe in. Obama said that his goal was to change the country. Too bad all the morons that elected him did not realize he had Cuba and the Old Soviet Union as his goal for change.

          • delamare, I think you are probably correct. Slow slide into complete ruin. However, I prep in case there is a sudden collapse as I know first hand how vulnerable our country is to a major cyber attack that could take down our utilities for months/years. Even a solar flare could cause a big collapse. I often think how our grandchildren’s minds will not be able to fathom the US we once enjoyed….

      15. I am concerned about what just happened in Cyprus. Surely the Europeans will start draining their accounts this week. What impact bank failures in Europe will have here I cannot say. However, it will not be positive for our economy. As I said, I am concerned.

        I keep no more money in one of the big banks than is necessary to cover bills. Over the past couple weeks, though, I have felt driven to pick up gold and silver again. Went to one of my favorite shops yesterday and they had 1 (one) ounce of gold bullion. They said they are having trouble getting in enough scrap gold to send to the refiner. Silver eagles are selling before they are delivered. Reminds me of the birds in our back yard cleaning out the feeders before a front hits.

        I have “that feeling” again. The same as before the last financial crisis. Maybe it’s just from drinking too much coffee. Let’s hope so.


          It’s almost funny how if you tell folks you are prepared…they think you are nut.


          Do the math.. over 7 Billion(B) souls… then
          calculate the annual square footage of grow space for the food and the food that supports the animals that go into the food chain. Then factor in the oil and refining, shipping and so on.

          It’s unreal…

          I’m sure in cyprus the canned goods shelves are being used this week.
          There has to be one prepper in Cyprus saying… I TOLD YOU SO.

          My new project…the next prep…
          A four season hot bed for growing food. I live in the north east us.
          So when it’s winter.. I hope to have a light sys. and cable heaters and some heat lamps keeping my greens bed going year round.

          Here’s my prep idea…
          When you get a fast SHTF… Buy up many eggs.
          They keep for weeks and have plenty of protein.
          Hey…any you don’t use…feed to the dog after the shtf event.

          Think about it.. they are cheap..and often…not the first thing people think of
          when bad times hit…..A true value.


          Just this week…money was tight…so I bought some eggs and they go a long way.

          So for one mean…at worst… one egg..hard boiled….it’s just 15 cents.

          One more thing….No more trying to evangelize being prepared.
          If they don’t get it by now… FUCK ‘EM.

          Final note…
          I predict the boomers will steal the 401k from generation X.
          If that goes down…. the boomers will die in their beds with nobody at their side.

          I see this coming.

          • When SHTF I’m going to all the boomers houses.

            • Kapooya!

              • Eisenkreuz,

                If you show up here, you will be handed a rake, hoe or a shovel. There is lots to do in the garden.

                So, please be well rested and wear outside work clothes and sturdy shoes.

                We might be older, but we are not stupid. My Grandmother told me…intelligence and wisdom are not the same thing.

                Hope you have a great day!
                KY Mom

            • Eisenkreuz. Be careful. A lot of us boomers have lived long enough. When you come to my house, I am going to pull up my diaper and whoop your butt. How you been? Thought of you and past bitcoin comments. Do you own any? I was interested and looked into the concept. I don’t like anything about the idea.
              If you own them, sell them. They are at 28.00 and are risky. The last time bitcoin was at 28, there was a flash crash and went down to one cent in a day. You like flying high and don’t get caught on the downside.
              As far as ammo goes, what cal has the government bought? I see a number of posts regarding shtf buying different cal. I wouldn’t know how to organize this, but if I could, I would advocate for one type of handgun round, rifle round, and make of weapon. If something happens, we would have interchangeable guns am ammo along with gun parts. It won’t help if I am shooting a 9 and you are shooting a .45. Police agencies often require the same make and cal of gun. Then everyone is familiar with each others weapons.
              At the very least, there will be very high inflation. The fed will try to inflate their way out of this. The Chinese, labor unions, and now Japanese are holding a lot of the paper. My point being is no one will feel sorry for them when money is devalued.
              If ( when ) inflating doesn’t work, the resulting mess will show the genius of prepping. Eisenkreuz, if I recall, you are more in the deflation camp or you have discussed it. The only way I see that happening is if the fed loses control and common sense kicks in. I predict inflation for that reason.
              Sorry about the random post but its been awhile. As I say, I don’t have a corner on brains so please listen to all, even my friend eisenkruez. Take care everyone.
              Another random thought, even if we are wrong, and Allie (et al) are right, what’s the harm? We will just be buying items we normally use upfront and won’t have to buy them later….with what I believe will be inflated dollars. I don’t see any of this as a waste.
              Eisenkruez, you are a smart man and I value your ideas. I also like the way you continue to express them in a calmer voice. Thank you. By the way, I play bridge on Mondays, shuffleboard on Tuesdays, dance at the senior center on Wednesdays, water aerobics on Thursdays, go to. The doctors on Fridays and watch “my stories” on tv on Fridays. Just don’t want to miss beating the ever living snot out of you. Make sure you come over on a weekend. But not too late, I turn in around 8:00.

              • Good god that was a long post. Sorry everyone, I didn’t realize my random thoughts would be quite so long.

                • Getting to the line “Just don’t want to miss beating the ever living snot out of you.” was worth it.

              • BITCOIN is risky compared to what? Diversity into cash in hand, BITCOIN, and PMs. I don’t think stocks in gun companies, agra, or oil are bad ideas either. When SHTF, I’m going to buy a few stocks if possible. The best time to buy is when there is blood on the streets. Cowboys in the old west often used pistol rounds in their rifles for just that reason. But the wild west wasn’t that wild since all guns were confiscated upon entry to the towns. I’ve never declared myself in any camp; I dont’t believe in camps. Many of these concepts are interchangable, reactionary, and cyclical. We have stagflation right now. Inflation can lead to deflation; if they print so much it crashes nobody will be buying houses for example and the price of houses will necesarily deflate. Supply and demand works regardless of the ambient economic conditions. Gas and ammo will be worth all the gold in the world in SHTF. Random babble from the ‘Kreuz.

                • Hi. Bitcoin is made up by people using a fake Japanese name. It is based on algorithms and based on nothing and baked by no one. You and many others could make the argument that it doesn’t sound too unlike the dollar, stocks , etc. bitcoin is volatile beyond belief and its pure speculation. The person ( people ) who contrived the bitcoin control over half of them, they release them in small amounts to keep the price stable. What isn’t a risky scam? Good question but I would say bare land and possibly metals as long as you don’t hold coins too long in a crisis. If you a believer in a coming colapse the usual preps and bare land would be my choice.
                  The bitcoin also runs the risk of being shut down by the feds.

            • Eisen Hole,
              Come on asshole. Alot of us are Vietnam vets. Your punk ass will be dead so fast you will not even know it. Retard.

            • I’ll be a waitin for ya son. 🙂

            • Eisafruitz, make sure you’re wearing bellbottoms and flowers in your hair. I will then know its definitely you.

            • Eisen is probably in his 60s. When he talks about old people, I think he is referring to those pesky 90 year olds.

          • LMFAO… DID YOU HERE WHAT she said at the end…. BUT US STOCK MARKETS ARE UP. ahahahhahhahah she’s just got to throw in that last bit of programming to the idiots who still watch fox propaganda. Turn off the t.v. People please

            • Lmao she said “although the markets are looking pretty good here today.” Lmao just keep pumpin out the bullshit fox, CNN, msnbc, abc, all of its the same shit

              • MSM=false prophet

          • If the shtf bad enough that you need a year around greenhouse, there isn’t going to be power to run the heaters and heat lamps!

            Eggs are a good idea, but chickens would be better.
            molon labe

            • Hey, Kettle– I sure don’t know about YOUR greenhouse, but mine heats my house very well. As a matter of fact, my greenhouse needs to have heat released to the outdoors regularly or it overheats the house we live in. Our home heating bill is less than $250 a year, due to this arrangement. It’s all in the planning phase of building the greenhouse and where you decide to build it. Ours is off the living room, separated by a sliding double pane glass door. I also built a hydroponic unit that sits inside the greenhouse to grow veggies year round. Larger veggies such as tomatoes grow in the raised beds in dirt, while the smaller veggies grow in the hydroponic unit with nothing other than recycled water and nutrients… uses solar panel to operate the pump. My wife and I planned this several years ago knowing what is about to happen to fiat money or another type of event. Plan according to your desires in life and live long TO prosper. (twisting the words of Spock). We have chickens in the backyard to MAKE our eggs… so many we give them away. This type of planning can be used just about anywhere, even a rooftop of an apartment building.. just get landlord approval.

              • Curious, our greenhouse is a standalone with aluminum frame and 10mm twin wall polycarbonate walls. It sits on a galvanized steel frame foundation anchored into the ground with metal ties and concrete. Above the concrete are 2-inch thick concrete/stone tiles.

                We originally built the greenhouse to use a stat-controlled propane heater but it became too expensive to use and propane available will be difficult in the future. I’ve been relearning for the past 3 years, using minimal heat, mostly relying on solar. With propane heat, we could grow greenhouse tomatoes in Winter. And even without the 65-75 degree propane heat, I can grow squash early, among other foods — it has to be timed to the seasons for good solar heat.

                We’re in Zone 6 so we have Winter freezes, snows, ice, etc. The greenhouse base retains heat and we also use solar covers and a north wall insulation. Heat also be stored with large water-filled containers that will release the heat throughout the night-time. If we wanted to push the seasons, thermal blanketing and thicker north wall insulation could be added.

                Heat can be generated with rabbits living in a greenhouse, provided the manure is left in the greenhouse during the colder months because the composting process generates heat (as does the rabbit activity).

                When the weather warms, we begin shading the greenhouse and use a 30%, 70%, and 90% shade cloth, depending upon the intensity of the sun during different times of the year.

                Those without a greenhouse should consider adding one, even if it’s just a lean-to on the house and has no running water or heat system. The house will generally retain heat in the Winter and cool crops can have some growth (remember there is less sunlight so they’ll only grow so much). What do others with greenhouses do? Please share and state the Zone you live in.

                • Zoltanne– what a nice set-up! With a stand alone greenhouse, have you considered installing an underground “tube” (6″-8″ PVC pipe) from your greenhouse to your house? Install with about 2 feet sticking up in both houses, underground at least 4 feet. With that set-up, you can restrict one side or the other, install a 12 volt DC. fan to suck or blow heated air into either side, heating either the greenhouse or your living area. Being installed 4 feet down, this will provide about 55 degree air heated by the earth. That works great for cooling either house in the summer, and provides pre-heated air in the winter. Just a thought for ya.

                  • Curious, We have running water in the greenhouse that was tapped from the house so there is already piping about 18″ underground, but we never thought of doing a heat exchange pipe as you suggested. In the cold weather, I don’t believe we generate enough heat to make that arrangement feasible. We’d probably do better by exhausting some of our woodstove heat from the house to the greenhouse.

                    But if I was to add another heat source at this point, I’d add in a rocket stove. We have an enormous supply of wood and dropped branches/sticks and already have the piping in the greenhouse.

                  • Zoltanne– We use a nutrient mix that we get from CalRanch store called: “Grow Big”, made by Fox Farms. It’s a concentrated liquid fertilizer, using 4 teaspoons per gallon of water. Cheap, too, at $8 a bottle. Lasts all year or more. The cucumbers we planted 40 days ago have at least 30 cukes on the vine about 3″ long so far. Also planted Pak-Choi, squash, chard, spinach and brussel sprouts in the hydroponic “garden”. Basically, I took 3- 6 inch PVC pipes, cut them at 5 feet long, glued caps on each end, drilled 22- 3 inch holes on top for the net pots, then connected the tubes with 1 inch PVC pipe to have a cross-flow of water, finally ending by dumping into a plastic tub. I made a plywood base cut from a 4×4 foot piece, cut at a 45 degree angle (corner to corner) then cut out 6″ half-circles with a jig saw,on the 45 degree sides equally spaced, then stuck the tubes into the holes to mount them. Mount a 12 volt DC pump to pump water to the top pipe and there ya go! Easy and fast. Just be sure to run your hole saws BACKWARDS to cut the PVC, or you’ll twist your arms off when the drill catches an edge of the pipe! My wife and her family are impressed at the design. I guarantee you’ll be happy with it. BTW, you could use a fertilizer mix of your own making with worm castings and fish fertilizer or just a “tea” of your liking. Good luck and have fun!

                  • Curious thanks so much for the info. I read a bit on the “Grow Big” and while it isn’t organic, it claims to be organically based and I am assuming it’s relatively safe. That’s been my concern with hydroponics — having to purchase the fertilizer and not knowing if it was organic or not. I noticed a number of ingredients but one was earthworm castings. I may just try this hydroponic style with a few green leafy plants and take it from there!!

                    I will probably do earthworm castings since we have so many of the wigglers in the rabbitry. My worry has been too many nitrites in the solution if I attempted this myself. I suppose a weak tea is all that’s needed and if it’s too little, plant growth won’t be lush as it should be.

                    I copied out your design info — it might be the way to go. Thanks so much.

                • My 20’x28′ greenhouse has 2-ply plastic sheeting that is inflated via a small blower to create a insulating “pillow”. I have rabbits caged in the greenhouse but they don’t give enough heat to provide sufficient warming in winter. I find that the greenhouse will accumulate enough heat during the days so that it takes an overnight low below 16F before I get ice forming in my hydroponic grow beds. On these colder nights I need extra heat. Previously I used propane but that was getting really expensive so this last winter I started using kerosone and that worked out to about $5 a night. My have to add a bio-mass rocket stove for next winter if kerosene prices get out of hand.

                  I finally pulled out the tomato plants around mid to late December, but they were flowering and producing at the time, We just did not want to see anymore tomatoes for a while. The replacements already have flowers but no fruit yet.

                  The middle of summer is my least productive season because the greanhouse just gets too hot, even with shadecloth and swamp-coolers.

                  I am supposed to be in zone 4 “desert” but the climate has become so freaky, I am not sure that it really applies anymore.

                  @Zoltanne, thanks for the ideas on helping me use up my excessive eggs.

                  • Anonymous, Around here, kerosene is more expensive than propane. We just got 5 gal of it and it was more than $4/gal!! Thankfully we only store it for a few emergency lanterns.

                    The rocket stove is what appeals to me, too. Have you read about Cynthia’s Rabbit Warmed Greenhouse? It’s at Davesgarden dot com (If you can’t find it, do a search with the words: greenhouse rabbit heat and the URL for the original post should show up)

                    We don’t use our greenhouse in the summer since we have gardens. But when I used to raise orchids, we went the swamp cooler route. Couldn’t eat many orchids so the greenhouse was modified somewhat for less fussy veggies.

                    I’d be interested hearing more about your hydroponic system. Do you make your own water solution or do you buy a commercial mix?

              • zoltanne and curious…I am in the process of building a “sunspace” as they used to be called. It is more like curious’ greenhouse. I will be using black painted 55 gallon drums as a heat sink with growing boxes on top of them. I have the frame up but am still trying to locate more free windows to enclose. More functional than pretty but it’s on the back south side. I have a home made spouting heater mounted there now that blows hot air into the house in the winter but a sunspace will be more dual purpose. Thumbs up on the backyard chickens. I live in zone 5 or 6 depending on what year we’re using (lol). It’s hard to tell anymore. I have some asparagus beds inside the perimeter now. I don’t know if I need to move them or not.

                • JRS, I hope you keep us posted on your sunspace. Originally, I studied them as opposed to a fully operational greenhouse. I have a couple of wonderful books on sunspaces (and still drool over the photos). Guess I like them much better because they are a living space incorporated with the home which is how growing/gardening really is. And yes, as you say, dual purpose. Love the idea of using the recycled/free windows, too — the variety makes the overall look very appealing.

                  Right now I’d swear we’re in Zone 4/5 — our ground is frozen, nothing’s been planted in the garden. Seed potatoes are getting VERY confused….as am I! 😉

            • See: thermal mass and study aquaponics.

              if you have an aquarium of decent size, the heat stored in the water will sustain the greenhouse overnight and the sun can heat it during the day. Of course, yields wont be what they are during summer, but there will be yields.

          • Get Elliot Colemans books, new organic grower and four season harvest, if he can do it in maine so can you! Food is the one thing none of these folks who look at preppers sideways think about, after NAFTA was passed the usa lost something like 30% of its vegetable and beef or poultry production to south of the border, farmers had to move to commodity farms rather than seasonal vegetables because they were shut out by the low prices.

            • Thanks Kulafarmer! On your advice the other day, I bought the books! One showed up at the door yesterday. Hope they help as I can’t even keep an artificial plant green. I can grow sprouts though; not enough time for them to realize it’s ME growing them before we eat. Really appreciate the reference to the Coleman books.

          • Powdered eggs aren’t quite as sexy as the real thing, but it serves the purpose and keep longer. I’ve got several cans, plus powdered cheese, milk and butter. Between the beans, rice and macaroni, I can make a decent meal. I’ve got enough bullion and canned meats to choke a horse, but I’d rather have enough to choke an elephant…

            • candling. That’s what I wanted to mention. gma told me in the early 90’s when I asked what was the most important invention of the 1900’s, “The refrigerator”. Peeling chicken feet and candling eggs were to skills she had I’ll bet nobody on this list has done. And she wasn’t talking about using candle light to see the embryo’s outline… but about putting wax all over the egg so it would last. Here’s a discussion. Best low cost refrigerator? Chickens and pigs I guess. Or a cold stream.

          • My parents are boomers. My dad and uncle are Vietnam vets. I would stand by their sides to the death. I also gave the best years of my life in service to this great Country. No doubt we were betrayed from within by the global banking cartel. If I’m not mistaken the boomers control a majority portion of the 401k’s. Most people under 55 don’t have shit saved. I hope they cash out and enjoy it now. I feel we have a moral obligation to take care of our own parents. It’s not the governments job. When the smoke clears, we need to get back to our family and our own people.

          • Should have bought chicks or laying hens with that egg money. That’s called self-sufficient. But what do you know, you’re young and inexperienced. And NOT clairvoyant.

            • Damn, I am getting tired of eggs…
              I bought 6 Rhode Island chicks last spring. I did not expect them to be sexed correctly, so figured I would end up with 3 or 4 hens. Wrong. The hatchery got it right and I now have 6 hens that even thru this last winter, give me 5 or 6 eggs per day.

              It seems like I am having a 4 egg omelette every other day and it makes hardly a difference to how many eggs are in the fridge. My wife grabbed the biggest stock pot she could find and used 16 eggs to make egg-drop soup. It was really good but it will be a while before I want any more.

              At least the nuns down at the abbey appreciate the “egg dump” every other week or so.

              • Make 2 loaves of German Pound cake and you’ll use up 12 egg yolks. Make 1 Angel Food tube cake with the 12 egg whites. Eat one now and freeze the others.

                Eggs can also be mixed/fork-scrambled, then poured into ice cube trays and frozen solid. Each cube is about 1 regular egg. Once frozen, pop them out and store them in Ziploc bags in the freezer.

                • You are the model I aspire to be Zoltanne! Always helpful tips and insights. Thanks!

                  • Thanks Former Cal Girl. Been at it quite a while, time to pass-it-along.

              • powder the eggs. There are several good resources on youtube.

                • I was thinking the same thing. How hard can it be to dry eggs and make them into powder.

                  That’s it; six or seven Rhode Islands, make powdered/canned eggs. Sell and barter, along with our homemade jerky from the cheap store.

                  • My wife is really fond of youtube user ‘TheMrsVolfie’. I watched her vids on powdering eggs and it seems easy enough, though I havent tried it yet.

              • Don’t worry about having too many eggs right now. The birds are what is important. Give away what you want to give away, feed some to the hens, and know you have an important source of protein when you need it later. An egg a week will prevent beri-beri and blindness.

              • Pickled eggs. Canned eggs. Dried eggs. t’s all good.

          • @ReadySays:

            I agree with you about the eggs. Plus, you can store them LONG term with waterglass. Just google “preserving eggs with waterglass.” These will keep for a long, long time….

      16. It’s War…. World war, but this time it’s hotter.
        Get your money out…. Invest in silver if you can’t buy gold. Hoard it.

        Time is near, and it will be upon us before we know it.

        Prep well.

      17. Normalcy bias has to be the main reason this charade can continue. This article is exactly right. Metals, then certificates, then fiat. If it lasts long enough it will go to the ultimate rip off, electronic transfers with even less than fiat paper behind it!! If that’s even possible!

        When the system finally crumbles it will be with an unbelievably fast downhill slide. In these other countries, for the most part, the people aren’t government subsidized vacuums that can’t live without a handout. Here, I bet at least 25% of the population will riot when the free money stops. Another 50% will just sit on their butts waiting until they die. And it will tear our system apart!!
        molon labe

      18. My husband got a third email this week from a bullion distributor BEGGING for 90% scrap silver. He can’t get his hands on enough to keep customers orders filled. Numismatic news today published a report that Dutch AND Ambro bank will not release deposits of physical holdings of PMs effective 4/1/2013. Doesn’t matter if you are private or corp customer. They have your PM and they’re keeping it.

        This is going to spiral, and I’m not completely ready for it. Will keep buying while stuff is still ‘affordable’. Keep on preppin’!


        • When silver goes ballistic, and if you cash in, do it on your own. Don’t use a middleman. He will charge you a 15 percent fee and then sell to someone else for a 15 percent premium. Sell it yourself at a 10 percent premium and you will sell it quickly. Now, at what price do you cash out? If there is cash.

          • Roy, the only reason I would cash in would be to get some worthless FRNs to pay off what little I owe on my house. I’d rather do that if the banks are still taking fed notes.

          • My husband sells mostly bullion, some collectible. The guy we buy from 90% from charges us based on spot, no premium. My husband buys at 5% back of spot on items he sells. If its for us, he pays 100% spot of silver value. Some ‘middlemen’ are worse tHan others, but there have been a lot of robberies where dealers are being followed home from coin shows and robbed, so beware how you go about selling your own.

            Also several states looking to pass legislation that requires copies of photo ID and registration of all gold/silver sold be reported to local pd on demand. The writing is on the wall. Guns aren’t the only thing they want to confiscate.

        • IT it estimated that paper gold is upwards of 100:1 vs physical gold.

          Not suprising the least. Just look at what happened w/ MF GLobal. People paid MF Global to hold their allocated gold. Allocated gold is where you have a piece of paper saying you own gold bar #XXX vs. unallocated gold where you have a piece of paper saying you own one bar of gold for example.

          If its not in you physical possession where you have a chance of defending it, its not yours.

      19. “Every collectivist revolution rides in on a Trojan horse of ’emergency’. It was the tactic of Lenin, Hitler, and Mussolini. In the collectivist sweep over a dozen minor countries of Europe, it was the cry of men striving to get on horseback. And ’emergency’ became the justification of the subsequent steps. This technique of creating emergency is the greatest achievement that demagoguery attains.”
        –Herbert Hoover

      20. Say in the next week, just in our country alone 10 million+ (sheeple) woke up to what is going on and what is going to happen. Knowing what this country is like, can you imagine the panic buying that will start, and if that would happen, it is over for all of us, right then and there.

        There would be mass riots, stealing, and everything that goes with it. Law Enforcement, Nation Guard, Active military, Federal, State, and Local Governments could not response to anything like that. Most of the personnel would be getting to their love ones so fast they wouldn’t matter anyway.

        If you were not at your Bug Out Location, or close to home, you would not get there anytime soon, if at all. We talk about getting together with likeminded people for the SHTF event, it won’t happen. So you see we are truly on our own, like it or not.

        This is just my thinking or (nightmare), could it happen, I feel it could, at any time.

        Will the world be the same at the end of this year as it is right now? MY ANSWER IS NO.

        Keep the FAITH______MOLON LABE

        • Hit it on the head Watchman, ive seen it happen here before.

        • It would be just like the long lines you see at the gun shows trying to buy ammo. Most of the lines consisted of men. Add double that for women joining in (grocery stores). Add to that as it being a daily occurance instead of just a Saturday gun show. CHAOS.

        • Watchman: Good post
          I agree. Something will trigger it. A unknown,unknown. Then we will start down hill like a snowball. The event getting bigger an bigger.
          From the North Coast

      21. Just like an earthquake.

      22. I would keep my eyes on Cyprus …and see if the contagion spreads..

        The largest talk show host in N.E. Howie Carr,,a right wing conservative (and bombastic at best),even publicly stated who the hell would keep money in the bank nowadays..

        And his poll was this..”do you think it could happen here in America?”re;Cyprus..over 90% responded ..yes!

        Well folks, it appears even the average working class is starting to smell the roses…so to speak..

        If this ensues or one knows for sure..but only a fool would not see the writing on the wall..

        The eerie similarity comparing the markets leading to the 1930’s crash and now are almost identical..the DOW reached unprecedented levels today..and has been..

        only time will tell..

        I will continue my hoarding(preps) with tin, lead,brass, and longterm foodstuffs..have no extra cash for this juncture..

        The Cyprus situation could be the tipping point for all of us..


        • Wonder how they come up with that crapload that 90 % believe it could happen here? More like 3%. Most will say this, but in reality they don’t think it. Just look at who has any preps that would last longer than a week. Not many. If the banks were shut down, stores are empty, gas stations are closed, most still would wait for our leaders to fix the situation.
          molon labe

          • KM
            Maybe they think it will happen to the wealthy with money in the banks but don’t follow through what it will mean to them personally

        • I am in process of liquidating my accounts as we speak. I will leave only crumbs behind. The savings rates don’t keep with inflation anyhow. I don’t want to wait until the US pulls some regulatory shit like they are in Europe. Also not waiting to be frozen out of funds because the banks get frightened of a run one day. My guess is that it will be a damn mess come Thursday when they open the banks in Cyprus after 3 delays. Of course many of the actual wealthy were given extra time to get their balances corrected.

          • The wealthy may have advantages in other situations, but this really blind sided the majority. A lot of this money is from out of the country investors – they had no real reason to keep their money in the bank if they had been made aware.

            • It is reported that a lot of Russian money is influxing into surrounding European banks this past week. I am assuming this is “special” people’s money from Cyprus being siphoned off accounts to drop them below the 100K euro cutoff.

            • Actually it appears that most of the wealthy out-of-country depositors were, in fact, able to get their money out of Cyprus. They were able to use affiliates of the banks in their own countries to make withdrawals, while local citizens could not. Something like 3 billion Euros left the banks during the “shut down” in this way. So the rich and connected win again.

          • They may just keep the banks closed. The ATMs seem to suffice for the amount people can get in one day anyway. It’s not like anybody is going to go to a bank to make a deposit on Thursday anyway.

      23. When is all of this going to happen? Next week? Next month? Next year? Tell you the truth I’m soooooo tired of all the sh#t the NWO shove down my throat. I’m itching to get it on already! Its time for them to cancel out! Its time to take our country back! I so miss the old days when things were so much simpler. What’s the trigger? My hair is thinning and going grey because of all the stress and pressure! I guess I ‘ll just take this time to prep more. I gonna sit patiently on my porch with my AR15 in one hand, the Bible in the other, gold and silver in my pocket, wearing my Molon Labe hat and Come and Take It t-shirt! Pps pray for me!

        • Rude dog, I know how you feel… ha! It seems it could come any time. However, IMO we got til 2014–before the new year. No later than the end of this year…

        • rude dog,

          Open your eyes and look around, it is happening right now.

      24. When the SHTF, I have an ax to grind, several in fact.

        • I always wondered where that term came from, and how it came to mean getting even…

          • Howdy JustMe,

            …I neleive that the term first originated in those times when Beheading was still ‘in vogue’…

            …see the association now? 😉


            • Funny how stuff comes back around, clothing, sayings, axes, slinkys (?).

            • I’m thinking it may become ‘in vogue’ again before long.


          You need to read the lastest post about types of survivalists.

          • WTF is up with the broken English on that site? Frustrating to try and read.

            • Selco is from the Balkans. I’m not even sure what language they speak there….but whatever it is…he does much better at English than I do trying to speak his native language.

              Selco’s articles are better than just about anything you’ll read by other guys that I consider to be no more than armchair quarterbacks.

              Selco has lived SHTF, and come out the other side. He’s “seen the elephant”.

              • They speak Serbo-Croatian in the Balkans.

                • The Balkans are “Balkanized” — they speak Serbian, they speak Croatian, and they speak Albanian in Bosnia.

          • Selco’s course is worth every penny, worthwhile, and highly reccomended.

        • That reminds me. I need to sharpen mine and get a couple of extra handles.

        • My way of getting even with some of my asshole neighbors and holier than thou pricks, when SHTF; ignore them.

          I’ll be riding by on my horse, with supplies for a few good people, and holding my head high as I pass their house.

      25. The economy was in a crisis 10 years ago. At this point it really is impossible to come up with any kind of budget to cut the deficit. The only reality left is the bursting of the bubbles and the ensuing collapse. Knowing full well of this, the gov’t is spending the ASAP (and AMAP AS MUCH..) to erect the tyrannical global body of power.

        Who dares to say that it’s worthless money when staring down a barrel (nuke)? So this is the only hope of the US maintaining its standings in the world, heck, this is the only possible way for the US to survive.

        Still here we are: concerned citizens awaiting their first strike when we’re already years behind. Might as well barter away the ammo for lube.

        • Although I agree that no one (country) will call TPTB on it, I do not think it is because of a threat of nuclear retaliation. If the US launched a nuke as a result of something that is said, then even this .1% of the population is understating how horrible our government is.

        • We are doomed. If all the Congress critters can do–Paul Ryan’s plan for example- is decrease the rate of increase of deficit spending. Cutting spending 46% to balance the budget and then more to actually pay down the debt is not going to happen…

      26. Been saying for 10 years you better get as self sufficient as you can WHILE you can…. hunk of land you can raise food on, woodlot, solar power, good spring or well, learn skills like gardening, butchering, putting up food, etc, and get to living the lifestyle to work out your mistakes and short comings WHILE you still have cheap fuel, and Walmart to back you up.

        Not sure it isn’t too late now….but I sure wouldn’t wait one more day.

        But guess what….most won’t, rationalizing it away with “but my job/401k/family/kid’s schooling/etc won’t allow me to do this”…..

        Great excuses for your tombstone…..except mass graves don’t get markers.

        • The mass graves here will get a “Red Post”, like the ones in the Soviet Union, after all, marxists are squarely behind what is coming.

      27. Little off topic, but what about communication after? No one wants to discuss it, but we should have a frequency picked that we can send intel back and forth when tshtf.

        There are a bunch of us out here that use modded radios during hunting season. (Disclaimer)It’s only so we aren’t bothered by other hunters, not to circumvent the law!!

        This way it will be harder for someone to lock on and zero in your location. And with skip there really isn’t a distance limit. Easy to do and can be run off batteries.
        molon labe

        • Kettle Moraine.

          Too high tech for some people.

          • It’s really not though. Even a cb is better than nothing. And there are a few models that you snip a couple wires (10 minutes) and voila, more frequencies.

            But I do understand many will hunker down on their own. Problem is they won’t even know what’s going on on the other side of the hill!

            • I totally agree. If you don;t have at least your HAM technician license at this point, you need to get cracking. Get some hardware and some experience. It’s not expensive and good comms is all difference between life and death.

              • Taking it next week and found some inexpensive mobile equipment and a tech guy to help me supercharge it. Just a note though, ANYONE can buy the hardware and if SHTF i seriously doubt the fcc will be an entity, if your resistance, you sure as HELL wont be using your call sign.

              • Baofeng radio on amazon for $40. They are great for the price. They work.

            • @K M

              I am with you on the communications bit. Most that attempt to install a C.B. radio would more likely blow the finals out. Two ways to do this. Buy your radio. (Some have calibration for SWR) Get you mounting brackets and coax cables and a GOOD Antenna!
              Have a person install it now or wait till it all goes down. Good coax cable, antenna and position of antenna.
              Might want a CB with upper and lower channels.


          • Silly rabbit, all caps are for kids.

          • Eisen.
            We all have been talking about stuff for many years. Nobody wants to listen.

            • To YOU

          • Eisen stop telling and be glad other are “catching up” with you and contribute your input “again”. Mac I for one would like more info on this topic. Hubby and I have been thinking a lot about this for our local community but are not tech savvy enough to have answers.

        • you can span greater distances by relay. I’ve got a field unit set up to do just that.

        • Hey Kettle Moraine do you have any sites you recommend to learn more about modded radios?

        • We need to choose at least one hailing frequency in every radio band to allow for time of day and atmospheric conditions. It would be like the old days of CB. Break on one frequency, and when you get a reply, say take it to such-and-such frequency to have the conversation. For example, in the ham bands, we could use 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 MHz. Then above 10MHz use 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. Having multiple hailing frequencies would also allow greater traffic. If the time signal is still on 5, 10, and 15, we could skip those, and also skip frequencies still occupied by high power international broadcasters. I guess on CB we could break 19 and then take it to another channel. Everyone should have modded CBs to get all the extra channels. Mobile equipment would probably be better than a fixed base station that the enemy could get a fix on.

          • And you might consider other types of radios and other frequency bands. For example, if you live inland and away from the lakes, you might get a marine radio. Those frequencies might be completely open, and without anyone else in the area monitoring them.

            • Motorola I570 cell phone has a local intercom function that doesn’t use the network to talk. I believe it even uses a band switching technology to keep secure. Very very high frequency so just line of sight but digital technology so very clear compared to FRS radios. I bought 10 of them used and extra batteries for neighborhood contact. Not as likely to be overheard. You have to get a sim to make it run but do not need any provider or contract as you are not using the phone system. Check it out. There are several models that have this talk function.

      28. Could you imagine cashing your check at the bank and being paid in $20 GOLD pieces and Silver Dollars? We probably would save more and not buy so much useless crap if we were parting with GOLD and SILVER to buy it. REAL MONEY has been replaced with little pieces of crappy paper.

        Reminds me of when you go to Las Vegas. The casino gives you play chips so you will gamble it away without thinking. If you were putting $20 Gold pieces on the PASS LINE instead of pretty little play chips you would probably say screw this gambling crap and go straight for the sure thing — hookers.

        What’s the answer? Talk to the casino host about a FREE BUFFET — but make sure you do it BEFORE you lose all your money. If you lose all your money first they won’t care about you. And forget the limo ride back to the airport — TAXI! Negotiate from a position of strength first. Buffet Crab legs, lobster tails, and Prime Rib is kind of like the casino version of Food Stamps. Sign up ahead of time while you are sober.

        Then, there is always the FREE SUITE — this will only cost you a few more grand a day — if you are lucky!

        That reminds me. Why is it a semi-private hospital bed and crappy hospital food costs a HUNDRED TIMES as much as a luxurious suite and dining like a king with world renowned chef’s, hot hostesses and butler service in Las Vegas? Let’s see — crappy community hospital or a Vegas resort? Maybe we should have Steve Wynn take over the health insurance industry instead of Obamacare.

        • “Could you imagine cashing your check at the bank and being paid in $20 GOLD pieces and Silver Dollars?”

          Yeah—but then I woke up!


        • Non Nut.People don’t even deal in little crappy pieces of paper. They just swipe a piece of plastic, or read some numbers off of that little piece of plastic, over the phone to who ever they’re buying off of. If they had to handle those crappy little pieces of paper with 100’s or 50’s or 20’s on them, they might realize what they’re doing. And when they ran out of those crappy little pieces of paper, they could’nt buy anything else, and they still had real needs, they might start to take notice. But that ain’t gona happen, were just going to keep blaming the mean old bankers. Mountain Trekker Out.

          • That’s the way I used to budget when I was single. I would cash my check and put the money in my wallet. When my wallet was empty, I was done spending until the next payday.

      29. Homosexual Marriage and Amnesty for illegal Mexicans.
        This has been the headlines for how long now?
        Is this a bullshit country or what?

        • It’s too late, and gay marriage and amnesty may be a god send. Let me explain. The left will be out of distracting issues soon. I am also an advocate of fanning the flame and let it burn down. Rebuild after people see the folly in their permissive ideas. I agree with numerous posts regarding the situation being too far gone.
          People will see the value of religion, small government, the bill if rights etc. after they are gone. It’s hard to convince people of something prior to them seeing it. The tide will turn. It’s just a matter of how bad is has to get first.

          • Interesting statement. There’s a possibility that if it goes that far, it will be too late.

            The court might not agree to hear the case due to the plaintiff not having standing. As far as DOMA, that’s the next case, and I can see that getting struck down b/c it’s the decision of the states not the federal government IIRC.

            Immigration issue with illegals is the perfect means for the progressives/nwo to destroy traditional american culture b/c they are at the same time trying to make immigrants from kleptocratic/socialistic societies to racially identify with communism and anti-white hate.

            Pity we are at this point, but I do agree the progressives/nwo types are at their limits right about now, and if they cannot push forward from here they will probably fail.

          • This is an extremely dangerous tactic. Historically when the chaos is unleashed the people beg for the government to clamp down and make it stop. And once you are living in a closed society there is no going back since the government never gives up power. Freedoms are never granted unless the blood flows. Human beings are obsessed with enslaving themselves.

        • Who cares…let them get married. Then they can be miserable like the rest of us.

          • Gay marriage is not the objective. Next is pedophiles and children getting married. Then pervs and farm animals. There is no end game exept the destruction of the West.

      30. YO MAC!!,

        Brother, I’ve got a message in to you via the board ‘contact’ avenue…please confirm it if you get it…a potential problem with my email as it were…


        • JOG, I got an email from you yesterday at about 1:55pm – sent a reply.


      31. prepper net 3.818 mhz every sunday night. the 80 meter band is crowded, so they move around some. that is just one of the nets that I check into. there are others, and if a SHTF event comes into play hams are by nature prepared. If you dont have the skills to communicate when SHTF you would miss out on a lot of useful information. If you have a short wave radio now make sure it will tune the sideband.

        • @Clyde….Im looking to buy a shortwave radio. Just havent yet because of cost and I have bought junk from other stuff. Just curious, what shortwave radio would you suggest for beginners that has high quality.

          • Baygen Freeplay windup power, runs for 30 mins, before needing rewind.

            • @JustMe….I checked that product out on the net. It says it is no longer available. thanks for response.

              • There are other, more compact brands available. I have an original Baygen shortwave receiver from Y2K, and it still works perfectly, other than having to wind it up every 30 minutes. But you can plug in a tiny solar cell and run it endlessly in the sunshine. I used to do that when I was doing yard work.

                • I have two Kaito KA 600s. They work well, and have multiple power sources built in.

          • I would look into a Yeasu ft 840 they cover all of the ham bands and have a general coverage receiver. solid state (no tubes) they are bullet proof. I had mine sitting on the dash of a semi and it rode for over 1 million miles without a hiccup. maybe a kenwood ts 140 also a good radio. Stay away from the wind up radios. they will break in no time from constant cranking. the commercial shortwave receivers are ok for listening to AM shortwave but not that good for sideband reception. get any ARRL manual, or go to their website for info. Hams are happy to help others get into the hobby.

        • Clyde, question on the radios. I recently picked up two Icom IC-U82 uhf transceivers (hand held). What are your thoughts in using these when shtf?

        • clyde- what’s your opinion of the 2 meter band? small antenna with less “zombie footprint” for them to see. OPSEC, you know… . Would like you input here. Bought mine years ago, knowing this day will arrive. Use a repeater tower to make phone calls also.

      32. The stock market is at an all-time high value. As I write this the DOW is at 14,559. How is possible at a time of extremely high unemployment, foreclosures and business failures? The answer is simple the FED is trying to buy time by flooding the market with cash. The problem is that this stimulus cash is borrowed. Borrowed on the Hope that the economy will turn around. So where are we borrowing it from if we’re broke? Oddly enough a majority of the government debt is owned by the government. How does it work? Simple borrow the money to pay one credit card with another. Eventually you run out of credit cards, so you get a loan to pay your credit cards. Our government got the loan from China. Now China owns us.

        Some will say that the Fed is only a small reason for this bull run in the markets. Corporate profits are at an all-time high and that is what is fueling the market. True, but how are they increasing their bottom line?

        First by reducing expenses. The fastest way to increase bottom line profits is to reduce employee expense. So terminate employees!

        Second invest in the market! It’s a viscous circle!

        So when the Market crashes again and it will soon, because the FED can’t stimulate the economy any more with borrowed money, We will be hit with hyperinflation. 0% interest can’t last forever. The economy can’t grow without jobs. Food prices are steadily rising.

        There are few steps left for the federal government to cement its control over nearly every facet of American life.

        Just as President Obama and his allies in Congress, the Supreme Court and the federal bureaucracy have been encroaching on our Constitutional freedoms one by one, his allies at the Federal Reserve have been eroding the foundations of our economy as well.

        Basically, the way that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has pulled this off is to make a quiet transition from portraying Fed intervention in the economy as an emergency measure to institutionalizing the easy-money philosophy of the central bank that allows the U.S. economy to float along sluggishly – and thus invites further intervention so that it doesn’t collapse again.

        In other words, the only way we can avoid a disaster that would re-set the economy at Great Depression levels is to keep printing money so as to try to nudge that disaster further into the future. There’s no thought of addressing the reasons for the problems in the first place, such as Obama’s spending habits.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman, alot of that cash is flooding over here from Europe from the wealthy “pulling the pin” from the Euro banks. Alot of it is getting into the stock market. This could end up being the greatest swindle of all. I believe this Cyprus deal was just a ruse to flush alot of the “safe cash” out into the open where it can be sucked up by the PTB. Hell, maybe it’ll start a third WW to boot. Stay tuned and keep your asses wired tight.

        • Watchman,
          The most disgusting part is that I have not heard one motherfucker state any plan for the country beyond 10 years out. Not one. Dem or Rep.
          They plan to print money for the next 10 years. I get that. But then what. No one has said how America is supposed to become a world giant, kick ass country again. Not one proposal. We all know that being a consumer and service country won’t work. We have to make shit again. Things have to change. People’s lives will have to change. The politicians don’t give a shit beyond themselves and immediate families.
          I think the govt is trying to stall until something bad happens. Or they think that they can stall until the elderly die off and the huge financial tug of medical care for the elderly lightens up. Nothing makes sense anymore. And can anyone please tell me why the hell are we even fucking with Syria? Both sides are disgusting and the same. We are helping Alqueda again. WTF. Why are we giving 1/2Billion dollars to Palestine? Why give money and weapons to Egypt? Our leaders need to be hit by a bus. There are some nasty intentions for the US out there right now. Very few even seem to give shit. Not as long as the Dow is up.

        • Excellent post, but just one quibble.

          “The answer is simple the FED is trying to buy time by flooding the market with cash.”

          It aint just the FED. The govt is fully participating in this scam. And in reality, this is only different from what they’re doing in Cyprus by method. The end is exactly the same.

          • The term “bailout” is in itself deceptive. It implies that at some point, the entity being “bailed out” will be able to stand on it’s own.

      33. Don’t look at me like
        I am a monster
        Frown out your one face
        But with the other
        Stare like a junkie
        Into the TV

      34. Just as you say in your article, most have never held a gold coin, muchless owned one. But even more so, how many people may have 100,000 dollars in a stock porfolio or 401k or that amount in a savings account, which is just numbers on a piece of paper, but have never actually even held 10,000 dollars cash in their hand. Mountain Trekker Out.

        • Farm equipment, fuel stored, food, guns n ammo and hand tools with mad skills!

          • On target bro! Cane knife and hammer in hands. I’m back in Puna (the next rock south) for a spell. More zombies/walking wounded than ever here but the farmers market is a big party so many people are trying to survive. Now you have to get DHS compliance to get your HI drivers license renewed as of this month..WTF it is coming down fast with the controls. Taro Bananas Sweet potatoes getting planted at our place here for 2014… hope there is a next year. Peace and Aloha while stepping up the preps.

        • I’ve held a $20 gold piece in my hands—it was a beauty! It was my prized possession until the building I lived in burned to the ground while I was at work one night.

          I paid…wait for it….$250 for it then. Now, well, it would be an even greater loss.

      35. Charles Krauthammer: “Our banks are in fairly good shape.”


        • He’s not a sheeptard, he’s one of the neocon “steam-valve-manipulators”.

      36. Chris Duane is a fraud.

        A used car salesmen….LITERALLY! While some of his knowledge is useful. Most of it is information that has just been synthesized….and that he claims is his own. Half of his Son’s of Liberty Academy is based on the writings of William Strauss & Neil Howe who penned the awesome book The Fourth Turning back in the late nineties. Chris Duane is a fraud and shyster who thinks he can create some Silver Shield Group or Utopia on the backs of people who are stupid enough to invest in his scheme. Just try and challenge the man once on his theories and he attacks you like a rabid dog. This guy is too busy being impressed with his own accomplishments and his “silver savvy” to be anything more than another person trying to make money off others naivety and ignorance. Why anyone would follow this man is beyond me.

        Good luck with your little cult Duane.

      37. Gonna go buy another momster box of silver eagles tomorrow.

        • I tried to order some and was told there is none in the pipeline that can be bought unopened.

          • Bowen’s Coin in Stateboro GA said they had 1500 3 days ago.

            • 1500 hundred monster boxes. Not argue but that many in one place other then the mint is strange. Do you mean tubes or singles.

      38. It has never been as bad as it is now nor as it is going to get. Help thyself and family first.

      39. ood Evening All,

        My aplopgies for my absence, I was a bit busy lately…

        I was struck by the statement that Greenspan made at the end of the piece that,
        “we cannot guarantee the value – the purchasing power – of the money..” and that
        “We need a system that can (guarantee) goods and services (to retiree’s)” or
        somesuch (my first view (run-through) as it were, excuse me if that’s not quite it.

        Money has NEVER been anymore than a TOKEN representing that which is valuable;
        Goods, services and the value of Human time. I have posted here – repeatedly – that
        there has been a clear effort on the part of the PTB to divorce the association
        of the reality of what is actually valuable and to transfer that association to
        thier ‘construct’ which is we call today, “Money”. They have nearly succeeded.

        In the months to come, at some point, there will be an ‘Event’. What that event
        will be is unknown to us now to be sure, but it will come. When it does it will wash
        over the Derivatives market much as did the Tsunami which decimated Japan previously
        and – just as was the case with the account holder’s at MF Global when it and thier
        hard-earned, accrued ‘Wealth’, vanished into Limbo – so will over One QUADRILLION
        dollars (nominal). To put that figure into persective consider that the value of
        all the pensions in this country are much less than 10 Trillion, that the GDP of
        the US is only 16 Trillion and that of the entire World is only something
        amounting to (roughly) 60 trillion.

        Question: How deep does THAT rabbit hole go?

        Answer: THAT rabbit hole HAS NO ‘bottom’.

        THAT rabbit hole was DESIGNED to be thusly; MF Global was merely the test case,
        a “proof-of-concept” as it were. THIS has been designed to be a maze so convoluted
        that GOD won’t be able to get to the bottom of it…let alone you and I…or our
        idiot governments. Truly, the only thing that makes those at the top nervous is
        that – here – in the good Ol’ US of A, we have GUNS…surely NOW the picture starts
        becoming clear? Why THEY have BEEN so interested in removing ‘assualt weapons’ from
        us; the same assualt weapons that are less than 1 per cent of the violent crime
        committed in this country….and NOT PISTOLS!

        Oh, and by the way’ Don’t forget that there is another “Manhattan Project” on
        right now…

        …in Manhattan, Kansas…should that fail.*

        We are little more than vermin, “Useless eaters” remember that: For THAT is the
        very rationaliztion that lies at the CORE of all the thoughts of those descended
        from the likes of Mayer Rothschild, J P Morgan, J D Rockefeller and a HOST of
        others, and it will be what serves – in the End – as thier justification
        for this iteration of the “FINAL SOLUTION”…

        …The one that leaves them and thier descendants ALL alone in this big,
        beautiful world, untroubled and at peace…Forever. Remember that when you kiss
        your children or grand-children tonight and tuck them in…they won’t be a part
        of the ‘World To Come”.


        • “THIS has been designed to be a maze so convoluted
          that GOD won’t be able to get to the bottom of it…”

          so maybe it’s time to just shovel in the dirt and start over.

          • Howdy sixpack,

            Umm…COULD BE! 😉


      40. JOG
        Thank you for the excellent explanation and summation all in one! Truer words have never been spoken….

      41. Render unto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s i.e the Money & System belongs to the PTB.You are either their slave or not for now it’s actually your choice. In a little while many will be begging them for help. I am NOT ready. Don’t know what I am going to do. When the shtf ~ i don;t know if death will be immediate or time will tell or who knows…….the options are many ~ War, Catastrophe, Bio etc etc It could be quick which is what I am hoping for or….Was in NYC for Sandy not Cute. Was here to for 9/11 ….and let me tell you THIS WORLD has changed. I wish you guys who prepped the best YOU DESERVE to live for all your hardwork…please remember to store the most vital knowledge as well……who knows how long and if civilization will evr bounce back with all those nuclear plants imploding. cheers.

        • As “Archivist,” I have stored a large percentage of the world’s knowledge.

      42. From the BBC Website tonight:

        “China has been pushing for a more international role for its currency, the yuan. It has been trying to promote the yuan as an alternative to the US dollar as a global reserve currency.

        As part of that push, it has signed a series of swap deals with some of its key trading partners.

        Such agreements not only allow central banks to swap currencies, but can also be used by firms to settle trade in local currencies rather than in US dollars, as happens now, since China’s currency is not fully convertible to other currencies.

        Earlier this year, the Bank of England said that it was in negotiations with its Chinese counterpart to finalise a three-year swap agreement.

        Last year, China signed a swap deal with Australia worth up to A$30bn ($31bn; £20bn) to promote bi-lateral trade and investment.

        It is also looking at currency pacts with Hong Kong and Japan.”

        • Now this is interesting information. Hope to learn more. I have only heard small bits and prices so far on what China has been doing.

        • What good is a Nation’s currency that does not Produce like it use to, and Consumes far more than it use to?

          Its like hanging around with Uncle Joe that always needs money from relatives so he can buy that dream ranch, but needs monies to get out of debt first.

          Agriculture still produces, but much less than 20 years ago on a World’s scale.

          Our currency is worthless here soon. Has anyone wondered why you can put money in bank and collect basically zero interest since 2006? When you collect zero interest on something, that basically says the property you have is worthless.

          Its like buying Uncle Joes underfed horse.

        • What good is a Nation’s currency that does not Produce like it use to, and Consumes far more than it use to?

          Its like hanging around with Uncle Joe that always needs money from relatives so he can buy that dream ranch, but needs monies to get out of debt first.

          Agriculture still produces, but much less than 20 years ago on a World’s scale.

          Our currency is worthless here soon. Has anyone wondered why you can put money in bank and collect basically zero interest since 2006? When you collect zero interest on something, that basically says the property you have is worthless.

          Its like buying Uncle Joes underfed horse.

      43. Have you noticed that for a while (this last 12 month for sure) everyone you met fells “off” and that something is not right? Everone knows trouble is coming and soon. Most are just wistleing past the graveyard. Law enforcment training centers are training now for urban warefare. There centers are building mini city mockups and training in them. They will tell you it is for hostage situations but if you go and look at them you will know it is for something bigger. I have seen this (note my screen name). It is obvius what is up. I spoke of seeing patterns and put together strings of information. All I can say is prep, Trouble is coming. read what this site and many other ones (survival blog, survival mon, stan deyo) are wrighting and prep for you and your family. The day will come were I will have to leave my job and this is what I prepair for. Some of us have to make it to put this back together. Prep, pray. train, learn, and build teams of folks you can trust. Help each other. Stay safe and God bless

      44. “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.” Love that clip.

      45. Perhaps Cyprus will ultimately be the trigger, perhaps not. Yet the fiat money con depends solely on the extent to which people have faith in the system. Once that faith turns to fear, game over. That said, the media pundits, the financial community do all they can to cheerlead. The Dow is up, but few see that the market is thinly traded. Home prices are up, but only because banks are keeping millions of foreclosed homes off the market. The unemployment rate is lightly down, but few realize that going by the way the data used to be tallied, real unemployment is 23% plus.

        With food stamps, we have eliminated the soup kitchen lines, of the 1930s., although a record 50 million are using them. Out of sight, out of mind. So until these things become a smack in the face reality to most people, we will continue to muddle along. After all, optimism is an ingrained part of the American character, a sort of “we’ll pull out of it, we always do” syndrome.

        I listened in disbelief recently when Charles Krauthammer recently said that USA banks were in pretty good shape. He must be sure that exposure to a quadrillion dollars of derivatives is simply a small blip, that actual reserves at two percent is nothing to worry about. Even this learned man is drinking the kool- aid.

        So why do just a very few of us get it while the other 99.9% just keep muddling along? My take is that the consequences of the present disaster of central banking and the looming collapse is simply far too frightening for most people to consider.

        But here’s the deal. It only takes one trigger event for the masses to lose faith. It takes but one bank failure in h USA to precipitate a run on others, and an emergency bank holiday, just as we have seen in Cyprus. The FDIC has not nearly enough to cover deposits today. And when people start to see their money disappear forever, the stark reality will erupt into denial, then fear, then panic, then chaos. So simple really. We have seen this in many small countries over the years, and we dare have the hubris to think it can’t happen to us?

        The forces that a trying to keep the game going are powerful and will keep at it hard and strong. But even Bernanke sees it coming. He is not seeking another term. He understands there is no way out.

        So what is the collapse timetable? Could be tomorrow, or four years from now. What difference does it make? It is as inevitable as our own death. Yeh, we preppers may be the looney tunes crazy ones. That’s what mainstream thinks. But who gives a rat’s ass? Does it really matter? It’s just human nature to be in such gross denial. Yet I would be failing as a God fearing man if I did not do everything possible to protect my family and loved ones. Hell yes I have been stockpiling food, water, tools, guns, ammo, PMs, while preparing a great bug out location. And aside from a few very close, like minded friends, nobody knows anything about what I am really doing. We may ll eventually go down, but I’m not going down without a fight. Meanwhile I go about my daily business as if all is just peachy, one day at a time. Personally, I am a very positive, no fear kind of guy. My life is good today, and no matter what happens moving forward, I will continue to be positive, one day at a time.

        • Easter is a long weekend…

          • A very long weekend indeed!

        • Ralphie, why can we see what those like Krauthammer fail to face?
          I think we break it down in Homemaker 101 terms
          …regardless of how big the corporation or bank is, that process is always the same.
          Income > expenses= good
          Expenses > income= bad

          It will NEVER change…that’s simple math folks.

          • They don’t teach simple math any more. At least in the schools around here, it takes a full sheet of paper to complete a simple division problem. And they teach subtraction by having the students make marks on their paper equal to the top number, then cross out enough marks to equal the bottom number. Then they count the marks left to get their answer. They don’t even learn multiplication tables now.

            • Yeah, the marks are great for first grade–I taught using them.

        • Exactly… at this point “who gives a rats ass”. Prep for you and your family and find others of like mind and practice OPSEC. My freinds at work who are like minded and see what I (and the folks here) see have shut up about thier prep. We even tease each other in front of others on how dumb we were, how much time we wasted, and how great the economy is doing. You can’t save dumb people so don’t try. Raplphieboy is dead on. Time is short. Get busy. Even optimists like Glen Beck have all but given up. They know. We are running down a hallway with very few emergency exits left. God Bless and stay safe.

      46. IMHO. The Government, of our country, (not us) has switched over to survival mode. They know something bad this way cometh, and they cannot stop it. Thus the lack of concern about the economy. When TS hits they would rather we (the people) just be able to scream and throw rocks.
        vs having weapons..

      47. It is easy to get fatigued by the slow painful collapse that we are currently in. I suspect the average Roman did not know they were getting trick f@@ked until it was too late to do something. We are in a slow decline, it may be a lengthy event. Sure, the ending may well be something spectacular that everyone will point too. Not all failure but a large portion of the are progressive failures. One bolt fails then the next bolt must carry more load. A roof collapse to the floor then that floor must also carry the weight of the roof. One big bank fails then other people decide they should get a little cash out of their bank. The failure does not need to be large to start a progressive collapse. Cyprus is a start. The question is will this be the unravelling? We watch to see if a second bolt shears. Much creaking and groaning right now. A lot of watchers here we need to watch even closer now. The only thing that stopped the 2008 collapse, or rather slowed it down is the printing of money. That is it. More debt. We are not fixed, we just have more debt. Europe is not able to work like the US, they can’t print and manipulate as well. Too many countries with too many differences. If the progression is not stopped in Europe, we will see it here sooner. In reality the progression is only slowed anyway, not stopped.

        De Oppesso Liber – I never thought we would be the oppressed

        • This reminds me of an old British miniseries from the ’80’s called ‘Threads’, about the generation of people following a catastrophic event (I think it was a nuclear war in the series) and the long-term social effects of shortages and poverty that result. The collapse of society was not quick but slow and desperate, as people die over the years of trivial maladies or are killed by their neighbors for a trivial piece of food. By the last episode, the people who were just children at the time of the Event in the first episode are teenagers and young adults, but are virtually feral and without hope. They speak in ungrammatical monosyllabic utterances, scrounge and rut in the dirt like animals, etc. The show was meant to show how thin is the veneer and how vulnerable are the “threads” that keep together a community and a civilized society. Of all the post-apocalyptic scenarios I’ve seen, it struck me as the most realistic.

      48. JOG and Ralphieboy.

        Great Posts.

      49. My life totally changed forever in 2001. Nothing has ever been the same. We are already deep into “future shock”. Nothing to thumbs up there. Just stating the facts.

      50. Robert A. Hall is an actor. He plays the coroner on CSI if you watch that show. He also is a Marine Vietnam War veteran, but does not mention that he had his legs blown off in that war.
        This should be required reading for every man, woman and child in the United States of America .

        “I’m 63 and I’m Tired”by Robert A. Hall

        I’m 63. Except for one semester in college when jobs were scarce and a six-month period when I was between jobs, but job-hunting every day, I’ve worked hard since I was 18. Despite some health challenges, I still put in 50-hour weeks, and haven’t called in sick in seven or eight years. I make a good salary, but I didn’t inherit my job or my income, and I worked to get where I am. Given the economy, there’s no retirement in sight, and I’m tired. Very tired.

        I’m tired of being told that I have to “spread the wealth” to people who don’t have my work ethic. I’m tired of being told the government will take the money I earned, by force if necessary, and give it to people too lazy to earn it.

        I’m tired of being told that I have to pay more taxes to “keep people in their homes.” Sure, if they lost their jobs or got sick, I’m willing to help. But if they bought Mc Mansions at three times the price of our paid-off, $250,000 condo, on one-third of my salary, then let the left-wing Congress-critters who passed Fannie and Freddie and the Community Reinvestment Act that created the bubble use their own money to help them.

        I’m tired of being told how bad America is by left-wing millionaires like Michael Moore, George Soros and Hollywood Entertainers who live in luxury because of the opportunities America provided to them. In thirty years, if they get their way, the United States will have:
        1. the economy of Zimbabwe,
        2. the freedom of the press of China
        3. the crime and violence of Mexico,
        4. the tolerance for Christian people of Iran
        5. the freedom of speech of Venezuela ..

        I’m tired of being told that Islam is a “Religion of Peace,” when every day I can read stories of Muslim men killing their sisters, wives and daughters for their family “honor”; of Muslims rioting over some slight offense; of Muslims murdering Christian and Jews because they aren’t “believers”; of Muslims burning schools for girls; of Muslims stoning teenage rape victims to death for “adultery”; of Muslims mutilating the genitals of little girls; all in the name of Allah, because the Qur’an and Sharia’s law tells them to.

        Continue reading:

      51. Retired Military Officer Demands that Federal Agencies End Preparation for War Against US Citizens, Turn Weapons Over to DoD

        link below once moderated

      52. “State education officials will be taking a closer look at Florida Atlantic University today after Gov. Rick Scott responded to a controversial classroom exercise.”

        “A class, taught by Vice Chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party Deandre Poole, was reportedly following an exercise in the instructor’s manual that had students write the name “Jesus” in large letters on a piece of paper, put the paper on the floor, face up, and after a brief period, tell them to step on the paper.”

        “One student, a junior named Ryan Rotelas, said he refused to participate.

        While the university said Rotelas was never punished for his refusal, the student’s lawyer said school officials told Rotelas he would be suspended.”

        “FAU officials have apologized and said the student will not be punished. They also stated the exercise will not be assigned again.

        Gov. Rick Scott wants a detailed report from state university system Chancellor Frank Brogan regarding the incident.”

        “Whether the student was reprimanded or whether an apology was given is in many ways (inconsequential) to the larger issue of a professor’s poor judgment,” Scott stated in a letter to Brogan. “The professor’s lesson was offensive, and even intolerant, to Christians and those of all faiths who deserve to be respected as Americans entitled to religious freedom.”

        FAU did an about face.

        “Their first mistake was backing the professor and the assignment. But then they found out most of America didn’t agree with them,” says Sasser.

        Rotelas is back in class, but with a different instructor. He claimed “victory” Tuesday on his Facebook page once the university decided he wouldn’t be punished.

        link on Drudge Report

      53. Morning All,

        Up at Buusiness Insider,

        “While Midwestern states will probably emerge unscathed, early crop plantings in the southern U.S. are already getting wiped out. Florida sweet corn growers have already lost as much as 45 percent of their early production, according to Greenbook.”

        If you thought the price of food was bad before this…well it ain’t gonna get better.

        Bear in mind that as of December World grain reserves were at the lowest they had been in nearly 60 years. Keep Preppin’ Folks…Hard.

        The markets just opened (it’s 08:36 now) and the DOW is down 113 points, Au is at $1597, climbing.


      54. I have been on this site for about 3 years now and Im starting to get convinced that governments can keep everything propped up and looking good on the outside just about forever. All this quantitative easing can go on infinitly.

        The only way everything will come crashing down is through a World War or worldwide natural disaster of Biblical proportion.

      55. I’m reorganizing that wealth on the shelves as we speak; getting more room for more ‘wealth’!(wink-wink)

      56. One other thing that happened here in Canada over the past 24 hours or so was that the 6 largest banks in Canada, representing over 90 percent of Canadian banking , were declared too big to fail. This coupled with the governments other statements regarding money laundering and off shore accounts should be a huge red flag. I would not be holding cash over 100 000 in any bank. If you have tons of it still and dont know what to do. I am sorry, but your only choice is the stock market. It will “save” your sorry ass rich hide for a small amount of time, but in the end, well, i dont know how to put it so i will just say it. You lose. Your wealth was an illusion.

      57. You know what’s interesting? Go up to someone, regardless of whether or not you know them, and show them a $5 bill. The amount is irrelevant. And ask them what the value is.

        When they say $5, ask them how do they know that? Without question they will say something along the lines of “because that is what is written on there”.

        Showing the basic piece of knowledge that most people simply don’t understand about a fiat currency. It’s really worthless paper, backed in value by nothing more then the government’s word that it is worth $5.

        • Mike…

          I did the same with my Lil’ hillbilly (young teenager) showed him a dollar and asked him what it was worth. Same answer you got. That is when I explained to him it truly holds no value, just what people believes it has.

          One small pebble tossed into the pool of his mind. Where those ripples go… (Shrug)

          Y’all play nice. 🙂

          hillbilly SC

      58. The Federal Torts Claim Act waives the United States’ immunity against lawsuits for civil wrongs intentionally caused by federal representatives, including federal law enforcement officers. But the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said immunity is only waived when the law enforcement officer is executing a search, seizing evidence or making an arrest.

        • They have to be acting within the scope of their employment, which includes the Constitution, to be protected. Malfeasance and nonfeasance are not protected.

      59. let it rip, people that only know how to use I-crack,watch reality shows,and have maybe one skill(flipping burgers) will live day to day by the skin of their a$$es no matter what happens. if you were lucky enough to be raised on a farm and was taught to to just about everything and are fortunate to have the attitude to learn something new everyday you will survive! what people don’t understand is that this country is falling apart as we speak! If you are living a life beyond your means you are already in trouble, like a cancer this country is dying from the inside! teach your children as much as you can about living a simple life,within your means,and family values!

      60. wow
        another great hard hitting article from Selco
        someone who lived through a true WTSHTF scenario

        just a few snippets

        Everything that you have prepared and stored for SHTF will be pushed to the limits.

        In reality you do not know if you are prepared.

        Get good at suffering while still being able to work towards a goal.

      61. Anybody got change for a bitcoin?

      62. Money is “a promise to complete a trade”. This is obvious by studying it’s genesis as an efficient improvement over simple barter. If you return to barter you see in that instant that a good moves from one hand to another there is that promise to complete a trade. The instant before, it is a trading promise in the making. The instant after it is a promise kept.

        All that money does is allow that promise to occur at different times; over different times; and at different places. And these promises then take on value themselves and are freely traded. When the trade is completed, the trading promise is extinguished and and certificates (money) representing it are extinguished with it.

        To properly manage any Medium of Exchange (MOE), the controlling relation is:


        Proper management entails:
        o maintaining INFLATION at zero for all time and in all places
        o measuring DEFAULTS of trading promises
        o collecting INTEREST equal to DEFAULTS
        o assuring a free supply of certificates for trading promises

        Characteristics of a properly managed MOE:
        o INFLATION is zero at all times and in all places
        o Money circulates freely and is universally accepted
        o Money is always in free supply
        o Responsible traders enjoy zero INTEREST
        o DEFAULTERS pay INTEREST but can recover from the defaults
        o There are no runs on banks
        o There is no business cycle

        True, money is debt … and that is not a bad thing. Gold, silver, and any other good is not money. It is simply a good exchanged in simple barter.

      63. The senate passed a new tax bill worth over $1 Trillion. That should be enough for more drones.

        This tax hike is going to slam the economy even more. I believe this starts for the 2014 tax season. That should give plenty incentive to succeed.

        Remember our new Govt motto: ‘You work harder so others don’t have too.’

      64. Check out Ann Burnhardt 8 part you tube videos. Very insightful.

      65. The video started with a song written by the most amazing atheist that has ever existed…

      66. How very surprised you’re going to be when we punish your Nazi ass and leave the Jews alone.

      67. Use federal reserve notes and incur an Irrecusable obligation. The puzzle is complete!!!
        A Banksters defeatism (realization of defeat) nightmare, Being forced to Return to Real Money=United States Note=Lawful Money, Use the Remedy within the Federal Reserve Act. Redeemed 12USC411 –
        Refusal Penalty 12USC501a – Stop being a Slave!!!!!! This is Tax Free Money!!!!!! Convincing Congress to Abolish the Fed Irrecusable obligation, which according to ‘Bouvier’s Law Dictionary’ (1914 ed.), is “a term used to indicate a certain class of contractual obligations recognized by the law which are imposed upon a person without his consent and without regard to any act of his own.” This is distinguished from a recusable obligation, which according to Bouvier, arises from a voluntary act by which one incurs the obligation imposed by the operation of law. The Income Tax succinctly described is an irrecusable obligation.
        The obligation to make a return of income for using private credit is recognized in law as an irrecusable obligation. The voluntary use of private credit is the condition precedent, which imposes the irrecusable obligation to file a tax return. If private credit is not used or rejected, then the operation of law, which imposes the irrecusable obligation lies dormant and cannot apply.

      68. Since the six day war in 1967…the clock has been ticking. It’s simple math! 2013 will be the end of the Petro dollar and the world’s reserve currency and the demise of the US economy. I won’t be commenting anymore.
        Prepare physically, mentally (I see most here have already taken the steps) and spiritually.

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