The Future Of Socialized Healthcare: “There Is No Better Predictor Than The VA System”

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It was just a couple of months ago that President Obama declared a victory in the battle for affordable health care.

“Many of the tall tales that have been told about this law have been debunked.  There are still no death panels.  (Laughter.)  Armageddon has not arrived.  Instead, this law is helping millions of Americans, and in the coming years it will help millions more.”

Perhaps Armageddon hasn’t arrived for those who have been allowed to keep their platinum health insurance because of exemptions granted by the administration. But for the rest of us, a Healthcare Armageddon is a foregone conclusion.

Economically and financially, the new law will bankrupt an already struggling middle class who has, in many cases, seen a four-fold increase in their monthly premiums. By all accounts, life for those people is going to change dramatically in coming years because as much as 15% of their income will now be taken from them by force in the form of what the U.S. Supreme Court has classified as a mandated tax.

For those with the ability to make those outrageous payments and deductibles each year, they have now entered a system run by the very same bureaucrats in charge of our country’s other government run health care programs.

To understand the future of socialized health care in America we need to look no further than the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

As noted in the transcript of Obama’s speech above, the audience laughed when the President mentioned the conspiracy theory surrounding death panels. While the law itself makes no mention of “death panels,” they certainly exist and this fact can’t just be “debunked” as the President would like us to believe.

You could ask the scores of Veterans who were pencil-pushed to the back of the line by the VA in Phoenix and Houston, except for the fact that they died while awaiting the medical assistance they were promised.

And while the deaths of these service members is tragic and almost unbelievable, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Tens of thousands of our veterans are shuffled around within the system, often times for budgetary reasons or because their physician is just is simply too apathetic to care. If you need real medical care, for example, which often starts with a diagnosis that may include testing like an X-ray or an MRI, it’s common for VA physicians to simply ignore the patient’s need and jump right into prescribing pain medication. There are countless stories like this, where patients literally waited years to receive a real diagnosis, only to see their condition worsen and become inoperable by the time testing was completed because it was ignored for so long.

That very system which has ignored those men and women who have put their lives on the line for this country and has promised to care for them is now the same system that’s in charge of medical care under the Patient Affordable Care Act. In fact, if recent history is any guide, the mandates under Obamacare are going to be much, much worse:

One conclusion we can draw is an old, familiar one: No matter what the issue or activity, bureaucracy’s first and strongest instinct is to protect itself in the face of a perceived threat.

Another conclusion is probably just dawning on those Americans with the wit to see it, because so very few of us have had a brush with a medical system of which government is the sole proprietor: Putting a government bureaucracy in charge of one’s health is a gamble likely to end badly.

And yet, if Obamacare stands, that is precisely the gamble each and every American eventually will take.

There is no better predictor of the course of a single-payer medical system in the United States than the VA system, because it is a single-payer system.

If an enrolled patient needs something done, he or she applies to the government-run system for approval; waits until the government-run system is ready to act; accepts the government-run system’s solution or, if dissatisfied, appeals to that same government-run system for relief. Because the bureaucracy pays the bill, the bureaucracy makes the decisions — when or if treatment will be given, and whether or not the patient has been well enough served.

In the VA system, it has recently come to light, scores of patients somehow got stuck on the second step of the bureaucratic flow chart: waiting. Their medical problems apparently were not deemed pressing enough to get them into a doctor’s examining room.

The death panels may not exist by name, but they most assuredly exist within the bureaucracy managed by the U.S. government.

We’re not making this up, it’s no conspiracy, and it cannot be debunked, as evidenced by the experiences of actual people currently enrolled in the Obamacare system:

Obamacare is denied at most cancer hospitals according to a recent Associated Press survey. Only four out of 19 of the nation’s best cancer hospitals who replied to the survey said they will accept patient’s insurance from all of the healthcare exchanges within their state, in effect excluding most people who are signing up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare.

In simple terms: If you get cancer you will not get medical care.

This is, by every possible definition, nothing short of a death panel. With the Patient Affordable Care Act, we have no other choice but the health insurance prescribed by the government. And cancer treatment is not covered according to the hospitals that are supposed to provide it!

Just wait until you see what happens when these bureaucrats realize that the medical system is underfunded because healthy people, especially young adults, refuse to sign up. You see, Obamacare is, in essence, a Ponzi scheme that requires one group to continually provide funding in order to pay off the needs of another group.

Despite that claimed number of 7.1 million Americans having signed up since the program’s inception, a recent report indicates that as many as half of the enrollees missed their first insurance payment. One reason for this might be the exorbitant costs associated with the coverage (not counting the deductibles!).

As these liabilities begin to pile up and not enough people sign up to make up the difference, guess what happens.

Again, in simple terms, An Instantaneous Collapse of Obamacare Services:

First, if you’re “27″, the average premium is $266.20/month or $3,194.40 per year.  How many 27 year olds have an extra $3,200 to spend on this?  Remember, this is the price that virtually every uninsured 27 year old must be willing — and able — to cough up in order to prevent the model this system is predicated on from collapsing.

If those 27 year olds don’t show up, and they won’t, then the system collapses instantly.  If they do show up because the government threatens them with fines the economy collapses as $3,200 a year exceeds the average 27 year old’s disposable personal income after mandatory expenses (e.g. food, shelter, etc.)  Remember, there are always exceptions but these premiums are averages and over large pools of people the statistical averages are what matters — not the ends of the barbell.

While the law may never be repealed and everybody who signed up thinks they still have health insurance, when it matters most there won’t be a doctor on the list who’ll be willing to help you. Why? Because the government will outright deny the medical services because it is broke and they’ll simply refuse to pay the doctor to provide it.

That’s what we can call a De Facto death panel.

They had them back in the old Communist days of the East Bloc. It wasn’t by name, of course, but rather, by action.

People used to stand in hours-long lines just to be seen for an ear infection or to receive antibiotics, unless of course you could throw the doc a little summin-summin under the table. Then you were prioritized.

Eastern Europeans and Soviet Russians who lived under the red banner prior to 1989 will tell you, “You don’t go to the hospital to live longer, you go there to die.”

This is the same system we now have in place in America, despite the fact that ear wax eating Congressman Joe Garcia claimed just this week that democrats have proven Communism works.

It works great for people like the Congressman who suck off the tax payer teat, enjoy free platinum health care coverage, and dine at premier ear wax eateries around D.C.

For the rest of us, however, Communism works about as well as it did for the millions of slaves who eventually tore down the Berlin Wall to escape its stranglehold.

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    1. Paranoid

      Not to worry I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you. Please bend over.

      • Paranoid

        Anyone wonder why if it’s so good for us, and such a deal, why is it manditory?

        • Kulafarmer

          Mandatory schmandatory,
          MAKE ME !

          • Confederate

            Be careful Kula, you’ll end up in a FEMA camp in paradise.

            • John Q. Public

              Never lose sight of THEIR goal: 95% depopulation and enslavement of the survivors.

              • Shooter

                No one cares if you get health care. Like you have said they want most of us dead anyway.

                • Be informed

                  The further you can stay away from dr quack the better. In this country that is only less than 5% of the world population, 50% of all pharm. DOPE is taken. Dr. quack only knows to poison anyone with toxins that have side effects that require more dope to counteract the toxic slew of crap they are prescribing. When you can find a good doctor you are lucky. Even more lucky if you get to keep them under BO health care.

                  Tic toc, tic toc, the old doomsday clock is getting closer and closer to midnight each day. This garbage everyday reminds me of an avalanche that gets more and more debris and gains speed down the hill or mountain. Soon society will be so buried that few will be able to pop up out of it.

                • Defiant

                  Obama declared another victory?

                  I’m so damn sick and tired of that

                  buffoon pitting his power against

                  the very people who entrusted

                  their care and future life unknowingly

                  to his anti-American ideals.

                  This piece of shit we have for a

                  leader and the things he does would

                  make Kim Jung Un of N. Korea blush.

                • Beef Supreme

                  Hillary wears a strap on.

                • apache54

                  we agree just another ploy on there part to scam the sheeple!!

              • Hunter

                John Q.-

                Ahhhh….Yes, it all boils down to a “kosher manageable 5%” doesn’t it?

                The Talmudic demanded harvest-time is accelerating…be prepared to go “dark” quickly, bro!!!

                Ditto…for the rest of the awakened.

                • Grafique

                  “The Jews want to ‘harvest’ us! The Jews want to ‘harvest’ us! AAAGGHHHH!”

                • John Q. Public

                  Yes, Garfique, HARVEST.

                  It is not a theory. It is already happening:


                  The FBI busted the rabbis’ murder-for-organ-harvesting crime syndicate. I suppose the FBI is also “Haman.”

                • John Q. Public

                  Search “FBI rabbis organ harvesting” and pick your favorite print or talmudvision source.

                  Yes, HARVEST!

                • John Q. Public

                  It seems that Grafique’s modus operandi is drive-by lying.

            • John Q. Public

              How does that old saw about socialized medicine go?

              “… the efficiency of the post office, compassion of the IRS, and the frugality of the Pentagon”

              • Calgagus

                Our health care is about to be one size fits all. Warning — Obamacare will wind up as the new hope for the VA. This latest controversy w/ the VA has been a performance for the tv sets and anyone whos plugged in. They have planned to bring outrage to Americans and to get people mad as hell. This aint much different than everyone who got scared after 9/11 and asked the govt to do something quick. Obama will do something alright. The VA care will merge w/ Obamacare. We already have some doctors who have come forward and said theyd treat the Vets who have no other insurance for certain conditions. Get ready, here it comes.

                • Anonymousse

                  True VA story: Spouse (whom we shall call Mr. Stubborn) is a veteran with Agent-Orange-exposure-related diabetes. In the last month, he developed a very large (2-1/4 inches long, 1-1/2 inches wide) leg ulcer after hitting shin on the corner of a box. It kept getting worse and worse, deteriorating every day. Of course, as our men do, he made light of it and wouldn’t let me see the wound until I finally cornered him, wrassled and hog-tied him, and made him show it.

                  By now, the ulcer was down to the meat. No skin left. Not a single layer. Raw, red meat. You know…down so many layers, that it actually doesn’t even hurt anymore, getting bubbly from infection.

                  So off we go to the VA. The PA (we never see a doctor) in typical fashion (should I have have expected anything better?) looks at it and says, “Oh, looks fine.” PA never offered any medicine, no wound care, nothing.

                  So took spouse home and thought about how to deal with this because it was getting to the point where the integrity of his leg was threatened. I then remembered one of the articles from the trio of amazing women (Ms. Tess, Ms. Lizzie, and Ms. Daisy) about sugar healing wounds, re-reviewed info re: same, applying the sugar/povidone-iodine poultices, and the ulcer is now well on its way to healing without any assistance from the Evil Empire.

                  I like happy endings.

                • KY Mom

                  Healthcare in the future?

                  There are a couple of Stargate SG-1 episodes about the Ashien. The Ashien (at first depicted as heroes) provide earth with vaccines to “wipe out disease.” People discover too late that there are irreversible side effects with the vaccines.

                  We watched these recently on Netflix.

                  Stargate SG-1 Season 4, Episode 4 Title: 2010

                  Stargate SG-1 Season 5, Episode 10 Title: 2001

                • PKLauLau

                  Anonymousse: Glad your hubby is getting better…..I must have missed that article from the smart gals here….can you post that wound healing recipe?


              • posseecom

                Fuck all these evil bastards…all of them!

                Leave us alone.

                Rot in hell whence you came and go back to where you belong..

                You’ve preyed upon us like vampires for thousands of years.

                Enslaving,taxing,edicting,killing us,sending us to war,raping our women and children, all upon some moniker of a better world..a better for me and I’ll free you and make life better..

                I’m so sick of all this told us fighting for the freedoms and right to vote would better mankind..bullshit!

                It ‘s getting worse by the day and year and millennium..

                I’m done with all these politicians…every last one of them…

                You live like kings and queens all upon our extracted taxes.

                Fuck you!

                We’ll set up our death panels…just for you!


                • Confederate

                  Rant on brother, you saying what we are all thinking.

                • lastmanstanding

                  Been trying to remain silent but fuck Possee you fucking rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Arnaud Amalric in the 12th century said…

                  “kill them all and let God recognize his own”

                  The US Marines simplified it in Vietnam…”kill’em all and let God sort it out”

                  “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

                • lastmanstanding

                  “sort’em out”

              • Them Guys

                The Photo in This Main article must be another First…For the Pharisee Rabbi holding that lantern is the First ever Rabbi I have seen without a very long beard!

            • Kulafarmer

              They can try!

          • Man on the inside

            what… There are death panels… There’s no way Sarah Palin was right… (cue sarcastic eye roll). PRAY, PLAN,PREP,FORM TEAMS.

          • ReadyRNot

            I refused to sign up….oh,oh….missed the deadline! Whatever shall I do? I will not sign up for government mandated ANYTHING! I work with insurance companies doing billing and negotiating payments on behalf of the patients and the clinicians. I can tell you this, all insurance companies have loopholes, they all make up more and more creative reasons NOT to pay what they legitimately owe, and yet they have the guts to jack up rates at a whim and refuse to authorize necessary services for those who need them on a regular basis.

            Not to mention….I am one of millions that are trapped in the middle of the Obamacare “black hole” in that I make too much money to go on Medicaid, not old enough or chronically sick enough to go on Medicare, my small business employer does not offer insurance for me to purchase through his new company, so that means I would have to pay for an Obamacare policy. I did go to my state’s insurance clearinghouse website to compare rates on the policies offered and here’s what I found: to get an average-coverage policy (80% covered by insurance, 20% my co-insurance cost for most services), there would be a $1,500 deductible on the least costly policy plus a $350.00 per month premium to pay before they would cover one cent of medical care. No dental, no vision.

            If I chose to go the major medical route, the deductible would be $10,000 annually, then after that deductible they would cover 50% and leave me with the other 50% out of pocket. The monthly premium for that policy would be a low, low $300 per month! Now you have to double the premium because my husband is in the same boat as me, so he would need to be covered too.

            That’s an average of $600 / month premium cost and doesn’t even touch the deductible or co-insurance payments should we need medical care! It’s insane! My rent is $650 / month – – where do you think I am going to find another $600 / month?? Do I pay for Obamacare or do I pay my rent? Tough choice? It’s a no-brainer for me….no Obamacare.

            Even if this weren’t the worst kind of extortion perpetrated on the American people in years, I still wouldn’t be able to comply with the “law” of mandatory coverage because I do truly believe in personal freedom and I absolutely WILL NOT be mandated by a corrupt, greedy government that I must subsidize the earwax-eaters in D.C. with my hard-earned money. Ain’t happenin’.

            I’ll pay the fine or they can come get me…if they can find me.

        • KY Mom

          With Obamacare, under the guise of “healthcare”, control of the population will INCREASE and the QUALITY of care will DECREASE.

          Federal ‘Biosurveillance’ Plan Seeking Direct Access to Americans’ Private Medical Records

          “The federal government is piecing together a sweeping national “biosurveillance” system that will give bureaucrats near real-time access to Americans’ private medical information in the name of national security…”

          “the NHSS proposal would allow the federal government to MONITOR an individual’s behavior before, during and after any government-defined health “incident” – which could be anything from a local outbreak of the flu to a terrorist anthrax attack.”

          “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPPA already allows the federal government and the state government and the local government and anyone who is a public health agency to have access to our medical records – identifiable medical records – without our consent. It’s in the HIPPA Privacy Rule, which has the full force and effect of law. But that wasn’t actually put in by Congress. It was put in by the Department of Health and Human Services.”

          • passinwiththewind

            good info.

            A few weeks ago I watched a rerun of an episode of Freedom Fighters on the PRST Sports Channel. It was episode # 9 and it originally aired on April 2, 2014.

            They did a candid interview with a sportsman from Canada about the gov run healthcare system there. He made some valid points and gave a few circumstances of how bad the system is. He said that the USA system will probably end up being just like it and we should fight it with everything we can.

            The first time he was “shocked” was when he wanted to get tested for colon cancer because his Dad’s twin brother had it and it ran in his family. Because his dad had not been diagnosed with colon cancer, his Dr. of many years said the healthcare system will “not” allow us to test you. This made it illegal for any Dr. or hospital in Canada to test this guy even if he paid for it out of his pocket. His only alternative was to come to the USA and pay for the tests. What happens when the two countries merge?

            His second “shock” came when he took his young daughter in for an exam and because her “gov issued” health card had expired, he was unable to get medical attention for her for anything until she was issued a new one, which was going to take about two weeks for the gov to correct their oversight, a problem that they had made.

            So if the gov fails to issue you a health card in Canada, for whatever reason they choose, it is illegal for anyone or any facility to give medical attention to a person without one.

            At the mercy of the gov? You betcha. Coming to a town near you soon.


          • Anonymous

            Plus, the government mandates that medical practices utilize electronic health record (EHR) computer systems, unless they meet certain exemptions. These are expensive for the doctors to install and maintain and most are cumbersome to use. To kick-start this system, the government paid “incentives” to medical practices to switch to EHR. These will soon convert to penalties against practices that have fail to install and use EHR. The payoff to Uncle Sam for having EHR in place is HE can now access and monitor your medical record. This is promoted as a way to make sure your doctor is following proper treatment guidelines, but is actually a way for the government to control your care.
            Remember all the news about the US Preventative Care Task Force deciding that women really didn’t need routine mammograms and men didn’t really need screening for prostate cancer? Now Uncle Sam can enforce these “Guidelines” or penalize your doctor for not following the rules.
            Also, if US sees that maybe you were prescribed a certain class of drug, well now you are prohibited from owning a firearm so you will be told to turn it in or face arrest. Oh yeah, part of most of these EHR templates that your doctor MUST follow include asking you about possession of any firearms in your home so that information is available to Uncle Sam also. (But you don’t have to answer all those questions just because your doc asks).

          • ReadyRNot

            KY…you are so right about the HIPAA policy. I’ve seen more abuses of that ruling. “Your personal information is protected by law and it can’t be released without your written permission”. That is what HIPAA boils down to, but that policy is violated every day by insurance companies, physicians and others. Also, it is now law that all places of medical, mental health and other health care providers must use an internet-based health record system so you figure it out….if just about anyone can hack your e-mail, how much more difficult would it be for anyone who wants to (including the gov’t) to hack your electronic health record? It’s a nightmare! Best advice: Don’t get sick.

        • Anonymous

          And why they are exempt. As are Muslims, what ever happened to the separation of church and state nonsense? I forget that is only applied to Christians.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          “You like your Guns, You can Keep your Guns!!” “Just don’t get sick.”

        • VRF

          Yeah and if it was so dam good , why isn’t our government lackeys on it?

      • Stan522

        This atrocity is indefensible and stinks from the top down….. This POTUS is culpable and should quit, or be impeached over it……

      • Brane Frees

        ” Paranoid says:

        Not to worry I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you. Please bend over.”

        Unfortunately however, Vaseline is not covered along with that.

        • Beef Supreme

          This is why Hillary wears her strap on.

          • Stan522

            The mere mention of Hillary and “a strap” alone could be birth control. Very repulsive thoughts……

      • Anonymous

        The other day, Mac, I believe, posted that there is a free book we can download, called, “After Collapse”, I believe.. lost the link to it…

      • y99

        Sorry form jumping the thread, I’m late to this party and believe I have linkage that’s important.

        Two things must be clearly linked here. First the VA situation is a clear attack on baby boomers, second is the integration of Common core within K-12. If we look at these two events from a Military perspective as a plan of attack to attrite and degrade the enemy what we find is an open disregard for the last sane generation who holds the idea of individual freedom as sacred, and with CC a propaganda arm that is so evil and nefarious it would openly work to turn our children (blood) against our historical ideas.
        Killing off a generation of veterans and cutting off their beliefs from kids and grandkids is only one aspect of this battle, the other CC which is not just an attempt to change cultural differences, but is an attempt to shift and do away with basic human instincts.
        Rather than allow a natural course of development the government (TPTB) is attempting to program our culture into a bland thoughtless conglomerate.

        • y99

          forgot this part:

          This tactic is the only reason I believe that TPTB will hold on for one more generation before TSHTF, they need to weed us out and separate us from our children/grandchildren for their evil plan to work.

    2. eppe

      Just try to stay as healthy as you can, your life WILL depend upon it….

      • New Ordnance

        Avoid doctors like the plague. Haven’t been to one since basic training going on fifty years ago.

        Had to go to the dentist a couple of years ago and they wanted to take my picture for their “records”. I put my hand in front of the smiley camera and said “no thanks”.

        • New Ordnance

          Stay healthy folks. Stay away from the stuff that kills ya. Go organic and non-GMO if you can. Avoid rancid vegetable oils, sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and get outside into the life-sustaining natural world. Keep your spiritual armor on and keep breathing.

          • DaisyK

            Some people can live a long time without doctors or drugs.

            I had an aunt by marriage who became a Christian Scientist when she was 18. She led an active life — first woman to climb the east face of Longs Peak. Then when she turned 100, her 72-year-old son decided she shouldn’t live by herself any more. So he moved in with her and left his suitcase in the middle of the living room. That first night she tripped on the suitcase and broke her hip. She was talked into getting medical attention then. First one problem, then another. Surgery, drugs…. She died when she was 102.

      • eppe

        The best description of Obamacare so far:
        Remember when Nancy Pelosi said: “We have to pass it, to find out what’s in it.”
        A physician called into a radio talk show and said:
        “That’s the definition of a stool sample.”

        Yes, I know I posted this before, but it sure fits….

        • jeepboy1991

          Ok eppe, that is funny……… sad, true, but still funny.
          Ok ok I have to find the humor in things or go even more crazy.

          • Confederate

            Keep up the positive mental attitude Jeep, the only thing that last’s for every is eternity, and God is eternity.

          • JayJay

            I am remembering you in my prayers, jeep.

        • YH


          That is hysterical! Thanks and well said.

        • Miss DeeDee

          Thanks for reposting that little ditty.
          I had not seen it in the pasts so it was
          new to me and once again you made me smile.
          Thank You.
          — Miss Dee Dee

      • JayJay

        eppe; I totally forgot about my fish antibiotics in the fridge last week when I had an ear infection/ache from sinus problems. Horrible headaches off and on for days.
        I started taking amoxicillin and just after 2 days am feeling like the old JJ.

        Folks, if you don’t have antibiotics, get them and keep in the fridge. I haven’t seen a doctor since I broke my toes May, 2011(and if you do break your toes–get a boot and forget the doctor). I don’t want to see one either.
        Thanks to those antibiotics I didn’t need to. 🙂

    3. Sgt. Dale

      No truer words have ever been spoken.
      If Obullshit is in office it will be everybody else fault but his.
      The VAS is just show you the contempt he has for the US military. Obullshit care is him showing contempt for the American public.
      This what you get when you are not an American!

      • catena

        I agree 100%
        Sgt usmc 1965-71

        • New Ordnance

          Thank you for your service Sgt.

          We pray for all our vets that are trapped in VA hospitals.

          • Miss DeeDee

            I see more and more patients visiting my practice elegible for VA benifits and pay a premium because of their lack of trust in the VA.
            — Miss Dee Dee

    4. Anonymous

      Barn burner good article. Nailed it on every point.

    5. TheGuy

      Obamacare is denied at most cancer hospitals according to a recent Associated Press survey. Only four out of 19 of the nation’s best cancer hospitals who replied to the survey said they will accept patient’s insurance from all of the healthcare exchanges within their state, in effect excluding most people who are signing up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare.

      In simple terms: If you get cancer you will not get medical care.


      I was going to make a sarcastic comment but then I read this.

      Given that Fukushima makes cancer a 100% foregone conclusion… this is bad. REAL bad.

    6. Retired Navy

      Back in the day we called it BOHICA.

        • Hunter

          …and SNAFU!!!

          • Ghost Rider

            I know what fubar and snafu mean… but bohica is a new one for me. What’s the translation?

            • Anonymous

              Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

              • Ghost Rider


    7. Anonymous

      Death Panels will lead to Gas Chambers and only the Rich Elites are being exempted. This is not a fantasy anymore but it hasn’t reached its full maturity to become obvious enough for everyone to be able to see it. However it will become a norm as they are conditioning the population piece by piece and in slow motion.

      This is similar to the news of the police brutality. Earlier events outraged few people but these days is just another case of a law abiding citizen being violated or even killed and no one will even question it.

      • Kulafarmer

        My opinion is its part of the plan, deny treatment to vets, give poor or no treatment to regular old people like you and I, do everything in the book to piss off one section of the population, IE the freedom loving Boomers, will cause massive unrest resulting in huge losses of life from all forms of maladies as well as death from combat between gov and patriots,
        In my opinion is the only way they can reduce the liability of the boomers, while killing off huge swaths of the population also resulting in the state taking peoples property in probate or asset forfeiture because of this or that violation of law,
        How else they going to dig their corrupt asses out and keep their heads?

        • Kulafarmer

          And they will blame it on non conformist and patriots
          They will never admit their own culpability.

          • Confederate

            Hopefully it will hit the fan before it gets to that point.

        • Anonymous

          Kula, The Jewish owned and operated Hollywood produced a movie a while back called “World War Z” or something like that with Brad Pitt. Call me paranoid but in that movie massive killing of virus infected humans took place through a close cooperation with the Israeli army (IDF). hmm…. I wonder who the designer of the healthcare system are? I wonder who the owners of the largest insurance fraud houses are? I wonder if the plan is larger than life and most of us can’t see the true intends. JUST WONDERING!!!!

          • Hunter

            –(sarcasm mode “ON”)–

            Careful…careful there…Anonymous!

            “JUST WONDERING”…is not allowed nowadays, ‘cuz its too White GENTILE-LIKE, don’t you know.

            …we must bow/scrape & grovel unto the chosen one’s dictates & their manifest talmudic inspired wisdom…after all…since we’re mere animals, we’re not permitted to digress!!!! Shame on you!

            –(sarcasm mode “OFF”)–

            ..a thousand thumbs-up to you!

            • Them Guys

              By Mark Glenn
              November 7th, 2006

              Judaism: the crime syndicate that calls itself a “religion”!

              Judaism is a declaration of war against us. But where are
              the real men in this country who are supposed to defend us?

              But what we have to keep in mind is that these days we don’t live as much in one of those ‘polite’ societies as we might like to think. The ‘appearance’ of being tolerant of other religions and of being ‘fair’ and of ‘not playing favorites’ is only an appearance and nothing more. The truth be told, this unspoken rule of religion being ‘off-limits’ for discussion or criticism is only sparingly applied and in a very finite and discriminating manner.

              Anyone paying attention to what is going on these days knows that certain religions are not just fair game for tarring and feathering, but rather that an open season has been declared on them with neither bag limits nor penalties for poaching. Islam has been painted as being ‘this’ and ‘that’ for several years since the ’war against terror’ (i.e. the war on Islam) began. Defamatory cartoons are published in newspaper chains around the world and done so for deliberate reasons of provocation. The Koran is misquoted or else lied about out-rightly and news stories depicting the manner by which it was flushed down the toilet in American POW camps are made headline news.

              Standing next in line are all branches of Christianity that have been made the centerpieces of a non-stop vaudeville/slapstick comedy-number now on a daily basis for decades, and of those various branches, Catholicism more than any other. Not just the religions themselves, but the individuals around whom the religion itself is based are defamed and degraded–including Jesus, his mother Mary, Mohammed or whoever–without any thought as to who might be offended.


              We do find–purely by coincidence, I am quite sure–that a certain amount of ‘polite’ censorship still exists when it comes to that other Middle-Eastern religion that is at the center of so many things going on today. We see quite a few people taking the ‘high road’ and showing respect (fear) for other peoples’ ‘feelings’ and going to ridiculous lengths in living by that ‘golden rule’ of tolerance when it comes to the other guy in the line-up.

              But before going any further, we need to fine-tune a few of the definitions we are going to be using in this discussion. It is not just ‘tolerance’ that this particular religion seems to enjoy from the rest of us, but rather preference. It is treated with the same kind of delicate, cautious concern that is usually reserved for an endangered species of some type. It is never manhandled or pushed around but rather is always managed as if it were TNT and would explode if handled too roughly. It is the only one that is not fair game and which is never the butt of daily jokes, or at least not in the West. You stand a better chance of being kidnapped by a race of space aliens and whisked off to their planet to be made king for life than you would see this religion defamed in the same way as takes place with Christianity and Islam.

              Rather, in this ‘fair and unbiased’ world today, it gets top-billing in terms of reverential programs on TV

              You will never see one of its religious leaders (or even one of its laymen for that matter) presented in a cynical, comical or diabolical manner as you might a priest, preacher or imam. Its followers are always the salt of the earth, never a blemish on their moral countenance or a bruised character, intelligent, soft-spoken, trustworthy, reliable, funny, lovable and as honest-as-the-day-is-long…

              No, I am not talking about any of the old guys on the mantle such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, or Animism, nor any of the new punks who have come around in recent decades such as Materialism, Consumerism or Pamela Andersonism. It’s that other one, and you know what I am talking about here so quit playing dumb.

              We all know what the score is…There is no reason to wait around for the blank of this fill-in-the-blank exercise to be filled in. It’s as obvious as the ‘elephant in the room’ that was mentioned previously. It’s name is whispered with the same kind of quiet, timid respect that people used to employ when talking about the ‘Syndicate’ or the ‘Black Hand’ nearly a century ago. It is the most exclusive, the most clannish, the most discriminating of all religions when it comes to dealing with others on an eye-to-eye/man-to-man business, and it’s name is Judaism.

              ‘Oh, right, that one’ they say, as if it weren’t as obvious as the odor emanating from an over-used public outhouse in mid-July. Yes, that’s right, I did say ‘Judaism’ and not Zionism. No, I did not mispronounce anything. It was not a slip of the tongue. I meant exactly what I said–the dreaded ‘j’ word that no one wants to mention…that ‘thing’ that causes people’s hearts to race and their eyes to dart from side-to-side and that causes them to run for cover and find something heavy to which they can anchor themselves when mentioned…. Judaism SNIP…

              and that a system of obvious favorites is unquestioningly in operation, let’s just drop this ‘we really should do the polite thing and keep people‘s religious views out of the equation when discussing world issues’business. Everyone knows that doing so is a farce. It’s like getting into the boxing ring with an opponent who breaks every rule that the referee has laid down while you are trying to play fair by neither biting nor hitting below the belt. No one takes the feelings of Muslims or Christians into consideration these days when it comes to ‘laying it all out in the open’ and not even when the combined numbers of these people make up almost ½ of the world’s population. At best the Jews (most of whom are not religious anyway, short of prostrating themselves before the strange gods of money, comfort, and political power) make up a few tens of millions, and yet we are supposed to treat the whole subject of their ‘religion’ as if it were some kind of precious gem of incalculable monetary value? This is ‘fair and balanced’? This is freedom of speech and freedom of thought?

              Give me just a small break, if you would please.

              Worrying about ‘hurting people’s feelings’ is not good enough anymore, if indeed it ever was. People are dying left and right and the life of every human being on the planet has been put in real, direct danger because of this over-blown/out-of-proportion concern over one group’s ‘feelings’. One group–one–and a tiny one at that. All traffic on a 4-lane metropolitan highway that has been brought to a screeching halt and all because of some tiny, eensy-weensy mouse that has decided to build a nest there. There is no fair play in any of it and no intellectual honesty. While the rest of us–for reasons of simple respect–honor the ‘no hitting below the belt’ rule when it comes to the discussion of metaphysics, a certain minority of people who have the lion’s share of media, political and economic power do not, and since they do not, why then should the rest of us?

              This having been said, let’s just lay it all out on the table and let the chips fall where they may. What have we got to lose, after all? Are we worried about making them mad? They already are mad, and I don’t just mean in the commonly-used manner indicating ‘unhappy’. Are we concerned that with the amount of power they possess that somehow God’s chosen people might do something to make life uncomfortable for us? That they might start a war?

              Wake up and smell the Knishes, my friends, Judaism has been at war with us for over 2,000 years, ever since this man named Jesus of Nazareth came and blew the lid open on what Judaism‘s real agenda was. Judaism is a declaration of war and manifested by thousands upon thousands of acts of intentional malice directed by Rabbinical generals against the rest within the non-Jewish world in matters involving money, business, politics, and culture. For those of us in the Christian world who seem to have forgotten, it would be wise to remember that it was our forefathers who were being hunted down, imprisoned, tortured and killed for the crime of abandoning the ‘wise council’ of the tribal leaders known as the Pharisees and for daring to follow that ‘other guy’ who preached a message of complete contradiction to Judaism, and it is a situation that has not changed a bit since that time.

              SEE Next Part-II…

              • Them Guys

                Mark Gless, Part-II….

                Besides, if wanting to avoid a war is the reason for side-stepping this uncomfortable discussion then we are ‘big-time’ wasting our time. Armageddon is not only a done deal, it is well on its way to being an heirloom that will be passed down generation after generation after generation. Our kids and grandkids will be dealing with it in a way that we cannot even begin to imagine. Because of the fact that we have spent so much time wet-nursing the egos of one small minority of people who are said to have had a rough time during WWII we have allowed WWIII to be born. Because of our fear of the Jews we will be sacrificing our life’s blood and that of our children for generations to come.

                Therefore, let us say plainly then what it is that needs to be said but which most people are afraid to state out loud. Let us finally acknowledge the fly in the ointment and not pretend anymore that there isn’t the smell of something rotten in the air that it is making life on earth as it presently exists an unbearable situation.

                Relax, take a deep breath…We can discuss this…We are all big boys and big girls and we can handle the truth, as ugly as it may be. Besides, now is not the time for us to lose our composure. This discussion of Judaism getting preferential treatment is small potatoes within the context of the larger argument that must take place and will. It is just the first birth pang of what is sure to be doozey of a labor, and there is no avoiding it. This thing known as the truth has got to be born or we are all dead.

                And with that in mind, grab onto something and brace yourself for the next wave of contractions…

                ‘Judaism is nobody’s friend’

                There, I said it and it can’t be undone. It is out there for everyone to see in all its naked truth. There is no taking it back, and why should we? If we truly entertain the notion of dealing with these problems in a realistic way, then that means boarding that shuttle bus bound for the Hotel Reality.

                That’s right, JUDAISM is nobody’s friend, not ‘ZIONISM is nobody’s friend’, like the essay that bounced all over the internet for months and which caused people to go absolutely gaga because of its ‘gut-wrenching bravery’. As we said before, a good number of people already know (or are coming to know) that Zionism is nobody’s friend, that is obvious. It is JUDAISM that is the real problem. J-U-D-A-I-S-M, the tree from which Zionism sprung forth, the seedling that has brought the world to the brink of extinction. JUDAISM, the cancer that is eating the body away and left it a skeletonized hull of what it once was. JUDAISM, the root of all mankind’s present evils, and if not all of them, then what is certainly an impressive number.

                I realize that hearing such unflattering things about the religion of God’s favorite children will come as a shock to a large number of people, and particularly amongst gullible propagandized Christians who are waiting to cash in on their divine pension plan known as the Rapture. Given the fact that God’s chosen religion seems to win hands down in every beauty contest taking place today, it is easy to see why there will be those who will swallow their tongues when such unflattering things are said. There are two things I will say in my defense though, the first of which is that these are not my words, but rather the words of the man I most admire and revere, meaning Jesus of Nazareth. The other is that there is only one thing that is truly sacred and beautiful in this fallen world, and that is the truth and even when it is at its ugliest…

                Keep in mind that a good portion of this thing we call ‘human progress’ has been realized because people decided to abandon the fiat currency of fairy tales and decided instead to conduct their business transactions with the refined gold of truth. Once upon a time–many, many moons ago–people chose to venture into the dangerous intellectual territory that the earth might be round instead of flat. They stopped using leeches to cure people and they declared a moratorium on burning women at the stake when these poor creatures suffered from mood swings due to PMS.

                And with this in mind, I say that it is high-time we got a second opinion about this little tribal cult known as Judaism whose heavy hand is at the center of so much of what is going on in our world today. It is time we took a second look at the idols on the mantle that we have been forbidden to touch, or for that matter, even examine up close. What are the guardians of these strange gods afraid of? Are they afraid that some of the gold paint with which they have been covered will come off in our hands and that we will be left with the inescapable conclusion that they are all willing conspirators in a massive fraud? Why are we permitted to ask all sorts of questions concerning other faiths such as Christianity and Islam but yet we are not even allowed to glance curiously at Judaism? If the guardians of public discourse are as devoted to free speech and free inquiry as they say they are (and particularly when a new ‘discussion’ has begun suggesting that Jesus was gay or that Mohammed was a violent pedophile) then why do they suddenly become such fans of censorship when it comes to asking questions about the religion of the Jews? While there is time, let us re-consider the holiness of that sacred cow we have been forbidden to eat, and particularly when we all stand a good chance of starving to death for want of the truth. What have we got to lose? Our freedom? It’s gone anyway. Our wealth?–dittos. Our peace and prosperity?…

                All we have to lose by doing this is our own state of delusion as well as a mountain of present and future misery that even the imaginative genius of Stephen King couldn’t conjure up.

                Judaism is nobody’s friend, short of those few who profit from it, and they are certainly small in number, as we have already discussed. Whether these people are one of ‘God’s chosen’ who do the bidding of their overlord Rabbis or whether they are one of those lowly Gentile types who were created for the purpose of serving ‘God‘s chosen’, it is the same–Judaism is not their friend. It works to no one’s real benefit, short of those at the top who are giving the marching orders. It does not belong in the same class with other faiths dedicated to improving the individual and making him or her more pleasing to the one responsible for all creation. It does not make people better, it makes them worse. It is like a highly radioactive element that can bring nothing but sickness and eventual death. It does not bring liberation but rather enslavement. It does not foster humility (the first step in breaking down the spirit of haughtiness that impedes the reform of the person) but rather feeds the ego. It is not about God, right vs. wrong, or the ‘thou shalts’ and ‘thou shalt nots’ in a general sense.

                Notice, it is not called ‘Yahwehism’, ‘Jehovaism‘, ‘God-Ism’ , ‘Moral Behaviorism’ or even ‘Old Testamentism‘, but rather ‘Judah-ism‘. It’s primary concern is with the tribe of Judah and those who make up the tribe, meaning the Jews. It is ‘their baby’ and the goose that laid the golden egg. It is a winning lottery ticket that never expires, their ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card and their Genie in a bottle that grants them every material, monetary and political wish. It is like a highway with no speed limits nor guard rails and where there are no rules. This is why we find that in Judaism’s rule book–meaning the Talmud–that everything is geared towards what benefits the tribe, and in particular, the rabbis who ‘cannot be punished with Hell’ and before whose writings and sayings ‘God stands in awe’. It is not as much concerned with bringing the soul to the paradise of the next world it is concerned with making a paradise of this one, the rights and well-being of non-Jews be damned in the process.

                Judaism not only elevates, but institutionalizes and legislates the vices of haughtiness, supremacism and callous disregard for other human beings. It is the codified mindset of mankind’s first murderer, Cain, who slew his brother Abel over reasons of envy and economics. Gentiles exist to serve the Jews. Rape of gentile children, murder, lying, theft, usury, all these things that have been condemned in every other religion around the world are given full sanction in Judaism when it benefits the tribe.

                Those who are the beneficiaries of this syndicate may scream and holler about these statements all they want, but in the final analysis, ‘facts are facts,’ just as ex-slave to the Judaic mindset Benjamin Freedman once wrote. Thanks to–not only men such as he but to others as well–the cat is out of the bag for everyone to see. The testimonies of men such as Freedman, Shahak, Vanunu and many others has been the equivalent of Joseph Vallachi’s testimony before the US Congress concerning the inner workings of the Mafia. Now the perfume that has been used to hide the stink of the Judaic agenda is no longer powerful enough, and the mascara has become equally inefficient as well.

                What’s that, you say? Judaism is the basis of Western Civilization and Christianity? Humanity owes a great deal to this religion for getting the rest of us ’back on track’ when it comes to what the Almighty expects from us? That it is the intellectual basis for all the progress and freedom of the Western world?

                Bull biscuits. Judaism is no such thing. The creed of the Pharisees is backwards and superstitious and totalitarian all the way to its core, something that this man named Jesus of Nazareth tried to tell us. Putting Judaism in the same class with other religions whose aim is progress and the betterment of man’s corrupt nature is like saying that battery acid makes a good mouthwash. Trying to credit Judaism with all of the accomplishments that have contributed to the betterment of mankind and his human condition is like this friend of mine who actually claims that the reason he is as healthy as a horse is because he has smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day for 40 years. Judaism has brought nothing of any good to mankind. It is a culture of death, a collection of ‘white-washed tombs, full of dead men’s bones’ just as Jesus described it. It is a den of vipers and a hangout for thieves, liars and murderers. It has been a source of misery for more people than God himself can count. If there is any correlation that can be drawn between the religion of the Pharisees and the enlightenment of mankind, it is that all of the things associated with this enlightenment have been achieved in spite of Judaism’s aims at preventing them or at tearing them down.

                End of Part-II

    8. TheGuy

      He literally said “the Democrats have proven Communism works”???

      Hey… you know what forgive me for coming up in the middle of the Reagan era, but shouldn’t this a***ole be swinging from a gallows for this comment? This is quite literally treason, straight up in-your-face no debate about it treason.

      • Cameraman

        This ear wax eating Traitor, should be swinging, people we all see what”s in store for Us. now is the time to form up a Citizen’s Militia…WE have to start now before they get to the Final Brick in the Wall, and we are left without the Resources to fight them…tic tock…tic tock…!!!

        Semper Fi

    9. sixpack

      “it’s common for VA physicians to simply ignore the patient’s need and jump right into prescribing pain medication”

      BUT, the govt ALSO mandates extreme limitations on “pain medications. Apparently, a person with severe, chronic pain only deserves relief for a short time, regardless of whether the pain subsides or not. They don’t treat the reason for the pain AND withhold the pain meds under the guise of preventing “addiction to pain pills.

      In my view, especially as a chronic pain sufferer, someone who id DYING from say, cancer, should get all the pain meds they need. Addiction is their LAST worry when they are dying.

      This amounts to torture in many cases. Legalized, mandated torture.

      • JayJay

        “””the govt ALSO mandates extreme limitations on “pain medications”””

        Bullshit—I started stacking them on a shelf in the closet!!
        Those and stool softener!! 🙂

    10. TheGuy

      And let me guess.

      Because I’m sure it gets better, doesn’t it…

      Hypothetically, if a person got cancer and it was terminal and they did the “exit bag” thing and offed themselves…

      Let me guess.

      Firstly their life insurance doesn’t pay out, I mean that’s a foregone conclusion. But I bet they can’t even will their estate to next of kin, can they? Because they “illegally” offed themselves.

      THEMSELVES. Let that sink in for a moment there…

    11. Marty

      Face it the good ole U.S.A. is over .Red Lobster cant figure out why nobodys lining up for their cesium rich seafood extravaganzas, whey retail is in the toilet and the future of the real estate market is bleak .

    12. Craig

      Something related to this is the healthcare Native Americans receive. Many have told me their healthcare from the US govt. sounds like a great deal until the money runs out and it does every year, after that your on your own.

    13. Satori

      oh dear Lord
      not the “death panel” crap AGAIN

      you know what a real “death panel” is ?????

      it’s not having health insurance

      its having heart failure and not being able to afford
      your digoxin and lasix
      and showing up in the emergency room at 2am in heart failur
      gasping for every breath

      it’s not being able to afford your asthma inhaler
      and worrying that the next attack will be fatal

      I could go on forever
      with a million and one examples I have personally witnessed

      in my state the Republicans have refused to expand Medicaid
      so there’s another half million who will go without health care
      that’s your death panel !!!!

      and when it comes to the VA
      it’s a mixed bag
      I know many people who have gotten EXCELLENT care from the VA
      and I have known some who have had problems

      same as any other hospital or health care system

      lets stop all of the histrionics and political posturing
      health care in this country is way too expensive
      and it quit simply is not the best,especially when you consider the outrageous cost

      just one example
      I had a cardiac procedure a couple of years ago
      the cost $43,000 for a 2.5 day stay in the hospital

      the same procedure in Japan ?
      cost is $12,000
      cost in the Eurozone app $15,000

      guess everything they used on me was gold plated ?????

      • Confederate

        Satori, I’m not defending the repubs, but concerning Medicaid, whose going to pay for it when approximately 92 million people are out of work? Natural selection is going to be taking over unless the govt. issues the Red Pill, which is their only alternative. It’s the insurance companies that are the rip-off. Did you see the headline today that stated; “White House secretly makes deal to bail-out insurance companies affected by Obama care”. Between the govt. and the insurance companies we’re screwed.

      • Archivist

        The reason you can’t afford an asthma inhaler is insurance. Before we had insurance on prescriptions, medicine was a whole lot cheaper. When I was in college in the 1970s, the average price of a prescription was a little over $2. Now the copay is 10 times that.

        And there will be death panels. Don’t you remember when a woman asked Obama about her 90-year-old relative who needed surgery? Obama said that maybe she could just take a pain pill and skip the operation. That sure sounds like a death panel to me, having the government deciding whether or not you are worth enough to society to get treated.

        There are doctors who have opted out of the whole insurance and government system. They take cash only and charge less than what the copay is under most plans.

        I’m glad the Republicans in your state refused to expand Medicaid. Charity is not the job of the federal government.

        I help people in my area as much as I can, but I’d be able to help a whole lot more if the government wasn’t taking so much of my money and giving it away.

    14. Confederate

      I will vote for the first presidential candidate that states all federal lawmakers; senate, house, supreme court, executive branch will have any and all medical procedures, exams, medications, etc. be under Obama care or the VA, as well as their families. We’ll see then how quickly these messes are cleaned up.

    15. Satori


      that is a FANTASTIC idea

      • Confederate

        Thank you sir.

        • Sgt. Dale

          I like the Idea, but you know as well as I do that those BASTARDS will get all the good stuff and the POOR VET’s will get the shit that is left over.
          sorry for being so negative, but has happened over and over again.

          • Confederate

            You’re right, but the poor vet has always gotten the shaft, from Korea to present. If we don’t “do something” doing nothing will result in the same old crap. What the “something” is, I’ll tell you, death to politicians, judges, rogue law enforcement, death to those who oppose the American Republic and the American way of life. Whose willing to fire the first shot?

    16. Satori

      in case anyone hasn’t heard
      EBAY was hacked
      and is advising users to change their passwords immediately

      unfortunately they have not sent users emails regarding this
      there isn’t even a notice on their homepage
      pretty damn irresponsible and negligent if you ask me

    17. femaregion1

      I went to the VA once to do some volunteer work to help veterans. It was so depressing. There was a young guy who just finished a tour in Iraq. Even tho he didn’t say it, I could see it in his eyes he was saying “help me”.

    18. Barn Cat

      You also have the worst doctors working for the VA. They don’t get paid much so anybody who’s had too many lawsuits to practice in the real world works for the VA.

      My wife’s niece’s husband has a bad back because the VA doctors screwed up his surgery and you can’t even sue them.

      • Confederate

        BC, not defending the VA docs, but a lot of them are working off their student loans. Granted some of them aren’t that great, but the govt. always goes cheap when it can and this is the results.

        • Kulafarmer

          Yea, they go cheap for us pleebs,
          But spare no expense for the political elite and their appointed minions and the government employed management, GSA, IRS, DOJ
          Big middle finger to all of em!

          • Confederate

            Hey Kula, Your pretty fired up. Keep it up.

        • JayJay

          Gene’s carotid surgery was performed by a lady wearing a Burka.

    19. Socrates

      …when the government tells you ‘not to worry’….that’s exactly when you SHOULD worry!

      Keep on trusting our inept, corrupt government and you be ‘taken care of’ alright. Just like these folks.

      The Next Obamacare Scandal: A Taxpayer-Funded Bailout Of Insurers
      (from ZeroHedge site)

      The teleprompter is still hot from all the Obama spit unleashed in his latest sincerely passionate denial that his administration knew anything, anything at all, about what is merely the latest scandal to rock the president, this time surrounding the Veterans Affairs fiasco, and already a brand new scandal is taking shape, this one Obama however will not be able to sweep as easily under the rug. The LA Times reports that the “Obama administration has quietly adjusted key provisions of its signature healthcare law to potentially make billions of additional taxpayer dollars available to the insurance industry if companies providing coverage through the Affordable Care Act lose money.” In other words, yet another taxpayer funded bailout.

      And how about THIS whopper?

      US Govt Admits Using Fake Vaccination Programs To Gather Intelligence; Swears It Won’t Do It Again

      “The CIA organized a fake vaccination program in the town where it believed Osama bin Laden was hiding in an elaborate attempt to obtain DNA from the fugitive al-Qaida leader’s family,” The Guardian reports. Now, amid a deadly backlash again vaccinations and a resurgence of polio in Pakistan, the White House has promised that the CIA will never again use an immunization campaign as a tool of spycraft. While this is horrible in its own right, there is a much bigger story here. The fact that the United States holds no claim to any sort of moral high ground whatsoever.

      • Them Guys

        Mark Glenn, Final Part…

        Let’s see a show of hands here–Does anyone in the room remember that little thing known as the Crucifixion of Jesus? How about the stoning to death of Stephen and the murders of Peter and Paul? How about the scapegoating of the Christians after Rome was burned? Judaism’s involvement in WWI and WWII? Bolshevism? The destruction of the moral, political and economic fiber of every country in the West? Hundreds of millions of dead children through abortion? The destruction of families and the elevation of sexual deviancy as a virtue?

        …and of course, last but certainly not least, the war to end all wars that is taking place in the Middle East and which bears the fingerprints of the Pharisees all over it.

        As far as Christianity is concerned, it was obvious that Jesus Christ was as interested in the haughty, elitist, immoral and callous tenets of Judaism as Judaism was interested in His message of humility, righteousness, and charity. This is the reason why Judaism put Christ to death 2,000 years ago and why it continues to gloat over his ignominious end to this day. If indeed Christianity sprang forth from Judaism, why then does Judaism maintain to this very microsecond that Jesus was a sorcerer and a sexual deviant who suffers in hell by being boiled in a caldron of semen and feces for daring to oppose the Rabbis and that His holy mother Miriam was a ‘harlot who mated with carpenters’ ?

        And yet, we are supposed to believe that Christianity sprang forth from Judaism? That the wonderful fruit of Christ’s teachings were plucked from the poisonous, thorny tree of Judaism? If indeed the apple does not fall far from the tree as the old saying goes, then there is no way that a rational person can make such claims concerning the supposed friendship that exists between these two creatures. It is all another ruse to get Christians to fight Judaism’s wars on the pretext that somehow the peoples of the two faiths share something in common with each other when in truth they do not.

        All of these and many, many more are just a small part of Judaism’s score card. These are just some of the testimonials to Judaism’s affections–not only for Christianity and the civilization that it created–but for any rival ideology, including that of Islam. Judaism is not about fair play, it is about winning, and at all costs.

        ‘But wait’

        they interject. ‘My neighbor is Jewish, and he doesn’t treat me like a lesser being. In fact, I know a lot of Jews who are good, upstanding people…’

        …And of course, the often-heard ‘I am Jewish and I never ran into any of these supposed teachings of the Talmud’…

        I do not doubt that this is indeed the case. I know many such persons myself, people who are as much victims of the scheming and plotting of the Judaic priesthood as everyone else.

        But what we have to keep in mind is that they are good people in spite of the fact that they were raised as Jews. They are good people because of the fact that they chose to retain their humanity despite the best efforts of their rabbis and other leaders to rob them of it. They chose to follow the laws of God rather than the laws of men, because in Judaism, the Rabbis are God and to disobey them is to disobey Him.

        And as far as the average Jew being exposed to the teachings of the Talmud, it should be obvious why the Rabbis would not want such a thing taking place. There is an old saying that ‘3 people can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead,’ meaning that conspiracies oftentimes fall apart because of someone’s big mouth. The more moving parts there are to a machine the more susceptible it is to breakdown. It is highly likely that if the average Jew were schooled in the Talmud and its criminal agenda that such persons–for no other reason than fear for their own lives–would have nothing to do with implementing the agenda of their leaders, and thus the Jewish agenda would be like a Man-O-War at sea with no sails, no ors and no gunpowder.

        But all of this is part of what we are not allowed to discuss. Out of ‘respect’ for another person’s religion we are supposed to only focus on the physical aspects of the things taking place before our eyes today–meaning the deeds of Zionism–but not ask questions about the causes of them, meaning Judaism. We are supposed to buy into the line of reasoning that says that Zionism just ‘popped up’ out of nowhere or that it is Judaism that went haywire…

        …as if we were too stupid to see the obvious.

        Judaism hasn’t gone haywire nor has it blown a gasket. It hasn’t ‘morphed’ from a beautiful, harmless butterfly into a vicious, pitiless creature that would devour you in a minute. Judaism (and more importantly, its teeth, meaning Zionism) is doing exactly what it is supposed to do by its nature. It is a predatory way of thinking and this means that it will behave in predatory ways. Those who are trying to say that the ugliness of things taking place today have nothing to do with the holy religion of Judaism are trying to make an argument similar to those who would argue that smoking has nothing to do with lung cancer.

        Of course, those whose job it is to manage the flow of information and who are running their own little protection rackets and who make arguments such as these know these facts all too well. They knew a long time ago–or at least they suspected–that the day would come when people would get sick of all the bloodshed and turmoil and would then begin questioning how it all came about. They knew that there was a timetable to their being able to keep a lid on what was happening in places such as Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and the rest of the Middle East that organized Jewry has eyed with a covetous gaze since before Israel was created in 1948. This is why ‘Plan B’ was put on the shelf for later use.

        ‘Plan A’ of course was to deny the existence of the racist, haughty, bloodthirsty character of this thing known as Zionism and its demon-child–meaning Israel–as long as possible, and when it became something that was impossible to deny anymore, admit to it and allow it to be discussed…CAREFULLY. Let the people blow off some steam…CAUTIOUSLY. Throw the blame for all the turmoil on some nebulous, new-born political ideology that was born in the late 19th century…

        …just make sure the discussion remains in that safe territory where only this thing known as Zionism is discussed, and above all, make sure that the real source of all the turmoil never sees the light of day, meaning this thing known as Judaism…

        And so, this is why we have this flurry of individuals coming forth from the Judaic community voicing their opposition to Zionism and its aims–AND BEING PERMITTED TO DO SO, WHEN IN YEARS PAST THEY WOULD BE CASITGATED AND TREATED AS TRAITORS. Whether their names are Finkelstein, Lowenstein or Chomsky or whether they have banded together in groups such as Neturei Karta or ‘Jews Not Zionists’, the reasons are the same, which is to throw sand into the eyes of those who are now beginning to see that all is not Kosher with the world, or rather that all is Kosher, depending on how things are viewed and understood.

        I know this is not what people want to hear, and believe me, as much as they don’t like hearing it, I don’t like saying it. I too was encouraged when I first encountered these individuals coming forth and daring to possess a conscience of sorts and to speak out against the tribe. I thought there was hope that a person could be raised in the corrupting, corrosive environment of Judaic thinking and still retain his or her humanity. And I still hope against hope that it is possible, and if these individuals are genuine, then God bless them.

        But it still doesn’t change certain facts, now does it? Judaism is nobody’s friend, and if we assume for the moment that these people–the ‘anti-Zionist Jewish types’ really are who they say they are and that by some miracle they have retained their objective sense of right and wrong after being raised in the moral sewer known as the synagogue, that still does not mean that Judaism has passed the sniff test.

        The problem, again, is this thing known as the Hotel Reality.

        Israel exists for one purpose and one purpose only, which is to function as a hideout for those who live in the same state of perpetual war against everyone else that Judaism dictates. The situation is like this greedy, lying, conniving sissy (whom we have all known at some point in our lives) who steals people’s lunch money (usually by swindling them) and then when he is about to get clobbered for it, runs home to the protective arms of coddling parents who have never disciplined him a day in his life and who will not even ask questions as to what all the hubbub is about.

        Judaism is nobody’s friend, and the sooner that the rest of us–Jew and non-Jew alike–come to realize this, the better off we will be. Get rid of it. It is a cancer. Cut is out and throw it away, as Jesus instructed that we do. It has never and will never be of any benefit to mankind. We cannot live in any kind of ‘peaceful co-existence’ with it. It is a declaration of war, and as long as it exists out there, mankind will never have peace.

        Judaism is Nobody’s Friend

        By Mark Glenn
        November 7th, 2006

        www dot radioislam dot org/judaism/Judais-is-the-jew-strategy dot htm

    20. Logicrazy

      Yep, if you are deemed too old, too expensive, or not important to the sysyem your not going to get the proceedure.

      • Archivist

        Obama himself said that if you’re old, maybe you should just take a pain pill instead of getting an operation.

      • Kulafarmer

        Unemployment is down, and theres millions of jobs and credit is easy,,, what could possibly be wrong?

    21. king krazy

      “healthcare” is not a right. If a person doesn’t take care of themselves by smoking drinking drugging overweight or whatever, what in the world am I supposed to do about it? I have already signed “do not resuscitate” orders and will refuse any cancer treatments. I am at peace with dying because there doesn’t seem to be a way around it.

      • Kulafarmer

        +1 KK
        Same position

    22. Satori

      well golly gee whiz

      I guess it ain’t just the government screwing up health care

      Kaiser Failed My Family and My Daughter

      maybe it’s due to the fact
      that health care companies aren’t in business to provide health care at all
      their real business is to make as much $$$ as possible
      and the way they do this is to deny as much care to you
      as they can get away with

    23. swinging richard

      I use the Charles George VA medical center in Oteen NC and could not be happier with their high standards. Great staff top to bottom. I have not seen a weakness in their system. This is a great system , and if the other hospitals want to get better they should follow the example set here.

    24. jerrytbg

      I can only speak to my experiences with the VA in WPB…

      First rate…Those people saved my life three times…

      Luck of the draw or dedicated professionals? I don’t know for certain…

      I lean toward the latter…

    25. Confederate

      Off topic, just finished watching a segment about the Marine Sgt being held hostage in Mexico. Our “govt” isn’t going to do squat, Kerry is an ineffectual a**wipe, our military won’t do anything, why can’t a group of militia go into Mexicooo and break him out? His location is known, surely a group of people could work their way in. . . . all I can say is if that Marine gets killed or hurt in that environment, then those bastards deserve to be carpet bombed.

      • VRF

        Eric Holder is the one that should be in that cell rotting away
        He did something much worse than that guy did , and none of Holders weapons were legally registered !

        • Miss DeeDee

          MSM is touting the fact that the President’s daughter is going to be taking Drivers Education class.
          Thank God we have Eppe to calm my nerves.
          — Miss Dee Dee

    26. JayJay

      VA in Nashville.
      If not for the Grace of God, Gene would be dead.
      Scheduled for carotid surgery middle of July, started throwing up, couldn’t sit on a sofa he was so dizzy first of July, ER in Nashville VA gave him fluids and sent him home.
      During carotid surgery 2 weeks later, they found an aneurysm; Gene was driving with an aneurysm.
      After two bouts with seizures, first in February and second in September, Nashville VA finally addressed the seizures and put him on Levetiracetam.
      8 months later from the LAST spell of seizures—yes, 8 months later– an appt. is scheduled for December in Neurology to address the seizures. That means VA is addressing seizures that started in February, 22 months after the fact.
      Gene has severe pain in his back and legs–to the point at times, he can’t walk. Pain meds don’t work–that’s VA’s solution to EVERYTHING!!!!
      After waiting 4 months, Gene drove 200 miles to Murfreesboro to the pain clinic to be told that the PCP didn’t send in the paper work and nothing could be done.
      He received a letter of appt. for the pain clinic for December—that’s 6 months, folks. He has been living with this pain now for over 5 months and now??? 🙁
      But no worries—he has all the fricking pain pills he needs…..IF HE WANTS TO SIT IN A RECLINER ALL DAY!!!

      I refuse to even accompany him to these office visits at the PCP or any procedures at the Nashville or Murfreesboro clinics—I CAN’T TRUST MYSELF TO NOT GET ARRESTED!!!

      VA–where they send soldiers to die is NOT a joke by NinaO…it is the truth.

    27. km

      If it’s so good, why don’t they have it? The double standard is really getting old. Personally, I won’t ever sign up for anything government! I will abide by the Levitical Health Laws and stay healthy!

      The Lord that made us, knows what keeps these earthen vessels healthy and strong. So, grab your bible, and get busy!!

    28. New Ordnance

      “…just finished watching a segment about the Marine Sgt being held hostage…”

      Where were you watching?

      • Confederate

        I believe it was on Fox.

    29. JayJay

      And those are only two stories–don’t make me tell all!!! 🙁

    30. Satori

      EBAY has just now put up a notice to change your password

      it’s about time

      • VRF

        Fuck eBay!

    31. JayJay

      Nashville VA, cont’d.
      Oh, Gene has a $1500 CPAP in the closet. The 3-night data from the machine used to test for need of a CPAP was NEVER programmed into the machine.
      That’s like you getting a one-size-fits-all CPAP.
      It causes more problems than one can list.

      • Defiant

        Hey, Wrong

        Explain to me again why you think

        obama’s big ears caused him to be

        a bowel obstruction in the anus of

        intestinal fortitude.

        • Defiant

          Oh, I remember now ….

          it was because he heard he needed a bigger

          set of nuts than his wife to take the job.

        • Anonymous

          Such medical deformation and bowel obstructions are very common in the apes. That’s why they should live in the jungle so they don’t pollute the civilizations

    32. Julie

      Believe me when I say this will hurt employees who have excellent coverage from their employer! Although the mandate was moved out past 2016 , my husbands union contract was up and due to this Harley Davidson elected to change our plan. We paid nothing for our policy , Harley paid for the entire $19,356 premium of 7000 employees. We had an annual deductible of $150 with a max out of pocket of $1500. It was nothing for us to reach our max at which time we paid nothing for anything. Our deducitble jumped by 2000% to $3000 per person, the max jumped 300% to
      $3000 . Now we must pay for all lab work at 100 % , plus all medication and all dr appointments. We as a family can’t afford to even go to the doctor because we have a mortgage and a car loan. We were once the lower middle-class at $43,000 , not anymore. THE real kicker is if you have three children and you smoke you must pay $450 a month for coverage which was once completely paid for !!!!! Plus for last 6 years since Obama was elected , my husband and his co-workers have been laid off 6 weeks every fall. The Obamanation is killing my family financially.

      • Satori

        I really wonder if Obamacare had anything to do with your plan change
        what you had was an INCREDIBLY good plan
        and expensive for Harley Davidson
        I bet they took this opportunity to slash their costs

        my health care plan has always been good
        and now it is actually even better
        prescription drug costs did go up on some things
        but mine actually went from $60 every 3 months for my 3 meds
        to $57 every 3 months

        and preventative care such as colonoscopy is now entirely without out charge
        before the deductible had to be met

        • Former Cal Girl

          Satori, There is a “catch” with that 100% covered. colonoscopy, if they happen to find a polyp in the screening or any other small thing it is then subject to the deductible and percentage of service amount. So even though you go in for your “free” screening it can wind up coating you a small fortune. That is what I call “bait and switch” not free screening. Beware folks I just found this out the hardest 2 Weeks ago. Mine cost me $1200.00 I did not have because I have diverticulosis.

          • Satori

            your right
            if they do remove a polyp
            then it becomes a whole different procedure
            and your billed

            my insurance does not bill me if I go to preferred providers !

    33. River-Rat

      To my fellow VETS, remember the saying: WHEN I GET BACK TO THE WORLD, well see how the world is treating us now. Was it worth it HELL YES, and would I do it again HELL YES.

      This is in the top ten of my favorite songs:

      Well, I won’t back down
      No I won’t back down
      You can stand me up at the gates of hell
      But I won’t back down

      No I’ll stand my ground
      Won’t be turned around
      And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down
      Gonna stand my ground

      And I won’t back down
      (I won’t back down)
      Hey baby, there ain’t no easy way out
      (I won’t back down)
      Hey I will stand my ground
      And I won’t back down
      Well I know what’s right
      I got just one life
      In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around
      But I’ll stand my ground
      And I won’t back down
      (I won’t back down)
      Hey baby, there ain’t no easy way out
      (I won’t back down)
      Hey I will stand my ground
      (I won’t back down)
      Hey baby, there ain’t no easy way out
      (I won’t back down)
      Hey I won’t back down
      (I won’t back down)
      Hey, baby, there ain’t no easy way out
      (I won’t back down)
      I will stand my ground
      And I won’t back down
      No I won’t back down

      Tom Petty or Johnny Cash your pick.

      River Rat at the READY!!!!

    34. BAM



    35. slingshot

      Reading articles like this one may keep me informed but I feel like I am just going through the motions. My function is to reach the highest state of readiness I am capable of executing. Then maintain that level.
      Our rights are under assault.
      Food supply threatened.
      Political system has failed.
      Economic future is frightening.
      Financial stability of the country is a farce.
      Our health and well being in jeopardy.
      The amount of lies that are perpetrated on us is astounding, only to be surpassed by the stupidity of the general public.

      • Them Guys

        I just got in the latest email weather alert etc a link to article that states “EMERGENCY Terrorist Update…”America is the TOP of ALL Competitive nations!”

        How can america be the TOP nation in “competitiveness” globally? When since Klintion then GW now monkyboy hobammy and NAFTA which was written and sponcered By the Heritage Foundation and its fraud neocons, have SENT at least 70,000 Industrial and manufactureing Factorys and Plants OFF-SHORE????!!!!

        Aint all them factories etc necessary for any nation to be at all competitive?

        Unless that article that I have Not bothered to read, actually means america is TOP nation when it comes to Burger flipper jobs and Bed sheet changers at motels and hotels and casinos perhaps?…Top competer nation in regards to the worlds fastest burger flippers and fastest Maid’s?…..What a total Farce eh!

        But just watch that type govnt generated “news alert” of Greatness will be the Next mucho talked of issue on every TV MSM within a few days.

        PS does congress’s Own special healthcare insur. plan that fully exempts all members from hobammycare Mandates, also have good coverage for…Lead Poisening? Like from Errant flying Lead projectiles perhaps?

        Does congress’s medical plan also cover extreme neck Rope Burn?….

    36. aljamo

      My dad, a WW2 vet took his life a week after being released from a VA hospital in 1956, 3 weeks after his 31st birthday, a week before my 6th birthday. The VA at first denied him care He served in Europe, various locales. He lost most of his close friends in the war and was never the same after coming home in late 1945, according to his family and my mother who married him in early 1947. I got his records from the VA, they said he thought the communists were after him. All the VA did for him was medicate with pills. I get VA care as a vet. I asked my assigned doctor if he thought 9-11 was an inside job. That was the wrong question to ask, and his demeanor changed immediately. I see him 2-3 times yearly. Every time when he tells me to drop my pants and starts putting on latex gloves, I say no thanks, I’m fine. These doctors have seen so much pain and misery and death, they are immune to it.

    37. VRF

      Just wait til a bunch of people get so sick they have nothing to lose , because they know their days are numbered and take it back out on those that created this problem
      That’s when this party is going to go full throttle

      • slingshot


        The backlash will be enormous. It would be something if the people realized it was the whole government and not just one party. The problem is even if they did do what was necessary, would they restore the country to a Republic that it once was. I doubt it.

    38. Obamacared

      ¤ OBAMACARE ARCHIVE – MAY 21st 2014 ::
      ¤ Veterans Obamacared!
      ¤ The Obamacare Gestapo 001 ::

      ¤ The Obamacare Gestapo 002 ::
      ¤ Obamacare, An Absolute Fraud (16 May 2014) ::

      ¤ Obamacare, An Absolute Fraud (22 May 2014) ::
      ¤ Electronic Health Record Theft 01 ::

      ¤ Electronic Health Record Theft 02 ::

      ¤ Electronic Health Record Theft 03 ::

      ¤ Electronic Health Record Theft 04 ::

      ¤ Electronic Health Record Theft 05 ::

      ¤ Electronic Health Record Theft 06 ::

      ¤ Electronic Health Record Theft 07 ::

      • Miss DeeDee

        I got about 1/3 of the way thru your first reference.
        That was enough.
        Thank You for your research.
        — Miss Dee Dee

      • lena

        yep, the usa is on the decline and willing follow england and rome before it until it crumbles, but that may be a ways off; so it needed obamacare to keep thinmgs running.

        going to be a lot of cases of seniors denied coverage, babies with birth defects being aborted, those with cancer and other costly diseases being denied medicines and surgeries to shake off some of those costly people for the country.
        so sad. the future of the usa didnt have to be like this, but the usa is too far down the road to turn back now. ehrn texas goes democrat by 2020, thats the final nail.

      • Miss DeeDee

        Thanks for that link.
        It led me to the Burning Platform main page which in turn led me to the Dennis Leary Youtube video
        ” I’m an Asshole ”
        — Miss Dee Dee

    39. home stead

      And I hate to make it worse, but I did read the Obamacare bill before they passed it. Deep inside is a program bribing med students with tax subsidy of 50k towards med school…….if they become GENERAL PRACTIONERS in govt run clinics. Let that shit sink in for a minute. They force us to comply under irs penalty not only to pay for the slackers and illegals but to reward future govt docs who are not even specialists in any field. The evil in this is stunning, makes me sick that our children will never know how good life could have been for them.

    40. Jim in Va.

      Oh hell, It was nice knowin you all…just give me the pill and lets be done with it. I’m your Soylent Green!

    41. On the Path

      If you want a GOOD doc you have to go outside of the insurance system already in most cases, even more so with o-care. Most docs don’t treat illness, they treat the symptoms of illness with meds, sometimes ones with dangerous side effects and these meds usually don’t cure the problem.

      The best way to avoid the doc is to eat right, know your bodies needs and weaknesses, take your vitamins and minerals, exercise, etc. Too many people, especially the sheeple, don’t take control of their health and expect traditional docs to fix it with a pill. Any decent health care I’ve received has been outside the matrix of insurance and traditional doctors.

      Oh and think about this. O-care will likely get more unionized workers, those same workers that are on at the VA that can’t get fired for incompetence.

      Control people, it is all about control and $. Be proactive and independent from the traditional healthcare system as much as possible. Prep for your health needs too!

    42. krm

      Actually the whole economical fiasco plus healthcare reminds me of Pine Ridge rez.

    43. Canuck

      Please stop calling obamacare socialized medicine. IT IS NOT. If it were it would half the cost to 8% of GDP, everyone would be covered and a family would pay no more than $140/mnth complete coverage, no co-pay and no deductible.

      Instead obamacare will cost 23% of GDP, family cost will be $500+/mnth, limited coverage, extreme deductibles and many still uninsured.

      It’s fascist, it’s corporatist, but it sure as hell is not socialist.

    44. Johnk451

      I am so grateful for your blog article.Really thank you! Fantastic. cdgakckbeekf

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