The Financial Apocalypse: The Market Faces A $12 Trillion Reckoning

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    Global markets are now facing a $12 trillion dollar reckoning.  The problem is staring the financial apocalypse right in the face and has the potential to accelerate the coming stock market crash.

    recent report from the Congressional Budget Office has warned that deficits will total $11.6 trillion, or 4.4% of gross domestic product between 2020 and 2029. That’s far higher than the historical average of 2.9% over the past 50 years, according to data from INTL FCStone. This reckoning will come when no one wants to buy that debt, and that time is quickly approaching.

    According to Business Insider, a deficit is only as ominous as the market’s inability to buy the excess debt that’s issued along the way. INTL FCStone macro strategist Vincent Deluard has serious concerns about that. So far, foreign central banks, and the U.S.’ central bank, The Federal Reserve. Central banks have begun selling debt though, not taking on more. The Fed has slashed Treasury holdings by $260 billion since October 2017, their foreign counterparts have sold almost $1 trillion over the past four years. Deluard says that those debts will terrifyingly be picked up by retail investors and pension funds.

    But retail investors are running out of cash to by debt and pensions could implode at any time. “If retail investors finance budget deficits, the money will have to come from existing cash savings or equity holdings,” Deluard said in a recent client note. “Reversing to the long-term average stock allocation would free about $4 trillion in retail savings to go into the Treasury market.”

    Deluard sums up the whole apocalyptic situation as one that has the potential to permanently crash the stock market, as any negative pressure could push the economy to the brink.  “The investors which can replace the Federal Reserve and foreign central banks as the marginal buyer of Treasuries are already fully invested,” he said. “Equities will have to be sold.”

    Not many are willing to understand the national debt and the deficit. But those who do, are not optimistic.

    Many Americans and the government find themselves buried in debt they will likely never be able to repay.  No one knows exactly when this debt-based system will all come crashing down, but when it does, it will be like nothing in mankind’s history.


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      1. The US birthrate is down.
        The US population is aging.
        The US inflation rate has destroyed the middle class.

        Robotics/AI revolution is just about here with job replacement.

        So tell me how will anyone have money to be consumers? Realistically, the USA peaked about 1990, then committed hara-kiri by destroying the industrial base which made us prosperous.

        Robotics/AI will annihilate anyone but the 0.01% who own them. Everyone else will be living a hardscrabble existence.

        Crazy Democrats want a Green Revolution that would cost so much money that it would put every American household in debt by $600,000. Plus they encourage illegal aliens who soon will have no jobs due to robotics.

        Crazy RINOs haven’t figured this out yet and are still pandering to illegal aliens.

        • Maranatha, reasonable people have indicated that navigating the societal changes you indicated will be the GREATEST challenge in human history.

          “Their” solution is the NWO and that is Worldwide Communism. You can see where they are trying to roll out “Universal Income” where everyone gets a small check.

          I really think that the future of mankind looks a lot like the remake of Judge Dread. A great movie by the way.

          • ht tps://

            Look at the US birth rate and the fertility rate in women, and that ignores the alarming fertility rate in men due to various issues with spermquality and motility. When this happens you have a large increase in various birth defects.

            There are consequences to abortion.

            Much of the push by Democrats and RINOs is insane as there is no need for more citizens through immigration as these illegal aliens will not only not be a revenue source but will be a drawdown on government funds, both directly and indirectly.

            The EU tried to accomplish the same issue with largely unstable Muslim so-called refugees (economic migrants) because Angela Merkel pushed for it to bail out German pensioners. Well that was and is an utter FIASCO as now Germany is paying them to leave and places like Denmark and Greece are trying bizarre things like putting them all on a island.

            Yep, of course the Luciferians are pushing for microchipping and global governance as that benefits the Antichrist.

            • Forced relocations anyone?

              ht tps://

              It’s FEMA Camps…just international ones.

              Realize that the only reason the elite need us is to steal wealth but if there are no jobs as robot slaves do them, there is no need to produce consumer items except for the extremely wealthy like the Rothschilds.

              They won’t need many robot slaves. You will be out of a job and your land seized and all assets erased especially for Christians as we will not take the Mark of the Beast.

              • This is relatable to the theory about FEMA barges.

                • (sarc) I wonder whether they are working their way to financial freedom.

                  • What form of money has stood the test of time and EVERY financial collapse ever? What has been money for THOUSANDS of years? What form of money has saved the victims of financial collapse from ruin or death? I think you know the answer…. silver is way undervalued but I doubt it will stay that way for long. Keep stacking, you will be pissed and broke if ya don’t!

            • ht tps://

              This is a scientific FACT that in Western Civilization, there is a 50% decline over 40 years. But then you start having very low quality as well and you end up with many birth defects like dwarfism (like achondroplasia) and schizophrenia besides all the typical ones.

              • Who cares? They will all die in your nuclear wasteland dream for yahweh anyway. Hypocrite butt sniffer.

                • You are such a weakling that you cannot refute a single post of mine.

                  You are failing but I imagine you frequently failed in life.

                  • Hey stupid, I have refuted EVERY one of your rediculous posts lol. Fail? I think not! I am way ahead of your dumb ass I bet! Ha ha ha ha, is that all you got old woman? Chew my shorts as I leave you in the dust you insane old hag…

                    • You sad deluded fool with crap for brains. You have merely insulted my posts, not refuted a single post. You are so dim that you do not comprehend the difference.

        • The “Green Revolution” will not happen, after all it is not really a Green movement. It is just another movement wrapped up in equality, justice, peace, prosperity, etc. while “restoring” the environment. It is really nothing more than a plan to further control the masses. Like all political movements they try to project a need for urgency, and that gov’t knows best. All the Dem.s that are signing on to it are saying the cost doesn’t matter, the latest estimate is 93,000,000,000,000, that’s right-93 trillion bucks over ten years.
          They have already said: they want us to stop having children and will formulate anti-children public policy, they want to eliminate meat from our diet, no more personal vehicles, they want federal laws to trump local and state laws for zoning and environmental regulations (so that they can override red states who are not getting on board with the “Green Revolution”) , and of course lots more taxes.
          They will try of course, but they will fail. But not before they run up trillions and trillions of more debt, disrupt the economy, and cause all kinds of turmoil including legal issues for those who didn’t sufficiently comply.

      2. Everytime I say that an odious debt is rhetoric, used to keep people paying off their slavery, someone reminds of the time a slave didn’t pay, once.

        Freedom is assumed, never earned. Ever. Freedom is agency without obligation or responsibility. To be answerable in any way is not free.

      3. Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock
        She’s a coming – get ready

      4. The Founding Fathers, as well as Presidents Lincoln and Jackson warned about the dangers of the private j$w banking system. The IRS is the enforcer and its employees work for a family owned business.

        All the people of the world including the USA are being swindled, defrauding, robbed.

        The 16th amendment gives the IRS the power to tax corporations. Even that is contrary to the Constitution but there is no legal basis for the income tax. Nevertheless people who defy the IRS are sent to prison. The only way to legally not pay your income tax is to not work for a paycheck. Women’s rights are just a scam to get women to be taxed. A homemaker works for her own family.


        • 16th amendment!!!
          Look it up and see if the Web archives the names “Red Beckman” and “Bill Benson”…two Constitutional attorneys who chartered a plane years ago and flew to many state capitals to research how those states voted on the 16th Amendment. They found that the amendment was defeated. But there was no Web at the time and no oversight so the bankers in the federal government announced that the amendment passed! The income tax at the time was only about 1/2 of 1 percent so there was not much public reaction. Here we are now, decades later, and total taxes these days are well over 50 percent of your paycheck. That’s how it’s done in the “Land of the free and the home of the brave”. Or you can always become a politician and lie and steal for a living.

      5. Mercy me, watch out fur dem hogs!

      6. Legalize pot, that will solve the whole problem, NOT!

        • Seamenhole.
          I strongly disagree.
          Not taking my reefer away.

          • What kind of Christian lady talks like that?

      7. Unless any of us have a few trillion stashed away in a Swiss account, my best advice is Prep n Pray.

        Now watch out fur dem hogs

        • Your first sentence sounded halfway intelligent.

      8. I wish the manipulated stock market would crash. And yes the quality folks have very few kids. The culls (mostly welfare parasites) have litters and many times one woman will have a litter with multiple sperm donors.

      9. Ok got it in the next election I will vote for the candidate that promises to reduce this mountain of debt

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