The Final Swindle Of Private American Wealth Has Begun

by | Feb 6, 2014 | Headline News | 374 comments

This analysis has been generously contributed by Brandon Smith of Alt Market.


I began writing analysis on the macro-economic situation of the American financial structure back in 2006, and in the eight years since, I have seen an undeniably steady trend of fiscal decline.

I have never had any doubt that the U.S. economy as we know it was headed for total and catastrophic collapse, the only question was when, exactly, the final trigger event would occur. As I have pointed out in the past, economic implosion is a process. It grows over time, like the ice shelf on a mountain developing into a potential avalanche. It is easy to shrug off the danger because the visible destruction is not immediate, it is latent; but when the avalanche finally begins, it is far too late for most people to escape…

If you view the progressive financial breakdown in America as some kind of “comedy of errors” or a trial of unlucky coincidences, then there is not much I can do to educate you on the reasons behind the carnage. If, however, you understand that there is a deliberate motivation behind American collapse, then what I have to say here will not fall on biased ears.

The financial crash of 2008, the same crash which has been ongoing for years, is NOT an accident. It is a concerted and engineered crisis meant to position the U.S. for currency disintegration and the institution of a global basket currency controlled by an unaccountable supranational governing body like the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The American populace is being conditioned through economic fear to accept the institutionalization of global financial control and the loss of sovereignty.

Anyone skeptical of this conclusion is welcome to study my numerous past examinations on the issue of globalization; I don’t have the time within this article to re-explain, and frankly, with so much information on deliberate dollar destruction available to the public today I’ve grown tired of anyone with a lack of awareness.

If you continue to believe that the Fed actually exists to “help” stabilize our economy or our currency, then you will never find the logic behind what they do. If you understand that the goal of the Fed and the globalists is to dismantle the dollar and the U.S. economic system to make way for something “new”, then certain recent events and policy initiatives do start to make sense.

The year of 2014 has been looming as a serious concern for me since the final quarter of 2013, and you can read about those concerns and the evidence that supports them in my articleExpect Devastating Global Economic Changes In 2014.

At the end of 2013 we saw at least three major events that could have sent America spiraling into total collapse. The first was the announcement of possible taper measures by the Fed, which have now begun. The second was the possible invasion of Syria which the Obama Administration is still desperate for despite successful efforts by the liberty movement to deny him public support for war. And, the third event was the last debt ceiling debate (or debt ceiling theater depending on how you look at it), which placed the U.S. squarely on the edge of fiscal default.

As we begin 2014, these same threatening issues remain (along with many others), only at greater levels and with more prominence. New developments reinforce my original position that this year will be remembered by historians as the year in which the final breakdown of the U.S. monetary dynamic was set in motion. Here are some of those developments explained…

Taper Of QE3

When I first suggested that a Fed taper was not only possible but probable months ago, I was met with a bit (a lot) of criticism from some in the alternative economic world. You can read my taper articles here and here.

This was understandable. The Fed uses multiple stimulus outlets besides QE in order to manipulate U.S. markets. Artificially lowering interest rates is very much a form of stimulus in itself, for instance.

However, I think a dangerous blindness to threats beyond money printing has developed within our community of analysts and this must be remedied. People need to realize first that the Fed does NOT care about the continued health of our economy, and they may not care about presenting a facade of health for much longer either. Alternative analysts also need to come to grips with the reality that overt money printing is not the only method at the disposal of globalists when destroying the greenback. A debt default is just as likely to cause loss of world reserve status and devaluation – no printing press required. Blame goes to government and political gridlock while the banks slither away in the midst of the chaos.

The taper of QE3 is not a “head fake”, it is very real, but there are many hidden motivations behind such cuts.

Currently, $20 billion has been trimmed from the $85 billion per month program, and we are already beginning to see what APPEAR to be market effects, including a flight from emerging market currencies from Argentina to Turkey. A couple of years ago investors viewed these markets as among the few places they could exploit to make a positive return, or in other words, one of the few places they could successfully gamble. The Fed taper, though, seems to be shifting the flow of capital away from emerging markets.

The mainstream argument is that stimulus was flowing into such markets, giving them liquidity support, and the taper is drying up that liquidity. Whether this is actually true is hard to say, given that without a full audit we have no idea how much fiat the Federal Reserve has actually created and how much of it they send out into foreign markets.

I stand more on the position that the Fed taper was actually begun in preparation for a slowdown in global markets that was already in progress. In fact, I believe central bankers have been well aware that a decline in every sector was coming, and are moving to insulate themselves.

Is it just a “coincidence” that the central bankers have initiated their taper of QE right when global manufacturing numbers begin to plummet?……

Is it just “coincidence” the taper was started right when the Baltic Dry Index, a global indicator of shipping demand, has lost over 50% of its value in the past few weeks?…

Is it just “coincidence” that the taper is running tandem with dismal retail sales growth reports from across the globe coming in from the final quarter of 2013?………

And, is it just a “coincidence” that the Fed taper is accelerating right as the next debt ceiling debate begins in March, and when reports are being released by the Congressional Budget Office that over 2 million jobs (in work hours) may be lost due to Obamacare?…

No, I do not think any of this is coincidence.  Most if not all of these negative indicators needed months to generate, so they could not have been caused by the taper itself.  The only explanation beyond “coincidence” is that the Federal Reserve WANTED to launch the taper program and protect itself before these signals began to reach the public.

Look at it this way – The taper program distances the bankers from responsibility for crisis in our financial framework, at least in the eyes of the general public. If a market calamity takes place WHILE stimulus measures are still at full speed, this makes the banks look rather guilty, or at least incompetent. People would begin to question the validity of central bank methods, and they might even question the validity of the central bank’s existence. The Fed is creating space between itself and the economy because they know that a trigger event is coming. They want to ensure that they are not blamed and that stimulus itself is not seen as ineffective, or seen as the cause.

We all know that the claims of recovery are utter nonsense. Beyond the numerous warning signs listed above, one need only look at true unemployment numbers, household wage decline, and record low personal savings of the average American. The taper is not in response to an improving economic environment. Rather, the taper is a signal for the next stage of collapse.

Stocks are beginning to plummet around the world and all mainstream pundits are pointing fingers at a reduction in stimulus which has very little to do with anything. What is the message they want us to digest? That we “can’t live” without the aid and oversight of central banks.

The real reason stocks and other indicators are stumbling is because the effectiveness of stimulus manipulation has a shelf life, and that shelf life is over for the Federal Reserve. I suspect they will continue cutting QE every month for the next year as stocks decline.  Will the Fed restart QE?  If they do, it will probably not occur until after a substantial breakdown has ensued and the public is sufficiently shell-shocked.  The possibility also exists that the Fed will never return to stimulus measures (if debt default is the plan), and QE stimulus will eventually be replaced by IMF “aid”.

Government Controlled Investment

Last month, just as taper measures were being implemented, the White House launched an investment program called MyRA; a retirement IRA program in which middle class and low wage Americans can invest part of their paycheck in government bonds.

That’s right, if you wanted to know where the money was going to come from to support U.S. debt if the Fed cuts QE, guess what, the money is going to come from YOU.

For a decade or so China was the primary buyer and crutch for U.S. debt spending. After the derivatives crash of 2008, the Federal Reserve became the largest purchaser of Treasury bonds. With the decline of foreign interest in long term U.S. debt, and the taper in full effect, it only makes sense that the government would seek out an alternative source of capital to continue the debt cycle. The MyRA program turns the general American public into a new cash stream, but there’s more going on here than meets the eye…

I find it rather suspicious that a government-controlled retirement program is suddenly introduced just as the Fed has begun to taper, as stocks are beginning to fall, and as questions arise over the U.S. debt ceiling. I have three major concerns:

First, is it possible that like the Fed, the government is also aware that a crash in stocks is coming? And, are they offering the MyRA program as an easy outlet (or trap) for people to pour in what little savings they have as panic over declining equities accelerates?  Bonds do tend to look appetizing to uninformed investors during an equities route.

Second, the program is currently voluntary, but what if the plan is to make it mandatory? Obama has already signed mandatory health insurance “taxation” into law, which is meant to steal a portion of every paycheck. Why not steal an even larger portion from every paycheck in order to support U.S. debt? It’s for the “greater good,” after all.

Third, is this a deliberate strategy to corral the last vestiges of private American wealth into the corner of U.S. bonds, so that this wealth can be confiscated or annihilated? What happens if there is indeed an eventual debt default, as I believe there will be? Will Americans be herded into bonds by a crisis in stocks only to have bonds implode as well? Will they be conned into bond investment out of a “patriotic duty” to save the nation from default? Or, will the government just take their money through legislative wrangling, as was done in Cyprus not long ago?

The Final Swindle

Again, the next debt ceiling debate is slated for the end of this month. If the government decides to kick the can down the road for another quarter, I believe this will be the last time. The most recent actions of the Fed and the government signal preparations for a stock implosion and ultimate debt calamity. Default would have immediate effects in foreign markets, but the appearance of U.S. stability could drag on for a time, giving the globalists ample opportunity to siphon every ounce of financial blood from the public.

It is difficult to say how the next year will play out, but one thing is certain; something very strange and ugly is afoot. The goal of the globalists is to engineer desperation. To create a catastrophe and then force the masses to beg for help. How many hands of “friendship” will be offered in the wake of a U.S. wealth and currency crisis? What offers for “aid” will come from the IMF? How much of our country and how many of our people will be collateralized to secure that aid? And, how many Americans will go along with the swindle because they were not prepared in advance?

You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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    1. RICH99

      This has been the same story for 5 1/2 years now !!
      We will hear it for another 5 years

      • Paul

        good, I could use another 5 years to prepare for the collapse.

        • 1braveheart

          I can’t believe we could have another 5 years the way things are going.

          • TheGuy

            If we got an ultra-conservative nationalist type in office (which may actually be somewhat dangerous nowadays… not the conservative part but the nationalist part… really REALLY not sure)…

            Then this might drag our 3-5 years.

            We get Hillary it collapses the Tuesday after her innaugural speech.

            That’s assuming it survives long enough to get to the next election which is rather doubtful.

            • John W.

              Nothing can stop what has been set in motion. Demographics alone doom the nation as we knew it, it is matter of how long it will take which will be speeded up by amnesty but no matter what the 1965 immigration act doomed the country. What we will end up as is the mystery. Uganda, Mexico or Saudi Arabia.

            • Yuri

              Funny, I was thinking just the opposite. They manage to keep things afloat just long enough to get a Republican into the Oval Office, then blame the inevitable collapse on him.

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            It’s one of the oldest scams in history: Have everyone put all the stuff in one place so it’s easier to steal.

            • Npgh

              Yep…MyRA coming to steal from you soon.

              • Miss DeeDee

                Now class , can you say
                — Another Unfunded Government Liability —
                Miss Dee Dee

              • Jasmine

                MyRA = an investment comparable to US Savings Bonds.

                • snake eater

                  my retirement fund bank is a Mason jar,,,,,,,third fence post right side of barn


              • MXLord327

                I thought we already had a gov’t sponsored retirement plan called Social Security. This MyRA is definitely a scam, anyone that puts money in it will eventually lose every penny.

            • Yuri

              He, he, he… Madest thou look.

              • anddropoff


          • 1braveheart

            Weakheart, whose fantasy world are you from?

            • wrong


              Too Funny!

              A California school is under fire after planning a Black History Month lunch menu that included fried chicken, cornbread and watermelon.

              The planned menu at Carondelet High School for Girls, a private institution in Concord, was met with outrage from students and parents, according to NBC Bay Area.

              School Principal Nancy Libby said the items will be removed from the menu, and the campus will hold a diversity assembly for faculty and students.

              “I’d like to apologize for the announcement and any hurt this caused students, parents or community members,” Libby said in an apology letter. “Please know that at no time at Carondelet do we wish to perpetrate racial stereotypes.”

              • Mcdave

                I don’t see the problem here, just hand out the EBT cards and malt liquor… viola…Reality

              • The Old Coach

                Sooo, it’s gonna be roast beef and yorkshire pudding, and then they’ll scream that the ain’t eatiin’ whitey’s menue either.

              • snake eater

                wrong says
                the problem was that damn cornbread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


              • Smokey

                Didn’t the ‘outraged’ just perpetuate racial stereotypes?

                Principal Libby should have said, “We din’t do nuffin.”

              • Egg

                I love the aforementioned foods & would have been pissed if they changed the menus on me…what can I say? Just an anglosaxon grown up in the south, my Grandfather farmed watermelon…

          • old guy

            I think we have ten years. In ten years all the baby boomers & patriots who believe in the God Given rights named in the counstitioun will be dead or too old to resist.

            • MXLord327

              Yup, and most of the 30 and under crowd doesn’t care much about patriotism, guns, the Constitution. They are just too busy living their plugged-in lives to bother. Once us 40 and overs are 70 and over, it will be full on socialism/fascism. I guess there is about a 10% chance this Constitutional Republic survives.

              • The Old Coach

                When the power goes out and the Twitter feed fails, they’ll just shrivel up like a leaky balloon. OK with me, they’re consuming far more than they produce anyway.

              • IowaGal

                Whew, it’s a good thing I am 31 years old then!

              • tzulu

                just give them their soma and soylent green, they ll be happy

              • Egg

                I’d say 10% is mighty generous. Hope it does, but planning it will not. For me it is a comfort to know (as I “know” yet through faith) there is more than this life & it is in the end a spirit war in reality…

          • RICH99

            Really braveheart ……many including myself said the same exact thing in 2009 ….WHAT year are we in ?

            • John W.

              These things take time. A huge powerful host takes a long time to subdue. Relax it will happen lets hope not for awhile but I suspect that the rate will speed up as the death of a thousand cuts weakens the host.

              • RICH99

                That’s exactly what I have been saying for years to these MORONS !!!!
                Every year its imminent !!!!

          • John W.

            Just because you have not died yet does not mean you will not. You feel that the people in charge really care what happens to the country? It is all about the NWO and the banks.

          • Hey You

            Nor do I believe that “we” have 5 years to prepare. More likely, we may have 2 1/2 years just up to pre-2016 Federal election. That’s when the federal system would start to implode.

          • morris adams

            thus the name,,, WEAKHEART. good to know you won’t be in our way!

        • Jezebel

          “like the ice shelf on a mountain developing into a potential avalanche”

          I live in Florida, what is the author trying to illustrate here?

          • OutWest

            Some people couldn’t see the signs if
            they were hit over the head with them.

            • durango kidd

              Argentina and Turkey are being punished for their political positions. Turkey was in line, like Egypt, to receive the economic blessings that the NWO was about to bestow.

              Turkey, as a NATO Member, was next in line for the “China Template” until they went “Independent”. Once the present Administration is disposed of by either elections or coup, the NWO PTB would like to infuse the country with Crony Capitalism.

              By creating financial turmoil abroad, The FED can attract money back to the USA to mitigate the effect of tapering without adversely impacting the markets, interest rates, and inflation.

              Demonic genius to be sure. These guys are not stupid. 🙂

              • durango kidd

                MyIRA is likely the NEXT financial swindle but not the last. Just a few days before O’Bummer presented myIRA to the masses, someone here asked me about their 401k and my response is in the archives a number of articles back.

                My last thought to that person was that when government nationalizes 401k’s and private pension funds you can be certain that a crash is coming.

                So it is the next BIG financial swindle, in another twenty years after myIRA becomes ubiquitous and there is money to be stolen. What we are looking at right now, is the second leg down in the K Wave Cycle, a 40% decline in the markets, and war in the Middle East.

                Buckle up. 🙁

                • Bflag

                  Do you seriously think we 20 years left?

                • Calgacus

                  Does this mean well have to pay rent if were shipped off to the FEMA camps?


                • Sierra Dave

                  20 years??? They aren’t going to wait 20 years. The money will go into the general fund like S.S. money is and MyRA will get I.O.U’s..

                • Canadian Vet

                  In all seriousness, I wouldn’t be surprised. They will probably have forced labour set up, with your “pay” being used to pay for your room, board, clothes, medical services and a whole lot of other things at grossly inflated rates.

                  But you’d be able to keep a little, likely in the form of scrip, for on-camp little luxuries and the impression you actually have an income. And you know what? It would most likely be very effective at keeping the sheeple in line too.

                • durango kidd

                  The IMF will never provide “aid” to the FED. The FED does not and will never need the aid of the IMF. It has been the FED that has provided astronomical sums of dollars to the IMF during the last crisis for redistribution to Europe.

                  The FED has an unlimited ability to create OUR money and absorb the losses of its member banks as evidenced by QE; and lend those dollars to every major multi-national corporation in the world. That too was evidenced in the last financial crisis. So it would never need to securitize American property and borrow from the IMF.

                  The IMF was created by the Gangster Banksters for Europe initially, and then it migrated to “assist” (read: manipulate, plunder, and control) emerging markets at the direction of the Gangster Banksters.

                  I am a fan of Brandon’s, but like so many here, he does not truly understand the working’s of the FED.

                  The World Bank and IMF are creatures created by the Creature from Jekyll Island. Historically, the head of the World Bank has been appointed by the US, while the head of the IMF has been appointed by our European Partners. Bottom line, both organizations IMPLEMENT the policies of the Gangster Banksters: they do not originate them.

                  Having said all of that, eventually, the GB’s might submit to a world currency backed by a basket of major currencies, but don’t hold your breath. The GB’s have a world currency that they control. Its called the Dollar. Don’t expect them to give up the control they have anytime soon. Would you? Without a fight?

                  Engage your employees or be impoverished by them one financial crisis at a time. 🙁

                • durango kidd

                  Bflag: No I do not think WE have 20 years left. But they do. 🙂

                • Just_Sayin

                  Hey… that was me DK.

                  I guess I got my answer !!

            • RICH99

              Out west ……let’s think about this LOGICALLY and not emotionally ( like a woman ) ….in reality we saw the signs starting significantly in about 2006 -2007 and we made it about 7 years which PROVES it’s always been and always will be a SLOW MOTION train crash !!!
              The system wont be allowed to crash until EVERY piece of their plan is IN PLACE !!!!

              • Slick One

                Once they get the average americans to turn in their weapons, and they are disarmed…..

                • RICH99

                  Which will take years if a war doesn’t break out first

                • Gregory8

                  Slick One: That’s never going to happen (weapons turn in), just look at Connecticut. They are a very liberal state and passed a law last year that all military style weapons and large capacity magazines must be registered. Now, by they state’s own estimates, there were at least 350,000 =/- weapons and over 1,000,000, magazines that fit that criteria. The deadline was December 31, 2012 and only 50,000 guns (14%) and only 40,000 magazines (4%) were registered. That’s a really big “F*CK YOU” by any standard. If a super-blue liberal state like Conn. can’t get its citizens to even register their ‘stuff’ then there’s no chance that other states will. The state’s government is now considering ‘amnesty’ to get folks to comply but they’re afraid that further non-compliance will make them look even more impotent that they already are. Government is all bluff and no stuff.

          • lower40

            hey jezebel

            i too live in in fl. i see the humor ,i gave you a thumbs up

          • John W.

            What are you dense? Try thinking for a change.

        • eppe

          A ‘Liberal Paradise’ would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only Law Enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does indeed exist …… It’s called prison”

          Sheriff Joe Arpaio
          Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
          Phoenix, Arizona

          • MXLord327

            Sheriff Joe for President! I’m totally shocked he hasn’t been “Breitbarted” yet.

        • BJ

          I would say with the tetrad coming (4 blood moons) it could be any time between now and September 2015

          • Them Guys

            We have a John Hagee, Pet Parrot here!

            Wize up! all that 4 blood moons stuff is in reality no different than various Other talmudic religious holy days.

            Such as Yom Kipper “War” etc etc…The talmudic Tribe makes certain to begin a War or attack on some arab or palestinian peoples or nations, ON a specific Talmudic holy day like yom kipper for example.

            Or that other special “Esther” women holy day IE: Purim.

            When talmudic tribe jews celebrate mass genocide against Hamen and his arab tribe etc…

            After the orig first “purim” war, jews always try to regulate the Next new war events to coincide with that “holy” day such as Purim which was named after war against Hamen and his ilk.

            That way the tribe can convince delusional dreamy eyed folks, mesmerized by smart swindlering Pastors like hagee, to believe when the Next New attack or War against whoever is this years enemys of the jews and israel begins.

            That it was all done by an “act of God!!”…as in “oh gee looky looky there! israel claims a few bottle rockets were fired over their 30-40 ft tall cement Wall of Seperatisim, by israels “enemys”(4-5yr old kids in palestine) and it evolved into Full scale WAR!

            AND! See there just as pastor said it all occured when there were “four blood red moons”!!!

            So That proves it Must be an act od God.

            Wrong! It proves israeli zionist jew warmongers and mass genocidal freeks, aka Master race seperatists jews, have a 4000 yr old desert tribal minded Lust for Blood and revenge(John 8:44..You are of your father the devil, satan and his Lusts you will do IE: Lie-Steal-Murder).

            But to continue recieving full Unquestional support and Funding with Much Billions in Cash, and tens of billions dollars in Weaponery, FROM the USA…It is very necessary to Keep delusional stary eyed Scofield bible minded pastors teaching Their even More wide stary eyed Flock’s(christian membership), to believe if its “Gods” doing, an “Act” of God as evidenced by a red moon or two, or a huricane etc etc…

            Then that massive Cash and weapons flows shall continue untill either deluded christians finally awaken to the tribes Talmudic zionist swidnle scams?

            OR..Untill the Tribe talmudics have NO other so called “mortal Enemys of jews” Left to genocide…other than We in America!

            But even if we americans become the last final humans left for the Tribe to sacraficialy mass blood Lust genocide…..Its very likely america will Still have several million hard core scofied bible types willing to keep funding, supplying and UNquestionably defending and approving whatever the tribe zionist talmudic jews desire to do….

            Even if it results in israel Nuking the usa!

            Don’t believe anyone can be so, so, so delusional and brainwashed to believe whatever some phony zionist swindler pastor teaches them?

            Well just take a gander at a few yutube videos of jewdeo-christian-zionists exiting any recent “CUFI” aka “christians united For israel” event sponcered by cufi’s inventor, John hagee!

            Watch a yutube of them folks being asked “What if You had to choose between remaining 100% Loyal To america. OR Israel/jews/zionists?”

            Every single one will be seen answering something like..

            “Oh if that ever happens I need choose between usa and israel or jews and zionists etc?”…Thats EASY to answer sir!…Of Cource I will Have to be loyal to jewish Israel and zionists!”.. Right they have zero qualms admitting they will turn backs against own nation of america in Favor of jewish israel and zionists grand plan schemes.

            And those grand plan schemes Are a NWO thats really a…”J” WO a JWO, Owned and run By the tribe of master race seperatists and self chozen, self worshipers.

            Just look Back at past 65 yrs of Wars israel jews were involved in and see how often war or attacks or other similar events revolves around Talmudic jew zio holy days like “purim” and Yom Kipper etc…

            Thats NO coincidence, and NO act of God…Its simply “Timeing” designed to Convince delusional Hagee type christians to fall for the jewish israeli swindles is all….It Works swell too eh!

            Just look at how much massive cash donations pour into hagees fat hands every year at his yearly “CUFI” event to promote zionists-israel and ALL things jewish.

            Hagee even made his Own pastor teachng tool video! in it Hagee demands christians NEVER preach or spread the Gosple of Jesus to any Jews…Why? Because acording to john hagee…Christ mandated christians ONLY spread the gospel to “Gentiles aka Goyims” but NEVER speak it to any jewish folks!…Why? Cause hagee believes and teaches that all persons worldwide Must believe in Jesus to be saved….EXCEPT of course for jews since jews have a “different-seperate” plan of salvation!!! (Thats worse than a Lie! Its total hogwash Blasphemy in Gods name! or Use of His name in vain!)

            Don’t laugh as its truth and look how 50 million jewdeo-christo-zios also believe in the same “MYTH”!

            I just had to say all that since we keep seeing references to 4 blood red moons etc…And its all Bunk inventions from the likes of Hagee-Pat robertson-Falwell-ET AL…Perhaps where they went drastically off kilter, and took the Wrong turn off was when they allowed their preacher colleges and seminaries to begin to allow Jewish rabbis, and jewish professors in as their Teachers!

            What else would one expect a jewish Talmudic rabbi(Pharisee) or Khazar fraud jewish professor to teach wannabe preachermen, other than a bunch of Talmudic rabinical jewish religiosity to confuse and change proper christianity of the New testement and Christ, into a mish-mash of old testement false interpretations, combined with alot of Pharisee Rabinical Talmudic zionizim etc?

            Is anybody Still wondering Why or How todays american Christinaity has gotten so Far Off Track to be not only an Apostasy, but also Blasphemic?

            If still wondering?…Research Hagee et all, and talmudic swindles treated as a Virtue!…I can provide more info or Links if desired too.

            Also: Consider that verse of “how can two walk as One when they each believe a different thing”?

            Well That fits to a T, if you think of what does it mean to claim you are a “Jewdeo-Christian” or zionist christian?

            Biblical Christ centered christianity teaches “Morality-Love of others-Peace-etc etc”

            Pharisee tamludisim Judaisim teaches “HATE of ALL non jew goyim gentiles!…That its Okay and a virtue for a jew to rob/steal from, Lie to, kill a goyim gentile!”

            As well as their incesant, constant mouth foaming demands for more Wars! More Mass genocides(like 1918 russia when jewdeo-bolshevistik-communisim, Genocided 250-350 Million innocent white christian folks)! etc etc…

            Talmud consists of dozens of Book volums all devoted to such teachings of hate for goyim gentiles, and racial supremecist seperatisim for jews..(like a jewish Only state of israel, while leftist and neocon rightwing jews in usa clamor non stop to 3rd worldize american white folks!! by flooding Our white nations with dark skinned 3rd world types, and those who Hate whites with a passion only surpassed by the talmudic pharsetical rabinical Hate for goyims especially the White goyims!).

            So How can anybody truly be Both? a christian and jewish? aka a Jewdeo-christian?…Does OIL & Water Mix properly? NO! Never has, never will…Wakey Wakey!

            • MXLord327

              You may have some really good points, but honestly I wouldn’t know. If I have to scroll down 5 times to read one post, sorry, I’m skipping it.

              • The Old Coach

                He has to write long speeches to put food on the table.

                His Islamo-Fascist handlers pay him by the word.

            • John W.

              What is with you monkey boys and the Jew hatred? You are so stupid it hurts to read your trash.

              • skittle shittin unicorn

                not all here read his trash

                them guys is just another idiot who thinks his garbage is interesting

                skittle shittin unicorn

        • Sierra Dave

          Five more years and they will probably have Terminator units.

          Bring it on now before they get more powerful!

          • snake eater

            They already have them called DRONES


            • snake eater

              yes I know I didn’t spell it right but for those that know know what it means


        • Mordacai

          Excessive prepping disorder. From an old prepper. We know that God holds back the end time as to allow more people to repent and develop character. We also know how this will end because He tells us this. Yet we don’t spend our life worrying about old age and every disease we may get. Hoarding wheelchairs, oxygen machines, depends, etc. because it robs of the joy of living it today. I started out prepping years ago for an emergency. Then I made backup plans. Backups of backups…Later I had to throw out first supplies of food. Listening to every negative news feed. Rumors of rumors. I noticed that I became more and more isolated. I didn’t trust many people. Anger and mistrust became the fruits of my spirit. Even among other preppers we were never in harmony. When I got honest with myself I realized that I wanted to be people’s savior at the beginning and then as fear grew I just wanted to survive myself. I never had enough prepping done. This became my goal in life. In the bible God tells us we will hear of rumors of wars, etc. but not to worry because the end is not yet. I had trained my mind to live as a prepper so much that I may never be able to fully recover. Bottom line is we are not going to get out of this world alive. There are people suffering everywhere that need help today. I’m trying to live in today, allow love to dominate not fear, trust God for with my future. I still have relapses and fear wins out. Realizing that I was not having the fruits of the spirit…love, joy peace, etc. made me take a look at this way of life. I want to be one of the virgins that has a lot of oil in my lamp. If you are anything like me this used to just piss me off. I didn’t want to change. I was afraid to change. This is who I was..But I was not becoming like Christ. As for the article…People will screwing people over right up until Christ plants His feet on the Mount of Olives.

          • cabinfever

            Excellent post! This is how I feel too. I have come to believe that God is on the throne no matter what our circumstance. I have been reading about my relatives who (Under Catherine the Great) migrated down to Ukraine…the government made all sorts of promises and then broke those promises. Some got out and came to America and then all those people (countless millions) were murdered or died of starvation under Stalin years later. We have a new grandchild coming this summer and they live very far away. There’s nothing we can do but take one day at a time. This is what’s coming but far worse.

          • javelin

            Excellent post. Being informed and being prepared ( to a degree) for life’s uncertanties is only wise. However once one begins to define one’s life in the view of “being a prepper” and the negativity and decay of the world becomes the central focus, then it affects the mind and spirit.

            I will not live in fear. There may even come a time in Amirika that I am persecuted, imprisoned or worse for my faith…already the PC police are making it a crime just to THINK contrary to the immorals of our cesspool society.

            I will focus on my family, job as a caregiver and most of all…”seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness”…the rest I will entrust to God.

            I own weapons to protect my home–but not enough to fend off a mob of 20+ people.

            I grow and can/preserve my own veggies, eggs, chickens, preserves etc…but am not going to become a full time farmer.

            I buy in bulk and rotate. This is practical because prices are only going to increase. I have the space to store dozens of TP packs, dozens of tubes of toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizers, soaps…and of course dry-goods. If calamity never comes then I can just be viewed as frugal.

            I do not wish for the collapse of society, societal unrest or the horrific misery that will befall so many of my fellow countrymen ( whether they are selfish idiots, obamabots, neo-cons, liberal syncophants, atheist god haters or whatever). I hope God stays His hand of wrath and allows more time for the repentance of many–who knows? Maybe even a “Nineveh” style revival for a short period of grace.

            My wife and I have decent jobs which we both love–we get to care for the sick, dying and desperate…my daughter has given me the precious gift of my first grandchild who absolutely adores her “Pawpaw.”

            Make no mistake–if calamity hits, my family will not be hungry for a year and I will protect them as able. We will have some power sources but not to the level of running A/C continually or lights on in every room simultaneously. We have a well and a clean stream-plus water tx tablets and purifiers…..anything above that which may be needed….well I can only hope that some sort of order is returned in a year or so…

        • Ric

          5 years or 5 minutes matters very little when you are part of the 2% prepared. I will take what I can get, but wont stress over time I dont yet have.

      • John Q. Public

        I look at the current worldwide monetary crisis and see it as a result of fraud and other criminality—fractional reserve banking, manipulated fiat currency, manipulated commodities, warmongering-for-profit, and purchased influence. Since the dynastic banksters and swindlers have obtained title and wealth from objectively criminal and immoral action, it seems entirely moral and sensible to repudiate all bank debt and to eliminate all debt-based currencies.

        Further, the perpetrators and all their enablers, mouthpieces, talking heads, puppets, and enforcers should be prosecuted, punished, and all their gains, ill-gotten over the centuries, should be repatriated.

        “Nuremberg 2” for the perpetrators of genocide, war, and economic crimes against humanity.

        • no justice

          Derivatives are what is taking the world down, the items you mention are helping, but in 2008 it was derivatives. Being a banker in the future will not benefit your health.

        • NetRanger

          hehe. “Fractional Reserve Banking” I get a chuckle everytime I think of the term. I mean, if you attempt to use assets you don’t really have to get a loan, the bank will prosecute your for “fraud”. Yet, what is fractional reserve banking but the very same thing?

          As long as enough people believe in the fraud and can keep the system running, its not fraud.

          Just goes to show you: get enough people to believe a very big lie and you can be very, very wealthy.

          …but I believe there is a price to pay. Your soul. No one can defraud people without paying a personal price for their sin. Don’t believe in God? Fine. Call it karma, what goes around comes around, whatever. Eventually these evil sons of bitches are going to pay. Personally, I’d really rather see the payment process here in this life, but, if not, oh, well. I do know there has to be a reckoning and I hope it hurts them very badly because they have caused immense pain to billions. May they burn in hell, or the reasonable facsimle thereof.

          • YH


            “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

            – Joseph Goebbels

            • Them Guys

              YH: If you go find his Original FULL statement that quote you posted is taken from. You will find that the quote we all have seen so often, as you just posted up, is an Out of Contextual version.

              The full actual statement he made was actually a entire page long, and it was him alerting German folks that those are the methods used to scam folks by Jewish Bolshevik Communists.

              Goebbels was Warning His people, Germans, what to look out for so they do not fall for jewish communistic Propagandas..

              But when its presented as this famous quote, out of full context, it has been made to look as if hes bragging of how to swindle his own folks the german peoples.

              Same goes for many so called Hitler quotes. From Mien kamph texts…They too have been taken out of context to appear as other than what he was really telling folks.

              I aint no fan of hitler nor a fan of the “allied” leaders like FDR and Churchill et al…They All were swindlers and zionist scams….But it does make a huge difference when stuff is promoted as a complete quote, when it was actually taken out of context from much longer statements etc.

              I also aint accuseing You YH of being devious etc….I just wasn’t certain if you know of this or not is why I mentioned this. I will see if I can again find the full page statement that Goebbles quote is taken from…Not sure where to look as I have misplaced some materials I used to have copies of for reference…If I find it I will post it entirely.

              • The Old Coach

                Hitler was a Zionist? Who knew?

                • John Q. Public

                  @ Old Coach

                  “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

                  The cooperation between the Nazis and the Zionists is well-documented.

                  Start here:

                  The Judaic Trotskyite Lennie Brenner documented ZIONIST COLLUSION WITH THE NAZIS in his book, “51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis,” ISBN 9781569802359.

                  Or if your attention span is as impaired as your critical thinking, here’s a short version:


              • YH

                Them Guys,

                Copy that. I only re-posted this excerpt from his speech because I believe 100% in the “spirit” of language within the quote. The truth is the mortal enemy of the State, and the State will go to extreme lengths to shield the public from the lies. Thanks.

                • Them Guys

                  YH: Thats cool. I kinda thought that you knew of this fact already. Since most all you post shows that you are awake to alot more than simply “preps” issues.

                  I guess you can say I sort of used your post as a means to post what I posted so incase others here were unaware of how Goeblles and hitlers so called “quoted statements” have been ridicously and constantly been seen as a promotion of their being proof those two were bragging about how they scammed their Own peoples!

                  Once one understands that 1920-30’s germany, where todays cultural Comminusim school of Frankfurt originated before being brought to america around 1934-36 by the jewish german “teachers” who invented cultural commie methods to subvert the nation (usa)….Was precisely going thru the exact same type scenarios we today in america see happening to Our nation and patriot folks etc.

                  And once one grasps that like america today with a Vast marxist kommies problem, and that it is They the marxists fully In control today in every aspect of culture and society as well as all forms MSM and Fed govnt etc..

                  Then the Only issue left is to seek out Who is and has been doing all this marxist communizations of america? And is it proboble or possible that perhaps its done by the Same culprits as was then done in 1920-30’s germany?

                  Many folks never will get Past rejection of any possibility that indeed like communisim, so too was frankfurt school of “cultural Marxisim” invented and Run by…Jewish kommie bolsheviks.

                  And That was the True troubles messing up germany back then in the exact same ways as america today.

                  Every aspect that usa folks can recall seeing occure to assist in destroying the white-christian-culture-ethic-and basically “American” ways we whos old enough to remember know of, and have seen happen over the past 50-60 yrs now…

                  ARE an Exact Duplicate of the exact Same problems Germans faced then. Evils such as Porn-Fags-lezbos-Femanazis-Crooked top govnt-Totally Controlled Press-radio and newspapers was all germans had then mainly-the Theater-Art’s-University Proferssors and what was taught- ALL that effects what we call society and national culture was systematically slowly destroyed in germany, and replaced like as done here in usa, By all these evils and national Ill’s that when not halted always cause a total destruction of whatever was prior.

                  And like america Today…The main only difference of whom these marxis scoundrels are now as compared to 1930 germany, is that todays usa destroyers or “nation Wreckers” are the Grandkids of the Original Bolshevik Russian and polish jewish marxists of that prior era.

                  At least we finally are seeing vast numbers, many Millions of americans who are demanding to Know whos behind whats destroying our peoples and nation.

                  Yes it is Very difficult to accept when one realizes that all we was taught to believe, Especially about WWII and jews vs nazis etc was aprox 98% Lies or propagandas, Mixed with 2% truth…

                  After being told for entire lifetime Our parents or uncles Were the GREATEST gen ever!…Well simply Read a 1947 Book free online called “Gruesome Harvest” thats fully notated and documented by over a couple hundred sources as well as the book writer who went to germany, and europe areas soon as wwii ended, to discover and write of what really was going on that usa folks were NOT being aprised of?

                  Once one researchs such materials…One is hard pressed to still believe all that crap we were told eh.

                  I guess it matters Most weather or not a person desires facts and truth?..Or is content to dwell in the many fantacy’s they were taught or told to believe in.

                  Personally I have come to believe that NO other modern govnt has ever told as many Lies and propagandas as has the American fed govnt and its mass of tentacles we call fed agencies etc…US State dept ring any bells? or CIA perhaps?!!

                  If we ever reach that tipping point where truth knowers outnumber the folks in denial…Thats when we still may have a good chance to really Fix it all.

        • The Old Coach

          Fractional reserve banking, like fire, is only dangerous if you let it get out of control. In the last ten years the old 5:1 ratio of loans to cash has been reduced to as much as 100:1, and in one or two reported cases in Europe the ratio went to infinity, (i.e. zero reserves). This is analogous to emptying 55 gallon drums of kerosene on your cooking fire. Bankstering does attract land sharks, which is why we have had banking regulation for centuries. years. Where we screwed up was letting our greed rule our logic, which got us Congressmonkeys who stopped all oversight, and let the sharks loose. We as a nation did learn something in the 1930s, and among other things put Glass Steagall in place. Clinton and CONgress repealed it in 1990, and we now see that the predictions of disaster made at the time were dead-on accurate.

          • Them Guys

            USURY aka Intrest on Money Is the Main problem none wish to address…Usury is Sinfull biblically!…It is a swindle used by jewish banksters, the Very folks old coach loves to unquestionally defend, who have invented the Modern day(past 300 yrs) usage of it. And who have perpetrated it upon all but 3-4 out of the current aprox 200 nations worldwide.

            Usury intrest is a swindlers method to get rich fast and without doing ANY Phys labor period.

            Which coincides with what is Taught by them banksters ‘religion” of Tamludic Judaisim aka Master race seperatists, VS. all others aka goyims!

            Does anybody really believe this could continue as it has if not for masses of delusional supporters of said “Master race” talmudics? Like a few here seem to be.

            Why else do ya think the Tribe has gotten 99% of peoples, especially here in america, to always focus on how it is the tribe members, that are the worlds Main only Victims and always victims thru zero faults of the tribes?

            So You will be far too busy to Focus on what evils Many, not all, but Many of that tribes peoples perpetrate upon other nations and the goyims of such nations.

            it may be just a few bad apples of their tribe that does evils..However! Same as african blacks act, 99+% of the tribes total numbers wordlwide always go along with, enable, and vociferously Defend ALL actions by ALL members period…Do not believe me? Ok just go Try to ask Any questions about their main scam aka the HolyHoax and the number “SIX” Million!!…See what happens after you ask of it!….99+% of the Tribe sticks to itself more so than even african blacks always do regardless Whats done nor how wrong or evil it is…so perhaps not “ALL’ do wrongs…But “Most All” profit or benifit from it all! Same as african black parasites does..Thats why at least 1/2 of the Tribe will NEVER go to live in Israel, which 99+% claim to Love so dearly and always so defend etc…Parisitical folks or groups cannot all live as one group in the same nation!…They always require a wealthy “HOST” peoples/nation to Suck the Lifeblood from(Cash money is nations life blood) and the tribe IS the proven worlds greatest swindlers and liars ever know of. A Few Honest members admit to all this too…Unlike some Enablers here.

            And if You falsely believe that “MYTH” of always innocent victim status, how can you possible even consider that it may be Their tribeal-religious ways and beliefs that create so many world problems?

            Once folks wake up though! Then it All changes now don’t it. Once real factual truths known, none go back to fantacy land of falsehoods always promoted by the Tribe and its delusional Goyim enablers.

            Perhaps that the real reason they got Booted from every nation, But the usa so far eh?…it certainly is not due to the ribe parts Their hair on the wrong side now is it.

      • Ordinary Average Guy

        Rich99… have to agree with that…this probably won’t be the end of the story,but,eventually the fleecing will end when there is no more fleece to be had. And since the White House seems to be praising the creation of a new national part time job structure as a success (due to obamacare)i would think the really easy fleece has been taken, and when the rest of the scraps are collected, the end game will play out. If my crystal ball wasn’t cracked I’d tell you when.

        • BigB

          The “story” began for me in 2008. For the last 5 written chapters (years) the story has been of a financial system headed for a collapse. Just like back in 1929 when it took almost until 1933 for the real collapse of the markets to take place and thus causing a severe depression.

          In other words the book is not complete at this point and those who put the book down because they got bored will never know the final outcome until the reality of it all comes crashing down upon their heads. But that is like those who purchase life insurance and when feeling immortal they stop making the payments. My point being just because it hasn’t happened completely it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.


      • PO'd Patriot


      • jerrytbg

        Will you bet your life on it?

        If I have the time I’ll make some popcorn and watch. Where do you live…

        • jerrytbg

          Think of it another way Rich…2 steps ahead (tptb) one back…
          But always in the direction of our demise…
          And the pace IS quickening, no?

          • 1braveheart

            I know Rich99 means well but there’s no way we’re going to make it another 5 years. Maybe 1 year, IF they still have the midterm elections. I have to say 2015 at the latest if we make it that far.

            • jerrytbg

              hell BH… I thought we’d be doing the shootin’ by now.

            • ReFounding Father

              I have two teenage boys. I’m getting older every year! This death by a thousand cuts is dooming the next generation to slavery, because the last ones to enjoy a free adulthood ( to the everlasting shame of Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and Adams ect) have their eyes glued to the bread and circus.
              Both parties in the gubmint power structure are only interested in getting and holding the power that only belongs to the people. We have abdicated this God given responsibility to suck off the teet of leisure.
              I don’t want my kids to have to pay the price for my neglect. I don’t want shtf, but if it must happen I want it to be while I can do something about it.


            • JayJay

              I’m saying this year too.
              I have no idea, just a feeling and most time it is right.
              I have saved us a lot of anxiety here at home by listening to that little voice–I’m prepped real good because of that little voice.

              • MXLord327

                I’m thinking it will hold off until 0bama is out of office then the communist dumocraps (redundant, I know) will be able to blame it all on Right Wing, Racist, Homophobic, Gun-Owning, Bible-Thumping White Men!!!! If a White Male Republican wins the Presidency in 2016, all bets are off, hold on for the ride, it’s going to be a bumpy one!

                • John W.

                  If the Stupid party pushes amnesty they will not only not take the Senate but will probably lose the House. Why would Boner do this unless it is to take the focus off Obamacare. This is a deliberate action to throw the election. If this happens then I would expect the full court attack on the Constitution will begin. The Stupid party with control of the House cannot impede Obama in any thing he wants to do what will happen when they hold no power. Bunch of losers.

                • Hey You

                  It is doubtful that there will be a meaningful 2016 federal election because the federal system will no longer be relevant.

              • Yuri

                Early 2009 was when I started prepping in earnest, so, I suppose I thought something was imminent then. But I chalk that up to beginner’s inexperience.
                I’ve thought something was coming ever since; but never had the sense of urgency I have now.

                Basically, I figure on economic collapse this year. Sometime in the next 4 or 5 months. The cracks are already starting to show.

                If it holds off until, say, Aug. or Sept. of this year, then I’d wager that they can stave things off until 2017 when a new Pres & Congress are in.

                In short, though, I’m more worried now of some imminent SHTF scenario than I have been … well, … ever.

          • IL mom

            There is a bank drill not this weekend, but next. Along with a bank holiday on Monday….

            • jerrytbg

              Yup…and as I mentioned awhile back, BOA, in my neck of the ICW, is shutting down their out building drive thru teller windows on the 14th at 2pm… buckle up…

              • IL mom

                Our BOA is closing permanently. 2 locations here.

                • Donna in NM

                  BOA closed here as well. Didn’t bother sending out letters to let us know.

                • JayJay


                • MXLord327

                  Good, BOA sucks, I can’t stand them!!!!

              • durango kidd

                Now that the major banks have consolidated American deposits, such as they are, they can cut the number of branches to be leaner and more profitable; meaning bring a paperback novel if you go into a branch and stand in line to see a human being.

                Wells Fargo seems to be creating more branches to control the space in the markets where they have a strong presence. 🙂

      • Lazarus

        Very possible to almost likely. Folks, corruption can go on for a very long time especially when almost everyone is involved in one way or another.

        Why your being junked is a mystery other than it’s information nobody wants to hear. Me, I like to hear all sides…

    2. godsofold

      Stay sharp folks, this is what we’ve prepped for. Do NOT be amazed by what you see when this all goes down and remember where to direct your action if need be. Chaos may come but don’t give in. Instead choose to be the calm in the midst of the storm. Stay safe & God bless.

      Semper Fi.

      • socmarine87

        “We didn’t get all dressed up for nothing”

        Keep your head on a swivel.

        Semper Fi.

        • godsofold

          Indeed. Semper Fi

          • clint

            I believe there will be many many fires lit by people, so make sure you can have a way to put out your neighbors fire if you live really lose to someone. I’m just trying to say is one person starts a wild fire in the Ca or Co and that is one, what would happen if people started fires everywhere, the resouces and the chaos would be great. Maybe it won’t I don’t know.

            • Yuri

              THought the same, Clint. Fire extinguishers should be on the same tier as food, water, and warmth in everyones preps. (not to mention battery smoke alarms)
              The local fire dept. won’t be showing up anymore once SHTF.

    3. Socrates

      ‘Final’ Swindle? Until they have no hands to clutch your money with, they will continue the Wall Street Shuffle. All those Guillotines could be put to good use, after all. 😉

    4. Charley Waite

      As a US History teacher, I can tell you this is both depressingly familiar and unprecedented in history. Our country was so awesome that her economy took all kinds of greedy abuse and kept on ticking. the latest round of vampires, however, have sucked down to the last drop. Remember, Dracula at least would drink until his victims fainted, but lived. Not these bloodsuckers. Now the corpse will never revive. Damn them. Damn them all to Hell.

      • MorningStar

        Ho Lee Fuk Sum Ting Wong!

        • NetRanger

          Stop it MS! This is a market crash, not a plane crash!


          I think of that news report often. Hilarous. Not the crash of course but the fooling of the stoopid news readers that can’t think beyond their telepstupidator, aka teleprompter.

          Ho Lee Fuk!!!

          Sum Tin Wong!!!

          • unknown suspect

            and Wee Too Lo

            • MXLord327

              Or in Eisen’s case, Wee Too High!!!

        • Sgt. Dale

          It is all about Who Flung Dung.

          • MXLord327

            Hu Flung Poo!!

      • Them Guys

        Indeed! If one takes a look at an Old ancient symbol shown on the face cover of one of the tribes many “religious” books…If I recall correct it may be their Kabala Book of black/dark Magick teachings.

        The front cover of book shows a Round Earth, encircled by a Snake! At top of world/earth photo, is the Snakes Head, fangs, and its Tail is almost close enough to be Eaten by the snakes Open mouth!

        From what I read that it is supposed to symbolize is that only once that snake circled around the entire earth is able to finally begin to eat its own Tail so to speak, thats when the tribe parisee will have total control of entire world. That snake eating its tail symbolizes the entire earth being Crushed within the snake circled around the planet in a sort of squeeze effect.

        One gander at that books cover photo and you have zero doubts what it means and how close the worlds is to being fully engulfed by these centuries old plans for a ruthless nwo-Jwo, where They Own and control it ALL, and all the goyims left alive(not alot!) shall be Their Slave-serfs!

        I wonder if That Kabala books cover photo/Snake has anything to do with how so often they are refered to as “Serphants”?!! and “Vipers”!

        Or if it simply relates to back in the Garden where their father originated them as he was also a “Serphant” as named.

        GENISES: And I will place Enmity(hate and division) Between You and the Woman! and ALSO between Your(serphant satans) Offspring, and the offspring of the Woman!

        It appears we are seeing that be fullfilled Big time today!…A Den of Vipers(poisenious snakes) they be no.

      • MXLord327

        Very nice analogy Charley!

    5. What?

      Trigger event?

      I wonder if it could be seasonal spring hiring that won’t happen in California? With the “record” drought, a lot of the crops won’t have a chance, and neither will the seasonal economies. Fruits and veggies will rise in price until they are out of reach of a lot of consumers. Hungry and broke people will not sit quietly by. I wonder what kind of “fix” TPTB have in store for us?

      • waterislife

        That has crossed my mind more than a few times.

        Regardless of the fix, I’m pretty sure it won’t be good.

        another thing that could be added that few are willing to look at or admit is a real burden to the economy is the predatory student loans many are shackled with and no way to ever repay or discharge in bankruptcy.

        • Mcdave

          A “Fix” is for a junkie. And it never lasts, just one more, just one more……

        • MXLord327

          The student loan ponzi scheme really pisses me off. Universities raise their tuition rates, kids can’t go to college, everyone whines, so the gov’t ups student loan amounts. Now that there is more money available, the universities raise their rates again. Then the gov’t raises loan availability again. And over, and over, and over….

          When inflation rates are around 3%, university tuition goes up around 10% every year. The biggest thing I learned in my 4 years of college is that they are not there to educate, only to make money. The indoctrination part is secondary.

          • skittle shittin unicorn

            its a total win win for the schools and the govt

            loan out money to stupid kids for phoney degrees and then make them pay till the day they die.

            the average DR has over $250,000.00 in student loans and now with obummer care he will have to work 50 to 60 hr weeks for minimum wage or slightly better.

            look at the number or Dr’s getting out of health care.

            Health care will be a luxury

            skittle shittin unicorn

      • JayJay

        That surplus in Governor Walker’s state will be redistributed…to Ca.???? 🙁

        • no justice

          No, bcause if you like your surplus, you can keep your surplus. period.

      • Miss DeeDee

        — I would think that the West Coast could get all the agricultural water from desalination of the Pacific. OOOPs – I almost forgot about that Fukajima thing going on .
        — Miss Dee Dee

        • Archivist

          Filtering would take care of the radiation. The water itself isn’t radioactive. The impurities in it are.

      • Canadian Vet

        Hungry and broke people will quickly become desperate. Desperate people are dangerous. When you have desperate mobs, that is what burns cities to the ground.

        • Mcdave

          @ Canadian Vet,
          Are the people up there in the same boat with us?
          Are they prepping or is just an American problem?

          • Canadian Vet

            We aren’t quite in the same boat but we’re sailing as a convoy and we’ve hit the same iceberg. Our cops aren’t nearly as far out of control (in fact, they are ordered NOT to apply the law in a number of situations), we don’t have the surveillance state, we still have decent healthcare available to everyone regardless of income levels or insurance coverage (we can afford it, not spending nearly as much as you do, proportionally of course, in other arenas), but Canadian preppers like myself know full well how close our economies and countries are linked.

            If the US go down we’ll be right there with you. And in my case, I am within an hour’s drive from two border crossings, including one going through a Mohawk reserve that is lousy with their so-called Warriors and they’ve been some of the more aggressive in recent years. So we take our preps seriously, especially since we are likely to face an influx of refugees if things go bad.

            • Mcdave

              I think I am not far from you. The Canadian visitors we get remind me of what Americans used to be.
              Nice, polite, helpful and grateful.
              Thanks for your time.

              • MXLord327

                The Canadian tourists we get here in coastal Maine just kill me! 300 pound men in the tiniest Speedos you’ve ever seen, ugh!

                • The Old Coach

                  Those are Quebeckers, which aren’t really Canadians at all. Which they will gladly tell you, (in fractured Frog).

        • Miss DeeDee

          Canadian Vet,
          Once again your comment is correct. I get really angry at the people that try to discredit you sometimes. I have never heard ( read ) anything from you that has not been with the intent to help or inform on this site. Keep up the great work. One point I might add to your statement is that in this country the cities will probably burn long before desperation appears. Greed from the ” Gimmie – Dat ” group will set aflame the skyline.
          — Miss Dee Dee

        • PO'd Patriot

          Don’t have desperate people burning cities to the ground…..Get Progressive car insurance……..

      • Anonymous

        Facts as they stand at this time:

        500,000 of 6,000,000 acres in California will not be planted this year due to drought — about 8% of the total farmland. As of now, crops most affected are expected to be tomatoes, broccoli, and garlic.

        As of now, it is not projected to be as dire as you portray.

        Broccoli is easy to freeze from the garden. Tomatoes are easy to can, using the less expensive water bath canner instead of a pressure canner. Garlic can be canned, but with a pressure canner, and it can be dehydrated.

        The country is in the shape it’s in only because no strong leaders like Reagan or George Schultz are on the scene. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist — they do.

        This is not the end of the country. Obama will leave office and Hillary will not replace him. The 2012 election so glaringly exposed the vote fraud that this time around, the Socialists/Communists/Democrats won’t be able to pull it off again.

        What will be truly fun will be watching what happens to Obama when Putin has no further use for him.

        Don’t give in to, or believe in, despair. If things were really that bad, the country wouldn’t be functioning.

        Stand proud and tall, be confident, be honorable, be honest in all of your dealings, work hard. Those are the things the left fears and from which they cower.

        Be Americans.

        • Mcdave

          Great words, I like your optimism and spirit.

        • jerrytbg

          Who was that masked man…

        • durango kidd

          Broccoli, garlic, and tomatoes. Of course, the best natural cures for cancer and whatever ails you. Stock up. 🙂

        • laeagle

          Thanks for those encouraging words, fellow American! “Stand proud and tall”, stand easy, but, alert! The show has begun.

        • JayJay

          Anon, those tomatoes can be easily dehydrated.
          Less space also. Lots of dried tomatoes go in a mason quart jar.
          Same for many vegetables.. that’s my focus if summer gets here.

        • maddmac

          Hope you are right

        • Turner Ashby

          Amen brother – I lurk here a lot but never comment, had to chime in. Fear is their biggest weapon, but so many things we cannot control.
          Store food – take care of your family.
          Survive the first die off.
          Do not let fear blind you.

        • NAL

          Did you forget about the “irregularities” in Ohio, Florida in 2004? Did you forget how the Supreme Court interceded to declare Bush the winner in Florida and give Bush the election over Gore? Did you forget how voting was “restricted” in the last election by decreasing, in some states, physical access to polls by shortening the hours they were open and/or decreasing the availability and functionality of voting “machines”? How many can cough up the $$ to obtain notarized birth certificates to prove you are an American citizen, especially if you are older and were born at home without a doctor (as many folks 70 and older were)? Did you forget that “voter fraud” occurs in less than .0005% of the tallied vote (and most “fraud” occurs via absentee ballot)? Have you forgotten that “electronic balloting” can be hacked and exploited? Have you forgotten the fact that “robo-calls” were sent out informing people NOT to vote, or misinformed voters of polling places and polling times, especially in poor and minority areas? Because it is still one vote per citizen in this country: those in minority and poor areas still out number the 1% and thus are targeted as potentially pivotal in many elections. Have you forgotten that political “leaders” of BOTH major parties including the Tea Party bought by globalized Corporate interests? Did you live in California when Reagan was governor and raided the state employees pensions fund to lower the “deficit” so he and his party looked good and closed many State mental hospitals throwing their residents out on the street? Have you forgotten that Reagan developed and authorized the “plunge control team” to permit the FED Reserve to play in the equities markets? Have you forgotten Iran-Contra? Come on, man. Be honest.

        • skittle shittin unicorn


          i thought or stupid congress critter harry ( dumb shit ) reid just gave you most of our water ? after all he claims NV is doing such a great job conserving that we no longer need it and Ca can have it

          skittle shittin unicorn

      • Them Guys

        Does anybody here recall seeing Hobammys self apointed Jobs Czar, Prof. Robert Riech on Live CSPAN TV?

        I cannot now recall which of his years as prez it was shown?..But directly after MSM tv news all told us how Hobammys Libs in congress just Passed a bill to fund massive jobs hires etc…Riech went before a us senate sub-comittee hearing on Jobs creations, and use of those Funds…It was several hundred Billion dollars as I recall it..

        Well I watched Riech LIVE TV cspan tell that senate sub comittee basically this(not actual verbatim just from my memory but very close to original spoken by riech)

        “The Prez Hobammy wants all of you senators to be aware that EVERY single dollar designated to be used to create Jobs, are under NO circumstances to be spent on anybody BUT “MINORITY Jobs”!!

        “let me Clarify that again so you senators understand what exactly the Prez hobammy wants! Under NO circumstances is even a single dollar to be spent in creating a job for ANY Whites! Especially any white Males!…EVERY cent and dollar IS to be spent creating jobs ONLY for people of COLOR! as in African americans and of Course mexican Undocumented workers etc!…Now the Prez does understand that it “may” be necessary to allow for a “Small Few” white WOMEN, such as single mothers(welfare bitches aka Hoes aka Coal Burners with Biege babies most likely eh) to be allow to get a Job also…Thats so we do not have to deal with…er…troubles from certain…er…sectors of groups that are likely to complain if no white women recieve jobs and training for jobs (meaning Lib dem femanazis who are sure to bitch loudly for jobs for women on welfare etc eh)..

        NOW: Consider that NONE of that Massive cash bill approved and cash waiting in the wings to YET get spent for jobs has every yet been spent!

        I also recall reading a couple yrs ago how Hobammy squandered away something like $1.2 or More-TRILLION dollars from the original bailouts packages of Cash, and how hobammy was planning to Use it for Jobs!

        It may been to be used for “Shovel Ready Jobs” recall That fiasco scam?…Either way though, Both houses congress Passed a bill to Massively Fund Job creations…

        Oh and guess What Robert Riech Job “CZAR” told that senate sub comittee, that jobs Cash is to be spent on?

        Jobs created to deal with and Fix many various “Infrastructures”! aka Roads-Schools(fix old and build NEW Inner city schools of first class superb 21st century quality! for negroes and mestizo illeagles no Doubt!)…..But Under NO circumstances is even One Single Dollar to be spent in the creation of even a single job for any WHITE MALES! Is That fully Understood to You US Senators on this esteemed sub comittee?

        You ALl KNow who that little Lib leftist Kommie tribe member is…Robert Riech, Economics professor, often seen on TV, Faux-CNN et al…He appears to be a Midget, or at least no taller than barely 4 feet tall(?)…And he was also a big honcho in Klintons Prez cabinet staff etc…

        A total dyed in wool Bolshevik leftist marxist Kommie…And as par for the course, a tribal member also!

        THATS what all this “sudden” talk of Jobs is all about!

        Soon as I saw Robert riech jobs Czar tell that crap to senators I told my neighbor…”just watch! Hobammy and Pelosi et al are going to WAIT untill very close to an election cycle, and THEN begin to anounce Jobs creations! thats reason hobammys sitting on Over a Trillion in Cash designated for Jobs for Infrastructure fixes etc!

        That was at least several years ago…All that time Jobs and shovel ready jobs went Bye Bye swept under the carpet…UNTILL couple day ago when hobammy Used Miss Texas! aka Shelia jackson Lee as his “Trial Ballon Flyer” to speak out of a New dem lib “JOBS CAUCAUS” Plans!!

        I have zero doubts This is the Real main Issues behind her sudden job caucaus speech other also ties in with AMNESTY for 30+ MILLION “Undocumented workers”!

        Because recall Riechs details to senators…”NOT ONE dollar to be spent for ANY White Males Job creations!”

        Whos left to work if zero whiteys? Negroes and mexican mestizos is who!

        PS Riech also made reference that every job MUST Pay Good prevailing Union type wages AND typical Union type Bennifits per worker!

        Translated that was Code for: Whites who get ZERO jobs are not just going to Pay more taxes for these High-Pay-full bennifits minoritys jobs…BUT whiteys also get to soon Pay $5 to $10 Per Tomato or head of lettuce once we grant amnesty citizenship, unionize mexican “pickers” and begin their base pay scale around $35+ per hour plus an xtra $75 per HR bennifits to pick tomatos or lettuce!

        Wake Up all you White folks out there!….Everything they do ties in with Past plans and “trail ballons floated as test propagandas”(see shelia jackson lees new plans caucaus etc) and then its retro-fitted-into whats Sold as a brand New Plan by Your savoiur Messiah Bro!

        Welcome to BRA! aka black RUN america! one would Think after 50 yrs abject failure at running every Major city and many lesser sized cities nationwide…That one would be Hard pressed to find even a single white folk willing to Risk haveing elected a negroe as Prez to control the Entire nations cities and states etc eh?

        oh well we now have BRA, with Jwo advisors and controlers. What 100’s of african negroe mayors were unable to acomplish in destruction of the nation?…Can NOW be finalized with that brand new Monky messiah in the White House!…From Cannibles to nation wreckers in just a coupld generations time!…

        Thanks you whitey supporters of his and of the kommies.

        • NAL

          Poor white boy. So discriminated against. Let’s go back to the good ol’ days of the 1830s when whites, blacks and Indians, and immigrants were kept in their assigned places.

      • John W.

        It has started raining. Needs to rain a lot. Last time it was this dry in early 77 the state had half as many people and no Delta Smelt silliness.

    6. Crat

      OK, how do you prepare, and please don’t say “bean, bullets, and gold.” I read so many articles that say “prepare”, but then don’t follow through and give practcal advice.

      • Jen in michigan

        I’m so grateful when someone asks how to prepare! Some on this site seem to want to rush the collapse. I believe every day we have until then is precious and should be used to encourage others to prepare. The most practical, helpful website I’ve found is It is run by Lisa Bedford who is also the author of an excellent book. Her book and website are well-organized and, most importantly, realistic. You may want to check her out!

        I’ve found it helpful to start small and do one thing every day to prepare. Something as simple as exercising to stay fit, resisting temptation to use a credit card, buying an extra can or package of something I regularly use, or learning a new skill are all very doable. I’ve used that approach for four years and if a collapse never comes, I’m still way ahead of the curve on everyday disasters from power outages to missing buttons!

        You can do it! Best wishes to you!

        • wrong

          Jen in n michigan or s michigan?

          • Jen in michigan

            Mid Michigan. You?

            • wrong

              Traverse City area.

      • godsofold

        Good start for basic preps. Remember that you’ll never be ready, you just have to be ready enough.

      • Gorrilla

        Long term stocked food, permaculture food forrest. rain catch, creekwater back-up, guns & bullets, defence stratagies. BOOKS everything on edible & medicinal plants, how to growing your own to how to make gunpowder, paper, soap & glass. Silver & skills for trade.

        Keep your powder dry.

      • JayJay

        Okay–start when you rise each morning, notice what you do and what you use/need and start there.
        Brush my teeth—store water, brushes, and toothpaste, paper towels, mouthwash.
        Have sex–store contraceptives.
        Plain enough??
        Brush my hair–store hair brushes.
        Shower–store wash cloths, towels, body wash/soap/shampoo, shower curtain(s).
        get It??

        And that was just the first 30 minutes if you are like most men!!!

        • Facebook Page

          More on the morning sex. More info needed. Graghics please.

          • Night Breaker

            Off topic guys ,
            Ever hear of a government project called ECHELON ? No not the overseas ELENT project.
            It was thought up by our geniuses at NSA .
            What is it?
            It is part 2 of the total survalience program to infiltrate all blogs and pretend to be like the people who post there gain their confidence, agitate and incite dissent enough to either make the site ineffective throught INFLAMING POSTS or produce enough agitation extremist discussion for the justice department can get involved along with intelligence services . This enables a matrix of information to be built with each contact branching out from a single source it resembles the spokes on a wheel interconnected and virtual map of daily contacts that can be linked to different data bases producing a cascading intelligence stream. This is part 3 of the total survalience system it is called PRISM . Prism sets up the infrastructure for going deep into the regimes unfriendly opposition coordinating the information set up by above for integration into the operational mode using FUSION CENTERS to obtain real time data on the targeted elements , they know where you go, what you do, who you call , your spending habits , even if you use cash or credit. All this can be pulled up REALTIME in seconds in live mode.
            All this in the matter of days is used to build a map of ALL Your contacts and interactions.
            This is where it gets heavy THEY CAN PREDICT YOUR FUTURE BEHAVIOR using empirical data and the physiological profile built up on you . They can basically control everyone with this knowledge without you even realizing it . All this has existed in the past and used by regimes to oppress the populations of countries and control behavior . But implementing it without using high speed data processing was problematic.
            Super computers solved that problem. Good luck chasing this iP it is a hacked 4 g system of a government employee.
            Proof – remember how fast the 9/11. High jackers were identified the system already had them under survailence biometric information derived from cameras led to the identification with in 24 hours .
            I am posting this as a warning this is a real system it is in use, everyone creates a data trail it can and will be exploited by the regime. Be careful what you say and post a dead or imprisoned patriot is not effective.
            In the near future information will come to light it will bring the regime down this may prevent what we fear or may be it won’t who knows ?

            Right now it is cold and there is SNOW I am going to think and read for awhile in the family DEN.

            • Paranoid

              If the Gov were smart enough to make this work, why not just start fixing some of the problems?

              • Night Breaker

                That wasn’t ME .
                Someone’s using our handles .

                Semper Fi 8541

            • JayJay

              This is news? We all know this.
              But, remember, the guns of patriots out number the guns of the govt. which has been stated over and over.
              Ammo stored in post offices??
              Fair game for all.

      • Paranoid

        Set down with a pencil and paper, for 60-90 days keep a list of all expenses, no matter how small and all income. Look at what you have left. make several copies of the lists, scratch out all the expenses you really didn’t need. Look at the savings. Look at what you did buy that you had to have. Start getting a supply of those items. Start with those items that are really required, small and cheap, TP, soap, rice, beans, aspirin, vitamins whatever. Figure out what a 90 day supply is. and a year supply. Work on a 90 first. Continue this process you will learn while you do it. For a few easy items like vitamins, just go buy a 1000 and forget them. Read this site and quit whining.

      • sixpack

        If you’re hunting for preparedness articles with practical information on how to do it, you are in a target-rich environment. Just start looking over the previous articles and go through the comments—you’ll find a wealth of information.

      • RickInOregon

        @ Crat

        It really depends on where you live. An apartment dweller will have to prepare differently than a rural land owner. Your age, family considerations, health and geographic location will also have to be considered. You also need to prioritize your beliefs, such as, will it be an economic collapse? if so, will it be sudden or a slow and steady decline, a dictatorial take over, a natural disaster, a balkanization of our country, a conspiracy to build the North American Union and do away with the USA, what ever it is that you believe will be your personal choice.

        Because of where I live and because I believe that debt is insidious and that those that have gotten our nation into this debacle are unable and unwilling to do what it takes to correct the problem that I’m betting on the slow and steady decline, I’m betting on high inflation and tough economic times. I’m betting that my savings wont be worth anything when I retire and so my focus has been on learning homesteading skills such as gardening, back yard farming, food preservation, blacksmithing, frontier medicine and learning to live frugal. I’ve been preparing my little piece of property with solar, a hand pump well, a forge, garden, medicinal plants, fruit trees, chickens, turkeys and goats. I take my left over seeds and seedlings and plant them off my property and along routs that would allow me to forage them if it became necessary. I don’t stock up years worth of food, I stock up on canning supplies, wax, salt, seasoning, seeds, welding rods, tools, fasteners, bearings, metals (not pm’s), specialty items for cheese making and sausage making, “how to” books……

        Others here believe differently than I, live in different localities and are of a different age and they prep accordingly to their means and desires.

        • db427

          rick, I like you have similar plan in action, except I don’t call it prepping’, more like relearning how to be an American.
          your advice to crat was spot on.

      • Mcdave

        “How do you prepare”?

        How do you eat an elephant?
        One bite at a time.

        My advice, for what it is worth, this is a un-ending process

        1. Eliminate all debts
        2. Save 6 month of expenses in cash
        3. Store any special medicines required
        4. Water
        5. Food
        6. Security
        7. Tools/Skills
        8. Prayer

        The sub-sets of these are endless but the most important thing is to start, that will change your mindset and from there you can take constructive steps.
        Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed, just keep moving forward.

        Just by asking the question, you have started the journey, and that puts you ahead of most folks.
        Good Luck!

          • MN Moe

            Also here: The Survivalist, and here Modern Survival Blog.

      • Kulafarmer

        I think how you prepare depends on your situation,
        For a lot of folks things are already there.
        How you do It will depend on lots of different factors, where you live, how many do you need to prep for, what is your financial situation, and on and on,
        Some stuff is just good practice, at least have some food put away even if its a few extra cases of canned goods, is better than nothing, have water, have a purifyer, maybe at least a gravity flow Katadyn bladder, have some backup lighting and extra batteries, if its cold where you live, a way to keep warm if the power is out,,
        There is so much, but any start is good.

      • Northern Reb

        Here is how I started many years ago
        Every time I went to the store I would buy a couple of extra cans of veggies and fruit and take them and put them up.
        The next time I would buy some extra dried goods like a bag of rice and a bag of egg noddles or beans and put them away.
        I put water away in those clear plastic 64 oz. juice bottles with a coulpe of drops of bleach the unsented kind in tap water. kept in a cool dark place.
        You can buy stuff in bulk if you like. Sam’s club, Costco, to name two. Just remember that the dried stuff need to be stored in some thing like a bucket with a lid to keep out mice and other pest.
        Remember that you should rotate your prepps so that they are used in a timely manner. Don’t go by the sell date on the can put the date that you bought it and keep rotating your stock. If you go to youtube there is alot of information there that will help you.
        Please don’t try to live on MRE alone buy stuff you and yours like to eat.
        Also go by the rule of 3’s
        3 minute with no air–dead
        3 days no water—dead
        3 weeks no food—dead
        3 month no bath—you smell dead
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      • Sgt. Dale

        I’ve read the info given to you buy the Great Folks below, I would heed the advise.

        My expertise are in firearms, I’m in a group with all sorts of folks. We have Doc, Elect, Plumbers, Chefs, Farmers, Ranchers, Teachers, just good folks that are not afraid to work, and people like me. I’m giving you an idea of what they can do, or the jobs they will have. See if can find a group in your area.

        Get as much info as you can from as many places as you can. One great place to get it is from the Great Folks here.

        Going to what I’m good at. Firearms. I’m going to make some suggestions. These are only suggestions. Other folks will have other ideas.
        #1 a good 22 rifle Ruger 10-22
        #2 revolver Judge Shoots 45 Long Colts and 410 shot shells.
        #3 A Good pistol 1911 45 or XD 9mm.
        #4 a good defense rifle Ar 15 or a Mini 14 AK47, SKS
        #5 A good long range defense rifle M1A or an AR10/LAR8 (308)
        #6 a good hunting rifle Bolt action Remington 700 308
        #7 A lot of AMMO and Mags.

        What I gave you was only a suggestion. Other people will tell you other types of firearms and they are what they think are best.
        I could go into water and purification and storage.
        Solar power, Ect. But the folks above have given you some great advise.


        • Paranoid

          Oh great; now I’m supposed to get rid of my other 40 guns? Suppose I should cut back on ammo too, I went past “LOTS” three or four lots ago.

          • Paranoid

            And you don’t even mention cannon

            • MXLord327

              “What kind of fuse is that?”

              “Cannon fuse.”

              “What do you use it for?”

              “My cannon!”

          • Sgt. Dale

            Good Lord no.
            These are just starter guns, You are an advanced Prepper!
            I said get lots of AMMO. The more bullets the better!!!!

            • Paranoid

              Problem is, when you start counting food and ammo in TONS you might be a Redneck paranoid

          • JayJay

            Those guns can be used by those that can’t afford one-those in your neighborhood.

      • Calgacus

        to Crat

        go to readynutrition dot com and look on the right side of the website. Theres a series that Macs wife wrote for beginners. He links to it every so often in a story. The website wont overwhelm a newbie. She broke the series down into categories. Start w/ the basics and work out from there. But start and do it now.

      • MXLord327

        Crat – There really is no “general” way to prepare, it all depends on your situation. Are you young and able-bodied or older and infirm? Are you rural, suburban, or urban? How are you situated financially, secure or paycheck-to-paycheck? Do you plan to bug-in, bug-out, or have contingencies for both? At least start with the basics – enough food and water for a month and the means to defend it, be it guns, knives, martial arts, etc. Learn basic first aid. Then keep upping what you have, and more importantly, what you know.

      • Country girl


        Common sense will help you prepare

        Get out of debt.

        Start a deep pantry. Buy stuff on sale, need 1 – buy two or three. Date all products like you are running a store (you are, Your SHTF store!) Rotate all products, first in first out. Store what you eat, eat what you store. Learn about long-time food storage. Learn to Can. I save a fortune by buying on sale and cooking a large quantity ahead and freezing or canning. Learn how to dehydrate.

        Stock up on basics of clothing, in basic colors when on sale. If you are really frugal like me, buy clothing at yard sales. I don’t need immediate gratification of clothes off the rack. I buy clothing for pennies on the dollar this way. Same for shoes and purses. Thrift stores and consignment shops offer great bargains.

        If you have room, garden! Best skill you can learn, and there is definitely a learning curve. Survival seed banks won’t do you any good without a knowledge base of what to do with them.

        Need to have an emergency cash stash. We call it the bank of MOM and DAD. Expect a currency crisis and bank holiday sometime in the future. Your ATM or Debit card may not work. I pay for cash for most things. Makes me budget more if I have to hand over the $$ vs use plastic.

        Get some personal protection. I was never crazy about guns, but have come to realize they are a necessary thing for the future. Don’t carry as of yet but things are changing and I may need to for personal safety – going to and from work at night.

        Learn how to homestead. Do you live in town or in the country? Even if you live in town, there is a lot you can do with a big yard. Alot of places will even allow you to have chickens now. Good luck.

        Country girl

      • The Old Coach

        Regardless what you or others may think of the LDS church, they’ve been serious preppers for 100 years longer than we have been.

      • Babycatcher55

        Tess Pennington has a wonderful list on her Ready Nutrition website called 52 weeks to preparedness…it has helped me immensely!very easy to understand and well organized.

      • Yuri

        I’d actually love to see a separate post/thread for this. Prepping for novices, remedial preps & reminders for long-timers, and novel thoughts & ideas on what & how to prepare.
        Given the lively debates about why the S will HTF, and when the S will HTF; as a change of pace I’d like a (mostly) open thread about the nuts & bolts of prepping that only tangentially discusses what we ought to be prepping for (i.e. ignoring what form SHTF will take, when, or whether it’s even likely).

    7. WV

      I’m starting to get pretty scared.

      • Facebook Page

        If you are prepared there is nothing to be scared about.

        • Mark F

          You can be prepared for yours and family’s needs, BUT are you prepared for a police state where self sufficient individuals will not be tolerated? Are you really prepared if EVERY neighbor up and down your street comes knocking on your door for food? How about a medical emergency?

          I’m not slamming you, it’s just the fact that there are SO many variables. I’m ready, but I’m not truly “ready.”

          • WV

            Like he said you can only be prepared for so much. I have a 7 month old to think about. That’s why I’m scared.

            • Highspeedloafer

              WV, I’d think seriously about eternal preparations too. Now matter how you say it eternity is a lot longer than our time here. That will calm your fears for this present time too, at least it does for me.

            • nwgal

              I had 2 babies when i started prepping and thinking of moving out of Illiois..stock up on baby food, meds, diapers and clothes of all sizes…I try to have 3 yrs of clothing and shoes/boots for each kid…they haven’t stopped growing like us adults!
              While prepping i have noticed socks and clothes have gone down in quality…hard to find a pair of socks with high cotton content. Elastic will dry out, so pack and seal.
              Amish stores carry farina in bulk at a great price…great nutrition and warm meal for kids. Learn how to do cpr on a baby/ child and have a well stocked first-aid kit..and never let your child know how scared you are. Saying a prayer for you now.

            • JayJay

              WV, 17 months ago, did you know what you know now>??

              • jerrytbg

                Love ya there Jay Jay but…

      • Paranoid

        I’m older than you, 63, will be 64 tomorrow, I’m scared also, so join the group; you aren’t alone. As the man said; anyone thats not scared is to stupid to understand the situation.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Happy “B” Day.
          You are right about being Scared. One thing about being scared it makes you alert. When you are alert you think, and the MIND is the best weapon.
          I look at it this way. We are both in our 60’s. I have two choices as how I’m going to go to Meet Jesus.

          • Paranoid

            I agree, but I figure to lay down for them. Eyes aren’t as good and hands a little shaky. so I’ll need that to use my scope and 25-06 properly

        • Yuri

          Paranoid, you reminded me of something.

          As inspiration (I suppose) my HS football coach used to paraphrase the Rudyard Kipling poem “if” which begins,

          “If you can keep your head when all about you
          Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;”

          and ends, “– you’ll be a Man, my son!”

          Years later I read another take on that opening line:

          “If you can keep your head when all about you
          Are losing theirs, …

          you may have seriously misjudged the situation.”

      • Country girl


        Take it a day at a time. Today put up water. Going shopping, buy xtra couple of sale items that will keep. I buy xtra clothes for the grandkids at yard sales and pack them away for the next year or two. Shoes too. Pennies on the dollar. Keep some extra things on hand for water purification. There are reasonably priced water filters on line that you can use plastic buckets for water filtration. Life straws are portable. Bleach, bar soaps to pack away and make you own laundry and dish det. I buy the bar soaps– more compact for storage.
        Candles go cheap at yard sales.
        Oil lamps, coleman stoves. You keep your eyes open for bargains and you don’t have to break the bank. Learn to can and dehydrate. Learn food storage. It’s a progression of learning and is a lifestyle for us- we are homesteaders.

        Country girl

      • Slick One

        Starting to get scared,Ive been scared for the last decade.

      • Slick One

        Starting to get scared,Ive been scared for the last decade.

    8. Kulafarmer

      The biggest swindle is all the federal, state and local governments who are spending like it falls from the sky!
      Time for a reset and a smackdown on government, get it reigned in and back under control.

      To you politicians out there.
      Simple economics lesson.
      1. You dont spend more than you make.
      2. You dont kill the host, ie, us the taxpayers.
      3. You take care of your own before you spend it on foreigners.

      To you dummies who think that your free trade agreements work,,,
      You need to be bitch slapped back to reality.

      • What?


        “To you dummies who think that your free trade agreements work,,,
        You need to be bitch slapped back to reality.”

        Agreed. Only one past problem with that. Those free trade agreements worked to our advantages for a while. Then, slowly over time, consumers would buy the cheapest crap, and then the local mfgrs would either shut down due to lack of business or relocate and pay pennies on the dollar for labor.

        The bitch slap back to reality has been felt since 2008, though we are now just feeling it.

        The USA needs higher import tariffs, regardless of the short term negatives, to reestablish a strong manufacturing industry. If something like this happens, I wonder how Asia will fare after sucking off the American consumer’s tit for the last few decades? Maybe SHTF wouldn’t happen here after all.

        • What?

          I meant, we are just now REALIZING it.

      • Sierra Dave

        And add the end of property taxes. It’s theft and it causes a whole slew of other social problems.

        Society is better with stable families.

      • 1braveheart

        Kulafarmer, AMEN to your comments.

      • MXLord327

        Pretty simple when you break it down like that Kula, isn’t it?

    9. Iowa

      Does rainwater need to be treated after collection, boiling or otherwise?

      • Gorrilla

        Yes, to be safe. Filter & boil.

      • Sgt. Dale

        Don’t take a chance.
        If you gather it off of your roof it is bad. Ok for plants. but not for humin consuption.

        • Kulafarmer

          Its funny because i grew up on catchment water, there was all sorts of stuff floating in the water tanks and cisterns, but we drank it, never had any sort of treatment, just an old cotton yarn sediment filter. actually only started getting sick and having stomach trouble when i moved to where we had county “potable” water,, How times change!

          • sixpack

            Our well was fed by a spring that came from under the hill we lived on. It ran out into our duck pond and eventually into the lower skunk river at the other end of the corn field. The only time our water was less than pristine was during a flood, and when they put that damn tree sap on the gravel road to keep the dust down.

          • .02

            when i was a kid I would flop right down and drink out of mud puddles. I bet I am immune to just about everything. Kinda like George Carlin being raised swimming in the Hudson river. “I was raised on raw sewage, we had an immune system like a steel trap.”

        • Shootit

          It depends what type of roof. Metal, tile, cement, okay, asphalt bad. The main reason you treat rain water is for the bird shit on your roof. Plants love the additives. As everyone else suggests, run it through a filter, boil, or treat.

          I have saved parts from old 12 cup coffee pots. The pot, the filter holder, and the power cord. Now with a coffee filter you have a way to remove foreign mater from your water. Then you can boil it in the pot. If you have multiple broken coffee pots like me then you can take the water you boiled and use another broken coffee pot to make your coffee. You can find them at yard sales for cheap.

          • The Old Coach

            I run mine through a cotton-yarn filter, then chlorinate. And I still run it through the Berkey if I’m going to drink it.

            Another thing about rain water that most people have never heard is that every drop forms on an airborne particle as the nucleus, and 85% of those particles are airborne bacteria.

            Study up on “slow sand filters”, if you live where one can be built. (They ain’t portable.)

            • The Old Coach

              Should have mentioned that my roof is slate. Asphalt shingle roofs are bad ju-ju in all cases.

      • Satori


        did you collect straight from the sky into a bucket


        is it runoff from the roof ?

        runoff is likely to be contaminated with bird and insect droppings,dirt etc

        and I would be extremely careful drinking water collected from a roof that has shingles
        my new roof has some sort of pesticide embedded in it to prevent growth of algae for the next ten years

      • JayJay


        • JayJay

          chemtrails are making deposits from the sky toxic–don’t drink that mess!!!

      • Northern Reb

        IOWA: YES!!!!!!
        You need to purify your water. Roof water has alot of heavy metals in it and patroleium produces in it. You need to run it through a Berkey filter or some thing like a berkey. Even straight rain water needs cleaned. That can be done with a couple drops of bleach or iodine, or boiling.
        Go to youtube and there are many blogs that will help you and teach you how to purify water.
        You can also google it and that will give you alot of information.
        If you have anymore questions PLEASE feel free to ask.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      • PO'd Patriot

        Make sure its collected off a steel or slate roof. To many chemicals if collected off an asphalt shingle roof.

      • JayJay

        Calcium Hypochlorite–aka CH—aka pool shock! 🙂

        1 to 2, then 2 to 1
        Mix 1 teaspoon of CH to 2 liter of clean water to make a SOLUTION
        Then mix 2 teaspoons of made SOLUTION to 1 gallon of dirty water.
        Wait 30 minutes or add fruit mix, instant tea, instant coffee, chocolate mix, or Tang.
        Only mix 2 liters at once because it is like bleach, short shelf life.

        Copy these directions and keep with the pool shock AND keep the pool shock in the bag it is manufactured in.

      • Say When

        For water filter system on the cheap (about $45)
        Google Emergency Water Filter System SHTF and pan down to the You Tube Video. This system will leach approx. 1 liter of water per hour so you may need more than one system. This system is a lot cheaper than the Berkey and is basically the same system. The candle filters can be had reasonably priced at Cheaper than Dirt. Approx $24 dollars per filter and thay will clean up to 2700 gallons of water. Could be great barter items in the future.

      • Paranoid

        Short answer is yes, longer answer, my grandparents had a cistern next to their farm house. Had a little lever which switched the rainwater from the ditch to the cistern. It was kept running to the ditch but after a few minutes of rain they would switch it to the cistern. That was their water from 1932 until 1971 when they moved to town, raised four kids on it. Every few years they would pump out the sand and crud out of the cistern. Not the best way but they did OK. I drank a lot of it also. (The well water went to the garden it tasted bad) What can be done is not the same as what should be done. A little Clorox is not a bad idea.

      • John_Allen

        I’m not an expert. But from things I have read on similar sites, there are two concerns:

        filtering and purifying. Filtering gets things like mud, bird poop, leaves etc. out. Kitchen strainers or coffee filters if you don’t have anything better.

        As Sgt. Dale said, rainwater off a roof is bad. Among other reasons, roof materials leach chemicals into that water. Chemicals you don’t want to be drinking.

        Purifying gets heavy metals and organic chemicals, that have bonded with the water, out of it.

        I like the Big Berkey. The steel kind, because it’s harder to break than plastic. Each purifying element can handle 3000 gallons. Figure 2 G per adult in your group. 1 G per younger child or large dog. X how many days you think shtf will last. There’s no such thing as having too many purifying elements. And spares of every part that could wear out or break.

        I have not tested this but in a telephone conversation their staff member said Big Berkey can make swimming pool water drinkable.

        And then there’s chem trails, about which I know nothing. Those chemicals falling to earth with rain. Perhaps someone else here can speak on that.

    10. Jim in Va.

      Get yer food stamps now!NOT! stock up,pay off the debts.

      • Facebook Page

        If you can get them why not.

        Somebody here can at least get a little of all they took from me.

    11. aljamo

      In my lifetime capitalism has evolved to be a swindle to the max system. From the top down, damn the consequences, greed is the biggest trait of American’s. People don’t matter, just the means to an end. He who amasses the most money wins.

      • rednek101

        Capitolism works. The donkeys running the show are what’s broke. Immoral, lying, thieving sobs. Integrity and honor have been thrown out the window for the dollar bill.

      • Mcdave

        He who amasses the most money wins

        Till we find him…..

    12. Xena

      Long time reader, first time poster.

      First, thanks to the folks behind this site and those of you (even Eisen-whatever) that spend time here. It’s a valuable window into a unique perspective on this country and, if taken with enough salt, will make you think.

      I too am amazed at how long these “elected” people have been able to blame shift, bullet dodge, and consequence sidestep. Notwithstanding that, this will go on for quite some time.

      You see, this is not a collapse, it is a disintegration. We’ve all been led to watch out for the “collapse”, all the while witnessing the DISINTEGRATION right in front of our noses.

      Let’s call a spade a spade here, folks. Quit looking around for the “signs of the collapse” and realize that these are all just stages of the disintegration. The people that are really in charge will not let it collapse, but they will guide our country through a carefully scripted disintegration so they have something left to build it back up with. What will that be? THAT is the question we should be asking.

      I wish the “prepping” community could get their collective head out of their arse and take real, measurable, effective action. Alas, far too many are simply armchair Rambos, chock full of Internet bravado as they pour another beer behind an anonymous posting handle and talk about their piles of preps. Present company excluded, I’m sure.

      There is no resistance. The smart ones will figure out how to work the system to their favor as it crumbles. The rest will become statistics. This is how it is, and the sooner you look for the disintegration instead of the “collapse”, the sooner you can really, truly get PREPARED, not “prepped”. Marlin Perkins called it “survival of the fittest” (ya, I loved that show as a kid).

      Of course, all this goes out the window with some black swan event – but I certainly don’t believe for one second that I can adequately prepare for that. Do you? Really?


      • Facebook Page

        Survive Its Death.

      • Miss DeeDee

        Hello Xena,
        Thank you Warrior Princess for your common sense post.
        Let the armchair Rambos have their fun in the spotlight. But
        rest assure there are true Patriots on this site among us. I have
        been following this site and a few others for about 8 months now.
        Mac has one of the best for uncensored material. Although sometimes
        for reasons I know not , your comment may seem like an eternity to
        appear. ( Sometimes a day later ) One thing may I suggest, I believe the
        likes of Eisen are a group of closely handled trolls with the sole purpose
        to infuriate any and all individuals on here to the point where as a threat or
        statement is submitted in anger to his ( her) idiotic statements. Thus effectively
        setting stage an arrest or incarceration under the Cyber Terrorism label. Let the
        knowledgable experts we have on here to handle him ( her ). We are lucky
        to have people on here that let us see some of the misinformation for what it
        really is. Lately a lot of the articles everywhere are very political and economically
        doom forecasting. I believe it is because we are in the final countdown. I surely
        hope I am incorrect because as I said, I am somewhat new to Prepping and am
        far behind the 8 Ball. I hope I am wrong – but every day I work my plan and budget.
        This is best place to have fun learning about Doom and Gloom.
        — Miss Dee Dee

        • MN Moe

          You’ve forgotten more about sucking dicks, not prepping you psycho idiot

        • Shootit

          DD, No Doom or Gloom at this location. It is fun trying to out smart the little people that want to control us. I think that I will go outside and burn my trash and for good measure light it with used motor oil.

          • Miss DeeDee

            I thought I was the only person that did that !!!
            Nice to know there is at least another sane peorson in the world.
            Take Care
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • Shootit

              You will have to ask the wife about the sane part, but don’t give a crap about what the satan worshipers think. Just keep plugging along my way.

        • NAL

          I have a terrible habit of looking for fact rather than getting hooked by opinion and hype. We know that the economy is not stable because there are too many “facts” that point in directions opposite to one another = no body can predict the cause or outcome, and can only offer opinion (which becomes more credible if facts and the source of the facts accompany the opinion). Anything the corporations can do, e.g., tracking your inquiry, purchase or preference history via the internet the govt probably can do as well. How often have you listened to news “pundit programs” and heard no salient facts to support opinions offered (both sides of the political spectrum)? How many of the readers here have listened to various “opinions” and then fact checked them? How bout that Oakland preacher who revised the date of his doomsday occurrence, and then recently died without his “vision” occurring? Were you scared by his dire predictions? Did those predictions scare you into action, or just make you unbearably anxious? Did you let your “belief system” get ahead of reality and fact? One thing is for certain: follow the money. Greed (money is not the only source of greed, but the main one)and the power it brings is an exceptionally fierce and compulsive driver of human behavior. Everyone has stepped on someone to grab that brass ring, and our politicians, financial moguls and corporate leaders or no exception. The average citizen has surrendered their power to the politicians and financial/corporate wizards. We have abdicated our responsibility thinking (assuming) these wizards would “do no harm” to the common citizenry. Then hell bent to secure a living, we did not find the time to question, but followed the loudest carnival barker politician and pundit as an all-seeing and all-knowing prophet. We live the life of the sheeple-in-common because it is more convenient to believe opinion than to mine facts and think for ourselves.

      • 1braveheart

        Xena, welcome aboard, and hope to hear more from you. BTW, concerning Eisen, disregard him. He is a useless troll who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

        • What?


        • Xena

          Thanks braveheart. Actually, Eisen may rub people the wrong way but has some good points. Open you mind juuust enough to let the good stuff in, but filter the larger, shall we say, “waste products” out. Sure, Eisen is crass, provocative, and immature. All qualities not so repulsive in a foxhole, but clearly unappreciated in a civilized world. You just need to get out your shaker of Eisensalt is all. 😉

          • IIC

            Xena: Totally agree. It reminds me of high school days when 2 guys would just totally hate each other. …Well, more like 1 guy would totally (and sometimes humorously) annoy the other guy and would go out of his way to do it and said other guy would, predictably, always blow the proverbial gasket. If this was “real life,” we would be constantly fishing Eisen out of the dumpster or wherever Braveheart and pals would have left him.

          • 1braveheart

            Xena, Eisen is a ‘waste product’ and plenty of people here will support me on that statement.

      • durango kidd

        Xena: “What will that be?” Agenda 21. The solution to Agenda 21 is Agenda 223.

        WE are all Seal Team America. 🙂

        • Kulafarmer

          Im partial to agenda 308W

        • Xena

          .223 or 5.56 seems to be a happenin’ debate….Don’t go gettin all Alex Jones on me now, dk…”the answer to 1981 is…”

          I’m no longer associated with any Seal Teams, but one cannot return the skills acquired in the service of defense of freedom now, can they?

      • Northern Reb

        First let me say welcome aboard and get ready for a wild ride. Your opion is welcome here.
        After reading your post, it made me think for a while about what you said.
        The first thing is that I have watched the U.S. disintagrate for almost 40 years now and yes as much as it hurts me to say, She is about to collapes.
        The foundation that the U.S.A. was built on is still the best there ever was, but the the frame work that has been exposed to liberalism and socialism is like the siding of the house being removed so weather can get at the wood structure and it start to roit. Sooner or later it will give away and the house will collapes on itself.
        This actually started back in the 60’s with L.B.J. and the great society.
        Believe me I DO NOT!!!!so far want to see the U.S.A. collapes
        I have 4 gradchildern that should have it better than me and there parents, but that will not happen. We have let them in Washington put us and them in so much debt already and they have not even bought anything yet.
        This country is over 17 trillion in debt and there is no way in Gods green earth can that debt be payed off without forfeiture of said debt. That means a Depression alot worst than the one in the 1920’s and 30’s.
        As far as being an armchair Rambo You can count me out!!!
        Will I use force to protect my family and friends and my prepps. You can bet you sweet A$% I will. It will not be the first time I had to protect my family.
        Am I going to run around in cammo with a machine gun and ammo belt over my shoulder, NO!!, but I will be armed.
        So as far as I can tell and I have been watching for a long time now and things have disinitegrated to the point of collapes, I am sorry to say.
        I know I can’t control nature, but I know that what ever comes my way weather it is man made or from nature I will do everything I can to help my family and friends survive and thrive the aftermath. SO HELP ME “GOD”
        I know I can not do it alone I’ll need help so thats when I will turn to my faith in the good Lord and to my family and friends. I’m a country boy I, NO, WE will survive!!!
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Xena

          Thanks Reb, and you are right on a lot of points. Don’t forget there is a bright side to look at every once in a while.

          • Northern Reb

            Yes there is, there are 4 bright sides. They are my grandkids. That is why I prepair a little evey day.
            So they will have something If and when SHTF.
            It’s great to have a Warrior Princess on this site!;-)

      • 1braveheart

        eisen, call 1-800-EAT-SHIT.

      • Kulafarmer

        Wild Kingdom!
        Man i miss those shows, every sunday afternoon we would watch that then dinner, then it was Disney movie,,,

        • Archivist

          “I’ll sit here in the shade and drink while Jim goes and wrestles the wild animal.”

          • .02

            Until Jim grabbed that big ass snake in the swamp. Everybody had to chip in to rescue ole Jim’s ass on that one.

            • another Jay

              I’ll be here in this tent seducing this nubile with daiquiris while Jim attempts to circumcise this Cape Wildebeest….one of the most dangerous animals on the planet…

        • Xena

          THe Other Side Of Witch Mountain….absolute classic.

        • TAK583

          Oh yes Kulafarmer. Marlin Perkins sipping an iced tea while Jim wrestled a Wilderbeast or 30′ Anaconda.
          During the Wonderful World of Disney, we had our only junk food for the week: ice cream and some pretzels.
          Life was simple and good.

        • tzulu

          Lawrence Welk, Hee Haw then Wild Kingdom. Miss my Grandmother, learned how to can from her, used to summer with her when my parents worked at the race track. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        You’re nothing but a community activist.

        Go back under the rock from which you came.

        Take your “collective” garbage with you, commie.

        • Xena

          Uuummm, was that for me, Mr/Miss Anonymous? You really have absolutely no idea who or what I am now, do you? Sheesh. 😉

          • IIC

            I think it is because you keep a sunny disposition when some folks around here are feeling a bit more on the dark side. They’re gearing up mentally for our not=so=sunny future. Being part of a military household, I can testify as to the military prevailing thought of “sunny” can get you killed in combat…just my 1 cent’s worth (accounting for inflation).

        • Northern Reb


          GROW UP!!!!
          BACK OFF THE NEWBIE!!!! This crap is not called for!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

      • Jim in Va.

        A knuckle sandwhich for you Eisen.

      • Sgt. Dale

        Welcome aboard. You have some good insight.

        The only thing I don’t agree with you is in your 6Th paragraph.

        Preppers are just that preppers. They are not soldiers, but pushed into a corner they will fight. They are not going to get aggressive and attack the Gov. they will let the Gov. take the first shot.

        As you will find out like me and a lot of folks here are tea toddler. I also am a Cop.

        I don’t have the fight or flight in me any more , all I have is the fight to stand my ground. I was trained that way and after 30 years of being a cop that is all I have. I don’t want to fight but if I do it is to win and win big.

        You did say “Present company excluded” some folks won’t see that, and you are wright there are some want to be Rambo’s and I can tell you the first time they have stand their ground they will change. They will run (FLIGHT) or they will fight and become Rambo’s.

        Again I want to welcome you to the cite, and it was a good debate, THANKS.


    13. 1braveheart

      Brandon, thank you for another excellent article. Everyone continue your prepping. sometime this year the house of cards will finally fall. Get out of debt. Stock up on everything you need to keep yourself alive.

      • .02

        Naw, time the market and max the card on PMs and “other” supplies, then default. Give the Banksters a taste of their own medicine.

    14. MAN CAVE...

      And after all this.. your wife will divorce you and take half of the bones you have left.


      Time to get out while you can.

      The SHTF man cave is rich in pms, guns, ammo, long-term chow…just add water and a hot babe 12 years younger than you.

      I propose a new lifestyle for the doomeday prepper losers.

      You stay in the economy… be a “mop up guy”….and you have all the trapping of a guy ready for a very long winter storm or battle.

      Hey…the United States is going down…so enjoy watching it all for it’s entertainment value. The the Obummer folks….. they kill me.
      Further, all the Affirmative action folks….with their govt. paid for degrees cannot do shit.

      Save your pennies and get ready to go buy that used harley from some stupid boomers how cannot make the mcMansion payment.
      After his hot soon to me ex wife divorces his ass…you’ll enjoy hers! ha

      The new wealth is not a big house.. What looks like a little shack down the road…inside is pimped out and the house is redone to be a fucking tank.
      Your garage has a massive wood pile for sup. heat… you have your own massive backup water supply. So you have your own 1970s style Omega man pad.
      They say…move to the country to avoid the shit… I stay…shelter in place and enjoy all the hot young tail in the area.

      We’re not headed back to Mad Max days…more like…we’re headed for a long slow decline to get the next generation next to the concept that they are the slaves to the global banking elite.

      Keep stacking silver….

      Seek out my rules for the Man Cave on this post…

      Do a find on “Man Cave”.

      Yeah….silver will be the underworlds new cash and it will trade at a premium.

      The decline will continue and we’ll all get a kick at watching the food riots in ghetto land. There you will see the best and the worst of the Obama crowd.

      Also… the next generation are a generation with no race.
      The slavers back in the 1600s raped the women on the voyage over…that watered down the back race…then the plantation owners did it again or with their children…again…more watering down. Then this continued…in my day.

      • cabinfever

        You honestly have no idea what is coming, do you…otherwise you wouldn’t be so glib. Death on a massive scale. You have no clue what’s coming. It will end up being your demise.

    15. Gorrilla

      To many are not ready & refuse to get there head out of the sand. Going to be a ruff year to watch the masses starve & give up there freedom…..NOT me!

    16. Satori

      I don’t know that we will have some big in yer face type of collapse

      what we are having

      is a collapse in slow motion

      the end result will be the same

      good bye middle class

      we will become a two class society
      the haves and the have nots

      the few at the top of the pyramid will live lives of incredible wealth and privilege

      the rest of us will be thankful there is a roof over our head
      and beans and rice on the table

      • Kulafarmer

        Totally agree with you on this one,, im not so sure its intentional as much as the system the elite created has gone rogue and is now out of even their control,

        • lonelonmum

          It’s a return to feudalism.

          The middle class are the frogs boiling in the pot right now. The working class will either kill each other in the inner cities or simply starve to death.

          The depression in the 1930’s saw 10m starve to death in the US alone. Here in the UK doctors are already bewailing the return of rickets in children. In Greece parents simply don’t collect their kids from school, once the food runs out.

          Once the herd is culled the remaining population will be grateful for their newfound serf status.

          UNLESS – It may hurt many here to admit it but those on the frontline of the disintegration in places like Detroit aren’t ALL rolling over and accepting their assigned NWO lot. Instead rather more of the population that 3% are creating community gardens and security patrols to keep their family and neighbours fed and safe.

          I have a lot more respect for these individuals than I do for the legions of armchair net warriors who sneer at the residents of a once great city. If our grandchildren are not be slaves we need to unite beyond the traditional divides of race, class and urban/rural etc.

          If you are rural with a wonderful garden, show these guys some support by posting them a few heirloom seeds. Start sharing skills while the means to communicate are still there for us to do so. Detroit residents by now have real life experience of home defence when the local police display their bellies. Seeds for home defence advice would be a start in beating the banksters at their own damn game.

          • NAL

            Lonelonmum: The story of human resilience in this post re: Detroit is heartening. Those people reject the “I got mine, too bad for you” paradigm. They are coming together as a community. Citizens of the US can start the ball rolling by getting their $$ out of banks and into credit unions, or assist in initializing city/county/state banks that hold $ assets with loans restricted to community infrastructure development (see E Goodman), and don’t invest in bonds, equities, etc.
            As the difference in net worth of the wealthy and middle class grows, it can seem we approaching a more feudal “economy.” Some will be bought by the lords of the manor to keep their castles secure. The desire for individual freedom or hope for individual freedom may extinguish with the demands of a feudal life and the loss of a historical context. Those hirelings will mistakenly think they bought their way out of serfdom. The hirelings then will put up a mighty struggle to secure their lord’s place to insure their own place (co-opted).
            But, perhaps we will disintegrate as a society into an arrangement more like India. Though it appears the middle class is growing? there is much abject poverty, and tremendous political/financial corruption. That is one reason many from India (especially professionals) immigrate to the US. As bad as our financial/political corruption is, it is not nearly as bad as India from those immigrant’s perspective. Will we disintegrate further or will we cycle? Will we have resilience or will we cling to the next demagogue to surface?

    17. Sgt. Dale

      So far the collapse ahs been a slow one. But I think a major False Flag or and actual attack just might cause it to blow damn thing up.
      With the loss of 2.3 milliopn jobs becaue of Obullshit care, 20 million illegals, and the poor folks that can’t find a job. It might be sooner than we think.
      We have come to this dance for years, and have prepared for it so we should be in pretty good shape.
      It is going to break my heart to have to turn people away, but I have to some you family can survive.

      • 1braveheart

        Oh, it’s you again.

      • Northern Reb

        I would not worry about the police in the area,I would worry about all those RED NECK, RIVER RATS, HILLBILLY, REBLES, GOOD OL’ BOY’S
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      • Sgt. Dale

        Right now I can tell you that the police Department in my area are getting used military equipment. HumVee’s Ar/m4’s, Radio equipment, Night vision, Tactical sights for the rifles. Funny thing is NO AMMO, and for the local Departments no training.
        I got all my training from the FBI in 1989 to 1991. SWAT, Sniper & Observer, Medic, Firearm Instructor, and Range Office.
        I’m a retired Police Sgt. Now working as part time Officer for another town.


        • IIC

          Sgt: Where do you think all that ammo that has been ordered by the govt has gone to? I mean if it is NOT getting into the hands of law enforcement, who has it? They give them vehicles/guns/night vision, but no ammo???

          And why wouldn’t you train?

          Crap, sudden thought: What if it is a way to supply areas with vehicles/military equipment…not train the locals so they can’t use it…but you can when you send in your UN troops?

          Just trying to make sense. What are your thoughts on lack of ammo, etc., Sgt?:

          • Paranoid

            I know a bunch of it has been stored in places like airports on pallets.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Damn good question.
            The only thing I can figure out is that Obullshit is using for the civilian “Brown Shirts”. They can get training all over the world for his Brown Shirts.

            The equipment we have figured out how to use them. But we have to train on our own. The City’s in my area won’t pay for training because they are BROKE!

            You brought a good point that I didn’t think of. Have equipment staged for the UN. They may play hell finding it. or when they do it will be rubble. The guys will take home the AR’s and night sights. You can bet on that. With the first sign of the UN moving in.
            I hope I answered your questions.

            • IIC

              Thanks, Sgt!!

      • NAL

        I don’t mind you opinions at all. I am glad you have opinions to write about. Ah, but the facts! Oh, you bought the line that 2.3 million jobs will be “lost” rather than what the CBO really stated which is 2.3 million will leave the work force voluntarily because they no longer need the income. Read the CBO report.
        I bet you also believe that the 1% are the “job makers” and shouldn’t be divested of their tax loop-holes. So, my friend, where are all those jobs the 1% was supposed to have created?
        Were your ancestors immigrants? Mine were, and they came through Ellis Island and other East Coast ports. They were in effect illegals, but did secure citizenship eventually as per the US laws in effect at the time.

        Don’t loose sight of the fact: it is the industry and corporate leaders (especially the financial leaders, Goldman-Sachs comes to mind since they have run the FED and the Treasury all these decades) who have sculpted the US economy in their image for personal profit. The ruthless “robber barons” of the 1880s-1910s exploited the average American to line their own pockets until guilt got the better of them in their later years and they set up philanthropic organizations. It is the banking “industry” in the 1870s-1890s who fought mightily for a central bank and to take the US off the bimetallic standard (yes, they bought off members of Congress to do this) which they did achieve in 1913.

        Those who want what you have will try to take it from you-your money, food, water, and daughters. They will think they are entitled to your “wealth” and will take what they can not because THEY need it, but because they can PROFIT from it. Not much different than the circumstances we are in today, but the weapons are mainly economic. It is corruption you need to be concerned about-not just one President or party that irritates you. Politicians are all corruptible. Both the right and left politicians have found their nice cushy jobs as advisors or consultants in the industries they sold out too. Many are sociopaths and con-artists like Bernie Maddoff, Al Capone, Myer Lansky and a fair share of Illinois governors. They don’t figure they’re doing anything wrong. It’s the laws somebody wrote that makes it appear they are doing something wrong. And on it goes.

    18. billybob

      as I always say americans voted for what they got,

      • Northern Reb

        I would say SOME Americans voted for what they got.
        I sure as he$% DID NOT.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

    19. Former Cal Girl

      Good article Brandon, made me think a bit more on current Fed events. Many of you know we have been focusing on sustainable living at our place. Our current project is going one month using only our “on hand” supplies with no outside purchases. DH is trying to handle all equipment repair and wood cutting himself. I am using powdered milk, making our bread and bartering for eggs. For fruit we are using our canned and frozen supplies, same for meats. This is the second time we have tested ourselves. Last time was in the summer, this is our winter test. Really helps us guage our supplies and how long they will last.

      • JayJay

        My preps will be saved for when they are needed.

    20. CQ Caller

      I agree with you Braveheart, it is a good article but more over, like you said, Stock upopn everything you need to keep you and your family alive. I read the stories here, and have for about a yr, before i posted here, but have learned more from the comments than i ever have from the articles themselves. Also on another note, remember there’s a lending hand closer than you think if you need it, if you have to bug out on your way to GA, to get to your family. Im not that far away from you.

      • 1braveheart

        CQ Caller, welcome aboard, and I’ll welcome a helping hand from anyone as long as they’re genuine about it. What area? I’m also looking at a some BOL options in Mid TN. if I can get the financial part arranged.

    21. bite me

      money what the f is that

      • .02

        money what the f is that

        depends on who you ask

    22. Old Vet

      With what we think is coming down it stands to reason that the Government will preposition equipment all over the U. S.. Ammunition, weapons, food, etc., now all Government buildings and Federal parks etc. are supply dumps. Add to this now, Post Offices. Why do you think they are Militarizing Local Law Enforcements, base camps nothing more. They know that the vast majority of L. E. will just go home to protect theirs. The stage is being set and there is not to much more to set. USGS, DHS, and FEMA all along the Mississippi River are not too worried about the New Madrid going (is to cover their movements) as they are about closing the Mississippi River and cutting the country in half. Now look at what going on at the Rockies on the East side, Denver etc. Now the Country is in three pieces if not four if you count east of the Allegheny Mountains as the fourth section, which could more than likely be. Every county has at least one of these; USDA, SS, and a PO, there are your CP’s. You can expand on this or just say oh B-ll Sh-t. Just my thinking.

      • laeagle

        E, OV is right. The government is working to pre-position supplies and equipment all over the States for that ‘in the event they need it situation’.

      • Paranoid

        You might add to that some old WWII military locations

      • John_Allen


        Sorry, dude. Old Vet has it nailed.

        Requisition is when you need something and are trying to obtain it.

        Pre-position is when you store 1000 rounds of NATO ammo and a hefty supply of cheese for the cheese eating surrender monkeys in every other Post Office. Oshitstain and his suckups expect the blue berets will need it when they come here to dominate us. Concord and Lexington round two.

        Stray thought … how thoughtful of the tyrant to stash useful stuff where WE can liberate it and use it on THEM. I’m too long in the tooth to do this myself but even I would pick the low hanging fruit.

        Pre-position: to put something in place you expect to need in the future.

    23. Maudy Frickett

      For over 20 years I’ve thought the government couldn’t keep going. Mathematically, it should have come tumbling down. However, the govt. has a lot of cards up their sleeve. Cards we didn’t even know existed. They still have the ability to kick the can down the road for a while longer. I have watched the situation deteriorate over the years. Everyone has. We are in the final innings of our way of life. Worse. But cheer up. The end brings new opportunities. A new day. We all had ancestors that lived in caves and look what their progeny accomplished. From the cave to the moon. (no not you Alice)

      • sixpack

        What makes me shake my head is, we can explore the very deepest part of our planet, walk on the moon and explore distant planets, stars and galaxies—yet we can’t get rid of one halfrican in the white house…

        • .02

          I doan know about youses guys but I think the moon walking/landings were fake.

          • old guy

            I tend to agree. I don’t think they landed on the moon in 69. It was faked to secure funding for NASA. They where losing support after blowing up astronauts on the launch pad. And kennedy made the statement about going to the moon in the decade. The technology wasn’t there. Automoblies didn’t even have electronic ignition yet. my opinion Unless the nasa siecentist has help from space aliens they didn’t land on the moon in 1969

            • wrong

              they stole some of it from Area 51….

              only thing i can think of..

      • Sierra Dave

        IMHO, they have hit the wall on gun restriction laws. They push, but gain no ground. In fact with the recall election in Colorado. They are losing ground for the most part.

        In fact, with Obama being the biggest gun salesman. The numbers of gun owners is swelling.

        Anything they pull is predicated on less guns in Americans hands. Methinks they could pull something sooner than later.

        • Kulafarmer

          Wait till the 2014 midterms, people are waking up.

        • JayJay

          And Beretta just moved one of its manufacturing facilities in Maryland to Gallatin, Tn.
          I read the other facilities will also be leaving Maryland.
          Beretta says they won’t make guns in a state where the ones making the guns can’t own them!

    24. Be informed

      Day 14 since the proposed possible beginning of the end of the economy. The main problem with any speculation of any economic collapse is that none of us actually knows what the real numbers are. This is fiat currency at its worst. Up until the 1970’s there was some way of being able to account for the real money because something at least was still backed by hard currency.

      I have seen these children Christmas stories in which these characters used all sorts of everyhting from rocks to pieces of ice as currency. This is nothing different from the toilet paper clothe currency they use now. You can use nails painted with gold leaf paint as currency, as long as it is the legal tender, it works. Then you have these phantom dollars that don’t even exist in the real world, they are not even the regular IOU notes. These electronic signatures mean absolutely nothing if the electronic world goes down because of an EMP, solar or nuclear.

      This is why these forecasts by anyone have a very difficult time having anyway of really verifying anything. Yes, the can definitely can be kicked down the road over and over again until someone actually calls these debts. This would be more of an international crisis, as in China. Even though a lot of this debt is held by Americans, they would not be the ones to rock the boat as it is almost cutting off your nose to spite your face. These numbers of debt floating around out there have to have someone actually do something about it. Whom would?

      Logically the real concern is the U.S. dollar. The real only thing of value backing the crdit worthness of the Us> dollar is the petro dollar. OPEC countries are really the ones still holding the world and U.S. economy over the barrel. If I was selling oil I would not trust the U.S. dollar. i would of course rather be paid in precious metals always. Even at a reduced rate of price, it is still worth it to have that security of hard currency. This is a difficult thing to gauge because OPEC countries could immediately dump the dollar, or go to a basket currency.

      Basically what it is. The simple fact is other countries hold the U.S. ecomony up. Is it in their best interest to shove the U.S. credit into the toilet? Do they benefit? This is my real question.

      It is much like when someone loans someone some money and allows them to only pay the interest minimum balance, famous credit card companies for this. As long as the one that loaned this out is continuing to get something they will allow this to continue to hang over the person that this was loaned to. The U.S. is not Greece or other crackerjack country. This means this economic collapse could be delayed for much time because:

      This country has 680,000 sq. miles of arable land, the largest in the world and can still mass produce food. Everyone needs food. This is a huge trump card.

      This country still has a mass mineral base, including rare earths in the Black Hills. These minerals are used by industry all over the world.

      This country is very technologically advanced and is a leader in the high tech world. This is still going to be in damand from many countries. Two words, space and computers are the future no matter what. Not many countries can produce what the U.S. still does here.

      Manufactering base is not as Made in China as people think. The U.S. produces much of what is used in industry all over the world. Look at what the World Almanac lists as main U.S. industries: Petroleum, stell, motor vechicles, aerospace, telecommunications, chemicals, electronics, food processing, consumer goods, lumber, mining. This is some degree of financial backing of the U.S. dollar because these are goods the world needs.

      Look at the mineral base: coal, copper, lead, molybdenum, phosphates, rare earths, uranium, bauxite, gold, iron mercury, nickel, potash, silver, tungsten, zinc.

      The U.S. has something to back its credit for awhile just by looking at what others are willing to put up with to get goods that they need. There is of course a ceiling, but when you look at the rest of the world and you say whom is that much better off that they will call those debts on the U.S. As long as someone is willing to let another spend and charge it, this will continue for sometime to come. The U.S. has some collateral left to it. So when will this be the tipping point? I say the petro dollar is the linch pin. Of course my real study is geophysical, so I could be wrong. I am just using logic.

      • Npgh

        @ BI…you are correct that America has plenty of resources both in the ground and in our minds (intelligence)but what we are seriously lacking is the morals that our grandparents had. The moral decay is astounding as the younger ones turn to i-thingys to focus on and the television shows nearly naked, brainless women and girly-boys. The family values of the old television shows (remember when Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke had separate beds although they were married?)are being replaced with shows where transgender and openly gay couples are now the normal. Words such as polyamourous would have had our granparents scratching their heads in disbelief but as a culture…we are accepting of such things. Folks, like here at this site, have had enough of this crap but it is still being pushed onto the next generation and they are accepting of it because it has been practically drilled in their heads to be culturally sensitive to others needs. God has become a taboo subject but sodomites can have their own rainbow parades…that is the problem with America, moral decay.

        • NAL

          I see you found your cause for moral decay. I guess parents stopped parenting or no?
          I don’t think it moral decay is to be laid at the feet of gay people. After all, gays are born, not recruited. Resetting the moral compass needs more than just fixing sexual relations. It means respecting a woman who says no, it means not bullying others for what personal perceptions feed you as annoying or anxiety provoking. The moral compass resetting involves ethics and how we interact with on another and the environment around us. It means that kids who torture animals have a problem. it means kids who turn to drugs have a problem. It means greed to the point of taking from others to amass material wealth is a problem. It means dumping chemicals into a river because its cheaper than treating your industrial effluent is a problem.
          I believe in the golden rule, but not the way some Christian leaders interpret the bible. I even believe in the 10 commandments, but expand “Thou shalt not kill” beyond one person killing another, but to include “Do no harm” on your environment, animals, respect for all individuals. Religion should not be used as an excuse to cause suffering.

    25. watching and waiting

      In a recent speech, BO made the argument for the purchasing of bonds. I will not buy bonds.

      Get what you can get out of this faltering system before it goes. It will catch millions by surprise.

      Time is very short.

      Believe it or not, The Dollar will be the last to crash.

    26. Maudy Frickett

      A long time ago, the mob sent a hitman to Viet Nam to kill a guy in a rice paddy, by beating him to death with a small porcelain figurine. It was the first known case of a nic nac paddy whack.

      • Mcdave

        Give a dog a bone!

        • Northern Reb

          This old man came rolling home.

          • Facebook Page

            All did not come home

      • old guy

        It would have been more fun to run over that gook with a tank retriever. splat splat paddy flat!

    27. Whyte flyte

      Common sense prepping info and lots more from veteran, MAIN PREPPER, You Tube.

    28. Feisty Old Broad

      If you are prepared for today…then tomorrow will take care of itself. I happen to believe that we will be facing a good v. evil battle, which has already begun…while I am a person of Faith, I would like to point out that some may not believe, but no one can get away from the fact that evil DOES exist….in many forms…

    29. NinaO's Mom

      @ Please … my response to your …



      first watch this …

      Gratuitous Radioactive Sources or Ludlum vs. The Radioactive World!


      @ please … check out the : CRM-100™ Radiation Monitor

      just google . com / startpage . com / amazon . com it

      CRM-100™ Radiation Monitor


      if you need further help let us know pls

      best of luck

      n.o. ;0p

      • NinaO's Mom

        The CRM100 general purpose Geiger counter is excellent for the price.

        It will measure for FOUR things: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-Ray. For the home user this unit is excellent. There are more sensitive/professional geiger counters out there but those cost big money and are geared for professional users.

        The Good Stuff:
        #1: Price for what you get!
        #2: Easy to learn and use “anybody can use this.”
        #3: Not too big and light weight.
        #4: Comes with a nice black nylon velcroed carrying bag.
        #5: Comes with Easy Quick Guide that’s not technical.
        #6: Big display and easy to see.
        #7: No calibrating needed (factory guaranteed for twelve months).

        The Ugly Stuff:
        #1: It’s made of plastic and if dropped it could break.
        #2: It’s not waterproof.

        > NOTE: This unit will not detect radioactive food (like fish). You’ll need a very expensive, professional unit for that. NOBODY has a inexpensive detector for that unfortunately.

        For the home user and curious this is your geiger counter.
        I can recommend this. 🙂

        • NinaO's Mom

          * if you do buy it … i suggest you invest in sealable zip-lock baggies to put the detector in when outside rain or shine … discard after each use . use new fresh baggy each time you use detector or cover with fresh new saran plastic wrap each test period .

          this will protect prolong the life of your rad detector And give you cleaner quality rad readings .

          n.o. ;0p

    30. Miss DeeDee

      Thank You Mr.Smith,
      — Great article although I must admit , I have yet to read or access some of your reference articles. It was wonderful to learn your points of views without having to be constantly nudged to purchase a subscription to a newsletter or forecasting service. As Detective Friday used to say ” Just the facts Mam. ) — Remember the show Dragnet ?
      — Thanks Again,
      — Miss Dee Dee

    31. Buzzfix

      I say again this whole economic demise will play out over another decade or so. Pay attention to the Pacific free trade agreement. If it passes it will do as NAFTA did this past 20yrs. We’ll have another 20yrs of continuing decline in turn furthering the “police state” alot of people are and will continue to become destitute causing a whole list of problems from depression to suicide to theft etc…People will turn to “crime” to survive. Maybe not by choice but out of circumstance. The governments answer is to treat all these people as criminals and they will. Its been projected over the coming decade another 2.5 million people will be given the shit end of the stick so the corporation can further benefit itself.

    32. NinaO's Mom


      the great american NWO FASCIST banker SWINDLE is GAME ON …

      the words ‘FINANCIAL RAPE’ comes to mind .

      the only way to beat it … is don’t play their games .

      get your money wealth out of the VERY FAKE fed reserve VERY corrupt fiat dollar ponzi bank systems .

      store your wealth in hard assets under your physical control ,

      And find alternative ways and means to acquire what you need to survive in life .

      STARVE THE nwo zog banker BEAST

      OR IT WILL STARVE YOU !!! literally … they do not care about you !!! they only care about getting paid !!!

      n.o. ;0p

      * i do hope you all realize this is really happening right this minute … they are right now going to steal 30-50% of your wealth value and then TAX YOU EVEN MORE ON ALL current and future FINANCIAL SERVICES AND PURCHASES .




      TODAY !!!


    33. Patriot One

      As I said years ago Brandon, your a scary individual, but it haven’t found you to be wrong. After all the same events and propaganda can be seen in 1930’s Germany, the rise of Hitler and taking the children.

      The Jews were blamed in the 30’s, in the 21st. Century it will be all people of faith except Islam. It’s gonna get real ugly real fast once it starts. In order to circle the wagons, one must first have a wagon. Even if your friends and family think your a nut job; tell them to prepare one more time. This isn’t going to be the rapture or the second coming of Christ, but it will be hell on earth for a while.

      • 1braveheart

        You ought to know since you’re a commie yourself.

      • Patriot One

        I think your confused with Communist, Fascist, Marxist, Socialist world leaders that registered and confiscated guns. Once they had the guns, globally they killed 170 million during the 20th century.

        You can keep your hate, but as for me I’ll do everything in my power to save my family or die trying. If friends turn on me I’ll send them for a dirt nap without compunction!!!

        Eisenkreuz, with your Hate do you think anyone is going to want you in their community or group???

        • Patriot One

          You Liberals are all the same. I can’t waste my time on you any longer.

        • Smokey

          Well, the community is going to be against you, once the time comes.

          Hate-filled, anti-social types are not going to last long. You’re either with your community or you are a parasitical loner relying on the area defense and networks to keep you safe, no one is an island. If the rest of us are going to band together for our common welfare and defense, while the Republic of Bob holes up in his basement and does nothing but work only for himself and take potshots at anyone within 200 yards, Bob is going to get a .22 behind the ear one day and his house will be used for honest refugees who will be a positive asset to the community.

      • Miss DeeDee

        I Guess if someone is going to go POSTAL I guess we should make it as easy as possible. Besides that, If the ammunition is aquired thru the Postal service would that make a definitive reason as to why all personal mail should now be opened, read and recorded in case of possible future acts of terrorism. I can almost see a Presidential Pen being pulled from His Majesty’s top left pocket.
        — Miss Dee Dee

    34. Chimera

      Now they’re arming the USPS?!

      • Sgt. Dale

        Good place to store AMMO and equipment, In closed Post Offices.

    35. Frank Thoughts

      Get to know two words intimately: power and decay. Power, because it is what the government and large corporations want over you, every single moment of every day. Decay, because that is the more likely scenario, just long, slow decay. You go back to your home town and it looks shabbier, everyone has a giant pot belly, wearing crappy clothes, things are dirty, the women wear hijabs.

      Things gradually fall apart. Office buildings are abandoned. The local news talks about re-wilding the fancy suburb you remembered from the 80s.

      It won’t be like this everywhere, however. The major cities have another fate (read my past comments). They will bifurcate into snazzy, ultra-modern downtowns, and life-sucking, ghetto slums past the greenbelt. This will set up the hub-and-spoke world of the 21st century. Fly over places left to rot, peri-urban areas become stinking ghetto slums, and gleaming city centres play pens for the world’s rich and beautiful.

    36. HiddenTruth

      This man hits the Bulls Eye why we Americans see our very nation crumble infront of our own eyes!!! Very powerful and must be shared you all, pls!

    37. MN Moe

      It’s all about timing, like most things in life. The collapse will come when it helps the world wide communist movement finish off the United States internationally, and The Christian Church nation wide.

      Karl Marx said that the primary focus of Communism was to remove God and replace Him with the State.

    38. VRF

      O/T but important
      Read the story..(fuckin liberals trying to interpret without the use of a dam dictionary its comical)
      than read the comments..

      people are waking up..theres no dam way they are taking the guns..its time to start demanding our original form of government back, and give the traitors to our country the treatment saved for traitors..its time people we are united,well at least to a certain point

      time to put the fear back in them, ..these tactics and show of force on the public by our police state is fear get you to lay down and not fight back..its time to fight back.. we have the upper hand and when the shit starts flying know that we are righteous and within our rights to abolish these pukes from our capitol and regain our governance to its intended purpose

    39. Satori

      this whole H10N8 flu thingy is getting strange

      there have only been TWO known cases

      yet several Chinese scientists have used the word “pandemic”
      in regards to this new flu

      and in a paper by LANCET,the prestigious British medical journal
      the word pandemic pops up also

      Scientists Warn on Another Bird-Flu Strain

      “The findings showed that the disease hadn’t been transmitted from person to person, which would make it much more dangerous. Still, they warned that the new strain warranted caution. “The pandemic potential of this novel virus should not be underestimated,” the authors wrote.”

      • VRF

        maybe its because they (tpab) are planning on making it a pandemic..or use it as a FF?

    40. Satori

      good example of how riots get started
      and governments get toppled

      Bosnian police use stun grenades, rubber bullets as hundreds rally in capital – reports

      “Police in the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo have launched stun grenades and rubber bullets at angry demonstrators, Reuters reports. Several cities in the Balkan state are gripped by dissent after a local unemployment rally grew into a nationwide protest.”

      when people don’t have jobs and can’t put food on the table
      eventually they take to the streets
      and one little spark turns a peaceful demonstration into a riot

      Saudi Arabia avoided the whole “Arab spring” thing
      by buying off its citizens

      Saudi Arabia: Government Intensifies Social Spending

      then then followed it up by passing a VERY draconian law

      Saudi Arabia: New terrorism law is latest tool to crush peaceful expression

      the law is so vaguely worded that virtually any statement could be construed as “terrorism”

      look to see this pattern in other countries

      happening here ???

    41. Satori

      as I was saying…

      Will Asia Ignite A Second Arab Spring?

      “The regimes use these subsidies of labor and goods to safeguard their rule, including by increasing wages and subsidies on various household staples when they fear potential unrest. For example, when unrest began afflicting Egypt in early 2011, Saudi Arabia quickly announced a $36 billion increase in subsidies. Jordan similarly authorized a $125 million subsidy package for its population, while Kuwait introduced both higher direct stipends and over a year of free food for its citizens.

      This is a shrewd move, as it ties the population’s livelihood to the regime’s survival (much like the Chinese Communist Party’s 80 million person membership roll helps ensure support for the CCP). However, it is also prohibitively expensive to maintain these subsidies, and once they are so given, any government will find it difficult to eliminate them.”

      if China goes down
      it’s liable to take a lot of countries with it

    42. Satori

      Why Shale Oil Boosters Are Charlatans In Disguise

      the economic downturn we are in is PERMANENT
      and we have not yet hit bottom

      no cheap energy
      no economic growth
      the glory days are over

      “Morgan goes a step further though. He says cheap energy has been central to the extraordinary economic growth generated since the Industrial Revolution. And without that cheap energy, future growth will be permanently impaired.”

      “If the real economy is energy and the days of surplus energy are coming to an end, then so too is economic growth, according to Morgan. In his own words:

      “…the economy, as we have known it for more than two centuries, will cease to be viable at some point within the next ten or so years unless, of course, some way is found to reverse the trend.”

      get familiar with EROEI

      the worse it gets
      the WORSE the economy will get
      that is
      what is left of it

      • JRS

        Forbes? Sounds like the Peak Oil Dilemma (credit Rockman) is going mainstream. Good. Maybe more people will wake up to the facts and start preparing for a powerdown in the economy.

        LOL…Did I just say that?

        No, most will still claim it’s a “liberal” .gov plot when their crew cab pickup is stuck at the end of their driveway, out of fuel.

      • lastmanstanding

        Amen Satori…I tell people look at all of the energy that is expended to get more energy.

        Now all the easy oil is long fucking GONE!

        I am a conservative, common-sense, earth loving human being that is a producer and supporter of those like me.

        The oil/tarsand in Canada,is the biggest fucking joke of all…look at the complete and total destruction of the environment, the equipment and the fuel necessary,to get more fuel! wtf is wrong with people. This is (using a word that I hate) UNSUSTAINABLE. Shale oil is next. What it is doing under the ground is far beyond what you can see above ground…and what you can see above ground is bs as well…using fuel the whole time to get more fuel??? Only reason they do it is because the price of oil is so damn high. They do it because they can rob you of more of your hard earned money making themselves more money. They don’t give a shit whether you can buy gas or not.

        Oil bought up all the great ideas by smart, regular
        guys/gals like us for fucking peanuts to be shit canned for when it suits them..all of those ingenious patents thought up by Joe American in his garage are ratholed in some govt/corp/bankers shithole warehouse maybe to be brought out after they kill everybody.

        Someone above mentioned the man on the moon deal above. You know, it kind of makes me wonder…my point is, if they did do it, and built all of the satellites, mil hardware, nuclear everything, the web, computers, etc…

        and they can’t even build a fucking roof system that catches the suns rays to warm our homes and heat our water for a reasonable sum of money?

        That should be a piece of cake in a society like ours with what we have available…I’ll let you each decide for yourself on that one.

        For those of you that still vote and think that your vote counts. Today I got an email. A study done by a Republican group on elected officials in Montana. You can view it if you wish a I mentions everyone (r and d’s), the republican stance and how everyone voted in the 2013 session.

        Long story short, many elected r’s who were elected by their conservative, r constituents in a legal contest voted in session with liberals…most of the time. Several who ran in my district,that I know,that I voted for…twice.

        For more govt., more spending, more loss of liberty.

        Finally, my rant is over…and I am not sorry for it. Take a stand friends, that stand is liberty. God bless those who stand alone and choose others like them in these turbulent times.

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    43. VRF

      The swindle of our private financials has been going on since the begining

    44. Be informed

      Right on target. 6.5 major earthquake in Vanuatu like forecasted on comment #2930670 yesterday at 9:13 AM on the previous article.

      “Like a sniper’s rifle the precursor earthquakes are aiming at Vanuatu”, and the Soloman Islands and a couple of others was mentioned in this comment. This is how well this precursor earthquake activity can forecast major earthquakes. It was not quite as large as I thought it would be, but this a bull’s eye hit. You can accurately forecast earthquakes. I thank Mac for having this site that shows all those out the proof of this that anyone can go back at look at these forecasts on comments before the earthquake occurred.

    45. Be informed

      @ Npgh. You are so correct about the morals of the country being so depleteed, so frightening right. There are no more examples of decency and values in the world. Sodomy has been approved of and actually favored by the MSM. There is a reason why practically all major religions warn of it. This spreads disease. You look at the precautions that are taken in regards to bed pans at hospitals as biohazards. Fecal material is loaded with very dangerous bacteria and people engaging in sodomy are spreading this disease. It is not about gay bashing as much as it is about sickness and antibiotics overuse.

      Throughout history sodomy has lead to outbreaks of illness. This is not some religious belief, this is science fact. Human waste is dangerous when not disposed of properly. Sodomy and orgies are the ultimate spread of disease radidly to the population from individuals that come into contact with others that are crawling with this disease. This is why there is such a high use of antibiotics with homosexuals. This causes antibiotic resistant super bugs. This is why major religionbs warn of sodomy as some sin, it is a biohazard and dangerous to all those in contact with those that become sick and spreasd this sickness to others. Just look at the rampant spread of the Noro virus all over the country and world that is the result of fecal material.

      This is simple a science fact, sodomy spreads sickness and disease just like the improper disposal of human waste. India, as many 3rd world countries and the lack of sanitation of human waste is a golden example of what a biohazard human discharge is.

    46. Satori

      Mt Fuji ready to blow ???

      Evacuation Plan Prepared For Mt. Fuji Eruption

      “The new readings, taken by the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, reveal that the pressure is at 1.6 megapascals, nearly 16 times the 0.1 megapascals it takes to trigger an eruption.

      Therefore the pressure in Mount Fuji’s magma chamber is now higher than it was in 1707, the last time the nearly 4,000-metre-high Japanese volcano erupted, causing volcanologists to speculate that a disaster is imminent.”

      this sounds serious

      • Be informed

        @ Satori. The 1707 year was quite close in geological time to the 1700 last time the Cascadia fault went off. It, the crustal plates, is more connected than most people realize.

      • JayJay

        **causing volcanologists to speculate that a disaster is imminent.**

        like they need another one??


        • Be informed

          @ JayJay. Pray! This is exactly what the MSM has taken out of the equation of it all, God. Other than Fox News, most MSM sites are not just failing to talk about God, but they are giving the middle finger to God. Many people gather much strength from God or just the feeling of God within themselves. The MSM has an attack on the good feeling of God and their belief whatever that might be.

          Most religions don’t attack other beliefs like the demonic islam does. It is perfectly OK in the “minds” of the MSM for massacres of Christians all over the muslim world, in the Middle East, Africa, and other places. Yet someone that believes in a peaceful worship of God is constantly under new laws and regulations banning displays of the belief. While people that are spreading disease to the population, especially the Noro virus, are encouraged to have pride parades about their sexuality. Sure seems like the end times when utter weirdness is everywhere and gaining strength each day.

          • old guy

            Most religions don’t attack other beliefs like demonic islam does? just what did the christian crusaders do in the holy land. just What did the US army do to the native americans. Just what do you think the prodistant,s & catholics are doing to each other in Ireland. The number one cause of War is religion. I don’t like government & religion intermixed. Separation of church & state is vital if we are to remain free. I can see the harm caused because in not a christan. I don’t accept that Christ died on the cross for my sins. That sounds like something for nothing. It sounds too good to be true. Nope Ill take 100% of the blame for my bad deeds and 100% of the credit for my good deeds. Sorry BI but I gotta disagree with your analisys

            • Smokey


              The Number One cause of war is, and has always been, land and resources.

              Ranting about separating church and state to attack Christianity, give us a break. Ancient history is history, we live in the here and now. The only theocracies on the planet are Muslim hellholes. Save your attacks for the real enemy, not the enemy you want it to be.

              Don’t let your religious bigotry blind you to reality, might as well be a 12th century crusader or a modern Islamist.

              • NAL

                Yes, land and resources and POWER are primary. But both the conquerers and the conquerer’s citizens can easily buy into their Religion’s blessing that massacres of indigenous people’s and rape of their lands all in the name of GOD (where is that “thou shat not kill” part, anyway?) is OK. That justifies the conquest, after all, despite the inherit hypocrisy of it. Sort of like, we go fight in far off land (even though we were no attacked) to “protect the American way of life” when it is really all about oil and power and hegemony.

          • old guy

            Most religions don’t attack other beliefs like demonic islam does? just what did the christian crusaders do in the holy land. just What did the US army do to the native americans. Just what do you think the prodistant,s & catholics are doing to each other in Ireland. The number one cause of War is religion. I don’t like government & religion intermixed. Separation of church & state is vital if we are to remain free. I can see the harm caused because in not a christan. I don’t accept that Christ died on the cross for my sins. That sounds like something for nothing. It sounds too good to be true. Nope Ill take 100% of the blame for my bad deeds and 100% of the credit for my good deeds. Sorry BI but I gotta disagree with your analisys

          • NAL

            Ah, another Fox News buff.
            Historically Muslims have invaded Europe via the Iberian peninsula and ravaged the inhabitants, Christians and others long before the Crusades. Then the Crusades ravaged the Middle East. Lets not forget the wars and massacres over many centuries in the Balkans.
            I don’t see Islam as “demonic” but see them as using their religion, as good religious fundamentalists do to everywhere to justify pillage, rape and kill. Not too different from the pogroms and other activities of the Catholics Church, as well as witch burning, massacre of Indian populations in South/Central/North Americas (they’re just heathens after all) etc. All perpetrated in the name of their personal God Almighty. Unfortunately, organized Religion has been a bane to the enlightenment of human kind. It has also been the reason most wars of the past were fought, until the God of the Almighty Dollar took hold.

    47. MorningStar

      When the SHTF & we go to the banks to get our money out then we are in big trouble. Banks loaned out 90% of our money so we’ll only get, at the most, 10% & I doubt even that much because those standing in line in front of us will get our money & the bankers will get all of their money first.

      Might want to start keeping cash on hand and put in a hiding place. Great article on what is tome come soon.

    48. Spudweb

      Ohhhh the dramaaaaa

    49. Lazarus

      Washington’s power comes from dollar hegemony. With every fool on the planet accepting it the FED can just print up the billions needed to foment revolutions, bribe governments and initiate wars.

      Internally the FED is funding the 21st century u.s. gestapo, the militarization of local and state police, the bribing of state and local officials, destroying education, manipulating the markets to name just a few.

      Without the FED and dollar hegemony abroad and legal tender laws at home Washington is just another barking spider.

      Yes the government has declared its citizens enemies of the state and by definition declared itself as the enemy of citizens. But every powerful entity has a backer and in this case the backer of government is the Federal Reserve Banking system.

      Instead of wasting energy fighting the many heads of the government hydra citizens could focus on it’s benefactor and provider… the FED.

      Eliminate it and we’re 2/3rds the way home. Repeal legal tender laws, Legalize competing currencies, open the gold/silver window and it’s a done deal.

      No militias and no molon labe lone wolfs. Organizing would be legal as its political and other than trying to penetrate the organizations leadership there is very little the government could do.

      Our very lives and the lives of our children are at great risk if nothing is done to send the money changers back to the cesspool of dung they hatched out of.

    50. Maudy Frickett

      Every news program is reporting that grid attack in California last year as if it was 911 again. I smell a rat on this one.

      • VRF

        yep , it might take a year to fester, but theres a reason why its been puked back up to the MSM

      • NAL

        Easy to report since facts have already been explored in the WSJ article and it doesn’t cost the news stations (right and left leaning) any $ outlay to report on it.

    51. JayJay

      I just copied these in my prepper booklet:
      Ten uses for olive oil that are neither food or beauty tips.
      *Waterproofing leather: From work boots to tool pouches olive oil keeps leather supple and helps prevent damage.
      *Lubricant: From personal uses to unsticking zippers and freeing seized up tools, olive oil is an excellent non-toxic lubricant.
      *Oil Lamps: olive oil burns clean with no spitting and gives out a good light.
      *Gets paint off skin: Rub olive oil into your hands for a few minutes and the paint will loosen, coming off with the oil.
      *Gets tar off skin: Mix with a little sugar and rub into the tar or other sticky stuff.
      *Kill Head lice: The oil smothers live lice killing them and makes the eggs, known as nits easy to remove with a fine toothed comb. Leave on for an hour before washing out…several times in my experience.
      *Shaving cream substitute: Smooth over then shave off. *Keep manual tools rust free: Coating the moving nits of manual tools before storage keeps them rust free and prevents them seizing up.
      *Ear Ache: A small plug of cotton wool dampened with olive oil relieves the pain of an earache.
      *Reduce the pain of a minor burn: By coating in a thin layer of olive oil preferably from a spray.
      Sore Throat Tonic
      1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
      1/8 teaspoon turmeric
      2 teaspoons raw apple cider vinegar
      2 teaspoons raw honey
      a few slices of fresh ginger
      1 cup water
      Add a mixture of cayenne, turmeric, vinegar, honey, and ginger to boiling water. Cover. Let steep for at least 5 minutes. Transfer to a mug. Sip as long as you are able.
      ( I don’t have fresh ginger, but will use a tablet)

      • Smokey

        I always got a little warm olive oil in my ear when I had an earache as a kid. Works great.

      • tzulu

        ive made several oil lamps from used baby food jars and old cotton mops burning olive oil just put a hole in the top and a small vent hole on the edge. works great and is free made one from 20oz pickle jar to keep water pipes from freezing burned for 6 days veggie oil works too but sooty

    52. manich

      Obama is not the one taking our money. Do you really think the government coffers are filling up faster than those of the big financial and oil companies. If Barry were a socialist, this wouldn’t be the case. He is a fascist, and that is why his top advisors are corp. guys. The banksters are getting rich, while the government is going broke.

      Look behind the curtain the next time the teleprompter is being used by BO.

    53. zzz

      Why should the FED manufacture a collapse when they and the banks would lose the most?

      Commercial investors have already either withdrawn or tapered their activity in the paper market over the last year. It is the FED that has been purchasing all types of paper. The FED’s book has doubled since 2008. With a printing press, the FED can purchase anything forever. With ownership of their own army and the armed forces of the US, they can destroy/dictate/coerce/bribe/limit activity of nations to their advantage.

      The stock market continues it’s rise because there are buyers and sellers of paper with ample credit.

      Collapse is most likely when few expect it. Inflation is the name of the game to inflate away government debts by destroying the currency. What people need and want, now, will experience price inflation. What people own will experience deflation.

      People simply have to live within their means. The world will continue turning…

      • NAL

        FED has to prop up economy with QE and equity market purchases to make the flagging economy look good to the rest of the world. Yes, we are all interconnected, but at some point Japan and China will start dumping their Treasuries unless they twist the arm of the US govt to provide a quid-pro-quo to support their economic or political needs in exchange for not dumping these securities. Securing trade in PMs or a basket of currencies that don’t include the US dollar will help to shock proof them. The US economy is mis-managed and rocky, surviving only as the reserve currency in the world because of it’s petro-dollar mandate secured before WWII? (date is guessed) It’s a matter of time: will the US pull its economy out of the toilet before other currencies are identified as a potential reserve currency, and before any country has the wear withal to take a haircut?

    54. truthalways

      Well said Brendan, if money removes itself from emerging economies, then people there can go back to the way they use go do things – small local businesses. Remember, we all can remove our Consent. We as individuals decide that their system is too corrupt, too full of power addicts to benefit us and remove our consent. You understand that our consent was obtained via lies etc.

    55. MAN CAVE...

      So in ten years…I wonder how many on oz coins I’ll have to give a hooker for a fun night?

      I’m just saying…it pays to plan ahead.

      BTW… hookers or a lifetime of alimony.
      You tell me the real cost.

    56. John_Allen

      As of an hour ago I have all of $17 where the financial brigands can steal it. Just paid the last income taxes I expect I will ever pay. Don’t have an income any more, so no income taxes. It’s very satisfying, the feeling that I am out of reach of being stolen from or swindled. So I no longer really care what they do on Wall Street. Or what nonsense the Federal Reserve promulgates. No debts, no vulnerable assets, and no income to which they can help themselves.

      Some of you might enjoy the animated cartoon on YT, Philosophy of Liberty. No dialogue, just captions. Explains the libertarian “I own I, You own you.”

      Those who want to steal from me now are gonna have to do more than pass a law or swipe a mouse. They’re gonna have to man up and put it on the line to try. They might be able to do it but some will pay the same price I pay. No more unanswered theft or coercion.

      Off my topic, search The National Tactical Officers Association. SWAT teams have a trade association just like everyone else. But unlike most other groups, the juicy parts of their website are password protected.

      I wonder what they’re afraid of. You, and you, and you there. Us, maybe.

      Unbought and unbossed since 1968. Dare to struggle, dare to win.

    57. major

      I agree this is not a coincidental result of the ineptitude of several administrations. Its part of plan that some claim goes all the back to Woodrow Wilson. Full scope of the plan is not clear, but one feature is a global monetary system and another feature is a global government. There may have been ineptitude in that its taken them over a hundred years to get to this point. I don’t think they are close yet to achieving it. I am not sure they will achieve it. I believe they have totally underestimated the spirit of freedom in America and the extent to which Americans will be willing to go to defend it when confronted with that fate. That may be the basis of the strategy of flooding America with illegals who have no tradition of love of the Constitution and America, is to destroy the solidarity of Americans. Clearly the people behind this don’t believe in the rights of individuals, they believe in oligarchies, elitism and fascism. They believe that some are superior and the majority are inferior and only the superior should rule while the rest are slaves. Look at Nazi Germany or medieval Europe and you will see where this goes. America has proven that a Constitutional government combined with free enterprise can work and work better than any other form of society for the good of all. The economic elite of America and the World are not satisfied with that; having accumulated massive wealth they now want absolute power. This is a form of madness that incurs with those that feel they no longer should be accountable for their behavior. Any leader you see pushing amnesty or minimizing the sovereignty of America is working for the Oligarchs, has been paid by the Oligarchs, is controlled by the Oligarchs and is working to destroy freedom and the Constitution. They are the enemy of free people and human rights; fight them.

    58. Kiri2Masa

      U.S.A cannot go bankrupt, ok, but will be greatly reduced. Then the way are free for a megalomaniac Putin. He started his career as an agent in the old KGB, a poor man agent among many. What is his fortune worth now?

      In Norway we are very proud of our Oil Funds. The same sum of money, Putin has put on his military past 2-3 years, while everyone sleeps. And snore.

      U.S.A. must soon reduce its military commitment. The mainstay of NATO is impaired. Russia is stronger than in 30 years. Putin can easily become overconfident in Ukraine, after the Olympics. Or in Syria.

      Things will happen in the Middle East 2014-2015 :

      – Israel is almost 70 years. (This generation watching…..)
      – The four blood red moons, and one solar eclipse, comes during 2014-2015 .
      – The sixth seal will be opened late summer 2014?
      – USA close to bankrupt, Russia very powerful.

      – GOG war of Ezekiel could arrive at any time, depends on the developments in Syria and the peace process to Kerry.

      -Propaganda on GOD TV talking about rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. It’s the Freemasons and the Jewish Orthodox who want to tear down the Dome of the Rock to build a new temple.

      – Rabbi Kaduri prophesied that “MESSIAH” will come forward shortly after Sharon’s death. Kaduri’s Christ is the one our Bible calls “the Antichrist.”

      – The last Pope is in his place, the judgment of Babylon (VATICAN) coming soon. Pope escapes to Jerusalem, where the Catholic Church has very much property.

      Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.” Luke 21, 36.


    59. Ghost Prime

      Well researched article. Thanks.

    60. Johng853

      How To Buy Cheap Generic Ceclor 500mg adadacbedbcd

    61. Johnd831

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