The Final Nail in the Mainstream TV News Coffin: Fox News Ratings Plummet to 17 Year Low

by | May 24, 2017 | Headline News | 56 comments

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    The mainstream media has been fighting a losing battle against independent news outlets (AKA fake news) ever since the internet took hold in our society. Countless newspapers have filed for bankruptcy, and news channels have faced dwindling ratings.

    The only news channel, at least in the US, that still commands solid ratings is Fox News. Unfortunately for Fox, the average age of their viewers is 68, which isn’t exactly a profitable age group for advertisers. And more importantly, that statistic suggests that the company’s viewership is literally dying out.

    Still, Fox has been wiping the floor with every other news channel for years. Just a few months ago their ratings were better than CNN and MSNBC combined. Fox is without a doubt, the last bastion of successful mainstream news.

    That’s not the case anymore. For the first time in 17 years, Fox’s ratings among a key demographic, fell behind both CNN and MSNBC.

    For the week of May 15-19, Fox News averaged just 497,000 viewers in the advertiser-coveted key demo of adults 25-54 during primetime hours, compared to CNN’s 589,00 and MSNBC’s 611,000, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which cited data from ratings tracker Nielsen…

    …Flagship shows such as CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 and MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show performed particularly well, while Fox has seemingly struggled with the loss of Bill O’Reilly’s The O’Reilly Factor, which had consistently led all cable news programs in the ratings for the better part of two decades. O’Reilly departed the network last month following a report that he had allegedly settled multiple claims of sexual harassment with high-dollar payouts.

    If a juggernaut like Fox News is struggling, then you know the mainstream media is near death. It may not look like it, since CNN and MSNBC are making up for it with stronger ratings. However, those ratings are only being fueled by people who hate Trump. That’s not a very good business model because he’s not going to be around forever.

    And in any case, the ratings for these channels are pretty intermittent. Liberals are tuning in when they think Trump is going to be impeached, and then dropping out when nothing comes of his controversies. So what little success these channels have now, doesn’t have any staying power.

    The bottom line is this: The only mainstream news channel that was consistently successful has been knocked down, and it probably won’t be the last time this happens. Fox is now reaching the same popularity levels as CNN and MSNBC, which have been a ratings joke for years. These channels are now in a battle for survival, as they compete for dwindling ratings that are routinely dwarfed by internet cat videos. The establishment mouthpieces are officially on death’s door, and it’s only a matter of time before they become completely irrelevant.


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      1. Why would anyone want to watch Reich propaganda? It all needs to go.

        • I stopped watching the news after the 911 propaganda reported building 7 fell about 45 minutes before Silverstein said to pull it. If they can’t even get that right geeze.

          • Here! Here!

            • Hear! Hear!

        • It is important to see what the enemy is saying.

          Watch, and whatever they report on, believe the opposite.

          • There can be tidbits of truth even in lies or disinformation.
            Research is usually needed to determine if belief should actually go to the opposite.

          • excellent point, I do that

        • (((Murdoch))) Fox News’s only success was reporting on Perpetual War since the 1990’s and the first Gulf War on. They love war and the only reason for their higher ratings. War is Fraud and the News reporting was fraud propaganda as well. People are just now realizing this? Sheesh!! lol

      2. Due to my location all my communication with the outside world is via Satellite. We can barely get radio here. I get most of my international news off the web, from sites I choose, my Web is data limited so I just get Text.
        We have Dish( keeps my wife happy) for TV and only watch Fox Hannity, Judge Pirro, and Carlson. The rest of our TV is old re-runs like Rifleman, Star Treks, Mash, Deadliest catch, Science channels et al, you get the idea, no new shows.
        I have no idea what is on ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, BET, MTV and on and on. I don’t like Liberals and the BS they are pushing. I’m hoping they all die off.

        • Rellik, I don’t even have TV or TV service. I use the net for local, regional, national, and international news. Still have shortwave radio for backup if the net goes down. When I watch movies, I just put on a DVD in the CD-ROM on the laptop or go to youtube. I also don’t give a f#$% what’s on any of the news shows. F#$% all of MSM. I’ve always rated all of them at ZERO, so what the hell?

        • Okay, you “don’t like Liberals and the BS they are pushing”, but you watch Star Trek.

          You know what the goal of that show was, right? It was based on a hypocritical Liberal Utopian Society where money doesn’t exist and everyone magically gets along with everyone because of diversity…..unless you’re not part of the Federation (One World Government).

          In other words, it’s based on 100% bullshit.

          • I know about the political aspect of all the Star Treks, it sucks like most all Hollywood does. I treated it like fantasy such as Alice in Wonderland, entertainment for idiots.

            • rellik – “entertainment for idiots” – and you watch it? An idiot admitting he’s an idiot!

              • Anonymous, Perhaps you should look in the mirror before discrediting your fellow man! One should be able to make a comment without getting kicked in the balls…

          • Plus it encourage race-mixing between Captain Kirk and Uhuru.

        • “Okay, you “don’t like Liberals and the BS they are pushing”, but you watch Star Trek.”

          The same virulently anti-White, hard core Cultural Marxist bullshyte that was pushed by the creators and writers of Star Trek was literally exploding out of every episode of “MASH” as well. I used to occasionally watch that show back during it’s run in prime time and sometimes found it to be funny, but that was before I was fully red pilled on the race and culture question and several years before I became educated on the goals and agenda of the Frankfurt School of virulently anti-White, anti-Western Cultural Marxism.

          I seldom ever turn on my TV, except when I have a DVD that I want to watch or when I want to hit Netflix and find something on there that I can watch without getting an urge to do what Elvis had a habit of doing to TVs that spewed crap at him that pissed him off. The old MASH TV series is (or used to be) offered on Netflix and one time when I had run out of things to watch, I thought I’d take a another look at MASH. Being fully red pilled today, I could not believe how much anti-White, anti-traditional American culture and anti-traditional American morality toxic poison exploded out of that TV series. Sickening Alan Alda liberalism – non-stop, over and over and over.

          I asked myself – how could I not have seen and been totally repulsed by this leftist, liberal, Marxist filth and garbage when I was originally exposed to it in prime time? I am pretty much the same guy today as I was in my teens and 20s; traditional conservative values, virulently distrustful and suspicious of government, passionately pro individual liberty and freedom from government meddling in the daily lives of its citizens. Vehemently anti-Communist, anti-Marxist, and harbor nothing but the most extreme degree of hatred and contempt for liberals and all forms of their degenerate and destructive, infantile ideologies.

          Needless to say, I could not stomach watching MASH on Neftlix and bailed out it very quickly. Yet, Rellik here seems to be oblivious to the fact that two of his favorite ‘old TV’ shows were nothing more than vehicles that pushed the worst and most destructive ideologies of liberalism, which he claims to despise?

          That shows you how insidious and evil the Cultural Marxists are who own and control Hollywood. They have the ability to slip into their TV and movie scripts endless numbers of poison pills that are then eagerly ingested by viewing audiences without those audiences even realizing that they are swallowing the propaganda of their #1 most evil enemy on this planet.

        • rellik – I hear ya. I ditched Cable TV 2 years ago, and I do have a stereo radio, but all that is on, is perpetual BS commercials, or talk propaganda radio, either far right or far left. its all BS. unless its good old rock 60’s to the 90’s or country silly music, I just shut that noise box off as well.

          Living off the grid and out in the country, I get so much peace and serenity just listening to the bird signing, or the crickets in concert, or the hawks yacking away, and the wind blowing through the trees. It is really peaceful just getting into sync with nature and the movement of mother nature. My clock is go to bed when it gets dark and rise when the birds start signing just before daylight. I can tell when some sort of danger is approaching just listening to the squirrels calling out their alert signal, or the doves flying off suddenly. Watching the pairing of cardinals, and calling out to its mate, that its feeding time. Unless there is a plane flying over, or a neighborhood dog down the street barking, alerting that there is someone coming down the road, its all nature noises. No man made noise beats the sounds of nature.

      3. Market blow up top has begun, confirmed today by double cup/handle that took three months to complete. S&P next stop 2650. If you are short it is going to hurt.

        • I don’t know what hurts most not jumping in at the right time or not having the money to jump with anyhow.

        • uh ….bert wtf does that have to do with fox news

          • I think that is significantly more important than how many people are watching Fox news.

        • Good call on the market, there are a lot of upward forces. Just invest in cash rich companies, and beware the coming top.

          As far as Fox News, with their number one anchor Bill O’Reilly driven off the air by accusations of sexual harassment, of course their ratings fell. Fox News viewers are conservative and they react to this behavior, CNN viewers live for this kind of sexual misconduct. They’d just watch more if it got dirty.

          Conservative have a higher standard, and will retaliate for a time if they feel duped.

          By the way, I have Sat TV, and am very cognisent of the fact that they monitor exactly what I watch. If I’m not watching for a segment, I’ll try to put on something I want to have higher ratings. I was mortified, I took out the trash and when I came back in Colbert was on. Damn, I hate when he gets undeserved ratings, really what a jerk Colbert is.

          • if y’all REALLY want to watch a news channel for conservatives, go to one america news. liz wheeler’s “tipping point” and graham ledger’s “daily ledger” are very good. i have frontier’s FIOS, and it’s channel 616.

            • I bought stock in Frontier Communications years ago, then they bought a sector of Verizon old copper network and got into trouble incorporating it, the stock dropped like a rock, so I bought a lot more. They worked through their problems and the stock is up huge now, and pays me a handsome dividend. My ROI (return on investment) is like 9% for Frontier’s dividend, based on my cost. I wish I had bought more.

              This stock was one of the keepers I bought in the depths of the 2007 crash. I’m talking about this not to brag, but to my fellow preppers, if there is another big crash, and you have some cash to invest, you can make some serious money, because you were ready. Look for companies that have a good balance sheet, some cash in the bank, pay a reasonable dividend, and are in a business that will likely survive the crisis. These guys were in the phone, Internet and cable business in a part of the sector (old copper wire connections) that had virtually no competition. Their customers weren’t going to stop buying their services, in fact major carriers like Verizon don’t want this business and keep selling chunks to Frontier.

      4. Perhaps

      5. Not “Fox News” but “Henhouse Propaganda “

      6. Most news is unreliable. Fox is slowly degrading with the big names gone. Hopefully they recover. They are the only response to mainstream tv which has gone totally left.

        • I hope it goes the way of the Pony Express. Watching it daily results in severe retardation.
          Zero Hedge, Drudge, X22 Report, USA Watchdog, SGT Report, SHTF. All you need.

      7. Jim,one america news still out there,have not watched tv in literally months.

        • I am learning to like.

          They even have segments on the constitution that are interesting and informative.

      8. How far will the establishment go to suppress the truth? Truth is the disinfectant. Truth usually has a way of surfacing despite every attempt to stifle it. No free speech, no truth. This system depends on never ending lies. The battle for truth is far from over and the bad guys are desperate to smash free speech truth like any criminal organization.

      9. Fox sold out that’s why they are failing everyone knows they are a bunch of fuckin rhinos feminazi presstitutes. I got rid of cable tv 6months ago was tired of paying for propaganda. I was up to $200 a month for a land line phone cable and Internet. When I called my cable provider cox cable they told me I had a contract which is bullshit and I’d have to pay an early termination fee. Fuck you I will give you $300 for dropping service. Cancelled the shebang. Bought an antenna $30 a streaming internet device $75 and a magic jack $20 called Verizon and hot high speed internet service for $46 a month no contract. I’ve saved a $1000 by now I figure. Get all the same programming and more. Don’t even watch tv anymore just the old shows no politicizing in those show. Now you can’t turn your tv on and not get some politicized rubbish driven into your psyche. It’s a marketing tool to get you to buy shit from greedy crony corporations as well. Shows that advance the gay agenda that are considered family programming. You should take a sledge hammer to your tv but you need some information to draw conclusions about what the psychopaths are up to. Don’t pay for that.

      10. Who would miss O’Reilly? All of his softball interviews with Obama. What a joke he was.
        If Fox wanted to see ratings go up they would give Ted Nugent a show. Give Mark Walter
        of Armed American Radio his own tv show. Give Larry Elder his own show. Greg Gutfeld is
        another joke. Fox should have a one hour prepper show with guest speakers. They should
        have more specials about American history. They should have a show that profiles places
        and people in the real America. Shows about everyday folks living in flyover country. They
        focus too much on propagandist shill shows. Stop being cheerleaders for the useless
        establishment Republicans. They lost focus on real things.

      11. The media dispenses the kool aid. Its all commercial; there is some commercial entity paying for the news (or better, Commentary) that is dispensed. With the internet, people can sort the information for themselves. Commercial free programming. The prophets have warned.

      12. FOX, who was supposed to be “fair and balanced”, lost my respect when they became the Trump Superpac.

        Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way in favor of Hillary and did not want to see her to win. I just got so sick of seeing them smooch Trumps ass that when I had a dispute with my cable company I dropped TV and internet service for 6 months, and not seeing him on my TV was a factor in that decision.

        I did tune in to CNN and MSNBC the night of the election just to see their faces when it became apparent Trump was going to win, and that was priceless, but would rather watch paint dry than their fake news far left liberal BS conspiracy theory commentary.

        I watch FOX News exclusively now but in a new light.

      13. Even this report sounds like BS.

      14. Been seeing this coming for a while.

        The quality of FOX News reporting has been going downhill for a long time.

        Remember back in the 2012 election how they totally ignored Ron Paul when he placed 2nd in the Iowa Caucus? It was so flagrant John Stewart did a skit about it.

        Then it was so obvious in this past election how they were trying to sabotage Trump (Megyn Kelly leading the way on that)

        O’Reilly lost all credibility with me long ago. His defining character quality was hubris.

        But the final nail in the coffin was when Rupert Murdock’s sons took over. Both are progressives (i.e. leftists)

      15. Mainstream news has been irrelevant for 15 years. Fox was the dichotomy the other choice. When you see past the smoke and through the mirrors, the propaganda does not work anymore. What ever happens, we are just along for the ride.

      16. If you can believe the numbers. How do we know the DNC hasn’t tried to control this info too?

      17. Trying to find a subversive political message with a show like Star Trek? What paranoia gentlemen! I happen to be a conservative prepper also, but I have more sense than to be demonizing everything and constantly looking over my shoulder, like a few people on here do. What a shame. Better check the mirrors and see who the real idiot is.

      18. Fox fired one of the regulars on ‘The Five,’
        Bob Beckel over alleged ‘insensitive remark to an
        African-American employee.

        Fox News is in a ‘Free Fall…..’

        • Beckel was a liberal shill.

          He hated what he did and it was obvious, that is why he screwed up.

          Glad he’s gone, never the less, the story hurt FOX News.

      19. The government’s propaganda dissemination racket is about to go out-of-business.

        They are hoping we’ll all get addicted to our personal computers and “smart” phones. They want us reliant on technology. I think they sabotaged T.V. News and let us in on how phoney it is thinking that we’ll switch over to our “personal” tracking and manipulating machine.

        The lifelike computers are no joke. People put on TV and radio for the illusion of social contact. I listen to my favorite radio host, Dr. David Duke. Also Don Black. But some of the others on the radio are deliberately pushing UFO and other wacko nonsense. The waters are muddy but at least there is freedom of speech; so that I can hear so-called “controversial” (honest & truthful) voices.


      20. Least important point- Bob Beckle was anything but good contributor- falling asleep on set, zoned out on ???? How can a guy, whose claim to fame was civil rights struggle, be such a racist (delusions of hypocrisy). And you dare to bring up a lying hag, Maddow, wussy ambusher Christine Matthews & Kathy Griffin’s beyotch, Bo-peep Anderson, as quality programming – get me my airline vomit bag

        In an attempt to start the “FOX is done” narrative, you have taken a sample of FOX ratings at it’s critical transition point between the entry of new shows & new time slots to prejudice your conclusions

        By this time next month, FOX will be eating your lunch & popping the bag. Goes for BSNBC & Commie News Network. So, shut the hell up & give new shows, new time slots,time to develop audiences. FNCSpecialists (Eric Bolling, Kat Timpf, Eboni Williams) is a sure hit. Martha McCallum achieves superstar status with Kimmy, Dana, Kennedy, Jeanine, with her new show. Tucker- ballbusting surefire hit. The NEW FIVE (timeslot, addition of stud Jesse) is still best show on TV,bar none. Give me two ladies with the panache of Kimmy & Dana, comedic mind of Gutfeld, brass of Jesse, reasonableness of lefty, Juan Williams. Doesnt exist. Bret Baier (SpecialReport)has brought his ballsy side to the show and good panel selection. Hannity- love of conservatives. So much good programming, they needed two channels (FOX, FBN)

        Replacing O’reilly will take a month or two- I never liked the man or the show. To me, he was always that “ENTERTAINMENT” show guy, pretending conservatism.

        FOX has only itself to compete with, as FOXBusiness is running very competitive shows to FOX. A great creative Kennedy (FBN) at same hour as Tucker. Consummate pro, Lou Dobbs (FBN) in same hour as Martha McCallum. I record the more interesting one for the day, watch other.

        And which puke are you watching on non-competitive networks. HaHaHa. Double dare you to bring up ratings for next month .

      21. It goes much deeper than the obvious. It’s all about the dark state that wants to squash any vestige of conservatism left in this country. They are silencing anyone who dares to challenge the criminal cabal that is still in control of our nation.

        Sean Hannity said that he would never back down from investigating the Seth Rich story, but he has been silenced because when the Truth comes out, their whole house of cards, which is built on a platform of lies, will explode in their faces.

        The stakes couldn’t be higher, and the enemy knows it. The future of America hinges on exposing these lies and the coverup of of the most despicable, depraved, reprobate criminals who hate America and everything this country stands for.

      22. If Fox is doing so poorly then you know that the two silverspoon sons of the head of Fox (whom, btw, are now in command and control positions themselves…getting ready to take over for when their father retires) are doing nothing more than what they said they would do. Fox is turning hard left now. Wait to see what it is like in a few years (hint: it will be CNN on steroids).

      23. There is a war going on. It’s aimed at you. Full spectrum dominance of all info sources. Television, radio, internet, newspapers, movies, magazine articles, etc. The Ministry of Propaganda is working over time. They hate you. Do you get it yet?

      24. IMHO, this is MAJOR news. “Evidence Piling UIp that Seth Rich Leaked DNC emails”

        Rich contacted Wikileaks, then got “offed” (gee… another “strange” Clinton death. Who woulda thunk!

        Extra (sleaze) credit: “Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police with “consequences” for holding equipment that she says belongs to her in order to build a criminal case against a Pakistani staffer suspected of massive cybersecurity breaches involving funneling sensitive congressional data offsite.” Wasserman Schultz Threatened Police Chief for Gathering Evidence on Her IT Staffer’s Alleged Crimes There’s a video of the exchange at – relevant part starts at 2:40 min

      25. This tells me that the public are somewhat awake and are pushing back
        Murdock has betrayed us and is paying the price – GOOD.
        Boycott all TV news media – get your news here, Drudge and Breibart

      26. Doesnt matter if they are profitable, they have an open line of credit to the federal reserve, they just have to push their marxism, NWO, JWO crap and they will keep getting money…it will be off the books just like it is with the fed.

      27. I find it hard to believe that Fox is the only organization that has had the sexual harassment lawsuits. Fox has been being dismantled since Glen Beck. Hannity the latest target. I don’t fully understand the internal politics. It seems like it is a suicide pack with the NWO. Fox, in my mind had the greatest pool of talent. Some of the hardest working people too. I can’t imagine any of them needing to sexually harass anyone. It is the same ploy used on DJT. Besides the fact that these women probably worked together, sharing notes and other resources to get the Murdochs to cave.

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