The Final Government Objective: Enslave or Kill Us All

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    In the world situation, we are all aware of the “hot spots,” such as North Korea, Syria, and Ukraine that could escalate into a full-blown regional war and then expand even further, either on their own or with “assistance” from governments and oligarchs alike.  We also have seen a rekindling of the tensions that existed during the first Cold War and the shaping of a new Cold War with Russia.  Meanwhile, with all foreign policy in shambles and diplomatic ties in a limbo-vacuum, the U.S. government has adjusted its pace domestically.  The President was sworn in with a tide of almost “messianic” fervor; however, 6 months has elapsed with little change evident and many of his reforms stopped dead in the water for the time being.

    Domestically the U.S. government was instituting and initiating “reforms” at a running pace under Obama.  The reforms were actually removals of more and more of our liberties.  This pace has slowed down, but has not ceased.  Read the article Senate Bill: Travelers Must Register Cash and Digital Amounts Over $10K or Face 10 Years in Prison and Full Asset Seizure.  Labeled Senate Bill 1241, this nefarious totalitarian measure also contains provisions for wiretapping anyone suspected of “drug trafficking or money laundering” to fit the bill for asset seizure and further torment by the government.

    They want to know everything you have, everything you’re doing, everywhere you’re going, and track you in real time with your happy cellular telephone.

    We may appear to digress, now, but this next item is chillingly interrelated to the information previously mentioned.  Another article by a neuroscientist, a Miss Shelly Fan.  The government has been working on technologies such as this one for some time.  Here is the first step, in Miss Fan’s article Forget Police Sketches: Researchers Perfectly Reconstruct Faces by Reading Brainwaves.

    There you have it, straight out of George Orwell’s “1984,” where Winston Smith was confronted and tortured by O’Brien.  The latter informed Smith there were two problems for the State (Oceania) to overcome: How to kill off hundreds of millions in an instant, and how to know exactly what a human being is thinking.  Well, here we are.  If they can pattern facial recognition technology to create sketches of people from the human mind, how long will it be before they can take your thoughts and formulate words or other images…even place them on a screen and store them for later use.  Will such a thing hold up in a court?  Probably not.  Nowadays, they don’t need probable cause to snag you…only “reasonable suspicion,” and they can doggedly pursue you across the ends of the earth.

    Each week or even more often, we are seeing more technological advances, along with more Draconian, totalitarian edicts termed “legislation.”  Here we see the enemy of the people in the form of a tyrannical state that has abused its powers and privileges afforded it by the Constitution and the vote of the people.  Here we see an almost bankrupted government, running on the fumes of Fiat currency and the treaties made in the birthing of the vampiric Petrodollar…a medium created with the Saudis that (as evidenced by Qatar) they may very well be the ones to plunge the stake through the heart of the vampire.  Here we see the last stages of a Republic’s collapse into totalitarianism.

    The almost omnipresent police state…the federalization local and state police departments and Sheriff’s departments, the fusion centers, the data collection facility in Utah, the steadily-hatching CCTV “chickadees” popping up on every corner, in every gas station, public building, and convenience store.  It is a well-known fact that before an empire slips completely into tyranny, it enslaves, torments, brutalizes, and kills its citizens.  Foreigners come and go, illegally and with a passport, carte blanche: Americans are the ones subjected to the scrutiny when they travel.  An empire can’t have its subjects…taxpaying, system-supporting subjects…going “off” the reservation, now, can they?

    If there is a war, I have stated (and stand by the assertion) in previous articles that the war will be initiated with an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack.  Stefan Stanford penned a brilliant article entitled, This ‘Game Changer’ Could Lead to 270 Million Dead Americans and Foreshadows a Massive False Flag on the Horizon.  Stefan’s belief is that an EMP may be too severe for TPTB to recover from without losing a great deal of their assets.  He expostulates an excellent theory that it will be a controlled cyberattack that accomplishes exactly what the EMP attack would, minus the recovery time.

    He also mentioned the show “Revolution” that had a couple of seasons and then was discontinued abruptly and for no reason when the ratings were good…a show that had a cyberattack that brought down the whole shooting match as its theme.  Readers also undoubtedly recall the “Jericho” series that lasted only 2 seasons that had nuclear devices exploded in 23 American cities to collapse the country and usher in a new era of chaos and “warlord” type engagements between factions claiming to be “the” legitimate government.

    Stefan and I are in complete agreement with the fact that these cancellations are way too obvious when you consider the predictive programming policies carried out by the U.S. government and Hollywood, the puppet-lackey of the State.  The scenarios are too feasible to be discounted.  In the meantime, the public plods through the day, dulled to the everyday events that lead us closer to the corral, and eventually into the cages.  We need to focus upon these changes as they are made and keep abreast of what is happening.  Such measures are neither “cheap,” nor are they instituted by our wonderful Congressional members for no reason.  It would be a lack of reason to discount such actions as anything other than plans for the future…their plans to rule it, as well as their plans to “deal” with us.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Question everything!

        Louisiana Eagle

        • If you run the world from the macro level, and you’re tasked to depopulate the planet from 8 billion down to about 1/2 billion, it would be a formidable task.

          You’d have to find a way to kill 7.5 billion folks while allowing the core infrastructures to remain in tact as well as ciphering out the best of the best to still run whats left of humanity.

          I’m still seeing this done with a virus or plague. You’d have to control the vaccine and the underground bunkers while the virulent wave cleans out the masses. Still, preserving 500,000 people while taking out everyone else would prove to be a tough task, even for the Deep State/Illuminati/Special Bloodlines PTB.

          • 500,000,000 rather

            • The problem with that scenario is it’s not enough people to run the existing industry. It’s not going to be a very pretty world when chemical tanks break down and rupture, or spent fuel pools dry up and the rods within burst into flames.

              • Heck, I am going to join the winning team. You all can be my tax slaves. Don’t worry about spent fuel rods, they will melt into the ground.

              • You could run the planet with 1/2 billion slaves no problem

                • Heck I could run the planet with 100,000 slaves and one Rachel Welch.

          • There was a rumor at one point that it could also be carried out using nanotechnology or the cell towers. Supposedly nanobots could be ingested via soda or bottled water or any other number of ways and then “activated” to carry out whatever intended destruction was programmed. In the second scenario (and one more “commonly” acknowledged on several youtube channels and articles) cell phone towers have been shown to have much more power than needed and are also much closer together than needed and, of course, are centralized in the heavily populated areas and could be used to microwave a huge majority of the masses. IMO it seems that there are probably several ways that have been speculated and several methods would probably be deployed, but in the end it doesnt much matter since statistically most would collapse in death or suffer in death but death none the less without even being able to fight.

            • “…contains provisions for wiretapping anyone suspected of “drug trafficking or money laundering” to fit the bill for asset seizure and further torment by the government.”

              Well, the Federal Government is the biggest drug trafficker in the US and does the most money laundering… what are they going to do about themselves???!! See video with Mike Ruppert confronting this official at public meeting– got everything out in the open about the government and everyone in the room was hurrahing him!!

              • I wondered about this…the more I learn, I am discovering that since there is money to keep and grow law enforcement, hospitals, clinics, socialist services, and other entities, those who could shut the doors to the drug trade won’t. It’s too lucrative.

            • Forgive if this is a duplicate post: the first one hasn’t appeared after a reasonable delay plus screen refresh…

              digitalpenmedia: I have worked within the cellular telephone industry, specifying and purchasing the equipment within the cell sites as well as designing the placement and antenna configuration of cell sites.

              I can tell you the reason there are so many towers s close together in the populous areas: because more tower sites are needed to serve more cellular phone users. Where there are more users, and especially where they are using their phones more of the time, there must be more tower sites to serve the demand.

              “In the beginning,…” there was SMR, “Specialized Mobile Radio.” The towers were on high mountain tops, few and far between. They covered very large areas and used very few, very narrow frequencies. Very few channels were available and the equipment was large and very expensive. In those days, only rich businessmen used mobile telephones. Then came AT&T’s idea of reusing the frequencies closer together by shrinking the coverage areas of the tower locations… and cellular telephone systems were born.

              …And the people saw the new phones shrinking and coming down in price, and they saw that is was good. A decade later, portable, hand-held phones had enough battery power to survive a reasonable conversation (about 20 minutes) and the phones didn’t get too hot to hold… Two decades after cellular was created, most households had at least one cellphone, and they could access the internet and run programs,… and the people saw that it was good…

              As more and more and more people get phones and use them in more ways, more airtime minutes are used and more tower sites are required so people won’t be denied service because the system lacks capacity.

              The actual power output of each channel is infinitesimally small compared to most power sources with which you may be familiar. However, it is true that health effects result from the CUMULATIVE exposure levels, which includes the amount of time you spend in the main antenna beam, the amount of power being sent out from the tower site (the more users, the more power basically, with caveats); and the more time you spend with your cellphone on and near your body. The nearer your cellphone is to your body, the more your exposure, in an inverse-square-law relationship.

              So, while it’s certain there are toxins in the chemtrails with which we’re all being sprayed, and researchers are busy trying to weaponize viruses and bacteria, and the CDC’s recent claim of military power to quarantine vast areas as they deem advisable may be used to decimate the population, the cellphone towers’ most likely role is merely to train people to be dependent on technology and perhaps weaken the immune systems of those who use them the most.

          • they can keep thousands of people alive for a number of years in just one underground facility… and they have numerous of these such facilities. (all for the elite, of course),

        • Heck, I am going to join the winning team. You all can be my tax slaves


        BREAKING DISTURBING INFO. Source says to go into survival mode immediately and to get ready for war.

        No it gets even worse. Keep attaching me trolls because your just too late, my peers are smart and take me seriously because we know whats coming. Its not a matter of if, but when.


        JJ is right on the money.

        • Once there was a little boy who cried wolf too often. One day the wolf came to eat him and when he cried “Wolf!” no one believed him and no one came to help him.

          The wolf date him.

          So it is with the many prophets of doom who do not have a word from the Lord, but a vivid and paranoid imagination, who set and reset dates every 30 days or so screaming this or that catastrophe is about to befall US…. but somehow it never does.

          When nothing happens and they change the date.

          These asshats with shit for brains do US and themselves a great disservice. And they do it with such regularity that it is either fear mongering to get you to buy what they are selling, or complete ignorance from an idiot and yellow journalist who really doesn’t have a clue but wants YOU to click their You Tube Video.

          Go within My Peeps. Rest easy.

          The Lord can show you all things and give you complete discernment. The earth is the Lord’s and so are you. Nothing to fear but the fear mongers.

          Ignore them. Look within. All the answers are there. 🙂

      3. Hmmmmmm. Lot to think about. Mostly nobody is going to know when its going to happen until it does.

        • Enjoy being a tax slave

        • It isn’t the Government that wants to kill us or enslave us. Its the Psychopaths that Hijacked the Government that want to do this. The Deep State control freaks which just need to be strung up from light poles for the buzzards to pick away at.

          When those in Power want to start doing the right thing for America, then this will happen. These freak have too much control, with unlimited amounts of money and the Army is their security. I would go into the ring with one of these psychopaths, One on one, and let him alone try to make me his slave. Ain’t happening. Most of these psychopaths are cowards. They always get somebody else to do their dirty work.

          When the US Military has the balls and lays down their weapons, and withdraws from all of these other countries, and says enough is enough destruction. But as long as there are strivers that whore themselves out to the Government, this will BS will continue.

          SO you have to ask yourself are you a Government Whore on their payroll? Or are you doing the right thing for America and our people. Whores will do anything for a buck. Jerimiah Johnson was one, spent his military career being one, and now he comes on here and tries to make the other people look like the bad guys. No Ahole you were part of the problem that got us here, look in the mirror JackASS.

        • God has given NO ONE the right to see what we are thinking… unless possibly highly evolved spiritual people– like those who had NDE etc.

      4. Sorry Jerimiah, but a lot of the technology you write about just does not exist.

        One way to stop people is to make them believe that resistance is futile.

        The idea that someone can see an image of your face by reading your brain waves is ludicrous. For years we have had gypsies, fortune tellers, and phoney psychics. Giving their lies credence by equating assertions under Science gives lies a religious credibility. For many, Science is their religion. Be careful what you accept as a Scientific proof. To be truly Scientific it must pass the basic experimental test. Fat chance anyone will ever be able to see what is inside your head.

        What little can be done has been done with lie detectors and brain stimulation during surgery.

        To see the truth, look at the things being done with computers connected to the brains of people who are incapacitated. It is impressive, but not close to what you hint at.


        • Senate Bill 1241

          Now THAT is REAL scary.


          • I am going to a long range rifle match Saturday with some targets set at 1750 yds, 1 mile. Plus they will have dueling trees and zipper steel targets set at 550 yds for sissies.

          • try CA SB18 child rights bill in committee and probably soon to be voted/passed. They will own your kids.

        • B from CA, agreed. The article is exaggerated as far as present technology is concerned. The deep state will eventually move against us. We just won’t know HOW until it happens. But whenever it happens, I’m ready. I won’t surrender to the NWO.

          • You pay taxes, don’t you? If you pay taxes they already have you by the balls.

            • Crappenstix, NOBODY has me by any balls.

          • Deplorable Braveheart:

            Have you heard about Positive Money? I just learned about it. I’m feeling encouraged now that I know there are people organized in England and bringing the discussion up about who should be printing the Countries money. It is about time. Kill The Fed !?


            • B from CA, ‘positive money’? What is that?

              • Brave:

                If you Google it, you’ll come across a group in England who have officially opened the debate as to whether the century old Debt Bank should continue or whether the Bank of London should be Nationalized.

                On Brother Nathanial Kapner he shows a man talking about it to an official body (Parliament ?).
                He represents a new party in England called “The Positive Money Party”.
                As he says, we can organize and End The Bank (fraud).

                Have a great day, this has me smiling inside. People are not just becoming violent or desperate. But they are mounting a real campaign to free themselves from debt slavery. I’m thrilled. ?


                • “Positive Money” aka Constitutional Currency, is what got Abraham Lincoln, and JFK, a bullet to the head. There will be no “Positive Money”…

                  • JustMe:

                    Kill-joy !

          • Go look at what you are allowed to see at DARPA. You will be amazed at what they have already been using for decades, and the improved models.

            From robots to whatever – go look. It is very scary. Now they are even admitting that they use climate modification, had a meeting in the senate chambers on it, some documents, etc

            It was used in the Vietnam War, so you think it is not being used now? Remember when all the livestock died from a “snowstorm”? It was not 32 degrees (yeah, we were still using American measurements then), not freezing. I do not have the documentation on this computer, but if you are careful in how you word it, you should be able to get that information from archives.

            Go watch DARPA’s pets, go look up their patents, go look up CIA patents, etc. Oh, and they brought back to “life” old viruses that has not existed in hundreds of years to “study”.

            Nothing on the screen or TV is as interesting as they have, use, create at DARPA, etc.

        • Facial images recreated from brainwaves are in the early stages of development and are currently being aimed at identification of perpetrators by victims and witnesses. I’m sure that will expand in scope in a rapid manner once developed the same way all other new technology has.

          There was a time, not long ago, when DNA identification was science fiction. Think about it.

          You can look it up on the internet if you wish.

          • The World must be flat, our maps are flat.

        • I see you! \”/

        • I vote enslave

        • Odds are, they won’t actually have to see what’s happening inside your head. They need only inform the media that they COULD see inside your head, and HAD to act immediately, similar to Hitler’s being forced to act immediately to save Germany from his Brown Shirts…

      5. Withdrawing 10K from a bank account is a no-no. That won’t buy a new vehicle. I remember
        watching one of those law enforcement reality shows a few years ago and the police were
        asking a motorist why he had 600 dollars in cash on his person. Like thats a lot of money.
        We are not truly free.

      6. Researchers perfectly reconstruct faces by reading brainwaves will never happen. The brain and it’s workings are too complex. The brain is still the least understood organ in the human body. Granted researchers are probably working on this, and would like to very much succeed. Now if they were smart enough to find the causes of all the different neurological diseases of the brain that humans experience now, then I might believe they could reconstruct a face by reading someone’s brainwaves. TPTB are constantly working on ways to spy on and control it’s populace. They are obsessed and afraid of something getting in their way of total dictatorship. Rightly they should be afraid, people are armed and are “waking up” to their schemes. Keep wasting our money on your wishful thinking. Keep plotting your evil towards us, the American Patriots, and see what you get. Waiting

      7. The cyber attack makes more sense than an EMP attack. TPTB would have a more controlled situation with a cyber attack. TPTB could still have their CCTV, and we the people would have no electronics except what they allow us to have. Waiting

        • I agree. Wikileaks had all that Vault 7 stuff that talked about back doors and different programs used by the deep state, supposedly to track other countries. Does anyone think they aren’t tracking us 24/7/365?

          A massive cyber attack is very plausible and they have been laying the groundwork for many years. Stupidly they have continually tried to blame North Korea, which is idiocy, apparently because they think the American public are idiots. Although a few well placed tactical nukes would work, too.

          There is an excellent book, “The Breaking Dawn” by Paul Rosenberg, which explores a divided US with different levels of technology that are available depending on the region where you live. But it shows how people can endure tyranny and survive and how they will continue to find a way to make their lives better, no matter what.

      8. The Government is just a tool of the hidden power that want to enslave the masses and kill the ‘useless eaters’.
        We intuitively know this is the situation. We even give them names, but just cannot nail down the root of the problem.
        Trilateral Commission
        Tavistok Institute
        Rockefeller Foundation
        Knights Templar
        Skull and Bones
        Bohemian Grove
        Club of Rome
        The Royal Institute of International Affairs
        Royal Institute of International Affairs
        Committee of 300

        Just who really has the power in the Government?

        • The government has no objectives because the government doesn’t control the government.

        • Add the Ford Foundation.

        • Perhaps not….perhaps eliminating the problem at the source, ie radical muzzies is how you permanently fix the problem and ensure personal security….

      9. New broadcast towers with razor wire fences and camera’s.

        Road side improvements with new barriers and cable fencing.

        Traffic lighting upgrades and camera’s popping up.

        Bridges and major arteries always under a state of constant construction or repair, requiring single lane choke points.

        Of course most of our infrastructure is well beyond it’s expected life and that it actual needs it. Yet, all too convenient to have the right tools on the ready should something happen.

        Therefore, one’s man view of “getting America back to work”, is another’s fodder for paranoia.

        Yes, plenty of reason to “prepare” as rainy days happen regardless. Just be careful to not let the prep become the problem.

        Finally, two things: 1) Our mothers didn’t squeeze out a guarantee upon our birth. 2) The number one regret of a dying person is not having the courage to have done something for themselves. When you consider these two facts, you might want to think about a bucket list over prepping. Dying with a regret is the real tragedy. Make that call. Buy that plane ticket. Take that course. Go on that tour. Get that Toy, (or rent one for a spin). Etc.

        Should you survive whatever is coming, you’ll be crapping into a hole, eating with your fingers and piling up leaves for a bed. Too late then.

        Even if nothing happens, you’ll wind up one day in a bed, unable to move and gazing at the ceiling tiles. Too late then, as well.

      10. I’m hoping to have a choice in my demise. I’ll fight for that.

      11. The Final Government Objective: Enslave or Kill Us All

        They can fk’n try … by the end of all their sick & twisted games they play on us. – they will not succeed!

      12. The Final Government Objective: Enslave or Kill Us All

        They can fk’n try … by the end of all their sick & twisted games they play on us. – they will not succeed!

      13. The Final Government Objective.
        Only one question. Are we not the Government? There is no way in hell that any government can kill or enslave us all.

        History has proved this over and over again. God willing I will be the thorn in their side until this old man dies!!! A FREEMAN!!!!


        • Sgt. Dale,

          I, too, will resist until my final breath. There may be some very evil people among the Elites who are thinking and planning this type or scale of violence on the people’s of the earth. They have no idea yet what hell and suffering will descend upon them for even thinking of such abominations. It will not go down well for them. They will not, cannot, succeed.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Sarge and laeagle, count Braveheart in.

          • I refuse to be a Slave or a Victim, Therefore I carry Daily.

        • Sarge- Have you left the bankrupt banana republic of Illinois yet?

      14. Government job. A statist sociopath’s dream come true.

        Where else can you murder people, molest little kids, sell your services to the highest bidder, rob and lie to the public, and perform general traitorous assholery and when you stomp on enough people for the required number of years you get a lifetime pension squeeze and Cadillac health bennies paid for by the people you fucked over your entire life.


      15. Not going to happen, if we are all dead or enslaved, who can they tax the crap out of for the “wars” and “vacations”?

        They just want control, like all the rest of the Commie rats in the world.

        If God is for us, who can be against us

        • Tax slaves pay for their own enslavement

        • FTW

          Thanks for that posting. I have been circulating this information and have had people watch the below. Its so outrageous that they say, “You believe that”? You know that the propaganda machine is good when the truth is scoffed at. In the USSR and NAZI Germany they hid the truth. Here its out in the open and so outrageous that people just can’t believe it. I have heard, “Well they THOUGHT there was weapons of mass destruction in Iraq”? This is what you get from a society raised on Superman, “Truth Justice And The American Way”.

          Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

          h ttps://

        • Take names. Waiting

      16. Now another catastrophe has been added to the mix. As if things aren’t bad enough, just in the last week we have been warned about meteor strikes, economic collapse, super volcanoes, nuclear war, super earthquakes, civil war, Whitehouse coup d’etats, terrorists, and now enslavement and mass murder of whole populations. Apparently I have been giving too much credit to too many people. Instead, there must be an awful lot of dumb or gullible people reading this stuff and eating it up. The writers of these articles know there is a big appetite for gloom and doom, the demand is just being fed. These type articles have been popping up consistently for at least 15 years. Sadly, even after these “prophets” have shown to be wrong literally 100% many readers still believe them, and it’s because they want to believe it’s all true.
        I guarantee I could write an article that rivals the best of them; build on an event or situation that may have some truth, lay out a case including real facts, make it appear solid enough to stand up to scrutiny, make it interesting and very convincing, yet the the whole article
        would be completely bogus. Unfortunately, it appears too many cannot discern what’s real, likely because of low critical thinking skills or like I said, they want to believe it.

        • Almost all of those events have happened in the past. What makes you so certain that they won’t happen again?

      17. Nothing in the above article is far from the truth. Scenarios can play out or not.
        We are living at a critical point in history. IT IS gloom and doom of the worst sort.
        That is the age we are living in. Most people are preparing but hoping for the best.
        If any of this can be pushed back one year, five years, ten years or as long as possible
        it would be reason to rejoice. Only nut cases want collapse, catastrophes and wars.

      18. We are already slaves.
        They are already killing us.

      19. The kill off plan moves forward at a steady pace with most of the planned base actions already covered and partially implemented. The war arming of the police state, the first line of defence for the traitors who have stripped any semblance of representative government threadbare. Any largescale antiwar protest happening? Hell no, being led meekly into the slaughter with nary a peep or pushback. The people are effectively muted publicly.

      20. Well, they better hurry up!

        There are plenty of red, white and blue blooded Americans that are going to stop them and are steadily working on their defeat, 24/7/365.

        The Globalist Crap is no longer going to be Tolerated! GOP elected officials who support Chambers of Commerce, Some Globalist Crony Board Dividing up the Counties for 2030, Indoctrinating Children, Tax Increase Supporters, etc… .
        You will be exposed at your local public meetings. Your neighbors, family and friends will find out just what you are. You will be held accountable and removed from power of influence and replaced by a Real American!

        The MSM is DOA too as Citizens Journalists are talking the lead, networking and growing by leaps and bounds because people want the TRUTH and Support a Strong America!

        Americans are standing up, speaking out and working together to take this country back.

        When Americans voted MAGA, Americans Meant It!

        4 of 4!

        Get ready for warp speed. HEY, Congressional RINO’S, Governors, State and Locals better get Ready to be VOTED OUT! Chambers of Commerce and 2030 Folks plan this, pack up shop your done when the Cronies go.

        There will be MORE WINNING!


        (Every time I see that name man. Every time.)


      22. If I may, I would like to give you arithmetical proof of your contention.

        In the industrialised West, we have allowed government to unilaterally and arbitrarily impose one monetary system. Nobody ever came along to outline the pros and cons of implementing one system over another and give the electorate the right to chose. The monetary system was imposed.

        Just this fact, in and of itself, should have raised some eyebrows in presumably open societies predicated on democratic principles.

        We all have freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom to chose our careers and our occupation. Whatever we do however, we must, under penalty of law, use the medium of exchange imposed by government.

        At the same time, for no particular rational reason, our governments have given to an unelected third party the right to own and manage the monetary system. This is the central bank.

        All countries members of the Floating Exchange Mechanism that accept US$ as reserve currency are, therefore, beholden to the Federal Reserve and the same dynamic applies.

        Here is where the trouble begins.

        As there is one legal owner of the medium of exchange, it follows that when you exchange your labour and ideas for money, you are exchanging something you own outright, for something you do not own.

        The problem is made worse by the fact that Western governments run fiscal deficits as a matter of course. The only difference between an expanding and a contracting economy is that government will run more severe fiscal deficits for the latter. But fiscal deficits they run; perpetually.

        The problem is further compounded by an ostensibly independent central bank that does not object nor does it try to contrast this policy. Thus the monetary base and credit in circulation are perpetually increased.

        So, at the most fundamental level, not only are you exchanging something you own outright for something you do not own. But the worth of the medium you accept in exchange for your property is further eroded by devaluation and by taxation brought about by progressively more profligate spending.

        So the presumably independent Central Bank, in fact, perpetually expands the monetary base and credit in circulation as it is not subject to even a modicum of reciprocal responsibility towards society.

        Always. No exceptions.

        How does this tie in with what you contend?

        This monetary system is predicted on expanding credit markets. If credit does not expand, the system collapses.

        Debt however conforms to the law of diminishing marginal utility.

        You always need more debt in order to obtain the same result.

        Hence, deficits.

        Hence, political constructs that outlive their useful lives like the World Bank, the UN or the IMF.

        Hence, wars.

        The diminishing marginal utility of debt however guarantees that through government, society will be fully divested of wealth and plunged into debt.

        As the system is pushed ever harder towards its arithmetical limit, the collateral that is progressively pledged in order to obtain credit is appropriated by the financial sphere of the economy.

        At some point, the legislative and fiscal pressure in the system guarantee a monopolisation of the economy leading to increasing unemployment and a stifling of the real economy (the mom and pop shops along with the SMEs) to the benefit of the transnational corporations.

        This is also the point at which the government outlays become far greater than fiscal revenue.

        This is the point at which government must confront society and take some hard decisions.

        The numbers are clear today.

        Just in the realm of pensions, Western governments must find anywhere between US$400 Trillion to US$700 Trillion depending on whom is and how they count.

        The actuarial reality of these numbers is stark.

        This situation can only be resolved by operating on the demand side or on the supply side.

        On the demand side, somehow, in the next 25 years, the West must neutralise some 150 million individuals.

        On the supply side, somehow, in the next 25 years, the West must attempt to neutralise global productive capacity.

        In order to project macro development of the next 25 years it is useful to understand the following:

        1) Today the West consists of the minority of the world population but it has the greatest demand on this US$400 Trillion

        2) The majority of world population is concentrated in a band of land that snakes between India and South Korea taking in Taiwan and Japan. Coincidentally, this is also the region where global productivity is concentrated.

        There you have it then. Death and destruction will be precipitated far and wide in the next decade and beyond and not only overseas.

      23. So former “Green Beret” (in other words, ONE OF THEM, a true believer Statist) says basically that the govt plans to kill us all (this is already obvious), and yet his recommendation is for the public, who is just “plodding through the day”, like stupid cows, just keep an eye on it? Really? That’s the plan? Am starting to wonder who this guy really is.

      24. Suggested correction: Revolution did NOT have a cyberattack bring down the grid; it was the release of nanotechnology to bring down an enemy’s power grid and the subsequent loss of control of that technology that then impacted the global grid.

        We probably don’t even need either of the scenarios suggested in Revolution or Jericho to experience such a situation if the impact of energy-returned-on-energy-invested is close to what some analysts suggest…

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