The Final Blueprint for the Enslavement of the American People: “Obamavilles, Food Shortages, Riots, Martial Law…”

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Headline News | 384 comments

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      1. I think Hodges is sounding a legitimate warning here.

        • I should like to see mention of such items as warm clothing, a form of shelter, and lighting long before gold. In times of strife, those with weak hands will lose their gold. Critical assets come first!

          • I keep oil lamps, year round. They are the glass ones with wide wicks. You can buy extra wick and also the top chimney as replacement parts. I like non-smoking paraffin oil. It costs more but it doesn’t smoke or stink when you use it inside. The light is good as well. I use them on a regular basis in order to test how much oil is used over time. A cup of lamp oil, if you use each lamp for about 2 hours a night, will last about one week, maybe 10 days. That is one cup per lamp. I bought my oil lamps brand new at Fred Meyer a few years ago. They didn’t cost that much but the cost of the nice lamp oil has gone up, $22 for one jug. Last I checked Cabella’s and Bass Pro Shops sells wicks.

            • Posted on Yahoo…
              Will this be used in the USA?
              Brazil authorizes forced entry to private property to fight Zika
              The power of the pen… authorized by “presidential decree” in Brazil.

              on Zerohedge…
              Zika Virus Threatens “Disaster In Rio” Olympics As WHO Declares Global Emergency


              From the initial discovery in the heart of Ugandan forest darkness to mysterious genetically-modified Mosquitoes in Brazil, the newest threat to human health (most notably pregnant women) is the ominous-sounding Zika virus.

              The epidemic is spreading from its epicenter in Brazil – threatening disaster at the Olympics with “female athletes to consider participation “very carefully””, to Colombia (with 2100 pregnant women infected), and further north in America with CDC confirming 6 cases in Texas.

              on MSN…
              “the virus has been spreading throughout the Western Hemisphere at a rapid rate, carried by a type of mosquito that feeds on and thrives alongside humans.

              More than 20 countries are currently battling outbreaks, and Zika is expected to reach nearly every corner of the Americas this year (save for Canada and Chile, which aren’t home to the mosquito in question).

              Odds are, you’ll be hearing a lot more about Zika in the coming weeks and months.”

                • Zika Hoax: five things that will happen next
                  Feb2 by Jon Rappoport

                  “In previous articles, I established that the Zika virus uproar is a hoax. There was no reason to assume the number of Brazilian cases of microcephaly was extraordinary. There is no reason to assume the Zika virus has anything to do with microcephaly. […] But of course, The Machine is rolling and it will move forward.” …

                  KY Mom, by posting those links, are you helping ‘The Machine’ to keep rolling?

                  • helot,

                    I am NOT trying to help “the machine”, but warn people about what tactics might be used in the future here in the U.S.

                    I believe they will use any opportunity they can to advance their goals.

                    • KY Mom, thank you for these links and keep on with them. Helot has no damn business bashing you.

                    • KY mom, thanks for all the posts you bring to the forum. Greatly appreciated!

                    • Some more perspective:

                      “So far, there are only six confirmed cases where a baby was born with microcephaly and also had the Zika virus. Six cases. That’s six. […] There is absolutely no evidence that Zika is causing anything here. Zero evidence. […]

                      Why is this significant? Because, obviously, the Zika virus isn’t the cause. In fact, the same literature states that any insult to the fetal brain during pregnancy can cause microcephaly. The mother falls down the stairs. She is severely malnourished. She ingests a poison, a street drug, a toxic medical drug.

                      But if the AP, in its story, had published the actual number of microcephaly cases in the US every year (25,000 not 2,500), and compared it to the known number of microcephaly cases in Brazil at this point (270), people might wake up and say, “Why is Brazil the focus? Why is the situation in Brazil causing a worldwide crisis? Are the World Health Organization and the CDC crazy?

                      The answer to that last question, of course, is yes. But not just crazy. First and foremost, they’re liars.” …


                      Think about That! Please.

                    • Thank you Braveheart, Philosopher, and Foxglove!

                      I try to share links that I think might be useful or informational.


                      I do believe the introduction of the genetically modified mosquitoes is at the root of the Zika Virus spread.

                      Like it or not, “the machine” will look for some way to USE this to advance their goals. We need to be aware.

                      “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”
                      Proverbs 22:3

                      Forewarned is forearmed. Advance warning provides an advantage. If you know about something beforehand, you can prepare for it.

                      Did you know about the proposed “experiment” using GMO mosquitoes in Florida?

                      January 2015 – “Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in the Florida Keys if British researchers win approval to use the bugs against two extremely painful viral diseases.”

                      the experiment…
                      “Oxitec, a British biotech firm that patented a method of breeding Aedes aegypti with fragments of genes from the herpes simplex virus and E. coli bacteria…”
                      “…using a mosquito as a drug to cure disease”
                      “Mosquitoes with engineered DNA could kill those carrying the Dengue and chikungunya viruses.”

                      -NY Daily News

                      It looks like an “experiment” was carried out in South America.

                    • Hi KY Mom,

                      I read an extensive article yesterday, cannot remember where i saw it that the genetically modified mosquitos were released in brazil to fight Dengue Fever, Chikagunya (sp) and Zika virus. Only male mosquitos were introduced with the assumption that the DNA modifications in the male would prevent the maturation of mosquito larvae laid by the email. seams Zika had a special exception to that rule, eh? I believe when we play God, God is going to let us know who’s really in charge here.

                    • KY, Keep up the good articles, love everything you post keeping us informed on the “latest”! As soon as I’m done reading articles on SHTF I then look for your comments and links…Thank you,~A Colorado friend.

                    • KY Mom says: “I do believe the introduction of the genetically modified mosquitoes is at the root of the Zika Virus spread.”

                      Yeesh. Yah, you’re helping to keep ‘Tha Machine’ rolling.

                      “Evidence? Who cares about evidence? You give people the mere announcement of an outbreak plus a virus and they’ll cling to it as if it’s a long-lost relative who’s about to die and leave them a billion dollars. […]

                      In two previous articles, I laid to rest the notion that anyone has proved there is an epidemic of microcephaly or that the Zika virus causes microcephaly. […]

                      But that doesn’t sell. That doesn’t titillate. So forget about evidence or proof. Just market the damn movie. […]

                      What we’re left with, at this point, are these garbage terms the public swallows without inspection. […]

                      —you’re still riding on the basic propaganda train where there is no actual evidence of an epidemic or a harmful virus.

                      Unfortunately, most people are disappointed when an exotic piece of charlatan dazzle turns out to be a dud. They would rather believe, instead of experiencing the feeling of being left with nothing. […]

                      That’s how fear is sold and stays sold, no matter what.” …

                      Zika: sex and bloodsucking vampire bugs: the movie – Jon Rappoport

                    • KyMom! Hey you! This is surely off-topic (other than that I most always (totally) agree with all you submit for use to peruse(sp?)!
                      My question is, do Kentucky still hold the Casey County Apple Festival (with the giant apple pie and all that)? Just curious cuz my ‘band’ was Top Billing (entertainment) for seven years running (USNAVY BAND MEMPHIS/Country Empire). Remember those days? lol… I was the (bald) lead singer (in a cowboy hat in uniform!), and my wife was the female vocalist. Not tooooo many folks are aware that at one time the Navy actually had a Top 40 Country Band that ‘warmed up’ for acts like Exile (even the Eagles two times)!
                      My apologies everyone for the off-topic —-the majority of my military career was Special Forces (SF) …and I love this site!

                  • Helot, I enjoy your posts, but don’t you dare start bashing KY Mom. She provides us with links to a lot of articles we might miss otherwise. She’s just as much against the NWO agenda as the rest of us here. It’s your choice whether to click on these links or not. She’s one of us, NOT one of them.

                    • Executive Order 11003:

                      I guess I’ll have to cancel my order for a new Honda Jet. No point in spending $4.5 million if the government is gonna confiscate it. But that’s ok, because I haven’t settled on the color scheme.

                      Executive Order 11005:

                      Does this mean I have to give up my Lionel Train collection ??? Just asking Dave. 🙂

                    • Yep. I love all the links the KY mom posts. Great information.

                    • Sadly, “braveheart” also suffers from the effects of a shrunken brain.
                      (He’s so easily led
                      when his little head
                      does the thinkin)

                      “One of us, one of us…!”

                    • I didn’t ‘bash’ anyone. I asked a simple question. That’s all. Did she know Zika is a cover story? Do you? You certainly couldn’t learn the truth of the matter from the links she posted.

                      The mainstream media isn’t giving you the facts or telling you the story in any other way except the one our overlords wish. Knowingly or not, Spreading their story and their meme without a counterbalance of any kind helps to keep ‘The Machine’ rolling, capiche?

                    • I don’t think Helot was bashing this is another quote from that same article.
                      Now we have a January 27 Associated Press story out of Rio, published in SFGate: ‘270 of 4,180 suspected microcephaly cases confirmed.’ That’s called a clue, in case you’re wondering. Of the previously touted 4,180 cases of microcephaly in Brazil, the actual number of confirmed cases so far is, well, only 270. Bang. But wait, there’s more. AP: ‘Brazilian officials said the babies with the defect [microcephaly] and their mothers are being tested to see if they had been infected. Six of the 270 confirmed microcephaly cases were found to have the [Zika] virus.’ Bang, bang, bang. Out of all the microcephaly cases re-examined in Brazil, only six have the Zika virus. That constitutes zero proof that Zika has anything to do with microcephaly.”

                      It seems to me this may be another case of crying wolf.

                      I just read an article that there is a company who has been developing a vaccine for more than a year. Kind of like the ebola scare last year. Saw it on

                      BTW thanks KY mom for your informative posts.

                • I agree that the zika is not the culprit and I agreed as well. Thought maybe it was a hybrid with dengue. But, I have now changed my mind based on new information and am positive that the push for pregnant mothers to receive the latest go TDaP vaccines to stop pertussis. Microcephaly is not a symptom of zika. It is however, an adverse reaction to the aluminum adjuvant used in said vaccine. Yes the number of zika cases is 2500 not 25000. Now the real question is, what is this a distraction from, by the over dramatization with declaring an outbreak?

                  • Ehn…
                    My “guesses” about this faux crisis are that Monsanto is hungry. Spraying poisons for mosquitos has gotten a lot of push back and cut seriously into Monsanto/Dupont revenues. Miami/Dade just reauthorization spraying poisons on their citizens again. There is huge anger against the government. A distraction from corruption. If the government acts quickly to “protect” us from Zika. What is worse to Americans that the horror of deformed babies? Save us, oh government. It is also another nail in for one government to control one world plagues.

              • “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
                -Rahm Emanuel

                • Great posts KY mom! I always check zerohedge, several times a day. That site cuts to the chase.

                  • Sometimes ZH commenters are fun to read…

                    • hehehehe 🙂

                    • EO10997, direct control over the power grid. We don’t need no stinkin’ EMP when he got B’OB at the switch!

                    • Swinging dick: Fvck off.

                • “Again, I emphasize: The release of genetically engineered mosquitoes in Brazil, based on no health studies, is a crime, to say the least. But there is no need to claim these insects are causing an epidemic of microcephaly—since there is no evidence of an epidemic. There is every reason to oppose this GE mosquito campaign.

                  For the past 30 years, I’ve been analyzing and taking apart phony epidemics. There are two things you must do, among others. Demand proof that the touted cause is really the cause. And discover whether the number of ill people is being accurately reported. ” ….


                  • Stage six.
                    Millions of people will be seek sanctuary in northern hemisphere!

                  • Helot, I agree with your point about the MSM. Sorry for any misunderstanding. You always make some good posts. BTW, I have a few disputes with DK on occasion myself. Take care.

                  • Helot, may add another thought here: Who benefits? Follow the money. It does not matter in one sense if the Zika virus is the real deal or if it is a phony epidemic designed to frighten the public into demanding that the government “do some thing” about it. It is a 100% certainty that TPTB will do some thing to save us from this new threat and pass more new laws do deal with this “crisis”. TPTB will use this Zika virus to expand their control over the public. The sheeple will, willingly give up more of their rights, freedom and property for the illusion of security. Those who are actions for the “what if” situations (aka preppers), this will confirm and re-enforce their actions.

                    I take it as a given that the official story by TPTB is a lie. Again to all you regular posters here (DK, KY Mom, Braveheart, Helot and all the others, including Acid Etch, my gratitude to you all. I learn from you all. Even though I might disagree with you, I will admit when you’ve got a point worth that second thought. Hope every one will stay safe and prepared for what comes next.

                • Alias, I have a much better mind and higher IQ than you. I’m not a troll either. So just move along, sonny. You need to wait on the truck to bring you some more sand for your sandbox.

              • Yes, KY Mom… when the weather warms up in a few months and the mosquitos are out again. Right now in most areas of the U.S. it’s too cold for mosquitos, but come early summer it will be a problem. As much as I love kids, if I were of child-bearing age I wouldn’t bring any into this world — not the way things are going. That’s my personal opinion.

                Since the Virus causes horrific damage to the fetus, women are going to become more and more reluctant to get pregnant, and I believe this is a clever way of controlling the population, keeping worldwide birth rates down to a minimum.

                I think TPTB are reducing the population, but also want to prevent it from increasing… enter the ZIKA Virus.

                • “Since the Virus causes horrific damage to the fetus, women are going to become more and more reluctant to get pregnant, and I believe this is a clever way of controlling the population, keeping worldwide birth rates down to a minimum.”

                  Fat chance. I’ll take that bet.

                  Nothing is going to stop poor Roman Catholics in Latin America from having kids. Don’t you understand? That’s what they do. The Virus is also rampant across the world along similar latitudes.

                  Translated that means that even poorer Muslims will still be having lots and lots of kids. Both groups will look to the American taxpayer to foot their medical bills.

                  Don’t you know? That’s the way Globalism works. Its their problem, Americans get the bill. 🙁

                • See here, CommonCents’ comment is a perfect example of what I was talking about. This person has No Clue about the truth of the matter and KY Mom’s links (knowingly or not) reinforced that carelessness.

                  Our overlords couldn’t buy help this good.

                  • Let me rephrase that a little bit before anyone jumps on me: “This person APPEARS TO HAVE No Clue about the truth of the matter and KY Mom’s links (knowingly or not) reinforced that carelessness/cluelessness.

                    [Also, calling someone clueless is Not the same thing as calling them stupid. CommonCents is clearly Not stupid, especially in light of that persons knowledgeable comment wayy down below about public water.]

              • I seem to recall Gates bragging about his “flying hypodermics” being able to carry diseases (or vaccines, though I’m unsure any longer that there’s a difference) to wherever, to a “targeted populace”. Did he finally decide on a natural bug, or does this perhaps have nothing to do with the “elites” and it’s just another jungle bug relocating? It’s getting to where I wonder if any “new” diseases just suddenly appearing like this isn’t yet another bioweapon being used against a “test populace”. I am not the trusting soul I was a few years ago…

            • I got a bunch of lamps, oil and extra wicks from wallyworld,,, were pretty cheap, so figured why not, got a few cases of medium sized votive candles too, not the greatest but definitely will shine a little light, want to get some of those old timey candle lanterns with the reflecters, are kinda cool and contain the candle, makes it safer,,,

              • Smart Kula! I am guessing people can find them this spring and summer at yard sales too.

                I also have some little floater things with a wick. You put them in a jar with about 1/4 inch of plain cooking oil on top. The wicks last about 6 hours. Nice little thing that doesn’t take up much space.

              • Kula: I think various sized rechargeable batteries w/ charger (Home Depot) is a better option coupled with a solar generator and panels.

                Rechargeable D cells coupled with Coleman battery operated Camping Lanterns from Wally World throw off a lot of light if you want it and you can dial the brightness you want. Buy dozens of the lanterns and two or three solar generators. There is no substitute for power.

                Yes the solar generators are expensive.

                The sun is not going to go dark anytime soon. In Arizona where I am at, the sun shines 365 days a year. Cheap solar walkway lights are helpful too, if you get them off the ground. Even Flagstaff in Northern Arizona, gets on average, 309 days of sunlight every year and pretty good winds. Solar generators are portable too, if you have to relocate.

                In Hawaii you may want to double down with wind and water micro turbines. 🙂

                • DK: I hear what you are saying. But I like the effect of the oil lamps. They are cheery and warm and bright enough to play cards and / or prepare dinner. There is something to be said for some of the old skills and ways that are not only functional but beautiful. I just don’t find much beauty in a plastic lantern with batteries. I do have a LED headlamp that uses a few small batteries. It has a purpose. But I use those oil lamps as a reminder of the olden ways and times. Plus I always sucked at getting those gas Coleman lanterns going. They are super bright but if you bump the little silk thing you have to start over and they are noisy (hissy). Those solar generators are pretty spendy, too. Not everyone can afford that high tech solution.

                  • Philosopher: I am not talking about gas (propane) Coleman lanterns. I am talking about battery operated Coleman lanterns. They are about $20 apiece and they run on D cell batteries.

                    While natural gas could theoretically be captured from, say your composting, refilling your natural gas lanterns are not likely for most people and dangerous to boot. Candles are dangerous too and they are not a renewable resource unless you slaughter animals regularly and can recycle the fat.

                    Not a good choice.

                    While pricey, everyone should have at least one solar generator, if only with a single plug, solar panel and a rack of batteries for backup energy storage. Do what you have to do to get one: credit card or second job.

                    Renewable electrical power is essential; for light, warmth, cooking, and power tools. Not to mention the savings on your current electric bill. Get one.

                    It will pay for itself in many different ways over time. 🙂

                    • Batteries run out over time. Solar generators cost a fortune. Yes, I knew you were talking about the battery-operated Coleman lanterns. I have seen them. They are okay for camping or a power outage but I don’t see those being useful over the long term.

                      I like low tech, easily maintained items that can function over time.

                      I have no problem when all the electronic stuff goes haywire. I have many books, cards, cribbage, and other things to occupy my mind and my time.

                    • I’ve had SO MANY people tell me, “Yeah, solar IS kinda pricey, but it’s well worth it!” Except you HAVE TO HAVE THE CASH FIRST. Social Security just doesn’t pay that much, the V.A. pays about 1/5 of that, and now with the dollar dropping like a stone and utilities costing more as well as food because of it, buying even the least costly solar “generator” is impossible for a lot of us. So is much else.*sigh* One store trip for “basics” ran $300! That’s JUST basics. At this rate rate I may have to give up on gas (natural). Others I know on SSDI or with a V.A. Disability check are really hurting now, and it’s NOT going to improve.

                      I don’t know how much good solar would do here anyway. The chemclouds have the sky overcast about 95% of the time lately. One of my cats has developed a bad cough, and my windpipe feels like I’ve been inhaling dust. Things are getting tighter and tighter…

                  • Never use the gas powered lanterns indoors, unless for a few minutes in emergency situations. Any source of light or heat that requires a fuel generated flame…also requires oxygen.

                    Yea, the flame from a candle or old style lantern looks and feels kinda good, but remember; in those old days , houses were not as air tight. Oxygen depletion within houses is a bigger health risk than most people realize. Newer homes have many different toxins coming off of the interior finished construction as it is. Not to mention all the furnishings and plastics in electronics.

                    We got a new router a while back and the damned thing stunk to high heaven for months, from the plastics and components used.

                    Our back up propane gas heater at our main house, (HVAC pump only) keeps shutting off due to low oxygen sensing. In our retreat, mountain bug out, it is much older and we can get by with the old smokey wood stove and even candles if we want to because….there is plenty, and I mean plenty, of ventilation. We keep a set of gas propane logs available to light, in an old fireplace in case of emergency situations were we may be unable to keep the wood heater operating. Even with blue flame, a reasonable amount of flu ventilation is necessary for gases to escape. I don’t believe there is “any” gas heater where the flame is exposed, that is 100% ventless and safe.

                    Where i sleep, There is a window at bed top level that I leave slightly cracked in order to have fresh air as i sleep.
                    (sleep apnea also) Yes, when the wind blows and it is below freezing outside, I have a cold draft, but an extra pillow piled up against the bottom keeps the fridge off my head.

                    The point is to keep oxygen flowing when using those old timey ways of lighting and heating or you can suffocate your brain.

                    • I love the old time glass lanterns and use them often.

                      Also have ventless gas logs.

                      Also, love to sleep right under the open window, snug as a bug, buried under quilts and pillows. 🙂

                    • Thank you for the reminder. I have only used the old-style Coleman lanterns while camping.

                      The oil lamps I use for only a few hours with top-quality paraffin lamp oil and, yes, I also have a C02 alarm inside, as well.

                • Yea, without my inhalers i have maybe 8 months, so im good, another reason why i just dont give a shit

                • DK,

                  I agree with your solution. I am actually going a cheaper route. Camping solar chargers, USB battery chargers, Enelope batteries, and battery adapter cases for the lamps. I want to standardize battery sizes as much as possible. I am even thinking about going entirely to LED headlamps to reduce some other expenses. I also feel this gives me the option of going mobile if the government comes door knocking. I unfortunately got into the game a little late so have to cut expenses where I can so I can cover as many bases as possible.


            • Webbing for belts, like army belts, straps cut off old bandoleers, or any cotton webbing will serve as an emergency replacement wick in a pinch, I have practiced making lamps from scratch using jars, one for the bottom and I use a tile saw to cut the bottom off another jar for the globe, wic holder can easily be fabricated with foil or other scrap.


              • Cool! I tend to hoards scraps of fabric and old duffel bags and haters and such. The key would be to make sure the material is 100% natural fiber. Otherwise it is going to stink when burned unless you have those special fiberglass wicks.

                • Oops: type: I meant “halters”

            • I use lawn lights with AA rechargeable batteries. I picked up some straight glass candle holders at the Dollar store, put a aluminum foil reflector in half of it. The batteries seem to last about 4-5 days without recharge. I put the lawn light without stake in it, puts out nice light, and take the battery out in the morning. Recharge when I’m able to. I also have some in my Faraday cage.

              • I have wondered about those! Thanks for the report!

            • I like the smell of coal oil…makes me feel like I’m down home again.

            • Most lamp oil comes in cheap, thin plastic bottles. Be careful of storing it long term in those bottles. They get brittle with age (even stored in the dark)and the bottle falls apart….leaving you with a leaking mess. (Yeah….ask me how I know).

              Transfer the oil to glass or metal containers, or at least heavy plastic that was mean to store fuels.

              • Thank you for the minder! Appreciate the heads up!

            • Although most people do not currently use candles or oil lamps indoors very much, those who live “off grid” may be doing so quite a bit. And in a blackout situation, many people will be using these items constantly.

              Lamp oil and paraffin candles are manufactured from petroleum distillates; and during the process of combustion, they emit a plethora of toxic byproducts.

              Conduct a web search for the following group of words:
              paraffin candles dangers wax soy beeswax breathing

              You will find a number of very worthwhile sites that explain the hazards of burning petroleum products indoors.

              I myself had been planning a large purchase of soy wax; but now it transpires that since most soy is genetically modified to survive higher levels of pesticides, using soy oil may emit fumes from burning pesticide residue.

              Beeswax is the most expensive option for candles, but it might be the best one from a health standpoint. Be warned that by law, a product only needs to contain 51% of an ingredient to be labeled “pure” — so “pure beeswax” could actually contain 49% petroleum products. (A classic example of how government regulations protect corporations, and not the public!)

              The following site explains the details of this:

              Unfortunately, I do not have a degree in Organic Chemistry. (Where is Walter White when we need him!) Thus, I cannot say with certainty that vegetable oil would be a healthier choice for an oil lamp… but it seems as though it may well be better. To avoid the pesticide issue, I would buy organic olive oil. Yes, it’s expensive; but I would much rather find another area in which to pinch pennies instead of gambling with my health by breathing fumes from burning poisons.

              The main drawback to long-term storage of olive oil or similar vegetable oils is that they will turn rancid over a period of time. The only method that I know of to prevent this is freezing. Refrigeration at above-freezing temperatures will not prevent decay entirely, but it will extend the life of the oil to many months.

              I have never seen this issue addressed in any ‘prep’ articles; but it seems worthy of discussion. Breathing untainted air during a long-term crisis will be as important (and perhaps as difficult) as maintaining a supply of safe drinking water and wholesome foods.

              • Stick with coconut oil, it is stable at very high temps. I use it to make skin care items and toothpaste.

                Olive oil is okay to use as a condiment. Don’t heat it up, as it will go rancid and you don’t want that inside your body.

                I use beeswax candles, order them from a church school that makes them and I really like them. They use cotton wicks too. I order a years worth at a time.

              • Olive oil is available in gallon jugs. Amazon sells some very simple oil lamps that use any type of basic vegetable oil.

                I am not an absolute purist but I also don’t have any lung or breathing problems. I have lived in a 9 foot by 9 foot cabin while doing an organic farm internship on Lopez Island. Anyhow during that time I had an RV propane stove outside which I used for cooking and to heat up water. I had two coolers: a dry cooler and a wet cooler. Why? Because the critters would get into any food that was not inside a container. One cooler was to keep stuff cold the other cooler was to keep things dry and safe from critters.

                The thing about doing that type of heavy work during the day is that I only kept the lantern on for about 30 minutes in the evening. I had a basic lantern back then, I think the fuel was Kerosene. It smelled pretty bad and would smoke up the glass chimney, too. The cabin I was in was not insulated and had excellent ventilation and air flow because it was NOT insulated!

                The thing that surprised me most was how long it took to heat up water for washing dishes and for bathing. It took me about three hours each day to cook and then to wash up both the pots and dishes and myself. I rarely stayed awake for longer than an hour after being in bed. Hard work has that effect on you.

                • I am contemplating the types of backup systems that I want in case of no electric power for a long period of time; and have wondered about a metal tub or canister of water, heated by alcohol lamps or something similar, that is overhead and can supply water for a shower through a simple gravity-fed tube/spray-head assembly.

                  It sounds like you’d have to start heating water for a very long time in advance of using it… and if somebody got sprayed by a skunk, or slipped and fell in the manure pile, or whatever, this would be a heck of an inconvenience.

                  It seems that it would be a lot better to have the whole water-heating system in place rather than heating water on the wood stove or whatever and then having to hoist up boiling water and pour it into the container. Thus my consideration of alcohol lamps secured under the water container; they are pretty efficient and don’t produce a heavy concentration of toxic fumes.

                  I welcome any thoughts on this…. I suspect there must be a better way that I have not thought of…

                  • Karl V.

                    I like every idea about hot water. As it stands, I am stuck with a pot of hot water on the stove in winter, and a pot of hot water on an outdoor rocket stove in summer. In my house plan, I have a rocket stove in the kitchen for heat and cooking, with the exhaust going out through the greenhouse for a mass heater.

                    I have watched a video by Engineer775 on YouTube where he uses a small rocket stove and thermosiphon to heat water in a standard hot water tank. He makes it look so easy that even my non technical self is temped to try it.

                    In the olden days they had boilers in the basement. I haven’t seen any for sale.

                    Everyone else? Any perfect solutions for the technically incompetent such as myself? When I lived off grid in Texas I usually used a 5 gallon sun bag when I had sun. It gets seriously hot. I still have it, here in New Mexico. I noticed I can heat 1 gallon glass containers of water in my south window. Greenhouses use water heated during the day to keep them warmer at night. Cooler during the day too. I have considered showering from greenhouse heated water. I saw something like it in Permaculture by Bill Mollison. When I have a greenhouse built, I will check it out.

                  • I was there during the summer but had a small wood fire every night to keep out the chill.

                    There are a couple of options for hot water: you can wrap a wood stove / pellet stove pipe with copper tubing and run your hot water through that. I remember reading a about heat sinks in an old copy of Popular Mechanics. There are also various types of tubing you can place on a roof that will heat water from the sun.

                    I am thinking the cost to heat water using alcohol lamps would be too expensive. During my summer it cost a lot on propane to boil water for washing dishes and for washing myself. I did laundry at a nearby coin laundry by the way and there were also public coin showers.

              • That is why the ancient “Tallow” (animal fat?) candles are worth considering …if you don’t mind messing with the very raw materials to accomplish making a ‘good’ candle (you can even make’m smell like bacon! yuuuum YUM! lol…

                • Equorial, sweet. I had completely forgotten tallow candles, will look up how to make them. Although I have 6 solar lights, I do prefer candles or oil lamps. My solar lights have had to come in before, they are handy. Still, I am a deep believer in self-sufficient skills.
                  Thanks for the reminder.

                • Tallow smokes. They used tallow candles in the UK when there were electrical shortages. Good if you are a butcher and have lots of fat but the greasy, black smoke can be unpleasant.

            • You can get Paraffin oil at WlaMart for $5.99/QT, good quality stuff.

              Also look for oil lamps at flea markets, my wife and me have picked up many that way $5. The older ones are the best, good and heay, solid bases and good size area for plenty of oil.

            • Excellent idea, Philosopher. Another option is, I’ve been using old style kerosene lamps fueled with citronella oil. Burns clean with a good light and has a better scent than straight kerosene.

          • But as well..
            Praise the Lord & keep the powder dry !

            • “Executive Order 11051

              Specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions…”

              Notice that we don’t have to be “AT WAR” and “increased international tensions” can mean anything they want it to mean.

              I’d say we’re already there – they just haven’t announced it yet.

              • THIS MAY BE PART OF THE PURPOSE OF TRYING TO RAMP UP THE TENSIONS WITH RUSSIA. This govt can use that to implement these EOs.

                The only problem is – Russia refuses to accommodate them.

                Putin is known for his knowledge of his adversaries, and I believe that he has to know everything stated above. Everybody keeps painting Putin as evil, but if you think about it, his actions against ISIS/terrorists is protecting US more than our own govt is.


                • But if that’s the case than why are Hillary and Obama selling Russa our Uranium?

                  • same reason we built up saddam.

                    shovel ready war when we need it.

          • Think basic needs: food, clothing and shelter. Work “out” from there

          • I don’t see where Gold will be of much value. Food, ammo, parts, fuel, alcohol, cigarettes. These will be valuable .

            • BBK,
              Gold has been a medium of exchange for over 6 thousand years. There will be commerce in a grid down situation. Although trade and barter will be good for most things there will be large purchases that will need a very valuable medium. If you want to buy a horse or a cow from someone it will take a lot of food to purchase it. If you need to secure passage for someone ( your kid or spouse) or have to relocate you will need valuable small package items for that.


        • We need to take a lesson from the Cubans. In 1991 they went into economic collapse when the Soviets collapsed. The Cuban Government issued a book that was distributed to every household on how to grow food, make recipes from minimal food sources and other food production ideas.

          The Cubans did just fine. The North Koreans, also a Soviet dependent, starved. 3 million died in 1991 because they did not know how to produce their own food.

          The US government is saying, “all is well” just like North Korea did.

          • Cubans live in the tropics. North Koreans in a place that gets really f’ing cold. One can grow, the other is screwed half the year.

            • And they are way screwed,,, what a miserable place to be stuck,,,,
              Cuba is kinda nice, ya know, except for the repressive commy government dictatorship thing, but cuba has a rich history and culture, great food too.

              • Kevin2 and everyone, I wish my wife was still alive so she could post about her experience under Castro. She lost half of her family to his butchers, namely Che Guevara. He personally gave head shots to thousands of innocent Cubans according to numerous witnesses who later managed to flee and tell their stories. His crimes and the crimes of the rest of Castro’s scum are very well-documented. Go to That site tells the TRUTH about conditions on that island and especially check out their archives. President Raul Castro HIMSELF also personally executed hundreds of innocent Cubans. He has a lot of blood on his hands. He also personally ordered 2 aircraft flown by Brothers To The Rescue shot down in international waters in 1996, killing 4 people. One of the people killed was a good friend of my wife’s family. I long for the day when the Cuban people can finally rid themselves of those commie scum. Their day is coming.

                • BH: Bravo! I can’t wait until the commies realize their point of view is a death trap.

          • JS: I agree. Sadly many people don’t remember the Holdomor. I had not heard about this incident until I read the book, “Locusts on the Horizon.” Holodomor, translated, means “extermination by hunger.” In the years 1932 to 1933 between 2.4 to 7.5 million people were starved to death by the USSR. It was a man-made famine. (From the wiki page on the Holodomor).

            If you are not afraid you should be. The leftists have a long tradition of killing people through starvation.

            • Philosopher, the USSR IS DEAD AND GONE. They can’t hurt anyone ever again. The RUSSIAN FEDERATION, though, has a CONSTITUTION, just like WE do – actually, IT WAS THE UNITED STATES WHO HELPED THEM DRAFT IT! Most people don’t realize that, as they keep slinging Soviet mud at the Russian Federation for crimes they did not commit.

              PROPAGANDA IS A POWERFUL THING – you’d do well to avoid it.

              • Six: I know. The thing is the ideas of the old USSR have migrated and infiltrated every aspect of Europe and the US. I have no animosity towards the new Russian Federation. None. It is the old ideas of Marx and the unrealistic bullshit that is spewed by the Socialists and communists, the whole dream world about how they will save people and give them a perfect life of equality that I find offensive.

                Anyhow there is a line between the old USSR and the new Russian Federation. The RF was able to rebuild after the USSR imploded. I hope the US can do the same.

                • You Dumb Bitch,

                  Russia was evil under the Rus, under the Czars, under the Emperors, under the Bolsheviks, and it is still evil.

                  Slavs are inferior to western Europeans.

                  • Butt humper don’t you have more important things to do? Like bending over? CYA

                • I think we have more Socialists and communists in our own govt now, we certainly welcomed all of the “best” Nazis after the war…THEN this country has the nerve to point fingers at everyone else.

            • Just looked up “Holdomor”, WOW, just awful.

              I did find this passage on a poster on the atrocity:

              Matthew 5:10 (NIV)

              Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

              God Bless the Republic and all that dwell in her.

              • Warrior, thank you. It was horrific. And what the US is doing in Ukraine, now, is also horrific. I don’t like or trust Victoria Nuland.

                I respect Putin. Unlike our president at least Putin loves his country.

                • Not to mention that Holodomor was a soviet crime, and the soviet union is gone. As for those evil “ideas”, you can’t kill ideas, but you can hope they don’t catch on again.

                  Acid is a supremacist hater. He hates everything and everyone.

                  • Yes, the USSR is no longer in existence. As far as a campaign that used food as a weapon I don’t see the US government having any problem luring people in to camps with a promise of food and safety. Plenty of people in every urban city around the USSA will be more than happy to show up for free stuff. That will also be a red flag to some of us to head the other direction as fast as possible or, even, to leave the country.

                    I predict Acid will blow his / her / it’s brains out with single shot to the head. Who will miss it? No one.

          • Stuff grows well in Cuba, its warm and wet there. North Korea? Looks like the moon.

            • So if it is difficult you should just give up and die? I guess they never heard of green houses.

              Maybe they call them red houses over there.

          • JS, I suggest we either pay off our mortgages or sell and buy something outright. Make a garden with rainwater collection. Then self defense. Nobody wants to live in a Hooverville liked in the photos, the jack boots came and rousted them out. I sold and bought 5 acres. Not fancy but I have title.

            • I know people that used to be middle class that are living in RVs. There are already modern versions of Hooverville but most peope don’t notice. I know some that live that way. Some by choice but many because they have no choice. If they could buy land they would.

              I know some that live near to very wealthy cities and wealthy areas and the local people have no fricken clue.

              • Thats one reason why im hesitant to sell my flatbed and the refer box on it,
                If it gets real bad and even i got to move im going to turn it into a camper,,,

                • Smart. Look at those tiny homes. They build them on a small trailer. I think a flatbed with a container on top would be larger and easier to move. Portable housing in a crisis could save your life.

                  • There is a large population of retired people in Arizona and the Southwest in general, who live in their campers and follow the sun: shuttling back and forth between Northern and Southern Arizona; or Colorado and California. Some go to Alaska or the Pacific Northwest for the summers.

                    They fish, they hunt, they live out of their RV’s, motorhomes, campers, and vans off of social security and pensions. Some paint or make crafts and sell them. Others prospect, play golf and tennis, work out at the local gym, or otherwise do as they like.

                    Its not a bad lifestyle at all and it gets you out of the heat of Central Arizona during the summer. 🙂

                  • Yep, is an 8x8x9’6 insulated box just begging for a sleeping/storage loft and windows,,,with a mini kitchen and bathroom, even have camper jacks im going to connect to it when i get a chance to disconnect it from the flatbed.

                    • Sweet!

                • You would have built-in air-conditioning, LOL

                  • Yep, and its a smaller 12volt unit to boot!

                • Thank you for the link. The housing crisis back in 2008 hit a lot of us. I have recovered from it but many people have not.

                  Your experience could save someone’s life.

            • Rebecca, all my relatives homesteads in GA are paid for. Nothing fancy but they do have title as you say. I’m headed back there on another supply run a month from now. And I have some ‘fun’ every time I go.

            • What’s the cheapest material to make a raised garden? It is long past due.

              Living foods are key for health, stored foods are utterly lacking in the enzymes our cells thrive on.

              • I have made them with cedar fencing and 2X2s screwed together with decking screws. I have also made some with chunks of broken concrete that was free. You can use pretty much anything from tires, to concrete chunks to paving blocks. Don’t use pressure treated lumber because of the chemicals. Same for railroad ties. Toxic.

                I would spend my money on some good organic soil. That is the critical component. A local landscaping company should be able to deliver some quality organic soil to you.

                Good luck!

                • I would be concerned about chemicals slowly leaching out from tires into the soil and being taken up by plants.

                  My inclination is to go with masonry… cinder blocks, bricks, etc. However, I don’t know whether these are made with hazardous materials that could also leach into the soil. Surely there are folks here who are qualified to address this topic….

              • The cheapest? I’ve seen them made with old tires stacked up and filled, 1-2 or even 4 high. Imagine what you could grow in an old tractor tire. I’ve seen them used for sand boxes and even lined kiddie pools.

                • Ive seen the tires too, real easy and can even make nice terraced beds on hillsides, my friend did the tires and used wider ones for top row and cut the sidewall off and part of the tread that ended up in the bed

              • I have seen them made with milk crates lined with landscaping fabric. You cut the fabric to line the milk crate. They use those in some fancy city gardens In NYC.

                What about recycling some pallets? If you can use some pallet boards that don’t look like they are sprayed or toxic, that would work too. Pretty much anything will work: a raised bed is a container to hold soil and plants.

                Oh oh oh! What about wine barrels? Or large feeding tubs? Or some old cast iron tubs. Or galvanized buckets. (If you use a container make sure you punch holes in the bottom to allow for proper drainage.)

                It just depends on how cool you want your beds to look versus how functional. Also there is a system where you can plant inside straw bales, too.

                Lots of systems and approaches out there. To grow plants you need: good dirt, sun, and water.

                Pretty basic.

                • Have even seen gutters attached to fences full of strawberry plants and a drip line used to water them.

                  No bending, stooping or kneeling to pick strawberries!

              • Simple as that? I’ve got a very large pile of big rocks accumulating. The grow best around here since we have to dig more out of the ground every year.


                • Yep. The time I made a raised bed from chunks of salvaged (and free) concrete I simply stacked the chunks and overlapped the layers. I got some landscaping fabric and lined the whole thing but I probably wouldn’t waste the money on that now.

                  I would spend money on one thing: good soil.

                  There are various drip lines and soaking hoses you can use. I have used 1/4 inch soaker hose tubing with excellent results. It was cool to be able to go outside, turn on the hose and turn it off in an hour. There are hose timers but I couldn’t afford one back then. I buried my soaker hoses in the dirt in an “S” shape and had excellent results. The only problem is if you want to turn the soil for the next year you have to dig up those soaker hoses and then dig them back in which can be a pain in the ass but worth it especially if you live in an area where it is hot and water is scarce.

                  • Can’t I just put a cap on the end of a regular old hose, drill some 1/16 or 1/4 inch holes in the last 6 or 10 feet of it and use that as a drip-like waterer? (Is waterer even a word?) LOL

                    • You could. Soaker hoses are very efficient. There are 1-inch and 1/4 inch diameter. As I said the one drawback is digging them up in order to amend your soil. If you put holes in a regular hose I would be careful and only do very very small pin holes or drill them with a really little drill. Just check the soil to see if it is moist enough. The reason soaker hoses are buried is to reduce evaporation and to water the roots. There isn’t much point in watering the leaves.

                      I think if you put holes into a garden hose and try to bury it the holes can get clogged. It depends on your area, how much water is available, regular temperatures, etc. Vegetables use a lot of water. Most people don’t realize how much water it takes to grow them. More than you expect is always my answer and I don’t live in a desert.

                      Good luck! You can always experiment and see what works in your area.

              • My DH made me raised (I’m partially disabled) out of used 50-55 gal. food grade drums. He bought 40 and got them for $20 each and that was delivered (guy drove 90 miles one way), so good deal.

                We saw the idea out on net. Google it. Anyway, DH cut the barrels (after cleaning) in half and put in PVC pipe down middle (drilled holes) for the watering system.

                Filled up with old horse manure (our own dirt that had decomposed). Cut a square out of the bottom, although on net, that is not done. We did that so that plants needing more depth could go right into the ground and water could drain into the ground too and not sit in barrel drowning roots if good rain (and we get them).

                We grew watermelon and some killer cantaloupes out of these too, pumpkins, potatoes, etc. (along with everything else) and all plants did fantastic.

                We did have to get some old hose and slit it and run it around the rim of the 1/2 cut barrel though as the plastic rim after cutting can be sharp on plants if their roots grow over the rim (cuts through the stem). FYI use lots of glue or the hose starts coming off rim later on…just an FYI.

                After growing season, as the dirt compacts and it does, we add more decomposed soil and alfalfa pellets (to decompose over winter) along with garbage from house that is good to add to your garden soil…etc.

                These barrels have stayed put, so yes, they do need to have new topsoil added yearly and/or amended w/some alfalfa pellets and/or other nutrition topdressed yearly, but that’s the easy part, really. And it’s not back breaking.

                We keep growing the container plants just fine. We even grew tomatoes 3 years in a row in same containers after top dressing each year, fine, no problems.

                We love them as it’s not back breaking to take care of, and top dressing (once you get them filled) is easy, and watering is easy, just fill up the PVC pipe that runs up the middle. I still spray the dirt and plants when I need too, but if in a hurry, I know the PVC pipe that runs down the middle of each one holds a gallon of water, exactly 🙂

                The hard part? Cutting the barrels, cleaning them out, doing the PVC, filling them up, oh yes, that is very time consuming, but well worth it in the end.

                Just my opinion. I have posted here before (mods) but I noticed a few times someone else had the same name so I changed to Just Gypsy. I don’t post that much, but once in a while I do if I have something I think I can contribute that is worthwhile.

                I think the barrel system is very worthwhile as we’re using it and we’ve grown the best veggies out of these containers.

                Lastly, (sorry for the book) another thing that worked well? Some farm stores (Big R comes to mind) have bags of pine horse bedding pellets, when they get wet, they swell up, a lot, and make a beautiful mulch to hold water in and keep weeds from sprouting and some bugs hate that pine smell…and didn’t hurt the plants at all (burn).

                A little goes a LONG way, not expensive top mulch because it expands. Once it expands, there’s your top mulch. Just make sure you water in the PVC pipe AND water the pine pellets until they expand fully because they will absorb your water daily while expanding, but once expanded, the greatest mulch in the world and it looks good too 🙂

                Wall of text off.

                • Just Gypsy,

                  Great post! Thank you!

                • Wow thank you thank you thank you for sharing the gift of experience! I love the idea of the PVC pipe as a way to water plants. Did you just keep the PVP pipe whole? What diameter? Did you drill holes into the part that was in the soil?

                  • Sorry for late reply. My DH used a diameter (he’s sleeping right now) about the width of a coffee cup.
                    4 inch?

                    And he cut it almost as long as the 1/2 barrel was tall.
                    Then he drilled holes into the PVC pipe for the water to leach into the dirt. I know the size he did holds a gallon of water perfectly (before it leaches into container). Maybe shy an inch or two.

                    Anyway, he also bought me the PVC round tops!
                    So that when topdressing and putting in seedlings, I didn’t end up with all the dirt in the PVC water pipe…yeah I did that.

                    I really appreciate the container gardening. And they are the perfect height to pull up a chair and sit down while planting, adding topsoil, adding whatever, pruning, admiring, etc. Oh, and if you have a hail storm, I went to dollar store and bought some cheap umbrellas (for a test), well, the bottom part of the umbrella fits nicely into the PVC pipe and helped protect my plants.

                    They were cocked a bit, and blew around, and a couple blew out (will have to tweak) but if someone can figure out how to keep the umbrellas from blowing out in a major storm and/or not going upside down, could work out really well for tweaking your plants as they grow and/or sheltering from bad weather or too much sun, etc.

                    • Thank you for the fast reply! I am glad you said the size of the PVC pipe. I was thinking more like one-inch but four-inches and with holes drilled makes more sense. I probably would have used cans to cover the PVC pipe but good to know you can get end caps, too. Smart for when you are amending the soil and making a mess!

                      When I did an organic farm internship one of my jobs was to set up sunshades fro the baby greens and lettuce. It was a black mesh and we laid it over the top of skinny PVC pipes. The side of each row had a 1X2 board, with nails, and we used flexible PVC pipe hooked on each nail, about 24 inches apart. Then we laid the black mesh over the top as shade for the little seedlings. I had to move those boards, and the PVC pipe, and the mesh to new rows once the little seedlings were established or harvested. This would be a good thing for folks in the desert or hot areas. I am sorry I don’t remember the name of the black net / mesh stuff we used. I am guessing you can get it at any feed or garden place though.

                      Happy planting 🙂

                • Thanks for the ideas!

            • My husband and I emptied our retirement account, sole our home at a loss, and moved to my dad’s farm (he passed away 18 months ago). We paid off all remaining debt and have purchased an additional 43 acres. At that 43 acres, the neighbor lives 2 hours away and just keeps the old home place up and hunts during deer season. he said we could cut all his hay every year and graze the cows in summer. We are in overdrive with planting fruit trees, getting the land more fertile using composted manure and sand to loosen up the clay a little (my dad could grow ANYTHING in that clay, unfortunately i don’t quite have his green thumb).
              ‘I’m going to pick up an abandoned hive of bees the next really warm weekend and Have 3 nucs on order to pick up in April.

              My husband pays a lot more attention to the grocery store now and has seen what is being discussed on these pages. What’s even more ironic is people at work (democrats) are upset at how there is not that much food at the grocery store. I explain how in time inventory works, but they don’t care.

              unfortunately, dear hubby’s mom just told all of us she is BROKE. I mean BROKE. she blew her entire retirement in 3 years, blew another $190,000 reverse mortgage, has CC debt consolidation note and has run up another $50K in cc debt. she doesn’t draw enough SS to pay her heating, lighting groceries and insurance in CT. Says she’s been using CC to cover living expenses since her husband retired in 03, he passed in 2010. None of us have any idea where she spent all the money. we’re assuming she nickel and dimed it away 5-10-20$ here and there for the last 13 years. So now that we are where we want to be we (3 kids plus me) have to take care of her. Such is life.

              • It sounds like you are doing very well. I have relatives from New England. That is awful that she blew all of that money and it sounds like she is going to end up at your place or you will end up paying for her to stay at her place. What a shame.

                About amending the soil. I have read many books on organic farming and also did an organic farm internship. Amending clay soil is hard work. Not much grows in clay soil because it starves the plants of oxygen. Sand, organic matter mixed into the soil, and legumes are key. Legumes are important because the roots are able to fix nitrogen in the soil. There are many nitrogen fixation plants out there from legumes, like beans, to cover crops like clover.

                Don’t blame yourself for not being able to grow stuff in clay soil! I am guessing your father was able to grow things in that soil because he had amended (improved) certain areas by digging in manure, hay / straw / sand, and also with cheap and basic cover crops like clover (or whatever plant does well in your area). The local county extension office may also have good information about what cover crop and which crop that fixes nitrogen is cheap and grows best in your area.

                If you want to learn about soils and soil health and basic plant structures any basic Botany book at the local community college will have information on plant development and the basics of nitrogen fixation as well as the life cycle of various plants.

                Good luck! Chin up!

          • john, what makes you think that the “Cubans did just fine” I have been there twice in the last year and I can assure you that they are not doing “just fine” with the food supply or any other necessity issues.

            • Here’s a commonly found web page that begs to differ–


              • Rick and sixpack, click on the link I gave for that website really tells the story.

            • There is news that Amercians are getting ready to fund restaurants and hotels. Is this true? Or not? Tell us what you saw. Please give us a full report about what you observed and what you found offensive, good, bad, successful! Thanks!

          • JS: do you have a title or PDF of that book by any chance? Thank you much!

              • That video is amazing! Yes I think that hardship can force improvisation, invention. Stunning to see it forced on an entire country. Just incredible. And humbling as well.

                • That was my thought. I posted the link because someone asked about the DIY book, and they mention it by title in the video. I was hoping whomever wanted the book, could use the info to find a copy…oh I just scrolled up and it was YOU Philo. The book is in the video. I wouldn’t mind finding an ebook copy of it myself.

                  • It was me! I grew up making things and I grew up poor. It was never an excuse though. I learned how to do things. The two books in the video you linked looked pretty old and tattered, but. yes, I agree I would love a PDF of both of them!

                    What an inspiration!

          • That’s because those in the driver’s seat are the so-called “elites” who want 90-98% of us DEAD. Remember Katrina? They STEERED that hurricane where they wanted it, to start with. Then they BLOCKED emergency supplies, people coming to helped – wouldn’t let them in, at gunpoint if necessary! Have there been ANY disasters since in which food and other aid got there and got distributed RIGHT? Not that I’m aware of! And look at who they classify as “likely terrorists” (being labeled a terrorist allows them to treat us like terrorists: no protection under the law, no rights, torture’s okay (evidently it’s FUN)… As far as the “elites” are concerned, they own US along with everything else. They’ve decided we’re too destructive and careless with all natural resources (of course all the destruction has been done by the corporations that THEY OWN), so we’ve got to be killed off. They’ve been saying for a long time that we’re using up THEIR natural resources and being too destructive and wasteful (and of course THAT is their work as well) so we’ve got to be gotten rid of. We have the numbers; they have the WMD, the nanotech, DNA toxins and on and on and on ad nauseam. There ARE genuine monsters in the world, and they’ve been running – and RUINING it – for a long, long time. Of course it’s very handy to blame it all on us. In addition to their using the vast majority of the world’s population as a Luciferian sacrifice (as though THEY sacrifice ANYTHING!), they see it as another benefit: they get to rid themselves of almost ALL of us noisy, uncouth peons. Make no mistake, though: THEY, the “elites”, the Cabal, Illuminati or whoever you call them are the ones behind the wheel of the coming world-wide catastrophe!

          • Thanks for the link AE, seems like a very low-propaganda resource.

        • I agree.










          Now do you motherfucking idiot boomers realize what you have done? All you “I’m not a racist” fucking shitskulls? You fucking birdbrains? You motherfucking self-obsessed pieces of shit?

          My ancestors were not fucking “immigrants”. They were COLONISTS. We are not fucking “white people”. We are ARYANS. We farmed this land and carved a civilization out of virgin wilderness. We’ve seen wave after wave of fucking invaders, from fucking DAGOS, SLAVS, POLOCKS, MICKEYS, KAFFIRS, CHINKS, JAPS, AND NOW MUHAMMADANS.

          How the fuck can you have a cohesive country based on multiculturalism?

          These motherfucking immigrants don’t understand America. They just bring their communism shit here and transform our streets into replicas of Mogadishu.

          We are eventually going to have to construct another while colony and start this whole fucking process over again.

          Every fucking year the fucking liberals “just a little more” “just a little more” until the whole thing collapses.


          I don’t want to be anywhere near liberals. I hate their fucking guts. Trying to explain civilization to a liberal is like trying to teach quantum mechanics to a dog.

          Why the fuck does the white man have to take care of fucking everybody else?

          IF PATRIARCHY IS WRONG, WHY ARE CHILDREN OF SINGLE MOMS 5X MORE LIKELY FOR TEEN PREGNANCY AND 2X AS LIKELY TO BE IN JAIL? The government is going to be married to the women and take on the role of protector and provider? Feminists are just as bad as blacks and communists. They want to try their damnedest to destroy civilization.


          • Don’t hold anything back, Acid. Let it out! Let it all out! 🙂

          • @ AE

            Your use of “Mohammedan” is insightful. Since he is every Muslim’s model. What he said and did is Islam’s gameplan always and everywhere.

            Kafir is a Koranic term. It doesn’t just mean “unbeliever.” It encompasses every possible species of non-Muslim, combined with “lowest form of life imaginable, to whom any kind of wrong from deception to torture to murder can be done.”

            Mainstream Islam is dualistic in its ethics and logic. Muslims are to treat each other well. They are free to be as violent toward the Kafir as they please. Its logic is dualistic in that two opposite statements can both be true at the same time.

            The (earlier) Meccan Koran speaks of tolerance and peace toward the Kafir. Abrogated — overridden by — the (latter) Medina Koran, rife with Jihad. But within Islam they are both

            citations upon request


          • Acid Etch says: “My ancestors were not fucking “immigrants”. They were COLONISTS. We are not fucking “white people”. We are ARYANS.”

            So, are you saying you’re a RedCoat Nazi? And, a simple invader, like the Mongols? Or, something like that.
            You’re just soo special.

            I wonder if it would short circuit your mind if you knew the percentage of black families which were married long-term and how widespread literacy and employment was among black families in the 1940’s per the facts from Walter Williams?

            I bet you’d blow a gasket.

            And, as to how your mind reading program comes up with statistics such as “71% OF MEXICANS WANT GUN CONTROL 50% OF BLACKS WANT GUN CONTROL” I don’t know. How do you know this? From a sample of questions put before 1000 people?

            When you say, “COMMON SENSE TELLS YOU ONLY WHITE MEN ARE CAPABLE OF SUSTAINING CIVILIZATION” I wonder, did that thought process lead to where the world is now?

            And here I thought trade, freedom and liberty brought prosperity, when all along it was due to the color of skin of an overlord’s class. You are soo sthmart, it’s extra double=plus obvious the way you use all capital letters and curse so much. It’s just so, I don’t know, civilized?
            You’re just a shining example for All the world. Psft.

            Yeah, I pretty much skip over all your posts.

            • ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

          • Listen up little white boy who insist on using curse words: I’m a native North American, you are part of the invasion/immigrant horde. I hope you realize that and quit thinking you’re better than your elders and others of a different color. I have never, by your posts, believed you show any real intelligence: just a ranting racist young idiot.

          • Acid, once again you make some valid points about what’s happening out there but still blaming the wrong people for the problems. I especially agree with your point about the white man supporting other people. With the exception of his own family, the white man has no obligations to anyone else. Nobody is owed anything.

          • There has never been a successful multi-ethnic society in all of recorded history. Ours will not be the first. The best that can be hoped for is a dominant majority that is benevolent to minority groups within its domain.

            If you doubt this please show even one example from anywhere ever to the contrary.

            • The United States of Amercia has done pretty well for several hundred years.

              • Yes, because there WAS a “dominant majority that is benevolent to minority groups within its domain”

                For the first time in our history, WE are no longer a majority, and this country id failing FAST. I hate to sound racist, but it seems like a valid point. The majority doesn’t need to be white. but there needs to be a majority of some kind to keep…well, THIS from happening. We now live in a country do diverse that none of us can agree on anything. None of us have the same beliefs or culture. We’re divvied up into little powerless groups who dislike everyone else.

                Consider Philo, that what Rebel In Idaho is really talking about, is the cure for “divide and conquer”. It’s what is keeping the Russians together. It’s the reason Crimea could use self-determination to rejoin Russia. If nothing else, it’s what keeps gangs, cabals and similar groups together.

                IT IS WHAT THE NWO FEARS THE MOST – Cohesion, Cooperation and Unity. Their chaos “can’t touch that”

                • sixpack,
                  Afraid coheesion cooperation and unity is falling on deaf ears, if this is the same Philo (Latin for lover) hates Americans with such viciousness that she prays to Satan for North Korea to EMP millions of Americans by taking out three cities. She’s a snake charmer is sugar pop.

                  • Guess she won’t be invited to my camp.

                    • Sixpack,
                      Could be a death penalty to you and yours if you disagree! I’m sure you could handle any nuclear explosions.

                  • WTF lady? You need to re-read my posts. And I can speak for myself.

                    I don’t “hate Americans” as you claim but I do despise the government. There is a big difference.

                    Fucking communist bitch, go to fucking hell.

                    • Philo, lover of North Korea putting EMP over 3 American cities. You are a terrorist commie or… a government plant.

                    • Philo lover of North Korean commies, dropping EMPs on millions of Americans in three American cities is not the US government. You hate Americans you commie terrorist. That adds up to mass murder worse than what Stalin did to the Ukraine. You call everyone a commie but you are just trying to distract from your real dream… communist destruction of the United States. You did speak for yourself you commie terrorist.

                  • I already knew you were a batshit crazy old lady but saying I work for the FBI and am some kind of agent? WTF!

                    Whatever. Go back to your troll cave bitch.

        • I continue my walk with Jesus by reading about the scriptures and praying. I haven’t engaged in any sex since the new year began. You people aren’t blameless. You don’t need to keep bashing me.

          • Acid, abstaining from sex has nothing to do with being Christian. Who the hell told you that BS?

            You can use your hand anytime you like.

            I always tell the goody-two shoes Christian that I am a sinner. I was born a sinner and I will die a sinner.

            There are two commandments in the New Testament: Love yourself and love others. If you can do that you are a saint. Going to take me the rest of my pitiful life.

            And you need to apologize for calling me a cunt you fucking asshole!

            • No, I don’t. You drew first blood bitch, not me. Go back and read the comments.

              But I would fuck you. I love it when bitches get feisty. Gets me rock hard.


              • Bullshit. Pull your head out of your behind swinging dickhead.

              • I would kill you before I let some asshole like you put your nasty paws on this perfect vessel from God!

                Go to hell you psychopathic freak.

            • LOL Phil. Well at least he ain’t making any little AE’s.

              • PO’d patriot, AMEN to that one. One acid is hard enough to deal with. don’t need any more of them.

            • Bravo!

          • When you read your Bible, how many verses contain the word Fuck ?

          • maybe you should get laid and blow off a little steam. jeesh. get a life ass itch.

          • Acid, may I give council in Christian Love?

            “I continue my walk with Jesus by reading about the scriptures and praying.”

            Reading ‘about’ the Scriptures in good.

            Reading The Scriptures is much better for you.

            Stay in The Word and continue in prayer.

            Abstaining or fasting in the intimate is good also, when used to bring you closer to God, which is what fasting is all about.

          • Acid Itch, it is comforting to know that you will not be reproducing.

        • Platypus water bottles are made in the USA and BPA free.

          Don’t buy hydration bladders they don’t work. Stick with screw top softshell bottles.

        • Ya think so? The Federal reserve is querying banks on negative interest rates to bail in with your money. That was on Drudge and Bloomberg today. What really sucks is my contingency check is still 4 weeks away from being paid. Now I wonder if I’ll ever get to cash it. I was going to do a bath, kitchen, HVAC and water heater remodel, but now I think I’ll put it in food, lead, seed and silver.

          I knew when BOJ did it last Thursday it was a very bad sign. The train is a warp speed now and I’m pretty sure no one knows how much time we will have till systemic financial collapse. God willing we will make it till I cash that check.

          Well boys and girls if your not already prepared you may want to put your head between your legs and kiss your ass good bye.

          • You are fine, I think. It isn’t gonna happen that fast unless there is an EMP that wrecks the grid.

            Slow and steady wins the race.

            • When I see the FR looking at negative rates, the BOJ going to negative rates, the NYSE looking to suspend rule 48 somethings up. The big money is getting out now and the pension funds, 401K’s, IRA’s and savings will be left holding a empty bag. We all know it will take weeks for the markets to implode with the circuit breakers, but what if the powers that be just decide to leave the markets closed? Is there any real value left when they reopen or will they repeg the value to some arbitrary number?

              • PO: I don’t know. Anyone that says they know is a liar.

                Do what you think is best for yourself and your family. The unknown is the big scary monster in the room. As Frank Herbert said in his epic series, “Dune,” “fear is the mind killer. It is the little death.”

          • They are pulling all the stops now. I’m not sure what it is but something is fixing to happen to gold.

        • ht tp://

          Let that statement wash over you again. “Rejection of federal authority.” Listen to it again. Rejection of federal authority. Sort of like rejection of the constitutionality of the Hughes amendment? Or rejection of the notion that the federal government has a moral or constitutional right to own land? Or rejection of the constitutionality of the existence of the ATF? That kind of rejection of federal authority?

        • Did anyone actually look up those Executive orders. They aren’t really what is listed in this article.

      2. This slow motion train wreck is taking a lot longer than I expected.

        But I guess that is a good thing.

        Be well all…

        • Certainly is,
          And yes and no, it isnt good nor bad, i can tell you one thing for sure, this thing in OR smells.
          And what is even worse is that the sheeple just dont get it, so for myself, i will be thrilled when everything comes unglued, even if sheeple i know and love get swallowed up by it all, we are due, way way past due…..

          • ht tp://

            Here you can leave a message for the Finicum family.

            Please be kind in what you say. They need our encouragement and love at this time.


            • Be strong and of good courage. God be with you.

            • Thanks for posting the link to the obituary. I will not leave a comment on the obituary because I did not know Robert, but I did read his obituary with due reverence.

              Robert Finicum may very well be the next Crispus Attucks.

              • Crispus Attucks

                was the first casualty of the Boston massacre, in Boston, Massachusetts, and is widely considered to be the first American casualty in the American Revolutionary War.

        • I think the slow motion wreck is much harder on everybody. What will happen is preppers will have to start using their preps for everyday consumption just to maintain their standard of living.

          It would be better to have a quick collapse followed by a reset. Right now we are dying by a thousand tiny cuts.

          • JS: I am going to start shopping for items, if the price is good, and stock up with 2 to 3 years of that item. Pay up front now and avoid shortages and the hidden inflation tax.

          • Maintain their standard of huh now?

            I just prepped in a sense for extreme events related to elder care, and next up am prepping for layoff type events. In no way do I expect to maintain my standard of effing anything if I have to break into my preps.

            I’ll LIVE. That’s about it.

            (I’ve always maintained that if it ever went past Argentina, I can’t survive it. Right now I’m not even close to “there” yet, that would be like layoff preps that last for two decades, plus a consistent food and water source to handle at least 50% or greater of my needs… shrug? Garden? Fishing pole? Bunnies? I dunno…)

            Still trying to accumulate 3 years of layoff preps assuming no UE insurance. Of course if we hyperinflate to fricking Mars I’m gonna have me some problems with stuffs… no ALL stuffs because you can store some stuffs but… yeah problems with stuffs for sure.

            • Same here Old Guy. I have lived rough so it doesn’t bother me. I prefer being comfy cozy, of course, who doesn’t? Silver is still cheap and less than $15 an ounce. This is my test question: when SHTF do you want $20 FRNs or 1ounce silver coins / rounds / bars? Many of us throw our spare $20 FRNs at silver.

              • I am assuming you have EVERYTHING you could conceivably need if SHTF then? I doubt the majority buying silver do.

                Silver is an aggregation device for excess wealth. Its value is largely determined by the state of our global economy, by the utility silver provides (monetary and technological), and by the surplus wealth in our global system.

                If the system fails, silver and gold will fail with it. Why? Because it’s those of wealth who bid up the price of silver and gold. If there is no excess wealth, it will be tangible items required for daily use that are bid up. Food will rise. Land will rise. Means of production will rise. Wealth assets will fall until such time as surplus wealth is again in need of a storage device.

                Money IN ANY OF ITS FORMS is a poor bet for most. We have access to the necessities of life right now, today. Better to acquire those assets than to save promises. Paper is easily recognized as promises, but silver and gold are not so different. Why if they have intrinsic value are they not so different? Because the intrinsic value is determined by society and its state. If society crumbles, gold and silver are worth only what the masses will trade for them. And if the masses can’t eat or otherwise utilize gold and silver, those valuations will be mighty low.

                How can this be true if gold and silver have held value throughout so much of the past? Because past events have been on regional scales. This is our first truly global event. When disparity is regional, people of the wealthy regions loot the failing ones. That’s why their gold and silver we valued… there was a buyer. This all changes in a global event. In events such as that facing us now, buyers are overwhelmed by sellers. What is the value of a stock when sellers exceed buyers? How about in commodities such as gas, oil, or coal? The same occurs in all markets, and it can well happen in silver and gold.

                There may be a place for gold and silver after collapse. But you have to ask yourself whether TPTB will replace this fiat system with another faith-based system, or whether they will allow gold and silver to rise as the new monetary asset. There is a strong force against both silver and gold. Purchases of those assets are bets against that strong force.

                Make no mistake, it is people, and not TPTB who truly decide what happens. But people of poor character make poor decisions. They choose to be ruled instead of opting for freedom and the responsibilities that freedom entails. The weak will speak and we will suffer their decision. Only after they have seen the folly of their ways will they grow strong and birth an equitable and just system.

                We have a lot further to travel through this collapse. Don’t choose promises in any form. Choose hard assets of the nature you need now. Choose what will help see you to the other side. Only if you have this, and I mean all you’ll need, should you seek assets to migrate your wealth to the other side.

                • Lol your argument is basically “this time is different.” Gold and silver have held value and been used as money for all of recorded history.

                  It’s prudent to have balance to your preps and at least some in each category, PMs being one of them. Just as it would be foolish to have a complete firearms dream collection but no food stored, or the greatest water collection and purification system ever but no garden, it is equally foolish to have no real money.

                  Money is almost as overlooked as communications. While not all of us are licensed Hamm radio operators with complete set ups most will have at least walkie talkies. This same approach should be used with money. I’m not saying invest your whole life savings, but what’s so hard about $500 worth of silver coins just in case.

                  • Please identify the last time we experienced a global scale collapse.

                    The nature and scale of collapse is very important. Choosing gold or silver is a bet on future wealth, because there’s nothing to trade it for later if not wealth. In recent collapses, a lot of people saved USD. It worked for them because they had an offsetting party ready to trade USD for stuff. Precious metals aren’t so different. They work provided someone is prepared to trade real stuff for them, and wealth is protected only to the degree that the available real stuff meets your needs.

                    If we experience a global level event, such as appears to have been orchestrated for us, gold won’t have bidders willing to trade at its traditional value. Please think about that a moment.

                    I do agree that having some wealth in metals makes sense. Diversify and thrive. Just don’t expect that its purchasing power will be maintained. It is entirely possible, plausible even, that demand could be eradicated. Never underestimate how crafty those of power can be.

        • Eppe, it is in a way. The more time we have, the more preps we can get. I’m still stacking. BTW, be back in GA a month from now.

      3. forget about it save your monies and be like Henry Ford .

      4. don’t be afraid nothing will be new here

        • You will be sadly mistaken.

      5. I am tired of the most important thing in my mind. it is a great day and night and day out of town. what I am trying to get the point that you can’t believe everything you hear or read about on this or other websites. people can’t be so low and down on eveything. go out and start a buisness . go out and make a difference

      6. kulafarmer potato farmer what in God’s name are you talking about

        • Just move along,
          All is well,
          The truck will be by soon with some more sand to replenish your little sandbox

      7. “Executive Order 10998
        Allows the government to take over all food resources and farms”.

        Not true as I read the order,
        it was signed by;
        THE WHITE HOUSE, February 16, 1962.

        I hate the government, I’m probably as close to an
        Anarchist, as you’ll ever meet. I like the
        idea of tribes. I’d pick Judah personally.

        Executive Orders have evolved into something that
        is un-constitutional, as have the powers of
        the executive. I’ll prep, and bid my time.
        When enough liberal Democrats are dead, perhaps
        we can re-start with the original Constitution,
        bill of rights, and wipe away over two hundred years
        of bad Federal law.

        • ht tp://

          rellik–you are right as far as I can determine.

          The above link has loads of ‘reliable’ info on these Executive Orders. A good read.

          • Executive Order 10990: John F. Kennedy, Feb. 2, 1962
          • Executive Order 10995: John F. Kennedy, Feb. 16, 1962
          • Executive Order 10997: John F. Kennedy, Feb. 16, 1962
          • Executive Order 10998: John F. Kennedy, Feb. 16, 1962
          • Executive Order 11000: John F. Kennedy, Feb. 16, 1962
          • Executive Order 11001: John F. Kennedy, Feb. 16, 1962
          • Executive Order 11002: John F. Kennedy, Feb. 16, 1962
          • Executive Order 11003: John F. Kennedy, Feb. 16, 1962
          • Executive Order 11004: John F. Kennedy, Feb. 16, 1962
          • Executive Order 11005: John F. Kennedy, Feb. 16, 1962
          • Executive Order 11049: John F. Kennedy, Sep. 14, 1962
          • Executive Order 11051: John F. Kennedy, Sep. 27, 1962
          • Executive Order 11310: Lyndon B. Johnson, Oct. 11, 1966
          • Executive Order 11921: Gerald R. Ford, June 11, 1976

      8. wow you guys are all about yourselves. selfish people. worthless believers. only God knows all if you believe it or not I don’t care. just be nice and stop blaming everything on each other. we have to be United as a country right or wrong and that’s the only way to get a chance to win you’r way. what I am saying is stand United.

        • Yes we can!
          Yes we have no banannas!

        • I have one question: are you a fricken commie? Because I hate commies.

          • I like your blunt and to the point style my friend!,
            Funny stuff

            • Sandbox…

              And you get to live in paradise.

              Be well rounded…

            • Sandbox…

              And you get to live in paradise.

              Be well rounded…

            • Thanks Kula. Time is short. Not good at beating around the bush.

          • I like liberal Democrat Commies,
            bellies, shoulders, hams, and
            tenderloin. You have to really cook
            them good to make sure AIDS, Herpes,
            and various other virus’s are dead.
            You are eating the vilest thing
            on earth.

            • I dont really even want em for my compost pile,,,will make do with other feeders.

            • I’m sure they are more than just “tender” but I want meat that’s not tainted, and I highly doubt that its kosher … Personally I’m Christian, but I think we can all learn from those that went before us.

            • I’d rather eat worms and pine needles.

            • Yeah Relik then it stinks so bad you have to throw the meat away and eat the board it was cooked on.

          • Philosopher, you sound like my kind of person. I like your style.

            • Thank you. I am getting a little old to change my style. Direct, blunt, and to the point suits me just fine. Always glad to see that suits others as well.

          • Oops. That person is new I should have posted their name.

            Mercedeslost: are you a fricken commie? Because I hate commies.

      9. Well that purple lipped puppet can kiss our asses ! We are survivors and if we have to downsize to survive we will ,but this corrupt regime (world) will be subject to Gods wrath In time.

      10. cool

      11. This is like…

        I dunno it’s silly. I mean I can’t speak to whether the article is silly but the conclusions of the article are most definitely silly.

        Store food
        Store water along with obtaining water filters
        Horde medicines
        Buy guns and ammo
        Buy Gold

        Uh you just told me they can come, take all that shit, and press me into service as a laborer. Not saying it’s true or false, just saying that’s what you just said…

        I think you need a better set of conclusions, I’m just saying.

        • He forgot to say hide it!

          • Yes he forgot, and also to say to keep your mouth shut about stacking it too…and prepare to defend it or move it out of reach.

      12. After the incident in Dearborn I predicted that other places in the USSA would realize that their water was also contaminated. Has anyone else noticed the slow trickle of news reports about various locations in the US that have polluted water? I have used water filters, for both drinking water and to shower, for a number of years. My only concern was chlorine. I dislike the taste of it and I dislike the effects on my skin and hair. Thus my choice to use water filters. I even have a portable one I keep in my car for use when I travel. Flint, Michigan is the tip of the iceberg with regard to polluted water. So much for the EPA keeping everyone safe.

        • Worst case is that chlorine can be greatly reduced by heating and agitation. The entrained gasses expand with heat and vaporize off.

          • I can afford filters. I am one of the lucky ones. There are going to be bigger water issues than chlorine is my guesstimate.

          • Kevin2 – See my post below about Chloramine — if it makes it through moderation. CC

        • “So much for the EPA keeping everyone safe.”

          Most of the damage was done pre Clean Water Act of 1970. I grew up along the Delaware River which was effectively dead into the 1970s. The legacy of zero regulations on the chemical and petroleum refining industries that had been there from the late 1800s are still there. The muskrats we trapped had cancerous tumors in them.

          The Delaware River now lives and invasive species became a problem because of ships dumping their bilges. They now do that at sea. The heavy metals such as lead are still present as they being elements don’t break down as the organics do. Potable wells are often contaminated too. The area is referred to as “Cancer Alley”.

          • Any area that had industry that manufactured or used chemicals in the pre regulation days quite probably has a similar long term environmental problem.

            • Yes. And thus my comment. Everything you said is true. Flint, Michicgan, is the tip of the iceberg.

              Did you hear about how the state employees in Flint were given bottled water to drink a year ago? I fail to understand how these state and federal employees can live with their conscience. Obviously they don’t have a conscience.

              • Philosopher

                We have reached a point that ethics and integrity are just archaic words from a bygone era. Wealthy CEOs are worshipped in our society and whistle blowers that protect the public are villified and harassed. Interestingly the people that is doing this were at one time the college educated, Vietnam War protesting (John Kerry and Clintons come to mind) Love & Peace generation. The one core unwavering principal they have is no principals.

                “Its a big club and your not a member”
                George Carlin RIP

                • K2: I love that quote from Carlin. Spot on.

                  It makes me sick that people don’t have any morals. I just don’t get it.

                  • Phil,
                    When I heard about Flint thought the same. Many areas are struggling with budgets but if they bring up a possible scenario like Flint people will be more willing to be taxed to fix water systems, aging pipes etc. My question is where did all the money go they have raked in when things were Ok and why didn’t they fix it then. These clowns let things go to the almost point of no return until they get called out. A friend told me about a small town school that has been shut down for awhile due to mold, asbestos and some other toxic substance. The kids are missing school and can’t return until all clear. Been hearing various stories about schools in poor shape and most people don’t mind so much to fork over more money since kids are involved.

                    • Many of those places are Union towns. That is where the money went. Sure the union jobs paid good wages but it was also a way to allow sub-par people to have a job. The government unions are the ones that make me ill. There is no reason for the employees that work at the VA to have union representation. Period. I should clarify that I don’t dislike all unions. I am fine with real tradesman unions and I shop at grocery stores that use the grocery workers union (I don’t remember the exact name, my apology to anyone in that union because working at a grocery store is hard work!) It is the public employees unions that make me sick to my stomach. It is not like sitting on your ass all day at a government job is hard work.

                      How can people with those good paying government jobs just throw their neighbor’s under the bus? I don’t get that kind of thinking! I just don’t. Maybe I retarded or stupid or just that I do care about people and I would shoot myself In the head rather than live with the knowledge that I had poisoned my neighbor’s! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

                    • The other substance turns out to be lead paint.

        • It is all polluted. All treated city water is polluted.

          Do some testing and research and it becomes obvious that municipal water is the same as treated swimming pool water.

          How much swimming pool water would you dare drink and cook with?

          That is why we have been distilling our water for over two decades. Even the mountain spring water gets distilled when there are heavy rains. There is so much pollution and aluminum in rainwater from the chemtrails, we had rather err on the side of caution.

      13. Location, location ,location. Can’t stress enough.If you live or try to stay by big cities,all the preps in the world won’t save you . Location is the most important byfar I believe.

        • Two2wisper, the BOL I go to is on a 30-acre plot in the mountains of north GA. One side borders on a year-round creek with some of the best water anywhere. Same with the well water. No water issues where I’ll be going to live out the rest of my days. Also a LONG way from any cities.

          • Dang BH that sounds like one sweet spot.

            • Philosopher, it’s God’s country. The land my family owns has been in the family name going back to colonial times. Some of my ancestors settled there before the American Revolution. Many generations of my kinfolk have fought and died to keep that land and it will still be the same after we go into a post-SHTF scenario. The BOL sits in a valley but the nearest mountain is only a quarter of mile away. Some of the family live on mountaintops and a 4WD is a MUST to get up and down their driveways. ALL of the family have 4WD vehicles. It’s a must have item to get around in the mountains. Nearest urban area is a 2-and-a-half hour drive away. I live at best a 6-hour drive from them but I have a plan to get out of my city early, so I keep the closest tabs I can on everything that goes on. Most of my supplies are already at the BOL stored in an outbuilding. What little I have left with me I can load up in only a matter of minutes and be gone. I’m making another supply run over there first week of March. I also have a plan to leave sooner and make this the BUGOUT trip if conditions require it. I know of several different routes to get there and have tested every one of them. Once I BUGOUT, I’ll be BUGGING IN. That’s where I’ll be for the rest of my days. No more cities afterward for me.

              • Sounds like heaven to me. I don’t have a BOL. I am shopping for one. Not anything fancy, just a small cabin with clean water, some sun, and a wood lot. Basic. Really basic. I am out on the west coast so plenty of room to roam. The hard part is how the liberals have infiltrated every part of government. It just makes me sick and those commies think that no one should own private property, except for them, of course.

                The place I grew up shooting it is now illegal to shoot (an old gravel pit). Of course. Godamned liberals have infested the whole place now. Can’t have a pond. Can’t fill in a ditch with water in it because it may be a wetland. Can’t is the operative word. As usual they think they know the best way to tell everyone how to live their life. Sure. Until they run out of other people’s money and it sounds like then they will just take what they want. Good thing I am poor. I don’t have anything worth stealing.

              • Hoo-weeeeeee!
                “Braveheart” carrying on yet another conversation with itself here.
                How many names has it racked up here, only the nsa knows for sure.
                Can’t prep for a mythical bol when yer posting bait online 24/7 now can you, asswipe?

                Don’t believe the type, folks.

                • Wow…did you crawl out from under a rock just for that??

                • alias troll, I don’t give a shit what you think. How do you live with yourself being a troll? folks, ignore this stupid, asinine troll.

              • Sounds like Heaven Braveheart … I envy you!
                Not to sound like a “Trekkie” but with all sincerity … Live Long and Prosper!

                • Serenabit, thank you. I may never prosper, but I think I’ll still live awhile longer.

          • BH while that region of North GA, western NC, and eastern TN, is the best east of the mississippi, it is still to close to millions of people for our tastes. Most of our in-laws and some of our close relatives still live there and are going to give it a go post SHTF.

            Best of luck to you and them and who knows maybe you are neighbors to some of our family. I know that the people who do live around you are mostly like minded and I think you live in the best spot east of the mississippi. We felt our odds were improved moving to Idaho despite not having family around.

      14. Just google “Obamavilles” or “tents cities + your states name,” then click on Images at the top of your search. to find out what this jerk – and his Alinskyite, Fabian socialism – has done to this country, and really, the world.


      15. Yep. That is why I got on Foxglove a couple days ago about living in the Skagit Valley. Not far enough from the rampaging and starving mobs. It is completely flat and within walking or biking distance of Seattle. Not good. If you are that close to a major urban area you will fall in line with the executive orders listed above. Or simply be raided by starving hordes of people.

        • Philodough, you don’t know the area at all where my BOL is. You don’t know the location. You don’t know the community. You don’t know the people, skillsets or resources involved. Per usual, you don’t know anything….. You are basically a gasbag with a grudge. It just comes shining through, darlin. At least I and all my kin folks and like minded people have a plan, a place to go, and resources to weather this storm. We have skill and a will. That’s way more than most folks have. We’ve been at this over 15 years. Good luck finding folks and a place who will put up with your crappie attitude. You are shaping up to be a lone wolf. Unfortunately, they don’t do well in longterm survival situations.

          • I know more than you think. And I am being polite so lay off.

            • So am i. And so are most folks on this site. You opened this dance. I’m not a pushover either. Everyone here has opinions just the same as you. If you don’t agree with them that does not make the person an idiot nor a “commie”. It is simply a differing opinion. When I was in the military I didn’t put up with bullshit nor bullies – I surely don’t put up with them in the civilian world either. Most folks dont……

              • Seems the older we get the more set in our ways and less tolerant we get, at least thats been my take,
                Opinions are like A holes,,, we all got em!

                • Kula, you are SO right….and they all stink. 🙂

                • Hey kula, gonna be on the Big Island in October for a week. Got any recommendations for places to go that locals like best?

                  • Should ask Rellik,,,,
                    I grew up over there but been on Maui since 83,,, a lot has changed im sure,,,
                    The volcano is cool to check out, right now its erupting right in front of the Volcano house,
                    If you can get on a charter for some deep sea fishing, thats a blast if you hook a marlin,,,

                  • Also check out Waipio valley, beautiful, and if you can get on a tour to the observatories thats really cool, Canada France Hawaii used to do star tours, they take you up at night to look through the telescope,,, not sure they or UH still do that but is worth checking into.

                    • Been to Maui a few years back. Absolutely beautiful. You truly do live in paradise. Thanks for the travel tips. Figured I’d just rent a jeep and see where it decides to take me. 😉

                    • Foxglove666
                      Don’t know if anyone will see this and things may change before October.
                      Waipio is closed to all but valley residents due to Dengue fever fears. Even if it opens, you need 4WD and the rental places will not help you if you get stuck. I’ve heard a tow for a tourist is $800 plus. Friends of mine who surf there daily, destroyed their Toyota 4WD pickup engine when they went through one of the many “lakes” you have to drive through and got into an unseen rutand water blocked the engine. High centering is common.
                      If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t drive down. You’ll just piss off the locals.

                      Keck observatory has/had a viewers gallery open till 4 P.M. weekdays. although most likely you will only see the backside of the Keck 1 mirror. Subaru may still have day tours, check their web site. I haven’t been on the summit since I retired in 2010, so things may be different. That I’m aware of, none of the summit telescopes are capable of optical observation, they all digitize the photons from the object of interest, and you need software to make the pretty stuff that they post on their websites. Unless you know what you are doing don’t drive up to the summit! I drove that road for years. Until you have someone teach you how to be safe, you may kill yourself. Best place to see stars is at the Mauna Kea information center at the 9,000 ft level where you can still breathe easily and they have free optical telescopes and volunteers to assist your viewing.

                      Volcano crater is no longer as approachable as it was years ago. Jaeger museum is as close as you can get. Road and trails are closed off due to safety. Check USGS HVO for information. Companies still fly around Pu’u Oo. Blue Hawaiian is one of the companies, but not cheap.

                      Never been to Cafe pesto in Hilo, The Kawaihae one is OK if like the view of the Fuel tank farm across the street. Try Cafe 100 on Kilauea ave – cash only lots of local traffic. Nihon Restaurant & Cultural is good Japanese, located on Hilo bay.
                      According to my Chinese friends there are no good Chinese restaurants here, so I stick to Panda express by the Home

                      Just so I don’t have read about another tourist drowning, outside the resorts, if you don’t see locals snorkeling or body boarding.
                      don’t go in!

                      The fishing hasn’t been all that great off Kona, some people do get lucky. There is an outfit that runs down to south point but that is a 2 or 3 day trip. I don’t know of any charters out of Hilo, that is where all the fish are.

                      Enough for something that probably won’t get read.

                      Keep on prepping!

                  • Cool beans,,, you will have fun, theres lots of places to see, not a lot of nightlife, but great hotels, beaches and restaurants, i like the Kona side myself.

                    • Spent Christmas in Kona one year. It was great! Wanna see more of the island and want to charter a helo over the volcanoes. Love me a fun helo ride!

                    • Kula….did you grow up on the Hilo side?
                      I think we know each other…Hilo High 75?

                  • I lived in hilo and pahoa for two years, my parents 14 years. In hilo, right on the harbor, is cafe’ pesto. Gotta go! Kahena beach northwest of pahoa is a local secret, dolphins frequently pass by following schools of whatever they eat….clothing optional…
                    Waimea is nice, but too touristy.

                    South of pahoa is hawaiian beaches, at the end of the main road, it leads to rocky cliffs and ocean spray, and humpbacks passing in season.

                    Volcano national park is cool, park rangers are there answering questions, and you can get within 6′ or so from the lava, caldera restaurant is very cool, overlooking the caldera, right on the edge, 1,00 feet or so from the caldera bottom….

                    Lots to do!!!!

                • Kula, spot on. I know I’m that way.

              • Lady, I am not your enemy. So chill out.

                • Gladly, nor am I your enemy. Detente?

                  • Yes. Please.

                    • Most excellent! 🙂

      16. I have been saying for a long time now, its all in place with bubbles in real estate- stock markets- debt- etc…

        The only thing that is holding it back is the Fed and wall street. The can has been kicked down the road about as far as it can go.

        At some point, there will be a triggering event of some kind that will start the collapse. Terrorist attack? Europe collapses? China? Iran? No one knows what or when, but common sense says it will happen sooner or later. How can it not? We are 19 TRILLION dollars in debt!

        I think it will happen before 2020.

        To take care of your people-
        DEBT FREE

        Better have a plan in place. I would rather be prepared and wrong than unprepared and wrong.

        • Not to mention all the MotherNature induced catastrophies that we have almost no warning or way of knowing,
          All it would take would be a serious plate slip in the Alutians or the Cascadia and were toast here in the islands and all over the west coast, it isn if but when, rather not be screwed without food etc, and in the states, big ice storm? Weeks without power? New Madrid, Yellowstone, Mt Rainier? Who knows, doesnt even have to be all that big to seriously impact the world as many know it,,,
          But hey our new troll mercedeslost their marbles thinks nothing can ever happen so why prep?

          • Kula: most folks on the west coast don’t even know that they live in a dangerous area. If you mix in tsunamis, volcanoes, and earthquakes most of them have no clue about the dangers. There are active volcanoes from Japan over to Alaska and those volcanoes go all the way down the entire west coast. From Mount Baker to Mount Ranier to Mount Saint Helens to Mount Hood to Mount Shasta and Lassen and just keep moving south: many of those mountains are considered active volcanoes according the USGS.

            I remember telling my sister that she would have about twenty minutes to get to high ground and she thought it was a joke. Sure. Most people on the west coast don’t even know they are in a danger zone or how to get to high ground.

            Huge death traps.

            • Not that they could get to high ground other than on foot, on a good day the roads are choked,,,

            • I think what Kula is saying,
              is there are those of us who
              live daily with lots of natural
              threats, a lot of them and we know it!
              The only threat I
              don’t worry about
              is a blizzard, but I can drive
              you up to one at the right
              time of year, if you want.
              We pray and prepare.
              I have to prep for;
              Democrats gone wild.
              Mosquitoes with disease.
              Flash flooding.
              Wild fires.
              et al.
              You get the picture?

              Strangely, people pay thousands
              of dollars to vacation in
              our Paradise.
              P.S. The Democrats here
              think a Tiger shark’s life is worth
              more than your life, be safe
              out there!

              Keep on prepping!

              • Relic, yes. But it is hard when you tell someone about that danger, even a family member, and they laugh at you. And ignore your suggestions. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink is the saying that comes to mind.

                • Philo, see the same crap here. People think you are off your rocker if you have more than 2 weeks of food in your pantry. Over the years I have found friends and relatives who don’t think I’m a crackpot anymore and are actually ponying up resources and sweat equity. It just takes time and pressure – like making a diamond…..

                  • Good to know I am not the only one banging my head against a brick wall.

                    I expect if things get really bad they will be banging on my door first thing. I will help, of course. It will be a pain in the ass to have to get them up to speed, but I will help them. What else would I do? I would be grump about it but, yes, I would start sharpening them up from rough.

                    • Got no problem with helping friends and relatives who sign off on the basic social contract – if you don’t work, you don’t get food, shelter or protection. We’ve made that fact known to anyone who wants to be along for the ride. They also have to learn a skill NOW and also contribute goods as they are fiscally able – garage sale hand tools, walkie talkies, batteries, bags of beans and rice, canned goods, etc. To each their ability to contribute. However, this is all done with the proviso that it’s our place and they are guests on it. Our place, our rules. Everything is upfront, no surprises.

                    • Fox, that sounds fair enough. Your place, your rules. I was raised that way too. You work and earn your keep or you don’t eat. It would be a shock to some of my family for me to talk to them that way but if they showed up at my place I am guessing they would be desperate enough to learn. So be it. If I survived boot camp @ 17 years old I am guessing my family can survive living with me if they don’t have any other options.

                      I think this is going to come down to how tight your family is and the skills you have along with tools.

              • Auwe….!

            • Sixpack lives near Mt. Hood if I remember correctly.

              • Brave.
                Hit the Gun show Saturday. After losing all my guns in an earth Quake I picked up an M1A Scout. Stole it for right around 1,200. List for around 15 to 17.
                I hope I don’t have any more earth Quakes.

                • Sarge I hope you enjoy it. I gave mine to my son. A nice gun to shoot but lighter than the N.M. I use to lug to the range.

                  • “Po” “P”
                    Could you give me some info? If you have time.

                    I have a M1A Standard Match and it just loves my 165Gr SPBT. Hornady reloads, commercial brass, 44.5Gr of 748 with a WW primer. (use at your own risk).

                    What did you shoot throw your Scout. I’m hoping that this rifle will shoot as well as my other M1A does with this round.

                    Did you use any Military rounds in it, and if you did what kind?

                    Many Thanks.


                    • Sarge, can’t help you there on the Scout as I probably only ran a couple hundred rounds through it before I handed it to my son. Mostly white box Winchester to plink through it. What I shoot now is the LWRC REPER (AR platform 16 and 20 inch) with a 1-10 twist. They like the 168 and 175 FGGM respectively. Getting Sub MOA with that/100yds.

                    • Sorry, FGMM

                    • Sarge with that 1/11 twist and shorter barrel you might want to try a lighter bullet (147/150 maybe). With that scout squad most of my targets were 1.5-2 inches @ 100yds (iron sights). I was comfortable with that as a battle rifle.

                • Sarge, congratulations. One of my cousins has one and swears by it. But it sure is pricey. Gun show in my area this weekend. I’ll be getting some more ammo and whatever ‘goodies’ appeal to me.

              • Yep, BH. I live just a few minutes from Timberline ski resort. They call Sandy “The Gateway To Mt. Hood” I live between Sandy and the Mountain.

      17. If your water supply comes from American Water Supply (which may or may not appear as such on your water bill) your water contains CHLORAMINE, which is Chlorine + Ammonia, which causes health problems for many people, and is also known to worsen COPD and also triggers asthma attacks in asthmatics — the Ammonia is the real problem.

        Chloramine is much cheaper than Chlorine, but is known to cause respiratory problems for some people, which they blame on everything but the water.

        As usual, the water co. takes the cheap way out. It’s all about profit, not human health and safety. Plus, since the ammonia in the water creates an additional need/market for COPD and Asthma medications, the Pharma companies profit quite nicely as well, while the water company saves a bundle taking the cheap way out.

        Every 10 months I purchase both the shower and kitchen refill/filter that removes the Chloramine. Whole house systems are available as well. They insert a media filter that removes the Chloramine. The filter has to be changed every 10-12 months, regardless of how often it’s used — it goes by time, not by usage. After 10 months or so it’s no longer effective. It’s worth it to install one if your water supply is from AWS… crappiest water ever, imo.

        • Do you know what areas American Water Supply covers?

          • Sixpack – It usually says ‘American Water’ somewhere on the actual water bill, and if not, (mine doesn’t) you can just go to the website and click on ‘Water Quality Report’ and it should be mentioned there–that’s how I found out.

            If you can’t find it there, call them and straight out ask if your water supply is American Water.

            Related Topic:
            If you get a water filter that removes bacteria, viruses, parasites, cysts, etc., but doesn’t also remove Chloramine then you are showering with Chloramine. Same for Fluoride.

            The upside of Chloramine is that it’s a good disinfectant, however it poses a very serious, not to be taken lightly, health risk… a case of ‘fix one thing, break another.’

            It has been linked to lung cancer in non-smokers and respiratory problems in others, especially children. It’s really nasty stuff that has been downplayed and hushed.

            POE, or Point Of Entry whole-house water filtration systems that remove EVERYTHING, from bacteria to herbicides and Chloramine as well are best, but are costly…as if safe water is a privilege, not a right.

            I believe safe, clean chemical-free water is a right for everyone, from poor to rich, not a privilege for the privileged few. But unfortunately, those without morals and without conscience (that I have posted about many times here on shtf) do not care. They only care about their bottom line; profits over people.

          • from ht tps://

            California American Water
            Hawaii American Water
            Illinois American Water
            Indiana American Water
            Iowa American Water
            Kentucky American Water
            New York American Water
            Maryland American Water
            Michigan American Water
            Missouri American Water
            New Jersey American Water
            Pennsylvania American Water
            Tennessee American Water
            Virginia American Water
            West Virginia American Water
            American Water Contract Services Group
            American Water Military Services Group
            American Water Resources

            they have a web site: ht tp://

            i was surprised at all they cover

            • Yes, grandee… but if you go to the website of your water company’s website (printed on the water bill/statement) and if it says ‘American Water Supply’ preceded by your state, then your water is crap and also contains Chloramine.

              For example, where I live in Upstate NY it’s called New York American Water Supply, not just American Water.

              But not every municipality in NY gets their water from AWS. I know people within 50 miles of me here in NY State who are not serviced by American Water Supply.

              However, I believe once AWS gets into a state they plan to eventually take over the water supply for the entire state because I think their agenda is to control the country’s water supply… my opinion. I think within the next 5-10 years the entire state of NY will be American Water Supply, not just certain areas…ditto for other states.

              I’ve worked with people a half-hour south in NJ, and their water bill and/or the water report on their website says ‘New Jersey American Water Supply.’ However, I have family who live in certain NJ towns that do not use AWS. So the entire state of NJ is not serviced by AWS.

              To find out for certain go to the website stated on your water bill and click on ‘Water Quality Report’ or ‘Annual Water Report’ and look for these two words, AMERICAN WATER… that’s all you need to know.

              • cool-thanks!

      18. Good Grief, Hodges just told you to hoard the things the government will take away.

        He failed to mention to those who have wisdom, leave the cities where all this could happen. Riots don’t happen on a trail in the boonies, 30 miles from the nearest tiny town.

        I found a nitch carved out of the wilderness in a remote area. I couldn’t find my place on Google maps even though it was supposed to be there. Even with directions people can’t find my place. That’s the way it should be.

        • Good Grief, Hodges just told you to hoard the things the government will take away.

          a supply or accumulation that is hidden or carefully guarded for preservation, future use, etc.:
          a vast hoard of silver.
          verb (used with object)
          to accumulate for preservation, future use, etc., in a hidden or carefully guarded place:
          to hoard food during a shortage.
          verb (used without object)
          to accumulate money, food, or the like, in a hidden or carefully guarded place for preservation, future use, etc.

          Try to read beyond simply the words. There is meaning behind them.

          He failed to mention to those who have wisdom, leave the cities where all this could happen. Riots don’t happen on a trail in the boonies, 30 miles from the nearest tiny town.

          I found a nitch carved out of the wilderness in a remote area. I couldn’t find my place on Google maps even though it was supposed to be there. Even with directions people can’t find my place. That’s the way it should be.

          You’re lucky. I’m as far away as I can get and still hold a good paying job. I’ve got an “acre in the boonies” as far as So Cal is concerned and think it will be quite a while before trouble hits this very conservative area.

          Hey Phil’, your arrogance is showing! Honestly, I’m trying to find more reasons to like you but it’s becoming more difficult with every post I read…

          “I know more than you think… so lay off”

          Seriously, I fell out of my chair LOLing when I read that! 😀

          • I am not arrogant but I am not going to take smack either.

            Funny that you are in So Cal. I left that state 40 years ago. You couldn’t pay me to live in that commie fricken state now.

            And for the record, I don’t give a damn if you like me or not. That should be obvious.

      19. Zika virus can be spread by sexual contact. something to be aware of and to warn young men and women about. These are not safe times to be imitating the free love communes of the 1960’s.

        • The BBC, now there’s a ‘real’ source for truth. Sigh.


          • The BBC are a bunch of leftist immigrant promoting fag bastards.

      20. It’s going to start with food. I watched a video today of a Muslim refugee yelling at Norwegians on a bus, telling them they’ve been eating “good” food while he has been living on bread and water. The food meme came up time and time again in his tirade. We are about to get hit with shortages in our stores that we have never experienced in our lifetimes. We will see rationing, so the entitlement crowd can get their fair share of what’s going to be available. What we are able to do now will be called hoarding and be illegal and punishable. Grab your knickers and gird your loins.

      21. I believe this will happen, however, I also believe God is going to really step up His people to provide supernaturally. I sure hope so, otherwise I would rather be with Jesus anyway. Who wants to live in a world like Escape from NY? I wouldn’t even want to live in the fanciest bunker! Rather be with Jesus or doing His work on earth. I actually believe the rapture is BOTH! Him showing up stronger than Pentecost in His people who are prepared for Him!

        • Me too.

        • You want God to start helping his people? Well get to it. You are his hands.

      22. Hypothesis:

        The Deep State, in other words, the highest ranking military, security, intelligence officers won’t let things slide too far. They’d sooner throw Wall Street under the bus, impose decisive losses on Wall Street than let the country go totally to hell.


        Because their homes, retirement money, paychecks, investments etc are in USD also. Unlike the out-of-sight wealthy, they can’t flee the country and still do what they do.

        Glorified version of “the Deep State won’t allow things to slide too far because that would be pissing in their own cornflakes.”

        That doesn’t mean a lot of just plain folks won’t be hurting. What I think it does mean is that a USSR style disintegration isn’t likely anytime soon.

        The Deep Staters feel a deep loyalty to the USA. They DO command the military and law enforcement. To answer Stalin’s auestion, How many divisions does the Pope have?”

        I don’t know how many divisions the Deep State has, but they’ve certainly got the heft to throw Wall Street under the bus if they decided to.

        What could the banksters do about it … sic their butlers on them? The Duty Honor Country crowd probably disdains the banksters as much as we do.

        I”m not saying don’t prepare. Nor that everything is rosy. The generals and admirals live here in a way the super rich don’t. Earlier in their careers they’ve bled for this country. Watched good friends die while doing their duty.

        Just a theory of why the people who give the top 0.01 % their muscle might slip their leashes and act on their own behalf. Unintentionally, I’m sure, in looking out for their
        (the Deep State’s ) interest, they look out for ours.

        Wall Streeters don’t buy into Duty Honor Country. But those in the Deep State do.

        • Very interesting insights.
          My comment is that historically
          most Military leaders tend toward
          the Democrats. They are used to
          giving orders and we are expected
          to follow them. I don’t doubt their
          loyalties, but these days I’m no longer
          a professional soldier, I’m Militia!
          I serve my conscience, before the slave

          • Un affiliated militia, or militant in my case,,,,

            • Ai…me too

              • …I’m just a pain in someone’s ass before I check out, doing whatever it is they said not to, just because I can.

          • The BEST things in life will always piss off somebody in authority.

        • John Allen, I hope your hypothesis is right. Wall St. NEEDS to be thrown under the bus along with DC, Chicago, Hollyweird, City Of London, etc. That would eliminate most of the world’s problems.

          • BH: I would love to see three EMPS launched: one over DC, another over NYC, and another over LA. That would go a long way towards saving the world from US and saving us from ourselves.

            Did you see how North Korea is getting ready to laugh something anytime? I have read some news that says North Korea only has duds and other news that North Korea has been working on atmospheric tactical nukes as opposed to city killer nukes that land near to the ground. Two different purposes for each type of device.

            Anything you have sniffed out on the interwebs?

            • Philosopher, I don’t really know what the NKs have. That’s a hard one to answer. all I’ve really heard is the same things you’re hearing. All I know for sure is their arsenal is primarily Cold War era Soviet weapons that the Russians don’t even make parts for anymore. While Koreans are damn good fighters, their arsenal should have been upgraded long ago.

        • JA: I would love to see a military coup. It wouldn’t bother me one bit.

          • Honestly anybody working in the US Military in the last 15 years are a bunch of whore prostitutes, serving the banksters and 1 percent. There is zero honor in blowing up 3rd world countries and stealing their resorces for wallstreet with the point if a gun. These pyssies haven’t got the balls to coup anything but their pensions and VA benefits. You are slaves to their grave. This serve and honor is BS and we all know it, so fukoff with this wrap the flag over your whore bodies. You are complicit with the downfall of our country. We have less freedoms than 15 years ago so stick it up your bunghole. The US Military is the worst of the worst criminals and murderers and putting it lightly. I am so sick or this pro-military rah rah rah hijacking our flag, sports teams and the Superbowl. Seriously F-16s flyover and spyshit for a ducking football game? Please… I hope you fuckin unform skanks go die, as you are all shame and receipt. Sooner the better. Prostitute whores all of you.


      23. Just a point of clarity everyone… Almost all the Executive Orders above were actually enacted under the Kennedy administration around the time of the Bay of Pigs. I believe the threat of nuclear war with Russia and a doomsday scenario justified these changes. Be responsible and educate yourselves before you start going anti-government. I’ve traveled all over the world and this is by far the best country to live in. Despite its shit for brains politicians most of us voted for.

        • Always Skeptical,

          I saw blatant lies both in the article and the video. Aren’t things bad enough in reality… why the scandal mongering and fear tactics? Not selling enough gold, guns and MREs, you have to terrify people? Self-sufficiency is a power position; folks, scare tactics take away your personal power and have you cower under a blankie clutching your guns. The first fight is against your own dependency on the corporate goons for everything that supports life… water, food, shelter. Just taking the first step will bankrupt half the corporate goons controlling our country. Buying 40 guns sure puts money in George Soros’ pocket. 62 people are scaring the holy shit out of American Citizens? Get real. They have the power we give them. Sell your god damned townie life mortgages and buy something you can afford. How many of you are sitting on enough equity to pay cash for a $30k property in small town America? Freedom is not purchased from corporate goons, one MRE at a time or even one bullet at a time. $30k too much? I see raw land for$3k. I saw a LIBRUL online who bought one freaking acre with trees, dug a little hobbit home (bunker to you guys) and quit feeding the corporate goons and has no income other than his blog and books. And you think LaVoy Finicum was a god damned hero? He lived out of cheap federal leases and took in kids for a fat $100k a year in gubmint payments. How many black baby mamas get as many of your tax dollars as old LaVoy did.

          • One issue is that a lot of places are outlawing living off grid. The commies use every excuse imaginable to get rid of off gridders. The west coast states seem to be the worst. I would say get a very well hidden place and DO NOT get permits or any govt. interference shit! A trailer or 5th wheel is mobile and self contained. Use a stealth water collection system and movable solar array.

      24. Everything is falling apart

        • ….”turned in by a friend and business partner…

          And the lesson here is?

          • Not sure if you are being sarcastic, but while I don’t agree with building explosive devices especially in a duplex, the lesson is “If anyone knows what you have for preps, they are not safe. If they ban certain firearms or require people to turn in all of their excess food stores, someone will rat you out if they know you have them.” Keep your supplies hidden out of sight of everyone. This could have just as easily been a service technician or anyone else allowed in the home.

            • There may come a day when WE may have to do something that is “forbidden”. My point was OPSEC. There’s nothing that suggests this guy was going to hurt any innocent people. I maybe kinda used to experiment with such things, and there was a time when…I may have inadvertently created a certain liquid that would make a real mess if not handled properly. That’s how we learn those kinds of skill sets.

              …of course, TPTB don’t want us to have those skill sets. which is exactly why we should have them. Just saying.

          • “And the lesson here is”? Either keep your mouth shut, (which is easier) or “three can keep a secret if the other two are dead.”

            • ❤❤❤

        • I read deeper into that story. The guy who turned him in, had himself been arrested for having the same devices several years ago. Sounds like he runs an armor company called Patriot Armor. I went to their website and they have some good items. I don’t get the feeling that he wanted to turn in this guy… wouldn’t have been his first choice. The guy arrested has a rap sheet which include cocaine and theft. Probably thought he had a few screws loose.

          All that said, the guy with the firecrackers should have kept them hidden and in a safer place than he had them (his bedroom). Locked up in a shed, out on private property… no one would have known his business. I wouldn’t want to be the neighbor in the duplex on the other side of the wall, either. It’s fools like this that have accidents, get people hurt and bring down the dogs on everybody else.

          I accept the fact that we all may have to do things that are frowned upon by LE, to put it lightly- but we don’t have to flap our gums about it.

      25. Obamavilles. Bring it.

        Executive orders. Bring’em.

        Martial Law. Why the hell not.

        Financial crash. Big Deal.

        Riots, Revolution and Civil Disobedience. Hooray!

        One of my favorite’s. Food Fights.

        Getting closer to the 90 day point.

        Observed for about the past four days Apache Helos flying in the area along with a Chinoch CH-47.

        • Slingshot, let them bring on the BS. I’ll be at the BOL with the family waiting for them IF they’re stupid enough to come into the mountains.

          • Hey BH1776, You say the same BS every article, in fact you say it 4 to 5 times in every article. “I’m going to my BOL in March. North GA. Seriously smart people are already at their BOL’s for a while now. Just go so we don’t have to keep hearing about it. We got it, and you keep all your supplies in a shed behind your cousin’s house. And you pay cash cause you gots no credit. You rent and drive an old pickup truck. We got it a thousand times over and over broken record. Oh Gold fish crackers and you lost your guns in a boat accident. Just saying, do it now and stop talkin the talk.

            Here is a few prepper tips from experience. Almost a year at my BOL now and I went through about 5 pair’s of heavy leather gloves. Buy at least a dozen pairs. Lots of socks, wool and about 4 pair’s of working boots. Neck gators, hats and insulated long johns. Get at least 2 porta potties, one for every person in your group and make each person take care of their own shitter and thousands of plastic grocery bags to line the crapper 3 bags deep. Use Clorox bleach to keep it clean. Loads of TP and paper towels, dish washing sponges and a good tea kettle steamer and several dish pans to wash your dishes. I will have blown through about 3x 15 Lb propane tanks in a year. One just for January for heat in my cottage. I have 6 total and would love to buy more as they will keep forever. Just a few tips cause I am walking the walk not just talk. I bought bare vacant wooded land with a
            Fresh spring lake and canal 1000 ft water front peninsula and worked my butt off the entire year. Just now getting a drain put in for a kitchen sink. No water well yet and use bottled water and 2.5 gal water jugs. Hygene is very important. No regular got shower in 11 months. Can you do that? Still need to dig a septic and drain lines. Nothing comes fast as I am doing this Solo. The Solar runs my fridge and lights, Sat dish for Internet. A pure necessity. Plan on $5K for solar if you want to live off the grid. Yeah I am in Central N FL and above the frost line. I have a great bed and still use a minus 10 degs sleeping bag and blankets to keep warm. Do you have what it takes to do this? True Grit and persistance, and a pile of cash are valuable assets. I’ve gained more humility and patience.. And I am doing this in peaceful times. When SHTF hardware and supplies will be scarce so Bug out now and stop wasting time talking about it. Anybody still living in big cities with no plan are as good as dead. I got to know a lot of rural country neighbor’s and it takes a half year for them to know and trust me and them and they are great friends now and very helpful and resourceful. Go help them first with their projects or tasks and do it for free. Build up the chits and IOU’s. Be warry though, as I don’t blabber what I am doing or what I got, and I dress down to for in, and the 375 ft of barbed wire fence and talk gate on the 4th land side keeps the nosey morons off my property. About 16 Turkeys come by about every other day. Put cracked corn out to keep them coming back. That’s my food plot. Get it going folks, set deadlines as time is your biggest enemy for now. Bug out yesterday or plan and prep to die in the cities. Just my take.. Get it going, you can do it. I’m Just messing with ya BH, I know you are a good soul. Kudos to the rest of ya. KYMom, sixpack, Genius, Eppe snail, Slingshot, Mt Trekker, Kula, relic…etc.. Where is Pissed off Granny?


            • WWTI, I understand your points. I still have a job and livelihood in my present location. Poop hasn’t hit the fan yet. I’ll leave early at the first signs of it and I know what to look for. I do give you credit for being a gold mine of knowledge and you’ve given some damn good survival tips in the past. Kudos to you also. I’d also like to know where is Pissed Off Granny?

              • She hasn’t posted since that asshole attacked her months ago . . . I can’t remember who it was, anyone else remember?

                • I thought POG was posting under another name now.

        • Really? Good to know. I hear various copters flying overhead. The thing that I notice are when they have the jets sent out real quick. I don’t hear those in my area very often. I live near an artillery range actually and I have to say it has been silent for about a year. The last time I heard the big jets in my area was back when those attacks happened in Paris. I will keep a log from now on and mind the dates and time. Thanks for the heads up.

      26. H60 Black Hawk
        H47 Chinook
        H53 Stallion
        H64 Apache
        H1 Huey

        Can you tell the difference in rotor sound?

        • Yep. You left out little birds, the Kiowa. And can folks identify by the silhouette? Can I? Yes.

          • Philosopher.

            Outstanding. Lots of commercial and also Life Flight.

            Interesting we have a Russian Mi19 Flying around at times. Long time since I heard a Cobra and Sea King H3
            Whatever the police use is always orbiting somewhere.

            When you hear the sound. It’s an Oh Shit Moment ;0)

            • I agree. I come from a family of pilots. Passed the rotary wing flight tests and medical and was ready to lay up and wait for my dates at Fort Rucker but when I went to turn in my paperwork they told me I had orders for a village in no-where West Germany. Well not nowhere. Massweiler. May as well have been nowhere for me.

              I know what the Life Flights sound like also same for the news birds and the State Patrol helis.

              I spent time as a kid with my dad watching touch-n-go flights at the local airport. That was how we had fun. I am not as good at identifying the jets but depending on how low they are they get my attention because most of the air traffic in my area is low, slow, and local.

              Like I said I will keep a logbook from now on. Thanks for the heads up.

              • Well, I don’t know all that, but I know the difference between the usual local helos, and the big ones that usually mean trouble. In silhouette I can count one or two rotors. That’s about it for me – unless their close enough to see a gunner hanging out the side – then I know how to duck.

                • ditto 🙂

              • Philosopher.

                Spent time aboard a carrier. Lived on the 03 level below the arresting gear. Then was moved forward and listen to the catapults on O1. Major sound. A3D Sky Warrior AKA the Whale was a heavy thud catching the third wire.

            • NOTAR usually black, government only. I still hear cobras,sound just like hueys. Same rotor!!!

      27. If I was betting man I would bet against any of this happening on Obullshits watch. He might set it up, but he wouldn’t want it for his legacy. Most the time I’m wrong.
        We will see.

        • I agree with you about set in our ways. Tolerance is a necessity for civil societies , that’s one reason ours is going to hell.

        • I think if oblahblah doesn’t get it done, they will install hillary to finish the job.

          • You can bet they will install hillery,,,

      28. Man is it that hard out there. I just don’t see it being as awful as some. I’m working everyday and get 3 hrs ot most days too. There is work people you might have to do something that sucks but there is $ to make. I do stuff that sucks everyday. I think people think there is some utopian job for them somewhere. Shit if you wait for that to come along you will have nothing. Forget about dream jobs folks they don’t exist. They all suck just make some $ and enjoy your time off.

        • Asshat, I know what you mean. I do things at work that suck but I do what’s necessary so I can survive. You’re right about there being no dream jobs out there. And UTOPIA? WTF is THAT?

      29. Just as the ‘Patriot Act’ was already written and waiting for the right moment to be foisted upon a land of sheep. So has the rest of what is about to come upon a docile, dumbed-down population. Most will totally subject themselves or wonder what just happened but either way it is coming, it is happening even now.

      30. The article is speculative, the truth is nobody knows what a collapse all look like or TPTB’s reaction to it. My money is still on a major war.I feel that as Islam continues to destabilize the West it will start in Europe. If our economy collapses, or has another depression there will be a war, count on it. If so I doubt the Gov will have the resources to do much of anything. If the slow train wreck we are experiencing now continues, a series of books by a guy named Mathew Bracken starting with Enimies Foriegn and Domestic are close to how I think it will go. Basically the country will split into factions, several little countries most bad a few good.

        • BBD, I have the Bracken trilogy and recommend them to everyone. I feel like we’re living in one of those scenarios now.


      32. Two disturbing things are happening in the UK: the government is getting set to heavily tax middle class pensions (their equivalent of 401ks); and the government is forcing people to pay their national taxes by computer four times a year. Don’t pay on time? They have the power to snatch your bank account and take it from you without permission. These are the actions of a government that can’t meet its bills and needs to start snatching and snatching more money from the populace.

        • Wow, Frank Thoughts.
          1984 really is seen by those at the top (and, down even to those at the bottom) as an instruction manual.

          It still floors me that so very few people see it for what it is and the rest just go along, to get along. And, actively support the bastards. It’s simply mind boggling! Like being in a bad science fiction film, or something.

          “Look! It’s, The Blob!” [The crowd runs to it and hugs it as it devours them.]

          • LOL! RIP Steve McQueen.

        • Frank Thoughts,
          US already requires quarterly estimated tax payments, even though you once had to pay at end of year only. There’s been talk of government taking 40 money into a new national account, too.

      33. One final thought: in that second photo, 1. Obamavilles, the child seems to be smiling, one of the women, too. It looks like a pretty nice shack compared to a tent or a cardboard box. It’s quite similar to the ones the unitedstate president ordered to be burned down when he ordered troops to wipe out The Bonus Army,… or, the same kind of shelters they wipe out today with homeless camps, cause we all know homeless people are vermin, right? Our self-appointed betters tell us they are vermin all the time, don’t they? Doesn’t popular PC culture teach that? Especially immigrants.

        Will we all soon be considered the ‘new immigrants’ or the new Bonus Army?

        Good Night.

        • We already are helot,, we question their authority, so we are vermin to them,
          The day is coming that the questioning stops and the cleanup begins, its inevitible

          • And it really applies when we can no longer have our pockets picked.

        • Hoovervilles in the time period when that picture was taken… were routinely burned down by police and citizens.

      34. On Executive Order 11004

        “Allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.”

        Well, now that the Ladies are soon going to have to register for the draft, and the coming mandatory conscription……..

        I guess it will be a little bit more palletable when a pretty blonde comes to my door and notifies me that I’ve got to relocate to the FEMA camp.

        Yeah baby!

      35. Yeah the Bonus Army HISTORY story is a good one.. look it up on Ytube. The Govnt lies-tells the troops to keep fighting and they will get paid a bonus. When they returned back home the Govnt reniged an failed to pay them. They Vets set up a protest and tent squatted in Wash DC. Then the Pres ordered their tents burned down. Know your history folks, as it repeats itself or rhymes like Mark Twain calls it.


      36. Buy this now while it’s on sale for Super Bowl Sunday.
        the little cans of Frito-Lay bean dip and cheese dip are on sale for the lowest price all year right now for Super Bowl Sunday, stock up on as many as you can afford, they last up to 2 years unopened, don’t require refrigeration, don’t need can opener or utensils, add a package of crackers and you have a good short term hunger-appeaser.


      38. The truth behind lending is no truth. I had a black man tell me one time that black people are afraid of us whites because we are considered crazy i asked why is that he said if a black man is pissed at some one they shoot them but a white man will shoot them and every one else in the place he is kind right majority of mass shooting be us crazy white people or are we just thorough

      39. Peck, peck, peck away old fat drunken bum fascist boot lickers, peck as hard as you can, while the Corporate Fascist mercenaries murder at will in the fascist vile evil disgusting shithole of the world.

      40. I have to say what is happening is well deserved by the American people. As a collective whole, we have labored intensively on what we see today.

        1913 Federal Reserve takeover – No public rebellion
        1965 – Silver removed from coins – No public rebellion
        1973 – Roe v. Wade – No public rebellion
        1970s to present – Nuclear family in state of collapse, no public rebellion

        Credit cards, massive personal debt, 10 year car loans, divorce is rampant and fully embraced by the American people.

        The so called Supreme Court blessed sodomite marriages, again no public rebellion to this vile ruling.

        The voting demographics have changed due to 130+ million non-whites

        I just can’t be surprised by the results we are seeing.

        History teaches us there will be no rebellion. There will be no returning our republic to what it was before. What is happening is the cycle of existence of a republic/democracy.

        The representatives in government that we have voted for are a reflection of what our society has become.

        Good fruit (government leaders/representatives) cannot and will not be produced by a bad tree (US population).

        • Second.

          The patriots/tea pariers think they will turn it around once things get bad enough, but the majority is different now.

          they’re irresponsible and the govt reflects it.

          the future usa of the people today is a serf-elite system full of corruption, just a mtter of time before its reality.

      41. got invited to a III%’r group met some folks. real nice. I have an old acquaintance in this group. He pointed out the troublemaker….someone who steals, has stolen checks and is believed to just hang around to find out who has what. There are some really good connections to make in this group, so I think we will join, if for no other reason than to be aware of what the trouble maker is up to.

        What is it they say….keep your friends close but your enemies closer?

      42. If they cannot control a small country like Iraq, good luck controlling such a large and well armed country like this one.

      43. Folks like that will usually find a hole to disappear in, usually a hole someone else dug for them.

      44. Monster Magnet quote Ive ate all the rest now ive got to eat you. One day he may be all you have left hahaha

      45. 2016-2017-2025



        As i look at that photo of that rothchild and clinton piece of sh….t, my stomock turns as i vomit. Its like haveing a bad stomock virus that wont go away. First for the really bad news. First of of all, i have to give Cliff and Egor credit with the webbots, and the data sets because what i heard is in line with what the webbots have been predicting, further proving that and Cliff High, is the real deal.


        My oil company friend keeps hearing this ame thing repeating now. You all recall that i told you all that my government contact told me that th gold was delivered in September of 2015, all 250 Metric tons of it. You better believe it. The feds had it coming, and thier response was to indict Governor Perry and put a bounty on his head for 40,000,000. One can see why such a big ticket would be issued, because the phuckers in NY and the feds had it coming. Most of you may not know this but my oil friend told me that Texas supplies natural gas and refined gasoline to the entire east coast, so if Texas gets phucked with, then its comander in Chief, and president of the republic, the awesome governor Gregory Abbott, was able to make the feds hand over the gold or else, all shi…t would bust loose, so the luceferian pedofiles, rapist has to turn tail and cooperate of else. My oil guy told me that his source said that the gold is here and not only is it here, he keeps hearing about Texas succession in 2 2/2-3 years just like what i was told. He says that their will be no new oil projects starting up anytime soon, because the oil comps will be cutting cost and this is how they are doing it first hand. They are removing fossil fuel from powering all plants in the US to safe money and cut back on expenses. They are switching to solar energy to power up the plants, and alternative energy sources. Gasoline is staying down, and the gas at the pump may be dropping to $1.00 by next year March. In other words, is you work in oil, YOU ARE ANALLY PHUCKED WITHOUT LUBRICATION.


        I am not reading news articles. Its what my oil friend is telling me.

        Engineers are now getting together to begin research and the implementation of free energy technology. This includes my scientist friend, since he has already hooked up with one of those engineered. He told me that over Governor is good, because he has created and environment of us, as in us the people to Go TYPE ONE, YES A TYPE ONE CIVILIZATION, which means no more hardship, and free energy tech is here to stay and that Houston and Texas is ground zero for all of this to manifest. Since my oil friend and the scientist friend is in the meeting, i sat back to let them talk.

        Its game over, the saudis are pucked and they will have no choice but to accept a new currency and stop using the dollar, and if they continue to use the dollar, they will calapse and have more domestic issues, like civil war to deal with.

        THE GOOD NEWS.

        The webbots predicted this one. So Cliff if you reading this, holy sh….t, you were right. the data sets in you last report, the threads prove without a doubt that you are 100% on the money. My oil boy will be gettin with the manufactors and local engineers and scientist, and their is niot a damn phucking that the cabal can do about it. According to these guys, my oil and scieintist friends, this is why they are planing to have us attacked by China, and by foreighn soldiers, and thats whay Jade Helm 15 equipment was shipped to Texas, is to have the foreighn soldiers attack our state to prevent us from going Type One, away from fossil fuel, because the Free energy tech stuff is going to build back our entire manufactoring base to make Texas become the biggest manufactuting base of the entire country. This means that if the eastern block, NY, like Cliff High calls it in HPH, will not be able to take down Texas. That is what Governor Abbot meant when he said Molon Labe, because Abbot know that we, us, the people, the pissed off veterans and citizenry is the army of our State.



        If you your in southern California, YOUR COMPLETELY TOLALLY ANALLY PHUCKED. Oh before i foget, without lubrication. No KY, your phucked.

        By the time October 2016 comes around, according to my scientist Trump is getting in the white house and that if he is stopped, then expect a revolutionary war by Jaunary of 2017 all over the entire country. Too many people according his source has had enought of this sh..t, they are not going along with it, they elites are having problems with thier children getting pissed off and not wanting to live underwround in the bases and its becoming a problem, and in fighting has commensed. Frankly i don ‘t give a rat ass if they kill each other.


        Sci-California off the coast, the techtonic plates are bowing.

        me-what do you mean by bowing.

        sci-when tow plates meet, the pressure cause one of the upper plate thats above the other to bow, this means that the plate will slip. This is taking place in the center of the United States in Oklahoma, that plate is bowing, and when california goes, the oklahoma plate will go. New York is giong under water completely by 2095, so now need to worry about that. Houston will be under water in 2095 by over 200 Ft of water. We have 50 more years before we have to evacuate. Remeber you heard about all the UN vehicles in Califoria by the west coast. They are going forceabley evacuate the entire area, and this is when they will kill who they want, and take who they want, lots of people in mass will die in California, and get this, that plate could go today, tommorrow and anyday now, and all the elits have alrady left California. Your going to start hearing things like Arnold Swarzenneger is moving from California, and that when you hear that, run like a son of a bitch and get the hell out. You don t want to be in that state, those people are in really deep sh….t. Texas is the safest place to live for the next 50 years, so expect alot of defecting and people coming here by the sh…t loads over the next 2-3 years, this will be good for Houston and Texas because we will get mor business from them.



        SCI-The engineers and lots of people that have been laid off will, mostly engineers will start to form organization s of engineers and begin free energy productions and manufactoring will be good again in 3 years. The country gets balkanized, splits up and the only state left in the country to live in that free and safe is Texas. All Texans will live good and have jobs, and this will help everyone.

        Everbody else is phucked as far as work and career is concerned, and if you have free energy and water and food supplies, growing your crops, you will survive and others will die in mass.

        me-damn, you know they are going to call bullsh..t when i post this.

        sci-dont worry about that, most of them will be sh…ting bricks by February of 2017 if the cabal attacks and cancells the election.. If trumps does not go in, war breaks out over the continental US, and the UN, and the chinese, and russians will be brought in to attack and kill the people. Dont trust the russians and the chinese, those sons of bitches are working to take us down with the cabal.

        me-David Hodges and Quayle warned about that, we are screwed.

        oil guy-everywhere i go and everyone i talk to us telling me that we are succeding from the union and that this is a deal.

        sci-yep, your correct, it cant be stopped anymore. 2016 and 2017 decides our faith. Expect alot drones and jets fighters and bombers bombing the crap of us on the ground once they get their way. People need to be armed, and things are going to go in the direction i am telling you all about only if Trump gets in, if Hillory gets in, we are in deep sh…t, the civil war almost immediatly. They got the equipment shipped in and they are shipping in the troops in mass mumbers and they are hurrying for a reason to take down Texas.

        me-sh….t. This is not good.

        Hammer-Hcks, are you posting this yet?

        me-not sure yet.

        sci-things are not looking good for most, and the cabal may still win and destroy the people and the planet. They are working for a rogue Extra terrestrial race that is farming our DNA. Thats why we have been enslaved for so long, and if we dont brake out of it we are finished.

        me-phucking reptilians.

        hammer-icke is right.

        sci-thats who they are, the bible mentioned it, its all true. Another race is now on the planet, and things are geting ready to heat bewteen them. The good ones area called the Plejarens. They are the ancestors of the white race. The reptoids are thier enemy.



        • Thanks HCKS’s…. I have been waiting a week for these result.

        • Nobody thought we’d ever be paying less than $1.50 at the pump up to a few months ago. Yet, here we are. That shale oil isn’t going anywhere. It will be sitting there waiting to be taken out if it ever becomes profitable again. It’s the end game for the Saudis. Hope you’re right about the gold HCKs. Haven’t heard much about it lately in the news.

      46. Whew ‘ol boy that report is a lot to take in. Get ready for “The Road” scenario it appears. I got a feeling we’re on the slip’n slide ride to the turf. Ah well, I’m glad I ate and drank what I wanted to. Hell at 57 I made it farther than I ever thought I would.

        • HCKS, BTW, Thanks.

      47. When the BDI goes to 250….it maybe time to make a serious move to the BOL….or hunker down.

        Live Free or Die…ring side bell…and your announcer Michael Buffer.

      48. PO’patriot got me laughing my ass off..i was just thinking the same thing. I kid you not I was told that crap.yep.



      49. Dave Hodges is a fear-mongering manipulator, who blatantly lies about events that never happened. I have called him out on numerous “reports” and he always blocks me or deletes my posts. Dave Hodges always sprinkles a little truth in with his massive lies, which is an old trick to fool those who do not know any better. Dave Hodges cares only about Dave Hodges, and the bigger his audience, the more money he makes. Any time you want to dance, Dave Hodges, you let me know. We can start as far back as you want and I will tear you downs on all your BS lies.

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