The Federal Reserve Is “Fighting the LAST BATTLE!”

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 2 comments

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    The central bank of the United States, the same one that creates dollars out of thin air, is “fighting the last battle.” Things are going to get a lot worse, and it’s all by design.

    The goal is a full control centralized dollar and dependence on the system for a universal basic income. In other words, complete slavery is the ultimate final goal of the New World Order. The central banks are in control right now, the dollar is collapsing, and this is all being done on purpose.

    The Fed won’t be changing anything dramatically with regards to their monetary policy, and if you already know what the end game is, you know this.  The “last battle” they are fighting now is for ultimate control over every single transaction of all human beings.

    Interest rates will be allowed to drop even further and the dollar will be destroyed all while Americans continue to struggle to put food on the table and the corporations get ridiculously wealthy. Last night, Greg Mannarino uploaded his “Market Wrap Up” and tried to remind those listening of what is really going on.


    “They are on a mission to own it all,” says Mannarino of the Fed’s ultimate plans. “They’re gonna buy more debt, they’re gonna issue more debt, and they’re gonna melt the dollar…nothing is gonna change here. The goal of these central banks is to inflate massively. Debts and deficits are going to balloon.”

    Mannarino continued, saying:  “It’s pretty obvious and it should be to anyone that things are going to get monumentally worse by’s all a scam. This entire thing is a charade, it’s fake.”

    The United States alone has Great Depression levels of unemployment, half (or more) of small businesses are gone for good, never to return, meanwhile, Wall Street executives are ettin the biggest bonuses in history this year. Let that sink in. There is no recovery. There was never meant to be.


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      1. The stock market is compared to a casino.

        But, no one is seriously asking whether the pictures of food and valuables, in a slot machine or Candy Crush are backed by real-life commodities of like value, unless they cause a shortage.

        I generally agreed with the author, on every single point, except, you do not strictly have to borrow from other entities, in order to issue more Chucky Cheese tokens.

        Helicopter money is an intangible, not subject to Newton’s Third Law. It’s a unit of measurement, in a confidence game, being played in a virtual world.

        You were supposedly taught to have a work ethic — even to the bitter last — and that money interests were greedy — even to the bitter last.

        But, what if it holds no emotional power, over you, say, in the sense of a doomsdayer or catastrophist.

        At least, you would be in the position of the button pusher in our great Millgram experiment, rather than on the receiving end.

      2. It’s pronounced and spelled, “CARNIVOROUS”. The scumbag feds were the true financiers all along.
        The important thing is BALANCE. Whatever the thieves at the feds say is a LIE. Take everything back by force and wipe the books clean. Man defines money. Not the other way around.

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