The Fed Can’t Fix It: “All That’s Left is a Reset, Shutdown of the System”

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    Did Janet Yellen make the right decision in delaying a Federal Reserve rate hike? Did the United States dodge a bullet? Of course not.

    And the system is on course for a dangerous, hard landing.

    As far as many experts can tell, there is no right way or good way out of this crisis under Fed control, and the exit isn’t likely to be smooth or pretty.

    Not raising rates means yet another round of QE – QE Round 4 – which will lead to a further strain on the real economy as those on top get continued easy free, while interest rates on investments, pensions, insurance and savings sit at zero, or even go negative, destroying wealth. Derivatives continue to rule the day, and everything remains in jeopardy.

    That’s why the Fed will eventually raise rates, at least just a little bit. But it will be too little way too late. The Fed has, in fact, lost control, according to many experts.

    USA Watchdog reports:

    Financial writer Bill Holter contends the recent announcement of the Federal Reserve not to raise rates means the “Fed Has Lost Control.” Holter explains, “Whatever the Fed does is wrong. The reason I say that is because no matter what they do, they can’t fix what they have already done. There is no policy at this point that can repair where we are at this point as far as debt ratios, derivative outstanding and the money supply exploding. Nothing that they do now can fix it. The only thing that remains is a reset.”

    In the reset, Holter contends, “All debt will be impaired. . . . A reset is going to be a shutdown of the system. Everything will stop. When you are talking about bonds being impaired, you are probably going to see that start or begin in the derivatives market. The derivatives is the tail that has been wagging the dog for years. Derivatives are leverage, and you can use that leverage to control prices. … and when they lose control, that derivative chain between bank A, B, C and D is going to snap. When it snaps, the music stops and everything is going to stop.

    Thus, the possibility of a collapse is still very much a reality – and may well be imminent.

    The only question is, how long can they really keep the bubble alive? And when it bursts, will the Fed and government be able to maintain any semblance of control?

    Perhaps they can maintain the illusion for a while longer, but sooner or later, the bubble is bound to burst. When it pops, the consequences for ordinary people could be so severe that the 2008 crisis will bear no comparison. Many people would stand to be wiped out overnight.

    Those in the streets who haven’t stuffed cash under the mattress will be lucky if they can get anything out of the ATMs.

    Like Greece, there simply won’t be cash. Banks will go on holiday, and bank runs will take their course. Grocery store shelves will go empty and food may not be available.

    Once something does break, I don’t think it will take much more than 48 hours for you to wake up in the morning and find that nothing works. Your credit card doesn’t work. Your debit card doesn’t work. You go to your bank and the ATM doesn’t work, and nothing is going to work. The entire financial system will shut down. The reset will be the reopening. It’s not the closure that will kill you, it’s going to be the reopening. In the reopening, everything is going to be revalued.

    This is not going to just be a financial problem, but a problem getting things you need to live. Holter says, “These big stores get stocked up every single night. . . . The average store only has food for about two or three days. So, this is not going to just be an issue about you paying your bills. It’s going to break down so badly it is going to be an issue about whether or not you can get food.” (source)

    Those who haven’t made preparations or saved assets like gold and silver will be at the mercy of government camps, and their neighbors, who will also be struggling.

    “It’s coming… whether this week, this month, or October… it’s coming,” Holter warns.

    Let’s hope he and others are wrong and the system is stable enough to hold.

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      1. I underestimated their ability to kick the can down the road. I had the foresight to see it coming and bailed out going to cash in 2007. For practical purposes I never got back in. Could have made 250% with the QE influx of funny money.

        Don’t discount their abilities. Reset is coming. When, ahhh when?

        • I think we have another two years before the real crash hits. Markets will be choppy to the downside to mitigate the froth and take the pressure off due to lower corporate revenues.

          Take out a BIG line of credit to purchase bargains on the cheap when the leveraged are desperate for cash. 🙂

          • If the currency crashes, the goods are what have value.

          • I thought your predictions of a crash in 2014 or 2015 were ‘in the archives’.

        • Same here Kevin2, I am staggered just how long this Titanic has stayed afloat.

          Maybe, just maybe it can keep going a long time yet, after all “money” is just paper and isnt backed by anything anymore, just trust. So while ever the sheeple “trust” that that C note wll buy them $100 worth of stuff the boat stay afloat.

          The longer this mess lasts, the bigger the crunch when the ass falls out ….. if it is gunna happen in my lifetime I would rather sooner than later while I am still strong enough to help my kids and grandkids.


        • When? When they can blame a Republican. (wink)

        • it s not about kicking the can down the road.
          more #QE is more money for banks, negative interest rates – less money for people. basically – complete wealth takeover coming. they want it all in their hands.

      2. QE4 is on its way, but a Black Swan event will bring it all down.

        • Blackjack

          They screw up the world and what happens? Nations, investors and the like move into the “Relative Safety” of the USD via US Treasuries.


          • Well there you go then.

            Keep screwing up the rest of the world and we’ll be fine, eh?

            • TheGuy

              It has to come to an end sometime but I’m continuously surprised at the rabbits they pull out of their hat. It does appear that as time goes on more and more force is being used to keep the charade going.

        • Along with the reset there needs to be like 600 scumbags in DC hanged to mark the beginning of a new day.

          • When the entitlements stop hitting the bank accounts, those scumbags will not be able to find a safe place to hide.

            The folks that have nothing left to loose will be hunting them like a wolf after a wounded deer.

            • That’s the time when I want to pop some popcorn and pick a seat with a good, unobstructed view.

            • BS. They won’t be able to get to DC on the bus. Instead, they’re gonna loot and burn the closest “rich” part of town. Because they’ve been told for 30 years that all their problems are because of “the rich.”

        • I agree on all points although I stayed in until MF Global fiasco. They have simply played it out as long as they could via manipulation and control mechanisms and we are at the end game now. I also agree an outlier event will be the catalyst to bring it all down and likely sooner than most realize or want to consider? Just look around the world stage and how many outlier events are already potential or in motion ? The look at all the incredible events right here in USSA today in the last 7 years ? Only the blind would think all is well and we are in a recovery and social issues are better. It is all [art of the equation.

          • Me too.

            The wise will make adjustments before the crash of the investment house of cards. Some will have the hindsight to get what they can and buy what they can afford, of preps and such.

            The fools and greedy types will pretty much say,”oh I’m staying the course and even buy up some more value.”

            I’m afraid that value they seek may never come back.

            There are millions that believe they will have ample time to sell their paper, before a total crash locks everything down.
            That is some risky, risky business.
            My own brother is one of the greed seekers and living in a high risk situation, with all his eggs in one basket. That basket could get squashed and all he has left, is enough paper left to wipe his ass when he fills his little pants.

        • Speaking of black swans, the stupid little emissions fraud that Volkswagen committed is going to very badly damage that company. Germany was already officially in recession and people should understand that VW is the biggest car maker on the planet.

          The head of Volkswagen has resigned and the stock has fallen 30%. They are looking at potentially billions in fines and possibly being barred from markets. Likely sales of affected cars will be blocked in the US until they can prove the problem is corrected, and recalls may be required. Imagine if VW must buy back all cars sold? VW could very well be driven into bankruptcy.

          This will be a major hit on the German economy. Imagine the hit on investors by the time this is done. It will translate to hits on retirement accounts, banks, lenders, hedge funds etc. This could be a Lehman moment for the German economy, and they are all that is holding Europe together.

          • And it was perfectly timed, too.

      3. “It’s coming… whether this week, this month, or October… it’s coming,” Holter warns.

        I don’t think this is right anymore to keep saying I for one feel duped as it is, buying in to the SHTF scenarios for September 2015. So here it is, nothing yet except for continued propaganda that it “will happen, we just don’t know when”. That’s such a loaded line, hard to take it credible anymore.

        I know there’s a lot of people here that have done WAAAAYYYY. More prepping and made great changes to their lifestyle in preps for such an event, but the average guys (assuming like me) that still have mortgages, car loans and jobs to attend to go to on a regular basis, which I’m assuming is a majority, this skin is falling …….tomorrow or maybe the next day … probably hurting your routine lives.

        I feel good knowing I have set myself up to keep my family secure and somewhat safe in the event of something bad,be it food, power, communication or weapons. But there has to come a point when one says…….enough is enough. Let’s go bald to enjoying what time we have vs always waiting for the end to happen.

        Im sure many will disagree, and an event tomorrow could easily discredit everything I’m saying, but no event kinda drive the point home that much better.

        Y’all be safe,stay alert and enjoy your family.

        • Agree 100%, what’s the point of living thinking of this collapse and worst, what’s the point of making it through the hell “the experts” portrait as coming soon! – rather enjoy my life now and get as many good memories as I can to take with me. All this prepping is only making companies richer… example the Ads on the left and right of this page!

        • Sailing Jim,

          I’m surprised your comment was not censored, you’re certainly going to ruffle the tail feathers of the big 3 doom porn and religious nuts who revel in the faintest hint of a worldwide apocalypse every day, they’ll tell you that no, they don’t want it to happen, and the following day say ” let’s gat the damn thing over with already, I’m tired of waiting!” And we have to remember you can’t have Armageddon without God showing up and flexing his muscle by wiping out all he created in his image because they didn’t follow what was written in a 2000 year old book that has parts of it missing, parts that have been removed, and still causes arguments among people who interpret it in different ways. Oh, and of course, NEVER watch a football game on Sunday and have a few beers with your friends, than you’ll just be a mindless ” sheeple” who likes sports and not doom porn.

          • The biggest “religious nuts” are you secular humanists. As a matter of fact, “religion” is anything that tells us where we came from, why we are here, and were we are going. And the most murderous religion ever is communism, which murdered over 100 million last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press.

            And to Sailing Jim, yes, good points. However, this is what German Jews said in 1937… “gee, it’s been years now, and none of the Hitler doom porn has happened.”

            Better to be a year early than a day too late. But you do have a point in that we “don’t know the day or hour” (to paraphrase the Good Book), and thus should not just spend every hour in a bomb shelter. For me, I keep on doing preparedness slowly but surely, each month adding something, doing a little training, buying a book, whatever. If nothing happens, I will pass much of this on.

            But here the thing. According the Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, who served in the Treasury under Reagan, and now is at Boston Univ, if you count ALL unfunded liabilities in the US, it amounts to $222 trillion (last I read). Tell me: ****how do you think this will end up?**** Riehart and Rogarth have conclusively demonstrated in their book “This Time is Different” that any time a country’s debt has gone over 100% of GDP in history, it was **always** followed by disaster (meaning Japan is in deep do-do). Maybe not immediately, but eventually.

            So, yes, don’t live every hour in fear. I, too, am a working stiff, and have had ZERO given to me. I, too, cannot just go buy some bolt hole retreat in New Zealand. But I am trying to balance self reliance/preparedness with living a full life. Heck, I just got back from a wonderful vacation in Alberta and BC. But I balance that with a continued emphasis on being self reliant and not assuming the system – and the nanny state – will just keep chugging along. My suggestion is you do the same.

        • Jim
          Preppingis never a waste, all sorts of small things can happen that make it nice to have some sort of backup,
          Now as for overboard tinfoil hat stuff,,,
          Pretty much ALL of these pieces are just BS and speculation. Factual info 4-8% fear porn 90%
          Most of this stuff is just hot air.

          • Kula’s right. You can’t go by anyone’s “predicted” date or anything like that. The only thing you can really count on is that bad sh!t will happen and when it does, preps are nice to have. Ultimately, you can’t control anything other than yourself so the best thing to do is prep for whatever…even if it’s only a few bucks at a time so when bad times come around you can stand on your own…self-sustaining.

        • There is no reason at all to live in fear or anxiety and still be well prepared for any event ! The biggest prep is your health and how you think ! after that your skill sets. Fat guys hording beans and bullets will be some of the first victims in any event.

          • Well crap, I’m screwed…..I’m 280 vs the 245 I’d rather be, and yes, I have beans and bullets!!

            Appreciate the positive feedback, I’ve learned a lot from the site, continue to read 95% of it daily! agree there’s those that are WAAAYYY to far out there (you know the ones that are so far out that it’s a reason I never reference this site to friends or family, for fear if they saw some of the comments they’d associate me with the same way of thinking!!). But there are a lot of like minded, conservative values, self sustaining people here that I think make up more of the majority vs the wild cards, I’m a Christian, had a similar end of days conversation with my Pastor (ironically after we went shooting together) but we both agreed that times do look bleak, but it’s better to be aware of our surroundings, be cognizant of what God tells us in the bible, but to enjoy our lives now vs allow the negativity to consume our daily lives.

            That is what has started to effect me and my interactions with my family, I honestly believe now how simple minded people can truly become “self radicalized” (not justifying, but imagining that if weak minded people stared at this 24/7, they could change their way of thinking in a bad way). I think if one lets themselves go so far down the rabbit hole of doom and gloom, you may never be able to realize there’s still nice stuff out here to enjoy.

            • I would agree with your sentiments above, and not let the oncoming SHTF freight train bearing down on us over-consume your thoughts. Over-focus can indeed make life suck… not only for yourself, but for those around us. For my money, I find peace of mind BECAUSE I AM PREPARED.
              Now, we all hit our preps from time to time merely because we run out of something and cash on hand may be low, or simple product rotation becomes necessary in order to retain a fresh inventory. What GIVES me anxiety is when we’ve used a significant amount of something, or rotated out something, and it remains unreplaced. THAT is what costs me sleep. Be it toilet paper, spaghetti sauce, bullets, ibuprophen or canned green beans.
              An easy remedy, I’m happy to report….. Be diligent and simply replace everything you use and keep your supplies at the optimum, planned level. THAT keeps my stress level down, and my frame of mind pleasant.
              The one area WE get lazy in? Pet food and supplies. Those will be some of the FIRST supplies that disappear from the store shelves when the bottom drops out. We will forget we took a case of cat food, or used 3 tubs of cat litter, or hit 2 bags of dog treats that we forgot to replace. I’ll check the pet food closet and freak….
              The other source of supply anxiety for me? Gasoline. I keep about 200 gallons on hand and I treat them to last a full year of storage. Towards the end of that yearly cycle, around Christmas, I burn through it by filling up the trucks with it, and re-stocking when the tax return comes in. Unfortunately, we hit a rough patch during the summer, and HAD to hit the gasoline storage. We used almost HALF of it, and funds have been tight enough where replacement hasn’t been possible. THAT is making me sweat. I’ll begin by replacing maybe two 5 gallon cans a week until I am full again.
              The secret to mitigating doom and gloom, and anxiety? Make your peace with the fact that we WILL get nailed with an TEOTWAWKI scenario, probably sooner rather than later. Accept it. It’s coming, and not a force on earth can stop it now…… Just make every last preparation you can in order to mitigate it for your family. Keep restocked, and then forget about it. Live your life, love your family, and get in every last ounce of fun and enjoyment that you can, and refuse to forfeit happiness to SHTF worry and anxiety. If you’ve made your preps, then worry is a wasted pastime……

              • I keep my pet as well stocked as I am…he’s quiet and a lot more efficient at finding and catching small animals than I am…he might be the one putting a rabbit or a pigeon on MY plate at some point. Any pet who can alert you, defend you or feed you, is your partner, and therefore worth taking good care of.

            • Hmmmm, I’ve suspected a little PTSD in preppers. Nothing like people in combat see, but certainly a factor to watch out for. We are in this for the long term, enjoy a day at the beach or a stroll in the park with those you love. The point of prepping is so you don’t need to worry. Step out once in a while.

              One of my calmest moments was the night before the huge storm that destroyed my whole region. I had been preparing for years. A little here, a little there, tune adjust. When the storm came as predicted, we sat at home snug as bugs in a rug. The only thing I ran out for last minute was a little wine and cheese, topped off the gas tank, and the wife and I enjoyed the wine and cheese by candle light as the storm did its worst.

              • Excellent points and yes there is a lot we can all do to help ourselves. How we think and then act is the critical component in every matter ! Unfortunately it is simply a given that we all live in many lies and our government has morphed into just a giant criminal enterprise. So we must think outside the box, because the box is tainted by the control freaks.

          • I have to agree that it is unwise to live in fear and anxiety over someone else’s dates. However, I have to disagree (respectfully) about the hoarders of beans and bullets being the first victims. Many of us are well prepared, but not over the top. Many of us actually do have a cache in several areas, but again, not more than is actually practical. You are correct, however, in your inference that many will fall first because they simply are abnormal. I do wish you the best when the shtf. I think we will ALL be surprised in one way, or another.

            • I am not saying you should not be prepared in those ways and well trained out as well. I am saying too many people put 100% emphasis on those matters and would be far better served to consider other issues like their health and fitness and overall well being. When you think and live that way it gives you much greater confidence and clarity and that makes it all much easier to deal with. We all live in very trying times for lots of reasons. And we are all receiving all manner of mixed signals that can create anxiety and confusion. So that confidence is a great soothing affect and helps us stay on track to a good result. My intention is NOT to insult anybody , but simply to tell the truth of many matters and hopefully motivate some more THINKING and then acting on it to good result! I have learned all these things from first hand experience and only write about those experiences. Not something somebody else made up or repeated. IMO there is no better teacher, and perhaps it is the hard way, but it works! and I am all about results not talk ! Good on all of Ya !

          • Thats why i like farming and gardenig and stuff, just feel way more peaceful, plus after a day of working around ang getting a good sweat on its easy to fall asleep, of course im up every half hour with aches and pains but still,,,,,

            • I try to spend an hour or two several times a week just sitting on the porch. I look at the trees, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and the clouds. Everything else in the world sort of goes away for a while.

              • ditto.

          • I prep because I don’t want to take part in a bloodbath over a can of corn at Kroger. I sleep better knowing that my family won’t go hungry if I miss a paycheck or two. It cracks me up to hear my daughter say “There’s nothing to eat”.

        • Damn it, now you went and done it , you had to use logic and reason. Your going to confuse people

        • I agree with you. However I feel that being prepared has not wasted my time and know that something is coming “down the pipe”.

        • Well, if you are feeling duped, Jim just hang on a couple days.

          Today or tomorrow i am posting some information that shows without a doubt, that several events have now set the stage for September as the month of the falling of the “first’ big domino.

          If you missed my earlier overview of a book I am writing called The Covenant of Death, I will re-post the Part 1 section today or tomorrow and give the newest info I have gathered for the book.
          That post got buried pretty quick since i attached it under an article/topic that had been up for a while.

      4. Wasn’t the “collapse” supposed to happen already?

        • hey youre not supposed to remember what last months articles said! just click an advertisers link!

          • Same bullshit – different day. ENOUGH WITH THESE SAME ARTICLES!!!

            • Then don’t read the site. Go out and party.

              And don’t think of those German Jews who said the same thing in 1938.. “they keep repeating this Hitler stuff. All doomer porn!”

              • Test,

                Yes, the BIG difference being that the Hitler thing actually DID come to pass, it’s been 8 years now we’ve heard all the gloom and doom porn, Add 7 years to 1938 and the German Jews would have been rid of Hitler, instead of here where it’s just another year of waiting for your ” inevitable” doom porn to swallow everybody up. Even Chicken Little eventually had to admit the sky wasn’t falling, how about YOU?

      5. After the collapse and rebuilding. There must be 100% availability of all financial information. That way we can know what’s really going on and fix things properly.

        • So Dave, ya mean I gotta tell ya about how much I have in my change jar???…Humor arh arh!!!

        • after the collapse, there must be %100 availability of the men behind the curtain so we can hang them all for treason and fix things properly.

        • That is the problem…”we the people” screwed it all up.

          there are too many liberal/heathens included in we the people now. Even if we still hold the moral majority, the supporters of the liberal /heathen agenda take them into the majority now.

          We ain’t fixing anything when it comes to this society.
          It is fubar. Finished.

      6. Here’s one for the preppers out there, if you could have only one rifle and one pistol to take into SHTF what would they be and why? Scar, M1a, Ar15, Tavor?

        • Green Tip 4 U,

          M1 Garand and 1911A1.

          They served my father, uncles and cousins quite well in WWII. I used them during Korea and I still do. They keep on chunkin’, never fail.

          Big punch down range and accurate.

          • Nice, old school guns for the old school school guy. 30.06 does pack a punch

          • Hi Semper

            Semi auto rifles are very hard to have here in Aussie now but I’ve always been a bolt action man anyway. My preference is the Rem 700 platform and I have a few in 223, 308 and 338RUM. I have 2 spare Rem 700 trigger assemblies and spare firing pins and springs. All my bolts have been converted to Sako extractors and I have 2 spares. Never broken anything in a Rem 700 anyway and I’ve given ’em hell for decades but have spare bits anyway just in case. I have Leupold VX3’s on ’em. My 22’s are CZ’s (Brno’s) and my shotguns are side by sides.

            Anything I want to do I can do with 5-6 basic long arms but got lots more guns though just coz I like ’em!


            • Remington 700 is always a good choice. But I prefer the .308

              The ultimate gun in my opinion is an AR, probably bcuz thats what I used in the Corps, I like the .308 the best.

              I also have a Remington 870 12ga Super Magnum.

              An old Mossberg 20ga bolt action w/adjustable choke. (Dad gave me)

        • One rifle one pistol eh we’ll personally I think i would grab my. 30-30 m94 its light holds 8 rounds short low recoil easy to bring up and aim pistol : easy. 44 smith Wesson model 29 6″ Barrel reason heavy bullet don’t matter where you hit your target its going to at least make a large wound. Plenty of ammo power easy to find shells quick draw holster and I’ve practiced plus there is the intimidation effect its a scary looking gun especially when looking down the business end

          • Really a m94? You wouldn’t want a semi auto, magazine fed weapon that holds 20 or 30 rounds? To each his own.

            • For simple bush survival yup I don’t plan on fighting only survival and keeping family loved ones safe. Not that I don’t want to however I have several that depend on me

          • Whatever’s got the most common (and easiest to reload) ammo.

            I’m torn on the handgun between revolver and auto. Auto’s appear to be a lot more twitchy than I ever thought (limp wrist failures, magazine feeding tab failures, on and on) but revolvers take basically the rest of your life to reload.

            Fantasy Football world? HEHE

            Ohio Ordinance HCAR and that… really short (almost pistol sized) autoloader shotgun that looks like it’s some kind of AK variant.

        • I’m an AK fan myself, but for SHTF (especially going mobile) I’d have to go w/a Glock 19 and an AR. Mainly due to light weight and ammo availability.
          Other choice would be a rifle/pistol combo that shoot the same caliber.

        • depends on your location. rural? M1a and enough ammo and parts to feed it. better rifle for hunting, better manstopper, no real concern about ammo weight vs number of rounds since you are bugging in. urban/suburban? AR15 and supporting gear. you will be (initially) concerned with self defense, raiding supplies from wherever you can and supplying off others (PD, Mil, clueless gun owners, etc) and they all have AR/M4/M16 derivatives. You will eventually be on the move, so rounds/weight becomes more important. The other two guns you mentioned are toys in a true collapse. remember, a gun is a paperweight unless you can get parts and ammo. Good luck brother 🙂

          • whoops misread that a choice between those 4.
            My personal choices are a rifle length AR15 and the Glock 19 for the reasons mentioned above, although thankfully I have more than one option at my disposal should other needs arise.

          • I wouldn’t go so far as to call them toys. I understand your logic in saying parts for the Tavor or scar will be harder to come across. But there’s a reason our special forces use the scar and the IDF the Tavor. There both good guns, I believe the Tavor even runs AR mags. Also how many tens of thousands of rounds can you get out of a quality rifle before you have to worry about replacing parts?

            • Owning a Tavor It wold be my choice in a urban area, I would rather use it to clear a house than any weapon I own. In a open area the Scar in 308 wins.

        • 9MM pistol (my preference SIG). Most likely to come across ammo for it in a SHTF event. Current bullets work very well in real world. AR15 for gun, Not my fave, but everybody has one and therefore, again, ammo is ubiquitous, spare parts plentiful. Not optimum, but can also kill any North American game. They are lightweight and you can carry a lot of rounds or have a lot of rounds around you per pound of ammo.

        • Easy
          My LWRC REPR
          Good at range, besides the 12-24 Vortex it has BUIS, 20rnd mags 7.62×51 so real common round, reasonable weight for its ability
          Is also good for rapid engagement, besides the flip soghts is co witness with a EOTec 512 so can switch optic fast and be ready for whatever.
          Hand gun
          Para Ordinance 1911 dark in 45ACP
          Is just a nice handling side arm,
          I have no desire to be a warrior! But the REPR can hunt and the 1911 is just a good quality simple gun.

          • I like the way you think.

            • Why thank you….

        • AR,good shotgun(pump) and a FNS in 9 mm. Lotsa ammo! M1A for long range,.22 for small game.

          • My M1 Carbine with 30-round mags for first line of defense along with 12-gauge pump. Ruger 10/22 for small game and backup.

            • I don’t particularly care, as long as it’s dependable, uses a common available ammo, and I can hit what I’m aiming at with it. I’d prefer a handgun that will fit wherever I want to hide it, and a rifle that isn’t too heavy to carry.

              In this one respect, I’m easy to please.

        • SKS rifle(7.62X39). Most any 9MM semi auto pistol.
          My choice is based on ammunition availability.

        • I’ll take my kimber 1911, and model 7 .308 with retic scope set at 200 yds. I’m in the country, lots of good over watch positions on my hill, and neighbors who will cover the left flank.

        • This is a tough question with many facets, including dominate climate, urban or rural, potential uses, ongoing threat levels, etc. I for one, wouldn’t be caught DEAD with only one of each, at least initially. Firearms are as varied as motor vehicles. They are designed and manufactured for different jobs, just like firearms. And folks NEED a minimum of;

          1) One long range heavy-cal sniper/hunting rifle.
          2) One intermediate cartridge battle rifle.
          3) One small game rifle
          4) One pistol/sidearm

          BUT, i’ll play the game here and imagine I had to evacuate or abandon my home in a rush, and I had to make a choice of one and one.

          Rifle choice for versatility; Polish RPK AK-47. Reason; It is a distance rifle, and with decent optics, it is specked to 800 meters in the right hands. It was designed as a squad level light machine gun, but was neutered to semi-auto before sale in America. BUT, it STILL retains all the light machine gun PARTS on it… 23 inch heavy barrel, thicker receiver with reinforced trunnions, thicker forewood to handle the heat, etc. The Vietcong used a version of this rifle for sniper applications as well. The thing is disturbingly accurate as well… A LOT more accurate than I thought it would be. Thus, it can cover more applications. It can serve in a sniping capacity in a pinch, an area denial weapon which was it’s intended purpose, and it can also be used as a battle rifle in a pinch. It’s a tad heavy for clearing buildings and smaller enclosed areas, but one could make do if they HAD to…
          Pistol: Romanian Tokarev TTC. The Tok basically fires a shortened rifle round. Commercial rounds fire between 1600 and 1722 FPS. Many surplus rounds fire upwards of 2000 FPS. 7.62×25, and the bullet has a LOT of mustard. Some would argue that the Tok has TOO MUCH mustard for basic sidearm applications, BUT…. I would rather have TOO MUCH firepower in a bad situation versus NOT ENOUGH firepower. I think urban scenes here….. If some ballbag is firing at you from behind a car, a dumpster, a tree, a brick wall or corner, some lower velocity sidearm AIN’T gonna cut it.
          Or, in a really unfortunate situation where your “Opponents” are wearing level III Kevlar, the Tok SHREDS level III Kevlar…. Something the 9mm, 22lr,40 cal, .38, .357 and amazingly, the 45 cal CANNOT do…

          My instincts are telling me not only to prepare for a SHTF situation, but a vastly protracted one. When the bottom finally falls out, this is not going to be a mere 3 or 4 months of misery, lawlessness, hunger and imposed oppression…. This is going to take YEARS to dig out of. The scope and magnitude of our impending crash compared to others in the past, is the difference between crashing a six seater Cessna, and crashing a fully packed 747/400. The scope of OUR collapse will be the largest and most severe ever seen. That said, I want firearms that are KNOWN for going the distance with little to no pampering.
          Just my humble…

        • Not a rifle, but a shotgun is my first choice. I did add a rifled turkey choke to mine and slug accuracy really snugged up. I can blow gigantic holes in things at well over a hundred yards.

          With an assortment of shotgun ammo you can hunt anything from doves, to bear/moose, and isn’t your daily priority food. Yes the ammo is heavy and bulky.

          For a handgun, I like a Sig Sauer P227 (.45 cal.), awesome accuracy and stopping power, modern design, double and single action trigger, decocking lever, get it with tritium sights, and it has the safest option-no safety.

        • M4( or any AR variant) and M1911, why? Because they are what I’m most comfortable with.


          • OK, hoss. Your secret is safe with me…… lol Good one.

      7. After Argentina and Greece…it amazes me how many people still think that their paper money is indestructible. It’s never been a matter of “if,” it’s always been about “when.”

      8. The title of this article says it all in a nutshell.

      9. I am usually the one who screams “FOUL” at anyone who sets dates but it is probably me now who is going to be yelled at…. That said, I have tried numerous times to post a “warning” on this site and each time I do it is deleted. I know that satan is responsible for this as the Woman cloaked in the Sun has given a message that the “final warning” which will be the collapse of the financial system WILL come while the Pope is in the USA. take it or leave it. if this makes it to the comments section then my job of passing this on to other brothers and sisters along the way is complete. pray, prep and protect.

        • The Truth.

          The Pope is on a six day tour. O.K. it fits.

        • I have had the same feeling….so thank you for putting that out for the people.

        • Nothing will happen while the pope is here….You can eat those words on Sunday after his departure for home. I will remind you then.

        • I’m not gonna bash you for making that call…. Look, it’s as plausible a theory and timeline as any OTHER I have digested.
          Makes some sense on a couple of levels as well. Question; Is this piss-poor excuse for a replacement pontiff safer in AMERICA? Or in ITALY? Defensive apparatus are a lot more limited in Italy. Now, if YOU were the pope, and you knew the world was about to ignite, would you feel safer under the protection and resources of the US military, or under the pontifical security that protects Vatican City?
          I believe the answer is quite self-evident. I find your theory again, as plausible as any other….

        • Like I promised…I’m back; no collapse while Francis was in town…nothing; just like I told you.
          Feel free to respond.

      10. Only real hope to prevent a collapse is for Yellen to bring in the TBTF banks and say to them
        – you have six months to unwind your derivatives. We will support you that long. After that you had better have your bank back in Kansas, because we are pulling up the Yellow Brick Road.

        Any other scenario implies that Yellen is going to wait until someone big ‘guesses wrong’ and actually ‘fails’. And that will get ugly.

      11. What is totally frightening is while the worlds biggest financial collapse is building to a super nova like event, our president is actively crushing the US economy because he thinks he’s going to save the planet by making the US into a 666th century culture, like all of Islam.

        This reset will be bloody. Watching the president and the pope make plans to redistribute the worlds wealth and save the planet, priceless.

        • Like two peas in a Pod.

          • Two turds swiling down the shitter!
            Sorry, sorta rude but couldnt help it

        • Just remember what true wealth is and fight like hell to keep it: Freedom, Liberty, and Personal responsibility.
          Everything else is paper.

      12. Any reset is by design. The only real rest is when the heads of multi national corps, banksters, and their minions are doing the rope dance in an international manner.

      13. There is no policy at this point that can repair where we are at this point as far as debt ratios, derivative outstanding and the money supply exploding.

        Teehee yes there is…

        Just… don’t try to invade Russia simultaneously like good ol’ what’s his face did…

        (I joke. Anything like that NOW would pretty much turn the planet into a cinder. But… technically? It’s not true that “there is no policy”)…

      14. I believe that there are at least two black swans about to come into view. One is Glencore, one of the largest commodity traders in the business, and the CDS are spiking. The other is Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Europe, and it is firing folks a la Lehman before the Lehman moment in 2008. The failure of either of these will crash the derivatives market and the financial systems.

        There are several “insider info” posts that suggest that The Event could well happen before October. I also am concerned that TPTB will cause a false flag event just before the financial collapse that will muddy the waters so that most folks will blame the collapse on the false flag event.

        I caution all to beware the logical fallacy “post hoc, ergo propter hoc.” An Event B that occurs after Event A does in no way prove that Event A caused Event B.
        Yet all too many folks fall for this logical fallacy all the time.

        Everyone best watch their six from now on…

      15. In this case with the fed,when it’s broke,don’t fix it.Long term free market economies will work just fine,tis the getting there that will be the fiasco/ratfuck/whatever you want to call it!

      16. The Fed’s monetary policies aren’t working because they are based on an outdated model of the economy. It assumes a strong on-shore manufacturing base and a consumer driven retail sector. The manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas and the only jobs are part time service jobs paying little over minimum wage. People can’t spend and restart the economy without money. The Fed has no solution to this structural problem. The end is obvious.

      17. Man I’ve been hearing any day now for 6 years, shit or get off the pot. And if I does happen, and we let the fed do a reset, well we are as dumb as we look. If the economy does collapse, the reset should include ousting every government and private banking agency involved.


      18. I’ sure Hillary and her flying monkeys will save us.

        “Socialism (lit. ‘gouvernement’ in Fr.) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        Thanks, leftists, for destroying the richest, best, freest country the world has ever seen. Fascists.

      19. Vote for Hitlery. She’ll save us!

        How? Why… she’ll just perform more of her miraculous cattle futures trades for the whole country. Simple

      20. I’m staying put. Moved to the doomstead in 04 with no regrets.

        Still working to get it right. After 10 years working at it….it’s still gonna be a struggle. I read what you guys post to get ideas for a better way. Thanks for your very useful information. More should read what you guys are doing and pay attention.

        I’m working on a solar water heating system for the doomstead now. Hope I get it up and running before cold weather.

        Yeah I can do wood but would much rather use the sun than muscle power at my age.

        Keep talking guys. There have to be more than just me that read more than post. I read here to learn.

        Thanks for your help.

      21. I watched the full video, it is scary stuff. However, as long as they can print paper money and print worthless gold and silver contracts without question, they can hide the fact that the gold vaults are empty.

        The first act of a rouge government is to empty the treasury, nice job Obummer.

        The US gov and Fed banking system are really good at hiding the pea under the shells. I think it will take an outside event or a serious oversight on their part to allow a crash.

        A few weeks ago when they were heading off the impending Shemitah collapse it was interesting to see index funds suffer massive losses due to rule 49 during the recent crash days.

        Essentially rule 49 boxed in index funds to minimize their affect on the markets. It forced then to delay trading and limited hours of trading in the markets. It in fact caused havoc in the mutual fund industry and destroyed vast wealth in 401k accounts. Big corporate America was unaffected, so from TPTB perspective, rule 49 was a total success even though it totally ef’ed over the average American.

        • Rule 49 is a complete manipulation and a very obvious one. Notice it only is applied in one direction ? It is all just an illusion at this point and nothing more. all held together with cyber dollars created from nothing to fool the masses as if all is well ? For those that think nothing is in the making and it is all just fear porn, my response is simple. Is what you see before you sustainable in perpetuity ? And do you see anything getting better or worse daily ? I have no idea exactly how any of it will play out or precisely when. But I do know there will be fallout from the massive debt and the loss of confidence for USD as word trade currency given all of our Govs insane policies for decades now. And yes BHO and crew have put it all on steroids because they can ! When I look at all the potential outlier events in the world I know it is truly a matter of time and circumstance not if ? And the deliberate acts to divide this nation is not by chance ? So we are being manipulated and that means there is an end game.

      22. We have all been hearing the same apocalyptic warnings for so long, so many people don’t see how close the wolf is to the door. Yesterday, we went to our banking branch to get some cash, and our teller told us that JP Morgan Chase was really being cheap lately. He said that to us in the earshot of his supervisor. Said that the new policies were really hurting staff. Branches will be putting in money machines in lobbies and cutting tellers at branches. Deutsche Bank cutting 25% of its workforce, along with many other banks across the world. When the banks have to tighten their belts, you know who is next…

      23. CAT to lay off 5,000 in Peoria. Hewlitt-Packard to lay off 30,000. Depression.

      24. I went to Walmart tonight. Every conversation I heard was in Spanish. In six short years the demographic here has completely changed. They are poor. Many were buying groceries with EBT cards. It was late, and many undocumented work hard long hours when they can find work, so they shop late. The demographic is different if I go at 10am vs 3pm vs this trip at 9:30 pm. It was an eye opener.

        The thought occurs to me that 30 to 40 million from south and Central America know all about living in tough times. They have seen death regularly, they fled some serious crap, many were personally involved. If the SHTF, they will likely be survivors, while soft ignorant Americans, who won’t even buy a gun because they don’t want to live in a world where they will need one, will be fertilizer!

        When the SHTF it’s going to get very interesting.

        By the way the incoming young immigrants change the US demographic, an influx of young workers will help pay bankrupt Social Security and cover falling tax revenues. Immigration is not all bad.

        The influx of large numbers of Muslims with a strict religion that is antithetical to the US constitution and our way of life, has me very concerned. There will be nothing but conflict, which they will call Jihad! And we will call an unexpected statistical increase in violence, rape and murder……

        • Sorry, I do not see any positive to illegal aliens? They are not undocumented workers. That was a term that was created so the politicos would NOT have to use the real term illegal alien. Like everything else here in USSA today we all live in many illusions and that is just one of them.
          There are many more, like Obamacare ? And yes BHO has illegally opened the doors wide to both latinos and muslims for a reason and it will not end well.

      25. Greece is in a “reset”

        The US is in debt $18 trillion that is managed by the same Wall Street financiers that imposed and control the Greek debt. Ref.Ref. FUNDING THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

        The source of funds is from hidden profit by the Federal Reserve.

        Are you ready for austerity in the ‘reset’ ?

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