The FED Can Rock The Boat

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Headline News

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    This article was contributed by Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    The markets are loving the FED’s waiting game. In the eyes of smart money, as long as Jerome Powell isn’t concerned with this inflationary nightmare, the markets are dull and boring – that’s not bad, since they’re quiet and appreciating.

    Daily, like a good soldier, the market gets up to go to work and rises a little bit at a time; it’s just too easy.

    For the millions of millennials who came into the stock market in March and April 2020, watching bananas ripen from green to tasty yellow isn’t enough; they have a secret death wish and are not in it for the 30-year pension plan. This type of market, without any “action,” a market that just climbs up slowly, is not “fun.” 

    They want action!

    Parents know what I’m talking about… You put your baby to bed and you have no idea how he will wake up or when; it could be just a quick nap for 30 minutes or a long one that lasts 2 hours. Also, we don’t know what his mood will be; is he going to have a big smile on his face or will he cry and be hungry?

    A sleeping baby is calm and a waking one needs attention.

    In the past two months, we were sitting next to a sleeping baby; our boring stocks have been hitting 52-week highs: Just look at our January 5th, 2021 watch list HERE, where we highlighted Dropbox (DBX) and Walgreens (WBA), both of which are up 35% and 34% this year alone.

    Next month, friends of mine are headed to Las Vegas, but they’re not there to gamble heavily. Granted, they’re going to have fun and enjoy Sin City, but they know that it is the casinos, which are making the big money, not the gamblers.

    People who want action swing for the fences, but it inevitably ends in disaster. People who have a goal of making money don’t engage in self-destructive behavior and don’t gamble when they shouldn’t.

    Courtesy: Incrementum AG

    If you’re looking to make big money, look at this 70-year chart of the BGMI/gold ratio. It points to a 50-year bear market, which started with the 1971 gold standard cancellation.

    Ever since the Nixon shock, the underlying commodity has performed far better than the miners; that is, up until 2015 and 2020 when gold stocks bottomed and bottomed again.

    If the sound of unsustainable deficits sounds bad to you, then call your congressman, but I don’t think any politician has the willingness, guts, or influence to change the course of the ship.

    We believe the mother of all opportunities has been confirmed.

    In Vegas, tourists come to play and lose money.

    I’m not here to do that; this chart is proof-positive that miners are attractive for the first time in 50 years and have a good chance of demonstrating outstanding performance.

    Time will tell if I’m right on timing, but the value is clearly unreal.


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