The FDA Is “Preparing” For A Bird Flu Plandemic

by | May 10, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    The Food and Drug Administration in the United States is preparing for a bird flu jump to humans that becomes a pandemic. The FDA’s top official says that if this current bird flu does become a pandemic, it could kill up to one in four people.

    Dr. Robert Califf told a Senate Committee that officials in the FDA were drawing up plans to roll out tests, antiviral drugs, and vaccines in the event the virus jumps to humans. Several months ago, the ruling class was preparing for the bird flu that actually sickens people, to spread to humans. They have already stockpiled a lot of “vaccines” and can make more of the injections readily.

    Bird Flu “Vaccines” Are “Authorized” & “Warehoused” As CDC Demands Human Surveillance

    U.S. Can Produce 100 Million Bird Flu “Vaccines” In Months

    The fear over this potential jump to humans is ramping up lately. Califf said the risk of the bird flu spreading to people was still very low, with only one person infected so far, a farm worker in Texas in March.

    One Person In Texas Has Been Infected With Bird Flu After Handling Cattle

    “This virus, like all viruses, is mutating,” he told the policymakers. “We need to continue to prepare for the possibility that it might jump to humans…[The] real worry is that it will jump to the human lungs where, when that has happened in other parts of the world… the mortality rate has been 25 percent.”

    Those who want control are going to try to get people to agree to a massive surveillance state. They already tried this during the COVID hoax, and what we saw was an unthinking and willing-to-obey population deathly afraid of getting a cold.

    Dr. Califf, who was speaking to the Agriculture Committee, added: ‘We gotta have testing, gotta have anti-virals and we need to have a vaccine ready to go. We have been busy getting prepared for if the virus does mutate in a way that allows it to jump into humans on a larger level.”

    “We’re in an enviable position compared to any time in the history of the world. Viruses are relatively simple, so coming up with a matching vaccine is entirely possible in a short period of time.”

    According to a report by The Daily Mail, the U.S. already has a stockpile of about 20 million bird flu vaccines in its national stockpile, officials say, which are “well matched” to the H5N1 virus.


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