The Fall Of America Signals The Rise Of The New World Order

by | Dec 2, 2015 | Headline News | 123 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt Market.


    “The contemporary quest for world order will require a coherent strategy to establish a concept of order within the various regions and to relate these regional orders to one another.”Henry Kissinger, “Henry Kissinger On The Assembly Of A New World Order”

    “[P]art of people’s concern is just the sense that around the world the old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a new order that’s based on a different set of principles, that’s based on a sense of common humanity, that’s based on economies that work for all people.” Barack Obama

    “We reiterate our strong commitment to the United Nations (UN) as the foremost multilateral forum entrusted with bringing about hope, peace, order and sustainable development to the world. The UN enjoys universal membership and is at the center of global governance and multilateralism.”Fifth BRICS Summit Declaration

    “We support the reform and improvement of the international monetary system, with a broad-based international reserve currency system providing stability and certainty. We welcome the discussion about the role of the SDR in the existing international monetary system including the composition of SDR’s basket of currencies. We support the IMF to make its surveillance framework more integrated and even-handed.” Fifth BRICS Summit Declaration

    Here is where many political and economic analysts go terribly wrong in their examination of current global paradigms: They tend to blindly believe the mainstream narrative rather than taking into account conflicting actions and statements by political and financial leaders. Even in the liberty movement, composed of some of the most skeptical and media savvy people on planet Earth, the cancers of assumption and bias often take hold.

    Some liberty proponents are more than happy to believe in particular mainstream dynamics. They are happy to believe, for example, that the growing “conflict” between the East and West is legitimate rather than engineered.

    You can list off quotation after quotation and policy action after policy action proving that Eastern governments, including China and Russia, work hand in hand with globalist institutions like the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank and the U.N. toward the goal of global governance and global economic centralization. But these people simply will not listen. They MUST believe that the U.S. is the crowning villain, and that the East is in heroic opposition. They are so desperate for a taste of hope they are ready to consume the poison of false dichotomies.

    The liberty movement is infatuated with the presumption that the U.S. government and the banking elites surrounding it are at the “top” of the new world order pyramid and are “clamoring for survival” as the U.S. economy crumbles under the facade of false government and central banking statistics. How many times have we heard over the past year alone that the Federal Reserve has “backed itself into a corner” or policy directed itself “between a rock and a hard place?”

    I have to laugh at the absurdity of such a viewpoint because central bankers and internationalists have always used economic instability as a means to gain political and social advantage. The consolidation of world banking power alone after the Great Depression is a testament to this fact. And even former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has admitted (at least in certain respects) that the Federal Reserve was responsible for that terrible implosion, an implosion that conveniently served the interests of international cartel banks like JPMorgan.

    But the Federal Reserve is no more than an appendage of a greater system; it is NOT the brains of the operation.

    In his book “Tragedy And Hope,” Carroll Quigley, Council on Foreign Relations member and mentor to Bill Clinton, stated:

    “It must not be felt that these heads of the world’s chief central banks were themselves substantive powers in world finance. They were not. Rather, they were the technicians and agents of the dominant investment bankers of their own countries, who had raised them up and were perfectly capable of throwing them down. The substantive financial powers of the world were in the hands of these investment bankers (also called “international” or “merchant” bankers) who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unincorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation and national dominance which was more private, more powerful, and more secret than that of their agents in the central banks.”

    In “Ruling The World Of Money,” Harper’s Magazine established what Quigley admitted in “Tragedy And Hope” — that the control of the global economic policy and, by extension, political policy is dominated by a select few elites, namely through the unaccountable institutional framework of the BIS.

    The U.S. and the Federal Reserve are mere tentacles of the great vampire squid that is the new world order. And being a tentacle makes one, to a certain extent, expendable, if the trade will result in even greater centralization of power.

    The delusion that some people within the liberty movement are under is that the fall of America will result in the fall of the new world order. In reality, the fall of America is a necessary step towards the RISE of the new world order. The Rothschild-owned financial magazine The Economist reaffirmed this trend of economic “harmonization” in its 1988 article “Get Ready For A World Currency By 2018,” which described the creation of a global currency called the “Phoenix” over three decades:

    “The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy. The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF. The world inflation rate — and hence, within narrow margins, each national inflation rate — would be in its charge. Each country could use taxes and public spending to offset temporary falls in demand, but it would have to borrow rather than print money to finance its budget deficit. With no recourse to the inflation tax, governments and their creditors would be forced to judge their borrowing and lending plans more carefully than they do today. This means a big loss of economic sovereignty, but the trends that make the phoenix so appealing are taking that sovereignty away in any case.”

    “…The phoenix would probably start as a cocktail of national currencies, just as the Special Drawing Right is today. In time, though, its value against national currencies would cease to matter, because people would choose it for its convenience and the stability of its purchasing power.”

    We are now on the cusp of the “prediction” set forth by The Economist over 27 years ago. The BRICS nations, including Vladimir Putin’s Russia, have all consistently called for the formation of a global reserve currency system under the direct control of the IMF and predicated on the basket methodology of the SDR. This new global system, as The Economist suggested, requires the marginalization of existing power structures and the end of sovereign economic control. Governments around the world including the U.S. would be at the fiscal mercy of the new financial high priests through the use of insidious debt based incentives given or withheld at the whim of the IMF.

    China is set to be inducted into the SDR basket in 2015, with specific economic changes to be made by September 2016, a development I have been warning about for years. The “vote” is in and the decision has been finalized.  While some in the mainstream media are playing off the rise of the Yuan as meaningless, IMF head Christine Lagarde presents the shift as a major event, not for China, but for the IMF and the SDR which she proudly refers to as the “currency of currencies”.

    The addition of China to the SDR, I believe, is the next trigger event for the continuing removal of the dollar as the world reserve currency. The monetary shift may explode with speed if Saudi Arabia follows through with a possible plan to depeg from the dollar, effectively ending the petrodollar status the U.S. has enjoyed for decades.

    This is, of course, the same IMF-controlled SDR system that Putin and the Kremlin have called for, despite the running fantasy that Putin is somehow an opponent of the globalists.

    Putin continues to press the “U.S. as bumbling villain” narrative, while at the same time supporting globalist institutions and the internationalization of economic and political governance. While many people were overly focused on his “calling out” of the U.S. and its involvement in the creation of ISIS in his recent speech at the U.N., they seemed to have completely overlooked his adoration of the United Nations and the development of a global governing body. Putin often speaks at cross purposes just as Barack Obama does — one minute supporting sovereignty and freedom, the next minute calling for global centralization:

    “Russia is ready to work together with its partners to develop the UN further on the basis of a broad consensus, but we consider any attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the United Nations as extremely dangerous. They may result in the collapse of the entire architecture of international relations, and then indeed there will be no rules left except for the rule of force.”

    “Dear colleagues, ensuring peace and global and regional stability remains a key task for the international community guided by the United Nations. We believe this means creating an equal and indivisible security environment that would not serve a privileged few, but everyone.”

    Putin also proclaimed his support for the UN’s fight against “climate change”, the same climate change which Secretary of State John Kerry argued was a “contributing factor” in the crisis in Syria and the rise of ISIS.  I have written in the past on the fraud of “man made climate change (global warming)” and will not enter that tangent here now, but the point remains that Putin is fully on board with said fraud like all other puppet politicians around the globe:

    “…One more issue that shall affect the future of the entire humankind is climate change. It is in our interest to ensure that the coming UN Climate Change Conference that will take place in Paris in December this year should deliver some feasible results. As part of our national contribution, we plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions to 70–75 percent of the 1990 levels by the year 2030.”

    “It is indeed a challenge of global proportions. And I am confident that humanity does have the necessary intellectual capacity to respond to it. We need to join our efforts, primarily engaging countries that possess strong research and development capabilities, and have made significant advances in fundamental research. We propose convening a special forum under the auspices of the UN to comprehensively address issues related to the depletion of natural resources, habitat destruction, and climate change. Russia is willing to co-sponsor such a forum.”

    Indeed, it has been Putin’s intention all along to support and defend the internationalist framework while at the same time participating in the theatrical East versus West false paradigm:

    “In the BRICS case we see a whole set of coinciding strategic interests.

    First of all, this is the common intention to reform the international monetary and financial system. In the present form it is unjust to the BRICS countries and to new economies in general. We should take a more active part in the IMF and the World Bank’s decision-making system. The international monetary system itself depends a lot on the US dollar, or, to be precise, on the monetary and financial policy of the US authorities. The BRICS countries want to change this.”

    The Chinese support the same agenda of an IMF managed economic world:

    The world economic crisis shows the “inherent vulnerabilities and systemic risks in the existing international monetary system,” Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan said in an essay released Monday by the bank. He recommended creating a currency made up of a basket of global currencies and controlled by the International Monetary Fund and said it would help “to achieve the objective of safeguarding global economic and financial stability.”

    It is rather interesting how the desires of the BRICS seem to directly coincide with the designs of international bankers. This Hegelian dialectic is perhaps the most elaborate public distraction of all time, with the ultimate solution to the artificially engineered problem being a single “multilateral” but centrally dictated world economic system and world government, i.e., the new world order.

    Again, the globalists at the BIS and the IMF require a diminished U.S. dollar, greatly reduced U.S. living standards and a much smaller U.S. geopolitical footprint before they can establish and finalize a single publicly accepted global elitist oligarchy.

    If you cannot understand why it seems that the Federal Reserve and U.S. government appear hell-bent on self-destruction, then perhaps you should consider the facts and motivations at hand. Then, you’ll realize it is THEIR JOB to destroy America, not save America. When you are finally willing to accept this reality, every disastrous development since the inception of the Fed a century ago, as well as all that is about to happen in the next few years, makes perfect sense.

    This is not to say that the ultimate endgame of the new world order will result in victory. But the cold, hard, concrete evidence shows that internationalists do have a plan; they are implementing that plan systematically; and all major governments around the world are participating in that plan. This plan involves the inevitable collapse and reformation of America into a Third World enclave, a goal that is nearly complete, as I will outline in my next article.

    As the U.S. destabilizes, we are not escaping the clutches of the Federal Reserve system, only trading out one totalitarian management model for another. It is absolutely vital that the liberty movement in particular finally and fully embrace this reality. If we do not, then there will truly be no obstacle to such a plan’s success and no end to the tyrannies of the old world or the new world.

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      1. google…
        HARRY J: Mass Immigration And The New Tower Of Babel.

        • Learn how to cook for yourself. I mean learn how to make your own flour, bread, oil. etc. The average millennial doesn’t know shit inside the kitchen.

          Get a meat thermometer. All meat in SHTF must be cooked to an internal temperature of 170 degrees F which is called “well done”.




          • Acid, who are YOU calling faggots? You forget, we’re all STRAIGHT people.

            • Acid, Do you go to bed with a problem on your mind then wake up with a solution in your hand?

            • What makes you think we’re all straight?

          • And you would be pissed as hell if another Country came and did this to where you live courtesy of the crazed neocons.

            Remove spaces:
            http : // www . peakprosperity . com/insider/95544/murder-and-mayhem-middle-east

            Image of before and after the USSA destabilized Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria

            Remove spaces:
            http : // media.peakprosperity . com/images/MENA-before-and-after-2015-11-29.jpg

            • “Governments around the world including the U.S. would be at the fiscal mercy of the new financial high priests through the use of insidious debt based incentives given or withheld at the whim of the IMF”.

              This is EXACTLY why a ONE WRC will never happen as long as the FED exists to serve Corporate America and the MIC. These people and their politicians will NEVER give up power or control. Why should they? Its THEIR system. They created it. They manage it, and they hold voting control over it, even with the Yuan included in it as DESIGNED.

              Why would the PTB let your “new financial priests” take it over? Never, ever, happen.

              The only way your scenario can emerge Brandon, is if the USA and Europe are physically destroyed. As it is financial war is well under way and the BRIC’S are LOSING, losing big time, and will lose. A physical war will follow.

              Contrary to Alt Media protagonists, NWO America will not be destroyed, but will win the Third World War, if Christian prophecy is to be believed, and One World Government will be a Corporate Government; of corporations, by corporations, for corporations.

              That is my observation, not my desire. 🙂

              • So, end timers, is the NWO a necessary prelude to Christ’s return and reign in a one world theocracy? I have read that the Internet and global communication is required for all to hear the Word of God so that each person can hear and choose for themselves, prior to His return.

              • I admit I have pretty much ignored end times prophecy because the minute you are born, you are in your own end times and need to behave accordingly.

            • great links thanks

          • Acid, does this handkerchief smell like chloroform???

            • Damn it Genius I got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.
              AE, you little shit stain..if you should only live so long.

        • Anonymous, thanks for the link. I have been trying to explain to family that I thought that the NWO was the attempt to reconstruct The New Tower of Babel. However, I was unable to articulate a coherent/persuasive argument.

          That blog post will help me present the argument that the massive levels of immigration we have witnessed in recent times, along with such things as state enforced multiculturalism and political correctness, are integral policies of th NWO and it is really the modern attempt to recreate Babylon.

          Babylon was so evil, Satanic, Occultism that God destroyed and scattered them. The NWO is the attempt to undo what God did!

          • Yes and besides ancient babylon, the one major and Only True group globally that has Always been called “internationalists” yet somehow are never named nor mentioned even by so called “alternative info media”.

            Are also the main body parts of todays current “internationalists” and of which they are historically THE Only one group or “race” or “religion” that Has created It’s very Own religion FROM their time of 70 years captivity within ancient babylon!

            Every named perversion, occultism, evils, unethical, Immoral, and just plain Antichrist pattern of religious concept and belief and Practice ever since their 7o year captivity Is alive and ongoing today 3500 years later…

            Yet while litterally Every website online so called “alternate info or news or freedom group” claims to be purveyors of real truths never seen nor heard of from any of the Mainstream TV news etc….

            These alternate sources too fail to reveal or name or even mention in hushed whispers that one true “internationalists” group/religion first seen, while in babylon, then aquired and transformed into their newer form of babylonian talmud.

            And while yes maybe some such alternate sources are just Blind as bats to such truths…Most are Not!…However like most of msm and 99% of general population in usa, they simply refuse to accept the now far Too many fact based truths well sourced and documented which proves this as fact period…I rekon like MSM TV news shows, it is far eaiser to just reject and pooh pooh it all and/or revert to nasty name callings designed as a weapon tool to Stiffle and censor and delete these type truth infos eh.

            Because logic dictates there simply are zero other good reasons that even today with so many websites/books/articles and even Admittings of these facts about that one and Only true Internationalist group planet wide, admitted to by some of that groups Very own persons whom hold the main groups Highest accolades and officialdom positions etc…Even some are Top Tier Rabbis!…The Major silence is rather, defening eh.

            Yet still while so many endevor to hold very realistic discussions about the true perils aproaching us All soon…None as yet follow thru with a 100% truth.

            It always comes very close, yet remains always somewheres around 1/2 truth more or less eh.

            Ironically I do not ever recall any real true adversary of God and of All Mankind as written of within His Words, other than that one true international group at core of the problems, yet while to name the real enemys has Always been Key to defeating any enemy, today it seems too Taboo to name it or them…Does this mean we are going to Lose?…Kinda difficult to actually war against any enemy one fears to Name eh. Or if not fears that huge taboo of nameing it, simply keeps a paper bag over noggin so to Hide from that truth and reject it as fact.

            Disclaimer: yes I am well aware that a “few” websites do name names etc…Actually it is closer to many such sites now…But in comparision to grand total of alternate sites…It still represents far too small aka too little too late still.

            And I fully agree we witness today an ongoing attempt to recreate the original ancient babylonian systems that are certain destruction to most all folks globally…About the only new changes or differences is that the ancient group/rulers has vanished from earth and been replaced by a new Tribe with exact same desires first seen and learned of/absorbed by said new tribe rulers, some 3,500 years ago while there in babylon the original.

          • If people listened to their intuition they would know all this.
            The anti-semitism now broadcast everywhere, the cheering for any “man on a horse’ who appears as savior.
            Am I the only one who grew up with the old newsreels?

            When I read that America’s Allen Dulles brought the good news to Hitler that the banks were endowing his dream, I gave up imagining little me could grasp world events. But most on the net do imagine they can…and they are being fooled royally by experts.

            Our recourse is to live good lives and pray with faith. There will be no human saviors except a few nobodies who risk themselves for goodness sake.

            • That you use the main weapon-word of antisemite shows how royally Fooled you truly still are eh.

              Same as word raysist as used by blacks 24/7 to stiffle truth and keep blacks as always main “Victim” status group…

              That word of antisemitism plays same role only by margin of at least 50-fold as much to keep jews as worlds only victim group what should matter.

              And reason you see increase of such talk etc now?…Because thats how the tribes entire past history has played out…IE: first they infiltrate unsuspecting white nations, then under cover of deep darkness, hidden well behind many shabozz goys aka polititions and mass tv news shows etc…They spend 100-200 yrs on average corrupting and banrupting that nation and its peoples.

              Untill finally at some point of time and usually due to the tribe members maintain a huge ego and hubris and towards the end of their nefarious deeds usually don’t any longer try to hide what they did or still do…

              Thats the point usually where nations folks awaken to it and to just which group has done these things.

              It is also why the group must cling to always portray itself as worlds biggest victims that never ever deserve whatever happens once pissed off folks awaken.

              of course historicaly they has been booted out from every of at least 109 nations since 245 ad…Plus their big bootout in 70 AD…And even today in the vast Info age we live in we still see majority folks falls for the tribal explaination as to why did they get booted out of every nation ever in?…Simple acording to them..Its always due to They Never ever did anything wrong period…and ALL non tribe members aka global Goyims are evil nazis and haters!….Don’t tell me You also fell for that eh!

      2. Certain people on this earth should be take out.

        Kill them all let Allah sort them out…

        • Just excuse the fuck out of me. You can buy assault rifles in the big CA but you have use a screwdriver to change magazines. Occasionally the acid makes a human mistake. I am only human after all, except for my ethereally big dick.

          Early reports cite a police scanner call centered on a Muslim male shooter.

          I pray to God this is true. It might drive more people against more importation of the savages.

      3. There is one really, really big obstacle for the New Order and that is Christianity.

        • Bullshit old man. The number of committed Christians in this country is exceeding slim. Take a look at the television. The whole country revels in committing sins. Secularism reins supreme.

          • Then what is the end of days all about since you know everything blowhard. And it’s Ms. to you. I’m as far from an old man as you can get.

            • Ms. Anonymous nice try but you just can’t fix stupid.

          • exactly Acid.

            There are christians

            and then there are

            committed CHRIST(ians)

            • All two of them.

              Yeah this place is going… to go all Old Testament here in the end. Like thinking of this particular city and a pillar of salt and all that.

          • Christianity has been scorned and ridiculed by experts. But there are plenty of humble souls who go to Sunday School and pray, who live good lives.
            Their number has never been large. reading Wesley’s journal it is so touching when he visits towns 40 years after the original Methodist movement passed through. He finds a few still unspoiled and sweet with the pursuit of holiness. He mentions them by name.
            There are also good souls all over the world who care for orphans and feed poor neighbors.
            Television only puffs fakes…that’s a rule of thumb!

        • Yup, the Marxists figured out that the Christian Faith, as practiced by most of Europe during WWI, was the reason the Red Revolution in Russia didn’t spread to Germany, France, Italy, and England.

          Since then they have been doing everything that they can to destroy The West and the Family.

          The KGB/FSB is really good at it, just look at all of the Propaganda in the MSM/Net.

          NWO=World Wide Communist Conspiracy

        • Really? The Christians in 501(c)(3) churches you mean? From what I’ve seen, they aren’t stopping anything.

          • You couldn’t pay me to go to a mega church or 501 c/3.

            • 501 c/3 is to keep your preacher/teacher from warning you who your real enemies are.

              And if they/you are getting your lessons from the Scofield version of the Bible you are being hopelessly blinded.

              Spend a little time finding out who/what and the why of Rothschilds agent Scofield. You will throw your book and the preacher/teacher in the trash heap where they both belong.

                • Brsveheart1776

                  ht tps://

                • Braveheart: have you yet read Chuck Baldwins new article at newswithviews site? Heres a few sample snipits and entire article can be read at listed header named website.

                  By Chuck Baldwin
                  December 3, 2015
                  NewsWithViews dot com

                  I’ll say it straight out: Russia’s Vladimir Putin is the only one fighting a Just War in the Middle East right now. The United States, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel are fighting ongoing wars of aggression and are committing egregious acts of terrorism–and as such their leaders should be regarded as international criminals.

                  Turkey was all too willing to accommodate Washington’s war crimes against Russia, as Putin’s war on ISIS is starting to have a significant impact on ISIS’s oil shipments to Turkey (and from there to Israel)–which is one of the reasons why Turkey has been assisting the Islamic terrorists.

                  Researcher Joel Skousen writes, “There is evidence to back up Putin’s statement that Turkey is an accomplice of terrorists. The UK Guardian has the story about how Turkey has been marketing stolen oil from ISIS to fund their operations and bribe fighters to join.”

                  Skousen goes on to report: “Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan have not been targeted by ISIS because they are supporting it with clandestine training, arms and funds.”

                  Contrary to the insane ramblings of war-mad senators such as Lindsey Graham and John McCain, the vast majority of the people in Syria SUPPORT President Assad. The only ones who are trying to depose him are the governments of the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey–who created ISIS for that very purpose. Now, Vladimir Putin is putting a huge monkey wrench in those plans. Putin is also showing the world that the West’s “war” on ISIS is totally phony.

                  Even Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, bluntly stated that G.W. Bush and Barack Obama’s wars in the Middle East helped to create ISIS.

                  A recent report in Christian Today further shines the light of truth on the real situation in Syria:

                  “The world leader of Syria’s besieged Christians has issued a heartfelt plea to the West to ‘stop arming and supporting terrorist groups that are destroying our countries and massacring our people.’

                  “The Patriarch of Antioch, Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, said he was not asking the West for military intervention to defend Christians.

                  “‘If the West wants to do something about the present crisis, the most effective thing would be to support local governments, which need sufficient armies and forces to maintain security and defend respective populations against attacks.

                  Speaking in the days after meeting the Pope in Rome, he had just returned from Qamishli, his home town, where he met thousands of new Christian refugees who fled after Islamic State jihadists attacked Hassake, in Jazira province.

                  “Along with bishops of his church he recently had talks with President Assad of Syria. ‘President Assad urged us to do everything in our hands to prevent Christians from leaving Syria. “I know you are suffering,” he said, “but please don’t leave this land, which has been your home for thousands of years, even before Islam came.” He said Christians will also be needed when the time comes to rebuild this devastated country.’

                  “He said the majority of Syrian citizens support Assad’s government and have always supported it.

                  “‘We recognize legitimate rulers and pray for them, as the New Testament teaches us. We also see that on the other side there is no democratic opposition, only extremist groups. Above all, we see that in the past few years, these groups have been basing their actions on an ideology that comes from the outside, brought here by preachers of hatred who have come from and are backed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Egypt. These groups receive arms through Turkey, too.’ “He said the Islamic State was not the Islam that Syrians have learned about and lived alongside for hundreds of years. [emphases added] ‘There are forces that fuel it with arms and money because it is useful. But all this also draws on a perverse religious ideology that claims to be inspired by the Koran.’”

                  Chucks words:

                  When will the American people escape this neocon-globalist matrix that is nothing but a phantom creation of the U.S. government and its toadies in the mainstream media? When will America’s pastors start arming their churches with the truth instead of joining the Pied Pipers of global war and destruction?

                  In reality, Hispanic drug gangs such as MS-13 have beheaded many times more people than modern Islamic jihadists and are much more sadistic and grotesque in their killings than ISIS.

                  Why don’t we see these images on national television? Why aren’t our good Christian pastors foaming at the mouth against these killers? I’ll tell you why: they haven’t been whipped into an anti-Hispanic gang war-fever by the mainstream media. Plus, there’s no religious bigotry there that the neocons can channel into a war-fever.

                  we should be blaming the true purveyors of war and destruction: the New World Order globalists and neocons in Washington, D.C.

                  “The best academic estimates on the number of civilians killed in the illegal U.S.-led wars on the Iraqi, Afghani and Pakistani peoples amount to at least 1.5 million as a direct result of Western military action of one form or another [emphasis in original]. Several million more deaths can be added when indirect deaths are included. At least 20 million more have been displaced from their homes.”

                  It is the globalist-neocons that created the jihadist terror groups ISIS and al Nusra, that continue to fuel the fires of terrorism, that create the immigration crisis with more than 5 million refugees that have flooded Europe and that is seeping into America, and that have turned the people of the United States (including, and maybe especially, Christians) over to a spirit of hatred and fear.

                  As incredible as it is, when I’m forced to look closely at what the international gangsters Barack Obama, David Cameron, Benjamin Netanyahu, King Salman, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan are doing in the Middle East–and given the fact that the Russian president is the only leader that is truly at war with ISIS–like Donald Trump, I can only find myself rootin’ for Putin.

                  of NOTE: At least the nation state ISIS supposedly so hates and so desires to exterminate has NOT been yet attacked at All! IE: that state would be the “Jewish State of Israel” (sounds kinda like seperatistic and racist to call ones nation by that title no?)

                  News Flash USA!! Perhaps American’s has not one main enemy but Rather it has TWO Main Major Adversary/Enemys eh?….Both has also a religion which abjectly Opposes Christianity too…Coincidence?…No!

                  • what proof do you have that Israel is funding ISIS? Israel not attacked and it will defend itself mercilessly eve if it means nuking Saudi/ISIS controlled oil fields

        • We Christians have weapons and are in no way prohibited from using them by our faith in defense of our lives and our freedom. Allah is the devil and our government has turned full on evil in league with his worshipers so war is inevitable here. Fearful odds but oh well. Gonna be brave or a coward? I don’t think God approves of cowards.

          • Bible is clear about not making yourself a martyr. Unlike Koran.

        • I’m glad you said Christianity and not “The Church” spit.

          There’s hope for all with someone like the Christ.

          I cain’t keep the rules & regs of good livin’ but I’ll put my trust in someone as understanding as Jesus.

          Fuck knows… We all need a friend.

          • God’s the One, and the only One Who can keep the “rules and regs” of good living. It’s called nature. God made it and rules it–in spite of the arrogance of government so-called “land management” (managed destruction). God set the world up to either run by His “rules and regs” or be destroyed and therefore renewed. Trusting in God to be God is the way, dear Agent Skinhead. You’ve got it right to trust in Jesus, the Son of God, and His teachings.

            • Thanks Anon.

            • PS, now you’ve got me wondering if you’re HIM?

              Man, wouldn’t that be so friggin’ mind-blowing cool.

              Yessiree, the mind wonders.

        • No not really. American Christians are no obstacle to anything. If anything religion has helped move the NWO as you call it right down the line.

        • I agree that Christianity is n obstacle, but I think Christianity is a dying religion.

          That being said, Christianity often times grows when the church is under persecution.

          There is a real push nowadays to persecute Christians. Just like the bakers that refused to bake a Lesbian cake. They were fined $100,000.

          In New York a wedding chapel ranch refused to do a gay wedding. They were fined $13,000.

          Before long the government will be fining regular churches that refused to preform gay weddings.

          Nowadays, if you are a believer, then you are a bigot, a hypocrite, and a homophobe. You must welcome and praise sin and sinful lifestyles or you are the bad guy.

          • John and Everyone

            I am a christian and will remain one. I have a personal example that shows why Christians are not changing much at this point. I have posted about it before on here. I work for a very large fortune 500 company. We had a leadership meeting at work about respect. We were shown seven different videos and then discussed each. The videos were of gays, transgenders, women, different nationalities, and different religions. We had discussions about how certain actions could be considered offensive to the individuals in the videos. All of this was done in the name of diversity which is the new PC code word.

            Then at the end of the meeting we were told that the company has a new regulation regarding prayer. If I as a supervisor am asked to pray at a meal for example I am to defer to someone else.
            I went balistic. I told them that I would not abide by this policy. I said if a muslim layed his prayer rug down and prayed to the east right now nothing would be said. There was around 35 to 40 people in that room. I am friends with the majority of them. There was some argument but I am the only one that said I would not abide by the new policy. Fire me now if that is what it means. We all make one good living because of the company I work for. I am blessed in that regard.
            I am heart broken when I think of my friends in that room who would not refuse the new policy. Some are much better Christians than I in my opinion. I cuss, smoke, drink, and always have the temptation of a beautiful lady in my mind. I have a beautiful wife and don’t act on the temptation but it is my biggest weakness. There are some deacons that were in that room. They go to religious conferences and men’s retreats. Yet no one spoke up and said they would not do this.

            Christians should be up in arms about the rights that are being removed from us. Gay marriage, Christmas is now called a holiday, abortion in the new Obama care, are examples. Christians seem to be the only religion that is told what it can and cannot do. If you are a Muslim or an Atheist you have the right to say you are offended and the government will support you.

            Christians as a whole are not standing up for what they claim to stand for. That is what is going on here. It saddens me to no end. This country was established by christian’s and was established on judeo christian principles. It was also established on the premise of freedom of religion. Other religions or peoples have the right to believe, not to believe or practice what they want. I support that right as well. Freedom and morals are what made this country the greatest on the planet.
            This country is not the great country it once was and sadly will never be again unless we turn back to the old ways. Christians must stand up as a whole along with there fellow non believers if this is to happen. Unfortunately it will not in my opinion until it is too late.
            In that room I sadly saw what Christians do. It just infuriates me and breaks my heart. Stand up for your beliefs. Even if it means hardship for you and your family. Otherwise all is lost.

            Where does your allegiance lie? Is it the dollar, is it freedom, is it a belief in God, is it a belief in a social utopia? Who stands up in this country right now?

            Unfortunately for us all it is not Christians as a whole even though we are being persecuted right now for our beliefs. This is going to get much worse.

            • You are correct to act, sir. You are one of the chosen few.
              The example you gave of the acts of gov/corporate globalists do show where we, as a nation, are at. We have now begun the apostasy spoken of; which is the great falling away.

              Falling from grace and climbing into bed with the dark powers of the world, is the new pc mindset, which the nwo workers call diversity.

              As you say; “This is going to get much worse.”

            • Just the sign of the times Mike. We’ll all (who believe) have to face and deal with the persecution. I plan on standing with the “Father and Son” and from the buttstock side of the rifle.

              • If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.

                Good for you Mike, your one of the courageous.

            • I salute your conviction. There was a border guard in Switzerland who ignored the timetable for refusing to let Jewish families cross into Switzerland from Germany. He let hundreds cross and turned the other way.
              He was fired, denied his pension, and had to take his kids out of good schools…his whole life came down in the world. But he never regretted it, nor did his family.
              Personally, I think the Call to Prayer and the prayer mat is one of the best things about Islam…it reminds the world of the Divine. I reject cruelty and hate, not prayer, even if I disagree with theology.

            • Mike in VA,

              I truly appreciate you. You honor Christ.

              God bless you and your family richly.

            • . If I as a supervisor am asked to pray at a meal for example I am to defer to someone else

              Explain?? Meaning what??

        • The Big obstacle is not christians, it is ARMED PEOPLE. And people that know their tricks and call them out. Whats sad is this is the greatest information age EVER and people choose to be ignorant retarded zombies…

      4. America will grow even darker still but will not fall. Hit your knees for now. His intervention is coming……….

        • I sure hope God’s intervention DOES NOT come to America. Through out the Bible God’s intervention usually means wiping out a population then starting anew.

        • Nlight

          I do believe Gods intervention is coming. I fear this country is the Great Babylon talked about in Revelations. I hope and pray I am wrong but many statements in the good book support that possibility.
          May God bless us all in the coming troubles.

          • Watched a film on that recently. I don’t remember saying I wanted to live in interesting times. I must a done it.

      5. Other anon,

        Reading the prophecies, Christianity will become hated and all but defeated before it scores the final victory at the final battle when Christ himself joins the fight and victory is snatched from defeat.

        I don’t worry about it as far as the side I’m on, I’ve read the back of the book and I know who wins.

        • Exactly, why get so up in arms about the inevitable persecution headed our way??
          Jailed for praying to God where not permitted isn’t getting us brownie points.
          But, praying silently is more an underhanded movement against the anti-Christian NWO they CAN NOT control.

          I utter a silent prayer of thanks for my meal when in public–God hears our prayers, of course, but he reads our hearts much clearer.

          • Meanwhile, Islamist’s pray openly and publicly, even blocking off streets to do so, with full government protection for doing it in spite of laws against it.

            The Bible doesn’t tell us to keep the Gospel hidden, it tells us to preach it to all nations and peoples.

      6. “The World is not falling apart, God’s plan is coming together”.

        If you want peace, prepare for war.

      7. So will there be a small branch of new banksters bank in each country to support the new system? If yes then I highly recommend to never apply to get a job there even as a teller since you’ll be a kosher target.

        • Stolz:

          Search the Secret Financial Network Behind ‘Wizard’ George Soros.

          I know you know the truth but this article will even surprise you. Names all the bankster culprits and their connections to Soros. He is a Rothschild agent.

          Make sure you go to the network 54 dot com site. You will be glad you did!

          • The Soros article, unlike most subjects at shtf, takes no prisoners. Names names and calls it like it really is. No PTB nonsense, no more guessing what has happened to the world….

            • But is it kosher?

              • kosher as in the Moronic Falacy of “Jewdeo-Christianity” perhaps?….Why do so many self claimed christian folk still refuse to research as to Why it is a huge Falsehood lable to call onself jewdeo christian?

                Even various jewish sites of infos has a section on how false that lable is!….Worlds and Israels TOP Rabbi leaders ALL speak of this fact. ALL have called jewdeo-christian something that Never was, Nor ever can be! and they explain it as judaism Vs christianity have and always shall be direct Opposites and never can conform to each other religious wise.

                I sense more of the cyrus scofield bible versions as wrote and published by Rothchilds Zionist as culprit number one…With culprit number Two being the great usa Mass of pastors that cling to and abide by and teach and preach 24/7/365 Nothing else But scofields proven falshoods eh….Which just leaves culprits number Three in america that comprise a vast 60 to perhaps now 70 million so fooled into apostasy Via said scofield teachings….

                The Bible states ” Adversaries of God and of ALL mankind” which is direct applied To that first 1/2 of “jewdeo-christian”…So How can it be anything But oxymoronic to state it thusley?…God says they are His and YOURS adversaries aka Enemys of Him and You! Yet some desire Gods great blessings while claim to be Part of His main adversaries?…Wakey Wakey ‘christians” so called.

        • I’d assume it’s cashless.

        • My son left banking. I left global law firms. Life is better without them. He bought a biz and I went into sales for national or local companies until I just retired. The best thing you can do is stop doing business with the Bigs. Remember they worship money. Walmart is coming down. They were a huge push on their suppliers to outsource manufacturing to China. Romney spent his entire career busting American companies and outsourcing to China. Strike against their pockets. I have been doing this for a dozen years. I use thrift stores. I garden. I am debt free except for a small mortgage… Almost free and clear. Wells Fargo illegally foreclosed 1.4 million homes to cover up fraudulently selling those mortgages 5-10 times each (bundled and insured by AIG). I no longer have accounts with them. Due to new accounting procedures, these companies look safe untilthey collapse. Like Enron. This isn’t as exciting as talking guns but it is effective.

      8. Well, this article certainly shoots down the theory that Putin is against the NWO.
        If it’s ‘give me liberty or give me death’, let’s blow the damn planet up and some of us could start over. It’d be a damn better future than the tax and tyranny slaves the elites would have us be.
        But I’m afraid the average dumbed down American and European (and a lot of other “developed” populations)
        will blindly accept this slavery.
        Just keep the Kartrashians and dancing with the stars bullshit shows on, they’ll all be happy.
        Is there another planet we can go to?

        • Ketchupondemand,

          I think Brandon missed Putin’s intentions. I 100% do not believe he is in-bed or in approval of the IMF/Globalists.

          Putin’s Russia has been manipulated and stifled by the IMF for the last 20 years. I truly believe he is convinced that in order to destroy the IMF, he has to get in with the IMF.

          Putin want’s nothing more than to restore the former Soviet Union….and that can only occur if the IMF removes all the financial roadblocks.

          He will destory global finance. But he realizes that he must be part of global finance before he can do it.

        • According to the mormons you get to be a god with your own planet when you die lol 🙂

          • CELLER Says: Putin want’s nothing more than to restore the former Soviet Union

            But that was full blown soviet jewdeo bolshevik communism.

            If by their Fruits ye shall know…so far Putins fruits aka Actions done and yet being done has been to Rebuild hundreds of formerly destroyed Orthodox Christian Churches of the total of 40,000 such churches that got destroyed By the Jewish Bolshevik Kommies and their evil secret police creation of CHEKA…

            From my research as to what does “cheka” stand for and mean? Besides of course secret cops etc…It is a Yiddish/jewish word that defines “Butchers of Animals”

            Ironic No? That said jewdeo kommies beliefs dictate that ALL Non jewish folks Are Goyim aka means a “Sub-Human Animal”! sub human animals created By God but withOUT a soul like a 100% true Human and soul that Only jews possess…Hmmm…Cheka aka Butchers of animals or butchers of White Christan “Goyim”? to the tune of at least 250-Million deaths by and for jewdeo bolshevik soviet kommies eh.

            Gee I wonder what those bolshies Grand Kids, now Dual Citizens within the USA has Planned for Us whiteys and christian folk huh?

            Sorry but if Putin really desires return to soviet union again?…I doubt he’d rebuild christian churches and even be a member in good standing of one in russia…Christianity- Communism is another Oxymoron similar to jewdeo-christian oxymoron is.

            So Far his fruits look much closer to a Nationalist Russian, a Very pro White-white man, and unless we see Other proofs also a good christian man….Far from return to commies soviet union eh.

          • That is only men that get their own planet. Women get to be the harem.

      9. Arm yourselves immediately. Do not waste time. Its arrived.

        • I have my Red Ryder by my side! I am Ready!

      10. WELL NO SHIT, and our engineered collapse has been planned for a long time

      11. Brandon , you know its Agenda21 , why dance around it.
        And yes , every nation embraces the UN plan for weaith redistribution and the end of private property .

        Until we can say RADICAL ISLAM , We will never get out from under the NWO . Just that simple .
        Political correctness is a cover crop for the NWO’s plantings of socialism and slavery .Coming soon in spring .

        • Yes it is agenda 21, which has now been upgraded with the latest September meetings by the world leaders and the poppy pope.

          It is now, agenda 30, aka to all come together by 2030. The time frame is right on track.

      12. Wake up people you have always lived in the new world order. This is just a game to those who are in control. Always give the people an invisible enemy to fight against and you will have their hearts and minds right where you want them to be.

        The control matrix consists of government, media, religion, public school education, parental indoctrination and entertainment.

        People love to spout off about how America used to be this and America used to be that. In fact the rosy picture we have of our country is due in part to the mass propaganda that is shoved down our throats since we were children.

        As parents you are probably doing the same thing to your children (although the spin maybe a bit different if you read this board and others like it).

        It still produces the same result and outcome for those in charge. Which is not Obama, not your members of congress, not your media, etc.

        Until you accept and acknowledge the truth about the founding of this country, the people who are behind the curtain, you will always be a slave.

        After all the best slaves are the ones who believe they are free. Who believe that it is only in recent history that your government has started to take away those imaginary freedoms.

        • RJ, good post. As long as you have govt. period you are NOT free. Too bad humans are too stupid and irresponsible to have anarchy…

        • You are correct but not about the founding of the country. The freedoms starting being removed in the early 1900’s. It started with the creation of the fed and socialist policies and has been decaying ever since.

          • This country has a legacy of being founded in blood. Founded on the persecution and suffering of other groups of people.

            Christians and those believing they are the “chosen group” are the ones who have done many evil things in the name of saving the heathen. Today replace the word heathen with spreading democracy. Same beast, just a different skin on the outside.

            If you went back in time and actually lived history you would come away with an entirely different perspective regarding the past of this country.

            Stop clinging to mainstream lies and start researching and learning the truth. Though I warn you, once you know the truth you will never be the same again. It is a double edged sword. Seeing the way things are recycled generation after generation and not being able to do a damn thing about it.

            What I have decided is that maybe we are not supposed to do anything about it. Maybe our purpose here is just to offer kindness and empathy and compassion to those who are weak and unable to fend off the wolves (whatever they may be).

            Maybe trying to stop an entity that is unstoppable is just a distraction from the bigger picture of this world. A clever way to keep us from doing what we need to do in these physical bodies we inhabit for such a short period of time.

            I don’t have the answers yet. But I am closer today than I was yesterday, last month or last year.

            • I hear ya. I do those things that make every day life kinder for someone. I don’t really believe Muslims are a big threat to this country… we are armed and dangerous. I do believe banksters already have their NWO… sort of. David beats Goliath regularly… so are a couple hundred banksters David or Goliath? Are 7+ billion people David or Goliath? There are millions of Americans building a different economy that excludes banksters and their NWO. Companies are failing because they refuse to deal with that. No matter the BIGS corporations doing stock buybacks are failing to do business, they are only propping share price until they recover or fail. I say a lot of people are turning their backs because they are creating a different kind of life. On a short term basis 3 million preppers prop the system up by buying supplies… once you are set up, why feed the corruption? I am approaching my version of set up and am withdrawing from this corruption. I recently realized I can get by on 750 a month. I would not have guessed that when I started down the self sufficient path. In a couple years I will drop my 350 mortgage. If I get my underground small house in I will drop most utilities. I am retired now and once I add more chickens and rabbits, fibers, etc. Don’t underestimate the power of paying off debt and taking care of yourself. Everything you do for yourself bleeds a bankster out. No mortgage, no car loans, no credit cards…

              • Rebecca: a question…I admire what you are doing..but what “if” the un thnikable occures and say for example you can no longer do those self sufficient things as described by you?

                I mean be it too old or become disabled etc…and at same time that may happen, you already disowned most all forms money and other various systems and methods most folks rely upon…Then What?

                Too old or feeble to go back to 40 hr work xtra cash to pay others.. and sooner or later stuff runs out and live food animals source don’t get fed and die off…Many such issues could drastically change such a lifestyle….Yet I see no mention of any sort of back up plan in what you wrote…I am just honestly curious is all, so if you do answer me back, thanks in advance and if you choose to not answer me its ok as I do not wish to pry to personal about your plans etc…

                • The way I see it, we all have to die sometime. My times are in His hands.

                • Them Guys,

                  I have more complexity than it appears. I came here as a last ditch trying to save my career in Intellectual property law. Didn’t work. Just before that, I found this property for nothing. I already have 100k equity on land alone. I bought fixed up sold older homes for years. I put a chunk of change in a family trust which my son (former bankster) handles. It is his inheritance and he watches it well. My grandmother got sick and one of her granddaughters lived with her until she died. I took care of my parents while they had cancer before they died. My son, without prompting, came home from university to help me take care of his grandmother for two years. My son plans to either move here or me
                  to move there when I need it or one of his two children might come. We discussed this
                  place as where he and his family might come if necessary. He also looked at buying the
                  5 acres next to me. His business is doing so well he called Monday to see if I will come
                  back and create this in the Pacific Northwest. His brotherinlaw is involved in the
                  conversation also. His parents are older than I am and his mom is pretty sick and he will take care of them as needed. The
                  Small extended family is 10-12 people. I am either advance force or (because my son’s
                  business is churning money at the moment) I will go back and do something similar b/c the
                  discussion is to create a family compound… with me being in charge of the garden. I said
                  I would come but no mortgage on the land. They are both more flush than I am and both
                  handy. I am a gardener and creative. He wanted to know how much land I need up there but it would depend on the property. I am creating raised beds so I can garden into my 80s because I love gardening. I do want to be able to survive without cash… very
                  uncertain world. Historically, those who survive the elite crashes (regular through history) had a home and garden paid for. And could feed themselves. And defend themselves. I focus on my creation so much I probably sound like a crazy old lady! My family is the type that take care of each other with love. Both families are serious preppers and I am a Permie at the least. I have worked hard all my life and taken care of my family. My son ditto.

                • When my generation was partying down I worked and took care of my family. I am very down to earth.

      13. Most of the gold is in their subterranean lairs. Eventually they will be after all the above ground gold.

      14. I agree the living standards of Americans must be reduced. People working for $8.00 an hour when they should be $15 hr. Bunch of cunts ruin it for the rest of us. But hey as long as they can buy a new car they’re fine. As long as people will work for peanuts the work will find its way there. Hope y’all took steps to insulate yourselves from the shit storm. In my opinion America is finished socialism has been totally embraced. We all are state property.

        • Asshat, yep YOU your HOUSE your CAR your LABOR anything you have to register with the state IS state property. By using fed reserve notes as money you agree to the corporate terms. Your birth cert, is registered with the dept. of commerce as collateral for the debt. A whole spiderweb of evil contracts you agree to without even knowing it.

          • Americans have no clue about real poverty. If you are in poverty here then generally you have a car and a wide screen tv. You have heat and AC.
            Americans as a people are in the top 1 percent regarding living standards and income.
            True poverty is in other 3rd world nations.

            • True enough. I lived in Mexico 8 years (before current violence) and we lived well but much below US standards. They had a more relaxed life more about family than things. I used to think I would go back to retire, but decided I could do just as cheaply here if I shut off the TV and endless barrage of sales pitches. Even preppers have a billion dollar marketing scheme that supports the NWO. I come from backwoods stock and have some life skills. I am retired and have more time. Here is an example that I faced recently: I want French angora rabbits for fiber. Easy to raise, easy to take fiber, easy to eat. I read I needed a spinning wheel and talked to ladies at the yarn shop. Probably $600-1000. I started looking for used. I read articles online. For millenia people did spinning with drop spinners that cost a few bucks and can easily be made. For no more volume than I need, a hand spinner is sufficient. A spinning wheel was industrialized mechanization and made spinning yarn/thread a cottage industry. I will spin by drop spinner a while and see what I think. If I found a spinning wheel cheap enough I might buy it. Or not. Self-sufficient or cottage industry competing with slave labor? At this time… self sufficiency wins on a cost basis analysis. Drop spinning looks hard to me because I haven’t picked up that skill just yet. I knit with plain old knitting needles, it is slow but produces beautiful stuff. At night when I am not actively gardening, it is enjoyable. It is icy cold here in the mountains, angora is the warmest yarn there is. I think being prepared is about skills and thinking as much as piles of market economy goods. Water, shelter, food, clothing, safety. Get basic! I just bought Mylar sheets and put one over my mattress. Retired the electric blanket that kept me warm in a cooler house. For a couple bucks. I put a blanket and sheet over the top and it is awesome. I am of my century… but some things are NOT better in the China trash economy.

      15. Guess they’ll be putting a “666” on the currency as well….

        • 666 is just a number. A silly superstition that christians have. Some will even add another item to a shopping cart if the number 666 appears. As if you would be accepting the mark of the beast when you buy your groceries.

        • More like 666 On back of right Hands and Foreheads!

          but so far no other potential monetary system will work to control entire worlds peoples buying and selling other than a cashless debit computerized “money” system.

          maybe thats reason they been so trying for cashless everything the past 40 years or longer eh.

          Once enacted such a control of 100% of everything possible will make it even more difficult for any patriot polititions to ever arise again…Cashless means one small step in Other patrotic or expose’ direction by them and all they Own gets cut off at flip of switch. And ZERO future sell or buying of “stuff” any type stuff and ALL stuff.

          I’d wager current crop leaders and Pols and msm tv news media etc will be first in line for their 666 id marks eh.

          Yet look how many folks even at shtf still trust or believe tv news shows propagandas!…Will such folk also line up asap for Their number too?…Only if FOX TV Hosts tells them to right!!

          • I asked my bank manager about a chip for your banking and she said it was already tried and got a big push back from Christians. She said they are now talking eye scanners.

      16. Good article. Some of us have known of ‘the plan’ for a while and it’s worth mentioning that it has been delayed, altered and is outright risky for all of us including our ‘shepherds’.
        Although the BRICS are on seemingly on board with dystopia err, I mean UN governance, do not imagine the likes of China won’t twist this when ‘the event’ comes to pass. I have lived in many parts of this world and it’s my feeling that after the hand shaking is done on the SDR the knives will come out. And who needs nukes when you have a cryptocurrency to wipe out the old guard. Don’t write us the people off either. Same tool same result.

      17. Maybe watching Nibiru pulverize the Earth ain’t so bad after all.

        • Could be a blast !!!!!

        • sling, you bring the popcorn and I will bring the shine lol 😛

          • Fresh 100 proof sweet feed MMMMMMMMM 😛

            • I prefer Corn and the Barley Malt.

      18. Its not just undesirable but impossible for TPTB to accomplish and maintain their goal of global conquest without the US Military as chief enforcer.

        1. Its in their pocket in a symbiotic relationship.

        2. Its not just unequaled, its truly the only with global reach both Navy and land based.

        • K2, Even if they DO get their NWO they are inherently evil and power mad freaks. Power mad freaks don’t like to share power. They will fight among themselves it’s what psycopaths do. It will be dog eat dog over the carcass.

          • Genius

            I think of them like the mafia commission of criminals, “giving their word” to each other. Its a laughable concept.

          • I think they are fighting among themselves and that is why the controversy over invading Syria in 2013. I also suspect China and Russia is going along with the NWO group, but in the long run they may defect after all. Book of Revelation has kings of the North and East rebelling against the antichrist I believe.

      19. WOW!! From most of the comments, most of you have been Divided and Conquered….They win! SAD!!!!!

        • Do you believe the scripture?? It is written?
          But the last word tells us we Christians win.
          We will lose the battle, but not the war.:-)

      20. holy crap
        just when you think the government can’t get any
        more incompetent

        New breaches revealed in report that says Secret Service is ‘in crisis’
        h ttps://

      21. The GLOBAL ruling class (fascists all) are deliberately destroying america’s middle class. TPTB assume they will “ride the storm out” no matter what continent they reside in.

      22. Let me see if I’m understanding you, Mr. Smith. You put statements from the Fifth BRICS Summit Declaration, among statements from Barack Obama and Henry Kissinger, to show that all countries are in on the NWO takeover? Talk about making assumptions based on your own prejudices. Allow me to enumerat how I think you have no idea what you’re talking about.

        Your first mistake is assuming that either Kissinger or Obama is speaking using the clear, common meaning of words. The intended meaning of EVERYTHING that has ever been stated publicly referring to the NWO, has been obscured by doublespeak. They said it – but they really didn’t say it…did they? I’m not even going to address the snippet from Kissinger, because this particular paragraph is utterly meaningless, as he’s been much more clear as to the intent of the NWO than this. Do go back and look for yourself.

        As for Obama, WHEN HAS HE EVER TOLD THE PLAIN TRUTH? What makes you use his words here, as if these words now have some veracity? You use them only because it fits YOUR agenda, and it sounds about right to most of us.

        But there is just this one telling snippet that stands out to me: “we’re not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a new order that’s based on a different set of principles.” This falls in line with the fallacy of OUR assumptions of what HE meant by “Hope And Change.”

        Everyone ASSUMES he means change for the better, FOR US, but that didn’t end up being quite what he meant, did it? I think when he was talking about “a world order” with “a different set of principles,” I think he is talking exactly about the NWO as we understand it. I think he’s talking about a uniformly disarmed and subservient world, different from anything we’ve ever known as the human race.

        Second mistake, is trying to apply the same principles above, to honest language. The meaning of words shifts dramatically, when one is not trying to fool or cheat anybody else.

        “We reiterate our strong commitment to the United Nations (UN) as the foremost multilateral forum entrusted with bringing about hope, peace, order and sustainable development to the world. The UN enjoys universal membership and is at the center of global governance and multilateralism.” — Fifth BRICS Summit Declaration

        Notice the use of the word “MULTILATERAL.” This word means:

        1. having several or many sides; many-sided.
        2. participated in by more than two nations, parties, etc.; multipartite

        I’m sorry Brandon, but the NWO will NOT in any stretch of the imagination be a multipolar word. There will NOT be more than one equal side in it. That would defeat the whole purpose of taking over the entire world for the globalists to run at their pleasure, wouldn’t it? I think you must’ve misinterpreted your own quote.

        “You can list off quotation after quotation and policy action after policy action proving that Eastern governments, including China and Russia, work hand in hand with globalist institutions like the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank and the U.N.”


        As for your quotes from authors, those are just opinions, no more important than yours or mine.

        “We support the reform and improvement of the international monetary system, with a broad-based international reserve currency system providing stability and certainty. We welcome the discussion about the role of the SDR in the existing international monetary system including the composition of SDR’s basket of currencies. We support the IMF to make its surveillance framework more integrated and even-handed.” — Fifth BRICS Summit Declaration

        This paragraph just says that fairness is welcomed, and they hope the IMF gets a little of it…fairness, that is. There is nothing there that even suggests any kind of singularly acccountable monetary policy. You can try again if you like, but I’ve been over the publicly available texts for BRICS carefully, several times, and I can’t find any hidden meanings or double entendres.

        I’d be willing to debate the entire text, line-by-line with you, but it looks like you may need to study up first. Suffice it to say that the entire reason behind creating BRICS, was to answer the deceitful, corrupt use of the world bank system. The world has grown tired of the west using their economies against them. The world, understandably, got tired of being blackmailed with the U.S. dollar. They got tired of the uneven dissemination of loans and getting their VISA cards cut off on a whim.

        Your third mistake Brandon, was ASSUMING that the BRICS nations, including Mr. Putin, endorse the same NWO system that we know the globalists intend to create. The IMF, IF IT WAS AN HONEST OPERATION, could easily function fairly and be the only system required. BUT it is NOT being ran fairly, is it? The Rothschilds own it and use it for their own agenda.

        Apparently you expect these leaders to just come out and say the system is corrupt? Have some class Brandon. That’s just not how it’s done in world politics. Everyone KNOWS it’s corrupt. that’s why they all spent the time, effort and money to create their own alternative to the current system.

        Just like our Bill of Rights, the BRICS Declaration says exactly what it means.

        The rest is just Putin/Russia bashing. I’m afraid the problem is YOUR OWN PREJUDICES, probably against Russia. I strongly suggest you get rid of them, because they are clouding your judgment. The whole world is not evil and Putin is not evil, Brandon – even if that’s exactly what our govt wants us to believe. I thought you could think for yourself.

        Watch the other hand, Brandon and stop looking for monsters that aren’t there…or you’ll miss everything.

        • Excellent comment six-pack (as always). There are times that commingling the truth creates confusion even among the highly awaken people to help the real enemy and such is done by people who portent they are on the side of the truth and freedom.

          • Stolz: just look at how huge of a number of folks nationwide remain fully asleep due to…They heard of or will hear of various publications such as the Protocols of elders of Zion, yet flat out reject and refuse to even read a couple of its planks or statements, and its all due to they also somewheres from somebody, heard on TV news shows…That “oh them protocols are a Forgery!”!!

            So they never do try reading any of it at all…And if they did read it, they would be unable to deny how 100% closely those zio protocols resemble and Fit all we have seen happen the past hundred years in usa and for several hundred years in EU nations!

            Somebody remind them folks that in order for something to really Be a true forgery?…it Must be copied From the Original! kinda like conterfiet us dollars are direct Copies Of True us dollar bills..

            Forgery is just another in ever growing long list of words or names used as Weapons to promote a PC-Stiffle of folks who speak truth and refuse to ever shut up eh!

            Picture the mass wake ups if indeed a vast majority usa citizenery actually Did read every word of those zio plans!!….Good Luck on that eh…

            • They are spot on but NOT from Jews. The lie is the Zion title.

        • Iron sharpens iron.

          Side question: Is Angela Merkel of Germany a member of the dreaded NWO?

          • SLAVE, Angela Merkel is a kosher member of your tribe. She has been educated and trained back in East Germany. Now go bang your head against the wall or put a hot iron on your forehead.

      23. Common guys settle down..quit attacking each other..

        Belive me when I tell you all. I am not gay.



        Agency ass clown super moderator..

        • Oh, so what about me HCKS?

          I’m now left sobbing quietly into my pillow.


        No doubt once the word gets out, the leftist media will spin this as “workplace violence….” San Bernardino has a “growing Muslim population” (wonder if they can import a million more Muslim radicals from Syria there… say! How about placing these Muslims in Hollywierd, right next to the leftist glitterati… or in SF gay district?)
        The shooter has been named as Sayeed Farouk. His father described him as a religiously devout Muslim. “He was very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back.” Co-workers say that he “grew a beard and started to wear religious clothing. The long shirt that’s like a dress and the cap on his head.” And at some point his “religiosity” took him down the familiar path of Jihad. . .

        In other not-so-fun news, ISIS fanatics have executed 19 women for refusing to have sex with its fighters, a Kurdish official has said.

        EXTRA CREDIT: Ex-Pakistani Military Officer, Former Jihadist Warns of the Islamic Threat INSIDE U.S.

        • Let the hypocrite celebs take them in. Plenty of extra room in their mansions. Anything a celeb is promoting or selling, I’m not interested in or buying. Anti-gun celeb hypocrites are vile.

      25. Interesting aside; the South African Rand already displays the phoenix prominently on its coins.

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