The Facts: “This Is Something You Don’t Hear On The News Because They Want to Pick and Choose The Stats That Meet Their Agenda” (Video)

by | Jan 15, 2013 | Headline News | 266 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The media conglomerates and political machine have their agenda, and it’s not to tell you the truth.

    There are a lot of statistics being spewed about gun violence in America, much of them coming from purportedly credible news sources watched by millions of misinformed Americans.

    Do you want to know what’s really happening – where we find the highest levels of violent crime, gun violence, and the underlying causes?

    I think it’s important to also look at the overall violent crime. This is something you don’t hear on the news because they want to pick and choose the stats that meet their agenda. But, when you look at violent crime, the UK has much, much more than ours.

    So, less guns does not necessarily mean less violent crime.

    One thing I’ll tell you is our media and our politicians have not been clear with this. They make it seem so much easier than it is.

    There are a few things we do know.

    Over the past twenty years our violent crime rate has dropped by 50%.

    We know where the crime is coming from – metropolitan areas with population of over 250,000.

    We know that the UK has a higher violent crime rate. We also know that we have six times more large metropolitan areas than they do.

    All of those factors have to be considered.

    I feel like our media isn’t being honest about this. They’re using the public airwaves to spread their agenda and wrong information…Piers Morgan.

    As well as our politicians that are already introducing legislation before they understand what the problem is… Diane Feinstein.

    Did you know, in 2011, out of the homicides that were caused by firearms, only 3.5% were caused by rifles? And the AR-15 is a subset of the rifle group. Way to pinpoint the problems.

    I’m gonna tell you what.

    If they want to solve violent crime they need to put on their boots and go to those neighborhoods and figure out how to improve the poverty level, how to create jobs, and how to improve the education system.

    That is how you’re going to reduce violent crime in these neighborhoods.

    The facts don’t lie.

    Watch Amidst The Noise blow holes through the entire anti-gun argument:

    The approach to the problem being taken by policy makers is completely backwards. In New York, they have outlawed assault rifles and reduced maximum magazine capacity to seven (7) rounds of ammunition, essentially turning law abiding Americans in criminals overnight.

    Do they really think this will curb violent crime? Really?

    Ask the people of Chicago how gun restrictions are working out. The entire city is, as local police officers have described it, a domestic war zone, with over 500 people killed last year.

    The issues are and always have been population density and lack of socio-economic opportunity – not the fact that Americans are allowed to own and carry semi-automatic weapons.

    It’s time to end the debate about which guns Americans can or can’t possess, and start talking about how to ramp up production to meet demand.

    You want to stop gang violence, random killings, home invasions, and thuggery in America?

    Let law abiding citizens arm themselves to the teeth.


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      1. Is it 98 or 99% of all American gun owners are law abiding?

        • I was going to join the national coalition to ban hammers since they kill more people than “evil black rifles.”

          I couldn’t find it though; maybe I should ask Al Gore for a grant – he’s got money.

          • Two Democrat crossed and join the Republican to give them the majortty in wash state

            • It is a mistake to focus on private crime; focus on private crime puts us in a defensive posture on the issue. Attack them because they are the greatest danger to us all.

              In the 20th century governments murdered 1/3 BILLION of their own people, NOT including war. Mass murder by government dwarfs all private violence. Torture, drones, extrajudicial killings, looting banksters, rampant police brutality and misconduct, “our” government sold to the highest bidder—these are the reasons we must NEVER relinquish our firepower.

              AND we need the firepower to apprehend and prosecute ALL those guilty of crimes against humanity, including economic crimes against humanity… every last one of them, their enablers, their enforcers, their talking heads, EVERY last one of them.

              • “We must never relinquish our firepower.”

                I have always agreed with this and recently realized that I may be required to protect the second amendment by using it. HOWEVER, I am a young husband and soon-to-be father. Am I willing to let my child grow up fatherless because I tried to protect the future of this nation? Will I really say, “No, you can not have my guns.”?

                • ask yourself…would you want your kids to be slaves?

                  or would you want your kids to wake up one day and realize their dad had a chance to make a difference, but he was too afraid to stand up for whats right?

                  • Or worse yet,, they just flat out eliminate you all

                • So if you died in afghanistan that would be ok to leave your kids fatherless? I am fuzzy as to why we are over there but I am crystal clear why I should protect and defend the US Constitution on home soil.

                • I gave you a thumbs up, because I can see your point. But you ask, Will I really say “No you can not have my guns?” I think only you can answer that question. A person can always find an excuse not to take a stand, but that’s where you draw the line in the sand. Will you be a True Patriot, or just another go along with the crowd, make no waves and let someone else do the fighting for your Freedom. Other peoples lives are not as important, they don’t have families, wives, children and grandchildren. So my question is, will you say NO? Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

                  • Trekker, that was very well said. Thank you.


                • The answer is to always have one to give them, but keep others secretly hidden for later. Definitely don’t keep all your eggs (or bullets) in one basket.

                • REFRESHING, Actually your post is “refreshing”, because you spoke from the heart and from the head. And what we might face, could be more difficult than even being in the military during war time. When, and if, in the military, you don’t have to decide on your own what you are going to do. You are given orders from a Superior and you act there on. But in the civilian world we have to make our own decision without a support structure. I guess each one of us will have to make that decision when we look the elephant in the eye. Most often those that talk the loudest run the fastest. But I noticed that no one was critical of your comment, which is good. We can only pray that GOD will lead us, when it comes time to make that decision. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • Yes…will do. Thank you for posting.

          • If gun free zones are so good, let’s make the White House and the Capital building into Gun Free Zones……

            • Will work as good or better than the “Drug Free” Zones already in existence.

        • Hi EA,

          If I may, I’ll rephrase what you said here,

          Is it 98 or 99% of all American (non-felon), gun owners (that) are law abiding?

          Hoperfully that makes it all the morte clear….

        • The new gun ban movement has nothing to do with solving any issues and has everything to do with starting a fight with everyday Americans.

      2. Mark Twain was right…
        “There are lies, damn lies, and then you have statistics”.

        • @ Piper Michael. SO TRUE, lies, pure lies AND skewed statisitics. I cannot stand facts that are slanted and the gun issue is simply a liberal lie. I deal with science all the time, and you have to input correct numbers to get correct answers. These anti-gun and totally anti-self defense mongoloids use these whacked out numbers to further their agenda. I need not to upset myself again, but I was thinking about something.

          You have these anti-self defense creeps that are suppose to be so compassionate. Yet they not only try and do take away the self defense firearms for the elderly, but they take away stun devices and pepper spray for the elderly. They take away an old person’s self defense against not only the criminal scum, but DOGS that maul old people all the time where an old person has no way of stopping or slowing down an attack.

          These f’en anti-self defense slime are monsters, that would kick some old person’s walker out from under them so they would break their frail bones and land on their backs. This is exactly what they do when they take away their self defense and everyone else’s self defense. All because their sick little idealism says that no one should be able to defend themselves against an attacker. Then they lie about gun and other self defense statisitics and skew them out of the ballbark. Those that try to take away the old people’s self defense and all of our self defense and pure evil and hand in hand with the criminals. They are the criminals.

          • I really enjoy reading not only your articles, but your post as well. Keep doing what you are doing, because it is people like you that inspire other people to actually DO something.

          • I just have to wonder how long obama will “bait the chain”? And how long will it be before someone “takes” the bait?…..someone, somewhere is waiting ….is it you? or is it him? We all know it is just a matter of time before all of the crap media hype affects us all….everyone is in a state of flux….no one feels secure in their lives, their schools, their jobs, and feel no security in those who govern our Republic….SO…who fires the next “shot heard around the world?”….only the gov’t will fire that first shot….the true patriots of this Republic will Defend the Constitution and the Peoples who believe in it…the key word is DEFEND….let the aggressor show his true evil colors and attack first…not by the secret cloak of EOs but by the very evil forces that he wishes to command….bring it on….but do it in the light of day and with every citizen aware of its’ actions….
            I will, God willing, be there to Defend and Uphold….well, hell, I am old and what better way to go? I would happily give MY life in order that others who come after me can live in Freedom…
            May God Bless US All in the coming days…

            • Amen FOB.
              What better way to die indeed.
              And exactly right…
              and preferably get it up on youtube quick.

            • First shots were fired already several times IE: Ruby Ridge & Waco TX. Even if as you stated they go first?

              Do you really believe the MSm’s will not say We did it first?!

              Compare it to everytime jessie jackson or al sharpton whines of Racisim..They always call ALL whiteys racists.

              Includeing most all liberals who are so filled with phony white guilt complex, they too are included in whiney racist rants by sharpton et al.

              Even though white guilt ridden lib dems does most all what blacks always keep demanding and then some!

              So regardless what you do or do not do You Will get blamed. Be it racisim, or be it who fired first.

              If our side plays by rules and uses morals and ethics etc, and expects Their side and msm’s to also play “fair”..We Lose every time.

              We cannot use their hyjacked and controled systems and expect fairness for us.

              Like Claire Wolfe said in yr 2000, “America is at that awakward stage…It is too late to work within the systems, yet still too soon to begin shooting the Bastards”.

              That was 13 yrs ago….Hmmmmm.


          • Lovely BI.
            I have a funny feeling it will soon be Shakespeare time…
            What time is that?

            “Cry HAVOC, and loose the dogs of war.”

            We shall see what the HNIC has in store for us tomorrow. My guess is he won’t look as extreme as some think, nor as light handed as some say. We shall see if registration is the hidden agenda… like NY…
            Just remember ya’ll…

            First Registration.
            Brings Confiscation.
            Then Extermination.

            • @ Piper Michael. Everytime I hear this from Shakespeare I think of the movie “The Postman”. This always makes me get this deep eerie feeling of those in the future that are still left are going to look back at, 2013 to maybe 2014 and say, that is when everything came apart and lead to where we are now. The end of the movie was 30 years later after times had stabilized, something that after this happens humanity will be very fortunate to have. The movie was also set in the year 2013. Everything sure seems like it is boiling over, from the planet to manmade coming catastrophes. They even left the Doomsday Clock at 5 minutes to midnight. The times before it was this close was during the highest points of the cold war.

              I am truly wondering though if it is going to be some out of the blue Black Swan event that shocks the world. I can think of some that are not too farfetched, like the really stable asteroid belt being thrown out of orbit by something like a pinball arcade. I always thought that a comet could do this by impacting a large asteroid and this colliding with others. I could see some climatic event also. A strange Black Swan event would be an open revolt in the government like some post Soviet debacle. It sure seems like a shocker is coming, maybe it will be fault after fault rupturing. We shall see “when the bats begin their scramble out of hell”.

              • BI,
                If you are like most sensitive persons, then you feel the anxiety in your bones. This is the collective consciousness, something proven well enough at Princeton. They still have much to do, but, from their data it appears we are all connected as one on a subliminal level. It is also interesting to me, that the level of madness, especially in the libs, is becoming obviously apparent. This is because of their emotional bias, their envy, which is coveting, which is why coveting was called a major sin. To covet the stuff of others(even through the ‘proxy’ of gubmint), entangles you in the energy of ‘stuff’ by intentions.

                This is the ‘animal’ or dark side of man. Thus liberals represent the Dark side, they can spit and rant and rave all they want, but their entire philosophy is based in turning emotions into weapons.(My nephew said this was actually TAUGHT in COLLEGE now. This is the depth to which we’ve sunk. I blame them for all the ills of America and the world, because they kicked God and absolute moral-ism out, and replaced it with moral relativism. The Doctrine of upside down thinking with body parts other than the brain.)

                The earthquakes, volcanoes, the planets, the sun, all going wacko at the same time as the animal passions… hmm… I wonder where that was predicted…
                If I had to guess, I am guessing for a total meltdown of the dollar. Simply because trends and the prediction of Rev6:6, should be the next event on my personal timeline, in 2014-15, is about when the Tbonds should give up the ghost.

                If anyone is interested I have a link on my site.

                Global consciousness project

                • @ Piper Michael. I like your web site, I have visited it.


        • Mark Twain was actually quoting Benjamin Disraeli when he said that. Just sayin’.

          • And Sam Clemmons aka Mark Twain was remembered…
            Benjamin Disraeli who?

            • PM, you left off a /sarc at the end of this comment.

      3. Mac, I must respectfully disagree. It’s not ‘population density’ so much as the density in the population.

        • maybe we should move rifle manufactureing in closer to the dense populace .
          create jobs and wealth if they choose or maybe they will continue to thin the herd.
          works either way.

          • HH, just think of the people that will be out of work? We all know this is nothing about protecting the citizens, it’s about complete utter control without any reprisal from the law abiding citizens. Every single thing that is coming out from this usurper and thief is intentional. They will continue to kick, and kick, and kick the American people into submission. They don’t want anyone knowing the truth, but if you pay attention, they have showed everyone what they are about.
            More and more people are now questioning the Newtown shooting, because the lies cannot be hidden from fact.
            I only hope that the sleeping giant will be awaken again, which is the American people. TPTB’s agendas are in jeopardy, but we have to keep questioning everything and not allowing them to succeed!!!

            B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

          • Speaking of Manufacturing, this is something I have trouble understanding. Why so many gun companies are still located in Anti Gun States. Why continue to bring in revenue to a State that is set, on destroying your business. I know they have been there for years. But if all these other companies can so easily move over Seas, I would think a gun maufacturer could very easliy move over to a Gun friendly State, which are many. Why stay in Mass. or Conn. or Ill. where many are located. And this isn’t something new, these States have been Anti Gun for years. Ill. has had this FOID for 45 years. SO MOVE, RUGER DID! Trekker Out. Keep Em Handy!

            • that is exactly why i baught a Ruger P95 9mm,,,plus 1,000 rounds

        • @ Smokin’,

          Yeah, dey bee’s growin dem ‘denser’ by da week dont dey …

          As always, Brother, Thanks for the humor…but for that I’m not sure I’d be able to laugh much lately. 🙂

      4. Gang problem from outflow of Chicago.

        • Must be a downhill grade. Shit has a tendancy to move that way.

        • Yeah heard Rand Paul make same threat as well, question is are they willing to back up what they say or are they nothing more than meaningless threats lacking to develop into any type of action. As always actions speak louder than words and based on Obammys actions it would appear that he says whatever the hell he wants. I think most reps in the house lack the backbone to follow through with what they propose to oppose der fuhrer, so I ask, what at this point can be done? Is it so far gone that nothing can be reversed, at least civilly / peacefully, could a band of civilians march on the DC and overthrow this vile and corrupt rogue government without bloodshed, doubtful as obammy wouldn’t give up everything he has worked to put in place to be supreme dictator. Is there an organization which posses enough power and legal recognition which would be able to confront this administration and put em back in their place? If so I am yet to see it, demorats are too busy trying to tell everyone how they are not living their lives correctly, and the repubs are giving in to the lefts demands in more ways than I would ever like to see affirming my fears that hope from our “elected officials” is nearly non existent. So what can be done? Any ideas? Any thoughts? Anyone, anyone, you, you, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller?

          • The House draws up the Impeachment and the Senate prosecutes the Impeachment. But Harry Reid has to bring it to the floor of the Senate if the House sends it over. Think that will happen?

            • Harry will have to get off his knees and wipe his mouth first.

          • There is one way to TAKE POWER from Washington… but it is universally opposed because of FEAR. Fear of losing, when we have already lost to the forces of the Collective. This is the logic of the damned. We outnumber them, but allow them to run the show by being apathetic…
            There are now 25 RED states, that means we could possibly ‘win’ by losing…but we would rather continue to play checkers rather than chess…

            The Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned.

          • Seeker: Rand Paul was shown on Hannity last nite. Now keep in mind, and I think Most folks here agree, that everytime Any MSM tv news shows an “official” such as Rand Paul on tv news.

            And if they are seated in an office setting etc it is Always scripted. Even how he sits, what is behind him, books etc.

            AND the USA FLAG! Yet when hannity had rand paul on tv last nite, Rand did indeed “barley” show a small portion of Our usa flags Red and White stripes…Just a small End portion and ZERO Blue with stars part of Our flag seen at all.

            BUT to Rand Pauls Left side he had another Flag of Another “state” nation…And That flag was in Full sight with zero mistake of whos flag it is…

            That prominintly displayed flag was Isreals flag and they made damn certain you can for sure see the big Six Pointed star in middle.

            Yet Our flag was displayed in such a way, that it could be perhaps “confused” with Other nation flags that also have red and white stripes.

            I find this very telling whenever it occures, which lately is frequent. I think it is sending a subliminal messg as to Who or What nation they really support fully etc.

            And it isn’t a question of Allies of usa, since we know the usa has Many many allies and none of Their flags are every shown in this manner.

            Its more like a slap in americans faces to mainly “Hide” Our flag with but a small end of stripes portion shown, while Proudly displaying ANY others flags beside Ours.

            Some folks said when Rand Paul sided with Romney for rands endorsement it proved he weren’t another “Ron” as his dad is.

            Personally after seeing hannitys tv show with Rand grinning with that “other” flag in Full View while My/Our flag was barely visible tells Alot more of Rands true loyalty than his endorsement of romney did.

            Looks as if KY tea partys got swindlwed….Again!

        • DollarstoDonuts,

          Texas has also put for a bill that will make feds enforcing any gun bans a felony with up to 5 yrs in prison. On the home front here reloading supplies have been put on limits. This is why its good to know the owner. All new customers are only allowed 1000 primers and 1lb of powder. 22 cal bullets are gone and I don’t mean 22lr, 30 cal is down to the really pricey ones (Which I prefer)

          Buckle up ruff roads ahead,


          Now back to cleaning the water out of my guns

        • Ok people, think!!! While impeachment always sounds like a good thing, I think in this case it is probably the worst thing that can be done. Just leave it alone. If Obama gets impeached (for any reason), America will be jumping from the frying pan into the fire!!! If you don’t believe me then I suggest you all do your homework on the succession options. Most, if not all of the first 17-20 legal successors are far worse than Obama. Impeachment is NOT the answer people. How many of you think Joe Biden, Timothy Geithner, Leon Panetta, Eric Holder, Kathleen Sebelius or Janet Napolitano would make a better president? Still don’t believe me? Here’s the succession list in the order it would occur. You can do your own research.
          Vice President; Speaker of the House; President pro tempore of the Senate; Secretary of State; Secretary of Treasury; Secretary of Defense; Attorney General; Secretary of the Interior; Secretary of Agriculture; Secretary of Labor; Secretary of HHS; Secretary of HUD; Secretary of Transportation; Secretary of Energy; Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Secretary of Homeland Security. They all support everything Obama does and then some, even the cowardly John Boner who sits at number 2 behind Biden.

      5. The Government will never admit that the reason for the second amendment is to keep the government in line. If the people fear the government you have tyranny, if the government fears the people you have liberty.

        • There’s no such thing as “the government”; there’s just a bunch of useless douchebags trying to spend your money and run your life

      6. It has been obvious for quite sometime that the News Media, whether AP or NBC,ABC,CBS and all of their Affiliates. Have been America’s PRAVDA for decades. They don’t report the News anymore they just give you the Government Propaganda as they see fit. Trekker Out. KEEP EM HANDY!

      7. This article is preaching to the choir. WE know the truth, thats why we are here and not watching MSNBC. The head wildebeast is going to unveil his EO gun restrictions tommorow and what are we going to do about it? We are under attack. Just because no one is shooting at us doesn’t mean it ain’t happenin….ahh fuck it

      8. like the old saying goes

        Figures dont lie..but liers can figure

      9. I don’t think the Feds will do much in the way of confiscation or gun shows,as that goes against UCC code (OK,I may be wrong to assume that), but will pressure the several states to invoke bans. The NY state statutes (which may have passed in the last few minutes) call for a mandatory life sentence with no parole for the killing of a first responder. This REALLY bothers me as this will give the people no recourse to fight the “brownshirts” in court as to whether they were justified in defending their life in such cases.Off to the Gulag with you.

        • JRS,

          Having been a first responder for over 20 years I see this as a double edged sword. For most calls for service, some blue suiter or fireman gets shot just showing up to help sucks. He/She is just doing a job. Now, when the ‘Brownshirts” start showing up, you are probably looking at a life sentance anyhow for whatever they are showing up for in the first place, so it is really irrelavant, IMHO. Once they start showing up at your door, the days of worrying about a life sentance are really over, as is the Republic….

          Just my two cents. Keep your powder dry,

          • JJsan…You are probably correct. It just bothers me that they had to include that.It seems that the murder of a first responder would get a life sentence if found guilty anyway.

            • Injury/death of a First Responder will get his/her neck stretched right there on the spot in my book. Have to get them with the goods of course.

              • Roger that

              • “Injury/death of a First Responder will get his/her neck stretched right there on the spot in my book.”

                Are you talking about the jack booted thugs that get the wrong address, kick down your door and start shooting innocent people and and their dogs? Those ‘First Responders’?

          • JJsan says: “when the ‘Brownshirts” start showing up, you are probably looking at a life sentance anyhow”

            JJ- the brownshirts ARE showing up. The brown shirt is blue.


            > my name is Legion, for we are many. expect us.<

        • “Fight them in court”!?…ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

          And please stop referring to them as “Liberals”, people. They are NOT liberals. They are nwo MARXISTS, cloaked as “liberals”.

          I’m willing to wager they get thier ban, and people will do NOTHING but whimper…

          Oh well, Freedom had a pretty good run in America.

          “The average age of the great civilizations is 200 years.
          The people go from bondage to spiritual awakening.
          From spiritual awakening to greta courage.
          From courage to Liberty.
          From Liberty to complacency.
          From complacency to apathy.
          From apathy back into bondage.”
          – Sir Alexander Tyler

          • Amen JustMe,
            We are in the apathy stage.
            God help us.

        • That New York state law is disingenuous at best and fucking FRAUD at worst. 7 bullets? 7? Quick like a bunny, all of you:


          What that ObamaNazi Cuomo just did is to ban all semi automatic handguns in New York state. I suppose that if you want to defend yourself with a handgun, you’ll have to be frigging Wyatt Earp and use a six shooter. Good luck with that for anyone who’s smaller, older, frailer…. exactly the sort of people who NEED real protection, not “first responders” showing up to draw a chalk outline and string up yellow tape

          • kahr pm 40, for example

          • They even made a 10/22 illegal. Where is the outrage? Is everyone on Prozac in that state?

          • You think Cuomo’s bodyguards will be limited to 7 round mags???

          • I know several people in NY state that just became instant felons because they own SKS’s with 10 round magazines.

          • “What that ObamaNazi Cuomo just did is to ban all semi automatic handguns in New York state.”

            Not really. The standard issue 1911 has a 7 round magazine. There are lots and lots of 1911’s out there.

      10. It is cultural and not getting better.
        It is a wonder things are not worse.
        Our legislators supporting this BS should be impeached.

        • we don’t have legislators, we have 535+1 dictators. each one’s new idea for a law thinks it will control 330,000,000 people. look at diane funkstink. she feels that she, single-handedly, will disarm this country. been on that rant since 1994, or earlier. what fools she and her ilk are……..

      11. The current measures enacted in N.Y. and those being contemplated by D.C. seem to be needlessly complicated and definition-dependent. Why don’t we just paste two or three more of those little ‘no gun’ stickers on all the doors where there’s only one! Be cheaper, faster and more effective!

      12. Many years ago, before the Internet, and short of ignoring the crisis of the week, your choices for “staying informed” were ABC, CBS, and NBC and a local newspaper.

        Now at least we can decide for ourselves through the internet via alternative media, blogspots, etc., on how to be informed.

      13. Looks like Osama is going to give a speech tomorrow about how he is going to change the gun laws, he will be using little kids as props around him. This monster has no shame, using kids to get his agenda across knowing that his new laws will do nothing to help the violence against them. He doesn’t give a damn about the children, if he did then he would resign as president and allow someone with integrity and brains to take over. The debt he is bestowing on our kids is unbelievable, four more years for him to completely destroy their future. How any parent that says they love their kids could sit by and even worship this insane psychopath, is beyond belief.

        • too bad someone doesnt have the balls durring his speach to ask him how many kids his drone project has killed? to hear his answer for that in a public setting, or how many kids have been killed by his petro dollar wars.. humm? got a public aanswer for that Mr Big Stuff?

          • oh and just to round off the public questioning..Mr. Big Stuff, How many kids and innocent lives were killed with you and Holders gun runnings into Mexico…Humm? Mr Big Stuff?

          • His audience is bought and paid for so those questions will never be asked. His kingdom=His questions.

            • If anyone is up, Alex Jones will be on nightline tonight at 12:35 am.

          • Its Not Me,

            I wonder if he will have some of the chicago kids around him, the murder capital of the country. Nah, that won’t have the same impact.

          • Or how many kids are killed in Chicago each year, with the strictest gun laws ever.

            • How many innocent children have been killed by the Kenyan’s drones and robots?

              • Additionally John, how many unborn were harvested/murdered for profit….their body parts/organs/fluids SOLD to big-pharma corps for $$$$$…?

                ….yet the Kenyan usurper fully supports that form of genocide/infanticide as acceptable also…..when in reality, its merely a page from the talmudic-business model/prospectus.

                • Gunsmith: like Anton stated in his post a couple articles back….If they fully disarm us all, the Very Next morning They will announce their new Talmudic “Noahide” laws to begin effect Imeadiatly if not sooner!

                  “IF” them already codified into fed code/laws Noahide laws occures here in the usa…THATS the Exact time/Day/Hour when every american patriot And liberals alike will finally awaken to the truths and facts several folks here post.

                  Once beheadings begin Nobody will any longer be able to “defend” their group unquestionably.

      14. It is true that violent crime with a firearm goes down with gun control. You just get beaten to death instead.

        • @ Jasoncookies. “Exactly”, well said. It is the same if you took away everyone’s cars, there would be less car accidents. People however would suffer big time if they could not find some other way of getting around. I am looking at that girl to the right with the black eye and I say to myself this is exactly what the evil anti-self defense nuts get their thrills out of, victims. That girl and so many others can be safe and injury free if they are carrying something to stop the attacker, including a 100 pound pit-bull or other vicous dog. Those that take our self defense away are part and empower the criminals. Absolutely no agrument on that one to any sane rational decent person that respects people’s right to stay safe, and see the attacker as the enemy and wrong. Anti-self defense slime feel more for the criminal than any victims.

          Let’s see whom are the bad guys; the good honest citizen that wants to protect themselves and for others to have that right, or the anti-self defense creep that thinks more about the rights of criminal and makes the victims suffer all sorts of legal agony, AND takes away their right to protect themselves and their family. Let’s see whom is right and wrong, and whom is good and whom is pure evil or too stupid to know any difference between what is right and wrong on planet Earth.

      15. I still don’t understand the mindset, logically, that figures murder with a gun is somehow more heinous than murder with a knife, club, or axe.

        Last I knew, murder was murder regardless of the instrument used.

        • It is NOT a “mindset”, it is SPIN.

          “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”- Vladamir Lenin

          That is the real source of thier dogma.

          • Yes I know it is spin but there are people out in the general public who do see it that way.

          • @ justme. “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”- Vladamir Lenin

            Make that 1 man with a gun can control 99 without one. I’ll still have mine.

      16. What has taken the lives of more Children? Doctor’s tools or gun’s. And Yes they are children, while still in the Womb. Guess he really don’t care about those innocent Children. There’s only been about 60,000,000 of them. Trekker Out! GOD HELP US!

      17. The media, what a career. Blab, lie, and create something advertised as “news”…then actually get PAID for it ??????

        Next is the pinnacle of liars, our Emir of Wash. DC. and his overpaid minions. Sickening the theatrics employed for gun control. So what happened with “Fast & Furious” Mr. Emir…oh…rules does not apply to all.

        We all understand it well… media = lies, Emir O = lies, well….must be LIES ! ! !

        Petty thieves are imprisoned, the rest become politicians – AESOP (I paraphrase that.)

      18. Rock On Live Free, absolutely correct!
        This shill states it is for the children.
        Witness how he has saddled ‘his children’ with debt.
        Remember, He can do no wrong.
        He is the chosen one.
        We need Him to protect us…

        I am getting ill


        this from the mob state!!! they were supposed to be voting on medical marijuana, but did this instead….

        hmmm something that would create revenue, and alleviate suffering from chronic illness, or something that will require pouring of money and resources to enforce? That’s good old ny for ya….
        NYC police ordered to protect banks during wall st protests, while violating countless activists!
        NYS trooper who “heroically” shot an old friend of mine in the back, for walking down the street with a “knife”. A young father, local activist. dead at 27.
        Live in NY? contact your reps before this is signed into law. I do not own or operate any guns whatsoever, but i know how this goes. control…
        NY state troopers kill more unarmed suspects than i’d like to recall, while most innercity violence i’m familiar with are committed with illegal firearms.

        troubling times ahead in NY.
        I live in a heavily conservative and armed area in NY between three army/ air force bases. THey’d be fools to try and implement this law. the S might hit the F right here in the empire state.
        darth vador would be proud of you DON AnDrew-

        • I’ve talked to my guns and none of them show any signs of mental health issues. The voices in my head say they’re GTG. OCD sucks!

      20. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

        “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”

        – Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister Of Propaganda and liberal visionary

      21. ”Mainstream media” knows that they are becoming less relevant by the day. They cater to those that are asleep and will stay that way. Our federal overlords are the ones that commit ”violent crime.”
        King ”O”, Rahm, Holder, Hillary,Biden,Bloomberg,,Cuomo,Frankenstein..They as a WHOLE are the biggest,most treasonous criminals that this nation has ever seen. They act calm and cool on T.V. however they know more people are AWAKE and WE THE PEOPLE,if we were scared of you taking our 2nd. amendment WHY WOULD WE BUY UP EVERY FIREARM and BULLET in this NATION?? AND have our sheriff depts. behind us.

        • ….i almost forgot to put BIG SIS Janet in the loop!

      22. The Warrior Spirit
        Of every One-Hundred men, Ten should not even be there,
        Eighty are nothing but Targets,
        Nine are real fighters…
        We are lucky to have them… They make the Battle.
        Ah, but the ONE, ONE of them is a WARRIOR…
        And He will bring the others back.
        Hericletus (500 B. C.)

        • @palerider….That is awesome….2 thumbs up ! !

        • …and I’ll ‘second’ that! Food One, T’anks.

      23. “If they want to solve violent crime they need to put on their boots and go to those neighborhoods and figure out how to improve the poverty level, how to create jobs, and how to improve the education system.” ???????

        This is the liberal speak I’ve been hearing for years…have you gone commie on us….or have you just become so conservative that you’re liberal?

        • $10-TRILLION$$$$$ was already spent on ALl major inner city Urban Yoots and countless programs/agendas/affirative “actions” and such.

          Now a Full 50 yrs later we still see the exact same african violence/mentality/jungle ways.

          So sorry, but no more $$$ can fix what was Always an african black problem to begin with.

          They do Not think nor live same as whites does period. If all is really so equal?…Why didn’t whiteys do such evils and violence prior to the massive influx of african black Invasions into Formerly “Normal” Large citys.

          Time for folks to wake up to the Facts that so called “Equality”(other or more than BOR rights etc) is a falacy invented by the Protocals of them elders of zion.

          Invented as a Primary Plan to get america where it is at Today. And of course as a major plan to destroy whites completly. Not only destroyed economically, but also destroyed Physically as in Dead whites.

      24. Here is something you havent and probably wont hear on the news..

        This is a post from a Patriot on another site

        “They just shut off the northeast corridor. You can not get in or out of New England with your arms without traveling through NY state.

        You see the set up here?
        Tactical and strategic choke point. With rolling VIPR teams on the roads they can ambush at will whomever they wish looking for persons, arms, and materiel.

        Along with it being an outright strategic act of war on our Liberty to defend from tyranny, a litany of acts of treachery, treason, and tyranny, this is in direct contravention of Article 10 of the US Constitution-Powers Prohibited States.
        Of course it is in direct violation of the 2nd, 4th, 9th, Amendments”

        • Sounds like there is a need for an old but virtueous line of work there, Gun Running. It could be very lucrative.

          • DOING THE LORD’S WORK.

            • Before the Civil War, the Abolitionists were shipping guns in boxes labeled “bibles”. Some of the Kansas Bible Churches can trace their ancestry to these activities. I think they were involved with John Brown.

        • New York has been a police state ever since I can remember. That’s why I moved out west. Anywhere in the NE is going to be a nightmare when TSHTF.

        • if you live in NY, please keep us posted on any actual activity of these “vpir” units.

      25. I know it is bad to think negative, but these anti gun supporters and politicians obviously have never been faced with any sort of break in or robbery, because if they had, they would be singing a different tune about guns and self defense. I can bet on that. And what exactly will stricter background checks accomplish? What they need to focus on is stricter driver education standards. Lacking standards allows uncaring teenagers to get behind the wheel, turning them into 3,000 lbs of vehicular manslaughter. When I was a teenager, I lost many of my classmates from vehicle accidents from other teenager’s lack of judgement or knowledge. And that statistic has never made the national news or prompted stricter driver education. Go figure. What the hell is this country coming to?




          • I believe that is what they are saying to us.

          • Jeez boy, from all your racist screeds and this high quality display of vocabulary, I gather you really are a half-wit aren’t you.

            • No, Im very educated. I just choose to rant and rave because you stupid old people have made this country into a hellhole.

        • Three Zero Eight—now that is a nice round number.

      26. You know you could put up all the actual factual statistics that prove all the points we know, but the Libtards will ONLY believe what they want to believe and not the TRUTH. It is what they do and have done and will continue to do to get what their view of the world should be. It is really unfortunate that many of the conservatives in congress are the same way, they continue to get elected and then go to Washington and do the exact OPPOSITE of what the people they are elected to represent actually want!!!! That is the main reason we are in this freakin mess to begin with.

        • “Facts are chains that bind perception and fetter truth. For a man can remake the world if he has a dream and no facts to cloud his mind.” – Unknown

          We don’t need no stinking facts!

        • You are correct. I went through an anit-gun phase and my whole take on it was that if there were no guns there would be no gun crimes.

          But then I realized that that would require the collection of every gun in the nation which is completely impossible.

          As long as there are guns ‘out there’ I will have a gun on my person.

          • Timothy,
            Glad you woke up.
            When you criminalize guns, only criminals will have guns…
            There are over 350 million guns in this country… and that’s just the known LEGAL guns…
            I have several of them, including one that is totally ‘black’… and she’s my baby…

        • ~~~put up all the actual factual statistics that prove all the points we know, but the Libtards will ONLY believe what they want to believe~~

          My only issue is what do they believe will happen when all guns are outlawed; do they think there will be no black market??
          Do they think there will be no foreign attempt to subdue this nation?
          Do they think this govt is above what has happened in other communist nations and will not begin totalitarianism?
          I just don’t get the kumbaya attitude.

      27. Piper Michael and Be informed, I couldn’t agree more. The anti-selfdefense crowd makes it clear through words and deeds every day what they want to do to us. JRS, it looks like the NY state legislature is about to have TSHTF in their state if they allow that ban to become state law in their territory. I don’t care who comes to my place for my guns or anything else I have, they’re going to get hot lead instead. Their day will be ruined permanently. Last time I checked, once you have opened Pandora’s Box, there’s no closing it back. Braveheart

      28. Sooooo
        Whats the plan if these assholes in washington pass something like what new york just passed?

        • We load the boats up and head for Hawaii.

          • Clambake at Kulafarmers? Oh boy! I’ll bring the, uh…beverages.

            • Going after one of those wild pigs. That is if Kulafarmer let’s me bring my dogs.

              • Sounds good, at least then there would be at least 4 people still need 3 more, but thats a start, as long as you dont mind the damn liberal government over here,
                bring the dogs, the neighbors got a pig and deer problem so guess were having vennison and roasted pork!
                Figure if Washington passes some crap like new york and it looks like they are going to start pushing ill vote with my feet and head for a state that is going to put up a fight, these liberal government pussies over here will go along with whatever obama shoves at us. All we hear is why does anyone need a gun here in the islands, bullshit,

        • Impeach the negro. Demand the vermin in your state capital follow texas and arrest any federal agents who try to confiscate guns. Refuse to obey stupid laws.



        • “Whats the plan if these assholes in washington pass something like what new york just passed?”

          Then we watch to see how those on the State level (local sheriff who aren’t going to put up with this bullshit) deal with those from the Federal level (wanna be control freaks dressed to kill) in terms of proactively resisting the enforcers. No matter who sides with who, t’s going to be a (long overdue) wonderful event that I wouldn’t miss for anything. Let the Show begin!!!

          • I just hope there is a large group in resistance, not real hopeful about that, most likely going to have to go into hiding or get to Wyoming or somewhere the government has balls

          • Maybe it’s time for truckers to refuse deliveries to these states where they cannot travel into and through w/out their arms for protection.

            Without trucked-in foods, stuff, and bling, their worlds will come crashing down REAL fast.

            • BINGO!

            • Its a Federal offense for a trucker to carry a weapon. They are not armed.

              • You are misinformed, Mrs. Prepper. There’s no rule in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) prohibiting a trucker from carrying. There may be company/carrier regulations but independents are not restricted. In fact, many CDLs have Conceal Carry permits. (There are state laws that are confounding this, as what we now see unfolding in NY, though.)

                • that is federal law,,i am a trucker

      29. What about banning baseball? I understand that baseball bats are 10 times more likely to be used as weapons in homicides than firearms! Come on people; let’s put on our big boy pants and either admit that you just want to ban guns to disarm the public, or get down to the real causes of mass shootings, which has a lot more to do with mental illness, and less to do with weapons. The same day as the Conn. massacre, a man in China killed 22 children with a kitchen knife! Let’s get real!

      30. Question is, What are NEW YORK STATE gun owners going to do about it.



          • Ease on down Ripley. You’ve blown the trans-axle. You’re just grinding metal.


          • I can’t figure out why the Statue of Liberty is still in the NY region.

            • remember it was a gift from the French…and the real story of it was a lie…sorry don’t have a link. Have gone thru so much material in the last 4 years I can’t remember where.

        • My brother is planning to leave, unfortunately, at the moment he doesn’t have the resources to move his family.

        • Slingshot,

          It shouldn’t be just about what the NY gun owners are going to do. It should be what all the Americans going to do to help the NY people.
          After all are they not Americans that are in need of the nation? The way I see this fight is that if 1 state passing these BS laws how long will it take for other states to follow? If we do not stand together as a nation to protect one another then they win and we all lose the freedoms that we were trust to hold safe..


          • @DPS.

            They have always accepted strict gun control for years. Time for them to stand up for themselves.


        • On second thought.

          They move to Florida!

      31. @Kulafarmer,

        What is the plan? I have kept quiet about the entire situation since a person on this board who I respect very much asked me to.

        The plan my friend will be to resist. I did not know that Paul Revere’s famous ride was to warn everyone that the British were coming was because the British were coming for the peoples guns. I always thought the war was on already.

        How you resist will be an individual choice. I and a lot of others have already decided just what we are willing to sacrafice to stop the tyranny that now prevails in our once great country. I pray that a peacefull solution is found both on the 2nd ammendment situation and the debt reduction.

        Both of those are my triggers or perhaps to make it simpler these topics and the outcome are my line in the sand. And I am very confident that this is the same for enough people of like ilk that a strong showing will be made. Because we are American Patriots and love our country! That being said there is no half way in.

        • The economy is going to collapse no matter what. The sole purpose of all this legislation is to protect the vermin in power now from losing their power.

        • Agreed, no half way, im in the same boat as many who cant afford to relocate, plus i have a feeling its too late anyway, if it was just a matter of a collapse, no prob, but if these government pricks want to push some agenda of additional registrations and mag bans, all bets are off, i just hope all hell breaks loose, it will be easier to explain why i have no intention of rolling over to the people i care about. Its a problem, dont want to leave them in harms way but dont want them to have to deal with no knock raids. Its a bit of a catch 22, if we dont stand up to this shit it really isnt worth living a life of opression and control from a government that is out of control.

          • catch .22

            with suppression

            • yep its amazing what you can make with one of them home hobby lathes!

      32. Patriot: I only use my guns for skeet shooting.
        Politician: That sounds great! Can I go with you sometime?
        Patriot: Sure. You can be the skeet.

        • Politicians are white collar criminals. The only thing worse than a politician is a hardened criminal.

          • I’m sorry, but couldn’t disagree with you more. A criminal is a criminal but a criminal politician spreads his/her infectious dis-ease, one way or another, to his/her constituents; weakening their moral immune systems…a hundred times worse. They must be destroyed.

            • I stand corrected.

          • The only thing i can think of that is worse is a lawyer who has become a politician and is also a crook

            • Because they are the only ones that with relative ease can understand the writing of the bs laws that are written…and they only read stuff for the first couple weeks then decide fuck it, no one else does. I’ll just get some pork for my bitches and that will satisfy most of them…

              Then I’ll just sit back, collect my check, travel all over the place, ensure the ultimate healthcare for my family, insider trade, and when out, live the millionaire lifestyle and then take a job as a lobbyist in the private sector.

      33. Obamas new plates on His limo will read

        “Taxation without representation”

        cant make this shit up folks..and its so in your face

        dont believe me..look it up..or just wait to see it for yourself.

      34. Now that NY passed one of the toughest gun laws in the country, WATCH THE CRIME RATE IN NEW YORK, GO UP AND UP AND UP! Are we being set up or what?

      35. Gen. Schwarzkopf was right: “Some things are worth fighting for. Some things are worth dying for. One of those things is freedom.”

      36. @ Kulafarmer.

        All kidding around done, it does look like things are getting tight.
        When they knock on your door just yell out, “Dave’s not here”. That’t the plan.

        • You have to be over 50 to know what the phrase, “Dave’s not here”, relates to. Funny shit.

          The not-so-funny shit has hit. With the traitors wanting our guns, and selling us off to the Chinese gov. and the Cartels; we got a lot of shit piling up around us.

          I have to keep reminding myself that God is still in control and we have been warned of these things to come. This is what separates the faithful from the delusional. The spirit thinking from the flesh talking. First line of defense is keeping the faith with your spirit mind and not letting the flesh deceive you into believing you are doomed. Stand strong with faith in your Saviour and He will fight along side you. For, if God is with you, then what man can stand against you. Stay thirsty for truth my friends!

          • @ don’t tread

            Yes. I am picking on Kulafarmer. The truth is there is no plan. You can’t even get a talley of fellow patriots in your own state. Very dissapointing. Dark Days ahead and we will end up shooting at each other in the end.


              And i thought you had a plan, geez man,

      37. Fuck the facts… these communists have an AGENDA.

      38. Today it is taught in the schools that “Anti-Semitism” began in Germany in the 1930s after which they were deported. What is not studied is the fact that at one time or other the Jews have been expelled from every nation in Europe! When the Jews first began to immigrate to America the early colonialists in New York, Charleston and Savannah tried to ban their entry. Benjamin Franklin pleaded with the members of the Continental Congress to enter a specific ban against Jewish immigration into the U. S. Constitution to bar them for all time to come.





        • “. Benjamin Franklin pleaded with the members of the Continental Congress to enter a specific ban against Jewish immigration into the U. S. Constitution to bar them for all time to come.”

          Please cite

          • GOOGLE IT

            • Big Perm do you own homework. I posted franklins speech on this issue a few articles back.

              It was a Published account which was recorded by Another man who was included with the Founders who sat at the const convention and wrote it then.

              he wrote down Franklins speech after Goerge washington broutgh the matter up first.

              Franklin warned them Then the jews have Always been a parisitic people who Never fully assimilate in Any host nation since jews believe They are a ‘seperatist” group and their own special “Race”.

              Franklin warned jews was booted from evry nation (109 nations since 245 ad) for these reasons as they are always nation Wreckers and care not what dammages they cause for Other host peoples.

              FRankiln also said “gentelmen if you fail to include a clause in this new nations const, while you have the oppertunity Now, and it is a once in 1000 yr oppertunity to actually create a New nation as we are now doing.

              Yet If you men Fail to include a clause to permanantly Ban all jewsih people from attaining citizenship, in Two hundered Years OR LESS! American citizens YET to be Born Will surly Curse all of You in Your Graves for such failure!

              History shows they Failed us miserabbly.

              America Has been nation wreacked same as Russia 1918 was…All they got left to finish is to murder off whites. Which they did in russia!(at least a full 1/2 to perhapos 2/3rds of russias population murdererd by KOmmie bolshevik JEWS!….Who Are NOw Here! wake Up!

              • So Jews have been let in the USA since colonial times? Only now are they going to get us? Why now and not the last 237 years? Just wondering.

      39. In the news this week, a Southern California man was put under 72-hour psychiatric observation when it was found he owned 100 guns and had (by rough estimate) 1 million rounds of ammunition stored in his home. The house also has a secret escape tunnel.

        The television reporter said: “Wow! He has about a million machine gun bullets!” and the headline referred to it as a “massive weapons cache”.

        By California standards someone owning even 100,000 rounds would be called “mentally unstable”.

        If he lived elsewhere, such as Arizona , he’d be called “an avid gun collector.”

        In Oklahoma , he’d be called “a novice gun collector”.

        In Utah , he’d be called “moderately well prepared”, but they’d probably reserve judgment until they made sure that he had a corresponding quantity of stored food.

        In Montana , he’d be called “the neighborhood ‘Go-To’ guy”.

        In Idaho , he’d be called “a likely gubernatorial candidate”.

        In Wyoming , he’d be called “an eligible bachelor”.


        In Texas , he’d be called “a Hunting Buddy”.

        • In Chicago he would be a drug dealer.

        • In NY he would be called a distressed unstable psychopath and pedeophile for young children to fall into his rape shed. this is unreal and i wish and hope we get more fired up and all bond together and end these people who are trying to destroy thid country. tired of it!!

          Then someone who has 9 rounds in a mag will fall under a category to have all their guns seized and thats it. That is the issue you fuckers. Listening to piers morgan just to get fired up and he still looks like an idiot. God that guy is paid and bought for. The Tennessee is tearing him up love it. Ok here comes piers talking about the children again.

        • OMG JayJay…THAT’S HYSTERICAL Hahahaaahha.

          Seriously though…thos fools on the coast have ABSOLUTELY no idea what they are walking into here in the ‘fly-over’ states, do they? They have been living a ‘Barbie doll/Bambi/Disney” exisitence for so long they ACTUALLY beleive that that is what it’s all about. I can hardly wait till they begin jacking around in the ‘interior’ and the kid gloves come off, when the ‘veneer’ of civilization rubs through and they see what’s actually underneath….PRICELESS, I’d say….T’anks for the laugh!

      40. “liberals” aren’t the only problem

        “4. Republican state senators supported it. The Republican-controlled state senate voted in favor of the bill by a margin of 43 to 18. Republican senators were vocal in their support. State Sen. Dean Skelos, a Republican from Long Island, told Bloomberg News, “he voted for Cuomo’s bill because it strikes a balance between gun owners’ rights and public safety.”

        if ya think Republicans are gonna protect and defend the Constitution

        THINK AGAIN !!!

        • Satori

          Is it no longer republicans and democrats?

          Is it now just patriots and marxists in the government?

          It seems like it’s patriots and marxists ( who don’t know it yet, who do know it, or who are to dumb to figure it out ) in our society.

          It also seems that there are very few patriots. Doesn’t anyone care about their freedom? Do they really just want ” the government to take care of it so I don’t have to think about “?

        • “We needed solid provisions to keep the violently, mentally ill from harming our communities, our kids and our families. That didn’t happen tonight. I simply cannot support a bill that turns law abiding citizens into criminals by creating an entire new category of illegal firearms out of currently legal rifles and shotguns,” said Senator Greg Ball.”

          Senator Bonacic stated: I sincerely hope this law does stop another massacre, but I honestly believe it is nothing more than window dressing designed to make people feel secure until the next tragedy strikes – all while criminalizing the actions of otherwise law abiding citizens.”

          Senator Griffo stated: I also believe that this legislation did not, overall, make sufficient meaningful impact on public safety to warrant its restrictions on Second Amendment rights.”

          Senator Larkin stated : Gun violence will not be stopped by restricting lawful, honest gun owners. It is career criminals and their access to illegal weapons that are the main problem facing our cities, towns and villages – not people who support the second amendment.

          More statements in the link below.

      41. Well there ya go, your speaking a foreign language now. Facts are no longer needed, regarded, considered, or otherwise brought to bear. Facts are irrelevant and George Orwell must be spinning in his grave, 1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual it was supposed to be a warning. Facts, truth, due dilligence all obsolete stop wasting your energy on facts, they are no longer part of American culture. Now if you can swing some opinion, some propagander, some spin and top it off with a nice crisis, well you may have something there……

      42. Permaculture, a path to a free and sustainable future.

        “We gave up inherently good health as well as immense personal freedoms when we embraced agriculture. I once thought of achievements such as the Hammurabic Code, Magna Carta, and Bill of Rights as mileposts on humanity’s road to a just and free society. But I’m beginning to view them as ever larger and more desperate dams to hold back the swelling flood of abuses of human rights and the centralization of power that are inherent in agricultural and industrial societies. Agriculture results, always, in concentration of power by the elite. That is the inevitable result of the large storable surplus that is at the heart of agriculture.”

      43. I told my brother they were going to come after the guns next… just a couple weeks before all the hupta do about mass shootings. It’s staged– they all planned this, I’m sure. Not sure exactly how but they did. I told my brother it was in the UN’s agenda and congressmen were debating it (small arms treaty to remove out guns). They were debating this BEFORE all the mass shootings! I told my brother and it happened exactly as predicted. Turns my stomach! Obama is a traitor!

        • Add most of the senators and representatives to that label, cynthia.

      44. What about the young lady who shot those 2 guys who broke into her house shortly after her husband died (they had it on the news awhile back). These 2 guys knocked her door down after constantly threatening her and she killed them with a shot gun. she had called 9-11 and was told to wait until they broke in before shooting them. So people want to ban guns so if somethning like this happened again, the intruders would be able to enter her house, rape her, and kill her and her son? And she couldn’t defend herself?

        • Oh but the police will protect you with their magic powers of premonition.

      45. Welcome South Carolina to the list of states along with Wyoming and Texas to the list of DONT TREAD ON ME and MY SECOND AMENDMENT STATES

          • INM, you da man!!!! Thanks my friend, I had thought I heard this was going on in SC, but wasn’t sure how to find it

            You can bet your boots I will be making calls TOMORROW to my reps

        • People , start pushing on your local Gov. to stand up for your rights..or become unemployed

          we need every state to get with the program

          also there needs to be a clause in there , that if the government is found to be strong arming or limiting ammo sales, that will also be part of the suit on the fed’s

          ammo games is also part of the second amendment..
          we need your support and pushing this thru..send your state rep, these other states this stand against tyranny

        • I hear Mississippi also have a Bill ready to be introduced to the Mississippi legislature in the next week or so very similar to Wyoming’s bill

      46. Shut up, nobody wants you to debate. Hell, nobody wants you to vote. I know what’s best for you and you don’t. I will decide what you can eat, what you can watch and whether you will get medical coverage or not and all the while, I will watch you to make sure you conform to what I want. And in this particular case, I have decided that guns are bad and evil, and if I take them from everyone, no one will have any so there will be less violent crime.

        • Can I keep my Hello Kitty pillow and toothbrush?

        • You forgot your SARC tag…
          You DID forget… right?

      47. Go to this link and write all your federal and then your state reps at once. Do this twice a week for the rest of the year, make your voice heard. Make sure they know there will be a response to this crap at election time, and make sure they know if they lose the next election, it’s going to be because of gun control.

        • Ruger guns also has some links to contact your local patriots or marxists. I mean your local repub…. well, you know.

        • Smokey–that doesn’t work. I vowed to McConnell in 2008, I would help get him out of office after he voted for the bailout.
          You can’t replace when there is no challenger.

        • Thanks Smokey!

          I did my part by taking a few minutes to send an email to all my state and fed elected politicians via this link you provided.

          If everyone would do the same it might get more attention than we realize. There are two things that will get a politicians attention and they are money and votes.

          This is a simple way of sending a message, and numbers do make a difference. We can spout off here on this site 24/7 but it really don’t mean shit unless we back it up with action.
          This is one step we can all do that will be a start. Bombard their emails. Written/typed letters usually get file 13, but emails get tallied even if it is done by an aid.

          When the EO’s start coming down the pike, don’t be one of those that says; “I should have at least let my position be known; instead, all I did was piss and moan.”

      48. Here’s an idea, every time the community organizer issues an unconstitutional executive order, match it with an article of impeachment. 19 ex orders to ban guns elicits 19 measures to impeach him!

      49. It’s not about correctness; it’s about control.

        • maybe singing a different tune, but still cashing the checks, isnt she?

      50. Looks like we all are going to be criminals soon, so why are we still feeding the beast will taxes.

        Could the government through the State of New York just called the GUN OWNERS BUFF? Who knows; they just may be saying, now what you going to do about Gun Control; Hmmmmmmmmmm!

        It should tell a lot about the true mind set of gun owners and what they will do about it, when it comes to their State and it surely will, no if, ands, or buts it is coming. The world is looking at the NEW YORK Gun Owners and what they do.


        • Its ‘piece of white shit’.

          • I find it humorous EVERY time you make this counter-argument Iowa! 🙂

            • And it should be made each time..keep up the good work

      52. its not a small penality if you have 10 rounds and only allowed 7. then they come and seize all your guns! that is the crime and they talk about keeping the streets safe. Get the fuck out of our country all you liberal anti-gun bastards and piers. Wait till Obama says tomorrow he is going to ban 30 round mags. it will either be huge backfire and problems or huge backfire and more. these people are sick and lying! they know and are playing a very dangerous game with us american people. Soon they will add if you get a speeding ticket your unstable and guns should not be in your hands. its all out control. Here we go. Prep preppers and be safe and dont be afraid.

        • What if you saw this….in the future…?
          ISSUED ON 2024.
          We the people of the United States authorize the the round up and detainment of the white people of the United States for being terrorists to the peaceful socialist United States of America.

          Live in peace.
          Because you kept your guns.

      53. NRA hits Obama over ‘hypocrisy’ of armed guards for daughters

        National Rifle Association on Tuesday accused President Barack Obama of hypocrisy for having Secret Service protect his daughters even as he opposes the group’s call for armed guards in schools.

        “Mr. Obama demands that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes but he’s just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to a fair share of security,”

        • Kinda silly point. He is the president and some people hate him. Including several people who post here. Gee do you think a nut or terrorist would be more likely to kill his daughters than say just about anyone else. This is a weak and stupid argument.

      54. Click here: New York State Gun Laws The First In Country Since Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting In Newtown

        I am not very happy with this.

        The only thing I can do is contact my NY representatives
        and voice my concern/displeasure.

        • You are only 7 rounds from slavery

        • The only thing you should do is move.

      55. This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My rifle, without me is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will…

        My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is hits that count. We will…

        My rifle is human. Even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights, and its barrel. I will ever guard it against the ravages of weather and damage as I will ever guard my legs, my arms, my eyes, and my heart against damage. I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will…
        Before GOD I swear this creed. My rifle and myself are the defenders of my county. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.

        So be it, until victory is America’s and there is no enemy, but Peace!

        -My Rifle: The Creed of a United states Marine (1944)
        By Major General William H. Rupertus, USMC
        (This from an Army guy)

        • Honorable post.

        • 1 SHOT 1 KILL, Anything less is a waste of ammo.

      56. Well, everyone, we have another troll and his name is Mark. Mark can go make love to himself and find another site to go to; we don’t need him here. Cynthia, I know the incident you’re talking about. She was in a rural area of Oklahoma. If I remember correctly, she asked the 911 operator for permission to defend herself and her son. NOBODY EVER HAS TO ASK ANYONE FOR PERMISSION FOR SELF-DEFENSE IF YOU FIND YOURSELF IN HER TYPE OF SITUATION! You have a natural, God-given right to self-defense against animals. I don’t even care what ANYONE’S laws say about self-defense. Any and all restrictions on self-defense are unconstitutional and illegitimate, so I don’t follow them. For the last 20 years I’ve carried certain “nonlethal” self-defense items in my truck with me everywhere I go and I’m not about to stop doing so. That young lady in Oklahoma never had to ask some useless cop over the phone for permission to survive that incident. i understand she may not have realized that at the time, But I hope she does now. I’m just happy she and her son came out of that alive and unharmed. I understand and respect that everyone is free to make their own decisions, but, please, for your own sakes as wellas your families sakes, NEVER, EVER, LET ANYONE DISCOURAGE YOU FROM ENGAGING IN A LEGITIMATE ACT OF SELF-DEFENSE! Anyone who interferes with self-defense is tampering with life itself. There’s no legitimate basis for restricting self-defense and i don’t care how anyone tries to rationalize it. Braveheart

      57. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, has already filed over twenty-three lawsuits against the federal government.

        • @ Hank.
          The Pen may be mightier than the Sword, but the Flintlock really got their attention.

          • It sure did!, but you know..they still tried..Back in history im sure they were warned like they are being warned now, and I doubt they paid it any mind as they will again..therefore, the reason history repeats itself.

            And therefore the reason we better be dammed ready for when they decide to cross the rubicon..if they havent already.

            My flint lock is hanging on the wall over my wood burner to remind me. My modern peace maker will do my talking for me if they decide to tread on me. or should I say if they foolishly decide to step to me

      58. Emily, all I can say is that you and the rest of the gun owners in NY state are potentially being forced into a nightmare scenario that no gun owners anywhere in the US want to be in. I’ve seen something like this coming since Ruby Ridge and Waco. I made my own decision and drew my line in the sand right after Waco not to give up my guns, period. I understand it’s your own decision to make. I will pray for you and the rest of the gun owners in NY state. best wishes. braveheart

      59. Tomorrow we will all get our pink slips on freedom.

        How does it feel to be backed into a corner?

        • Not great; but knowing that corner’s big enough to fit millions of us (and our ‘best friends’ [see Pale Rider above]) in it makes it a little more comfy.

        • not much more room to move at this point.

      60. Mac,

        I’m willing to go out on a limb or crane here…


        90% of youtube comments are about Sandy Hook being a false flag…

        I give it one more paycheck and they pull the switch on the dollar. People are waking up in droves way too quick for the MSM to catch up and do damage control. Plus throw in their gun grab and there is fire.


      61. A rifleman is a man who can make first-round hits at unknown ranges, under unknown conditions, on demand and against the clock.
        Jeff Cooper

      62. @ All,

        Add Missouri to the list of states preparing legislation to nullify any Federal actions on the gun-control front. This evening, on the local news,
        one of the Missouri House Representatibes announced legislation to criminalize any Fedeal officer or Agent attemting to enforce any such dictates in the state.
        Ge anticipates that there will be no difficulty in passing the bill into Law.

        Yep, glad OUR Boys ain’t letting us down out here in the ‘fly-over states’ I DO feel for the rest of you all though, those whose state goverments are throwing you to the criminal wolves. If you live on the coastlines, those places where the ‘sea-air’ seems to interfere with the act of rational thought, then LEAVE…C’Mon inland where the stupid isn’t so thick….except for Illinois of course! You know, if you all just left those morons to thier own devices (given that your the last rational folk in those states) how long would they last after you’d left?

        • @ JustOneGuy. I believe Wyoming, the most heavily armed state started this. States rights will not be overtaken without at least a fight. The feds just want to blanket the whole country with some regulations to disarm everyone like that facist in NY did by allowing only magazines with 7 rounds or less. Yeah, NY with one of the worst crime rates in the country, only to get that much worse after giving the criminal an advantage.

          Anyway did you check out the USGS map, it looks like an orange and yellow Christmas tree there have been so many earthquakes, again in different spots. I am waiting for that huge square with a 7.5+ or even 8-9+. I would not want to be in China or Japan right now, as I think these areas have the best probability of getting a huge one. I also think a close secnd and third would be Indonesia and South America to Mexico.

      63. With NYS making not registering an assault rifle (a/k/a any semi-auto rifle which looks like an assault rifle) an A – Misdemeanor, do you think the police will be eager to confront an unhappy homeowner with his guns, trying to confiscate them? The risk for a confrontation is too large. Sure, if they can confront you in the open, or in your car, no problem, but I doubt very much that the police will be eager to go after otherwise law abiding gun owners in their home. Cuomo’s idea of confiscation by force, if necessary, will not work. On the other hand if Obama makes it a federal law (by Executive Order), I can see DHS goons going after the citizenry. The local police and Sheriff are still members of our community, whereas DHS will bring in out of state troops. I hope for our country it will not come to this. We have avoided any civil uprising for over 200 yrs. This can cause it.
        The same with the mental health provisions. Any veteran with PTSD would be insane to seek any help. If he does they could either prohibit him from owning a weapon or confiscate his guns. That will drive people with PTSD even further into the underground. So we have a few more suicides and homicides, who cares. Instead of seeking means by which to support our veterans this president is happy with disarming them after having deployed them over and over again.

        • Anytime any of you see a LEO, DHS etc.. have ssomeone pulled over or are “conducting an excercise” Film it..yeah,, fuckin stop your car, get out and film it!

      64. This was a nice video, but what the presenter forgot was that it was never about making America a safer place. It was never about crime reduction.

        Most all countries in this world have either turned into tyrannical government or have been taken over by one. These people want to be Der Fuhrer and they can’t when citizens can fight back.

        The Democrats and Liberals have mastered propaganda. They have made the argument into “you don’t need 30 clips to go hunting.”

        If you say it is for defending against tyranny they you are a nut job that needs your guns taken away.


        • yeah they just keep changing the story..its really getting deep wih this Sh^T

      65. All the Original video and interviews from the day of Sandy Hook, including VIDEO OF THE GUY IN THE WOODS RUNNING FROM POLICE! GOOD VIDEO!

        This world is evil.

      66. Is it US thats backed into a corner? Or is it THEM ? I think these idiots who call themselves our “leaders ” have done nothing more than back THEMSELVES into the deepest darkest corner imaginable. All they have left is a bunch of clueless anti-gun ” usefull idiots ” who have NO IDEA what it took to form and keep this country. whoever is anti 2nd amendment is a TRAITOR period. GEORGE WASHINGTON, THOMAS JEFFERSON, ANDREW JACKSON, ETC, ETC….WOULD NOT PUT UP WITH THIS FUCKING SHIT FOR ONE SECOND!!!

        • and the GOP are not backing us with postive honest leadership. We will see what they will do here in the next few days after the POS king talks tomorrow the fucking liar. someone is going to snap and something is going to happen with violence I think. people are on to this scam they are doing. Now germany is getting their gold out of our reserves very soon. was in the news tonight.



      68. I have now reached my level of disbelief in incredible coincidences.
        Two more school shootings TODAY. BOTH of them at TECHNICAL COLLEGES?
        Madness, is breaking out all over. Where did I hear that predicted…hmmm.

      69. @everyone, sorry, my link would not work.
        @Braveheart, thank you for your words of wisdom.
        @Iowa, that is food for thought. Thank you.

        • @ Emily. You are in NY aren’t you? Please describe what it is like to live in a state that has started the tyranny process of disarming the good honest citizens that just want to protect themselves.

      70. It’s odd, the news no longer reports the news; they report what fits their machine. But, not only do they do that, they also tell you how you should feel about what’s going on. If you don’t think or feel like we do, you must be a psychotic, cat fucking, lunatic.
        Didn’t Barry say not long ago, “We cannot be moral people and let this continue.” Now that’s paraphrased, but the implacation is the same: if you don’t think and feel as we tell you to, if you don’t agree with us, there is something morally wrong with you.
        Just the thoughts of a lunatic. Here kitty.

      71. “When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”
        Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.




      73. Appears to be a bit of an backlash before anything is tendered. Two states and a sheriff so far with a lot more people grumbling. Impeach! Do it quick!

        Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller said he won’t enforce any federal regulation “offending the constitutional rights of my citizens.” He won’t permit federal officers to come to his county.
        (CNN) — An Oregon sheriff says he will not enforce any federal regulation that President Barack Obama lays out in his package of gun control proposals Wednesday

      74. I live in NY and have been talking to neighbors about the new gun laws passed. Without exception each of my neighbors is an avid hunter, and all have interesting takes on it. They actually are okay with assault weapons bans. As one stated “if you can’t shoot a deer with one bullet, you shouldn’t be hunting”. Another quipped that unless you are taking out a whole herd at once, a multi round mag is kind of pointless, because after one shot all the rest of the deer will scatter (just like people one said). The other interesting point they brought up is that if the zombies do come to take away guns or register, they’ll just all gather together and hide their arsenals together in some camper in the deep woods or something. In my area, people use guns to EAT. Some have some pistols, but mostly people are rifle hunters. What is even more laughable is that many of them say their bow hunting skills are even more lethal because of the need to be so stealth to kill deer, turkeys or whatever, and they don’t see how in the world they could outlaw bows anytime soon. These are all very seasoned hunters who use guns for living. Glad to have them as neighbors. They are not gun nuts, but simple gun users and know the true value of weapons.

        • “They actually are okay with assault weapons bans”

          Again, what IS an ‘assault weapon’????? Ask these neighbors of yours to define this terminology. Then ask them to find the g-man’s definition.

        • Your idiot friends are ‘taking a knife to a gunfight’ analogy.

      75. There’s other ways to prepare for a fight. Find out where the infrastructure is and plan on how to disrupt it. Even unmanned birds land somewhere. Like my 1st. Sargent always said: On time is late, early is on time. Think ahead, work it out. Keep it to yourself.
        Just a Marine offering some advice.

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