The Establishment Is Preparing For Martial Law And Civil War: “Trump’s Pursuit Of Presidency Will Be The Spark”

by | Mar 20, 2016 | Headline News | 228 comments

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      1. Spark it up, most of us are ready for a real change…

        • Everyone be well rounded in your prepping, does make one feel better for what could happen in the future.

          Be well all…

          • What one thing will be ultra valuable after SHTF?
            Candles. Fire makers. Food. Ammo with the tools to fire them. Water. Honey.
            Think of all the things one cannot be without.

            I aquired 3 moving boxes of Swedish candles in 98. Great tradeable items in a bad scenerio.
            But lots of things will be needed.
            Think like that, and you will come out ahead.

            Be prepped all…

            • problem is, nobody has anything to TRADE for all that sh*t…and you won’t want to be talking to ANYbody outside of your circle of friends….food, water, and ammo….and food….and water…and ammo,….that’s what will be needed.

              • Police Officer Brandon Tatum Talks About His Experience At the Donald Trump Rally in Tucson (VIDEO)

                African-American police officer Brandon Tatum exclaims, the profane-language-using demonstrators “were the most hateful, evil people he has ever seen.”

                “The media doesn’t cover this.”


                • KY mom
                  As always, thanks for the link! I enjoyed this young man’s perpective. I hope to see for myself if Trump comes to New Mexico.

                  • Best article ever on why the PTB have their panties in a wad over Trump at nomorefakenews dot com.

                    • If Hodges says this, I know exactly what ISN’T going to happen!

                    • Dave Hodges…king of outrage porn.

                • most likely thats why the trump supporter who attended while BLACK at the Utah rally went off at the sight of the moron doing the soros routine with that KKK hoodie STILL on .
                  LOL i made heads explode w/my statement-klansman on soros payroll gets his head handed to him by black trump supporter–media frenzy due to media being wrecked by this and confused….and this is why the media’s spun this into protester brutally assaulted at trump rally-LOL
                  so, do hate crimes apply here as well ?

                • and there’s the problem, right, KM…people in america just are ignorant as all get-out. they fall in with a crowd and have no IDEA what end is UP…what’s right..or LEFT. most americans don’t even know if they are liberals or conservatives…they don’t READ, watch the news, talk to others about politics….they JUST don’t give a SHIT, until their food-bowl looks like it will be taken away,…then they are ready to riot…they been ignoring politics for decades!…but politics aint been ignoring THEM!….make no mistake, muricuhn’s is about to get the spankin’ they so RICHLY deserve….borrow from the grandkids, inDEED!

              • If there is a full scale breakdown of society, you need to think longer term and bigger picture. A society that falls apart will, eventually, need to be rebuilt. In order to do that, you will need to be willing to talk to people outside your ‘circle of friends’ eventually. It may take a while, but eventually trade would resume and in that eventuality, it would be smart to have items people would want to trade with you for.
                Just something to think about.

                • you gotta SURVIVE IT before getting a chance to “talk to others”….many WON’T….and it’s damned POSSIBLE that MOST won’t.

                  • You’re right. Depending on the disaster, death tolls could be as high as 90% but that still leaves 10% remaining and that is no small number. If you believe you’re going to be in the 90% who don’t make it, why bother even prepping. Get a gun and end it quick when the SHTF. However, if you happen to be in that lucky 10% who survive, eventually, you will need to crawl out of your bunker and start to rebuild. What are you going to rebuild WITH?

                    • if 90% DIE, then there will be PLENTY to go around….well, except for the food, ammo, and water.

        • eppe,

          The establishment Republicans have revealed themselves for who they really are. Be prepared for riots like we have never seen, even in the ’60s. I was in ROTC in the ’70s and can vividly remember how it felt to wear a uniform or cross a picket line on campus. When push comes to shove, we must be ready to respond. The strategy of the ‘indirect approach’ may be the most effective. Sty safe!

          American Eagle

          • AE, we are the lucky ones to see ahead in the future and try to prepare.
            I do not see much getting better.
            But we all must experience life as we know it.
            Eyes open, ready to roll….

            • Eppe, I just arrived at the BOL 2 hours ago. I’ll be here for a week of R&R. Summer could become bugout time for me.

              • Spring is a great time in N. GA.

                Hope you have a good time…

          • The Donald is being used as a trigger. What will unfold has been long planned. Illuminati defector John Todd wrote of plans to incite civil war back in the early 1970s by unleashing the worst violent offenders from US prisons. Rev David Wilkerson spoke of “a thousand fires in American urban centers” in 1976 and many wondered- on what basis?

            Now we have it. Pastor Lindsey Williams revealed in his Feb DVD- before these riots began- that the Elite are planning for riots this summer, by bringing in ISIS, violent Latin drug gangs, and what can be described as The Purge writ large.

          • It will be revolution, not civil war. That is, the people against the established communist government.

            Many 14 man groups in every town and village with one million groups of 14 men each. Intel and support by another 100,000,000, all heavily armed.

            It will be about right.

            f the commies.

            • many out here correct those posting about civil war 2-
              no way–we agree w/you that IT WOULD BE the American Revolution part 2.

          • what?…like they been HIDIN’ sumthin’?…PFFT!…the republicans came out of the closet YEARS ago. aint nobody gotta HIDE anything in politics anymore….we done seen 7 years of o’bomber in the spite-house, with all of HIS crookedness….if nobody will arrest HIS ass, the repubs got nuthin’ to worry ’bout.

        • Targets are picked out, conscience is clear. Madder than hell. Waiting.

          • We need to get a rope company to give ‘global discounts’ or grow our own hemp to make our own (we are going to need hundreds of miles of it)! There are MANY people who needs hanging after this gets underway …, well, it IS already ‘under-way’ but just not “at the door” as of yet – but it IS coming and it is inescapable (the fact that “it” is I mean). Anyway, the average hanging-rope was 12-foot ‘in the day’ (that’s not a ‘carved-in-stone’ preferred length).

            So, that’s 12-feet times the number of ‘hang-ees’. Well, good thing they are reusable.
            Personally, I’d rather forego the hangings and drag them until they are ‘erased’ on the pavement completely …nothing left but the chain-leash which was around their neck. Hook up another and drag them …hey, ‘strong’ engines, like Freightliners could haul several hundred at once to speed things up. Revolutions should be short and sweet, and since we already know who the enemies are, this shouldn’t be all that difficult.

          • You’ve GOTTA be kidding! At that point anyone with ANY influence is going to be downstairs in a DUMB. *sigh* The use of late teens early twenties soldiers will guarantee they’ll shoot who they’re ordered to shoot. Two to four years can make the difference between thoughtless obedience and refusal to follow illegal orders, but between foreigners bucking for a near-worthless citizenship and man-sized children, We the People are going to have a rough time of it. The politicians meanwhile will be as deep as they can get.

        • I like the dog in the picture.It does not support the actual system..As for the establishment, they are stupid enough to try but they shall also know that planet earth is to small to offer them a place to hide.They will face swift justice…

        • This is weird: every article in my usual morning collection takes me ONLY to the comments section; no articles. Anyone else having this problem??

      2. The RINOs and the Establishment Republicans must go.

        From now on, I am calling myself,


        • Trump is Draining the Swamp. George Soros is a Domestic Terrorist, funding and promoting Riots, and undermining Free election process. Soros needs to be indicted, captured, imprisoned and held in Maximum security, then held on trial after the elections. Soros needs to be separated from all his wealth which promotes violence and undermining Governments. Soros is a Jew Zionist Pig. Death by firing squad is in full order for this cockroach.

          Hello FBI are you a sleep here, do your JOB!!


      3. I will not run out to face the coming Civil War.
        I will maintain vigilance at my home.

        It’s going to be a very hot summer, and dericho winds will knock out some power during the GOP convention.

        Cleveland’s smoke will be seen from DC.

        Always Be Armed.

        • Yup, mind my own business and pay attention, low pro

          • yup YUP!

          • Kulafarmer: I keep low profile likewise, some are so low profile they won’t even show up at the general election since they didn’t show in the primaries. False flags will take place and I think it’s a good idea for patriot sites to sign off for good, since nothing can be done at this point other than civil war and martial law.

      4. The guillotine was created as a humane way to execute someone. We all die. I would rather go by this method than any other. It is so quick and painless. What a great end to an otherwise pretty ordinary lifetime. You can’t scare the people into submission when they are in so much pain. Try again when the good times roll. Ha ha.

        • Hitler tried this in the beginning of ww2. He found it to be too slow and hard to control the sheeple so he built the gas chambers instead.

          • They have built better, more efficient, faster ones.

            • Caucasion.. Yes, Here in the South we call them Wood Chippers, which produces chum for the Gators. Easily Purchased at Big Box Stores. Just hose them off after use. Next!!!


        • I hope you’re right however the brain lives FOUR MINUTES after the head is severed. Think that through.

          • The establishment and their aides should think about that…

          • Igit
            That was one piece of information that I didn’t necessarily want to know. Eeeuuwww
            The video said they did not exist.

          • Igit,
            That’s what I call a play on words.

          • Depends on what you mean by “lives”. You could have your head smashed under a ten ton trash truck and though basically a pudding-puddle, much of the tissue if the brain, as in cells and groups thereof, might live for a short time. As a functioning brain? I count it. A quick strike to the carotid arteries will induce instant unconsciousness, or it CAN; I suspect having having the blood from BOTH carotid arteries cut off (literally) could well have the same effect: OFF! No more brain function. I’ve always had this nasty suspicion though that Middle Ages types decided that since no head complained, there was no problem. A “painless, instant death”? Maybe; maybe not, too. If they’re looking for volunteers, pass here. Almost guaranteed that SOMEONE is going to precede me if it’s tried, too. Maybe several someones…

        • Ted Gunderson spoke at a DC rally on the guillotines. Did he lie? Ask Stew Webb- he may know. Otherwise the big disseminator of the rumor has been Pamela Rae Schuffert posting on Ken Adachi site and elsewhere.

          the vid says the coffins, FEMA camps etc are totally unproven? Is he serious?? We have SEEN many clips of those coffins piled high by the thousands..
          Why beheading? It goes back to the FREEMASONs, and their belief that anyone beheaded could not be resurrected in Christ and would be banned the Kingdom of Heaven- hence their push to unleash this on Xtian nations. Look at Syria- ISIS is the Illuminati mass ritual slayers who behead, crucify and EAT their victims.

          The masses are asses and dont have eyes to see. Why not just shoot people or bomb them to death? The more gory stuff is usually always the signature of occult motives and methods at play. Whether its in US, Syria or Nero’s Rome.

          • It’s said the so-called “elites” are FASCINATED by beheading, too, and that the execution cars are studded with pinhole cameras so they can watch… Wouldn’t put it past ’em.

        • Um yeah no the head can live for up to two minutes detached. No thank you. The fear response would be unbelievable. I’ll pass.

        • B: In recent years, a handful of friends died in their sleep, never knew what hit them, devastating the families. Some were way up in years, medicated and sick to begin with so was expected. The best part is they won’t be here to see the trashing of America with a zero future.

      5. I heard they were at the Military bases…

        • You are listening to the wrong line of alleged truthful sources. All construction on military bases, NG facilities and federal property IS a matter of public record, and has been for decades now. Look for yourself instead of falling prey to the intentional misinformation mills.

          • @TPSnodgrass…..

            You are incredibly naive.

          • Hodges is full of shit. He should be writing fiction novels.

            • wow… DiI, you sound just like a troll

              • @ Jerry. Why would I sound like a troll? Is it because Im tired of the fear porn authors who have NEVER been correct about Any predictions…except increasing their own Bank account? How about May 2015 when the crash was supposed to happen, lost nuke warheads, Jade Helm, Niburu, etc.. I focus on Prepping, and Self sustaining life style, not buying a bunch of junk because some rich cocksucker, who made their fortune off of scaring the shit out of people with half truths. When Mac or anyone else here post something on prepping, gardening, off grid etc, other than fear crap, I try to join in with a constructive comment. As far as a troll, there are probably only a couple here. The rest that are called a troll, just have a difference of OPINION than a few of the Sheeple that follow fear porn.

                • DaveinID, I hear ya, but consider this. If this is fear porn or reality, it is all part of Prepping of the “what-if’s.” And the probability of this happening can be from Zero to 100%.

                  For many people Shit has already hit the fan for them. Be it losing a job or a house, a house fire or storm, or get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and to what degree from losing it all, including their lives. Prepping is overlapping layers of protections, with preparations, to survive many situations with little stress. You know this already, as most do here.

                  I can tell you as a fact, I feel less stress with a year of food supply, than a week of food supply. Sure a lot of this is repetitive, and sure some outlandish beyond reality. Having an asteroid hitting my area, is fruitless to worry about, because I will be gone in a nano second.

                  I personally,d on’t like Bad info or incorrect info, backed up by nothing but hot air and BS. Or stealing our time by Jokesters who offer nothing cause their have nothing to offer, but cyber squatting to fulfill their own egos.

                  However I have hope, as I see one here is finally coming around and posting something about prepping finally after a few years.. Maybe he did some soul searching after his personal timeout. The other Bible Babblers here, are not for this site either, in my opinion. There are ZERO Facts of reality or proof in their fantasy world of Jebus. That’s why it is called Faith, which is defined as a set of beliefs without any facts or proof. Its all wishing or worshiping by fear to defraud and dupe the Lowest IQ Crowd in our society. Faith is an empty prep of wishy hopey, that robs their time of something more proactive or productive that can actually help those around them.

                  Anyway, keep stacking and packing. Buy Silver!!


                • Dave in Idaho
                  I agree with you. I see economic crash, already happened. I see it getting worse. Already happening. How far that goes is anyone’s guess. Having a different opinion about that is American freedom of speech (and thought), not trolling. Jumping through slobbering and cussing could be considered troll behavior! My personal focus is also self-sufficiency, but you are way ahead of me! I admire that. I know people who are on the same path of self-sufficiency and admire all of them, whether they are more prepared or less prepared, and including their various opinions and ideas. Isn’t that the basis of our freedom?
                  On a practical basis, no two people have the exact same opinions. Good enough to be on the same page most of the time. Anyone who is moving toward self-sufficiency is on the same page.

                  • Rebecca – This is a familiar pattern: keep giving every indication of pulling the plug ANY SECOND NOW. People will start off, finally come home when they see it isn’t time yet, and with the food prices rising (the value of money dropping, that is), people start going through their preps, and when it DOES finally happen there’s too little left, and people are TIRED.

          • Yeah, like just walk onto any base of your choosing, unchallenged by the gate guard, and then commence to going through ALL of the buildings and locked rooms, (unchallenged), until you’ve seen every square inch of the base. Try it and see how it works for you sir.

          • Guantanamo Bay Prison is a US Naval Base in Cuba. Anybody want to dispute the facts here? Thought so. Just look for the razor wire on both sides of the fence, that is one of of the first clues, looking from the outside.

            Quote: The Guantanamo Bay detention camp is a United States military prison located within Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, also referred to as Guantánamo or GTMO, which fronts on Guantánamo Bay in Cuba.


      6. IT’s HEERE!

      7. “If Trump has the nomination stolen from him, there will be, as Trump himself has stated, riots! If Donald Trump is assassinated, there will be riots in every major American city. The coming GOP convention is promising to make the 1968 Democratic Convention look like an elementary school recess in comparison. I am growing convinced by the day that Donald Trump’s pursuit of the Presidency will likely be the spark that brings on martial law and ends with civil war. George Soros and his criminal organizations, such as and Black Lives Matter, et al., have demonstrated that they will go to any lengths to stop Donald Trump.”

        First of all, if Trump is assassinated there will not be riots in every US city. Nor will their be riots if the GOP steals the election at the convention. Why? Because the people that support Trump are the small-business owners, the middle class, and everyday working people that don’t have time to do stupid things like show up for a riot! We also have too much to lose and understand that rioting is not a solution. I am not sure how Hodge could reach such an absurd conclusion it is that ridiculous.

        Hodge did get one thing correct. Soros does have a past history of fomenting color revolutions and working to destabilize countries in order to foment riots and civil strife. Trump is incidental for Soros and the other globalists. If they can blame issues on Trump they can avoid having the spotlight put on them. Or used to be able to avoid that spotlight. The Internet has freed people from the tyranny of the mainstream media. Certainly the globalists and both parties in the USSA want to derail or stop Trump as he is not a puppet and not owned or controlled.

        As far as Hodge predicting riots in the US this spring and summer and at the GOP convention in Cleveland, plenty of people have reached the same conclusion but for different reasons. The US has been building towards large-scale race riots in urban areas for several years (prior to Trump showing up on the political scene, by the way). The US MSM has been fomenting angst and racial division and front groups like BLM and Open Borders and La Raza have been working overtime to push their agenda which is basically the destruction of the US, to destroy the hated capitalist system so that everything will be awesome once the USSA becomes another socialist paradise.

        Too bad some of the useful idiots that dream about a socialist utopia have not read recent stories about the socialist utopias of Venezuala, North Korea, Cuba, and China (where 400 million coal miners have not been paid in months and will be lucky if they can get a job making half of what they did working in the coal industry). Syria has had an ongoing civil war for 5 years. Brazil is either on the verge of a civil war or a military coup or a total economic collapse (whichever comes first) and there are ongoing cracks that indicate China could end up with civil strife as well. Venezuala is on the verge of becoming a failed state, as well as broke, and is another place that is ripe for a civil war or military coup.

        As for a civil war in the US, I disagree. There will only be civil war in the US after a complete financial collapse. Once the F$A has all of their benefits cut off, well, yes, then the conditions would be ripe for widespread violence in the US. Matt Bracken writes about this scenario in his article on Western Rifle Shooters about the day US cities explode in violence: the day after EBT payments are discontinued is the premise of Bracken’s article (and that article is from 2012 and was written far in advance of Trump or BLM even existing as a group).

        The GOP were stupid when they chose Cleveland as the location for their convention. It is an old rust-belt city that is controlled by democrats, much like Detroit and Chicago and Baltimore and every other failing urban city in the US. I won’t blame Trump if their are riots in Cleveland, I will blame the stupid leaders in charge of the GOP that picked Cleveland. There are plenty of cities that are smaller, cleaner, and friendlier than Cleveland that the GOP could have picked for their convention. Lots of cities have convention facilities and hotels and are not hostile territory.

        In conclusion, Hodges predictions may turn out to be correct but not for the reasons that he stated in this article.

          • Numerous activist groups funded by Soros are planning a mass civil disobedience movement called “Democracy Spring” in America, to begin in early April.

            George Soros funded activist groups are PLANTING PEOPLE to INSTIGATE trouble at rallies.

            Last week, Soros WARNED more disruptions are to come.

            The STATED GOAL OF DEMOCRACY SPRING is to “SPARK A FIRE” in America.

            ht tp://

            *George Soros funded activist groups also planted people in the protests in Ferguson, where numerous minority owned businesses were burned down.

          • Thank you Philosopher for a very good write up from an obviously informed opinion.

            I like it when people write about their opinions and they are based on fact. Our opinions and theories of what will happen must remain fluid at all times because every day is a new day.

            I value your opinion. I especially see the fact in your paragraph:

            “The GOP were stupid when they chose Cleveland as the location for their convention. It is an old rust-belt city that is controlled by democrats, much like Detroit and Chicago and Baltimore and every other failing urban city in the US. I won’t blame Trump if their are riots in Cleveland, I will blame the stupid leaders in charge of the GOP that picked Cleveland. There are plenty of cities that are smaller, cleaner, and friendlier than Cleveland that the GOP could have picked for their convention. Lots of cities have convention facilities and hotels and are not hostile territory.”

            Nothing but facts in those few sentences. Thanks again (and also for the link above).


            • People who riot are generally people who have nothing to lose
              White people riot all the time. Mainly when it is a riot involving white people they never call it a riot. It is a disturbance or rowdy sports fans or something like that.
              They are just not usually the target of the police or media. The Middle class are for the most part no longer middle class. So you can leave that part out. I personally know a lot of people all across America and I can say that they are hanging on by a thread and buying lots and lots of guns, ammo and food.
              The fuse is steadily burning and more and more powder is added to the keg every day. It is only a matter of time before it blows.

            • NR: I am old enough to have watched the decline of the US through the years. It has become fairly obvious that those cities that are controlled by democrats and unions have been ruined, looted, and basically destroyed.

              • Phil: Yep! Gerald Celente, love him or hate him, you have to admit a lot of the things he says makes sense. One of my favorite quotes by him is, “Once a man has nothing to lose, he loses it.” I think people are basically to that point. When the guns come out, thats when the SHTF.

                Those democrat destroyed cities? Yeah, when the EBT stops, *BOOM*!!! Democrat? Yeah, I suppose. That seems to be the political party that swallows the government dependency hook, line, sinker, pole, fisherman, boat. They’d swallow the marina if you’re tied up to it. This is the establishmentary way and democrats tend to be very establishmentary.

                There are many who are stockpiling. I’ve been knowingly prepping for about 7 years and unknowingly since the late 80s. When you live out, you just do things so you don’t have to go into town every whipstitch and when the power gets cut and the snow is too deep to get anywhere, you have to stay put, keep warm and fed. Its just what you do and you know you have to do it.

                We stockpile hay and feed for the cattle because you can get it much cheaper when its “in season”. It just makes sense to do the same for yourself. But, in those cities, they’ve taught them that having too much in stock is a liability both physical and tax. So, the wonderful “just in time” delivery systems have made things even more vulnerable to [ attack | break down | error | collapse ].

                I have yet to figure out if the vulnerabilities are intentional or just out of ignorance.

        • “I am not sure how Hodge could reach such an absurd conclusion it is that ridiculous.”

          Your correct, white middle class people don’t riot.

          • Kevin
            You know why White middle class don’t RIOT?

            Because when we do cities don’t burn. THE WHOLE WORLD BURNS. SO THEY WOULD BE SMART NOT TO PISS US OFF

            A.S.M.S.—- T.T.


            • Only an MT stomach or extreme oppression would get whites to riot.

              The flip side is assuming Trump becomes President TPTB will cause him as many problems as possible to:

              1. Keep him too busy to enact any changes that he has promised
              2. Ridicule his response
              3. Add roadblocks for a second term

            • White people don’t riot, because they have to go to work in the morning.

            • that of course is correct.

          • I dont even think an mt dtomach would get me to riot, my theory has always and will always be,

            • Someone wrote somewhere that civil society is only 8 missed meals from chaos. It might be 6 or 10 but regardless, to paraphrase Eddy Murphy in 48 hours, “Lack of FOOD make you brave”.

              • One thing im glad for is the lack of pack mentality in my genes

              • The Quote is “9 Meals away from Anarchy.” When it is gone, it is gone.. You know, basically 3 days of food, 72 hours.. The same for drinking water. 3 Days from death, without water.

                ~WWTI… Prepping for 3 Years of food is a solid plan and a goal for everybody, who would like to survive most collapses. Store it in multiple location of course. You think Squirrels bury all their nuts in the same hole? They get it, and their brain is the size of an acorn. Humans can learn a lot by just watching daily nature.

        • “The GOP were stupid when they chose Cleveland”

          Unless they wanted to demonize Trump

          • K2: I don’t know when the GOP chose Clevelend. I am guessing it was prior to Trump even declaring that he was going to run but I don’t know. I am guessing this type of decision would be make two-years in advance, give or take a few months.

            • Thanks for that info. They certainly didn’t predict Trump or Sanders popularity for that matter.

              • K2: I did a search and it looked like the GOP leadership announced Cleveland in November 2015. As for the work that goes into booking a convention center and making sure enough hotels will be available I am just guessing that the lead time on that type of even is at least a year in advance, if not two years.

                I don’t think the GOP had any fricken clue that either Sanders or Trump would still be around by this time. As you can tell, I am no fan of the GOP party hacks. Reince Preibus can go to hell. I consider him to be nothing but another clueless party hack and his name is stupid. Who the hell names their kid (with a last name of Preibus?) Reince? Jeezus.

                • “Reince Preibus”

                  Sounds like a Roman Emperor.

                  • Around our house, we call him “Rinse Penis”.

                  • Or a venereal disease. …..

                    • SE: LOL! 😉

                  • K2: I just googled his name and it is even worse! OMG! His real name is Reinhold Richard “Reince” Priebus, an American attorney . . . blah, blah, blah.

                    • Prince Reibus is more fitting…

                  • If you take the Vowels from Reince Priebus..
                    It spells, E-I-E-I-E-U. Typical Pompous Jackass that deserves a bloody nose.


        • I think you have a good handle on the overall situation in regards to this article and why middle class white Americans, will not riot. They will protest if trump gets removed from the race.

          It is the liberals, from either party, that will instigate and promote riots. The black party of the liberal side is chomping at the is in their blood to jump around like idiots and destroy stuff, along with their weak minded white counterparts. I feel sorry for the blacks that have common decency and have removed themselves from that mindset and way of jungle welfare thinking. They are among us and most of those are true christian people. They are one of us, regardless of their skin color. There are some middle eastern peoples that are christian, and are one of us, ie: Bridgette Gabriel from Lebanon, with an inspiring story. Check her out!

          The idiot liberal retard repubicles of the establishment, see the right as “the only right”, because they are part of that evil establishment warmongering elite, like Lindsey Graham and the McCains. Their followers are delusional and deceived.

          With so many on this so-called right side and so many on the leftist,liberal,socialist side, it leaves a small group of individuals that want their republic of freedom back again…to fight the good fight.

          We are outnumbered, but we are strong. Those of us that put our strength, by biblical values, at the center of life, have a strong desire to see truth prevail. We will fight to the death if we see victory as prevailing for our children and grandchildren…if only for a short while. Meaning; before the end of this age, which is coming soon.

          If the current trend continues, and the elitist controlling element is allowed to maintain it’s grip on the world, then we are truly watching the end unfold. The crossroads for a return to what America was founded on, either is within sight within the next six months, or it has already passed as of last year.
          Either way we shall see change that has never before been seen across America.

          I made a prediction back last year in late summer (Sept. I think…it’s in the archives) that we would see our lives in a total different form a year later. That time is fast approaching.

          As long as we are able, we will go, and do, and see all that we can physically afford to do for this “possible” last spring and summer of freedom in the Ole USSAG. We have our main preps in order, so it is fairly smooth sailing from here on out.

          It is time for the newbies to get their houses in order.
          Chop, chop; for time is racing on.

          • “The black party of the liberal side is chomping at the is in their blood to jump around like idiots and destroy stuff….”

            Its a card that the Left has and uses. It has the potential of backfiring as it can alienate more than frighten.

          • PITW: I see a lot of folks stirring the pot and trying to foment trouble. Used to be a time when those kinds of people were called rabble rousers. The thing that I have observed is how the MSM really stirred things up in Ferguson. I blame the MSM for what happened in Ferguson and Baltimore.

            In the meantime there is a news blackout here in the USSA about what is happening in Europe. About Brazil. About Venezuela! My god, I like the US but I am sick to death of the BS MSM running the same stories over and over and not having any real news, or very little! Fricken eh Brazil is on the verge of a coup or collapse or something and there is absolutely NO NEWS, NO VIDEO, NOTHING in the MSM. Nothing about how Venezuala just sold the last of their gold (along with Canada). There is no real news in the MSM it is nothing more than a modern version of Pravda, the propaganda outlet for the former USSR! Nothing about 400 million Chinese coal miners being laid off. I consider the MSM to be nothing but tools used by oligarchs to control and manipulate the masses.

            I cannot imagine all of the clueless people out there that only get their news from Fvckbook or Twatter (excuse my language but I cannot stand either of those ghettos, as Drudge aptly described those two cesspools). Heck most of the young people can’t afford cable so I doubt they are watching CNN or FOX.

            I actively search for news on a daily basis from many sources. My favs? This site, Zerohedge, the Saker, Infowars, Breitbart, SGT Report, JS Mineset, USA Watchdog, Economic Collapse, Western Rifle Shooters, Gates of Vienna, RT. I don’t expect any one site to give me all the news and most of the time I discount much of the stuff that is posted and spend most of my time sifting the kernels of truth from all of the chaff.

            Most folks don’t have enough time to do this type of reading / research.

            I have predicted a few things, because they were so obvious. It was obvious to me that there would be race riots in urban centers in the US. Inevitable given all of the hype. I predicted that there would be a sharp swing to the right in Europe due to the influx of refugees (AKA: gimmigrants).

            This is coming down to a war between the nationalists and the globalists. Europe is on the verge of imploding. China is on the verge of imploding, both socially and financially. Mexico is a failed state run by corrupt policians and narco-terrorists. Brazil is on the verge of imploding. Same for Venezuala.

            As for prepping, I think it is common sense. I don’t expect anyone, let alone the fricken government, to save me. I expect that I will have to figure out how to save myself or suffer the consequences.

            • “I consider the MSM to be nothing but tools used by oligarchs to control and manipulate the masses.”

              I search some of the same places you do. You can’t tell me that your statement above was a recent epiphany. Hell its a no brainer. I’ll go as far as saying that a US citizen has no more political control than a citizen did in the USSR in 1970. Sure you can get a stop sign changed to a red light but war and who with, finance, foreign policy, forgetaboutit.

              • K2: of course not. It has taken me a few years to realize the amount of deception involved is real and it is stunning once you wake up and go “OMFG what isn’t a lie?”

                I like reading and I like the news so it is my hobby. I try to not be a complete cynic. That attempt becomes more difficult over time.

            • Philosopher

              “Most folks don’t have enough time to do this type of reading / research.”

              I’m sad to say that for many its not time but desire. I have family that worships the sphere and spheroid. Golf, baseball, football, hell even tennis. They not only don’t know they don’t want to know. Their common line (get this) is, “It don’t effect me”. Somehow the economy, domestic and foreign affairs bypass them. The only reason they could find Texas on a map is because the Cowboys are from Dallas (I have that correct don’t I).

              Food and Circus.

              • K2: I feel your pain. Then when things get bad they will be banging on your door (or my family on mine) yelling at us and asking us “why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you warn me?” The next question will be “do you have a gun and ammo I can borrow? any fuel? and oh yes if you have some spare food I could use some.”

                It is kind of like that show, “Survivor.” There are some people that do the work. They build the shelter and get the wood and start a fire and boil the water. All of the regular parts of daily life. Then there are the people that sit around and eat and not much else. Fine if it is a game or there is a massive welfare state hammock holding up someone’s fat ass but not so great once that hammock gets a huge fricken hole in it and someone takes a hard fall to the ground and has to pick themselves up and start contributing rather than just being a mooch.

                Family members that show up at my place will not get a big hug and a warm welcome. At all. I prefer to hang around with like-minded folks that have some sense and some skills.

            • @ Philo
              I think we all can come to the same conclusion that most folks, especially the younger teens and twenty somethings, have tuned out to news, and getting the real story. Ostrich is the rule of the day. The college kids get most of their news from here-say, on social media like faceplant and twikker, if they read any at all. The masses of universities have liberalized the youth to the point that they believe a socialist gov is the answer to their problematic future, so nothing in the world news will shake them for the better.

              Having said that, I did see a young woman from Cuba the other day that has her own organization going, to alert people to the evils and deathtraps to Communism and dictatorship, etc,etc.
              She was well educated to the facts, and is a real gem in the field of turds today. Just like Bridgette Gabriel’s organization called ACT for America, there are a few real people doing real things, but not hardly enough.

              As a well informed woman, that doesn’t take any shit, I have to believe you will be a-ok when the SHTF. If you have at least one dependable sidekick when it all goes down, you do stand a better chance at getting to a safe haven if you haven’t already arrived.

              • PITW: yes I agree with you. Maybe a young woman that is happy to have escaped Cuba can educate the young folks! I hope so. Because universities and the public schools certainly are not educating them, nor is the MSM providing any type of useful, timely, and relevent information.

                I can’t predict the future. I am a survivor. But I wasn’t raised to be useless either. Totally different mindset between the way I was raised and the way some kids are being raised today.

          • PassingInTheWind; What you just stated is eloquently “the bottom line” to the matter. I applaud your mind-set and stance on all these matters, respectfully.
            The problems that we’ve been ‘beset’ with have not only emerged from illegal EO’s flying off Obama’s desk, but from every ‘lawyer in DC’ with an axe-to-grind’ against America (meaning; there are MANY lawyers present in The USA who got here from OTHER countries, took advantage of our “free schooling” for foreigners, then turn around and use their knowledge 100% against the very nation that enabled them to ‘have an influence’ (and so they, of course, negatively influence all they can). This, is what Obama was ‘set in place’ to do …and more …therefore, there is no time like the present to get everything possible ‘in order’. You DO NOT want to be “caught off-guard” or to be “surprised.” Just be “at-the-ready” at all times – and armed. Hmm…perhaps it could be said the fuse is already lit?

        • The GOP picked Cleveland for one reason, so their allies can come to their defense when they steal then election.

          I agree, there will be no riot, unless it’s a false flag by the establishment.

          I too have my targets picked out, the first one is Taxes, I will not pay another penny to the bastards. Second, is the poor shmuck they send to collect. Third, the loyalist. Anyone supporting martial law or tyranny will find a hole rapidly appearing in their brain from a nice safe distance. PS, I already know 25 within 5 miles.

          Fourth, any foreign military. It’s been said that UN Blue shows up very well in the cross hairs than any other color. I know my back yard better than any foreign troop, my caches are in place and my shelters are IR proof, and I will take as many as I can before I die. But I will die knowing I did my small part.

          • Say Bonefortoona (funny avatar name there! lol). Excellent article, you are either an ex-combat vet or ‘well-studied’ on the tips&tricks of guerilla-warfare tactics (since you mentioned caches, and it IS a ‘carved in stone’ practice for military to use 3 caches, you have done yourself proud)!
            Congrats on IR-proofing your shelters. Mylar, (reflects at least 95% body heat), is what I’ve used for lining a multi-material, IR-proof Pancho (that is ‘cammo’ed’). Very much like a Ghillie without the added benefit of being “inside an oven” (for those who don’t know, a ‘Ghillie suit’ can easily get over 115 degrees or more ….don’t forget your water)!!!!
            For everyone: You’ll need a position to conduct warfare from on every GOOD ‘vantage point’ on your property. Dig a depression, line it with sandbags, rocks, (whatever you have that bullets do not penetrate), and MAKE yourself ‘safe zones’ while you still have time. (If we are all wrong you can fill them in with the stuff you built’em with)? lol… Cheers

          • Trump reads the Poem by Al Wilson- THE SNAKE

            On her way to work one morning
            Down the path along side the lake
            A tender hearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake
            His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew
            “Oh well,” she cried, “I’ll take you in and I’ll take care of you”
            “Take me in oh tender woman
            Take me in, for heaven’s sake
            Take me in oh tender woman, ” sighed the snake

            She wrapped him up all cozy in a curvature of silk
            And then laid him by the fireside with some honey and some milk
            Now she hurried home from work that night as soon as she arrived
            She found that pretty snake she’d taking in had been revived
            “Take me in, oh tender woman
            Take me in, for heaven’s sake
            Take me in oh tender woman, ” sighed the snake

            Now she clutched him to her bosom, “You’re so beautiful,” she cried
            “But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you might have died”
            Now she stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed and held him tight
            But instead of saying thanks, that snake gave her a vicious bite
            “Take me in, oh tender woman
            Take me in, for heaven’s sake
            Take me in oh tender woman, ” sighed the snake

            “I saved you,” cried that woman
            “And you’ve bit me even, why?
            You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”
            “Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin
            “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in
            “Take me in, oh tender woman
            Take me in, for heaven’s sake
            Take me in oh tender woman, ” sighed the snake

            ~The Snake, Sounds like the ZOG Jews that infiltrated here in America.


        • They should have chosen Lexington, Kentucky. Beautiful horse country, and bourbon tours all around for the boozy convention crowd.

          • BB: I couldn’t agree more. Lexington handles the Kentucky Derby crowd just fine, once a year. Would have been a great place for the GOP convention!

            • Bourbon? “Smoke” has been Kentucky’s “cash crop” for as long as I can remember. “IT” is kept in the old tobacco drying barns ‘back in them thar hills’.

      8. The Powers That Be are preparing. Good they need to, because SO ARE WE, and we have more Rope and more trees.

        If Trump starts the Civil war to reestablish the Republic. So be it. LET IT START!!! I have prepped, and have prepped you, and I are going to be the True Patriots standing for the Republic.

        If it comes to it and Trump needs an ARMY I will enlist. Time to chose a side, and fight for it!



        • Trump is too smart to incite a riot……

          • Marie – Yeah, I guess so, but then he feeds on chaos and drama. So, there’s that to consider.

      9. Off Topic.
        I have lived on this road for 15+ years. This is the first time have seen what I believe to 105mm howitzers two on the back of a 53Ft. flat bed. When the first one went by I thought Oh crap what is going on? When the second one went by I thought it is time to let you folks know.

        Has anyone else seen ramped up military move moment?

        A.S.M.S.——-T.T. (Triple Tap)

        • I thought we might be spared for a while, but now things seem to be escalating. Back to prepping.

          • What is Horwitzers? Is it bombarding us with frequency to bring us to our knees? What is it??

            • A howitzer is an artillery piece.

              • I want one, but can’t seem to find one on Amazon … I know, I’ll check ebay?!?

                • has to be a few around in TX.

            • Marie, it is a very large ‘cannon-like’ “gun-on-a-trailer” (with wheels). They shoot ‘bullets’ large enough to blow a tank all to h*ll. One man/woman with enough ammo and a “Howwie” could LEVEL NYC from a safe distance (but they don’t come with silencers yet). 🙂

        • SGT DALE

          I see a lot of Armor Vehicles heading down I 81 South in Winchester VA on flatbeds.

          • Do you think it’s National Guard moving equipment around in prep for the summertime games?

          • Look up “caltrops”. Just a suggestion…

        • Sarge, we live under what must be an “air-road” for “week-end” warriors (and it used to be that once per month brought above-average air traffic, all kinds of military aircraft.
          As of this writing, for the past two months there has been a very dramatic increase in military air traffic and they all fly “on deck” – C-130’s/131’s? (we are elevated and so clouds are an everyday ‘bother’ of sorts, meaning that we are usually in “smokey mountain fog” which helps to keep us off the radar.
          Also, and I swear on my father’s grave and before God, a few weeks back an ultra-large ‘something’ military aircraft went over so slowly he have been crop-dusting, the ass-end of the plane was DOWN and they were so damned low I COULD HEAR THEM HOLLARING COMMANDS AT EACH OTHER …and for the next two weeks everyone in my area came down with all manner of ailments (colds, flu, diabetic problems). Most would disagree, but I’m convinced we were “dumped on” and God only knows how far they went and what bearings did they use and what the hell were they releasing into the atmosphere?
          Short answer: Yes sir. My siblings in Maine report an increase of activity at Bath Iron Works (Naval Shipyard in Maine). The Airforce base in Knoxville is going to wear out their runway and I have ‘heard’ (from ex-combat friends in the NW) that at the Trident sub base (NW of Seattle), there isn’t a boat to be found at dock, save for two diesel powered machines that lack what the ‘latest and greatest’ Tridents have ‘on board’. This means that EVERY submarine from every nation is ‘on deployment’ in some unknown part of ‘any’ ocean. That’s enough to cause nail-biting to become a nervous habit, or food-source. Depends on how you look at it right?
          10-4 on the triple-tap. (Cuz it never fails to work). Did y’all ever have to carry 1911’s (issued)?

          • Triple-tap is a waste. If your aim is THAT bad, get an automatic…

        • Its gonna be hard for a Howitzer to shoot everything hiding behind every blade of Grass here in the States.


      10. Guillotines?


        IF there were to be mass executions, it would be more expedient to just line people up and shoot them.

        • If they are going to kill people it will be subtle… it will be poison in the water, or raining from the sky as planes fly over.
          Pop and EMP 30,000 feet above chicago and you’ll fry electronics country wide. Do it after sunset on a weekend… No power, no cars, no planes, no phones, no internet… Let the country tear itself apart.

          Watch me be right

        • Sensationalism sells. Next, we’ll be reading about a new government that produces iron cauldrons with which to boil citizens alive.

        • But WE have all the guns !

        • Muslims prefer beheading. There is your answer regarding expediency. You see, the article (above) fails to take into account that THERE WILL BE NO LAW ON THE STREET ….anywhere! Therefore, it doesn’t make a damn if a state only allows death-by-injection or not …those who seek to destroy us ARE NOT going to abide by our nation’s laws …ya think? My word!

          Behead (or shoot execution-style by a boy-soldier-in-training), dropped into a pit then soaked in diesel and torched, then covered over and hard-packed. Don’t be expecting any Christian services (burial services) graveside either.
          The guillotines were supposedly purchased from France in the same time-frame that Obama was ‘asking the people” for permission to use drones to kill Americans (on American soil). What a bastard we have for a president!
          *Obama decided to go for a new look, and completely shaved his hair off his head. As he and Michelle were walking one day, an elderly woman was overheard saying to the woman beside her, “…hey Mary look! Michelle shaved her p*ssy!” ;-0

      11. Sarge, I just arrived at the BOL 2 hours ago for a week of R&R. I did pass several rigs hauling some Humvees on my way here. That was the first time I’ve seen any military vehicles or equipment on the highways since Jade Helm. this summer may turn out to be more ‘interesting’ than we want it to be. anyway, I’ll also be testing out my new 590A1 to see what she can do. MOLON LABE

        • B.H. 1776
          Went to the gun show yesterday and found that I bought so many parts that I could build another AR 15 M4. As of about an hour ago it is done, minus the bolt that I have on the way. Darn now I have another AR. Just like food can’t have too many.

          Have a good R&R., and play carefully with the 590A1.



        • Don’t forget the bayonet in case you gotta hold em off while reloading. My buddies got one, what a hoot. Just seeing him standing there with the bayonet mounted is enough to make most just go away muttering under there breath ” that is one crazy sob… ” lol bayonet is also great mounted if you are walking thru tall grass in case something just jumps up…
          Check out those segmented slugs. such ammo versatility. Freakin love the 12 gauge. ghost ring sights are also awesome. Enjoy your purchase. I know I would…
          Wink Wink…

        • That 590A1 you will find to be 100% dependable and MOST useful in combat, (that goes double for close-quarters scenarios). I love my 500 (modified a wee bit to hold more shells). Mossberg’s just won’t let you down has always been my observation.

      12. Sarge, I passed a few rigs hauling Humvees on my way to the BOL this morning. First time I’ve seen any military vehicles being hauled since Jade Helm last year. Something is in the air; I can feel it. This summer could very well explode in violence all across the nation. Anyway, I’m back in GA with family for a whole week of R&R, plus to test out the 590A1 to see what it can do. MOLON LABE

        • braveheart
          I live in Jasper, sure would like to meet up with you. bj

      13. Progressive liberals have as their goal world domination that drives our country into two classes: the oligarchy and the poor. Their reasoning is the poor never revolt and are easily placated with worthless promises and trinkets. The political elite of Dems and Repubs have a dog in this race. Dems get unlimited new voters and Repubs get cheap labor or cheap off shore labor (like TPP) with the net result of pushed down wage rates aka “cheap labor”..

        In America they are doing a number of things to accomplish this goal. They are off shoring jobs to force previously middle workers into poverty, they are smothering us with immigrants who take minimum wage jobs and vote in the welfare state, they are replacing middle class workers with H1-‘s that require less pay and force previously middle workers into poverty, they force multi-national employers to leave the country and the list goes on and on. To sum it up, according the U.S. BLS more than 55,000 manufacturing facilities have been closed since NAFTA was implemented.

        Trade agreements like TPP are just another tool of government to drive middle class workers into poverty. These agreements are always presented flowery “…the cost of our automobile’s may go down 25 percent using this trade agreement…” and fail to tell you that you will lose your job and not be able to afford the automobile.

        The next ruse is that displaced workers will migrate to higher paying jobs. They sold this in the 1980s as Auto plants closed. They found that 90% of the displaced auto factory workers never migrated to jobs paying as much as their old auto plant jobs.

        So under liberal guidance we have gone from a nation that manufactures things to a nation that consumes them. The United States has morphed from a nation of factory workers into a nation of service workers. As this process continues most jobs in the U.S. will be low skill and low pay. If you look at U.S. Labor Department most in-demand occupations are fast food, retail sales, cashiers, waiters and waitresses, and customer service representatives. Fast-food workers are the second most in-demand occupation in the nation.

        Then enter Trump. Trump says he will correct all the demolishing of the middle class I mentioned above and is giving “former” middle class people renewed hope for jobs as good as their old ones. In the process Trump has upset the “apple cart” is a direct threat to the political elite and their world domination scheme.

        Even if Trump gets the nomination or the presidency I do not believe the political elite will risk martial law. Because when martial law is declared their sources of revenue (taxes) immediately dry up and the risks in trying to control 100 million civilians with firearms his high that things may go awry. Plus at that point trying to continue the oligarchy is pointless because they are in the middle of a civil war.

        I believe instead the risks of financial collapse are much higher from the world wide sovereign bond crisis and ongoing currency wars. It will probably start in some out of the way country leading to the total collapse of the house of cards that Keynesian economics is built on.

        • I agree with some of what you are saying , BUT; we are not part of either of the two groups you say are, “our country into two classes: the oligarchy and the poor.”

          We will never be in either of those two groups. Our faith and prepping mindset will prevail, to keep us from ever giving in to “oligarchy or poverty”.

          Yes, that is what the controlling elites/liberals/establishment nwo pushers, want; but what we will never become. We will die first, and then be free for evermore.

          Furthermore, what do the elities and oligarchs need sources of revenue for? If we are in a state of martial law, they just take it…period. Steal what they want or need, as they have always done.

          If they want labor, they just force it, like Hitler and many others did.

          You were not thinking that statement through very well. Even two hundred million small fire arms is no contest to aircraft, tanks, and advanced weaponry that has not even been revealed to the public as of yet, but is ready for use. An emp blast over middle ussag will put water on the fire of 90% of those that even have an inclination to riot and fight against the beast.

          Think about it. American, specifically USA americans, are the last standing army of people in their way of total world domination. They will stop at nothing to squelch us into submission or silence.

          We will never submit, but you can bet your sweet bippy, if it comes down to emp/martial law…we will be silent. Just fade away into our world in the woods, and stealth vigilance on the homestead. The hills and bushes have eyes, and they will be peering through glass, with a hair trigger.

          • “Think about it. American, specifically USA americans, are the last standing army of people in their way of total world domination.”

            We’re not standing in the way. The President bombs who he is told to without our consent. Laws are passed including job eviscerating Free Trade without our blessing. We work and feed the system. We? As it was said in my place of employment when that was said the reply was, “You from France”?

          • “….We will never be in either of those two groups….” Take a close look at the poor in this country and you might change your mind. I search and copied this from CNS News “…109,631,000 Americans lived in households that received benefits from one or more federally funded “means-tested programs” — also known as welfare — as of the fourth quarter of 2012, according to data released Tuesday by the Census Bureau …” that by my count is one third of the U.S. and growing. Then look at immigant count now up to 61 million…
            “….Furthermore, what do the elities and oligarchs need sources of revenue for?…” The American national debt depends on the tax revenue so we do not default on that debt. If we default as the worlds reserve currency it would be total economic chaos. That is likely to happen in martial law.
            “…. Even two hundred million small fire arms is no contest to aircraft, tanks, and advanced weaponry that has not even been revealed to the public as of yet, but is ready for use. …” So and army of two hundred million with small fire arms does not stand a chance against the little over one million in todays armed forces. So you really expect the U.S. armed forces would go after its own people. Wow that is a good one. Yeah I can see it now with big bertha bombs ripping apart Chicago. Then there is that constitution thing which say the armed forces cannot be used on U.S. soil.
            “….We will never submit, but you can bet your sweet bippy, if it comes down to emp/martial law…we will be silent… ” if martial law comes we will have no EBT cards only FEMA camps. I expect quite a battle trying to drag 110 million into these camps.
            “….Think about it. American, specifically USA americans, are the last standing army of people in their way of total world domination. They will stop at nothing to squelch us into submission or silence. ….” Americans going down silent? We in the silent majority lead quite lives. But do not think we aregoing on silent.
            So no I buy none of your arguments…

            • RO: those are the numbers that keep me awake at night. 50 million on foodstamps and 110 million on some other type of welfare or not employed in the workforce plus 60 million immigrants (both legal and illegal). Basically 1/6th of the US population cannot feed themselves! That is insane. It is totally fricken insanity. The deep end of the pool.

              I liked that you mentioned the real numbers of the military. I have used similar arguments in the past. With every single active duty military member and LEO that adds up to around 2 million (the highest number I have read was a total of 3 million). And that is a matter of numbers. We are the many and they are the few. People are the silent majority because we simply want to be left alone to live our lives as we see fit. If the sleeping giant is stirred to wrath, God help the people that awaken that sleeping giant! War is hell and civil war is an even worse form of hell. (This is an original phrase that I have been using for several years).

              I have to disagree with your statement that they would not be able to drag 110 million people into FEMA camps. Some of us will run the other direction, lay low, or leave the country. But there are 110 million on some type of welfare. If those welfare benefits are cut off it would be all too easy to get them to line up at the local FEMA feeding station for rations and/or water. I posted a link to Matt Bracken’s article about the day they cut off the EBT card payments. I don’t think his article is 100% accurate but it does paint a picture of possible scenarios and outcomes, don’t it?

              The real battle would be about those of us in the rural areas and countryside that know the weather, the land, the seasons and that will refuse to submit to government chains and shackles. No fricken way will I ever be a slave in a FEMA camp.

              • Philosopher, I agree with most of what you wrote. I liked many of your insights.
                I can see your point about Fema camps. I based what I have written on several other authors. Most of these authors say the government will be so taken up with controlling the chaos of martial law that large numbers gangs will be given the opportunity to form (read that on this site several months ago) and will stop the governments cold in many urban areas. I can see it going either way depending on Jade Helm.
                I will hunker down in my prepped fringe urban area. If it gets bad I can bug out to my country property (5 acres) at the end of a dead end road on the ridge over looking the stream where the deer run by.

                • The thing with the 50 million people on EBT cards (foodstamps) and the 110 million on some type of government subsistence, is that if those handouts cease those people have nothing. I have read articles that 50% of the US population doesn’t have $1000 dollars in savings. Many don’t have any extra food in their home. Many don’t know how to cook or prepare food. Many people would be unable to function in a meaningful way if the power was cut off for more than seven days.

                  I live in a suburban area and there is plenty of wildlife, including deer. I have seen deer in areas off a busy highway. Same for raccoons, possums, skunks not to mention pigeons and other birds that nest in my area at nightfall. Except for the deer I could take any of the small game or birds with a high-powered pellet rifle or a snare. Not hard. And not illegal either, in many places, although people need to check the local regulations for hunting and trapping in their area.

                  It sounds like you have a good plan, by the way! I am not in an ideal location but it isn’t horrible, either.

            • I could really give a shit what you buy or don’t buy.

              My points are about our, mine and my wife’s, positions of poor and oligarchs. None of my points said anything about it in relation to the status quo of the third of so-called poor Americans on food stamps and welfare. Poor is a mindset unless you put a number to it, anyway.

              Where did i say anything about “our” own armed forces killing it’s citizens? Where did i say anything about “Americans going down silent”? I said we, me and the wife, would be silent if the lights go out. I don’t give a shit what the world does or what americans do at that point. You must be a true liberal because you read what you want to and turn the words around to fit your narrative of confusion. Learn how to read correctly before you come at me with lies and confusion, wabbit.

              Stop putting words into my mouth and get real. When the plug is pulled to bring about the collapse, no elite nwo group/leaders/gov, will be dependent upon workers sources of revenue. They just print more as usual until there is no need for millions of nwo employees, and then feed the ones they do need, for their continued work.

              You are too wrapped up in one paradigm, when there are two separate paradigms, to see the difference.

              I make too much sense for you and it blows your mind. You, as many ego tripping fools do, try to confuse the reader with your twisting of the facts of my points of view, that were never intended to be an argument, so you can manipulate others into believing you are 100% correct, and i am wrong.

              I really don’t give a shit what you or anyone else thinks. I state my views/opinions like everyone else, and don’t require approval. But, when someone takes my statements, and turns them around to fit their narrative, and calls them “arguments” …hell yes, i am going to respond.

          • “Plus at that point trying to continue the oligarchy is pointless because they are in the middle of a civil war”

            No, they’ll be in the middle of a DUMB with everything they need, including a self-regenerating herd of workers/sacrifices/recreational material… What the Hell – they’ve already GOT more than 90% of the available real wealth. The remainder is just enough to keep the ants scurrying.

        • RO: interesting analysis. The key to success in the US has been a strong middle class. If the oligarchs / elites destory the middle class they also risk killing the goose that keeps laying golden eggs, aka: the people that pay taxes and produce goods and services for a profit, enough of a profit that they make enough to pay taxes on that profit.

          I follow the economic news fairly closely and have for years. Am I an expert? No. Just an interested observer. There are multiple black swan events lurking in the background. Which one will tip the system over and cause an implosion? I have no idea. I see it as inevitable that the multiple Ponzi schemes will collapse. They always do.

          • Do you read Martin Armstrongs Blog? Do yourself a favor and take a look.

            • Yes. I watched the movie that was made about him last year. “The Forecaster.” An incredible movie.

              However, I have to say that I don’t always agree with his point of view or analysis.

            • Cowdoc, I have read Martins work for years and I am very familiar with his blog. I have my own form of cycle analysis to trade stocks with. His political cycle is interesting as it is playing out now. I especially like his EU notes and his history from Roman times especially with money.
              I also read Zero hedge, most of the other survival blogs, Drudge, Breitbart, Daily Shepple, Liberty Mill….for about 5 to 6 hours a day in the winter. Then I float in the lake all summer…

        • rabbitone

          “So under liberal guidance”

          Democrats came aboard with Clinton regarding NAFTA and its successor Trade Agreements that were increasingly damaging to US workers. It was a Republican mandate that first came forth in proposal with GH Bush 41.

          The most likely is they politically hobble Trump stopping his efforts. In that regard he slows them down.

          • Kevin2,
            I read one author (can’t remember who) that said NAFTA was in the works since the early 1970s when we went off the gold standard and took many years to implement tries with multiple presidents. Clinton signed it in 1993 with the majority of republicans in congress.
            So let you or I be President for a second. How would you tackle NAFTA? I live close to the border with Canada and I saw over the years how its done. You simply slow the border checks down to a “crawl”. The U.S. and Canada has done this many many times to get their way. I have seen the trucks backed up for miles when the U.S. and Canada have their “spats”. If Trump used that tactic he could shut plants in Mexico “…down….”.

            • I rest my case…wabbit,a liberal yankee. nuff said.

            • “was in the works since the early 1970s ”

              No doubt it proceeded that. Lets face it globalization is just part of the one world government thing. That has been going on since almost forever. I’ll say it certainly took off post WWII. The second catalyst was the end of Bretton Woods. The third and I think the big one was the demise of the USSR and with it the potential of Communist Nationalization of assets like what occurred in Cuba. When that Berlin Wall fell the playground for Wall Street expanded greatly.

              The USSR could have kept their empire for all I care. They kept the Islamics under their influence away from blatant terrorism as it risked dragging them in. They kept a massive cheap labor supply of Eastern Europe in Eastern Europe. They were a factor in keeping more US manufacturing here. Their mere presence in the 1930s was a factor in the legalization of organized labor with the Wagner Act of 1935 as it was an alternative to full blown communism. MAD kept the greater peace.

        • QUOTE:::”Even if Trump gets the nomination or the presidency I do not believe the political elite will risk martial law”. TPTB (and folks like Soros) will do “ANYTHING NECESSARY” to ensure they don’t lose their “investments” in The New United States of NATO. It is factual to state the POTUS is PRAYING for something to arise to give him call to declare Martial Law (and he and his cronies do NOT give a sweet damn how many guns are being held by ‘rebels’. THEY ARE NEARLY OUT OF TIME and are losing their grip on their ropes …so when that rope ‘slips’ panic will ensue and the rest will be for the history teachers to contort/bend/spindle and mutilate to our kids …especially the part about how all their parents were outlaws/terrorists and it was needful for their safety that they were killed. We are about to enter decades of reform, most of which we’ll not exactly take lying down …make that several decades, if not 1,000 years (it is written).

      14. Um, this guillotine video you put up after your statement that there are 30,000 guillotines; says there’s no truth to this.

        you might want to put up a video that supports your statement.

        • and just which media is going to disburse such information to the public? The proof is prolly in Hillary’s emails. This guillotine ‘story’ got started about 3 years ago. The webpage I copied says 13,000 were ordered then shipped and kept in Northern Georgia (military base air hanger), and I’ve also a clipping that states “they” were moved during Jade Helm 15 precisely where the articles says they reside now …and this was fourteen months ago (give or take a month). It is ALLEGED that these things will be used in FEMA camps (to the greatest extent). They intend to kill OUR asses the same way we intend to do them in …lead-overdosing. Prisoners will not be taken in what’s up-and-coming. Those who are ‘prime’ for THEIR uses will be somehow protected then slain when they’re no longer needed (nothing new under the sun remember)?
          Also, a once again to be purposely redundant, just because all these laws state that death by injection is the only legal way to do it, what makes anyone think that an army seeking to destroy The USA and her people are going to adhere to any of OUR laws? (That’s just lunatic-thinking with no possible ‘baseline’).

          As soon as things start, if you can in any way, make it harder for anything that doesn’t fly to get to your BOL (without making it obvious). Use dead trees ‘on the stump’ and ‘come-a-long’ them into the road. (Then it appears as if a dead tree just fell over ….700 of them in a five mile stretch). lol…

        • Thanks, I just watched that vid and am shaking my head too. It’s a lousy video to boot: just keeps repeating that all these claims about guillotines over all these years “have never been substantiated.”

          But the mere fact that all these claims have repeatedly been made for all these years should show anyone with any sense that there must be something to them!

          The video also claims that no state laws permit the use of guillotines as a means of capital punishment–but I distinctly remember as a teenager in civics class that we read some of the state laws on this issue, and at least ONE state out there specifically allowed for their use. We all laughed about it at the time (1980’s), imagining the French Revolution. Okay, maybe the law has been changed since then… but maybe not.

          There are multiple anonymous videos on youtube describing US army bases where the soldiers are being trained, or have been trained, to use guillotines. The soldiers initially assumed that they was for use in the M East. But when they have figured out that they’re intended to behead US AMERICANS, the soldiers have rebelled and it all gets hushed up.

      15. They’ve been trying to light the fire for years now, Ferguson, black lives matter, trayvon.

        who knows when it’ll catch but it will eventually and when it does; if you live in a city of any size; you are at risk driving anywhere and to roving gangs.

        so sad, was the greatest country on the planet just thirty years ago and now likely 3 years from being a country of sewage and the lowest common denominator.

        • Collect Obama For President bumper stickers and leave them out in the weather. If stuff goes crazy put them on your car. The tire not slashed might be yours.

          • Better yet, be the gray man…

            • BC55: yep. Or grey woman 🙂

            • “Better yet, be the gray man…”

              I agree with the premise. The problem is, assuming your white, your not grey. You drive into an area with blacks, you MIGHT, just MIGHT, get a pass with a bumper sticker(s) that they support. An, “I’m With Ya”, can’t hurt.

              For uncounted reasons its wise to to avoid calling in your friends Smith & Wesson unless you absolutely have to. At a minimum those 9mm bullets fired your way that miss you still hit the car. Repairs are expensive, lawyers more so.

              “A wise man walks with his head bowed low”

              “Walk softly but carry a big stick”.

      16. Politics has never been about the truth. I do not expect it to change now. I expect the war on Trump to pick up speed.

      17. If the riots start ,and the black lives matter, shit starts,remember all the hunters,that can shoot ,not that
        Shit they show on TV

      18. There is a huge difference between rioting and revolting/4th gen/succession ect.I will be revolting(and not just my comments!)they start chopping off citizens heads,after of course,my first few drinks from stashed #7,gonna be a fun(?) ride!

      19. One thing for sure. If they are going to chop your head off you better fight to the death and not be taken prisoner. Also if one can get a CONFIRMED Guillotine at a FEMA camp or Military Base then we will have to tighten up and do the stuff we should have done long ago.

        1. Articles are written to sell merchandise.
        2. People read them to entertain themselves and bump their gums in their comments.
        3. I don’t think people are as prepared as they say they are. Hope we find out soon.

        • Slingshot, damn good points. If I were to encounter one of those guillotines, I wonder what’s the best way to ‘disable’ it?

          • Braveheart1776

            How many times have we talked about disabling armored vehicles and we are having trouble dealing with a head chopper. Hahahahaha!

            Alright, alright. A portable cutting torch? Fire that baby up!

            • C4 and a 30-sec timer

          • Brave, the best way to disable it is to disable the operator.

          • Take out the guy with his hand on the lever.

            Another one steps up, take him out, too.

            And the next one.

        • On point 2 and 3 I agree totally. I have read stuff on here that blows my mind. People talking about their “preps” saying that they have such and such to do different things, as a guy who has been fishing since I was too small to cast my own and hunting since a pre-teen and worn out or thrown out more tents and equipment than they have ever looked at online, Like many of you alot of what I see are people who fantasize big.

          • SCTV

            If you are truly a prepper or a survivalist it is back breaking work a good deal of the time. You are going to know, what to sweat is. To injure yourself in one form or another. To spend time to research and prove the gear works or even if you can perform certain tasks. You will experience failure, feel the urge in urgency and at some point ask yourself, “What in the hell am I doing all this shit for”. The answers are many to that question.
            There will be tasks that you will not feel like or want to do, but you push through it. Like get in shape and adjust your lifestyle and eating habits. You will find out what commitment is all about. To yourself, family and country.
            In the end the true prepper will have the scars of his journey either mentally or physically but he will “Be Prepared” as best he can be for any trouble that comes his or her way.

          • SCTV …I hear you (where you are coming from that is). I was raised up about 10 feet south of the Canadian border in Maine. The art of survival was (and still is) a way of life ‘up there’, as it is needful to be that way (lest you die). Hunting for your supper, growing ‘anything’ and planting a yearly garden was a way of life that has changed little, if any.
            For veterans, they can tell in one sentence if someone really was (or was not) in the military. Sort of the same way you ‘see’ Stolen Valor just by the way their uniform is being worn incorrectly. Some on here claiming to be ex-military aren’t …they are wanna-be’s which is fine in that at least they are making an effort …I hope.
            How many are as well-prepared as they profess? About 35% is what Mother Earth News (a magazine for old hippies like me) said, several issues ago, I’ve yet to find that magazine article but will keep looking as time permits. My word! If it is true that just 35% are properly and truly prepped-and-ready, then I am horrified to think how quickly so many will cease to be when they could have averted ‘whatever gets them’ by not prepping in the least …or even bothering themselves with getting a shotgun for home defense (let alone carrying-concealed). THEY will be the ‘first ones hit’ (and are already on someones list for exactly THAT reason). The ppl will come knowing you have no weapons and thus they are quite safe, especially after they’ve shot YOU.
            It is a fact that (preppers not included) 97% of American households do NOT HAVE ANY EMERGENCY WATER SUPPLIES at all (if something happens they’ll just head to the store and get some …so what’s the big deal right)? For that matter, it is a fact that the majority of households have virtually NOTHING “stuck away for a rainy day” EXCEPT those people out there who have experience the loss of their home due to tornadoes or other natural disasters. THEY have had their eyes opened. But, those who watch such things on TV never once ask themselves what would they do if in the next hour they found themselves in the same situation)? Looks like societal ‘dumbing down’ has had a profound effect on the people (as a whole).
            I am willing to bet that everyone frequent this site spend much time in front of a TV (not counting movies or documentaries). TV is meant to fill you with misinformation – preppers know this. The remainder do not, and refuse to entertain YOUR ‘thinking’.
            I think the very bottom line to prepping is NOT having a giant storeroom filled to the ceiling as much as it is that a person KNOWS what to do to survive ANY situation (within reason of course). Hunting should be ‘old hat’ …and how to dress out a deer with your eyes closed (esophagus to butthole) better be something you KNOW how to do (before you truly need to), squirrel, possum, run trot-lines as opposed to fishing all day “manually”, gardening and how to ‘rotate’ your crops (don’t grow the same stuff in the same place every year …and knowing what to plant ‘in rotation’ to replace what you took from the soil is important, or you’ll have a ‘failed garden’ due to lack of nutrients (meaning your produce will be lacking in what YOU need for nourishment). There is a lot to it, and it must all be observed and done or there will be hell to pay for not ‘sticking to what works’. For anyone who hasn’t lived in such a manner it is recommended that you start immediately with making friends with Mother Nature and Mother Earth (and God).
            One might wish to think of it this way. To survive, you should be fully capable, right now, of grabbing your ‘properly stocked’ backpack and head off into the wilderness, find a mountain ‘habitat’ (area) you like and make it ‘Home Sweet Home’ for as long as you need it to be. Survival IS instinctive, so ‘listen to that little voice’ …it may well be your Guardian Angel! 🙂

      20. It very well could be the spark, all you have to do is look at the Trump rallies. The lefty loons are provoking people who are fed up with the Left. It is a powder keg ready to blow, I can think of several senarios surrounding Trump that could spark off a revolution.
        1. The shoot Trump.
        2. The GOP deny him the nomination in an open convention.
        3. They keep increasing the size and intensity of these anti trump protests at the rally’s until it becomes more violent.
        4. Trump is involved in an “accident” of some sort.

        The more the Left, Establishment, Black lives matter and Media bash Trump the more I like him.

        Putin recently came out with a statement against Trump, that could mean that they are seeing that Trump will make America great again!

        • You said it Marine ! SEMPER-FI !

      21. Over two hundred million firearms and twelve trillion rounds of ammo in private citizens hands. Anytime they want to commit suicide, they should go for it.

        • AMEN !

          • AMEN TOO!SGT USMC 1967-72

      22. If they are going to kill people it will be subtle… it will be poison in the water, or raining from the sky as planes fly over.
        Pop and EMP 30,000 feet above chicago and you’ll fry electronics country wide. Do it after sunset, it’s dark, no power, no phones, no cars, no internet, looting, crime…. Just let the country tear itself to shreds….

        Watch me be right…

      23. The crap will fly regardless who the Republicans put up,its already planned. both parties are messing with the voters and there may be a riot of people from both sides. Trump and Sanders are getting thrown under the bus. The system is broke! War may come not too far behind.

      24. When SHTF choose one thing that needs to be done and do it. The cumulative affect will stabilize the environment.

      25. I do not question or doubt the Patriotism and Bravery of anyone here. I just wonder at times if there are any younger folks willing to pick up the Flag and carry on if it is ever dropped by the death(s) of us “old timers”….I pray every day that the Freedom so many have fought and died for all through our Republic’s history will not, now, have been in vain.
        Be Well, Be Prepared, Have Faith

        • FOB

          Too late. The younger generation have become the zombies of the iPhone and X-box

          They could care less about Freedom and History.

      26. The Germans meticulously studied how to do all this about 80 years ago. Mass executions are too inefficient, expensive, and difficult when conducted by simple tools like firearms or guillotines.

        Further, the disposal of the remains (if not conducted quickly) presents a grisly task that threatens the health of those carrying out the executions and eventually overall public health, at least locally.

        Besides, lots of times when people suspect that TPTB are out to destroy them en masse they resist as best they can. This causes great inefficiency in carrying out the work.

        The German solution was mass gassing and then mass cremation on an industrial scale. However, an important key to their success was they were able to deceive most of their victims into believing that they were being interned in work camps.

        They gained their cooperation (although thru the threat of force)to strip down to take a mass showering and delousing for hygiene as part of the introduction into the camp.

        Remember back in the late 1930s and early 40s, no mass media (comparatively) and more important – NOBODY cared because 50 million other people were in the process of being killed by the war and the survivors were working on job 1.

        If TPTB want industrial mass killing and want to do it ‘clean’ they will likely have to follow some form of the German model. Maybe they don’t care about clean.

        However, this time around they would have a tremendous OPSEC problem unless they take the whole system dark.


        • …take a look at Syria and ask me if they care about “clean?” You would think total destruction more accurately describes the local scenery ….cities included, reduced to useless rubble. Coming soon to a theater (war theater) near you!

      27. bb in Ga.

        However, this time around they would have a tremendous OPSEC problem unless they take the whole system dark.


        Like underground facilities dark. Hmmmmmmmm.

      28. @slingshot

        I was referring more to media and communications ‘dark’, but your reference is interesting.

        After Allied bombing reduced much of Germany’s manufacturing capacity to ashes and twisted metal, they did take much of their production literally underground and were still able to feed their war machine and fight on for several years.

        So there is precedent…


        • Whilst the Germans were able to accomplish this back in the ’40s, I rather doubt that such an undertaking would long go un-noticed in this day and age…those who would wish to bring the US down would most likely cut the cord with the grid…that would be the most efficient method of demoralizing the public. If such underground facilities were to be utilized, it will be far easier for US to locate them now. Never underestimate those who go un-noticed who really SEE what is happening all across this Republic…I thank God for them!


        WW3 OR CIVIL WAR.

        Either way the big wigs are saying 90% of the population will be gone in 1 year.

      30. Do I need to mention just who has all the guns between progressive pussies and conservatives?

        This is a nonstory.

        • There is a big difference between people who own guns,who never shot nothing but paper targets and cans,and those who have shot moving targets,and live targets, many will do it if had to but many mentally and physically won’t.thats is common nature.

        • Guns are a given….do you KNOW what weapons our adversaries have? Food for thought

          Perhaps what is in the mind is far more important

      31. Martial law will be imposed this year!!!
        Whether it be WW3,gun grab or riots. Prepare,prepare,prepare!!!
        We will be in for the fight of our lives if not the existence of mankind.

      32. Just bought a Springfield M1A, now stocking up on 7.62 ammo to fire in it. I feel I have enough weapons but still short on ammo. As for food, not sure there is an “enough”, will keep adding. My # 1 priority is now shoring up a security set up at my BOL, I am finding it to be a very complex and expensive proposition. Steel plating for my walls and digging an escape tunnel are daunting logistical problems for someone with no experience in such matters. I am proud of recently installing solar capabilities to run my well. There always seems more to do and I feel I am running out of time.

        • Big Blue that M14/M1A was a great choice for a battle rifle. I own a SOCOM II (now highly modified) and a standard. There is a huge community of M14 lovers on the web. After you break in the M1A at the range do an internet search for Sadlak Guide rod and you will see why people upgrade the rifle to other lines of parts. Either way you made a fantastic rifle choice. Happy shooting…

      33. A question for Sgt Dale, whose opinion I have grown to respect, How many people would I need to adequately defend a BOL with around two acres. I currently have 8 people in my current bug out plan. I fear it might not be enough.

        • I’m sure the sarge will tell you that eight is more than adequate as you have a small perimeter (and you should have an inner and out perimeter). The outer serves as a warning. The second is a don’t cross ‘line in the sand’ man…… Check out guerrilla warfare and ‘think in triangles’ (your caches should number three per ‘camp’).

      34. The elections dont matter. Its too late to save the USA.

      35. I think we are being subjected to a slow accumulation to widespread violence in the peaceful, developed countries. By flooding countries with millions of people who have engaged in horrific war crimes and destroyed their own countries, they are building a base of people who would not think it weird to have a civil war occur within our cities. This is at an advanced stage in Europe, where civil war is already happening in Ukraine and Muslims are being flooded in to spread civil war to all European states (mostly young, horny men: all promised a Koranic New Deal: a big house, a car and a blonde pussy in their pot).

        • Frank T – Spot on! Excellent point, because it’s true.

      36. Alot has been said here. I postulate limited civil conflict before martial law, and that by design. In some cases it does not matter which comes first, the chicken or the egg, because the Farmer eats them both, one for dinner, and one for breakfast. Now it is certain that once the fire starts, if it consumes the remnants of this country, what emerges from the ashes will not resemble the America we knew. They will have a new world order, and the tool that outdates itself must be discarded. There is a zombie army out there, which sees no need for a border,and sees no danger at all, a blissful Brave New World army clamoring for it’s own enslavement. Whoever impedes this vision will face their fury, an unprotected minority. Knowing this, you are on Sun Tsu’s “Death ground”, if this stand is your last, perhaps it would be best to make it a worthy one. Don’t forget your flags on the final day.

      37. This crap is extremely disturbing.. now I just noticed that Ron Paul is taking crap about Donald Trump, saying that Trump will just do what ever he wants and not listen to Congress, unless we are missing the point of the Congress may not be replaced?.. I am thinking that this is what Paul meant, or I am thinking that it’s something else?.. I don’t know who to trust anymore…is this being done in purpose to trigger martial law, blaming the citizenry?
        What a bunch of confusion or is Trump pulling a fact one on us and may be working for the smaller people with a different angle, and is my source just talking crap because if Trump and Cruz goes on the same ticket then it means that he is a against the people and we are being led to the slaughter.. by the way, check that movie showing at the threatre, me and my lady is it saw it, look at the timing of the movie..and see what they have planned. Rh movie starts with and EMP done by aliens supposedly followed by rounds of your children, and flood by execution of the parents, to then have the kids trained as soldiers to then hunt down preppers? You all would literally crap if you all so that..
        The timing is what’s disturbing as them using productive programing to get you ready to declare martial law following and EMP event after a fake alien invasion. Then the military comes to our rescue, to kidnap your kids and roundup the parents, mass execute the parents.. wtf?? So now we know the plan.


        Check our the movie guys..

        • HCKS – To answer your question about Trump (which I’ve already posted once before on another thread) he has never reported to anyone in his life, and certainly not during the past 40 years he’s been running his empire.

          He has ALWAYS called the shots. He doesn’t listen. He just does what he pleases, not too mention is also arrogant.

          There’s a saying that “A president is only as good as his advisors.”

          I honestly don’t know how anyone could advise him of anything. After all, this is the man whose catchphrase is “You’re Fired!” Something to think about. Seriously.

          He’s certainly not listening to anyone on his campaign team suggesting that he tone down his rhetoric. So assuming he would listen to a staff of advisors who were trying to give him sound advice on domestic and foreign policy or the military, and the economy… not gonna happen. He is much more likely to make half-assed decisions that stun and/or sicken the American public.

          I have been warning shtf’ers about him, they can take it or leave it. At least I spoke up. Your welcome. CC

      38. The movie is called the 5th wave.


      39. Yep the gullible sheeple will be led to slaughter by the Trump Judas Goat

      40. GOOD ! It’s about time !

      41. Straight up , We can all get on this site, or other sites and post our little hearts out, and for what ? NOTHING ! Some sound intelligent ,some not so much ,some make really great points, but without action, not worth the time it takes to discuss it !

        Maybe we should go to work in our communities, our sphere of influence , trying to organize as many people as possible to come together and non-violently confront the powers that be.
        Maybe we should start by personally calling our Elected Representatives and explaining that business as usual will not cut it anymore ! If that doesn’t work , possibly flooding the Government switch boards for the next several weeks demanding a return to Constitutional Government.
        If that doesn’t work perhaps a National Strike would be in order, Money talks and Money walks !
        I’m not sure at this point what it will take ,but voting the same insider candidates from either party back in year after year and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity !
        I come from a rural area, and you just can’t help but notice things, you look up against the hillside, and a Draft Horse puffs up and suddenly passes gas, and then nothing else happens,
        IT’S JUST A BUNCH OF STINKING HOT AIR, IT DOESN’T MEAN SHIT Likewise we can post our fingers off and without action it’s all for nothing !
        Get up , get out, stand up , speak out, stop waiting for someone else to do it !
        The Calvary’s not coming folks,—-WE ARE THE CALVARY !

      42. Does anybody but me think Soros looks like Emperor Palpatine? Evil incarnate.

      43. Any number of casus beli can kick it off: North Korea, Islamic radicals, Russia, China, mass rebellion led by Black Lives Matter etc. America now has many enemies and needs to juggle many balls to keep them all at bey.

        Rather than worry about how to stop it, better to spend your time getting plans A, B, C etc. in place. Leave the unfolding of events to fate: it is out of the hands of any one individual.

      44. I live in SW Florida around a lot of combat vets. They’re mostly WWII and the younger ones Korea.

      45. Total disinformation.

        Trump is getting (I am being generous here) 50% of the republican vote. That amounts to only 25% of the general electorate.

        Reality check, there has always been a radical minority in this country in and around 15-20% of the electorate. This year it is a little bigger, but not out of line with history.

        The idiots have a better way of speaking louder than they have in the past. This is not a movement, it is twitter feed, nothing more.

      46. Yeah that’s because the younger vets starting with the Vietnam era can’t afford that high cost of living that SW Florida costs.

        • Actually the cost of living is cheap. A nice home in a good neighborhood can be had for $150k. Taxes are low, electricity rates about 10cents KWH. Jobs, labor isn’t paid squat here and that is the problem. People working for electricians capable of doing the work but unlicensed themselves get $16 hr w/o benefits. A licensed plumber can make $50k and pay his own benefits. You get your lawn mowed 4x month for $80. Thats 4 mowings. Forget real jobs in industry as there is none.

          • Go to Naples and that home cost 2.5 x more.

        • aljamo

          The homeless people are doing fine in Florida.

          • Slingshot

            Actually if you had nowhere to live or we’re going to be reduced o minimum wage you might as well go to where its warm. There are small communities living in tents and if they stay out of sight, out of mind they survive here. The delta in standard of living is probably about the greatest in the nation. Too many people want to live here. Taking Naples as an example there are literally 50 million dollar homes with 500K being the poor guy. Travel five miles as a crow flies and people are living in campers that are 25 years old literally held together with duct tape. This is the cheap lawn mower, sheetrock, fast food type labor.

      47. We whites wont riot but we shure as hell are ready for civil strife as a result of any election. Nuff said

      48. Blah blah blah ! Another ridiculous article I see

      49. Funny how that video says there are NO guillotines.

        Check your source material next time.

        That said, if he wins I expect some Rodney King type stuff. If he loses I expect some Oregon Militia standoff type stuff. Not sure I expect more than that just yet.

        Better hope not because the second you start a civil war, China and Russia are going to join the party while we’re all distracted and all.

        • You knucklehead s just won’t give it up will you ….it’s an absolute SICKNESS you guys have !!

      50. Go where there are no commies.

        That limits you to the deserts, mostly, where there are no people. Just lizards, hawks, coyotes and rattlesnakes. Club ’em; you’ll need your ammo for commies.

        Grass, what’s that?

      51. Geez,I can hardly wait for this “party” yo kick off. Twelve hundred firearms and hundreds of thousands of ammo in private hands. Whew!!

      52. I challenge you to watch this old US Army film and not feel that was a better country with better men and women. It is like a portal into an America that no longer exists in any form whatsoever. Sad.

        Just observe the details: the fitness and razor sharp deportment of the men, the style, health and beauty of the women; the wealth and modernity, the way everyone has dignity and is fit, not fat and whacked out on drugs etc.

        What I see in today’s society makes me very sad. I really wish it would be possible to time travel back to that decade and meet those amazing people.

      53. Kevin2: Yes, SW Florida is great! Am very familiar with
        the whole area. It’s much nicer after the snowbirds head

      54. The useful idiots in the BLM and other assorted socialist groups calling for a revolution have no idea what type of hell they are calling for… they represent maybe 20% of the total population and these idiots mostly want to ban guns and hate the military… most have never fired a weapon and maybe and i stress maybe 10% have ever been in the military…
        Just because we veterans aren’t out on the streets screaming and whining that life isn’t fair doesn’t mean we are not angry… if those idiots want to start a “race war” or social war they will find out how “pissed” the silent majority really is…
        Please quit pushing… you won’t like the results if you moron lemmings don’t stop the assualt on those of us who just want to be left alone… navyguy out

      55. At this point does anyone really give a fuck. There is no turning back anymore. If there is a civil war and china and russia attack i say good luck to them they will not nuke us due to them wanting our resources, emp possibly but if your a prepper then you should have that covered. Then if they were to launch a ground invasion they would find what the Japanese generals reason for not invading the mainland was and now there are like 30 rifles behind every blade of grass

      56. It’s gets even more crazier. If you listen to the audio with David hodges and Mike Adams, Mike Dams says that sources indirectly have indicated that I’d Trump does not win the elections then Texas will secede. I believe this ever since I was informed that the Gold was here, or Texas business elite would cut off the natural gas and oil from the est coast collapsing the NY economy, so the federal Reserve has to release the gold, the gold is here a.d I got my ass chewed out that I don’t know crap. OK, let’s look at this now. A customer tipped me off about a HPD cop who told him about a secret drill being conducted a bit that very scenario because succession would cause temporary callapse, food would be cut off not water but food and services until it’s all straightened up.

        How long will that take, he also said, as mike Adams that war would be raged on Texas as utility action against the state to prevent succession.. I believe this for certain since the Jade Helm 15 equipment was put into place to five to the jihadist fighters, literally 1,000’s of them, the UN, but national guard to fight Texas citizens and take back the can anyone imagine what that would be like?. Call BS all you want on me I ma telling you what I have heard. It in proves that this is bullsh…t then it’s bullsh….t.. one thing is a certainly, if the cabal does a false flag and blames Trump, declares martial law cancels the elections. Does this mean civil, revolutionary war?. This is scary crap that even scare the carp out of people like me..not the kind of shtf event that I would want to be caught up in..phuck that. I hav e a bad feeling in my gut that something bad is about to happen and I don’t like the feeling..



        • Well, if you’re telling us this may indeed be bullshit, then I’ll have to believe it’s the same thing you’ve been posting for two years now. Besides, didn’t you read the comment earlier where Texas is going to shoot a giant space harpoon into Nibiru as it passes by next month? This will rip Texas away from the continental US and insure the secession of Texas from the US. This scenario is at least as credible as anything you’ve ever posted, with or without the help of your multiple ” insider” sources, none of whom has been correct yet and never will be.

        • The wife got that feeling just yesterday. Then she shit her pants dead-center of the mall.

          • I might get ‘last word’ on this one. Will it suffice to state that Obama ousted every, last military officer that said they would refuse an order from The POTUS (or anyone) to fire upon America citizens. They were ALL REPLACED with officers NOT FROM AMERICA who WILL FIRE UPON AMERICANS IF ORDERED TO DO SO.

            So …does that tell you what’s coming down the pipe real soon? Don’t you think there was a reason for not keeping up our southern border (and how many men and ‘armaments’, like ‘dirty-nuke’ material) and other as-of-now ‘unexpected’ instruments of destruction are available to them, courtesy of our POTUS.
            It doesn’t matter what anyone believes. What matter is what is each person going to do when it comes about and they are forced to act (or die). Most will option to fight, only to die from lack of preparedness. Simple isn’t it?

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