The End Of Empires: Rome Vs. America: “The Populace Is Just As Stultified And Easily Distracted Now As It Was Then”

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    The year was 451, and the battle of Chalons (also known as Catalaunian Fields and Campus Martius) was fought between a coalition of Roman legionnaires, Germanic Visigoths, and Gauls against the Huns.  Flavius Aetius was the Roman commanding general, and he led his forces to defeat Attila, king of the Huns and commander of the Hun armies.  The loss caused Attila to withdraw and skirmish into Italy, but again (this time through diplomacy and concessions) he withdrew in 452, returning into what is now modern Hungary.  Attila died in 453, and the Hun menace to Europe had ended.

    Aetius had been the declining (and fragmented) Western Roman Empire’s best chance to restructure itself.  He had fought in Gaul and throughout Italy and Europe for decades, sometimes even with support from the Huns before Attila began his quest for empire.  A master strategist, tactician, diplomat, and warrior, he effectively stemmed the collapse of the Western Roman Empire for another 25 years.  In all probability, he may have been able to turn things around for a longer period of time.

    This was not to be, as he was assassinated by none other than the Emperor Valentinian III and his henchman Heraclius on 22 September 454.

    The emperor killed the very man who had protected and assured his throne, and worse: now there was no true strategist to take the reins of military command.  The last great Roman general was no more, and the Western Roman Empire continued to decline and fragment.  Odoacer, a half-Hunnish barbarian general rallied forces to mutiny against their (and his) previous commander, Orestes, the Roman Senior military general, in the Battle of Pavia on August 23, 476.  Orestes was captured and killed.  Less than two weeks later, on or about September 4, 476, Romulus Augustulus, the last Roman emperor and the son of Orestes was deposed by Odoacer.

    Less than 25 years after the battle of Chalons had given it a fighting chance, the Western Roman Empire was no more.

    The city of Rome had formerly been sacked by the Visigoths in 410 after they had originally arrived outside of the gates in the year 408 and roamed the surrounding countryside.  Although the city had been taken, it had not been burnt to the ground, with the Senate being the only edifice of note that had been razed.  This was because the Visigoths were Christians and held reverence for the churches and the city’s predominance as the center of the Christian church.  The legions had already been withdrawn from Brittania (Britain) and interaction and mutual commerce there had ceased by the year 410.

    The period that Aetius drew the Western Roman Empire from the brink of collapse occurred during the years of 424 – 450, when for the first two decades he battled the Gallic and Germanic tribes throughout all of Europe in various calculated, surgical campaigns.  The culmination of his efforts came at Catalaunian Fields in 451, but most historians agree that although a decisive battle and turning point, Aetius’ main work had been accomplished in the two decades prior to it.

    And here we are, as history repeats itself, in the last days of the American Empire.  Now ready to assume the Purple and ascend to the seat of power, Donald Trump is going to command and lead (we hope).  The campaigns for the midterm elections will begin in November of 2017, therefore Trump has less than one year to begin to reverse the devastation wrought by two consecutive Obama terms that have, in eight years, placed the country on its deathbed and measured it for burial.

    In a four-year term of office, Donald Trump has to do the job that Aetius did for Rome in two decades, with the last year of that term being wasted on the primary focus of his reelection.  What is the difference between Rome and America?  A vast geographical area, influxes of alien migrants, an economy that is faltering, a military less than at its best, immorality, vice, and corruption at every turn, societal degradation and a welfare state, and foreign nations ready to pounce characterize both empires.

    Because in order to restore the United States, there is one thing Trump will have to do that Aetius could not do for Rome: change the mindset of society and propel the people into a consciousness of individual control…over themselves…and the reversal of the moral and community decline of their own accord.  What do the odds makers in Vegas place on this being able to be accomplished, your guess is as good as mine.  I’m betting against, because as long as money and power back the throne, the throne can never be fully effective.  As long as the populace can be bought off with their own money and welfare exists, the public will stagnate and never reach their full potential to rejuvenate the failing society.

    To bet “for” such a restoration is to bet against human nature, the very thing that can prevent it.  Will we go the way of Rome?  We already have, in most regards.  The spectacles of the Flavian Amphitheater (the Coliseum) and the Circus Maximus have been supplanted with the reality TV shows and Monday Night Football.  The populace is just as stultified and easily distracted now as it was then, with everyone looking out for their own interests instead of the nation’s.  When the population degrades morally, socially, and intellectually, then any nation truly dies and fades away, sometimes long before the actual date of collapse.  The cycle continues, and America is not immune from it.  Rome had its twilight period and staved off the fall for 25 years; America is in its twilight period now.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. We don’t need any fricking empire. We jet need normal life for mankind excluding the criminals.

        • A quote y’all might find humorous:

          “Thanks to all of the elderly hippies, aging boomers, welfare moochers; unicorn chasers, transgendered bathroom rights crusaders, shrieking feminists, rainbow dancing socialists; Black Lives Matter advocates of only select black lives, Never Trumper’s and the Millennial snowflake generation.

          Thank you for swallowing hook, line and sinker everything you have ever learned from television programming and propagandized news as you riot in the streets over a losing candidate whose vagina you valued more than honesty.”

          • Sixpack, ROTFLMAO! That’s one of the best quotes I’ve ever read anywhere. And true.

          • Who,is the quote from?

          • Yes, excellent 6P!

        • The only difference between Rome and America, NY City, is 4285 miles, the rest will be in the history books listed under, rinse and repeat.

          Oh the Global Adventurism is sooo exciting though. 850 Military bases world wide, that’s like 4 in every Country in the world, there are so many. Dain the Swamp Donald Trump, close half of them your first year. Wind it down, there is nothing gained by bombing every country. Right now there are only 13 countries in the world NOT at war.

          • I would recommend not closing but keeping a presence there by rotating reserve component forces in and out. You will save money in the long run due to 9 month activation out of 4 years (48-9=39 months). Yes there will be train up time to tack on but instead of paying for the full 48 months, you’ll pay for 9-11 months out of 48 months.

        • Jeremiah,
          You left out one of the most fascinating mysteries of the Attila story. Attila left after a conversation with Pope Leo the Great. History does not reveal what exactly was said, but the rampaging Attila left Rome in peace after that conversation.

      2. “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
        – Edmund Burke

      3. Vote Fraud Monitoring Group Says Three Million Noncitizens Voted in Presidential Election – 11/16/16

        Lax Enforcement

        “Gregg Phillips, spokesman for the organization, recently tweeted that after completing an analysis of a database of 180 million voter registrations, “We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens.”

        • This Phillips guy needs to put up or shut up. Evidence or it didn’t happen.

          • Sean, not so fast. I believe it happened, considering all the illegal aliens being allowed to vote. That’s not counting all of the black voting fraud including voting using dead people’s names and going to as many polling stations as possible.

            • Some anonymous hit me up the other day on this. Point is that no credible historian would debate the fact that Daley’s Chicago stole the 1960 election. And are we more moral today than then?

              But more to the point, we have MILLIONS of illegal immigrants n this country, and not a one of them illegally voted – which of course would be very, very much in their best interest?

              I guess you could maintain that fiction, as anonymous did. But anyone living in reality would only ask **how much vote fraud occurred** and was it significant.

              Most importantly, the Project Veritas videos confirm there is something rotten in the state of DemocratDenmark relative to voting. What, people are going to deny that some of the lead Democrats were forced to resign over this? That Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign over nothing???

              For me, I have personally, with my own eyes and ears, seen this leftist legerdemain on more than one occasion. That wouldn’t constitute evidence to the leftist skeptics here, but is sure does to me! (Besides, the Veritas vids DO provide hard evidence… but watch the left try to squirm out of that, too!)

            • It’s not about believing anything. It’s about being rational.

              • In 2012, research commissioned by the Pew Center on the States found: “Approximately 24 million—one of every eight—voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate; More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters; Approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.”

                Rationality demands that there is SOME degree of fraud within those numbers. Just saying.

            • It’s not about what you or I believe. Claims have to be supported by evidence.

              • Per Susan Stamper Brown, “Another study, “Do non-citizens vote in U.S. elections?” from Old Dominion University and George Mason University, found that non-citizen participation in recent U.S. elections “has been large enough to change meaningful election outcomes including Electoral College votes and Congressional elections” including North Carolina’s 2008 electoral votes and Democrat Al Franken’s “win” which gave Senate Democrats the 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters. It also stated the obvious: non-citizens favor Democrats.

                It’s entirely possible that Clinton’s popular vote lead in sanctuary city states would be nullified based on non-citizen participation and voter fraud, given the study found that non-citizen votes alone ranged between 38,000 to 2.8 million in 2008.”

                Make of this what you will. I know I have.

                • “These results speak to both sides of the debate concerning
                  non-citizen enfranchisement. They support the
                  claims made by some anti-immigration organizations
                  that non-citizens participate in U.S. elections. In addition,
                  the analysis suggests that non-citizens’ votes have
                  changed significant election outcomes including the
                  assignment of North Carolina’s 2008 electoral votes, and
                  the pivotal Minnesota Senate victory of Democrat Al
                  Franken in 2008.
                  However, our results also support the arguments made
                  by voting and immigrant rights organizations that the
                  portion of non-citizen immigrants who participate in U.S.
                  elections is quite small. Indeed, given the extraordinary
                  efforts made by the Obama and McCain campaigns to
                  mobilize voters in 2008, the relatively small portion of noncitizens
                  who voted in 2008 likely exceeded the portion of
                  non-citizens voting in other recent U.S. elections.”

                  Hardly definitive either way. Let’s not move the goalposts here: Phillips says he has data, let’s see the data. Simple.

              • Sean ,
                it is your right to be skeptical about ANYTHING that happens with our government, BUT i will say that you might consider the FACT of why would so many states change there voting regs to ALLOW voting without correct ID and or why would they ALLOW illegals to obtain drivers licenses??? the ONLY RATIONAL answer would be to allow the illegals to VOTE!!!

                • There’s a lot of bad info out there apache54. I can only speak for California, but getting a drivers license here does NOT mean you are registered to vote. The DMV shares applicant info with the Sec’y of State to register applicants, but the law specifically prohibits DMV sharing the info of those that apply under AB60 (the law that lets undocumenteds get a license).

        • Trump has already Tweeted, that he also won the Popular Vote, once you throw out all the illegal votes. The Democratic party is Obsolete, or reduced to just a safe zone for domestic terrorists. (Soros’ Gangs)

          • Personal preferences aside, it can’t be that ‘Trump tweeted it, so it must be true’.
            We still have to have actual evidence, no?

      4. Looks like HE drains the “swamp” by appointing some of them to the highest federal administrative positions.

        Hang on suckers – The self enriching alternating two party tango continues at your expense.

        • mushroom, Valid points indeed. The same game that Hussain Obama played 8 years ago. Seeing the selection list I have no hope specific to “Make America Great Again”.

          btw, Trumpet just met with the Goldman COO today a guy named Cohen. Why Cohen and not the CEO Blankenfine you ask . Because CEO openly supported Hillary so I guess the COO is telling Trumpet watch out or the tribe will JFK you before Jan.20.

          • The Jews got rome. This time they want to take the whole white race down.

        • Trump just barred people who were served in DC from being able to lobby as lobbyists in DC for **life**.

          Your post is staggering, obscurantist, nihilistic and cynical. If 1776 was left to you, we’d still be bowing and scraping to King George in the US. Or celebrating the successive elections of Jimmy Carter twice, then his wife for two terms, followed by Queen Amy Carter for two. Einsteins calling others “suckers” for voting Reagan would have ruled the day… as the day turned to complete blackness. It appears the real suckers are folks that call others suckers, and are too “sophisticated” to believe in anything… except their own solipsistic world.

          Most of us are quite aware that Trump cannot be perfect, and there will be multiple weaknesses he exhibits. He was not my first choice, either. We also need to hold his feet to the fire as the new media (now that the lamestream media is dead). Trump is not God, he is not perfect, and we will not go into the Millennium with him. HOWEVER, he is qualitatively better than Hilary. It is the difference between a very imperfect Rome continuing, or being sacked and sold into slavery.

          Only real suckers choose being sold into slavery.

          • Don’t get your hopes to high for what The Donald will do. He sure won’t drain the swamp, he may just lower the water level. He won’t prosecute Hillary and he won’t scrap Obama Care so what else will he crawfish on? Time will tell. Trekker Out. Nikki & Mitt Are You Kidding Me!

      5. What an incredibly brilliant article.

        “,,,change the mindset of society and propel the people into a consciousness of individual control…over themselves…and the reversal of the moral and community decline of their own accord…”

        That is what this site, among others of a similar nature, is attempting to do by the non-violent use of the pen.

        Mac is to be congratulated for being a strong lieutenant in this!

        • TEST, I have to agree with the article. It’s way too late to rescue libturds from themselves. I think at most Trump can buy us some more time before the final collapse but that’s it.

          • DBH
            Trump is only buying us time.

            Never before have I seen so many human beings so vile and evil walk this earth. Where others would rather pull you down than give you a chance. Listen to the top democrats as they disagree with Trumps choices.
            If you are putting away stuff for a civil war and enough food for a year or more. Then you have by your own actions, believe the country is done. I think it is done. Make no bones about it. Republicans are going to be fighting democrats in the future.

            • To add.

              One items I will take from the body is their voter’s registration card.

            • Anon, yes I admit I believe the country is close to being done. I don’t think even Trump can rescue it. At least now we have time to keep stacking more and more before the balloon goes up. I’m still stacking and keeping all my options open. The only change I see because of trump being elected is delaying the inevitable. Had Hillary won I would’ve already gone to ground.

              • The world’s most powerful and richest nation is just going to go “poof” and cease to be at any instant in the future due to “everything”?

                I ain’t biting that hook. If she goes down, it will be so hard the earth will “shake” and quite likely most of earth would “go down with her” (as it would take nukes and absolute genocide to erase America from the globe).

                And to even THINK it places a question on just how many intend to fight and how many intend to just “hole up” and pray for the best?

                I’ve invested the better part of my life into America. I have no intentions of standing idly by and watch her destroyed, and there are well over 50 million other veterans standing the same ground as myself. (We all also know how to use the same stuff TPTB have on hand to use against us, and we know how to ‘take’ it too). 🙂

      6. If human nature was that far gone, Trump would not be President Elect, much less with 306 electoral votes.

        You might hate this, but most Christians still have a puritan work ethic and just want to be left alone, not be forced to bake cakes or arrange flowers or photograph gay weddings or send children to schools to be indoctrinated.

        Christians DO control themselves. “Controlling yourself” doesn’t mean licentiousness or debauchery.

        It is the left, particularly the coasts that want big government. What if they catch an STD? You mean you should pay for it yourself, or that an insurance company can take your lifestyle (beyond smoking) into account?

        Then there’s the illegal aliens and refugees that get on welfare and EBT, and may do some work without paying taxes or obeying things like mandatory insurance laws and live in sanctuary cities (nullification anyone)?

        The left wants to run my life – tell me what kind of car I can drive (emissions, fuel economy, safety), what I can eat (soda taxes), can’t own a gun, etc. more than the old Evangelicals – who could be convinced to stay out of the bedroom on privacy grounds.

        The way is to make a deal to leave each other alone, but if the Left wants to continue micromanaging my life, I will do what I can to have the Trump Administration destroy them because they have declared war on me.

        I’m willing to live and let live, but it seems California and those from there want to turn the other 49 states into California.

        • TZ, welcome and everything you say is true. I’ll take out any leftist who wants to hurt me.

        • And what about the 140 to 180 million people who didn’t bother to vote? How do they fit into your analysis ~ just asking, not attacking!!

        • Tz I live in Cali soon to be in AZ. I DO NOT want to bring that liberal shit with me and won’t

        • Actually, California is looking into exiting from the union. The peaceful break-up of empire US into the Left coast counties and east coast makes sense to me. Then they can leave the rest of us alone instead of trying to hold up the election of the President we voted in. What do others think?

          • As long as I’m East of The Mississippi and high in my mountains I don’t care where they draw their damned meaningless lines.

            ONE “good earth-shake” might just do many of us a big, big favor in the ‘aftermath’ of such a ‘split’ of The USA (which would pretty much destroy both sides more than anyone may be thinking).

            Don’t forget the NWO and UN STILL want us to be disarmed so that THEY can “take over the USA” …or was that tossed out with Trump’s entrance?

        • I think trumps election wasn’t any vote of confidence in him. It was more of a fuck you gesture to the govement parasites,Hellery and main stream media. We know there isn’t any viable political or ballot box fix. We know Trump is at best a road bump that slows things down a bit. I thank God im not a bybull thumping Christian. I will not let religious superstition rule me or cloud my perception & judgement.

        • There were many Puritans that first got America going. And there were just as many who did not have any religious preferences at all (back then).

          In the extreme NE, you’ll STILL find ‘gaggles” of Puritan-like ‘ways and means’ (and beliefs, morals, etc). It isn’t exactly overflowing anywhere, but can be found in places the world has yet to touch.

      7. What tz says: TRUE

      8. I considered america dead when ole bill clinton became potus. Just a thought but could “patriots”&preppers gather and go to a small country probably south america to take over and make a great place to live. We could take a few cruise ships to australia or oz their gun control laws would make em rather easy to take

      9. Checked in here today. I see the same drivel as is the normal anymore only a lot less people reading or commenting.


      10. Tz, you ain’t kidding, good reasoning and thinking. Big B, we are still lurking, just not commenting much. Mac knows we are here. The only reason why I am live because of him and this crazy site.

        No need to worry about Cali. From what I was told, the san andreas fault will put those idiots asses in place. Just let nature take its course. Only the strong survive..Cali exist will commense, starting with a break off instead of a break away. The break off will be at the bottom on the ocean. Lets see if the chi-coms and nato peace keepers will treat the surviors nicely. The fault line will slip, and this is just a fact, and 2017 is when it all starts. And for the people who keep thinking that planet x does not exist, you will learn the hard way next year, when the earth quakes start happening all over with wind speeds of over 4-500 mph inland. Think the elites are bugging out because of boardumb, think again. They are going to go into the DUMBS, start a war with Russian and china, run to the bases, and let us get our asses nuked and wiped out. Our cites are so densely over populated, un-prepped idiots every where you look, serfdom rampant all over, sitting in public texting away like fucking idiots. Like my scientist friend told me, things are more dangerous now than it ever been, that something bad will likely happen between now and the inauguration. And every one us fake news sites and its host are saying the same thing. If its smells like shit, chances are it. If its smells like doom, iT’s on the horizon, chances, SHTF WILL STRIKE.


        Increasing the fear because its real.

        • On the subject of fake news and prepping web sites, I’d like to draw a parallel.

          The CIA, NSA, Defence Dept etc constantly run studies on scenarios that might happen all over the world. They overthink and over plan every possible combination of events, making plans for continuity of government and manipulation of people and events.

          When they perceive that a threat is high enough they make plans and prepare for it, or even try to head it off.

          This is exactly what the prepping community does. They look at disasters, man made and natural, then create survival plans around those events and the variations that can be imagined. Preppers also invent and discuss imaginary events, natural and man made, and create survival scenarios. Much of what is discussed is absolutely “Fake News”, because it is in fact fictionally based. Should this fact draw the ire of government censors?

          I wouldn’t be surprised that in some instances prepper stories may be predictive of government operations. It is a plot of many spy dramas, the movie “Three Days of the Condor” comes to mind. In it a CIA analyst Robert Redford, writes a report after reading a magazine. The next thing he knows his office is attacked and everyone murdered and he is running for his life because he actually ratted out an active rouge government operation.

          I don’t think the government is sending assassins after preppers, I do believe Preppers make them very nervous, and they have active operations to continually discredit the community. There is a political side to prepping and political threat scenarios, thus government political operatives are also threatened by preppers. When preppers see a politician stepping out of line like Hillary with her Emails, it provides fertile ground for prepped threat scenarios. I wonder how often preppers have effected secret, crooked government plans?

          The government openly admits they have paid operatives who come to sites like this to hijack and disrupt. Their goal is to discredit the prepping community, lest it grow.

      11. Very good article, thank you.

      12. I see this from a different history, experience, and perspective.

        THE KANSAS CITY TIMES, just over 40 years ago, on September 13, 1976, published this Vision of the Future. That 1976 Future is unfolding NOW.

        “He came to town for the Republican National Convention and will stay until the election in November to do God’s bidding: To tell the world, from Kansas City, this country has been found wanting and its days are numbered […] He gestured toward a gleaming church dome. “The gold dome is the symbol of Babylon,” he said.”…………….He wanted to bring to the Public’s attention an “idea being put out subtly and deceptively” by the government that we have to get prepared for a war with Russia.”

        On the 1st part, Donald Trump essentially campaigned on the idea the American workers are wanting, and the Days of the US are numbered if he is not elected President. He used other words and pictures, but the same General Idea and spirit of that 1976 letter he Trumpeted that made him the Future President.

        On the War with Russia part just read the MSM THESE DAYS. THE KANSAS CITY TIMES published a 2nd report after the Republicans left town on ALL SOULS DAY, November 2, 1976.

        I was probably the only human on earth to notice at the TIME of the 1983 TV movie ‘THE DAY AFTER’ Kansas City was destroyed in a Nuclear Holocaust, the movie pauses at the exact same picture frame THE KANSAS CITY TIMES used in their follow up ALL SOULS DAY report 7 years earlier.

        Only the wilfully blind will not recognize the demonization of Russia-Putin, increasing in the US media, history has shown, is always the necessary prelude to war in dumbing down the population to not question the direction the leaders are leading to that could result in the death of millions of the ordinary people who paid for the well stocked nuclear war bomb shelters for those same leaders. It will be too late by then.

        The 2 original 1976 KANSAS CITY TIMES records can be expanded and read following the link. There are brief video clips from ‘THE DAY AFTER’ and more to compare with the unfolding realities.

        Moreover, if history is repeating itself as the writer claims, it is the history 1000 years earlier than the Roman history he cites.

        Maybe one or two readers will recognize these words, “this country has been found wanting and its days are numbered” as the first 2 parts of the 3 part ‘Writing on the Wall’ from Daniel 5 and the Captivity of Babylon some 2600 years ago.

        The 3rd part of the Writing on the Wall tells of the decline of the 1st Biblical model of the Nation that reached Imperial Military-Economic Superpower Status, the US being the latest, greatest of them all, and the rise of Persia.

        Ancient Babylon is now Iraq, and ancient Persia is not Iran.The

        US is the Tail of the 2600 year old Biblical Babylonian system and it struck the Head. The 1979 Iranian Revolution happened after the 1976 Writing on the Wall record.

        All the chaos in the Middle East since then, including the carnage is Syria, is the consequence of the vain attempt to reverse that God ordained repeat of History.

        • typo correction:

          Ancient Babylon is now Iraq, and ancient Persia is now Iran.

          The US is the Tail of the 2600 year old Biblical Babylonian system and it struck the Head. The 1979 Iranian Revolution happened after the 1976 Writing on the Wall record.

        • Except war with Russia was a certain thing with Hellery. I believe electing Trump greatly decreased the chance of nuclear war with Russia.

      13. Well stated JJ!

      14. I enjoyed this history lesson, Mac. I have believed in the parallel between Ancient Rome and America. I actually noticed the similarities while watching my father as he enjoyed a boxing match on TV. I was so sensitive to the pain being inflicted on the participants. My father, kind and gentle, horrified me with his gleeful enthusiasm. It reminded my little child self of the stories of Christians fed to lions and gladiators fighting to the death for the sadistic amusement of the audience.

        Some years later an intellectual gentleman I knew from another Country said, America was like the Roman Empire. I don’t remember in what context this comparison was made but, it shook me to the core. It was over forty years ago. The comparison is much more obvious now. The decadence and decay has snowballed. We are close to a turning point. I believe we can yet be saved from destruction. The young people are beginning to realize the enormous responsibility they have in restoring the republic. I know that purposeless is deadly. The young have purpose, they will either take the reins or watch their lives unravel. I trust the kids are smarter than that.


        • Well said, B from CA,

          but I believe we are there – not just close, but AT the turning point. And yes, we CAN yet be saved from destruction. The Good Lord in His Grace and Mercy has given America a reprieve. Now it is up to us to partner with Him to accomplish what HE wants for America, and fight against the enemy’s plans.

          The young people will be important players as they unite with older and more mature citizens in the Revival that HAS to take place for America to truly come back to God’s purpose for this country.

          The young have always been idealistic, energetic, and pasisonate for causes in which they believe. Unfortunately, the communists have gained control of our school systems and poisoned their minds. However, there is an awakening and a revival sweeping like wildfire among the youth.

          In the months ahead, we will see a great purging of the evil in this nation, with hot spots in various places, as we also witness a return to our values as the Constitutional Republic America was destined to be.

          In spite of the stormy seas we are navigating today, America’s best days lie ahead. Stay prepared, vigilant, and safe!

      15. The US has been falling for decades. Certainly three events were pivotal. The first was massive overspending bankrupting the nation thus abandoning uS dollar to gold convertibility at $35 / oz in August 1971. This ushered in easy money and the oil peg necessitating US middle east military involvement and the subsequent rise in terrorism created by us and “them”. The second was the various Free Trade agreements of which NAFTA became the euphemism for. This eviscerated US wealth creating manufacturing and with it the middle class. The third was abandoning Glass-Steagall which first facilitated and then took the risk out of “investing” for the banks. The Financial Sector once based on solid foundations morphed into a casino.

        We were well screwed before Obama ever arrived on the scene. His major fault was not correcting the above despite claims of, “Hope and Change”. That allowed the cancer to spread. Corruption is now systemic.

        • Kevin2:

          I agree.

          Prior to these events was the 1917 Federal Reserve Act. And in 1965 there were two changes which destabilized American society. The end on restrictions to immigration. And civil rights/integration. Though most here will quickly agree that the monetary debt system is a fraudulent disaster, many here don’t realize that integration was a Communist program put foward by J*w Communists. This in no way was ever intended to help black people. As black leaders became aware that they were being used and that this would further incapacitate, rather than advance black people, the two men, the yin and yang, the right and left, the peaceful and the militant leaders: King and Malcom x were eliminated.

          • @BS From Ahole

            So if you were alive back then and had the power: what would you have done with the Black people? What would you do with the Black people now?

            • If I had my way everyone not white would be sterilized. and the white culls sterilized also. Not all of hitlers ideas where entirely bad ones.

              • @DumbGuy,

                Not surprised by your answer….those genocidical tendencies lurk in the heart of every white person. But…..after you get rid of us who will white people have to blame for their problems? Or will you people resort back to slaughtering each other (like your ancestors were doing in WW1 and WW2?)

            • Hey Fat Burner:

              Go back to your BLM safe spaces as you fail to recognize that Africans have been slaughtering and taking their own kind as slaves for centuries.

              • @ Karl “I Am” Nothing

                Yup…SOME African nations/groups owned some slaves, just like salvery was practiced by all racial and ethnicitic groups at SOME point. But NOBODY I mean NOBODY in recorded history can match the brutality and genocidal nature of whites: name another race of people who routinely, FOR FUN, burned,castrated, and cut up other people because of the color of their skin? Name another race of people who killed 20 million other people because they wanted their land? Name another race of people who killed over 100 million of THEIR OWN PEOPLE in two wars that touched every part of this planet? But yet white people have the nerve to go around calling other people animals? GTFOH!!!

      16. I respectfully disagree with JJ.

        Each of us has free will.

        So therefore each of us has to choose to submit each and every morning either to the lordship of Satan or the Lordship of Christ.

        There is no in-between, my friends. NOT to choose IS to choose!

        One, never ever underestimate the power of prayer because prayer combined with a submitted free will unleash an energy and creative force or power that can and will defy history– past or present.

        One example of that would be the recent election.

        Two, each of us must exercise her or his citizenship wisely, prudently, with and in truth.

        Remember, evil never sleeps.

        So stay alert, be vigilant, take responsibility, and be a leader through being a wise user of your time, talents, funds, energy, resources.

        Yes, as President Kennedy’s presidency displayed, knowing and studying history is important, but it must serve active efforts that are also the fruit of prayer.

        So don’t leave God out of your personal equation. As St. Paul wrote, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

        However, if God IS going to be FOR us, though, we need to make a free will decision to submit our will to His, or we risk becoming as deluded and power-infested and abusing as those who commit destructive actions, that is, who do evil.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “We make ourselves real by telling the truth.” – Thomas Merton

        “The root of all war is fear.” – Thomas Merton

        “I might be despicable but when Truth speaks through me, I am invincible.” – Gandhi

      17. The problem is this: to reverse the decline, the US has to rely on the worst aspects of its population to somehow ‘get religion’ and become smart, well behaved and fruitful. I do not like the odds on that. Especially, I do not like the odds on that happening in just 4 years – a very short space of time.

        Better to just go to a country or society that functions better and increase your odds. Australia, for example, is a far superior place in all respects than the US. Better looking women, great weather, nice food, fewer social problems and ghettos. Iceland is another place where the majority of the population is of a higher quality. Many European countries were like this as well until Angela Merkel started to destroy them a couple years ago. Now, beautiful places such as Italy are over-run with garbage from the third world.

        The American empire is going down and it is taking its vassal states down with it (Europe, parts of Asia etc.).

      18. Franks correct. insurmountable odds of anything close to the complete reversal that would be necessary. I compare Trumps election to a Tow Boat pushing a barge down the Mississippi River and meeting a barge being pushed 10 hp outboard john boat. And the current crop of liberal parasite hellery supporters are the loaded barge and Trump and the productive the john boat. Without divine intervention we are sunk.

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